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song for a late Sunday night

Talk about a misleading article title...

Interesting fact about Ottawa's archbishop

Ah and so it begins

Ah and so it begins

Governor says Conn. Marine dies in Afghanistan

Conference will detail media coverage of wars

As America evolves, the ethnic/racial/nationality choices become moot

(German) Defense Minister prepares Germans for Afghan 'war'

Somehow I always flinch when someone starts a sentence with "I'm sure no friend of X, but..."

South Africa warns against Terreblanche revenge

Japan mayor sets paternity leave 'example'

Disgusting Blog Ad

Obama Tells Nation He's Going Out For Cigarettes

Broad Alumni Making It Big in Corporate Takeover of American Education

Israeli Attack on Iran. Would We Support It?

Wall Street Bailout Cost Reaches $4.6 Trillion; Most from Federal Reserve Loans

FDR passes out some twiddly-finger dap

US Consulate hit in Pakistan

At least 13 injured in two Ingush blasts

Our personal campaign for progress in our country.....

When Democrats Unite

Best story of the weekend - great dad and bravo French stranger

Take away the Tea Baggers'...

Take away the Tea Baggers'...

Petty Gossip

OK...lemme ask: How many Teabaggers had their eggs painted LipStick RED??? Jus asking

Real Baby Killers

Updates on the Minnesota Fights against Foreclosures

Updates on the Minnesota Fights against Foreclosures

The Double Down Election

Political Baron: Why Are They Calling You Racist?

No joke: Karzai threatens to join the Taliban

Help DUers

Help DUers

“We have shot an amazing number of people, but to my knowledge, none has ever proven to be a threat.

Grand Old Partying

We could have used some DEPTH in examinining Shrub while in office (new book on OBAMA)

NATO admits killing Afghan women in bungled raid (then US Special Forces dig bullets out of bodies)

List of the drug ring busted at the Fayetteville tire factory

After Condemning Democrats For Using The ‘Race Card’ ’ When In ‘Trouble,’ Steele

Baseball Opening Day: NYT: Welfare for the Wealthy - Taxpayer subsidized tickets for Biz

100,000 community service hours achieved to secure First Lady as GWU commencement speaker

The Collapse of Complex Business Models (and Societies too).

Audio Of Idiot Doctor

All them union workers make too much money so I ain't buying nothing from them

I wonder who posted this comment suggesting the Teabaggers are the new KKK over at The Hill?

Meg Whitman attempts to buy her way into the Governor's mansion

Darn those COMMIE policies!


So the HCR does do something about people with pre-existing conditions immediately

I Think Michael Steele Is Doing A Great Job....

Michele Bachmann: Black lawmakers who claim Teabaggers said the N-word are making sh*t up

Oil Surges to Highest Level in 17 Months on U.S. Jobs Report

Oil Surges to Highest Level in 17 Months on U.S. Jobs Report

Court of Appeals Denies State Lawyers Access to Psychiatric Patients in Nursing Homes

South Korea couple tried over dead 'web neglect' baby

Ignorance creates confusion and division.

Breaking -Kansas city Courthouse evacuated

Geese shot with blow darts in Boise park

Democrats pulling in more campaign money than GOP

2 of my published poems about loved ones who died from AIDS

Tea Party: If you don't wear shoes 24/7, then you are a Muslim, just like Obama

Tea Party Movement Is Politically Mainstream? Not So Much.

Food is largest single source of waste in CA - 6 million tons of food products are dumped annually

Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine

The mask is off as Palm Beach gives a good natured sendup to white trash!

Northern Ireland gets free prescriptions

MSNBC breaking... Kansas City Courthouse evacuated after bomb threat.

MSNBC breaking... Kansas City Courthouse evacuated after bomb threat.

Close Encounters of the Tea-Bagger Kind

McCain Photo Swiped for Gay Porn Site

Why do people believe Jesus appears on pancakes, screen doors and trees?

O.K. So oil is up quite a bit and gas prices here are DOWN?

Why Sen. Ensign should be worried about possible indictment

Sean Hannity keeps up the Reagan revisionism in his new book "Conservative Victory"

In which the Author predicts the appearance of an as-yet-unknown variant of right-wing idiocy.

He'd just washed his hare and couldn't do a thing with it...

Meet the new boss... Joining the Taliban is "on the table" for Karzai

Meet the new boss... Joining the Taliban is "on the table" for Karzai

Oh there is now confirmed one dead in Calexico too

Casting the EDWARDS movie. (More about poking fun at the actors than the real lifers.)

Casting the EDWARDS movie. (More about poking fun at the actors than the real lifers.)

The Senate Lets Unemployment Benefits Expire

OUCH! Press Sec. Gibbs: "Steeles' problem isn't the race card, it's the credit card"

FLOTUS Dancing Up a Storm to Justin Bieber

How Americans are Propagandized About Afghanistan

Look At Us, Governor -IN Gov. Mitch Daniels Strikes at Indiana's Poor In RETALIATION for HCR Passing

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: How to React Like the Catholic Church in Other Situations

Ka-pow: Gibbs to Steele: Your problem "isn't the race card, it's the credit card"

Hillary Clinton for Supreme Court Justice.

once upon a time, the british army marched in rank and file.

POTUS about to throw first pitch at Nationals game

Seeing Skinhead

Glenn BeKKK this AM ... "Our family gathered around yesterday for Thanksgiving dinner." ... LOL

Need seismologist and volcanologist to interview ASAP

Lecture series author lineup set

12 Federal Officials speak on the Constitutionality of the Insurance Mandate (Compiled, W/Audio)

Are you annoyed by postmodernism?

What is the deal with right wingers obsessing over "long-form" documents?

If it had been a "government run" healthcare program...?

Is there NOTHING left to believe in? McCain: ‘I never considered myself a maverick’

Is there NOTHING left to believe in? McCain: ‘I never considered myself a maverick’

I sure hope Republican Senator Tom Coburn enjoyed his Easter dinner.

2 tons of oil spilled onto Great Barrier Reef..

Small Businesses Will Gain Under New Health Reform Bill

Karzai Says He Might Be Compelled To Join The Taliban

Poll on whether the Mount Dora urologist did right by stating his politics.

Watch reporters succeed in doing with Tiger Woods what

Jamie Dimon: The Most Dangerous Man In America

Jon Walker: Let The Health Care Regulation Gaming Begin!

Does Steele (and the President) have a 'slimmer margin' of error?

Soldier Won't Deploy Unless Pres. Shows Birth Certificate

RNC Loses Top Fundraiser

Is there any movement in Congress to extend the $8000 home buyer tax credit?

Evolution: The Film

Evolution: The Film

Let's remind the Vatican...

Bob Dylan Cancels Asian Tour After China Blocks Concerts, Citing His Past As A Voice Of Change

Real American Stories, ugh

The media doesn't seem able to remember who the leader of the teabaggers is. Here is a reminder

Sen. Bunning blames Dems for the expiration of unemployment benefits

I called 911 and the call is still connected 45 min later!?!

Oh The Karma, LOL !!! - 'Republicans Fear Undercounting in Census' - WSJ

The liberal blogosphere slants a story (to create more hostility?)

Navy: Is ‘Big E’ work breaking the bank?

Kentucky AG: Health Care Lawsuits Are Baseless Tea Party Meandering

Glenn Greenwald On MSNBC At 4pm ET To Discuss Wikileaks Iraq Video

Gay teens misled about real prom?

Chavez responsible for reviving liberation theology in Latin America...

Sorry Conservatives, the Tea Parties Are Anything But Mainstream

Deserts Spreading Like 'Cancer'

So we have video evidance of our military shooting civilians then trying to cover it up

Internet bullies and real life wimps

democrats need to let everyone KNOW that the republicans are blocking unemployment benefits

Texas Board of Ed: separating intelligence and education

AH SCOOPING THE MEDIA AGAIN, On Mexicali (and Tijuana)

TIGER RULES AND RETURNS...his practice round was followed by thousands of supporters

So I bitch about being on dialup. A lot.

Boxer: Legalizing pot could increase crime, car accidents

A great quote from Bryan Stevenson on Bill Moyers

Oh My! Stanford's knighthood revoked

I know this is a soft spot here but how in the hell did Bush manage a 90+ percent approval rating?

SHULTZ (in for Shuster) played the MacVeigh-wannbe clip, Bill PRESS calls T-baggers old farts

Erick Erickson (of RedState and CNN) says he will "pull shotgun on Census workers"

Paper: GOP senator likely to be indicted

This is Your Country under Conservative Rule: Union fights Canada Post privatization

I'm not so much calling another DU'er out but..

DU should have a Wikipedia forum

Keith Ellison uses Palin visit to raise money

Why does the military hire private contractors to provide security at US bases?

California: Organized Labor, the NAACP and Some Law Enforcement Officials Support Pot Legalization

Ratigan showing the Wikileaks Video

In case you don't know

Please vote for Michele Bachmann!!!

Who cares about a bunch of unarmed civilians being shot at in cold blood by the US military...

Need Help Changing a Teabaggers Sign

Ethics Complaint Alleges New Politicized Probe Involving Siegelman Prosecutor

Smoking Is Dumb: Young Men Who Smoke Have Lower IQs, Study Finds

Less-than-Dynamic Duo: McCain to endorse, stump for Carly "God Given Right" Fiorina tomorrow

Drill baby drill - a second reality check

NPR asked me to participate in a segment on bullying. The audio link is here.

Topless march draws onlookers in Portland

Lack of breastfeeding costs lives, billions of dollars

ROFL !!! - 'New Gallup Poll: Tea Party Less Popular than Russia, Communist China' - FDL

One Year Post Economic Stimulus in a Picture

Census Misinformation: DId anyone else not receive their survey?

Dear Conservatives - Russell King on Ratigan

ANC Youth Leader: South Africa Will Seize White-Owned Farms (Voice of America)

Please make sure to thank your congress-critters re: Health Care Reform

So.... it turns out that the "Thank God It Passed" proponents were correct after all...

Leading the show with Tiger today? Really, Tweety?

Tiger Greeted Warmly At Masters....

San Francisco Chronicle: Caltrain ponders return to commute-only service

FBI releases child molester after he tells them he will bring in accomplice, is now a fugitive

Old Man McCain relinquishes his trademark.

The Guardian: Wikileaks reveals video showing US air crew shooting down Iraqi civilians

Counter Protest the Wesboro Church of Hate @ Drake University THIS SATURDAY

RW blog reacts to Wikileaks video: "Embedding with terrorists means that you DESERVE to die"

For a good time - Do NOT go to this website --

Former Playboy Playmate of the Month arrested on felony charges (trafficking Oxycodone)

Freep: Pakistan suicide bombing a "terror attack under *O*’s watch"

Bad Cop Leisure Time

Updated Bikini Graph w/ the March 162,000 positive job growth

Updated Bikini Graph w/ the March 162,000 positive job growth

i dont want the soldiers prosecuted, but i want to know they are human and what happened

i dont want the soldiers prosecuted, but i want to know they are human and what happened

2fer: GHOULiani disowns Crist,uh ENDORSES T-bagger Rubio. Mc5Planes disowns 'maverick' label

Daughter of Greenpeace founders writes letter to President Obama

The stupid BURNS update: Teabagger offers PROOF that Obama’s a Muslim (photo with his shoes off)

Christian leaders use Easter to attack atheism

Did Jindal Bribe Louisiana’s Attorney General To Force Him To Join Frivolous Health Care Lawsuit?

Here's my initial reaction to the wikileaks video:

2 Officers Without Pay After Boy Hit With Taser

What Erickson MEANT to say was:

The whole scenario unfolding in the Vatican reminds me so much of Nixon's last days

More chaos among the RETHUGS -Swift Boat financier Sam Fox resigns from the RNC

I'm looking for a site that has earthquake animation apps

Tiger Woods!

Moving to the right, Bi-Partisan Senators Support Illegal Annexation of Western Saraha By Morocco

PA State Senator Jane Orie (R) is to be indicted. KDKA News just broke the story, it involves

I think it is lost

And Lo, John McCain Finally, Irrevocably Crossess The Rubicon Into DODDERING, DESPERATE TOOL

MarketWatch: Lehman 2.0 lurks on Wall Street

Cnn Interested in Tiger Woods and iPads while Al Jezeera Covering Real Stories

Shultz dealing with Obama v Rush

Watching "Capitalism - A Love Story" and gettin PISSED

Report cites questionable charter-school practices

Tweety leads with Tiger.

Links about the Reuters journalists from when it happened

Mine explosion in West Virginia...

Bob Shieffer CBS News, and People Magazine agree.. Church has very serious problem

A discussion about racial justice and economic inequality on Bill Moyers

Pew Poll: 73% Favor Legalizing Medical Marijuana - FDL

Every death of every Iraqi civilian non-combatant is murder.

Repub Young Eagles: Life in the fast lane-Rodeo, Xe, Steeplechase, London Fundraiser Trips

The downside of the RNC bondage strip-club story

A teabagger's dilemma - the case of runaway Rifqa Bary

End of a Delusion

Listenng to a "on site witness" to the mess in Mexicalli and Calexico

US special forces 'tried to cover-up' botched Khataba raid in Afghanistan

Priest accused of US abuse still working in India: was sent to prayer as discipline

Circuit City blight.....

A week after the drilling announcement- How many environmentalists have you seen on TV?

watching the news about The Vatican on PBS

I like this slogan

On Wikileaks Video... Glen Greenwald, Marci Wheeler...

Meg "Money Bags" Whitman in California

Since when did supporting the party leadership -- or agreeing with them -- make one right wing?

To put it BLUNTLY, support for Marijuana legalization is growing HIGHER, like a WEED

Priest Accused of U.S. Abuse Still Working in India

If you've never seen it before, "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room", a great documentary......

Freepers swarm protectively around the nest as Harry Reid snickers at the Queen Bee..."You Betcha!"

Obama is not...

Did someone prank Fox News?

Anyone here work for the VA?

Keeping up the war effort; What’s the key to making sure the US “prevails” in Afghanistan?

Bush foundation touts merit pay in new TV ad

Stopping by a foreclosure on a snowy evening...

Assembly passes 911 medical immunity bill for underage drinking

Oliver Willis: Steele plays race card as head of party filled with race detractors of the President

Should the MAFIA and other criminal organizations incorporate?

Need help interpreting election code--PLEASE!

The Teabaggers visit Mid-TN, and local news interviews

The Teabaggers visit Mid-TN, and local news interviews

Thom Hartmann/Lamar Waldron: Threats, Violence Against Congress Show Urgent Need 4 King Records Act

Chomsky: “The Evil Scourge of Terrorism”: Reality, Construction, Remedy

Sarah of the Flint HIlls (Palin lookalike in KS wants to be her proxy)

"Keep aiming your rifle where you're aiming it. Keep shooting. Now walk backwards"

Jimmy Carter's Speech at the 1980 Democratic Convention

Philadelphia to ease marijuana penalty

Not Just Guantanamo: US Torturing Muslim Pretrial Detainee in New York City

KO will have Grayson on in a bit to discuss

Large RW Christian Group Plans Government Takeover & More w/'s Rachel Tabachnick

Matt Dowd: GOP will win 30+ mid-term seats because people are angry and Dems own the levers of power

Hey ..... Hamid ....... bite me.

Hey ..... Hamid ....... bite me.

Well my LOCAL news station managed to get down to Mexicali

Reid Mocks Palin in Speech

A Method to Republican 'Madness'

The problem with splitting the United States into two countries

How The GOP Purged A Conservative

The apologists are already crawling out of their holes.

That marine that warned Americans not to EVER resist... he was right.

Michigan Militia plans Open-Carry Mixer to prove they're not nearly as crazy as the Hutaree nuts...

Is Michael Steele A Double Agent?

Dark as a Dungeon

A scenario/question, regarding empathy vs selfishness

NY state masks deficit by "shuffling" money

On Comments without any Substantive Basis in Reality...

Sarah Palin's scheduled speech has Cal State students pissed and riled up

And Finally... Reuters On The Wikileaks Video !!!

Census Bureau urges same-sex couples to be counted

Jim Hightower: Judicial Fabricators

Donna Smith (of "SiCKO"): Shame on All of You for Hurting the Least of These Again

I have always rooted for UnderDog and Sweet Polly Purebred

Firm employs large number of Pentagon mentors, paid by tax dollars working for defense contractors

Top military brass double dipping on pensions and salaries while working for defense contractors

How would you feel if Dubya came out and gave a speech about national reconciliation?

Wikileaks Video Hits The New York Times !!!

PEW - "The political enthusiasms of Millennials have since cooled -for Obama and his message"

Why The Repubs Are WELL AND TRULY FUCKED With Regard To The Census

Rules of Engagement-

Palin Rep Slams East Coast

Steele appoints Leavitt as Chief of Staff - GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

What's with all the earthquakes??? (a list)

I decided to do a quick check of the abc, cbs, nbc,cnn and "faux"

A Protracted Economic Downturn:

Before rooting for the Underdog, how much do we actually know?

Mexico./US border quakes - please post updates here

Steele appoints Leavitt as Chief of Staff - GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!

D.C. Circuit Abruptly Closes Courtroom in Guantanamo Case

Supreme Court prospect profiles, names floated citing WH sources to date

So, Michael Steele doesn't think that the GOP is a "colorblind" organization?!?!

How are the BlueDogs doing?

Katrina vanden Heuvel: States' Rights in Our Participatory Democracy

Why we need to save Public Education

British conservatives TOON

'Food, Inc.' and the Tyranny of a Corporate Controlled Economy

The Pope in a perp walk?

Carlsberg beer is pretty good.

It's Gonna Be REAL Interesting To See How The WH Handles The Wikileaks Tapes...

To all of you calling U.S. soldiers murderers today.

Podcast on NSA wiretaps, CIA abuses

Getting Seriously Sad: McCain 9.8:'I Never Considered Myself A Maverick'

If the US was illegally invaded and occupied how many americans would be walking around armed?

Mainstream banks engaging in 'payday' lending practices?

I need a picture of Karl Rove behind bars

US navy plans to ban smoking in submarines: report

The GOP has only one talent - Marketing. Selling shit sandwiches to the public since 1980.

Health insurers sue Massachusetts on rate denial & "disruption in the marketplace"

What's with all these "Missing Topics" tonight?

What Would Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Do Today?

DU Veterans, and vets only please. Regarding calling our troops murderers.

Labor to Lincoln: You're Not Obama's BFF

a fine example of Christian love in Mississippi (it isn't only gays apparently)

The military has an age old tradition of covering its own ass

How about that

Dear conservatives, the more you oppose Obama's moderate uncontroversial nominees...

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy tonight!

President Obama Decides to Agree to Limit When US Would Use Nuclear Arms - Also: No New Nukes

The chart you need to email to every conservative acquaintance you have

Pot Legalization PR: Driving Under the Influence.

GACK! "I hope the government is able to rebuild as fast as we did in New Orleans"

Offer. In. Hand.

On the Media and Baghdad

So I take a look at the NY Times site to see if the Wikileaks story is up.

BWHAHAHA: J.D.Hayworth: " It’s The NEW John McCain, NON-MAVERICK EDITION."

Pope Ratzinger and the Bushes: Two Peas In a Pedophile Protection Pod

The thing that gets me about the wikileaks video

MILF assigns guards for int'l peace monitors

The only question that really needs to be answered concerning the Wikileaks video.

Why were the Reuters journalists at that location if there was nothing shady going on?

None Dare Call It Sedition

I want to start a discussion about the advisability of the whole invading Afghanistan thing.

I want to start a discussion about the advisability of the whole invading Afghanistan thing.

Beyond Ensign's dire and deserved legal fate, what are the political implications?

You would think that a war photographer in Baghdad would know

Flashback: Mines stifle safety enforcement, MSHA says (SPIKE IN APPEALS CAUSES BACKLOG)

Big Banks Dominate U.S. Banking System.

Nuclear Nonsense (Kind of long read but worth it)

This will likely get lost but John Dean did a three hour interview on CSPAN

Texas man threatened deadly force to stop abortion

Toon: XKCD - Seismic Waves

RNC fractures amid spending dust-up

Why Sen. Ensign should be worried about possible indictment

SCOTUS list "says almost nothing about what Obama wants in a judge—beyond a confirmation"

Great - the Tea Klux Klan is coming to my town next week.

Ear-rack.... or EYE-rack ?

Judge voids scores of captives' habeas cases

Lying on the Census form?

Why didn't the Democrats keep Congress in session until Unemployment benefits were extended?

Ukraine scraps NATO accession plans

David Corn explains the huge difference between our fringe and the Republican fringe

Toon :The Good Samaritan

Uh, what the hell do I say?

China set to report record trade DEFICIT (not surplus) for March

Why the FUCK do we let the military investigate itself?

RIP to the Mars 'Spirit' Rover (which failed to "wakeup" from battery saving mode)

O'Reilly: It's "corruption" for the media to "engineer political thinking"

Stockton homeowners ordered to move their swimming pool

A Booming Business In A Bust Economy

Obama should nominate Pamela Karlan to the Supreme Court

A letter to a student angered by the hate mail she received over photos of the non-Constance prom...

WikiLeaks under attack by CIA and Pentagon

US Special Forces 'Tried to Cover Up' Botched Khataba Raid in Afghanistan

Tina Fey plans to take on Sarah Palin again when she returns to 'SNL' Saturday

Former IAEA chief: Iraq war killed “a million innocent civilians”

Turned on the news to get updates on the Baja earthquake

In another life, I drove ambulances.

AP now reporting on the Wikileaks video - refers to it as a "Baghdad firefight"

Better get used to gas at $3 a gallon

"Fiscal summit" = a seminar on fire prevention given by arsonists

Breaking: 6 dead and 21 missing in West Virginia coal mine explosion

Hutaree Suspect's behavior raised red flags in Ohio town

I'd like to welcome the new moderators; they are doing a good job already.

For the first time Alan Grayson's smile is gone....ALMOST....completely gone.

Don't Mess with California


Support bees with blue and yellow.......

HSUS Campaign to End Dogfighting - Vote!

HSUS Campaign to End Dogfighting - Vote!

CNN's Erickson lashes out, doubles down on "shotgun" remark

CNN's Erickson lashes out, doubles down on "shotgun" remark

David Shuster 'Ripped A New One,' May Be Off MSNBC Indefinitely

What do the Germans know about economics that we don''t know?

Columbia Journalism Review Reports on Wikileaks Iraq Killing Video Release

GOP Reps: Now "Everyone" Agrees Iraq was a Mistake

GOP Reps: Now "Everyone" Agrees Iraq was a Mistake

Palm Beach rich people have "cracker ball" to mock the poor. aren't they cute?

All Right Now, Listen Up

All Right Now, Listen Up

The Most Disturbing Presentation of the Year

Transcript of the audio from the WikiLeaks video

Bartcop Nails It Again:

Angry Fla teachers line up to testify against bill tying teacher pay to student test scores

Stupid People With Guns

I watched the full Iraq video and ....

I watched the full Iraq video and ....

HEADS-UP !!! - From March 16th... 'US Army Considered Attack On Wikileaks' !!!

I don't know if you guys know this, but there's been a coal mine explosion in West Virginia.

Is this a good time to remind everyone that the US bombed Al Jazeera twice?

Crist wants FL GOP investigated for possible tax evasion..

The Bush Family is also involved in health insurance, in case ya didn't know...

Why no love for Martin Luther King Jr Yesterday???

"10-block long area of homeless people sleeping in the middle of the sidewalk"

Now 16, Elian Gonzalez shown at Cuba youth meeting

HuffPo's Froomkin's excellent piece on the WikiLeaks Iraq video:

U.S. Military in Iraq Responds to Wikileaks, Releases Portions of Internal Investigation

A request for fairness in reference to the Iraq video

WikiLeaks Releases US Military Video of Indiscriminate Killing of Over 12 (Including 2 News Staff)

Oh.. my... god...

If you have watched the WikiLeaks video, what do you think?

"The Crumbling of America" On The History Channel

BBC: WikiLeaks posts 'killing' video / Al Jazeera English Interviews Wikileaks' Editor (Video)

Wikileaks Twitter: Disturbing Video on 'Cover-up' of Murder of Journalists in Iraq Released

Interesting placement of Sean Hannity's book in the grocery store...

An open letter to conservatives

Note to lurking TeaHadists: I am NOT a Communist. I am an American Citizen.

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaah Larry King to Jane Fonda

To the young man who is campaigning for no cussing....

Whoa! How did I miss this? A clear violation of the 1st Amendment!

Corporate Court Acting in Secret, Citizens Locked Out (Delaware)

A lifelong friend has turned TOTALLY Tea-bagger -- what to do?

A lifelong friend has turned TOTALLY Tea-bagger -- what to do?

How Eli Broad alumni are greatly involved in the corporate takeover of education.

I'm curious. If pot were legalized, how could we regulate

36 Still Images - WikiLeaks Iraq Video (Dial-Up Warning and UPDATE from Wikileaks

Obama Adopts Bush-Era Mining Rule (to dump waste on federal land)

What are the options for those of us facing long term unemployment

Koch Industries "Don't Buy" list.

How to Defeat a Pit Bull with Your Bare Hands

Michael Collins Reports from the WikiLeaks Press Conference, DC - "Collateral Murder"

The Natural on Bravo now.

Trololo cat

The DU Glossary needs some serious help


and in other news....

Source Confirms Stacey Dales Quit ESPN Because She Wouldn't Fly Coach

I have foot issues

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/5/10

A moth got into my place last night.

Interesting placement of Sean Hannity's book in the Grocery store...

Steamed crab legs suck ass...

Has anyone seen any good arguments in favor of NCAA Tournament expansion?

"Mad Men" song question.

after 25 year marriage, my wife is kicking me out because I cant find work for over several years now

Just in case, can Obama issue a prior restraint order on "The Butler Did It" headlines?

Jesse James tries In 'n' Out approach to rehab...he left, but he's back! USA! USA! USA! USA!

Just call me greatuncleoftwins

how do I attach a sig line that will appear with each of my posts?

anyone notice how LA Times Website is basically unviewable

Check this out!


I'm debating creation of two bumper stickers on Cafe Press, and I want your opinion

HDTV is interfering with my suspension of disbelief

Opening Day, baby!

Are you annoyed by postcopycatism?

What I do... I do to the best of my ability

Interesting "structure" videoed by pilot...what is it?

I it now offical, it now cargo shorts weather, to damn hot during the day for long pants.

Movie Poll: National Championship Edition

Behold, The Mighty I.K.S. Kanamara! K'pla!

Is Nothing Sacred?

Tiger's WIN!

Menu for tonight...

The only valid end to the sentence "The best fat for cooking (whatever) in is..." is "goose fat".

A new poster I created (a day late, dammit)

Man dislocates jaw on huge sandwich, chain changes sandwich's name

Little boy playing the drums.

Ben Folds + Chatroulette

Are the Nads playing tonight? n/t

The face of DUI, a repeat offender

these DUI threads...

Anyone own a Bose Wave multi-CD changer?

Today, I'm Walking Down 10th Street and This Woman Is Walking Next To Me....

fuck fuck fuck fuck

Kronos Quartet - Foxy Lady

Anyone here watch Archer?

Since You Can't Rec Or Unrec In The Lounge, Give This A Rec Or Unrec In Your Reply

Never mind me...

Carlsberg beer is pretty good.

A couple new old pics of me for your amusement.

Totally sucks, Butler played great..

Dr. Strange Appreciation Thread.

Posting a Link!

omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg Henry Rollins is cute and nice and I asked him to sign my boo

Holy Cow! We've got a live one, and I mean A LIVE ONE!!!

What are you listening to right now?

A description of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman according to the GMC Channel

It's spring!

A little poem for tonight: Anticipation

Earthquake Notifications

Supper @ Chez trof: Eggs Benedict

Oh my god! It's the Pink Chicken Snake! The Pink Chicken Snake!

Butler-Duke thread

Beer and chinese food do not make your problems go away

Tiger Woods!

baseball's back!


Rolling Stones Tour Manager Sam Cutler Finally Tells His Side of the Altamont Fiasco

Sing...sing a song

OK. How's Apple gotta modify the iPad to get ya to buy one?


Someone tried to set our elevator on fire Friday night.

Latest offshoot of the Star Wars franchise...

Latest offshoot of the Star Wars franchise...

Perfect Husband

NCAA final has a lot of ads for movies featuring men acting like immature morons. nt

Not sure if I told you this, but there's a new Chick Tract up

Just another addictive online game

Carrot Addiction Can Be Fatal

Palm vs Blackberry

Before DU, After DU

Babies with kittehs pics - Cute alert

Golf is super boring. How the hell can anyone watch it without getting rip roaring drunk?

Any movie recommendations, going to rent a movie from itunes.

How Goliath got whipped

Philly Eagles succumb to idiot fans, trade McNabb - to REDSKINS!!!

Time again for the yearly "Post your favorite Baseball team and when they will be eliminated....

Ok time to kill me. I think I like Lady GaGa.

A big THANK YOU to those who came to Saturday's meet up. Here's the first batch of pics!

Nutliquor - Peanut Butter Vodka (think the inside of a Reese's peanut butter cup)

Are you annoyed by postmodernism?

why does it have a "repeal obamacare" link on the homepage?

Mitchell Howie: 'People are tired of business as usual' in Congress

To the GOP, It's not denial. It's selective acceptance of reality.

Nats Season Opener to Feature a Leftie on the Mound


Its so easy to say NO.. The Negation Nation

DCCC Weighs Picking Sides in Hawaii Special

**** Heads Up: The White House Easter Egg Roll, Live! ****

Krugman today on 'Fool-Resistant Financial Reform'

Prez is doing some TV play by play at the game. Right NOW. Channel 50 in DC.

Steele "plays the race card", says he and Obama have a "slimmer margin".

Thune makes state history

Paul Paints Grayson as the Candidate of DC Insiders in New Ad

US service sector gauge grows faster in March

Utah gov's Dem challenger narrows fundraising gap

A non lawyer for Supreme Court, someone like Rachel Maddow. The next

An academic or a former politician for Stevens replacement on the Supreme Court?

Sen. Bob Bennett debates GOP challengers in Utah

Kansas attorney general won't challenge health care law

Unemployment legislation in the Senate only advances eligibility dates for the millions of

A lone Republican, Sen. Tom Coburn, said no ...unemployment benefits will expire for 1,000's

***Obama getting ready to throw out first pitch***

Pending home sales rise 8.2 percent in February

Republicans blocking the second most effective economic stimulus--unemployment benefits

Steele's Convenient Understanding Of Racism.

Top GOP lawmakers want accountability at RNC

A totally dishonest headline.

Big Banks counting on Blanche Lincoln to water down derivatives provisions in Dodd's banking bill

Markey Banks Big After Health Care Vote

AZ-Sen: McCain With Comfortable Lead Over Hayworth

Kansas City: Bomb Scare Forces Evacuation Of Federal Courthouse

My name is M-mu-mu-mu-NO

Assault charges filed against deputies accused of punching and kicking inmate

How will the CARD act affect you? That depends.

Meg Whitman's deep pockets put her ahead of Jerry Brown

About The Real Origin of Those Tea Parties?

Telegraph (London): David Petraeus for President.

Interpol ramps up hunt for Saddam Hussein's daughter

Survey: TARP driving 8.5 percent profit

Pakistan Blasts: At Least 30 Dead In Attacks

Pakistan Blasts: At Least 30 Dead In Attacks

PHOTOS A pint-sized Plouffe

Murray Raises $1 Million; Rossi Still Undecided

Yes, Barack Obama was the model for Matt Santos on NBC's West Wing.

Obama understands responsibility of being 1st Black president, Steele doesn’t understand his

Gibbs: Steele's Problem Isn't the Race Card, It's the Credit Card

US service sector gauge grows faster in March

Iraq police: Shiite family of 6, including 4 children, gunned down in Iraq

How do the consumer protection agencies stack up in the House and Senate bills?

I am doing a rally call to back up the President.. "restricting the nation's use of nuclear arms,"

Iraqi medical doctors implicated in plundering body organs

Chinese hail 'miracle' rescue of 115 miners

Come on DOW (DJIA) are so close to 11,000......just break through!!!

U.S. admits three women killed in raid (Afghanistan)

U.S. Service Industries Grow at Fastest Pace Since May 2006, Creating Jobs

Scores of miners found alive after eight days trapped underground

Charity to give $100M in grants for new art spaces

Now 16, Elian Gonzalez shown at Cuba youth meeting

NYT BREAKING NEWS: Obama Limits When U.S. Can Use Nuclear Weapons

Hostettler’s Unorthodox Senate Campaign

OUCH! Race is the Only Thing Helping Steele

Rank the Democratic Presidents since FDR.

Is there any truth to Medicare being the biggest denier of claims, and if so, does anyone know why?

US special forces 'tried to cover-up' botched Khataba raid in Afghanistan

'I Never Considered Myself a Maverick'

USC/LA Times Poll Reveals Shift in Attitudes Regarding Undocumented

RNC loses top fundraiser

Apple IPad Listings on EBay Surge Amid Foreign Demand

Health insurers sue Mass. on rate denial

Accomplishments under less than a year and a half of Obama Presidency

Vatican Declined to Try Accused Priest

This Feud with Rush.

AP Source: Report on Social Security delayed

After lengthy review, US plans to adopt a more restrictive policy on using nuclear weapons

Micheal Steele's new DVD of LA Stripper Republican Event may backfire with conservative base

Obama offers condolences and help after mine blast


Gibbs: Washington remains concerned about Karzai

New York State GOP gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino has 10-year-old love child

Reid Mocks Palin in Speech

SKorean navy pursuing hijacked tanker off Somalia

'Oriental yeti' discovered in China

WaPo - "Obama to join with religious leaders for an Easter prayer breakfast" - Emphasis On Poverty!

PHOTOS Easter Bunnies

(UK) PM to announce 6 May general election

The 5 Worst VP Picks since 1948

CHUGGO WEEK 2010: "C'mon Fuckin' Guy: A DU Lounge Novella"

Shakeup: RNC Chief of Staff resigns - "full-scale bloodletting under way at the troubled committee"

Frank Rich - "It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Obama!" - On Right and Left Seeing What They Want...

Ken McKay RESIGNS: RNC Chief Of Staff Out In Wake Of 'Bondage-Gate'

L.A. Faces Insolvency Without Using Reserve Fund

Dear GOD, I did not realize what exactly the President said about Rush and Beck.. I am shocked

Paper: GOP senator likely to be indicted

What the hell is wrong with California? We're about to put another republican in office?

I actually agree with Tom Coburn

Media spin: "4 in 10 in Tea Party Dems. or Independents"

Philadelphia to ease marijuana penalty


Death of the White House Press Corps

Dr David Kelly inquest could reopen

Karzai to lawmakers: ‘I might join the Taliban’

6 Dead, 21 Missing In W.Va. Mine Blast

Wikileaks video showing cover-up of murder of civilians and journalists through US forces in Iraq

Will a conservative Supreme Court Justice be replaced by a liberal by 2016?

Federal Government Seeking Maximum $16M Penalty Against Toyota

Rank the Republican Presidents from best to worst

Texas man threatened deadly force to stop abortion

Judge dismisses scores of Guantanamo habeas cases

What Happened At Constance McMillen’s Prom

Obama Limits When U.S. Would Use Nuclear Arms

US Received 8.5% Return From Bailouts: Report

Unemployment benefits expire for thousands (Sen. Coburn blocks extension)

WaPo should have informed readers there are no criminal penalties for failure to buy health insuranc

Kick CNN from the press pool until it steps back from Erickson's provocation:

What Are The Priority Issues of Immigration Reform- María Elena Duraz

Papantonio Slams A Neo-Nut

Suicide bomber has blown himself up in the Pakistani city of Peshawar close to the US consulate

Husband + Husband =

God's Army calls Hutaree Crazy at Federal Court House Interview

Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) tells Chinese NOT TO TRUST AMERICA's WORD

Young Turks: Obama Vs. Glenn Beck & Rush Limbaugh (Video)

What do YOU think of this Senate candidate?

Michael Steele: The GOP second-guesses me, is uncomfortable with my streetwise managerial style

Paranoid Patriots Identify Snitch!

Union Airs New TV Ad Targeting Blanche Lincoln

Tom Lehrer - The Vatican Rag - now on DVD

Al Jazeera: WikiLeaks video 'shows US attack'

Harry Reid - You Betcha

Youtube Patriots WHINE about Think Progress

William Engdahl: US won't recover for at least 15 years

fake rapture prank ---THIS IS GREAT

Collateral Murder (US Killing Civilians and Reporters)

Hitler rants about the Downfall Parodies being blocked

Aral Sea Almost DRIED UP: UN Chief Calls It 'Shocking Disaster'

Arbitration Fairness Act HR: 1020 - Flood Car Bound by Arbitration

Discussion Panel (Part 1) On "Netizens" and the fate of Iranian Reporters - Johns Hopkins University

Oil Leak Threatens Great Barrier Reef (Makes me sick to see!)

Wikileaks' Editor Julian Assange Discusses The "Collateral Murder" Video With Al Jazeera English

Thom Hartmann - Has the militarization of our police departments cost us our 4th Amendment rights?

TYT: (D) Rep. Hank Johnson: Island of Guam Will Tip Over!

Nancy Skinner on Fox Business talking about the Dow getting closer to 11,000

Dylan Ratigan WikiLeaks Video PT. 1: Lt. Col - 'Rules of Engagement Were Not Followed'

Dylan Ratigan Show: Panel Discusses Wikileaks Iraq Video PT. 2

Countdown: Grayson - 'Soon the Right-Wing Garbage Collectors Will Only Collect Right-Wing Garbage'

Thom Hartmann - Is the Obama Administration worse than the Bushies about illegal wiretapping?

Interviews You Won’t See on U.S. TV!

A 2010 Census Message from Karl Rove (tee hee)

TYT (Scary) Interview: Radical RW Christian Movement Plans Government Takeover & More

Teahadist in Chief: Delusions of Grandeur part one

Brother Of Dead Reuters Photographer Namir Nour El Deen Reacts To The Video Released By Wikileaks

Hitler hears there are problems with Hannity's Freedom Concerts.

CNN Shows Clip Of Wikileaks' "Collateral Murder" Video But Are In Damage Control Mode...

Wikileaks leaked video of Civilians killed in Baghdad - Full video

Paul Krugman:Making Financial Reform Fool-Resistant

American Pastime: OverPaying CEOs (Barry Ritholtz, author of 'Bailout Nation')

Unserious About Iran

How Americans are propagandized about Afghanistan

We Aren't Fooling Anyone in Marjah

Sweeping it under the blood rug

Lebanese psychic has execution stayed, says lawyer

Watchdog Group Raises Alarm Over ‘Payday Loans’ at Mainstream Banks

Back to Market Fundamentalism

The Town Hall Dog That Didn't Bite

Report: Hutaree Member Wanted Guns To Protect Self From 'Crime Family'

Ann Coulter Confronted by Canadians for Racist Comments

Facebook is wrecking my daughter's future

Science is Bad!

Debunkers of Fictions Sift the Net

Advanstar to outsource 100 jobs to India

Korean Couple Nurtured Virtual Baby While Real Baby Starved to Death, Say Reports

To Deal With Sex Abuse Scandal, Pope Seeks Counsel From Father Guido Sarducci

In Pictures: President Obama hosts annual White House Easter Egg Roll

Will Fox News Destroy the Republican Party?

Phonesourcing: Bringing Call Centers Back to the U.S.

Josh Marshall:All, All, All About Race

Can CNN Be Saved?

Chris Hedges: How the Corporations Broke Ralph Nader and America, Too

Copenhagen climate summit wasn't a flop, reports say-154 new domestic policies initiated

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: April 5, 2010

Pakistan: Loadshedding at its worst

Fuel Leak Threatening Great Barrier Reef

UK Treasury lukewarm on plan for Iceland to pay debt in energy

New York Regulators Deny Water Permit for Nuclear Plant

Obama Misses the Big Oil

Peak oil review - Apr 5

Drill baby drill - a second reality check

Drought causes thermal coal shortage in central China province

Study Of Greenland Nitrous Oxide Release Finds 20X Levels Of Earlier Main Source, Tropical Forests

Meg Whitman and Oil Corps Seek to Overturn California's Anti-Global Climate Change Bill:

Oil Surges to Highest Level in 17 Months on U.S. Jobs Report

BP Fights to Limit Controls On Shale Gas Drilling:

Chinese Collier Stranded On Great Barrier Reef "Could Easily Break Up" - SMH

Rare Carnivorous Plants Worldwide May Be Taking Hit From Cadmium In Insect Prey - SciAm

Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission Rejects Deepwater Wind's Price Demand.

Ocean Acidification "Already More Extreme" Than Seas & Animals Have Seen In Millions Of Years

High nitrous oxide production from thawing permafrost

Maine Voices: Support for and Opposition to Makes Maine Wind Power a Coin Flip.

NASA Slated To Receive Billions To Study Earth

Proposed grid to make offshore wind power more reliable

(Wind) power that is too pricey

NREL Finds a Way to Give LEDs the Green Light

Comments of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation on Cape Wind (They don't approve.)

BP Already Lobbying In Fight Against Any Federal Regulation Of Shale Gas Hydraulic Fracturing

Physicist Creates Most Magnetic Material on Earth, Might Overturn Laws of Physics

Chinese Collier Did Not Have Pilot On Board, Recalling Similar Wreck A Full 10 Years Ago

President, First to Propose Getting 20% of Our Energy, From Wind, to Speak At AWEA Conference.

Forest epidemic is unprecedented phenomenon, still getting worse

Unicorns? Sasquatch? Green Republicans?

Indiana Environment Agency Saves $285,000 By Shutting Down State's Mercury Monitoring System

Wind Farms, Sage Grouse, And Loopholes.

Oregonians Demand that the State Enforce Noise Laws...For, Um, Wind Farms.

Obama Administration OKs World's Largest Coal Plant

Four Nuclear Myths

Oregon's Steen Mountain, prized for wilderness views, to get wind farm.

Butler's Shelvin Mack is fine and will play tonight.

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, April 4)

Something Wicked This Way Comes >>

Report: MLB salaries down 17 percent from '09

The McNabb trade according to Dallas fans and pundits

The Tiger Woods Show Begins in 2 Minutes

Now that the Redskins have traded for McNabb, it looks like Tim Tebow

Report: Nets to make Krzyzewski rich offer

Boxing: Intervention

£50 million for a guy with a broken leg? (redqueen, don't read this)

Don Nelson ties Lenny Wilkens for NBA career coaching wins

Rachel excited about baseball!

President Obama sure can't throw a baseball. Link>>

Atlanta rookie Jason Heyward belts homer with first Major League swing

Another douche move by Snyder: Campbell found about about the McNabb trade from a reporter!

Well, CRAP. I really wanted Butler to win this one.

TIGER RULES AND RETURNS...his practice round was followed by thousands of supporters

The Pirates pound the LA Dodgers 11-5 behind Garrett Jones 2 HRS's to move

Congratulations Duke

The Natural on Bravo now.

So who is going to watch Tiger this Thursday?

He's back!!

If you not talking about the DETROIT Tigers......

Piedad Cordoba Leads Hostage Liberation in Colombia

No giving in to dissident 'blackmail': Cuba

Human Rights Watch Issues Statement about Venezuela Government Abuses

Uruguayan president visits Venezuela looking for new businesses

Bolivians learning to operate satellites

Putin, Chavez, Morales to Sign Military, Energy Deals

DUers posting from Cuba - check in thread

Small gains for Bolivia's Morales in state votes

Now 16, Elian Gonzalez shown at Cuba youth meeting

Chevron Says Ecuador Pollution Records Fabricated

Chavez responsible for reviving liberation theology in Latin America...

Brazilian and US governments discuss military cooperation

Mexico’s Calderon Seeks Stronger Antitrust Law, Fines

Venezuela's Aluminum Industry Workers Protest against Labor Conditions

Venezuela ratifies purchase of half Dominican refinery

Brazil: Presidential elections polls

Antanas Mockus Šivickas

Report: Probe concludes IDF failures led to killings of 4 Palestinians

Israel is refusing to see what Obama wants

PCHR: 2 kidnapped, tortured by gunmen in Gaza

Israeli youth: Indifferent patriots

Ex-NY Mayor Koch: Obama Anti-Israel ‘In Order to Please Muslims’

Israel will attack Iran by Nov: ex-Israeli defence official

Today in Labor History Apr 5 Workers struck the Kohler Company the longest labor dispute on record

Well dang, no trip to Disney

As Dems End Deadlock on Crucial National Labor Board, What’s Next on Agenda?

Summary Box: United Airlines labor negotiations

Workers Roused to Seek Wage Rights

Obama Needs to Take On Labor Allies in Trade Fight: Albert Hunt

AP: Company to restore money taken from pension plan

Four Gaza factions announce rocket cease-fire with Israel

Correction: Human Rights Watch

2 of my published poems about loved ones who died from AIDS

McCain Photo Swiped for Gay Porn Site

I don't know if anyone cares about this but me but at 12 Pacific on Link

'Fake Prom' conspiracy unravels via Facebook photos

COUNTER PROTEST in IA - Westboro Church @ Drake University, Saturday April 10th

So why do gay guys insist on calling my bi-self "straight"

E-mail exchange between pro/anti gun control physicians

Shooting in playground packed with children.

Where can I find a list of words/phrases that are banned on DU's Guns forum? n/t

Students Resist Colleges, Strap on Empty Holsters

Easter Egg Lesson

Women dancing in a fountain

And the April contest theme is....

Fly Away Home

Russia to launch Cryosat-2 satellite on April 8

Pics of Iceland Volcanic Eruption

"Roaming" Magnetic Fields Found

Strong Geomagnetic Storm in Progress

Magnetic fields roaming across universe

The ISS flies through an aurora! Wow!!!!

Elizabeth Pisani: Sex, drugs and HIV -- let's get rational

Live NASA TV Video & Countdown Clock

Did a comet swarm strike America 13,000 years ago?

Is A Human Space Flight Compromise Emerging?

Weekly Weather April 5, 2010

Feeling waves of futility this morning...

Leaving The Church But Not The Identity (Baggott | NPR)

U.S. Catholic bishops issue rule on feeding tubes

Colson’s Curious Confession

Christian leaders use Easter to attack atheism

I'm watching this Frontline show about how Christ was turned into a religion..

A Difficult Love Affair? On the Relation between Marxism and Theology (Boer | MR)

On atheism and charity.

He's Risen - Now What?

New Health Initiatives Put Spotlight on Prevention

'Pig sushi' diabetes trial brings xenotransplant hope

"To rob a country, own a bank"

How Washington Abetted the Bank Job

They're Back: Speculators again reportedly behind rising oil prices

Contesting Jobless Claims Becomes a Boom Industry

Breastfeeding could save lives

Good one page at a glance economic indicators.

More "kindle economics"

Sub-prime loans STILL being offered. Look at this ad:

Easy to read one page foreclosure laws for your state.

NYT: States Skeptical About ‘Race to Top’ School Aid Contest - "SB6 - A Devious Plan" (Video Link)

WSWS: Parents, students, teachers speak out against Detroit school closures

Senate Bill 6 / House Bill 7189: Notes from personal meetings and pre-K-12 committee