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Archives: May 11, 2010

Ted Olson advocated for keeping Campaign Fiance reform as Solicitor General and...

This Facebook thing....

This Facebook thing....

U.S. approval allows first-run movies to TV sets

Tuesday will either mean the end of the Red Shirt demonstrations in BKK or violence

financiers trying to scare & stampede you into cutting your own throat

Afghanistan: Don’t Sell Out Women’s Rights in DC Talks

The best new BP symbol:

About the boys with the flag shirts and why they were wrong at the least

For nostalgic Russians, Cuba is a tropical time machine; Tourists look for bittersweet traces

U.S. Stock Futures Fall on Concern Aid Plan Won’t Solve Crisis

Oil Slick from Outer Space 5-10-2010

Pirates released after assault operation apparently perished

I marched in the first Earth Day, and all I got

Zombie Tea Party George Washington, Right Wing Epistemic Closure, and Slavery in America

Article 32 set for E-9 accused of harassment

Redistribution of Wealth (?)

The Amazing Race (Spoiler dont open if you havent seen the final)

Who will be the new solicitor general?

A noodle shop's role in the Vietnam War

Viral Video of Columbia Police Drug Raid Spurs Changes

NYS Furloughs-who is next? These guys will do less spending.

Despite past conflicts, White House sees Karzai as ally

We Should Listen To The Libertarian Viewpoint On Kagan Represented By Greenwald and Turley

Here's a good one: Judge: Torture No Grounds to Dismiss Case

The French must always have their National ID..police demand ID papers of African or Arab descent...

Left is mute on racial double standard in Kagan pick

Left is mute on racial double standard in Kagan pick

What do Palin/Hannity/Beck have to say about the Green Bay Packers?

US Drones Kill 14 in Taliban Sanctuary

This Modern World: Another massive spill!

McDonnell appoints Fred "Jew counter" Malek back from the Nixon Admin to help shrink the gov

“Drill, baby, drill!” & Take no seagulls prisoner

“Drill, baby, drill!” & Take no seagulls prisoner

Wasserman cartoon - Obama's Kagan pick

Boeing appreciation thread

Old clean-up tactics for high-tech drill spill

BP, Transocean, Halliburton will blame one another for spill today

Congressional Progressive Caucus Reacts To AZ Immigration Law

The (Washington) Post Makes Stuff Up in the News Section to Push Its Deficit Reduction Agenda

White Supremacists Recruit in Bucksport (Maine)

Gulf Spill Hearing: Oil Execs Will Point Fingers At Each Other

Steele says Kagan endorses 'the liberal agenda'

UN fears 'irreversible' damage to natural environment

More covering-up? Karzai & Sec of State Clinton hold press conference ...

Thoughts on Greece

Thoughts on Greece

'That Hands-offy, Non-regulatey Thing' by Stuart Carlson

We call it "net neutrality". They call it "Stop The Government from taking over the Internet".

POLL : Have you already decided for Kagan ?

IMF: It's time to move the Shock Doctrine to Spain and Portugal

question-probably stupid-while BP tries to plug-are they still getting oil

Info graphic: The evolving nature of Facebook's privacy settings

Arnold: I Was Going To Speak In Arizona, But I Thought I’d Be Deported

Men and women differ on whether abortion should be legal.

Did a Big Bet Help Trigger 'Black Swan' Stock Swoon?

Ok...Not a commentary...I'm just sayin' ... Kagan looks a lot like

Ok...Not a commentary...I'm just sayin' ... Kagan looks a lot like

The gulf is getting a bit gooey

William Greider: Outing the Fed

Pennsylvania proposes interstate highway tolls at state borders

Houston "Charter" School "Teacher" Beats Up Middle School Student -- Video

Oil gusher hearings on Cspan now!!!!!!

Pope pins abuse scandal on Church 'sin'....from the BBC

Moderators' thread lock messages ought to identify the specific rule violation

Oil hearing schedules here:

Gator 1, Moron 0

Oh Hell Massey just bought a PA coal mine here

Tuesday YOU Day: Human Rights

omg fuck you Mary

6 million foreclosures in the next two months?

Oil Gusher hearing Thread here:

Oil Gusher hearing Thread here:

Do you have a diabetic pet? Do you use Vetsulin?

Christian Group Claims They Prayed Away The Times Square Car Bomb

Vote on Sanders amendment just started.

All this Hand-Wringing about Kagan is Pointless, a Waste of Time!

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah - what a great response - - Take that Portman!

The Rude Pundit: A Few Words Regarding Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan

Torque into a Tuesday. Please come CAPTION this Bible-thumping Teabagger!!!

ReThug Mayor Believes New York Should Have Majority of SCOTUS

850 AIDS patients awaiting treatment in 10 states finally get access to HIV medication.

The ocean front homes that are going to become uninhabitable from the oil soon?

VOTE today for replacement to Re. Nathan Deal- Ga. 9th Dist.

For those who question Kagan's bona fides here is a short list.

Pa Tracking Poll: Sestak 47 (unchanged), Specter 43 (+1)

What was the official name of the hcr bill?

Blast Survivors Kept Isolated On Gulf For Hours

“It’s a tragedy what they have done here. They have made a mess of my heritage.”


Jordan River 'to run dry next year'

Here are some reasons I support Kagan's confirmation to the SCOTUS

XM25 Lets GIs Eliminate Unseen Targets

Greenwald: "How people spew total falsehoods on TV"

Gov. McDonnell appoints Nixon’s ‘Jew counter’ to help reform Virginia’s government.

Evil Ed, Inc: the Wall Street-Charter School Connection

PTSD diagnosis could appear on Georgia driver’s licenses

Who's the slow learner?

***** Official "Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill & Offshore Drilling" Senate Hearing Thread *****

Why Did Obama Wait until Now to Send Team of Scientists to the Gulf ?

Thieves take controversial Mojave Desert cross

BP makes enough profit in four days to cover the costs of the spill cleanup thus far.

BP claims to have spent over 350 million so far on the spill

A question on the stock markets...are they too volatile to be safe?

It only takes ONE man to secure the Mexico border...and that man is America's Mayor©, Rudy Giuliani.

voting statistics on race

Health Reform: One in Five Non-Elderly Have “Pre-Existing Condition” Tuesday, May 11, 2010 With pre

China: Unfolding credit bust

Five Eurekas! that Have Changed the World


Compare and contrast: Librarian protester vs,. Teabagger

Clarksville man steals beer, says they weren't cold enough

The Impending Doom of Glenn Beck

Rig Survivors Felt Coerced To Sign Waivers Within Hours Of Being Rescued

I don't see the SC moving appreciably in any direction

Bernie Sanders got his 60 votes - all "ayes" so far.

C-span . . . Senate is holding BP OIL RIG HEARINGS ... but we're not seeing much of them...

Grand Jury: No money for school district retiree benefits

Syphilis cases rise sharply in China

Home Prices Gain in 91 U.S. Cities in First Quarter

Gates seeks cuts in Defense bureaucracy to fund weapons systems

Two-Thirds of Senate Ready to Ban Land Mines;

New ad features Obama as Specter seeks edge

New ad features Obama as Specter seeks edge

Raleigh mental hospital cited after fight

They're trying to punk us...

Big NY Cigarette Dealer Gets 10 Years in Prison

Shenanigans!! Our Jason Carter sign was stolen! Part of the smear campaign.

Experts say travel health insurance can be crucial

Sem Comm. on Environ. now starting its hearing. Live feed here:

The republicans have an idea about fixing the Mother of all Gushers

The BP oil spill and American capitalism

Statement of Senator Boxer on Nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan

Reasons NOT to fully audit the Fed

Kagan, Right/Left and Authoritarian/Libertarian

Feingold Statement On the Nomination of Elena Kagan

Durbin Statement on Nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court

Digby: Right-Wingers Gaining in … California?!?

Some Health Effects of the Oil Catastrope:

Immigration law rattles Indian studies group

Democratic Delusions

Hatch May Get Primary Challenge (teabaggers eating their own)

Palin, Guiliani to assist with Oil Barrier Deployment in LA, MS, AL.

Mojave cross at center of court fight reported stolen

Congress Looks To Fix Age Discrimination Decision

Do you believe that Don Siegelman belongs in jail for the next 20 years?

Biden's son had a stroke, in good spirits, CNN reports, stable condition.

I think denying the Constitution rights of the people on the "communist lists" was a good idea.

I think denying the Constitution rights of the people on the "communist lists" was a good idea.

$376,000 stolen from school children...

Oil taking toll on Gulf Coast property owners

The average of right and wrong is mediocrity

3 Lejeune-based Marines killed in Helmand

Meanwhile, back at the two wars......

Inmate Labor: Working to help protect marshes from BP oil spill - pics

Arizona Immigration Law Violates Human Rights, Say UN Experts

Liberal Democrats and tories

Dick Durbin - BP at it again


We're going backward....

Revolting document from Teabagger putschists at the Maine Republican Convention

Revolting document from Teabagger putschists at the Maine Republican Convention

Thinking of young-ish Beau Biden having a stroke: For women on Birth Control Pills...

Gun Vs. Beer Bottle

Lou Dobbs Talks Arizona Immigration On Fox News – Guess Which Side He’s On

You just helped to bail out Greece.

Heard about this on my favorite "Oldies" radio show today

Heard about this on my favorite "Oldies" radio show today

Hiring rises to highest level in more than a year

Hiring rises to highest level in more than a year

Oil companies pass the buck for Gulf spill

Cenk Uygur is the Problem (Updated 2x)

Video captures Seattle cop kicking Latino suspect in the face, using ethnic slur, then releasing him

Which is more important - purity of process or results? And "it depends" is not a valid answer?

Looks like the liberals in Britain were sold out by their leaders too.

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1

Can someone here show me that Elena Kagan is a member of the DLC?

Gordon Brown resigns as PM

Steele defends spending to RNC members, who "understood" his explanation & PowerPoint slides

Tuesday TOON Roundup 4

Massing to Shout "Leave Us Alone!" Welcome to the Politics of the Libertarian Mob.

JPMorgan Chase triples its holdings in nation's largest newspaper publisher

Kerry and Lieberman's Energy Reform Bill

Will Kagan be the first Hispanic woman judge ob the Supreme Court?

Dog sticks by owner, trapped under tractor

I heard that a Russian warship is heading to the Gulf

I had another encounter with the medical establishment this morning.

Tuesday TOON Roundup 5

I'm not trying to stereotype or be racist

FCC wants phone companies to give customers a heads-up before "bill shock" hits

May 8th, 2010 9:29 PM Seymour Hersh on Obama Being "Dominated" by the U.S. Military much is Halliburton going to charge us for the oil cleanup?

BP and the Great Lakes

Please me...just got home from Vet my cat is diabetic

"Reconquista" will be the new talking point on the right

Civil rights groups want Seattle police video probe

The latest challenge facing congressional Republicans: what to do about good news.

Collecting Problems: U.S. Mint Faces a Coin Cost Dilemma..

Protests during hearings to investigate explosion of BP's oil drilling platform - pics

Winston-Salem wants state help to curb coyote population (NC)

President Hilary Clinton......

"Perhaps the Enlightenment guaranteed freedom of speech, but the

Red Cross scam in Haiti

The Teabagger movement is by its very nature, Fascist

I'll read it if she will


Apply "Thou shalt not kill" to American Capitalism.

Mary Landrieu was lying her ass off on Ed Schultz's show

Racism and Exercise :-)

About that oil spil thing

Boat captain: Thunderous hiss before Deepwater Horizon blew

Chris Matthews issues "challenge" to Republicans to come on his show and disagree with Limbaugh

On Mollohan in West Virginia's 1st and the power of suggestion

The new meme re: gushing oil.

New Study Proves That Teabagger's Are Nothing But Spoiled Brats!

Iowa Lawmaker: Gay Families Shouldn't Go Camping

White House wants liability-fund cap lifted

USA Today: Tax bills in 2009 at lowest level since 1950:

Is Cheney openly affiliated with Haliburton? I think when he was in office his

Man's suicide shot also kills his sleeping wife

Tax Wall St. $0.25 per trade, that would be a quick way to FILL our coffers AND possibly make them

"Senate Adopts Sanders' 'Audit The Fed' Amendment"

Breaking: Beau Biden (Joe's son) is in the hospital in Delaware.

American Family Association: Kagan 's DADT and DOMA positions are "cause for concern"

Queenie Still Needs Your Help!

Here's the solution for punishing all three....

BP and the Bush administration- failed yet?

Can someone explain the logic behind expecting President Obama to reject his own Solicitor General

Scroogle has been blocked

28% Of Republicans Say BP Disaster Makes Them Want More Off Shore Drilling

28% Of Republicans Say BP Disaster Makes Them Want More Off Shore Drilling

Overtime Work Is Bad for the Heart, New Research Finds

Michael Musto coming up on Olbermann's show

Anyone else getting Robo calls and e-mails from Bank of America?

Elena Kagan: identity politics liberal, corporate/executive privilege conservative

US deficit hawks = big fat liars who want to steal your social security & defund medicare

A Teach-In Counter-Conference on Fiscal Sustainability (in answer to Pete Peterson's deficit hawking

$3.4 Million School Embezzlement Scheme

Keith Olbermann: Tea Party Takedown - 05/10/10

BP, Halliburton and Transocean are fighting over who is at fault.

Drifting satellite threatens U.S. cable programming

Question-How can I find a site to download Will.I.Am's "Yes We Can" for son's school project?

More fishing, oyster areas closed due to spill

Great White Released By Aquarium Dies in Fishing Net

On a lighter note --

Another massive spill! -Toxic racism threatens to engulf Arizona - By Tom Tomorrow

OMFG! Is the Chief "Justice" a boob or what?

Chris Hayes is standing in for Rachel tonight

Huff & Puff Dog and Pony Show

School suspends blood drives over anti-gay donation discrimination

Couple and 2 young kids missing after home collapses into massive sinkhole

"Change: Obama's word for higher taxes"

Is The Press Undercovering The Oil Spill? A Historical Look

An e-mail from Sen. Michael Bennett (CO) regarding something called the "Pay it Back Act"

Organizing for America has an Elena Kagan web-site!

The last fighter pilot was born 20 years ago.

Palin has a new book coming out???

Troops, inmates try to protect coast as executives face Congress

Miss USA Changes Its Image

I know it's kind of early

Never mind "too big to fail." What about Halliburton and "too incompetent to exist?"

Ohio's execution drug in short supply

Tampa Bay likely to host 2012 RNC

Do you have a plan for when worse comes to Palin?

Fuck The Yahoo Toolbar

Herschel (Space Observatory) finds a hole in space

'The Non-Existent Hand' by Joseph Stiglitz, London Review of Books

More on Seattle Police Stomping of Detained Man

Don't know if this has been posted BUT

Hold fire, earn a medal

Hold fire, earn a medal

BP's new website: Deep water Horizon response

Did the "up to 26 yrs old" health care coverage go into effect today?

Microsoft Office 2010 takes aim at Google Docs (BBC)

Oil Spill solutions..

Is BP's Atlantis Project the Next Looming Disaster?

Fresno Supervisors Vote On Health Department Cuts - Closing the only AIDS clinic in the county

Kagan no longer thinks Supreme Court nominees should have to answer direct questions

Glacier National Park turns 100, but age has not been kind

The Problem With Elena Kagan Is Barack Obama By Cenk Uygur

Kagan knows importance of strong stance

This is a left wing liberal thread!

Leak Plug Tactic Approved by MMS

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Specter said that the president had recorded a robo-call

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Specter said that the president had recorded a robo-call

Why Sestak might really pull it off

BP's Deep water Horizon response - Link to their Facebook page - feel free to add comments :)

What's the "We" Jazz, Thomas Friedman?

Lower Merion School District--SpyCam and Race Case Developments.

Hey Rush-Only 10% Believe Your Hippies Sabotaged The Oil Rig Theory!

Top 50 Twitter climate accounts to follow

Anti-war 9/11 families oppose Holder proposal to modify Miranda

Home Depot called arrogant, ordered to pay ex-Boca Raton (FL) inventor millions more

Teabagger Claims Misspelled Signs & Psychos at Tea Parties Are LIBERALS in Disguise to Hurt Image!!!

Today we beat the Fed...A "Thank You" email to us from Alan Grayson

The Hurt Will Continue

Internet approaches addressing limit (BBC) {um, sort of}

"Some say" that the RNC has already destroyed the only copy of a video

We are so doomed.

We are so doomed.

Sickness in our society.

Police: News reports may have spurred Times Square suspect to flee

The Lie of "The Perfect Storm"...

"We Don't Want More Big Government Regulation From Obama"...Except

Alabama mudslinging: "My opponent believes in evolution!" "Uh uh, you do!"

9/11 Families: Due Process, Even in Times Square

9/11 Families: Due Process, Even in Times Square

Republican Doubts Taliban Link to New York Plot --Obama can't be that smart

Ariz. gov signs bill targeting ethnic studies

My letter to Senator McCaskill on Kagan's ambiguous views on Church and State

Unemployed Workers Outnumber Job Openings 5.6 to 1

"Evangelicals' full-page ad in D.C. will call for immigration reform." (And Path to Citizenship)

Taking Stock of Canada’s Mining Industry: Ecuadorian Landmark Lawsuit Challenges Canadian Mining Imp

In Senate testimony, oil executives pass the blame for huge spill

Mary Tyler Moore Show: Mary's job interview in which she's asked if she's married.

Freeps stage Level IV Tinfoil Hat Orgy as retiring SD Sec of State calls Obama citizenship a "scam"

Second-Guessing Arlen Specter: Should he have run as an independent?

Redshift is the key

Neoliberalism and identity politics (New Zealand)

$147 million public offering: investment opportunities in charter schools! Goldman, Citi, Morgan

Where's Cheney? Except for that strange trip to Saudi Arabia, he seems to have disappeared since

Where's Cheney? Except for that strange trip to Saudi Arabia, he seems to have disappeared since

Where's Cheney? Except for that strange trip to Saudi Arabia, he seems to have disappeared since

Rachel Maddow just got a gold star in my book tonight

Rachel Maddow just got a gold star in my book tonight

Floridians - Is Grayson up for reelection this year, and if so, do you think he'll

PA Sen Tracking Poll: Sestak 45 (-2), Specter 45 (+2)

Another example of how we are destroying the earth

Now for something completely different....For Liberals Only.. No one else need apply

Anyone see Laura Bush shilling her new book on Larry King tonight...

When Treating One Worker’s Allergy Sets Off Another’s

I LOVE Joe Scar's newest anyway...maybe not on cable...

Obama has no easy route (wrt Kagan sexual preference)

Indy schools superintendent visits high school, suspends 40-50 students for breaking rules

Wall Street thugs are spending a billion dollars to attack Social Security

Doris Eaton Travis, Among the Last of the Ziegfeld Girls, Dead at 106

Lieberman on the Oil Spill: Sh*t Happens

PHOTOS: Code Pink Protests BP Execs On Capitol Hill (Others)

The Unfortunately Inevitable Follow-Up Photo Thread To My 'Drill Baby Drill' Photo Thread

Say it with me, boys an girls: "joint and several liability".

Whistleblower on Secret Offshore Bank Accounts Sentenced to Prison:

Derivatives and Food Security

Wow..teabaggers issuing guidlines...

Wow..teabaggers issuing guidlines...

Philly Police Officer Shot Himself - then lied and blamed a Black Man

Mother's smoking "lesson" for son gets her jailed

Kagan's friends: She's not gay...

FDIC to Ask Big Banks to Write Funeral Plans

There are less than six months before the next election.

There is no point to a third party on the left - is there any place for the very left in US politics

Obama -- Killing Us Softly With His Words ...

Zombie Satellite Causes Astronomical Buzz

Zombie Satellite Causes Astronomical Buzz

Is BP trying to stop leak or recover the oil?

Taxes at Lowest Level Since 1950

McCain’s new ‘Complete the Danged Fence’ ad features the wrong sheriff.

Let the Honking Resume! Court's ruling means that free speech can blare in Burnsville, MN

Aretha Franklin pairs up Condoleezza Rice for a concert in Philly

Why 'anti-gay' Christians keep getting outed

Re: Kagan nomination, they lost me at liberal pragmatist

This text enhanced photo speaks for itself

New York Times: Elena Kagan’s selection for Supreme Court leaves left longing for a liberal

Alan Grayson: We Beat the Fed

Sestak is already declaring victory in the PA primary.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 77 and in poor heath

Timeline of America's Dependence on Foreign Oil

The Gulf Oil Spill is an Act of Terrorism

The Gulf Oil Spill is an Act of Terrorism

American Myth vs the reality

true intelligence... how do you measure it?

I don't recall anything near this much concern over Sotomayor

Swedish artist who angered Muslims is assaulted at lecture

WTF? Union Pacific plans to fight California high-speed rail plan

British website sells pubic lice

why are you here?

One billion go hungry every day while the US spends over a trillion annually on the military.

WorldNutDaily columnist shows off his white supremacist side

The Bible is like a person- torture it enough and you can get it to say anything

I'm not going to do any non-essential long-distance driving until the BP well is capped...

Plenty of wave energy to be harvested close to shore

Plenty of wave energy to be harvested close to shore

Scientists are critical thinkers? Say it isn't so!

"A fifty year old single woman who plays softball, loves beer...

Rekers Resigns from NARTH

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! & I've got a new kitty gif!

Sexual orientation counts as much as race or gender. It isn't a "private life"

Judge backs Redding atheist who balked at religious anti-drug program

Obama: This is Your Crude Awakening - pics

Republicans nominated 10 justices in a row between 1969 and 1991

Republicans nominated 10 justices in a row between 1969 and 1991

Barbara Boxer is all over the BP Chairman. Go Boxer !!!!

In 7 1/2 years I don't think I have ever been so disappointed in DU

"Get on your knees or I will kill you and you better apologize."

Quease making article - Obama agrees IN ADVANCE to endorse findings of Deficit Commission?

If everybody truly believed in reincarnation, the world just might be a better place

Pres. Obama telephones the new PM, David Cameron, to offer congratulations (pic)

Can You Spot the Victim?

as I stood in the checkout line with my granddaughter

Beau Biden had a stroke. Praying for his full recovery

This may get locked, I hope it doesn't.. But here goes...

Pelosi Statement on President Obama’s Nomination of Solicitor General Elena Kagan for Supreme Court

Franken’s Statement On Elena Kagan’s Nomination To The Supreme Court

The Hypocrisy here is at Epic Levels

Why isn't every news-site home page wall-to-wall Oil-Spill coverage right now?

The Moral Life of Babies

Ugly Truth About the American Cancer Society

For Supreme Court, GOP picks conservatives, Dems pick moderates. Why?

Just a big ol' lapdog - pic

Do you think a Senator will ask Kagan about her sexual orientation in the hearings?

Handwriting on the wall for 'cursive,' but teachers push penmanship

A Call for Civility By Mark Parkinson, Governor of Kansas

Bob Marley died on this day

'Free range kids' - May 22 "Take Our Children to the Park...& Leave Them There Day,"

People in all states can help PA get single payer health care

US "reviewing" Iraq troop pullout pace due to spike in violence

Don't add my name to any list of orthodox left wing liberals

Did You Say $33 Billion?

What Is “A Government Sovereign In Its Own Currency”? Can the US "go broke"?

Can anyone tell me why or how Bing is any better than Google...


Tea Parties Rage as Taxes Hit Lowest Level Since 1950

War Epics on Screen Skip Mass Slaughter of Civilians

My brother has stage 4 pancreatic cancer

Thieves steal controversial Mojave cross

Thieves steal controversial Mojave cross

WIRED: Pentagon's Cold War Mind Control Tests Included Chemical Concussions And Secret LSD

I Just Got This Message In An E-Mail & I Don't Know How To React To It (Concerning Illegals).....

WSJ digs up 17-year old photo of Kagan playing softball to announce her nomination

Good riddance Gordon Brown.

Why should DUers back Kagan? After reading these posts, I am sad beyond belief

Russian sailors sent Somali pirates to their deaths at sea

What is your perspective on the DLC?

Socialism? Un-American? I Think Not!


Very disturbing video of the oil slick from the air....Sit down before you see it

Kagan helped shield Saudis from 9/11 lawsuits

Cop memoir contains new revelations about police spying at RNC

Gay equality and being fully pro-choice are NOT "far left" positions.

After watching many Congress. Hearings of late, I now believe in aliens.

Is the backlash against Kagan due to subconcious homophobia?

Obama administration approves 27 New Offshore Drilling Permits

Since Spill, Feds Have Given 27 Waivers to Oil Companies in Gulf

Since Spill, Feds Have Given 27 Waivers to Oil Companies in Gulf

"Race to the Top has ignited an outburst of meanness"

STEWART v COLBERT (which is your favorite?)

What We "Need to Know" About PBS After Moyers

OPEN UP THE VAULT: Measure To Audit The Federal Passes 96-0

Why did the Spanish mix freely with indigenous American population , while the Anglos/Dutch did not?

Take A Minute For A Laugh (or to be offended)

Stray gray whale seen off Israel is first outside Pacific in 300 years

The rise in company gardens

Short PSA: DirecTv has picked up Free Speech TV.

ThinkProgress sets record straight on Kagan

ok, check in.. how many of us "left wing" liberals are left on these boards?

ok, check in.. how many of us "left wing" liberals are left on these boards?

Visions cupped within the flower

I can't believe what my teenage nephew said.

This Facebook thing....

Say, candy and ronnie, have you seen them yet

What is "baking mix"?

Is everybody OK? (Seriously, there were tornadoes threatening last night.)

Fake Yo Yo Trickster scams TV stations.

Yes, it's true - I did manage to score center row seats for The Wall.

Frank Frazetta, Illustrator, Dies at 82; Helped Define Comic Book Heroes

True Blood Fans Check-in: What was your favorite season #2 moments

Alaska Snapshots

Another British voice!

Any one work in Princeton ?

Montana marijuana clinic firebombed before moratorium vote

Awkward Family Photos: MacGruber Mullet Photo Contest.

Afghanistan: Don’t Sell Out Women’s Rights in DC Talks

PG&E acknowledges thousands of inaccurate utility bills

Star Trek fans! An important announcement

Gas surge shut well a couple of weeks before Gulf oil spill

I have one and only one question about Elena Kagan that answers everything about her .

Usama bin Laden is Living Comfortably in Iran, Documentary Asserts

Spain's Judge Garzon asks for work transfer to The Hague


Summerfest line-up this year!

Hasselbeck Bitch Hassle

Needles, CA: How creeped out are you by it?

Kan. lawyer is architect of many immigration laws

Two Oil Firms Link Rig Blast to 'Plug'

Supporters (Ohio) of Arizona-like immigration law focus on 2011

Oklahoma City Storm PICS (dialup warning)

Proposal to Split Agency That Monitors Oil Drilling

Senate Hearings Prompting Spill Blame Game

FAO launches anti-hunger petition

Pakistan court dismisses Taliban (Baradar) extradition challenge

Men - how do you stack pups?

Tavernerdog smells bad

No Dismissal in Terror Case on Claim of Torture in Jail

White House wants liability cap lifted

Needless: how creeped out are you by them?

Katy Perry? Really?

Vishy Anand retains world chess crown

Is there an epidemic of double posts?

Damn. Looks like 'scroogle' is dead.

(Iraq) Allawi warns of sectarian war

OK, ladies. S'plain women's clothing sizes to me?

OK, ladies. S'plain women's clothing sizes to me?

FOREX-Euro falls as market doubts rescue package

New White House drug control strategy to stress treatment, prevention programs

4 M I N U T E S L E F T

not so subtle odd pairing on DU ... "dead dolphins wash up ..." story ... right next to

Nipples, how peeped out are you by them?

Forbidden Love (Warning: Graphic)

Nettles: How creeped out are you by them?

Lib Dem-Tory Deal 'Very Close To Being Done' / Sky Sources: Gordon Brown To Resign Tonight

serious question-anyone proficient with a neti pot?

Church must recognize "terrifying" truth of abuse: Pope

Unmanned planes could begin flying over Texas in a matter of months

Is there an epidemic of double posts?

Cuomo sues Bank of NY Mellon unit over Madoff

Is there an epidemic of double posts?

Gordon Brown resigns as UK prime minister

Welcome to Pennsylaware. Pennsylvania proposes interstate highway tolls at state borders...

BP, subcontractors: Spill is the other guy's fault

UGGGG!!! or AAARGGGGH!!! even. My dog was picked up by the dog catcher and...

On a lighter note --

Happy 100th, Glacier National Park!

Poll question: Noodles: how creeped out are you by them?

LOL this is a pair of shoes!

Agency that oversees offshore drilling to be split by Obama administration

Wow, what the hell happened to Garry Shandling?

Afghan girls hit again by suspected gas attack

John McCain Immigration Reversal: 'Complete Danged Fence'


US mulls putting Pakistan Taliban on terrorism list

Racist Graffiti, Messages Prompt Police, FBI Investigations (Georgia)

Church sign?

Quick question re 401k rollover and cash out...

Representative Kim Meltzer to bring Arizona style immigration law to Michigan

Obscure 80's song help needed - I've got a free treat!

Pakistani ambassador attacked in Tehran

Judge backs Redding atheist who balked at religious anti-drug program

Fuck The Yahoo Toolbar

Thieves take controversial Mojave Desert cross

BBC, CNBC both reporting that the Tories will rule in Britain

Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg to be deputy PM (Lib Dems will get 5 Cabinet posts)

What is the definition of a Born-Again Christian?

French activists block train with radioactive waste for Russia

Obama invites new British prime minister to visit

Biden's son appears to have had a mild stroke

Please me...just got home from Vet my cat is diabetic

Please me...just got home from Vet my cat is diabetic

6 dead as tornadoes hit Oklahoma, Kansas

NARTH Had Hand in Rekers Damage Control, Escort Says

Board wants contempt hearing for Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Playboy 'readers' get 3-D centerfold in June issue


Whoa Cavaliers; a funny thing happened on the way to that title

Was my printer sabotaged?

Despite recalls, Toyota manages $1.2B profit

U.S. affirms assistance in espionage investigation in Colombia

Argentine foreign minister, former prisoner of dictatorship, describes crimes against humanity

Obama Seeks to Split Agency That Monitors Oil Drilling

Holder brings anti-gang effort to Oakland

Pakistan can't link N.Y. bombing suspect to extremist groups

Movies made/based/created on the ego of a "star" - that sucked.

Men - how do you stack up?

Top 50 Twitter climate accounts to follow

Bomb Kills Two US Service Members in Afghanistan

Republican Ross wins state Senate seat (replacing Scott Brown)

Egyptian Emergency Law Is Extended for 2 Years (allowing arrests w/o charges)

Tax bills in 2009 at lowest level since 1950

Health overhaul law potentially costs $115B more

Rekers Resigns From Board Of Ex-Gay Group NARTH

A Rainy Day Movie Marathon. Dirty Dancing, Grease, and

GOP message at oil hearing: Drill safer, not less

Off-the-shelf genetics tests to hit US pharmacies

The 20 least visited National Monuments

Pope: Church's own sins to blame in sex scandal

Want your idea in 3D? I'm up to a challenge.

Red Cross confirms 'secret jail' in Bagram, Afghanistan

Cop-watchers look for racial profiling on the streets of Phoenix

Oil spill testimony to Congress: Not our fault

**Update** Delaware Atty. General Beau Biden hospitalized

Surely I'm not the only man here who can tie a bowtie.

Aquino on track for Philippine election win

APNewsBreak: US reviewing Iraq troop pullout pace

Drifting satellite threatens cable programming (Cinemax, Encore, ESPN, Fox News, HBO, Starz & SyFy)

White House: Biden's son hospitalized

HELP: Name an example from literature, film or history where two traditional enemies team up?

Louisiana Considers Bill to Restrict Lawsuits

Pet owners a ? Is your pet microchipped?

Santa Clara county supervisors pass new policy barring young children from juvenile lock-up

Poll: Support for More Offshore Oil Drilling Plummets

Mistrial declared in NY beating death of immigrant

OK, so I might have "yelled" something in the McDonald's drive-through without intending to do so...

Alan Mollohan loses primary fight

Rig Workers Made to Sign Statements after Blast

Cameron becomes prime minister

The most INFUENTIAL rock band of all time

I Can't Find Commander Cockroach & His Army Anywhere On The Internet (From Freak Bros Cartoon)

Market Inquiry Focuses on One Trader

New Palin book gets title, release date "America by Heart"

Need those famous Lounge vibes, please.

I ask a lot of questions , and think loudly all the time .

Watchdog Group Sues DOJ Over Missing Yoo Emails

Proof of the existence of Satan and/or Evil. Post 'em if you have 'em.

Scientists stunned as grey whale sighted off Israel

Senate Votes 96-0 To Audit The Fed

Jason Carter (Grandson of President Carter) wins State Senate Race in Georgia.

Arizona's immigration law boycotts will cost Phoenix $90M: city officials

Gov. Brewer signs bill targeting ethnic studies

Obama Drug Plan Firmly Opposes Legalization As California Vote Looms

Arizona immigration law violates human rights, say UN experts

Man gets 8 years for threatening Obama's life

Sarah Palin Speaking Fees Kept Secret to Curtail Negative News Coverage of University Event

Hung Parliament: Brown to resign as prime minister

Thieves take controversial Mojave Desert cross

Craft found not guilty (Ga Teacher on Trial for Molestation)

Dead dolphins wash up on coast; oil's role unclear

Senator Julie Lassa enters race for State Congressional seat

Guardian: Gordon Brown: Gifted Man Ground Down by Success of a Rival

Obama wants federal agencies to hit the gas on hiring

If Kagan isn't liberal enough.....

New drug control strategy: more resources into drug prevention and treatment

MSNBC has been reporting that Beau Biden has been hospitalized

Economic argument should be used to bolster immigration reform

2016 Campaign...Franken/Weiner....

Email your Senators. Tell Them to Keep the Financial Reform Bill Strong!

Kagan Nomination Leaves Some Longing on the Left

"She also plays poker and has been known to smoke cigars."

If progressives don't like Kagan, tis their, no, OUR fault.

Mike LaCoste of Waterloo drops out of congressional race (Iowa)

US House candidate get support from GOP rivals (NC-08)

The LayDeeBug's words of the day: REPUBLICAN DEREGULATION

"Combating global warming will be a top priority of my presidency"

Heads up! David Cameron to become PM with Lib Dem coalition

How People Spew Total Falsehoods on TV (Elena Kagan)

Dorothy Helms pens letter to help Burr

**Heads Up: FEMA Director to Appear at Today's WH Press Briefing, 2:30pm EDT **

Salazar to urge Congress to split MMS into two agencies: inspection/investigation and enforcement

Should Obama Administration change Miranda Law for Suspected Terrorist Interrogations?

Why Elena Kagan Is A Terrific Choice

Things that make you go hmmm... and make my head spin

I'm worried the wingnuts are running out of questions to ask about Obama


Today's Gallup Daily Tracking Poll...

Rand Paul May Not Vote For McConnell As Senate GOP Leader

GOP hopeful Allen West takes swipes at Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio on Arizona immigration crackdown

How close was Obama to the Gulf when the rig blew up????

Palin ‘losing the Alaska vote,’ as more say they’d vote against her

Senate now debating Bernie Sanders' amended 'Audit the Fed' amendment. Vote is now proceeding.

Obama Approval Bounces Back

President Dean in 2012!

Specter swiftboating Sestak

Pretty tired of the Crist speculation

To clarify: Kagan asked Clinton to endorse Daschle's abortion bill in 1997.

Marshall campaign: Cunningham can't win

The Jeep that Wasn't Cheap

SPT Buzz Blog: Tea Partiers Coming After Bill McCollum Next?

Kennedy, the Pill and Conservatives for Contraception

Obama Admin Makes It Easier for Air and Rail Unions to Organize

"The Kagan Rope-A-Dope?"

1977 photo of Elena Kagan

Climate Bill Will Allow States to Veto Neighboring States’ Drilling Plans

Suppose Kagan had graduated summa cum laude from Cleveland State University

Bennett Leaves Open Possibility of Write-In Candidacy

Rossi linked to troubled commercial bank

"Kagan Sided With Investors in Two Notable Securities Cases"

State Rep. Segal to announce bid for Congressional seat

"Progressives Drive Hard Bargain On Wall Street Bill"

Malloy set to tap Wyman as running mate (CT)

Tweety has Pap on, and they're hitting Cheeney hard. Halliburton. Halliburton. Halliburton. n/t

From The Nation, Kagan piece...

Republicans have created a monster: Kooks now control Maine GOP

NC-Sen: Burr Leads Marshall by Only 1 Point, Cunningham by 5

Hey Teabaggers! Here's a reality check: Tax bills in 2009 at lowest level since 1950

PRIMARY ELECTION UPSET: Alan Mollohan (Inc-D) loses in WV-1 to Oliverio.

Two Democrats Drop Out Of Race For Stupak's Seat

Hatch Explains Bennett’s Defeat: Tea Party Doesn’t ‘Have An Open Mind And They Won’t Listen’


Economy growing too fast? Manufacturers are having trouble keeping up with demand

I don't like Kagan, but back off her doing her job!!!!

I don't like Kagan, but back off her doing her job!!!!

Beau Biden suffered mild stroke, per breaking newz on m$nbc.

I hope Kagan is gay and keeps her mouth shut about it.

REPORT: Kagan’s Experience Involved Handling More Than 23,000 Cases

Leaked Overview Of Kerry-Lieberman American Power Act

WH Issues Rules on Dependent Coverage and the Chamber Whines

27 More Offshore Wells Approved Since Spill. 26 Exempted From Environmental Review.

A key player in the monstrosity that was welfare reform is a liberal? A progressive?

How the current Supreme Court works, and what the current goal is.

Kagan helped shield Saudis from 9/11 lawsuits

Al Giordano: Progressive for Kagan

Congress Likely to Toughen Volcker Rule in Reform Bill

Sanders' Audit-The-Fed Measure Passes - - Unanimously

French Nuclear Industry Faces Meltdown

So is it wrong to casually ask someone if they are married?

Why We Are Not Amused - Nor Listening

I like Kendrick Meek as well but he appears unelectable. Polling at just 18%.

Small businesses brace for state's immigration audits

I'm writing about former FCC Chairman Mark Fowler.

Papantonio: Where are BP's Pals - Exxon, Chevron, and Shell? - Pt. 2/2

Papantonio: Is A BP Bankruptcy Possible?

Another Sarah Palin 'Tribute' Video (Unintentionally funny at times)

Lindsey Graham Questioning Elena Kagan - 2/10/2009

Rush Limbaugh called NAZI by an ex-marine republican caller

Just the Black Notes... This Will Amaze You

How Dummies Respond to Oil Spills

Obama- Preventive and Indefinite Detention

Benedict XVI lands in Portugal, addresses sex abuse crisis aboard papal plane

Furious Political Editor Of Murdoch's Sky News Totally Flips Out & Almost Slaps Labour's Spin Doctor

Rob Portman Took The Shirt Off My Back

Alabama Political Attack Ad Mocks Evolution

Papantonio: Where are BP's Pals - Exxon, Chevron, and Shell? - Pt. 1/2

Love Police ruins Conservative Party Press Statement

Alabama candidate attacked for supporting evolution

Sanders' Fed Transparency Amendment Passes


President Obama Nominates Elena Kagan for Supreme Court Judge-The GOP Response

Papantonio: BP - The Very Corrupt Side of Dick Cheney - Pt. 1/2

Papantonio: BP - The Very Corrupt Side of Dick Cheney - Pt. 2/2


Cathy Albisa: On Elena Kagan and Rhonda Copelon

Cartoonist Lars Vilks (of Muhammad-as-a-dog notoriety) attacked at lecture

Teabaggers are lying spoiled brats!

TYT: Did Obama Screw Up By Picking Elena Kagan for Supreme Court?

"If You're Holding a Gun at Somebody, Don't Expect Flowers."

Thom Hartmann vs. Wayne Root - Is America facing My Big Fat Greek Bankruptcy?!

Cenk Debates Conservative on supposed Anti-Tea Party, Anti-Christian Liberal Media Bias!

TYT: Rush Limbaugh Attacks Cenk (More Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories)

TYT: Palin & O'Reilly: US Law Based On God, Bible

TYT: Obama Being PC Helps Terrorists - Rudy Giuliani

Service Cuts Come From Low Taxes

Seymour Hersh Describes

Charlie Chaplin Speaks (rare!) Eerily beautiful speech

Fallujah Birth Defects

Arizona To Suspend Miranda Rights, For Anyone Named 'Miranda'

Do You Have Excessive Sleepiness? Shift Work Sleep Disorder? Big Pharma Hopes So

And Chicks for Free? (James Howard Kunstler)

Searching for Elena Kagan

How People Spew Total Falsehoods on TV (Elena Kagan)

A Plan for Action by Free Press calling for a Public Media.

A Plan for Action by Free Press calling for a Public Media.

More than an oil spill (LA Times Op Ed)

India tops in originating spam, phishing in Asia: Report

Marjorie Cohn: Diminishing Supreme Court Justice

Kagan Nomination Leaves Some Longing on the Left

The Gray Lady and Officials Anonymous

Hamid Karzai . . . Our Diem (where is George Santanaya when you need him)

Uncle Warren (Buffett) strums ukulele, in denial of Wall Street's toxic business model

Outing The Fed (William Grieder,The Nation)

Ed Schultz does an Incredibly Good Rant on BP's "Three Stooges Act" in Oil Gusher...

U.S. embrace of Karzai's brother disappoints many Afghans

Scahill: Georgetown Professor: 'Drones Are Not Killing Innocent Civilians' in Pakistan

Worth a watch for those who Remember.....Tariq Ali...but Brit Crisis and More......

Oil Spill Silences Once-Raucous 'Drill, Baby, Drill' Camp: The Republican battle cry ..

Obama Seeks to Split Agency That Monitors Oil Drilling (NY Times)

Pakistan denies Taliban link to Times Square bomb suspect

Israeli scientists prepare for arrival of deadly fungus

Was Last Week's Market Crash a Direct Attack By Financial Terrorists?

Cheney's Trifecta: War Crimes, Environmental Crimes and …

The Republicans are self-destructing. Only one thing can save them.

Why cars have to go electric (CNN)

Alabama Pilot flies over the Gulf...Disaster is Worse than BP Admits...Worth a Watch!

Cenk Uygur: The problem with Elena Kagan is Barack Obama

Red Family, Blue Family

Marco Rubio says deport all the immigrants

Mr. Obama: Tear Down This War!

Those Demons Are Us

This is a Bad Hotel: Awesome Flash Mob Protest for Worker Rights in SF

Mother of Buddha....

SunCatcher (TM) looks so awesome (CSP tech).

Oil spill science: The jellyfish graveyard

Drumbeat: May 11, 2010

Indian GHG Emissions Jump 58% 1994 - 2007 - Now At 1.9 Billion Tons Annually - AFP

Nevada State Energy Director - Gibbons Appointee - Reveals Stunning Cluelessness In Public Memo

Rocket Stove...low cost & high efficiency.

Oil executives shift blame at Senate hearing

Nations Around The Planet Generally Ignoring Biodiversity Treaty, UN Notes - NYT

We’re From the Government and We’re Here to Help You Be More Energy Efficient

California Solar Home to be First with Battery Technology

Samsung to invest US$21 billion in solar cells, LEDs, more

Township Plans for Second, Larger Solar Project (NJ)

Everett Washington solar panels to power electric cars (Stimulus $$$)

Obama WMD czar discusses Iran nuclear program

Florida Solar Rebate Program New Life? (out of money for now)

What if there is no climate bill? Civil Society Institute report shows clean energy path

Pocono Raceway's solar power plan (3 MW) picks up speed

"In Mortal Hands: A Cautionary History of the Nuclear Age," author book talk, D.C., May 18

Shale Gas Will Rock the World

No-till farming improves soil stability

Anyone here have experience with solar hot water to supplement their

Marine protected areas conserve Mediterranean red coral

Europe to examine case for bigger CO2 cuts (BBC)

Untangling the Quantum Entanglement Behind Photosynthesis: Berkeley scientists shine new light on gr

N.Korea boasts success in nuclear fusion

I've been a member of DU for years and have seen all sorts

How good are our predictions of the next 30 years ?

Preparing for the Coming Wave of Electric Cars

What does the President's Science and Technology Advisor say about expanding use of nuclear power?

New York Power Authority Advances Plan for Massive Solar PV Increase (100 MW)

NJ solar rebate program halts applications for now (BPU overwhelmed with applications)

Mysterious quantum forces unraveled-MIT researchers find a way to calculate...Casimir forces...

The People’s History of Radioactive Waste FORUM - Saturday, June 5, 2010, Chicago, IL

...Plus they just enjoy ruining things for other people.

Well, That Didn't Take Long - BP Launching PR Blitz, But Top Lobbyist Staying Vague So Far

Ixtoc I: A Case Study of the World's Largest Oil Spill (Gulf of Mexico, 1979-1980)

For dim bulbs only.

Evidently the DNC doesn't think the environment is one of the top 13 issues facing our nation.

Oil Spill ideas

Jonathan Turley on Kagan SCOTUS Nomination: Obama is Moving the Court to the Right

IEA Report predicts solar could meet 25 percent of world energy needs

Finland’s 100,000-Year Plan to Banish Its Nuclear Waste

European support for nuclear power as a solution to climate change plummets

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Monday, May 10)

Notre Dame EPIC FAIL. In *women's golf*!!

Hank Haney Steps Aside as Tiger's Swing Coach

NC Senior Amateur to begin today

NC Senior Amateur to begin today

Tennessee boy, 12, earns $400 in bowling event

Uneasy lies the head the wears the crown.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your initial USMNT World Cup 30-man roster!

Soccer Player Gets Carded For Fatal Heart Attack

Another Detroit sports fan is born

How about them C's tonight!


Ladies, check out Vanity Fair's "World Cup Stars Wear Flags & Not Much Else"

Looks like 13 in Preakness

Dodger Parking: $15.00... Dodger Dog: $5.75... Dodger Stadium Peanuts: $6.00...

Colombia: FARC frees Moncayo and Calvo

Chavez says he will apply an embargo to Colombia if Santos wins the elections

U.S. affirms assistance in espionage investigation in Colombia

Argentine foreign minister, former prisoner of dictatorship, describes crimes against humanity

‘Tweet-In’ Aims to Stop the Canada Colombia FTA

Why Is the US Cutting Off Climate Aid to the Poorest Country in South America?

Marco Rubio says deport all the immigrants

"Venezuela is not Greece"--Mark Weisbrot in the UK Guardian

Is gay the new black and racism in the lgbt community

Gay Rights In Video Games: A Brief History

What the hell is the matter with 'Family Guy' and Seth Macfarlane?

One Click: Tell your CongresCritter to pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act

Remember our transgender dead

Elizabeth Warren at SEIU this Thursda

ARAW job opening: Communications Associate

Retirees speak out on insurance (OS's future?)

ABC employees ratify new guild contract

Today in Labor History May 11 Some 260,000 workers joined the walkout called by the Railway Union

"Outsourcing Student Transportation to Outsiders is the Wrong Choice

Rosen Claims AIPAC Made Promises In Spy Case

'Stop using Palestinian gays to whitewash Israel's image'

Israeli scientists prepare for arrival of deadly fungus

Welfare System Could Cause Israel To Collapse, Economist Warns

NSSF Responds to NY Times ‘Government Watch List’ (NY Times) Editorial

Guns impersonal?

Michigan State Police report shows about 1 in 43 state residents has a CPL

Man's Suicide Shot Kills His Sleeping Wife

Teens arrested for bringing gun to Forestville school

Gun Vs. Beer Bottle

It's time to eliminate handgun registration in Michigan

Ohio Senate should bury bill to permit concealed weapons in bars

Gold stones, glass houses (Israel's Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa)

NSSF Provides Free Videos to Help Educators Teach Firearm Safety and Conservation

April? or May?

Bear doesn't understand.

Sony mirror-less camera leaked early

Diptych (of a Crazy Heart)


***COMMENT THREAD for May Photo Contest****

***SUBMISSION THREAD for MAY Photo Contest***

Self-delete (duplicate)

Herschel (Space Observatory) finds a hole in space

Earth, 2300: Too hot for humans

Portals from another perspective.

(Swiped from Science forum.) Jupiter has lost a belt.

Native Flutes For Relaxation

Weird Dream Experiences Coming True (Or So It Seems).

Ugh, upsetting dream last night

Uranus in Aries: Never the Same Old Thing

I have been suddenly feeling hopelessly off for a few days, anyone else?

How do you rate Mercury Retrograde periods?

Twin Flames Re-unite

What's with the Mormon advertisements on DU?

11-hour days are bad for the heart

Scientists to test ultrasound as a male contraceptive

Taking the Medicine: A Short History of Medicine’s Beautiful Idea, and Our Difficulty Swallowing It

Raw milk battle reveals FDA abandonment of basic human right to choose your food

Deadly blasts hit Siberian mine despite $1 bln investment

Market trends buoy optimism on Greek recovery

Bridgewater Associates: Be The Hyena. Attack the Wildebeest

The People v. the Bankers