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Beast Of Burden

None Dare Call It Sedition (YAY! Orcinus has new material!)

None Dare Call It Sedition (YAY! Orcinus has new material!)

I have two clients that are major players in the Colorado Democratic Party

Among you are probably ex-soldiers, sailors, airmen & marines that served in Iraq & Afghanistan

Butkovitz (Philadelphia) cites charter school profiteering

If political ad limits were struck down, then is cost a barrier that limits the poors free speech?

Obama has plans for Asian-American judge: So does GOP

"K&R if....." "Check in if you....."

Tea Party - More Fox News Fans Club Than Republican Junior Varsity?

More fun with the worlds dumbest and most persistent collection agency

Older, young U.S. workers jostle for scarce jobs

Oh! OH! I LOVE DU!!!!

Is Capitalism the great fertility killer?

Why haven't American corporations outsourced their board of directors to China?

Lessons to be learnt from Europe’s (growth, budget, solidarity and influence) deficits.

Pres Obama and Medvedev DisarmamentTreaty Press Conference

Pres Obama and Medvedev DisarmamentTreaty Press Conference

Greenspan: Don’t blame working-class homebuyers for mortgage crisis!

WSJ: China Province Probes Toyota; Uncertified Parts Sales Suspected - Xinhua

The Air Force Shuffle

Please take a guess at the average age of Teabaggers.

Report: Karzai Set Taliban Leader Free

Brownstreak at work

Think Progress: Don Blankenship’s Record Of Profits Over Safety: ‘Coal Pays The Bills’

Ohio Militia Leader: ‘We’re Not Bad Guys’

Veterans' next battle: finding a new job

Blankenship Branded Deadly Fire At Dangerous Aracoma Mine “Statistically Insignificant " in 2006.

"The troops were under a lot of stress" is proabably the single most frequently used

Any body hear the guy on CSPAN, Business Friendly Democrats!

"There was a time when we were racist enemy combatants against the USA, so let's celebrate that!"

John Dean: can Bush 'take out' Osama bin laden?

AmericaBlog On The Jackass Qatari Diplo: "They Should Have Shot Him On The Spot"...

The Coal Mine Disaster Shows Economics Still Trumps Safety

McCain & Lieberman sponsor "Enemy Belligerent, Interrogation, Detention, and Prosecution Act of 2010

TOON: Shut Up Bob!

(He's in trouble now) Santorum chides Steele for 'disarray' at RNC

Rep. Jerry Moran (R- KS): Allegations Of C Street Lower Rent Rates Are Attacks On My Faith

Dozens More Massey Mines Cited Unsafe-41 Other Mines Racked Up 2,074 Safety Violations Since January

The Tea Parties: Built on Fear, Violence and Race Resentment

Nebraska bill on pre-abortion mental screens advances

Toyota exec: Time to hide troubles over (with scanned document)

The United States Takes the Matter of Three-headed Babies Very Seriously.

Reaching Zero

TeaPublicans, fronting for wealthy masters, cry letting tax cuts expire will ruin economy

Bachmann thinks she's Nostradamus

Megan Fox's Anti-Budget Cuts PSA (Has some humor)

Helen Thomas: Obama 'beginning to wake up to the power that he has to do the right thing”

Ultimate license plate fail........and from a now Red state

Outsourcing education in Fort Bend: Wanted: international teachers

Socialism Lives! GM to repay loans ahead of schedule

Surgery-owning doctors do more operations

Maybe he wouldn't have been kicked out if he performed the theme from Shaft or Chocolate Salty Balls

Social Security Disability Appeals Take Twice as Long in Ohio than in Delaware

CryoSat-2 satellite launches on mission to monitor climate change in Arctic

Principal Says 'Dirty Dancing' Won't Be Tolerated At Prom

The Governor of Virginia has inspired me, I have realized the true nomenclature thanks to him!

E-mailing the Morning Jerk circus: Pre-dawn ("What should we be talking about?")

Regarding the assertion "not even under Bush" in

See it right here, folks! Nike and Tiger make an ad about Tiger's sex scandal!

Pop Quiz: What Cuts the Deficit and Mobilizes the Base?-HuffPo

Massey’s Blankenship Lauds Company’s ‘Professionalism,’ Decries Media’s ‘Indignity’

Initial jobless claims increase unexpectedly

Toyota executive urged automaker to ‘come clean'

"Greenspan is a master of escape -- particularly escaping blame."

"they may have to keep Steele at the RNC because if they fired him he still wouldn't shut up "

Palin: Michael Steele 'doing a great job'

UK - I'm voting Labour, founder of Tory gay rights group says

Krugman's tour de force: Building a Green Economy

L.A. mayor looks at shutting most city services twice a week (jeez louise)

Obama, Reid, Pelosi deserve our thanks By Lynn M. Hansen (Guest commentary) - Ogden, Utah

Russia throws weight behind provisional Kyrgyz govt.

Is Greenspan Kidding? He Was "Right 70% of the Time"

Coburn: Blocking jobless benefits okay because it only affects a ‘relatively small number of people’

Just an odd observation in light of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell comments on slavery...

Scientists Say F.D.A. Ignored Radiation Warnings (CT scans)

God Damn it Cartman...

Calvin and Hobbes nails it again!

N.O. police describes shootings of unarmed civilians during Katrina.

Great freeperism from a facebook argument on HCR...

OK---so you're on a boat and you had to push one over to survive...

Scary animated map of the Growth of Walmart.

Scary animated map of the Growth of Walmart.

A Confederacy of Dunces

Any Horror Host Fans on here? I won an award for my film this week!

Palin disagrees w/ Reagan On Nuclear Policy

"Values Voter" leader tells Tea Partiers to stop being so racist

"Values Voter" leader tells Tea Partiers to stop being so racist

mainly because half the people I was with believed it until I explained the situation to them

Poll: George W. Bush still blamed for economy

Exploding Toasters and How to Change the System

Apropos of nothing, is Rush Limbaugh the Teflon Douchebag?

Toomey leads Specter for senate in latest PA poll.

Best News Pictures of 2009: World Press Winners

ny times: Lax Oversight of Citi Bank Even *After* Citi Gets TARP Funds:

History really, really matters - two plus cases

Climate Crock of the Week/Live Webcast

Was Siegelman Prosecution Connected to Air Force Tanker Deal?

Political Job for Michael Caine as star joins UK campaign

Forces of evil are shocked that insurance companies are looking for "pre-existing" loopholes

Forces of evil are shocked that insurance companies are looking for "pre-existing" loopholes

The Bloody Shirt How right wing terrorists shut down reconstruction,

On liveleak there is page after page of gunship videos.

Shadow of Operation Condor? Judge who investigated Pinochet and dirty war leaders could be disbarred

Yee says college hid e-mail about Palin speech

Leinenkugel Shocks Voters With Potential Republican US Senate (WI - vs Feingold) Candidacy

San Diego had a nice shake 5.5 in Baja California

..because then you might understand our anger....

Cat beaten and nailed to utility pole shows improvement will probably survive

delete dupe

Now here's an idea I can support

Please stop using "concern troll"...

European collaboration seeks to create 'World Wide Web' for robots

Qatar Diplomat Should Be Expelled....

Steve King vs. the Humane Society

Tell me what you think about this..

Facebook Group: Can Jesus Get 1 Million Fans before Mohammed or Buddha

Bernanke doesn't see shadow, NO MORE WINTER: Financial Crisis 'Largely Behind Us'...USA! USA! USA!

"Survivor" Producer's Wife, Monica Beresford-Redman, Missing in Mexico

"Survivor" Producer's Wife, Monica Beresford-Redman, Missing in Mexico

Senior Nevada GOP leaders to Ensign: "Resign Now"

Allegedly, about Tiger Woods,

A New Find in South Africa: Key Link in Human Evolution?

Republicans, Leukemia Team Up To Repeal Health Care Law

One of the most bothersome things about the healthcare industry

Stevie Nicks should sue Sarah Palin for Fashion Infringement!

So .... I saw some guy on teevee a day or three ago berating Tiger Woods for his lecherousness

OOOOH! Two snaps UP, TaliBunny! Palin calls Steel an "administrator" and "an independent outsider"

I don't remember the media being as obsessed with Michael Jordan

Glen Beck Made $ 32 Million in 2009 and could care less about politics

Group that pushed for Confederate History Month in VA 'tied to white supremacists'

Not many folks recall that Rep. Rangel got his job by unseating the famed Adam Clayton

Who would have thunk this would show up in NW Arkansas?

Prom photos from the MS heterosexuals and non-disabled students prom.

Broad Coalition Urges Congress To Oppose Thomson Prison If Used For Indefinite (Detention)

Mo. lt. gov. plans lawsuit over health care bill

The Rude Pundit - Bachmann and Palin on Hannity: Like Hell on Earth

Kentucky sues to reclaim gamblers' losses online

Siegelman And Stevens Prosecutors Team Up -- And Controversy Ensues - TPMMuckraker

A Question For Rush

Mom: Son who threatened Pelosi got radical ideas from Fox News

Who should Barack Obama order killed next?

Newspaper Chain Astroturfs Its ‘Right-Wing’ Editorials (Plus Assassination Ad) - RawStory

Dubya's Double Dip? (Krugman column from 2002)

Wikileaks video down memory hole?

Mr. Beck. Let me offer you a clue about your life..

Coal Mining Industry Ducks Punishment For Safety Sins By 'Clogging the System' With Appeals

Westboro Baptist Church Is Too Awful Even For The KKK

Mark Foley for Mayor? Don’t rule it out

Contact Glenn Beck's sponsors and tell them you are boycotting their products

Lucky dog: Shih Tzu survives after twice being run over by Utah freight train

The price of freedom

Malawi defends plans to outlaw HIV transmission

Middle class Teapartiers need to turn their anti-tax hatred to Rush Limbaugh.

My sincere apologies for the tasteless attempt to make light of murder

The Star ~ Arthur C. Clarke

POLITICS: Afghan Official Says U.S. Raiders Hid Killings

Don't you think it's a little late for tears? What oh what will Hannity/Beck think?

American Family Association goes deeper and deeper into the fringe with every passing day

Prosecutor: East TX Man Distributed Pipe Bombs Because Of Anger At Government

Did everyone else know this or am I the last one to find out?

Serious question about the smoking diplomat

Rep. Dan Lungren (R) (CA-3) must go.

Vote-Suppression Guru Spakovsky Is Back At It in VA targeting Asian immigrants

They walk among us: 1 in 5 believe in aliens?

New Israel Fund petition

So it's U.S. policy now to announce who's going to be assassinated and why? WTF?

when will the criminals who now own America stop stealing from us?

when will the criminals who now own America stop stealing from us?

Stupid STILL burns on F.R..."What if Obama Were Held to the Same Standard as Sarah Palin?"

For iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad owners. Massive OS upgrade coming this Summer.

Interesting video on Finnish schools -- purportedly the best in the world.

"Tiger Woods: Worse than Tony Soprano"

Massey Mine Was Shuttered 61 Times in Last 15 Months

You'll be stir-crazy after spending the night in Denver's new jail

Toyota now seems to have admited

Program to let employees work where and when they want takes shape

Of course it was about being able to enslave another person

The people who are defending the video pilots would likely not be doing so if they weren't Americans

California Steps Closer To Ronald Reagan Day


Don Blankenship in 2009: It’s ‘very difficult’ to obey ‘nonsensical’ safety rules.

Tim Pawlenty Finds A Way To Co-Opt Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin Rally

Deadly 'rum' smuggled into Gatwick was liquid cocaine

Deadly 'rum' smuggled into Gatwick was liquid cocaine

Maybe the scummiest Glenn Beck show ever: Smears Obama's parents, says Mom 'abandoned' him for

Teabag lurkers, Oxyrush wants you to pay more taxes so that he can enjoy a low tax rate.

In Secret Tape Alleged Hutaree Leader Preached Against New World Order (AUDIO)

Stop Being and Funding the Evil We Deplore

Just read a few threads praising the idea of murder and assassination

Tip of Iceberg of Massey's Titanic Violations: 72-Foot Tidal Wave of Coal Sludge Looms Above Area

How does a dumb Tennessee legislator like Mae Beavers

Glenn Beck vs. Joseph Smith (on sharing wealth)

So these are the people we are freaking out about?

ANOTHER Tea Bagger Resorts To VIOLENCE: East TX Man Distributed Pipe Bombs Because Of Anger At Gov't

I have a question about the uproar over the targeting

Brewery workers strike at Carlsberg

Callers flood ehealthinsurance asking 'Where's My Free Obama Care?'

An example of responsible media reporting re: energy

An example of responsible media reporting re: energy

Breaking: Abe Vigoda

Writing On The Wall Getting Bigger For Ensign

According to the CBO even the bottom quintile of taxpayers pay federal taxes..

debbie wasserman shultz will

Alleged Threat To Pelosi: 'If You Like Your Home, Don't Vote For The Healthcare Bill'

New Law Oklahoma Students to Study Murrah Building Bombing

Sheriff's deputy shot 30 students with Taser

US Senate republican candidate in Missouri, Glen Miller!

isn't this bank of america offer special???

'13 Bankers': Beware Of Banana Peels - Simon Johnson/HuffPo

Do people in Wisconsin and Illinois ever eat?

Legislation promoting Va virtual schools signed, VA

Legislation promoting Va virtual schools signed, VA

Man who allegedly threatened Pelosi lived in subsidized housing

Carhart mulls next step (One of the nation’s few late-term abortion providers)

Spokane bans cheap beer, wine sales downtown

"The Teabag Party Is The KKK Without The Robes And Hoods"

I got caught smoking on an airplane-long ago thank goodness.

The Glenn Beck Advertiser Boycott Must Be Working

47% of all Americans paid no federal income tax in 2009. Including families of 4 earning $50K.

Health Insurance Monopolization Now Complete - FDL

Teabagger- "God Punished You By Giving You Breast Cancer For Supporting Health Care Reform"

Here's the big-mouthed, cry-baby teabagger who was threatening Speaker Pelosi:

In Blankenship We Trust (Rush defended him today)

There was a right side & a wrong side in the late war,which no sentiment ought to cause us to forget

Numbers to Die For

TOONS: Karzai (Why are we still there?)

Don Blumpkinshit.

Stephen Harper, enabler of con men and assorted criminals

Arkansas teen files complaint against mother after Facebook dustup

Volokh on the sex education case in Wisconsin

Suffering a Fool gladly with a big toothy smile ----Suze Ormand and Mieke on Morning Joe

Can US supply Afghanistan war without Kyrgyzstan's Manas airfield?

Don Blankenship should be forced to personally rescue the coal miners himself

As The Discussions Of Assassinations In Yemen Progress... Meanwhile In East Texas...

The new KKK - Misusing our Freedom of Speech with dangerous hate talk (cartoon)

US Beverage-Maker Mott's Celebrates Booming Sales and Share Price by Attacking Wages!

If The Goobers Want To Secede We Should Let Them

"We only want the 'good' teabaggers in the federation"

The Shocking Truth: Newt & Co. Lie About Health Care Reform

At Last, a Believable Sighting of that Peace President Many of Us Thought We Had Elected

Former Police Officer Describes Horror of Danzinger Bridge Shooting(Katrina)

Pat buchanan: Hey, I had a brother who died at Vickesburg in the civil war

Kagan's Nomination for Supreme Court Seat Is Likely Prospect

So four of the 33 states

Obama "does not like this country very much"

HAHAHA - Tweety has Pat Buchanan sputtering and blubbering

Glenn Beck's ratings: Not as meteoric as people think

Spitzer co-hosting while Dylan Ratigan is away!

Spitzer co-hosting while Dylan Ratigan is away!

But when do we honor the monkey? CA Republican lawmakers want Feb. 6 to be "Ronald Reagan Day"

Cigarette Diplomat was on his way to visit a jailed terrorist.

The landmark arms control treaty just needs 67 votes in the Senate. What could possibly go wrong?!1

Former Sex Pistols manager McLaren dead at 64

Remember when Kevin Sites nearly lost his career after reporting the Fallujah mosque shooting?

Ed's not letting up on Massey

Happy 75th, WPA: Its Genius Holds Lessons For Today's Jobs Crisis

Happy 75th, WPA: Its Genius Holds Lessons For Today's Jobs Crisis

Virginia's 19th Century Ambition

Wow, My Post From Jan. 2004

F-35 Costs Set to Soar, Says Pentagon

Tweety - gone with the wind - a confederacy of dunces

Obama why are you Dividing America? And Inciting Violence! - pic

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Say bye bye to Pony Tail. (With pics)

So we are sure this Muslim cleric Aulaqi is still a citizen? He has not renounced his citizenship?

Dear Tiger..

CA bill would create annual "Ronald Reagan Day"

Wanted to share this Palin 2012 bumper sticker...

Tea Party flag will not fly at Connecticut Capitol - Waaah

Tea Party flag will not fly at Connecticut Capitol - Waaah

Rep. Kucinich Joins Workers at Hugo Boss to Save Jobs

Wikileaks Updates: Did Reuters Chief Spike Story? New Footage Day After Iraq Jour Attack

Reuters families demand US troops be tried over shooting

So I must ask the question...

This Mine Explosion Brought To You By JPMorgan Chase

Inside Justice Stevens's Retirement Dilemma

Tweety got it right. These "people" who claim to love Lincoln

@#$%^&&* Insurance companies!

Real Sports Heroes

Pat Buchanan is bat shit crazy ..... on w/ Tweety

Those of you 40-ish or older, how does your standard of living compare to what it was in 2000?

Yale Daily News: Liu LAW ’98 faces scrutiny


Real, true, and humorous. Have a glimpse into Southern Rural Politics.

University of North Dakota Retires Fighting Sioux Mascot and Logo

Rick Perry and his war against book learnin'

Confederate Resurgence Shows That, in America, History is (Re)Written by the Losers

A Teabbager Is A Klansman Who Knows What He's Doing

Next time you talk to one of those "Less Government" fanatics...

Next time you talk to one of those "Less Government" fanatics...

St. Paul Pioneer Press: Our new history books -- Texas style

Why did the U.S. Abstain from Voting As World Bank Backs Huge S. African Coal Project?

Wow, I found a perfect example of the racist fuckwads coming out from under their rocks.

Bank of America to Increase Foreclosure Rate by 600% in 2010

"That woman is an idiot"

"That woman is an idiot"

Congressman: GOP will roll out new 'Contract' as early as late summer

Newsflash: You can be an ardent supporter of president Obama without justifying everything he does!

Mine Operator Escaped Added Oversight After Warning

Anti-Roma (gypsies), anti-Semitic far-right party poised to gain in Hungarian election.

To Clarify There Are Good and Bad People In Every Kind of Job, Not Just the Military

The GOP and the census...

Lunch-only beer policy prompts Carlsberg strike

Forget the Left Liberal bias of the Media. Life itself is biassed to the left

Michelle B. :" Teabags and Rethugs are merging into one"

WTF?? Beck has picture of Orson Welles in his office?

Clinic refused man breast cancer screening

Lastl call: Dump Palin

Arizona House votes to allow carrying concealed weapons without a permit.

Univ Of Wa Study Confirms: Teabagger Party Is Basically Bigot Party...

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Obama responds to Palin

NC GOP Chair Calls On Steele To Resign. But who'll bring the fried chicken & potato salad?

The New IPAD, a short review

Hushed Money: Could Karl Rove's new 527 avoid campaign-finance disclosure requirements?

Election 2012 Ballot choices

Election 2012 Ballot choices

Tweety: "If my endorsement helps you, John McCain, you've got it. I don't endorse, by the way."

Tweety: "If my endorsement helps you, John McCain, you've got it. I don't endorse, by the way."

New University of Washington survey explores attitudes of tea party supporters

Bank of America to Increase Foreclosure Rate by 600% in 2010

RW'ers should embrace the HCR purchase "mandate"

OMG! BartCop! Whew! Just when I thought I'd seen it all!

Why public officials should stay off Twitter unless they know what they are doing..

Clue to lung cancer detected

Anyone think this earthquake might have affected the coal mine disaster?

By all means, Palin and Bachman absolutely SHOULD run for president

Everything's Coming Up Halter: Money, Polls Suggest He's The Real Deal (can beat Lincoln)

Were we too soft with the leaders of the Confederacy after the ...

$hitibank: We had no clue our recklessness would nearly crash the financial system

Michelle Bachmann: Tea Party and GOP Are "Merging"

Tonight on Fox, Sean Hannity and a bunch of old white people.

A.C. Grayling:Ideas that Matter: The Concepts that Shape the 21st Century.

Concentration camps, Reeducation Camps, Extermination Camps, WHY ALL THREE?

33 states out of money to fund jobless benefits

The Political Enclave That Dare Not Speak It's Name

The Glenn Beck Advertiser Boycott Must Be Working

The property of those higher on the hierarchy is more valuable than the lives of those below.

Rachel Maddow on C Street Servants (via Twitter)

wasn't this dipshit indicted?

Cash from controversy: Glenn Beck made $32 M in the last year, says Forbes

Gut Bacteria Give Super Seaweed-Digestion Power to Japanese

On the Qatari Diplomat incident

More headaches for Pope Ratz.....The abuse hotline rings off the hook

TDS - Northern Heritage Civil War Commemorative Chess Set

George W. Bush 'knew Guantánamo prisoners were innocent'

Who is this lunatic Scott Southworth

The Canary in the Cradle of Western Civilization

President Obama makes clear he is not taking advice from Palin on nuclear arsenal

Bomb Chasers: How a Potential Nuke Was Rescued from the Chile Quake

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Quote of the Day

Bank of Mom and Dad Shuts Amid White-Collar Struggle

Was Employee Laid Off for Voting for Obama?

How do you make anonymous threats even MORE cowardly? Use someone else's phone #

50-yr-old Harlem School of the Arts closing ($$ woes/someone wants to buy the real estate...hmmm)

Reuters families demand US troops be tried over shooting

Opus Dei purchases $7.45M townhouse to "guide" women.

Is the same mentality at work with the Catholic Church and US government?

Preproduction Volts roll off line at GM Hamtramck plant

Failure to Win Public Option Hurts Progressives in Fight For Strong Climate Bill:

WOW! Barney Frank is gonna be on Leno tonight

Benjamin Netanyahu won't attend conference to reduce nuclear weapons spread

A (perhaps stupid) question about the Catholic Church scandal

Missouri House OKs terrorism investment rules

Our Universe at Home Within a Larger Universe? So Suggests Physicist's Wormhole Research

Media Matters - "Post-Hutaree: How Glenn Beck and Fox News spread the militia message"

Best illustration of the upward movement of the Obama economy

Stupid ass golf

The Secret Life of Green Roofs: Portland Aims for 49 Acres of Eco-Roofs by 2013

The Qatari diplomat debacle proves that our nation has lost its mind - and how to start fixing it

Signs Pointing to North Korean Role in Sinking (NY Times)

"When You're Strange": The real Jim Morrison

So then, do other governments have the "right" to hunt down and kill

Documents detail the last days of Phoebe Prince before suicide from bullying

Is Global Warming Real? Just Ask the Flowers

Florida teen pops open can of malt liquor in back seat while getting ride home from Sheriff

Appeals court nominee Liu causes battle in Senate

I want to work here: Workers strike over ban on drinking at work

Please tell me this is not true!

Tonite, Keith Olbermann sums up Palin in 5 words: THAT WOMEN IS AN IDIOT!

Glenn Beck warns, Do NOT cash your IRS Refund check! IT'S A TRAP!

I had a strange thought tonite: Michael Steele as GOP VP candidate 2012

Rachel is annihilating Coburn the hypocrite

EXCLUSIVE: One Day After 2007 Attack, Witnesses Describe US Killings

JSOC Special Forces Commander Comes Bearing Sheep, Apologizes to Afghan Family

Malcolm McLaren, Former Sex Pistols Manager and Punk Renaissance Man, Dead at 64

I am prepared to say that not all the anti-Tiger sentiment is driven solely by racism

How conservatives will spin the West Virginia mine tragedy.

Save the whales -- Keep the ban on whaling

Census Bureau concerned about head count problems

Why do people suddenly seem to trust intel from

Bachmann: "we will starve the beast of Obamacare"

Tiger Woods' Return to Augusta a 'Slap in the Face to Women'?

Object to slavery in the Confederacy? How about modern slavery?

We ALL Own A Piece of the Horror At Montcoal

Eli Broad (power behind the dismantling of public ed) exec charged with financial chicanery

Was it “Nobody Saw It Coming” or “Everybody Who Saw It Coming Was a Nobody”?

Malcolm McLaren dies aged 64

Second banner for Tiger flown over Augusta National

Should The Teabaggers And Freepers Be Allowed To Secede And Form A Nation Of Their Own?

Do you support military action against Iran or North Korea?

Do American citizens deserve due process and a trial before being executed?

While It's Not Surprising, It's DISTURBING How The Corp. Media Is Ignoring RW Violence

tweety swoons, and how sad that really is

New law for nursing moms - in health care legislation

Jim Hightower on Elizabeth Warren: Inside Outsider Takes On Wall Street

Can anyone explain what the fuck Thomas Hobbes was talking about?

TPM: Siegelman And Stevens Prosecutors Team Up -- And Controversy Ensues

PIC: pedophile priests will lead to last chopper out of Saigon, er, Vatican

Jane Harman Loses Pre-Endorsement of California Democratic Party

You KNOW you're a bunch of assholes when the KKK repudiates you.

Wife of "Pimp My Ride" and former "Survivor" producer found dead

I still believe that G.W. Bush, Cheney and the rest of those ratfuckers should be rotting in jail

Monsanto and Obama ties

My Last Post About Tiger Woods

MSNBC President Tells Fan That Shuster “Was Not Moral, Ethical Or Professional”

Eeeek! Mike Pence for President?!

Tiger Woods Bullshit.

Assholes of Westboro Baptist Church to picket WVA miners funeral

China to Supply Technology, Equipment & Engineers to Build California's High Speed Rail?

Possible New Human Ancestor Discovered

She works HARD for the money: Palin BOMBS as guest speaker at...A WINE WHOLESALER'S EXPO???

Oil drilling prompts Al Gore's first public split on climate with President Obama

You'll never believe what a wingnut aquaintence of mine just told me...

Tweeple - @KeithOlbermann launched tonight. Go KO! nt

Powerful WV US Senator, Jay Rockefeller, was just on TV pledging to come down hard on Massey Energy

Remember when U.S. troops threatened to shoot Washington Post reporter Doug Struck?

I Hate The Drug War

Judge in Danziger case sickened by 'raw brutality of the shooting and the craven lawlessness...

My story of abuse. Going public so others know one thing.

Danziger TOON nails Sarah the terrorist

Long-term jobless rate at new high. Time for a New Deal style jobs program?

Teacher Defeats Traffic Ticket With The Power Of Math

MUST READ For Democrats -> Power Struggle: Inside The Battle For The Soul Of The Democratic Party

Microsoft Patch Tuesday for April 2010: 11 bulletins addressing 25 vulnerabilities

Head of MUFON quits because all UFOlogy is just "humans deceiving humans"

Tiger Woods is the best fucking golfer on the planet, nothing more.

Ah the Geneva Convention... now here is how this consular visit shtick works

McNugget Backlash: Is Fast Food on the Run from Jamie Oliver?

Sean Hannity on the Civil War

Sean Hannity on the Civil War

Sean Hannity on the Civil War

Major national conference on cannabis therapeutics in Rhode Island next week (Be there)

Depression Associated With Sustained Brain Signals

Freepers want Steele to resign. You'll NEVER GUESS who they suggest as his replacement.

If Fox News was around in the 60's

How often do we have to go through this? The real issue about authorizing assassination

Public education made America #1, as it crumbles so does our nation.

Augusta, home of the Masters, did not admit a black man till 1990 & still refuses women.

I just came up with a line that pretty much sums up cannabis prohibition

Santorum in 2012?

Fantastic miner "cartoon"

Republican Congressmen target UCSD "Activist" Professor for giving water to undocumented workers

Someone tell me why Captialism isn't just one really big Ponzi Scheme?

Can someone tell the "real causes" of the Civil War these Confederate apologists keep talking about?

A man charged with indecent exposure for being naked inside his own home ACQUITTED..

Should financial service companies that are too big to fail be split into smaller companies?

APRIL 10, 1970 ...

13 year old Yemeni girl dies of genital bleeding 4 days after arranged marriage

UBS and its connection(s) to Obama/Bush

Congressman, Vote No on Afghan War Escalation

The Meanings Of The 2007 Iraq Apache Camera Video Release

Those complaining about having to buy health insurance.

(British) Army uses replica mosques for Afghanistan shooting practice

Bishop of Tenerife Blames Child Abuse on the Children

Warren Buffett's million dollar tax challenge to his fellow billionaires..

Do you think the Qatari diplomat pulled out his passport and said "Diplomatic Immunity!" ?

Just what I need-- a caffeinated cat at 2 AM...

My shedjewal says it's about time to light one last one up then pass out cold.

When the power goes out and I'm forced to listen to late-night talk radio...

Nationals 4-Phils more game this afternoon in DC, then

Anyone use Kindle apps, specifically Kindle for PC?

Found some poetry I wrote 30+ years ago

"You can't prove it won't happen." - is this a "burden of proof" fallacy?

Attention RUSH fans: "Time Machine" tour this summer to feature "Moving Pictures" in its entirety!

Some thoughts on LOST

Oh! OH! I LOVE DU!!!!

Betty White- You are my first, my last, my everything

My Grandson to me on the phone: "I DONT LIKE THE EASTER BUNNY!!"

How many here are fans of the great Russian vocalese artist Edward Khill?

You like Weezer? You Hate Chuggo?

"On my Ignore List," sung to the tune of Peaches and Herb's "Reunited." And it feels so good.

One sensible sign on a church marquee I saw once:

A question about not just meat, but food in general.

"K&R if....." "Check in if you....."

I tried dating a woman with the same name as my sister.

Dutch least likely to believe aliens are among us

Skid Fucking Row

A prayer

How stupid does a person have to be

Tommy_Carcetti Says 'Dirty Dancing' Won't Be Tolerated On His TV

Another year, another jersey FAIL: Eugenio Velez's San 'Francicso'

I herd you like pie

Rush to Play at New York State Fair

A 5.3 aftershock hit Baja this morning

mainly because half the people I was with believed it until I explained the situation to them

Off to the Tri-State tonight!

Any Horror Host Fans on here? I won an award for my film this week!

Can you hear the drums, Fernando?

Abe Vigoda is alive!

Hef on Kate Gosselin: "I don't think she's a celebrity," said "No! No!" when asked about her posing

I'm old. Enlighten me about this CHUGGO character.

It is 68 here in Houston, feels a lot better then yesterday.

Fox News blooper

OMG!!! It is 4/8 and I have my AC on at work

I love this warm weather.

Kids Say The darnedest things

Why do you think Bugs Bunny was named BUGS?

Can you believe it?! 44 degrees here on the coast of Maine in April and

Has anyone read The Repairman Jack series?

Malcolm MacLaren, unlike Abe Vigoda, really is dead.

So everyone at my work gathered around the Tellie to see Tiger hit his opening drive.

best Austrian rock band...

CSI synopsis

It's snowing and 35 degrees here!

Congrats to Jimbo, who was the best of this years absolutely sucktastic DU NCAA bracket

Breaking: Abe Vigoda

Johnny Cash - One


I love putting on my smoking jacket...

Rat Rides Cat on Dog in Texas (a lesson in peace and harmony)

How to survive a horror movie

i hate the floo

I don't know how the hell he got in here...

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Say bye bye to Pony Tail. (With pics)


Facebook Group: Can Jesus Get 1 Million Fans before Mohammed or Buddha

Fake Disneyland in China

Word of the day: Bootyism

Why doesn't somebody genetically engineer a dog that buries its own poop? nt

If you have not seen "Nowhere in Africa," try it. I cannot recommend a film more.

Snow Vs. Chuggo

OMG--the sweetest animal picture I have EVER seen! This one has to be seen to be believed!


The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/8/10

That's GOTTA hoit...VIDEO: Pelican Bites Bird Expert In The Groin On Live TV

Slash wears an 'I'm With Coco' button while on Jay Leno's 'Tonight Show'

Everybody Knows That You're Insane

More fun with the worlds dumbest and most persistent collection agency

Olbermann TWEETS!

I've reached my maximum number of Facebook friends.

Chris Rock Mocks Letterman Over Marriage, Intern Sex Scandal

How to Analyze, Clean Out, and Free Space on Your Hard Drive

Esalen Institute “Celebration at Big Sur” 1971

My doctor left me a voice mail on my cell phone...

Got sent home from work early. Boo!

Whizzinator (fake penis to cheat drug tests) CEO sentenced -- NSFW

Crap; I lost my star.

Just watched South Park "Facebook" episode

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Say bye bye to Pony Tail. (With pics)

Tonight's epic fail....

Why do most trees live outdoors?

How many Playstation 1 games do you have?

Oh, GREAT. My mistress has threatened to release the photos unless I pay $1M by 3 PM tomorrow.

Do you snoop through friends/lovers/strangers bathrooms when visiting?

"Sopranos" Or The "Godfather"

I need a mix

Gawdammit! Some guy just tried to blow up a gas station!


I'm making Neapolitan-style Greek Frozen Yogurt

Dream of a Miner's Child

Pink Floyd's 'The Dark Side of the Moon' remastered in 8-bit!?!

Is there much difference between 2.2 and 2.4 GHz?

Debi, someday your prince will come

I miss my father....he died in 1997, and I've been thinking of him all night


What's your earworm today, Loungers?

Best Australian Rock Band?

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance vs. La Roux - Bulletproof

When A Young Woman Calls You Sweety, Hon, Et Cetera Should you Get Offended?

Principal Says 'Dirty Dancing' Won't Be Tolerated At Prom

I LOVE The West Wing!

The US and Britain are definitely two nations separated by a common language

Do people in Wisconsin and Illinois ever eat?

I-HATE-HOT-WEATHER....and when it gets to be above 80 degrees

Emma the Dog is farty...

For BONES Fans - A Pre-Emptive Spoiler Thread

Boy and a Girl collaborate on a creative writing essay. This is the result.

If you have Netflix, post the last movie that arrived in your mailbox...

I'm almost divorced. Any advice? I know about that fish site,

Reality Check....All True Republicans Are Racist

Sign the Global Zero Declaration to eliminate nuclear weapons by a date certain

A Confederacy of Dunces, By GAIL COLLINS

Diplomat's smoke break sparks bomb scare on Denver-bound flight

White House handles Helen Thomas' fan mail

Monica Crowley of Fox Business said this and I haven't seen anyone cover it

Wait a second here, we are at war? Since when?

Israel lifts gag order on ex-soldier spy case

Obama, Medvedev to sign arms treaty Thursday

Colombia paramilitary chief held after years in hiding

Obama could use Bush rationale to reduce our nuclear stockpile to one warhead

My thoughts on the concern trolls regarding Anwar al-Awlaki

Confused by the whole ACLU/Obama/US citizen debate going on here.

California Democrat proposes mandatory gun registration

If You Think the Civil War Ever Ended, Think Again - By Adele Stan

Appeals court nominee Liu causes battle in Senate

Abducted Greek national released by Taliban

GALLUP: No signs of "healthcare backlash".

‘Survivor’ producer detained in wife’s death

Price tag of closing locks to Asian carp: $4.7 billion, new study says

Coal Boss Don Blankenship Cast as Cavalier About Worker Safety in Lawsuits

Former top Citigroup executives apologize for financial crisis

Kyrgyz Opposition Group Says It Will Rule For 6 Months

Chaffetz: Bennett may not survive convention fight

White House looks to freeze out Hamid Karzai

Barnes raises more than $900,000, leads the field

Former Gov. endorses Carroll Campbell in Congressional race

Iran says UC Berkeley grads had spy links

Gates: Deadline for Obama's Strategy Report 'Unrealistic'

Coverage of Obama in Prague

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Woods 3 under at Masters turn in rousing return

Move Over Stormy Daniels: Another Republican May Run

Carhart mulls next step (One of the nation’s few late-term abortion providers)

Why Not A Whig? Ask Florida's Gerritzen

Don't extend Afghan mission, Canadians say: poll

Fox News Polls Biden’s “F-Bomb,” Gets Wrong Answer

President Obama wants answers in deadly mine explosion

Afghan Taliban issue video of US soldier Bergdahl

UC Berkeley suspensions draw ACLU rebuke

An accidental statement of the moral importance of prosecuting Bush administration figures

US and Russia sign historic nuclear treaty

ConAgra workers sue N.C. town (explosion that killed four people and injured dozens more)

Toyota Documents Show It Knew of Pedal Flaws in 2006 (3 1/2 years before it recalled cars and trucks

Interviewcoming upon Tweety show of Rep.Cohen comparing Tea Party of being the KKK without the hoods

In Britain, House of Commons Passes Bill to Curb Digital Piracy

Tension rises as Thailand blocks some websites, TV

The Conservative Misinformation Feedback Loop, Cont'd

Paterson Says He’ll Suspend Pay Raises for Workers

Netanyahu to Skip Obama Summit

It's Not That They Don't Know. It's That They Don't Care.

McCollum edges Sink in first quarter

Let me introduce you to Ben Leming Congressional Candidate from 6th. Dist. TN

NC GOP Wants National Party Head Steele to Quit

President Obama, hold people accountable

U.S. Plan Threatens Free-Book Group (Reading Is Fundamental)

Mitsubishi to build Arkansas wind turbine plant

Krugman: Lucky Ducky Redux

Lawmakers, advocates push administration for appointments to privacy board

Obama finally went after Palin and I can't find the vid anywhere

Defense Dept. says F-35 fighter program's costs to significantly rise

WTF!!! is this with Huffington on the dems struggle

White House distances itself from Volcker (VAT) tax remarks

The idea that Newt Gingrich will run successfully for President in 2012 is like saying...

John Kerry: Obama to Seek New START Ratification Next Month

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday April 8

FedEx launches new electric truck initiative

Medvedev warn(s) Iran over its nuclear actions

The economy and the 2010 election (with graphs!)

Medvedev Warns Of Limits To Russia's Backing Of Iran Sanctions

Police search for congressman’s (Stephen Lynch's) niece

Tea Party flag will not fly at Connecticut Capitol

Fugitive cleric's dad to U.S.: Give me time to talk him out of hiding

AP sources: Diplomat was to meet jailed terrorist

Does your Congress critter understand what a cyberattack is or are they as informed as Pat Buchanan?

Military Jury Finds Soldier Guilty in 1985 Triple Murder (Bragg 'Innocent Victims' Case)

Pragmatism vs Idealism in Government Policy

Liz Cheney attacks Obama

My thoughts on Anwar al-Awlak

Connecticut State Capitol To Fly Flag Adopted By Tea Party

Beck admits he doesn’t give ‘a flying crap about political process … We’re an entertainment company"

Jobless claims rise unexpectedly

Palin Says Obama's Nuke Stance Is Like a Kid Who Says 'Punch Me in the Face'

President Obama has plans for judge and GOP isn't happy

President Obama, ABC News interview, 4/8/10: "Last I checked, Palin's not an expert on nukes"


Crist: It's now 'the people' vs. the GOP Legislature

Awlaki: CIA has "targeted for assassination" or "authorized to kill"?

States Target Payday Lenders and Their High Rates

Navy Officially Bans Smoking on Submarines

"We're going to resemble Europeans who are basically a pack of pagan losers."

I love the way the President schools Caribou Barbie

Decrease in H-1B visa applications reflects poor job market in U.S.

Report: Bride, 13, dies of bleeding(Yemen)

The whole world was excited today

George W. Bush 'knew Guantánamo prisoners were innocent

Full Text and Youtube of Signing Of START Treaty

The Nation: Earning his Nobel Prize

Men sentenced over Whizzinator, a device to beat drug tests

My PHOTOS of Obama's First Pitch at Nationals Park

In practice we kill whomever we wish to kill overseas

I don't know about you, but I think we have one bad ass president.

What is *categorically* wrong with a nuclear response to a biological attack?

Mr. President, I want a job

When will the GOP learn not to mess with Rachel?

Bomb Chasers: How a Potential Nuke Was Rescued from Quake-Ravaged Chile

Fox News Polls Biden’s “F-Bomb,” Gets Wrong Answer

Our Troops Are The Good Guys, Some “Liberals” Hate That

Kos: The Importance of Immigration to the 2010 Elections

Papantonio: Steele Faces the Reality of Racism

PLUNDER - Theatrical Trailer

WikiLeaks and the war

Fault Lines - Out of work in the US

Anderson Cooper & Roland Martin Argue With Virginia's SCV "Commander" About The Civil War & Slavery

Are you ready for the Sarah Palin show?

Lucy's psychiatric help booth at Palin/Bachmann rally in Minneapolis

GOP Whistling Dixie -- Again!

Seal Hunt 2010: Eve of the Hunt (Murderers)

Lemme ask ya, Minnesota...Do ya love your FREEDOM?

Lemme ask ya, Minnesota...Do ya love your FREEDOM?

Fox New$ Hiding Monsanto Crimes...

Baby Wee Wee

Glacier Nat'l Park down to its last 25 glaciers

Seal Hunt 2010: First Baby Seals Slaughtered (Graphic)

Glenn Beck ATTACKS President Obama's deceased Mother and Father

How to Win Jobs and Healthcare - A History Video

Jobless claims went up again - so what's the problem?

Palin: Gender is no issue, or the color of one's skin. It's character inside, and Michele has this.

Slavery was no big deal, stop being so politically correct.

TYT: GOP Goes Nuclear Over Obama's New Nuclear Policy

Teahadist attacks Cornel West, the Black Panthers and Latinos

"PTSD - The War Within" (The Story Of Five American Soldiers Stricken With PTSD)

Exclusive Baghdad Footage One Day After Apache Massacre

Back Home Alone: US family expels adopted kid to Russia


The Hit Parade - 21min Documentary (Assassins in Dubai)

Nurses United for Healthcare

Hannity Asks Palin/Bachmann If They're Interested In Forming The Democrats' Dream Ticket For 2012

U.S. Politics Was Different During the Cold War

Olbermann Quick Comment: Video of La. Congressman Encouraging Mistreatment of Patients

Roger Taylor's "Dear Mr. Murdoch"

a Whitney Houston-style tribute to marijuana

TYT: Cenk Slams The Disgusting Racists & Anti-semites Who Post In Free Republic

Sons Of Confederate Veterans Chairman Defends Omission Of Slavery From Confederate History Month

DNC Ad For Palin And Bachman

Why I'm Rooting For Sarah Palin

TYT On MSNBC: Cenk Debates Conservative on Dylan Ratigan Show (Confederate History & Israel)

TYT Fans: Time For The Knockout Punch!

Why Beauty Matters (Widescreen) [1/6]

First Bachmann, now Giuliani - Revisionist History Dolts

Poland: Putin's speech won't please everyone

What's the matter with the GOP in Kansas?

The evolution of Barack Obama's nuclear policy

Hillary Clinton:Our giant step towards a world free from nuclear danger

A Confederacy of Dunces

Press, Police, and the People: A World Report

"Job Creation Basics"

Show me the facts

Bob McDonnell's civil war -- and ours

Role models for younger men. Sure to cause some disagreement

Both Mississippi And Georgia Have Confederate History Proclamations Without Any Mention of Slavery

Bin Laden's Flunkies

Unedited ACORN Videos Reveal O'Keefe, Hannity Lied At Great Cost To Taxpayers

As friends and family 'double up', overcrowding is up fivefold

President claims power to assassinate American citizens abroad

Philip Giraldi: Nuking the Mullahs

Wow! Terrified LTTE spells out total doom for America due to HCR.

False Spring (James Howard Kunstler)

Guardian: As democracy unravels at home, the west thuggishly exports it elsewhere

People, People, People -- Can We Be Serious, Please? (the politicization of national security).

Misrepresenting the Left

MUST READ: "Power Struggle: Inside the Battle for the Future of the Democratic Party"

Stunner: Palin and Bachmann To Support Repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

It’s Time to Coin the Phrase “Foreclosure Fraud”

ProPublica Receives Murrow Award for Media Entrepreneurship

Glenn Beck Inc - n his empire there's the ideology--and then there's the money machine

Diving with giants: The extraordinary shots that capture the gentleness of nature's largest predator

When Truth Gets in the Way

How the GOP Purged Me - Chris Currey on Frum Forum

Olbermann on Obama's assassination program

Iraq War Vet: "We Were Told to Just Shoot People, and the Officers Would Take Care of Us"

What If AT&T Prevented You from Reading This Article?

Dean Baker: Why we must break up the banks

China Offers High-Speed Rail to California

Peak oil notes - Apr 8

Drumbeat: April 8, 2010

US and Russia sign historic nuclear treaty (xpost from LBN)

Two more glaciers gone from Glacier National Park

The Twilight of the Machine

310 Reservoirs, 580 Rivers Baked Dry In South China's 100-Year Drought - Guardian

Berkeley Researchers Light Up White OLEDs

British Flowering Plants Bloom Dates Earliest Since Record-Keeping Began 250 Years Ago - Telegraph

Scientists develop green method to produce propylene oxide

Easter Island : A Case Study in the Response to Resource Depletion

RWE Starts Production in New Offshore DANISH oil field.

Economists Agree a Green Economy is More than Feasible, But Development Hinges on Political Will

EPA Proposes Adding More Chemicals to Toxics Release Inventory List (First in more than a decade)

Ontario approves a motherload of green energy projects: 2,500 MW of capacity

Fait rarissime: une éolienne en feu !

TX: electricity provider First Choice Power selling pre-paid electricity to poor-credit customers

Record Heat In NE - NYC, Boston, DC All Hit New Record Highs - AFP

On misinformation about Denmark's wind power

Cell Phones Indirectly Contributing to Gorilla Extinction in Congo:

Pictures: Millions of Sea Turtles Killed Accidentally

Boulder City Resolution - Radioactive Waste

Update on Broadcast Blackout Bill

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, April 7)

Hurricanes to host 2011 NHL All-Star Game

TV ratings up big for women’s NCAA final

Tom Watson is making another run at the Masters

Redskin, Albert Haynesworth, has been paid $32 million for one season where he played

UConn's Charles taken No. 1 overall

Mel Kiper: UW's Jake Locker will be the #1 pick in 2011..

Harris and Zimmerman lead Natinals past the Phillies 6-5

Liverpool is about to show those other English clubs how it's done.

Woods 3 under at Masters turn in rousing return

Wisconsin Hockey Routs RIT 8-1 to Advance to NCAA Championship Game

Umm---he's still the greatest golfer ever.

Umpire: Yanks, Red Sox are 'pathetic, embarrassing'

Whew. It looks as though the Dodgers won't go 0-162 after all.

Colombia paramilitary chief held after years in hiding

The Caribbean brain drain: Nursing a grievance

Uruguay to receive Venezuelan energy aid

Rights group says Caracas attacks judicial freedom

Cuba May Day march to counter human rights critics

Venezuelan inflation higher in March at 2.4 pct

The Haitian Girl and the Cuban Physiotherapist

Urban farms herald green city 'revolution'

Venezuela: Public housing is far from fulfilling the promises

Venezuela OKs Chevron operation of offshore gas field

Gates, ahead of Latam trip, to sign Brazil accord

Guatemala Pushed To Hunger Tipping Point

So, Plucked Eyebrows met with Raul Reyes, then he killed him

Editorial: We will defend the truth with our ethics and our principles

US funding of Cuba democracy work draws scrutiny

Cuba dissidents propose vote on freeing prisoners

Venezuela’s Bolivar Falls to Record Low on Demand for Dollars

U.S. Covering Up Reality in Honduras

Weighing an Obama Plan to End a Mideast Logjam

Israel lifts gag order on ex-soldier spy case

This is not the prime minister who’s going to divide the land with the Palestinians.

B'Tselem: Israel ignoring IDF violations depicted in leaked documents

US Refuses Visas to all Israeli Nuclear Scientists

San Francisco Hotel Workers Strike After More Than Six Months Without A Contract

Today in Labor History Apr 8 128 convict miners jailed for minor offenses are killed by an explosion

Gov. Heineman (R-Ne) defied on worker measure

Saturday 4/10, Pine Bluff, AR, 8 a.m., 2nd & Main, CWA Support of Bill Halter

Trumka Warns ‘Forces of Hate’ Fanning Flames of Workers’ Economic Anger

UAW: Health care reform will help seniors

Union rally raps Palin appearance for Bachmann

New Israel Fund petition

Beck telling people not to cash their Making Work Pay refund must be a plot

Israel bars Gandhi's grandson from entering Gaza

Half Price on Union-Made Apparel, Mugs, Pitchers and More as The Union Shop Closes

NJ Transit ordered to pay employee $570G in whistleblower case

Why Do We Still Have Mining Disasters?

Christian leaders call for 'permits' boycott

Israel threatens to shut off taps for West Bank water

Sen. Specter viewed as a model Democrat one year after switch

Hamas: We will abduct Israelis over maltreatment of Palestinian prisoners

Israel could opt for nuke strikes on Iran

Now It Is Told: An Israeli Story Of Secrecy and Censorship

Beck telling people not to cash their Making Work Pay refund must be a plot

Berkeley's Israel boycott: The occupation's new friend

Democracy, or the Two-State Solution? (non-Hamas critique of Fayyad)

A Former GOP Mastermind Is Now Fighting to Save Gay Marriage and Unmask the Mormon Church

Honey, I'm home! (Settle in, it's a long story!)

I don't post here at all - in fact, I hate guns with a passion, but respect ownership

Police: Man In 70s Foils Burglary, Shoots Intruder

Arizona House votes to allow carrying concealed weapons without a permit.

Is the Brady Campaign saying fewer gun laws, fewer homicides?

Ariz. House approves concealed weapons bill

Canon S90 review at DPreview

To Swing or Not to Swing

excuse the crappy photo, but is this

Spirit May Have Begun Months-Long Hibernation

Mysterious Planet-like Object Challenges Simple Definition

Awesome big pic: Cave and Well, Yucatan

Controls for Animals' Color Designs Revealed

NASA Signs New $335 Million Deal to Fly Astronauts on Russian Spaceships

Venus is alive – geologically speaking

Nat'l Geo Pic of the day- Birds in Fog

Wormholes, General Relativity, Quantum Gravity, Theory, and Empiricism.

New Hubble Image of Odd Galaxy Triplet

First Animals to Live Without Oxygen Discovered

Our Universe at Home Within a Larger Universe?

The Thrill of Flying the SR-71 Blackbird

Why are scientists trying to create slow light?


For The Next Seven Generations

(Solar) Geo-Magnetic Storm/Simultaneous Anti-Polar Mine Collapses/Earthquakes

Who would want to kill scientist Joseph Morrissey (Radionics)

16 Truths of Ifa

Abundance paradigm versus "reality"?

Why do Christians own & carry guns? Isn't gun ownership a rejection of faith?

Intelligent design Venn diagram

Researchers Find Compound Effective In Destroying Antibiotic-Resistant Biofilms

You can lead kids to a healthy lunch, but you can't make them eat it

Taking on a charter school closing

Innovation of the Week: School Feeding Programs Improve Livelihoods, Diets, and Local Economies

Obama ed "blueprint" will widen achievement gaps

Leftist Blogger Exposes The "Ultra-Liberal" Colleges

Crist backs off support for teacher tenure bill

Florida should be ashamed.

Schools Matter blog. Anyone know them?

It's just so frustrating sometimes.