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Death toll at WV mine raised to 12, AP reports "history of safety problems"

McCain, Lieberman channeling Cheney

Goodnight DU

Goodnight DU

I'm watching this Frontline show about how Christ was turned into a religion..

US Special Forces covered up massacre of Afghans

Short sharp aftershock just now in San Diego

Short sharp aftershock just now in San Diego

This Constance McMillen prom story from Mississippi will make a great teen movie someday

Quebec budget attacks Medicare and other vital public services

Hello Silence, my old friend......

Hilda Solis statement on the death of 25 workers at W.Va. mine

Why is SFSU fining activists?

Jordanian paper's April Fool's UFOs spark panic

Longtime Steele Consultants Cut Ties With RNC

General Election called in UK

School Holds Great Prom For Cool Heteros, Separate Event For Lesbians & The Retarded

WV mine is non-union

Countering right-wingers' historical revisionism...

A reminder of the Bush Doctrine for nuclear weapons.

After Attacks in Russia, Fears of Xenophobia

Elected Officials and Corporate Donations: An Idea

GOP Returns To Scene Of The Crime

Three Volunteers. One Week in Solitary Confinement. [VID] view! What happens ??

Karzai sticks to guns on vote fraud

DemocracyNow covering the WikiLeaks video of the Massacre of Reuter's Reporters....

What's the word on Babs B*sh? She went into the hospital a few days ago...

Flashback 2002: (Almost) all you need to know about the Afghanistan situation

These 3 have doomed the Yankee's chances this season:

LOL!!! Ariana Just Zinged Ghouliani

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque' - this is what can be created in netland.

Craig Newmark: "Trust and Reputation Systems -- Redistributing Power and Influence"

I must say---the new DU Bot video ads are pretty dang cool....

Consummating a U.S. takeover (of haiti)

Rats Jumping Ship

sending some vibes for the great barrier reef...

Either Mr. Magoo flew helicopter gunships in Iraq...OR....

Where is AlterNet?!?

If you voted for Obama...

Regarding a "peace contigent here at DU who consider any military to be unacceptable"

**** Heads Up: President Obama Hosts an Easter Prayer Breakfast, 9:40am EDT ****

Fly Like an Eagle

C'mon, Ma, Give Me Back My AK-47!

Republican town in Connecticut marches for higher taxes

Dead Bodies Not Allowed

Nigeria, After Leader Vacuum, Names Cabinet (Goldman Partner named Finance Minister)

Remembering Obama: Reflections on Race, Class, Empire, and the First Black President

must see MSNBC. Arriana is BLASTING Ghouliani live.

"Pelosi, Reid, and Obama." New republican talking point / phrase

A Strong Case for a New START

Are journalists being targeted in Middle East war zones?

Why Democrats Are Not Scared of November 2010 Election

Did any other DUers hear St Rudy of 9/11

Mystery animal captured in China

A Timely Toon

A Timely Toon

Why the Wikileak video is important.

Corporate Persons are Sociopaths (and should separated from the general population.)

What happened with the soverign citizens plot to take over the various states after

JPMorgan Chase Advised Homeowners to Stop Making Loan Payments…and Then Foreclosed

"David Shuster suspended from MSNBC indefinitely."

Where did students of Liberty University and other fundy colleges go for spring break?

U.S. job openings, hirings slip in February

wake up and newt gingrich is on today show....switch// rudy giuliani on msnbc

Michael Musto has discovered the definitive name for Mrs. Ex-Governor Lady Person

msnbc - Sherry Jacobus - Steele should go - replaced with

Right-wing Obsession With Barack Obama

Although few, every RW analysis of the Wikileaks video so far has followed the following pattern.

End bu$h's War, already Mr President!

Did anyone watch any part of the Morning Joe show this morning?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz confirms threat, faces feisty town hall crowd

Agonizingly painful SHINGLES! Any therapeutic advice???

Dutch naval vessel captures pirates


Top Cop for banking in U.S. still pushing anti-consumer agenda.

If you treat enough pols to illicit fun on the RNC credit card, your job probably IS safe.

Tuesday TOON Roundup 4

Pope Vows To Get Church Pedophilia Down To Acceptable Levels

Tuesday TOON Roundup 5

Have you ever been in trouble for being on Democratic Underground at work?

Seven Bombs Kill at Least 49 in Baghdad (4th Attack in 5 Days)

What about shooting children for throwing rocks? Is that ok?

EU keen to enshrine culture in economic planning

FL doc who'd rather not treat Dems...DU this poll, please!

Retail Sales Rose as Much as 10% in March, ICSC Says

U.S. confirms leaked video of helicopter attack real

Matt Lauer with the family of one of the dead West Virginia miners (transcript)

None Dare Call It Sedition

Guess which notorious political crime family is involved in FL's education mess?

After 135 Years, the End of the Sardine Industry in the U.S.

1,100 feet (WV mine) is 3.33 city blocks

Rev. Billy arrested as two more NYC Chase branches get a deposit of murdered mountain mud!

Priest Accused of US Abuse Won't Fight Extradition

A Mystery Hero in Water Rescue

WPR Poll Says gopukes ahead, governor's race and congressional/senate races

J.D. Hayworth pounces on McCain's "never considered myself a maverick" remark. That's his best shot?

Verizon CEO Confirms Pursuit of iPhone

"But Ma, I'm a miner. That's what I do."

Frum: FOX Fueling GOP's March To The Fringe

Photographer Namir Nour El Deen's Brother Reacts To The Wikileaks Video: "It Was Clearly A Crime"

Researchers Trace Cyer-Data Theft to Intruders in China

Another victim of trade agreements.

Ooh! lookee Massey has a box trailer rescue team on the scene!

A Supreme Court nibblette to consider in light of Justice Stevens pending retirement

I know the WIki leaks video is out there, one click away. I just can't bring myself to look.

McChrystal’s Employment of Military Deception

Rachel Maddow & Susan Mikula At Home In Massachusetts

West Virginia coal mine explosion kills 25

Democracy Now! discussion w/ WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange & Glenn Greenwald

Nasa's James Hanson Criticizes Obama's Approach to Climate Change:

Note to republicans about people on Unemployment/welfare/etc:

ExxonMobil paid no federal income tax in 2009.

Want to confuse a republican?

The R's: ::::Republicans Re Hash, Re Runs, ReDundant, Reduction,

Iraq Bombings Raise Fears of Resurgent Violence

Unemployment Extension | 99ers Appeal To Congress For Aid

Fox & Friends' Steve Doocy issues stern FATWA to Harry Reid: Be careful when you demonize teabaggers

The Video: A perspective from a liberal veteran-'What Bothers Me Most Is Military Cover-up'

212,000 LOSE Unemployment Checks Thanks To Republicans

Gasoline price jumps in mid-Michigan region. Unl/reg now $2.95, up from $2.78

6 New Weapons That You Literally Cannot Hide From

Professor Seeking Cancer Cure Murdered in Plantation Home

What was said on the WikiLeak video:


ExxonMobil paid no federal income tax in 2009.

Cops Reward Drivers With Slurpees

Minnesota Attorney General Refuses Pawlenty’s Request

Chicago Tribune: The crazy imaginings of the Texas Board of Education

Chicago Tribune: The crazy imaginings of the Texas Board of Education

DU Catholics: Why is Escrivá a saint?

'We investigated ourselves and we found that we did nothing wrong.'

Time for an Article V Convention

Cleveland police mistake dead woman's body for deer carcass on I-90

Obama to limit potential scenarios where nuclear weapons could be used.

Me email response to my Republican Father

Me email response to my Republican Father

OK, help me on this one. I can't talk to stupid about the Internet(s)

Spirit Airlines to charge up to $45 for carry-ons

A Year without Garbage

Meg Whitman donates $20 million more to her Calif. governor campaign

I'm in the lobby of a medical insurance company registering

"Why I stay: A Parable from a Progressive Catholic"

Top U.S. Bank Cop Still Pushing Anti-Consumer Agenda:

Is Killer Mine Owner A Teabagger?

The Rude Pundit - The CEO of Massey Energy in 2003: Violations, Schmiolations

The Rude Pundit - The CEO of Massey Energy in 2003: Violations, Schmiolations

California Judge Bans Downer Animals in Food

Exxon Mobil paid no federal income taxes in 2009

Grassley calls student loan reform a tax; possible opponents correct him

Jesus 'appeared in my chewing gum'



Van Hollen: '10 Won't Be Like '94 -- We'll Be Better Prepared

Van Hollen: '10 Won't Be Like '94 -- We'll Be Better Prepared

Van Hollen: '10 Won't Be Like '94 -- We'll Be Better Prepared

Mine disaster site had 57 safety violations in March

Cold atoms and nanotubes come together in an atomic 'black hole'

Burgess Amends Panhandling Legislation … Again

Does any photo or video show Teabaggers cursing or spitting...

"Half of everything you hear is 200% bullshit."

How long do you think "ole Doc Colburn", as the white

The Economist re the WikiLeaks video: How many other civilians were killed in similar circumstances?

CNN pushing the meme that loss of life and explosions are part of the miner's way of life

GOP OH Sen Candidate Kasich received a bonus of nearly a 1/2 MILL $ the year of Lehman collapse

Republican National Committeeman From NH Resigns In Protest

Republican National Committeeman From NH Resigns In Protest

Sen. Byrd Rips Massey for Safety Violations After W.Va. Mine Explosion

Hey mainline pilots, coming soon to an airline near you... "regional" 757's

Charles Alan Wilson Charged With Threatening Sen. Patty Muray's Life

Talked to a Coal-miner neighbor this morning, he says the Mine Manager's should be in prison

Tell Obama to keep his Hands Off our Private Mine Operations

Ratigaan is tearing Blankenscum a new one

Do we make our money honestly?

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2

'Confederate History Month' Declared By Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell

As we watch this unfolding horror in West Virginia, please keep in mind .....

Women Shot Dead By Relative Who Didn't Think She Dressed Properly For Easter Dinner


Tuesday TOON Roundup 1

(self delete)

(self delete)

700 children die a day from hunger: DRCongo minister

Time to revive a classic song for DU....

Important discussion going on on DU today...

My blood is boiling

Physicists Observe Quantum Properties In The World Of Objects

Freaky Physics Proves Parallel Universes Exist

Gov. McDonnell declares April "Confederate History Month" in Virginia

Report: Recent Violations ‘Quite Relevant’ to Mine Explosion

The ‘Long War’ Quagmire for the US

FDA Uses Monsanto's Report to Approve GMO Safety:

Something you should enjoy reading: Columnist questions idiot republicans about

Will The MSM Explore Links Between Teabag Movement And Criminally Negligent Killer Mine Owner?

You have 30 WEEKS to preserve and advance the rule of the Democrats!

25 miners now dead

Bank Foreclosing On Presidential Park - Six busts of presidents were disassembled and removed - pics

Web site makes it easy to see what people really think of you


Meg Whitman Pours $59 Million Of Her Own Money Into Race- Imagine If That Money Went To HELP Ca?

Military To Break Silence On Wikileaks Video As Early As Today

tweety is reporting on the insanity of the teabaggers

Michael Steele fancies himself as "streetwise"!! You really cannot make this up.

Obama to take middle course in new nuclear policy

Leo Gerard on the mine explosion - must watch on ED Shultz

Different Mine - Same Story.......

'If You Don't Have An Oil Well, Get One': Inside The Lavish Lifestyle Of One Repuke Young Eagle

odd that the same people who labeled criticism of Bush "treason" label death threats against

Bwhahaha! Quote from Stormy Daniels, future rethug?!

MSNBC anchor David Shuster suspended indefinitely because of CNN pilot

CA (Computer Associates) to cut 1,000 jobs

Anyone else here have to deal with right wing family members?...

This mine explosion is exactly what you get when companies own your government.

West Virginia mining disaster: Ways to help the victims' families

FCC loses Comcast challenge

If "pork is the other white meat" then "CNN is the other Fox News Channel"

AFL-CIO rips company that owns site of deadly mine blast

The Chicago school reform fraud

It's not corporations, it's the century+ old continuous encroachment of corporate supremacy

FoxNews: Seismic Events Recorded Not Far From Mine Disaster Site

West Virginia mine explosion (USA Today photo gallery)

Rove, Palin, Hannity: Conservative Memoirs RE-Shelved

European Urinals are much more sexy than US ones :( (barf alert)

Taliban Support at All-Time High in Kandahar

For the geospatially obsessed, re WikiLeaks video

Texas Man Threatened Deadly Force to Stop Abortions

Breaking- 7.8 Quake Sumatra

So now the Nevada labor board has no interest in upholding the law for us peons.

All this damn hair-splitting and gnashing of teeth is totally unnecessary.

"If you start taking pictures of me, you're liable to get shot."

Man arrested for threatening to kill Senator Patty Murray

What the Americans pilots saw in Iraq

Mr. Geitner are you really that stupid or do you just pretend to be?

Pending Nebraska Legislation Focuses on Fetus Pain and Viability

Ritual sacrifice of children on rise in Uganda

Evil Eli and his "Education" plan

If Grovelbot had an app what would it be like?

Goodwin Liu's letter to Leahy on the addendum to his Senate Judiciary Committee questionnaire

Some people will go out of their way to avoid having to associate with gay people (MS "fake" prom)

What is the best way to help Veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan?

Woman Pleads Not Guilty To Child Abuse

Transparency My Ass !!! - U.S. Continues To Block Visa For Irish Anti-Renditions Activist - FDL

Another great city that changed my life: Bilbao, Spain

Lesbian Teen Sent to 'Fake Prom'

Has the Tea Party already won?

Iraq Slaughter Not an Aberration

Poll Shows Broad Support Among Newfoundland Sealers for a Federal Sealing Industry Buyout

Jim Lindsay: Grassroots Response to Health Care Passage

Understand does not matter

Despite previous governors' refusals, McDonnell proclaims "Confederate history month" in Virginia

I Want MSNBC To Give Phil Donahue A Show Dammit!

Obama and the 9/14 Presidency

$16M to Toyota is like the cost of a candy bar to you or me.

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Outrage! It costs less to pay fines than to keep the miners safe!

Gordon Brown calls elections

Breakng 7.8 Quake Hit Sumatra

God damn it, Kyle. I'm calling you out.

God damn it, Kyle. I'm calling you out.

Massey’s Mine In Montcoal Has Been Cited For Over 3,000 Violations, Over $2.2 Million In Fines

Deconstructing the facade of John Ensign

I sure hope that coal company wasn't one of the corporations that had life insurance

Coal River Mountain Watch: Tragedy on Coal River

GOP Deputy Chair calls Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin the GOP's "Gold Standard"

MarketWatch: Mighty America's 5 stages of rapid decline

Fox News - "EXCLUSIVE: Obama Court Pick's 117 Secrets"

AP: Republicans step up opposition to liberal nominee

Jessica's Law means sex offenders roam streets (because they can't live in their homes)

Kicked out for breastfeeding? Saint Paul, MN News

Priest accused of U.S. sex abuse still working in India

One of my worst cartoons...also one of my best...

evil eli is doing/has done to Education What enron did to the economy

Cocky & Arrogant Traders Allegedly Brag That They Manipulate The Market (smoking gun?)

Wounded veterans, families of wounded veterans or friends of wounded veterans

Rachel Maddow makes me sad.

Journalists killed in 2006 (From the Committee to Protect Jornalists)....

Rachel Maddow is ripping Fox and O'Keefe to shreds!

Exelon Attempts To Block Spread Of Wind Power

Time To Leave Afghanistan

The END is nigh for Ensign: Why Sen. Ensign should be worried about possible indictment

anyone else watching Rachel's show?

Concealed weapon permit holder

Why are the right wing nuts going on and on about Cloward-Piven Strategy?

International Cooperation Needed to Save Aral Sea, UN Secretary-General - pic

Post-Hutaree: How Glenn Beck and Fox News Spread the Militia Message

surge update: ...Ex-U.N. envoy: Karzai may have drug problem

Someone in the GOP Think Tank went and pursuaded STORMY DANIELS to JOIN The Republican Party

Online telecom firm on Net Neutraility decision: If AT&T or Comcast blocked us, we'd cease to exist

Amy Goodman: Collateral Murder in Iraq

GOP Seeks Double Standard in Delaying Goodwin Liu Confirmation Hearing

Is there a mugshot of that guy in Washington state

Bank Forecloses On Home After Telling Couple To Stop Paying Mortgage

The military is our jobs program

Realty Check: 'Extreme Makeover' Downsizes Its Dream Homes

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Wealth for the Common Good

Wikileaks Defends Release of Video Showing Killing of Journalists in Iraq - NYT

IA-Sen: Grassley Embarrasses Majority of Iowans; Less Than Half Would Re-Elect

Mark Thoma, Economist Who Pushed For Jobs Bills, Gives Up - Dan Froomkin/HuffPo

Space shuttle shoots over Cinderella castle (PIC)

Guy Who Threatened Patty Murray Is A Local

That sonofabitch who runs the Massey mine should be in jail

10 years later-Elian Gonzalez

How does Obama find the time to manage all those secret agendas?

Deconstructing the Facade of John Ensign

Government is Good FB page

Batshit Crazy HAT TRICK! BACHMANN blogs on Breitbart's site about visit from PALIN & HANNITY!

Transcripts of phone threats to WA Sen. Patty Murray

It is linked, if you'd like to cuddle up with it, at

Rachel is destroying the Teabaggers and

Stephene Moore, wife of Dennis Moore (KS 3rd) announces she is running for his seat - he is retiring

Progressive Wisconsin? State Marked by Empty Factories, Full Prisons

Progressive Wisconsin? State Marked by Empty Factories, Full Prisons

Exxon Mobil Paid No Income Tax in 2009:

Glenn Greenwald: N.Y. Times, Weekly Standard join in a falsehood, RE: WikiLeaks

Here’s who Massey CEO Don Blankenship has been donating too this year!

Deconstructing the facade of John Ensign Founder Challenging Jerry Brown in California Gov's Race

Many States Have The Cash Munchies

An interesting story about Ronald Reagan that you won't hear very much about in the 'liberal' media

Concealed weapon permit holder

Update on Mexicali

I just donated to WikiLeaks for providing an essential public service.

I just donated to WikiLeaks for providing an essential public service.

"U.S. court rules against FCC on Net neutrality..."

We think that it's only "they" who engage in revenge killing...

Whitehouse Facebook feed being trolled heavily by teabaggers.

Rand Paul has gone Teabagger big time with this ad.

Menendez Appeals to Court to Stop Recall Effort

The President is black

Fla. Church Alters "No Homo Mayor" Sign

Dividend Stocks: ConocoPhillips, Raytheon

Dividend Stocks: ConocoPhillips, Raytheon

Wilma Mankiller, first woman to lead Cherokee, dies at 64

50 Dead,180 Wounded in Another Iraq Bombing

Atomic Renaissance Interrupted (11/2008 Greenpeace Article)

MSNBC just sanitized the Wikileaks video and

Once again the Courts has shown the American people that the corporations owns them

Freepers are absolutely nuts!..

Joblessness Hits Male Vets of Current Wars

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Brad Friedman subs for Mike

Ensnared by Error on Growing U.S. Watch List

Should There be a Congressional Hearing on the Iraq/Apache Video?

So, I got so sick of Tea Bag Anti-Health Care Wingnuttery, I decided to do something about it

Collateral Murder Has Nearly 2,800,000 Views on YouTube

Are today's girls abandoning their dolls too soon?

Is a Teabagger teaching your kids?


Benedict's infamous 2001 directive ordered that abuse allegations be kept secret

Sarah Palin is coming to Minneapolis for Michelle Bachmann

In Memory of the 25 That Went There to Work, NOT TO DIE!

Two sweethearts ......

A question about marijuana potency...

Crap, I knew it...the repukes are going to go with

On immigration reform: progressives should shift the debate to WHY people are coming illegally

Mobius posted the following in the Lounge--this is a MUST SEE

is hell frozen? Coburn defends Pelosi, takes swipe at FOX

Pro-gun ‘Patriot Groups’ Plan Dual Rallies In Washington On Disputed April Anniversary (April 19th)

Help me compile a list of Dems vs Gops who are musicians

This is what a war hero looks like: Hugh C. Thompson, Jr.

Question re: Sumatra earthquake: So if the entire Pacific Ring of Fire were to cause the Earth

Military Can't Find Iraq Killing Video

Military Can't Find Iraq Killing Video

You are NOT going to believe how CNN covered the wikileaks story...

Anderson Cooper has wall to wall coverage

People are not "collateral damage." EVER! That term should be

Vatican blasts anti-Catholic 'hate' campaign

What would happen if we found out Massey had taken out "dead peasant insurance" on the WV miners?

Blaming the corporations for their evildoing is a waste of energy

LOL. Freepers throwing Coburn under the bus for his Pelosi & FOX statements.

ALL THE RAGE - Where all this right-wing paranoia is heading - By Tom Tomorrow

The miners need Mother Jones. Again.

Speculators will once again take all the fire for high oil prices while

Another villian in this mine disaster is this guy .....

A blogger's great letter to the FCC!

"Screw you, Rudy!" Post a pic of your favorite European social democratic city here!

With this quake swarm, any connection to the mine blast? No proof but

Greg Mitchell: NYT Revises False Wikileaks "Editing" Charge Out of Story on Video

Grassley numbers falling like a rock in Iowa!!!!

NYT Concedes They Were Wrong? Paper Loses 'Pimp' Language Entirely in Latest ACORN Report

If You Had One Wish, Just One....What Would That Wish Be For

If You Had One Wish, Just One....What Would That Wish Be For

Weekend at Bernie's?

When’s a Worker a Contractor? When the Boss Wants to Cheat.

Centcom docs released under FOIA about "Death of Reuters Journalists"

Carhartt clothes aren't made here, and that pisses me off.

'You've got to make the fellow scared to come out of his house'

Marijuana starting to look like a new revenue source for states

Court Rules FOR Comcast And AGAINST Net Neutrality - FDL

Student Loan legislation question

Has Pat Robertson announced the cause of the Indonesia earthquake yet?

Please Sign This Petition !!! - More On Net Neutrality: The Play At The FCC - FDL

GOP's mocking t-shirts weren't made in America

McDonalds has installed new flat screen TV's in their restaurants....

'Confederate History Month' Declared By Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell

School Bans Mother from Ceremony over Vocal Criticism of Son's Detention

GOP Strategist Calls for Steele's Resignation

Five stumbling blocks that could wipe out many Democrats

Teabaggers In Wonderland

Calling Woody Harrelson: 3.0 Earthquake hits Yellowstone in last hour

Budweiser presents Real Men of Genius.

West Virginia mine owner accused of putting safety second

WikiLeaks highlights Murder with Impunity. We will pay for this. We are creating psychopaths.

"My ancestors, actually, weren't on the Mayflower. They sent the servants over first

Glenn Greenwald: Iraq Slaughter Not an Aberration

Chris Matthews just showed video of OUR President

When I first found out I lost ma job I had my first panic attack...nausea, vomiting

Why are so many uneducated people so hateful?

A naieve question: why are businesses, namely corporations, supposed to pay taxes?

Will The U.S. Withdraw From Iraq?

They blew up two building because they thought they saw one "bad" guy go in...

Florence Police Seize $500,000 Worth Of Pot

Read This....Then get very "ANGRY"

No Union, Lose Your Life

We all have blood in our hands

Republicans Begin to Question the Competence of Their Leadership

Maine Gov. Baldacci hosting fundraiser for pro-gay poverty organization defunded by Catholic Bishop

Nader: A Win for Whistle Blowers

Life under the new credit card rules.

New Bush billboard appears on I-35 in Forest Lake, MN

On the laws of land warfare

Bad teachers didn't cause our educational problems in this country

CNN Has gone completely to shit

US Court Rules Against FCC on 'Net Neutrality'

Running around outside and stretching their legs for the first time this spring - pics

Healthcare Reform's Medicaid

Misogyny: The Real Root of Opposition to Late Abortion

The future of the Internet is in grave danger.

Don Blankenship

Helpless in the Vatican -- The Failed Papacy of Benedict XVI

Time is ripe for a teevee airing of "Harlan County, USA" - But I wouldn't count on it.

Somehow the wikileaks video puts me in mind of a specific scene in Schindler's list.

Whoa, now that all of the minutia is digested, can we back the fuck up?

Nationalize the mines and other extraction industries like lumber and

Rachel is covering the vid

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3

Ed Schultz just totally whitewashed the wikileaks video. I am so sick of these people

Breaking: Right Wing Begins Internet Attacks

Birther Army Colonel Faces Court Martial

Think the labor board has your back if you have a grievance? Think again.

what generation do you belong to?

The United States takes the matter of three-headed babies very seriously by William Blum

Anyone on the Financial Reform 101 webinar with Elizabeth Warren this afternoon?

Henry Rollins on the Teabaggers...CLASSIC

David Shuster's boss e-mailed me.

So my little clerical union is joining the Teamsters union

I got brave and went to a teahadist rally here in town

The 5th anniversary of the phony TruthOut Rove indictment is approaching

Not Fit to Stand Trial- Man Who Threatened Cantor (TPM)

Dead man caught ‘checking in’ at Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Why I Stay: A Parable From A Progressive Catholic

"If wishes were horses, beggars would ride." Here are my wishes - what do you think?

I met Rosa Parks, Glenn Beck you're no Rosa Parks...

Myth of the selfish strikers: HERE WE go. It's time to blame everything on the unions again (UK).

New FL education bill requires 5% be withheld from districts to implement bill.

CEO Of Massey Energy Co-"Over $1 Million To Sponsor Tea Party"

For all the pitbull haters - name me a "safe" dog breed.

FL bill forbids teachers from earning salary based on advanced degrees or credentials.

Words DO Matter

Thank you President Obama

At what point in the Wikileaks video


Florida county exempt from education bill because of deal with Gates Foundation.

Rush Limbaugh: "I never called Obama a Nazi"

The American empire is over. Our descent into a totalitarian capitalism in going to be horrifying


Baseball ! ! !

Hello Silence, my old friend......

I can't believe I'm sorry I complained about Fox "News" playing in the pilot lounge here

Hey... look at that!!!

Things always look better in the morning.

I can't sleep. And I blame CaliforniaPeggy for...

Holy crap!!1!! I made the Greatest Page! Five Stars!!

Who would win in a fist fight if it were held today?

Yet another baseball statistic unveiled - #P

"One shining moment" just jumped the shark.

Lily Tomlin on "Damages" - Spoily Spoily

Things always look better in the movies.

Photos from this year's Iditarod sled dog race

Anybody else ever notice the resemblance between Karen Carpenter & Brandi Carlile?

Is it ok to laugh at dead people?

Know your Pong.

Georgia man suffers 14 hours of lockjaw from eating super-sized double meat, double cheese sandwich

Anyone else ever notice the resemblance between Billy Corgan & Chuggo?

Austinites, I'm trying to remember this place

Joyful Girl


In Russia, you don't find the party....

Any italian speakers here?

The foundation of the entire world

Design a sleeve for Flavorgam!

As an Appalachian-American, I'm feeling affronted.

You know who you don't hear from anymore? Stacey Q, that's who.

I UTTERLY retract a vote I made the other day falsely accusing John Prine for the work of John Parr

The Old Tree

Has anyone seen the movie "The Spirit of the Beehive"?

ugly scene at the dog park this weekend

So here's a song about my day..

Who didn't see THIS coming - Jesse James made 12+ Nazi-flavored sex tapes with "alleged mistresses"

R.I.P. Net Neutrality. When your ISP wants to quadruple your monthly fee, how will you handle it?


Maybe I'm Missing Something, But Isn't The IPad Just A Big IPhone/Itouch?

Thinking of going out for a Back Scooping. Anyone wanna join?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/6/10

I have a question about cat spraying

There I was, sitting in my Khon Kaen townhouse...

Michigan rockers of the 70's

omg. I just got the urge to take all of my 7 days I was just granted...

"Performance Art"

For Kali--Look at what was hanging around Mayo's Nature Trail..

Anyone know where to get cheap industrial lighting?

What attracted you to DU?

I have a friend who still uses WebTV. Should I buy him a rotary phone?

Troll Cats (funny pics of cats + bad language)

Well, I've booked my flight home for my sister's brain surgery.

Remember when the days were long and rolled beneath the deep blue sky

Ipad or Iphone?

Heidi Montag lists her cosmetic surgeries: Includes 'back scooping'. Really sad.

Is It Me, Or Do The Contestants On American Idol Sound The Same . . .

Law and Order now, new;

Heroes of Newerth open beta has started

Doing my itaxes today

Are there any advantages to sitting towards the back of the plane?

"Tombstone me now, Skinner."

2.5 year-old playing with an iPad

Backyard Bob is back!

Hannity LOL

for Tuesday Afternoon on a Tuesday afternoon

I can't leave you kids alone.

When does Yellowstone open?

Lascaux Cave or Sistine Chapel?

What's your gamer psychology?

:Staples Guy: WOW!

"Simply Shady"

Gratuitous X thread

For those of you who have been wondering...

I got canned today - ask me anything

If you are going to die an unrecognized genius, then at least write something


The 40 Deadliest Fast-Food Meals

so today I rcvd the "voluntary" RiF notice - apparently 150 folks out of 800

To the bug that has decided to infect my lungs.

My idea for the Best Episode of House Ever.

Man dials 911 after prostitute fails to deliver full $50 worth of services in White Castle rest room

Jim Butcher fans. CHANGES is out. Go read it.

Doing my taxes today

Co-worker who is not from this part of the country: "Have Boughten? It's Have Bought!"

Something for kitty

My boyfriend of 20 years shockingly confessed to me.

Angry short order cook deep fries a Pomeranian to get even with diner manager

I'm thinking Taco Bell run.

My Caller ID was Spoofed in a Phishing Attempt.

100 years from now, you'll remember where you were today, when Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy broke up

Best TV villains?

Human cockroach Jon Gosselin wants primary custody of kids, also wants Kate to pay child support

Woman shoots cousin to death over how she was dressed for Easter dinner

Has any genre of music improved or progressed in the last 15-20 years?

Chimp In Cocaine Study Starts Lying To Friends

songs about insects

Say goodbye to your productivity. Forever.

DU Women: Your thoughts on Zooey Deschanel

Jesus 'appeared in my chewing gum'

Ham and Swiss on Jewish pumpernickel tonight.*

Have we had a Word Association Game lately?

My 2 cents about McNabb, Kolb and the Eagles

We are hot chicks drinking red wine talking literature ask us anything

Dallas, Texas...What to do??


Your Two Favorite "Best" Movies of All Time, plus a few "Maybes"

The most disgusting candy ever made - Circus Peanuts

Ultimate license plate fail........and from a now Red state

I would like to thank all that are too large a number to name personally.

For Obama, What A Difference A Week Made

This should get interesting

Is this new Obama nuke strategy different from the Treaty that is suppose to be signed?

Replace "Green Eggs and Ham" with "my legislative agenda"...

Silly li'l superficial post--Celebrities at the White House Easter Egg Roll today:

"Young Eagles: Life in the fast lane"

Obama's 21st-century world order

Tina Fey to revive Palin skit for SNL Appearance Next Month

Why is Leura Canary still a U.S.Attorney in Alabama?

Goddard breaks silence in kicking off campaign

Michigan 7 a GOP Test of Loyalties

Heritage Foundation no longer ranks the United States as a free country (LOL)

White House to Screen "Nuclear Tipping Point" tonight at the White House

"Fulfilling a Promise from Prague"

Inspectors say conditions at Massey mine posed significant risks

Obama broke the 8-million fan mark on FB!

Leaked U.S. video shows deaths of Reuters' Iraqi staffers

Toyota fined $16.4M, accused of hiding defect

Israel, South America start trade agreement

"If I had a whole inning, I'm telling you, I would have cleaned up"

White House Could Cancel Karzai Visit

Two ex-ISI men, Brit journalist missing in Pak

President Obama:- Calm in the eye of the storm

Help WikiLeaks Release Footage of May 2009 Afghanistan Civilian Killings

Overall incidence of fraud rising in India Inc

David Shuster suspended

Shakeup: RNC chief of staff resigns

U.S. Chamber gives its first endorsement of 2010 cycle to Sen. John McCain

Did anyone see the smackdown that..

Job openings rise in several sectors in February

David Schuster suspended indefinatelyt from MSNBC

Independent candidate Evans to challenge Thune

Breakng 7.8 Quake Hit Sumatra


No contemplation of switch to GOP, says John Barrow — so kill that rumor

1.1 million Americans signed health care reform with the president (video)

West Virginia coal mine explosion kills 25

NATO Probes Fresh Civilian Deaths In Afghan Raid (April 6th)

Rep. "Van Hollen: '10 Won't Be Like '94 -- We'll Be Better Prepared"

IMO, Hamid Karzai will take advantage of HCR and enter a drug rehab program,

Iraqi journalists want probe of taped US shooting

German car exports up by more than a half

Despite previous governors' refusals, McDonnell issues Confederate history month proclamation

ACLU Calls For Restoration Of Net Neutrality Principles

Coburn is a snake. He's definitely just trying to get some good press for some reason

Kerry on FCC Court Case

Maoist rebels kill 60 troops in eastern India

Stormy Daniels Switches Teams....Bwahhhaaa

who are you better than?

Whitman chips in $20M more in Calif. gov. race

Duke University Basketball is like the Entrenched Washington Bureaucracy

Geithner hails economic partnership with India

US court rules against FCC on `net neutrality'

Network Neutrality supporters back FCC after Court of appeals decision

Gift Card Deal Raises More Questions for Senator John Ensign

Wash. man charged with threatening Sen. Murray

Tom Coburn (R) Defends Pelosi; Bashes Fox

It hit 93 degrees in Washington, DC today, April 6 2010. Hey Inhofe Gang

FDIC to top executives at South Dakota's BankFirst: Pay up ($77.4 Million)

Dear Rudy: Why Obama Won't Bring European Social Democracy to America

Arizona: Walden Won't Run for Senate

Every WV judge/justice that accepted contributions from Massey's Don Blankenship

The perfect response to ANYTHING McCain says from now on:

Federal appeals court rules for Comcast and against FCC on 'net neutrality' case

Villaraigosa calls for shutting down some city departments amid budget crisis

Congress to investigate coal mine disaster that left 25 workers dead


Senate will take up Dodd's financial reform bill as early as April 19 and vote as early as May 3!

CIA victim said to have rescued future Afghan pres

Kerry, high school kids, and grassroots diplomacy at its best!

Atlanta Black Clergy organization calls for immigration reform

Whitman Contributes $20 Million to Campaign

Massey shares drop after deadly mine explosion

Former UN Envoy To Afghanistan Suggests Karzai Has A Drug Problem

Use of Drones Under Fire

GOP asks Supreme Court to lift fundraising limits

White House Is Considering Canceling Karzai Visit

Latino Opus Dei archbishop to head Los Angeles

"New RNC Fundraiser Allegedly Spent PAC Money On Nightclubs"

China Cyber - Spies Target India, Dalai Lama: Report

Spirit Airlines announces plan to charge for carry-on bags

Linda McMahon Resigns From State Board of Education

Hugo Boss workers will rally with Ohio governor on Wednesday

Suspect in Va. congressman threat (Cantor) not competent (to stand trial)

Bill to strike (Calif.) state law aimed at "curing" gays moves forward


What on Earth have Republicans become? They are even paranoid about Arms Control.

Shootings on Blue Ridge Parkway

Vatican says pope target of ‘hate’ campaign

US man sentenced to hard labour in North Korea

RNC Floundering Continues

Obama is never going to live down that pitch on opening day. Even Jon Stewart is dogging him

The Presidents #24: Grover Cleveland (second term)

Documents: Toyota lagged in issuing US warnings

Man arrested over threats to kill senator (Patty Murray)


Blasts kill at least 28 in Shia areas of Baghdad

If Pres. Obama is Maoist/Stalinist/anti-Freedom Communist...

Leaked video shows civilian killings in Iraq, signifies growing power of independent Web journalism

Wanna know where the FEMA Concentration Camps talking point come from?

Court Strikes at 'Net Neutrality'

Former Cherokee Nation chief Wilma Mankiller dies

Israeli scientists racing to create 'bionic eye' that could help millions

Barack Obama: The opacity of hope

McCain to Campaign With Fiorina Tuesday

Tom Coburn Knocks Fox News, Says Nancy Pelosi is a "Nice Person"

'Confederate History Month' Declared By Virginia

Toshiba says goodbye to incandescent light bulbs

Jerry Brown gets a Democratic challenger

Eight Colombians arrested for allegedly spying on Venezuela's power system

iPad has Wi-Fi problems, some users say

Automaker Pensions Underfunded by $17 Billion

US Senate panel to hold hearing on Iran

South Africa: police use barbed wire to separate whites and blacks

Utah, Arizona law officers descend upon polygamous community

Rains Kill At Least 31 In Rio, Paralyze City

David Shuster Suspended Indefinitely (from MSNBC)

Volcker: Taxes likely to rise eventually to tame deficit

My RNC buddy just gave the best three words regarding GOP assessment in 2010 elections

Element 117 discovered

Attention FOX-News - I've Got a Live One Here ...

Video depicting killing by U.S. troops in Iraq is real, (Anonymous US Military) official says

Gibbs calls conservative blogger's Census comments 'remarkably crazy'

Discussion Panel (Part 2) On "Netizens" and the fate of Iranian Reporters - Johns Hopkins University

Robert Greenwald discusses Rethink Afghanistan War and Karzai on The Ed Show

NBC 5 News (4-5-10) - Another Abortion Clinic Threat

How Health Reform Really Works

Discussion Panel (Part 3) On "Netizens" and the fate of Iranian Reporters - Johns Hopkins University

The President Reads "Green Eggs and Ham"

New blasphemous art exhibition opens in Dublin

Guardians of the Free Republics UPDATE!

Pentagon releases computer animated version of what really happened (Wikileaks video)

The Brownshirt Massacre from Visconti's The Damned, Pt. I

Ex-UN Envoy Peter Galbraith Questions Karzai's Mental Stability, Attributes It To Drug Abuse

Rachel Maddow calls Bullpucky on GOP delusions. Excellent, must-see video

More Youtube Patriot Delusions

Don Blankenship (Massey) 'when we talk about it in articulate, more educated ways..

Re: The Wikileak Iraq Death from Above Video

TYT: How Corporations Captured US Government

Glenn Beck Compares Himself to Civil Rights Leader Rosa Parks and Gandhi

Tom Coburn Implores Town Hall Audience To Not Be "Biased By Fox News" & Defends Nancy Pelosi

Former Military Intelligence Officer Speaks Out (Hotel in Baghdad came under fire from US forces)

Bill ('majority are post pubescent') Donahue and Sinead O'Connor on the Catholic church abuse (3:13)

CNN-'Homosexuality, Is It A Problem In Need Of A Cure?’ -with Richard Cohen (7:46)

Young Turks: WikiLeaks Iraq Shooting Video Analysis

The Murdered Samaritan's 2 Children Who Were Injured By US Army Attack In Wikileaks' Video Speak Out

Meet Massey CEO Don Blankenship, Evil owner of the WV mine where 25 died

LA Times - Goodwin Liu: A good choice for 9th Circuit

Wikleaks releases video showing US troops killing 2 Reuters news workers

Goodbye Paper Money: Does It Mean More Ways for the Banks to Screw Us?

Bob Herbert: Turning Our Backs on Heroes

Indian Soldiers Killed In Maoist Ambushes

Republicans Begin to Question the Competence of Their Leadership

Military Admits Deception in February Afghan Incident

Comcast Sends Me To A Payday Loan Where I Am Propositioned By A Hooker


Post-Hutaree: How Glenn Beck and Fox News spread the militia message (Eric Boehlert)

Court rules for Comcast and against net neutrality

Free Speech is for People campaign:

Mr. Woebegone Goes to Washington

Could Comcast Derail Obama’s Broadband Agenda?

April 19th

Brown announces May 6 election date

Britain: a haven for war criminals and killers?

The Chicago school reform fraud

More on U.S. cover-up of Khataba raid..

Given all we know of whales, why resume the slaughter?

Glenn Beck (still) doesn't understand net neutrality. Not even close.

Man Charged With Threatening To Kill Sen. Murray Over Health Bill

Karzai Threatens to Join Cast of 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat'

Former MoveOn Exec. Director announces Candidacy for CA Gov

Believe It or Not (2010 Imperial Edition): U.S. War-Fighting Numbers to Knock Your Socks Off

"We have shot an amazing number of people, but to my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a threat.

Is This the Future of Journalism? Why Wikileaks matters.

It Can’t Happen Here

Randy Shaw: "Why CNN Fails"

"25 Massey Energy miners are dead because OSHA couldn’t do anything more than levy fines"

Bless Their Little Holes - Stormy Daniels ex-porn star loves her some GOP

"Stand" - New Ad on Energy

Ann Coulter - Good luck to the Democrats trying to slander this movement of ordinary Americans

Ethanol Direct Injection engines: 30% better mpg @ $1,000 - $1,500 per engine - Does anybody in DC

Drumbeat: April 6, 2010

New study shows rising water temperatures in US streams and rivers

U.S. Lawmakers Raise Concern About World Bank Loan to Eskom

Selling off our public assets (Toronto Hydro) makes no sense for Toronto

What hydrofracking for natural gas looks like in upstate NY

No! Study Finds EU Subsidies Drive Overfishing, Overcapacity In Fishing Fleets - AFP

Dirty Energy Sector Wages a State-by-State War on Solar and Wind Technology

South African Coal Plant vs. the World Bank: (25 mill tons pollutants)

ARS Study - Gypsy Moth Infestation Enought To Change Affected Forests From Carbon Sink To Source

Estimated Marine Turtle Death Toll From Industrial Fishing In The Millions Over Past 20 Years - BBC

Nuclear Waste Transport and Residential Property Values: Estimating the Effects of Perceived Risks

Cheap DIY Solar Collectors Made From Recycled Soda and Beer Cans

Nuclear power reactor modifications made at Davis-Besse

Fatality Narrowly Avoided In German Wind Turbine Accident. 1,200 Ton Turbine Destroyed.

W.Va. mine blast disaster kills at least 25

Early Earth stayed warm because its ocean absorbed more sunlight; greenhouse gases were not involved

Environmentalist Burned to Death By Ethanol.

Wind Farm noise? 35-45 dB @ 350m, rural nightime background noise: 20-40 dB

Archaeologists Uncover Land Before Wheel; Site Untouched for 6,000 Years

(western NY) Natural gas boom brings riches to a rural town

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

Sun Chips' new bag - yea for Sun Chips!!

Safe & Clean

Caithness man killed in accident at windfarm

Nuclear Power: Climate Fix or Folly?

The Collapse of Complex Business Models

"Do Not Delude Yourself - We Will Knowingly Exploit A Megafauna Species To Extinction"

Solar Cells: UQAM researcher solves two 20-year-old problems

UCSB Geologist Discovers Pattern in Earth's Long-Term Climate Record

Sweden: A Town Says ‘Yes, in Our Backyard’ to Nuclear Site

environmentalist chased down and killed by runaway wind-mill.

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Monday, April 5)

Brett Favre Is Going To Be A Grandpa

So maybe we shouldn't be so hard on Bud Selig. He donates to Democrats.

Lionel Messi

Same Story, different Year

UConn Stanford game on

I Despise MLB.TV

Pulse of the States: Which team will win the NFC East...

I hate to say it, but Geno Auriemma's assistant coach is really HOT!


Late-running Bolivia considers punctuality 'bonuses'

Cuba tries new natural drug for cancer, AIDS

Cubans Attempt to Resolve Venezuelan Electricity Shortage Despite Living in Constant Blackout

184 Communes Currently in Formation in Venezuela

Venezuelan Youth: A Potential Antidote to the Weaknesses of the Revolution

Peru: Investigate Killings in Chala

Brazilian Senate debates dire situation of Guarani Indians

HRF declares Oswaldo Álvarez Paz a prisoner of conscience of the Chávez government;

Haiti MD Tells His Cuba Related Story

US Lectures Cuba on Prisoners

Honduras: new violence in Aguán land dispute

Honduras: Journalist flees country

Decades Later, New Details In Oscar Romero Death

Witness for Peace Webinar: From Bad to Worse: Expanded U.S. Military Presence in Colombia

Colombia Assassination Attempt on USO Leaders in Colombia Kills Bodyguard

Raul Castro: Cuba Does Not Fear Lies, Does Not Kneel Down Before Pressures

Venezuela Raises Dairy Prices 30% After Devaluation

Eight Colombians arrested for allegedly spying on Venezuela's power system

Vilma Espín’s Life and Work at Memorial in Santiago de Cuba

Cuban dissident drowns in attempt to reach island (return to Cuba)

At quake's epicenter, water gurgled from ground

Venezuelan Bonds Rated the Highest Risk in the World

Hands off Cuba and Venezuela!

Flooding in Rio de Janeiro state kills 50

Israel, South America start trade agreement

Palestinian official: U.S. bid to revive Mideast talks at dead-end

Israel destroys Gaza dairy for second time

Coal Mine fatalities since 1970 (map of sorrow)

NY Times: Methane, a Common Danger of Coal Mines

Records Show Upper Big Branch Mine Amassed Scores of Safety Citations, Thousands in Fines

Huffington Post: What Killed the Miners? Profits Over Safety?

JOB OPENING - Online Organizer - Oakland, CA

Israel: National Distribution Of Gas Masks Begins

We are now only 94 days away from the opening of LabourStart's first-ever global solidarity conferen

Jordan King: Israel's long-term future is in jeopardy

Palestinian leader sacks aide at centre of sex scandal

Support for Israel doesn’t mean accepting its misguided policies.

Gaza students to Margaret Atwood: reject Tel Aviv U. prize

Separated by the apartheid wall

Israeli FM warns Palestinians not to declare state

Netanyahu to attend U.S. nuclear security summit

Job Openings: looking for communicators to take on walmart

Pray for the Dead, Fight for the Living (Support budget requests for more mine inspectors)

Gandhi's grandson applauds non-violent protest

Judaism and the Imperative of Ending Wage Theft

It has to start somewhere.

Peace for Israelis and Palestinians? Not without America's tough love. CSM

Shocker! Steve Rosen (That Steve Rosen) Backs Bibi, Not POTUS

Barghouti: Israel knows apartheid has no future

I'm probably the last person to have seen this, but in case you missed it, too:

Some people will go out of their way to avoid having to associate with gay people (MS "fake" prom)

Heterosexuality Can Be Cured!

Democratic operative Steve Hildebrand goes rogue (former Obama deputy campaign mgr)

Gay Iranians increasingly fleeing their country after June's crackdown

Concealed weapon permit holder

Court asked to define ‘Israeli’

Spring Into Decay

A blustery day

Dog massage

Some interesting black and white photos. Found this

Lake Lure sunrise

Some photos from this morning

Promises in my back yard, and a few throw in's

Whew ... I'm finally done with the Iditarod pictures

Oldest Man-Made Structure Found in Greek Cave

Historic Four Women in Space at the Same Time

Even Among Animals: Leaders, Followers and Schmoozers

Dragon Spotted Flying Over Disney's Castle

Watch the skies for the Shuttle and ISS tonight

Seeking Emotional Clues Without Facial Cues

But it Works on TV! Forensic 'science' often isn't. (Newsweek)

Thick-Shelled Turtle Species Lived With World's Biggest Snake

The man behind the Elements ebook for iPad and the making of.

Monday 4/5 Liz Tobin's free repatterning subject = Spring Cleaning

Happy Bright Monday or Dyngus Day

The Hidden History of the Human Race

Why aren't the kids affected by these energies?

Pluto/Saturn retrograde begins today

Ohio woman shot to death over Easter attire spat

DU Catholics: Why is Escrivá a saint?

Pope's Immunity Could Be Challenged In Britain

"Why I stay: A Parable from a Progressive Catholic"

Why is the Roman Catholic Church constantly compared to nation states and even political parties?

DU Catholics: Why is Escrivá a saint?

There's problems with mouth breathers

Keeping It Hyperreal

Break Up the Banks by Robert Reich

China's Flawed Economic Model by Mike Whitney

"Eat, Pray, Love" is coming out as a movie this summer.

Will the UFT stand up to Bloomberg?

Phoebe Prince's suicide shows students were running the island and adults were missing

Why Obama's education reform plan can't work

Jesus Christ

Pro-reorganization slate wins all three contested KC school board seats

Some Papers Are Uploaded to Bangalore to Be Graded

The Other Argument for Seniority