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You know, if an RNC bondage scandal

What can Nat'l Guard troops really do along the border?

Here they go again !!

Here they go again !!

Koch Outraged by Obama's Treatment of Israel Over Housing Construction

I haven't been paying attn: have the fundies changed their mind about

Poll Re: Dr. Turning Away Obama Voters Needs DU Love

On Modern American Discourse

Christian conservative on GOP erotica spending: "If you can't run a party, you can't run a country"

These religious extremists need to be waterboarded in prison.

For those of you who know who Jason Mattera is....

The State level war against the Health Care Bill

The State level war against the Health Care Bill

ACORN’s behavior was `highly inappropriate’ but not criminal in California

Moves to Garnish Pay Rise as More Debtors Fall Behind

I'm no lawyer, so perhaps you could explain this to me

The Catholic Church's problems are largely self-inflicted.

The Zubaydah case represents a solid instance of "9/11 truth"

Back off, I'm a corporate whore By Mark Morford

Do u think Bush and his people planned the Mumbai Attacks?

Some Libraries Ban Whitman Policy Booklet

Scientists discover gene and part of brain that make people gullible

Does anyone else see the similarity between God and Darwin?

FAA relaxes airspace restrictions over Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas

FAA relaxes airspace restrictions over Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas

Lights out for 'Jesus Saves' cross on hill in Livermore, Calif.

So you don't have a TV - doesn't mean you aren't watching

Environmental regulations to curtail mountaintop mining

"Abortion foe lashes out, gets 50 to life"

Report: Wall Street Bailout Cost Taxpayers $4.6 Trillion

Richard Eskow, HuffPo: "Millions of struggling homeowners and the bankers who got rich off them"

If the mandates were ruled unconstitutional by the Supremes....where would that leave us?

Wow! Haiti declaration of independence found in UK archives

Posting my very best ham glaze

162,000 Jobs Created in March, Unemployment Rate Steady at 9.7%

Check out this Nazi argument against universal health care...

American University Date Rape Controversy

Why's it called "Good Friday" anyway? Torture and death of a prophet doesn't seem "good."

Tea Party candidate makes restitution to avoid felony arrest

Tea Party candidate makes restitution to avoid felony arrest

Oh NOES! 162,000 jobs created in March -- so Morning Joke barely mentions it.

Boy Scout Leader Blames Parents for Sex Abuse at Hands of Scoutmaster

Criticism of Palin’s CSU speech mounts (as well as her reported $100,000+ fee)

Italian Journalist Invents, Attributes Anti-Obama Comments to Literati

So for the Militia - welfare is bad but collecting unemployment is good


The perfect counter to Palin's TLC show

WTF re: Pirates...

Metallica's new direction. Hope you like it...

Corporate Tax Code Realignment

Justice IG casts further doubts on FBI's Sentinel

Gee, I Wonder Why Wisconsin repukes Don't Like This Bill?

Tent City Slums Spring Up in America

Pawlenty takes more wind out of his fellow republicans' repeal and replace' campaign...and Romney's

Mr. Fish & The Pope

Stewart Slams CNN For Hiring Erick Erickson (VIDEO)

All Reconciliation, ALL THE TIME!!!

Fla. deputy uses Google Earth to make arrest

So $arah how did that Real Amerikans thingy work out fer yer?

South Hadley Schools chief: We're unfairly blamed in bullying-related suicide

Books About the Federal Reserve

GOP Bumper Sticker Idea:

Trickle down economics and republicans

Catholic Abuse Hotline Overrun Amid New Allegations (Germany)

Catholic Abuse Hotline Overrun Amid New Allegations (Germany)

Perils of "chexting" hit spotlight

German archbishop says church failed abuse victims

oh god no. 'President George W. Bush to visit Grand Rapids'

If America is such a holy Xtian country

Fox's Cavuto "pimps a guy who initiated a violent attack on someone else as a victim"

When are the Republicans going to realize that bullying and intimidation tactics grow old quick...

FBI warns extremist letters may encourage violence

Al-Sadr supporters stage 'referendum' on a future prime minister

In Memory of Phoebe Prince

Letter To My Daughter - Part 1

Letter To My Daughter - Part 1

A breakdown of the March jobs report... even better news in the details

GM China reports record sales in March

Trendy Fashion Buys Reimbursed as "Office Supplies" to RNC Finance Officials

AIG Less Reliant on U.S., on Path to Repaying Bailout, CEO Says

Hedge fund heads pocket record pay in 2009: magazine

Thinking the Unthinkable: Could America Repeal NAFTA?

*Much* funnier than Bu$hitler....

My prediction (as if it matters): tough gas mileage standards won't survive

Freep quotes Obama saying all Teabaggers AREN'T "fringe," then slams him for calling them "fringe."

Freep quotes Obama saying all Teabaggers AREN'T "fringe," then slams him for calling them "fringe."

Boeing 787 Passes Incredible Wing Flex Test

Fox News is incredible, same SH** again today, not covering Obama live now in Charlotte, NC. CNN

I need to call Hannity today and his stupid employers. Anyone got his or their contact info?

No More Fish? Let Them Eat Cake

No Easter Bunny for second pedestrian sting

Pres Obama speaking on North Carolina

The Seed Cathedral: A Fiber-Optic Shrine to Mother Nature's Reproductive Prowess

It begins: FLA Doctor in Graysons district refuses to treat Obama patients

Media economic propaganda: Reuters calls corporate lawyers opposed to bankruptcy reform "experts"

Goodbye, NUMMI: How a Plant Changed the Culture of Car-Making

It's good to hear CONs are refusing to...

I was told today that if you live on $12 /hr tough shit, life isn't fair, get a roomate

Newark marks its first murder-free month in 44 years

Newark marks its first murder-free month in 44 years

Two US Navy articles pissing and moaning about the lack of ships.

self removal of "suspicious" mole

Oh boy. 'Preacher Compares Attacks on Pope to Anti - Semitism'

Alabama Senate passed a health care opt out bill .

Preview of Nancy Skinner's comments on TV at 5 p.m. ET today

Percentage of GDP debt held by various countries is an eyeopener!

A Conscious Pariah: On Raul Hilberg

DISGRACE: One More Nasty Anti-LGBT Brief From the Justice Department

The Rude Pundit - Kansas Late-Term Aborts Scott Roeder from Society

Is the stock market closed today???Some sort of "holiday"???nt

Sarah Palin calls them the lame-stream media and they give her

If Obama is the Anti-Christ then how is he...

Talking point: Bush tax cuts for wealthy were a "tax holiday"

The right is getting out of control

Reality flies in the face of TV News spin, re: Dems fleeing Obama...

Anyone else hear the story about the Villages on NPR this week?

If Obama went for Single Payer and failed,

Tis the reason for the season! Eostre... I love our Pagan roots.

Near the end of the rope?

Harry Truman spinning in his grave today

Have you heard the bull**** claim that "renewables are great but they aren't enough"?

O.K., sorry but this census apparatus is counter-intuitive to the point of being AMOK!1

Orlando Dr. tries to avoid treating Obama Voters

Do I get an award for predicting the future?

Urgent and Private: Any way to contact a media figure, directly?

Is this something new at DU? Have mods gone anonymous?...

Is this something new at DU? Have mods gone anonymous?...

MSNBC ratchets it up another notch into dangerous territory with McVeigh special

‘Hard 50’ is the right time for Roeder’s crime

Iraq vet kills wife and then himself

SF Chronicle outdoors writer arrested in pot bust

Books on Free Trade

Quiz Time: Is it modern-day capitalism or a cult?

Bachmann: Pelosi Tried To Incite Tea Partiers By Walking Through Crowd

What's this story about The Guardians of Free Republic Threatening Governors

The thought that big insurance will pass the mandate profits on to the American people in

Seeking diversity, UU parish installs a Latina minister, first in 400 years

ABC News' Betsy Stark Let Go


The Militia Man Next Door: Neighbor of Hutaree plotter describes a troubled gun nut

Holy Week Pictures

Rush just said employers have to give workers time off to take their pets to the vet

GOP Congressional Candidate Courts Tea Party with Anti-Government Rhetoric, Receives $200,000 Annual

GOP Congressional Candidate Courts Tea Party with Anti-Government Rhetoric, Receives $200,000 Annual

GOP Congressional Candidate Courts Tea Party with Anti-Government Rhetoric, Receives $200,000 Annual

GOP Congressional Candidate Courts Tea Party with Anti-Government Rhetoric, Receives $200,000 Annual

The GOP is actually pretty diverse...

health insurance companies obstruct patients ability to get meds..

Did Tiger Woods lie about hate crime when he was in kindergarten?

Nigeria Sharia court confirms Twitter debate ban

i've been arguing with a friend of a friend on facebook.

Every dollar I spend is a political act

Was Sarah Palin using a teleprompter on her show last night?

Could Your Wages Be Garnished? Personal Bankruptcies Spike

Could Your Wages Be Garnished? Personal Bankruptcies Spike

Malaysia woman's caning sentence commuted

Can anyone give me the address we send our census to? I was cleaning

Gloria Allred...STFU and go fuck yourself.

Vatican preacher: Criticisms of Pope over child rape is "like the most shameful anti-Semitism"

McConnell Admits GOP Will ‘Probably Not’ Be able to undo entire HR Law

A Little Peace & Love

Justice Sonia Sotomayor, defender of women's rights. That hopeychangy nuffy for you, Sarah?

Concealed carry is still illegal in Wisconsin, so they have Open Carry events.

March 2009: -650,000 jobs.... March 2010: +162,000 jobs

As Cuts Loom, New Jersey Schools Brace for Worst

As Cuts Loom, New Jersey Schools Brace for Worst

Do you use 'ignore' ?

Condoms can help on poverty - Catholic leader

Apparently, Bush/Cheney's "War on Terror" didn't include domestic enemies

Grumpy Michelle O makes for great GIF

If your doctor is a Republican-Get another doctor!!

Light 'em up, Ann Arbor.......

"The Guardians of the Free Republics" that have told 30 governors to leave office, has a 'Restore

The constant, obsessive, persistent, harping criticism by the Right...

Two Fences Will Write Police Procedure For Catching Burglars: 'Ferget It, Jake; It's The Senate....'

Vagina-Scented Perfume Debuts

Vagina-Scented Perfume Debuts

Teen accused of pimping her 7-year-old sister at N.J. party

Teen accused of pimping her 7-year-old sister at N.J. party

3 Days Later..

FBI: 'Ruse' was created to arrest Hutaree members


This reaction would not surprise me

"People that HATE wholesomeness will mock her show. I love America heros."

Bachmann: Pelosi tried to ‘incite something’ by walking through crowd

Must be in the appendix

Extremist group demands governors resign, FBI says

Jail for man who broke into woman's home to frame husband for child porn

This Kinds Of Sums Up My Feelings (And Suggestions) On Current Policy In Education (Not A Rant)

Florida doctor tells Obama voters to ’seek care elsewhere’

RIP John Forsythe...

2010 Republican Election Strategy

Something really big didn't happen

Teabaggers are white people who fear the outcome of democratic elections.

The ' Al Qaeda ' Among US

What does everyone think about Rallys for Sanity in America

There is a blog out against roeder. bwahaha

The agony of the genie

How to tell if you have teabaggers from out of town in your area....

Can someone point me to all the threads where people are saying they won't vote?

"...I'll wear my hard hat and carry my 'little friend' under a jacket..."

Two observations about 'ephebophilia' and taxpayer money going to churches

It absolutely astounds me what the RW will choose to blame Obama for

Hey Hannity, think making jokes about OKC is funny?

Calling Will Pitt, Calling Will Pitt

Another "Boys at the garage" story for you all

FBI warns letters to governors could stir violence

Did Obama say "There's no crap!" when discussing poll numbers?

Teabaggers are always saying Obama is undermining the CONSTITUTION . . .

Anyone familiar with the Narnia series? What is going on today reminds me of The Last Battle

Teachers fighting back in Florida

What ever happened to pay-for-grades schemes in N.Y & Chicago?

Rep. Steve Cohen: Sarah Palin Made John McCain Look Like "A Captured Soldier in North Vietnam"

Williamsburg man flies Soviet Union flag in his yard to protest government

Audio of Justice Stephen Breyer's lecture at the School of Advanced International Studies

Limbaugh: "I was not wrong, I was just uninformed"

Okay -- Don't vote if you disagree with some things Obama and the Democrats have done.

Mount Dora doctor tells Obama supporters: Go elsewhere

(During Holy Week of all times) Why did those scientists have to smash Adam?

Gay and Lesbian resort Vandalized

Um, who or what is a tim mcveigh wanna be? did i hear that right?

Ohio AG OKs anti-health ballot wording

Who put the abstinence only funding back in the health care bill?

Todd Tiahrt (running to be KS next senator) sent this leter to Roeder

Profile of a typical mass murderer vs typical teabagger..

2008: Too Big to Fail, 2010: Too Big to Nail

If You Were a Billionaire for Five Hours

Abuse victims, Jewish groups slam Vatican remarks

Flag-desecration case still alive (funeral protester from Kansas)

Good f**king grief: Pope's preacher compares accusations against Catholic Church to anti-Semitism

US states renamed for countries with similar GDPs- avery interesting way of looking at things

Boy Scouts Of America Portland, Oregon President Blames Negligent Parents For Sex Abuse

Pictures of today's storm in KC

f u brian williams...'jobs numbers are up today, but is that good news?'

Are blacks really discriminated against in employment? National Review's panel explains it all:

David Shuster Possibly out at MSNBC?

Vatican was warned about paedophile priests in 1963

Remember Jimmy Carter & the Killer Rabbit?

Ohio Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer dies

Tweety calls Limpballs a Walrus! Said Rush referred

Conspiracy, or Must-See TV? Wikileaks to Unveil Secret Video

Are you up for another Friday afternoon challenge question?

What insurance companies fund the Heritage Foundation?

You know what's the sorriest thing about the wacko militia types?


Are there any freeper infiltrators here ?

"he had chosen to obey "God's law" to save babies." Where does it say to Kill for God?

When it's a Christian militia, it's your regular criminals. When it's Muslim then it's terrorists!

Learning From the Vatican's Problems: What the U.S. Must Do to Protect Children Now (amending RICO)

Congress Amends Controlled Substance Act

The Opium Wars in Afghanistan (Alfred W. McCoy)

Hey Samsung....

Hey Samsung....

Just had my posting privileges revoked

News organizations want a large act of domestic terrorism

After The Florida Dr Story...I Have Emailed my Democratic Congress Reps

Is it legal to open-carry a dildo in public?

CNN shovels the bullshit: Disgruntled Democrats join the Tea Party

A question about the census - just curious

The Nation: Liu confirmation "should be a no-brainer."

Pope's Personal Preacher: Accusations Against Benedict Are Like 'Anti-Semitism'

Can someone help a slightly tech-impaired DUer?

Muppet news flash

Gen. McChrystal: We've Shot 'An Amazing Number Of People' Who Were Not Threats

Ok, Guardians of the Free Republic

Ok, Guardians of the Free Republic

Believe it or not but at one time a long time ago some Republicans actually had principles

This Sunday is 42nd Anniversary of King's Assassination-Killed in Midst of Poor People's Campaign

This Week's Adventures in Law Enforcement

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! It's youth Night!

Just now watching Monica Crowley on The McLaughlin Group and, when they identified

Shunned Aside and Forgotten Yet Again: las muertas de Juárez

The U.S. should never go to war except in the case of genocide

My father's poison pen in the Arizona Daily Star

Isn't China The Best Example Of What Full-Blown Republican Leadership Would Be Like?

For the DUer who asked if Dental Care was included in the Health Care Bill

WOW--An employer that puts employees ahead of profits

just got a stupid e-mail re: pres & congress exempt from HC plan

Civil War or rethug majority?

Dead at 46 because he couldn't afford medical treatment

FBI warns letters to governors could stir violence

Exhume Collective Bargaining.

Senator Sherrod Brown=a great man in the Senate

What Will the JSF Really Cost?

New Zealand to support Japan's whale hunt (Moratorium is "emotional attachment")

In the 4 years of Cheney's 5 deferments (1963-1966), 8602 U.S. Military personnel died in Vietnam

I'm currently working on a piece on the Wake County Public School

Even if you're not pro-Obama, you still need to vote Democratic this year

March to Fulfill Dr. King's Dream -- Historic march and caravan Reminder

Court OKs Repeated Tasering of Pregnant Woman

It was record heat here in Iowa today but no one says Al Gore was right!

Good afternoon all DUers.

Stock Market prediction for April

"When we fight, we win"

Want To Help Defeat John Boehner in The November Election in Ohio?

Toyota sign at Wrigley Field delayed

Underemployment Rises to 20.3% in March

Underemployment Rises to 20.3% in March

KKK Leader Glenn Miller Runs For Missouri SENATE SEAT

Extremist group demands governors resign, FBI says

Supreme court will rule individual mandate to purchase health insurance

Where was this concern for "fiscal responsibility" from the Teabaggers....

The KKK was declared illegal in 1871 by congress and signed into law by President Grant

Billboards against Obama Going up in ATL

APNewsBreak: Vatican took 12 years to defrock pedophile priest

Graves possible for judgeship: Justice mentioned as leading candidate for Appeals Court, 5th Circuit

patsy pandering poses possible problems poisoning plants.

About bullying and what teachers can do

Who here has a Republican/Blue Dog Representative in Congress?

Racism on Campus - What Post-Racial America?

Short-term good news, long-term bad news?

RW CNN contributor Erick Erickson will pull 'shotgun' over Census

Did I hear Lawrence O'Donnell say that there is NO penalty for not complying with the HCR mandate?

What is the world coming to!?

DU stop. Just stop. re: Hannity/McVeigh

Court battle could upend President Obama's agenda

California surfer receives whale of an escort during marathon paddle

Court derails sexual harassment suit against U.P. (must read for the ladies here)

What are the odds?......A thousand plus people armed to the teeth and angry to boot

General Paul Eaton Comes Out For Repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Three Good Friday Questions

Three Good Friday Questions

Edison Schools moving across the pond? International movement for businesses to run schools?

Giving the Chamber of Commerce a Piece of Our Mind

are there any freeper infiltrators here?

are there any freeper infiltrators here?

Dear General Petraeus, Commander...The Pope is having a bad week too

update #2 on Wash. state oil refinery explosion

MSNBC Special on McVeigh is just fanning the flames

(Haliburton/KBR Poisoning our Troops) - Military Burn Pits

Schedule M - did you file for your $400 tax credit? ($800 for working couples)

Ruling OK's Tasering Pregnant Woman Three Times

Did you ever notice that the stars on the RNC logo are upside down similar to a satanic pentagram?

Oops -Guardians of the free Republics tied to Texas radio host Sam Kennedy

You know, with all the major insurance companies---Aetna, Cigna, etc.---announcing HUGE premium

The ONLY message you will be sending by not voting is that Republicans have won.

Some right-wingers ignore facts as they rewrite U.S. history

Sports Illustrated LTTE: The mental disconnect burns....

My "Hopey-Changey Thingy" is working!

Are you a homeowner who's struggling to pay your mortgage?Seeking a govt program loan modification?

Stupid: It Aint Just for Republicans Anymore

Alan Grayson: Videos regarding the 23 BILLION dollars MISSING in Iraq, etc. that everyone should see

Ezra Klein: How does the individual mandate work?

78 Things You Didn't Know About Johnny Cash, Cool

I got a Census job!

Recession over? Economic Activity Fell In Half of the U.S, In Last 3 Months (Chart)

Charter school families find they have little say over company

Washington Post Warns That Prosecuting Crime of Aggression Might Deter It

Is anyone watching/listening to Keith right now??

What is the BlueDog/DINO litmus test?

caption this Palin & McCain pic...

Sign in Mount Dora, FL urologist's window: "If you voted for urologic care elsewhere"

I remember the 60's....

Did you see this, too? (New EPA regs sharply restrict mountain top coal removal)

Who Put Failed Abstinence-Only Programs Back in Health Care Reform? And Why?

Our Government Is Planning to Stay at War for the Next 80 Years

Sucks under Repuke rule: banksters own economy, insurance owns health care, corporations own speech

Regardless of what Happens in Iraq, WE MUST GET OUT!

Former director of SF Shakespeare Festival dies homeless, on the sidewalk

Well, no Easter service for *us* this year

Fresno Bee to Rove: your spin doesn't change the facts

Environmentalists blast Obama mining rule reversal

Is it legal to open-carry a dildo in public?

Feds: Homes with Chinese drywall must be gutted

Cool Resource for y'all...Progressive Blog Directory.

Texas Megachurch to Give Out Cars, TVs at Easter Services

"Feds found Pfizer too big to nail" This is a Must Read!

GOP: the party of "HEALTH NO!"

Tampon-makers can't mention the V-word. Period.

My daughter's Bullying experience

How sad - White House Butler Eugene Allen died today

This week's massive epic fail..........

Alabama teen promgoer chooses suspension over PADDLING for "skimpy dress"

Can a Conservative Extremist be a real Christian?

Post a photo of Welsh Rarebit.

Phish - Down with Disease

Post a music video by a Welsh act.

I'm a boy

Moe. New York City

I hate the Yahoo "Front Page" articles. Most are pointless. This one says NOTHING worth...

I want to show you all the most awesome thing ever.

Fuck it all.

Alien vs Pooh

Lee Hazlewood - Nancy Sinatra, Some Velvet Morning

The pleasure's all on this side of the table, trust me.

Joni Mitchell - "Help Me" (live)

Elvis - "Long Black Limousine"

AC/DC - "Rock N' Roll Train" (Official Video)

Self-proclaimed "Christian" Terrorist Roeder gets life in prison for murdering doctor

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 4/2/10

Posting my very best ham glaze

I heard Easter's been cancelled this year

The Good Friday Bunny

George Jones - "Hello Darlin'" (live...tribute to Conway Twitty)

Most of the Greatest Things Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Ever Said

Peeps vs. Chocolate Bunnies

The A-Team Van: First Look, Fool

I want to create a thread that never dies.

Can you start a fire?

Parents: Brown eggs are best for hiding.

Scout's honour: to salute a literary masterpiece

Does Rush qualify for classic winger status?

I want this guy on american Idol

Do you bite the ears off of your kid(s)' chocolate bunnies?

The Manual Pages That Saved Apollo 13 Up For Auction

Joni Mitchell - "Coyote" (live, from "The Last Waltz")

Metallica's new direction. Hope you like it...

Little boy sent mixed messages

how to play an April Fool's trick on your facebook friends.

Does DU need a "threads that never die" forum?

Good Friday vs. Awesome Friday

The anger out there is frightening sometimes

Psst! Over here! I hear you are lookin for some KFC!

Salon: An Italian liqueur so pungent you want to "throw up or wash your mouth out"

Does anybody besides my wife pronounce "crayons" to sound like "cranz"?

So: Call 911 *after* I stop laughing?

Why are celebrities always photographed in front of corporate logos?

Anna Paquin (Sookie from True Blood) comes out as a bisexual

Fenway Park getting remodeled!

So how long before Midlo gets bored of her ipad...

The Church of Baseball

Recycling Bag Amnesia

Audience sing-alongs. Yay or Nay?

Charlie is now recruiting real angels

OK, I admit it, I am now officially an old fart, a geezer or whatever

I rang a silent bell, beneath a shower of pearls

You can't fire me; I founded the band!

I have been stabbing myself repeatedly in the face with a pencil all day.

Bobcat Goldthwait as The Amazing Christo (Happy Easter!)


I always wanted to live right downtown

Who here has seen The Call of Cthulhu?

"You ask me why I don't live here, I ask why don't you MOVE!"

Massive Attack-Karmacoma (Bumper Ball Dub)

My Chinese girlfriend is neurotic

Do you charge for your services?

My butt hurts

Sunday, Jesus will rise from the grave

BREAKING NEWS: It's BUNNY's birthday!!!!!!!!

ipod touch/iphone question

Anybody here watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

So, All You Early Adopters, Tell Us About Your New

We're all just soap bubbles on the breeze just before the pop

Cheez-Its or Goldfish?

The Grateful Dead - The Stranger (Two Souls In Communion)

Oh, boo fuckin' HOO: Attorney calls Jesse James a "broken man" whose "entire universe is destroyed."

I remember you.

Cat! I'm a kitty cat!

Massive Attack - Splitting The Atom

Ever have an Italian Margarita?

Screw the Stevies!! It is all about Joe Cocker now!!

A DUer was a guest in my home once.

Oh man, have you seen cheez comixed?

So I picked up the guitar on Jan 10th and really started trying to learn

Time for some kitteh (and a puppeh) pics - Dialup warning.

A "beautiful jam" for a beautiful person...

Facebook needs 100,000 people who think Sarah Palin is an idiot.

Caller ID rules

Muppet news flash

Is it legal to open-carry a dildo in public?

Erykah Badu just stripped naked in front of my house.

John Phillips (Papa John) - Evil Fuck or Misunderstood Druggie?

Did there used to be a band with eyeball heads?

Someone broke into my fucking PM box.

I had to go to NYC last weekend to visit a family member in a...

OK, let's say a "DUer" was a "guest" in your "home" and...

Hollow or solid chocolate bunny, this is a important question.

Wow. First time I've seen that.

I listened to my first Styx song today. My review to follow

If a DUer was a guest in Rome

Any "Supernatural" fans here? friend just found circa '92!

I love poetry generators!

How come they call them tooth picks

Left-wing militia recruits wanted: The D/LAPA-EAB is seeking Democratic/Liberals

I'm trapped in Hicksville for the night. Who wants to get drunk with me?...

HUGH!!1! pot bust -- in Weed!

I kept dreaming of gigantic narwhals last night.

Jet has something he want to say....

If a DUer was a guest in your home

I was a furrie today

In a work environment, how do you respond when someone tells a racist, sexist, or homophobic joke?

Is the phrase "Nice post, Butler" now acceptable on DU??

Ok, let's say a DUer was a guest in your home, stripped naked on your lawn

Can somebody help me debunk an Obama rumor?

What is this obsession people have with other people's lives?

Anyone heard of the amazing one-man-band Martin Dosh?

Can you change a tire?

"Charlie" has died!

"Charlie" has died!

Guy yapping on the cell phone at the library. What would you do?

do you know of a good find-a-job site for first-time job-seeker who wants

Teen wants to crap in ex-GF's car -- Only he chooses the wrong one (!)

Mr. Writer got a raise!

If a DUer was guest in your home, where would you keep them?

You know, you can't always trust food labels...

5 children under the age of 6. Are you insane?

Admit it. You know love it.

Anyone else want to discuss what a piece of shit Jesse James is?

What kind of Peeps did you buy?

There is a spot where the deck meets the screened in porch which meets the rock

A literary genre I didn't even know existed.

Stevie Ray Vaughn or Stevie Wonder?

Interview help: What questions would be asked of a candidate for a

Age difference and love

So my ex wants to put three family pets to sleep because it would be easier to sell the house.

Let's play: Guess that 70's & 80s hard rock/metal lyric!!!

What used car to get?

Tomorrow's WaPo: "Those angry about health-care generally concerned about the country's direction"

Economy adds 162,000 jobs in March; unemployment rate stays at 9.7 percent

We are never ever ever going to be able to do anything about "stuck on stupid"..

Obama on Presidency: One Needs 'Pretty Thick Skin'

Response to "Hopey, Changey"

we need better names for our legislative intitatives

NYT: Health Care for All, With Obama Down the Street

Have a listen to this spoof ad on right-wing radio

EPI: Positive job growth, but not enough to reduce unemployment rate

The Long Term Discouraged workers are starting to come back into the Work Force

An example from history

Christina Romer: First quarter averaged 54,000 jobs per month

CNN Money: Higher taxes threaten stock rally

Administration backs song royalties bill

Administration backs song royalties bill

Yes Howard its Small Ball

What did Obama do to deserve this?

What did Obama do to deserve this?

If off shore drilling is needed because of peak oil then pump price will be...

Is this Huffpost story real? Justice Scalia bet Zeke Emanuel that Health Care wouldn't pass?


Dear Mr. President,

Parker Raises $230,000 in Bid to Succeed Shadegg

OKC attorney to join 5th District race

Halcro will drop his run for Congress

A President to be proud of

Hayworth says he raised more than $1 million in his primary challenge to Sen. McCain

How do Repubs. get away with vowing early on to not cooperate with the President...

Barack Obama, moderate Republican

Ken Catalino's political cartoons on political payoffs for votes

Off the Reservation: Republican Party (1856 – 2010)


Bender, Binnie Release Money Numbers

The Captain, Obama keeps ship on even keel in stormy waters

"Largest Monthly Job Gain In 3 Years" and Pelosi's statement

Signs the Easter Bunny is Nuts IBTL

Payrolls rise 162,000, best gain in three years

Larry Flynt raises money to beat Rep. Joe Wilson

Two overlooked facts that are key to any discussion on offshore drilling

Artur Davis, in favor of the BFD AFTER he was against it.

The Only Republican Plan Is to Destroy Democrats, Not Solve Problems

EPA Sharply Limits Mountaintop Mining

Want to REALLY keep coastline beaches clean? Demand that offshore waste dumping end

Any Project Mgr That Has Taken Over A Crappy Project Sympathizes with Obama

Govt to help get coverage for uninsured

U.S removal of equipment from Iraq 35 percent complete

Photos: Flat Stanley and Multi-Dimensional Barack Take a Field Trip

The Presidents #20: James Garfield

San Francisco obstetrician refuses to treat McCain/Palin supporters?

Do you love the Tea Party?

Oops! When Republicans block unemployment benefits, they also blocked flood insurance

Robert Parry: The Only Republican Plan Is to Destroy Democrats, Not Solve Problems

Look at this long list of approval polls of Bush for his last 3+ years:

The Presidents #18: Ulysses Grant

If You Were a Billionaire for Five Hours (Sun-Trust Bank error to man's account)

Koch Outraged by Obama's Treatment of Israel Over Housing Construction

Teabaggers Attack Congressman

So Obama goes from minus 700,000 a month


SFPD drug-lab problems could go back years

National disaster exercises, called too costly and scripted, may be scaled back

US sues contractor KBR over Iraq bills

Extremist group demands governors resign

Lawmakers revisit derivatives regulation

Obama Hits Low in New Poll - He must move to the right,

Hey Bart Stupak, How Does it Feel?

Obama: US would go bankrupt without health changes

It was more than just census workers. "Private Sector Job Growth Drives March Employment Numbers."

3 dead, 4 hurt in blast, fire at Wash. refinery

GM's March Sales in China Cement Top Status

Gates orders overhaul of Pentagon mentor program

Anita Hill to deliver MCLA commencement address

Something so shocking from "Human Events" that I had to share

Anti-Government "Guardians" Target Governors (FBI on Alert for Violence)

NYT: Pay Garnishments Rise as Debtors Fall Behind

NYT: Pay Garnishments Rise as Debtors Fall Behind

Gen. McChrystal: We've Shot 'An Amazing Number Of People' Who Were Not Threats

Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza Strip

Teen accused of pimping her 7-year-old sister at N.J. party

88,000 of the 162,000 jobs "gained" were actually just temp positions

Obama administration cracks down on vehicle emissions standards

Obama: Rush and Beck Don't Represent Most Americans

U.S.-Afghan tensions threaten to undermine war against Taliban

FBI warns extremist letters may encourage violence

Obama: 'Worst of the (economic) storm is over'

Looking for ammo to rebut current meme of 'patriotic to criticize the POTUS'. Remember how when W..

One dead, Three Missing in Washington Refinery Blast

The Presidents #21: Chester Arthur

Perfect examples of what Democrats, specifically President Obama, are up against

Attorney General Six says Kansas will not challenge federal health care legislation

The Presidents #19: Rutherford Hayes

2nd Mexican helicopter sighted in U.S. airspace

O/T-Why does DU have "Net recommendation" when it goes no lower than zero?

Economy adds 162,000 jobs as recovery builds

Africa may have lost £1tn in illegal flows of money, researchers say

Outrage at anti-Semitism comparison by Pope preacher

Ann Arbor Hash Bash could have record crowd

The United States is number one in the number of manufacturing jobs in the world

Sounds heard in China mine where 153 trapped

I don't agree w/ everything but damn it I like my President. happy thread

US sues contractor KBR over Iraq bills

Krugman on the jobs report

US Companies Criticize Chinese Market Obstacles

Eugene Allen, White House Butler, Dies at 90

Newborn With Pre-Existing Condition Gets Coverage

So Two-Thirds Of Americans Are For A Public Option

NJ man arrested in connection to gang-rape case

U.S. official says intel suggests Iran plans to ship arms to Taliban

Filipinos nailed to the cross in Good Friday rites

Doctor tells Obama supporters: Go elsewhere for health care

Report: Rep. John Dingell getting death threats over health care reform

Vatican Priest: Abuse Uproar Like Anti-Semitism

Muslims arrested for trying to pray in Córdoba’s former Great Mosque

Dynasty' oil tycoon John Forsythe dead at 92

Bachmann says Pelosi wanted to 'incite' Tea Partiers


Nissan Leaf electric vehicle to sell for less than $33,000

Just because Obama is enacting Republican policies doesn't make those policies good.

When a president is far ahead of the country.

Feds: Homes with Chinese drywall must be gutted

Groups condemn killings of journalists in Honduras

CIA’s top spy: No (intel) losses from waterboarding ban

Sen. Boxer Opposes California Initiative To Full Legalizing Marijuana

Florida doctor tells Obama supporters: Go elsewhere. "Changes to your healthcare begin right now."

You know, the talking heads aren't ALWAYS wrong.

Rants about Greedy CEOs & Racist Teabaggers

Nancy Skinner on MSNBC talking Obama's oil drilling announcement

Does the Tea Party need a Leader?

It's a Tea Party Stupid!

Carly Fiorina Music Video Tribute leaves out the part about jobs not being your God given right

David Letterman - Tea Party's Pam Stout, Part 3

More Sarah Palin Stupidity by Old Fart Rants

Man Brings Gun To Health Care Rally

The Coming Age of Electric Cars

TYT Praises Obama For EPA Use & Car Plan

Tariq Ali: President Obama, the U.S. empire and the world economic crisis

TYT: Lisa Miller 'sad' about 'bad guys' in Catholic Church. Cenk not having it.

Robert Greenwald discusses Fox News and Sarah Palin's Real American Stories on The Ed Show

TYT: Cenk Vs. Michael Shure on Economy, Geithner

Doug Flutie Kayaks In Flood (Mass. flooding report) 2:06

Bill Maher on Teabaggers: These idiots can't even spell Go Back To Kenya

David Letterman - Tea Party's Pam Stout, Part 2

Obama- "We've Turned The Corner" On Jobs, Economy

Countdown: Lawrence O'Donnell Examines Health Care Law for Penalties, GOP Fiction

Michele Bachmann: Pelosi Tried To 'Incite Something' By Walking Through Crowd

David Letterman - Tea Party's Pam Stout, Part 1

Olbermann Comment: Dr. Teabagger of FL Chucks Hippocratic Oath for Tea Party Politics

Grayson: Florida Doctor Turns Away Obama Supporters with Sign On Door

So back in 1969, what did we think the Internet would be like? Take a look.

'Seek Urologic Care Elsewhere' Jack Cassell: Doctor Refuses To Treat Obama Supporters

Max Keiser Report (2 April 2010)

Rachel Maddow: Fake GOP/Fox "BULL..." - ACORN & 'Climate Data' Exoneration Stories

Robert Fisk: Glossy new front in battle for hearts and minds

Dan Quayle: Don't let the tea party go Perot.

Eugene Robinson: Pope Benedict Must Take Action

$4 Billion Hedge Fund Manager: Obama Not Socialist Enough!

Financial Reform 101

CUTTING OUT THE MIDDLEMAN: The Government Is Now in the Banking Business

TIMELINE: From Promoting Acid Rain To Climate Denial, Over 20 Years Of David Koch’s Polluter Front .

Awesome, and Then Some

Church letter of support for pastor-predator

Top Fed Official Wants To Break Up Megabanks, Stop The Fed

David Barton Keeps Up His Lies at Glenn Beck's American Revival Event

Health Care Reform Violence

Where was Moody's board when top-rated bonds blew up?

'Soul Of A Citizen' Excerpt:How The Christian Coalition And MoveOn Helped Save The Internet Together

The Limits of An Extreme Ideology, Cont'd

U.S.-Mexico 'war on drugs' a failure

Armed Militas, The Antichrist, and Obama

GOP inciters of violence blame targets of threats for being threatened!!!

Attorney's General suing over HCR .. if they win the only HCR possible is SINGLE PAYER!

Group Crowdsources Effort To Put Up Anti-Obama Billboards

Some right-wingers ignore facts as they rewrite U.S. history

Pope Benedict XVI: The apologist

The Founding Fathers' "Individual Mandate"

Militia arrests point to return of armed patriot groups

Florida Urologist Ordered to Become a Proctologist

David Sirota: These Devils Wear Privilege

Matt Taibbi: Wall Street's Naked Swindle

The Un-risen Jesus

Obama Poll Watch -- March, 2010

Weekend Economists Easter Weekend April 2-4, 2010

Right wing groups marching on Washington on date of Oklahoma City bombing.

10 Things You Can Do to Help Progressive Journalism (The Nation)

Drumbeat: April 2, 2010

Peak oil notes - Apr 1

ODAC Newsletter - Apr 2

renewable energy in America

MIT makes significant step toward lightweight batteries

Rapid response team investigates coral disease outbreak in Kaneohe Bay (Hawaii)

Plastic electronics could slash the cost of solar panels

2010 Models Auto Fuel Efficiency Info.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu on the nation's energy future

dupe plz delete n/t

Egypt Conference Tracks Ongoing Desertification In Syria, Sudan, Warns of More To Come - AFP

Home Retrofit Program Not Dead, Just Resting, Says Canadian Minister

Kanagawa Prefecture Enacts First-Ever Smoking Ban In Modern Japanese History - J-Times

Ecologists receive mixed news from fossil record

So Cal Beach Erosion Worst In Decades Thanks To Storms - 20-30 Horizontal Feet Lost In Some Areas

From Promoting Acid Rain To Climate Denial: Over 20 Years Of David Koch’s Polluter Front Groups

HUD and CPSC Issue Guidance on Repairing Homes With Problem Drywall

Number Of Non-IVF/ART Triplets Born In Norway Doubles From 1970 Rates - Reuters

A Superstorm for Global Warming Research

Remarks by the President in a Discussion on Jobs and the Economy in Charlotte, North Carolina

Saab (under new ownership) targeting Audi. NEW models and a turbo diesel!!!

Helbio Receives Order for Fuel Cell Power System with Reformer Operating on Bio-Ethanol

Global Climate Change Leading to Seal Pup Deaths:

Research Supports Northern NY’s Biomass Energy Potential

Study reveals that logging debris suppresses development of an invasive competitor, Scotch broom

Mitsubishi aims for sub-$30,000 price tag on U.S. i-MiEV

Among Likely Beneficiaries Of Global Warming In Tennessee - Kudzu, Ticks, Poison Ivy, Fire Ants

A little help needed - can anyone tell me how to find the original mpg on an older model car?

Storms Of My Grandchildren (James Hansen)

Cape Wind Signs Agreement to Buy Siemens 3.6-MW Offshore Wind Turbines

Northern sea ice growth a fluke, not end of climate change: researcher

Entitlement an epidemic in sports

Evan Turner Named AP Player Of The Year

New Notre Dame Coach: "We stink right now"

Final Four time. Predictions????

Tennis spoiler**********

A's skunk Giants; pound Zito, 9-0

Browns Tackle Shaun Rogers arrested for gun possession -- at the airport

The JR Chess Report (April 2): Russian Team Championships Underway in Dagomys

The real reason I love Lexington & Kentucky

Rights group: Chavez trying to silence dissent

Separated children in Haiti often not welcome home

Bolivia to name Escalante posthumous 'ambassador'

Groups condemn killings of journalists in Honduras

Peru village mudslide 'kills 20'

Column: There’s no plastic in Cuba

Cuba Hit by White Collar Corruption

Venezuela development plan for Orinoco oil belt

Isla Presidencial from El Chiguirebipolar

Cuba wants churches' help in stopping corruption

Students’ protest against Cuba continues

One of the World's Best Kept Secrets: Cuban Medical Aid to Haiti

'Kosher' bus line operating in Tel Aviv

State to invest NIS 700m in developing Arab towns

Changing course, Fatah officials call for Palestinian protests against Israel

Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza Strip

Israeli warplanes bomb Gaza Strip

A Conscious Pariah: On Raul Hilberg

Weekly Top Ten: Solis Launches Wage-Theft Campaign | SEIU vs. NUHW | Remembering Cesar Chavez

Today in Labor History Apr 2 SCOTUS declares unconstitutional a minimum wage for women & more

Saftey Complaints Lead to Lock Out (3 years 3 killed on the job in the Twin Cities)

Koch Outraged by Obama's Treatment of Israel Over Housing Construction

What Becker's Recess Appointment Means-- LRI Inc. (Unionbuster Website)

McHugh: Gays who speak up can be discharged

Newark marks its first murder-free month in 44 years

Do MSNBC hosts pay attention to their own guests?!

Heavily-Armed Cartel Attacks Mexican Army; US Gun Laws Not At Blame

Concealed carry is still illegal in Wisconsin, so they have Open Carry events.

( Update) Update on Vancouver, WA Man Cited for "Unlawful carrying of a Weapon"

The Second Amendment

I see the Mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley, isn't very liked here.

when you are trapped on a bus

tank stairs

Dew encrusted insects

New search server powering the PLoS journal websites

What if profits derived from patient sample development funded health care?

Neil deGrasse Tyson on What NASA Means to America's Future


starcodes by Heather Roan Robbins

A guardian?

pssst...a little help in GD, please?

OT--for the thyroid peeps here

La da dee da da da da...

Good Friday/ Easter Video

Pope's preacher: Abuse critique like anti-Semitism

I'm not the messiah, says food activist – but his many worshippers do not believe him

Bobcat Goldthwait as The Amazing Christo (Happy Easter!)

Tis the reason for the season! Eostre... I love our Pagan roots.

What do you think of this?

The Anti-RCC Catholic...

Does anyone else see the similarity between God and Darwin?

What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding?

Science of Laughter is serious Business

Keratoconus/ Riboflavin cross-linking

Half of Commercial Mortgages to Be Underwater: Warren

Please someone explain to me how these two reports can both be true.

A healthy financial system cannot be built on the expectation of bailouts

The Federal Reserve bailed out Bear Stearns BEFORE the $700 billion taxpayer bailout

Need help on Federal Reserve Regions as additional levers

Five Minority School Districts In Running for Broad Prize

Question for fellow teachers