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Archives: April 11, 2010

Dixie Carter died.

Conservatives 'would erase consensual gay convictions'(UK)

Philippines recognises gay political party

Tried Dominos' Retooled Pizza Today - It Still Sucks

UN judge calls for prosecution of Pope Benedict

Somalia Islamists al-Shabab ban BBC transmissions

If they can name aircraft carriers and airports after Reagan and Poppy Bush...

I would like to propose a DU meme:

I cannot physically be in the same room as people with shrill squeaky voices

I now believe JFK was killed by the PTB, and here's why...

Is the GOP setting up Palin/Bachmann on purpose to paint Dems as anti-women, then change?

Organs 'removed for transplant without consent'

The Coca Cola Company kills unionists in Colombia

Worries About Calif. Priest Came Early in Career

Florida House leaders lived big on GOP plastic. (including Rubio)

Thousands rally for immigration reform across US (AP)

What Can We Do To Ensure That The Teabaggers Become A Real Party That Fields Candidates?

The Democrats and the teachers' union are way too cozy... It's a little like the Vatican -Bill Maher

'Designing Women' star Dixie Carter dies at 70

A Tax Day Protest We Can All Get Behind

Judge Takes Paper To Court Over Online Comments

Secret pact covered jurisdiction of U.S. military crimes committed in Japan

"War of Northern Aggression", meet "The Greater East Asian War", courtesy of Yasukuni War Museum

wtf? woman brutally tortures child and is released pending trial without bail

Anyone else feel that the Tea Party is a dangerous distraction?

Sunday Propaganda shows will focus on stopping Obama's SCOTUS nominee

Global Post: Immigration debate roils Britain

LA Times: Three Supreme Court contenders share ties

Hey, Michael Steele! Democrats are "un-American?" Fuck you, you corrupt, incompetent clown.

Seattle high-rise declared unsafe; hundreds uprooted

Iran doesn't have ability to make nukes; nuclear efforts slowing - Gates

Tweety Show - the battle for supreme court nomination could become "explosive"!!!!

Green Day singer tells Bill Maher: ‘Religion is a bunch of bullsh*t’

Here is another thing I can remember from past recessions. The scam artists get busy

Richard Dawkins planning to have Pope Benedict arrested over 'crimes against humanity'

Alternate reality....

My SCOTUS litmus test.

Whoever Obama nominates for the SC, the admin will work like hell

Grand Kleagle Gingrich Blows the Dog Whistle Loud and Clear

Robert Bork and Clarence Thomas received an up or down vote

Phelps' son says "God Hates Fags" church could turn violent

E-mail I received this morning. Maybe someone can get something out of it.

Crazy Bus Chronicles: "Bright light" Michele Bachmann rallies Naz, err conservatives for Steve King

Two interesting comments from a conservative senior citizen

Even in death, abuse against gays continues.

Former president George W Bush stocks up on suits in Hong Kong

Tea Baggers- a majority ("non-Republicans" ) and yet still victims

Castration for Priests

Haley Barbour, chair of Rep. Governors Assn. says Virginians don't need to be reminded about slavery

Michele Bachmann is on Fox right now saying she opposes a National Sales Tax.

Blankenship " thinks global warming is a figment of our imaginations "

New Rumor: Rachel Maddow drop US Senate bid; she is being named to the Supreme Court

Just An 'Average Brunette' from the Banlieue

Any DUers watching CNN International

Tina Fey and Her Palin Impression Return to 'SNL'

Notice how hack Gregory does not call

SCOTUS Appointment Prediction

Glenn Beck earned $32 million in 2009 - Does that reflect actual support or just media money bias?

Investors Suing Banks? No Contest…Banks Win, use “global financial catastrophe defense”

Chilling signs that Hungary is turning neo-Nazi

The shock of the old: Welcome to the elderly age

Surgeon Removes Live Explosive from Afghan Soldier’s Head

Weakly regulated Capitalism...

Ben Stein just gave the most hilarious commentary on Steel

The Empire Strikes Back

Food Creates A Stink In One Neighborhood

Candy CROWLEY is salivating SO hard, the puddles are DEEP!1

'This Week': PolitiFact to fact-check the newsmaker interviews featured on the program.

In advance of the next Wikileaks video, some context.

Democrats call on McDonnell to back off changes in felon voting rights

Teach your children well...

New Evidence Implicates Henry Kissinger In Assassination Case

I would love to see repukes stroke out at B. Clinton being nominated for the SC

6.8 quake in the Solomon islands

Wisconsin Senate poll- Feingold v. Thompson

Wisconsin Senate poll- Feingold v. Thompson

Anti-Neo-Confederate blogger

Richard Dawkins: I will arrest Pope Benedict XVI

Another middle class tax increase-spare the richies microbrews

Hello Ladies. - pic

Haley Barbour helped sink his presidential bid this morning

Evolution, Big Bang Polls Omitted From NSF Report

Should a Journalist Turn in His Pedophile Sources?

Accused bullies (MA case) become targets

Media Matters offers assistance with Rupert Murdoch's investigation

Media Matters offers assistance with Rupert Murdoch's investigation

TONIGHT, Diary of Anne Frank, PBS

How about nominating someone we all know will be fillibustered... (for SCOTUS)

Have changes in airline rules affected your travel?

ABC Video: "We're all about repealing ObamaCare and all of the Obama THIS FALL!"

Joementum, the originator of PALIN-itis: "Look at ME!1 I'm the one on t.v.!1 It's ME setting terms!"

What Does Palinspeak Mean? - by John McWhorter

A deeper analysis of the Republican straw vote...

Burning Man Rethinks Its Legal Ownership of Your Photos

And... Coincidentally... It's The 149th Annivesary Of The Firing On Fort Sumpter

Tiger Wood's first day at kindergarten

KKK distances itself from the Westboro Baptist Church

School District Charging Fee For Kindergarten

Credit card rates are rising...

OpEdNews: Student Assistance and Social Neanderthalism

"Would anyone on the right give a shit what Palin said if she looked like Olympia Snowe? Nope."

Kyrgyzstan's "Analog Revolution"

FR: Self-glorifying fake history at its finest!

So, are centrist Democrats the Leftward leaning Republicans of days of 40 years ago?

Welfare States

Antitrust Probe of Tech Giants' Hiring Practices Intensifies

Antitrust Probe of Tech Giants' Hiring Practices Intensifies

The Wisdom Of Mike Fuckabee

Always-on iPhone apps raise new promises, perils for location privacy

Should Men Take Drug to Prevent Prostate Cancer?

Leahy: the Roberts Court "a very, very activist court"

Leahy: the Roberts Court "a very, very activist court"

Fox News - Major Glitch

Trumka Warns ‘Forces of Hate’ Fanning Flames of Workers’ Economic Anger

All we need to do to pick up seats in the House of Representatives this fall is to

Obama leaves Whitehouse early, ditches press

The Tea Party party?

Hispanics skeptical that Obama, Democrats will deliver immigration overhaul

saw hot tube time machine last night

Question about the latest Pope scandal.

Where the Teabaggers are right.

Great comments on Reuters story: Mitt Romney wins Republican straw poll

Meet Sue Lowden, Harry Reid's likely replacement in the Senate

RFK must die: The Assassination of Bobby Kennedy- documentary

Wisconsin Senate poll- Feingold v. Thompson

Henry Gibson III... or Sen Jeff Sessions Alabama....?

Cornyn touts Democrats' proposed health bill

Harry Reid Promises To Take Up Immigration Overhaul And Pass Amnesty

AP: South Korea facing rise in black market abortions

Health Care Reform Question?

Pope's Ivory Tower Past Adds to His Detachment

Wars generate right wing militias. The pattern is always the same.

Canada's annual seal hunt draws sealers and sceptics

Dr. Mr.Murdoch

Dr. Mr.Murdoch

Do you personally know anybody who has Obama Derangement Syndrome?

A woman just called cspan

Southern Discomfort . NY Times article

Interesting article from a conservative website

No matter what you think of the Pope or Catholicism

Bbbach-man on fuxnews just now...

Huckabee Attacks Gay Families

Newsweek: The return of hate

Test post. Just wanted to see if I could make a short post while driving down the freeway.

Memo to cnn, Crowley: Losing audience in the time slot is not the same as "doubling" it.

Caught another one! Denver priest fingered by victim.

China Takes Aim At Landfill Stench....With Giant Perfume Guns?!

4,000 attend Tea Party's rally in Fresno - Officials sought a larger crowd...

Why are gyms allowed to charge different rates for different people?

LOL- Check out the Rethuglian website for list of their "accomplishments"

On Health and Welfare in the Workplace, one of those "If I ruled the World posts"

Which of the 13 Dem Senators up for re-election this year are safe?

AP IMPACT: In Toyota cases, evasion becomes tactic (questionable, evasive and deceptive)

That was a decent 4th place performance from Tiger

Swimming season has begun - pics

When women join the "fair and balanced" network, they get "Foxified"

This Land Was Made For You and Me

370,000 narcotic pills stolen by hospital employees, sold to dealers

Atheist author wants Pope arrested

Time for the Democrats to issue a threat: "If you attempt to filibuster my nominee..."

US military warns oil output may dip causing massive shortages by 2015

Trying on "new" clothes.... imagine trying on new clothes that the

VIDEO - David Vitter: Teabaggers will be "the fuel that supercharges Republican vehicle for change"

Freeps work themselves into foamy birther froth RE: WorldNetDaily article quoting "Kenyan Official"

Chicago's Polish Community Mourns

I got a idea for a business plan for teabaggers.

DUers re Hoarders

"Hey Todd Palin: how's your wife and my kids?"

Now I understand

'Thrown-Away Hero' Laid to Rest

Has the UAW ever tried to organize the auto workers in the Southern states?

Does Privatizing Prisons Save Money? Doubtful:

Fox News: Tea Party Rallies Remain a Cauldron for Conspiracy Theories

I guess it's time for Democratic business owners to start firing Republican employees

Obama Administration Missed Chance to Get Tougher on Unsafe Mines:

VIDEO: Tina Fey as Palin on SNL - Tina Fey as Palin on SNL :VIDEO

Dear Quitter: You won't/can't get away with anti-intellectualism like Boy-Shrub did. It don't work

Picture Show: 500 Wrecks in the World's Largest Ship Cemetery

Teabaggers and the constitution

"Southern Discomfort"-Jon Meacham NYT Op-Ed (short great read)

Looks like retail sales and consumer confidence improved in March (cue gloom/doomers)

"Glenn Beck Inc. - Entertainer or revolutionary? Either way, what he does earns millions"

CBS - Employer Brags About Firing Obama Supporter Due To HCR and Taxes

Hungary elections: first step to power for far-Right since Nazi era

Two things I'd love to see in an Obama/Palin debate.

Wall Street wants most of us to die!

Actor Eddie Carroll dead at 76 (voice of Disney's Jiminy Cricket)

Dixie Carter's death apparently due to endometrial cancer...

The 99ers need a Tier V added to Unemployment Benefits (SIGN PETITION)

A serious question. What's behind this "report your neighbors against Obamacare" thing?

anybody here from Georgia or Utah?

Vote to help Blue Valley HS get Obama as its commencement speaker

Agnew, member of WWII Filthy 13 unit, dies in Pa.

National Enquirer nominated for Pulitzer prize for

Former pastor pleads guilty to stealing $110K from Habitat For Humanity.

Hillary: India, Pakistan have upset nuclear deterrent balance

We Have A Simple Plan to Counter Protest Sarah Palin

We Have A Simple Plan to Counter Protest Sarah Palin

Jessica Watson - Youngest to sail solo and unassisted around the world almost home!

Afghanistan, Believe It or Not:

Janesville, Wisconsin (one of GM's manufacturing bases):

Palin: America does not need ‘this snake oil science stuff’

On Michele Bachmann's planet, an evil ruler named "Obama" controls 51% of the economy

If anyone is unhappy with the President, you need only consider this...

Liz Cheney: Following Her Father’s Tradition Of Betraying One’s Country

Police: N. Idaho man fired gun near census worker

Man Sued For $15k Over Negative eBay Remark

So about this “class warfare” bullshit

Brass balls or just no sense of shame? You decide.

Brass balls or just no sense of shame? You decide.

The Poor are Vicitimizing the Rich. Didn't You Know?

Guardian UK: Bishop 'blames Jews' for criticism of Catholic church record on abuse

Who is your pick for Scotus?

Tina Fey unviels Palin Network.

Senator Session distorts Goodwin Liu's paper on welfare rights

Alex Chilton didn't seek medical attention because he had no health insurance

Union-Busters: Nissan's Illegal Union-Busting Tactics Against the UAW

The Phelps Family Tragedy

Kid in my class just posted a variation of this as an

Another reason you shouldn't see the "if you voted for Obama, go away" urologist

Do you favor mandatory sentencing?

Do you all remember the controversy about NOW's defense

McDonnell In Hot Water Over Nonviolent Felons' (Voting) Rights - WaPo

"Recent polls indicate that the TEA Party is only 79% white."

Toyota may get second U.S. fine for delay in reporting pedal flaw

Nine Myths about Socialism in the US

Well, Obama better nominate a moderate, we wouldn't want someone to say something mean

Please D.U.ers help me D.U. this poll in my local paper

Please D.U.ers help me D.U. this poll in my local paper

No, Richard Dawkins did NOT say "I will arrest the Pope." Some people will believe anything.

A new progressive party forming in NC?

Racial slur by Tea Party leader hits home

Until the U.S. adopts proportional representation, the Greens are counterproductive.

My letter to the editor of the Syracuse Post-Standard

Glenn Beck Hit by Haiku Storm

Education in Finland- The opposite of the Bushco/Duncan Corporate model

The mindset of a conservative liar

I got a real job

Latest Dowd: "Worlds without Women"=Pope's emotional schism

So people who are obsessed about the "Confederacy"...

Employer who says he fired an Obama supporter FAKE

My 78 year old Mom...she's a piece of work.

I've seen THREE "now hiring" signs today.

Why Working People Are Angry and Why Politicians Should Listen

Why, as a progressive Democrat, I'm thankful for Libertarians

A virus spreading on face book now!

George Will: What conservatives truly want are activist judges.

Were Confederate Soldiers Terrorists? - Roland Martin

Will Tea Baggers start wearing Pirate Eye Patches when they go to Somalia?

The Vatican has decided to 'forgive' the Beatles.

Matt Taibbi rocks.........again....and again...........

Matt Taibbi rocks.........again....and again...........

Should the Democrats consider and treat the Green party as they do the GOP?

Ron Paul calls obama a Corporatist, claims corporations are taking over country

Note to Newt: Women really, really don't like Palin

Can U PLEASE give this poll some MAJOR help! The teachers of FL are fighting hard!

C&L: "Laid off my first Obama voting employee today...It is kind of interesting watching their face"

I'd like to thank my cat for making me aware of the cost having no insurance when I went to the ER.

The horrible cost of the Civil War (pictures- not graphic)

Corporately funded merit pay for teachers...another path to private management of public schools.

'Cure' is found for skin cancer, claim scientists

Nine Myths About Socialism in the United States

A few unpleasant truths about the late Polish president

The world's 10 oldest living trees

Sarah Palin is hot !!

Disc Golf

Some conservatives claim that the main ingredients for individual economic success are genetic

Senator Schumer Fights Airline Carry-on Bag Fee

Idaho Census Worker Warned Off By Gunfire

Suffer The Children. The War On Public Education. One School District's Story.

“psychologically deficient” – Yesterday, John McLaughlin dipped into his biased view…

“psychologically deficient” – Yesterday, John McLaughlin dipped into his biased view…

You're Awesome, America! Why the U.S. recovery will be bigger, faster, and stronger than economists

Senator Feingold Suggests Impeachment of Corrupt Supreme Court Justices

Do you believe Al-Qaida would use a nuke if it could?

MiddleFingerMom's Porn Collection

Three million teenage girls can be wrong

SNL: Tina Fey is hosting tonight

Making your own home security system.

Int ums just adorable w'il Pookypie?

Int ums just adorable w'il Pookypie?

Watching Ship of Fools!

Second time that I have seen this Justin Bieber. Tonite SNL.

No One's Leaving......

So why does SNL continue to book "musical" (lip synching disco crap) acts

Zoomed right past 10K posts!

These skits... are weird...

Tha Masters w/Ashton St. Who?

Dixie Carter has died.

What Olbermann did in 3 minutes, Obama took a little bit longer LOL

I want to start a thread where anyone can post verses of "The Purple Cow"

I have just found definitive proof there IS a God!!!!

John Ashcroft's backward masked Satanic messages!11!!1

What the bleeding hell is wrong with my boss?!

This will warm your heart if you love NYC like I do.

If you are right for the wrong reasons are you still right?

Is anyone having problems with Pandora?



Paging Debi...

Can anyone tell me what time period this dress is from?

saw hot tub time machine last night

tubular suffusion of yellow

The Four Tops-"I Can't Help Myself"-Live.


Top April Fool's Day Hoaxes

The golf gods giveth to Leftie, the golf gods taketh away from Leftie.

I LOVE this time of year.

Is the Spooky Poodle wrong?

Diary of Anne Frank tonight, PBS (9:00 edt?)

This band is great.

"Let me tell you something about women,they're always late!"

Phillies (5-1) host Nationals in home opener Monday 3:05 PM.

Do you think this might start a spat with my neighbor?

sometimes telling somebody"F**K YOU" feels so good.

Mr Oizo - Bruce Willis is dead

Now I understand

Can somebody explain why so many logging shows?

Quick gardening question.

Gregory Brothers on C-Span2 NOW

Anybody here used Tidysongs? Is it worth the $?

I propose Obama fund free mental health clinics for the republicans! n/t

Swimming season has begun - pics

Anybody drink to "cope"?

Bachmann-Palin Overdrive redux

Saw "It Might Be Loud" today, and was very impressed with it - I recommend it

Other than in Reno, where have you shot a man just to watch him die?

Well, I thought that getting down and eating my food from a cat bowl would impress Bunky

Why Use A Bun When You Have Fried Chicken? --"KFC"'s Double Down

Cosmetic brain surgery.

Test post. Just wanted to see if I could make a short post while driving down the freeway.

A closed mouth gathers no foot.


Now I understand

Cooking suggestions, please.

How much of the Sunday paper do you read?

I cannot physically be in the same room as people with shrill squeaky voices

Tried Dominos' Retooled Pizza Today - It Still Sucks

Insane Clown Posse vs Louis ARMSTRONG: "Miracles" (video link)

Damn, these ARE hot.

Why are gyms allowed to charge different rates for different people?

Driver blames UFO for failure to pay parking fine

Charlotte plays fetch with me.

Pit Bulls. Another horrible story...

Anybody going to Coachella next week?

The Green Violinist.

TMZ: It appears that Oprah once liked crappy new-age music played by blonde Frankenstein-types.

Cleverest women are the heaviest drinkers

How far would YOU take it?

I can't believe this. Dixie Carter dead at 70.

I'm starting to despise my cat

Bath time with Vladimir

Bwuhaha! Seriously, is there any style more of an abomination than Crops?

DUers re Hoarders

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Captafallaphobia Edition

Boy and a Girl collaborate on a creative writing essay. This is the result. Part Deux

Are different views on pets a deal-breaker for you in relationships?

Greg Brown tells you why he's proud to play in this true "dump".

History Channel sucks

Does Fergie have any talent whatsoever?

After Eugene Terre'Blanche's murder, the boers prepare for war once more

Politician on Facebook: Anime proof that two nukes weren't enough

UN judge calls for prosecution of Pope Benedict

Dixie Carter Passes Away

Haitians relocated to new camps as rains loom

Tina Fey and Her Palin Impression Return to 'SNL'

Death toll from Bangkok protests climbs to 20 (16 civilians & 4 military)

Even after death, abuse against gays continues

Kyrgyz leader: no guarantees for ousted ruler

Richard Dawkins: I will arrest Pope Benedict XVI

Israeli Study Shows Rise in Anti-Semitism

Hispanics skeptical that Obama, Democrats will deliver immigration overhaul

Italians held over alleged plot to kill Afghan governor

Pope's Ivory Tower Past Adds to His Detachment

Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, threatens to block Nato offensive

Securing world's nuclear materials goal of U.S. summit

U.S. officials say Pakistani spy agency released Afghan Taliban insurgents

Churchgoers honor 29 dead miners _ and profession

Hungary elections: first step to power for far-Right since Nazi era

G.O.P. Weighs Political Price of Court Fight

CA protest seeks Social Security benefits for gays

Secret mission marks Obama nuclear strategy

Romney finishes first in GOP presidential straw poll

Setbacks lead China to tone down anti-US rhetoric

Kyrgyzstan pledges to honour security deals, US says

Massey Removes 20 Coal-Mine Workers’ Bodies From Blast Site

Obama Election-Year Jobs Agenda Stalls in Congress

Interest Rates Have Nowhere to Go but Up

Magnitude 6.2 earthquake hits southern Spain

Amnesty Attacks UK No-Torture Pacts

Poland Feels Shock at the Size of Its Loss

Mississippi Gov. Barbour Backs McDonnell on 'Confederate History' Declaration

Car bomb explodes near Northern Ireland army base

Whistleblowers on US ‘massacre’ fear CIA stalkers

Police investigate Terre'Blanche sexual assault on farm workers

Greece is offered 30bn euros loan

US tax bite smaller than other nations'

New Barack Obama Green Charter High School is coming to Plainfield

Republicans say Obama's Supreme Court pick must be mainstream

what states have state operated automobile insurance?

what about Mario Cuomo for SCOTUS?

Obama: Al-Qaida would use nuke if it could

Guest lineup for the Sunday TV news shows (SoS Clinton on ABC, CBS, NBC)

Obama should congratulate Romney for his straw vote victory

Reid Vows Immigration Reform This Year

This Week:

IMO, The SC pick needs to be more geek than lawyer. Someone who understands General Public License,

LOL Check out the photo that's been added to Freeperville's Wikipedia

These are hardly the "worst" political times we have lived through...

Ron Paul hypocrisy and the RW faux outrage

Ex-Obama adviser calls on FCC to reclassify Web access: report

Cheer Up America...

Get your handy tax savings tool here to inform wayward teabaggers

Afghan president, Hamid Karzai, threatens to block Nato offensive

What happened with Sarah Palin's teabag express?

Shortly, it will be obvious how easy we let the GOP off with Roberts and Alito!

My choice for Supreme Court: Deval Patrick

Newt Takes Question From Man About “The Kenyan” And Doesn’t React

Lieberman doesn't think he can support the new Start Treaty. LOL. Here we go again

Michelle Obama, at Pentagon, honors armed forces and their families

RWers mocking Obama for calling Comiskey Park 'Cominsky Park'

Ah, spring is in the air. I have a nice feeling today... I didn't watch the Sunday News Shows!

Obama marks Holocaust Remembrance day

The Housing Stabilization Program You Haven't Heard About

Hungary looks set to swing right in polls

Iran accuses U.S. of nuclear threats, will make complaint to the United Nations

Police: N. Idaho man fired gun near census worker

There is nothing new about the Obama/Karzai relationship.

Biden asks for letters thanking Senate for Health Care Reform Bill

"President Obama: Al Qaeda Is Seeking a Nuke -- and They Will Use It"

Obama emboldened for another Supreme Court pick (AP)

DNC: Barbour 'defended the indefensible'

President Obama's budget provisions for public housing and and homelessness (updated)

Drive the fucking Wedge

Secret mission marks Obama nuclear strategy

Arianna Huffington Suggests Elizabeth Warren As A Candidate for SCOTUS.

Help a Kansas school win Obama for their graduation speaker!

Photos: If you need me, I'll be next door. (The Obama Presidency, Day 447)

The better the job Obama does, the better the situation gets, the lower his poll numbers goes

World's most dangerous hairdresser's nominee for SCOTUS

Obama on Chavez: A 'spirit of possibility'

Why the U.S. recovery will be bigger, faster, and stronger than economists and politicians expect.

A sixth straight week of stock gains

Buffet eating at Souplantation

The Designing Women (and Dixie Carter) Talk Gay Marriage

LaToya Egwuekwe: Illustrating Unemployment - As Unemployment Deepens, Dems Lose Touch With Nation

Michael Moore vs Fred Phelps

Mike Pence, R-IN, attempts stand-up comedy @ SRLC, says GOP is back in the fight on the right. HUH?

A spirit-filled Michelle Bachmann mistakes Sean Hannity for Jesus, crediting him with John 14:1

Tina Fey on SNL Reviewed

Thailand's "Red Shirts" Overpower The Army And Take Back Their Satellite TV Station

Report On Japanese Reuters TV Cameraman Shot Dead By Thai Army During Protest In Bangkok

Palin uses the phrase patriotic people 3 times in 18 seconds. Ms. Subliminal she ain't.

Charleston, WV, Defeats Westboro Baptist Church with Love

Teabagger asks Rick Man-On-Dog Santorum if we need a Constitutional Convention to do do some edits


AR: CWA 6507 6508 Leafleting Their Members

Tina Fey unveils -The Sarah Palin Network- on SNL

Designing Women STD episode

AFL-CIO Trumka on the difference between Anger and Hatred

Glen Miller, white patriot

AR: AFGE 2054 Message to Blanche Lincoln

Marines cover up Phelps signs with flags.

Former SNL'er Victoria Jackson - Whether he has the birth certificate or not, he's not an American

Fox News Sunday gets a batshit crazy visit as Bachmann dances around labeling Obama anti-American

TYT: Teach Sex Ed in Wisconsin, Go To Jail?

John Cleese vs Extremism

Massey's Killer Coal Baron Don Blankenship: Safety Regulators "As Silly As Global Warming"

Jon Voight's Letter To The American People. Apparently Obama's a Socialist Marxist who is raping us.

Study: Anti-Semitism in Europe hit new high in 2009

Turkey's military power over secular democracy slips

The Southern Republican Leadership Conference, a/k/a Weekend at Taney's

How Elites Keep Their Private Planes Off the Radar

US Puppet Cuts His Strings

Obama’s jobs program stalls in Congress

My Boss, Justice Stevens - 6 of his former clerks share their memories of working for him.

After Eugene Terre'Blanche's murder, the boers prepare for war once more

Health Care Reform: What It Means for Retirees

Glenn Beck..Multimilionaire Expounds on his Philosophy!

How to Date a Corporation: Dating Rules for a Post-Citizens United World

Paid Journalists = Captain of the Titanic!

Over Half Of Detroit Homeless Population At Risk Of Dying On City Streets

"No One Is to Blame for Anything"-Frank Rich (Greenspan, Rubin, Bushies, the press, &Obama)must read

GOP Now Officially The Confederacy of The Luntzes

"Housing Crunch Update: Another price-spiral is on the way"--Mike Whitney

CNN Links Arms with Billionaire's Project to Fleece Social Security...

Cargo ship crew charged over Great Barrier Reef route

Giant laser (National Ignition Facility) draws congressional ire

Hillary: India, Pakistan have upset nuclear deterrent balance

A big step in my quest for a paperless office...

Save the whales, not the whalers

Shifting of bad debts, uneconomic facilities away from investors onto taxpayers or ratepayers.

Rush Holt on Energy Policy, Barack Obama and John Holdren

Nuclear proliferation is an Environmental problem

Building a Green Economy (Krugman/NYT)

US military warns oil output may dip causing massive shortages by 2015

Westinghouse, Atomstroyexport, Areva submit bids to build up to 5 nuclear reactors in Czech...

Two Teenagers Killed At Dangerous Fossil Fuel Storage Facility.

Kenya Identifies Site For It's First Nuclear Power Plant.

Massachusetts Official, Cape Wind Supporter, Worries Cape Wind Electricity Will Prove Too Expensive.

Nuclear power sucks as an answer to climate change, energy security and air pollution

'Clean Coal' - Fact Or Fiction

Nuclear weapons are a bigger threat to humanity than global warming

Al Gore: "every weapons-proliferation problem we dealt with was connected to a civilian reactor prog

Ann Frank...Her Life...Her Memory...If she were writing TODAY...what would she say?

Ann Frank...Her Life...Her Memory...If she were writing TODAY...what would she say?

Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, April 10)

Jessica Watson - Youngest to sail solo and unassisted around the world almost home!


Interesting first week in baseball

Anybody else excited about The Masters today?

Barry Bonds says he's 'proud' of friend McGwire's decisions

This stadium sucked. Now it's history.


Gloat-Free Baseball Scores (Sunday, April 11)

How good are the UConn women?

Aw, phuck...did you know that Amy Michelson wasn't well enough to walk the course?

That was a decent 4th place performance from Tiger

The JR Chess Repoert (April 11): Reports on Russ Team Championships and the Bundesliga

Do you play golf?


Whoops, Venezuela's Economy down the drain

FACTBOX-Brazil candidate Jose Serra's positions

Cuba's disaster-hit homes get eco-friendly rebuild

Venezuelan President Supports Struggle of Korean Youth and Other People

Nicaraguan President Opens Door to Normalizing Ties with Honduras

FACTBOX-Key political risks to watch in Brazil

Independent Publishes Statement from Leading Venezuela Solidarity Voices in Britain

Massive power line to bring coal-fired electricity from W. Virginia to New Jersey

Prefect of Caracas, Richard Blanco, released after 7 and a half months of jail

Cuban doctor says Fidel Castro once fancied her

Cuba concert to counter critics draws sparse crowd

Released Cuban activists move to New Jersey

Venezuela Aims to Prevent Future Electricity Crisis as it Recuperates from Current Shortage

Estefans want to get Obama's ear on Cuba

Secretary of State H.R. Clinton on Cuba

from Vaclav Havel's Speech in 1990, after the fall of communism

Bolivia protests US suspension of climate aid

The Socialist International asks for the liberation of the political prisoners in Venezuela

Today in Labor History Apr 11 KKK kills union leader, tear-gas striking Hormel meatpacking workers

‘Unwarrantable Failure’: Deadly Mines in China and America

Minneapolis Commemorates Landmark Teamsters Strike

Fatalities Higher at Non-Union Mines—Like Massey’s Upper Big Branch

Democracy Now: Union Workers in CA Town Locked Out by Mining Giant Rio Tinto

Obama's mediation board taking up American's union requests under scrutiny

LATimes: Federal jury rules against new union seeking to represent healthcare workers

Ithaca Coffee Co. workers form union (NLRB to oversee April 21 recognition vote)

Former Labor Dept. official (turned conservative commentator ) pleads guilty

Statement of US Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis on the death of 29 miners at Upper Big Branch Sout

Note to US Airways: Fix Labor Problems First

NLRB officer calls for new nurses union vote at Lee’s Summit Medical Center Read more: NLRB officer

INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY : Dem-Packed NLRB May Rush Through Pro-Union Rulings

Cesar Chavez and the UFW Legacy: Richard Rodriguez Gets it Wrong

Israeli Study Shows Rise in Anti-Semitism

Facing stone-throwing, the IDF cries “popular terror” and lets slip the dogs of war

NYT: The Labor Department Wakes Up (neglected in the fiercely antiregulatory Bush era)

Bookstore chain removes leftist book from shelves

Netanyahu at Holocaust ceremony: Stop Iran

Monitoring Palestinian incitement is not enough

1974 CIA Estimate Declared, “We Believe That Israel Already Has Produced Nuclear Weapons.”

Why Netanyahu Canceled His DC Visit, and Why the GOP Is Applauding

Elena Kagan on the 2nd amendment.

Texas DPS Announces Changes to Concealed Handgun Licensees Renewal Process

7 wounded in New Orleans shooting.

Child Suspended For Taking Gun To School

CCW holder defending against a bad buy

Do you sleep with a gun under your pillow?


April 2010--Creatures in Shelby Farms

The Great Stalacpipe Organ

Lightning-zapped plants could boost food yields

Skin Cell Spraying Bio Printer Can Heal Burn Victims in Three Weeks

Journal editor given ultimatum over peer review

'Strange Worlds': More than meets the eye

Pluto's reputation further dwarfed

More Earth movements...

I attended a service at a Spiritualist church today

Hi all.....

Psychobabble 101

Mercury turns retrograde on Sunday, April 18th.

Chiron in Pisces, April 20

advice re 5 year old who sees ghosts... ?

Robert Ingersol Quotes....from 138 years ago. Still so true!

Any new atheists should checkout

Priest allegedly rapes teenager at gunpoint and (surprise - not) an alleged coverup

How would you feel if Sarah Palin became the next Pope?

Why can't the Pope be fired?

Richard Dawkins: "I will arrest Pope Benedict XVI"

Green Day singer tells Bill Maher: ‘Religion is a bunch of bullsh*t’

Health Canada, fluorescent bulbs, UV and skin problems, video.

Has there ever been such a thing as a "trade war"?

Poland Pulls Trigger to Weaken Zloty

Give Greenspan an Oscar By MIKE WHITNEY

Interest Rates Have Nowhere to Go but Up

Get this... Democrats are too cozy with the teachers.

Jeb Bush's Waterloo

So any news of the march yesterday?

We need some MAJOR help on this merit pay poll. Please go to the link.