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Replace workers and union workers with illegal immigrants,

Please DU Faux news poll on AZ immigration bill-95% are for it!

From FB tonight on the whole AZ immigration issue:

"I know, I know, it's a dry fascism..."

Question: Can we move the Grand Canyon out of Arizona?

Immigration - CBS News/New York Times Poll.

SNL Weekend Update on AZ Immigration Bill was spot-on.

Woolsey Gives 350th Speech Against Wars

Here's an interesting question, in regards to proof of citizenship...

Lindsey Graham withdraws support from Senate climate bill - sends letter

Protest will be plentiful in Arizona including Sunday

Support the Troops: Hire Them!

Veterans prepare memorial for 5,434 servicemembers killed in Afghanistan, Iraq

Goldman trader’s email slur

Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 and the War against "Illegals"

Newsweek - "Goldman Wasn’t Alone" - Imagine Being Allowed To Buy Fire Insurance...

Could we just spam Eric Cantor, Jon Kyl, John Cornyn etc. on Facebook for Finance Reform, pls?

In hiding, the mother accused of abuse for cuddling her child

AZ Sends $1 To The Feds, Gets $1.20 Back

Sorry duplicate post

If elected ReTHUGs can question the nationality

Roy Blunt 2nd on list of Washington politicians taking commercial bank money

more from arizona....‘Birther’ bill heads to Senate after House approval

So, since white people can illegally enter America from Mexico

Busy day today...

I'm going to the Grand Canyon this summer.

'I have papers'

David Brooks - moderate ReTHUGS like Crist are unprincipled

Lawmaker wants key submarine document

Afghanistan Says 4-5 Years to Take Over Security

We fight like cats and dogs on this site and not all of it comes from the passion of right

Arizona Law should be enough incentive to get to the polls and vote Democratic.

GOP says it is ready to take seats from the Democrats, regards anything short of

Sarasota HeraldTribune Article: Crist decision could fracture GOP grip on Florida

there's a latino republican on m$nbc who's against az law and blames Obama for it's passing

Even more trouble for education in Florida (thanks to the Republican legislature).

2 Iraq vets arraigned in Chesco armory fire

Three Protesters Arrested At Robert Kennedy's Riverkeeper Fundraiser Honoring Schwarzenegger

Frank Rich: "Those Who Truly Hurt America-Are Laughing Harder Still-All The Way To The Bank"

do not bang on glass...

It aint just ideology.

Imagine there's no country...

How Latinos In Arizona And In Other States Will Strike Back

Afghan Protest Turns Violent (Civilians set fire to 10+ fuel tankers)

Abuse scandal mars pope celebration

Lower Merion webcam issue - school violated third-party rights

Bwah-HAH!1 Mistah KURTZ's little joke ON US!1 He launches a media fact checking segment

US oil rig spill 'very serious' (says Coast Guard)

US oil rig spill 'very serious' (says Coast Guard)

Is Panhandling Illegal?

Guardian: UK Election: Women still feel sidelined by parties

At Beck event, Perry says anti-Obama conservatives are an ‘army’ that can ‘take their country back.’

This Week In Crazy: Scott Baio (Salon) Tweets with a soupçon of Obama penis jokes

Really, can someone explain to me what the hell is going on in the Arizona Legislature?

"Unprincipled" is what a fanatic calls a pragmatist

Suds down a Sunday. Give this Mad Hatter a CAPTION!!!!

Japanese rally against US air base

Mich. hookah fanciers fume about smoking ban

I too am pissed at our government!!!

If 3 people know something........

There Are Zero Black Republicans in Congress, Yet 32 Are Running for Office in 2010?

Clashes as Israeli rightwingers march in east Jerusalem

France, Germany push for tough line on Greece

Heard the one about Goldman Sachs and the volcano?

Doonesbury does it again!

Question for Canadian DU'ers.

Why do Democrats want to rush through financial regulation??

Glenn Beck would love to swap spit with Rick Perry

I Support Abortion Rights, But not so much Abortion itself...

Let Sunday shine! Come CAPTION this Mad Hatter at a recent Tea Party.

A cause all true Humanitarians should give. Pony up, DUers, and show what you're made of.

Arizona..Apologies to Mark Lindsey

Apple: Ridicule Obama, but Don’t Bash Tiger Woods

Hell Yes, Secesh! Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out-by David Michael Green

Hume: 'Draconian' Arizona law will cause civil rights violations (And he likes the law)

Concern about the new Arizona law: are hate groups declaring "Open Season"?

Republicans push for Minnesota sovereignty

It's not just Arizona's legislature

James Bond film suspended amid MGM uncertainty

Doonesbury ....

Arizonans - Buy and wear a serape or other distinctive clothing.

Dragonfly Forest Offers Free 5-day Summer Camp for Autistic Kids (Photo Essay)

Yes, I have my papers. It's called the Bill of Rights, you Cuss!

How fucking stupid is right wing hack Debra Saunders? This fucking stupid.

But... but... but... Arizona!

But... but... but... Arizona!

Members of the AZ Chamber of Commerce, from the site:

Arizona Law is diversion from GOP filibuster of Fiancial Reform

Democrats Push Bill to Force CEOs to Appear On Camera in Political Ads

Washington Post: 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!' grows in reaction to 'South Park'

Blackmail? - That worked like a charm.

McConnell predicts filibuster of financial reform

How about this video? Very interesting and sweet.

May 20th is "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day"

Question for DU legal minds: Is it necessary to violate a law in order to challenge it?

Tonight On American Experience: My Lai (Check Local Listings)

World Bank gets $3.5 billion boost in new capital

A song for Arizona

Goolsbee To Republicans: Financial Reform Bill Is Going To Pass

Haley Barbour........

Vermont is losing its essential "Vermontness"

Response to "Imagine if the Tea Party Was Black"....

The Internet Will Fail' -- Bold Predictions That Completely Bombed

If you leave your home today, could you

Maybe the new Musical Instrument Museum should consider the Arizona law

Iran bans foreign names for national movies

Jack Herer's funeral is streaming live now..

Attacks on homeless rising, advocates in Cincinnati say

iPad - lifetime limit, you can only buy 10

What are Duers ideas..

Will Police Hate Arizona's Anti-Immigrant Law, Too?

Remote Area Medical will be in Los Angeles for a week (Expected to treat a record number)

Instant noodle (Ramen) evolution - Nissin chief eyes healthier, less salty fare

Huffington Post: Toyota Still Covering Up

What about foreign tourists visiting Arizona?

Palin just invaded my tv...

President Obama will be delivering the eulogy at

I'm not the sentimental kind. I'm always wary of having my emotions manipulated

Doctor was performing major surgery in his home

No Magic Bullet - Digby (about public financing).

Wouldn't any pre-driving age Arizonan be in violation of the new law?

How much money to full time coal miners make a year?

John McCain should be ashamed of himself, partly because he is

I love the Pat Toomey ads begging for money showing up on DU today.

here's what i get from the m$m day after day after day....

There are aliens and they are likely to be Republican.

What are you going to do about it?

Statement by Gov Jan Brewer on Signing SB 1070

Did the Bush administration light a fire under the housing market to cover up the failing economy

Ford Profit: $1 Billion; Strong 1st Quarter Is Another High For Rebounding U.S. Auto Industry

80 Afghan Schoolgirls Fall Ill; Poison Feared

House flippers are back at it

Lebanese "sorcerer" to be publicly beheaded in Saudia Arabia

Army Officer Orders Troops Not To Commit Suicide

When Fragile Become Friable: Endemic Control Fraud As a Cause of Economic Stagnation and Collapse

Exploded Offshore Rig In Gulf Of Mexico Now Leaking 42,000 Gallons Per Day

Abby Sunderland Quits Around-the-World Sail Record Attempt

Never Again

Documentary Junkie Alert: VBS TV -- The best independent journalism I see today.

Fraud at the Credit Rating Agencies - FDL

Why it's possible to fly near Iceland's volcano

SCOTUS Nomination Age by Length of Service

“What do both parties have in common? Wall Street donations” aka Corporate Party donations

Something I remember reading about when I was a teen, so many years ago - and it applies now

New Theme Song for Arizona Tourism Office.....BORN IN EAST LA.....

Smart, in an easygoing way (great read)

That oil leak will reach the Louisiana coast in

Police: Man Leaving Strip Club Was Stopped Driving Jeep With Illegal Flashing Lights, Siren

"If there was a will to help us, the way would be found."

So Candy Crowley supports The Tea Bagger Party? Who is Candy really fronting for?

Huffington Post: The People -- and the Shame -- Behind Our Food

Son says Fred Phelps' church will not last

Today's PROOF that freepers ARE NOT VIOLENT RACISTS. The words on the screen don't lie, people.

Question for any familiar with real estate appraisal

You need 'papers' to prove you belong here but not to own a gun

The entire value of all the money on earth is between $50 -$60 trillion dollars.

Public jobs now!

In case you missed it, Noam Chomsky was the guest on MediaMatters with Bob McChesney today....

Goldman Insiders Dumped Stock - kept info from shareholders

Armed man arrested at airport as Obama leaves

New avatar for anyone tired of religious intimidation

One of the primary authors of Patriot Act doesn't like it so much any more

Would you rather be...

Granholm: High court nominee doesn't have to be judge, says she’s on Obama’s short list

"Pro-Life" Movement: The Contraceptive Pill is "Demonic Deception"

DUers from MI like Granholm for SCOTUS, DUers from AZ do not feel the same about Napolitano

Cabinet committee split over homosexuals Bill (Uganda)

Cabinet committee split over homosexuals Bill (Uganda)

EARTH DAY CLIMATE RALLY - totally ignored? almos over now . Live stream, 1,000s on Mall

Finnish parliamentary support for gay marriage and adoption rights

Health Care, Immigration, Census Workers - The Rise Of Death Threats As A Form Of Political Protest

SC's Bauer: Lazy people cause illegal immigration

Center-right Fidesz secures two-thirds majority in Hungarian elections

Once again I am the richest man in the world.

Doesn't Arizona have a bunch of racists who moved from California ?

2006 Yamaha TJK......

Mark Penn - "Strategy Corner: Time for a New Kind of Bold from President Obama"

In reading, have you ever come across a simple phrase that says so much in so few words?

Guilty until proven innocent....

Tornado Warnings in Maryland and West Virginia

Chinese job fair in US tries to woo talent

What is so complicated about financial reform? Can't they just reinstate Glass Steagall?

My e-mail to Mistah KURTZ

Should Steve Nash refuse to play in tomorrow night's playoff game?

NY Times - "McCain’s Tough Stance on Arizona Immigration Bill" - What About His Adopted Daughter?

Major League Baseball boycott of AZ?


So if the President ever went to Arizona

6.9 Quake hits SE of Taiwan

Oil Contango Soars as Oklahoma Brims With Crude: Energy Markets

Ling and Lee to Break Silence on Current TV's ‘Vanguard' Season Premiere

Ling and Lee to Break Silence on Current TV's ‘Vanguard' Season Premiere

Bush's 'Decision Points' out Nov. 9

HuffPo - Rep. Steve King (R) Grabs Cameraman After Questions On IRS Attack (VIDEO)

has anyone opened a can of sardines lately?

Someone who is good at photoshopping - I have a huge favor to ask of you....

AP - "Los Angeles cardinal: Nazism in Arizona immigration bill"

Those coal mines go 24/7... as we type messages to one another

Is Hawaii About to Be Run by the Antigay Religious Right?

"... the poor little subprime borrowers will not last so long!!!"

How To Implement AZ's New Law That Requires Immigration Checks? ID Cards Are So Easy To Lose...

Great; One of my old friends is a birfer.

Winn-Dixie kills Brass Monkey

Aliens almost certain to exist, says Hawkings. Stephen Hawkings warns of alien interaction.

Slimmers who are served food by a fat person are more likely to over-indulge

TBI to investigate Republican election official's attempt to invalidate 25% of his County's voters

Really, Albertsons?

Strong earnings aren’t translating into jobs yet

The provision in the AZ law that will let you destroy it: a call to action (updated)

Once Again, President Obama Breaks Promise to Call Armenian Genocide 'Genocide'

Once Again, President Obama Breaks Promise to Call Armenian Genocide 'Genocide'

I have a radical idea for dealing with the Catholic church.

What state, that you've never been to, would you most like to visit?

More American Expatriates Give Up Citizenship

We are fighting these wars for FREEDOM, right? So can someone remind me

Rich 15 year old kid got his Computer game canceled by his mad mom

Here's a freeper on the Arizona law who's not long for freeperworld

TOON: "You don't look American!"

i am from california. we have to stop at cross walks for pedestrians. texas

If Fox News existed throughout history...

Spycams also violated third-party rights.

The Provision In The AZ Law That Will Let You Destroy It: A Call To Action - DailyKos

How long until some Arizona good old boys get liquored up and go out to make some citizens arrests?

The average American is going to have to change. That's what it comes down to.

What if you are visiting from a foreign country in Arizona?

Is there any reason why John and Cindy McCain can't get arrested for not carrying a passport?

Army officer orders troops not to commit suicide

Don’t talk to aliens, warns Stephen Hawking

has any republican criticized the Arizona law?

At the onset of the Korean War first thing that was done was all suspected leftists were executed

Dear Arizona, Let's take a refresher course on that "innocent until proven guilty" thingie.

Notice how fast Candy Crowley changed the subject when Gov. Granholm asked where were the teabaggers

Re: FinReg tomorrow evening at 5:15 PM EST...

Pope Ratz is no fan of the UK, Luvs....

Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon (D) seeks to block AZ immigration law

Jim Crow Lessons learned to help defeat Juan Crow more effectively

The Elusive Beauty of Lunar Fogbows

Navy pilot's last act: saving 3 crew mates

Glenn Beck has NEVER incited violence or hatred

The idea that countries like Germany, Britain, France, Sweden etc. are bad places baffles me.

Haley Barbour to ask for federal aid tomorrow

NYC Schools Chancellor Tries to Eliminate Seniority Rules as He Plans Layoffs:

American jobs

The Bill Gates e-mail that's making the rounds. (It doesn't sound very Christian)

AZ: IF they were sincere they would go after THE EMPLOYERS

Millennials Are The Brokest Generation Ever

Revealed: Pfizer's payments to censured doctors

'Gay dog' refused entry to Australian restaurant (waiter ordered to apologize & pay compensation)

•••••• NY Times - G.O.P. Threatens Seats Long Held by Democrats ••••••

Judge Napolitano: Arizona Immigration law will ‘bankrupt the Republican Party’

One big controversy with legalizing Pot

Arizona militia recruiting veterans with ‘kill records’ to patrol border

I have begun to suspect my wife - by mostevilangel

Paul Krugman:Berating the Raters

Girl, 12, divorces 80-year-old husband - MSNBC

The country has been waiting for the Senate to act on a judicial nomination for more than 5 months

WSJ: The Most Car for the Least Money?

Should the National Guard be deployed in Chicago?

Looking for old mags and such online? Check here:

Facebook users risk blackmail, privacy czar warns

Scientists make cancer cells vanish

Why We Need ACORN And Why They Are Trying To Destroy It

Why We Need ACORN And Why They Are Trying To Destroy It

Ran into The President while hiking!

TOON:Picking up supplies for the tea party rally

As the American Poverty Rate Soars, the Economic Elite Have Never Had it Better (Audio & Transcript)

General toon mockery of Arizona continues...

du gender "undeclared".

Oil slick "the size of Hong Kong" at Gulf of Mexico well: 42,000 gallons a day spilling into Gulf

Driving home from Target today, pass a house COVERED in patriotic decorations

Would import tariffs work to improve our economy?

Tucson charter schools hire H-1Bs, claim U.S. teachers aren't qualified

Boycotting Arizona is stupid. Do something productive and help us take back

Boycotting Arizona is stupid. Do something productive and help us take back

AZ Truck driver forced to show birth certificate claims racial-profiling

Here's who to contact about boycotting AZ: Tourism, Convention and Chamber leaders:

"The Banned Speech" of the Martin County Democrats (FL)

Witnessed woman maxing out her credit card yesterday

In the works: A missile in US to hit anywhere in 1 hour

imho, Latinos should wear a Jewish Star on their chest in AZ

Obama visits, prays with Billy Graham -- 'a real treasure for our country'

Heads Up! Offshore Oil Rig SPILLING 42,000 Gal of OIL PER DAY ... NO FIX IN SIGHT (LINK)

urban chicken raising soars but with fancy fancy coops

Bush dynasty: You better believe, he’s still got power in Florida

De Beers to cut diamond production

Ohio GOP Mailer Calls for Putting Female Rep "Back in the Kitchen."

Russian Orthodox 'experts' blame gays and pagans for Icelandic volcano eruption

I have concluded that this country is in a death spiral...

Criminal Conviction in England for Leaving Anti-Religious Leaflets in Airport Prayer Room

GRAYSON: Palin is trying to make "fascism fashionable."

Promising cancer treatments always seem to disappear

Dumbass Quote of the Day goes to Michelle Bachman

NEWSFLASH: White Arizona citizens avoiding the sun. SPF 50 sunscreen sales skyrocket!

And that was the point of the decision, was it not?.

Teabaggers get Ugly outside of Ayers event

If the Arizona law stands as written and is acted upon, how

The white, elite politicians of Arizona who passed the immigration bill are all liars and racists

Let's think long and hard about the legalization of marijuana

TOON: The New Texas Skoolbooks!

Mother of 12/15 children says "Someone needs to pay", "Nobody's helping me." "Somebody owes her".

APRIL Photo Contest FINALS

Anyone watch "You Don't Know Jack" on HBO?

The boredom is getting a bit repetitive.

Can one fan's love for Lou Ferrigno go too far? Judge for yourself.

I just woke up from a dream. I was playing doubles tennis with Clark Kent

My cousin from Arkansas was hitting on me at the family reunion

My family is from Tennessee

Wow...nothing like a reminder not to drink and drive like having a car flip in front of you..

I was wondering...

DU needs a way to respond to a thread without actually opening the thread

decided to tweet my wilderness experience #campingtrip

Isn't it weird?

Are you going to finish that little snack you've got sitting there?

Does anyone know where....

I'm bored, so I drew up the pet strore and rescue I'd build if I won the lotto


As The Self-Proclaimed World's Greatest Taboo Player, This Tickled Me...

Damn you NPR!

among your duties, pleasure is a thing that also needs accomplishing

If we applied human standards to the animal world

Wow, talk about a museum of the macabre

Dog's barking saves choking three-year-old

The best M in the James Bond franchise


YAY! I'm cooking for myself till Wednesday!! Southern cooking in Yankeeland!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/25/10

I love my furkids but right now they are soooo pissing me off.

Nobody cares what you think

Two and a half feet of snow here today.

The Blasters - Daddy Rollin' Stone

Sarah Palin's Audience

I would LOVE it if my company were to start paying me in bacon...

Discovery Channel actually airing science???

Does your cat's purr sound like this -- "O-m-m-m-m-m-m-m"?

Are you living..

worlds smallest horse...omg he is sooo cute

Sunflower beginning to grow.

Meet Linus


OK. Say, "Eyjafjallajokull" five times real fast...

What was the last DVD you bought?

Jeff Bridges-Somebody Else

You can't say that here any more.

How do I post

3 Is A Magic Number

Does anyone have a link to that insane picture of the spider on the toilet paper, and the one with

Anyone seen Heidi lately?

Teddy Bear in Chainmail Armor

Judgemental Bird is judgmental.

If you would delete nothing else off a PDA you were selling wouldn't it be this?

You can learn ALL you need to know about (ahem) PHYSICAL relationships...

Beaver pelts

Feeding a Teabagger's paranoia

Reminder: The History Channel's The Story of Us is up next w/ Intro by Obama

Reminder: The History Channel's The Story of Us is up next w/ Intro by Obama


VIDEO - Mess with the bull, get the horn...IN THE GROIN! Bullfighter loses 17 pints of blood.

How about them Reds!

Guys answer please!

So I just took a wet load of laundry out and the dryer isn't working

My four legged babies...

*Saturday Night Picture Thread*

Anyone remember the smell of witch hazel in barbershops?

If you had a pile of money, what business would you start?

Did you know that at one point there was a state/territory named Franklin?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Married With Puppies Edition

1967 price of gas

When the hell is spring going to get here?

Why MiddleFingerMom is no longer allowed to go clothes-shopping for himself

Do you know Jack Shit?

Never Again

Perils Remain Despite Recovery’s Pace, I.M.F. Head Says

Al-Qaida in Iraq confirms deaths of leaders

South Korean defense minister: Torpedo likely sank warship

Afghan protest turns violent

Obama: W.Va. miners died in pursuit of better life

Parties Edge Closer on Financial Regulation Bill

Factory mortar accident kills 5 in northern Iraq

Guantanamo court to review Canadian's torture claim

No Deal yet on Financial Rules as Test Vote Looms

Sharpton vows to protest Arizona immigration bill

Peru: Top cop under cloud put on rights commission

Sheriff Joe Arpaio supports Arizona's new immigration law

Britain Apologizes for Pope Jokes

Florida waits to see whether Crist will stay Republican or go independent

Willard Wirtz, Last Survivor of Kennedy Cabinet, Dies

Iranian technocrats, disillusioned with government, offer wealth of intelligence to U.S.

Obama Eulogizes Victims of Mine Accident

Firefighters tackle massive blaze engulfing Manila slum

Armed man arrested at NC airport as Obama departs

White supremacist 'stabbed and beaten to death by his black neighbour' in Mississippi town

Hungarian centre-right wins two-thirds supermajority

Summers: Bad policies came from Bush era, not the Clinton era

Amtrak ridership is up, but passengers grouse about frequent delays

New health care law a godsend for Texas lawyer, family

George W. Bush book 'Decision Points' out Nov. 9

TV Mystic Lingers in Saudi Jail

Nick Clegg goes public on coalition – and looks to the Conservatives

Obama meets, prays with Rev. Billy Graham

Oil Well Hit By Fatal Explosion Produces Slick The Size Of Hong Kong

Halter, Lincoln Face Off in Second Senate Debate

Bill Kristol on FNS this morning - NOstradamus is in fine form

New health care law a godsend for Texas lawyer, family

Joe Biden: For the First Time This Earth Day

Okay, just one more - Caption #5!


Stephen Hawking: Aliens could pose danger to humans

On financial and immigration reform, who are Republicans trying to kid?

Rybak pulls out, Kelliher wins DFL endorsement for governor

Caption #3 (Geek Edition)!

Barack Obama makes me proud.

Obamas On The (Hiking) Trail: "Are you who I think you are? You are!"

Researchers: Adult stem cells show more promise than thought

Caption #4 (Another Geek Edition)!

Hey Teabaggers! Closed Fenced-in Borders + Show me your Papers = Communism

Reuters: Top Senate Democrats Near Derivatives Deal

Heads Up: POTUS is about to speak at the WV Miners' funeral

Obama's Afghan Strategy Includes Increased Civilian Casualties

Sensitivity to 'ordinary Americans' a key criterion of court nominees

Lindsey Graham pushed for immigration reform, now he's upset?

Caption #2!

PHOTOS Take Yours Off Hands Israel. Is that clear?

PHOTOS Memorial

"For we are all family. We are Americans."

Obama Tells Dodd Not To Cut Deal With Republicans...

On climate change, the media and Graham need to cut the drama and Democrats need to get it done

We Love You Obama

What to do in Case of a Nuclear Emergency (which could come, according to Obama, at any time)

Scott Brown: Obama is a good man and not a Socialist.

Armed man arrested at NC airport as Obama departs

Anyone else notice stark contrast in treatment of Acorn and Goldman Sachs?

President Obama Stops at Billy Graham's at NC Mountain Home

If Obama truly was a Socialist...

So the President and democratic congress should slow down the financial reform

Democrats Admit Republicans Are Poised To Take Back The House In Midterm Elections

Cell phones for kids, Olive Garden, rice cookers, washed cast iron pots, Lady Gaga....

My online chat with the Arizona Tourism Agent......

Eugene Oregon gets a $75,000 drive-by, courtesy of The Disasta From Alaska

Chris Hayes: Washington is Totally and Completely Corrupt

Environmental Justice: Coca-Cola in India

The Lawrence Welk Show: Chicken Dance

Bloomberg speaks Spanish

Sarah Palin on the Environment (Earth Day Sucks!)

Chulas fronteras del norte Part 2.

Mexicoamericanos, Los Pingüinos del Norte. Chulas Fronteras del Norte 1

English Is Our Language...No Excetions! Learn It!

Workplace Democracy: Corporate Style

World Bank Gives China Greater Voting Power, lifting Beijing to #3 spot in 186-nation lending org

This is why we need net neutrality

Betty White's SNL Promo

Jesse Ventura: Catholic Church should be prosecuted using RICO laws

Worst Persons: Dennis Miller Thanks Dick Cheney for Telling Leahy to Go Fuck Himself

Idiots burn Mexican Flag to protest 'something '

Teabagger calls Rachel Maddow a homophobe for calling teabaggers teabaggers. GOT IT?

Young Turks: Massey Energy Denies Time Off For Funerals!

Obama: Miners Died in Pursuit of Better Life

President & Michelle Obama visit the Asheville RAD & 12 Bones • April 23, 2010

Midweek Politics w/ David Pakman: I was Recruited by Scientology!

Arizona Protest Turns Aggressive

TYT: Rep. Alan Grayson Talks Financial Reform (& More) With Cenk

David Frost interviews Howard Dean on AlJazeeraEnglish

Riots in Arizona

How Dummies Escape from a Police State

4409 -- Arrested over Arizona's Real I.D. Paper's Please SB1070 bill

Hell Yes, Secesh!

Tea Party Fear in Europe

A Tea Party With a Difference

Clinton rejects calls to cut nuclear arms

Good Riddance to New Labour

When Does an Accident Become a Crime?

Helping Cuban Jewish community thrive

LA Times: Jack Herer dies at 70; author and advocate for marijuana legalization

Flipping houses is back in South Los Angeles

‘Liberal’ Reputation Precedes Ninth Circuit Court

Police Chiefs Advise on Negative Effects of Arizona Immigration Law

Impassioned Teabagger Op-Ed from McCook Daily Gazette featuring guest appearance by Saint Ronnie

Stop Outsourcing Our Security

"I Don't Support It, Period." Why Is Kucinich the Only Dem Calling Out Obama's Plan to Assassinate a

iPads are now kosher

U.S. Advises Security Apprenticeships in Colombia

Gold Sachs Probe Turns to *Buffett Deal* -- Whoa! We called it here on DU in 2008

Dr. Tiller's Assassin Complains That Life Is Unfair

What if Tea Party was BLACK?

Tea Party Protests Bill Ayers at Peace Fresno Event

The Detroit News: China going green, but not to save environment

NPR: Could Cleaner Air Actually Intensify Global Warming?

Generating Electricity by Going With the Flow

Workers at Former Huntington Plants Exposed to Plutonium, Neptunium

Over Five Million Dollars Paid to Former Huntington Pilot Plant Workers (radiation, toxin exposure)

Legislation would add later uranium workers to Radiation Exposure Compensation Act benefits

Peregrine Falcon Nest

Sacramento Bee: Livestock waste found to foul Sierra waters

An oceanic 'fast-lane' for climate change

Removing the West’s largest & most dangerous sources of carcinogens is a long battle (uranium)

BBC: Indonesia hosts world's biggest Geothermal energy forum

Seaborg Institute Reads Cut and Pasted Post From Anti-nukes on DU. Decides to Disband Itself.

US utilities, regulators sue DoE over (nuclear) waste fund

Washington Post: Five myths about green energy

BP's Gulf Oil Well Leak May Take Months to Shut After Rig Sinks

Idaho's agonizing, inhuman 48-year wait (Downwinders)

And they want to build 3000-10000 more nuclear plants...

Just a reminder: Thanks to Ronald Reagan we the taxpayers own commercial spent nuclear fuel

Cyanide Is A Constitutent of Dangerous Coal Waste Dumped From Smokestacks.

Graham Quits Climate Talks, Dimming Hopes for Bill

UK Offshore wind energy reaches 1GW - Main parties hail achievement

The American Prairie Foundation Preserve.

News Flash: Anti-nukes Start Screaming About the Dangerous Fossil Fuel Waste Fund!!!!

Sympathy For The Oil Industry: Diminishing Returns Start To Hit Home

US research paper questions viability of carbon capture and storage

What the MIT nuclear study REALLY said

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, April 24)

$36 million dollar QB JaMarcus Russell likely to be cut by Raiders

Ooooh, fishy, fishy, fishy fish! A-fish, a-fish, a-fish, a-fishy, ooooh.

Nats take 2 out of 3 from Dodgers

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, April 25)

Where's Upton? His Sharks eliminated our Avalanche. I can't even... uh...

Heads up New Orleans, Atlanta, Tampa Bay: Amanti is coming

Prediction Time! Will Lebron Average A Triple-Double Next Season?

49ers sign Oregon's LeGarrette Blount

Mavs are just dirty players

Helping Cuban Jewish community thrive

Colombia nabs major drug, paramilitary suspect

Peru: Top cop under cloud put on rights commission

U.S. Advises Security Apprenticeships in Colombia

YES!! Alarcon calls Hillary's Bluff, asks directly to lift embargo

I changed my avatar to a Yellow 'M'

Archbishop says Venezuelan justice system has been hijacked

Partial Elections Begin In Cuba (Sunday 4-25-10)

Venezuelan judge is jailed after ruling angers President Hugo Chávez

Halter, Lincoln Face Off in Second Senate Debate

Agency workers wait for pay

SAG seeks funding of entertainment tax credit

Today in Labor History Apr 25 Rev. Ralph David Abernathy and 100 others are arrested while picketing

UFCW Local 135 Union Members and Staff Reach out to Help Homeless

Has anyone run across the Super Amigos documentary out of Mexico?

Bollywood’s ‘Brokeback Mountain’

She won't stay mum about Day of Silence - Board member warns of 'dangers of a homosexual lifestyle'

Mock funeral procession in L.A. seeks to draw attention to worker fatalities

Teamsters win case against Frontier Airlines on outsourcing jobs

Stern's Possible SEIU Successor Could Make Union Peace Elusive

Goldstone to attend grandson's bar mitzva

The moment of decision

Clashes as Israeli rightwingers march in east Jerusalem

Malta protests to Israel over shooting of national in Gaza

J Street chief: Obama needs to connect with the Israeli people

Israeli Rightists Stir Tensions in East Jerusalem

Obama Invites Abbas For Talks

ISRAEL: Author fails to make it to Lebanon, but lawmakers are on their way to Libya

Documentary Film Tackles Palestinian Life

Strain in U.S.-Israel Ties Spurs Anxiety About ‘Dual Loyalty’

Editor's Notes: From bad to worse

Who will protect Palestinians from growing settler extremism?

Maltese woman shot in Palestine, but vows to continue demonstrating

Egypt Dismisses Israel's 'Laughable' Scud Claims

1948: Palestine Betrayed

Hamas releases cartoon about captured Israeli

We are holding Caterpillar accountable

The right is very seriously preparing to fight in the US - link to "preparedness" site:

once again - mentally unstable drinkers of the Bradylade

Why can't I post highly classified military information? Isn't it my 1st Amendment right?

2A Rally in Olympia Wash looks like it was a Total Bust!

Bloomberg's aggressive stance against guns

Damn - another one bites the dust (storm damage) and a notice from me

Road Closed

Stop bugging me!

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The Ant Nebula

Cat's Paw Nebula

Geek alert: 'How The Universe Works' on Discovery tonight

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YourTax Dollars at Work:

The Political Cost of Bigotry

Obama and evangelist Billy Graham share a prayer

Where does God fit into the Catholic Pedophile Scandal?

English National Health Service to Fire 650 MDs and 2000 Nurses

Timeline for health care reform

H1N1 vaccine study investigating hints of complications from vaccine

Better vitamin D status could mean better quality of life for seniors

Greek bailout not limited to €45bn, ministers warn

Deep in Fantasyland: White House touts GM loan repayment

Jail Time for Wall Street's Derivatives Writers?