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"Look to God, and then to Fox News"

The Modern Political Rationale

Underwater Church Reappears (Great pics at the link!)

Bless the multi-millionaires.

The Enemy Belligerent Interrogation, Detention and Prosecution Act of 2010

Group of Psuedo Patriots GOPP..all wrapped up RedWhite &Blue while suckling the NEED for GREED TIT

The Young Traficant

JFK was the first President to cut taxes on the rich...

If we DO lose the whole megillah in 2012, here's what we SHOULD do...but our leaders won't do it.

Canada: Conservatives initiate anti-working-class austerity drive

In Jury Selection for Hate Crime, a Struggle to Find Tolerance (Marcelo Lucero case)

US: Georgia legislators prepare deep budget cuts

antigay state senator admits he's gay!



Can drinking holy cow urine cure ailments?

The politics of identity

Where is my Milk from?

Up Or Down. Govern. 8 March 2010

Russia's Public Chamber asks Moscow to drop Stalin poster plans

God's Law or Man's Law?

If we can't pass true "Reform" split the bill and pass the regulatory components

Detroit Schools board sues Robert Bobb over private compensation

Study: Solar, wind project viable in N.C.

Goldman Sachs sued by big pension fund over pay

Why didn't JOY BEHAR ask Anne Coulter about calling Helen Thomas 'an old Arab'?

Senate to take up unemployment insurance extension today

Waterboarding for dummies

Waterboarding for dummies

Palin Crossed Border For Canadian Health Care

Joe Biden still has one foot in the Senate; may be key to healthcare

This has really bad idea written all over it.

Falls Lake cleanup will be costly, contentious

I briefly turn on Morning Schmo and Mika Mouse is showing part of the President's speech

Pi. For All

"Look on the bright side...We've forged a consensus!"

Is this the choices...the Senate Health Insurance Bill...

Anonymous senior official: White House "increasingly convinced" it cannot try KSM on civilian court

Backdoor (malware) found in Energizer Duo USB battery charger software

Female WWII pilots get their due

'Al-Qaeda 7' smear campaign is an assault on American values

'Al-Qaeda 7' smear campaign is an assault on American values

So say you successfully blow up the health insurance industry.

So say you successfully blow up the health insurance industry.

An observation: we are eager to believe the absolute worst about

Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug

Pat Buchanan: "But what we're talking about is Eric Massa"

The Lie of "Conservatism" is Immoral

Betty White Confirms She’s Headed To ‘Saturday Night Live’

VA to automate Agent Orange claims process

VA to automate Agent Orange claims process

Paedophile priest left unmolested by Church and state

Framing funeral protesters case in terms of religious exercise

Do you take this person as your lawfully wedded spouse? I DO!!!!!

Why is eBay logo in Whitman ad?

How Reagan's Propaganda Succeeded-By Robert Parry (A Special Report of Declassified Docs)

Japan confirms Cold War-era secret nuclear pacts with US

Obesity risk lower in women who had 2 or more drinks a day, study finds

can we let the disgruntled all vote anarcho-communist and be done with the hand wringing already?

can we let the disgruntled all vote anarcho-communist and be done with the hand wringing already?

signed into law: Utah: if you have a miscarriage it is now against the law

D.C. to be first U.S. city to give away free female condoms to fight HIV/AIDS

After Telling Women, Gays How To Live, Oklahoma GOP Outraged At ‘Government Intervention’ In Divorce

Stanley Fish is the David Broder of academics

FDL: Health Care Whip Count Stands At 194-191


Who Understands All That the Federal Reserve is???

Are Posters Who Are Paid to Post by Political Entities, by Their Nature, Trolls?

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards: Hollywood celebrates itself, undeservedly

Dear Dennis Kucinich, Please Give Up Your Health Care, Voluntarily Contract A Deadly Disease And

Army Times: Soldier sues, says Hurt Locker based on him

The Casino Opens Up

Funny toon.....Signs of the times

Fundie Janet Porter Prays For Control of Media, Wants "to make CBS ~ Christian Broadcasting System"

US keeps secret anti-Taliban militia on a bright leash

WSJ Still Hearts Phil Gramm

NOT "The Onion"...CNN Video - "Palin: God wrote on his hand, too"

The health care reform legislation is lousy. I support it.

"Privatize the Profits but Socialize the Costs" - Republican Mantra.

Women injected with bathroom caulking.

Bonus Of Passing HCR

Protesters Plan ‘Citizens Arrests’ of Health Insurers’ Leaders in D.C.

Wow! David Corn just ripped some guy a new one!

Inner City Housing Alternatives Growing Attractive for Young Professionals

Before-and-After Pictures: Underwater Church Reappears

Before-and-After Pictures: Underwater Church Reappears

Fiction of Marja as City Was U.S. Information War

"Assessing the chance of House passage of health care reform"

Tuesday TOON Roundup 3

"PowerPoint is evil" author to monitor stimulus spending

Canadian MPs put seal meat on parliament's menu in rebuff to EU

Is there a discussion on Fred Phelps going on here?

Republicans vow to overturn the HCR Bill shouldn't progressives be helping them?

Do you think it would be rather Weird if I tried to sell my Soul on Ebay?

Tuesday TOON Roundup 4

Sell! Buy! Rebel! 'Capitalism: A Love Story' Is Out Today on DVD (...and what is up with Wal-Mart?)!

Death of the Colorado River

Palin admits that she did, in fact, go to Canada to get their "bad Marxist death panely" health care

Freeps sip moose-flavored Kool-Aid: "Help Sarah Palin get the Left all wee-weed up"

looks like Oklahoma got the first tornado of the Spring

Fellow Dems, we only have one trump card in 2010 - and that is GOTV

A conversation with Dr. Cornel West

Yes she can

India has trouble with it's religiously insane too

Iraq Postpones Announcing Initial Election Results

Physicists Find Way to See Through Paint, Paper, and Other Opaque Materials

Top Two Posts on DKOS Rec-list about Kucinich

Go ahead and pass it and fix it later...

The FOX Nation Wants President Obama DEAD!

Scrap the corporate whealth reform bill ... what about this:

I have been thinking about that cheerleader who said she lied about the vaccine reaction

Gas pipeline probe uncovers shipwrecks in Baltic Sea

Howard Dean’s Democracy For America: Culture Of Activism vs. Culture of Incumbency

Afraid of the upcoming blood bath in Nov?

Tuesday TOON Roundup 5

Glenn Beck's remaining advertisers are utter nut jobs

So are the Progressive Caucus, Obama, Wendel Potter and the Unions Health Insurance shills or....

The Health Care System will be less privatized if HCR passes

FDL Launches “Students, Not Banks” Campaign

"How can...Congress, who receive fairly decent health care, tell 47 million uninsured Americans"

You are not the God of me!

Porn Star Got Free Tix To KU-KSU Game

ID Card for Workers Is at Center of Immigration Plan

Amazon kills affiliate program in Colorado

Rush is threatening to leave the country if health care reform passes?

Miami has dozens of Fidel Castros

So, what will happen to your pets AFTER you've been raptured up to Heaven?

So, what will happen to your pets AFTER you've been raptured up to Heaven?

Gareth Porter Claims Marjah Offensive was Media Missinformation

Tuesday TOON Roundup 2

Unintended Acceleration: A note on what to do from some experts..

Congressman Dan Lipinski (D-3rd) Illinois Is Undecided How He'll Vote On HCR Bill.......

The Health Care System will be less privatized if HCR passes


Letterman's Extortionist pleads guilty to $2M Grand Theft

HCR Public Option Reconciliation Thread (Another expected signee)

As Chamber Builds Up Political Operation, Treasury Officials Express Frustration With Group’s....

The mighty metropolis of Marjah (Marjeh), Helmand, Afghanistan.. From Google Earth..

Somewhere in America, some kind of bullshit is happening...

I'm with Stupid

$1,115 (email from White House)

Palast Hunts The Vulture (+ some info on Waters' Stop Vulture Funds bill)

Prosecutor puts ousted Balt Mayor Dixon's XBox on eBay - what do you think about this?

Toyota to Recall Prius Models Including One in Runaway Incident

Pope's brother linked to new claims of child abuse by clergy

You can post all the splinterist threats that you want on DU if you disguies them as warnings.

Detroit wants to save itself by shrinking

Detroit wants to save itself by shrinking

David Shuster MSNBC about too

Consumer Reports endorses the Health Care Reform Bill

Keep In Mind: Kucinich Voted AGAINST The Public Option

For the first time in a decade, I won't be attending precinct

I saw Glenn Beck at lunch today

Why is a simple story about an employee killing another..national news?

Rush says he'll leave the country if Health Care Reform Passes!

Nader. Obama. Kucinich.

Ken Starr blasts Liz Cheney's 'ill-conceived' ad targeting Justice Dept. attorneys

Glenn Greenwald: High standards at The Washington Post

About Massa...

That damn Clenis strikes again...

Boy who lost mom takes health-care story to D.C.

FBI expresses concern over America's Supply Chain

U.S. herpes rates remain high - CDC

White House: 1,115

More LOL's from Pundit Kitchen - lots of pics

Limbaugh to leave the country if the HCR passes

Los Angeles considers deactivating 10 rescue ambulances during nighttime hours (to save $ of course)

The Truth Blurts

I just don't get it...When dictators take over the first to go

Bwahahaha! Rush Vows To Leave the U.S. for COSTA RICA (a country with a Public Option LOL)

Pope’s brother: I slapped pupils in the face

Steele: I'll resort to anything if it's not illegal

Surprise: Dem Lincoln opposes fast-track health bill ..... Not!

I keep reading about this so-called "Blood Bath" of 2010 and here's my 2 cents...

I keep hearing on the news about hundreds of protesters at a Health Care Summit

Here Is How It Works

Shuster says Massa allegedly groped multiple male staffers

Gov Crist insinuates that GOP senate rival paid for back wax with GOP credit card

Tuesday TOON Roundup 1

Having to tie yourself in knots to defend a person is pathetic.

Bank of America wrongly repossessed woman's home and stole her parrot!

"If they get hold of me, they'll behead me."

Background Links regarding Breakdown of an Anti-Science, Science Teacher

34 Of 41 Senate Republicans Have Used Reconciliation To Pass Major Domestic Policy Legislation

Cleaver: Obama doesn't have the votes to pass health care reform (yet)

Fact-checking Stupak on abortion

Judge sends Youngs to jail for contempt

Rep. Massa details a salty exchange with Rahm Emanuel

Stop Mountain-Top Removal, or plow "The McCain Belt" into the ground?

all this talk of jeff bridges

Inmates train wild horses for public auction

Exclusive: Websites like DRUDGE Can Spread VIRUSES, ‘Non-Partisan’ Techie Warned Senate

If this bill was a republican bill a few years back I have no doubt most here would oppose it

God Bless Jessie Ventura

I'm done being lectured about what's best for "the Party."

My List Of People That President Obama Can Get Rid Of:

Death Row inmate overdosed on his medicine. In stable condition, execution set for 16th

How does Our Senate Bill compare to the (old proposed) "National Health Insurance Partnership Act"?

NM job seekers don't have to disclose crime record

Energizer battery charger contains backdoor for Remote Access

Dems Failed To Force Repubs To Vote On The Record Showing Their Hypocrisy...


I heard some economic nooz on the radio that I cannot defend or refute ..... gas prices

Toyota to upgrade event data recorders

N.J. NAACP files ethics complaint against Sens. Lesniak and Bateman

International appeals for calm follow sectarian slaughter

Tweety and Biden

Colorado Catholic School Boots Student With Lesbian Mothers

Tax Incentive to Cut Gay TV, Film Characters

Representatives Introduce Animal Rights Legislation

If Health Insurance Companies really wanted the Senate Bill...

Todd Palin's Iron Dog team sponsored by Venezuela-owned Citgo's

damned if the republicans haven't played yet another brilliant political strategy....

How many abortions did the Iraq war pay for?

Ohio man gets 5 years for giving wife AIDS

OK 2012 - President Sarah Palin - what do you do?

Eric Massa on Beck: "I own this misbehavior"

The Source of Obama’s Trouble By BOB HERBERT

The Wisdom Of Lewis Black

Is the Palin Canadian health-care story true?

LIMBAUGH Vows To FLEE The Country IF Health Care Passes

Advertising Leads People to View Luxuries as Necessities

Advertising Leads People to View Luxuries as Necessities

Accused David Letterman blackmailer Robert Halderman will plead guilty to $2M revenge plot

We need to revolutionize health care by providing Bernie Sanders type clinics everywhere.

Toyota Responds to Inaccurate Reports of Future Prius Recall for Floormat Entrapment

Okla. conservatives debate divorce legislation (therapy sessions for couples considering divorce)

LOL Beck apologizing to audience for wasting their time

Rep. McNerney To Switch Vote To 'No' On Health Care

How many of you have bad debt

Kucinich War in Afghanistan Privileged Resolution/UPDATE-Action Alert

Bleedin' ==^&$#(*!! == CNN

Trenton Op-Ed: Obama has it all wrong re: black & Latino kids mired in worst-performing schools

Former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura claims gov’t involved in 9/11

Pass Health Care NOW. Rush says he will leave the country if we do!

A Campaign Promise Dies: Obama and Military Commissions

Eric Massa was a RETHUG until 2004

Groups protest decision not to re-enroll child of lesbians

Teacher-Student Sex Penalties May Stiffen

The new Republican party slogan

Massa under investigation for allegedly groping male staffers

The Honest Debate at DU

God Hates Oklahoma

I get it Kooch and ideally I agree with all of your goals

NBC denies adding laugh track for Sarah Palin

Another day, another shooting in public

The Woe is Toyota report: Runaway Prius on the San Diego Freeway

If you could end the war in Afghanistan by making one phone call fires Colorado marketers over new tax laws..

Obama backs Giannoulias for U.S. Senate

Can anyone who's following HCR closer than I tell me if my HSA is still safe?

Are Veterans Being Given Deadly Cocktails to Treat PTSD?

How Reagan's Propaganda Succeeded

The Aristocracy of the Democratic Party

Fellow DUers: Won't you chuckle with me over my credit card statement?

For Those who Wish to Follow Health Care Reform: Where should we be looking?

What if this Phobia that Dems who support HCR with a Public Option are Doomed is simply a Lie?

If Congress passed a health care reform bill that included single payer option would Obama veto it?

Hey, fellow DUers: Won't you chuckle with me over my Chase statement?

Who Has the Courage to Declare the Source of All Corruption in the World Today???

Traders bet on higher gasoline prices

SALON: 'In Between Waterboarding-Detainee Could Be Slammed Into Wall-Crammed Into A Small Box'

'The Cove' to become the basis of a new TV series

A swelling tide of money: U.S. Chamber of Commerce Grows into a Political Force

U.S. serial killer Rodney Alcala won 'The Dating Game'

What If? "The Enemy WITHIN" is the Problem with our Democratic Party?

Voting is like driving a car

Massa: WaPo now reports multiple incidents of male groping.

Health Care: Yeah, I am VERY concerned with Mitch McConnell's heartfelt advice to us.

Defaulted Loans May Haunt Seniors

Class war kills more people than military war.

Educating for Democracy: Obama Flogs Teachers to Teach Better

Pope's brother: I ignored physical abuse reports

Did Anybody Just See Kucinich On Ed's Show?........

UN human rights investigators call on Obama to prosecute terror suspects in civilian court

The Governor of California

Racist Rush Limbaugh At It Again: Paterson Gets to Play “Massa”

anyone watching Countdown? "you gonna show me tickle fights?"

Oregon Activists Hope Fair Tax On The Rich Movement Will Spread

Oregon Activists Hope Fair Tax On The Rich Movement Will Spread

Flanders: Working Families, Unions Losing Patience With Dems (VIDEO)

BecKKK doing MASSA for the hour. 5mins counting. "I'm not a congressman anymore."

Since Obama has signaled he is willing to give away anything and everything to get this one victory

Holy Cow! Massa is INSANE

The extent of the right wing corporate media's influence is so great and has persisted for so long

School district suspends iPod rewards

Israel rebuffs Biden by announcing new settlement construction

Scott McClellan coming on KO to deal with that lying

Actor political activist Will Geer's birthday (in case you missed this he was blacklisted)

Has there ever been a more loathsome family than the Cheneys?

Seven held in Ireland over Swedish cartoonist 'plot'

Clean Energy and Mass Transit Far More Popular than Nuke Plants and Oil Drilling

How to make $$$: Drive a Toyota, step on the gas, call 911, sue Toyota

Did Starbucks lie about security measures for gun related problems?

Only worthy response to all the Dennis bashing threads

Is Facebook down?

Breaking! Three more Senators Signal their Support for Public Option Under Reconciliation!!

Fox News accuses Obama judicial nominee of "supporting (a) serial killer"

I don't care. I support Massa 100%.

Legend of Meteorology Passes Away

Perhaps One Nugget Out Of The Massa Mess... (Did He Speak The Truth Here ???)

John Roberts: Scene At Obama's State Of Union Was 'Very Troubling'

Charter Schools Program - Funding since 2000:

Fiction of Marjah as City Was US Information War

Senate To Take Up Unemployment Insurance Extension- Could Head to President’s Desk This Week

Um, excuse me, I'd like something to be pointed out

This film is rated TGFF - Too Gay for Florida

Memo to Patients: Don't Get Admitted to The Hospital on a Weekend

Memo to Patients: Don't Get Admitted to The Hospital on a Weekend

THIS is a great commercial opportunity for the Toyota Prius!

THIS is a great commercial opportunity for the Toyota Prius!

Michigan jobless rate dips to 14.3%

Stupak Gets A Primary Challenge From The Left

SF Bay Guardian awarded half of SF Weekly's ad revenue

22 y/o died of thirst in major U.K. teaching hospital, called police to beg for water

Medicare Advantage Company Ejected From Program For First Time

Racist Rush: "So, David Paterson will become the massa..."

Patients' medical records go online without consent

Sony PS3 game God of War III. Here comes the poutrage to generate the sales.

Sacramento airport pot patient jailed after felony conviction

Sacramento airport pot patient jailed after felony conviction

op-ed by John Cory

Trial Spotlights Pentagon Use of Unapproved Antipsychotics for Post-Traumatic Stress

Detroit School Board sues Bobb for illegal payments from Broad Foundation.

Dennis Kucinich

Alzheimer's 'Epidemic' Hitting Minorities Hardest

Superintendent accidentally fires gun during class

12 perfect shipwrecks found in baltic sea, oldest 800 years

Dems To White House: Enough With The Health Care Timelines Already

What Patients Deserve to Know: Even Casinos Post The Odds

Fuck You Karl Rove

Dems Hold Slight Advantage in 2010 Election Preferences

Pat Fitzgerald Chose Not to Consult with Margolis on Rove Indictment

Chris Hayes hosting Maddow!

Please debunk this email from mother-in-law? (tea bagger)

Wheel of Fortune Promo, Pat Sajak says,"The White House has named me Game Show Czar"

Glenn Beck: God Hates Justice (leave your church if it promotes Christ's teachings)

Pass Health Reform NOW! Get Rush Limbaugh to LEAVE THE COUNTRY!!!

Inequality: The Root Source of Sickness

Inequality: The Root Source of Sickness

The Sky is Falling - on John Bolton

If I discovered someone I kinda-barely knew in real life was a frequent poster on DU, I would

Signs point to active tornado season

Rep. Dennis Kucinich is absolutely ineffective.

Right Wing's latest hero under investigation for groping staffers

The Rise and Fall of a Female Captain Bligh

Itawamba, Mississippi Lesbian Fights to Take Girlfriend to Prom

Federal appeals court allows family to sue SF police for fatally shooting unarmed man

Please comment: Do you think the crazy acting politicians really believe what they say?

Obama moving to limit recreational fishing access? Fearmongering - and link to the report

égalité. igualidad. Gleichheit. uguaglianza. equality.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

The FOX Nation Wants President Obama DEAD!

Quick easy way to diagnose the Toyota acceleration problem

Bart Stupak reminds me of Bart Simpson

Okay... so I overdrafted today.

Girl, 14, charged in vicious group murders

9th Circuit candidate's career marked by rapid ascent, wide-ranging roles (Goodwin Liu)

"No One Would Listen"

So Limpballs would leave the country if health care passes?

Oops! Schwarzenegger will not attend Calif. GOP convention

Oops! Schwarzenegger will not attend Calif. GOP convention

Use GOOGLE at Your Own Risk - 25 Surprising Things...

We need to pass HCR for Teddy

We need to pass HCR for Teddy

Businesses to fight health bill with huge ad campaign

US Millionaires' Ranks Rose 16% in 2009, Study Says

Ratcheting up the anti-Social Security/anti-Medicare propaganda

Grammar question

Meanwhile in Pennsylvania...

Labor On Dems Who Block Health Reform: We'll 'Take Them Out'

Rodny Alcala (serial killer) recommended for Death Penalty by jury in Los Angeles

I would advise physicians to get on board with HCR if they are not. Medical tourism is going to

How many high income public schools have been labeled "failures"?

IBM CEO's pay hit $21.2 million in 2009

Facing Mass Lay-Offs, Whirlpool Workers Choose to Fight Company

Eric Massa: Rahm Emanuel Is The 'Son Of The Devil's Spawn,' Lobbied Me In Shower - Huff Post

Citibank exposes 600,000 customers' Social Security numbers

Who's Limbaugh shitting? He was probably planning on retiring in 5yrs.

Someone must have given permission to go after Liz Cheney. What she did was nothing new for her.

Creationist-Cum-McCarthy Supporter OUSTED by TX Republicans!

Almost all social problems have the same root cause

Almost all social problems have the same root cause

"Mexicans Are Filthy Stinking Animals"- Teabaggers: That's Really Not Racism

CREDO's CEO arrested for the public optionShare

CREDO's CEO arrested for the public optionShare

Now wackadoos can buy Survival Seeds for future "Crisis Gardens" ...

Cold Winter in U.S.? The Big Picture for North America '09-'10

Howard Dean On Maddow Show About Health Insurance Cos.: "They Really Are A Heartless Industry"

Rec if you have lost a lot of respect for Markos Moulitsas.

Newspaper: PA man dies from static electricity fire at gas station

The Purging of the Party.

Congrats and Best Wishes! One pic is worth 10,000 words!

Former Texas GOP chairman Tom Pauken blasts Bush, Rove in new book

Why do some people think the 1950's were so fabulous?

The 2003 Oscars: Where Michael Moore Dared ...(was booed denouncing Iraq war)

OK, adamant opposers of the current iteration of health care reform

DK: Peace is Possible with a New Direction

Why do you hate The Constitution!!??

Democratic health care kabuki

Now, That's A Headline

Banning of book "Nickel and Dimed" - Tea Partiers to Storm School Board Meeting

Runaway Toyota Prius stopped by US highway patrol

I know that I'm late to the game, but can someone just beat Tom Delay with a stick?

Why not call it what it is: Health Insurance Reform.

Another Prius speeds out of control and crashes today, N.Y. police say

Massa Says He Tickled Staffer ‘Until He Couldn’t Breathe’

..."But it "brings in" 30 Million Americans to Health Care Coverage..."

Medicare for all- Simple Public Option Bill - 4 pages

My health insurance premiums are way too low and my co-pays and deductible aren't high enough.

Waterboarding for dummies - deeply disturbing.

LA sushi bars busted for serving whale

A Detention Bill You Ought to Read More Carefully

Rush Limbaugh will leave country if dems pass HCR

DiFi and Big Water - Westlands Water Goes Rogue

We don't NEED to PASS the Senate Bill to get Communtiy Health Centers.

Our parrot rescue made national news today!

Markos: Kucinich is completely Reprehensible; Run a Primary Challenger Against Him.

Baton Rouge judges rules it is ok to give taxpayer money to charter schools.

Does the Congressional Progressive Caucus care about its "public option" principles?

Iran does what the U.S. won't: begins criminal trials for those accused of torture

I'm lukewarm on Kucinich, but for the love of reason

Seriously. DU used to be a place for informed discussion.

MP: Palin should listen to her mother

Is America over?

Toyotas aren't the only cars which had sudden acceleration incidents

What does 'affordable' mean? (re: Health Insurance)

ANOTHER article on Emanuel (NYT) - says he didn't write WP articles, only doing what he's told

Hot Shot thread - A Jimmy Carter Appreciation thread

Limbaugh Vows to Leave US Over Health Care

Dodge relents...will allow FL high school to keep using a Ram logo (edit: for a price)

PETA Likens SeaWorld To 'Whale Prison'

Bachmann Calls for a Repeal of the Separation of Church and State

Roberts: Scene at State of Union `very troubling'

If your were writing about an historical event that shaped your life, what would it be?

I don't want Democrats Defeated - I want better Democrats ELECTED

Detroit Settles Perfume Allergy Case for $100,000

I tire of the argument that the left are the ones that do all/the most work for the party.

ABC Evening news just showed the video of the out of control Prius

Anthony Weiner: Sarah Palin’s trip to Canada

Hard drive evolution could hit Microsoft XP users

Ex-Edwards Aide Ordered to Jail Over Sex Tape-NC Judge Sends Andrew Young & Wife to Jail

Circular firing squad now forming. Apply within.

Something that should have bipartisan support. If we get a PO or an expanded medicare

Capitalism: A Love Story - Now Available At Wal-Mart

Can we stop treating Sarah Palin as a joke?

New York Considers Legislation to Ban Salt in Restaurants(in the preparation of restaurant food)

Glenn Beck Urges Listeners to Leave Churches That Preach Social Justice

Sea lions to be killed to save salmon

Any word on KO's Dad?

Joe Wilson on KKKarl's book: Courage and Consequence: Less Memoir Than Hoax

Rest In Peace Granny D

Kansas wants to add a 10 cent sales tax on every can of soda

MASSA's ramblings about his 24 yrs of Navy service are distortions, besides other distortions

why couldn't communities just open health clinics and hire MDs?

Soldier’s gutsy move under Taliban attack

Soldier’s gutsy move under Taliban attack

Runaway Toyota Prius (it bugs me when people so quickly mock the driver as an idiot)

If Private Health Insurance Companies Are Evil, Why Are You Forcing Me to Be a Customer?

You have to give it too this ass hole on the Daily Show,,,

Gibbs Fires Back At Chief Justice Roberts Over Obama Criticism

What does the world look like after a big Republican win in November?

Kucinich: You're building on sand- You're building on a foundation of privatization of health care

"Kucinich's Health Reform Dissents Merit Consideration" / The NATION

Rush Limbaugh declares war on sea turtles - they inconvenience him!

Pink Floyd takes record company EMI to court

Let me kill the myth about the NHS - it saved my life and I am forever grateful.

So the Census mailed a form to let me know they are mailing next week???

Utah Governor Signs Controversial Law Charging Women and Girls With Murder for Miscarriages

Do you think some people are faking the acceleration accidents for money?

Maybe Toyota should strip out all the fancy high-tech stuff and go back to 2003 or so

If this health care bill is going to be so great for insurance companies why a re they fighting

It's time to realize that TPTB are "culling the herd"

Are there any DU'ers here, anymore who support us OUT OF AFGHANISTAN/IRAQ?


If the Senate health insurance bill passes how much will premiums, co-pays and deductibles be and

I blame the fucking media for every fucking fuck up in this country.

If a person has stated on several occasions that marriage is between a man and a woman,

If a person has stated on several occasions that marriage is between a man and a woman,

Do you think the assassination of President Kennedy affects us today?

Why a Big Mac Costs Less than a Salad

Mayor plans to relocate poor residents to “downsize” Detroit

Fatima LaRose aka Jihad Jane.

Fuck this guy and fuck those who "honored" him tonight.

Fuck this guy and fuck those who "honored" him tonight.

Fuck this guy and fuck those who "honored" him tonight.

Let's all give best wishes to one of our greatest DU'ers---H20 Man--more surgery.

Kucinich: "...a Government of the Lobbyists, by the Lobbyists, for the Special Interest Groups..."

Packard heir slams GOP Senate candidate, former Hewlett-Packard chief Fiorina

Poizner reversed strong support for abortion rights

Fisher and Brunner Only Dems to Qualify for Senate Ballot

Lincoln's Approval Ratings Falling

I like my politicians like I like my women...

Massa has become the rightwings favorite darling

Democracy Corps Poll (Striking differences between likely and unlikely voters)

Eugene Robinson: Liz Cheney’s Shameless Smear

Eugene Robinson: Liz Cheney’s Shameless Smear

What health care reform could reasonably look like- and how it could be sold

It hardly seems fair that only Minnesotans are asked to disapprove of

"Joe Biden still has one foot in the Senate; may be key to healthcare."

Cornyn Makes Clear NRSC Won’t Play In Florida Primary

I am A-Ok with the Democrats..

For the Dennis Kucinich Chowder & Marching Society

For the Dennis Kucinich Chowder & Marching Society

The health care bill is a huge improvement over the status quo

The Whip Count (as of 3/9 am.)

The Whip Count (as of 3/9 am.)

Cities Where The Recession Is Easing ,,even some good news for hardhit Calif. housing

Defaulted Loans May Haunt better watch what is in those bills!

Rep. Woolsey: Day after health care bill is passed, I will introduce bill calling for public option.

you can't eat astroturf

Senate To Take Up Unemployment Extension Today

Unlikely voters so disappointed in Obama, they overwhelmingly approve of his job performance

Some of these politicians are AMAZING!!! when they get inPOLITICAL trouble

Watt endorses Lewis for U.S. Senate

Another Democrat Passes on North Dakota Senate

Ohio Republicans Crack Birther Jokes

David Shuster: There more stuff to drop about Massa

Watching President Obama speak about healthcare yesterday two things came to mind:

Judge kills off Filegate suits, 14 years on

Dean and 500 Followers March for Health Care Reform

Labor On Dems Who Block Health Reform: We'll 'Take Them Out'

Yes people, Dennis Kucinich does have health insurace. What is your point?

A little bit of luck. Why not. We deserve it

One reason the public option or lack thereof isn't making a difference to me right now

WH: So That’s Why They’re Raising Rates So Much …

On KO: Rush will leave the country if health care reform passes! PASS IT NOW!

How many Dennis Kucinich bashing threads are enough?

Massa under investigation for allegedly groping male staffers

Digby has a little advice for Gaithner (and others in the administration)

Should DEMOCRATS who act like DEMOCRATS be bashed on DEMOCRATIC Underground?

Crist Trails Rubio by 32 Points. Only path to victory is to run as an independent or even a Democrat

Are You Angry? Tell The Democratic Leadership!

Stale Cupcakes

The pressure is working! Blanche Lincoln rethinks position on health bill (AP)

Stupak 'optimistic' abortion language can be resolved

I honestly don't think Obama really supports Health Care Reform

A man is trying to give to charity...

Kerry: It's Past Time We Listened to Our Troops and Repealed 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Obama needs to begin the Katrina Hurricane investigation. We're talking some crazy stuff...

This teacher is truly a genius!

PHOTO Friends?

Foreclosure-prevention plan failing. Geithner blamed. Kucinich proposes reducing mortgage principals

Krugman: "I’m impressed by the passion of this guy Obama who’s campaigning for reform."

Packard: Fiorina almost destroyed HP

RALPH REED PLOTS HIS COMEBACK (will announce whether or not he is running for Congress at 11am)

Glenn Beck Urges Listeners to Leave Churches That Preach Social Justice

Limbaugh vows to flee the country if health care passes.

Limbaugh vows to flee the country if health care passes.

Obama Inaction On Faith-Based Initiative Is Deeply Disappointing

Transparency? Bipartisanship?? Senate votes 100-0 to highlight spending

Ram It Through Mr. President

Ram It Through Mr. President

Rather Uses “Obama,” “Articulate” And “Watermelons” In Same Anecdote

House liberals force vote on pullout from Afghanistan

Official MoveOn Ballot: Vote Today

Insurance Industry's Final Ad Blitz: We "do not deserve to be vilified for political purposes."

My response to my republican brother and the "Genius Teacher"

Two years later, still no financial industry regulations or oversight

More Connie Saltonstall news (she's challenging Bart in the primary)

HCR bill not enough reform to get the support of U.S. Rep. Michael Arcuri (NY-24)

Fun Poll: Should RushBo move to Costa Rica?

Letting the good or perfect be the enemy of adequate is not wise, neither is doing nothing

The Unpardonable Absence of a Democratic "Attack Machine"

The Unpardonable Absence of a Democratic "Attack Machine"

Public Option as it currently stands in the bill..

Gibbs Fires Back At Chief Justice Roberts Over Obama Criticism (Re: SOTU Rebuke of Citizens United)

Unions marching in support of health reform against AHIP

Right-winger tells Fox News he's going to assassinate Michelle Obama

WP: Republicans work to split Democrats, block health-care bill

Huffpo's Sam Stein: Labor On Dems Who Block Health Reform: We'll 'Take Them Out'

Huffpo's Sam Stein: Labor On Dems Who Block Health Reform: We'll 'Take Them Out'

Michigan's Stupak challenged for Democratic nomination

Blanche Lincoln: Reconciliation Is A No-Go

Why is it that Hating on Kucinich is so Good but Criticizing Obama is so Bad?

2016 Hypothetical Presidential poll

A Letter To Michael Moore

BREAKING-Dorgan, Tester, and Akaka sign on to public option-making 40!

I think Rahm Just Fucked Glenn Beck.

Obama completely turned the health care fight around

Kildee Breaks From Stupak Over Senate Abortion Language

Do you remember these photographs?

I have been looking at the shoes on the person, very strange.

Do you have a pornographic memory?


Without Netflix instant watch I would not have spent 90 minutes watching Jason Goes to Hell.

working overnight tours....

What's the Cheesy position on Human Vegan Breast Milk?

When I get pregnant, I'm dropping out of my PhD program. Why? BID-NESS!

Me and Loretta, we don't talk much more,

Joe's Garage

"How the hell did you people get on this show?"

No way out

Jesus - now for lease......

Facebook users - Do you play Jungle Jewels?

Thank you, NPR!

Good morning Lounge

Do you have a pornographic fantasy?

Check this out, on line auction for human breast milk.

Profound thought of the day.....

Where is my Milk from?

Did anyone else (besides me) thoroughly enjoy last night's Big Bang?

Time for another weather check-in thread.

Sally's Song - Amy Lee version

If you do this, you are an insensitive, ill-mannered, self-absorbed clod

Tell me about Queen Latifah.

Woman charged in breast milk assault on jailer

Grammar question

Even with all the advances in digital technology

Will you be the key?

Just remember who we are.

Empty, meaningless sex.

Geddy Lee discusses the future of breastfeeding narwhals at Olive Garden! Video here!

I took the "Which Beatle are You?" quiz on Facebook.

Omigod! Dennis Kucinich killed Kenny!

I have THE worst and most embarassing earworm ever, but I'm not saying what it is.

Did anyone else (besides me) thoroughly enjoy last night's Big Bang Theory?

Do you think it would be rather Weird if I tried to sell my Soul on Ebay?

Since we're talking about people making cheese, how about that Mark Harmon?

a day like today makes me appreciate how awsome it is to have an office w/ a window I can open

Milk-a-holic Lindsey Lohan sues E-Trade over ad

One of the saddest scenes ever put on film , do you agree ?

I took BeachBaby shopping today.

Tonight--the West Virginia Mountaineers face UConn for the Big East championship.

Dennis Kucinich was responsible for the music, lyrics and instrumentations of this song:

The dude is shocked by what he finds in the next room

Dennis Kucinich shot JR! OMG!!!!


Lolita Davidovich is going to single-handedly destroy healthcare!

I hate Word 2007 worse than Wonder Woman hates furries.

I need advice on the best earphones on the market...durability is the most important

Why does Facebook randomly suggest people...

Irish Lunch today! Corned Beef, Cabbage and Potatoes!

So my class was watching the Zapruder film today...

"Are we going to Addis Ababa, Mr. Luthor?"

Yoko Kucinich broke up the Beatles!

What;s with all the Irish posts? Is today St. Patrick's Day?

The Repubs hate for Obama is rooted in deep-seated fear.

The Repubs hate for Obama is rooted in deep-seated fear.

I'd like to thank the Academy for my Best Supporting Actor award in a Tale of WTFery.

I'm not ready for Spring

Faith 'n Begonias!

Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere

LOST needs a new theme song


Have you ever rejected an anthology?

Does a zorse count as a mixed animal?

Was Mark Harmon in CHiP's?

Was Mark Harmon in CHiP's?

Video clip from the documentary on the making of Breast Milk Cheese:

My heart healed, but now it's aching again. I'm really sad tonight.

Betty White Confirms She’s Headed To ‘Saturday Night Live’

Widdle Wabbit

God schooling Adam ~

In the town where I was born,

Everyone has their breaking point, I guess

Two mayonnaise polls in one day? That's absurd! And yet, we must answer th great quarry of the ages

Would somebody PLEASE get this verdammt cat off my desk??

Let's talk about Mayonaise.

I generally don't do this, but vibes for a friend?

I had the weirdest dream...

Just finished installing new energy efficient lighting throughout my house. What do you all think?

New York now has an official condom. Really...

I still love Lyric.

What's better? The Senate bill with Obama changes, or doing nothing?

I'm lusting for Gary Oldman and the fact that he's a republican makes me lust for him even more

This is why I'm hot. This is why I'm hot.

How do you grope someone in a non-sexual manner?

Lindsay Lohan Sues Over "Milkaholic" E*Trade Ad

Let's talk about mayonnaise

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/09/10

PSA: Unless a rabid earwig is gnawing on your brain, DON'T spend 10 minutes digging in your ear

I found some IMAX movies on netflex.

now I know why Midlo loves her Franzia

So all in all, is Vladamir Putin a bad guy?

Food Wars Buffalo (Travel Channel) - The right chicken wing won (spoilers)

Calling all linguists and linguists wannabes...

I need advice on the best earworms on the market...durability is the most important

Rachel or Keith?

Three word thread.

Thoughts on Neil Diamond?

Scariest movies you've seen as an adult, and why they were so scary?

Life with the world's largest rodent

Republicans turned off by size of Obama's package

Kucinich, who voted against a public option, accuses the President of being against it.

Interesting sky/cloud photo

anyone here familiar with getting legal help...and how do you file for COBRA?

I still love bacon.

Brooms, Water Create Unexpected Disney Art

I still love Midlo.

MrCoffee vs. flvegan in a death cage match--who wins?

Do you stickle?

OK, seriously, Dennis Kucinich. Enough's enough.

How many DUer's realize that Dennis Kucinich ALREADY voted against the Public Option?

I saw Dennis Kucinich on Ed's show tonight: he was very lame

Tell me about Dairy Queen.

How many watched Lost from the beginning or watched the show on dvd or from hulu.

"TruthIsAll's got a book coming out." - x

wOrd AsSoCiaTion ThReAD!! first word: milk

So has spring arrived at your house.

So one of my heroes, Todd Rundgren, did A Wizard, A True Star

Robert Pattinson vs. Mark Harmon in a death cage match--who wins?

In honor of Sky Masterson, post some old country songs that you love.

Kos just said he thinks Kucinich should be primaried.

My gentleman friend, Jason, is having his jaw worked on next week

Irish DUers - what is a shelele, a shamrock and blarney? Italian DUers - What is a mook?

Justin Bieber Claims Allegiance to “Crips” Street Gang

I believe that teh Lounge has created a new diet.

OK dream interpreters, give this one your best shot

Why would Kucinich oppose Sanders' state single payer provision?

Why would Kucinich oppose Sanders' state single payer provision?

I got the most disturbing letter from Conde Nast about my lapsed magazine subscription

So what did people in Ireland eat before Potatoes?


Who Is The Best Classical Pianist Ever?

Let's talk about Mustard!

Teach US a phrase in another Languge!

You know, I still think DU is awesome, but I miss the old names:

Tron Legacy Trailer #2 In Full HD Goodness

Some Advice For Hard Times: In My Position I See A Lot of Resumes.

Shooting reported at Dallas bank

Analysis finds uneasy mix in auto industry and regulation

LA sushi bars busted for serving whale

IBM CEO's pay hit $21.2 million in 2009

Gunmen release three terrorists from (Pakistan) police station

US keeps secret anti-Taliban militia on a bright leash

Orly Taitz Slings Mud at Republican Opponent for Secretary of State

Former Texas GOP chairman Tom Pauken blasts Bush, Rove in new book

Freed from Haiti, missionary returns 'with mixed emotions'

Report: Blackwater documents show failings

US lifts web sanctions on Cuba, Iran and Sudan

Senate to take up unemployment insurance extension

Letter on Muslim radical roils GOP Senate race

Hard drive evolution could hit Microsoft XP users

Accused David Letterman blackmailer Robert Halderman will plead guilty to $2M revenge plot

Judge sends Youngs to jail for contempt

China and India Join Climate Accord

Massa under investigation for allegedly groping male staffers

Rep. McNerney To Switch Vote To 'No' On Health Care

9/11 suspects should face civilian court, UN envoys say

Lindsay Lohan Sues Over "Milkaholic" E*Trade Ad

Wife of driver in runaway Prius says dealer refused to inspect the car

Limbaugh Vows to Leave US Over Health Care

Health Care Activists Protest in Downtown DC

Massa Says He Tickled Staffer ‘Until He Couldn’t Breathe’

Ex-Edwards Aide Ordered to Jail Over Sex Tape-NC Judge Sends Andrew Young & Wife to Jail


NAFTA pullout bill fails to scare Ottawa

Biden Pledges U.S. Commitment To Israeli Security

Pa. woman accused of recruiting jihadists online

Two NATO Soldiers Killed in Eastern Afghanistan

Sacramento airport pot patient jailed after felony conviction

Ex-MI5 chief says US 'concealed suspect mistreatment'

Education officials may scrap 13 state Regents exams

Obama Plan To Modify Second Mortgages Has Yet To Help One Homeowner Updated: 03- 5-10 04:49 PM

New York City's mayor plans 'soda tax'

Greece asks US to help crackdown on speculators

European Union urges U.S. to join in action against speculators

Chile's Bachelet still popular after quake - poll

Lifelock Settles withFTC over Deceptive Ads

New poll spells potential trouble for Democrats

Ex-MI5 chief says US 'concealed suspect mistreatment'

Flu Shots in Children Help People of All Ages

Job Openings in U.S. Climb for Second Month as Employers Gain Confidence

Indian cos in hiring mode, may add 1 million jobs in FY11

Doris 'Granny D' Haddock Dies At 100

Officials: Bali bombing mastermind may be dead

Michigan's Stupak challenged for Democratic nomination

Scope of salmonella-tainted flavouring recall will continue to grow

H-1B applications to be accepted from April one

LHC to shut down for a year to address safety concerns

Senate to take up unemployment insurance extension

Police confirm one OSU employee dead, two taken to hospital after shooting

Grayson introduces Public Option Act

43% have less than $10k for retirement

Prosecutors reveal terrorism charges against 'Jihad Jane' (U.S. citizen)

Bank of America to End Overdraft Fees on Debit Purchases

Japan confirms Cold War-era 'secret' pacts with US

Report condemns Honduras violence

!!Vatican In Alleged Sex Scandal!!(A GENTLEMEN OF HIS HOLINESS)

Stiglitz: The Fed Is Corrupt And Dominated By Big Banks

Hypocrit Sen. Roy Ashburn Out - vows to not change vote patterns

Countdown - Ken Starr decries CheneyCo's shameless attacks on detainee defense attorneys

CNN: Conservatives Call BS On Liz Cheney!

MIke Papantonio: The Elite vs. The American People

Thom Hartmann vs Wayne Root - Payday lenders - necessary evil or loan sharks?

Lynn Says Icelanders Should Tell U.K. to `Take A Hike'

Hear Us Roar on March 20!

Government Death Panels? No! Private Insurance Life Panels!

Howard Dean at Dupont Circle Health Care Rally 3/09/2010

Larry king Live Interviews Jesse Ventura pt.1

105,000 Tattoos PT 2: Iraqi Artist Wafaa Bilal Commemorates Dead Iraqis & Americans

105,000 Tattoos PT. 1: Iraqi Artist Wafaa Bilal Commemorate Dead Iraqis & Americans

Blood On Their Hands: Vote for HC Reform Now

Dennis Kucinich: Peace is Possible with a New Direction

Massa: Dems targeted me over healthcare

Massa: Dems targeted me over healthcare

Roots of Rahm-Massa tensions (from 2006 campaign)

Cheney & Cheney - The Despicables

DC Citizens' Arrest of Insurance Companies - One of Three

Single payer fight moves to states

Thom Hartmann - Tax incentives for anti-gay movies?

Howard Dean Joins Pro Health Care Reform Protesters Who Surround Ritz Carlton

Edward Kimmel at Washington DC Health Care Rally 3/09/2010

The Al Franken Show welcomes author, Molly Ivins [Part1/4] -- July 12, 2004

Walter Cronkite was RIGHT. 9/11

Dr. Dean on Reconciliation: "(Medicare Buy-In/Public Option) Should Be Done. It's Smart Politics."

Bilionaires for Wealthcare at Health Care Rally at Dupont Circle in DC 3/09/2010

Ratigan: Liz Cheney UnAmerican, Sarah Palin Healthcare hypocrite crosses the border as a kid..

Rep. Grayson Introduces Bill Which Allows Anyone To Buy Into Medicare At Cost

Oscars - Ric O'Barry's Text

First Same-Sex Marriage in DC

Jesse Ventura Interviewed by TYT on Conspiracies & The MSM (w/ Transcript)

For a ‘Living Wage’ America, Cap the Top

Perpetual Fraud (Jim Miles)

Calling All Rebels

"Irritable Male Syndrome," the end of the economy, and what might come next

Waterboarding for dummies

Roundup Kills More Than Weeds

A resurgence for business of death

Consumer Reports: Consumers Can't Wait Any Longer...

A rebuttal for the crook they call the 'hammer'

The Wrong Kind of Green

IBM CEO's pay hit $21.2 million in 2009

Why the Maoists want Arundhati Roy

Oliie North: Not so Fast on DADT

Can anyone help me debunk this?

It's The Corporate Power Stupid!

Our Dirty Little Secret: Who's Really Poor in America?

"The Hurt Locker": When Great Art Meets Lousy Politics

Living in the Limelight

Super Wealthy Deathly Afraid Estate Tax Would Reduce Deficit

Eric Massa Inspires Glenn Beck to Join the Navy

Is the Massachusetts Healthcare Expirment "Obamacare 1.0"?

Europe bars Wall Street banks from government bond sales

Surviving Without a Safety Net

Collapse of the American Empire: swift, silent, certain

Drumbeat: March 9, 2010

Fires, Insects, Saltwater Intrusion 40 Miles Into Mekong Delta - Vietnamese Drought Begins To Bite

60% Of Syria In Worst Drought In Decades; 1 Million Displaced, Farmers Irrigating With Filthy Water

Utah State Senate Refuses To Support Even Voluntary GHG Emission Trading Plan

Self-Delete - Double-Post

"Climate Change" vs "Climate Disruption"

Insect that fights Japanese knotweed to be released

Offshore wind farm construction - more pictures

Does Climate Change Promote Invasive Species? - article in Harvard Magazine

Insulation from Mushrooms?

CBS: How America Could Get Rich by Going Green

Be afraid! Be very afraid! The IMF is getting involved in preparing to 'help' with climate crisis!

George Monbiot: The Unpersuadables: When Facts Are Not Enough

Freak snow falls in Spain strands 6,000

The future of fusion

Action needed to save climate, create jobs

Sunlabob, Power to the Poor (VIDEO)

Protecting Taxpayers from a Financial Meltdown

China Village Pioneers Biogas Project (VIDEO)

Solar Industry Learns Lessons in Spanish Sun

First Solar Signs Contract with PG&E for 300 MW Photovoltaic Solar Power Project

SA Nuclear Plan Falters as PBMR Chief Quits

The Pathology Of Positive Thinking - Energy Bulletin

Charging while driving becoming a reality

Nissan announces 56,000 pre-orders for Leaf EV - in the US alone

Secretary Chu Announces Up To $154 Million for NRG Energy's Carbon Capture and Storage Project ...

Xtreme Power: A Super-Battery For Hawaiian Wind Farms

Nuclear energy is a viable alternative to fossil fuels.

Don’t buy Obama’s greenwashing of nuclear power

Dodgers* owners payed ZERO income tax from 2004-2009..

OMG! FINALLY some good news from the state of Maryland!

Mark May of ESPN reporting that the tOSU shooter has been identified as...

Whiny Coach of the week award goes to----

Frank Herzog Retires

Best college basketball player that never played in the NCAA Tourney?

Sooo Happy UNC and Uconn wont be going to the Tourney this year!

Who will the UConn women beat , um, I mean, meet in the National Championship game?

I don't care. I support Massa 100%.

Condem's wish to come true! Notre Dame, aka America's Team to enter Big 10!!!!

Kemp, Loney to Marlins in blockbuster MLB trade

Dumbest MLB Idea yet: Selig, committee considering radical realignment plan

Do you know how you spell uncomfortable? Conversation about homosexuality on Sports Talk Radio.

I'm a Big Ten Guy, but the best Basketball Tournament Starts Now - Big East

Athletes you would have liked to follow during their prime

Top 10 Most Cowardly Programs in College Football

Report condemns Honduras violence

Chile's Social Earthquake

Brazil's Petrobras to invest $44 billion in 2010

Bolivia, our beacon of hope

X-post: How Reagan's Propaganda Succeeded

Poverty in Venezuela fell from 70% in 1996 to 23% in 2009

Calling all Venezuela history buffs

Bolivian President Donates Half Pay to Victims

Chile's Bachelet still popular after quake - poll

Have y'all seen the thread on US teachers being fired and schools being closed?

For the first time in the history of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, a preemptive request to withdraw

J'lem deputy mayor endorses Jewish presence in Sheikh Jarrah

US anti-Semitism envoy slams UN ‘double standards’ on Israel

Biden Condemns Israel's East Jerusalem Housing Plan

No equality before the law

Joe Biden attacks Israeli plan for East Jerusalem homes

Mitchell to Israel, PA: Annapolis accord non-binding

Today in Labor History Mar 9 "Slovak strike" begins on this date and continues for nearly 16 months

NYC Inspections Focused More On Union Sites, Even Though They're Safer Than Non-Union

Supreme Court Will Decide NASA Employee Privacy Issue

Fired Westin Workers in Providence, RI Win Their Jobs Back After NLRB Action

Labor Activists Discuss Future of Single-Payer Health Care

The Socialist Roots of International Women’s Day

DC same-sex couples to begin getting married today

Kudos to the Post! - Wash Post subscribers in uproar over pic of men kissing

Ruling on gay Air Force major creates dilemma (You MUST read the comment!)

Shows with gay characters could lose Florida tax credits

Archbishop defends decision on lesbians’ children

Once again

Legend of Meteorology Passes Away

South American Cities Moved in Chile Quake

Large Hadron Collider could "open door to new physics by yearend"

All of Life’s Ingredients Found in Orion Nebula

Half of Earth's life may lie below land, sea

An Ooooh-Aaaah Pic from NASA Casseopia Mosaic:

Japan to launch solar sail spacecraft May 18

Cool poster: The Deadly Genomes

Unselfish Molecules May Have Helped Give Birth to the Genetic Material of Life

Brain Jacking Parasites - Three examples

China's fourth space center to be completed by 2015

Knife-Wielding Attacker Shot Dead

Man shoots grandson. When will it end?

Should Virginia "force" elementary students to learn gun safety?...

Hypocrisy, Chicago style

Late afternoon on Danforth Avenue


Daley calls for new state laws on guns

Three-year-old girl dies after accidentally shooting herself

Curb appeal(?)

Man Killed and Girl Hurt in Shooting Outside a Grocery Store

Using a room's lights for wireless broadband

Until we know for sure what the theme is, let me entertain you

Unruly passenger

Another gun-free zone shooting - Ohio State University

Gun goes off in Middle Ga. classroom

A break from the gungeon norm... and a question.

People who don't "believe" in evolution?

Culled Out [The Administration could prohibit fishing in nation's waterways]

The Singularity and attendant scientific advancement

It looks like big changes are coming...


Robert Rubin: Why Won't He Go Away? (Dean Baker)

All pain and no gain as sterling's weakness fails to boost exports suggests we honor Bob Dole for today's HCR

I am modifying my original Five Rules for Financial Fulfillment to

Study finds elevated levels of cobalt and chromium in offspring of patients with metal-on-metal hip

Doctor Leads Quest for Safer Ways to Care for Patients

Europe: Yanks Go Home (And Take Your Banks With You)

We're so good at medical studies that most of them are wrong

Around 80% of Russians satisfied with living standards

Credit unions upped small business lending by 11% in 2009; big banks dropped by 15%

On the Thom Hartmann show this afternoon a caller referred to some

Shinto's ties to Japanese culture extend beyond boundaries

Public Pension Funds Are Adding Risk to Raise Returns

Financial Times: Tax move by Brazil risks US trade war

Catholic school in Colorado discriminating against child of lesbian parents

Hello Padre! (in a lighter mood)

'Hella' Proposed as Official Big Number

Looks like FDIC needs YOUR retirement money.

Gallo, union disagree on return to the right table

Our local is sending a statement of support to the local in Central Falls

Duncan and Bennett on CNN

It's contagious! Teachers in KC being forced out now too.

Diane Ravitch: Why I Changed My Mind About School Reform

Question re: Charter Schools v. LEA innovative, autonomous schools and D.C. Autonomous Schools.

The Insidious Nature of Green's Sunday Times Article

Teacher acquitted of assault and then fired

California confronts troubled's just so frustrating

What’s wrong with this picture?