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Acquitted hunter allowed to hunt again after shooting death of Marshall man

A question of trust: Police problems mount in Vermont

Day 437

Pit Bulls. Another horrible story...

Pit Bulls. Another horrible story...

Conservatives and Progressives Agree: Rethink Afghanistan

By the Way, Conservatism is Dead

Police investigate Terre'Blanche sexual assault on farm workers

Meet LA's new archbishop: Priest named in sexual abuse lawsuit

Justice Steven's legacy - Brilliance and humility

News Sites Rethink Anonymous Online Comments

is thinking that with modern technologies, every head of state should have an XBox and when disputes

Those labels on drug vials

Phoenix policeman paid $71,000 while racial slur investigation proceeded

Does lieberman still chair a committee, and if so, why? /nt

Three Republican women take on the Florida legislature...

Kissinger Rescinded Warning Against Condor Assassinations (new evidence)

Alan Greenspan on Fox&Friends next (at least that was the tease)

Why Should Ds Listen To An Ignorant, Racist Minority (ie: the Rs)?

Toyota Delayed a U.S. Recall, Documents Show (company officials keep defect info from US Gov)

It's Safe To Watch TV Again - The Effing Masters Is Over

Republicans say they're going cold turkey on pork projects

Fatal refinery, mine blasts sadden and outrage unions

have you cheated while married.

Anti-Semitism stirs as Hungary goes to polls

The horned demon in the 'Who Put Hell in the Bible' ad running on the left

Gates, Clinton stand behind Afghan leader

CHANGE: World leaders meet to halt nuclear spread

Racial Slur by Tea Party Leader Hits Home

Welfare States

Michele Bachmann, you're not smart enough to be a good liar......

The mom in TN who sent back the adopted boy lives in a COMPOUND?!



Have some fear

Vote in local Poll: Rate Gov. Bob McDonnell's first 90 days

Axelrod is Dominating Morning Joe

Grand Imperial Wizard of the Teabaggers

Republican logo redesigned for greater truth in advertising..

170 Killed in Past week in Afghanistan as Gates Defends Karzai from Drug Charges and Cheney . . .

Showdown in the Senate on Unemployment Insurance and COBRA Benefits

US regulators probe risk of brake failure in 6 million GM trucks...

Keith Olbermann Tweets About David Shuster, Responds To Haters

Bill to extend jobless benefits faces Senate showdown

Woman Spends $47,000 Per Year

Wall Street rakes it in when cash-strapped governments are forced to sell off public assets

Sen.Treasure Trail is just not that INto you, Quitter!1 And, apparently, neither is anybody else!1

Michele Bachmann says repeal and pass the same provisions over again

The VILE TRUTH: "The secrets of slavery are concealed like those of the Inquisition."

Terry Fox: Marathon of Hope 30th anniversay.

1994 Republican Rout Is Casting Shadow in 2010

Massachusetts town wants to generate revenue by advertising on police cruisers

David Brooks "...would pay a Leona Helmsley lookalike a thousand dollars to take a shit on his back"

Amnesty International's women's officer resigns due to Amnesty's promotion of theocracy

Alaska's version of tea party takes root in Palin's Hometown of Wasilla

Huckabee On Gay Adoption: 'Children Are Not Puppies'

landslide derails train, trees kept train from falling into river

landslide derails train, trees kept train from falling into river

Photoshop challenge...A rib-ticklin', acerbic bit of visual wit from our friends at RimJob Central.

Pope (then Cardinal) chides, slaps reporter

Georgia Negro Weeps Open-Eyed at the Death of President Roosevelt

The banks are paying back their 0% loans after making record profits? whoop-de-fucking-doo

I don't know, hard to get excited about prospect of Justice Kagan, or Garland

Hutaree Member To Stepmom: I Don't Need A Job -- I Already Have One Prepping For 'The War'

Sleeping Air Canada Passenger Ends Up In Airport Hangar

Sleeping Air Canada Passenger Ends Up In Airport Hangar

Sleeping Air Canada Passenger Ends Up In Airport Hangar

Repukes say this is proof of death panels. Debunk Please>>>

Only in America-Technicality may cost Fort Lauderdale woman a bone marrow transplant

Top anti-racism judge shot dead in Moscow

The Pope's Cover-Up - An Incomplete Timeline

What's the 'job'?

Check in here if your employer doesn't offer medical insurance.

DOW currently at 11, 020.02.

Far-right extremist Republicans claim to know what 'judicial mainstream' is

Glenn Beck's suggestion to Obama for SCOTUS: "gay handicapped black woman who's a radical immigrant"

What about Feingold for SCOTUS?

Appeals kept Montcoal mine operating

Is Glenn Beck's idea of what a "Real/Good/Ideal American" should be?

Delete (dupe)

On International Changes In Education

Wikileaks 'to release video of US strike on Afghan civilians'

Um, Vatican... you're just announcing this now??

MY Good News In The Midst of this Troubling Economy

This is a new one: Bill to forbid seniors from seeking office proposed in LA.

How long before the Christian Right forms the "Restroom Defense League"?

A few weeks ago I got our census form, filled it out & mailed it.

monday Toons, Part 2

Government Accountability Office suggests that USPS outsource mail delivery routes to "contractors."

US Military Still Lying About Special Forces Night Raid in Afghanistan

US Military Still Lying About Special Forces Night Raid in Afghanistan

Straight mother of a lesbian daughter here, and I have figured out the gay agenda:

U.S. Central Command: No review of 2007 helo assault planned

More beautiful bagger hating from digby. Her target this time: Mike 'Dead Eyes' Pence

Hillary Clinton- Supreme Court Justice?

Toles TOON on Greenspan

Digby: Tea Partiers don't hate black people because they're black but because they're socialists

Michael Steele replies "Who dat! Who dat!" when greeted with cheers on Hannity's show

Doing taxes ... Our household income dropped about 39%...

"In a perfect world, politicians would have their own entrance songs..."

George W. Bush 'knew Guantánamo prisoners were innocent' (pass it on)

Over 200,000 flee military offensive in Pakistan

Senator Centerfold refuses Palin, Tea Party invite, but "applauds the energy and enthusiasm"

Rio de Janeiro underwater (climate change destroying rain)

Cheryl Mills would be a great pick for Supreme Court justice

Budget Sidelines LAPD Detectives - Investigations Hampered, Officials Say

Are the Tea Partiers planning anything for Tax Day?

Sergeant acquitted 20 Years ago in NC of murders found guilty in court-martial Thursday

Palin is headlining a 'Bagger rally here in Boston on yeah, I'll be live-blogging it.

VA official emphasizes addressing mental health issues early

If Karzai DOES join the Taliban, what reasons would there still be to have our troops there?

Alaska governor's race: Candidates create distance from Sarah Palin

Senate schedules Executive Business Meeting for April 15th, 3 District Judges up for vote

British campaigner urges UN to accept 'ecocide' as international crime

War on Terror: Real or Phony?

You know, I can really relate to Glenn Beck.

Ah the vagaries of politics... This is wild...

African-American woman on Obama's SC short-list . . . 'friend' of Clarance Thomas

Social Influence Plays Role in Surging Autism Diagnoses, Study Finds

Keep the clergy away from your kid with "Priest Off!."

The next time a Republican pisses and moans about the "racist" label, send them this link

Conan to TBS

Judicial Fabricators.........Must Read!!! By Jim Hightower

Putin is head of the special commission investigating the Polish plane crash?

What is too old for the next Supreme Court Judge?

Come out against the “tea party” and Sarah Palin

Gates Calls Air Strike Video ‘Painful to Watch’

Just heard from my son, his wife is having a boy

Wicked storm passed through here last nite. Huge hailstones.

Pope on a rope?

Survey finds employers unlikely to drop health care benefits

"Discard as you go" way to pack lighter.

Washington State Moves to Ban Copper in Brake Pads

Top Secret Sen. Ted Kennedy Files To Be Released

Nice Sat image of Korea

For a late April Fools joke - the President could always nominate Sarah Palin as SCOTUS.

Michele Bachmann On Why She's Such A Lightning Rod

3 toxic ingredients revealed for GOP victory plan

U.S. racks up debt at slower rate

Is 'Ole Doc Colburn going to show up

Have any of your high school kids been given a survey lately?

Palin fans not sure she's ready

Cost of government bailouts "shrinking to just a fraction of previous estimates"

On Ronald Reagan Day, I’ll Be Wearing A Red Ribbon

Trickle down evil

Calif. Gay Marriage Ban Repeal Falls Short

FDR died in 1945, and the right wing and Wall St. have been trying to kill him ever since

Big Coal runs ad pledging to 'continue the work' to protect miners

Helpline pastor dozes off during suicide call

UI law class to examine new health care reform law

Rumor: Heard the 2012 DNC will be held in St. Louis, MO

Tea Party NY Gov Candidate's E-Mails Exposed: Racism, Porn, Bestiality

Dying in childbirth is hidden risk in Tennessee

2010 Pulitzer Prize winners in journalism, arts (SFGate's Mark Fiore wins for Editorial Cartooning)

SA 'refugee' faces ejection

CIA moonlights in corporate world

Massey's Mine was sued over poor safety by its own SHAREHOLDERS! TWICE!

"Disaster" is a word tossed around too lightly

What to Expect from the Media in the SCOTUS Nomination Process

Who are they searching for again??? - A Village in Afghanistan

Coal Company Had Twice Settled Court Cases By Promising Safety Upgrades

Underground cash economy thrives in Sacramento

Hutaree Member To Stepmom: I Don't Need A Job -- I Already Have One Prepping For 'The War'

I know lots of ya'll think Steel is a buffoon mainly because of the

What Jane Harman Cannot Just BUY More Friends? Just Woke Up She's Behind Winograd

Tea Party NY Gov Candidate's E-Mails Exposed: Racism, Porn, Bestiality

Early breakthrough from President Obama's nuclear security summit

So a friend of mine observed that this year, you can convert a regular IRA into a Roth IRA

AP - Source: Judge Sidney Thomas on Supreme Court list

CNN poll being freeped

(Alliterative)Newsweek: Did Polish President Pressure Pilots?

Former Heisman winner discusses his struggle with mental health

No more net access for me at work

Senate probe finds fraud in WaMu mortgage lending

Leo Gerard on Ed Shultz discussing the slaughter

Breaking News! Bad hair days hit women hard

If GW Bush was GW Smith-his occupation would be

Rep. Steve King reads SC candidates list:"He is the actually the one on the list who is a white guy"

U.S. Military Encourages Blood Lust

A statement on social issues.

A Little Political Humor

Mothers Who Spank More Likely to Have Aggressive Tots, Study Finds

Mothers Who Spank More Likely to Have Aggressive Tots, Study Finds

Ga Insur Comm (and GOP Gov. candidate) Oxendine Opts Out of Federal Coverage for Uninsured

Support The Troops? "...the chick was in the way."

Dow closes above 11,000 for first time since ’08

March 2009 deficit: $192 billion.... March 2010 deficit: $65 billion

Tweety on the Elephants in the room

Teabagger Rallies Still A Cauldron For Conspiracy Theories, Mistruths, and Exaggerations

Tweety on the Elephants in the room

The South Shall Rise Again

Need a link. Recently there was a study showing that the polls that show fox news leading in ratings

Joe LIEberman wants to update the nukes

Pennsylvania ships prisoners out of state

Committee of Economists: The Recession Is Not Over (duh)

Achievements of Liberalism in the U.S.

Regionalism; is racisms' kissing cousin if not sibling.

Richard Dawkins promises to arrest Pope Benedict XVI

HEADLINE: April and May may be 'do-or-die' time for ENDA and DADT

LA Times: Toyota response to complaints takes on a confrontational tone (spreading misinformation)

GLBT, pro-choice ... a south Florida candidate dances on all those 3rd rails.

Dear Doc Colburn

lol. McCain attacks Hayworth on gay, birther stances

I want to see your Constitution Scores from!

Lungren challenger in Sacramento.

WHY You DON'T Want To TRUST Republicans With Public Funds

Extension of jobless benefits clears GOP roadblock

Holocaust survivor shares his story

College billboard contains grammar mistake

Would fees end 'out of control' carry-ons?

Hey that Brown fella just pissed off the Tealaban again...

Tea Pickers' Daughters Reap Gains in Indian State

Scott Brown snubs Sarah Palin, bags Tea Party rally

Google Search Results: 'Obama continues Bush policies'

Cornyn: Openly gay SCOTUS nominee might be acceptable

Purported DOCTOR On Texas A&M Message Board Claims He " LAID OFF My First Obama Voting Employee."

Steven Seagal Sued for Sexual Assault,Trafficking

'Birther' Doc a No-Show at Campbell

Help Give Away Supreme Court Protest Bumper Stickers,

WaMu Executives Knew Of Rampant Mortgage Fraud And Failed To Act - HuffPo

I saw a fairly stupid-ass bumper sticker today...

Attorney wants Phoebe Prince’s medical records (Mass. bullying case)


Step Forward in Vermont’s Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign

Actor looks at San Joaquin Valley's manure and sees energy (John O'Hurley from Seinfeld)

Republicans.. the Party of "Kick 'em while they're down"

Woman says she was fired for taking maternity leave

Couple sues over 'bath time' pics of kids

Say it ain't so, Joe! "Your" ratings are so high that satelite radio is playing

Every now and then I really like Tweety

Don Blankenship: Investors, Politicians Begin Calling For Massey Head To Resign

As U.S. attempted to remove nuclear material from Chile, earthquake struck

Okla. tea party leaders, lawmakers eye militia

Okla. tea party leaders, lawmakers eye militia

Sen. Coburn is still blocking an extension of UNEMPLOYMENT benefits . . .

Massey Stock Upgraded To “Buy” As Mine Disaster “Immaterial” To Profit - FDL

If mum didn't work, we'd starve.

Cuban state media calls Clinton cynical for saying Castros don't really want US embargo lifted

On the average, the economy sucks. Its impossible to "get by" in the US.

Survey: Troops shift political parties (page AWOL)

Who is MS is more likely to have a rebel flag on their truck?

Lieberman: For U.S. to be respected in "Muslim world," call terra "violent Islamist extremism"


Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican's Number 2: Priest Pedophilia Linked To Homosexuality

Medicaid Drops Coverage For Mom With Cancer

Shareholder Group Wants WellPoint To Become Not-For-Profit

Hannity falsely claimed "50 percent of American households no longer pay taxes"

Avoiding Death by Uploading Your Brain

Blunt rejects barring insurers from denying insurance to adults with pre-existing conditions.

Don't let the Vatican reframe the issue

25 story Apartment building, 9 years old, to be razed in Seattle due to corrosion

Funny! FreezeCrowd and the US Chamber of Commerce

Funny! FreezeCrowd and the US Chamber of Commerce

Monday Toons, Part 3

Dem cranks up bid against King (YES that King R-Ia)

Specter denies endorsement deal for Supreme Court confirmations;Santorum stands by his claim

Legislative squirrelliness

Vatican SoS claims Homosexuality, not Celibacy linked to pedophelia...

"Tea Party Activists Hold Massive Rally" (happening now)

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Haley Barbour: "No, We're Really Just Stupid Fucking Rednecks"

NY Tea Party gov. candidate sent videos of bestiality, pics of Obama as pimp

Obama SCOTUS list - demographic information

EFCA, Employee Free Choice Act

EFCA, Employee Free Choice Act

Chicago DUers a counter action has been planned to protest the Tea Baggers on 4.15

Pulitzer Prize winners include nonprofit newsroom (ProPublica)

If real life were more like the Internet - Dream come true or worst nightmare? By Tom Tomorrow

The video that DU helped write is up on a test location: fire away!

Who is Kathleen PARKER?!1 And *why* did she win a Pulitzer today?!1 (I'll do the Googling.)

More on Terreblanche.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Mike's back!

Need help in answering a question!

Risk of Japan going bankrupt is real, analysts say

Man scans grandson through security x-ray (NM)

Where is the "far Left" in America? Hell, where's the "moderate Left"?

Overhead bin pigs

Inexpensive Highly Efficient Solar Cells Possible

Inexpensive Highly Efficient Solar Cells Possible

This CNN poll needs some help!

Mine Disaster Probe to Be Secret

Conan's back.

Hey Everybody the Arctic is melting

April 11-18: Yom Ha-Shoah (Holocaust Days of Remembrance)

Barney Frank has enemies, even 30,000 feet in the air.

Oklahoma conservatives, lawmakers plot anti-federal militia

Ran into an Ex US Senator From My State On a Flight

Put Hillary on the SCOTUS.

9 now known for SCOTUS short list according to MSM citing gov sources

Why I Criticized Code Pink by Jeff Norman on HuffPost

Feds: Guns, Crack, Steroids, Hitler Book Found At Hutaree Homes

Woman with four kids "downgrades" from five bedroom house to 26 foot travel trailer..

Survey: Troops shift political parties

Where are the global climate change deniers lately?

Do you support the death penalty?

Four of the five most conservative justices since 1937 are on the bench today (Political rankings)

Is mere brain death or mere absence of a brain sufficient reason to say that a person isn't alive?

Bishop blames Jews for child molestation scandal

Simple Test Can Detect Signs of Suicidal Thoughts in People Taking Antidepressants

Tea-baggers and similar wild-eyed gun-totin' feebs, take notice:

What Do The Teabaggers Want?

The teabag movement is an American Fifth Column

Missing Lesson From the Mine Tragedy: Union-Busting = Death

Center for Biological Diversity: Obama Promised "No New Drilling" But Plans to Drill in Arctic and

The Comeback Country How America pulled itself back from the brink—and why it's destined to stay on

'Birther' Doc a No-Show at Campbell

China's big oil move into Alberta

so we e-filed and owe the Feds money, but our H&R package doesn't tell us where to mail payment?

Wrestlemania had 73,000 people in attendance this year

A Message From Don Blankenship

KBR Bills $5 Million For Mechanics Who Work 43 Minutes a Month

The Teabagger's pledge

Tea Partiers threaten to form militias to fight the federal government

I want to tell a terrible story...


The Battle for Net Neutrality: Corporate Takeover or Opportunity?

Why Tigger Woods was rehabilitated so quickly....

The woman who will probably beat Reid says patients should 'barter' with doctors to bring costs down

What's with the Russian adoption stories?

Wall Street rakes it in when cash-strapped governments are forced to sell off public assets

Is spanking a part of your family experience?

Hawaiian special election - some Left/Prog love/$$$ needed?

The table is set for a catastrophic empowerment of the right

Will there ever be a female pope?

Most bizarre teaklan sign I have seen yet

Breastfeeding rooms hidden in health care law

In Afghanistan War, Government Corruption Bigger Threat Than Taliban

American Airlines Now Charging Fees To Non-Passengers

Skilled union labor to be used in construction of two new reactors in TX

Got to see "Capitalism, A Love Story" finally last night.

Countering the 'Glenn Beck Effect'

Watchdog Groups Call for Criminal Charges Against Don Blankenship (Massey CEO) For Homicide

Orwellian Justice System: Spying on Americans Continues Despite Court Order

Disney thinks photographers are terrorist - harassment of tourist even on entry to parks is up


Letter Writing Campaign For Phoebe Prince

Our National Epidemic of Violence

Our National Epidemic of Violence

Man chooses strip club over his children

Apple your new "cable" network.

Don't they all have that dumb look on their face?

Mark Fiore got a Pulitzer!

Don' t you guys worry that poor lil Monsanto has no clout?

Why can't anyone answer this question?

psychedelics under new round of scientific study

CNN's overdosing on The Tea Party "movement"

What kind of person is Rep Grayson? (Orlando Sentinel daily poll from his own district!)

Taxes. $1200 net refund.

GOP Gov. Haley Barbour "Confederacy flap not worth diddly"

did anyone here ever grow up in a duggar-like family?

Hackney: Republicans won't govern (NC)

Is there any meaningful difference between the teabaggers and klanners?

This Modern World: If Real Life Were Like The Internet

on FB a friend of friend posted this against unions and teachers

Food stamps: Many Utah seniors shun them - or lack information - and admit hunger

I'm going to tea party rally and I need some sign ideas

I think this is about "false flag" tactics and therefore needs more exposure

We are heightists: Taller women earn more than shorter women

We Just Can't Win in Afghanistan

Super-High Alcohol Beer Heads to the U.S. (32% alcohol-by-volume)

Rachel Maddow's 4/12 Moment of Geek: Moment of Fail?

Why Is The Afghanistan War Being Fought?

Border patrol agents can be idiots

Connecticut bishops are asking parishioners to fight a proposed state sex abuse bill (not The Onion)

If anyone here owns Bill Clinton's, My Life,

The Virginia Fundie lunatics are live on Rachel

Small-City Mayor Takes on the Pentagon -- War Spending Should Be Spent on Americans, Not on Killing

Small-City Mayor Takes on the Pentagon -- War Spending Should Be Spent on Americans, Not on Killing

Jennifer Granholm for the Supreme Court. Period.

Tea Party NY Gov Candidate's E-Mails Exposed: Racism, Porn, Bestiality

The AP and right-wing bloggers launch attempt to blame progressives for racist Tea Party signs

What is your gut feeling when you hear the words 'Tea Party?'

marx: your opinions

My ex- hubby, his wife and their two daughters are now living in a tent trailer....sigh

Charter schools spending public money like it belonged to them...Philly, NYC

CNN sells “deficit hysteria,” to help undo Social Security, etc.

CAUTION : I Don't Brake For Right Wing Nut Jobs !

Obama SCOTUS short list

Paladino (R candidate for NY Gov) forwarded pornographic, racist emails to friends

Brilliant! Coverage of Palin-Bachmann Minneapolis affair

I'm so damn old, I remember when this woud have actually outraged most of the US population:

Don't tell me that the markets have nothing to do with the "real economy"

"That's gay" as an insult.

Barney Frank says Obama is not for DADT repeal this year, 'frustrated, disappointed' with President

"Little Punk Staffers" Fuming at GOP

Monday Toons, Part 4

Monday Toons, Part 1

Ringo Starr reacts to being "forgiven"..."Vatican has more to talk about than the Beatles"

Foes of tea party movement to infiltrate rallies

We Are In Deep Doo Doo (attacks on public education)

What is the classical piece playing during this trailer?

Improbable Island

Why would I want to go see a movie entitled, "How To Drain Your Dragon"?


The week in viral videos

Eyes feel like this:

This weekend I saw 2 new HH Gregg Appliance stores are opening in my area

I'm practicing posting smilies. Please ignore.

TBS? Really?

How long do you keep Packaging/etc after a new purchase?

Just got home from our Soccer road trip. Update on the State Cup.

Just heard from my son, his wife is having a boy

My advice for packing light: Don't wear any underwear.

Can you recommend some good sugarless gum?

This site joins Boingboing as being a fave (of mine)

I have to deep fry a friend on facebook

Indiana Woman Named 'Village Idiot' For Hair Blaze

I have to defriend a friend from face book

Jesse James' Nazi mistress claims he lied, said he was "separated and not living with Bullock"

New toys from "Toy Story"

Breaking News! Bad hair days hit women hard

Munch munch chew...

Look At This F*cking Census Form

Search engine hijack! Please help.

Memba Them?

my new art purchase

I keep thinking I want to have a small DU gathering at my house in May

Check out this podcast, or Dick Cheney will shoot you in the face.

Exit: Stage Down

Woman Spends $47,000 Per Year


I saw this and I just had to buy it:

So I'm sittin' around, mindin' my own business, and BLAM!! Pet Shop Boys earworm. I now inflict YOU!

America's answer to sickness, Here's Alice Bowie

Elton John - "Rocket Man," Wembley 1977

Toynbee tiles

No more net access for me at work

Bennie and the Jets

Elton John - "Rocket Man," Wembley 1984...THIS is the version I was looking for.

This old phart (me) just purchased her first ringtone

That party last night was awfully crazy, I wished I taped it

George is with CoCo: TBS told Lopez they wouldn't approach Conan without his blessing

3 p.m. EDT today: Dean Martin on the Biography Channel.


Cashin' in

Spring has sprung -- it's BABY ANIMAL SEASON!

One bedroom condo for sale in Dayton, Ohio $32,000 (8 pics)

College billboard contains grammar mistake

Pretty fucking creepy.

Bigger than a Battleship, faster than a jet plane... Making war on all MANKIND

So if the period betwen 1989 to 2005 is known as the era of the

I know I have told this story before about my Grandfather returning to Manhatten

Liquor, beer or wine?

Smell your own breath...

Who else really, truly hates exercising

Well, here's what I have been working on...

Have you seen the 2008 film "The Wrestler?"

When was the last time you played the air guitar?

A silly little missing plastic shiny thing saved me $65 on my daughter's glasses.

Greetings from Long Branch, N.J.!

"Discard as you go" way to pack lighter.

How do you like your Freddy Krueger?

OMG I am in tears, it has been the worst night of my life

The wearable hummingbird feeder

The Single Most Ridiculous Movie Premise Ever Made

Please keep me in your thoughts & prayers for what I am about to do tonight

Had my first KFC Double Down yesterday

I think I finally got old. I have no idea who Justin Bieber is.

Need advice..

Pick yer poison

Mommy's Little Monster (live)

I can't find the way to a man's heart..

Does anyone know what it means to be "Tagged"?

Your Choice for the Double Down Nickname!

Hi Lounge! Can I call in a wee internet favor, pretty please?

Natural Soaps with Essential oils. Do you like?

R.I.P. Monica - 1966-2010: a great friend and an unbeleivable voice

AP IMPACT: In Toyota cases, evasion becomes tactic (questionable, evasive and deceptive)

Kazakhstan to allow U.S. overflights

Greece offered 30bn euros loan loan by eurozone

Hungarian center-right sweeps elections

Kissinger Rescinded Warning Against Condor Assassinations (new evidence)

Bolivian climate change conference offers peoples’ alternative

Two extra climate meetings needed in 2010: UN climate chief

Small-City Mayor Takes on the Pentagon -- War Spending Should Be Spent on Americans, Not on Killing

Watchdog Groups Call for Criminal Charges Against Don Blankenship (Massey CEO) For Homicide

Would fees end 'out of control' carry-ons?

Wikileaks 'to release video of US strike on Afghan civilians'

Obama, world leaders work to stop nuclear spread

Netanyahu: Iran wants to destroy Israel and the world remains silent

Taliban wants France to arrange detainee swap

Leading Moscow judge gunned down

Family Gets a Say on FBI Kennedy File

Feds Could Open Criminal Investigation Into Mine Explosion

Cerberus to Buy DynCorp for $1.5 Billion

U.S. Troops Fire on Afghan Bus, Killing Civilians

U.S. Troops Fire on Afghan Bus, Killing Civilians

Obama orders US flags at half staff for miners

(Sen.) Ensign Ignores Calls For Resignation

Source: Judge Sidney Thomas on Supreme Court list

Judge denies insurers' request for injunction

Yemen cleric's father says son wants off US hit list

Florida ordinance targets people who give to beggars and peddlers (essentially outlawing the poor)

Measure to repeal anti-same-sex-marriage law fails to qualify for November ballot

Italian Judge Cites Profit as Justifying a Google Conviction

Ukraine to give up enriched uranium stockpile

Hillary Clinton, Supreme Court Nominee? White House Says 'No'

Vatican Puts Abuse Rules Online to Quell Critics

Orrin Hatch Names Hillary Clinton as Possible Supreme Court Nominee

Striking laborers set rally for Thursday as Fabcon brings in strikebreakers

Feds exploring claims of racial vigilantism in Algiers Point in days after Hurricane Katrina

Bill to restore jobless aid clears Senate hurdle

Conan O'Brien to make TBS his new late-night home

Chromasun lands $3 million for solar air conditioners

Pope 'has no UK arrest immunity'

State Farm asks Toyota to repay acceleration claims (costing Toyota from $20 million to $30 million)

Scott Brown Snubs Sarah Palin, Bags Tea Party Rally

Star Parker Is Running For Congress

White House points to smaller deficit numbers


The role of public schools questioned

News Sites Rethink Anonymous Online Comments

Peru glacier collapses

Military sources: New US commander for Iraq

Pakistan nuclear weapons at risk of theft by terrorists, US study warns

We're on a 'RINO' hunt, Tea Party Express leader says

WaMu execs saw warning signs of deteriorating loans

DA: No charges against Roethlisberger

Special Forces accused of beating up man at Elizabeth City (NC) topless bar

More than 200,000 jobless counting on an extension

‘Straight pride’ shirts at Tea Party rally draw fire-echo slogan used by white supremacists

Okla. tea parties and lawmakers envision militia

Italians 'confess' to murder plot in Afghanistan

Tea Party NY Gov Candidate's E-Mails Exposed: Racism, Porn, Bestiality

Hillary Clinton, Supreme Court Nominee? Orinn Hatch Spreads Obama Nomination Rumor

Time to get the heads out of the sand.. and attend those teapartys..

So... To hear SOS Hillary Clinton tell it, "brown" people are attempting to acquire a nuclear weapon

What President Obama needs to do is talk about the activist conservative judges

My husband is relieved that the car broke down.

U.S. Rep. Mark Schauer will offer bill blocking China from bidding on U.S. government contracts

Russian President: ‘Obama is a thinker — unlike other people’

Senator: Overhaul auto safety regulations in light of Toyota issues

Has anyone on TV bothered to note what's wrong with the Southern Republican Leadership Conference?

Why Palin Loves Karzai - Alaska and Afghanistan

VIDEO: Republicans Facing An Identity Crisis (lunacy isn't working out for the Party of No)

Henry McMaster tops GOP rivals in money race for governor

March budget deficit shows dramatic decline as Treasury lowers estimate for bailout by $115B

Delaware: Castle, Coons Collect Copious Cash

Giffords Raises Half Million Dollars, Banks Nearly $2 Million

Brown Snubs Palin and Tea Party

Crist Raises Less Than A Third Of Rubio's Haul In First Quarter 2010

Kerry: U.S. Must Lead on Climate Change

(Former NM Sen.) Domenici: Ending Bush tax cuts would help reduce the deficit

If the SC Shortlist is accurate, I hope Obama picks Diane Wood

Arrested Single-Payer Activists on FRONTLINE Tuesday, April 13, at 9 P.M. ET on PBS

"The question isn't whether the president is a socialist. It becomes what's to the left of socialist

On picking a candidate Justice for the Supreme Court

President and First Lady to appear on Idol Gives back

McCain Ad Says Hayworth Committed To Birtherism, Stopping Alien Invasion (VIDEO)

Extension of jobless benefits clears GOP roadblock

Kudos Go To "Tweety!" Just Gave A SHOUT OUT About How DANGEROUS He

Krugman: "The idea that we can...let banks fail as long as none of them is big is just wrong."

The Repubs. in Congress are backing off their "repeal and replace" mantra re: the healthcare law..

The WSJ actually said something good about Obama's work on Nukes

"Another Name on President Obama's Supreme Court Short List"

Neil Boortz VIRTUAL march on Washington

"This is sedition in slow motion"

Joe Conason: What Sarah Palin forgets (or never knew) about Ronald Reagan

Storm clouds on a dry American prairie and the lighting in waiting.

Rasmussen: Obama @ 48% approval. Gallup: Obama @ 45% approval.

Why is Joe Biden mocked as childish?

Hillary Clinton for Supreme Court? White House Says 'No'

Photos: All of your Uranium (The Obama Presidency, Day 448)

Benton: 'Too late' for Rossi

Joan Walsh: The GOP's southern strategy lives on

Russian president totally disses Bush

Romanoff piles up more delegates

Dow tops 11,000.

Hillary would be a great SCOTUS pick....but she is too old.......

China Looks to Rails to Carry Its Next Economic Boom

Tea Party Movement Spreads To Military

Gilroy police: Canadian military man rode 3,000 miles to have sex with teen girl

Be very honest

from Blue America Pac: Being a Democrat Has to Mean Something

You Say You Want a Revolution

Remember to get your Stop My Benefits form for upcoming Teabag rallies this week

Why Conservatives Still Judge Obama by the Job He Did After College.

65 years ago today, our party's greatest President died.

Rachel is the only one really talking about the importance of this nuke summitt

On SCOTUS: Obama has to acknowledge his base

IT outsourcing by US to hit $79 billion this year

President Obama's accomplishments so far

The man with the long name and his quest for the "Nuclear Pipe".

(Ne) Pre-abortion requirements pass (first of it's kind meant as a barrier to abortions)

No re-vote on Prop. 8 this year (petition drive fails)

Tim McVeigh and Oklahoma City Tea Party

Tehadist terrorist delusions

Join The March on Wallstreet April 29th

OMG! Death Panels Are Real

Obama:Locking Down Loose Nukes

Young Turks: AP Breaks New Preist Molestation Story

Rep Delahunt Forum on Not Funding Afghan Escalation

Ben Stein Waves Goodbye to Michael Steele - Time To Leave

United Mine Workers Pres. Cecil Roberts: Massey Energy CEO Blankenship Should Be Held Accountable

Mitt hates Obamacare, but supports everything IN it. This would make a great 2010 election ad.

Capitol Hill Agenda: April 12, 2010

Papantonio: The Newest Wal-Mart Hustle

Papantonio: Deadbeats Always Afraid of the IRS

Required By Law To Carry Racist Ad

Don Blankenship: "Sell Coal Cheaper And Drive Union Coal Out of Business"

Man Attempts To Assassinate Obama, 'But Not Because He's Black Or Anything'


Rednecks - Randy Newman

Young Turks: Mother Tries to Give Back Adopted Boy!

Papantonio: VAT Tax Could Save America

TYT: Review Of 'Bulletproof Salesman' (War Profiteers In Iraq & Afghanistan)

Larry David doesn't like Bush

Palin meets Marg Delahunty

Ralph Nader for the Supreme Court!

Don Blankenship: "Sell Coal Cheaper And Drive Union Coal Out of Business"

Matt Taibbi on "Keiser Report" about his new new RS piece, "Looting Main Street."

Israel's shock doctrine

Greg Palast with Max Keiser on vulture funds

McCain Ad Says Hayworth Committed To Birtherism & Stopping The Grave Threat Of Man-Horse Marriage

TYT: Is The Governor of Virginia Racist? (Bonus: Cenk Debates The Issue On MSNBC)

Teabaggers putting billboards up in our districts.

Hatch, knowing any Obama SCOTUS pick will be labeled activist, say they'll pass if not an activist

DimBart still flogging fake ACORN videos to GOP dummies. You'd think he show SOME shame

Teahadist hatefest in Ohio

Roy Blunt Opposes Healthcare Coverage for Missourians with Preexisting Conditions

Bachmann, 2005 - Diversity sounds wonderful on the face, but guess what? Not all cultures are equal!

Miami teachers rally against SB 6 - April 12 2010.wmv

Papantonio: The Newest Wal-Mart Hustle

How to Get Dummies to Believe Fake Movements are Real

Why Netanyahu Canceled His DC Visit, and Why the GOP Is Applauding

Is It Time To Replace The American Dream?

Guilty of Sedition? How the Right Is Undermining Our Government's Authority and Capability to Run

How a New Generation Can Avoid Getting Bankrupted by Student Loan Payments

‘Zero Tolerance’ on Workplace Slaughter?

Old times there are not forgotten

The Case for a Real Liberal on the Court

The Faith-Based Militia: When is Terrorism `Christian'?

Tax Day and America’s Wars: What the Mayor of One Community Hard Hit by War Spending Is Doing

My Hometown and Its Fate (James Howard Kunstler)

Conservative warns Obama: Pick Garland or else

None Dare Call It Sedition

An Atheist for the Supreme Court

Clerically Institutionalized Pedophilia: Another Nail In Civilization's Coffin (Carolyn Baker)

Robert Reich: The Future of American Jobs

Urgent! Right Wing Agenda for the Supreme Court

Mines carry backlog of $90M in violations...eroding the government's ability to enforce safety regs

Is Ratzinger A Pedophile Himself?

Ethanol efficiency debated in U.S, while Scania's ethanol powered engine cuts CO2 90% vs gasoline.

San Francisco Detours Into Reality Tourism

Greece Saved For Now – Is Portugal Next?

Obama: 'Our Biggest Challenge is Preventing Loose Newts'

Magnetar CEO Alec Litowitz: Proud Democrat--(ties to Rahm Emmanuel)

Chavez Fuels the South Bronx

Outsourcing homework to India

Second Amendment Rallies Present Open Threat to Rule of Law

Why Working People Are Angry And Why Politicians Should Listen

The Republicans Are Like Frat Boys in Animal House

What Else is There Left to Defend?

Teabaggers in Grand Rapids discuss distaste for providing healthcare for people who don't deserve it

Securing world's nuclear materials goal of U.S. summit (xpost)

World's deepest undersea vents discovered in Caribbean

U.S. nuclear security summit to focus on terrorist threat

Peak oil review - Apr 12

Weakend Oildrum...

Drumbeat: April 12, 2010

Livestock Keepers’ Rights: Conserving Endangered Animal Genetic Resources in Kenya


The dark side of coal - some historical insights on energy and the economy

Indian Average Nighttime Temps Increasing 0.2C/Decade Since 1970 - Directly Pressures Rice Output

California's high-speed rail plan is up in the air

Rescued From Illegal Pet Trade, Sun Bears Get New Outdoor Home In Borneo

Madagascar's Radiated Tortoise Threatened With Extinction

New GWEC Report Shows 160% Growth for Global Wind Industry in Next Five Years

Ethanol efficiency debated in U.S, while Scania's ethanol powered engine cuts CO2 90% vs gasoline.

Clinton: India and Pakistan have "upset the balance of nuclear deterrent"

King Co. Council approves car charging outlets

New study shows Gulf Stream increasing in strength

Heritage Foundation Paper Debunks Myths About Nuclear Energy

Europe Finds Clean Energy in Trash, but U.S. Lags Behind

GE-Hitachi to Purchase Components in Nuclear Grade Forge in India.

Researchers harness viruses to split water

Beavers may help combat effects of climate change

Southern California Edison blankets roofs with solar panels

French nuclear waste on its way to be dumped in Russia

Does the technology exist to drill through the Outer Continental Shelf?

Sumitomo Announces Program to Triple Production for Steam Generator Tubes for Nuclear Reactors.

Steel Liner Installation Begins At Chinese Nuclear Reactor (EPR).

Landmark report explodes renewable energy myths

Barry Bonds says he's 'proud' of friend McGwire's decisions

Steelers trade Santonio Holmes to Jets for draft picks

Presenting...The Barry Bonds Butt Kissing Brigade!!

Disgusting Attempt to Smear Mickelson and his Family Yesterday and this Morning

Re Ndamukong Suh and The NFL Draft: What's The Over/Under...

Coming to AT&T Park: Tim Lincecum wigs

C'mon, upton, you know you wanna...

UMBC wins the NCAA Chess Championship...

Any other Minnesota Twins fans here?

NYT Magazine Profile of Alex Ovechkin

Golf Birthers.

NHL Playoffs

Presenting...The Tiger Woods Butt Kissing Brigade!!

Elton John concert to go ahead despite Mayan anger

Brazil: Cameron, Weaver protest against Amazon dam

Elton John concert to go ahead despite Mayan anger

Cuba handing beauty, barber shops over to workers


Venezuela: Minister Gives Assurances Corn Flour Shortage will be solved

Brazil man accused of nun murder in court for retrial

COLOMBIA: "Body Count" Scandal Haunts Uribe's Candidate

Police bar Cuba's 'Ladies in White' from marching

Deepest Volcanic Sea Vents Found; "Like Another World"

Today in Labor History Apr 12 The U.S. Supreme Court, on a 5-4 vote, upheld the Wagner Act

University of Wisconsin Ends Nike Contract (couldn’t reasonably meet the code of conduct)

Israel Builds Another Barrier, This One To Bar Illegal African Immigrants


I stole IDF documents to expose West Bank war crimes, Anat Kam says

Labor Update: Massey Mine, Methane, and Maximizing Profits

A moment of silence (sorry I got this to late)

A more perfect union? 81 years after violent strike, Gaston unions, company officials negotiate peac

Sewage Workers’ Contracts Bring Long-Delayed Raises (as long as 15 years without a cost-of-living)

Courageous and/or Calculating? For Real Change From Obama, Popular Pressure Required

Islamic Jihad: Hamas has secret ceasefire deal with Israel

World Bank calls on Israel to ease West Bank restrictions

Join Sen. Al Franken at Netroots Nation 2010!

Israel called on to honour the 'Arab Schindler'

Israeli attack on Iran might lead to nuclear conflict

Netanyahu: Iran wants to destroy Israel and the world remains silent

In Equality - a short documentary on marriage equality

How to tell when a 'Mideast Expert' is lying

P@W - Paid Internship Opportunity

Even After Death, Abuse Against Gays Continues

North Carolina teen boys can go to prom together

Straight mother of a lesbian daughter here, and I have figured out the gay agenda:

Exmormon writer goes undercover at "gay conversion" camp -- part 1

Acquitted hunter allowed to hunt again after shooting death of Marshall man

Discretion: Retired cop denied CA CCW after attack, politicians allowed

Man shot at Ohio gunshow

Mandatory Registration of All Firearms (Kalifornia - Sponsored by a Democrat)

83-year-old man's gun goes off at the Sunvalley Mall in Concord

A Rise in Violent Crime Evokes City’s Unruly Past (New York - where you can't defend yourself)

Broken and Discarded

Behind the scenes

Lack of stormy weather this month is no excuse!

Park closed due to ninjas

Fun @ Balboa Park

Question from a non-photographer ---

Deepest Undersea Volcanic Vents Discovered

Earthquake prediction using accelerometers in laptops

49 years ago today: Vostok 1

The Element Known As

Rivers Heating Up With Warming

Brain Parts Found in Ancient Human Ancestor

Ancient Supervolcano Created Giant Underwater Mountain Chain

Perchlorate- Key to Martian Chemistry?

Octopus vs. Sea Lion—First Ever Video

Gigantic Baby Stars Discovered in Cloud of Space Dust

Why Volcanic Eruptions Can Spark Lightning

Lost Tribes Used Clever Tricks to Turn Amazon Wasteland to Farms

"Bizarre" Octopuses Carry Coconuts as Instant Shelters

Anne Ortelee Weekly Weather April 12, 2010

Today's been an incredibly (I DO MEAN INCREDIBLY!) enlightening day for me.

I apologize for dropping out of sight without a word....


Vatican makes clear bishops must report sex abuse (AP)

Vatican Makes Peace with the Beatles

Is Ratzinger A Pedophile Himself?

Fossils Do Not Prove Evolution

Activists and doctors divided over Lyme disease treatment

Has anyone heard about a change in legislation that is going to make it so that insurance providers

Hallucinogens Have Doctors Tuning In Again

Spanking your kid could hatch a bully

“Systemic contradictions” The Eurozone De Facto Currency Peg and Death Spiral

Is it more common for a big company to have an in-house department of law-related services than...

Apparently the FED just handed over 421.8 billion dollars last week.

How does someone establish a stock exchange?

Benedict Arnold PIMCO: Bill Gross Frantically Dumping Treasuries

2007 Report: Hidden Privatisation in Public Education

We Are In Deep Doo Doo

Lois Weiner: Neoliberalism, Teacher Unionism, and the Future of Public Education

What degree does Arne Duncan have?

What Do You Think Of This?