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Archives: April 13, 2010

The coming real estate bubble IN CHINA - James Chanos on Charlie Rose now

U.S., Israeli Attack On Iran Would Be 'Unacceptable' - Russia Military

Do people actually think that an important aspect of a SC pick is an easy confirmation hearing?

I'm watching James Chanos on Charlie Rose. Why hasn't there meen any trials for Wall St?

Russian President Says Obama 'A Thinker' In Contrast To 'Someone'

Experts: Role of Manas spurs Kyrgyz chaos

The Pope looks more like this every minute:

The Pope looks more like this every minute:

Why India didn't have a financial crisis

To All The Teabaggers And Tax Whiners............

Extend Unemployment and COBRA through 2010

EMAIL C-Span and tell this woman to STOP CALLING PEOPLE LAZY!

Oklahoma Tea Party AND LAWMAKERS envision militia to fight federal "infringements"

Ignorance of Afghan Society Led to Botched Raids

When Social Fear Is Missing, So Are Racial Stereotypes, Shows Study of Children W/ Williams Syndrome

Other Massey mines cited for ventilation problems

If Elena Kagan gets the pick for the USSC, I will not be able to support her

I loves me some Donna Edwards ... on Steph Miller now

Sunday night I watched THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK on ETV.

Tea Party activists rally outside Orlando City Hall

More charges facing prominent Iraq contractor

Deja Vu

Is this Obama's Supreme Court Pick?

Is this Obama's Supreme Court Pick?

Anti-American Anger Grows in Afghanistan

Anti-American Anger Grows in Afghanistan

Grayson raised nearly $500,000 in single-day ‘money bomb’

Crashed Polish plane landed without permission

How Much Oil Is Really Off the Atlantic Coast?

Civilian Killings in Afghanistan: A Pattern of Brutality, Denial, Outrage and Violence

Meg Whitman has extensive links to Goldman Sachs

Boston: Right-wing radio host bashes Scott Brown for not welcoming his new ant overlord, Sarah Palin

Boston: Right-wing radio host bashes Scott Brown for not welcoming his new ant overlord, Sarah Palin

Government Accused of Giving Small Business Contracts to Fortune 500 Companies

'Birther' Doc a No-Show at Campbell

Orlando Sentinel: Grayson has another huge fundraising quarter

We should be proud of the fact that the teabaggers and freepers hate us.

April 13 in History - "Houston We've got a problem" (40 Years)

The Republicans Are Like Frat Boys in 'Animal House'

What would a 14 year old girl have to say for you to advocate kicking her ass?

What would a 14 year old girl have to say for you to advocate kicking her ass?

"All Blacks Leave": Copycat Racism Probed at Another NJ Store

The political and economic effects of Iraq's growing oil production and the role of China

Michele Bachmann, champion of cutting spending, increases staff salaries 26.4% in 2009

Computer Help please.

Purported doctor on Texas A&M message board claims he ‘laid off my first Obama voting employee.’

Stem-cell therapy feels Food and Drug Administration's pinch (Still)

My letter to the editor regarding their tealaban coverage of this past Sunday

11 year-old missing girl from Winter Springs, FL found....ALIVE!

The proper way teabaggers should prepare your taxes if you don't want socialism.

Paging Ken Cuccinelli....


So, um, when is Blagojevich's trial?

Massachusetts Republicans "looking for any excuse to avoid Palin's Tea Party"

U.S. Constitution discussion w. Breyer + Scalia, C-SPAN, NOW.

The right wing in america is in dire need of a high colonic.

This Is How Dennis Kucinich Gets His Babes

Smarmy, Oily, Smug, Slimy, Disgusting ........

Smarmy, Oily, Smug, Slimy, Disgusting ........

FEC Commissioner Faces Disbarment Complaint After Raw Story Report

Looking for authentic "tea party" photos

Republican Defenders of Wall Street Beware: The Tea Party Is Coming

Rachel Maddow on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight 4/13/10

Twitter Unveils Ad-Supported Business Model-Promoted Tweets will be clearly labeled as ‘promoted’

Taliban death squads have killed dozens of people in drive-by shootings

Busted! Breitbart & Tealiban Using Post-Racial Epithet Tape Footage To Say "It Didn't Happen"

The Rude Pundit - Why Does Nebraska Think Women Are Idiots?

Germany seizes 1.3 tons of cocaine in Hamburg port

11-year old Nadia Bloom Found ALIVE after being missing 5 days! Thank goodness!

Afghan anger at US casualty payments - Asia Times

Here's a fun exercise for those that are bored...

I DEFY you to find and post something more insanely stupid than this...

Tea Parties, the militia and insurrectionism

Iran fights Fifa ban on hijab - so women can compete in Youth Olympic

Wrong video of health protest spurs N-word feud

Tea Party Fundie Colorado Springs forced to Cut & Cut & Cut City Services

GOP Congressional Constipation and Minority Status Results in Smaller than Expected Deficits

Breitbart, you dim ass, be a man (if you can be) and donate your $100,000 to UNCF NOW

Cornyn: ‘I’d have to think about’ whether I could support an openly gay Supreme Court nominee.

On the PGC, MD, police beating incident...

Cuba loosens controls on barbers

Cuba loosens controls on barbers

Mayor says dick sculpture most go to show "respect" to Nazi Pope

Sri Lankan writer arrested for offending Buddhism

The homoerotic chemistry of the Palin-Bachmann ticket

More evidence of violations in West Virginia mine explosion

My Tea Party Diary

I guess this is where the Teabagger signs are made:

Toyota’s legal tactics: Deception and evasion

KBR’s 'Facts' About Rape Case Are No Such Thing (war contractor case)

how do i see public party affiliation or donations?

Looking For A Good Anti-Teabagger Bumper Sticker?

Born, on April 13, 1743, in Shadwell, Virginia,...

Born, on April 13, 1743, in Shadwell, Virginia,...

Pete Peterson (billionaire wall streeter) draining resources from the federal budget

A letter from a Conservative

Does size matter?

Houston Burger Joint Has Monster Challenge

Not a blink of American eyes at Pakistan's reported killing of over 70 civilians Saturday

Not a blink of American eyes at Pakistan's reported killing of over 70 civilians Saturday

Let's get this party started!!!

One of the World's Biggest Oil Producers Is Going Bust

Stunning Statistics About the War in Afghanistan Every American Should Know

Tea Parties, the militia and insurrectionism

Mayor says dick sculpture most go to show "respect" to Hitler Youth Pope

Oklahoma Tea Party forming militia with legislative help...

Microsoft outsourcing IT services in three-year, global deal

Have you heard about this? (Freeper link)

Thom Hartmann calling out Grover "Bathtub" Norquist right now.

Calling krispos2 the special mod

Oh dear, the Massachusetts (R)'s have a predicament tomorrow.

All Aboard The V-Train

lol. 'Phallic' art sparks row ahead of Pope's Malta visit

Ben Bernake, "We must enhance the confidence of the investors"...

America is angry

Who cares if Obama likes to bow? Medvedev thinks he's a genius regardless.

Oh, the Irony: Richest Virginians get biggest Obama tax cuts

McConnell Slams Financial Reform Bill After Meeting With Hedge Fund Managers

Doomsday shelter currently selling bunker space

What Are The Facts Really?

Bloggerheads: The Corrosion of War Without End

Ken Starr doesn't believe that the current SCOTUS

Michelle Obama makes unannounced visit to Haiti

Pakistan's errant airstrike reportedly kills 71 civilians

I saw this post on Funny stuff.

Oklahoma Republicans Conspire With Tea Parties To Form Anti-Federal Government Militia

The Nuke Summit Is a "BFD"

Birther's Court Martial On The Way

Birther's Court Martial On The Way

Inside Man: How A Prankster Plans To Destroy The Tea Party Movement

Democrats sponsor New York bill that will allow supervisors to ignore seniority in teacher layoffs.

Bankruptcy 'reform' is helping big banks squeeze consumers

Does anybody know what "" is?

WaMu Hearing on CSPAN3 right now .... n/t

AEI lauds Lovelock: "Father of the Gaia Hypothesis Thanks Skeptics"

Images (from photos) that are shaping the World

Schwarzenegger silences critics of Calif. sell-off

Hey, Teabaggers, the Dow is over 11,000 !!! Your pensions have increased in value thanks to Obama!

Steny Hoyer calls radio host's 'commie' comment dangerous

John McCain's fund-raising Supreme Court push-poll



Digby and Gary Wills on the Trouble with Obama: Omnidirectional Placation

Be Very Afraid North Carolina- KBR is building you a new hospital

Why do right wingers have this ongoing conniption fit over Saul Alinsky

Court Vacates Online Student-Speech Rulings

ACLU seeks execution delay over denial of DNA testing

Scott Brown For President (dot com) - Already????

Doing tax returns for a living is usually a simple transaction, a nice way

2-mile scar on Barrier Reef after ship grounding, worst damage seen, will take 20 years to heal

This looks like a pretty solid contrarian indicator for the top of the markets!

Republicans in Disarray-NEW POLL: The GOP is a mess right now

Georgia joins battle against health care reform!

Obama presser at the Global Nuke Summit

Philly Daily News vs. DC Not Pultizer Winning Journalists....LOL

In wake of attacks on police, Hemet considers 'hardening' city properties

Sarah Palin sees big salary jump-$12 million in royalties, fees and salary

Notre Dame Has First Black Valedictorian

“No Known Cure For The AK-47 Disease” barrier to winning in Afghanistan.

ConWebWatch: "Not-so-special reports" at the Culture and Media Institute

Dems retake lead on generic ballot for '10 congressional elections

Young Marine sergeant dies of cancer at age 25 following service in Iraq

U.S. Military Confidence (Officers and Non-Com. Officers) Sinks on 'Winning' Afghan War, Poll Finds

America: The Grim Truth

Oregon Guard soldiers lawsuit again war contractor KBR can go forward

Study:Mothers' Spanking of 3-Year-Old Children and Subsequent Risk of Children's Aggressive Behavior

Missoula City Council approves non-discrimination ordinance

Tweety tearing Bush and Cheney a new one

Waters: 'Very powerful anti-war message in The Wall. There was then and there still is now

"Generic Republican 39%" is a Trending Topic on Twitter right now

Another Backward B face girl scam ALERT!

Conservatives love lying like dogs love their own vomit

Gates (and Gen. McChrystal) Say Afghan Civilian Casualties 'Biggest Risks to Success of Strategy'

South Korean children face gaming curfew

Uh Oh, Pa. Bureau Of Weights & Measures May Go Private!


You know, there was a time...

Oregon jury finds Boy Scouts negligent in sex case

Will there be an upset in today's special Congressional election?

Girl May Have Been Abducted As Payback - CHP Issues Amber Alert

So let me get these Vatican talking points straight

DC lawmakers flocking to Wall Street to destroy reform

You are a member of the DLC.

Democrats Retake Lead in Generic Ballot

On Ed Show: Al Sharpton is absolutely correct...

Six Page contract between Sarah Palin and Uiverysity of Calf. found in dumpster!

Why Corn, Not Opium, is Afghanistan's Deadliest Crop

Don't Assassinate the Dangerous Cleric al-Awlaki

Hernando Co. FL shocked to find out that their privatized jail is not being maintained

I miss David Shuster

These Tea Party loonies - Ed Shultz is discussing the

These Tea Party loonies - Ed Shultz is discussing the

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden visit Haiti - pics

Blast from the past: McCain / Keating vid

3 Rules for Staying Employed in Business (Unwritten)

More weird prom news: New York high school holds proms on SCHOOL NIGHTS

70-year-old woman fends off carjacker

The Boy Scouts Pedophiles are about to pay big time

Gov. Heineman (R-Ne) to greet tea party

Breaking Bad News: Nebraska to limit abortions because of fetal pain

Vatican's Point Man on Abuse Was Successfully Sued by Whistleblowing Priest

Another aircraft skids off a runway and passengers

Rescue local and organic farming in the food safety bill

American Family Association: We must charge all Muslims with treason

uh-oh...Michele Malkin says assault on Louisiana GOP Gov. Bobby Jindal not politically motivated..

Official Tea Party sponsor in hot water for selling "Straight Pride" shirts.

Good article for those who can see a dog as a victim...

Photos that changed the world

Mining Notes: Are Union Mines Safer? Plus, Calls for Ousting Massey CEO

Occasionally the right wing nuts let it slip whats really bothering them

Occasionally the right wing nuts let it slip whats really bothering them

Grrrrr: Lieberman: 'Everybody should listen' to Sarah Palin

Who is this skin head militia nut job on Tweety?

Chelmsford priest among 8 arrested in Nashua prostitution sting

“Humane Societies … Pursue Justice” - EmptyWheel

ABC News: Palin Has Earned an Estimated $12 Million Since July

Thai cops punished by Hello Kitty

Huckabee is a piece of shit

In era of Wall Street Reform, Mitch McConnell offers to become the bankers' little train that could

New Dow high ahead? Happy talk feeds sheep

Tweety's easily excited again, says Sen.Treasure Trail "is easy to take."

Navy T-39N (Sabreliner) crashes in north Georgia: 3 dead, 1 missing.

Navy T-39N (Sabreliner) crashes in north Georgia: 3 dead, 1 missing.

I am SO sorry, my friends at DU. I got popped today, and deserved it.

Online: If you gotta be rude, then you really have nothing to say.

Predict something about the next 10 years.

I don't know what he's saying here, but whatever it is - I approve!

Come on DUers you have failed me - why don't we know that

Democrats to Move Judicial Nominees as High Court Battle Looms

Are the freepers in trouble?

Want Safer Mines? Unionize Them: Underground coal fatalities: 109 In union mines: 22 (or 20.2%)

Damn, Chris just dissed Liberace real bad....

IVAW: Veteran of "Collateral Murder" Video Speaks Out

Elena Kagan (on SCOTUS list) filed brief urging SC not to hear Siegelman case.

Another Breitbart Scam

No Wonder Americans are Obese

Chevy Volts hit 40-mile target on batteries

TPM: Tea Party Movement Spreads To Military

CIA operative contradicts himself on torture

The "TARP will pay for itself" Bullshit: TARP costs (losses) revised to $89 billion

Does anybody know if Elena Kagan is one of THOSE Kagans?


Any union teachers watch Morning Joe today to see how they cut all of our throats?

Anybody have any links about former Michigan Gov. John Engler?

A short piece on the GOP "Epiphany"

Window cleaners win new contract; lockout ends (3 dead in 3 years locked out over safety complaints)

Detroit News: Granholm reportedly on Supreme Court short list

From my local newspaper: "School Board: No more paddling"

Michael Moore sends words of support to striking staff and nurses of Temple Univ. Hospital

Finally, some intelligence at the Pentagon!

Every day - a week at most - the screw gets turned up a notch.

"Dem Leader: We're Ready for ENDA"

I had a long chat with my favorite American professor today

Pedobear and the Pope

Cramer: We’re Six Months From Prosperity

Dana Milbank: Obama's disregard for media reaches new heights at nuclear summit

This is a story of two fictitious American girls. Born on the same day 17 years, 139 days ago.

Lieberman: "Everybody should listen to Sarah Palin"

Nice touch Rachel, to use an AK

Students Find Palin Speech Contract In Trash

Calif. students find Palin contract in trash

OPERA, first non-Apple browser engine, approved for iPhone/iPod Touch

Dem Ted Deutch Winner in FL special election

American Family Association proposes that all children born out of wedlock receive no gov services

Limbaugh again proves he hasn't a hint of human decency -rushes to defense of Massey CEO Blankenship

Andrew Cuomo is gonna be the next gov of NYS

Entitlement Programs and other economic factors - a debate.

Should there be legal dirty needle exchanges?

Lieberman: "The momentum is with the Republicans, thank God - that's the way people have spoken"

Teabaggers: 35% believe Blacks to be hardworking; and only 41% think that Blacks are trustworthy.

duplicate post, please ignore

I don't know if "crash the tea party" is legit, but here's my fantasy

Calif. attorney general to investigate tactics of foundation that hired Palin to speak

"Barney Frank gets a high-altitude haranguing on health care"

"Rush Ignorantly Wonders ‘Where Was The Union’ At Non-Union Mine Disaster"

I spent a little time on Breitbart's BIG GUBBMINT site today

Media Matters: When Gateway Pundit quotes Free Republic, you know the truth is going to lose

Study: Networks snub, malign tea party movement --oh those poor neglected VICTIMS

Corporatocracy and Its Discontents

NY Times - "Obama Puts His Own Mark on Foreign Policy Issues"

Next monday the moron ball licking tea baggers have their pro gun rally in Washington...

A modern day blood libel - J'accuse - where is Zola?!

Obama leads the world toward ending nuclear weaponry

"Tell your doctor about ALL your medications"

update....Army officer won’t accept Obama as chief

Palin's Staggering Haul

The danger of "letting it slide".

"A Class Divided"

Jesse Jackson Jr. Speaker of the House Pro Tempore now.

Is the IMF Preparing for an Impending Crisis?

The Tea Party is holding a rally in my area on Saturday and their lead organizer says they are

Judge who targeted Russia's racist neo-Nazis is found shot dead

Bill Kristol argues that Michele Bachmann is motivated by her love for the Constitution

The three biggest lies of 2010:

Suffolk Dem chair to Levy: We'll 'kick your butt'

Romney Says He Solved Health Crisis ‘At The State Level,’ But Admits ‘The Feds Fund

Top 10 winners Jefferson Muzzle Awards (for anti-free speech efforts)

More sex victims set to break silence Catholic Church could face 400 more cases

'Crash the tea party' looks like a total scam

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone blames homosexuality - not celibacy - for child abuse sex scandal

Heads-Up: 30 Minutes to Rachel Maddow on 'The Daily Show'

Which newspaper is more Orwellian, NY Times or Boston Globe

The main reason why "Crash the tea party" is more than likely a RW deflection

Guv'ment Regs (construction) and quakes

New Deal Safety Net Not Catching Today's Middle Class

Somalia: Islamists ban radio music

Eli Broad, Green Dot charters, SEIU, and the Parent Revolution...connected.

6.9 earthquake strikes China

Freepers are "nauseas" over how the tea partyers have been treated...

Anybody heard Big Eddie on a now STATE SPONSORED

these fuckers just never quit

Do the teabaggers remind of LaRouchites?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Surprise to me, Rachel on with Jon Stewart right now.

The Detroit News: Granholm reportedly on Supreme Court short list

Does anybody know what's going on with the Wikileaks video showing the

Republican Defenders of Wall Street Beware: The Tea Party Is Coming

Who in the city do I contact to get speed bumps put on my street? I live in the middle of

From the Hannity forum:

From the Hannity forum:

Republicans Cheat

How Ted Turner Scored Yellowstone's Bison

Gay Indian professor found dead after students film him having sex

Gay Indian professor found dead after students film him having sex

Amy Goodman: Massey Disaster Not Just Tragic, But Criminal


Jon Stewart just showed two people teabagging each other on Fox news

The term "illegal alien" should be stricken from the lexicon...

Home Libraries Provide Huge Educational Advantage

There's nothing like incessant Obama bashing to remind me that I'm glad he's President.

The very real threat of violence versus census workers

Police beat U. of Maryland student like a pinata, claim 'resisting arrest', then the video surfaces

More photographic proof that teabaggers ARE NOT BIGOTS, just decent patriots who love their freedoms

post on reddit: why aren't deficit hawks talking about taxing rich?

Bless Code Pink

Sen. Levin gives a succinct history mortgage-securitization mania and bank collapse

Frontline (PBS) to look at the health care bill

FL Senate to open funding for “white flight” in education

Virginia pharmacy had plenty of moral convictions, few clients-"pro-life" pharmacy goes under

Healthcare overhaul won't stop insurance company premium increases

What is your opinion of ReRev, outfitting gym equipment to generate electricity?

Calif. students find Palin contract in trash

Huckabee likens gay marriage to incest, drugs

Democrat Deutch wins easily in Florida.....

Pew Research: "What's Your Political News IQ?"

Anti-American Anger Grows in Afghanistan

CA Attorney General Has Launched Inquiry Into Sarah Palin Speaking Engagement

A friend and colleage from India informed me that tomorrow is "Vaisakhi"...

Supreme Court "candidates who are truly liberals aren’t really on the table"

In Afghan war, official corruption is a bigger threat than the Taliban

If Nixon were president now...

just got back from Ted Deutch's victory celebration!!!

What Kind of Wacky World Did Virginians Wake Up To? Read it to believe it ..LINK

War Crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan

Teabaggers: who are they? R, D or I?

Media Cheers Obama, Ignores Tea Party Movement

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis: Our Mission Is To Protect Workers

Detestable Worm: Lieberman: 'Thank God' political momentum now with Republicans

Actor Samuel L. Jackson preaches hope in Paris suburbs

Obesity To Be Banned in England?


Ted Koppel On the State of the News Industry: 'I Think It's a Disaster'

Malware Threatens to Sue BitTorrent Downloaders

They're holding a Tea Party Rally This Thursday in my hometown of Wheeling WV at the Wheeling Park

Just saw McCain's ad against Hayworth. All I have to say is

Mr Fish


To Rec or Unrec: That is the question

Teabagger running against Betty Sutton in Ohio 13th Democratic Primary

Douglas Feith: "I don’t believe anybody ever said Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11"

3.7 million hectares gone (our Eastern Forests) bad news

Emma's Revolution: The T.E.A. Song ~ you gotta hear this

Father Louie doing fine in prison

Sarah Palin Speaking Contract: 'Rider' Demands First-Class Travel, Pre-Screened Questions...

If you're pro-Sestak, there's encouraging news from Pennsylvania:

What were your thoughts when you saw that this ticket had been nominated in 1980?

The newest Freepathon

NDP: Who is Behind the Tea Party Movement?

The Nation: harassing methods of subscription renewal

The Nation: harassing methods of subscription renewal

Would conservatives like Obama if he Cut Taxes, Increased Military & eliminated all GOVT programs?

Instead of nuclear or coal, let us burn trash

Elizabeth Warren on the USSC short list.

‘Colonel Birther’ Lakin read miranda rights, Pentagon pass revoked

Jo Comerford: War Taxes Are Killing Us

without adherence to a basic recognition of "War Crimes" we are lost

Go Ahead, Laugh At The Teabaggers. But Realize: They're Smarter Than Us

Smoking bans reduce exposure to secondhand smoke and reduce heart attacks

Of the teabaggers I know......

I was walking toward my local grocery store...

I was walking toward my local grocery store...

Whistle Blower Comes Forward With Solid Proof The Price Of Gold And Silver Is Being Manipulated

what is it about megachurches

You think that the H1B visa phenomena is new?

Putting teeth in the fight against rape

Christian music star Jennifer Knapp says she is a lesbian

Christian music star Jennifer Knapp says she is a lesbian

Vision of health care

Your Tax Dollars at War: More Than 53% of Your Tax Payment Goes to the Military

Cindy Sheehan: Take This Empire and Shove It!

Bill Moyers Journal: "It is the longest war in American History, And it is a war.....

Massey CEO to miners: I will close this mine if you vote union

Outcrazying The Crazy: How A Prankster Plans To Infiltrate And Destroy The Tea Party Movement

John Kasich recruits Mary Taylor to be his Lt. Gov. because of her budget expertise

LOL....."Glee" slams Palin tonight.......

US military foresees huge oil shortage (and endless wars because of it)

Obama Shuns the Left as White House Mulls U.S. High Court Slot

I dont recall the Democrats being able to block any legislation when

Sexual Objectification Is More Damaging to Women Than You Might Think

I guess Saudi Arabia doesn't have oil spare capacity they and our government claimed they did...

Things Chuck Norris Actually Says

Police: NJ teen told blacks to leave Whole Foods

Dangerous signs on the road

Cops Ticket Drivers For Ignoring Creepy Pedo-Bunny

Evidence emerges suggesting "Crash the Teaparty" website hosted by former GOP Senate candidate

Most Americans fail on political quiz

Do DU members view Obama as a corporation's or people's president?

Florida Senate moves to end separation of church and state

Huckabee slams student interviewer, who releases raw interview tape, which matches printed interview

Oh, wait. MI will not compare charter schools with public schools. Really?

Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide: Long-term Effects:

“Gay Demon” Exorcist Cindy Jacobs To Share Stage With Virginia GOP Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

The Absurdity of Constitutional Protection of Corporations

***SCAM ALERT!!!*** "Crash the Tea Party" is definitely a scam!!!!

Jindal campaign official hurt in French Quarter (AKA the scratched backward B part 2)

Listening to the family of the murdered Wikileaks van driver - how many more? 27 million

Why Are 25 Hedge Fund Managers Worth 658,000 Teachers? or drain your wallet dotcom or drain your wallet dotcom

Operation COFFEECUP - How Reagan Worked to Stop Universal Health Coverage in 1961

Tea On The Common (Palin and the 'Baggers are in Boston tomorrow...and I'm blogging the whole mess)

Why does the United States honor the treasonous Confederacy?

errrr..McVeigh was not RW?

Early (Chevy) Volts hit 40-mile target on batteries, engineer says

Of Swans And Spoilers (Charlie Cook on what is needed for Democrats to succed in Nov)

The way to really get to those damn teabaggers

Tarryl Clark is giving Michelle Bachmann a CHALLENGE!

Even webcomics are on the health care issue

Are teh internets tubes disconnecting for anyone else? I keep not being able to

The West Wing on Bravo NOW.

Jacoby Smith beat up quadruple amputee girlfriend in self-defense

I have a conference coming up...

Elvis died in 1977. St. Ronnie got into office in 1980. Maybe

Finally a Luann comix, funny a la "Rat" in Pearls Before Swine

I couldn't get out of bed because of allergies today

BREAKING: Palin announces plan to speak only in buzzwords & catch phrases, abandoning full sentences

Prior to performing at Sea World, Bret Michaels rushed into surgery with acute appendicitis

When 900 years you reach, look as good, you will not.

Remember "Springtime for Hitler" in THE PRODUCERS?

All this reading about the KFC concoction makes me want a Cuban Sandwich

Today's travelogue -- Nome, Alaska

I'm trying to post a pix of my cat

2005 thread of National Enquirer Style Predictions. How many came true?

The Nationals CAN NOT LOSE tonight!!!!!!

"Capitalism: A Love Story" -- A Brigid review

So I is listening to the Yankees game on the radio (they is winnin')

William Shatner -"Rocket Man"- 1978 Sci Fi awards. THIS is the version I was looking for

I've created a new meal.

Is this Obama's Supreme Court Pick?

I'm enlisting Ken Burns to produce a 20 hour documentary on my battle against the Help Assist virus

In 1945 the Nazis went to the Moon.....

Three is a magic number

Cubbies are off today.

Tuesday Afternoon Laugh:

The world just got a lot closer to a Lady GaGa - Susan Boyle joint performance...

Ad Agency hiring 130 (RGA)


Postsolstice Soup - My recipe (a navy bean soup)

Who's got cookies?

Is "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" worth watching?

Was she hitting on me?

I'm sure someone else has posted this.. The Ross Sisters

I am SO sorry, my friends at DU. I got popped today, and deserved it.

Online: If you gotta be rude, then you really have nothing to say.

Damn,its allegory season again.

Henry, my avatar, needs your help!

I have to go to an American Legion Meeting tonight

How did I miss the whole radiohead thing?

Finally Hurley..Lost

Ok , I decided to start my novel

I have 157,448 sockpuppets.

Today just might be the happiest day of my life.

What if a 24-year-old man traveled one mile to have sex with three thousand teen-aged girls?

TV just turned itself off in the other room--twice


Lost: $10 Million in twenty dollar bills.

Hell has frozen over: my baby sister is on FaceBook

"Amazing Race" fans- celebrity look alikes

Nats H8TerZ need to STFU!!!!

Any excellent "Watch Instantly" movies on Netflix?

This place is dead

Lindsay Lohan's character dropped from soon-to-be-released 'Mean Girls' video game

Just Found Planescape: Torment at Goodwill

How come noone told me about "Trailer Park Boys?"

Heidi "Trained In Knife Fighting" Montag Is Writing A "Bourne-Meets-Barbie" Action Flick

My daughter just butt dialed me from the "Motion City Soundtrack" concert...

Some pictures from work today

What if a teen traveled 24 miles to have sex with a 3,000-year-old girl?

Facebook etiquette.

Cool News...

CA DUers - need travel advice

Do you have summer plans?

The cat munkee! AKA: Francois' Langur

A Whiter Shade of Pale-Jack Mack and The Heart Attack

How can I get the kitties to stop jumping up on the screen door?

Who should direct the Chuggo biopic?

Since American is charging people not flying, I'm gonna reply to unposted posts.

Lost: One $100 Bill

Glee: Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) hit's another one out of the park (mild spoiler)

It has been posited that there are 3 kinds of people on DU. Which kind are you?

post your current desktop

Which is the more pretentious magazine? The New Yorker or Harper's?

Question about HDTV

Any other non-"Larry the Cable Guy" fans out there?

Some new photos from me:

Oboy. Family members brought bedbugs from Eastern Europe.

Does anyone remember Dr. Eugene Scott...

Photo, taken 10 minutes ago: Here's what I look like, suited up for Silicon Valley trench warfare

I am SO sorry, my friends at DU. I got popped today, and deserved it.

Name more shows you'd find on the Sarah Palin Network

Songs You'd Like to Hear/ See on "Glee"?

97-year-old artist still going strong, painting in Photoshop and using a Wacom tablet!

If you learned that you were inescapably fated to bring about the apocalypse, would you tell anyone?

Has anybody here go to Tulane University in NOLA?..Is it hard to get accepted?

Houston Burger Joint Has Monster Challenge

Would you destroy humankind to save your SO?

Roger Waters just announced The Wall Tour 2010 North American


Oklahoma conservatives, lawmakers plot anti-federal militia

Eight Red Cross workers seized in DR Congo: ICRC

California poet stunned by Pulitzer Prize

Survey: Troops shift political parties

DOJ: Probe not meant to alter vote (Alabama Legislature)

Russia, U.S. to sign deal on plutonium

(Calif.) Judge says San Carlos can ban a Sarah Palin billboard along Highway 101

Kyrgyz President Bakiyev 'will resign if safe'

No front-runners for Supreme Court

The political hydraulics of OPEC

AP analysis: Economic pain eases in hard-hit areas

Australians to join probe into S.Korea warship sinking

U.S. military playing expanded role in Pakistan

Justice Department Moves To Reform Notorious New Orleans Police Department

Missoula City Council approves non-discrimination ordinance

Oregon Guard soldiers lawsuit again war contractor KBR can go forward

Steven Seagal Accused of Keeping Sex Slaves

'The Fourteenth Banker,' Anonymous Bank Insider, Describes His Moral Crisis: 'The System

Democrats prepare for election-year battle to craft Citizens United legislation

Deal reached on Mexican nuclear fuel issue

University of Maryland Student Brutally Beaten By Police After Basketball Game

Andrew Stern set to resign as head of major union, SEIU official says.

Calif. students find Palin contract in trash

Officer Suspended, Others Could Be Fired in Brutality Case

U.S., China Agree To Pressure Iran On Nukes

Huckabee likens gay marriage to incest, drugs

Pakistan airstrike kills 71 civilians: official

South Korean children face gaming curfew

World oil demand to hit record high this year: IEA

Calif. students find Palin contract in trash

First Lady Michelle Obama makes surprise trip to Haiti

U.S., Russia Sign Deal to Cut Plutonium Stocks

Massey faces shareholder anger over mine disaster-Some investor groups are calling for resignation

Mother in Adoption Scandal Was Trying for Second Child

Obama: Risks of nuclear attack have risen

Oregon jury finds Boy Scouts negligent in sex case

U.S. Postal Service risks taxpayer bailout: GAO

Missing Fla. Girl With Asperger's Found Alive

William Safire's FBI file details grades, wiretaps

Democrat Wins Florida House Race

UN confirms peacekeepers kidnapped in Darfur

Karadzic Genocide Trial Opens After Months Of Delay

Nebraska Passes Controversial Abortion Ban

Wrong video of health protest spurs N-word feud

Charge against mother of youthful war protester dropped

Charge against mother of youthful war protester dropped

Sarah Palin Has Earned an Estimated $12 Million Since July

Senators Invited to White House for Supreme Court Talks

GOP warns Obama over SCOTUS litmus test on Citizens United

CSU Stanislaus students find Palin contract in trash

Obama To Attend Kaczynski Funeral

Ex-mine official to lead probe of W.Va. blast

Democratic lawmakers say midterms may obstruct budget resolution

'Kyrgyzstan Is On The Brink Of Civil War'

Top Senate Republican blasts Democrats' financial regulation bill

February trade deficit increases to $39.7 billion

Brazil rancher convicted in U.S. nun's murder

St. Augustine Godless Billboard Damaged

Democrats Push to Require Corporate Campaign Disclosure

Lexus Stops Selling S.U.V. That Was Called Unsafe

Lieberman: 'Thank God' political momentum now with Republicans

Democrat Wins Florida U.S. House Race

The M E N of L O S T... vote for one

Obama secures 47-nation pact at nuclear summit

'Significant' Damage to Barrier Reef From Grounded (Chinese coal) Ship..

Arizona passes strict illegal immigration act

Judge denies bail to man in Pelosi threat case

KY-Sen: Conway Makes His Move in Dem Primary

GE announces new LED bulb will last for 17 years

What are your thoughts on this Obama's Deal Documentary coming on PBS tonight?

How's this for a midterm election strategy?

New York Times: Politics 1, Rule of Law 0

Talk About Posturing

Progress! Ukraine to give up highly enriched uranium, convert nuclear reactors

Look at how differently awful NJ Gov Christie polls are spun versus how Obama's are reported

If the South Wants to Secede, Go For It. Here's Why.

Staffers' accounts paint more detailed, troubling picture of Massa's office

Frontline Documentary Airs Tonight: Obama's (BF) Deal

WOW Ed is doing another story on NJ 14 year old girl saying all blacks leave the store

With Website, Watchdog Group Sticks It To Right Wing Organization Behind High Court Ruling

Take Action: Tell the Fed to Hold Credit Card Companies Accountable

"Crimes Are Crimes – No Matter Who Does Them" from David Swanson

Wouldn't be nice if Teabaggers were charged special fees

Obama's radicalism is killing the Dow

What the hell

Portman, Boxer report big first quarters

Here's Where Van Hollen Stumped For Incumbents

Florida: Miller Shows $340,000 in Receipts in 44 Days

Baffled by Health Plan? So Are Some Lawmakers

News Sites Funded By (Conservative) Think Tanks Take Root

Obama inviting rethugs to the White House to discuss Supreme Court nominee

Barney Frank Calls Retirement Report 'Right-Wing Lie'

"Inside Man: How A Prankster Plans To Destroy The Tea Party Movement"

Countries gave up nuke materials and Chris Matthews is talking about Scott Brown in 2012

Voters head to polls in race for Wexler's seat

More News Conference with World Leaders on Nuclear issue on C-Span Now!

Is anyone Else watching the President's Press Conference?

Paul Krugman: Paging Larry Kudlow...

Where can I watch the Nuclear Summit? post so effects you influential yield.

Wow! Clinton, Lavrov Agree to Destroy Tons of Plutonium

So how will the GOP undermine the Presidents' new push to actually

Practice needed for confronting Oklahoma militia fans

Obama is giving NASA a green makeover

The governor of WVa should shut down Massey until all safety regulations have been met.

"Have they heard of the Oklahoma City bombing?"

"Book Reveals Unheard Interviews With Jacqueline Kennedy"

PBS Special Obama's Deal is online now for those that don't want to wait

Reid plans to hold extra sessions to move stalled judicial nominees

WH Invites Top Lawmakers To Discuss Bank Rules. McConnell preemptively says NO today to Senate bill.

Got Hope?

Painful Juxtaposition

One of the most laughable, outlandish op/ed pieces on Obama I have ever read.

Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher wins backing of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson for Senate run

Giannoulias raised $1.2 million in first quarter, trails Kirk

Chairman Kerry: "Nuclear proliferation is the greatest security threat facing us today" (updated)

In speech at Kennedy Space Center, Obama to outline proposals for returning U.S. to space

In speech at Kennedy Space Center, Obama to outline proposals for returning U.S. to space

The Presidents #26: Theodore Roosevelt

Is there any truth at all to this? Rubio is only up 1 on Meek

"Obama is changing the direction of global gravity"

*IMPORTANT STORY*- Democrats prepare for election-year battle to craft CITIZENS UNITED Legislation

"Did Democrats time the economic stimulus to impact the midterm elections?"

Ezra Klein: Blanche Lincoln To Get Tough On Derivatives?

Bill O'Reilly is grilling Tom Coburn on who on Fox News said people will go to jail if...

The Successes Of The Long-Overdue Nuclear Summit

Queen Noor. a woman of wisdom... and Gloria Borg(a)

Obama to attend Polish president's funeral

Gallup: ratings "improved since Congress passed healthcare reform legislation"

Federal court upholds border search of laptop in Texas

FiveThirtyEight: New Data on Tea Party Sympathizers


I am almost numb with shame...

"Florida Democrat wins first US House election since health care bill passed"

Obama's disregard for media reaches new heights at nuclear summit

PHOTOS: Michelle Obama & Jill Biden in Haiti

The Presidents #27: William Howard Taft

Michelle Obama and Jill Biden in Haiti!

Could Obama privatizing world peace?!

Lieberman: 'Thank God' Political Momentum Now With Republicans

CNN Poll: Democrats make gains in battle for House

Birther court-martialed

Eugene Robinson: The Confederacy Isn’t Something to Be Proud Of

Is there a forum of DI for dealing with Alzheimers patients?

Anti-EU party campaigns to 'sod the lot'

Durbin's 'Fair Elections Now Act' has picked up two more cosponsors. Who will be next?

LOL......major slam against Palin tonight on Glee.......

Consumer Reports calls Lexus GX 460 unsafe

Magnitude 6.9 in China

PBS Frontline: "Obama's Deal" (FULL VIDEO - 60 mins HD)

An American's Letter to Jon Voight

Lawyer threatens suit over canceled Ayers speech

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday April 13

First moonwalker blasts Obama’s space plan

Shaping the Supreme Court

Obama and Hu Meet - CCTV Reports Meeting was Positive

Bad-Priest Repellent is 'RAID for Kids' - As Seen On Daily Dish

Don Blankenship: 'Union Terrorism' Is 'Not Conducive To Good Business Climate'

Tedhadist already worried about Maddow's McVeigh tapes show

Ed Schultz: Al Gore for Supreme Court?

If Obama wants to arrest me, come and get me pal! Buffalo NY gets teabagged.

Maddow: Gov. McDonnell embraces the crazy


Where Were You? by Old Fart Rants

Rachel Maddow- McVeighs path to terrorist

Teabag Counter-Protest

Consumer Reports Issues DON'T BUY for 2010 Lexus - 'Safety Risk' Label

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Interviewed on ABC's This Week

I just reported this to YouTube for copyright violation. Enjoy the Sarah Barracuda worship clip.

Teabaggers are pathological liars!

RT: Keiser Report: Special Greenspan Bubble edition

Look at this piece of crap running for Ohio SOS!

BBC: More Than 70 Civilians Killed in Pakistan Airstrike (Photos Revealed)

Countdown: Huffington - Mining Companies Abuse Regulatory Systems

Arrest the Pope

Ed Show: Census Workers Being Intimidated by Insane Conservatives

President Obama at Opening Plenary of Nuclear Security Summit

Teabaggers & Terrorists

AFL-CIO Trumka: "If Multinationals have their way...."

Dick The Shrimper Morris calls Obama the first anti-American president

Al Pacino's Inspirational Speech

The Tea Party's Racist Roots

Flowers are Better Than Bullets

TYT: How A (R) Senator Was Bribed Through His Wife

Powerful, Powerful Ad!

Like an ACID BATH of stupidity, four minutes and two seconds of non-stop burning, like syphilis.

Olbermann's Worst Person in the World, Teabagger candidate for NY Gov, Carl Paladino - 04/12/10

Dean at Princeton discusses varied reasons for teaparty movement.

Keith Olberman Quick Comment: Racist Teabagger has Hispanic Son 'Self-Contradiction & Pure Hate'

TYT: Profits From The Death Of Coal Mine Workers

Video shows police beating up a student (and then lying about it!)

Rachel Maddow: Elizabeth Warren - 'This is Really a STUNNING Response from Banking Industry'

Ed Schultz: Fired Up! - GOP's Latest Obstruction

Obama considering as many as 10 candidates for high court opening.

Cerberus to Acquire DynCorp for About $1 Billion

Behind the Curtain, Cuomo Runs His Own P.R. Machine.

A new page in Russian-Polish relations after a dark epilogue

Roadmap to a New Economics: Beyond Capitalism and Socialism

Hungary: A Grubby Hive of Nationalism

The political hydraulics of OPEC

The political hydraulics of OPEC

Were Confederate soldiers terrorists?

Hate speech or free speech? What much of West bans is protected in U.S (NYT - 6/2008)

Diet may Determine Risks for Dementia

Lehman Channeled Risks Through ‘Alter Ego’ Firm

Big Money’s Alarming Political Edge

Eugene Robinson: The Confederacy Isn’t Something to Be Proud Of

Rollback America , Parsing Petraeus

Europe Finds Cleaner Energy in Trash, But U.S. Lags.

1974 CIA Estimate Declared, “We Believe That Israel Already Has Produced Nuclear Weapons.”

Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Ghost of Bobby Lee

War Crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan

The case against Elena Kagan

1964 Jackie Kennedy Interviews to Be Published.

Tea Party's New Motto: 'No Taxation Without MISrepresentation'

The Myth of Nuclear Terrorism

Women must pass a test before having an abortion in Nebraska

Guardian UK: The pope should stand trial

Microsoft ships American jobs overseas

Summit agrees to protect nuclear stocks 'in four years' (BBC)

The Curious Incident at the American Spectator - Julian Sanchez

Guns in bars is a bad mix

UPDATE! Rahm Emanuel and Magnetar Capital: The Definition of Compromised!

New Tea Party Seditionist Army Forming in Oklahoma

How Financial Reporters Create Illusion to Cover Up Wall Street's Scams

The Potential Domestic White "Christian" Terrorists in Our Midst

Microsoft to invest $ 9.5 billion in R&D initiatives (India) - Has 2 million developers in India

Devon Ice Cap - Largest In The Arctic - Has Been Shrinking Since 1985, Studies Confirm - Phys.Org

Drumbeat: April 13, 2010

Latest Round Of UN Climate Talks Wrap Up Hours Late Amid "Sour" Atmosphere - AFP

Grounded Chinese Ship Left 3-Kilometer Scar In Reef Up To 250 Meters In Width - AFP

Med Water Conference Breaks Up In Failure Thanks To Israeli-Palestinian Friction On Wording

Bonus Benefits Of Great Lake Invasives Zebra Mussels & Goby - PCB Concentration Up The Food Chain

391.06 - March 2010 Atmospheric CO2 Content

Nuclear Security Summit Comes to Its Close with Commitments, Pledges

American Enterprise Institute argues for Nuclear Industry

Hey guys, pick this apart for me!

Canada's hemp acres on the rise

My recent experience with LEDs

Genetically engineered crops benefit many farmers, but the technology needs proper management to ...

Take Action - Save Australia's Flatback Sea Turtles

Calculating agriculture's phosphorus footprint

Lowell High School (MI) hosts 'green' prom

Europe Finds Clean Energy in Trash, U.S. Is Reluctant:

"Top Ten" Massey Energy Mines Had 2,400 Safety Citations - In 2009 Alone - NPR

Pew Center Critique of “The Future of Nuclear Power: An Interdisciplinary MIT Study”

DNA suggests whale meat from (LA) sushi restaurants originated from Japan

Indian Point only Supplies 12% of NY Area's Electricity

The West Virginia Mining Disaster and the Financial Crisis Have the Same Root Cause

It Would Appear That Bethany Goldblum Has Not Read Mark Z. Jacobson's Paper: Sticks With Her Career

Nuclear power CO2 emissions said to be same as natgas within "a few decades"

A THIRD allegation against Roethlisberger?????

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Monday, April 12)

Tiger Woods applies to play in U.S. Open

Natinals --> (3-4); Pirates --> (3-4); Boston Roid Sox --> (3-4)

OK, joeybee. My wife joined this facebook group tonight.

More cowbell? Not for some

The Ring's the Thing

Orioles lose in front of smallest crowd in Camden Yards history

Jerry Rice to make pro golf debut

US Cancels Climate Aid to Bolivia, Ecuador over Copenhagen Opposition

Castro: 1M excess workers on Cuban government's payroll

Brazilian sentenced for nun murder

House recognizes Cuba's independence, April 13, 1898

Eternal U.S.-Cuba Tensions Leave Families Weary

Glacier breaks in Peru, causing tsunami in Andes

Uribe argues that he is not implicated in DAS scandal, states he is also a victim - Spanish/Semana

Coming to America on rafts and boats seeking freedom.

Thousands of Venezuelan Militiamen to Swear In

WOLA vs. Honduran Democracy

US, Brazil sign defense agreement

EFCA, Employee Free Choice Act

Jobs For America Now Backs Local Jobs For America Act To Create A Million Jobs

FDL: What Happened to the Employee Free Choice Act?

Monday evening update on Massey Mine Disaster

Gov. Manchin appoints Davitt McAteer for special investigation, public hearing of Massey Mine Disast

Union Leader Trumka Angered By Deadly Mine Blast

(US) Senate mine hearing to eye enforcement problems

'Gorilla' warfare as entire staff quits Fifth Ave coffee bar

NLRB approves $2.5 million settlement in Connecticut striker replacement case

Temple Univ. Nurses Striking w/ help of Michael Moore

Equating Iran nukes with Holocaust highlights Israel's isolation

Is Hamas robbing the poor?

Today in Labor History Apr 13 The Great Northern rail strike (Debs) & Debs jailed as war protester

Grand Hyatt Watch: Round One goes to ‘Housekeepers’

New York School Bus Workers Choose Teamsters

Teamsters, Waste Management flex muscles over contract

Organizing justice for warehouse workers

Packing plant workers approve new contract (may be the best in the industry)

IDF order will enable mass deportation from West Bank

Israeli Stores Stop Selling Book That Denounces Settlers

Med Water Conference Breaks Up In Failure Thanks To Israeli-Palestinian Friction On Wording

Med Water Conference Breaks Up In Failure Thanks To Israeli-Palestinian Friction On Wording

Jeb Bush Leads Move to Weaken Teachers Union

Spanish court shelves Israeli probe

Israeli Troops Kill 2 Palestinian Militants at Gaza Border

Obama: Israel should sign NPT

Israel issues 'urgent' warning to its citizens to leave Egypt's Sinai Peninsula immediately

The Whole List: Did Your Reps Sign The AIPAC Letter?

Video - Pixie Herculon: The Bear Song [explicit]

Neff: Taxes, without gay equality

Grand Marshals named for NYC pride - McMillen, Choi, Shepard


Christian Music Star Jennifer Knapp Says She Is a Lesbian

Ted Cox: What I Learned at Straight Camp, lecture Monday at Stanford University

76 Senators sign on to Israel letter

Desmond Tutu "Divesting From Injustice" (from HuffPo)

When Biden "or any other diseased leper" humiliates us, he sows the seeds of another Holocaust

Maryland: Civil Immunity Legislation Heading to Governor O’Malley!

California sheriff to lay off deputies, makes gun permits easier ...

It finally happened! (Road Rage shooting)

I just posted on The High Road that I am a progressive liberal and

Last light

need bird ID help please

Alien landscapes and a (mostly) unrelated story

Graffiti dog attacks yellow rectangle

bee at work

Mitch's Mystery Star, Curiouser and Curiouser

Nine New Exoplanets Found, Some With Retrograde Orbits

TED talk: Michael Specter: The danger of science denial

Williams syndrome children show no racial stereotypes or social fear

Astronomer: Earth-Like Planets Are Common, But Stars Have Eaten Many

A lab rat -- created in the lab

Rare Bird, Alive and Well and Living in Colombia

Apollo 13 alums recall 'fun' mission

Horses Never Forget Human Friends

Stunning Iceland pic

The Kittens are 7 weeks old now

The Universe is a bit of a rock polishing machine

Calling on woodsprite to join in a Festive Birthday Dance

Diocese speaks about defrocked Pembroke priest

R/T to melt down May 2.

Mass. Priest calls for Pope Benedict to resign

Latin America confronts sexual abuse by Catholic priests

Sam Harris tries to derive "ought" from "is."

"Fundies Say The Darndest Things"

Worldwide fewer women dying in childbirth, study says

Is there anyway to get a per-paycheck calculation of what single payer would mean?

Any trackball users here?

I knew it!: 'High GI' carbohydrates increase women's heart risk

My 80-year-old father died today of chronic, age-related renal failure.

Study Sees a Slant in Articles on Drug

Metal$ are in the pits

Wheat glut looms

IBM's Amazing Profit Secret: Fire Americans

A possible way to bring outsourced jobs back.

Who’s Not Sorry Now?

PISA Test Scores and the Mathematics of Inequality (another side of the finland story)

Obama's plan to reward schools for innovation sparks congressional debate

Feynman said something that might apply to the politics of education

Australian Teachers Vote Unanimously to Boycott Test and Punish Plan

UC Berkeley bloated, wasteful, consultants say

Rhee's budget surplus revelation angers teachers unions

NYT: Bill Would Allow Layoffs of Teachers With Seniority

Start with a true sentence. Replace a sub-formula with its contrapositive. Is result true?