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Archives: March 8, 2010

Score one for women directors!

so glad Sandra got best actress

Adam Gadahn was not the Al Qaeda operative captured in Pakistan, the New York Times reports.

What if we knock just a little hole in the HCB dike.

Several Cleveland area women over 80 were Bat Mitzvahed today...

Actors vote for the winner. Would you vote for your replacement?

50 dead so far in Turkey earthquake

JFK Assassination Warren Commissioner Hale Boggs said: J Edgar Hoover ''lied his eyes out.''

Up Or Down. Govern. 8 March 2010

Well if you missed Sandra Bullock's incredible Oscar acceptance speech here you go!

Need a link

In honor of Kathryn Bigelow's win, some ladies we shouldn't forget

JFK condolence letters published for 1st time

"Strong Columns Weak Beams Systems"- Building in earthquake prone regions

Head of Tenn. Hospitality Assn. Sends Email Comparing Michelle Obama To A Chimp

Hannah Giles Legal Defense Fund Is Looking for Donors

VetVoice: Iraqi Election Day

(Detroit) THAW, United Way: No help for utility shutoffs (that have killed 14)

"Happy International Women`s Day"-from cory doctorow....

DO NOT be mislead by the passage of the jobs bill.

Ah, yes, Toyota is just another American company employing Americans

Pi. Want A Piece Of It?

Roommate: Student Sold Pot To Pay Tuition

Joe Scum Sleepin' It Off Again?

Bush, he insisted, "did more for African Americans than any president in history."

"We probably should start with plastic forks & knives for the first one just to see how this works"

HRW: Sexism trumps justice in rape cases

I'm going to bash Barney Frank for a second

Today is International Woman's Day.. Started by Socialists

Suspect Arrested in Pakistan Not Gadahn: Officials

Stimulus funds pay for monkey research in N.C.

Parents protest barring child from Catholic School

The battle for California's future

666 C Street

Glenn Greenwald: The right kind of bigotry

Bill Quigley: 15 Reasons Why We Need a Revolt in This Country

Barry Lynn is on C-Span.

Sign of the times: Texting at table

US Lied to Britain Over Use of Napalm in Iraq War

Fed To Keep Bank Oversight (sigh)

Special Forces Probed After Children's Deaths in Afghanistan

a facebook group that deserves our *cough cough* attention

Congressional budget director sees bleak outlook

AIG sells Alico unit to MetLife for $15.5 billion

Afghan militants battle Taliban, defect to gov't

Dubai Investors

Toyota workers raised safety concerns with bosses in 2006 memo

Toyota workers raised safety concerns with bosses in 2006 memo

Politically, religiously, and culturally, my film was

Humans Driving Extinction Faster Than Species Can Evolve, Say Experts

Elizabeth Warren Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel interview with Charlie Rose

(OMFG!) TURDBLOSSOM: "Families Shouldn't Be Used As Convenient Targets In Politics"

ROMNEY: Obama Supports 9/11 Truthers

High-End Hemp Speakers Are All the Buzz

Despite record snow, Boehner's tan doesn't fade

Great toon.

Tom Delay: Indicted douchebags whore themselves out to Dancing with the Stars because they want to

anyone else watching President Obama talk about health care?

I just surfed some conservative blogs just for the hell of it

Another earthquake ~ Turkey, 5.9 magnitude, kills 51

Another earthquake ~ Turkey, 5.9 magnitude, kills 51

IMO the Major reason Health Care is so expensive is Doctors and Hospitals

As Deer Isle Goes... A Small Town Makes a Bold Demand: Bring Our War Money Home

Palin: " "Hey, if it was good enough for God, it's good enough for me, for us."

Robert Byrd: Editorial Resembles 'Barkings From The Nether Regions Of Glennbeckistan'

latest in the water wars

The Supermajority, or really just the Majority

Do you think enough is being done to fix the problems?

What Do We Want? A Bunch of Crazy Stuff! When Do We Want It? Now!

What Do We Want? A Bunch of Crazy Stuff! When Do We Want It? Now!

Massa: "Rahm Would Would Sell His Mother to Get a Vote"

Rove Decries Dirty Tactics That Target Politicians’ Families (why isn't this man in jail?)

Choice # 1: We are so Screwn

Growing low-oxygen zones in oceans worry scientists

Liz Cheney Wants To save TORTURE'S Good Name (and HER Dad's)

Unclassified Report: Days After Taguba Reported SADISTIC CRIMINAL ABUSE-BUSH DOD SAID FUCK YOU!

Unclassified Report: Days After Taguba Reported SADISTIC CRIMINAL ABUSE-BUSH DOD SAID FUCK YOU!

Beyond the pale on the veil

Breaking the Fever of Militarism - Unnatural Acts

Breaking the Fever of Militarism - Unnatural Acts

A Blowjob for Liz “BabyDick” Cheney

A Real Revolution vs. Extremist Ideas of What a Revolution Is

A Real Revolution vs. Extremist Ideas of What a Revolution Is

Why It’s Time to Stop Trusting the IMF

Three of the worst ideas which make a corrupted county impossible to challenge.

U.S. Information War: The Fiction of Marja, Afghanistan, As A City:

The tea baggers are having a potentially negative impact on the real tea business

Oscar's memoriam omits Farrah Fawcett and Bee Arthur

Is there anything at all, any Principle that the Obama Administration will not negotiate on?

Tea party candidates falling short at polls

Well, They Didn't Include A War Scene So 'Hurt Locker' Isn't Exactly Covered...

The Tea Party Is All About Race

Drew Carey: Saving Cleveland the Libertarian (Reagan) Way!1!!

What would you say? What would you ask?

Strategic defaulting couple generating negative comments from readers

16: Moments

16: Moments

When after the Census do they redo voting districts, and do

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Why the Cheney Family Ought to Be Moe-Slapped

Palin: Writing on palms ‘was good enough for God’

Father Martin: The Priest Who Prays for Stephen Colbert

Ye Olde Fearmonger Shoppe

Hedge Funds Pulled in $7.1 Billion in January (3-8-10 Reuters via CNBC)

A War of Perception and Misinformation: The Siege of the Fictional City of Marja

The Genius In All Of Us..

U.S. Commander in Iraq Says Troop Withdrawal On-Schedule

Bart Stupak (D-C Street) hosts town hall health care meeting today in Tawas

Happy Women's Day: Single Moms Take Biggest Unemployment Hit

Ashburn: "I am gay."

Durbin: U.S. health care in "unsustainable situation", reform needed

The myth of the "free" market.......

Okla. conservatives debate divorce legislation

CA GOP Legislator Roy Ashburn: 'I'm Gay'

Judge Allows Torture Lawsuit against Donald Rumsfeld to Proceed

'Alice in Wonderland' beats the opening of 'Avatar'

Miami and Orlando Top List for Greatest Housing Price Reductions

new russian autos "marussia" -- looks sharp.

Dem lawmaker pushes for Congress's first pay cut since the Great Depression

Daimler dumping stake in Tata Motors

Flight attendants protest AirTran swimsuit plane

Yemeni Separatists Flaunt Stars and Stripes

Sen Bob Graham: Majority on Senate Intelligence Committee Supported Interrogation Oversight in 2002

Good Jobs Now Campaign from the aflcio

Bill would deny tax credit for movies with gay characters.

Bacterial Product Isolated in Soil from Easter Island Rescues Learning, Memory in Alzheimer's Mouse

Has Harold Ford, Jr. Had His F'@#ng 15 Minutes Already? Are You Sick of Harold's Narcissism As I Am?

Andy Borowitz: GOP Lawmaker Demands Recall of Car That Drove Him to Gay Club

STIGLITZ: Compared to Bush - Obama Gets An A+ On The Economy

Obama to Close BLS International Labor Comparisons Office to Hide Outsourced Job Data:

Democrats and Republicans watched over corporate rape of US - journalist

Catholic School Rejects Child Because Of Lesbian Parents

It's all Greek to Wall Street's swindlers

Posting Talking points is sure to get you slammed

"Sure, there are winners and losers under Capitalism. That is why losers prefer socialism."

I think Oscars should be awarded

One big problem that would be caused by lifting the Cuban embargo is not a problem

Eric Massa On Glenn Beck: Congressman Going Out SWINGING

Berkeley, redux

Returning the car & my emotional breakdown(s) (by Florida4Obama)

How many young lives could this $66,000 Honda driving simulator save?

Anyone else think UP should have won best picture?

Nigeria massacre leaves more than 120 dead

Nigeria massacre leaves more than 120 dead

Human kind sounds lame

Senator Ashburn says he's gay after DUI arrest

Students vs State (video segment on nationwide protests against public ed cuts)

This is great and thanks to everyone!

An RNC donor who is closing his check book

Does anyone know about the SAD?

The "magic bullet" theory and a coup d'etat in America (3-8-10 Jerry Mazza)

The "magic bullet" theory and a coup d'etat in America (3-8-10 Jerry Mazza)

Utah's Final Solution: Patriot Group Bill To Force All Gays Out Of The State, Arrest Fugitives

Job Market Gauge up for 6th Straight Month

I have a question.... Last year, I decided to go bigtime and begin

Large Female support for NC U.S. Senate Candidate

McCain and Hatch are consistent....

McCain and Hatch are consistent....

WTF? Timmy's taking a victory lap for "saving the economy?"

5-term Sierra Club chief, Edgar Wayburn, dies

Which actress' dress do you like??

WTF? ..... The FDIC tries to get pension funds to invest in failed banks

Tom Delay: People Are Unemployed Because They Want To Be

Global Poll - is access to the internet a fundamental right

Which is more important?

Which is more important?

“We the People? Corporate Spending in American Elections after Citizens United”

James Cameron rejects claims Avatar epic borrows from Russians' sci-fi novels (1/13/10)


The Case against Greenspan and Bernanke

...we're trying to find 60 votes (climate change)

Yes, we're back to the 'Your Child's Left Behind' policy....

Thanks. nt

Your Bailout Update: $315 Billion in the Red

"Patriots for a Moral Utah" is a hoax

Ben Nelson: 'Premature' to say whether 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy should end

Virginia first state to challenge federal health insurance mandate

'Tea Parties' complicate tea marketing

When "supporters" of a public plan vote for a mandate that will kill any future public plan....

Oscar follow-up: Which of the "best" nominees will people be watching in 10 years and why?

Women across the globe celebrate International

Larger font?

Another great interview with Diane Ravitch about our public education system.

Another great interview with Diane Ravitch about our public education system.

Massa To Cry On Glenn Beck's Shoulder - For Full Hour On Fox

The National Enquirer Earns Some Respect

Which film deserved more Oscar gold?

Interview with Lloyd Constantine, friend and mentor of Eliot Spitzer.

Smart Banks With Dumb Customers Don’t Exist: Roger Lowenstein

Do you buy into the "Democrats are just as bad as Republicans" Mantra?

1-2-3 What are We Fighting For?

Why does President Obama always refer to the current debate as

Andree Peel, French heroine who saved 102 Allied pilots from the Nazis, dies aged 105

Salmon no longer Kosher?

A good fact check link disputing the lies the GOP spread on the Sunday talk shows

Why I'm Breaking the Law for Health Care

Just a thought on Health Care Reform

Greenwald believes Rahm-leaked stories have Obama's consent

Come to DC tomorrow (3/9) - show the Health Insurance Execs what you think of their greed.

Israel 'to unveil plans to build nuclear power plant'

Ron Kirk rejects any 'timeout' on new NAFTA-like free trade pacts

Obama quarters in circulation

Please sign this petition letting Obama know to get rid of Rahm.

Teachers are a significant bloc with the Democratic Party. Would teachers actually walk away?

The chicken coop is in such GREAT danger, that we have NO choice

Poll: Rick Perry Up By Six In TX-GOV Race.

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.): "Premature" to allow gays in military. "Exhaustive study" needed.

Can anyone tell me about The Washington Independent?

Feds: Calif. man ran student visa fraud ring

Attention Idiot Palin Posters!

Remember Christine Todd Whitman? She is on Cspan right now pushing nuclear energy.

Dean Baker: Blame it on the bubble

Dennis Kucinich: War in Afghanistan Privileged Resolution Update

New White House Program Will Pay Homeowners To Sell At A Loss


Earthquakes . . . Talk me down here . . .

A conversation at the garage ...

GOPer Campaigns On 'Fulfilling Bush's Vision' On Social Security

Ashburn: "I am gay."

WHY did the Feds have to waste $$ to send me a notice that I

Jesse Ventura live on The Young Turks right now

Chile Earthquake Moved Entire City 10 Feet to the West

Glenn Beck's arrangement w/ Special Operations Warrior Found. raises questions they refuse2 address

Sometimes Our Opinions Do Matter: Another Post about Meg Whitman Reminded Me.

Sometimes Our Opinions Do Matter: Another Post about Meg Whitman Reminded Me.

Census question

Ed Shultz saying if the numbers of Senators supporting PO get into the 40's the push from the left

(Illinois) House bans legislative scholarships

Holy Shite - Ken Star coming up on KO

Whenever I think of this HCR bill, I think of the lead-up to the Iraq War.

Results from my e-mail to the MO Budget committee about cuts to services for abused women & children

Justices to hear case over protests at military funerals

High Court (written by Sotomayor) Finds Lawyers and Their Advice Covered by Bankruptcy Reform Law

Marcy Kaptur is anti-abortion (or "pro-life"). I wonder why people are surpised by that?

Got dirt on Meg Whitman? Share it on a wiki!



More than half of those to review Pentagon strategy for contractors. have, you guessed it!

Peak Oil Demand Is Coming, But Here's Why It's Not Good News

Former Missouri (GOP) House speaker agrees to testify before grand jury

Maine bill would ban importation of firewood

Media Matters SHOCKER.. Rove book full of FALSEHOODS.. Is there ANYTHING left for us to believe in?

Cleaver: Obama doesn't have the votes to pass health care reform

I must have been in a hole....(re: Karl Rove and Howard Dean)

WHO Really Paid BART STUPAK'S Rent?

Rent a temporary "summer-pool"


Karl "John McCain's Illegitimate Black Baby" Rove: I did not pull dirty tricks

What RomneyCare Did in Massachusetts:

Lets open the flood gates to "Good Paying Jobs"

Sign of the times: in foreclosure, to be auctioned next week

The Stupak Dirty Dozen

Kenneth Starr is on "Countdown" to slam Liz Cheney for her

Did DU bug out temporarily for anyone else?

Special Edition of The Rachel Maddow Show: "To Health In A Handbasket"

Sacramento Bee: Job offers dwindle for MBA and law school grads

Beacon Hill (MA) Roll Call: House approves ban on cutting vocal cords of cats, dogs

I dug this up from the good ol' memory hole to help Karl Rove sell his new book

Anti-gay rights, DUI busted CA state Senator Roy Ashburn: "I am gay."

Anti-gay rights, DUI busted CA state Senator Roy Ashburn: "I am gay."

So my important half is winging across America on her way to Hawaii

The Foreclosure Crisis hits California Wine Country

Kucinich Becomes Target Of Health Care Whip Campaign

Oldest American dies at 114

Real U.S. Unemployment Is 16.8%

Right-wing message to the sick and poor: We got ours, and you can suck it

New poll spells potential trouble for Democrats: "If held today, this would be a 'change' election"

Lost Hendrix Album Surprises Critics

Japanese city rejects to host US military base

FDIC wants pension funds to buy failed banks.

Right wingers all abuzz: Dan Rather says “Obama” “Articulate” And “Watermelons” In Same Anecdote

If parents cannot teach their children to read and write, then why assume they can teach cooking?

If parents cannot teach their children to read and write, then why assume they can teach cooking?

"How are thou feeling today?" Is that offensive to you?

Massa Recalls Sexual Misconduct Allegation From Navy Days: Rep Massa-Bate

Va. AG: Colleges can't ban gay discrimination

Hey remember that buddie I had for 35 years that became disengaged at the election theft in 2004?

Organization involved in male prostitution ring claims right to force women to give birth

Dr. Michael Burry (inventor of the credit default swap on MBS): Fraud is Integral

A Step BACKWARD For Women's Health Care?

Road sign warns drivers to look out for crawling drunks

Some Points about James Cameron since it is apparently OK to discuss this in GD

The Car-puccino: A Car That Runs on Coffee

Earthquake moved city of Concepcion 10 feet westward...

Grief goes viral

Grief goes viral

A Camel is Bigger than a Golf Ball, and a Golf Ball is Bigger than the Eye of a Needle

The wages of so-called pragmatism

Sen. George LeMieux works to build his own political brand

How long until economic recovery?

Cheney's "Defense Lawyer" Liz Cheney "Feeding Statements To His Preferred Media Conduit, Politico"

Aftermath: World Without Oil - NatGeo Channel NOW. Repeat at 1am eastern.

'Faith healing' parents sentenced (what about parents with no health care??)

Rodney Alcala: Once, a winning bachelor on "The Dating Game." Now, a convicted serial killer.

Democrats Start to Make Moves for Delahunt's Seat

Democrats Start to Make Moves for Delahunt's Seat

Texas Man Gets 35 Years For Marijuana Possession-Prosecutor Wanted To Put Him Away For 99 Years!

High school students! Question.....

Discounts off prescription drugs. Here's the link & they are GOOD!

Fiction of Marja as City Was U.S. Information War

Dwight Drake drops out of SC Governor's race

Creeped me out.

Alabama Supreme Court upholds ban on sale of sex toys (Less dildos = more morality)

Indiana: Rep. Burton's Poll Gives Him Big Lead

Being priced out of housing.

The Rightwing Witch Hunt Against ACORN

I'd say a campaign's in trouble (CRIST) when the issue is male BACK HAIR

New Zealand woman sells souls to highest bidder

EADS grounds $40bn US air tanker bid

Things in Afghanistan appear to be taking a turn for the worse...(photo evidence)

European Monetary Fund idea wins support in Germany

Sheriff's sargeant sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for punching handcuffed, seated suspect

The GOP's Dirty War - Rolling Stone

Was Homeland Security right about violence?

Report from today's FAKE 'Patriots for a Moral Utah' news conference

Told you tornadoes would be huge in numbers this year. OK had one today

Rachel Maddow nails the Health Companies to the Door.

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Psychopaths must be accompanied in the elevator.

Encourage all your teabagger acquaintences to throw away their census forms

Update on Du'er Bonobo's Mom - she passed away Friday:

Update on Du'er Bonobo's Mom - she passed away Friday:

No Money for Healthcare. BUT: National Guard intelligence analysts fuse to metro police departments

When will the rich start to sacrifice?

Is it right for the M$M to ignor the fact Oscars failed to mention Farrah Faucett who

Is it good or bad for the people??

Follow up about the young gay man form NC whose parents and school kicked him out

QUESTION: Didn't Kucinich vote against the bill that HAD the public option?

Stamp-Sized Paper “Chip” Diagnoses Diseases For Just a Penny

Sarah Palin Defends Crib Notes On Her Hand - God Did It, Why Can't I?

Kucinich on now on The Lawrence O'Donnell Show (aka Countdown).

America NEEDS single-payor health...right now!

America NEEDS single-payor health...right now!

Ric O'Barry of "The Cove". "If we win, it could end whaling".

Dodd Commits to PO under Reconciliation

Warren, Stiglitz & others: conference of financial reform all-stars offers an alternative

Warren, Stiglitz & others: conference of financial reform all-stars offers an alternative

Building a Student Movement, Starting Today

This Modern World: Welcome to Glox News! (XLNT!)

Libertarians are like anarchists who wave an American flag

Speaking of breast milk...Woman charged with breast milk assault

Rent boys at the Vatican

Florida Lawmaker Attempts To Deny Tax Credit To Movies Filmed With Gay Characters

How many zeros in a billion???

How many zeros in a billion???

Palin admits crossing over the border to Canada for Healthcare

Tea Party Challenger To Harry Reid Owes More Than $200,000 in Back Taxes

P&G recalls 2 Pringles flavors

Census Worker dropped off our form a little while ago

MAXIM; The Mysterious Death of Bush's Cyber-Guru

I ask Greta: What's SANTORUM's income & source. AND why do you call him "Senator"?!1

This Is What It Looks Like When Right-Wing Activists Run For Public Office

Failed Banks May Get Pension-Fund Backing as FDIC Seeks Cash

Toyota: What a Reeling

Fifteen states have polluter-driven resolutions to deny climate threat

Poisonous Snake found in Maine

Poisonous Snake found in Maine

The World According to Ronald Reagan

what is stopping the economic recovery? big oil

Hey Freepers, you are nothing but the worst kind of racist filth

Fifteen Reasons it's Time for a US Revolution

John Kerry: He's happy

WENDELL POTTER: ".........I would vote for it (senate HCR Bill). ...."

Glenn Greenwald: Since Congress Formally Condemned The MoveOn Ad, Shouldn't They Do The Same With...

Glenn Greenwald: Since Congress Formally Condemned The MoveOn Ad, Shouldn't They Do The Same With...

Ten Cubed.

A weak Public Option will become a strong Public option quickly.

Anyone else have student-loan woes?

Anyone else have student-loan woes?

Breaking News: Some Bullshit Happening Somewhere

Yeah, blame Nader for 2000.

Is there anyone here who has actually seen The Hurt Locker who thinks it's a pro-war movie?

What do we tell our children?

Colorado debating limits on payday loans.

The Colors of Warka: Paintings by Iraqi Women

POLL..Do you believe customers should be allowed to bring guns into Starbucks?

Help with pharmacy costs

If you saw "the Hurt Locker", there's no way you'd consider it a pro-war film

CNN has someone on there telling the truth. Past CEO from Cigna.

There will be more pain

Tyler Texas man gets 35 years for 4.6 ounces of Marijuana

Dennis Kucinich still prepared to vote with right-wing Republicans to kill Health Care Reform

Fun in the drug store's parking lot today...

Somebody explain to me how Single Payer would have passed the Senate?

It is all I can do not to cry while reading this

Palin used to sneak across the border to access Canadian health care!

I am listening to Ed Shultz and I am wondering why..

A pattern I have observed

Obama Complains about No Competition, But His HCR Plan Does Not Solve this:

Obama pitches health plan in spirited appearance

What is the best way to find/locate someone?

Obama admin. turning back endangered species...

Since Many Here Like To Spread Falsehoods About the HCR Bill, The IMMEDIATE BENEFITS

Roubini Global Economics: Unemployment will rise to around 10.8% in first quarter 2011

Group: Law Should Force Gays Out of Utah

How To Sell Germ Warfare (Hand Sanitizers And The Flu)

Wow! holy upset! ....Oscar spoiler alert......

agricultural giant Monsanto's GM corn is linked to organ damage in rats

Does anybody here actually understand that Obama can't wave a

Is there a warrenty on Roofs? We got ours totally replaced in 2008

Avatar should have won best picture. The Hurt Locker as Propaganda, an Army recruiting vehicle

Is Fosamax making your bones more brittle

Kenneth Starr: The Cheneys Are "SHAMEFUL"

New Zealanders have an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

This Is WAR

The State of Progressive Talk

The Oddest Moment During The Oscars

Orly Taitz Slings Mud at Republican Opponent for Secretary of State

The Guardian (London): Europe Must Not Ban the Burqa

The Drug War

Warning! Grover Norquist is Hazardous to Your Health

A simple political lesson on Dennis Kucinuch

Boy sprouts founder had secret talks with NAZIs

For-profit prisons, the new growth industry in America

Roger Ebert: "Avatar is an extraordinary film with a flat-out Green and anti-war message"

Can anyone tell me why the pre-existing clause for HCR won't happen for at least 4 years? /nt

Breast milk cheese for sale at New York Restaurant, Chef makes from wife's excess

37 Senators commited to Public Option thru reconciliation - need more - contact your senators

World recoils as 500 Christians slaughtered in Nigeria attack

Breakdown of an Anti-Science, Science Teacher

To those who ask "what has Kucinich done?"

To those who ask "what has Kucinich done?"

Two Florida charter schools in financial crisis. Taxpayer money is paying their debt.

Two Florida charter schools in financial crisis. Taxpayer money is paying their debt.

A Health Care Bill or An Insurance Bill? What is the President Pushing? This Poll Will Be Educating.

Looks like favored whipping boy, Tim Geithner, got it right after all

Dennis Kucinich is a patriot

I had no idea they were this close to proving election fraud 2004...

Happy Women's History Month! Does it matter?

Chris Hedges: Calling All Rebels

Those schools failing in CA? Choices: Close and reopen as a charter school, replace principal, etc

Teacher raises concern over school district tattoo ban

First Iceland, then the World!

OK - HR Q from employer's POV for once

Right Wing NEWSMAX: Americans strongly prefer Obama and/or Bill Clinton -- to Bush

There is a "Blood Bath" coming 2010,

School’s Shake-Up Is Embraced by the President: "tough love" from Obama

A picture of my parents and my brother and I on our vacation in New York...

Color me surprised that the Academy got it right this year

Everyone tweet to Ellen Fox of Rotten Tomatoes about the Oscars Dissing Bea Arthur & Farrah Fawcett

Oscar buzzed on Best Picture!

Oscar's Poll

DU: Help me out with girl/religion issue...

I want to thank the Academy for awarding Best Picture to Hurt Locker and thereby engendering

Robert Pattinson is a great actor, yes or no? *

So I'm guessing the Oscar pretty much kills any chance of Mo'Nique returning to Charm School on VH1

Just watched "Terminator Salvation" this weekend. Only ONE real problem with it.

Bea Arthur and Farrah Fawcett LEFT OFF Oscars "In Memoriam" Tribute Montage

From Twitter: James Cameron, pick up on line one. It's "SUCK IT!"

Speaking of which, did Sandra Bullock not thank the person who wrote the book?

A "Neighborhood Watch" call this morning that paid off

I propose to the DU Mods we create a subforum for Dr. Strange's Tales of WTFery stories.

In Illinois, Individual health-care premiums to soar up to 60%

Statement by the President on International Women's Day

We liberal and progressive activists didn't come up with the

Who was the last Democratic president that they DIDN'T call a socialist?

Krugman pre-empts WSJ, answers Delay et al on 'voluntary' Unemployment

Zogby Predicts Coakley Win

McCain and Lieberman join up to shred the last vestiges of the Rule of Law in the US.

The GOP Still Just Doesn't Like The Unemployed

L O S T possible SPOILER alert!!!!!

Ezra Klein to be on 'The Colbert Report' tonight!

Obama Gets High Marks on National Security but Democrats Don’t

Obama wags finger at insurance execs; will punish them by making every American buy their product

I heard recently on NPR that the EU enshrines the Rght to Privacy as its most important

Graham claims use of reconciliation for health reform ‘would be catastrophic’

Graham claims use of reconciliation for health reform ‘would be catastrophic’

Drew Westen: The Way Forward on Health Care

Please sign this petition to get rid of Rahm.

Dick Durbin's hardball game

Dick Durbin's hardball game

Somebody threw away a Delfonics LP in my front yard

My basic expectations from new health care legislation:

My basic expectations from new health care legislation:

My basic expectations from new health care legislation:

Poll: On Health Reform, Americans Trust Obama More Than Both Parties In Congress

What next? Economists divided on the future (this has something for everyone)

Obama Warns Democrats of Urgency of Health Bil

Eric Massa to Rip Democrats on Glenn Beck’s Fox News Show

Andrew Sullivan nails Mark Halperin on his latest Obama hit piece

Politics Daily: Obama's New Health Pitch: Families, Businesses Would Get Benefits This Year

I am confused..Massa's former deputy chief Heikel was the one that took the complaint

Universal health care would cost U.S. less

SCOTUS takes up Westboro Baptist Church case

Who is Jonathan Chait?

Ezra Klein: Health-care reform is progressive

You are not going to change DU minds. You might change Congressional ones

AP: Stupak: Health Bill Abortion Fight Can Be Resolved

"US says Iraq troop pullout on schedule after vote."

I totally agree with Big Ed - Where are the Dems?

Jonathan Chait: Health Care Reform And Our Myopic Polity

"Alabama Dem lawmaker will break from campaign trail to oppose health reform."

"Alabama Dem lawmaker will break from campaign trail to oppose health reform."

One Year Later: The Obama Recovery Illustrated

NYT: Duncan To Step Up Enforcement of Rights Laws In Schools

Republicans scold Liz Cheney (Politico)

Ken Starr and other BushCo Lawyers scold Cheney/Kristol over Shameful Ad

Ken Starr and other BushCo Lawyers scold Cheney/Kristol over Shameful Ad

Wow! Massa accuses WH of engineering his ethics probe and investigation!

Massa to staff member: "What I really ought to be doing is frakking you."

Spkr. Pelosi's Blog: Health Insurance Reform: Immediate Benefits vs. the Cost of Inaction

Kucinich voted against the House bill that included the public option

**** Heads Up: POTUS Rails Against the Evil Insurance Overlords, 11am EST! ****

Is Anybody Else Listening To The President Talk About Health Care Right Now?.....

President Obama made several statements about health care reform and a public option last summer

A personal story that proves that Dennis Kucinich is a self-absorbed prick

Members of Congress who vote against health care reform should lose their seats.


The complete list of ways progressives strengthened health reform legislation

The complete list of ways progressives strengthened health reform legislation


Obama Administration Cuts Hillary Clinton's Historic Preservation Program

Unbelievable. Palin says her family used to "hustle over the border" (to Canada) for health care

Unbelievable. Palin says her family used to "hustle over the border" (to Canada) for health care

Do you have insurance? Is it good/bad/meh? Do you support the current HCR legislation?

Secretary Sebelius Calls Health Insurance Execs Onto the Carpet

Dems Look To Expand Offensive On RNC “Fear” Gate

"Obama To Dems: Reform Will Kick In This Year. This Year. This Year."

"Obama To Dems: Reform Will Kick In This Year. This Year. This Year."

"Progressives lost sight that this would be a HUGE progressive win"

Poll: Obama Better Than Bush — On National Security And Terrorism

Matt Yglesias: How Many Divisions Has Jane Hamsher?

Dodd makes it 37 Senators supporting a public option via reconciliation

It's Kucinich Night On DU! Yay!!

Markos: White House coddles conservaDems, blasts critics as 'ideologues', 'idiots', or worse

My first post from my new laptop!

Dennis Kucincih would repeal NAFTA. For those of you that support NAFTA, here is some news

Does Dennis Kucinich Speak For You? (Binary Poll)

Dennis Speaks For Me

Kucinich Becomes Target of Health Care Whip Campaign

self delete

Obama accuses insurers of placing profits over people

Am I the only person who gets the flu-like symptoms and gains weight when exercising

The two REAL prevalent misconceptions on DU

McCain and Feingold seek cap on number of presidential appointees

Picture Thread: From a recent photo-shoot for a friends jewelry catalog

TRAILER: Don Cheadle as "War Machine" in "Iron Man 2"

My utilities run about $___ per month.

Left thigh/pocket area of my slacks pilling, wearing out--how to stop it?

Southern Baptist Ministers Lead Prayer For Obama's Death

I think I'm literally allergic to Mondays.

Who is the most underrated director?


Who is the most underrated dictator?

Hendrix fans: check this out

Oscars, what was up with the wall of lamps?

Just in case any of the talent here is interested in representation - Munchie Talent Agency

I am starting to pack for my convention this coming weekend, trying not to overpack.

Pandora vs. Slacker: music related by 'genome' vs. by culture

Increase font size

Several Dem Reps Ponder Becoming Pseudo Republicans.

Who is "Herb Schmidt" and why is he spamming me to death?

Anyone here need a job?

do you have a telepathic memory?

What has Dennis actually accomplished in his 13 years

LOL-- I'm reading and posting on DU when I have an exam to give in two hours...

In case you don't twitter, here are the results of the Fat Fib contest

I hope K-Big's Oscar inspires the powers that be to release Strange Days on Blu-Ray.

Specter: Democrats getting 'angry,' will pass healthcare bill

is this an oxymoron?

GAZPACHO. A sassy blend of intricate flavors or a poor excuse for a friggin' meal?



NOW on PBS (est) first recorded Rock + Roll concert.

Is there a Quentin Tarantino Film you'd like to see Get More Respect?

Is there a Quentin Tarantino Film you'd like to see Get More Respect?

Oh Millie! You make me cry. You sound like my mother. She was a

Oh, why don't you just grow a pair.

A comic strip everyone here can enjoy!!!

"Born Into Brothels"=Cool movie.

Some effin' nobody sues Tarantino for $1M+ over "Kill Bill" he stole his "treatment"...

Michael Giacchino

the fish are calling me

*sigh* ...and this is goodbye

Goodbye JMM

Girl Nauseous for Two Years Due to Wrong Glasses

was my landlord just hitting on me?

Any accountants in the 'house' tonight?

Worst Oscar hosts in the past 25 years

New links at DU?


Anybody here a fan Dorothea Lange, she was such a great photographer.

Darwin Award! Darwin Award!

Did anyone watch BIG LOVE this season? SPOILER ALERT

My cat's snoring...

LMAO - Sandra Bullock wins best - and worst actress in the same night.

LMAO - Sandra Bullock wins best - and worst actress in the same night.

For the Jodeci fans here!

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/08/10

What's the Vegan position on Human Breast Milk Cheese?

Hell has frozen over, apparently

Anybody else watching the Oscars not recognize many of the representers?

How long have you been posting at the DU?

Tell me about Oliver Queen.

Any allergy sufferers here ever tried those allergen-blocking gels?

So if Jack Bauer solves everything in 24 hours, are there other guys dedicated to other time spans?

Take a last name and change it to its actual meaning

Hailstorms in the San Ramon hills!

Happyy Easter everyone, not for this baby.

Wal-mart stench

Seriously - did the Oscar people really play "I Am Woman" after Kathryn Bigelow won her Oscar?

You know whats worse than Breast Milk Cheese?

Do you believe in the god of the bible?

Forest Gump deserves a straight up-or-down vote

another Oscars thread - but what's the deal with Meryl Streep??

Australian woman died after 'head was cut off during freak lawnmower accident'

For soldiers, Hurt Locker sets off explosions of laughter

And the Avatar-hating movie snobs start the pile-on.

Post a pic of your favorite actor of the moment.

Have you ever rejected an apology?

Do you have a photographic memory?

Tell me about Steve McQueen

making fun of Family Circus must end now

Oscar's tarnished image...

Second life 2.0 Beta has web on a prim. Can WOW do this?

Someone please tell me why they have Jennifer Lopez at the Oscars each year

Photos: "Rama Jama! Yella Hamma!....." (The Obama Presidency, Day 413)

What's for dinner tonight?

John Bigbootie has a LinkedIn page. Hire him!

New Steerpike Art

Which TV show would you want a spot on?

Does the Oscar statue look too masculine?

GD has a totally new take on a breast feeding thread...ya'll get over there.

Kucinich Doesn't Speak For Me.

"Worse than nothing" = utter drivel.

Tell me about Queen.

Sunnis Go to Polls, This Time, to Retain a Voice

Sarah Palin sees eye-to-eye with Albertans in Calgary speech

Officials Step Up Enforcement of Rights Laws in Education

Proposal for European Monetary Fund Wins EU Support

India to reintroduce controversial women's bill

Big bank oversight to stay with Fed

Afghan leader to host peace conference in spring

Qaeda Operative Arrested in Pakistan

Pakistan Taliban suicide bomb kills 13 in Lahore

Growing low-oxygen zones in oceans worry scientists

US and S Korea begin war games

U.S. officials looking for way to send Khadr back to Canada: source

Next Movie Project for Roland Emmerich?

Seventeen killed in quake in eastern Turkey

Group: Law Should Force Gays Out of Utah

Biden leads latest U.S. push to revive Mideast peace talks

Guy Nauseous for Two Hours Due to Wrong Thread about cheese made from...


Papandreou Seeks Currency Probe

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday March 8 to drop Colorado affiliates in response to tax law

John Kerry: He's happy

High court to rule on federal background probes

Fiction of Marja as City Was U.S. Information War

Failed Banks May Get Pension-Fund Backing as FDIC Seeks Cash

Northrop to Drop Bid for Tanker

The Car-puccino: A Car That Runs on Coffee

Central Nigeria on red alert after 500 killed

Critz wins Dem nomination for Murtha seat

Fat police could put World Cup fans 'at risk'

(Senator) Durbin to insurance companies: 'Party's over'

It's official: Hansen Clarke to challenge Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick for U.S. House seat

U.S. government knows of no al Qaida arrest in Pakistan

Glasgow fall victims 'were seeking asylum from Canada'

G20 governments containing protectionism: WTO


MIT’s levered wheelchair extends freedom to Third World

(UK) Miliband: we had to invade Iraq to preserve UN credibility

Newsom orders layoffs for 15,000 S.F. workers but plans to hire back most on part-time basis

Groundbreaking Study: Challenging conventional wisdom on renewable energy's limits

Obama still wants US trial for some Gtmo detainees

Health care coverage doesn't guarantee access, Ann Arbor research center finds

Tobacco lobby underwriting part of the conservative anti-tax rally tomorrow in Georgia.

Judicial Watch Obtains Top Secret Memo Detailing Closed Congressional Hearings On Enhanced Interroga

'Hurt Locker' Earns Best-Picture Academy Award

Oldest person in US dies in NH at age 114

Daughter of Dick Cheney considering running for office

Humans driving extinction faster than species can evolve, say experts

Brazil Raises Tariffs on U.S. Goods, to Break Patents (Update3)


Program Will Pay Homeowners to Sell at a Loss

George Bush to David Cameron: don't derail Northern Ireland peace process

Momentum for Armenian genocide measure is fading

Detailing Harassment, Massa Claims Democratic Conspiracy to Pass Health Care Forced Exit

Roy Ashburn, "I'm Gay"

Stupak: Health bill abortion fight can be resolved

Federal regulators launch probe of big agriculture

Karl Rove: I did not pull dirty tricks

Amazon cuts off Colo. affiliates because of tax

Four in five believe Web access a fundamental right

CA police help slow runaway (94 mph) Toyota Prius to stop

Court to rule in military funeral protest case(Phelps & Westboro)

Palin says her family went to Canada for health care when she was young

LiberalViewer: Megyn Kelly's ACORN "Interview" Fair on Fox News?

American Taliban Speaks About Terrorism Tactics

Keep America Crazy: Brought to You by the Cheneys

TYT: Why Progressives Never Have Any Real Power

Google 2 Launches!! AMAZING VIDEO!!!

Heartbreaking yet uplifting Campaign video

Obama: Elected Officials Were Sent to DC To Do What Was Hard Take On Tough Issues

Meet the Press (Mar 07) - E.J. Dionne Jr. destroys Orrin Hatch on Reconciliation

Jim Rogers Discusses Greece's Fiscal Woes, Euro: Video

Max Keiser - U.S. Sabre Rattling Russia, China & Iran

Kucinich War in Afghanistan Privileged Resolution Update

Young Turks: John McCain's Blatant Medicare Hypocrisy

Al Franken Radio show interviews Jon Stewart of the Daily Show [Part1] -- April 1, 2004

Rise Above Plastics

12 Alibis for a Republican Caught Cruising

President Obama At Pennsylvania Health Reform Rally Part 1/4

We're All Going To Hell, Apparently (Warning: March for Life folks)

TYT: Why A Health Insurance Mandate Is Terrible

Al Franken's The Oy Yoy Yoy Show June 25, 2004 with guest Al's dog

Racist e-mail compares First Lady to Chimp

Probably The Worst

Google 2 Launches!! AMAZING VIDEO!!!

Evidence and Delusion

TYT: Poll - Alan Grayson Leading in the REPUBLICAN Primary

Dumb Fundamentalist Christian DESTROYED

Kucinich: If You Listen To The President You'd Think He's For The Public Opition BUT HE'S NOT!

We're in Trouble When the Radical Is Paul Volcker

Today’s Soulless Republican Party

Inside the world of Obama's secret-service bodyguards

U.S. Housing situation draws attention of U.N Human Rights Council

Then All At Once (James Howard Kunstler)

Scarier Than A Million Halloweens ... reconciliation

Buck McKeon and the Conservative Sh*t Machine

Why Banks Can't Lend: U.S. Financial System "Not as Good as Wall Street Says"

Corporations, Public Enemy Number One!

Unholy news from Palestine

Bad things happen when empires fall apart

Happy International Women's Day

Rick Steves: Pack Your Bags: Travel as a Political Act

Peter Baker, New York Times Magazine: The Limits of Rahmism

Incompetent McCarthyism and Shared Beliefs

The Untouchable Budget; Defense Department, Inc.

Scott Horton: Incompetent McCarthyism and Shared Beliefs

Solidarity with Striking Mineworkers in Cananea, Mexico

First Iceland, then the World

When the Truth Is Shown to Be Lies

"Naked beatings" and prostitution

E.J. Dionne: A bipartisan push to clean up the Supreme Court's mess

Growing low-oxygen zones in oceans worry scientists

Bail out our schools

Sunday Late Night: Amarillo Army of God

Liz Cheney: Samuel Adams Should Be Barred From Selling Beer

Men May Have It Bad, But Unemployment Statistics Obscure the Hit Taken By Single Moms

'Are Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar “Quiverfull”?' - from No Longer Quivering

Chris Hedges: Calling All Rebels

Chicago chapter director of Parents Television Council wants FCC Chair Julius Genachowski to leave

Six Reasons Barack Obama is Still the Odds-on Favorite in 2012

Deal to Save Everglades May Help Sugar Firm Instead

Peak oil review - Mar 8

Drumbeat: March 8, 2010

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Florida: State $$$$ to Restore Everglades Instead Benefits Private Sugar Corp

Protection Delayed, Again, for the Sage Grouse; Energy Groups Face Less Scrutiny

Thais Ask China For Help On Mekong Flow - 8 Dams Already In Place Or Planned On Upper River

European energy giants unveil Supergrid vision

Palo Verde shuts 1 reactor after minor explosion

Battlelines drawn over bluefin tuna ban

Cow manure, potato scraps to power farm, homes

Xpost: Exposure to BPA May Cause Permanent Fertility Defects, Yale Researchers Find

Carbon Emissions ‘Outsourced’ to Developing Countries

Mexico May Soon Be Producing a Domestic Line of Next-Generation Vehicles

Food, water should be free for all

Humans driving extinction faster than species can evolve, say experts

The Real Surprise About West Coast Hypoxic Zones - How Quickly They've Become "New Normal"

In Year 5 Of Oyster Reproductive Failure, Pacific Growers Eyeing Acidification As Cause Of Collapse

The DOE announced awards totaling $40 million for Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP)

Other Nations On A New Land Grab in Africa:

Black Carbon May Be Bigger Player In Loss Of Himalayan Glaciers Than Previously Thought

LED Streetlights Best Buy for Cities, Pitt Researchers Report in First Cradle-to-Grave Comparison...

Laser enrichment of uranium?

64 miles per gallon fuel-injection system - in testing by 3 automakers

Wind power makes headway in Vt. - Major project wins town’s OK

Asking “what would nature do?” leads to a way to break down a greenhouse gas

Baltic Sea Now Home To 7 Of 10 Of Planet's Largest Marine Dead Zones - Nat Geo

Wanted: an eco prophet--People are drifting into a lethal slumber on climate change. ...

Massive Australian Floods Will Last Months, Cost Hundreds Of Millions In Cleanup Costs - SMH

Exactly One Tritium Leak Source Found at Vermont Yankee

EDF nuclear reactor carries 'Chernobyl-size' explosion risk

QB David Carr signs with San Francisco

I'm sorry, the New Orleans Saints are idiots...

All right, Landon Donovan, I was wrong about you

Dodgers Russell Martin gains 25 lbs...gets injured..

The "Official" DU Sports Forum 2010 March Madness Thread!!!!

OPEC Lists Latin America's Oil Producers

Zelaya appointed to Petrocaribe

The Tea Party: "We’re not Cuba. We’re the USA. - USA! USA! USA!”

Cananea Mine Battle Reveals Anti-Labor Offensive in Mexico

Lower half of South America, from the Falklands to the Pacific, shifted to the west

Brazil socks it to the U.S. big time -- trade sanctions

Honduras' former president Zelaya plans to publish book describing ouster last year


BBC doc: Brand Cuba (factors that have kept Cuba alive in the public imagination)

Palestinian boy freed from IDF jail without paying bail

There has never been an Israeli peace camp

In Israel, the Most Popular 'Jewish Mother' Is an Arab Muslim

Today in Labor History Mar 8 They persevere despite beatings by police, winning a 10 % wage increase

Group: Law Should Force Gays Out of Utah

Wrestler Hudson Taylor a champion for gay rights - Calls LGBT rights 'a pressing issue'

With all the bad news we need a break....The US Bobsled Team (Eye candy!)

Follow up about the young gay man form NC whose parents and school kicked him out

Male mice sing ultrasonic love songs


Shark vs squid

Ancient Mural Portrays Ordinary Mayans

Earthquakes - talk me down here . . .

For Iran, Enriching Uranium Only Gets Easier

Antarctic Glacier Has Five-story Blood-red Waterfall of Primordial Ooze

Paging Blue...

Playing with fire

Man, 1-Year-Old Child, Wounded in Compton Shooting

Home invasion: Suspect caught, dead youth ID'd

NYT: Locked, Loaded, and Ready to Caffeinate

Is our students learning?

first sign of hope

Women a 'driving force' in Ohio handgun sales

Splorfle! A silly bit of serendipity

Banksters win again

Mr. Obama’s Missing $1 Trillion

Denninger: FDIC admits bank blance sheets fraudulent.

An admission of possible US default????

Defenders and Demonizers of Credit Default Swaps

Exposure to BPA May Cause Permanent Fertility Defects, Yale Researchers Find

Iceland Voters Reject Bank Bailouts in Crushing Electoral Defeat; Neo-Liberalism In Context

Mass Market Epiphany

Father Hans Kung blames Catholic views on sex for clerical child abuse

Vitamin D critical to fighting infections

God's Law or Man's Law?

Will Health Bill Allow States to Do Better?

Did Tim Geithner get it right?

Glenn Beck Urges Listeners to Leave Churches That Preach Social Justice

Second Life's virtual money can become real-life cash

Australia: Labor’s war on public education

Sun Valley Elementary [Reno, Nevada] pushing to keep volunteer P.E. teacher

The "Teachers Are Built" Non-School of Thought

Getting the ax at Central Falls

Okay Ed. Forum, I need your opinion on...

Please vote for teachers in Florida.

Why we can't get rid of failing teachers.