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Quick question

There's a chigger on a hair...

Arizona Endorses Immigration Curbs

NYT info on polled TeaBaggers (income, education, race, etc)

Why haven't there been more TV pirating incidents since Max Headroom?

Why did we make lead in paint illegal?

Hundreds of lawmakers urge Obama to take 'punishing measures' against Iran

Whistleblower site for banking insiders

Anyone know if C-SPAN2 covers Senate Judiciary hearings and meetings during the day?

Some Republicans are Just Ridiculous

Contractor Deaths Accelerating in Afghanistan as They Outnumber Soldiers

"Share the Wealth" by Huey P. Long

Afghanistan war readiness forces tradeoffs

Teaparty fun! Bring these Constitution snippets to the next local event.

From a blogger friend of mine--VERY interesting posting today on the coal mine co.

Campbell medic fatally injured in Afghanistan (#1044)

On This Day

Rant: THIS is why the NHL will never match the NBA (let alone NFL or MLB!) in popularity

Rant: THIS is why the NHL will never match the NBA (let alone NFL or MLB!) in popularity

Just a few words to you all

The Palin Ego.........

The Palin Ego.........

George Pataki: "Be askeeered everybody! Health care will destroy us all!"

"I like the fresh energy she bring...."

Army announces March suicide numbers

Undate on the freepers fund raising.

Local, California, Libertarian Party Official formerly convicted of child molestation

Neil Armstrong Blasts Obama’s Space Plan

MSNBC Pataki has some cognitive dissonance

Climate Crock of the Week/Live Webcast

Any live bloggers or tweets of the tea bag cluster F today?

Bill O'Reilly Is Still A LYING SACK of SHIT

Wow Morning Joe actually stated some facts this morning

Does this remind you of anyone, or any particular party?

Russia Suspends All Adoptions to U.S. Families

E-J Dionne: As Taxes Come Due, Let;s Give The IRS Some Credit

Lose your cookies in one easy step: MSNBC Joe & Coburn

RNC Chairman Michael Steele Complains: He Is "Working Every Day" With The GOP Elephant's Ass

The Right wing is wholly alien, no other explanation explains them

I remember the good old days

What we consider food is poison.

Professional Troller Gets Owned! By Jim DiEugenio.


What Program?

Oh look, CNBC is giving publicity to the D.C. Tea Party. Complete with close-ups.

Judge blames Planned Parenthood and UN for repeated sexual assault on teen.

Oklahoma Republicans Support Volunteer State Militia

The willingness of people to give up their civil liberties is astounding....

2 Asked To Leave South Hadley School Meeting

WTF! ad...

WTF! ad...

The effects of volcanic dust on Britain’s climate could be severe

Video: John Bonifaz and Laura Flanders on the Corporate Supreme Court

To those who've pushed for a 3rd party in the past...

Pentagon tightens restrictions on hate group participation

“Say, I just remembered I’m really mad!” (Vanity Fair)

Scarborough is trying to throw Palin under the bus this morning.

Poll: Obama Beats Romney, Huckabee, Gingrich, Palin — Got Anyone Else?

No One In This Post Was Raped

Where in the constitution does it specify our economic system?

Anybody see WORSE THAN WAR on ETV last night?

What a pleasant day.

3fer: Lying O'LOOFAH still lying. Tips on crashing Teabag events. & PEYSER finds oneBlack Teabagger.

Obama Speech Signals a U.S. Shift on Middle East

Whip count on ENDA begins.

(Florida Republican) Legislature considers a 'poison pill' to nullify citizen petitions


China says warships near Japan on routine exercise

I'm thinking of attending the Tea Party rally

Open offer to any teabaggers on Medicare. Can we trade?

Interview with White Supremacist at Sarah Palin's Boston Common Teaparty Rally

My Father's New Book "Debtsmanship" is about to go viral

Oppose Spirit Airlines Tax

Oppose Spirit Airlines Tax

Palin-The "Celebrity" -- More Popular With Press Than Republicans

The Rude Pundit - Ten Lowest-Polling Tea Party "Action Items"

TeaTerrorists: "too much has been made of the problems facing black people."

NYT/CBS Poll: Tea partiers wealthier, and more well-educated...

I'm really sick of all the media attention the teabaggers are getting.

Pa. police: 3rd grader gave heroin to classmates

Can you really call yourself a literate person if you read the same book

Hannity RIPS THE LID off of plan by Dems with IGNORANT SIGNS to DISCREDIT the Teabaggers!

Apple’s New Developer Agreement Unlevels the iAd Playing Field

Apple’s New Developer Agreement Unlevels the iAd Playing Field

My friend Sally Kohn, made me proud with this video " Love Song for Tea Party Marchers on Tax Day "

Lou the DOBBS is patiently waiting for the deluge & clamor begging him to run for president

A drop - a drop off - and a spit in the Ocean. TAX DAY in John Cole's perspective.(timely 'toon)

Is Mitt " Just Call Me FLIPPER " Romney Preparing To SUPPORT Health Care Reform?

South Carolina is MUSLIN! Who knew?

The Populist Radical Right in Poland: the Patriots (sounds like a Tea Party with more power)

Has the Democratic Party changed? And how??

Report: TEA PARTIES Created As GOP Political PLOY

Palin PAC Spends More De-Icing Private Jets Than For Candidates

Marcy Winograd's Open Letter to CDP Delegates

Poland president's burial stirs row

Poland president's burial stirs row

Poland president's burial stirs row

Tea Party Leaders Ask State to Create Armed Voluntary Militia to Combat Federal Government

Tea Party Leaders Ask State to Create Armed Voluntary Militia to Combat Federal Government

Tea Party Leaders Ask State to Create Armed Voluntary Militia to Combat Federal Government

NYC to stop paying teachers to do nothing

Right to Work(for less)... Low wages prove it's 'success'.

Tea Partiers Get Their "News" From Fox & Are More Likely To Justify Violence Against The Government

Obama: Plans on Track to start leaving Afganistan Next Year

High-wire tiger act involved 3 year old

Thousands of screaming teabaggers outside my building

"Pastors are actually preaching more about social justice because Glenn Beck has told them not to"

Former GOP Congressman J.C. Watts: ‘Social programs’ are the ‘new slavery.’

Even Cspan is

Hey MURDOCH, Fox Newsers Participating In More Than A Dozen TEA PARTY Events

Hey MURDOCH, Fox Newsers Participating In More Than A Dozen TEA PARTY Events

The Luntz Memo heavily used by McConnell

Teabagger sign says 'Stop Health Care Reform' with the 'C' as a Muslim crescent

The virus strategy--- A great way to kill the Tea Party.

Is Rachel Maddow a 'media whore' and 'full of shit?'

It's About Power, Not 'Reform'

"Please help! I'm all Foxed up on Drudge!"

Youth and STDs: The Epidemic in our Midst

"Sarah Palin seems to be much more influential with the media than she is with Republicans."

Theme song for the Tea Party.


The multi-millionaires representing the "populist" Tea Party movement (Eric Boehlert)

Placerville man delivers obituary, then commits suicide

I don't really care what the teabaggers want

Jobless claims in another surprise surge (up 24,000 from previous week)

Taxes at LOWEST level in 60 years

runforyourlifeandrea Mitchell thinks teabaggers need to clean up their signage.

Why does a twit like Palin get so much attention from the media?

Let the Tea baggers yell "Socialism" all they want. I'm glad we don't have to clean THIS (photos)up

Free Haircuts


Maher calls Palin, Bachmann MILFs...........

Where is the RW/teabagger anger over the Massey Coal mine deaths?

"Benjamin L. Hooks, Civil Rights Leader, Dies at 85"

Sausage Fest on Morning Joe: "Chicks dig rock stars"

Apple Blocks Pulitzer Prize-Winning Cartoonist From App Store


MSNBC is allowing teabaggers to spew their wayward talking points without

MSNBC is allowing teabaggers to spew their wayward talking points without

Dear MSM

Fossils Do Not Prove Evolution

Fossils Do Not Prove Evolution

Forget Compassionate Conservatism. It is now the Compassionate KKK...


Is the LDS Church preparing for something? LDS Church battening down hatches

Arizona is the Alabama of the new century and Maricopa County is the new Selma.

a friend i know

Hate crime against LGBT Community Center, NYC

Democratic Socialists of America:"the most socialist candidate in the 2008 election was Sarah Palin"

Fox Uses Clarence Thomas To Drag The Supreme Court Into Their TEA PARTY Nonsense.

10 Ways to Force the Stinking Rich to Share Their Wealth

Daily dose of insanity from the AFA: Gays are all felons and so they can not be on the SCOTUS

Daily dose of insanity from the AFA: Gays are all felons and so they can not be on the SCOTUS

All change in Pakistan

This is Americanism, the only predatory ideology to deny that it is an ideology.

Plot Thickens On Siegelman Prosecution and Air Force Tanker Deal

Viewpoints: Europe tax model delivers much more (What Europeans get for their taxes)

The 50 Most Ridiculous Tea Party Signs

Show this to the Republicans in your state...

Contractor Deaths Accelerating in Afghanistan as They Outnumber Soldiers

CBS NEWS: So Long Sardines: America's Last Cannery Closing

NASA coverage begins around 1:30pm EST, Obama to speak around 2:40pm, conferences around 3:45pm

Wash. deputy sues over Whopper with spit

OPEC will step in if oil price hits 100 dollars: Kuwait

A disjointed prayer for the demise of Obama on facebook.

Coldest weather in 30 years marks the start of a series of extreme winters

Nato Forces Fail to Capture Fleeing Taliban

Nato Forces Fail to Capture Fleeing Taliban

Help me understand this

'The Other 95%' (Pics from DC counter rally)

MPAA & RIAA's dystopian wish-list for the US gov't: spyware, censorship, physical searches and SWAT

The really sad thing about economic recoveries that few "experts' ever mention


A member of a religion I hadn't heard of knocked on my door today:

CBS News: Taxes are at their lowest levels in 60 years

I'm confused. If the tea partiers tend to be "more" educated

Thompson Confirms He Won't Challenge Feingold

By Refusing To Complete Census, Glenn Beck-GOP Rep Broun & TeaBaggers-Will COST Taxpayers Lots More

DoD Buzz: Docs Say F-35B Too Hot, Noisy

Businessman sues British Airways "for treating men like perverts"

Why is there sympathy for soldiers but not for contractors?

Shuster's 3pm replacement on MSNBC?

Tea baggers white and smart? Not to worry, remember sarah palin also graduated from college...

Weiner: “I follow Twitter for the Tea Party and just show up to fuck with them”

Weiner: “I follow Twitter for the Tea Party and just show up to fuck with them”

Queen of the Teabaggers gets TEABAGGED...47% of her flock call her "unqualified to be President"

VR/StopTheChamber Letter Calls for Blankenship Investigation

Iceland's volcanic ash halts flights across Europe

Gawker's opposition research on Mickey KAUS (running against Senator BOXER)

Got a feeling today. The Revolution Will Be Hondurized

See out the apocalypse in luxury: Vivos Underground Survival Shelter Network

An image of the volcanic eruption halting air traffic in Europe

Leeches with giant teeth discovered (not a tea bagger, a real leech)

palin turn out small-media tries to hype size of crowd

Wamu bankers sang ‘I like big bucks and I cannot lie’ @ Kauai, Hawaii retreat before bank failed

Good, bad indifferent, I still love America

Anyone who thinks Obama won't be Dem nominee in 2012...

Jailed UBS Whistleblower Bradley Birkenfeld Makes Tax Day Clemency Request to President Obama

Thousands of screaming teabaggers outside my building

Mississippi lesbian teen banned from prom, to lead NYC gay pride parade

How many Tea Party rallies are being held on private property?

Major Legal Win for Student for Concealed Carry on Campus

White Nationalism on the March

Hometown Farewell

Coburn again stalls unemployment benefits extension

Tea party rally upbraids 'gangster government'

Dem Talking Points On Tea Party Protests (not bad...)

Do you feel you are undertaxed or overtaxed?

$59.6 MILLION -- For a HIGH SCHOOL football stadium(!!!)

98,000 US Soldiers Still in Iraq with August 31 Deadline Looming

Why "God's law" does not supersede "man's law" in this country.

NOPD asks FBI to investigate fatal shooting of man by police

Jackie Robinson day underway in baseball

Mine Workers President: 'Handcuff Blankenship-Put Him In Chains-Jail Him-Fine Him $40 Million'

No ... flights in Northern Europe because of the Volcanic Eruptions in Iceland

Foreclosure rates surge, biggest jump in 5 years

Live coverage of tonight British Parliamentary election debate

I apologize for asking a question on the mining thread.

Steve King Blows Up, Physically Grabs TP Blogger When Asked About His Justification Of IRS Attack

After closing 26 schools, KCMO School District now firing all 150 remaining principals and vice p.

I flipped off a bunch of teaklanners today and I enjoyed it.

Report suggests W.Va. mine blast was preventable

is anyone else having a problem posting on DU?

Another Doctor Puts Politics Ahead Of Patients

PHOTO: Teabagger wears bloody Obama mask...they're just freedom-lovin' non-viloent patriots.

For many, being jobless can seem never-ending

Just saw a great ad on MSNBC supporting alternative energy and troops blasting big oil link to war.

Simply amazing ... Poll: Tea Party Supporters View Palin, Beck and Bush Favorably

So, the President wants to go to Mars . . . just fucking great

Get out! National parks to hold fee-free week. Begins on Saturday.

Breaking news! Glenn Beck still crazy!

Glenn Beck - his idea for global diplomacy? 'Don't screw with us!'

TeaBag This!

Your Tax Dollars At Work - Listen Up Teabaggers

Obama's space program is a good first step, but its only a step...

America and the Dictators

CNN Ann "C"word sez "NO Muslim flying" and tells M. Student "take a flying carpet" or a camel.

VA "Sovereignty March" Claims Eric Cantor in Movement Steeped in Civil War Rhetoric -- And Worse

Plot Thickens On Siegelman Prosecution and Air Force Tanker Deal

Remember THIS the next time a teabagger infuriates you...

Cash flows for Terry R-Ne, White D-Ne for 2nd dist race

It's really this simple... the rich benefit more from our stable regulated

The GOP civil war deepens. Rove and other Bush-era staffers are actively gunning for Michael Steele.

Conlin (D-Ia) has $1M for Senate bid

Israel bans imports of Apple iPad!

New jobs fan rising economic optimism-- more good economic news

DO YOU LOVE YOUR FREEDOM? Palin's new FREEDOM© rules: "no cameras, recording devices, blue jeans"

Have the Rapturists been getting worked up these days?

Bair (* FDIC appointee ) Rejects McConnell Talking Points

Brazilian fatcat jerk wants a dictatorship; calls previous ones "benevolent" (GRAPHIC WARNING)

Chicago tea party supporter smashes sign made by anti-tea party protester


The real news today: Democrats will control White House and Senate until at least January 3rd, 2013

I am an Atari Democrat!

Tired of getting your pocket picked?

Poll: Most Tea Party Supporters Say Their Taxes Are Fair


Can we work to change the federal poverty level to reflect reality?

Not so fast, Grandma should be scared and so should we all

Not a teabagger, but

Afghans in Secret Jail ‘Made to Dance’ to Use Bathroom; Deprived of Sleep

Another major Republican Dick props up the teabaggers...Dick "Contract With America" Armey

Repubs dealt big blow

Repubs dealt big blow

Ashley Dupre reminds us, on Opie & Anthony Show, that "naked" doesn't negate "fucking annoying"

i have something good to say about michelle bachmann.

People protesting against their country in a time of war

Could it be that the right is trying to replicate how the left treated Bush

Meteor video over Wisconsin

Eyjafjallajokull - pronunciation help please

Because a greedy, filthy rich SOB bought a political party so he

MN Teabagger founder says "we have a lot of hidden support".

Senate Reaches Deal on Unemployment Extension

WaMu “President’s Club” Sales Conference Wrote And Performed A Rap Inspired By Sir-Mix-A-Lot

The Cheneys Should Be Proud-----BBC: US Still Torturing People at Bagram

Rush STILL blaming non-union Massey mine disaster on union - and adds a new lie

Lexington, KY newspaper editorial calling out McConnell's lies

Lexington, KY newspaper editorial calling out McConnell's lies

Romney indicates he is prepared to flip-flop on health care, support it in a general election.

Quote of the day has to go to William Gale of the Brookings Institution

Binghamton NY Mayor to Put 'Cost of War' Sign on City Hall

My sister just sent me this cartoon!

Help with response to nutty HCR email?

Republican Congressmen Joining May Day Prayer Rally to Establish a "Virtual Theocracy"

Arizona's Paradise Valley Now 'Foreclosure Alley'?

47% 10% and 75%

MSM :hearts: The Teabaggers.....

Blue Agave as a sweetener: article claims just as dangerous as High Fructose Corn Syrup!

I'm Sofa King tired...

"Do you ever get the feeling that maybe Scott Brown isn't quite ready for prime-time...?"

Feel free to laugh.

Feel free to laugh.

'Massive demand' for World Cup tickets

Uninformed Limbaugh Wonders ‘Where Was The Union’ At Non-Union Mine Disaster

Hope Springs Eternal

John King USA: Amazing graphs shooting down claims that taxes went up under Obama

Tea Party nuts only got mad when they lost the last election!

Warning: Conservative groups are funding news websites

Toyota's ‘automatic' status is slip-sliding away

So did the teawackers make any impression today other than being a small fringe group ?

Rhetoric v reality - Rethug lies and taxes

The Teabaggers are an elitist party.

Tea Party philosophy in a nutshell:

Joe Scum: Teapartiers are the people who voted for Clinton TWICE

Photos: This DOES NOT LOOK like 4000 teabaggers to me.

Tea partiers are patriots. Their sign told me so.

The other 95% (article, facebook page)

Senate Judiciary Committee sends 3 Obama District Court nominees to the floor, 1 on party line vote

Mitch McConnel has a twin brother

I Want MY Country Back

To start a facebook group or not too.

Nazi Propaganda? Fox News logo looks like 3rd Reich poster (Jon Stewart asks....)

When it comes right down to it, We Don't Know Shit!

"It's my money; I earned it!"

Rove personalizes book for Raw Story editor Larisa Alexandrovna @ Austin book signing

OMG! There is a freeperism on the podium!

Book recommendation for the human side of mining towns and disasters

Our problem is that we individually subsidize privately owned substitutes...

Adolph Hitler's rise to unfettered power required Fascist propagandists too..

Report: Tea Parties created as GOP political ploy

Duplicate (double key)

Another Morons With Signs Classic.....

Obama has taken on the Coal bosses in Virginia

Glenn BecKKK wants himself and fellow right-wing nutjobs confined to Texas......

Contemptible Repuke Judiciary Committee assholes suggest bringing criminal charges against Prof. Liu

Tech CEOs must be scared about H-1B backlash; they resort to push-polling

Powerful volcano blast sends ash raining over Iceland, Europe

Powerful volcano blast sends ash raining over Iceland, Europe

Are you attending any of the Timothy McVeigh Memorial events on April 19th?

While some people complain about their brothers-in-law .......

Just saw the strangest thing happen

The GOP’s Real Plan- Wall Street Bailouts Forever in Exchange for Campaign Cash

New MADE in USA Products and an Offer to Save 15%

The Other 95% Say Thanks For Our Tax Cuts, Obama! - link and pics

What's your favorite weird news story today?

Toyota Slams Through Gwinnett Home

Do you think Obama had any idea how stupid some Americans are?

Why "One Man, One Vote" No Longer Matters

Mark Fiore: Pulitzer Thanks

Icelandic volcano ash plume as seen from space

Republicans continue attempting to obstruct Goodwin Liu's hearing, with lavish hypocrisy

Global Unions Call on T-Mobile to Respect Workers’ Rights

Do you think right-wing talking-heads *purposefully* try to incite violent behavior?


REPENT? HELL NO! PROSECUTE!!! (the Catholic Church is a disgrace)

Banks Would Be Forced to Push Out Derivative Trading Under Plan

Leahy Meets Again With Justice Stevens, why? "He’s one of my heroes."

Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims Increase to 484,000

Frontline kind of pissed me off tonight.

"Drill, Baby, Drill" comes to Discovery?

The Republicans are criticizing Obama for cutting the NASA Budget

Holder Asked to Prosecute Blankenship

Let's play a game: Are you really middle class if you can't afford to...

Let's play a game: Are you really middle class if you can't afford to...


Rachel has all the crazies at Liberty University

Hint-of-Purple State Tebagger Appreciation Poll: Do you support the tax day Tea Party demonstrations

If Crist runs as an independent... Dems should support him....

My experiment: effect of doing taxes on blood pressure

Senate votes to extend unemployment benefits

Minimum wage and Adam Smith

The National Hockey League SUCKS!

Minimum wage and Adam Smith

Who didn't pay their taxes because of the recession?

WH Order: Hospitals may not deny visiting privileges on basis of race, color, sexual orientation...

UnitedHealth CEO Stephen Hemsley was paid $102M in '09

Letter from Chairman Patrick Leahy to Ranking Member Jeff Sessions, re: Liu nomination

Mommy Mafia!

Sen. Grassley Leaves Lawmakers Uninsured ?!?!? ( Payback time?)

Mr. and Mrs. Onehandle's doggy proudly drops off their tax return at the Post Office.

Does this look like many Earthquakes to you? Recent Earthquakes - Last 8-30 Days

Some things are just so silly they make you chuckle aloud when you read them

Has there ever been a Democratic Supreme Court?

2 graphs *psst* the middle class is getting screwed

Hopey Changey Working Just Fine Here. We got a tax refund! First time in three years!!!

The RIAA and MPAA want the government to install spyware on your computer

Inside information about Kagan from someone who does know her well

are Reagan democrats the prodigal son?

are Reagan democrats the prodigal son?

Do Conservatives Pray to Corporations?

New Iran Drones Can Spy and Strike

I believe the overwhelming majority of cops are good people. But there are some ......

PHOTO: "Something called volcano monitoring," sneered loser Bobby Jindal.

Jon Stewart Hammers Fox News For Comparing Nuclear Summit Logo To Muslim Flags (VIDEO)

pictures from chicago`s tea party rally...

Maybe I'm in the minority... but I don't give a shit about what Sarah Palin is up to


Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

No One Should Be Above the Law -- That's Why We Should Have Punished the Iran-Contra Traitors.

Lou Dobbs For President? Dobbs Confirms He's Considering Run

In praise of the IRS

Former Wis. Gov. Thompson won't run for US Senate, good news for Feingold and his supporters

I Must Go Down to the Sea

If you could choose, where would you want your taxes to go?

Why I believe in a Progressive Income Tax: The rich use more resources

NATO Strikes Killing More Afghan Civilians

Twenty percent of young Americans are atheists, agnostics or have "no religion,"

On Iceland, you know why they are having that little issue?

Got in an email: H.R. 2454 - License will be required for your house

Obama orders hospitals receiving federal funding to give family visitation rights to same-sex couple

Massachusetts moving money out of 3 big banks to protest credit card rates

You know, I will admit that the Tea Party is right about one thing.

You know, I will admit that the Tea Party is right about one thing.

Last time this volcano blew, it spewed ash for TWO YEARS

Last time this volcano blew, it spewed ash for TWO YEARS

Mormons don't even want to claim Glenn Beck


The Single Mother's Manifesto (JK Rowling)


My old mom was just scammed out of three grand

"Youth in Asia will kill your grandma." I have no eyedear where

CIA wins (another) battle to suppress the truth (and the media could not care less)

CIA wins (another) battle to suppress the truth (and the media could not care less)

Martha Stewart Praises Rachel Maddow: 'Amazing' (VIDEO)

Did Sarah Palin not show @ any Tax Day Tea Party protests?

Fox News Has Proof Obama Is Muslim?

Question for UK'ers - What the hell is VAT? Value Added Tax - how does it work,

Unions built the middle class

Terror Suspects Held 'Illegally' in Afghanistan Prison Named by Charity

Why hasn't ONE 'news' person asked a Tea Bagger if they paid MORE in taxes this year than last

Since SCOTUS ruling on Corp Personhood... Elliot Spitzer on the Short List?

You Are Being Mislead - Even Scott Brown is Afraid of You - pic

Which hi-profile teabagger is in your town?

Thank you for your service, Mr. Hooks.

I think I've figured it out.

I think I've figured it out.

Ask the card-carrying socialists: Is Obama one of them?

Trolls lurk carefree behind Internet’s wall of anonymity

Why do we need manned spaceflight? May I present a quote from Babylon 5:

I have come across DU'ers who think coal miners are overpaid in the last couple of days.

Michigan let these nut jobs into the state capitol building with their guns.

I do not think for one minute that the teagaggers

"Scott Brown risks rift with right"

"Scott Brown risks rift with right"

"Scott Brown risks rift with right"

Why Are Corporate Groups Funding the Tea Party?

Federal judge rules Day of Prayer unconstitutional

Tea party supporter gets into a 'shoving match' with someone opposed to the tea party movement - pic

Fox News yanks Sean Hannity from Cincinnati Tea Party rally he was set to star in

Congratulate me, everybody! I just got a job offer. Yay, me!

10 Inconvenient Truths for Tax Day. TeaBaggers Take Heed.

Screwed by Bank of America. . . . Charged $105 overdraft fees for charges

Stop the belly aching, whining and "joking" about todays "tea party" tax protests!

April 16, 1947 - Texas City disaster......

Mitch McConnell: I'm not doing the bidding of large banks

AFL-CIO planning significant role in U.S. Social Forum in Detroit, June 22-26

I've been asking DUers for help on this for weeks

That volcano, Inna-gada-da-vida, looks pretty serious

Are our employers robbing us blind with low wages and/or underpaying us?

Housing Crashes Again (This time, it's NOT the subprimes.)

Californians: "Parent-revolution" is ASTROTURF

Taxes lowest in 60 years-Teabaggers Sure To Be Thanking Dems & Obama!

Just tell me what it really cost dammit!

Your chance to comment on health care reform regulations--spread the word

The hottest news in the Caribbean that I can find nowhere on Google

Fire CEO for miner tragedy (sign the petition)

Health Insurers Try to Circumvent Reforms: Report

Question for those watching Rachel Maddow.

Former Bush aide attempts to use hatred against gays as a weapon against possible Obama nominee

BART Police Ordered To Turn In Tasers

Advice to Rachel....

Lack of a new updated Fairness Doctrine - biggest Dem mistake

Happy Tax Day

Iowa Tea Partier: main priority is for Congress to “turn back to God”


Repubs Are FUCKED, Totally FUCKED Regarding Financial Reform

What really happened to the Dixie Chicks?

Muslim woman denied approval as foster parent because she won't serve pork????

Jeb Bush: 'For the record, Neil Bush is not involved in the FCAT business. Stop spreading rumors.'

Just back from our local gathering of Teabaggers.

"From a Veteran to the Freedom Fighter Who Shot Me"

"From a Veteran to the Freedom Fighter Who Shot Me"

April 16th, 1943: the first acid trip

BuzzFeed: "The Best Fake Teabagger Signs at the Boston Common Tea Party"

Apple App Store Bans Pulitzer-Winning Satirist for Satire

I hate to be the bearer of good news, but...(My pictorial of FLOTUS' visit)

Governor Crist just vetoed SB 6!!!!!!!!!

Anyone have that pic of a smirking Paulson w/ a smirking Dubya after the passage of...

American Lung Assoc seeks to ban "e-cigarettes"

American Lung Assoc seeks to ban "e-cigarettes"

American Lung Assoc seeks to ban "e-cigarettes"

The Pentagon Papers Are Public This Time

I was listening to the wrap up of todays Cleveland Indians game...

I Remember when DU Rocked ! Now we just Watch Tea Baggers and Whine.

Must See: The Other 95%... Obama Supporters Crash Tea Party !!!

Anyone on the ground seeing evidence to back up all the happy economic talk coming from Wall St ?

So did everyone pay their taxes?

Don't We Need To Go Back To The Moon In Order To Practice For Going To Mars ???

New York to charge homeless to stay in shelters. Up to 44% of their income.

Are we really going to get creamed in November?


Tea Party Rally - pics

LOL Karl Rove Unexpectantly Signs His Book for DUer Larisa Alexandrovna

How TV Superchef Jamie Oliver's 'Food Revolution' Flunked Out

Obama Space Plan = WOW!

Two Indiana Catholic schools convert to charters...get 1 million of taxpayer money.

Two Indiana Catholic schools convert to charters...get 1 million of taxpayer money.

Two Indiana Catholic schools convert to charters...get 1 million of taxpayer money.

Two Indiana Catholic schools convert to charters...get 1 million of taxpayer money.

Two Indiana Catholic schools convert to charters...get 1 million of taxpayer money.

Two Indiana Catholic schools convert to charters...get 1 million of taxpayer money.

Two Indiana Catholic schools convert to charters...get 1 million of taxpayer money.

Two Indiana Catholic schools convert to charters...get 1 million of taxpayer money.

Two Indiana Catholic schools convert to charters...get 1 million of taxpayer money.

Two Indiana Catholic schools convert to charters...get 1 million of taxpayer money.

Two Indiana Catholic schools convert to charters...get 1 million of taxpayer money.

Organic, local farms get a boost from USDA

Blue Oyster Cult - The Vigil

Travis - Writing to Reach You

Watching Southpark and cracking up..

So...which crowd would you rather be in?

I was 30 seconds from getting in my car, driving somewhere and kicking the shit of someone.

Are the internets broken for anyone else?

I have been watching the 4th season of Bones all day, couldn't stop.

sloppiness in rock music is the best thing ever

PSA: If you are eating vegetarian and including soy...beware.

Happy "Get a Repube to admit Obama lowered our taxes" day!!

For those of you bothered by double down sammiches and cat pee...

WSJ a year ago: "Obama's Radicalism Is Killing the Dow"

Why haven't there been more New Coke commericals since Max Headroom?

Jim Carrey to play Jackie O in New BioPic!!!

Note to self...

Note to self...

Hey, Beatles fans, this bit of trivia may interest you. I'm reading

Finishing my taxes, then a root canal this afternoon

Men ditch 'guy who doesn't pick his nose' style, get more dates

I predict this will be a bigger Christmas gift sensation than Cabbage Patch Kids or Tickle Me Elmo.

Broadcast TV Show Ratings - Weekly Top 25 April 4th 2010

Type O Negative fans--Peter Steele dead at age 48 of heart failure.

Hi guys... .could you give me some help?

If it's a beautiful day where you live

Seattle flash mob takes Seattle by storm.-youtube video


Cute attack!!! Look at the cute little bee!!

A member of a religion I hadn't heard of knocked on my door today:

Starring Billy Corgan, Gene Simmons, Trent Reznor, Sebastian Bach, Kirk Hammett...

I just bought a $500 washing machine for $150! Anyone else do "Cash for Appliances"?

"Going Forward" wth happened to, "From Now On" or "In The Future"?

A Public Service Announcement to the Women of Planet Earth:

Retro Games Destroy NYC

Chuggo week is over and I don't know what to do!

I would just like to tell all Houston Astros fans that I love you.

You'll never walk alone...

Why did we make lead in paint illegal?

is this not the creepiest, yet coolest promo for a TV episode ever?

when life imitates southpark... my dad friended me on facebook

Got in a HUGE fight with my 92 year old mother today in the nursing home.

Some of you people.

Don't watch this video if you're not an appreciator of the fine art of gallows humor.

Some of you people really make me want to sing

Catchy Tune

Well it's past 3pm now, I think I'd better start doing my taxes

Finally removed ABC's FlashForward and V from my DVR lineup

When Rachael Ray uses the word "STOUP," I momentarily lose the WILL TO LIVE.

At audition, Steven Seagal **ALLEGEDLY** told Jenny McCarthy "Sit on my couch. Take off your dress."

new season of south park continues to impress

Before Cirque du Soleil there were the Ross Sisters (YouTube)

I'm Sofa King tired...

Just had a 5.0 earthquake here.

"We shan't play together again" UPDATE: Jack Bruce curdles hope for future Cream reunion

A palate-cleansing break from my sex, food & music threads: "mama cat comes to rescue little kitten"

RIP Peter Steele - Lead singer of Type O Negative


Anyone know the difference between 'schwacked' and 'schwapped' ?

Why haven't there been more TV pirating incidents since Max Headroom?

Why are there so many different debit/credit card-swiping machines?!1

Edit: Got it thanks, and I feel appropriately brainless. I left the message here just for fun!

Just passed 15000 posts.

Men ditch 'nice guy' style, get more dates

Going to Mars

I'm eating carrot sticks but what I really want is a piece of Supermarket Store Cake

I am watching V on Hulu.

Uh Oh. I posted that Rachael Ray thing, and THAT made me think about Sandra Lee, and...

Opinions on how this picture was faked?

Hey, Oedi! I'm in Reno!

UPDATE: The Dingbird is a mama. Kind of.

Discovered: A Leech With Giant Teeth That Lives In Your Nose

Colorado woman WINS fight for her right to garden wearing only pink gloves & yellow thong. USA! USA!

Music question: Rhapsody, emusic, itunes,

Tidbits from professors or others, knowledge you'll never use anywhere:

Is this an appropriate way to recommend a business?

Somebody talk me down

Type O Negative-Some of my favorites by the band.

Anyone else see the "Cinematic Titanic" guys on Olbermann?

Rant: THIS is why the NHL will never match the NBA (let alone NFL or MLB!) in popularity

OK guys. What "bad boy" style are ya takin up to make yaself a magnet for the wimmins?

They don't make many of these.

"When I (do this) I think of (this person or thing)... (because) "

Maybe it's me but I think the world FUCK is way over used

should i be listening to this neo-nazi black metal

Giant flaming object seen in eastern US Sky - seemed to rise in the East

Question about one of my favorite songs: Sinead O'Connor 'Nothing Compares 2 U

Pet Peeve: One 'friend' sending me a letter asking for money to pay for their missionary trip

Doc says it's anxiety but I think I'm really sick. Can anyone relate?

Your favorite comedy?

Who would you claim as the current Actor/Actress of the Generation?

Mosquitos serve no purpose.

Some of you people really piss me off

Conyers Seeks Firing of FBI Officials Who Used 'National Security Letters' for Phone Records

AP-GfK Poll: Obama slips, other Dems slide, too

Obama, GOP wrangle over Wall Street regulations

BP Canada oil plan faces shareholder vote

'Smart but humble' Rudd my closest political match, says Obama

US military chief sells closer cooperation on Latin America tour

US military testing high-tech dirigibles in Utah

A banner year for U.S. wind power expansion

Woman gets 5 years for enslaving nanny

Fortune 500 Shed Record 821, 000 Jobs In 2009

Former Gov. (Jeb) Bush: Still in charge at the Capitol?

Iraqi authorities dig up mass grave in northern Iraq

Thousands of screaming teabaggers outside my building

Shooting disrupts pro-Bakiyev rally in Kyrgyzstan

U.S. retreat from Afghan valley marks recognition of blunder

Gov. Crist vetoes teacher tenure bill

Obama orders mine safety records' inspected

Organizer of 'Crash the Tea Party' receives threats

Big powers say Iran sanctions talks "constructive"

Foreclosure Rates Surge: U.S. On Pace To Hit 1 Million Repossessions In 2010

DOD issues critical report on Ft. Hood (DOD Safeguards "Unclear" or "Inadequate")

Biggest transatlantic flight grounding since 9/11

Former N.S.A. Official Is Indicted in Leak Case

Crist Vetoes Teacher Merit Pay Bill

Foreclosure Rates Surge, Biggest Jump in 5 Years

Larry King & 7th Wife File for Divorce

Fox uses Clarence Thomas to promote its tea party event

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday April 15

U.S. retreat from Afghan valley marks recognition of blunder

Immigration Raids Center on Shuttles

More of Pentagon's secret hunt units sent to Afghanistan

Lawmakers urge expansion of U.S.-Israel trade pact

Tea Party Leaders Anxious About Extremists

Deposed Kyrgyz president leaves, allowing U.S. outreach to new leaders

Army Birther Terry Lakin Faces Court Martial

Predator priests shuffled around globe

Toyota delayed Venza recall in U.S. for six weeks, records show

Israel bans imports of Apple iPad

Health insurers shifting costs ahead of law: report

Obamas paid $1.79M in taxes on income of $5.5M for 2009

Longtime civil rights leader Benjamin L. Hooks dead at 85

Trashed document not Palin pact, college says

Bhutto murder investigation flawed: UN

N.S.A. Official Facing Charges In Leaks Case

Senate Dems pave way for financial reform vote

Longtime civil rights leader Hooks dead at 85

Two Care Bombs Explode in Kandahar, Killing 2 and Wounding 23

Afghans 'abused at secret prison' at Bagram airbase


Stormy won't challenge Vitter

Obama: We Owe WV Miners More Than Prayers, We Owe Them Action

And the Heat Goes on: Warmest March on Record

Former Sen. Mack withdraws as Crist campaign chair

NCAA bans wedge blocks, eye black with messages

DOD issues critical report on Ft. Hood

Former NSA executive charged with leaking information to newspaper

Senate Climate Bill to Be Unveiled April 26

(Gov. Rick) Perry Warns Tea Partiers to Watch Their Backs

( Tea Party ) Group wants anti-U.N. item on ballot

Massive Fireball Reported Across Mid-West Sky

Pakistan failed to protect Bhutto, probe death-UN

McConnell lacks support to block Wall Street reform bill

Obama at Democratic Fundraiser: Tea Partiers Should Be Thanking Him for Tax Cuts

Senate restores $18 billion in jobless benefits

News sites funded by (Conservative) think tanks take root

Jobless claims rise for second straight week

Dead man elected mayor of Tennessee town

Steele Allies Point Fingers At Rove -- Say Former RNC Team Fanning Flames

FFRF Wins National Day of Prayer Case

Official: Russia suspends all adoptions to U.S. families

Tea party rally upbraids 'gangster government'

Fox News' Sean Hannity cancels appearance at Tea Party rally

Dodd: GOP Leader Lied About Finance Bill

Gov. Crist vetoes teacher tenure bill

U.S. contractors failed to train Afghan police to adjust AK-47 sights

Icelandic volcanic ash alert grounds UK flights

Send yr comments to Birther Army Dr who refuses to serve until President produces birth cert

U.S. Foreclosure Filings Rise 16% as Bank Seizures Set Record

NYT: News Analysis - Obama Phrase Highlights Shift on Middle East

3 arraigned in robberies of fast-food eateries (Detroit TSA Officer)

Are we really this stupid.. seriously. What agenda is behind these polls?

GOP split over terms of new 'Contract with America'"

Rate President Obama's performance! (DU this poll)


Revised Stop My Benefits form and PDF to print 2 per page for Teabagger events

Tax Day rhetoric aside, Americans' bills are lower

Obama is having to clean up the NASA mess left by Bush.. so what else is new

Obama's Quiet Success on Iran Sanctions

Michelle Obama: Leaders can come from unlikely places

Need strong responses to new RW meme: The 47% who don't pay income tax are making a PROFIT from EITC

Jon Stewart: Fox News logo like Nazi propaganda (VIDEO)

Progressive Jack Conway needs your help. Vote in DFA poll

Poll: Teabaggers more likely to be on public dole than average American.

On Tea Party rally day this needs to be said Tea Party protests=KKK rallies

Darn it to Hell. Stormy is not going to challenge Vitter

Obama launches sweeping federal mine safety review..another mess we have to clean up

Tommy Thompson says no to Wisconsin Senate race, will not challenge Feingold.

POLL: Crist Could Win as an Independent

Scott Brown - MA - R finance regulatory legislation is "going to be an extra layer of regulation."

I just saw this poll on Morning Joe and lost all faith in this country. Obama48%.Bush46%

Immigration agents raid AZ van shuttle businesses

Palin: "Romney-Palin Sounds Good"

Obama Assigns Responsibility for Mining Blast, Outlines Strategy for Reform

What the heck is with the Democrats--don't they want to win elections?

From Jon Vogel

New Poll: Obama 55/40 approval in California (also results from Oregon & Washington)

Live Coverage of President Obama in Fla.

Obama in dead heat with Ron Paul (Don't worry too much - it's Rasmussen)

Freeper Shoots Guy in Road Rage Incident (in MI)

Steele Allies Point Fingers At Rove -- Say Former RNC Team Fanning Flames

Taxing Numbers

Chris Matthew (Tweety) Tricks Tea Party Leader Into Saying Single Payer H.C. Is Better

Heath decides against running for governor

Specter says he has $9M on hand

Bunning endorses Paul in U.S. Senate race

"The Cost of “No”

Long-shot Senate candidate Buck hits bull's-eye in Colo.

Senators consider gasoline tax as part of climate bill

Three-fifths of Americans oppose President's space program

Delaware: Big-Money Race For Castle's Seat

Mitch McConnell's Homestate Paper Thrashes Him For 'Unabashedly Courting Wall Street Bankers For $$"

I am going to a Kansas Tea Bagger party today at 5:30....anyone have the Bush deficit numbers?

McConnell Strikes Out, Financial Reform Advances

Political cartoonist Tony Auth: The Tea Party--1773 and 2010

Palin Donates Only $9500.00 From PAC to GOP Candidates

Postononpolitics: Charlie Crist will veto SB6! Press conference set for noon.

President Obama urges Democrats to "stay true to ourselves"

Senate passes jobless aid package. Scott Brown votes against it

Vote for Marcy Winograd at Primaries matter!

Obama makes light of anti-tax protests

Listening to the president talking about his new NASA vision

McMahon up to $14M of self-funding in Conn. Senate race

President Obama on Afghan: We can't be there in perpetuity

HaHa. Somebody's getting a bit worried. John Cornyn warns Charlie Crist on indy bid.

Tweety and his polls today.

Obama Files Tax Return

WI SEN: Thompson Won't Run Against Feingold

My Tea Bagger Rally report......Nuts on Parade........

"McConnell lacks support to block Wall Street reform bill"

"Make Our Day! Democrats Giddy Over GOP Opposition To Financial Reform"

Madison Tea Party Report (1st Edition)

HHS Seeks Public Comment for Medical Loss Ratio Rules

Any attempts at filibuster from now on

Obama at Democratic Fundraiser: Tea Partiers Should Be Thanking Him for Tax Cuts

Classy assholes, eh?

McCain: Lowest Tax Rates in Decades Are Crippling the Country

Washington Wire: The Other 95% will hold counter-protest to Tea Party rally on National Mall tonite

The stimulus was the biggest middle-class tax cut in history

I'm not sure what to think of Obama's NASA policy.

Eliot Spitzer for Supreme Court!

How Senator Vitter Battled the EPA Over Formaldehyde’s Link to Cancer

Why the GOP's Starve-the-Beast Strategy Is Suicide

Photos: Obama is from Earth, the Teabaggers are from Uranus (and we're all going to Mars!)

Labor Secretary Solis Goes After Massey for Pattern of Safety Violations

"Why doesn't Kendrick Meek (D - FL) get more respect?"

Dear Arianna Huffington, You Cannot Reason with Close-Minded, Bigoted, Regressive People

"Tea Party activists have no idea what they're talking about. "

Need help with numbers to refute facebook relative that I will soon delete...

Is the Brown/Cameron/Clegg debate a good idea-Or a chance for style to triumph over substance?

Arguing with a birther: "why has the certificate number been removed?"

C.I.A. Document Details Destruction of Tapes

Russia closes last weapons-grade plutonium plant

Wow. This place never changes....

Just curious... the Obama's made $5,500,000 in 2009.

I want to see Palin run in 2012 just to watch the other repubs destroy her in the debates

Problems at the Davis-Besse nuclear reactor near Toledo are worse than expected

Obama orders hospital visit rights for gays, lesbians

Just found out my son's highschool has started blasting Fox on big screen TVs at lunchtime

The Anti-Tea Party group TheOther95% will hold competing rallies today in D.C.

President Obama orders hospital visit rights for gays, lesbians

America's Biggest Threat by Old Fart Rants

Mitch McConnnell is a pathological liar

Strange Brew: Boston Tea Party - April 14 2010

Strange Brew: Boston Tea Party - April 14 2010

Tea Party Express is a GOP $$$ Scheme

Hedge fund prostitute Mitch McConnell dodges questions

Barney Frank Calls Out Mitch McConnell & Co For Lying About Financial Reform

Papantonio: Judicial Destruction of Democracy

Keith Olbermann Exposes How GOP Operatives Are Using The "Tea Party Express" To Grift The Teahadists

Grayson to Trumka: Unions - t Strongest Force for Good Govt.

Elizabeth Warren Introduces COP's April Report (Foreclosures)

Take That You Banksters

Legal expert discusses Arizona SB 1070 - Wo sind ihre papiere?

The Little Video: Your Tax Dollars at Work.

TYT: UFC Fighter, BJ Penn kicks Brian Kilmeade's ass

Love Song for Tea Party Marchers on Tax Day--A MUST SEE

MASHUP Bill O'Reilly HC Jail Time LIES Refuted by EVIDENCE

VIDEO SHOCKER: AIPAC Official Mistakenly Admits How It Operates

The Boston Tea Party 2010

Sen Robert Menendez (D-NJ) Defends Long-Term Unemployed - Senate Finance Committee Hearing 4/14/2010

Tom Coburn To Neil Cavuto: "The Conservatives Who Follow Me Are Fox News Junkies"

Kevin Zeese from on The Dylan Ratigan Show - Mining Regulation

Banks Vow To Fight All The Way To Supreme Court To Keep Fed Aid A Secret

Dash Cam Films Meteor's Fall & Amazing Time-lapse GIF Of Meteor Fireball Lighting Up Midwest Skies

Obama Fans Storm Tax Day Tea Party

CNN's AC360: Tom Foreman & Paul Begala Call-Out Blatant Republican Lies About Wall Street Reform

Taxes, Spending, or Race?

Limbaugh on non-union Massey mine disaster in W.Va.: "Where was the union in all of this?"

Uncorporatizing the Constitution

Blanche Lincoln Got $1.3 Million from Wall Street

Ed Schultz Fired Up! Freedumb: Tea Partiers On Tax Day

Karen Hughes: More Vitriol Over Bush than Obama

Florida's Governor Crist veto's SB6

Obama Orders National Mine Safety Review & Is Bringing In The Feds To Investigate Massey's Owners

Showdown: Tea partiers vs the other 95%

Climate Crock of the Week/Debunking Lord Monckton, Part 2

Bostonian Psychologist Schools Teahadist Videographer

Young Turks: O'Reilly Completely Busted on His Lies!!

Teabagger doesn't know who Karl Marx is

Rep Steve King Blows his TOP when confronted with his Justification of IRS Plane Attack

Rachel Maddow- Obama diplomacy returns U.S. to leadership role

Guess The Crowd Size: Bird's Eye View Of Boston Teahad Rally

TYT: Obama Finally Fights Hard! There is Hope!

Maddow - Koch Ind. tries pre-emptive denial, busted for Tea Party instigation

Tea Party Goes Corporate

The Return of Christian Terrorism

Time to Lift the Embargo on Cuba (by Rep. Honda): Miami Herald

Joe Conason: Let’s Have a Real Debate About the Court

Obama and the challenge of slow change

The Fox News Tribe

Democrats Batter Mitch McConnell For Standing With Wall Street

Ill Fares the Land (Tony Judt, NYRB)

Gene Lyons has some thoughts on Tax Day

The Obama DOJ's warrantless demands for emails

The collapse of American Justice and Rights

Goldstone banned by SA Zionists

In Shift of Tone on Abuse Cases Pope Speaks of Need for " Penance"

This writer tells it like it is regarding the "Tea Partyers."

Warning: May activate gag reflex

Tea Party rally cost taxpayers nearly $14k

Why Does Anyone Listen to Newt Gingrich?

Update: Thompson ends speculation about Senate run at Capitol 'tea party'

Going for broke in L.A.?

Suck it, Tea Party: I love Tax Day

Dispatches From the Front

The Most Ridiculous Tea Party Signs Ever

The Myth Of Income Tax Freeloading

The Hemperor, Jack Herer has Died- a memorial and a thanks for everything he did

The Tea Party Strategy to Avoid All Taxes

Tea Party Supporters: Who They Are and What They Believe

Larry Kudlow: A V-Shaped Boom Is Coming

The Victimized Rich Speak Out

Andrew Sullivan: "A Half-Term Former Governor With A TV Show" (don't dismiss her)

I Sent in my Club Dues Today.

'Soul Of A Citizen' EXCERPT: 'From Drunken Party Girl To Climate Change Activist'

Toyota's trust-building begins with the truth

How Bad Could 2010 Really Get For Democrats?

The Perpetual American Lynch Mob

Teabagging 2.0 April 15, 2010 --" Lying, Ignorant Puppets who are STILL a Sham and a Fraud

White House complains about CBS News blog post saying that possible Supreme Court nominee is gay

Has anyone ever sued an EIS/EIR based on the incompetence of the consultant?

Drumbeat: April 15, 2010

Peak oil news - Apr 15

Stalagmite reveals carbon footprint of early Native Americans

Finland May Double Atomic Power to Cut Russia Imports

Second Massive Garbage Patch Found In Atlantic

Republicans and oil companies are more environmental than you might think.

Link between solar activity and the UK’s cold winters

'Black box' plankton found to have huge role in ocean carbon fixation

Reducing Wastewater Contamination Starts with a Conversation

Coast Guard Urged to Ensure Protection of Whales in New Study of Shipping Access Routes

How Much?

Anyone have any ideas what is up with First Solar (FLSR) today?

NOAA: Global Temps Push Last Month to Hottest March on Record

(Somewhat off-topic) Congress takes another stride toward public access to research

"Missing" Heat May Affect Future Climate Change

Debunking Climate Teabagger King Lord Christopher Monckton on Climate TV

A Program to Certify Electronic Waste Recycling Rivals an Industry-U.S. Plan

Big coal gets frosty reception at Congress climate hearing

Report: BMW hydrogen-electric hybrid drivetrain could see use in Mini lineup

Halfway through the longest build in history

Xpost to LBN: Problems at the Davis-Besse nuclear reactor near Toledo are worse than expected

MIT analysis: wind farms will contribute to global warming, weather changes

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Wednesday, April 14)

The National Hockey League SUCKS!

Eye black messages banned

Me likes the new Phins receiver.

NBA Playoffs

Cleveland Browns talk to Rams about No. 1 pick

Witness:Ben Roethlisberger's bodyguard dragged accuser into room

One game in and already there are questions

RCN Launches First International Salvadorian Channel, Tele El Salvador

Peruvian journalist sentenced to prison for libel case

Honduras to send soldiers into streets to aid police in combatting wave of violent crime

Estefans hosting Obama, DNC fundraiser upsets some Cuban-Americans

Honduras: impunity against media closures

Honduras: Sixth journalist killed this year

El Salvador: Ghosts at the Polls

New film about the 75 dissidents premiers in Ireland

Chile's post-quake political unity showing cracks

Venezuelan prosecutors probe Amazon Indian deaths

Cuba and Obama over drinks at Gloria Estefan's

Why Brazil signed a military agreement with the US

Frank Calzon: No more `Open hand' -- Obama must get tough with Castros

Cuban academic says corruption island's big threat

Potential Massacre In Northern Honduras Feared

Women Of Steel Forge Solidarity Link With Striking Mexican Mining Families

Some Labor Unions Are Waging A Battle In Arkansas Primary To Oust Sen. Lincoln

Today in Labor History Apr 15 A. Philip Randolph, civil rights leader and founder of the BSCP born

Daily Kos: Study: Construction Unions Strengthen Economy

CNN: Feds slam Texas factory over discrimination claims

Donald Trump: Tax China, Create Jobs in America

Mine Workers President Roberts: Massey’s Blankenship Should Be Jailed

Support US miners locked out by Rio Tinto

Millions of workers are being misclassified by employers

Ed Show on miners and labor tonight! Excellent!

Ah so finally started the actual research in a serious way

cross post: Book recommendation for the human side of mining towns and disasters

NYT: News Analysis - Obama Phrase Highlights Shift on Middle East

Jerusalem 'No Man's Land' Traps Palestinian Couples

Obama Speech Signals a U.S. Shift on Middle East

International Attention Focused on ASUC Divestment Vote

Hamas executes two Palestinians in Gaza

Goldstone banned by SA Zionists

NJ school: We didn’t tell your boys to cross-dress

Another bigot bites the dust...

Tomorrow is the Day of Silence

Jordan's King Says Israel-Hezbollah-Lebanon War May Be "Imminent"

300 Palestinian olive trees uprooted

Ya'alon No need ever to remove any settlements

World Jewish leader to Obama: Is U.S. committed to Israel's security?

Goldstone 'barred' from grandson's Bar Mitzvah

Lauder to Obama: Palestinians to blame

Real gun rights coming to DC soon!!!!

Naked woman got intruder’s gun, shot him

Major Legal Win for Student for Concealed Carry on Campus

Gun fired on Chapel Hill school bus

California Bill Targets 'Open-Carry' Of Guns


the light is just, well, ducky

With "Storms" on our minds....a few more aftermath photos from the Hurricane

Help me pick my contest entry....

Saturn's North Pole Hexagon Mystery Solved?

The New T. Rex: A Leech With an Affinity for Noses

Icelandic Volcano’s Ash Plume as Seen From Space

Oldest Martian Meteorite Not as Old as Thought

Networked Networks Are Prone to Epic Failure

I have a question about how birds feed

Stalagmite reveals carbon footprint of early Native Americans

Researchers Find Electrical Current Stemming From Plants

Small, Ground-Based Telescope Images Three Exoplanets

Question about compass directions

Anyone get any vibes from the Midwest Meteor?

Lizard dream

Sending out a Special round of HUGS for JA

what exactly are orbs?

What my 10 year old son had to say about the icelandic volcano

National Day of Prayer Ruled Unconstitutional

Is the LDS Church preparing for something? LDS Church battening down hatches


Oklahoma Catholics Upset Over Perceived Genitalia On Crucifix

Allergies worse? Climate change could be culprit, study finds

On my salad: Progresso Balsamic Vin made by American Rice Inc. and ...

Health insurers shifting costs ahead of law: report

Doctors, nurses clash over plan to expand role of nurse practitioners

Artificial pancreas works in 11 patients: study

Dengue Fever Re-Emergence in Florida

I have a new idea about how to increase weight loss

Want a better workout? Don't stretch before

Update-Autism & Vitamin D...3 Swedish papers published this month support the vit D theory of autism

Matt Lauer: Dumb AND Dumber. (WAAD’s up with Matt Lauer?)

Bondholders Would Face Bank Bailout Costs in EU Plan

The Great Lehman Derivative Robbery:

Blue Agave as a sweetener: article claims just as dangerous as High Fructose Corn Syrup!

It's proxy season

Greece asks for IMF-EU rescue talks

Check out the asking price on this dump.

UBS has “witnessed a Waterloo”

932,000 more home foreclosures, up 16%.

Any thoughts about the "Jesus Secret Book?" (Koine Greek New Testament)

Perchance to dream, perchance to write for young children

Reno mom wants to raise $1 million for Washoe schools

Life in the Rubber Room: Where Suspended Teachers Await Due Process

Gov. Crist vetoes SB 6

(California) Lawmakers propose caps on college fees

NYC to close 'rubber rooms' for teachers

300,000 teachers expected to be laid off.