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Wouldn't it be ironic

Already Imperiled Bluefin Tuna Threatened by Spill

Dems Have No Plans to Extend Unemployment Benefits (Washington Independent)

Repubs are pushing Obama 'record deficit' hard, and I don't see Dems pushing back harder..

Repubs are pushing Obama 'record deficit' hard, and I don't see Dems pushing back harder..

Evangelist is criticized for attending rally in Uganda, which is considering death penalty for gays

Can You Guess WHO Will Win This Debate?

Graphic I made for ya

Freepers. Sheesh.

Freepers. Sheesh.

Oil rig cleanup jobs spark arguments

"Oil-covered birds on fire. Another name for dinner."

CNBC POLL: Did Goldman Sachs Do Anything Wrong?

CNBC POLL: Did Goldman Sachs Do Anything Wrong?

Some questions on the AZ law...

Oil spill approaching Alabama, Mississippi, and West Florida beaches.

Went to See 9500 Liberty Movie tonight and

VIDEO - Chris Matthews on Real Time with Bill Maher - VIDEO

So I'm pretty much an enormous idiot...

Election 2010 predictions: Pffffttttttttttttttttttttt!

Arizona Ethnic Studies Classes Banned, Teachers With Accents Can No Longer Teach English

Advice for the VA and for the Persian Gulf War Veteran

Pentagon Map Shows Wide Taliban Zone in the South

Taken for granted: for many immigrants from Mexico & Central America, English is a 3rd language

I wish the prez would take on corporate personhood

Congressman and Community Leaders To Risk Arrest at May Day Immigration Protests

Caption this:

American exceptionalism defined.

I believe the fishing industry in the gulf of mexico will tank. There is no way around it.

Interior Department Gave Deepwater Horizon Operators Safety Award in 2009

'Mr. Grant,' not 'the victim'

Pentagon Forgot Remote U.S. Base on Iraq-Iran Border

"Need to Know" program on PBS

Document: BP didn't plan for major oil spill "unlikely, or virtually impossible"

Can the Democratic Party be reclaimed?

Do Republicans Want to Win?

bu$h*/cheney energy program in full bloom

During his last program Bill Moyers spoke about his

Democrats' Iimmigration Plan Shows Shift Toward Republican Views

Greed makes people stupid. Greed makes people take ridiculous risks.

Greed makes people stupid. Greed makes people take ridiculous risks.

There's one good thing about Joe Arpaio

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!! (Yeah it's Saturday, but mojitos and kamikazes had my attention last night)

CRIMINAL: BP didn’t plan for major spill

List needed - Wall Street predictions gone wrong

How's my favorite proletariat doing this May Day!

CIA twist in '60s Cold War crash (Gary Powers' U-2)

Which one of yous technogeeks monitors CBC? Get 'er up on the polvids!

Any idea how BP will be punished for the oil in the gulf?

And this will break your heart(WARNING-Kittehs involved):

And this will break your heart(WARNING-Kittehs involved):

And this will break your heart(WARNING-Kittehs involved):

And this will break your heart(WARNING-Kittehs involved):

And this will break your heart(WARNING-Kittehs involved):

AL Dems blast GOP for 'drill baby drill'

Justice Probe Of Goldman Goes Beyond Deals Cited By SEC

has the media asked the 'drill baby drill' proponents for their thoughts on the oil spill?

EVERY deep water oil rig should be considered a "Titanic" except

Henceforth it shall be known as The Gulf of Texaco

NASA: James Cameron to develop 3D camera for Mars rover

Father says bully choked son

Goldman didn't tell SEC about mortgage moves for months

Goldman didn't tell SEC about mortgage moves for months

Goldman didn't tell SEC about mortgage moves for months

Teaching: "An anything-can-happen" occupation in the making

After Arizona, 100,000 Expected for LA's May Day March

Debit cards are offering rewards programs, too, but there are trade-offs

Lengthy and inane OP entirely based on purest anecdata..

Press freedom on the wane again in 2009: survey

Protests on Wall Street

Protests on Wall Street

Mexican gangs

So the tea party leader in Northern California has a body guard? A F'ING BODY GUARD?

Here is something I would like to Angelea Bichoff

Will Johan Santana and Albert Pujols need to bring their birth certificate to AZ?

It took me longer to get breakfast at Panera than it did to get my daughter's birth certificate

Destroying the Gulf for what?

Tag and Release Program Arizona?

Toyota fallout: Congress proposes new fees, 'black boxes' (hold executives personally accountable)

Meet Kris Kobach

Obama criticized by the Right for trusting the Private Sector

About that offshore oil disaster

Contemptible Quitter PALIN attempts to hang Watergate on (whomever--besides Rethugs).

Unite. Resist.

Former GOP Lawmaker Rips Boehner And Cantor For Their Crass Partisanship, Political Gimmicks

Stop Robert Rubin Before He Kills Again

AP is reporting White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen won't go to Phoenix in 2011

Drill, baby drill!

Satellite Images Shows Spill Tripling in Size

Can someone explain why today is not Labor day in the US?

'Fake Marijuana' Landing Colorado Kids In ER

Major League Baseball Players Union Opposes Arizona Immigration Law !

Sacramento considers medical marijuana tax to close budget deficit

Buy American

Blankfein was on Charlie Rose tonight, defending Goldman Sachs' role in devaluing risk,

British Petroleum report said if oil spill occured, 'no significant adverse impacts' were expected

2 offshore platforms shut down near Gulf oil sheen

President Obama is speaking to graduating class at university of michigan

Chemicals Meant To Break Up BP Oil Spill Present New Environmental Concerns

National Security & Oil

Climate bill could be harmed by Gulf spill

Bill Moyers

leaked report... Gov't feels well could become unchecked gusher 50,000 barrels a day!!!

Children’s Tylenol and Other Drugs Recalled

Floating Barriers not working.. slick...170 miles long, 70 miles wide..

Spill Could Move Up East Coast on the Gulf Stream

BP fought against regulations requiring emergency relief valve! (most effective and successful)

Freepers, who gave Rove a pass for outing a CIA agent, high-five Palin Yahoo hacker guilty verdict

Troops in Afghanistan Perform 'Telephone'

Satellite images shows spill tripling in size (in approx 1 day)

Any New Yorkers here feeling really confident about the proposals

VIDEO - Afghanistan Troops Go Gaga With Their Own 'Telephone' Remake

cnn quick vote: Do you approve of the way President Obama has handled the Gulf of Mexico oil spill?

"Let Monica in here!" "Let her finish, let her finish!" "Will you let her finish...with the point!"

why I've never said anything about borders/immigration

Whoah !!! The Guardian UK abandons New Labour to support Clegg & the Liberal Democrats

Solution to the Alien problem

This mother of a Mad Hatter requests the courtesy of a CAPTION!!!!

Jan Brewer scares the shit out of me

Despite Gulf oil catastrophe, Obama refuses to abandon plans for new offshore drilling

Please, Read This Before You Debate Immigration Reform

A happy May Day to all you commie DUers out there.

Explosions inside Mogadishu mosque kill at least 30

Jump start a Saturday! Please come CAPTION this Mad Hatter!!!

Let's NOT Waste $33 Billion Dollars on More War!

Experts Fear the Spill Could Spread to East Coast

thought experiment: Is the oil slick large enough to alter the weather and in what way?

They Still Enclose Commons, Don’t They?

Since the alleged drug smugglers who shot the AZ deputy are from Mexico the FBI should investigate

OIL COULD GUSH FOR MONTHS: More like a volcano

As Oil Spreads in Gulf, BP Insists on Self-Regulation

did Obama just say that oil spills should be cleaned up by the companys that cause them

Spill Puts Spotlight on Regulator With Mixed Record

Honda recalls cars for fire danger due to defect

President Obama takes direct aim at anti-government rhetoric

Teabaggers With Signs: Do your editing before you make the sign

Looks like the oil spill is Bush/Cheney's bad. (Surprise!!)

cheney energy task force participants...

My understanding of the oil spill is that BP is on the hook for the cost of the clean up.

Wall St to USA (Email): Decoded

U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan get mixed response

LA police hunt man with 'Bourne-like' identity

Obama Michigan Graduation Speech On Political Discourse: "I Still Believe We Can"

Breast On Virginia Seal Covered Up (Loon Attorney General strikes again)

Can You Hear "THEM" Now?

Why did they cement this well ??

It's national Free Comic Book Day - go to your local store for a freebie!!!!!

Pope Reins In Catholic Order Tied to Abuse

FYI - 1.6 million gallons spilled, and counting.

When the going gets tough -- Palin calls for more government and strict regulations

rec, rec, k&r, rec, k&r.... LBN shows the good of DU today. Thank you all

Media ignores huge Wall Street protest

"Drill baby drill" won't help the Republicans in November

Wewelsburg museum lays bare the black heart of Himmler’s SS

May Day Rally and March in Austin, Texas begins at 4pm

Music for May Day

But the government can't do anything right, say the cons

PHOTO: Officials "frightened"...wildlife already suffering from oil spill

Even conservatives have come out against email being passed around between Wall St types

North American Union: pretty sensible idea, isn't it?

The Blame Game.

Univision TV is the only network covering the rallies today

"Hey, there are some Mexicans standing on the corner. You need to check them out."

Luckovich strikes again. (TOON)

Pink Buckets for the Cure: eat fried chicken to fund breast cancer research...

TOON: What 'BP' really stands for

Dr. Jeff Masters on the current status of the oil spill

Halliburton had cemented oil well in place 20 hours before blowout

Spelling.....egh.. anyone else???

How many Gulf coast GOP governors who refused Stimulus $$$ will ask Obama for Oil Spill Relief $$$?

The BP Oil Spill typifies just about everything wrong

Sheriff Joe Calls for CA Boycott

"Family Guy" Creator Says Arizona Law Like Nazi Germany

The 25th Annual Tucson Folk Festival

Dobbs: Protests Against Ariz. Law Just "Theater"

Forget buying BP stock at the discount, want to make some real money from the oil spill

May Day Immigration Rally New York - lots of pics

NATO Checks Report of Afghan Civilian Deaths

European Satellites show surface area of gulf oil spill has tripled in size

Reagan & GW Bush saw the environment as a TOP priority

You know who caused the oil rig explosion?

Any drilling experts about?

Thousands protest neo-Nazis on May Day

Obama is going to tear up the Reflecting Pool on the Mall in DC

Cheney/Bush are directly responsible for this environment disaster everything those war criminals

If Laura is going to tell a story, it should go like this:

Fourth Officer Pleads Guilty In Katrina Conspiracy - Bridge shootings

BP’s Greenwashing Masked Dangerous ‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ Reality

Bill Moyers Journal, last show: a great report on what REAL populism is

Democrats outline anti-immigrant proposal

"But that does not seem to be enough for some dissenters"

Thousands attend Tucson May Day rally (AZ immigration law protest)

Maybe God put the oil under the ocean because he/she didn't want us to use it

NY Smoke Shop Owner Could be Freed

NY Smoke Shop Owner Could be Freed

Hey Freepers - your beloved war criminal

Who should take charge of the oil spill?

A Long Walk for a Cause (From Miami to the White House) story and pic

VA Attorney General Redesigns State Seal To Cover Left Breast

Rim Jobinson (R - Batshit Crazy) Makes Birther Post

May Day 2010

Where Obama shares blame for failing to prevent Gulf oil spill

17 caught in search for Ariz. deputy's attackers

FDIC head: Don't ban bank derivatives business

Turmoil in Iraq Threatens US Withdrawal Plans

GOP governors opting out of health reform pool for high-risk uninsured

Buffett Vigorously Defends Goldman; Berkshire Posts Profit

'Greeter' becomes face of fight vs. Wal-Mart

Be on guard

Some stats on Immigration (legal and non-legal)

Photos And Stories From The Labor March On Wall Street

Shaken baby injuries rose in recession

Oil spill may spell trouble for coast's economy

Boiling drinking water here in Eastern MA.

Immigration Rallies-Protests join others across the nation blasting Arizona illegal immigrant

Eyewitness to Deep Horizon catastrophe tells story on forum w/pics & vids

Say goodbye to the Gulf of Mexico

Did anyone else hear Michael Steele say..

dupe. sorry. really.

Sarah Palin endorsed the GOP nominee for Minnesota governor before his endorsement

WOW! Cinci Enquirer endorses Jennifer Brunner for OH Senate!

OK DU I've got one for you

May Day Immigration Rally Dallas, Washington DC, and Boston - pics

What would happen if they poured maltodextrin on the oil slick?

Bill Maher on Texas right-wing textbooks...

The President receives an honorary degree from the University of Michigan. Who will give Palin...

So, I'm sure Fox News is doing saturation coverage of the May Day rallies, right?

Ralph Nader for Justice of the SCOTUS!

A few quotes:

Please Put The Following Post On Page One

Breaking: “American Xenophone” formally recognized as counter-cultural dialect!

I'm an evil DUer!!

My pick - Sidney's Candy

The good part is that, if Obama wants to survive politically, he now has to open a case of whup-ass

Why didn't Obama stop the oil spill?

My favorite Philly Chinese restaurant just raised the prices on fish-laden dishes tonight...

30 rounds allegedly fired at deputy Pearl, superficial wound, massive search

CNN and Fox are extensively covering the marches today

Arizona has rarely invoked its last tough immigration law against knowingly hiring illegal immigrant

Republicans shifting so far right may be because....

Possible Obama judicial nominations

Genuity Smart Stax corn - a new corn from Monsanto

Issue that will dominate the 2010 election: Immigration? Oil Spill? Economy/jobs?

Are we facing 'Countries Too Big To Fail' as the trigger for Global Governance? LINK

Native American groups lash out at Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag for being 'ignorant' of their culture

Native American groups lash out at Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag for being 'ignorant' of their culture

Wildlife documentaries infringe animals' privacy, says report

More than 300,000 White House Visitor Records Online

I hate to be all linguistically anal, but the mess in the Gulf isn't a "spill" is a leak, or

A Post-Wall Street Economy......

Pray the Gay Away.....with a British accent

Goldilocks on trial

May Day Immigration Rally Arizona - pics

JIndal wants answers from Haliburton

The silence is deafening

I am shocked.........

Whoa... Stumbled On To This Website... One Hell Of A Stumble...

The epidemiology of overweight and obesity: public health crisis or moral panic?

Frank Rich: If Only Arizona Were the Real Problem

The media is only as liberal as the corporations who OWN them

Comparisons to Katrina are grossly inappropriate

What is it with abortion exceptions for rape?

Check in if you DON'T CARE if Obama slept with consenting adults other than his wife.

No way is this oil spill Barack Obama's fault, but...

This oil spill exemplifies everything that is wrong with the United States..

The Obama deficits...

Stay safe fellow Tennesseans....

Why are Democrats in danger of losing seats in 2010?

"When these things go, they go KABOOM"....

Decade-old Report Cited Failure of Oil Rig Safety System (Also Map of Possible Oil Slick Path)

May Day Immigration Rally Los Angeles - pics

Chief Seattle's 1854 Oration

So will I see oil all over the Pacific Ocean three months from now?

San Francisco Immigration Rally March ends at the Civic Center across from Teabaggers - story & pics

In 1952, I'm sure that's what I heard, Helen Thomas convinced this

Excellent graphic "Anatomy of the Gulf Oil Spill" Source United States Coast Guard

Vitter wants BP to build a dome over the spill?

Is there a clip available of Obama's commencement speech at Michigan?

"A free press" --

Exactly when does the "Free Market" act on the oil spill?


What % Of Oil Used In The USA Is Refined Into Gasoline?

What % Of Oil Used In The USA Is Refined Into Gasoline?

Bumpersticker of the month: "Hearing crazy voices? Turn off Fox News!" n/t

We the People and Throw The Bums Out were bad enough

Corporations Getting Ready to Gobble Public Water Systems

Corporations Getting Ready to Gobble Public Water Systems

Just got a letter from the IRS...

Times Square Is Evacuated in Bomb Scare.

“National Residue Program for Cattle” USDA report. Think before you eat meat

Every protest sign directed at Bush during his tenure, no matter how tasteless was justified!!!

Consumerism and the OS wars

Consumerism and the OS wars

Dear Mr. Obama and U.S. Congress: Please hire hundreds of thousands of

Servicemember's Legal Defense Network condemns Obama admin's backtrack on DADT

Pres Obama heading to Louisiana

Freeper: 'Obama the apostle of Satan'

Obama's commencement speech at U.of M. today....

FB group - Stop Using Religion to Spread Hate

If you can't admit that you are probably wrong 50% of the time....

6 million lost revenue to Arizona in first week of boycotts!

SUV in Times Square was rigged with explosives

Nasty Gram Circulating on Wall Street About Us Regular Folks

Amid fuss over illegal immigrants, they're already going home

Bomb, times square now msnbc

What is this Hollywood crap ??

Do you believe in group think which equals reduced wages for average Americans?

What's a bank?

What's a bank?

Middle-skill jobs vanish

Joel Pett TOON: is this a death panel?

"The Ebens were the nicest while the Trantaloids were the ugliest- talk about illegal aliens!

Now imagine the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Arctic Ocean

And you think this oil spill is bad. Waiting in the wings:

Garrison Keillor reads a dig at Arizona on tonight's show

POLL -- should FL require ultrasounds of women seeking abortions

Will Tea Party's Legacy Be in Splitting GOP Tickets Straight into Defeat?

Today we went to the Ne. Renaissance Faire

Congressman arrested at Washington immigration rally

Gulf Oil Spill: The Halliburton Connection

Leviticus 19:33-34

Leno sure sucked at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Parents accuse Springfield schools of civil rights violation

Frank Rich: If Only Arizona Were the Real Problem

No, Sarah. Glenn Beck is NOT the "history teacher we wish we had". Ken Burns is.

Correspondents Dinner Red Carpet LIVE on

Men have a deep and equal stake in preserving reproductive choice

Our pols are so prescient: Mary Landrieu

Guess how much the "acoustic triggers" that BP didn't want on the wells cost?

Pokeberry "ink" can improve solar collectors. When I was a

Indiana company may have resource to help clean gulf oil spill

Earth First! or other eco-terrorist group was involved in Gulf Nightmare...

Wall St To USA (Email): " Go ahead & continue to take us down-you're only going to hurt youselves"

Ocean currents map: It won't stay in the Gulf.

So, I just bought 300 shares of Louisiana oyster/shrimp/redfish/menhaden stock

HuffPo: "Soldiers dying, millions unemployed, let's crack jokes @ the W.H. Correspondents Dinner!"

Do crime stats in Arizona support the rationale for the law?

I've shifted my priorities!

American Meat Is Even Grosser Than You Thought

The animals always pay the price

'Boil-water' order issued for nearly 2 million in Mass.

Naomi Klein denounces Obama as neocon wrapped in branding of transformative politics

People Need to Be Held Accountable for the Damage done to the Gulf of Mexico

Sunday Talk Shows

Beware of Greeks bearing fists.....

"Music is art, not software"

Alert: Religious Right is organizing to take over local judicial elections

Bill Moyers: "plutocracy and democracy don't mix"

Do you believe you could be a good PRESIDENT?

Outside My Apartment--Los Angeles May Day Rally (VERY PIC HEAVY)

Obama, don't give up your day job

Sense of doom as spill balloons: ""It will be on the East Coast of Florida in almost no time"

Foster mom: "More girls arrive to us because their parents were detained by the ICE...

Foster mom: "More girls arrive to us because their parents were detained by the ICE...

Oil Leak Could Be 5 Times Larger than the 5 Times Larger Estimate (25,000 Barrels a Day)

Arizona Republic editorial mocks logic of wingnut legislator & legislation

I see about as many personal hovercrafts in use as Segways

The Role of Climate Change Deniers in the “Resignation” of Christine Whitman

H.S. Principal Ronna Cadarette? FUCK...YOU. Wishing Obama dead is NOT "funny," you ridiculous P.O.S.

Day 1 spill map vs. day 8 spill map ( interactive)

Questions about oil spill..

Photos from Gulf Coast Beaches--Add yours

major flooding here in nashville tn....

BP spends millions lobbying as it drills ever deeper & the environment pays

Ann Coulter accidentally reveals what the AZ immigration law is about! (Fox News Video)

GM Lies About Bailout Repayment

White House continues arguing visitor logs are exempt records

WSJ: Leaking Oil Well Lacked Safeguard Device

I read a remark on DU today that scared me a bit

Now using poison shit to "clean-up" oil

It's On! Teabagger Candidate Wins Gov. Nomination in MN

Fears for crops as shock figures from America show scale of bee catastrophe

The day in day out crap that Obama is a corporate neocon

This oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico will mark an epic moment in human history.

Apple buys Lala Music service for $80 Million, shuts it down

We Need To Stop Calling This An Oil "Spill."

Getting glares -- and smiles

Congrats to the men of Alpha Phi Alpha. . .Black Fraternity pulls convention from Phoenix

famous smokers we have known: what they died of, & when

famous smokers we have known: what they died of, & when

Toon: How's that workin' for ya?

Ann Coulter doesn't think we should clean up the gulf spill

National Enquirer Story Update: Retracts Hotel Surveillance Claim

If I step in shit prior to visiting your house, I will wipe my feet. Well, DU is our house, and ...

Obama's SCOTUS short list down to at least 4

Linda Moulton Howe should take over Coast to Coast AM

Spanking young children may turn them into bullies later on - Who could have imagined?

Would you join a social networking site called

Fuck migraines

Denver who?

Just watched a benefit concert for someone with no health insurance... THE DECEMBERISTS...

Isn't sleep amazing?

Isn't sleep amazing?

Beethoven's 7th Symphony

Black Grape - Yeah Yeah Brother

Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love

what is this thing on the roof of my mouth

I have seen Iron Man 2, whereas you'll have to wait til May 7.

It's Derby Day...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 5/1/10


Bombay Dub Orchestra-Rare Earth

What TV character would you most say fits your job description?

LOVER [You Dont Treat Me No Good No More]

Ready Or Not, Here I Come!!!

Jeff Beck - "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat / Brush With The Blues," Udo Music Festival 2006

Jeff Beck - "Blue Wind," Udo Music Festival 2006

Jeff Beck - "Cause We've Ended as Lovers," Udo Music Festival 2006

Jeff Beck - "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," Udo Music Festival 2006

And I miss you....

Anyone here ever had Cochinita Pibil aka Yukatan Roast Pork?

JEFF BECK with STANLEY CLARKE Superstition 2nd Dec 1978 Budokan

My BIG SATURDAY A.M. ADVENTURE!!!! We went to opening day

Watching the NCIS marathon, drinking a Holy Grail Ale.

Buddy Hendrix Santana

Wayne Shorter & Santana - Elegant People

Weather Report - Third Stone from the Sun

Open Your Eyes You Can Fly

Stories To Tell

Tippy Tippy Toe by Crackpot

Somebody's gonna give you A lesson in losin'

Time to tune in to ME! Yep, that's ME talking to YOU!

What would be a fair price to pay a kid to mow?

The 25th Annual Tucson Folk Festival

A nugget for mayday...

You know how, like, when the cable guy is supposed to be there by 2 PM

So I decided to try to cook Tim Curry...

The Lounge rules!


Tonight is one of celebration

anyone have a good link

Nostalgie pour le Folie....

Ya just can't make shit like this up.

Traffic School is a pain in the ass

I hope you all have a better evening then me - my car was just rearended

The girl from Ipanema

"Here comes a Supernova, what a pushover, yeah"...F.G.T.H., "Welcome To The Pleasuredome"

The final word in whether a cat or dog is smarter

The final word in whether a cat or dog is smarter

Man , this lounge thread blew my mind ....

Shut up.

Has someone you despise ever turn you on to something you love?

Used blow up sheep for sale/trade?

Does anyone else find laptop computers very hard to use or type on?

Porque Pig

(TKK) A Daisy Chain 4 Satan

In another accident :(

Seminole Wind


Have you picked your horse's nose?

IF the gov't is successful with its Haircut Tax scheme, will you still pay your full tip?

Netflix has just changed their policy-One can no longer get a new release for 28 days

Crop circles from Google Earth.

For my fellow Boston area DU'ers: Dirty Water by The Standells!

Breaking news: Something going on in Times Square

Great movie just started on TCM "Some Like it Hot"

I just received IRRE-FUCKING-FUTABLE evidence that Kali is no more than someone else's...

Have you picked your nose?

AH-HAHAHAHA! Round headed idiot!

Time Heals All Wounds

I posted his song about drug use, "Helium" and told you...

I posted his song about drug use, "Helium" and told you...

I reached an INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH personal goal today: 30 lbs.

Reptile referencing songs

Have you ever found deep meaning in a movie with little meaning?

Have you picked your horse?

So I decided to try to cook a curry...

You know , I might attend church tomorrow

I left the inside door to the garage unlocked today...I just went into the garage and found

Leaked ICE memo details media strategy to counter citizen activist groups

I have just written to Skinner with a very special request...and HE AGREED TO DO IT!

Stanford bioengineer explores own genome

All-American approach to helping Haiti: shop

SJSU student in videotaped beating case files suit against cops

ECB takes aim at quick-draw rating agencies


Debit cards are offering rewards programs, too, but there are trade-offs

President Obama heading to Gulf for oil spill update

Puerto Rican bank failures bring 2010 tally to 60

Goldstone family drawn into row over Gaza report

Taiwan-China flight forced to land after bomb hoax

Oil spill may spell trouble for coast's economy

Spanish May Day rallies protest soaring unemployment

Johnson & Johnson Announces Children’s Tylenol Recall

Pair arrested during Nazi movie protest

Gulf Oil Spill: The Halliburton Connection

'Greeter' becomes face of fight vs. Wal-Mart

Expert: Surface area of gulf oil spill has tripled

Tear gas fired at Athens protests

Happy May Day!

Goldman Loses Room to Maneuver After Public Testimony

Guardian Newspaper Backs Liberal Democrats

Justice probe of Goldman goes beyond deals cited by SEC

Rep. Gutierrez arrested outside of White House in immigration protest ("Arrest me, not my friends")

I used to think, "Who cares what people think about HOW I died... I'll be dead".

Ma: Taiwan won't ask U.S. to fight ChinaBy Tom Evans, CNN

Is anyone going to DragonCon this year?

Rudd resurrects plan to take Japan to international court over whaling

Post a song that mentions a car or truck brand

Changes to key Guantanamo evidence innocent-officer says(altered field report to implicate detainee)

Arab nations back indirect peace talks with Israel

Toyota now faces 327 state, federal lawsuits

Brazilian Convicted in Death of Nun

Spotted Dick?

BP, Transocean Lawsuits Surge as Oil Spill Spreads in Gulf

People who use choke chains on their dogs are cruel & should not be allowed anywhere near an animal

Big S.F. protest of Arizona immigration law

8 songs that tell a tragic tale

Best casting in a comic book/superhero movie?

NYC’s Times Square evacuated over vehicle fire

Pope Reins In Catholic Order Tied to Abuse

At Khadr hearing, U.S. officer explains changing battle report

Mass. declares state of emergency after aqueduct break; 'boil-water' order issued for 1 million

Agency postpones awards ceremony celebrating offshore oil drilling safety.

California loses fight to end prison oversight

Republicans in Utah direct anger at former party favorite Bennett

Obama Calls for Reforms in Election Funding

Decade-old report cited failure of oil rig safety system

Tax on Oil May Help Pay for Gulf Spill Cleanup

Update: Car With Explosives Found In NY Times Sq

Census workers get ready for door-to-door count

Arizona bill targets ban on ethnic studies

Gulf of Mexico oil spill could hit Florida Monday

Obama takes direct aim at anti-government rhetoric

Children’s Tylenol and Other Drugs Recalled

Congressman (Luis Gutierrez) arrested at Washington immigration rally

Principal: Anti-Obama Facebook group 'a joke'

Sources say Arpaio will announce run for governor Monday

feeling so censored

BP Finds Chemical That Disperses Oil in Deep Water

EXCLUSIVE: Email From Author Of Arizona Law Reveals Intent To Cast Wide Net Against Latinos

Germany: Thousands protest neo-Nazis on May Day

Million marchers expected at May Day rallies across nation to protest Arizona immigration laws

Bolivia nationalizes four power companies

(UK) Immigration amnesty was a modest plan. Electioneering has killed it

Interesting Stat - Before Obama, Presidents Had Sub-50 Approval In Second Year...

President Obama will fight for new campaign finance rules

What messages do liberals need to get out to the public?

Conspiracy Theory: Spitzer goes at Wall St, then scandal. Obama does it, now Vera Baker is back

Right now: The president in Michigan. HUGE CROWD

Our deficit is so large the world will stop buying our bonds

If we're going to throw lefties under the bus to defend Obama

If we're going to complain about lefties being thrown under the bus

"...Some call me an idiot, which is how you know I'm getting a good sample..."

Learning to Love the Healthcare Bill

Does anyone know what time this shindig gets going tonight?

CNN has shindig NOW, part of it says 9pm on MSNBC

PHOTOS: Marchers Gather for May Day Immigration Rally in Los Angeles

Administration taps top Coast Guard official to lead oil spill response

Unification Church will put Washington Times up for sale

Opening ceremonies on cspan now for WHCD;

Obama hits cable "pundits" who "make their arguments as outrageous and incendiary as possible"

C-Span doing something different?

Aren't there hundreds of thousands if not millions of people protesting in the streets today?

A thank you to the Mods

Naomi Klein: Obama turned around America's image in the world

92,000 at Univ. of Michigan Graduation....

"But My Approval Rating Remains High in the Country of My Birth"

Obama defends government during commencement speech (AP)

BP Is Criticized Over Oil Spill, but U.S. Missed Chances to Act

If this is Obama's Katrina things have gotten a lot better.

Arab nations back indirect peace talks with Israel

A Comically Flawed Comparison

PHOTOS: Graduation Day

Rude Pundit opines on the gulf spill and Katrina

Do you think any of the Presidents like this WH Correspondents dinner?

Obama is heading to the Gulf to check out the oil spill

Is the NY Times Square Nissan SUV Obama's "Katrina"? Some critics say......nt

TOON: the oil spill & Obama's brilliant corporate stooge advisor

Request for a link: "Obama refused to list his race on Harvard Law application"

Oil rig disaster could soon be worse than Exxon Valdez

Repaying Taxpayers With Their Own Cash

Oil Spill: The government's response.

With 59 Democratic senators, shouldn't we get a REAL liberal for the SCOTUS?

Has anyone else seen this?

Toby Ziegler's Triumphant return to Center Stage at the WHCD

New Anti Obama Rumor. He is Having An Affair & There Is A Video To Prove It

President Obama notes things hard to find, keep: 'love and a birth certificate'

text of President's commencement address at University of Michigan ..another singular speech.

How can anyone here even think the Enquirer story has any truth

Spill Baby, Spill!

News clip of Gordon Brown: this is what's wrong with the world

Child of Immigrants: 'I'm Scared'

Giving Government Back To The American People! President Obama Weekly Address

Students Protest at Brewer's D.C Office: "Arizona Shame on You"

TYT: Push To Remove Facebook Group Praying For Obama's Death

Leading the Way for Change

Oil Spill Puts Birds at Risk

Oil Spill Expected To Reach Florida Beaches By Monday

BP Testified Offshore Drilling Is 'Safe And Protective Of The Environment'

Drill Baby Drill

Sarah Palin on the Gulf Oil Spill

Oz take on the vocal local.

Sarah Palin, SPILL, Baby, SPILL! Oops!!! Wrong again - Countdown

How to prevent Mississippi delta and near shore from oil pollution?

Drill Baby Drill - The Sarah Palin Song

BP's Black Tide Blood Money

May Day Mayhem: Tear gas fired at Athens rally as pay cut protests rage on

Phone-tapping scandal hits Colombia

Hypocritic double standard over e-mail hacking

Arizona Immigration Law - Can you tell who the immigrant is and who's Born in the U.S.A.?

Papantonio: BPs Black Money Tide

May Day 2010: Repenting for Porn, the Runaways, and Muslims in Congress

Barack Obama on SCOTUS' election ruling

More Bill Maher *LANGUAGE WARNING* (7:03) -brutal

Excellent Bill Maher-teabaggers and the 'Big Stupid Boat'(6:14)

US supported economics spurred Mexican emigration

P.R.I.N.T. Money. (That's How I'm Gonna Fix the Economy.)Parody.

Jimmy Cliff - Earth day Reggae Music - Justice Through Music Project

Arizona Immigration law, Can you tell who’s the immigrant and who’s Born in the USA?

Cameron's Eurosceptic credentials

America's Professor AND skilled at sexual harassment? Maybe Palin should comment on THIS clip.

David Cameron sings the truth to the British electorate

Body of War: Paralyzed Iraq War Veteran watches Bush crack WMD jokes @ W.H. Correspondents Dinner

Roy Blunt and Wall Street: One Hand Washes the Other

Byron Dorgan is one serious dude!

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow - FAIR Pres. Dan Stein messes with wrong host, suffers brutal takedown

President Obama at Michigan Commencement

How to push Obama to the left

President Obama at White House Correspondents Dinner

Papantonio: BP - The Corporate Felon

Copyright Infringement: Failed Governor uses song written by Democratic Congressman as intro music

TYT: Oil Spill Kills Obama Energy Bill (According To Senator It's 'DOA')

Young Turks: Leaked Memo - No Parking Tickets For Rich (Just For Poor)

Mike Malloy - Where Are You Now, Scums?

DeFazio v Bliley 1995! When do Americans finally learn from history?!

PA Tax Amnesty TV ad

Governor Jan Brewer, invokes God for discrimination.

Pentagon Map Shows Wide Taliban Zone in the South

All-American approach to helping Haiti: shop

Before Martyrdom, Breakfast (At home with Osama bin Laden and his personal tape collection)

Icelanders Enjoy Top Spot on Wellness Chart.

Leaking oil well lacked safeguard device

AlterNet: Want to Prevent Oil Spill Disasters? Stop Driving

AlterNet: American Meat Is Even Grosser Than You Thought

"Populism," the Most Abused Noun in the English Language

Commentary: Immigration politics could bite GOP again

Why Bosnia Needs NATO (Again)

Alabama GOP Justices Say "Don't Worry"Drill, Baby Drill'

Chemicals Meant To Break Up BP Oil Spill Present New Environmental Concerns

David Sirota: GOP's past gives the lie to "colorblind" claims

In 2009 BP stated "virtually impossible" Deepwater Horizon to have catastrophic accident

Corporations Getting Ready to Gobble Public Water Systems

Watching the Watchers

The Commons Heard 'Round the World

Ya THINK?!?!

Recession, enforcement driving illegal immigrants to leave U.S.

The Gulf Coast Spill and Sarah Palin Are Both Toxic

Right-Wing Drilling Fanatics: Gulf Wildlife Not 'Black Enough'

From Haymarket to Ludlow from Harlan to Matewan from Mother Jones to You

Bill Moyers Journal, last show. A great report on what REAL populism is contrasted with the

A Troubling Timeline; Atrocities in Afghanistan

Secret Christian donors bankroll Tories

At Khadr hearing, U.S. officer explains changing battle report

State Department maintains a Mercenary Air Force Over Pakistan (Dyncorp)

Nick Clegg is the candidate of change (Guardian/Observer UK)

“I Challenge Marc Thiessen”–Six Questions for Malcolm Nance

"The unspoken entitlement is the US military. The US spends about half the entire world's military

Classless Warfare

Christian "doctrine' fueled dehumanization

GOP short-sighted on anti-immigration stance

Dear Major General Smedley D. Butler.Letter to a dead man. May your ideas never die

8 Words That Could Save Our Country

Chefs Baffled By Laura Bush's "Poisoning" Claims

'In a terrible way this is a portent of things to come and a warning'

Melting ice makes the Arctic a vicious circle

Pungent dark tide moves like a shadow towards the wildlife reserves

How they're fighting the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Pentagon drops opposition to big Oregon wind farm

Virginia AG (birther) goes all in on the McCarthyism

The worst week ever, brought to you by the fossil-fuel industry

EPA launches website on oil spill

Can someone here confirm or deny the "thousands of capped wells" legend?

Just a reminder: environmentalists and renewable energy are NOT responsible for the Gulf oil spill

Electric Mercedes Gullwing Lands In 2013

Making Oil in Minutes, Not Millennia

BP employee: oil spill a "natural disaster"

Berkeley Scientists Discover Inexpensive Metal Catalyst for Generating Hydrogen from Water

Wyden says military to allow $2B Oregon wind farm

Brazilian Rancher Convicted in Death of Nun (xpost)

Why America still needs Amtrak

Reality clashes with pronuke claim that proliferation not linked to nuclear energy

The Designated Hitter is a gift given to the fans by TEAM OWNERS, who own the game and the the rules

Dodgers win one in a row!

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Friday, April 30)

Guess who currently leads the NL in team batting average?

How about them Denver Nuggets...

Anyone know of any simulcast wagering oulets in New Jersey...

Patrick Crayton Lobbying for Trade

Calvin Borel makes it two in a row aboard Super Saver in the 136th Kentucky Derby

Who all is watching the Kentucky Derby this afternoon?

My horse was TONS the best.

The JR Chess Report (May 1): Anand holds narrow lead halfway thru Title Match

Big Ten Expansion. Getting close.

Oswaldo Guillen will boycott the MLB all star game 2010 in ARIZONA

Agribusiness and Human Rights Groups Pushing for Lifting Trade and Travel Restrictions to Cuba

Found this presentation by Prof John Bracey (UMASS) about Haiti

Happy May Day, comrades.

Bolivia nationalises energy firms

Group: ‘Don’t Ask’ Repeal Will Harm Chaplains

Obama Administration Defers "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" Repeal to 2013

Today in Labor History May 1 is International Workers Day several great items today

Progressive Longshoremen Fight Against ‘Race to Bottom’

Airlines Make Final Approach to Monopoly of the Skies

AFSCME on the Front Lines on Earth Day

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Backs Democrat (at Least for Now)

In SC, simple diversions blunt downturn's impact

Collapsed Kentucky mine had 300 “significant and substantial” violations

Cargill exits palm oil in Papua New Guinea with US$175 million…leaving a trail ofworker abuse

New SEIU leadership has "shown interest" in rejoining AFL-CIO

A surgical strike on Israel's wallet could end the occupation

Divestment Bill Debate Ends, Veto Will Stand

Goldstone family drawn into row over Gaza report

Lib Dem warns of 'power of Jewish lobby'

Trenton Man Attacks Neighbor With Bow & Arrow (No gun involved or someone could have gotten hurt)

Palm Pistol: Defense for Elderly and Disabled Shooters

Gun confiscated at High School

Australian cops upgun: "(Victoria) Police set sights on faster reloading guns"

I had to draw my weapon today.

You might be willing to gamble that "thieves just want the money".

TX CHL percentage tops 2%

News Feature...Cover the boobs; leave the guns at home ...

NY teen indicted on hate crime shooting charges

Oldie but goodie from archives: Thoughts on confronting your beliefs

Eadweard Muybridge's strange passion to capture what can't be seen.

remember the dog?

Started a photo thread in GD

Help me pick my Seasonal Contest entry...

Meeting chicks...

COMMENT THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF SPRING

SUBMISSION THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF SPRING

Reverse-Engineering a Quantum Compass

Smartphones to get novel memory material (BBC)

New Phylum!

Giant Blizzard Raging on Saturn

Giant Blizzard Raging on Saturn

See Better by Believing You Can

Pretty space pic

Petro spill: Every time I wash my hands, every time I flush, every time

A blessed, merry Beltane to all

Progressive on Coast to Coast Saturday night

Why doesn't anyone care about this disastrous oil spill in the Gulf?

*MAY 2010* Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

Let's all kiss Hank's ass!

I read a comment that got me thinking of an old arguement. an the concept of humility

Great Reference Chart for blood levels (WARNING! VERY LARGE GRAPHIC)

Health diagnoses

Insurance co. denied humira for me, have to write an appeal letter

Let's talk about homocysteine now