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Archives: April 4, 2010

Happy Easter from the OVAL Office!

Anyone familiar with the phrase "Holger Danske Vagner"?

Violence at anti-mosque protest

I used to enjoy "My Cage"

Wow the pot bill in california is bringing out the nutjobs

Is Palin liable?

New name for SCOTUS said to be considered by WH

Braced for it

Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial (42 years ago today)

Friday news dump item: CBS Exclusive: No Criminal Charges Likely in AIG Collapse

S.Africa far-right leader Eugene Terreblanche murdered: report

A Hoppy Easter to All on DU and best wishes for those of us who will attend family gatherings

John Paul Stevens: I will surely retire while Obama's Still President

The Pope vs. Bush and Obama - why the different standards?

Details: White House Easter Egg Roll 2010

Is it easier for the media to cover conservative protests than liberal protests?

Crist wants Feds to investigate the state GOP

Does Medicare benefit the poor?

Crist wants probe of Fla. GOP finances: ‘This thing stinks’

Bayer Beats Out ExxonMobil for Most Toxic Corporate Air Polluter Title

Anyone watching Andrew Sullivan on Fareed Zarkaria's GPS?

Weekly Address: President Obama Extends Holiday Greeting

A prediction about corporate campaign contributions (C3):

Mass. grapples with new tea party's future

Most indicted members of militia group are voters

Second "Please chose 1 from the list below" poll

Easter, as viewed by corporate America

Sorry Howard Kurtz

Critics Say Firm Weakens Safety Net as It Fights Jobless Claims

Happy Zombie Jeebus Day!!

FRUM told Mistah KURTZ limbosevic only has 3M listeners/da, is one of most UNpopular

How to bribe the media

How to bribe the media

Imperial Overstretch in Afghanistan: China's Global Shopping Spree v. the US' folly

Sportastic Sports Drinks Give You Big Balls

Don't Run from the Republican Slime Machine. Attack it With Fury.

Heads up: John Dean on BookTV!

Happy Peeps Day, everybody...

Happy Easter and a great read from the POCM site.

For your Easter pleasure, here's the Washington Post's Peeps Show IV!

Abuse hotline set up by Catholic Church in Germany melts down on first day as 4,000 people phone in

Here's what should keep Democrats going

New York Denies Indian Point a Water Permit

Palin Family Values

How Do You Post a Long Interview on Youtube?

Two efforts to regulate derivatives: one led by Collin Peterson; the other, by Blanche Lincoln

Protect the working class and poor like they protect the Fed, Banksters, Warcriminals.

An Open Letter to President Obama asks to nominate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for the supreme court.

NTT has successfully demonstrated an optical transmission of 69.1 TB/sec over a single 240km fiber

Too Fat to Fail - Why we need to keep the punishing mandate to buy insurance.

Too Fat to Fail - Why we need to keep the punishing mandate to buy insurance.

US human rights record challenged by the Indian Nations

An authoritarian, corporate,...

Tea Toon

The History of Indulgences, How They Work and an Updated Version

Florida doc who posted sign about not wanting Obama supporters has no idea what's in the bill

U.S. Intelligence Agencies Badgering Wiki Leaks in Advance of April 5 Video:

Family Feud: Idaho versus Oregon

It's interesting to read comments posted following stories; this one is incredibly sad

2 children on Easter egg hunt find body in Des Moines park

Aljazeera: The Cult of Apple


Taliban have “reseized control and the momentum in a lot of ways” in Northern Marja

If white: Radical activist. If a minority: Radical and arrrogant.

Two iPad firsts: One used for an Easter Sunday Mass reading and the first mugging.

The Curse of the Computer

Best teabagger ever

I expect a shitload of Teabaggers to be placed on no fly lists.

Since we have shown we don't need gop votes to pass something, let's really make the knuckledraggers

Karzai Threatens to Block NATO's Kandahar Offensive

The E - Bunny Just Came for my teen age son

Easter Mass becomes papal pep rally in Rome

S&P/Case-Shiller home price indices indicate the government-sponsored real estate bounce has ended

Was Jesus executed or "crucified"?

My company is very aggressively hiring highly technical people. Entry Level $150-200K

1965 All Over Again?- The reach of persistent progressivism.

The Biden's spent Easter in Florida

Sarah Palin is 'pal-in' around with terrorists.

Convicted Rapist Accused Of Winking At Victim

Grand Ol' Party of hate

We need to erect billboards too- Here's my revised attempt at an anti-Bachmann sign.(pic)

Remembering Jesus on Easter Sunday: “what you do unto the least of these, you do unto me.”

Pride: In the Name of Love

On this 42nd "anniversary" of Martin's Assassination.....

Must be tough to have to defend this Karzai fellow

Joseph Stigletz: "The Great American Bank Robbery" Part II

Ain't Too Proud to Beg

Trying To Get To Sleep - But These 4 DU Posts Have Kept Me Up & Scared.........

Pope hailed as 'unfailing leader', vatican paper refers to 'vile defamation operation'

Contesting jobless claims becomes a boom industry

FRANK RICH---It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Obama!

Hannity calls his viewers "Tim McVeigh wannabes"

Justice For AC! Trial begins April 5th! Local artist, activist, and street philosopher

Arch Coal Responds to EPA’s Latest Action Against Key Permit for Proposed Spruce No. 1 Mine

Fox's "Faces of the Tea Party" slideshow celebrates "a mixed, diverse group" leaves out the carnies

Friar sings in the suburbs to keep Detroit homeless center running

Rick Perry? A rant to southern lurkers. Stop the insanity.

I would have no problem shooting a chupacabra but

Kristol: ‘Better’ for US to attack Iran than if Israel did

Long Wavy Earthquake in Los Angeles, still going on



Huge quake somewhere far from me in SoCal

Probably the Algodones fault south of Mexicali in Baja Ca.

The Obama Coalition + European Social Democracy

The Obama Coalition + European Social Democracy

big earthquake in San Diego just now

Anyone in LA just feel that long rolling earthquake?

Has anyone seen It has All your personal information at hand

teen mothers are an american crisis as TV reality shows reveal BUT

Am I Missing Something Here???

Am I Missing Something Here???

In South Africa Is The ANC Goverment Evil?

Vatican: Recounting of sexual abuse and coverups are now "petty gossip"

So, uh, has there been an earthquake in Southern Cal today?

Are we still outraged over the offshore drilling plan?

U.S. and Allied Forces: We Killed Those Pregnant Afghan Women After All

Teabaggers remind me of people with Stockholm syndrome

I am outraged...

30 dead, 200 wounded in 3 bombings in Baghdad today

30 dead, 200 wounded in 3 bombings in Baghdad today

Street View On Google Maps Has Gone 3D!

Today's epic Hershey's vitamins and minerals fail (ALWAYS read the label)

A teenager dosed with gas and set on fire, he was black and on strike in Memphis, 1968

This is chilling.

Honor Cesar Chavez by protecting farmworker children

Looking For Profound Change... Without Leaving The Country ???

I have to 9 yr old cats, recently one has started peeing on furniture

The free-market bastardization of Adam Smith

Much has changed in the years since King’s death

More Than 800 Iraqis and Afghans Have Filed for Compensation over Civilian Deaths

Quelle Surprise !!!: Climategate "scandal" made from whole cloth

Ah that was a heck of a quake, and just an aftershock

Ah that was a heck of a quake, and just an aftershock

60 minutes is doing patented genes

Earthquake Animated Map

Right-wingers ignore facts as they rewrite U.S. history

CNN doesn't want to hear about earthquake preparedness drills.

Loss of focus, in a goal oriented society

Benazir covered up my father's murder, says Fatima Bhutto

Advocating violence against America is treasonous, got that GOP? Got that Sarah?

Great earthquake video

Nixon had notion to use nuclear bomb in Vietnam

John Avlon Compares Citizen's Arrest Of Karl Rove To Domestic Terrorism Of Hutaree Militia

Tea Party Strategy Letter Leaked

Updated my lung transplant blog....

Just Think for a Moment....

They actually had ceiling tiles at San Diego Lindberg

It was a 6.9, 26 km ( 16 mi) SSW of Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico.

The Idaho GOP's Pro-Militia Candidate....

Interesting exchange on CNN...

Which Sunday Morning Talkshow should I watch today?

So when unemployment benefits end for many people, will that lead to a "drop" in unemployment?

They got some MINOR damage in Mexicalli

Founding fathers adopted the first "individual mandate" back in 1792.

slavery on Larry King

RIP Martin Luther King Jr. - April 4, 1968.

A Sentimental Journey

MSNBC: Average CEO pay down to $9.53 million in ’09. Larry Ellison only took home $84.5M.

are you alone this holiday?

Quake upgraded by USGS to 7.2

Socialism, is it making a comeback?

Would most people rather reply to DU posts on sex or politics?

RipOff or not? Subliminal Messaging Computer Software - flashes subliminal messages on your screen.

Teabaggers, your unemployment check is a socialist document.

Dubai court upholds jail sentence for couple who kissed in restaurant


Need good, solid info on Obama's tax cuts

limpballs accuses Obama of Characer assassination. Projection much mush limpballs?

Can the CIA sabotage Iran's nuclear project?

13% of American Voters are Teahadists...

Eastern Missouri, Western Illinois DUer's, it's that time of year again, tornadoes

Healthy earthquake in San Diego

American youth in crisis

Report: Company slows unemployment claims

Report: Company slows unemployment claims

Report: Company slows unemployment claims

Cut off ALL federal funding to states that are threatening to sue over HCR.

And the aftershocks keep coming. - about 5 or 6 now! Yuma is about

Tea Parties divided over one of their candidates who receives farm subsidies

LISTEN UP, if you happen to be in San diego County

So Cal Earthquake, right now!

Obama Administration Backs Making Radio Pay Fees

What is wrong with our media?

Well here is SOME REAL NEWS from Mexicalli and the rest of Baja

Evangelicals throwing rocks at Haitians during their Vodou ritual for the dead......

Republican Threatens Flibuster If Next Supreme Court Nominee Stands Up ‘For The Little Guy'

Feisty Ahmadinejad mocks U.S., vows to strengthen Iran nuclear program

I am scared.

Does anyone have the scoop on fake author John Avalon?

Kyl: GOP Willing To Filibuster Obama’s Yet-To-Be-Named SCOTUS Nominee

"Early morning, April 4...

China blocks Bob Dylan gigs

surge update: U.S. Admits Role in February Killing of Afghan Women

Need laughter? A really cool video....

Europe’s backlash against immigrants

What is more credible, an Easter Egg or the Pope?

Kim Jong Il. words just fail.

Noam Chomsky: Globalization Marches On (Growing popular outrage has not challenged corporate power)

We all have a purpose in life.

We all have a purpose in life.

surge update...Easter Bombings Kill 22 in Baghdad

Nine workers rescued from China mine

RNC Chairman Steele's Newest Aide Misused Baseball Groups' Money

FOX's Gretchen Carlson: Pope has become media's "target" during Holy Week

The whole crew of Star Trek: First Contact have iPads.

Feeding Robins on Easter

Feeding Robins on Easter

“We walked proudly out the front doors and walked by the neo-Nazis with our heads held high.”

“We walked proudly out the front doors and walked by the neo-Nazis with our heads held high.”

I was talking to my friend today about healthcare.... God I love the minds at DU

They've gotten brazen follks

They've gotten brazen follks

Sting: Let's End the War on Drugs

Mr. President: Why are Americans dying in Afghanistan?

Mr. President: Why are Americans dying in Afghanistan? 25 words or less 25 words or less

Meet The Press 4-4-10

Meet The Press 4-4-10

25 top-earning hedge fund managers earned $25.3 billion overall in 2009

The American Death Wish: no one will do what is necessary, catastrophe will happen.

A few metacomments about the earthquake and the media

Tiger Woods fears mistress run-in at Masters return; Security beefed up to 90 guards: report

Sarah Palin. "Can She Save America?" Get your barf bag out.

Not Just Guantanamo: U.S. Torturing Muslim Pre-Trial Detainee in New York City

Legality of Drone Strikes Still in Question

Debating the repubs/teabaggers is a complete waste of time...

Re: SOS for Crawford Peace House

April 2010 War Criminal Appearances

April 2010 War Criminal Appearances

Shopping on Easter

Robert Reich: The Obama Administration's Approach ... Will Do 'Nothing' To Change Wall Street

I Missed The Latest Palinism

if the battle between the republicans and democrats was a movie

Sign the Sarah Palin Petition!

Doctor Against Treating Obama Supporters Admits Not Knowing What’s In Health Reform Bill(Audio)

I am afraid that California is going to get hit with a big size aftershock

20th Century Man

Yet another anti-government Teabagger Welfare Queen

If You Haven't read Barack's "Audacity of Hope" Yet, You Should.

Bullying on DU

Is This On MSM YET!? Hannity Incites "Wanna Be Mc Veighs"

Grounded Ship: 3km Oil Spill on Great Barrier Reef -- "High Speed Impact" ...

So now the Beckmeister is claiming that Nazis were actually left-wing liberals?

Is your Easter candy Hershey's/Cadbury? UK employees shocked and awed.

"Some television network has convinced them that America is about to shove her history in the toilet

Scientists Perfecting the First-Ever Nontoxic Chili Grenade

Please chose 1 from the list below

Little publicized report comes out by US on human right abuses in Afghanistan.

Driver's Third DWI Kills Two, Injures Three

Unemployment measures & what they mean.

How to spot a Republican/GOP'er/Teabagger

"Factory Food"

Easter is now Christmas: The Sequel

Freepers respond to California GOP coming out against pot legalization (Awesome Read!)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Beyond Vietnam -- A Time to Break Silence

CNN shamelessly propagandizes Iranian rumors with same lies that preceded unlawful War of Aggression

Anybody see that History Channel show about the 3D Shroud of Turin image?

Senator Smalley Strikes Again: For the Battle-Scarred, Comfort at Leash’s End

The End of the Republican Party

What has more unintentional humor than creationist 'science'?

Grow your own - food - in an apartment, anywhere!



Some post-modern percussion-based techno-concept music

Another DU Lounge early morning tune thread: Scott Walker-Montague Terrace (in blue)

My male hamster is trying to hump my male praying mantis who is

Do you like sunsets? I photographed a beauty last night.

2010 World Series Champs begin their season

This reminds me of that Simpsons episode...

Who's scariest--the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, or the Tooth Fairy?

Bought my daughter a solar mobile for Easter

I found a new old pic of me and my big brother.

weekend LOST anticipation thread

There's a Shirley Temple marathon on AMC

Easter Sunday's just one more day I can't buy bourbon before noon.

Fantasy Baseball League -- Spots Open

Talk about getting an Easter gift/surprise

What's your idea of a "Perfect Day"? I had one of those few-and-far-between days today...

Were there any big hit songs you honest to god thought were novelty records?

I am in my mom's house,for the 1st time in 4 years.

Bumper sticker I want the most: Grow up.

Had a little situation at the grocery store today.

Leaving Las Vegas: Rearview:A Lifetime Of Struggle Went Into John O'Brien's Most Famous Work"

This is what it was like last night in Salt Lake City...

The Twelve Steps

Who is the Greatest ThreadKiller ot them all ? Speak now or forever hold your

Admit it. You know you love them.

I miss you Dad....happy birthday...

Of These Choices, Which is the Best Name for a Magazine?

Anyone have the link to the DU thread thanking the KS Rep for HCR vote?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/4/10

Does iced tea count as pop?

I'm off to get my medicinal KFC!

Ten Signs Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

A Peep reenactment of the RNC's recent health care legislation summit

Mass was too long - wah!!

Old Easter joke -- but a classic

Am I weird or is it my family? Dinner conversation.

Lucifer's Testicles

I bought a gas guzzler, I feel guilty but I needed the space for the spawn

Right Now: National Geographic Channel, Cave of the GIANT CRYSTALS!

I feel like a bad person/family member

Okay, so TM is a little late arriving for Easter Dinner.

Because It's Easter, Patton Oswalt on Paas

It is rumored...

7:23 p.m. in Switzerland. What's on the menu for Easter dinner where y'all are?

My front yard is not your dog's bathroom

Say Johnnie Depp in "Donnie Brasco" yesterday, and in "Public Enemy" today,


Soul Train: The Hippest Trip In America

The mama pajama rolled out of bed

Rate this music video - Victim of Changes

Well lets see here was my day....

Has personal, bitter experience prevented you from enjoying life its ownself?

Can we just instantly tombstone anyone who uses a :rofl: in a mean sarcastic manner?

Go Away Little Boy--Marlena Shaw

Los Gigantes are gonna the kind of team that

Good night, DU

Been meaning to tell yah: a real life tv/movies-style "musical" moment

Fresh kitteh pics.

I came home to find the Chocolate Bunny arrived with CHOCOLATE!!

was I civil, rude, or a coward?

The Stand on Syfy a modern day Passion Play

cruel iPad wallpaper pranks

Maple Bacon ice cream is just wrong

That was one helluva LONG 6.9 quake

Ah, a mere half hour until the Sox smack the Yanks.

Someone passed this one onto me, so I'm sharing (kitty!)

Nathan (Edward "Tea" Robinson) from Ten Commandments -- the original tea bagger

Look On My Works, Ye Mighty, And Despair!

Maybe someone can help

O.K., I'm seeing TRUMPism (Celeb Apprentice) for the 1st time & it's a disgrace

And now, kitty baby picture

Just found out why a chicken coop has 2 doors.

I turn on ESPN 2 for Baseball tonight, and there's Curt Schilling

WHAT Cheerios??!!??

Van Gogh Painting Reproduced in Breakfast Cereal

I have to 9 yr old cats, recently one has started peeing on furniture

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) C'mon Houdini Edition

OH SHIT, MAJOR NFL Breaking news: NcNabb traded to the REDSKINS!

Serious question about TV for people with elitist tastes

In the middle of packing....I did not realize I had so many books!

I asked Mr 'pede what was on Nature tonight

Has anyone tried hypnotism to kick a habit?

When is Easter this year? n/t

Incongruent meals. Post yours

Has personal, bitter experience prevented you from enjoying a film/show?

Is there a method to your madness?

Who's worn a codpiece to work?

Moments in your life that seem like they are from Seinfeld!

What I did this easter - got 'tongue' from a Boxer

REAL BASEBALL!!! Phils open at Nats Monday 1PM!!!!

Hah - cool! I can track my Domino's order on my iPhone!

Peeps brûlée!. . What a great, ( +/or awful) idea!

The LOUNGE needs some Jerry to soothe all worries...

Cooking tips you picked up from others or figured out on your own

Bacon & cheese sandwiched between two pieces of fried chicken?

The Renewed Relevance Of 'Highway Hypocrites'

Your tax dollars -- and your take-home dollars -- will now go to Angela F. Braly

42 years ago today, Martin Luther King was assassinated

Evangelicals throwing rocks at Haitians during their Vodou ritual for the dead......

Census jobs provide short but welcome opportunity

Wasn't the arm-in-arm walk by Dem. Congresspeople through the teabaggers in RESPONSE to what


Happy Easter to my Obama Peeps!

Dems walked to work, and all they got was this outrageous criticism



Happy Easter Everybody, be careful out there...

Seen this video of Obama playing basketball with Clark Kellogg?

GRUMPY OBSCENE PATHOGENS = GOP ...trying like hell to weather the storm...for Naught...situation is

Thank you Mr. President...

Why do Republicans think that it's the rich who pay the most in taxes? I get this BS all the time

We need to ask Sunday talk show roundtable pundits what their "agenda message" is

Democrats pull in more cash for campaigns than GOP (WaPo)

Tiger Woods fears mistress run-in at Masters return; Security beefed up to 90 guards: report

Feisty Ahmadinejad mocks U.S., vows to strengthen Iran nuclear program

Justice Stevens to leave while Obama in office enters India, to invest $10-mn in next 5 years

Pope urges 'moral conversion' in Easter message

Pope urges 'moral conversion' in Easter message

Four Dead in "Bloodbath" at San Fernando Valley Restaurant

Earthquake Animated Map

So, I posted a MLK quote on a Republican went something like this:

Europe has lower GDP per capita than we do. You know why?

Baghdad Suicide Blasts Target Embassies; 32 Dead

Europe’s backlash against immigrants

U.S. Admits Role in February Killing of Afghan Women

Indians to benefit from 30 new parliamentary seats in Canada

Tea Party Groups Make Harry Reid Target No. 1

Gardez investigation concludes

Police 'ignored News of the World phone hacking evidence'(England)

Videos - My Presentation on the new Health Care Reform Law to Harlem4

Chinese ship runs aground on Great Barrier Reef

Republican nightmare: Alan Greenspan (Republican)- "latest job numbers reveal a resurgent economy"

Texas gun case cited in healthcare suit

6.9 Earthquake, Baja

'Long way to go' in taming US joblessness: White House

Four female astronauts rendezvous 50 years after first woman in space

Battle of $50 Bill Splitting Republican Ranks

Call for calm after South Africa murder

Why is Obama signing the Nuclear Treaty before the Senate votes on it?

Tthese media asses have an exalted opinion of themselves.

Senegal's President Reclaims French Military Bases

Drones Batter Qaeda and Allies Within Pakistan

Obama is "the most debonaire, the most suave president of this United States of America.

Pope’s immunity to prosecution may be challenged in Britain

Tea Party Groups Make Harry Reid Target No. 1

Audit faults federal mine inspector training

Specter hopes Justice Stevens doesn't quit in 2010

When is Justice Ginsburgh going to step down?

Peru announces free health-care for the poor

In Easter Mass, Vatican Defends Benedict

US senator slams delay in release of China currency report

Oil threat to Great Barrier Reef after ship runs aground

U.N. chief shocked by shrinking lake

The Presidents #23: Benjamin Harrison

(Gay former) pro wrestler Chris Klucsaritis aka 'Chris Kanyon' found in apparent suicide

Is Bob Packwood responsible for our economic crash?

High-risk health insurance pools set to begin in June

Air Force to launch robotic winged space plane

Abuse protest at Easter Sunday mass

Arkansas Democratic Senate primary race is gaining national attention

Has anyone tried nepotism to kick a habit?

Missing link between humans and apes found

Union Organizing Campaign Heats Up at Los Angeles Film School

How Teabaggers react when someone suggest cutting war spending.

Peep Microwave Disaster

On Respect for Teabaggers

Teabagger Rap

U2 - Pride (In The Name Of Love) (Rattle and Hum)

Teabonics - the language sweeping across America

Soldier Returns From Iraq To Unrecognizable Wife

Pope Barack

1 of 4 Steve Leser Presents on the new HealthCare Reform Law to Harlem4

2 of 4 Steve Leser Presents on the new HealthCare Reform Law to Harlem4

3 of 4 Steve Leser Presents on the new HealthCare Reform Law to Harlem4

The Moustache of Understanding

CBS evening news with Walter Cronkite 4-4-68

Fox News Dishonest Editing of Obama Judicial Nominee Goodwin Liu

Don't You Find It Strange?

U2 - I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking (Rattle and Hum)

To All Teabaggers...

5 Agents busted in my door this morning - Unlawful entry 3-30-2010 - 6:30 am.wmv

Kids Scared by Easter Bunny

TYT Interviews: Republicans Inciting Domestic Terrorism? w/ T. R. D. of The Faster Times

UPDATE: AP - Tea Party Outraged Over Rep. Steve Cohen TYT Interview (w/ Transcript & Captions)

4 of 4 - Steve Leser Presents on the new HealthCare Reform Law to Harlem4

CBS News: Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr (4/4/1968)

The pagan roots of Easter

Intelligence Agencies Allegedly Going to Extremes to Suppress Video Confirming Pentagon Massacre Cov

"What it said...What it meant"

When 'We the People' Lost America By Len Hart

Fake anti-Obama interviews "by Phillip Roth" and "John Grisham" published in Italy

The Progressive: Corporations Aren't Persons

No News is Good News

New History 'Tex-Books' Omit Invention of Printing Press

Imperial Overstretch in Afghanistan

Britons' confidential medical records sent to India: Report

Doctor Against Treating Obama Supporters Admits Not Knowing What’s In Health Reform Bill

Spotlight on the States: (a Japanese writer's view of poverty and health care in the US)

Finding the Forgotten Man: Tea Party populism and the return of Social Darwinism

Is It Time For Vatican III?

WaPo: former advocate of corporate-based school reform says NCLB and charter schools are FAILURES

Stop allowing anonymous online comments

Did Obama Sandbag His Own Health Care Bill?

GOP denies jobless benefits to thousands

Transmission Stalls European Offshore Wind Power

Rescuers enter flooded Chinese mine (153 miners missing)

East Siberian Shelf CH4 Release Upate - Subsea Permafrost Breakdown Far Bigger Than Thought

Oh my God!!!! An earthquake at 3:40 Mountain Time and it was a whopper.

Obama Admin Decreases Protections for Nearly Extinct Delta Smelt:

Bush Administration's Secret Nuclear Deals Will Cost Taxpayers Billions

Another "on time" nuclear project...

Loss of wind causes Texas power grid emergency

Besides Resigning From The Copenhagen Climate Summit, Connie Hedegaard Investigated Vestas's...

If Nuclear Is Superior, Why Won't "Wall Street" Provide All The Necessary Capital?

Ohio High School Dismantles Wind Turbine After Collapse at Parking Lot Edge.

Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Denied Water Permit

The Forest Service Policy on Felling Trees to Prevent Turbulence at Wind Farms in Forests.

What happens when nuclear plants go down for weeks at a time?

U.N. chief shocked by shrinking lake

Here's one of the guys that signed the Governors resign letter

Alarm over shortage of nuclear experts

Why I Have Hated the New York Yankees My Whole Life (Part 1)

Watching 'sports science' on women's final 4, espn.

U Conn beat Baylor in NCAA Women's final 4; play Stanford Tues.

Donovan McNabb swapped to Redskins

New York Yankees are back in Boston to begin defending their World Series title

Looks like Coach K is no longer an (R)!

Neil Diamond live singing Sweet Caroline in the 8th...

Peru announces free health-care for the poor

Ecuador holds big drive to register Colombian refugees

Silvio Rodriguez asks for urgent changes in Cuba, P Milanés insists on the responsibility

USAID Program Questioned by Dissidents

Venezuela: Govn't payroll up 26.8 percent since the beginning of nationalizations

Venezuela: Troops take over 38 gas stations in the state of Táchira

CUBA: Old Havana Reaches Out to Hearing Impaired

Gitmo inmates put aside food for Haiti

Cuban Parliament President Says the US and Europe are Constructing an Opposition in Cuba through Pro

Union apartment workers fighting with Realty Advisory Board over wages agree to strike if deadlocked

Today in Labor History Apr 4 MLK was assassinated in Memphis supporting striking sanitation workers

More than 1,600 apply to haul trash in case of strike

WBAI (New York, NY) is looking for a General Manager

When an OSHA “national” emphasis program isn’t

Back to the Grind: Starbucks Workers Union Southern Midwest Tour a Success

Hotel Workers Keep Westin Boycott Going

Union Workers Reject Jeffboat Contract

OSHA ‘helps’ low-income, immigrant workers

Marchers remember fallen window cleaners

AFL-CIO holds Working Families Day at state Capitol

Community Outraged by Shaw’s Treatment of Distribution Center Workers

Palestinian aspirations are clear, but what does Israel want? (Gideon Levy)

Let's play a game

A Nation of Cowards

from The Waste Land

Iditarod photos

Day after day... alone on the hill

After the storm


an easy find

The Lama Temple - Beijing PRC

Toads' Earthquake Exodus

Rhinos on the brink of extinction

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Concealed Weapons Permit Holders

I'm so excited about this - Window Farms.

Can we get our Californians on here to keep us updated?

For all the atheists, agnostics, and free-thinkers out there

Watched NATGEO: Biblical Plagues

Easter "What If's"

Remembering Jesus on Easter Sunday: “what you do unto the least of these, you do unto me.”

Can Science Explain Heaven?

I think I'm at the right church

It's Easter, Dammit

It's Easter, Dammit

Is He Risen? Indeed?

Was Jesus executed or "crucified"?

An attempt at explanation...

Today's Sermon On The Blog: Star Trek & The Five Lights

Why do people believe Jesus appears on pancakes, screen doors and trees?

Marathon Runners Should Pick Cherries for Speedy Recovery

Does Medicare Benefit the Poor?

Machines to help you take a load off your knees when exercising

In the state of Texas, a Physician can issue a DNR, "Do Not Resuscitate", W/O...

158,000 Personal Bankruptcies In March, 75% of them Chapter 7

Study: A small dose of chocolate could cut heart attack or stroke risk by almost 40 percent

Obama and the banks: is he finally starting to get it?

Dr Housing Bubble 04/04/10

So Jeb Bush is still wreaking havoc on Florida's education system. That family

Gibbons' fund for teachers (gift certificates) draws little interest

Terrible Teacher Bill in Florida is a Big Test For Arne Duncan.

Detroit Demolition-Developers Dictating Education?

How Bill Gates Won the Race to the Top, and Why Every Parent and Teacher Should Boycott Microsoft