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Suspicion by genetic association

Suspicion by genetic association

What do the Tea Bagger movement have in comon with

Growing up in the Westboro Church--Nate Phelps

The right-wing need for victimization and Israel

Facys About a Palin Presidency

Another health care reform question....based in reality or just hot air?

Something is going on, going down and you will know

Idaho zoo asked to pay worker less than minimum wage, approved by GOPers

Question...are employers mandated to offer health insurance to part time employess in the new law

Stupak: Why I wrote the 'Stupak amendment' and voted for health-care reform

Keep on the Offense!

By the time I got to Searchlight

Class-tierd health care

Washington Post poll finds split on health-care law remains deep

Tea Bagger and Palin crowds procreate and grow larger almost as fast as Aphids.

Defense Tech: Military Struggles How to Measure Success in Afghanistan

Wapo - "Why did health-care reform pass? Nancy Pelosi was in charge."

U.S. forces pin hopes on new Afghan civil police

Juan Cole: Top Ten Reasons East Jerusalem does not belong to Jewish-Israelis

Public discourse: scattered, random, and irrational

Pope Benedict Should Emulate Sarah Palin - and QUIT

Amphib decks to decide future of F-35Bs?

What about the name "teagaggers"?

Husband who shot former Republican state senator and then himself had cancer, financial problems

payment by credit or debit card only

Christianity on DU (and in progressive politics in general)

In Iraq, U.S. Paid KBR $5 Million, but They Did Only $400,000 of Work

In Iraq, U.S. Paid KBR $5 Million, but They Did Only $400,000 of Work

Palin: "We're not inciting violence. Don't get sucked into the lame-stream media lies."

Could You Imagine If Everything Was Reversed

Joe Lieberman And John McCain- The Irony-The Irony

Did you know the Air Force uses 2.4 billion gallons of gas per year?

Thinking about November and the gains we will see in the Congress

Why is MSM STILL asking. "Who will come out ahead in the healthcare debate?".

Axelrod will be on Candy Crowley

I feel like I'm living in the middle of a Tom Clancy novel...

C-SPIN WJ: Dr. Howard Dean

Ben Sargent TOON- the repeal agenda

Bombs Kill 5 at House Tied to Iraq Sunni Candidate

Do any polls ask the people opposed to HCR if they want more reform or none at all?

Conway: If gays serve openly, Marines may not share rooms

Ohio Whack Job ...... Ohio Militia

Ohio Whack Job ...... Ohio Militia

Axelrod defends DNC, OFA donation e-mails based on healthcare debate

Area 51 vets break silence: Sorry, but no space aliens

"Why don't you just quit this job and go on welfare?" "Because I'm white."

BitDefender update wipes Windows 64-bit

the 'silent majority' phoned in to Wash. Journal this a.m.

Does anyone have an experience to relate with respect to "trolling"?

Pope says he won't be intimidated by the petty gossip".

VFW Cmdr Issues Qualified Apology For Saying Dems Are ‘Betraying’ Veterans With Health Reform

Ghosts Threaten to Return to Haiti

Ghosts Threaten to Return to Haiti

The Catlin Arctic Expedition

I just heard on KPOJ radio that Palin's event hosted 9,000 people!

Who is Brian QUINTANA and who else is running against Barbara BOXER?!1

Al Teada Second-In-Command Identified

They play dress-up and they rattle their little sabers.

RNC rejects joint 'civility' statement

So who ended up being more truthful? Baghdad Bob or George W. Bush?

Saddam fugitive urges Arabs to talk to Iraq "resistance"

If someone I don't care for is sick or dies

John McCain protected our constitution by being in a cage for 5 years, so

John McCain protected our constitution by being in a cage for 5 years, so

What is the anger really about?

AP Exclusive: 'Smart' meters have security holes

welcome to pot city!

Breaking on GEM$NBC - Surprise trip by Obama to Afghanistan

Tea Party of Nevada candidate hit with felony bad check charges, also facing home foreclosure

RNC Raises Money For Hannity

LOL. The wingnuts keep topping themselves: 1 in 4 Americans censoring thoughts under Obama

I frankly don't care about ANYONE who does not want to know of FB battles with rightie friends...

Pope faces fresh wave of child abuse scandals in Italy

Rep. Zack Space, D-Dover, gives backing to bill on U.S. exit from NAFTA

Sunday Morning Chuckle

More information on raids in Michigan, Ohio, Etc.

Poll finds 50% of Californians now support Marriage Equality

No More Enthusiasm Gap

Chicago Tribune: Housing crisis drives families into overcrowded living conditions

Freeps slam Obama for recess appointments ("sneaking, lying, stabbing America in the back")

Prez Obama Uses His Political Balls With Recess....

Health Care Cost Reform Rediscovers An Old Progressive Idea - FDL

Kaiser Family Foundation: Health Reform Implementation Timeline

"Laura Palmer" house for sale (from "Twin Peaks")

Working Class Hero

pro-life," right-wing, throw-a-brick-and-grab-a-gun screamers

What Do You Get When You Mix A Teabagger With A Freeper?

Can anyone give an official source that the FBI raids last night were about pipe bombs?

Stranger from Siberia is new ancestor of man, claim scientists

What's this B.S., "I hope he's going to LISTEN closely to Gen.MacCHRYSTAL"?!1

Statement from the Michigan militia

Per FoxNews, militia arrests tied to selling of pipe bombs in MI, OH and IN

The Truth About the Drug Companies

Question about healthcare reform

Question about healthcare reform

"No money" for workers, but -- no oversight of battlefield 'bags of cash' in Iraq, Afghanistan

John McCain Has Become A Rather Pathetic Figure

*snicker*. freepers shitting their pants over militia raid

This Zogby Poll question is P A R A N O I A...

I need a little help with a poster on a newspaper rant --Las Vegas Review Journal

I am sick and tired of this teabagger shit....

For those interested, the actual proposed changes to History schoolbooks in Texas

2010 election predictions?

I need some help from DU here

Rubio Admits Repealing Health Care Isn’t Realistic, But Says GOP Should Campaign On It Anyway

Went to a gun show today.....

Militias and Tea Party said to be developing nuclear capabilities,

Haik U Glenn Beck - care to give it a try?

House-a-thon on USA network. today...

Leader of (Iraq's) Adhamiyah Awakening Group Assassinated (Maliki Refuses Results)

Sorry, Dupe Post

WESH-2 (Orlando) poll on agree/disagree with FL's plan to sue over HCR bill

a tweet from BecKKK: He cured another of his medical emergency hemmoroid with humming Amazing Grace

Pro-Authoritarian or Anti-Women?

This show on the history Inside 9/11, already brought up the fact that

whisper campaign

Lot's of new cartoons out there lately...but I particularly like this one...

Hawaii considering law to ignore Obama 'birthers'

If you ever need a good laugh

Party of No?MY ASS!

Resolution on ACORN; rip off and modify freely

oh.....grow up!!

Hutaree militia arrests- after threats against Islamic orgs (Mike Lackomar tells Detroit News)

Classical Relief for Haiti -'The Prayer' - official video - stunningly beautiful

Calling Yourself A Republican Is Not A Political Affiliation Anymore, It's A ...

Facebook should really be proud of this garbage!!!!!

Introducing: Li'l Teabagger Preschool

Food, Inc

Just Being Accused of Crime in Florida Can Cost You

Forty five years or so ago, I went to the local movie house to catch this T.A.M.I. movie

The March to Assasination 1968

FBI target was christian militia group called Hutaree.

If you give a damn about Veterans, listen and do something

My favorite HCR 'toon

From Cubana to Santrina - new book about terrorist Luis Posada

Iraq Election Results in Doubt as Winners Face Disqualification

Villians, liars and conspiracy theories marked the health debate

Reguarding the FBI Raids ...seems like arrests were made

What the military is doing to the minds of our men and women in uniform

Person sought in Detroit FBI investigation arrested in west suburb (of Chicago)

President Obama in Afghanistan - pics

Person sought in Detroit FBI investigation arrested in west suburb

Any PETA people need something to do? Willing to Cause Trouble?


President Obama meets with troops in Kabul - (updated) pics

Is the "Enthusiasm gap" figure overrated?

Are we supposed to pull against the school where Ken Starr is Prez or against Nixon's alma mater?

Federal agents are in the second day of raids around the SE Michigan city of Adrian - DetNews

A national science treasure, our Space effort, is drawing to an end.

So Sarah Palin Has Declared Teahad On America?


Media Matters - ""Conservative Woodstock?" Fox News' all-day promotion of anti-Reid tea party rally"

Hacker of Obama’s Twitter Account Seized - TopNews

Pope, in Sermon, Says He Won’t Be's that for compassion?

Why The Dems Will Do Better In The Fall Than Anyone Currently Thinks

More misinformation about Tea Party crowd estimates

To the CHICKENSHITS on the left and the right

Jihad Jane coming up on

DeMint: Obama hurt our feelings

"I'm just that stubborn" - Energizer in Chief.

Hope vs. Fear

What to do if you live in a Republican district where there will be a Tea Party challenger

Stupak feels arrows from his own side

Universal Healthcare is a big fat NO!

Let's not tax that billionaire, let's tax that shoeshine boy...

The Militia busts - It Smells of Charles Manson plot

Tim Tebow to Run Against Scott Brown if Drafted by Patriots

Berlusconi in trouble??

Steny Hoyer tells Obama administration to leave Israel alone

Illinois institutes two-tier pension system for state workers, teachers, wants more blood too

Russia says U.S. should eradicate Afghan opium

Thank you Mr. President. Our troops were in desperate need of a visit.

Virtual idiots to fake march on Washington

Response from WESH-2 Orlando re: their coverage of Tiger Woods and The Twit

Ann reporting: FBI raids in Washtenaw, Lenawee counties tied to Michigan militia group

La Guerre Civil at Venice Beach, CA?

Global Warming Resolves Dispute As Sea Levels Rise

Los Angeles' top financial officer in treatmenb after DUI

Uh-oh...(avoid if you dislike 'adventures with right-wingers' threads)

Low-Education Whites Most Likely to Benefit from Health Reform AND Most Likely to Oppose It

I just have to say this...

People Cost Money - A Follow Up

Never call ahead when you plan to rob a bank

Bear Cam. Before they leave the den, which will be soon, take time out

Online funeral being promoted in China

Howard Zinn on LinkTV now.

Seven arrested in FBI raids linked to Christian militia group

Pelosi's "go on offense" remarks...IMAGINE if we spent the next 3 years blistering the GOP's ASS.

Ugggggg! I just went to a friend's facebook and found an old friend in common

U.S. outfitter fights N.W.T. caribou policy with NAFTA

Former Governor Blagojevich on Celebrity Apprentice right now (NBC)

Some call it luck, I call it a great leader-Nancy Pelosi!

the "rammed down our throats" meme

The New Republican Apologists' Strategy Emerges? "Shotgun" Talking Points

Will i dotting and t crossing rescision still occur? Till 2014? forever?

'Texas schoolbook massacre' rewrites American history



Hey Grifterella

Cornered Ratz gets defiant

Moneybomb for the Congressman with Guts worked: WE DID IT email from Alan Grayson.Just in!

Joe Arpaio's troops raid McDonald's, hold Hispanic U.S. citizen for 4 hours

There's a lesson here...

Why No Mention of Michigan FBI Militia Arrests among Major Networks?

On the patterns of labor

I know a public relations guy in Afghanistan that is with the Army

How Cool Is This Pro Obama Healthcare T-Shirt?

How Cool Is This Pro Obama Healthcare T-Shirt?

I have quit Politico...

I have quit Politico...

Wingnuts think health care bill says mandatory chip implants for all

Another Facebook hilarity thread

NYC School Chancellor Klein's Defiance of the Law

"When you say it like that, my life sounds pretty damn good" Christopher Walken takes the Census...

Michele Bachmann: I have no facts, so I'll just make sh*t up.....

And people wonder why we waste time on Confederate nostalgia.

The repugs are being blindly obstructionist

I would take the TSA job, if they'd offer it to me

Who let the jews out?


NBC News: CA considers legalizing pot for recreational use.

NBC News: CA considers legalizing pot for recreational use.

Off the Reservation: Republican Party (1856 – 2010) Another Republican Jumps Ship

Off the Reservation: Republican Party (1856 – 2010) Another Republican Jumps Ship

Pelosi basks in health care victory in S.F. - story with pics

Media plus Court Room re the militia round ups of the weekend.

Should children born to illegals be granted U.S. citizenship?

The history and contemporary need for judicial recess appointments

A Challenge to All Tea-Baggers...

Which of the little stinkers in the picture below are the T-Party members?

Call em what they really are, White Supremacist Christian Crazies scared out of their minds

Christians from political left and right sign 'Civility Covenant'

Umm. what's with all the buy Boeing tanker plane ads here on DU?

Crazy Idea? Make House & Senate Races Local Again

Illinois Republicans aim to further cripple Chicago Teachers Union

The Teabagger "movement" in one photo

So now they're trying to "help" the uninsured

Primaries; will Right Wingers be too busy teabagging standard Republican candidates

Teabagger caller on C-span: I'm glad white people are finally standing up

"Ramming Health Care Bill Down Their throats?"

America's first legal male prostitute quits after only 10 customers in 2 months

Freepers even willing to throw James Baker under the bus.

2 Detroit TV stations had live cameras showing the raids still ongoing at 6pm ET

Rachel Maddow at The Clinton School of Public Service

What are the drug laws in the Us via a vi pot seeds?

Fatty foods may cause cocaine-like addiction

What medical benefits does pot provide?

Hey, Jim Robinson of Free Republic. Calling for Obama's death on your site isn't funny, motherfucker

AT&T to Book $1 Billion Cost on Health-Care Reform

Need A DU Verdict Here... Congressman Spit On By Tea Party Protester (VIDEO) - HuffPo

MUST READ: 'Deficit Fear Mongering' - Progressive Populist

Imagine if the Metropolitan Community Church ( a church catering to gays) had the Catholic abuse

Obama 'Confident' U.S. Troops Will Win in Afghanistan

Teabaggers and Constitutional rights

I can sure appreciate the President engaging Karzai and our troops face-to-face

Texas Bd of Ed member: "they want to make it look like we are dumb morons"

Oath Keepers and the Age of Treason - Mother Jones

CNN Joins the Tea Party?

A terrible what if: What if the repubs countered with single payer?

Staying Execution: Supremes Get Something Right - FDL

Palin Spins Like A Drunk Ballerina Stuck On A Tilt-A-Whirl

Beyond a clear and present danger: comments on the Lenawee County raid...

Sarah Palin says that Todd is a "true blue-blooded American"

Sarah: "Shoot with accuracy-aim high-No matter how tough it gets-never retreat-instead RELOAD!"

Christians stand up to Glenn Beck (Jim Wallis)

Aerial view of the Tea Baggers in Searchlight, NV

rut roh... FReepers choking on more Liberty

Pelosi's Pep Talk

Grayson Moneybomb didn't get the expected amount of $450K

This is my fav too..POTUS fistbump

Seriously - is the American right as stupid as the rest of the World see them?

Any DUers watching that lovely new series on Discovery

China's Geely agrees Volvo takeover deal: report

Shouldn't someone who QUIT their job as Gov. lose the right to be called Gov anymore?


Hannity Tried To Pretend It Didn't Happen-Huffington Post Now Has The Video

Coffee with Congressman Cleaver Sat Mar 27 ~ Pictures.

Coffee with Congressman Cleaver Sat Mar 27 ~ Pictures.

Why Pope Benedict's Got to Go (Boston Herald)

Facebook page promoting violence against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

US deaths double in Afghanistan as troops pour in

Sorry, Rove, Bush Did Lie About Iraq.

Huge operation against the Michigan Militia going on right now

Op/Ed On NC No-Atheist Office Holders Law: "Atheists' Rights In Eyes Of Christians?"

Obama is Lion-O.

WTF is wrong with Chris Mathews. He keeps asking if Obama can "cut his losses"

FBI target was end timer Christian militia - Hutaree (link inside)

Olympia Snowe really turned out to be one hell of a "moderate" Republican.

Celebrating (Mourning) a Culture of Lies: "We have been silent witnesses of evil deeds."

Why Do Anti-Government Tea Partiers Love Government Handouts?

Epic Win! Student uses Westboro Baptist Church visit as Fundraiser!

John Adams signed health care mandate 1798

7 arrested in FBI raid of Christian militia group. Rapture-ready board all enraged.

Brad Friedman Merits the BuzzFlash Wings of Justice Award

Once a month the surface of the moon is charged up to hundreds

Why Are We in Afghanistan?

The Next Pope Should Have to Pass a CORI Check

Over 5000 rally to get more vouchers for private schools in Florida.

A question for long-time marijuana smokers

I Attended a Ron Paul Speech Tonight (!)

DU! Please Support Ari Ne’eman's Nomination to the National Council on Disability

Now that health insurance is fixed, they need to fix the health care system

Dear Don McLeroy of TX. We are not making you look like "dumb morons".

Tea party is serving notice

Working in These Times: Remembering the Triangle Fire

Working in These Times: Remembering the Triangle Fire

A Surprise Tea-Party Confrontation

Yea Amy Goodman and Democracy Now!

We Took Over Fox News For One Day. How Will They Respond? - DailyKos

Stupak says pro-life groups are hypocritical and lost their mission

Abrupt end of college tuition help angers military spouses

Transnistria - the little nation that doesn't officially exist

It's nothing personal, teachers.. It's just your "turn"

In the Obama years, we have FDR's day, America had these folks

I become more and more frightened about how close Sarah Palin came to the WH.

"Tea Party", "Tea Baggers" Where are the posts about the coffee party?

Let's get rid of the mandate and heal some of the divisivness in the country.

Homeless Man with Over $700,000(!!) in Med Bills Saves 2 Lives and Dies a Hero

Whatever happened to the Enron thing after Ken Lay was convicted? Who

Historian Compares HCR to the 1957 Civil Rights Bill

so where in the constitution does it say America will have a capitalist economy?

The Legacy of Three Mile Island: It Could Happen Again At Any Time

The Legacy of Three Mile Island: It Could Happen Again At Any Time

The Legacy of Three Mile Island: It Could Happen Again At Any Time

We had eight years of Bush and Cheney, Now you get mad!?

Coverage Now for Sick Children? Check Fine Print

The (D)evolution of the Republican Party

Petty Gossip

Dem Senators Unenthusiastic about (show pony) "Public Option" (HuffPo)

We Protested, Too (Photo Heavy ~ Dial Up Warning)

We Protested, Too (Photo Heavy ~ Dial Up Warning)

Jungle Book . . . and other classic cinema

Wached the Blind Side this evening

whoa, look at Forest Whitaker

A thread for initiating new catch phrases and idioms, or "boxing the kangaroo" as I call it

*** Everly Brothers Appreciation Thread ***

American Music- The Blasters

I Spy.

You're gonna taste like apple pie

ok, my lame attempt at a LOLpuppeh. min-pin of deth edition.

The lounge is become a river of molasses.

Ever heard of the band Phosphorescent?

If you stick your hand in this box, I'll show you my gom jabbar.

Cell phone photo of me, 1 PM today, bored, because the bride showed up late for the wedding

Question about cell phone

The Seriously Stony Music Video Thread

Why did Tennessee pick orange for their uniforms?

You'll have to have them all pulled out after the Savoy Truffle

"The difference between Nerd, Dork, & Geek, by a VENN Diagram"

Another Moran

Be honest now. What was the last thing...

spring is here! street fair by the water, ladies strolling in bikini tops, and the best part

Anyone here remember (or care about) Savoy Brown?

It looks like Palm Sunday again.

shhhh..... don't tell NBC

How long should you wait for an email from a 'friend'

If you found some treasure where would you go to cash it in?

they used to market phenobarbitol as a "childrens' barbituate"

Metallica-Eye of the Beholder lyrics

Bob Seger- Till It Shines

A great movie.

MUSIC is the single greatest achievement of humankind. Convince me otherwise. Or AFFIRM!1

When did this happen???

Is This Pic of John McCain Real?

Socially Disconnected from Mainstream Society

Something is going on, going down and you will know

I just saw history's worst case of child abuse

(long post) we are both unemployed and I'm looking for some educated answers on benefits...thanks:

Could the brain creatures in the movie Fiend Without A Face have a Facebook page?

This "Tickling Slow Loris" video is just too damned cool.

Who can turn the world on with her smile, take a nothing day & suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?

peep haikus

Joy Division- "Transmission", 1979

The Drugs Don't Work

Woo Hoo!!!!! My team is in the Final Four ... again!

Well, let's all sign up now!

I have a story to tell, a story to tell.

Michigan State beats Tennessee! What a game!

Was Jeanine right? Does music really sound better in Dubly?

I've just seen a sarcastic fringehead on television

What are some internet phone companys?

JLo looks about as Italian as Conan O'Brien looks black.

I am addicted to HGTV's House Hunters. I think I need help

Best upcoming holiday in the next couple weeks...

So is there someone about to make a movie saying...

GAIKING and some other SHOGUN WARRIORS are coming to our future! Biggest Thing Ever?

Were the Three Stooges filmed for TV broadcast?

Cat problems......again.

Lady Gaga - Telephone (CHATROULETTE VERSION)

what if the continental army had fully automatic weapons in 1775?

A Question for Lounge NFL Fans Regarding the Draft

Best portrayal of James Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Breaking: John Boehner without makeup!

Summer Jobs for Cats

Debi appreciation thread!

Pirate Radio.

Has anyone gone to a Chicago (the music group) recently? Were they

How Cool Is This Pro Obama Healthcare T-Shirt?

So, I ate at Olive Garden for dinner tonight...

I bought a big tray of deviled eggs and I'm going to eat them all myself.

John McCain buys a Sarah Palin Blowup Doll...

Where can I get short sleeved white nerd shirts?

Genesis-Get 'em Out by Friday

To the ladies here, a question about corsets.

I am typing very slowly on my new ergonomist-approved curved keyboard,

Velvet Underground "Squeeze" reminds me of The Doors' "Other Voices" and "Full Circle"

It seems like all the smartphone plans are about $70/month?

Post a great tribute song

Cat parents: Do you prefer Frontline or Advantage?


Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Pasketti and Meetloafs Edition

Need help - crazed loungers only

Be honest, How many times a day do your pets give YOU the "What the HELL are you doing?" look

Aeroplane In A Bottle --- With Kitties....

Any Antique Experts Here? Need Help Identifying This (photo)

I hate those fucking Easter Peeps!

Ladies: Skinny jeans after 40?

I Support Canada's Right to Exist

Name An Artist That You Love Their Work But Hate Their Politics

I finally got a pair of Bluebirds in my nesting box

Virtual Sistine Chapel. The ceiling is as beautiful as one

The Quiet Christian Democrat

What a bunch of HYPOCRITES tea party members that is

What a bunch of HYPOCRITES tea party members that is

Wow I really need to donate to DU Now. An online ad on GD-P took me here

Howard Dean LIVE NOW on C-Span's Washington Journal

Idea.. The O.O.P.S.B.I.T.C.H Act of 2010

Coming from all the Sunday Propaganda shows...

Unaware Of The Contradiction

President Obama just landed in Kabul, Afghanistan. Breaking per cnn. nt

Frank Rich is right. The Wingnut Rage is not about HCR. In Darleen Click's own words:

Little difference between tea party and Grand Old Party

Obama's Recess Appointments: GOPers Raging Now, Welcomed Process Under Bush


PHOTOS: President Obama arrives in Kabul and meets with Hamid Karzai

Krugman: Our debt is no crisis (unless politicians turn it into a crisis)

Obama To Fill A Big, Big Job

Did President ever appoint

Irony: RW denouncing the President because he's a constitutional law professor

GOP town commissioner running for county seat to seek resolutions against health care bill

Why is Sarah Palin's Crap on C-Span compared to Lefty Groups who tried to Stop Iraq War?

Well, this poll got some serious FR love

Which do you Prefer?

Obama is wearing the bomber jacket

Doesn't this mean Breitbart has to pay $10,000?

"GOP senator to Obama: You do immigration bill" - Laziness As A Virtue?

Rep. Emanuel Clever (D-Mo.) - video proof he was spit on by a Tea Party demonstrator

Prediction: If John McCain loses the Republican Primary,

Since Meg Stapleton "retired to her family" who is calling Palin's shots?

This week: Obama signs health bill, makes nuke treaty, visits Afghanistan.

Great article: Paul Ryan -- bad at math, or bad at telling the truth

"Comfortable in their own skin"

President Obama plans strong hand with Congress

WaPo Poll: Obama Approval: 53-43. Democrats have 4 point edge over Republicans

DeMint Claims That Republican Senators Just Wanted ‘Some Debate And A Vote’ On Obama’s Nominees

PHOTOS That'll teach the dusty President - bring Michelle next time.

CBS' Harry Smith to Shoot Interview, Hoops with Pres. Obama

The "Wasilla Gorilla" weighs in on the "FINAL FOUR" (LOL)

Which political Team are you rooting for? Contrast and Compare!

Obama brought cool campaign persona to healthcare battle

Republicans, why don't you just grow up and do your jobs?

PHOTOS Official photos from Afghanistan

One of my friends turns out to be a "Teahadist"

The disconnect astounds me. What makes these people

We should really milk this GOP obstructionism thing...

A Photo to Cleanse the Palate

"Which political party, the (Democrats) or the (Republicans), do you trust to do a better job ....."

Obama Transcends Ideology by Riling Both Flanks

President Obama, why are we not experiencing peace now? This is bullshit

Despite U.S. anger over settlements, defense ties are flourishing

Christians discriminated against, senior bishops warn

Palin defends use of gun imagery while campaigning against Reid's reelection

Obama to Nominate Professor for Medicare Post

Obama announces 15 recess appointments, scolds GOP

Tuvalu to Times Square; landmarks off for Earth Hour

US deaths double in Afghanistan as troops pour in

Villians, liars and conspiracy theories marked the health debate

Seven arrested in FBI raids linked to Christian militia group

Colombian rebels free hostage soldier - Red Cross

Binyamin Netanyahu's efforts to heal rift marred as Barack Obama branded 'disaster for Israel'

PHOTOS Why do they hate him so?

Special relationship is over, MPs say. Now stop calling us America's poodle

Missing U.S. contractor back in American hands

More SF cases may be dropped in crime lab scandal

President Obama makes surprise stop in Afghanistan

Washington Mutual files Chapter 11 plan

Four Governors Pledge to Help Obama Work Against Their State AGs’ Efforts To Overturn Health Reform

AP INVESTIGATION: Details in CIA detainee's death

Arrests Made in Alleged Militia Activity in Midwest

Barbara Bush hospitalized for routine tests

Obama Presses Karzai for a Crackdown on Corruption

Voters to be asked a 2nd time about abortion

Utah gov. OKs eminent domain use on federal land

Pope dismisses 'petty gossip' of sexual abuse allegations

George Will and Peggy Noonan prove they have no fucking idea what they are talking about

Armed robbers raid Swiss casino

Investigators: Former GA Senator Was Killed by Husband in Murder-Suicide

Joe the Plumber Will Not Stump for McCain

End Nears For 'special Relationship' Of UK And US

Many Felony Pot Cases Getting Tossed Out of Court

Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok Discusses Recent Rise in Extremism on NPR’s Fresh Air

Ronald Reagan: The Master Strategist

African American Voters Hate Fox News: Racism Backlash

Marijuana Nation Part 1

Marijuana Nation Part 2

Marijuana Nation Part 3

Obama appointee Don Berwick - What Patient Centred Care Really Means

Helen Thomas on White House Press Corps

Rachel Maddow is NOT Running Against Sen. Brown - Entire Week 1

Militia Raids

Obama Appointee Check a Box Save a Life Webcast: Don Berwick

Complete tape of Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver spitting incident, 3/20/10

Joe the dog tries to change the world

Congresswoman Kosmas (FL-24) is on our side

US MSM not only disgusting: it's an intelligence/psyops shop

New Rule: You Can't Use There Will Be No Cooperation as a Threat When There Was Already None

Pope defiant amid calls for resignation

Obama Speaks To Troops In Afghanistan

Heckler Removed at McCain-Palin Rally

TYT: Conservative - Dems Are To Blame For Tea Party Threats (& Bonus Hate Voicemail!)

Obama skull & crossbones flag w/ bullet hole PROVES Palin is right...Teabaggers are NON-VIOLENT.

TYT: (Progressive) Comedian Jimmy Dore Joins TYT In-Studio To Talk HC, Obama & Dealing w/ (R) Family

Flashback: Dick Armey - Teahadists Are "Attractive Domestic Terrorists"

Breaking News: FBI Raids Michigan Militia

Palin's Constitutional Law Professor Attack

Glenn Beck has gone SANE? (marijuana legalization)

Teabaggers in Searchlight Nevada, Obama Flag with Bullet Hole Part 2

Unemployment Extensions:Tier 5 to SURVIVE

NYT: An Exceptional Nominee

Ollie North: Moving Forward in Afghanistan

No one should be above the law.

AG should reconsider suit against health reform - Boulder Daily Camera

Health care reform: Sore-loser politics may backfire on Republicans

Simon Schama (historian) has this to say:

summary and timeline for introduction of various features of the HCR law - USA Today

Health-care overhaul begins now

Credibility gap: Pope needs to answer questions

Maureen Dwod, NY Times: A Nope for a Pope

Tea Party Terrorists: America's Next Great Threat?

Sarah Palin and the 10,000 desert dimwits at " Conservatives Woodstock"

For Venezuela, There is No Going Back:

Dennis Ross ‘peddling the same snake oil’

What makes a teacher great?

Nick Coleman "That reform sure doesn't go very far"

Too Big To Jail? DoJ: Wall St. Bailout Buds 'Co-Conspirators' In Plot To Rip Off State, Local Gov'ts

Are We Selfish Individuals or an Empathic Society? Answer Could Determine Whether We Have a Future

When the Hammer Meets the Nail

Health Care Reform’s Hidden Tax Gem

Is this video going too far?

The Pope's apology seems hollow

Arne Duncan’s VIP List of Requests at Chicago Schools and the Effects of his Expansion of Charter Sc

Morocco Goes Solar - $9 billion Green energy project (38% of the country’s power) by 2020

Red tide forces early (earliest on record) clam flat closures (global warming, Maine)

Desert Residents Pay High Price for Lucrative Uranium Mining (Africa)

All 50 US States take part in Earth Hour

World deforestation decreases, but remains alarming in many countries

NREL and 3M Sign Agreement on Renewable Energy Research

Cup plant promising for ethanol use

Water concerns delay Wyoming uranium (in situ) projects

France seeks electricity lines under Mediterranean: sources

India 19th nuclear reactor joins power grid today

Scientists Call for 'Climate Intervention' (geoengineering) Research With 'Humility'

Getting biblical

BBC: UN body to look at meat and climate link

Popular Science looks inside GE new 4MW turbine.

Many Tea Partiers subsidized on the government dole.

WVU’s ‘Truck’ not necessarily parked for good.

Coyotes reach 100-point mark by routing Avs

Michigan State.

Is The NCAA Allowing More Physical Play?

As much as it pains a Wolverine to say this......

Not so happy with Kentucky losing...

I just have to say this...

Cursing: Not allowed on Baylor basketball team

I'm #42!!!!

Sorry, anti-Dukies. ;-(

who is your National Champion?

Baylor plays Duke today for the Final Four. Tomorrow, Baylor plays Duke

MSU 67, Tennessee 63. It's our time of year.

The arrogance of Michigan State is appalling

x-post: Just Being Accused of Crime in Florida Can Cost You

Paraguayan government ends contract with Pdvsa for alleged irregularities

Brazil president's popularity highest since taking office

Newspaper editorial writer in Ecuador convicted of insulting official, sentenced to 3 years

Venezuela Government Sells Fish

World according to CNN's Ric Sanchez and Emilio Estafan.

Colombian rebels free hostage soldier - Red Cross

Securing Haiti

Dissidents in Cuba will run in local elections

For Venezuela, There is No Going Back: A Discussion with Federico Fuentes and Kiraz Janicke

One week before Opening Day . . . Place your baseball forecasts here . . .

Imagining an Israeli Strike on Iran

Peres blames Netanyahu for breaching Jerusalem status quo

Syria to Palestinians: Quit Mideast peace talks, resume violence

Taboo Thwarts Candor on Israel/Iran - Ray McGovern

Israel should thank Obama for acting like a friend

Bus posters replace Al-Aqsa with temple

Heckuva Job, AIPAC ++ Names of Members of Congress Backing Netanyahu

Steny Hoyer tells Obama administration to leave Israel alone

Binyamin Netanyahu's efforts to heal rift marred as Barack Obama branded 'disaster for Israel'

Today in Labor History Mar 28 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., led a march by striking sanitation worker

Obama appointment to labor board sparks opposition

We need your help, Please Forward and Rate our You Tube Videos

“Health Care Reform is a Remarkable Achievement”

The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Ninety Nine Years Later

On the patterns of Labor

Juan Cole: Top Ten Reasons East Jerusalem does not belong to Jewish-Israelis

Netanyahu tries to play down tensions with US

BBC: US 'may not veto UN resolution on Jerusalem'

Nazi scandal engulfs Human Rights Watch

South Korea bar district offers a safe haven for gay servicemembers

Conway: If gays serve openly, Marines may not share rooms (xpost from GD)

Israel hopes Egypt completes Gaza wall by year end

Israel hopes Egypt completes Gaza wall by year end

Guns in Parks: The Hoplophobes Travel Guide to the United States

Fight to Pass REAL Right-to-Carry Gets Ugly and Personal (Iowa)

Two men brandish guns during citizen's arrest in Boise

How would you describe the liberal pro-gun position?

Guns in Parks: The Hoplophobes Travel Guide to the United States

I just recently - a few days ago - drove through Arizona and

I frequent a few gun forums, and my sig line on many of them is

Question: Is there such a thing as a Bullet Proof Body Bubble?"

OK - can I be (probably the first) to say that Guns are, well FUN!

A travel guide to the United States for those who fear guns

Went to a gun show today.....

The liberal argument for gun ownership (Dave Kopel)

from my trip to the arboretum.

Playing with my new macro lens

my neighbors weed.

Smaller is Better: Using a tabletop tripod far beyond the tabletop

aw, and I was just saying the other day

In the macro theme

Stacking the moon

Inspired by alfredo's idea of a black & white spring, six recent shots.

WHO expresses understandable fears concerning the credibililty

The Periodic Table of Periodic Tables

Faith-based scientists. 'T will be a shock to the system of the 'naive realists' of

a friend sent me this chart of US Health Ins Bill

I just saw my granddaughter shake Pres. Obama's hand!!

Liberals who defend gun rights ...

Phillip Coleman's new book: Jesus has an evil twin

Juan Cole: Top Ten Reasons East Jerusalem does not belong to Jewish-Israelis

Christianity on DU (and in progressive politics in general)

Christians discriminated against, senior bishops warn

Vegetarian tells cops god sent him to destroy meat to keep girls from getting chubby.

Christianity on DU (and in progressive politics in general)

Ratzinger is the Perfect Pope

Help, I am just tired of the fight. at Church and in my Spiritual Life.

Before modern Israel was established, did some Christians and Muslims claim that...

Why Does Congress Allow a Pedophilia-ridden Church to Control Women’s Rights?

Pope: ''Will Not Be Intimidated By Dominant Opinions''

HIV patients 'need drug lifeline'

Revolutionary medical device... Nano Retina restores sight w/ bionic retina

WHO expresses understandable fears concerning the credibililty

Is Jenny McCarthy Afraid Of The Truth About Autism?

Will Republicans aid financial reform?

Junk Food "Addiction" May Be Real.

Business vs Education

Heads-up: Florida teachers fighting back

Pursuit of Status and Affection Drives Bullies' Behavior

Is Obama's appointment of Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education as bad or worse

St Louis Forum on March 27 ~ plus link to great film