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Archives: April 17, 2010

Nancy Mary Sage, baby critically injured in 1906 San Francisco earthquake, dies at 105

NPR: Groups say "Health Law Rolls Back Abortion Rights"


Judge strikes down adoption ban

Voucher cap is reached

U.S. States Face ‘Staggered’ Recovery, Pew Center’s Urahn Says

Danny Glover Arrested In A Protest

Pelosi to music industry: 'You have an army of advocates' in Congress

Referee throws out case against Sylvia Young

Massey drove up production prior to West Virginia mine disaster

Andrew Bacevich is a "favorite true conservative." Why?

Kim Komenich, San Jose State Professor, Halts Bank Robbery with a Hug

Kim Komenich, San Jose State Professor, Halts Bank Robbery with a Hug

Why Did Fox Blink in Hannity Tea Party Shakedown?

Sen. Scott Brown To Meet With Undocumented Students

Toon on Goldman Sacks

Freepers, of course, are defending Blackwater's Gary Jackson

Now Toyota vans reported to have problems.

Since we call the right crazies wingnuts, can we call the teabaggers nutsacks?

Gay visitation order shows how Obama brings big change with small actions

Photos: Blogger channels Palin & Bachmann through Lucy & Ethel..."Mooseameatateabaggin"

The Roots of Stalin in the Tea Party Movement

Gotta love Bill Maher putting this whole russian kid sent back home thing into perspective

From Eugene Cullen Kennedy: Practiced Catholics

From Eugene Cullen Kennedy: Practiced Catholics

Stories by stranded travelers - a peek into our interconnectedness

Bill Clinton should be the icon for the teabaggers.

Bill Clinton should be the icon for the teabaggers.

*tick* 48 .. *tick* 49 ... (Cloture votes forced this Senate term)

Intentionally design a car with faulty brakes...

Selling Olvera Street out to the highest bidder?

When will Iceland's volcanic ash reach the USA?

Report: Insurers Shifting Costs to Avoid Healthcare Laws

Scott Brown to commit SINGLE GREATEST SIN in eyes of freeps (will meet with immigrants’ advocate)

Sacramento judge sentences medical pot traveler to jail

Can Money Worries Damage Your Heart? (video)

Bishop Norman McFarland of Orange County dies

Prediction: Iceland Volcano will "prove" Climate Change a hoax.

Prediction: Iceland Volcano will "prove" Climate Change a hoax.

Think of all the fuel that is being saved in Europe - will oil prices drop?

The Roots of Stalin in the Tea Party Movement

SEE! first that Obama changes visitation rules and now *this*

Alan Greenspan and the Financial meltdown

City of Newburgh (NY!) removes rebel flag from work site

City of Newburgh (NY!) removes rebel flag from work site

SERIOUS versus DELIRIOUS (President Clinton has the right wing pegged exactly)

SERIOUS versus DELIRIOUS (President Clinton has the right wing pegged exactly)

How come GEM$NBC is covering the

More Shades of the Taliban: School Bells Banned in Somalia for Being Too Christian

Ice cap thaw may awaken Icelandic volcanoes

Gentle Been pays it forward - injured dog plays dad for kittens

Israel Unveils World’s Largest Drone…the Size of a 737

Ever hear of the 'Sovereign People’s Court of Las Vegas' before?

Wow! Fox "Business News" delivers the real story

VIDEO: "Michigan Palin Supporter" - "she has far more experience than the dufus in the White House"

What the hell has happened with this crazy Republican Party??

USDA Inspector General: meat supply routinely tainted with harmful residues

Are Congressional Districts with Prisons Overrepresented?

Infighting has broken out among the teabaggers.

Tennessee cleanup sends coal ash, anxiety, to Alabama site

Tennessee cleanup sends coal ash, anxiety, to Alabama site

dumb question-will the Icelandic ash cloud migrate to the United States?

does the volcano clouds stop trains and trucks too? not that I've heard

Ever wonder why Chicago became and stayed such a firmly Democratic city for all these years?

More genius Teabaggers......

Good News! Dick Morris predicts massive landslide for Repukes in Nov

Okay: No more George Belling!

North Korea Suspected In Blast That Sank South Korean Warship

Tucker Carlson: Liberals have a problem with Michele Bachmann because she's "effective"

Eric Cantor wants YOU to TAKE ACTION in November, "for our kids and grandkids." Vote Republican.

WRKO suspends right-wing talker Howie Carr for barbs against station

Freeper altruism.

Woman must remove mural of sunflower


Idea, Palin's career referred to as a late term abortion.

States that cry "SOVEREIGNTY" shouldn't have hands reaching out for Fed Gov't funds.

Does the RW have anything even remotely comparable to this?

When volcanic ash gets you down........

doesn't the ash cloud present a national security nightmare?

Rimjob's begging for money again

Quelle surprise !!!!.....Pope's approval ratings take a beating

Infiltrators Exposed at Tax Day Tea Party - MN State Capitol

sometimes you gotta LOVE teabagging hate (photos)

Jaime Escalante's (Stand and Deliver) casket was put in his old classroom this morning

President Obama, Canadian PM cancel trip to Poland..

Goldman tells shareholders reforms will help its bottom line

Jim Cramer Insulted By Sylvian Raynes On CNBC, Erin Burnett Kicks Raynes Off Show (VIDEO)

Our "Good (Then Bad) Negro" Complex

Lawmakers announce initiative to increase diversity on Capitol Hill

A truly incredible and touching interview with Michael J. Fox

United Health CEO reaps nearly $100 million from stock options

Lawmakers (Rep. John Conyers) ask FBI director to end abuses over records

Who knew Sen. Leahy is Italian???

Ohio NPR (Kent State): New problems at Ohio nuclear plant are unexpected

Another TOON, and a TUMBLR....

100-Year-Old Pedophile Sent Back To Prison

Pentagon dismisses Lieberman's Fort Hood subpoena threat

does anybody think that some of the people with misspelled signs at the tea party

John Paulson is living under a dark cloud.

Michael Lewis on Barack Obama...

Jerry Brown to Calif. GOP rivals: Debate me now

Favor ability

Please forgive my cynicism in regards to financial reform.

Please forgive my cynicism in regards to financial reform.

I've got a question for Minnesota DUers.....................

What is a volcano?

One million Britons stranded by ash and food shortages expected:

April 17, 2005: "Katrina Kids" Sing to Laura Bush: "Congress, Bush & FEMA Have Come to Rebuild Us"


The effect of politely countering a conservative talking point

Apparently Philadelphia is the negative center of the Universe

Boxer: Dems need to match Tea Party energy as midterm elections near

Obama since healthcare passed (March 21)

You Know What's Nice These Days? Dick Cheney Is Incommunicado

"I want to take care of myself"

McChrystal: Too Many Contractors in Afghanistan; Alternative Could Be Troop Increase

Modesto Bee weighs in on Palin contract

Oklahoma Unemployment Rate Declines

George Washington racks up late fees at NY library

Rush and the Volcano

How Fox News could actually do some good.

Did Dan Rather forge that letter the pope wrote against defrocking a pedophile priest?

why does Faux play their talking heads all weekend but real news channels show "locked up"

Prime example of $hilling for CEO Welfare Queen$$$$ > $am Brownback

An unexpected brush with the TeaBagger mindset

Palin More of a Socialist Than Obama

Why We Are Wasting Our TIme Prosecuting These Case

Teabaggers - being used - by whom? I think we know.

Unemployment rises in 24 states

On "This is the worst economy EVER" and We are doomed.

This is a long time overdue.

Will the Volcano prevent world leaders from heading to Poland

GOP has been pretty quiet about torturing domestic terrorist suspects haven't they?

Getting that "Hopey/Changey" feeling...


Obama accuses Republicans of Deception

My Promise To The Tea Party

Best retort to "it's not in the constitution!"

Best retort to "it's not in the constitution!"

Unbelievable! Buy yourself a hypoallergenic pet!

President George Washington racks up $300,000 late fee for two Manhattan library books

If you're bored,one of my local papers wants examples of media bias

Volcano continues erupting: Italy closes airspace. Air industry losing $200 million a day.

Cops getting caught on camera increases scrutiny

Repeat after me: It's all astroturf... It's all astroturf... It's all astroturf...

UN Official May Have Been (Deliberately) Shot by Afghan Police

S.C. jobless rate drops again

Tea Party 'revolt' looks like a pity party to me

A Corporate Media Owned by Wealthy Interests is Going to Disseminate Propaganda Aimed at Perpetuatin

A little Bumpersticker for ya...

Let's Keep Denying Our Racism, Shall We?

WikiLeaks: CIA Report Into Shoring Up Afghan War Support in Western Europe(3/11/10)

Sarah Palin has been corrupted by wealth and fame...

saw an interesting thing today ... a mix of messages ...

White supremacists stir up opposition on the Los Angeles City Hall lawn (two hurt)

GE: 7,000 tax returns, $0 U.S. tax bill

Watchdog group sues Cal State Stanislaus over Palin contract

Cardinal: late pope backed priest-shielding

Pot enthusiasts gather at California cannabis expo

IRS worker describes horror of Austin attack (CNN)

Supreme Court takes up religious group's rights (to discriminate against gay people) on campus

Dumb and Dumbass trade jabs in Kansas senate race

Douglas Spink, Ex-Cocaine Smuggler, Charged With Running Bestiality Farm for Tourists

CNN has a documentary on Death and Taxes about

do you secretly try to recommend your own post?

National Day of Prayer Deemed Unconstitutional, but Obama Will Recognize it Anyway

Volcanic Ash Strands French Students In Mpls

Caption This

Drug smuggler arrested in bestiality case in Wash.

Should there be a tax on fast food?

Has this been on the Tee Vee?

Goldman CDO case could be tip of iceberg

Poll Reveals Most Americans Don't Know They Got a Tax Cut

A Comparison: The Tea Party, and the Second Klan

Frank Rich:Welcome to Confederate History Month

Limbaugh: Volcanic eruption in Iceland is Gods reaction to Health Care Passage.

Mom Leaves Toddler Behind After Robbery

Kenya flower industry hit by flight cancellations (BBC)

Looks like we here at DU can be just as bad as the Teabaggers.

Warning that air travel chaos will continue as eruption intensifies The Observer, Sunday 18 April 20

Government yet to pay racial bias settlement to black farmers (BBC)

Goldman Sachs finds $5bn for pay and bonuses amid fraud investigation

Obama's Mars program shouldn't really be about Mars, but rather the Mars mission should...

Our PECORA MOMENT Has Finally Arrived With Goldman Sachs

I just got polled by the DCCC for HI - 1st Cong. district Spec. Election

Tea party group offers refunds for Hannity no-show

Bwa-HAH!1 Ariana tweets a pic of Tweety at the CA state Dem convention

Bwa-HAH!1 Ariana tweets a pic of Tweety at the CA state Dem convention

Students Accused Of Trying To Bury Classmate Alive

Nazi,Teaklanner alert...

Chicken found wandering around downtown San Francisco has a new home

Tracking the cancellations

Mets-Cardinals 1-1 going to the 20th

Clinton: Rush Limbaugh Comment “Doesn’t Make Any Sense”

Limbaugh: Volcanic ash cloud is God’s punishment for health care

Let us know when you start seeing groups of dejected looking doctors sulking on park benches

What exactly does crazy man McCain mean when he says its time to 'pull the trigger' with Iran?

EPIC v. Homeland Security: Government has Over 2,000 Photos from Airport Body Scanners

Dutch airline KLM and German airline Lufthansa have carried out test flights to see if it is safe fo

Springboro Tea Party rally fizzles

If they want to block the finance reform bill, HANG IT ON THEM!

..if you just sign here.. a few small details..and I'll have them bring your used car around to the

Inmate Faces New Security Ahead Of Execution-state tries to avoid another suicide attempt

The Roots of Stalin in the Tea Party Movement (WHOA!!!!)

The best fake teabagger signs from Boston Common

Pittsburgh-area bishop punishing nuns who supported health care reform

Did Sarah Palin speak at that white supremacist rally in LA?

Can you disappear in surveillance Britain?

Joe Conason: Paul Broun: The new stupidest member of Congress

On the Improvement of Overseas Education (about to be published in my Chinese city's newspaper)

Frontline Fronts for Corporations, Not the Public

Tea Party + Nazis = HATE (pic)

Sacramento Bee: Judge backs Redding atheist who balked at religious anti-drug program

Reporter discovers the baggers like the media attention ... to a point

If you reside near a major airport hub PLEASE consider extending some kindness

Sunday Talk shows

2001- we were warned about the real danger

Wanted for murder...

10 Surprising Factors Killing Your Sperm

The Pubbies must be running without saying they're Pubbies!

"The Magnetar Trade: How One Hedge Fund Helped Keep the Bubble Going" MUST READ On Derivatives

Donations sought for animal control officer who shot 100 animals

Goldman Sachs Could Face A New Kind Of Risk: ANGRY INVESTORS

Rabies-Infected Feral Cats Attack Humans

Cookbook has 'salted and freshly ground black people' typo

Rant. 'Delays reported ACROSS THE GLOBE???'

Europe Tax Model Delivers Much More - SacBee

My plants believe in global warming. My 7' barberry is completely covered with leaves,

Octopus steals diver's video camera - while it's recording

Volcano's Eruption Beginning to Hurt Europe's Economy

Me Party - another 'Infiltrator' pic

Am I wrong to think and feel that it is un American

Champaign mayor doubts Obama is an American

"NO AMENSTY!" "IMPEAH OBAMA!" (A children's treasury of misspelled teabagger signs)...PHOTOS

After Getting Bailed Out By American Taxpayers, General Electric Pays ZERO U.S. Taxes

Do you think the volcanic cloud will affect America in the next few days?

Comcast partners with teabaggers to bring new right-wing broadcast network online

Behind the Air Force's Secret Robotic Space Plane

'Mullah Omar Ready for Peace Talks With West'; No Longer Aims to Rule Afghanistan

West Virginia Open to Homicide Prosecution for Massey Coal Mine Deaths

The Next Teabagger Event Should Be Aired Live And Hosted By These Guys

Corporate Front Group Funded By Coal Industry Scorns Widow Of Mine Disaster:

"Say No to Organic Factory Farms!"

NPR: Health Law Rolls Back Abortion Rights, Groups Say

Mexican Catholic bishop: SEX EDUCATION is to blame for child rape.

Current map of Volcano ash coverage (9 PM Saturday)

Will the Comcast/NBC merger neuter MSNBC?

Group that wants to constitutionally outlaw homosexuality received $3M from Feds.

Top 10 Books Prudes Don’t Want Us To Read

Top 10 Books Prudes Don’t Want Us To Read

Anti-Gay Group Got $3M From Feds

Things are being said at this minute on TV that have never been said before

Have you Blocked FOX NEWS on your television?

The Magnetar Trade: How One Hedge Fund Helped Keep the Bubble Going

Michael Collins: WikiLeaks Video - The Greater Horror

World News Daily and Newsmax NOT a reliable news source for Rapture Ready Forums

Obama isn't a Citizen!!!!

Clinton: Rubin and Summers Gave Me Wrong Advice on Derivatives,

Clinton: Rubin and Summers Gave Me Wrong Advice on Derivatives,

"...a new all time low for Discovery. My guess is the show is going to tank big time."

digby: Today's Miraculous Factoid

What Customs Dogs do when flights are canceled - pic

Iraq Veteran, 27, Kills Self on Front Steps of VA Hospital

Col. John Eidsmoe and the Wisconsin Tea Party

Imagine for a minute the US did not possess any nuclear weapons

My friend's kid is being gay-bashed.

Frank Luntz

Holy Hypocrites, Batman !!! - Classic Teabag Idiot Here !!!

A New Ten Commandments

Black Man To Tea Party: Welcome to My World

On the Ash cloud

On the Ash cloud

What in your opinion is fueling the TEA baggers' outrage?

Welcome to Cuba... One in Four to lose their jobs.... So says Castro....

A Teabagger's Poem (Satire)

Eyjafjallajokull volcano joke :D

High unemployment not the "new normal": Romer

Have you put away your snow thrower?

Why do people get a tax credits for having kids?

Highlands Ranch defendant in marijuana-growing case changes mind, will fight federal charges


Is the Best Antiwar Voice on TV Glenn Beck?

Is this a bill you could support? (Pregnant Women Support Act)

Florida again attempts to let state government fund religious schools.

The executive order on abortion does not consider the health of a woman

Same Tired Old Story: The Political Dynamics of the Tea Party Movement

MiddlefingerMom tried to join the NRA, but...


Jesus vs. The Dragon

MiddleFingerMom doesn't like to brag, but he is known far and wide as quite the lover.

MiddleFingerMom is quite The Thinker.

Man attacked by golden retriever puppies

One Of Us

Does anybody need anything?


it was a dark and stormy night....

Eat beer. n/t

Go Nads!!

I just realized...

The power of the fine print

The Trustworthiness of Beards (dial-up warning)

Where do YOU (or, you know...this "friend" of yours) fit in?

Stormy Clouds

Has anybody seen or talked to Faygo Kid since his last OP?

How can Larry King be 76 and still look...

Be honest: do you like Frank Zappa's music?

The most disgusting, sick, perverted, I'm-gonna-be-banned-for-this, graphic awful image. Evah:

The Greatest American Hero

CNN - Gun control advocates in arms over new Fox "reality" show, "Sarah Palin: Lock And Load"

So that volcano up there in Iceland....

songs about colors (and other things)

We're going to the Swap Meet today

Missing New Mexico cat found in Chicago (1,300 miles)

Funny things to write on somebody's cast? Looking for suggestions.

This commercial is brilliant

Things I Learned From Watching The Shining...

Saturday at the Ford lot {picture heavy}

How can Michelle Bachman be 54 and still look like a tarsier on acid?

Does this seem suggestive to anyone else?

hey lounge

TMZ Video, Joan Rivers - "Mel Gibson should fucking die"


How can SoxFan be 43 and still look like Philip Seymour Hoffman on a bad day?


Gentle Been pays it forward - injured dog plays dad for kittens

HuffPo Comedy "How To Survive The Apocalypse: Some Things You Need To Know Before The World Ends"

Favorite Danny Glover movie.

I just donated $50 to Sen Barbara Boxer! Ask me anything!

Woman must remove mural of sunflower

Once again, it's time to come up with slogans and soundbites

It's grooving time!

Could "Blazing Saddles" be made today?

I have a brilliant plan! It can't fail! First, we try to take over Russia by land

Alleged waste in bay actually was cattails

bands we blow off who rock

How can Abe Vigoda be 89 and still look amazing???!!

Ever take a big ole healthy swig out of a bottle of

Online Button Maker - update

I'm back...

Should I buy it?

a callout to Johnny Cash

do you secretly try to recommend your own post?

Anyone have experience with Ygnition internet service?

Please waft some good vibes toward my hubby.

"Is it Proper to Ask a Friend over to Spend the Afternoon?" "Do Girls Enjoy Coke Dates?"

How can Superman be 78 and still look through walls?

If Porter Ricks could post on DU, he'd tell every damn dolphin to leave the crime solving to him.

There is nothing wrong with your computer monitor.

do you secretly try to recommend your own post?

Just found out tonight that Phil, from "Deadliest Catch" ...

I've never eaten a pancake,waffle,grapple, grits or french toast for breakfast..

Everything is never quite enough - just a song


Cook-book misprint costs Australian publishers dear (BBC)

Want to see some photo's of my work?

Fuckin Gonuts. n/t

"More Than a Feeling" - Charming doggy video promoting adoption;

How can Pauly Shore be 42 and still look amazing???!!

Chicken found wandering around downtown San Francisco has a new home

OMG this is the cutest kitten video ever!!!

All-Day or Three-Day Music Festivals.

How can Barbara Bush be 84 and still look amazing???!!!

Preparing for the arrival of the Icelandic Death Cloud

Sigur Ros fans--have you heard Jonsi's solo cds?

Everybody watch out for the Security Tools virus, it hit the computers at work.

I'm new here, obviously, and I'd just like to say thank you.

Whatever happened to 70's and 80's T & A movies?

If Flipper could post on DU, he'd angrily correct everyone who called a dolphin a "fish."

Rare historic photos of cats serving in the Navy

Top 5 greatest British Bands since 1977

WTF happened to Rolling Stone Magazine?

Post a music video about or mentioning mountains.

has anybody cut the cable and gone back to broadcast tv?

There's a chick in my PhD program who's a big bully.

How can Sade be 51 and still look amazing???!!

God, this place is slow. The same threads have been hanging here

I thought "Planet 51" was a great little movie. And I don't care if you laugh

Native American music

Your favorite politican of all-time

NHTSA chief says Toyota was 'not truthful' (to announce another recall of Lexus GX 460 on Monday)

Toyota plans to pay U.S. fine

Taliban targets U.S. contractors working on projects in Afghanistan

Iceland volcano chaos: British Health chiefs say stay inside if breathing is a problem

Volcanic ash: Europe flights grounded for third day

Two more recalls for troubled Toyota (275,000 vehicles)

Calif. nonprofit sues to obtain Palin contract

Canada Firm Acquires Three Failed U.S. Banks; Others Shut (50 so far this year that have failed)

Judge Overturns Arkansas Adoption Ban

For Goldman Sachs, a winning bet has a price

Suicide bombers kill 41 at refugee camp in northwest Pakistan

Obama Cancels Poland Trip For President's Funeral Due To Ash Cloud

Iceland ash cloud chokes Asian airports

Ecuadorean threat to oil giants

UK Airspace Ban Extended To 1pm Sunday

Man shot at San Diego County border crossing

CA AG Brown Challenges GOP Rivals To Debate

Microsoft's China suppliers get 2 wks to end illegal practices

Investor Who Made Billions Not Targeted in Goldman Suit

Independent team will review MSHA's record of W.Va. mine explosion

Obama pushes bank reform, lashes out at Republicans ("Never again will taxpayers be on the hook")

Toyota Agrees Lexus S.U.V. Has Problem With Handling (putting the vehicle at risk for a rollover)

Goldman CDO case could be tip of iceberg

Goldman CDO case could be tip of iceberg

(Rasmussen) Polls Show Toyota Owners Exhibit More Loyalty Than GM Owners

In Oklahoma City, a new anti-government wave

Gates Says U.S. Lacks Policy to Curb Iran’s Nuclear Drive

Parents of Children Killed in Pool Drain Accidents Outraged By Federal Agency's Rethink of Safety La

Laser strike on JFK-inbound jet

Clinton: Rubin and Summers Gave Me Wrong Advice on Derivatives, and I Was Wrong To Take It

Foes may target Kagan's stance on military recruitment at Harvard

Michael Thurmond to make Senate run against Johnny Isakson

Photos: "Tell the Children the Truth" (The Obama Presidency, Day 452)

Thought experiment: If the two parties switched economic positions...

President Obama amused by Teabaggers: "You would think they would be saying thank you"

Oh for fucks sake: Palin on Discovery?!


Obama Further Expands Military Expenditures on War

Volcano grounds Air Force One; Obama cancels trip to Poland

I would love it if someone in the News media had the creativity to ask

President Obama's Weekly Address: Rules needed to avoid new financial crisis

CSM - "Tax day 101: How is the tax code changing under Obama?"

Elena Kagan does NOT meet Hollywood beauty standards!

Please, please, let them filibuster!!!

Goldman Lawsuit: Bringing Down The "Shrewd Businessmen"? Or Helping Them Out?

Zing! Obama: McConnell made 'cynical and deceptive assertion' on financial reform bill

Obama's gambit to marry US policies on environment and energy

Governor Jindal, may I have your attention for a minute please.

Does Obama's upcoming visit to Asheville prove that he's a communist or a corporatist?

I am convinced Crist is running as an "I" and I am also convinced it could have major effects..

What would happen if Obama nominated a liberal version of Thomas, Scalia, Alito or Roberts?

Gov Brown is begging Meg buy it now for an early debate, too bad he does not understand her

Charles Blow goes to a Tea Party rally - A must read

White Supremacist Rally Ends with Five Arrests Two Assaults(LA CA)

I just wanted to get a friggen haircut!

Obama is Japan Attacking Pearl Harbor-Santorum at Tea Party

The Mayor of Champaign, IL is an asshole.

Pres a little too uppity...


Direct quote from a teabagger, to me, today:

proud2BlibKansan appreciation thread...

The Iceland volcano has the possibility of making everything else on DU look small.

Stand with President Obama. Tell the Senate to hold Wall Street accountable and empower consumers.

Fox News host complaining this morning about the low taxes paid by the middle class!!!

Obama will still issue National Day of Prayer proclamation (Obama's departure from the Bush policys)

The New World Order - sans USA & EU

Keith Olbermann & Richard Wolffe On Teahadist Irrationality, Ignorance & Obama Derangement Syndrome

President Clinton Reflects On Past & Present Right Wing Extremism & Domestic Terrorism

President Obama Lays Out What Wall Street Reform Will Mean

Be nice to America. Or we'll bring democracy to your country!

Catalina Magazine publisher calls Palin female Larry the Cable Guy minus the class and intelligence

Remembering Oklahoma City

Bristol Palin, Teenage Preggers

Real Time With Bill Maher - 4/16/2010 - Part 3

Goldman Sachs Knowingly Sold Toxic Bonds To Investors

PDA Illinois Chair Bill Bianchi and Donna Smith

Weekly Address: Holding Wall Street Accountable

Marcy Winograd Stands With Students

Real Time With Bill Maher - 4/16/2010 - Part 1 - Lawrence Bender, Jesse Ventura

American Taliban wants judge who ruled the National Day Of Prayer unconstitutional impeached

Rachel Maddow on teabaggers: We'll form our own Peoples' Tax Collecting Beauracracy or something!

A Dash to the North Pole 1909 (!!!)

Young Turks Interview: Army Denying Medical Benefits To Wounded Soldiers w/ J. Kors of The Nation

Comcast partners with teabaggers to bring new right-wing broadcast network online

Real Time With Bill Maher - 4/16/2010 - Part 2 - Lawrence Bender

Young Turks: Giant Jesus Penis Enrages Churchgoers

The Female Afghan General

Tax Day

'Do we have plans to invade the Middle East?' (6;13)

Karzai Threatens To Block NATO Offensive

Congress Passes Porn Concealment Act - Protect Future Generations

Protest War Criminal General Petraeous

Stonewall Uprising - Theatrical Trailer

Infiltrators Exposed at Tax Day Tea Party - MN State Capitol!

Parents speak out in SF about teacher layoffs

TYT: Obama Slams Tea Party Rallies (& Fox News Reacts)

Two Politicians (Charlie Crist draws Rubio blood)

Frank Zappa on Democracy

Actor Danny Glover Arrested at Labor Union Protest Rally - Part 1

Champaign IL Mayor Schweighart says Obama is not an American citizen

Strength, Strategy and Single Payer

Maher: NEW RULES 4/16/10

Veteran Of 'Collateral Murder' Company Speaks Out

Ron Paul supporter getting a taste of Tea Party freedom!

Young couple attacked after republican fund raiser

Incredible Footage Of The Volcanic Cloud That's Causing Flight Chaos Around The World

Rev? Lou Engle calls for Martyrdom

NY Times/CBS Poll Misses Biggest Fact About Tea Partiers

Activist Al Sharpton takes on new role as administration ally.

Turkey’s EU bid meets another roadblock (BIG mistake!)

Suffering and the Children

Cap the size of big banks

AlterNet: 8 Reasons Marriage Doesn't Matter

Still no news from Italian medics in Afghanistan

Anybody's Son Will Do

Haiti Earthquake Relief, Phase Two — Long-Term Needs and Local Resources (New Eng Jour Med)

Capabilities of "Blackwater " Beyond the capabilities of the armies of the region

“Something Called ‘Volcano Monitoring’ ”

Microsoft workers: Too tired to stay awake, the Chinese workers earning just 34p an hour

The White House seeks out Kagan defenders

Citizens United: A Case Which Will Live in Infamy

Goldman Sachs: At war with Washington

Eric Alterman: CNN Sells Itself Again (and Again)

The Alcohol Party

An empire decomposed: American foreign relations in the early 21st century

Bill Moyers: The Tea Party Crowd Needs to Wake Up to Who the Real Villains Are

Swedish law gives shelter to controversial Wikileaks site

Question on the ash clouds over Europe

Pickens bails on wind; pushing "Natural Gas Act" through by greasing sponsor's palms

Argentina and Russia Sign 3rd Nuclear Power Development Agreement in 18 Months.

Global 2009 PV installations up +7.3 GW, 2009 global wind +37.5 GW, 2009 net nuclear -1.4 GW

So Slash played God Bless America at Dodger Stadium tonight.

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Friday, April 16)

Orioles are 1-41 this Season with Runners in Scoring Position

Mets-Cards 1-0 in the Bottom 19th

Habs 4, Caps 1 with 2 min left in the 2nd Period

The first no hitter in Rockies history! ! ! ! ! ! !

Mets-Cardinals 1-1 going to the 20th

The Pirates win a thriller (again) in the bottom of the ninth against the hated Reds.

Rowand suffers fractured cheek, concussion after getting HBP

Lincecum toys with hated Dodgers....Giants roll 9-0

What everybody's been waitin' for. The Top Ten...

No one talking about Man-Blew's stoppage time goal and Chelsea's f'ng loss?

Chess Boxing: World's Dumbest Competition?

Fleeing Drug Violence, Mexicans Pour Into U.S.

Haiti parliament approves new commission to oversee reconstruction

Aerial Images Of Mining Impacts On Dagua River, Cauca Basin, Colombia

What American politicians got “contributions” from the U.S.-Cuba Democracy PAC for the first quarter

Brazil's Serra widens lead in October race-poll

Today in Labor History Apr 17 SCOTUS holds that a maximum hours law for workers is unconstitutional

Fabcon strikers vow to resist major rollback in wages

AP: Serious problems found at Massey mines since blast

NYT: Message From Union Says Upper Deck Owes MLB Players

The Desert Lockout: Miners Continue Street Actions, as Negotiations Restart

City: Who's paying Temple replacement (strike breaker) workers' taxes?

Danny Glover Arrested at Nonviolent Sodexo Union Protest

Building Bridges: Massey Energy Company Flaunts Power, Evades Regulation and Miners Die

Ga. labor commissioner considers US Senate run

Orem firm pays $500,000 in child labor penalties (1,482 minors ranging from 13 to 15 years old)

Labor secretary stresses worker safety

Transport Workers Union to American Airlines: 'Stop corporate greed'

Unpaid Internships could become extinct if Obama Administration and Labor Department have their way

OSHA calls for fine in death

Complaint Filed Against Porn Agents

AA union stepping up protests of exec wages

Oregon High Court: Employer Free to Fire Medical Marijuana User

Those who have been there praise Obama's mandate on gay visitation rights

Hamas, Fatah join ranks to call for Israel to free prisoners

Analysis: Israel fears US wants to impose peace

Mohammad Barakeh: never again fascism and Nazism

Israel: An outpost of empire

Wiesel: For me, as a Jew, Jerusalem is above politics

Daoud Kattab: Begin was right, deportation is a Nazi policy

Amendment II Democrats "simplifies" its Facebook presence

Why not try a 'pro-gun' self-defense TV show?

Comparing guns to pit bulls ...

Police instructor shoots self during gun demo

Meteorites in Them Thar Fields

Help! The first one is too big; the second one is too small...

Bleeding Hearts

A surprising bloom - Christmas in April

Atamasco Lilly

I stumbled across this naked young lady on the beach today,

Ducks don't perch on wires, do they?

Quick Poll: Storms

Furbaby Sitter. LOL

"Major," Green Meteor Lights Midwest Night Sky

Beaming Power to UAVs, Space Elevators, and Someday, Earth: The LaserMotive Plan

Why the sky was red in Munch's 'The Scream'

Research offers promise for diabetics

This week's Starcodes

Calling OGR! I'm with you on the communication issue now!

Elephant Seal

'Believer Privilege', as real as white or hetero privilege?

James Randi Celebrates Homeopathy Week 2010

Health/Life insurance industry invests $$ in Fast Foods

8 Invented Diseases Big Pharma Is Banking on

Unbelievable! Buy yourself a hypoallergenic pet!

8 banks went down last night.

Invasion of the booty snatchers: how greed is spreading out from the City

Goldman update: Connecticut AG wants to file criminal charges (maybe NY, too)

You won't believe this, but - Merrill Lynch Accused of Same Fraud as Goldman

Now we know the truth. The financial meltdown wasn't a mistake – it was a con

Why Young People Should Buy Stocks on Margin

Morning Joe: What is the Rubber Room

Kimani Brown waited in the rubber room for 1 1/2 years; he hopes for faster justice for others

Brooklyn principal Yolanda Ramirez under investigation for intimidating teachers over school surveys

Howard Dean thinks we need to give Obama more time