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Archives: March 29, 2010

An Ohio Marine has just died in South Africa

Documentary Filmmakers Looking for 'Rosie the Riveters' in MI - Anyone know any?

Coverage Now for Sick Children? Check Fine Print

Realize I'm preaching to the choir, but are Rethugs the biggest whiners or what...

After Gang Crackdown, Police Become Targets (Hemet, Ca.)


Border town protest

Breaking Report: Blasts in Moscow metro kill at least 35

Sallie Mae Complains That Direct Government Loans Will Increase Efficiency

N. Caucasus terrorist groups possibly involved in Moscow blasts

Looks like the neo-cons are still batting for Grifterella

Victoria Jackson IS the tea-party

Double suicide bombings kill 37 on Moscow subway

IL Dem running for senate makes a fake facebook page for his Republican opponent

The People Who Say The Democrats Have A Radical Agenda

One of the largest Museums in the World Opens Today

Helluva night in North Carolina. The light of Monday morning will reveal a lot of destruction.

Freepers pull a Tom Tancredo

Just Now...Weather Channel....North Carolina Residents Want Gov Buyout

What is this???...

Socialists take on the Australian Protectionist Party party.

If I wanted to watch Fox News, I wouldn't tune into the Today Show

Christian Science Monitor: 'Open carry' gun laws vex Starbucks, again

Obama Takes Unannouced Trip Outside The Country....

Obama Takes Unannouced Trip Outside The Country....

Note to MSNBC: Health care reform has ALREADY PASSED!

Visual of what the Teabaggers are too Blind and Deluded to see ('toon)

Obama to Karzai: Progress needed in Afghanistan

Analysis: Next Obama test is Afghanistan

The Party of Cruelty (Kunstler)

posted on Free Republic: Vanity -- My Campaign for Congress

Treasury says it will begin selling Citi shares

The Republican leaders in Georgia are mad at the state AG because he won't file a bogus lawsuit

Rep Barrow-Embraced As Hero By Whites-Assailed By Blacks: 'I Voted Against Things I Believe In"

All of the hand-wringing over mandates is just posturing.

Some Hutaree beliefs. "They mean to fire their guns, and kill people in the name of Jesus."

HFCS study authors defend work against attacks

Humans Are Too Stupid to Prevent Climate Change

To conservatives, that makes her only a moderate among Democrats

Laura Ingraham Right About Sarah Palin

Just heard a Republican caller on C-Spans Washington

My response to Sgt C, USMC

over night N.C. had 8 tornadoes

over night N.C. had 8 tornadoes

The nightmare of Canadian health care

Virginia's AG is a BIRTHER!

EPA proposes veto of major US mountaintop removal site (good news!)

Native Remains Nationwide to be Returned from Museums to Tribes

Pat Buchanan: Voting for a batshit crazy opponent to McCain is better than re-electing McCain

I just talked to my mom about the coffee party. Supposedly it started here

Attempting To Strip Gays Of Hate Crimes Protections, Oklahoma Removes Protections For Race/Religion

Poll: President Obama Understands People Like Me (56%)

What HCR does for your Cong. District - great resource fo LTTE

i hate to ask again,but please help me fact check Kay Hutchison's column

read this letter to the editor in my paper re: "Obamacare"...

A little perspective on the Teabagger's Party in the Desert :

No return from the breach this time for my friend Jo Woodgate


Militia group suspects charged with conspiracy

The "FUCK ME" States: Millions Of Americans Are Demanding Their Freedom To Be Screwed

Measles Outbreak Triggered by Unvaccinated Child

Florida Farmer Plowing Under Strawberries Instread of Harvesting

Did the Federal Government Make Money Bailing Out Citigroup?

What Kind Of Buffoon Expenses A Topless Bar?

What Kind Of Buffoon Expenses A Topless Bar?

Is service choppy for anyone else

Freepers rally to defense of the Hutaree

President John Adams signed a law mandating employed sailors to purchase healthcare insurance

BREAKING NEWS: Pres. John Adams a SOCIALIST -- Mandates Sailors Purchase Insurance!!!

RNC “Investigating” Party Funds Spent On Bondage-Themed Nightclub

When will Michael Steele resign?

Who is the bigger whack job? Poll

Market alert: The Dow is crashing again today

Objecting to the President's Afghanistan policy is a uphill battle among Democrats polled

Should Michael Steele Resign His Post As RNC Chair Over The Current Imbroglio

Should Michael Steele Resign His Post As RNC Chair Over The Current Imbroglio

U.S. Job Losses to China:

Thank YOU mods...

Reconciliation, now 15 recess appointments . . . a revival of the activist presidency we voted for?

Chairman Breitbart at the Podium

Chairman Breitbart at the Podium

How has it come to be that there are so many anti-American Republicans in Congress?

Gov't to Give $600M in Housing Aid to 5 States

I wonder what Mrs. Andrea Derritt Steele has to say about the strip club?

CREW, VoteVets File IRS, FTC Complaints Against Sean Hannity Charity Freedom Concerts


Freeps call Steele "Dem plant, " wonder if RNC would be called "rassist" for firing him

Well thanks guys... you crashed the RNC strip club site

The Website Of RNC Chair Michael Steele's Favorite Topless Bar Has Crashed

Lousy School Lunch Bill One Step Closer to Passage in Senate

The Thom Hartmann Tea Party Pledge.

It was Hippies that made Catholic priests sexually molest children!



Olbermann Returns to Countdown for Good Tonight

Frum on health reform: ‘Repeal is literally impossible’

Giving my bumper a break

So, who do you think Palin/Armey's Teabaggers want to replace Steele with?

I Don't Want MY Tax Dollars Used To Sue Over Health Care Reform

Monday Toons, Part 2

Maine blazes a trail in funding -- Clean election system popular

Maine blazes a trail in funding -- Clean election system popular

Monday Toons, Part 4

Have Wall Street bailouts disproved that rich should be taxed less since they rely on gov't less?

Office of Congressional Ethics Admonishes Former Rep. Nathan Deal (R-Ga.)

"Obama kept us safe from Terror!" (Michigan Militia)

Rachel Maddow wants some help searching Hutaree Forums

Does anyone know who Donald Young is/was, and why Obama would know about his "murder"?

Rapper (from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) arrested on old warrants during Ohio show

Yesterday Was Palm Sunday. Jesus Rode Into Jerusalem On A Donkey, Not An Elephant

'Jesus wanted us to be ready to defend ourselves using the sword and stay alive using equipment.'

Listen to this

Question About Rec/Unrec Function

The word patriot now means moron in my opinion.

CNN Poll: Americans divided on repealing health care law

CNN Poll: Americans divided on repealing health care law

Ethics office: Deal acted improperly with side business

How low hath the once-mighty McCain fallen?

Monday Toons, Part 1

DU'ers: Please Help Finish this Film!!!

I need a new Bible. Stat.

The Bracket of Evil -- Semifinals!

Why McCain Needs Palin

Tea Party activism is not about political dissent - It's about vile, storm trooper sound bites

Can Someone Explain How This Militia Group, Hutaree, Is Not Being Labeled As A Terrorist Group

Keith Olbermann Makes 'Countdown' Return Tonight

UK police break into -50- homes pretending to be robbers to highlight....crime?

One day Michael Steele will be

Anyone got some mad Flash animation skillz looking to riff Teabaggers?

HITCHENS outs his bi-curiosity (VERY ACTIVE) school sex. He was NOT "unappreciated"!1 Gross pic!1

Google "lunatic fringe", click "news" tab, the top story is about Sarah Palin

Billy Kennedy, running for US Congress against Virginia Foxx.

David Frum of GOP: Conservatives and Republicans today suffered their most crushing legislative.....

David Frum of GOP: Conservatives and Republicans today suffered their most crushing legislative.....

Leadership Dead Pool

RNC hits 'bondage club' story

Just heard on Ed Schultz Show Steele is being called out for Expense Trip to X-Rated Club by DNC!

Protesting the Government: Us versus Them

Dems On Business' HCR Cost Claims: Prove It

Right Wing Terrorism Watch: Hutaree group planned to kill a cop and then bomb the funeral

Right Wing Terrorism Watch: Hutaree group planned to kill a cop and then bomb the funeral

How long before Michael Steele is gone?

Man accused of making threats against Cantor

B.C. human rights case pits comedian against lesbian heckler

Move over Jesus. Make room for Ratzinger on that cross!

What's for lunch for freeper types today?

Best Freaker Line about the RNC Strip Club Scandal

Minuteman Leader: When I Said To Come To The Border Locked And Loaded, I Didn't Mean Locked And Load

Racial Slur Development Not Keeping Pace With Mixed-Race Births, Nation's Bigots Report

Is the media referring to Christian militia as "suspected terrorists"? Greenwald asks

A Book on ‘Arming America’s Enemies’ Written by America’s Enemies?!

Maryland man to plead guilty to tossing Chihuahua off a bridge

Romney endorsing Repubs who voted against Health Care?

Sediton....yes! I like that word to describe all these nutball

Cantor will have to share his lunatic(Leboon-"Son Of Enoch") with Obama, VP, Pelosi & Reid, etc, etc

Help Me Refute Claims About Dubya's Deficit Spending

Tucker Carlson responds to RNC complaints about DC’s Michael Steele article

What Frum’s Firing Tells Us About Politics Today

LOL right wing radio station gets bit by FCC regs forcing it to air an offensive ad

YOO: I Think Of Myself As A Shining Beacon Of Capitalism & Democracy-Surrounded By Hippies

Dem Memo: We’re Kicking Butt In Local Papers

Not much talk of the Moscow bombing here. Surprising

Tina Brown zings McCain

If the Russian government learned anything from Bush, here is what they will do:

9 Christian Militia members arrested in murder plot

Militia members were going to kill a cop and then kill cops at his funeral.

imagine if they were a muslim militia

The Catholic Church is guilty...

Been to may a Strip club--and I gotta say $1,946.25 is a hell of a lot of lap dances.

Been to may a Strip club--and I gotta say $1,946.25 is a hell of a lot of lap dances.


Rep. Eric Cantor threatened (no, really!)

U.S. Military Doing ‘Limited’ Drug War Work In Mexico

I Was Just On Thom Hartman!

DU IT experts have you tracked down

Chris Hedges: Is America ‘Yearning For Fascism?’

Most Americans: "Tax the rich but not me"


Overqualified? Yes, but Happy to Have a Job

Help get rid of David Dreier- donate if you can, to Russ Warner.

Why do they always look the same?

Tomorrow is Seward's Folly day. How should we celebrate?

What is on Beck? He is doing a "history lesson" on Hitler

NC-SEN Gen. Wes Clark endorses Cal Cunningham

Pelosi: GOP used "campaign of fear" to turn elderly against health care bill

Weren't all Bishops and The Arch Bishops and The Pope priests once?

Please help save the whales!

Sec. Napolitano says airport full-body scanners 'do not see everything'

SO Because Chechen Rebels Bombed the Moscow Subway, we Step Up Security at Ours?

SO Because Chechen Rebels Bombed the Moscow Subway, we Step Up Security at Ours?

New Republican party mascot unveiled

"Vandals break window at Democratic Party offices"

GOP: don't tread on me: but whips and manacles are fine and dandy

Why do the GOPiacs think/feel they nhave a LOCK on the FLAG, FREEDOM, Patriotism? Democrats feel the

The GOP was so worried about nonexistent funding for abortion and look what they

Man Charged With Threatening To Kill Rep. Eric Cantor

Shame on John McCain by Tina Brown

With the passage of the medical insurance bill, who won?

A U.S. Biometrics Agency

Why the RNC won't fire STEELE....he is one of THEM....most of the GOP are members too

So, will the term "teabaggery" soon join the American slang lexicon...

Website that broke the RNC - L.A. bondage club story, is headed by Tucker Carlson

Glenn Beck and his ilk are inciting violence with their anti-government rhetoric

Man sues neighbor to shut off electronics

David Stone et al are going to prison for a long time

The Ultimate Low-Information Voter


GOP: don't tread on me.....

A beautiful tribute for a wonderful man

It is Easier to teach a Polar Bear to play the Cello.....

Pssssssssssssssssssssssst Melanie Sloan is on Ed exposing

Tweety - why are the teabaggers so angry

Tweety - why are the teabaggers so angry

White House to host eco-friendly Easter Egg roll

Complaints filed with FTC against Hannity over Freedom Concerts marketing practices

Howard Kurtz Allows Erick Erickson to Feign Ignorance on the Rhetoric Posted at His Blog

Newsweek: Osama bin Laden resurrected once more!

More Whackjob Militia Hypocrisy

CNN Poll: Obama approval up in wake of health care victory

Happy Passover!

MSNBC Video: RNC - $2K for bondage strip club was a "reimbursement made to non-committee staffer"...

Quick HCR question (I have somebody on the phone) -- is the

I LOVE Chris Matthews. Always have... always will.

Ricky Martin is livin' la vida open, says he's gay

AMC purchased 6 episode arc of Walking Dead TV series to run in October.

Who else is going to miss Michael Steele when he resigns?

I hate cold sores...

I hate cold sores...

Israel To Focus On Key Iran Nuclear Targets In Any Strike

Chalabi-led panel plans to bar 4 Sunnis who won from taking office

Senator Specter Wants to Extend US Privacy Curbs to Web-Cam Use

RNC spent $1946.25 at sex-themed nightclub Voyeur West Hollywood.

Apathy is evil

NATO Tries to Silence a Truth-Teller in Afghanistan After Killing Pregnant Women

Crooks & Liars: At McCain event, Palin denounces violence while protester gets his ass kicked

US Troop Deaths DOUBLE In Afghanistan 03/27/10

Sarah Palin Sticks to Her Guns, and Gun Imagery, in Message to Supporters

US and British deaths double, wounded triple, in Afghanistan

US and British deaths double, wounded triple, in Afghanistan

Washington considers a decline of world oil production as of 2011

Uh oh - raging Ron Christie is mad at MC Steele

To the end, a man felled by hatred rose above it

To the end, a man felled by hatred rose above it

Caption this pic

Looks like Health Insurance Co's have already found LOOPHOLES

A copy of the actual Hutaree group Indictment- 12 pages

Tea Party draws "crowd" in red state AZ - well 1200 actually.

Under Attack (from Lincoln)

Ricky Martin steps out of the closet

Opinion of Senator Mark Begich (D-AK)

Opinion of Senator Blanche Lincoln (D-AR)

John McCain: Your urgent support is needed in the next 72 hours

Elementary School Puts on Production of "Scarface"

Opinion of Senator Mark Pyror (D-AR)

does anyone have any photographic evidence of a teabagger that is NOT white?

Excellent video on the transformation of American businesses, citizenship & the economy since 1980

Opinion of Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA)

Michael Steele Called Tone Deaf By GOP Brass, Urged To Resign

Obama adminstration moves to fix kids coverage gap

Wired: China Testing Ballistic Missile ‘Carrier-Killer’

Peter Roberson, Bank Lobbyist Turned House Staffer, Is Heading Back To K Street

Opinion of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA)

The difference between Biden and Cheney's F-bombs...

The Rude Pundit: A Few Things That Just Don't Make Sense

Opinion of Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO)

Opinion of Senator Mark Udall (D-CO)

Opinion of Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT)

Opinion of Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT)

The Little Picture: Flower Power.

RNC "Bondage Club" story going mainstream...

Are you as Sick of Christians as I am???

Are you as Sick of Christians as I am???

Dana Loesch is an empty headed twit. Why is she on Hardball??

A belated farewell to Stewart Lee Udall. Do you remember him? (Part 1)

A belated farewell to Stewart Lee Udall. Do you remember him? (Part 1)

The Soul does not exist

When you see someone texting and driving...

Paul Wellstone calling out the Bush Tax Cuts-old Senate speech from 2001

U.S. Senate candidate's anti-Semitic ads air on Missouri radio station

Woman, adopted from Mexico as baby, turns out to not be U.S. citizen

250,000 Hens Die in Fire at Ohio Fresh Eggs

"You receive my bullets in your office, remember they will be placed in your heads,"

Are vaccines mandates?

An earlier example of gov't "forcing" citizens to buy something:Second Militia Act of 1792

Palindrone - Keith is back

Banks Are Likely Winners in Obama's Latest Foreclosure Prevention Program

Prejean Sued for $64K by "Christian-focused" PR firm that crafted her "biblically correct message"

Conservative Women’s Group Rips RNC Over Bondage-Themed Nightclub

An Open Letter to Conservatives - RE: Your Hypocrisy

CNN's Blitzer doing a FEATURE following the "Palin Tea Bag Express!"

The dreaded Senate hold strikes again, this time to an autism advocate

Ron Christie: 'I'm sick and tired of the slow drip'...

Semi-Offishul Webbed Sight of the Hutaree Brigade

Huffington Post: Obama's NLRB Recess Appointments: A Flexible Economy Needs a Nimble Labor Board

Am I the only one who loves the story of Michael Steele letting his freak flag fly on the RNC dime?

An Interesting Screen Capture From The 'Tea Party Patriots' Site, Ladies And Gentlemen....

Were it not for Idiot Son, would we be where we are today?

Huh? Wha?!

US News & World Report: Big Winner in Health Care: You

Hutaree, Hutarah, Hutaree...Hutarahahahahaha...

U.S. Contractors In Afghanistan Face Allegations Of Paying Off The Taliban

do you get friend requests on facebook that you never heard of?

Hutaree dialect -- rooted in religion or Pokemon?

Republicans didn't get mad when.......

Breaking on Rachel

Report: Otter Population Still Declining

Faux finds a former costar of Sean Penn's (a Latina, of course) to slam his support of Hugo Chavez

All washed up: Seal pup one of thousands stranded on Canadian beach due to record ice shortage

Bill Clinton admits that free trade fugged up Haiti

Searchlight Violence

MoveOn or some other cutting edge progressive group needs to hold RNC Bondage Night. . .

Hatari! or Hutaree?

RNC Voyeur bondage fetish club reviews on Yelp!

Say Goodbye to Saturday Mail

Hilda Solis: Labor's New Sheriff

Greenwald on McConnell and Corporatism

Politico Suffers Staff Exodus, Loses Star Media Reporter

Republicans spent $1,946 at topless club

You know what the world needs? A theocracy that rotates through religions

Rapture-ready update! The totalitarian Obama regime is trying to make Christians look unstable

I encourage the Tea Party

militias part of tea party ...'Open Carry Family Picnic & Tea Party'

(Cartoon) Mark Hurwitt March 2010: Big Box Stores

Half-Governor Palin! Ha!

LTTE for your approval

This was almost one year ago:

A challenge for you math wizzes and Civil War buffs...

How come there are 17 Huteree (Militia) in their Web photo but 9 were only arrested?

Conservative Women’s Group "SPANKS" RNC Over Bondage-Themed Nightclub

Feds nab last militia member suspected in attack plot

Wesley Clark Endorses Cunningham (NC's Senate primary)

Tea Party ... or Whitey Party? / Birthers ... or Boothers?

Waxman asks AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson to address concerns over health bill

Anyone Know about Earth Hour?

The Kaiser Family Foundation has posted a health care bill timeline

Norman Solomon: A Bomber Jacket Doesn't Cover the Blood

There's another Hutaree Militia Chapter in Utah according to SPLC

There's another Hutaree Militia Chapter in Utah according to SPLC

Hutaree militia leader couldn't pass psych test for mil service. MI State Police also rejected him.

I wish there'd be a better spokesperson than Mark Potok.

Wait, get this, KOS exposed Hannity's charity (for himself) in 2007, NO ONE paid attention, NO ONE

RNC disciplines aid for leaking reimbursement details for expenses paid under Steele.(w pics)

I applaud the charging of crimes for bullying that poor child

If anyone asks me about a 'hopey changey thing.' I'm going to ask them 'why don't you

"Ovarian Audacity"

John Boehner Signals to Fundamentalist GOP Base That President Obama is the Anti-Christ

Militia members charged with police-killing plot

Pelosi: 'I should thank' the GOP

Alaska dem headquarters vandalized - Palin rhetoric blamed

Who says the GOP doesn't change?

HuffPo - "Frank Luntz Pens Memo To Kill Financial Regulatory Reform"

Social Inequality in America, debt as deliberate tool of power

they are domestic terrorists

Can someone tell me exactly when Victoria Jackson jumped the damned shark?

THE DAILY SHOW starting now.....

Minuteman Leader: When I Said To Come To The Border Locked & Loaded, I Didn't Mean Locked & Loaded

Hutaree, Hintellivision, or Hodyssey?

Ever notice that some of the same people who are denouncing the Democratic Party

Winner of the "Get off my lawn" award: Man hates on musical ice cream trucks

RNC Nightclub Party was for GOP Donors

Last of Nine Alleged Cop-Killing Plotters Arrested

A profile of Erik Brown, who expensed the bondage club. Yeah he is involved in his church's ministry

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! It's MalloyVision time!!

HAHAHA!!! These teabagging dipwads are not doing their census forms!

NY Archbishop compares Pope in pedophile scandal cover up to Jesus

Survivor To Pope: "Offensive, would be an understatement to describe yesterday’s comments."

Anybody watching MikeMalloy Vision?

AFA's Fischer Hopes Americans Will Violently Revolt Against "Tyranny of a Repressive Central Gov't"

Freedom Alliance - BBB Report

Judge in New York dismisses human gene patent

flag of Obama with bullet hole next to head for sale

9 charged with bullying Mass. teen who killed self

Obama 9th Circuit nominee rebuked Bush Administration for diluting Endangered Species Act

FIFA selects all non-African talent to perform at South Africa-hosted World Cup.

Could Clinton have achieved healthcare iniative in 99.

Could Clinton have achieved healthcare iniative in 99.

Could Clinton have achieved healthcare iniative in 99.

Insurance industry agrees to fix kids coverage gap

Salon: Complaints filed with FTC claim Hannity / Oliver North "charity" exploits American veterans

Russian Envoy Hails Tehran-Moscow Excellent Ties

Radok? Boramander? Zulif?

CNN report suggests militia group linked to Tea Party

Let us not forget the Homeland Security Report Warned of 'Rising Right-Wing Extremism'

Let us not forget the Homeland Security Report Warned of 'Rising Right-Wing Extremism'

Sometimes having your ARM start adjusting is a good thing

Sometimes having your ARM start adjusting is a good thing

AND we have an excuse from Sheehan

AND we have an excuse from Sheehan

Shaw's workers continue strike - please support these workers

A constitutional convention would be INCREDIBLY dangerous

There are so many smart, decent people in this country who work for the good of others

Coulter speaking at UCLA Wednesday

Insurers find loophole in health bill, say they don’t have to cover sick kids

email from Harry Reid "buy dictionaries for tea partiers"

Sebelius To Insurers: It's Over, You Lost, Stop Looking For Loopholes

Reid: Get Tea Partiers Dictionaries So They Can Look Up 'Socialism'

Remembering Cesar Chavez

Well-known Militia hosting Open Carry & Tea Party Event

CBC's Neil Macdonald: 'Running from the snarling white mobs'

CBC's Neil Macdonald: 'Running from the snarling white mobs'

Dallas officials: Erykah Badu broke law by getting naked on video

Would You Support Extending Troop Presence in Iraq?

PHOTOS: Teabaggers in Searchlight or reunion of the hill folk from the movie "Deliverance?"

Pravda commentator on Sarah Palin LOL LOL

The Five-count Indictment Against The Hutaree "Patriots" (PDF) = Possible Revocation of Citizenship

Not the party of Hell No, just the party of Hell. Nuff said. nt

NYT Invents "Important Threshold" To Scare Readers About Social Security

Steele - flying high, living like a king and spending Rep money at topless bondage club

Freeper reaction to the Michigan militia: They think they're innocent!

Freeper reaction to the Michigan militia: They think they're innocent!


We should start a campaign to rename all strip clubs "local RNC headquarters."

Loophole Large Enough to Bury a Child In

Checking the Racist Box: White Supremacists Stand Up to be Counted in the 2010 Census

READ THIS!!! Time for everyone to order an Obama bumper sticker and put it on their car!

Drone Strikes Are Legal, U.S. Official Says

There Have Been Other Attempts At Starting A Third Party That Have Been Pooh-Poohed By MSM.......

Healthcare reformageddon - Living in a socialist nightmare! - By Tom Tomorrow


DUers, may we have a round of applause for Dinger, who called in to the Thom Hartman show today?


Monday Toons, Part 3

Do you know anyone who has switched from liberal to conservative?

Father Of Dead Marine Ordered To Pay Legal Fees Of Westobro Baptist Church Protesters

Are Republican Right Wingers Homeland Security Threats?

Poacher Devoured by Lions

What people are saying about Voyeur West Hollywood (reviews page)

Ohio AG Richard Cordray Shoots Down "HCR Is Unconstitutional" Meme

Gates: Afghan Peace Talks Should Wait Until More Troops Arrive

Why is this night different from all other nights?

A reminder that DU has a MarketPlace group where you can sell things

Regarding The Loop Hole In HCR That Ins. Co's Are Trying To Exploit

sugar beets, must we stay in the dark ages

"I drank two shots of Jack Daniels in the car," he admitted, "but I also ate a sandwich."

I live in NJ and I am living in a Republican hell

Sarah Palin bullies Alaskan authorities to protect daughter Willow; other partiers charged

Sarah Palin bullies Alaskan authorities to protect daughter Willow; other partiers charged

Uproar in Quebec border town after U.S. apprehends 83-year-old man

Bill Moyers: The Health Bill Is a Bonanza for the Insurance Industry and Other Monied Interests

Bidding goodnight with some Schadenfreude: Cars towed at Glenn Beck rally

Palin in black leather - RNC paying for bondage club - surely this is

bring on the PUBLIC OPTION (morphing it into SINGLE PAYER)... as Aetna CEO warns of price hikes:

Who's your baby daddy? - pic

If the preexisting condition for kids isn't covered why should we believe any of the

So, 6 Arab men get on my plane. They looked like they were from Central Casting.

Billionaire Meg Whitman running out of campaign cash!

I paid $29 for two movie tickets yesterday. Popcorn and drinks cost another $20 more

Christian extremism - a much more dangerous threat than Islam could ever be

Ricky Martin says birth of twin sons encouraged him to come out

She didn't make it.

Karl Rove on Leno tonight

Ok so who is going to organize "Roses to Michael Steele".

So what is Michael Steele's "safe word"?

Accessory bumperstickers to complement your Obama bumpersticker

Neo-Liberalism has overtaken liberal thought in Washington

Apple boycotts FOX News because of Glen Beck

"Blue Gal" NAILS the new RNC Logo. I'm guessing they won't be using it, though.

So, I got my health insurance premium increase notice for this next year. Only Three Hundred Dollars

So, is it Hutaree (when singular) and Hutarii (when plural)???

Californians: we HAVE to keep Boxer's seat!

First its coverage that insurance companies will find loopholes for, next it will be claims.

Dems see backlash coming for GOP after unemployment block

An extremely proud report of a successful town hall meeting with one who's in Sarah's cross hairs

JFK is largely a myth

Should Sarah Palin Replace Michael Steele As RNC Chair?

The Bases of Empire

Obama cuts to home energy assistance to have devastating consequences

Obama cuts to home energy assistance to have devastating consequences

Grade your member of Congress (House)

"We used to call it segregation. Now we call it failing schools."

Why on Earth does America produce child sized shot guns?

Youth may pay a lot more for health premiums

WP: One woman's quest to prosecute Bush

Delaware, Tennessee get top honors on Arne's Race to the Top

political blog entry of the year---- "and post on "

Kristol: The Russians ‘in some ways have brought’ suicide bombings ‘on themselves.’

Did everyone notice this - All these Hutaree idiots hate the government but

Should Dr. Conrad Murray be held responsible for Michael Jackson's death?

Rasmussen: Most Say Tea Party Has Better Understanding of Issues than Congress

CNN report suggests Antichrist-fearing militia group hosted Tea Party

Lovelock: "Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change."

Would you support raising the retirement age for Social Security?

Obama Packs Debt Commission with Social Security Looters

What should we call the teabaggers?

HURRAY!!!!! 9 charged with bullying Mass. teen who killed self

This is what the armed insurrectionists look like (Pic Heavy)

ACORNing WikiLeaks - Web Publisher under Attack

Toyota’s Acceleration Issue Due to Electronics, Experts Say

Report: Homelessness set to surge among US elderly (33% increase by 2020)

Window Seat

My new CPAP mask should arive tommorrow

BREAKING: Joe the Mentally Unstable Racist Dipshit replaces Joe the Plumber on McCain Stump Circuit







Try not to laugh by the 50 second mark of this video:

Its 2 am and I'm going to eat some DEVILED EGGS!

Alright, this is cute: dog falls for cat (video)

A drop of water in slo-mo

Dog that bit police car must attend classes...

Just had my worst birthday ever... What's Yours?

Ernest "Tea" Bass

Just one more week and the DU Lounge will never be the same again...

Caught the ending of The Simpsons last night...

On A Windy Night (a very cool little book in my humble opinion!)

Is it just me or is this a badly designed form?

Where fashion sits....

Rush-ing into Songwriters Hall

Any fans of body modification here?

If someone asks you the same question fifty different ways, what do you do?

How would you describe Dr. Strange?

Hey Indianapolis residents! I'm coming to say hi this weekend!

Gorillaz - Stylo

Pics from Steele's big night out...

If someones ask you the same question fifty different ways, what do you do?

What would one do if someone posed the same question to them fifty different ways?

What would one do if someone posed the same question to them fifty different ways?

What do you do if someone asks you the same thing over and over again, each slightly different?

What do you do if someone asks you the same thing over and over again, each slightly different?

I could care less

The same question, but fifty different ways: What would you do?

Husky Dog Talking - " I love you "

What do you do if someone asks you the same question fifty different ways?

Let's play fifty questions

water is wet...

Some questions about Lost - what was the deal in the beginning with

When you are a tourist, do you ACT like a tourist, attempt to blend in, or not even think about it?

What's for lunch for freeper types today?

Ever feel like a big, fat, phoney?

Innocent Ways to Drop the Word "Penis"in a Sentence

Yet another shitty day in paradise

dj cheb i sabbah

This is just disturbing on any number of levels

Time to make the Musical Donuts

Rolling Stone: Producers of original "Slap Shot" plan remake with Pauly Shore in Paul Newman role

laptop deals

Music to unwind after a seriously insane day at work...

OH, THE HORROR. Dropped from somebody's Facebook friend list for my political opinions!

Dear RNC, No Matter What A Stripper Tells You. There's No Sex In The Champange Room.

Water is wet

Latest Podcast is up!

I hate sold cores...

I hate hot sores...

If you say something disparaging to a person or that person's interests or group...

This whole bondage club thing, begs a question...

Ugh. Here's what I HATE about Naked drinks: Banana puree.

Is the new Clash of the Titans going to be good or bad?

What's all this then?

Sinister evil plot at Easter!

What do you do if someone posts the same thing over and over again, each slightly different?

Who here has also had a crush on Monty Python's Carol Cleveland?


Velvet Underground "Loaded"

Don't Go Back to Rockville


Whoops! my internet is too huge--takng up the whole screen

My dad is a the hospital with a strangulated hernia and possible blockage. Vibes and

Big cats play in the water and to house cats it's like poison

I try not to be superstitious, but there's something to the full-moon urban legends.

So, who's buying an iPad this weekend?

La Femme Fetal

iTouch or iPhone?

Soap Opera Fans - craziest storylines you remember from the Soaps

Well, I just got X-slapped in GD (again), however, it could happen in LBN or LOUNGE, too!1 n/t

*ouch* Uma Thurman movie in UK makes..... $132

Was driving tonight...

How're the hard keratin covers of the dorsal portions of your distal phalanges?

War on Easter....started yet?

What is the best way to handle bullying?

Just got back from NYC and Long Island...had to go unexpectedly for a family emergency.

Ever feel like a big, fat, pony?

Have your reading habits changed because of the internet?

Scorpions - Wind of Change

1978-04-12 - Cameron Indoor Duke University - Grateful Dead "Truckin' snippet - The Garcia Windmill

Addicted to Cat Porn

So years ago my photo album was taken from my apartment. Should I start a new photo album

I hate old bores.......

Symptom check--anyone ever have what feels like a bubble in your chest?

Billy Squier - In the Dark

I want to learn Tilt-shift photography. It looks cool


MST3K and Rifftrax fans - live streaming tonight at 9 ET/6PT of "Shake Hands With Danger"

I squished a dog on the way home from work tonight

Seinfeld or Friends?

I hate cold sores...

Any idea/projection as to when Parenthood will be canceled?

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 3/29/10

Elementary School Puts on Production of "Scarface"

The daughter of a friend has disappeared. Vanished without a trace.

You've spent $1,946 at a strip club, and it's time to face the wife/SO

Kate Winslet's dialogue in Titanic:

Father shoots daughter's boyfriend after catching them in the act

I dunno, the whole fundraiser at the bondage club thing

Michael Savage

QUICK: How do you prepare brown rice?



JFK humor

The Presidents: #1: George Washington

Am I the only one who has never read Ayn Rand?

Reminder, DU has a Market Place where you can sell things or buy things.

worth signing up for facebook just for this

Vibes, Prayers etc....Needed

This "art" i put together is in GD, but its not getting many hits. so....

do you get friend requests on facebook that you never heard of?

In the age of Hollywood remakes, has there ever been a remake that was better than the original?

Time again for the official DU "I LOVE STEVE MILLER BAND" thread

Yay! The Hummingbird Nest Cam is back live!

And now RPattz brings you...

Last 5 full albums you have listened to?

Health Care Violence

Health Care Violence

Must Read Paul Krugman: Punks and Plutocrats

"a sign of an opposition political party gone mad"

Recess appointments: Bush in 8 years, 171... Obama in 1.2 years, 15

"Secrecy, surprise: Anatomy of Obama's Afghan trip"

"No August Repeats: How The Dems Are Approaching Recess With HCR Victory Behind Them"

"Seeking To Strip Gays Of Hate Crimes Protections, Oklahoma Remove Protections For Race...Religion"

This is a good reason why that public option should have been part of the health care

Obama's Power Surge


I should call Joe Madison tomorrow and ask him WHATS UP WITH YOUR BOY !!!!

It's an uphill slog, but we have youth on our side!

First Steele now Sean Hannity accused of illegal practices

Inside the Washington Post Poll, Obama a strong leader & understands the problems of people like you

The Constitutional Law Professor.

Michael Steele will be gone in a week and watch thing heat up for chairmanship

Are Real Clear Politics polls (epolls accurate)....if they are, the numbers are horrible......I'm

MSNBC just reported President Obama may take on campaign finance. O'Donnell immediately poopooed it!

AP: Ethics Report Faults Nathan Deal

More Than 250,000 White House Visitor Records Now Online

Meek looks to make history with petition drive

Griffith challenge goes to state level

American Conservative Union accuses McHenry-led PAC of corruption

Obama More Popular In Kansas Than Republican Legislature

Democrat Rodriguez-Salazar withdraws from 3rd District race

Cunningham endorsed by retired Gen. Wesley Clark

Utah gov not taking sides in US Senate race

Kerry names Frank Lowenstein (son of Allard as the SFRC staff director and Douglas Frantz as deputy

President Obama to throw ceremonial 1st pitch for Nats

Ratigan: Will have Militia leader on to discuss the Militia Group"Fringe"?

The Tea Party Anti-Socialism Pledge

Roth, Grisham and the fake Italian interviews (The New Yorker)

'Our vote is our arms!' Sarah Palin in Searchlight, NV this weekend

I don't know...this whole GOP lesbian night club scandal actually makes them seem cooler.

Minn. Dems endorse Clark to take on GOP's Bachmann

Sarah Palin totally steals Speaker Nancy Pelosi's words in her Facebook post!

Krugman: Idiot-Proofing Financial Regulation

"Tea-Party Candidates Face Hard Reality of Campaigns"

What Are Republicans?

After Health-Care Reform Victory, Emboldened Obama Standing Tall Abroad

NY Times - R.N.C. Spends Thousands on Jets, Limos and Clubs

Deep thought from Krugman

OMG! OMG! I co-signed HCR Bill for real and am getting a certificate!!!11!!11

Where Should We Send Your Certificate?

My mother's surreal, harrowing experience with "the best health care in the World"

"Bachmann, who is by most measures stark raving mad, didn't disappoint."

"Obama housing program gives $600 million to five states"

"Will HIR Really Cost Corporations Millions?"

Saw Hillary being interviewed in Ottawa today. She is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic.

2010 Census: Officials Worry Low Response Rate Is Form Of Anti-Government Protest

The administration can run but they can't hide from the best solution

"Yo, yo, check it!" Michael Steele Spent RNC Funds at a Topless Bondage Club

Nancy Pelosi: The intent of Congress to end discrimination against children was crystal clear

Paul Krugman: File Under Vile

"If you like the war so much, go enlist."

Obama's Surprise Trip to Afghanistan: A Pro-War Pep Rally

Student Loan Amendment question...

The Presidents #2: John Adams

We had eight years of Bush and Cheney, Now you get mad!?

Closing Medicare's Drug "Doughnut Hole"

A question on retirees drug benefits: Companies might drop drug coverage

Treasury looks to profit off of Sale of Citibank shares

Obama's Bagram Fly-in: What He Didn't Visit

WSJ: AHIP Cries "Uncle" and HHS/Dems Win (updated)

One reason 1994 will not replay itself in 2010

Kerry calls for the repeal of DADT in an editorial in the Boston Herald

Vultures are starting to Circle the RNC

Apple Boycotts ALL of Fox News ... because of Beck.

Coverage Now for Sick Children? Check Fine Print

Companies Push to Repeal Provision of Health Law

Youth may pay a lot more for health premiums (+17%)

Washington ratchets up war threats against Iran

Crazy Palin urges teabaggers to "pull over" cars with Obama bumperstickers

Because she endorsed a Democrat, Republican Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava may face primary challenge

Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change In his first in-depth interview si

Iraq election winners face ban over Baath links

U.S. Consumer Spending Up Modestly

RNC investigating money spent at L.A. bondage club

CNN report suggests militia group linked to Tea Party

9 militia members charged in police-killing plot

Case of alleged Craigslist (College Republican) killer back in court

(Rep. Alan) Grayson snares almost $500K in massive fundraiser

CNN Poll: Obama approval up in wake of health care victory.

Netanyahu tries to play down tensions with US

Kristol: The Russians ‘in some ways have brought’ suicide bombings ‘on themselves.’

RNC Says Member Will Return $2,000 Reimbursed for Visit to Bondage Club

Democratic group targets tea party candidates

AP Sources: Militia suspected police-killing plot

Gov't to Give 5 States $600M Housing Aid

U.S. Consumer Spending Climbs a Fifth Straight Month as Recovery Quickens

Retrial due in slaying of ex-Raider's daughter

SKorea: Mine from NKorea may have sunk naval ship

Half of Commercial Mortgages to Be Underwater: Warren

California Republican returning RNC money after racy club visit

(51%) CNN Poll: Obama approval up in wake of health care victory

Iraqi children's growth stunted by war, says study

Judge Invalidates Human Gene Patent

White supremacist pleads guilty in plot to kill Obama

Indictment: Hutaree militia planned to kill law officer, attack the funeral procession

Biotechnology ruling: Federal judge says cancer DNA in genes can't be patented

Race to the Top awards go to Delaware, Tennessee

Rifleman opens fire in Franklinton (Ohio). Police urge residents to take cover

Postal Service to file five-day-delivery proposal

UAW trust fund to sell rights to rising Ford stock

Sarkozy Urges World Finance Rules in US Speech

Church charges Calif. minister over gay weddings

Berlin Jews Alarmed By Spate Of Anti - Semitic Attacks

Administration warns insurers on children's preexisting conditions

Russia: U.S. Aiding Afghan Drug Trade

Europe was Execution-Free in 2009

Obamas mark Passover with private Seder

Poll: 50 percent say they'd support openly gay U.S. president

The Presidents: #1: George Washington

Tennessee man pleads guilty in plot against Obama

RNC spent $1946.25 at sex-themed nightclub Voyeur West Hollywood.


The Presidents #4: James Madison

Data Theft Hits 3.3 Million Borrowers

‘Black Widows’ linked to Moscow blast

'Pirates threw their weapons overboard'

(ABC News) Poll: No more enthusiasm gap between political parties

Deadly explosions on Moscow Metro system

R.N.C. Dismisses Aide Over Outing to Club

12-Year-Old Murder Suspect To Be Tried As An Adult(11 at time of crime)

Marine's father ordered to pay Westboro's court costs

9 Hutaree members face federal charges of conspiracy, attempting to use weapons of mass destruction

Burgers go way of booze as US general Stanley McChrystal bans junk food

Sarkozy lays into US health care in NYC

Man accused(arrested) of making threats against Cantor

9 indicted in death of South Hadley teen, who took life after bullying

June Havoc, Vaudeville Star, Dies

Tell the Senate to Strengthen Financial Reform Legislation and Hold Big Banks Accountable

The Presidents #3: Thomas Jefferson

This is a thank you for Frenchie, Clio, Cha and Nance! as well as

Pretty Divisive Here Lately. In the Interest of Harmony....

N@zi Flag paraded outside capital last weekend

Was JFK's Son - John Jr. Also assassinated?...

Explosions in Moscow metro - rescue

Here's more of them for the FBI to pick up.

FBI Here's one using Waco images and promoting Bring Your Guns to Washington

Obama rallies troops on visit to Afghanistan

NV Tea Party Candidate: Yes, I Owe $200k In Back Taxes, No, I'm Not A Democratic Plant

In Response to All These Militia Crackpot Videos

Repeal & replace vs. repeal of HC reform

FBI Alert. Here's a WILD ONE!

Yes We Can vs. Hell No You Can't -- REMIX

On the Edge with Max Keiser

Michelle Bachmann's School of Statistics

Michele Bachmann Makes A Speech From Inside A Boxing Ring, Decries "Pantywaist Republicans"

Scarface School Play

Erick Erickson Tries to Explain Some of His Controversial Comments

Conspiracies and the Tea Parties

TYT: Nurse Gets People To Commit Suicide Over Internet (While He Watches)

Republican Caller To C-Span: Too Many Blacks Call In

Reid To Tea Partiers: Welcome To My Hometown

Thom Hartmann defends Obama Zombies from Jason Mattera

Thom Hartmann defends Obama Zombies from Jason Mattera

New: ABC/NBC Reports on Right-Wing Hutaree Militia

TYT: Rep. Boehner - Republicans Support The Bankers

Another Crackpot Planning for the Next American Revolution

Glenn Beck's star pupil, Victoria Jackson, exposes the liberal bias at FOX News

Ed Schultz Interviews Melanie Sloan (CREW) Hannity's Charity Investigation

The Baby Eating Bishop

Sean Hannity's Charity For Children Of Fallen Soldiers Only Paying Out 15% Of What It Takes In!

Tea Party Violence: Teahadist Rams Man's Car With Obama Bumper Sticker

BE COUNTED - George Takei & Brad Altman

Militias Issue a LIST OF DEMANDS to State and Federal Governments! LOL

Slideshow: President Obama makes surprise visit to troops in Afghanistan

The Growing Movement for Publicly Owned Banks

Punks and Plutocrats

The war on WikiLeaks and why it matters

The Ballad of John and Loco

To the Editor : I have no respect for anyone who would beat a child

The risks of Practicing Journalism

Welcome to Glenn Beck's World: What If the Tea Partiers Ruled the Country?

Undergrads flock to computer science programs

Are Americans Too Broken By Corporations to Resist?

Tobias: Obama, Senate Need to Move Fast on Vacancies

Our Turn? (James Howard Kunstler)

Don't Wait for Reform.

Chris Hedges: Is America ‘Yearning For Fascism?’

Funniest Political Pictures of All Time

GOP's New Slogan: 'We’re the Party of Freedom, Except for Bondage Clubs'

Berlusconi’s Coalition Makes Gains in Italy Regional Vote

Charities and that SCROOGE Hannity

Greenpeace Releases 20-Year History of Climate Denial Industry

Companies Push to Repeal Provision of Health Law

Legion of Christ

Ceci N'est Pas un Terrorist

Under shadow of 1957, Arkansas stays out of health-care fight

Washington ratchets up war threats against Iran

The Rage Is Not About Health Care - Rich

A Bomber Jacket Doesn't Cover the Blood

Juan Cole: Alleged Christian Terrorists said to Target Moderate American Muslims

Key Differences Between Progressive and Liberal; how "Liberal" Thinking Can be Part of the Problem

Eighteen Million, Out in the Road

Drumbeat: March 29, 2010

Was That Really Five Years?

Peak oil review - Mar 29

Weekend Drumbeat

The forests of the Basque Autonomous Community are progressing – slowly -, according to research...

Chemical cocktail affects humans and the environment

Weathercasters Take on Role of Science Educators; Feel Some Uncertainty on Issue of Climate Change

Halliburton Hunts New Bacteria Killer to Protect Shale-Gas Boom

Colo. gas-coal fight could preview national battle

NCAR - Asia's Air Pollution Pulled Into Stratosphere By Action Of Monsoons - AFP

Indian Survey Of 1,300 Himalayan Glaciers Shows 16% Loss Of Area In Past 50 Years - Economic Times

As China's Drought Slashes Hydropower Output, Demand Pushes Coal Prices Higher - Bloomberg

E20 Fuel Reduces Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbon Emissions in Automobiles

Our climate is changing - prepare for it

The Struggle of Farming a Land Where 'Normal' Has Lost Its Meaning

One Less Car.

Starving, Emaciated Sea Lion Pups Washing Up All Along California Beaches

Solar Thermal: The Next Generation

Oh. Oh. The critical mass of Curium-245 with SS-304 reflector is just 4.73 kg, r = 4.7 cm.

Sharp Announces that Operations Have Begun at Its New Thin Film Solar Cell Plant

Shell Eco-Marathon Americas Completes With Winner Achieving 2,487.5mpg!

Research Showing Carbon Emissions at All Time High -- And Accelerating

Microbial answer to plastic pollution?


Beijing Unveils Solution To Reeking Landfills - Giant Deodorant Guns To Spray Dump Sites - Guardian

NYC Health Board Overturns Honeybee Ban - And Wouldn't You Know It? It Was A Giuliani Rule

Some Rainfall But No Relief As S. China Drought Spreads To Encompass 61 Million People - AP

Ocean Acidity Fuels Rapid Decline In Sulfur-Metabolizing Bacteria - Effects On Food Chain, Climate

New North Anna (VA) reactor receives enviromental approval.

For Three Dollars More

USDA Totals Show Continuing Loss Of Beehives In 2009, Though At Marginally Slower Rate

Fire breaks out at Perry Nuclear Power Plant--First Energy's other poorly managed nuke on Lake Erie

Global Warming Activist, Journalist, Perish in Antarctica

Humans are too stupid to prevent climate change In his first in-depth interview si

Giants sign Cain, Affeldt and Wilson to extensions

OK, El! Here were my final four picks!

Erin Andrews was on Dancing With the Stars!

It's that time of the year everyone! It's ABD Time!!!!

Phillip Buchanon signs with Washington Redskins

At least she doesn't want as much as Manny is getting...

Obama to throw out Nationals ceremonial 1st pitch

Venezuela's Socialist Party Vice President Resigns

With cheap food imports, Haiti can’t feed itself

Venezuela: Revolution in the Electrical Industry

Venezuela and Ecuador Create Joint Mining, Fishing, Cacao, Auto Lubricant Companies

Ecuador Seeks Investors to Fund Hydro Plant

Raul Castro Declares Himself Capitalist, Flees Cuba for Miami

Cordoba: FARC will talk to govt without demilitarized zone

Ban Ki Moon, UN Secretary General, tells Castro to cut it out

Whoever Becomes Brazil's Next President It Won't Be an Anti-Lula

ADL: Apology Not Withstanding, Carter Reverts To Anti-Israel Rhetoric

Hamas security men seize money from Gaza bank

Israel To Focus On Key Iran Nuclear Targets In Any Strike

After 2-year delay, clothing to enter Gaza

U.S. and Israel sign a massive arms deal

U.S. and Israel sign a massive arms deal

Israel Fears Obama Heading For Imposed Mideast Settlement

Israel's pull, or your push?

An Israeli government minister has warned that Israel may move to re-occupy the Gaza Strip.

Today in Labor History Mar 29 Sam Walton born, largest U.S. importer of foreign-made goods

Project Labor Agreement in NYC Will Preserve Construction Jobs

Teamsters Local 174, garbage truck drivers, vote to authorize a labor strike

Iran Blasts West's Support for Israel's "State Terrorism"

Union Authorizes A Strike Against Red Cross In Central Connecticut

Memphis police director accused of vindictive firing of union president

Workers from Pleasanton's Castlewood Country protest lockout

Scientology's 'slave labor' scandal

Union: State (Utah) should fill mine-safety job

Fierce debate on Israel underway inside Obama administration

RNC spent $1946.25 at sex-themed nightclub Voyeur West Hollywood.

Gay military man "gets married" (Civil Partnership)

Ricky Martin announces he is gay

Today is a good day! If you have to get ready for work watching Morning Joke,

Albany elementary school teacher shot and killed by Amherst homeowner (Misleading headline)

Concealed-carry law passes Iowa Senate

Homeowner misuses gun

Judge rules in favor of empty holster protest

Massive Federal Raid in Lenawee County (Militia raided)

More good news out of Iowa

Criminals for gun control

Hovenweep (an alternative to Mesa Verde)

Shot outside my zone (photo heavy)

wet, frost-mangled flower

natures designs

Judge Invalidates Human Gene Patent

spring is here in south texas

A smile for a full moon

From Yoga for School Credit

Online poll is costing "persecuted" Christians a small fortune.

Dumb ?. Where does the Vatican get all it's money?

The Pope Is Not Above the Law

New Rapture warning (I think it's the sixth):

Scientists Say F.D.A. Ignored Radiation Warnings

CDC Confirms Norovirus on 3rd Straight SC Cruise


Measles Outbreak Triggered by Unvaccinated Child

Housing and the Paradox of Credit Bubbles, Equity and Demand

Heading Off the Next Financial Crisis

Have a question about Ron Paul Capitalism rhetoric

Source: Feds Pick Delaware, Tenn. For Ed Grants

Deal saves 2,000 LAUSD jobs

The College Credit Crunch

Salute to Dinger!

I'm On Thom Hartman Next

Detroit PS: Scam cost $57M FBI investigates ex-risk manager; district sues to recover money