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Archives: April 23, 2010

NYT - Gail Collins - "Dance of the Derivatives" - So, GOP Will Filibuster A Bill They Generally...

Election 2010: Gloves off in second leaders' debate (UK - BBC News)

Oh crap! My Broncos drafted Tebow!

Laid off again.

How to name a volcano (toon)

Seized: The 2008 landgrab for food and financial security (new enclosures)

Businessweek - "Goldman Sachs Should Cut Losses in SEC Standoff, Lawyers Say"

BOLIVIA - "Living Well" in Harmony with the Environment

Dems on financial reform bill: 'The games are over' (CNN)

Who knows anything about Politico?

We can't win! We're only pawns in the game!

What's In Eyjafjallajokull's Volcanic Ash Cloud (diagram)

I don't get it.

Kentucky Supreme Court ruled Thursday that a Baptist univ can't keep $11M to open a pharmacy school

Alrighty then, whats up with this chicken shit?

Army agency draws scrutiny for supervision of Blackwater unit in Afghanistan

Have you actually READ that "contract from America" the teabaggers are pushing?

NYPD Confiscated Bikes on Obama Motorcade Route

Taking on Waste Management in Seattle: unfair labor practices

Arizona legislature passes police-state measures against immigrants

Lower Merion high school Webcam flap: Report says 56,000 images snapped

SEC Staffers Busy Watching Porn As Economy Imploded

Bangladesh troops guard water supplies

Re: NFL draft. How 'bout them Sooners. nt

Re: NFL draft. How 'bout them Sooners. nt

Tackling oil rig disaster 'number one priority' - Obama (BBC News)

Filing states student broke rules and had no expectation of privacy

You pay so they won't have to: corporate non-taxation

Real women cause earthquakes, By Mark Morford

out of 1,582,264 in my city, NPR reported that 25 teabaggers protested at bob corkers office

sky watchers along the US notthern tier might wanna keep watch tonight

today is scott brown day on m$nbc

Don't Cry for Wall Street-By PAUL KRUGMAN (Yes to a FAT Tax)

surge update: Wave of Bombings Kills Dozens in Iraq

"Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?"

Mr. Fish Diagnoses Earth's Health Problem

Oh boy, this toon is really going to play well

You Can't Do That: Marv Davidov, Nonviolent Revolutionary. event

Military Fired 443 Servicemembers for Being Gay Last Year

Will Fox News ask the Rand Paul campaign to pull its Palin-Fox endorsement ad?

Here is some KY spin on Mitchie, From him in op-ed and the editorial from

VIDEO - Jon Stewart, to "Revolution Muslim," the South Park death threat guys: "GO FUCK YOURSELF."

2 Mines Show How Safety Practices Vary Widely in U.S.

REVEALED: Frank Luntz, GOP Message Maven, Publicly Boasts Wall Street Clients

Obama's stem cell policy, expected to loosen restrictions, has had the opposite effect

Goldman Sachs Comes To Washington

Obama slams pending Ariz. immigration law

Goldman Sachs Was Both Lloyds Underwriter And Investor, FT Reports

George Soros on derivatives:

Anderson Cooper and Class Solidarity....By Joe Bageant

Freeper Fundraiser Update: 3 WEEKS AND THEY ARE AT 32%

Couldn't we bundle the birds together and sell chicken derivatives?

Breaking - bombings in Iraq - at least 58 dead

Does Billy Billings remind you of C Street's The Family?

Brewer is just looking for face time for her chuckie.

Arizona Tribe Wins First Case Involving Misuse of DNA in Research

Baby sea lion found on roof of four-story building in Newport Beach

Palin - wrong again

Laid off again.

Studies reveal Americans’ declining living standards and increasing anger

LAT - Goodwin Liu comes thru

Could Captain Kirk be new Governor General?

NYT: Nike's Female trouble - Nike is sticking with both Woods and Roethlisberger.

Judge to rule in Lower Merion Web-cam case (Cafiero's home computer)

Crooks & Liars: "In Which Mark Twain Explains Iraq and Afghanistan"

Henry David Thoreau said: (and I'm applying to the baggers)

LOL!!! Breaking: Teabagger to Challenge Alan Grayson

New Home Sales (Is my math correct?)

Subservient Chicken: Will Do Whatever You Tell Him To Do!

I just saw some idiot bashing Parents As Teachers program

18 Veterans Kill Themselves Every Day; 30 Attempt Suicide Daily

FLA GOP Primary: Ex-Past asks "Didn't Crist swing to the right to get the NOM?"

SUE ' Barter With Chickens ' LOWDEN Campaigned Viciously Against The UNIONS

A Full Chicken Costs $7 At The Grocery Store. What Medical Visit/Procedure Costs $7?

Report states there are only 67,000 Tea Party members in US

Naomi Campbell Explodes After ABC News 'Blood Diamond' Questions

Chicken Sue Lowden's record on Health Care for casino employees

What type of Democrat are you??

Eugene Oregon Republican Party Chairman "thankful" that "brave" Talibunny "agreed to come" to town

the oil rig explosion - what can they say now


Friday TOON Roundup part 2

Friday TOON Roundup part 3

Friday TOON Roundup part 5

"Up to 7,400 barrels of crude oil a day could be spewing into" the Gulf

Alabama speaks English?

Why are republicans calling the finance bill a "bailout"? Because Frank Luntz told them to.

Toyota Recall Update: Ongoing Investigations and Remaining Questions

Jon Stewart Schools the UK on Elections (Video)

Jon Stewart Schools the UK on Elections (Video)

Jon Stewart Schools the UK on Elections (Video)

Jon Stewart Schools the UK on Elections (Video)

Are you ready for some "feeble" reform??

"10 times as many people to hear children's songs about science than there were for Mrs.Teabagger"

Arizona illegal immigration and 'birther' bills show rightward shift in the state

CNN's Jack Cafferty Wins Media Putz Award for . . . .

FYI. A site called promises to deliver sensitive information about YOU (for a price).

Reverse-engineering artist busts face detection tech

I know someone born in Mexico to American parents, who also has sibling

Target pharmacy won't take livestock for prescriptions

Support the Brown-Kaufman Safe Banking Act

I just received this email

Anybody know what all the new police installations around Union Station DC are about???

Froomkin On Bank Reform Bill, Dodd & Breaking Up The Banks

Bill Moyers: 6 Banks Control 60% of GDP: An Unstoppable Oligarchy?

Deep Well Is Not Spilling Oil, Official Says

The Pukes are making an issue out of the SEC porn surfers

Check out that podium!

Check out that podium!

If congress stifles the derivatives market, what is to stop Americans from trading them in other

Republicans are like Slinkies

If God wanted people to be teabaggers, he would have made them white, racist, illiterate morons.

Luke Russert calls N. Carolina barbeque

The World Bank is throwing open all of its data to the public for free.

"If ever you propound an argument

FOX News Lies

So, what sort of "TV Show" would Sarah Palin actually be suited for?

Sarah Palin and the Pugicorns...Please discuss.

What Kind Of Country Is This! We Allow Someone To Profit Off Sick People! Michael Moore

AU says investigate congressional earmarks for religious schools and ministries

Friday TOON Roundup part 1

Friday TOON Roundup part 4

Maddow: Take 2 Chickens and.....

Friday TOON Roundup part 6

Hugo Boss plant in Ohio will stay open

TPM: Rep. Grijalva's AZ Offices To Close For Weekend After Death Threats

Substance in Breast Milk Kills Cancer Cells, Study Suggests

Air Force Launches Secretive Space Plane; ‘We Don’t Know When It’s Coming Back’

Is Barack Obama using Bill Clinton as the model for his Presidency?

Most Americans confused, misinformed about health care reform.

Nothing to See Here, Folks: Covering Up a Massacre in Afghanistan

Is Fox News succeeding?

Too bad that Native Americans didn't have a tough immigration policy like Arizona...

Complete Coverage of Zero Recruitment Day WITH Photos

Happy Birthday Hubble!!!!!

Miss Me Yet?

OK, this is war. All you Zoners stay put, when the heat usually drove you to calif.

In the tech world, porn quietly leads the way

Does Russell Pearce Carry His Birth Certificate? I asked

Court Slaps Government Over Use Of Torture Evidence


Ohio considers using Twitter to announce executions

BWHAHAHA: College Republicans Create ' W ' Day To Honor BUSH

It's not really that important to have strong financial regulations...

"Brave" Sarah Palin to speak in Oregon & "put Eugene on the map"!

The Next Catholic ABUSE Scandal: Crimes Against WOMEN

Please DU this blog and poll at the Orlando Sentinel for Alan Grayson!

Stocks edge higher; Dow set for 8th weekly gain

I think the answer to the WTO is for labor to go international. (Soliciting ideas here)

Tea parties, backing the Arizona immigration bill

Homeless mom of 15 searches for answers

Once Obama extends the Bush taxcuts, the economy will take off...

Massey hires rightwing Texas p.r. firm for post-mine disaster image makeover

Top 5 – Worst living locations to have a federal job

Did Porn Cause the Financial Crisis?

"Should I have posted this?"

the gov of arizona prayed to god to know if she should sign draconian immigration bill

It's overkill. I apologize. Bumpersticker now on the tailgate along with a surprise memory

Ohio Republicans Tell Female Representative to Get “Back in the Kitchen”

New US First Strike Weapon to Bomb Anywhere in the World in One Hour

Arizona militia recruiting veterans with ‘kill records’ to patrol border.

New hair style---weight loss---Michael Moore looks great!

CNN's American Morning John Roberts Extreme Makeover.......

Bank lobbyists huddle for another secret meeting with GOP Senators

I want a new constitutional amendment

and I left Mississippi for Arizona to see this?

If the middle class has been deciimated, who's buying all the stuff?

Am I the only that thinks the Immigration debate is a way to get people to work longer for less?

Jan Brewer (R-AZ-Racist): GOD HATES FIGS!!!

Air Force Launches Hypersonic Glider Over Pacific

FB Petition to Remove Group Praying for President Obama's Death

Is there any research that verifies the results of Rasmussen polls?

Robert Khuzami is a bad ass, no-nonsense, thorough, award winning Prosecutor

If you were the U.S. Border Fairy, what would you poof into place with your magic wand?

Tea Party run by Mad Hatters!!!! (Let's take back the language.)

Arizona is the new "dixie"

Will the Chambers of Commerce in all states

What you've been waiting for - medical procedure/chicken converter website

Huckabee: New Law Will Open Arizona Up To A ‘Lawsuit Bonanza’

GM commercial touting company success disturbing

Is it 'political SOP' to support the incumbent when that person is up for

PELOSI Is GLORIOUS: 'I love being Speaker of the House-I love it even more with Obama as President'

PELOSI Is GLORIOUS: 'I love being Speaker of the House-I love it even more with Obama as President'

Why say it's "unconstitutionally"

Bill Donohue (The Catholic League) is back with "Blame the Victim"

Canadian Drugs - do you get them, where?

Arizona Illegal, the next mega hit reality show

Glenn Beck: "Someone in the Vatican told me I am to be a warrior against the forces of darkness!"

This SEC story and Luntz's Finacial Reform talking points are our victory...

Did any of you click on that ad for a book about

Jeff Farias is talking about AZ law now from Phoenix

Jeff Farias is talking about AZ law now from Phoenix

Republicans talk tough on pending Wall St vote

Potentially deadly fungus spreading in U.S. and Canada

'Tea party' activists: Do they hate liberals more than they love liberty?

Do you care about polls?

Did anyone watch Energy Secretary Steven Chu last night on MSNBC?

DU this poll. RE: Bush tax cuts. FIXED

At the Doctor's office today.

Icky Thump!

FB page calling to put prayer back in school...

I don't want it to "just not happen again"...

Nazis Were First to Exploit Pedophile Priests to Attack Entire Catholic Church (yup, Nazi card)

BAM! Frank: GOP deregulation, not porn, was SEC’s problem

Dear Arizona? I look Mexican in summer.

5 Republican Seats Democrats Could Win

Obama to visit Midwest next week; tour wind turbine plant

America's Kidnap Capitol - Phoenix, AZ

Health Care Insurance in the United States...

Sarah Palin Defends Claim That Islam Is “Evil And Wicked Religion”

Arizona has now lit the fuse, and an explosion is guaranteed to happen ...

If Barack Obama's personal email had been hacked during the campaign by some punk right winger

Motion to Amend the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United (Corporate personhood)

Don't forget the GOP scum is saying our President is 'illegal' too. Who is next?

If Republicans Say No to Bailouts, Then They Can’t Say No to Breaking Up the Banks - FDL

Hoax ‘Death Calls’ Made to US Families

MSNBC BREAKING NEWS: Arizona governor signs controversial immigration law

Any polling out of nevada since the chicken gaffe?

Any polling out of nevada since the chicken gaffe?

Are we heading back to Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD), this time involving the entire world?

This Az Immigration bill can create the biggest Blackmail scam in history

bill to stop shipping wine from winery WHAAA???

Simple response to Arizona: Amnesty. Citizenship, no path toward, no road toward, and NO ENGLISH

Morons With Signs: Teabag-to-English translator requested

College Republicans create ‘W’ Day to honor Bush. (Western Kentucky U)

Stephanie Miller's DUzy

Heard about this on the radio this AM. Scary. British Columbia, Oregon,Washington,California,

Scouts must pay $18.5 million in abuse case

I have a sincere question and welcome all thoughtful replies...

Top 10 Ways to Access Blocked Stuff on The Web

Oklahoma State Senate: You Wimmens Don't Need No Rights

Seattle asks Supreme Court to withdraw state from health care lawsuit

Mexico for dental work? Any information, please.

Do you care about keeping abortions legal?

Utah will use firing squad to execute killer

We're really in nut country now.

Wow... They Really Do NOT Like Democracy... 'Loyalty Oath' Forbids GOP Support For Crist

Did you just hear Ed? Made a kind of convincing argument to have an amnesty

Miner Dies At Pocahontas Coal Mine Listed By Rep. George Miller

NCAA Bans Eye Black With Messages

Holy crap. Have you seen this Glenn Beck 9 Principles, 12 values shit?

Blance Lincoln Debate - she flatly states $4,500 isn't enough to buy her vote

Barraquitter's Facebook Fatwa disses Franklin "Islam is evil and wicked" Graham's dis-invitation

Thanks to the Mining Families of West Virginia

Thanks to the Mining Families of West Virginia

Ho Lee Shit !!! - Lots Of Tornado Watches And Warnings Tonight !!!

Lowden Plan Medical Chicken Calculator

LOL !!! - SEC: CoxSlackers & BushWackers Fiddled While Wall Street Burned - EmptyWheel

On Monday, every Repub will vote against cloture on financial reform...

British family tells US hotel they 'do not want to deal with black staff'

House Oversight Cmte. Hearing on Foreclosure Protection

Keith Just carried the Lowden Plan on His Show!!!

Keith Just carried the Lowden Plan on His Show!!!

Time to Start A List

Time to Start A List

Illegal alien wins defamation case for being called a 'criminal' – set back for 1st Amendment

Caption This, LOL... Glenn Beck To Deliver Liberty University's Commencement Address

The thing about the tea party that no one is saying......

Oh, dear! You have taken a wrong turn on the information highway

On what we could be spending Afghanistan war money

On what we could be spending Afghanistan war money

Yapese Stone Money- Talking About Alternative Forms Of Currency, Some Peoples Use Rocks

Protest PHOTOS: "Queen Meg (Whitman), Rich Enough To Rule"

In the matter of 1 week, Republicans across America have pissed off

AZ Gov. Jan Brewer signs an anti-civil rights bill, and then warns law enforcement not to abuse it?

The Arkansas debate is drawing to an end, and Halter looks very good

Well, damn!

Wes Clark On Blanche Lincoln 'I Think She'll Succeed'

Sue Lowden’s LOWDEN MEDICAL PROCEDURE chicken convertor

Can I get an appendectomy for 10 slabs of ribs...

scott brown had his truck for five years and has over 200,000 miles on it????

Archie's Riverdale High School gets openly gay student

Google view shoots the same woman 43 times (as she walks her dog)

I've got a Chicken on my desktop what do I win?

Will Arizona have to check the citizenship of those celebrating St. Patrick's Day?

Is the Gaia Hypothesis Pseudoscience?

Party Affiliation Gap in U.S. Narrowest Since 2005

My granddad was a doctor who accepted the occasional chicken in his time...

Decline-to-state voters overtaking Republicans in California

My letter to the Vancouver Sun (re: Arizona)

Passenger held after trying to open plane’s door

Did you know Sue Louden is a Casino executive? wonder if

“He then said he was going to the border to shoot any Mexicans"

Let's have the best chicken phrases or ideas so far

My prediction on what the teabags will do on immigration reform.

Parents Angry Over Rapper's Middle School Appearance in GA


Vatican says US lawsuit against Pope 'without merit'

GOP asks high court to undo 'soft money' ban

Alan Grayson coming up on Bill Maher...n/t

$258M Powerball Winner: "Holy Moses!" - Convenience Store Clerk

Son's autism leads to innovation

Fraternity Kappa Alpha Officially Bans "Old South" and "Dixie" Parties

Unemployed office workers find work as exotic dancers


No job for years and still looking

Has the US outlived the sea-to-sea, 50 state thingy?

Something to send to Gov. Brewer and the rest of the fascist thugs

Arizona already promoting the new law.......

Fremont, Ne can vote on immigration (I guess we boycott this town too)

Attn Arizona Dems -

State of un-grace

holy moly, huff post comments on AZ crap up to 23,000!!

Poll on the front page of Sue Lowden's website re: health care

India IT firms surpass U.S. in revealing workforce makeup

For a second day in a row, Randi Rhodes is going on about...

Heads up: On tonight's "Real Time"


Glenn Beck covering his ass in regards to inciting violence


Brazil bars sales of Toyota Corolla

GOP Raised Wall Street Cash During Obama's Cooper Union Speech

"Yoo vill show yaw paypuhs now, pleez"

Detroit - can the once proud Motor City be saved?

Facebook page to remove the page praying for Obama's death

Palin Pinnacle of Hypocrisy

Here's my message to the Republicans in Arizona

(In Pittsburg, CA) Officers kill suspect in woman's death

Tanzania union sues after teachers caned

The next Catholic abuse scandal: Crimes against women

County GOP: Get Democratic Rep. Betty Sutton Out Of The House -- And 'Back In The Kitchen'

County GOP: Get Democratic Rep. Betty Sutton Out Of The House -- And 'Back In The Kitchen'

Evolution Question

Soldier deployed to Iraq 3 times kills wife, hides body

The unshakable truth in Haiti

Dodd About To Snatch Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory On Bank Reform Bill

List Of Countries W/ Compulsory Identification Cards

I spoke with the death panel earlier today...

Where do your federal tax dollars go?

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Sheriff Joe Arpaio out in Orange County, CA today, supporting Bill Hunt for Sheriff

Tea parties backing the Arizona immigration bill-NOW gov't should have more power?

Tea parties backing the Arizona immigration bill-NOW gov't should have more power?

You Can't Show Some Lady's Bod In The Middle Of 'Dancing With The Stars'!

We had dinner with old friends, she is a NEW doctor

America's Historical Love Affair With Requiring Brown People To Carry Papers....

(while you were living in reality) OBAMA TO BAN FISHING ????

(while you were living in reality) OBAMA TO BAN FISHING ????

Tonight on Bill Moyers' Journal: Bill Black, the future of Media and Earth Day

Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry vetoes anti-abortion measures

"The transgender former brother-in-law of Gov. Bob McDonnell ..."

Update to the Freeper and KMJ radio attack on WeatherUnderground's Ayers in Fresno, CA

New Rule - Bill Maher

An ex-boyfriend of mine is from New Mexico.

White House to fight to preserve National Day of Prayer

Fungal Disease Spreads Through Pacific Northwest

Undocumented immigrant dies trying to put out fire in Arizona home, two other homes catch on fire

Healthcare Reform - Winners and Losers in the Industry

Why Do the Islamic Extremists Who Hate South Park Also Hate Triscuits?

What if there was no Social Security, Food Stamps, etc during the Bush Depression?

Now Joe Arpaio and his goons have this Arizona immigration law at their fingertips

The BIGGEST Obama Disappointment

All Across MN: Protesters Declare Thursday Zero Recruitment Day: Incredible

Okla. governor vetoes 2 abortion bills

Want to help me tell Jan Brewer to go fuck herself?

The Rude Pundit - The Oklahoma Legislature Will Look Inside Your Daughter's Vagina ...

U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva ( Ariz) closes office over death threats.

Shocking New Abortion Bills Require Vaginal Probe Ultrasound and Collection of Women's Private Data

Relax Gringo

From my reading of the law, all law enforcement in Arizona have no choice starting in August

Welcome to Arizona

Check out this lame report on a Long Island Tax Day Tea Party rally. I'm about to post a comment and

Massey Coal: No Time off for Miners to Attend Friends’ Funerals

Arizona Gov. says federal govt failing to do its job...Rapture Ready board in awe!

Yeah, Governor BREWER, *everybody* has cancer in the family AND is born in Hollywood

New Arizona flag under consideration of the Legislature.

FYI: Crucial Congressional Hearing on Rating Agencies

Arizona Democrats - this is YOUR chance.

here are loads of drawings of the Prophet Mohammed

Dear Arizona Local Newspaper Editor

Dear Arizona Local Newspaper Editor

Is there sexism in America's medical system?

Jerry's Kid "lavishes praise" on Glenn Beck, who'll deliver Liberty U's Commencement Address

18 veterans commit suicide each day

Bank Bust Friday. IL hits the jackpot! 7 banks fail today ALL Illinois

The Governor of Arizona can kiss my wrinkled old White ass for signing the Nazi immigration law

Billions going to Wall Street from transition to charter schools?

I've been using a bicycle for transportation for most of my adult life

Please help Arizona get rid of Governor Jan Brewer!

any Word 2007 experts here who can help me with a Spell Check problem?

24 Years Later - The Consequences of Chernobyl -985,000 dead so far

Baseball fans! DEMAND that MLB move the 2011 All-Star Game from Phoenix

Blankenship, Massey deny miners time off for miners to attend funerals

Have Conservatives Gone Mad? - Marc Ambinder

She's 94 and ready to graduate from college

Viet Nam vets (and others), post your most memorable latrinalia here.

7 Chicagoland banks failed today

My Mother-in-Law went before one of those so-called Death Panels

Republican Governors Pay Homage To Guy Fawkes

I have non-refundable tickets for my family to travel to Arizona

Are we hypocrites?

Day Of Anti-Gay Truth: 3 Kentucky Girls Charged With Kidnapping & Attempted Murder Of Lesbian

Hey kids, Remember Scott Bloch?

John King on CNN...Arizona Racist Bill is President Obama's fault!

GOP Newsletter Takes SEXIST SWIPE At Betty Sutton (D-OH)

Breakthrough research findings of critical importance to everyone on DU...

Budget Committee Proposes Slashing State And Foreign Aid Budgets While Increasing Pentagon Funding has a pledge up to boycott spending money in AZ

Tea Parties, Backing The Arizona Immigration Bill - WaPo

Tea Parties, Backing The Arizona Immigration Bill - WaPo


For A Taste Of What's To Come In AZ, Check Out What Is Happening With Cops In CT!

Death of 'Caveman' ends an era in Idaho

Alan Grayson Discloses That Dodd Bill Covertly Eliminates Legislation Requiring Full Fed Audit

There is no law we can pass that will "fix" illegal immigration

"We are going to get creamed in our district since we need the gay vote."

Summmers Defends the TBTF Banks.

Why don’t Dems speak out like Ron Paul on Iran: A Vote For Sanctions is a Vote For War

Bret Michaels suffers huge brain hemorrhage, rushed to hospital

Tomorrow, 24 April, is 39 years since the Vietnam War Out Now rally in DC

Fuck Arizona. Fuck Their Jaime Crow Law. And Fuck All Who Support Or Enable It.

My cynical take: GOP pushing immigration into news because financial reform bites their ass too deep

For those going, but what Arizona did is ilegal and will be thrown out

I've seen replies to threads stating that some DUers favor the new AZ law. If you do, check in here

Second Class Citizens

Bailout cost may total just $87 billion

Ready for this week's DU Friday afternoon challenge?

Even a bird brain can smell things out sometimes...

Even a bird brain can smell things out sometimes...

UNSTOPPABLE OLIGARCHY- 6 Banks Control 60% Of Gross National Product: By Bill Moyers


Remember when the world turned on Sinead O'Connor?

The way to get rid of the Arizona law is to make them enforce it.

Maybe I'm crazy. Am I the only one on all if DU who thinks that illegal immigration is a bad thing?

Media Matters: Fox News' ever-expanding ethics nightmare

Boycott Arizona

(we tried to warn them) "Buyer's Remorse in New Jersey?" (Gov. Christie)

“I have had guys come to me and cry,”...“Grown men cried — because they are scared.”

FDL - "Where Are the Tea Party Protests About Wall Street?"

"The Good Ol' Days"

U.S. military suffers major defeat in Korengal Valley, forced to retreat

I cannot live in a country that makes racism into law.

Short discussion on child abuse.

Very disturbing... I see how "it" can happen here

April 26 is now Boobquake Day

LA Times: Opening our eyes to the plight of the homeless

Yay! Wal-Mart loses bid to enlarge their icky presence in my town!

Bolivian president says eating chicken turns men gay

I went into a store in Phoenix today and guess what I saw?

RPOF to release only 3 years of AmEx statements (2007-2009); Rubio used card from 2005-2008

Do The Right Thing

sarah palin flew all the way to knoxville, tn. to put a 22 yr. old in prison for hacking emails

Fact checking Bill Gates and his statistics about KIPP Charter schools.

Cenk Uygur: Where Are The Tea Party Protests About Wall Street?

French police fine Muslim driver for wearing veil

Never mind. Deleted.

Coyotespaw's Drunken Poetry Corner...

Laid off again.

If they want to use "Is this the face of a killer?" as a tag line, they shouldn't cast Pacino as

I just watched Avatar

What my cat really wants

Ridley Scott Reveals 'Alien' Prequel Details


"Bob is not authentic at all. He's a plagiarist, and his name and voice are fake."

In order to join an adult conversation, my 2 yr old niece says, "Or"

And before that...?

HUMMINGBIRD busy again!

Check out the trailer for "Beyond the Lighted Stage."

I am completely unmotivated today...

Anyone miss the days when they had heavy metal/rock music on the radio?

Can you visualize? That is, do you have a mind's eye?

FAU WKU Rain Delay Theatre

BEAKING!! There is another chicken thread in GD!!

Ok. I'm outa here! Gotta board my plane in a few minutes to head

Just discovered the band Engineers. Excellent newer group.

For those of you who have successfully changed careers how do you do it?

I just baked a lemon cake for my 15 year old daughter's birthday!

Some people just have the word "Stupid" tattooed on their foreheads...

I move that we progressives form our own state. After all, Canada

You liked Raptor Jesus? Well here is his buddy Raptor Mohammed!

Terrible confession, decades late. I really REALLY liked The Bugles' Yes album, "Drama"

On-ear (not in- ear buds) stereo headphones with mic for iphone

Tell me about getting into grad school - I'm getting my Poli-Sci degree in December, and want more!

Y'know the Brits look at us and look at MJ's Thriller...


Life's An Ocean (live)

HOW do you make a 3-D render look like this??

"McCarr just misses the NYO high kick record"

I got a question about the ignore feature

The Seahorses - Do it Yourself - WOW!

When did kids getting together start being called a "play date"?

OH! mY! gawd!!!!


Marshmellow Murder, an entertaining 1:13 youtube video.

A Long Time Gone {youtube 4:09}

Best "separated at birth" from

Cows Gone Wild

Bret Michaels rushed to ICU with brain hemorrhage.

Horizon Air's Clark and Lewis ads

Speed prevails over power, unless power is speedier.

E R T I O A S H L C N . spacebar ... and you?

Ian Dury and the Blockheads...

I'd get married again if I could have this cake.

Sue Lowden's chicken medical plan calculator!

Join the movement: The Restoration of Stephen Baldwin

Women more likely to date men with stiPh ones.

YouTube - Iggy Pop, "Louie Louie"...UNPLUGGED...on French TV. C'est magnifique!

Why do I feel bad?

DU women: what do you look for when dating, besides iphones?

YouTube - The Runaways, "Cherry Bomb," live on Japanese TV 1977

YouTube - New York Dolls, "Personality Crisis," live on Midnight Special 1973

YouTube - Johnny Thunders, "Born To Lose"

YouTube - Richard Hell & the Voidoids (featuring Robert Quine) - "Liars Beware"

YouTube - Alice Cooper, "Feed My Frankenstein" LIVE

I purchased a new over the counter sinus medication today.

Mad Men Don Draper Barbie Doll -

Baby moose playing with the sprinkler. ENJOY!

Survey: Women more likely to date men with iPhones.

Kitty, kitty kitty....

Fight Club

PHOTOS: You stay classy, Snooki.

Ape foot syndrome. I don't believe it.

It is now time for your LOL Al Capone.

Excellent video, James Randi speaks.

Someone I Know has ingested Coca Wine, Kratom, 420 and Alcohol. Ask that person ANYTHING!

Look at what some yahoo employee sent to our offices all over the country

"Winged Migration". What a beautiful film.

I had a KFC Double Down for dinner and I LIKED IT! Two...

Claritin rocks! I'm new at this allergy thing as...

WHY When there are eight empty stalls do you come sit in the one next to ME?!

Is it just me? Why have I never met a girl named Sloopy, Puddin'n'Tain or Rama Lama Ding Dong?

Have you ever noticed that there's an electrical charge in your iPhone ear buds?

I live in a highrise. The elevators are broken.

Have you seen the Plastic Bag movie? It's absolutely brilliant!

Bret Michaels in hospital for brain hemorrhage

Business Email Etiquette Rant

my DH is hilarious...

Of all the Thompson gunners, which one was the best?

Awesome Pics of the Iceland's Eyjafjallajokul Volcano. Really, just Stunning!

Poor Oregon - DU Front Page

Weekend Music - More music from geezers-you kids won't like this shit - stay away...

I'm bored. Here's a picture of Chris Matthews stuffing his face.

OMG Cat, Standing Cat and the Standing Mongooses watch the Dramatic Lemur

TV cabling question: wire for underground cable (RG-6, 11 or 60)?

Apparently, my ancestor on my mom's side was a close friend and advisor to Henry Clay

Are there any other women

Ian Brown/John Squire, Paul McCartney/John Lennon, Roger Waters/David Gilmour...

Is there anyway to tell a Bipolar person in a manic state

Oh my Christ, the new Robin Hood movie looks even worse than the last (Costner) one

In your opinion, what movie really nails The Human Condition?

Mysterious X-37B unmanned space shuttle launched by U.S. ... and they won't say what it's for Read

Durham DUers - I am now a Durham-ite!

Who is your all time favorite

Report: Health overhaul will increase nation's tab

Raters had qualms over deals by Goldman, others

Greece to activate EU-IMF loans

Bush special counsel Bloch to plead guilty to withholding evidence from probe

Democrats plan to introduce bill to blunt ruling on political spending

SEC and Pornography: Workers Spent Hours on Porn Sites Instead of Stopping Fraud

NATO says 2 US soldiers killed in Afghan firefight

British family tells US hotel they 'do not want to deal with black staff'

Poll says Obama, Dalai Lama world's most popular

(Developing) Countries urge rich to avoid protectionism

Kyrgyzstan's ousted president vows not to return

Charges dropped against driver who made deer-killing video

Iraq closes secret prison, arrests 3 officers

Airline passenger taken off plane; called 'security risk'

Kyrgyz air base linked to U.S. tolerance of corrupt government

Wave of Bombings Kills Dozens in Iraq

US Indicts 11 Suspected Pirates in Norfolk, Va.

Obama: U.S. 'a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws'

Budget crisis puts LA court system at risk (17 courts closed, 50 more to close soon)

Tweeting considered to announce Ohio executions

Britain to pay compensation to former 9/11 suspect

NATO seals Afghan handover plan


RNC Spending Questions Go Beyond Recent Headlines

Democrats plan to introduce bill to blunt ruling on political spending

Senate approves bill to skip pay raise for Congress in 2011

Full face transplant 'a success'

Whitney Harris, the Last Nuremberg Prosecutor, Dies

Revolution Islam, Website Of Group That Threatened Comedy Central, Is Hacked

Cheney: Cursing at Leahy 'sort of the best thing I ever did'

Seven Pakistani soldiers killed in militant ambush

GOP Asks High Court to Undo 'Soft Money' Ban

Feds Take Over Giannoulias Family's Broadway Bank

Obama: Arizona's immigration bill could 'undermine basic notions of fairness'

Ex-Officer in Bicyclist-Shoving Case Says He Was Trying to Avoid Collision

Storms threaten to push Gulf oil spill towards shore

Senate moves toward combined bill on derivatives oversight

New-home sales see biggest jump in 47 years

Jury verdict hits Boy Scouts with $18.5 million in punitive damages

Military's health care costs booming

Belgium's Catholic bishop of Bruges quits over abuse

CenturyTel to buy Qwest in $10.6B stock swap

Lawmakers turn to credit raters, prepare overhaul

New home sales, orders for most durable goods rise

Court turns down ACORN request for help

Mattel Gets Pass On Independent Toy Safety Checks

Arizona immigration bill: Mayor Gordon (D) says Phoenix may sue

Some truckers plan boycott over Arizona immigration law

Biden tells fund-raiser crowd that economy will soon be creating up to 500,000 jobs a month

Sarah Palin tells court that email hacker disrupted campaign and personal life

Two NATO Troops, 5 Afghans Killed In Night Raid

BNP call for end to immigration from Muslim nations

(Western Kentucky University ) ‘W’ Day supports Bush

California utility plows ahead with midsize solar

Scouts Ordered to pay 18.5 million in Abuse Case

Senate approves bill to skip pay raise for Congress in 2011

Passenger held after trying to open plane’s door

Wipro: India outsourcer's quarterly profit up, attrition rises

Coast Guard: No oil leaking from sunken rig

U.S. tells insurer (Wellpoint): Quit dropping cancer patients

Michaels in Critical Condition With Hemorrhage

(San Francisco DA) Harris turns drug-lab scandal over to state

At least 61 dead in Iraq bombings

Hugo Boss to Keep Ohio Plant Open (succumbing to an aggressive union-led campaign & Danny Glover)

18 veterans commit suicide each day

Colleague Disputes Case Against Anthrax Suspect

SEC staffers watched porn as economy crashed

Arizona Governor Signs Controversial Immigration Bill

GOP ramps up attacks on SEC over porn surfing

Glenn Beck to deliver Liberty University’s commencement address

Utah Set to Execute Convicted Killer Ronnie Lee Gardner by Firing Squad

Court Martial Charges Brought Against Birther Army Doc

Judge gunned down in Colombia

I sure do hope Teabaggers are watching tonite's Comedy Central with

"NATO Chief: Afghans Begin Control This Year"

Too bad Ted Kaufmann isn't running for Senate in Delaware

****Heads Up: POTUS Speaks at Naturalization Ceremony for Active Duty Service Members, Live! ****

C-Span LIVE: Sen Levin holding financial crisis hearing. Senator Kaufman now speaking.

POTUS on the AZ Racial Profiling Bill

Mixed review for new health care law says covering more still comes with greater costs

The Repubs would really, really, really like to kill financial reform...

Robert Kuttner: Financial Reform at a Crossroads

Special thanks to my fellow DU'rs and Jefferson Dem in particular (I hope positive call outs are OK)

Chuck Schumer needs to be impeached. He's suppose to be a US senator not an Israeli dbl agent

Senator Scott Brown not running for president.

Plum Line: Obama Blasts Arizona Illegal Immigration Effort

Huffpo's Ryan Grim: Senate Test Vote Shows Broad Support for Breaking Up Banks


NYT Editorial: Blanche Lincoln's bill wouldn't ban the Goldman Sachs deal being investigated by SEC

Any suggestions?

Anyone have any info on the HHS report about healthcare costing way more than anyone thought?

Yeah, this about sums it up...

Political Junkies: Bill Halter and Blanche Lincoln Debate Tonight on C-Span at 8PM ET

The Year of the Chicken

Gallup daily: Obama Approval: 49% Disapprove 43%

Fiiiiiiigaro! Figaro Figaro Figaro - Fiiiiiigaro!

When the GOP says 50% of Americans don't pay taxes they're talking about their nominee for Governor

Darrell Issa Goes On A Quest To Find An Obama Scandal

Porn: Is this Goldman Sach's revenge?

Rep. Kendrick Meek signs on to Fair Elections Now Act! House now has 147 cosponsors!

NYT: Massey Mine Owner Defends Work and Pledges ‘Accountability’ / 48 Miners have died in the area

LeMieux Considering His Own Future

Levy lags Lazio in race for GOP chairmen support

Romney endorses Hoekstra in Mich. governor’s race

Barack Obama dips into 4th District race, hands Hank Johnson an endorsement

Vanderhoef won't seek nomination to challenge Gillibrand

Need more proof that Republicans are lunatics?

New International Poll: Obama most popular world leader

I'll say it. You may not like it. Obama should pardon Col. Lakin.

"W.H.: Cost of bailout reduced "

"W.H.: Cost of bailout reduced "

Photos: "I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same" (The Obama Presidency, Day 459)

White House Versus Wellpoint

Why the Secretary of State's "Personal Beliefs" Defy Logic

Time: Haley Barbours' Republican Governors Pay Homeage to Guy Fawkes in 'Remember November' video

Today's Gallup Tracking Poll-50% approval, 42% disapproval

Arizona immigration situation. If only there was someone in law enforcement..

Kerry: Three Big Oil Companies Likely to Back Climate Bill (Strips EPA's authority to regulate CO2)

White House leaves Dick Durbin hanging

Breaking (in 2011) Obama arrested in AZ!

Why don't we attack states' rights more forcefully?

DFLers get ready for a long night

Democrats demand probe of Vitter

Bill Maher is on his A game tonight. I hope Obama has this on DVR.

"The Midterms Don't Matter"

New-home sales see biggest jump in 47 years

NH-Gov: Lynch Up Double Digits But Under 50

NC-Sen: Cal Cunningham adviser sees blacks and women as a fundraising problem

I worked for this President / Vice President/ and Congress to be elected.

"While Obama Took On Lobbyists, The gop Fed Them"

My experience with a birther...

ex-Geico announcer makes a video of teabaggers

Guatemala Hands Over Key File In Army Genocide Case

Joe Biden's oddly awesome "View" appearance

It's Brilliant, We Love It - Now GO HOME!

Million-Fan Anti-Obama Page Doesn't Break Facebook Rules

Tim Wise: Imagine if the Tea Party was Black

Slow Down - Start Over - And Kiss My Ass

"Greatest vice president ever"

"Obama Hasn't Changed, but Where's the Country That Elected Him?"

Gibbs: accident doesn't change position on drilling

WTF....I am not even sure how I would prove I am not an illegal alien!!!

Thom Hartmann - I'm Dizzy - Do The Republican always say Start Over?

Rachel Maddow: Obama on Financial Reform - 'That's the Truth, End of Story'

Countdown: Michael Moore on Wall St Fraud - 'But Who Are We? We're Just The People Who Said No WMD'

Want to know why Republicans won't cooperate with Dems? (Old video)

Chicken Sue

Grannies For Peace Take on Knollwood Mall's recruiting Center

Kirk's Standard

NMCU Bugs: Norwegian motorcycle safety ad

Tea Party ABC's

UK election debate: Leaders of main parties hold second debate

A Tale of Two Coal Mines: How One Followed The Rules, And The Other One Didn't.

GetEQUAL activists on Hill detained after disrupting hearing, demanding swift ENDA vote

Grandma's Peace Brigade tries to shut down recruitment at Knollwood Mall

Them's Fighting Words


Will ratings agencies be held accountable?

Thom Hartmann - Can I see your papers...Please?

Al Jazeera English: Multiple bombings kill many in Iraq

Will / Would Arizona Deport Cheech?

Rachel Maddow- Steele admits GOP southern strategy

Obama slams Arizona immigration bill as misguided attempt to undermine basic notions of fairness

Free Markets over here? Yeah, right..ha ha ha

Thom Hartmann - Freedom Works Bullied, GEICO Voice-Over Actor fired

Armed Militia Forming At Border

Spain performs full face transplant

"The Truth Behind The UK General Election" & Why Murdoch's Son Stormed Into The Independent's Office

TYT: Obama Bows Down On Bailout Fund

Countdown: Michael Moore on Wellpoint - 'This is One of the Sickest Stories...'

Hitler reacts to the Hitler parodies being removed from YouTube

Conservatives on reform: "Slow Down", "Start Over"

Meet Queen Meg, the Billionaire Who Would Be Governor

Raw Video: Dog Leads Police to Fire

Public Enemy - By The Time I Get to Arizona

TYT: Glenn Beck Hates Education?

Young Turks: Dad Denies Paralyzed Mom Right To See Triplets & He Wants Financial Support!!!

TYT: Unschooling Vs. Homeschooling Vs. Formal Education

The Myth of Corporate Personhood

93 Year Old Involved In Shake Down Over Applesauce By TSA

Histrionic Teabagger wants to close the Communist VA!

David Cameron presents a new Vision for Britain

Great Nutty Interview with God Hates Fags Shirley Phelps-Roper

LA Tines: Goodwin Liu comes through

Stop the attacks on public education

Poll shows Americans want better ties with Cuba

Land Deals, Private Jets and the Appalachian Trail

The Homeowners Whose Loss Was Paulson’s $1 Billion in Gain in Goldman deal

Where Are the Tea Party Protests About Wall Street?

Naomi Klein: A New Climate Movement in Bolivia

The Next Catholic Scandal

David Sirota: Bill Clinton's contrition contribution

Videos of Small Animals Being Crushed by Women in High Heels Are Protected Free Speech?

Schumer and Durbin: Roommates to rivals?

Is the U.S. at the Mercy of an Unstoppable Oligarchy?

New York Times Calls for Economic Shock Doctrine in Afghanistan

The Other Reason for Cutting Franklin Graham from Pentagon Event

Beginning of the end for Afghan war?

Conservative faction at MSNBC continues to attack Olbermann and Maddow

Convicted Former Argentine President Sentenced to 25 Years

Arizona Progressives Devise Ingenious Way to Beat Harsh Immigration Law

The shame of Orlando Figes

The Tea Party's Toxic Take on History. Ignore it at your peril.

Don't Cry for Wall Street

William Greider: Larry Summers is "Professor Pants-on-Fire "

The Lowden Plan Medical-Chicken Calculator

Have Conservatives Gone Mad?

Supreme Court to Take First Look at Monsanto Genetically Modified Crops

PBS ombudsman: Ignoring single payer was a mistake

Russ Feingold will have an opponent....

Jon Stewart’s Punching Bag, Fox News

Chuck Schumer Unloads on Obama

Ending the Slavery Blame-Game

Friday Talking Points (120) -- Republicans Chicken Out

"Where Are the Tea Party Protests About Wall Street?"

A new direction after Stern? (SEIU)

Weekend Economists' Hostile Takeover of "Car Talk" April 23-25, 2010

Five Reasons Why American Conservatives Should be Worried about Nick Clegg

Vichy America

Hey, what was all that stuff about how great the record of the offshore oil drilling has been?

Drumbeat: April 23, 2010

Peak oil notes - Apr 22

ODAC Newsletter - Apr 23

National Research Council - Pace Of Ocean Acidification "Unprecedented" In Past 800,000 Years

AFP - Bangladesh Govt. Posts Soldiers To Guard Public Water Pumps In Dhaka As Shortage Worsens

Pressure-cooking (micro)algae into a better biofuel

'Nuclear tribunal' proposed at international summit

18 minutes film 'Plastic Bag' a viral hit on the Web

Canada's New Mobile Carbon Capture Unit - Reducing Emissions or Preserving Industry?

Chernobyl Day Commemoration - South Africa

Climate bill calls for 12 nuclear plants

Caltech-Led Team Designs Novel Negative-Index Metamaterial that Responds to Visible Light

India Tornado Leaves Nearly 1 Million Homeless After Ripping Through Impoverished Villages - Reuters

National Academies: CO2 Emissions Causing Ocean Acidification to Progress at Unprecedented Rate

Electric Prices in Europe come DOWN thanks to burgeoning Wind Power supply

McCarthyism and Climate Change

Emirates Nuclear Energy Corp chooses site for first UAE nuclear power station

Carbon Capture and Storage: Energy Costs Revisited

Wind Power 39% growth in 2009. At that rate of growth Wind will surpass Nuclear in 7.5 years.

Oh crap! My Broncos drafted Tebow!

Lest we forget, Timmeh Teblow did a Super Bowl ad for a hate group.

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Thursday, April 22)

OK. That does it!! I now hate the Natinals and Chess.

The Marlins are going to force the first postponement tonight.

Go figure. Out of 32 GM's in the NFL, one of them isn't as smart as the average DU'er...

Hey Alabama, Florida, Stanford, Oklahoma, UCLA, & Utah fans: your school is...

The 49ers select USC's Taylor Mays..

Bobby Orr's rookie jersey fetches $191,200 at auction

Who says St. Tim won't become a back or tight end?

Tebow Goes Before Clausen?!?!?!

Elian Gonzalez saga still vivid for many, 10 years later - CNN!

Peru to buy eight Russian helicopters

Venezuela, Cuba sign oil exploration treaty

Venezuela raids cocaine labs on Colombia border

For Obama, wind shifts on Cuba

x-post from Eds & Other Articles: Stop the attacks on public education

Mockus: I am tough on the FARC and prudent with Venezuela Spanish

Evo Morales and the beautiful game

Wanted: World Referendum, Climate Justice Tribunal (the referenDUMB is proposed)

Naomi Klein: A New Climate Movement in Bolivia

Guatemala Hands Over Key File In Army Genocide Case

Colombian human rights lawyers investigating La Macarena mass grave in Brussels to call for stop to

Cuba For a Fair International Order

Judge gunned down in Colombia

Honduran Misrecognition

I was thinking last night that it's about time for Evo to be Chavezed in the press.

Human rights hypocrisy and Cuba

President Evo Morales Dancing with the People on Earth Day at PWCCC

Poll shows Americans want better ties with Cuba

Evo Morales: 'Chicken causes baldness and homosexuality'

Today in Labor History Apr 23 Cesar Chavez dies

UFW: Polarizing anti-immigrant bill targets Latinos and farm workers

YOU helped save hundreds of workers' jobs in Ohio

Students tried to push lesbian classmate off cliff

Abuse allegations make case of elderly gay couple murky

Catholic League: “Not all gay sex is abusive”

Maggie Gallagher is resigning to spend more time hating her own family.

Gaza extremists urge Al-Qaida to target Yemen Jews

No Resolution Reached on ASUC Senate Divestment Bill

A spa for Samaria

A tale of two Palestinian authorities

Alan Dershowitz Is Wrong

Yasher Koah, Judge Goldstone

Misguided idealism of Georgetown, Divest!

While Dersh Lies About J St, Schumer Bashes Obama

U.S. Jewish magazine honors Goldstone for 'upholding Jewish values'

Schumer: Obama's 'counter-productive' Israel policy 'has to stop'

Obama on Israel: ‘No Wedge Will Be Driven Between Us’

Leftists to Elie Wiesel: Occupied Jerusalem can't be holy

Real gun control...

Effect of Brady Campaign boycott....sales increase 7% at Starbucks

Robbers Run When Citizen Shoots Back

Some bad news today for me.

New lens!

Come into my web

Moooore flowers


I feel that a tasteful frame like this should be permitted in contests

A bit unkempt in Charleston, S.C. ...

X-37B military spaceplane launches from Cape Canaveral (BBC)

Volcanic Ash Tints Northern Lights.

Mexico to create its first space center on Yucatan Peninsula

Simply Awe Inspiring Hubble Pic

So then, what about all those lines on Phobos?

This week's Starcodes - Heather Roan Robbins

The Psychic Guild's Chat room open until 11 pm est....

One reason I prefer i-ching over tarot

Poseidon is a real god and I can prove it to you in three easy steps.

Did any of you click on that ad for a book about

Deadly New Fungus Emerging in Oregon Expected to Spread

Images of Suicidal Thoughts

CDO Market – Rife With Collusion and Manipulation?

E-mails From Mordor

In Light Of The SEC's Pornography Fetish Revelations...

The Real State of the Housing Market

Lehman's Liar's Loans and Other Cons

Heard the one about Goldman Sachs and the volcano?

Will Goldman Sachs prove greed is God?

Financial market regulation is a mess

The key to economic recovery is boosting global demand

Record 21% Of Americans Think They'll Get Canned In The Next Year

From a TIME magazine article in 1933 at introduction of FDIC and deposit insurance:

Tokophobia - Phobia That I Had Never Heard Of....

When You Lie Down with Dogs, Keep the Anti-Itch Powder Handy

NYT in-depth piece on Dennis & Eileen Bakke, founders of charter Imagine Schools