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Archives: March 25, 2010

Co-founder of KC and the Sunshine Band arrested on sex charges

Has anyone else looked at the Moderator lists for all the forums?

Broadcasted on CB Channel "Democrats are against guns"

Tweety Announces That He'll Apologize To Grayson For Being So Wrong On Reconciliation!

Senator Patrick Leahy Press Release: Republican Objections Now Stall Even Committee Progress

Harry Reid just now: "We're here for the duration"

There are now Michelle Bachmann ads on Democratic Underground, and I like it.

I know this has been said before but this is a sure fire way leaveteabaggers stupified

HCR Mandate. Could it actually by a GOP plan that might be a good idea after all?

Thomas Goldstein: A Hearing to Define "Mainstream" Judicial Views

Sometimes it is not the problem that causes the most damage,

Question regarding HCR and carrying insurance on your kids until they are 26?

I want to turn in (earlier bedtime and all) with a smile --Borowitz on McCain

Are the Senators sleeping tonight?


Obama Wanted to Get Biden a "Big Effing Deal Shirt" - lol

Via Twitter Senate bill making changes in new U.S. health care law will have to return to House - AP

Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven, Whole Lotta Love covered by Mary J Blige

Mr. Perriello in Charlottesville really should sue Mr. Troxel

Rare video of Reagan in the Oval Office

Wife of billionaire grandson of oil tycoon J. Paul Getty wants $300K / month in divorce settlement

Congress is Owned by Banks - Top Senate Democrat: (Durbin) - Bankers "own" the U.S. Congress...

Let's not forget there has already been at least one murder associated

Social Security payout to exceed pay-in this year

Stopping the Spread of Slavery Started As A Republican Idea

Healthcare costs burden more Americans :study

Expect a dribble

Expect a dribble

Curbing opium trade risks loss of (Afghanistan) support

The American public 'may not' like HCR, but

Senators want data on prescription drug use

With reconciliation now requiring a new House vote, there is no excuse to still omit public option.

Immigration foes, abortion opponents clash in Neb.

GOP Forces HC Bill Back to House

WTH is a "Bircher Republican?"

Afghan soldiers way below standard, exasperated Marines say

Vermont students top nation in reading

Discharging gays to draw more scrutiny in military

Media Matters: On health care reform, the Fox News noise machine is cranked to 11

Will Mexican Drug Cartels run political ad's against California's initiative to legalize marijuana

"I'm gonna get my gun..."

Military Restructures Afghanistan Police Contract-Blackwater-Linked Army Office Stripped of Control

Common Dreams: New TV Ad Campaign Shows Continued Momentum for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

I loves me some Cape Codders

I loves me some Cape Codders

Jim Marshall, Rock ’n’ Roll Photographer, Dies at 74

US court to rule on Toyota accelerator lawsuits

10 New Haircuts Joe Biden Should Try

Fuck You Gov Perdue - priceless

GOP Leaders Match Up Message to Violent Talk

More than just Uganda now, rabid Christian Rightists are helping Kenyan homophobes track gays

Help Shut the Teabaggers UP & Show Dem Support

Military contractors benefit from DADT

Detroit Metro Times: A planned 'compassion center' could test medical pot law

Detroit Metro Times: A planned 'compassion center' could test medical pot law

Philly news: Flash mob violence and the "Hunt and Wreck" game -

Will the gop stopping all business continue now that the bill went back to the house?

And the F/A-18s are starting to fail from overuse just like the F-15s

bin Laden has cut another record; now he covers Lady GaGa's "Love Game"

How 1Gbps fiber came to Cleveland's poorest, free of charge

For those who may not yet know, some of threats have crossed over into action.

Poll Finds Calif. Support Growing For Gay Marriage

Play Glenn Beck Bingo

Citing restroom safety, opposes Missoula anti-discrimination ordinance

We have never been closer to a public option as we are right now.

Any great facebook groups to join?

No ten count in this match. Keep swinging.

GOP Senators should agree to a pay cut.

1st Network news attacked Peace activists, now it is elementary students for Peace in MN

TN tea party rally demands rejection of health-care law

Now that HCR passed do the polititions that were against it

Now that HCR passed do the polititions that were against it

California to offer $10,000 tax credit to homebuyers

Does the Health Reform "Law" include mental health parity?

Wealth redistribution

San Francisco Chronicle: The black commie Nazi did it!

A message to Democratic leaders: the nice guy crap is getting old

For First Time, 50 Percent of Californians Favor Same-sex Marriage

Parts & Parcels - Health Care Reform Animation by Mark Fiore

Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr derailed a Senate Armed Services hearing

So it's not a mandate

Sarah Palin and the Media

The T.A.M.I show is now out on DVD. This is actually an important show...

The T.A.M.I show is now out on DVD. This is actually an important show...

Question about jobs bill unemployment extension

Is TPM showing a bias in the OH Senate Race with posts of polling?

Republicans feeling blue as Scott Brown win backfires

Are Ralph Nader and Noam Chomsky still hanging with the teabaggers?

Republican township official joins forces with the Michigan militia

Republican township official joins forces with the Michigan militia

How Shep Smith keeps his job

How Shep Smith keeps his job

Wars, Occupations and other unsavory things

Media softpedaling right-wing terrorism

How does this HCR bill affect the tax rates of the wealthy?

Why don't we aim at winning in November and put the Repukes on the firing line

Dr. Frankenstein has lost control of the beast

Hey Joe the Scar!

Biden On Big F---ing Deal: Obama Loved It

Other meetings delayed by re-thugs (not related to HCR)

"Hell NO you can't"......Yes we Can.....Yes we CAN

I honestly think the GOP is actively destroying its "momentum" for the mid-terms

We indoctrinate society with war and violence, and then wonder when society gets violent...

Not only a President (instead of a pResident), but he can WRITE and THINK, too!1

Why is this man frowning?

NYT Invents "Important Threshold" To Scare Readers About Social Security

Nick giving `Big Help' award to first lady

Gee, that Barry Goldwater was a swell guy, wasn't he?

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Catholic Molestation and Republican Tantrums: Two Rude What-If's

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: Catholic Molestation and Republican Tantrums: Two Rude What-If's

Who are we backing in Arkansas against Blanche Lincoln?

Biden predicts Democratic losses in the fall

When to the total of Stupidity = Violence.

I really don't like this; Petraeus roving around the country giving war speeches like a politician

Expect hell this weekend...

OFFICIAL EXCUSE-WATCH THREAD: Why we can't have a Public Option this time.

OFFICIAL EXCUSE-WATCH THREAD: Why we can't have a Public Option this time.

Progressives debate 'health care' victory

Greetings From Vermont: No Billboards, Plenty Cocaine

SEC's Porn Problem Was Rampant, According To Reports

YouTube disappears from the web

The Pentagon church and the people

Isn't it a health "law" now; not a bill?

Wine region under attack by Baboons

I beg you DU, read this and take action, let's make some real change.

Morning Joe is doing an Education Special -- without educators!!

X Post From Farm/Rural: Making a little something out of next to nothing

Quinnipiac Poll-Tea Party Could Hurt GOP

Sign-up on AirAmerica's website, ever? Your email address is up for auction.

Wanna see a right-winger all frothy?

Is Rahm Emanuel Providing Cover for Karl Rove and GOP Thugs?

An excellent comment by a Republican commentator (yes, really)

Can marijuana legalization win in California in November?

Tell GOP To Stop Inciting Racism

The difference between tea braggers and middle eastern terra-ists?

iPhone, Safari, IE8, Firefox all fall on day one of Pwn2Own

More from OH man who berated a Parkinson's victim:"I did not know he was inflicted with Parkinson’s"

This is the definition of Domestic Terrorism:

Big Media call the terrorists terrorists yet?

How much would you pay for sunglasses?

The Christian Right, boldly defending the sanctity of... public restrooms

Thinking About Posting Olbermann Special Comment On Free Republic

Which One Of These Are Not Like The Others

The GOP and Teabaggers should be classified as hate groups

Are the media holding McConnell accountable for shutting down Senate Committees at 2 pm?

FOX Uh huh: "What do they think 1776 was all about and wasn’t there some violence back then?”

Eric, I know you are Jewish and you have gotten threats

New Timothy Egan column in NYTimes..."House of Anger"

What ever happened to

Coffin left on Congressman Russ Carnahan's lawn

"Kill" the Bill ??

BWAHAHAHA: Democratic Spokesman Eric Schultz Sends WHINER/Adulter John Ensign A Special ' GIFT '

I don't expect the health insurance mandate to be reversed in the future

Does Obama's Executive Order now mean that the Hyde Amendment still needs annual affirmation?

Trailblazing paratrooper broke color barrier in secret - WWII 555 Triple Nickle

The Ameican Federation of Labor, or the way back machine...

CNN's Rick Sanchez: Democrats Should 'Be Careful' About Linking Republicans to Threats and Violence

We assassinate and threaten people: Who are we?

To the Sore Losers WHINING about our president and our country -- turnabout is fair play!!

few facebook fans for former Franken foe.

Hey STUPID Republicans, This isnt about fault, it is simply how it goes when you

Will Proposed Financial Regulatory Overhaul Actually Reform Wall Street?

Does the health care law regulate insurance companies' greed?

Thank you for choosing an Oxford "product:"

The RNCC is finally OUTRAGED about the Perriello gas line:

Cantor (LIVE) plays the victim, says he has received threats too

Republicans and TeaParty Activists said nothing about

RWers blaming the dems and the health bill for their violence is like saying

Mother of all Bubbles...

15 Facts About China That Will Blow Your Mind

Are we seeing perfect 2010 campaign ads playing out in the Senate waste of time by repubs?

If you don't do as I say, I'll kill you and your family.

In VT, the repuke candidate for guv leads all 5 dem candidates. In CA Whitman leads Brown

Limited government people... great Jon Stewart quote!

Bush Refused to Negotiate with Iraqi Kidnappers of Americans…Until After They Were Tortured to Death

All threatening calls and letters should go on all media with $1000 reward for turn-ins.

It's been nearly a year since DHS released report on heightened risk of domestic extremist violence

the Freeway Blogger is Back

wait a minute. you mean we have to go through all that sturm und drang again?

For the first time in years I have been given Freeper shit re: bumper stickers

Where Shrub's pretzels come from: LIMBO twisting himself into them to argue away incitement charges

So if Democrats voting "yes" are responsible for folks getting mad and targeting Dem Congressmen...

Caesarean Births in U.S. Hit All-Time High

Why aren't the police charging these terrorists?

Final vote at 2:00 PM - House will vote this evening.

Create your own $10,000 photo with Michele and Sarah--for free!

So just what are the rules for expeling a member from Congress

The Rightwingers Hatred needs to be the main focus and

The Rightwingers Hatred needs to be the main focus and

What they said

Clean up needed over in LBN:

You can not deny children under 18 insurance for any reason ever

Ah my local rag


OMG! IRS agents kicked in my door and demanded to see my health insurance papers!

So you want to repeal the new healthcare bill?? My email

$100,000 spills from armored car; passers-by pocket most of it so far

In light of my earlier post of Cantor and his "story"

Is there photo of Cantor (R) claim his window was shot??

No You Can't mash-up (Featuring John Boehner)

Census question. Some data I've only recently found

Tea partiers condemn harassment...

Law Enforcement Appliance Subverts SSL

How The Clintons Fought For Health Care Behind The Scenes

How The Clintons Fought For Health Care Behind The Scenes


I'm sure I am an idiot, but what exactly is being voted on in the Senate...

Volcano erupts in Iceland

Pres. Obama on MSNBC 2:10 pm est (n/t)

Repugs lose future health care talking point

Forget who sponsors Beck - who controls Fox?

I want them called on their bull shit

Breaking: Senate passes Reconciliation Bill 56-43... Story developing... n/t

Thank You Lyric for your Mail Carrier Post

Thank You Lyric for your Mail Carrier Post

I've been busy working on my show all night. What's been going on?

Aren't you amazed by the incredibly lopsided asymmetry of it all? Re: violent incidents.

Please help a GA Democratic Candidate for state senate

Pajamas Media Editor: Let's Bring Back Tar And Feathering -- And Maybe More

dear eric cantor. if your office was shot at, you should be more concerned than the democrats.

The President is speaking. CNN and MSNBC is covering it. Fox News is about to Cover Ann Coulter

I told DNC, DSCC, DCCC no more money from me without a public option--should keep my promise?

Holy fucking shit. A birther just called Hartmann!

OpenLeft: Violence and the right

beware the PARLOCKIAN republicans -- expect to see false flag claims of attacks at them

Reconciliation bill passes 56-43

This new Kristallnacht - sponsored by Fox News

Stay on offense

Supreme Court stops execution of convicted killer in Texas

Republicans always try to justify by spewing - "BOTH SIDES DO IT"!

Republicans always try to justify by spewing - "BOTH SIDES DO IT"!

"Well, you know, they weren't really shots *at* my office or even *near* my office..."

The Teabagging Terrorists are almost done with their healing process.

Addendum: When fascism comes to America, It'll be wrapped in the Gadsden Flag

Folks, the rhetoric from Cantor and Boehner is as good as a "go ahead" order.

Remember Folks: Only twice in history has a new President's party *not* lost seats in Congress

The Tea Party is a White militant group.

Of Cutting Gas Lines

I know about riots, and repercussion, Heres how

Social Security payroll deduction stops at...

President to Health Act repeal advocates

Semrau court-martial puts 'soldier's pact' to the test

Nano car bursts into flames, raising safety fears

Look at Eric Cantor's Statements Today Versus his Statements Made Just Yesterday

This may sound like an elementary question, but what were the 2 provisions stripped from the Bill?

Call Me Crazy...Please!

How long before the big lie kicks in? "Both partys are guilty of this"

LIEberman actaully voted yes

faux news headline: Cantor's Office Attacked

Eric Canor (r) saying it's DEMOCRATS fault for POLITICIZING the threats agains DEMOCRATS

I'll bet a fat man to a skinny mule....

Dont take the bait

Militia Fun Day is the 19th of April and Hitler's birthday is the 20th

Just a ploy and are the Dems are falling for it!

So now the stupid mothefuckers are targeting the Senate Parliamentarian's house

The truth that Cantor and his ilk understand

Video: Elizabeth Warren’s Mission

Can't we just give them Texas?

Protesters to demand B of A freeze foreclosures.

Discovery channel boycott petition ---->

Health bill included **big Republican idea**: individual mandate

Latest GOP smear tactics here.

The text of the letter from Teddy Kennedy to President Obama that was made public during his speech

Stopped and questioned by the Border Patrol 7 times on a trip from San Diego to Phoenix and back

Breaking News: The bullet carved a backwards "B" on Cantor's cheek!

Nine straight nights without Lunesta and counting

I am in a "discussion" with right wingers regarding this piece of shit article...

Jane Hamsher - Union Buster?

Taking the Auto Train from Sanford ,FL Lorton , Virginia ...

For those who didn't watch/listen to the Senate HCR Reconciliation vote, Senator Lincoln, against

Pope Allegedly Knew About Wis. Pedophile Priest

Georgia Moving To IMPEACH Their Attorney General For NOT Signing On To HCR Repeal Suit!

Breaking news- Cantor bullet fired from potato gun!

Diary of a Wimpy Health Care Bill by Ross Ann DeMoro, Director, National Nurses United, AFL-CIO

Sen. Bennet Adopts An Insult the "Left" Strategy

Why "terrorists" are being "discovered" in Africa,Yemen, Somalia.

Glenn Greenwald: When presidential sermons collide.

Wise Words-

Penguin Books paying for "Game Change" sequel

Can you imagine the Republican justifications in court?

Bwahahahahaha - chortle - bwahahaha...what an assclown....

To the people who have accepted Chris Reichter's apology:

U.S Consulate Blocks Award-Winning Journalist from Coming to Chicago

Unclear on the concept: Freeperland Thread Title

Caption Cantor

In all seriousness, why has DHS not raised the terrorist threat level?

Oh brilliant - let's allow the Cantor thing dominate the discourse.

Harry Mitchell (D-AZ) got death threats

Photos of Cantor's Office Window

DNC To Cantor: Stop Trying To Distract From The Real Issue On These Threats

David Frum "resigns" from AEI over "Waterloo, Most Crushing Defeat Since 60s" comments on GOP & HCR

Can't we just give them their own state?

What does "shots fired" sound like?

I called Eric Cantor's office at 3:44 PM, this is good......

Health Law Surprise Is Page 1,617 Demanding Which Drugs Work

Did you see McCain on TODAY show?

Scarborough: "I never hear these stories when it's Republicans receiving the threats"

Forget the right wing lying media, it's up to US to spread the word about the threat

Breaking News: George W. Bush is still an asshole

So Cantor says someone shot a bullet through his window

'National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Andy Sere said Perriello is not the victim.'

Who issues the GOP talking points? I hate to sound conspiratorial,

"Let's Give Thanks to Threatened House Democrats!"

I'm off to get in line for Obama's Iowa City speech!

April 19 & 20

HELP-Can we start a list of Dem Congressmen that have been Threatened

The Cantor story reminds me of a story that Molly Ivins used to tell about a TX state legislator

Lets be clear, we did NOT get health care reform we got health insurance reform....

Toyota used ‘secret recalls’ for floor mat issues

Toyota used ‘secret recalls’ for floor mat issues

We have a serious case of corporatism in this country.

Healthcare Reform Post-Mortem: What Obama Must Learn from the Victory

I thought MSNBC was liberal??

I thought MSNBC was liberal??

Here is how Health Care Reform is Bi-Partisan after all, at least in Spirit (RJ Matson cartoons)

Great phony stories ..... Eric Cantor I am looking at you.

Report: Hazmat incident at Rep. Weiner's district office

Please sign the Courage Campaign's petition re: Employee Nondiscrimination Act:

cops racial remarks after traffic stop caught on dash cam

Please, can somone point me to where I can find Eric Cantor's comments?

I think the enthusiasm of supporters of the Health Act will outmatch the protests of opponents

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Honored At Women's History Month Celebration - pics

I doubt it'll make much difference in the end, but I'm irked by the reporting on Cantor's office


Dylan Ratagan just ran a thirty minute add for the Teabag movement.

Joe Biden - a 'regular guy'

Tier 5 Unemployment Extension

Andrew Breitbart is a psychopath.

Republicans ALWAYS play the victim/bully card

Police: Cantor Office Bullet Had Enough Energy To Break Window Pane, Not Enough To Pierce Blinds?

Sorry, Texas

Democrats threatening people too?

Glenn Beck, Eugenics, and History

Ok. So what exactly are we doing here today re this apology?

TPM is OUR Politico, we should do more to support it......

Here is the press release from the Richmond police on Cantor's lies

If my home or business was shot at, the cops would be called IMMEDIATELY!

Indonesia upholds anti-pornography bill

HA HA HA Cantor story already has holes in it...

$$$ Millions Paid To KBR Mechanics For -43 MINUTES- A Month (Mother Jones)

These tea baggers screaming and yelling and posting addresses

Eric Cantor is histrionic

The mods still have their work cut out for them

Back from Iowa City speech - with photos

Now we truly know why the GOP opposes health care reform

NY Times: Philadelphia youth instigate violent flash mobs, police get tough

Sen Reid pulls a grantcart

who is this smiling creep republican on tweety...john shadegg??

Looking back on all of it now, would you have liked to have seen a "trigger" public option?

Members of Congress Receiving Death Threats; Congresswoman Blames Sarah Palin's 'Rhetoric'

It is more likely that a gun rights activist fired at Cantor's office.

It is more likely that a gun rights activist fired at Cantor's office.

Columbus Go Home DC! Roy Beck, Tea Baggers, Undercover Feds, and Comprehensive European Reform!

Let’s beat that other side to a pulp! Let’s take them out. Let’s chase them down.' - Steve King R-IA

Eric Cantor, go fuck yourself, YOU are the one using the threat of violence for political gain

U.S. Congressman Cantor: I've Been Threatened Because I'm Jewish

How DARE dems ALLOW themselves to be targeted by our own KKK skinhead shock troops

A post for all Trolls and people shouting "Socialist"

Memo to all posters who are working tirelessly to salvage Cantor's story:

I want to see arrests, and charges under the PATRIOT ACT.

Republicans are playing the "Both Sides" card

Republican commentator David Frum loses job after criticizing GOP health-care strategy

Barbara Boxer mentioned that long-term care is part of the plan

MA ScottBrown voter irate about mandate!

Some talk about the possibility of a public option in new legislation now in Congress.

glen beck says 'democrats WANT some nut to kill them'

Training Them for Prison at An Early Age: A Playground ‘Jail’ for Children Stirs Controversy in NYC

Didn't Tweety say that Obama, Nancy and Harry's reconciliation

Insane: GOP State Legislators Threaten To Impeach Dem Attorney General For Not Suing

Cantor is running back to the mikes to clear up the missundersanding...

Scientists creating Frankenstein Mosquitoes

Iran Nuclear Plant Launch Unrelated To Sanctions: Russia

So how do we get Michelle Bachmann arrested for inciting violence with

If This Domestic Violence That We Are Seeing Happened Under BushCo.........

Gesundheit, Tweety nt

Protesters in Tbilisi, Georgia demand street named after * be renamed - pics

U.S. bases in Afghanistan say goodbye to Whoppers, DQ(Non-Essential to War Fighting)

Send Glenn BecKKK your used teabags.

Rugged, nude, Über-macho Scott Brown ain't afraid of no steenking Maddow: "And, er, bring her on."

Beck clarifies his theory:

Liberals: Hold your heads high and be proud.

OK, How is this supposed to work?

If you doubt Ratigan is devoted to pushing a "conservative" agenda

Call Me Crazy...Please! Part 2

My letter re:HCR printed today

worth a laugh.....

Newt Gingrinch says Dems must take responsibility

Did the HC reform debate show us all the need for government to bust mega-trusts?

Does THIS bother you?


Eric Cantor thinks we'll take anything he says at face value

Genetic testing in light of HCR

Video: Steve King Runs From Dana Bash When Questioned About Inciting Protesters

It's no different than blaming the woman because she dressed provocatively...

What's your opinion about MSNBC playing RW crazies' threats over and over?

Can Freeps jump the shark? "NBC Nightly News incites, foments violence against Sarah Palin"

There WERE DUers enthusiastically defending Backwards B Girl against those "odious attack".

Cindy Sheehan: Whose Streets? (Our Streets between 1pm and 4pm With a Permit)

Tam High students invite Mississippi lesbian to attend prom (Mill Valley, CA)

You Will Never Sleep Through the Night Again - Threat to Dem Kathy Dahlkemper

Didn't Karl Rove break into his own office back in the '80s? Is Cantor doing

Social Security Has a Surplus Not a Deficit

I fear America isn't just going "left" or "right",

I completely believe that Cantor & other Republicans have been victims & condemn it

Congressman Reichert (R-WA) in hospital with head injury

That "What Has Jerry Brown Done To You" Video Is Interesting

Someone should tell Cantor that the GOP doesn't need Dem "help" to make them look bad

Tell the Republican Party to End the Racism (with video) Scary!!

Republicans Plan to Block Unemployment Benefits Again

Yet another Republican posting their hypocrisy on Facebook....

GOP Confronts New Political Reality On Health Care: Repeal ... And Then What?

The Importance of Being Counted (Pop. 842)

NRCC On Perriello: Perriello is Not The Victim -- His Constituents Are

Beck's Sponser's' 800 Numbers

How did Cantor lie about shooting at his office

Coburn Shoots Down Jobless Benefits Extension

Motor Crave:British Engineering Consultants Point to Electromagnetic Interference In Toyota Problems

Jimmy Fallon: 'I'm Just A Bill' Gets The Biden Treatment - video link

Israel PM walks tightrope after US trip

IBM to set world's largest development center in western China

How Did the 'Party of Responsibility' Become the Cheerleaders of Hate and Violence?

On the senate floor right now - "Compel Attendance of Absent Senators".

We are not 'doomed' in the midterms...we are going to kick ass...

Vivid offers OctoMom an out. They pay off her mortgage, if. . . . . .

The party of "no" and the party of "personal responsibility" have become

BWAHAHA! Joe Klein on Hardball just said the Repubs are doubling down on the Koolaid...

I heard earlier today that Bim Laden has a new tape

Meanwhile, in actual history: Pentagon relaxes 'don't ask, don't tell'

Wow! Just how many republicans visit this site?

Dennis Kucinich is a pretty cool guy. He passed health caer and doesn't afraid of anything.

POLL: Elderly HCR haters on Medicare claim to not be on Medicare

Anti-Chavez TV channel owner arrested in Venezuela

Hey, Texas School Board! For my 20,000th post, I give you Thomas Jefferson.

Approaching The Winger Terrorism Situation Locally

An Open Letter to Conservatives (AWESOME!!)

T-Paw pulls out of GOP cattle call

Boy left in tree because of school policy. This is really wierd.

10 Dems warn Kerry: Don't expand offshore drilling in climate change bill

Am I in the Twilight Zone? Rep. Burgess R-TX on the house floor?

The Six Worst Things About Health Care Reform

US facing surge in rightwing extremists and militias

If your Senator is getting grief for today's Senate vote:

Crime mapping website. Just found it on line.

It's the 21st century, Wisconsin!

Ed Shultz is on Cantor's tail

Why They Are Called Teabaggers

Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper Gets Threat: “You Will Never Sleep Through The Night Again”

Seems everything is a big F---ing deal. An email I got for the weekend activites in my city

So, Mean Jean got a nasty phone call

I ask DU: Has the progressive left taken over the government and the country?

UPDATED: Ohio Supreme Court stops Brunner depositions

We all make snap judgments about people. We may be aware of it and consciously try

It's NOT Cantor's campaign office. Bldg occupied by a political consulting LLC, Marcus & Allen

Palin's Choice Of Violent Graphics Similar To Anti-Abortion Website That Lost In Court

Look, a true email! *SARCASM*

I got to ask Alan Grayson 2 questions!

Heinrich Introduces Bill To Help Military Families Extend Health Care Coverage

About these threats:

Senate Republicans hold up jobless benefits

I'm convinced that Cantor or some republican operative shot out his window

My un-official unemployment poll for March 2010...

Great discussion on the violence on KOs program

So, this is how it starts.

Back in the 80's, those of us in the environmental movement knew this moment was inevitable

Back in the 80's, those of us in the environmental movement knew this moment was inevitable

DNA test frees man in prison for 26 years-served more than half his life in prison

Republicans charge that they are victims of threats and violence

Freeper thinks that Israel would nuke Washington DC!

In the House, the oppo is parading one puke doc after another

Beck on Radio: Democrats are asking "What do we need to do to get these people to KILL US?"

The Tea Party is a White militant group.

The Tea Party is a White militant group.

Marcelas Owens....

Is there a CNN poll showing 2/3 of Americans support the GOP's obstructionist tactics?

As I watch the last 10 minutes of the final HCR vote I am reminded

True or False: Molesting kids is perfectly acceptable in certain situations.

PLEASE HELP. I am catching hell on facebook because this health care bill passed

PLEASE HELP. I am catching hell on facebook because this health care bill passed

"Bill would fully restore gun rights to some felons"

Sure...The right wing would never

Aren't conservatives supposed to be all about "Christian values"?

Balloon boy's dad gets home detention

Oh Cantor, Democratic Representatives have not been yelling "liar" "baby killer" from the floor.

The teabaggers in twitter are saying Anti-Israel, Jewish hating progressives fired shots @ Cantor

A message to Republicans, freepers, teabaggers and other assorted mixed nuts:

Well, here we are- for a brief shining moment- united.

MarketWatch: The new Capitalist Anarchy and the Lobbyist Bubble

Bill Kristol has all the fucking answers on HCR, just like he had all the fucking answers on Iraq.

Despite Initial Denials, Young GOPers Headed To Blackwater Compound For Fundraiser

Self delete. NT

"Is your choice of words inciteful or ignorant?"

Let me tell you why I am SO PROUD of the Democrats through this convoluted, seemingly endless voyage

Senate Begins Game Of Chicken With Unemployment Benefits: update

White House, labor to vote-switchers: We won't forget

Reconciliation didn't fix the gap in PEC coverage for children, did it?

"Fresh Air" has great interview of Mark Potok of the SPLC-- teabaggers, Patriots...

Here's a riddle for you! Q: What do you call a Republican who tells the painful but honest truth?

Beck's Sponser's' 800 Numbers Is it Futile to Try?

So my browser just fucked over a huge rant I had typed out

Thank God it's over.


The truth is ReTHUGS were terrified that the HCR Bill would pass

The truth is ReTHUGS were terrified that the HCR Bill would pass

Dupe - pls delete

‘KopBusters’ Couple Lose Son Over Misdemeanor Pot Charge

Senate Begins Game Of Chicken With Unemployment Benefits:

I'm Feeling Very Giddy About a Repug Washout in.....

Call Me Crazy...Please! Part 2

So John King just repeated that Cantor's office was fired upon....

wasn't the vote 219 on Sunday? Does anyone know who flipped?

Caption Time!

Food Riots or Food Rebellions?

Rep. Reichert (R-Wa), records 'NO' on HCR while hospitalized using tax-paid congressional insurance.

PCIntern "quite probably" victim of attack...

Two New Polls Reveal Scary Beliefs Held by Conservative "Hatriots"

What is up with wanting to dump the 17th amendment all of a sudden?

What is up with wanting to dump the 17th amendment all of a sudden?

LOL: Mich. Governor directs AG to intervene against HIMSELF!

Sonny Perdue to seek lawsuit against health care plan....even if the (black) GA Atty Gen says No

How Does It Feel To Be On The WINNING Team!

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Freepers: so fucking stupid it's breathtaking. Freepers: Muslims can't eat with Jews

Understandably, there have been quite a few questions here today about

David Frum Just Proved That "Conservative Think Tank" Is An Oxymoron !!!

Judge could be Supreme Court contender (Diane Wood)

g.o.p. to it's f***wit base: 'Please don't kill anybody, okay'?

Obama Heckler - KWQC Iowa

Schadenfreude alert: David Frum lost his health insurance when he got canned by the AEI..

The Tea Party is a fraud, just another name for the GOP rank-and-file

Senate looks at suicide on Indian reservations

Republicans must be extremely desperate now, w/ Cantor lying about the random bullet that landed

Maricopa County Supervisor Calls for Sheriff Joe's indictment at rally

Insurers to reject coverage for children in some cases until 2014.

Condom Maker Ranks States By, Well, Size

Man, it seems like a lot of conservatives lack conscience

Glenn Beck says he wore a bullet-proof vest when FBI warned him of a threat on his life...

Do you think this is cruel?

Do you think this is cruel?

Seriously Cantor is no different than that girl who carved a "B" in her face and blamed Dems for it

I saw on The Ed Show

Heavily Censored Afghan Documents Raise New Questions About Transfers

Obama vs the right wing.

There is rumbling and disquiet in my personal Freeperland - - - a couple of tiny observations

John Kerry makes move to protect whales

China's Female Astronauts: Must Be a Married Mom

WaPo headline: Rep. Cantor: Democrats 'fanning flame' on threats

wow, I've tried to stay out of the Facebook mess....

wow, I've tried to stay out of the Facebook mess....

Living in these interesting times, I just want to give a big shout-out to the Internet

Obama's in charge he's got the momentum go ahead and fix Social Security.

Frum was the only "think" in the AEI "think tank"...

Google: A bull in China's shop

This is how I feel about health care bill passing

Biden On 'Big F---ing Deal': Obama Loved It

A Cornered Ratz

Atlanta Journal Constitution: "The orange dude lost it"


Any body been able to find an email for Discovery Channel/TLC?

I was just thinking: It took a woman and a man of color to finally pass HCR in America

I was just thinking: It took a woman and a man of color to finally pass HCR in America

Harkin: Public option backers eyeing second reconciliation bill

UK ministers are exaggerating the terrorist threat, say MPs

light a candle for where we are going (Neil Young)

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

How on Earth did THIS happen??? (James Baker Gets "Truman Award")

Your next SCOTUS choice (alleged top three contenders)

GOP craziness spreads to the state house; MO rep shouts "LIAR" at a Dem rep

The radical right to lifers ought to target the Republicans, not Dems.

Fla. Senate passes 'teacher tenure' bill-making it easier to fire teachers

Nevadans--question about Searchlight rally

Well Thank You Congressman Dan Lipinski (D-IL 3rd) For Voting No On Health Care........

The fight for capitalism

If Eric Cantor's office was REALLY shot at

Obama 4 My Future - Meet Lil Barack - pics

When Less is More: The Case for Teaching Less Math in Schools

Richmond Police Statement On Cantor Office Vandalism

There's one positive to Sarah Palin doing a reality show...

Anyone know if Jon Stewart is in re-runs this week?

Did you hear the one about Pres. O leaving B.Netayahu behind so he could eat dinner with his family?

Jason Mattera...hannity show: Interuptus corruptus...wrote book nitpicking moments

***Breaking on CNN**: white powder sent to Weiner's office.

***Breaking on CNN**: white powder sent to Weiner's office.

***Breaking on CNN**: white powder sent to Weiner's office.

Binyamin Netanyah humiliated when Obama dumped him for dinner

Health bill may exempt top Hill staffers

Hitting the Ann Coulter nail on the head

The REAL Fallout Of Cantor's Lie: The RW Nutbag Crazies Will NOW WANT TO ESCALATE

Just checked in a regular rural type Alabama person who's travelling for some type of business.

The Republicans must be desperate. They've called out Gingrich.

Finally... I got a job

Thoughts on Frum's firing by AEI

Argentines Remember the Disappeared — By Vanishing from Facebook

Another Chance for the Public Option

Does the Tea Party movement remind you of the militia movement of the 90s?

Our law is WRONG..not ...if a 'reasonable person would'..but 'if an insane, disburbed person would'

Did the PO just get put in?

Anyone know how to get police reports from the cantor bullet situation.

A small observation about the RW rationale for the recent thuggery.

One of the most amazing things.. which probably would never happen..

Conservative KXNT talk radio host: Tea Party Express is really GOP Express

Republicans Turned Off By Size Of Obama's Package

220 to 207 Reconciliation Passes

Share the incomprehensible Facebook postings of your "friends" regarding HCR/domestic terror here!

Threats are receiving major coverage on all networks

Do You Know How much the Nuclear Industry Dosed YOU???

To all mail carriers: thank you so much

Founder of the Tea Party movement quote on tax protestors

**Breaking** American Enterprise Institute fires Frum

Is George Bush a racist?

What if it's not just HFCS that's the problem, but all the corn we're eating?

New details emerge re Cantor’s camp office incident - shots outside office - occurred early in week

Turns out Cantor was caught LYING

I'm calling bullshit on Republicans receiving threats

I'm calling bullshit on Republicans receiving threats

The Angry Republican Mobs: The Next Chapter

And this is the problem...

Very Awesome Response - From Rep Moran's Aides To Tea Terrorists

Turned on C-span from B ball .... Louie Gohmert is batshit crazy

Does the left need the right, and the right the left?

My vehicle was keyed today. Do you think it was my Obama/Biden bumpersitcker?

I knew it--Discovery Channel really reveals itself

Are conservatives trying to start a second civil war?

Shredded American flag doused in gasoline sent to Democrats...

Shredded American flag doused in gasoline sent to Democrats...

THE ONION: Like Hell I'm Going To Let Some Black President Help Me Pay For Dialysis

How much better would America be had the 2000 election not been stolen?

I had a chilling thought: why hasn't our big agriculture been outsourced yet?

President Obama echoed my thoughts today in Iowa (he makes it easy to support him)

President Obama echoed my thoughts today in Iowa (he makes it easy to support him)

"DROP DEAD": White Powder Package Sent to Rep. Weiner's Office

No Elected Democrats Ever Egged On Violence. No Liberals Are On TV Inciting On Violence-

The original tea party was against the world's largest corporation of the time

Midwifing the Militias

Gravity OBVIOUSLY targeted Eric Cantor's office

Whoa, the Quitter has lost HASSELBECK (for now). Over the target map.

The cornerstone of a healthy breakfast - pic

Hey Sarah P.!!!! You know that hopey changey thing???

Obama snubbed Netanyahu for dinner with Michelle and the girls, Israelis claim

"Terrorism" - Are Fox News, RW Radio and the GOP Engaging In It Or Promoting It?

The Reason Republicans call Obama a Socialist, Hitler, The Anti Christ etc...

So is all that Patriot Act Eavesdropping Equipment being used to track down these Threats?

Any Obama job approval poll coming soon?

My rant to an Ex facebook friend yesterday before "defriending her"....

Arne Duncan's VIP list.

Losing friends right and right over HCR

President Obama visits a bookstore while in Iowa - pics

Question for DUers who are Legally Minded: When does Tea bagger/Palin conduct shift from free speech

The day after Obama was elected & Jeb called for a "shadow government" I thought abt starting a blog

Is the US just a modern day version of the ancient Roman Empire?

Dick DeVos launching aviation-themed charter high school - Could it be Amway Air?

DNC responds to Cantor

"Stupak calls it what it is: "Domestic Terrorism""

They are not "We the People" they are

Tea Party organizer sued over Sarah Palin's speaking fees

reporting something to facebook

I need precedent for HCR

Honey Bee Deaths Linked To Pesticides.....

Nothing succeeds like success

Tweety Just Showed The Clip Of The Congressmen Up On The Balcony Of The Capitol........

Xultar is a sneaky sneaky sneaky bad bad bhhhaaaad ghurl.

What Are Your Thoughts About the Federal Reserve?

Checked out the Eric Cantor story. No windows shot out.

Proof of why we need a stand-alone law on pre-existing conditions and a PO

TARRYL CLARK vs Sarah Palin & Michele Bachmann

Live in L.A.? Want to save Ballona Wetlands from Wall St.? Visit my thread in CA forum.. (link)

Live in L.A.? Want to save Ballona Wetlands from Wall St.? Visit my thread in CA forum.. (link)

Experts: One-third of breast cancer is avoidable

AEI Ordered NOT To Speak To Media Because "They Agreed TOO Much With What Obama Was Trying To Do"

AEI Ordered NOT To Speak To Media Because "They Agreed TOO Much With What Obama Was Trying To Do"

Is Boehner Drunk?

"Christian" law firm plans to challenge expanded health coverage

Why would liberal activists be attacking Republican lawmakers over a bill that PASSED?

Without destroying the Earth, the Large Hadron Collider might help humans explore the cosmos

THE NATION: The Mad Tea Party

Without the Health Reform Insurance companies would have

They Throw Rocks; We Send Roses! Pelosi Birthday Rose Campaign: over 1,900 so far!!

BREAKING: Clay County, KY Election Officials Found Guilty of Election Fraud, Vote Buying

Obama condemns Cuba's 'clenched fist' repression

The World is Choking on Government Debt

5/09: 'Incredible: RNC ad features someone taking shots at Pelosi, blood running down the screen'

I never believed there was such a thing as "Must-See TV"...until Rachel Maddow came along.

**BREAKING** Obama administration to order lenders to cut mortgage payments for jobless

1 in 4 Republicans think Obama may be the anti-Christ, 38% think he's doing things that Hitler did

"GOP Commentator David Frum Loses Job After Criticizing Party"

Why are conservatives so violent?


Ah one of those days... and I haven't had one

The scene outside Rep. Weiner's office today - pics

This was posted on a friend's facebook

This was posted on a friend's facebook

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver brings "Food Revolution" to US

We'll see if the insurance industry can be ‘reformed'

We'll see if the insurance industry can be ‘reformed'

HCR Law of unintended consequences

ADVICE SOUGHT:I just finished attending and recording a teabag-912 project meeting

Other countries have hate speech laws. Why don't we?

Eric Cantor blames Democrats for 'fanning flames' on threats.

Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder Finally Explained: Too Many Chemicals

Mandate to buy Auto Insurance the same as Health Care Mandate...

New Evidence for Multiverse?

Prodigy, 13, claims age discrimination by UConn

Prodigy, 13, claims age discrimination by UConn

How Eli Broad gets his guys into public school systems to exert control. Two examples.

How Eli Broad gets his guys into public school systems to exert control. Two examples.

Please help me dispel the myth that all cyclists are socialists

Greenpeace USA: Obama supports overturning international ban on commercial whaling

As prices fall, strawberry farmers plow crops under

GE proud sponsor of the RONALD RAYGUN centennial celebration

Let's Stop Trying to Use the "Car Insurance" Analogy to Justify the Insurance Mandate

Tea Party Blogger Hints That Pelosi’s Life Is In Danger, Warns Of ‘A Thousand Little Waco’s’

Tim Kaine is a dumb ass....

“It can’t happen here.”

"Why, for decades, what's been called politically impossible is what most of the public has wanted"

Constitutional Convention?

Richmond Police Report: Cantor Lies Deliberately, Claim His Campaign Office Was Shot At Is A Lie

Richmond Police Report: Cantor Lies Deliberately, Claim His Campaign Office Was Shot At Is A Lie

If any of you see me in GD again, please

Good morning Lounge

CNN: Palin Brokers Partnership of Tea Party & Snake Handlers, Welcomes Joe the Snake Handler

Elevator Etiquette Social Behavior Poll #473-B

Zeppelin's Stairway To Heaven, Whole Lotta Love covered by Mary J Blige

Those Whoppers robin eggs are pretty good.

Adorable... And completely narcissistic.

Ladies! Would you cheat on Sandra Bullock?

Kosher gin

Nine straight nights without Lunesta and counting

"Dear Mom and Dad. You went to Paris without me. Welcome home. Fuck you."

A friend of mine has an editorial in the campus paper about responsible drinking.

I'm proud of tonight's show

Do you like the dark fatalistic novels of Thomas Hardy? If so...

I'm getting old and sentimental...

Thats not my name. That not my name.. Thats not my name...


I got my Wanda Sykes I'ma Be Me dvd came in the mail.

A warning to all conservatives radical or not

I love when I am sound asleep and lightening strikes my yard.

You know that lady that was supposed to name her baby Megatron? Well shes not gonna do it but

The pea hen has been caught

Seems everything is a big F---ing deal. An email I got for the weekend activites in my city

Whew. Just got back from getting a small tattoo.

The economy is going to get worse here...

(You Caught Me) Smilin'

And another #1 seed falls!

"I'm not going to ask you to wax the wheels on my Porsche, and I'm not going to ask you to sing

Hey, Symarip!!!! Just bought my iPad

This Thursday is an Angry Thursday for me...

shake your butt

Should I be worried - my cat can open doors now

Saddened to have just learned of the passing of my bracket.

Alexander Menshikov vs Mary Hopkin


What TV personality died yesterday? I heard Brian Williams mention it but I didn't watch. nt

I was offered a Census Job! I am ecstatic!

Iggy Pop and Surly Furious

Be a Guardian, not an Owner

REM- Shiny Happy People

Saw this on Twitter, made me smile.

Uh-oh! Drinking and posting in LBN

On Air

Kirsty MacColl with a great fun song and English/country hit

Any great facebook groups to join?

NCAA on now, WVU v. Wash.,

Facebook Friends Needed!

Not only can you not please all of the people all of the time

Here's a copy of what I posted to the Discovery Channel,, please share your love with them:

I'm videotaping a wedding on Saturday. Tonight, at rehearsal, the groom was TRIPPIN.'

Bart Stupak has an amazing head of hair.

Any elder statesmen out there ever try Falstaff Beer - the original American IPA

Saddened to have just learned of the passing of the legendary singer Johnny Maestro

Whew. Just got back from getting a huge tattoo.

What is this about? A question for... anyone.


May I ask a Facebook question?

Why is it called a TV 'set'?

Where the fuck is Desmond and Penny and where the fuck is Walter?

Golden Retriever puppies being called to dinner - cuteness. Awww...

Van Morrison is awesome.

My latest boycotting effort will be with the cable channel TLC

It's the regional joke thread!

My cat is high.....

Oooooo, the possibilities....

Why do people feel the need to be so mean on the net?

Drunken Angel

Jesse "Tiger" James? In addition to the tattooed Nazi, Bullock's hubby had 3 other mistresses

Please don't make fun of me. I love Roxy Music and all who sail/sailed in her.

"Juno" - worth seeing or no?

Overused words and phrases that need a long rest.

Vick's VapoRub a chest rub recommended by VA for nail fungus

Automatic shift drivers---are you a one footed driver or a two footed driver?

The solution.

When I drive a standard shift, I work the clutch with my right hand...

Favorite cult film?

Best love song ever?

Has anyone here had any experience(s) with

The Republican's new theme song.... "No You Can't!"

History lesson because history repeats itself....Meet Alf Landon

No biggie.

You could not have scripted a stupider response by the Republicans to the HCR

Teapartiers...the new black...GOP style

A little sampling of the discussion at Faux ONLINE about the FBI getting involved.

Gail Collins: Brave New Health Care World

Have you noticed that whenever the repugnant behavior going

House of Anger

They could put the Public Option in the bill now . From Huffington Post:

If the Republicans had acted as grown-ups

Hoyer confident House will re-approve final health bill fixes - they will vote today

Chairman Kerry And President Obama Discuss New U.S.-Russia START Treaty

Politico attempts to kneecap Armey/FreedomWorks

Right-Wing Terrorism Stoked by Conservative Leaders Again (Hypocrisy alert)

"Obama Delivers on His Promise of Change"

BREAKING: Senate will have to return health bill to House

"Treaty to cut US-Russia nukes; signing in 2 weeks"

Do you think we should be bombarding the repug lawmakers in our state to

Well now we know why the right loves their guns so much.

Protesters Bring Coffin To Rep. Carnahan's Home

Stocks rise on jobs recovery optimism

Holy Crap! Corker pitch: $10k dinner, $5k meeting

**Flash Back: Senator Barack Obama on his Health Care Proposals, Iowa City 5/07 **

Will Americans Reject the Party of "Hell No?"

Final Senate vote scheduled for 2pm according to c-span

Nancy Wants a Pool Table

Joe Klein: Republican Kamikaze Ride

GOP congressional hopeful Corey Poitier Calls Obama "BuckWheat"

Republicans speaking about the recent violence.

MSNBC: Mitchell with Rep. James Clyburn about threats.

Reconciliation Bill Passes Senate.

Iowa is giving Obama a very Presidential welcome!

Violent threats against 10 Democrats (and growing) vs 1 Republican seems fair and balanced to me

"so after I signed the bill, I looked around..."

Lol... Did I just see a Repeal HCR/Michelle Bachman banner ad on DU?

Obama to repeal-minded Republicans: 'Go for it'

Blanche Lincoln voted NO (on amendments)

Dem AG In Georgia Faces Impeachment Threat For Not Suing Government Over Health Care

Obama and Biden on the BFD

Kerry Lauds Senate Passage of Health Insurance Reform

HAHAAHAA! Turn To MSNBC Now! Deafening Cheers For Obama From Iowans!

Ha! GOP Threats to Reconciliation are a Dud

Beware of the "Reichstag Fire" strategy...

What's up with the fainting people at these rallies?

Obama: 11 Point Bump In Gallup In The Last Week!

**Heads Up!: Biden Presiding Over the Senate!**

"Funny" how the MSM is telling us that Repub. leaders "denounce all violence"

"We are not going back....this Country is Moving Forward!" - POTUS

Thank your Senator RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!11!!!!

Take a moment to BREATHE

GOP: "We're a party of peace!"

Man, i LOVE this student loan thing. It's so HUGE

Kilmeade wonders if "Democrats are using" threats of violence "to their advantage" (VIDEO)

I have Tivo but it would be better to have free on demand television.

Teabaggers promote hate, commit acts of violence, and then lie, claiming it's all a misunderstanding

MSNBC: Ratigan with Andrew Breitbart

Let's give credit where credit is due, Elisabeth Hasselbeck just called out Sarah Palin. . .

**** Heads Up: Barack Obama Returns to Iowa City! Live, 2pm EDT! ****

Just say thank you

Obama stops by independent bookstore in Iowa today

House votin' today? Yay/nay?

Just say boo!

Playing To The Mob

Desktop wallpaper: Boehner's prediction of Armageddon after HCR bill signing...

Weiner just got a substance in a package

What's the Republican game plan?

Obama & Administration: Cat Herders

After whipping "the lunatic fringe of their base into a frenzy," Republicans fear losing control

Road House rules

David Frum and the Closing of the Conservative Mind

TPM: Final House Vote Expected Between 8:30 and 9:30 Tonight

Tom Toles is worth a thousand words

Tell the Congressional leadership to jointly denounce incendiary talk & violence!

Pope needs to be forced out!!

Stephene Moore is in for Congress

Ratigan, Ratigan, Ratigan......

Political speech is protected, but incitements of violence are not protected forms of speech.

Anybody but Bob? Bennett may be in big trouble

There are things I hate about the HCR law.

Paul Hickey announces he won't run for governor

Tancredo backs congressional candidate with McCain ties

Cantor lies about office being targeted

Reconciliation Bill Passes in the Senate 56-43!

What does Health Care Reform mean to you?

Hail the Conquering Professor

C-Span Live: House debating Reconciliation bill rule now. Amusing watching R's. Vote about 9PM.

Joe Biden: "They Smell A Rat"

Adopt a Congressman

Cantor and 'Fanning The Flames'

What should be included in an immigration reform bill? I think that may be on the table for later

Pelosi, Secretary Clinton, Rep. Woolsey Remarks at Congressional Women’s History Month Celebration

Have you heard a single Repug condemn the violence without qualification?

PA: Nutter to endorse Williams for governor

"The lunatics committing these crimes don't even know what they're so upset about"

Republicans march on Washington

Obama appoints new chief for war court at Guantanamo

***HEADS UP*** US House begins final debate on Reconciliation Bill

Does Newt Gingrich actually think he can be President? Seriously?

Looking for resource on Obama's 100 days accomplishments and later.

The GOP: The Party of Hate.

BREAKING NEWS: House OKs final health reform 'fixes'

Do Democrats need a plan of Action for Easter Recess?

"Richmond Police Statement On Cantor Office Vandalism"

CNN's adopts RNC approach w/t Blitzer: "Democrats and Republicans accusing each other of Violence".

Damn it, Obama! Every "Yes We Did!" just means another "Yes We Can!"

W.H.: Obama to be covered under new health market

MSNBC Tamera Hall doing bad reporting! Geeze!

* Wisconsin Governor Tells His AG To Bag Lawsuit Against Reform:

MSNBC: Countdown with Fineman.

Rep. LaTourette, R, Ohio: The president's summit with Repubs reminded him of Braveheart

Obama administration to order lenders to cut mortgage payments for jobless

Gallup: Everyone likes HCR except old white people who are not even much affected by it

OMFG - CNN & John King

"This is What Change Looks Like: Passing Health Care Reform" (photos)

On the other huge reform passed by the Senate today, SAFRA, Kerry paraphrases Biden

How's That Dopey-Nopey Working Out For TeaPugNutCants?

Frum canned

WA-Sen: Murray With 11-Point Edge Over Rossi

Boycott the Discovery Channel- sign the petition

"I'm Just a Bill" - Updated with inspiration from VP Joe Biden (VIDEO)

Salt Lake Tribune's Pat Bagley perfectly sums it up again...

A look at Obama's health care overhaul law

Now that they were given the free shot by rapublicans to add public option back in,

Cartoonist Tony Auth nails the GOP!

Kaiser: Updated Health Care Subsidy Calculator

New poll, Who will benefit more from the health care law's passage in November's elections?

Weiner the Wonder Rep to Bill O "You're making stuff up!"

PHOTOS Well hello Barack Stroud!

The Carnahan Coffin - NOT a threat against the Representative.

GOP senators warn Obama of using recess appointment for labor board

MSM purposely misses the point on violence.

Is the government coming to confiscate our garden produce?

Scott Brown can no longer justify acts of lunacy. As for McCain...

Scott Brown - The Democrats will stop at nothing

GOP wanted to make health care Obama's Waterloo. Democrats made it GOP's Waterloo. Abba reunites!

PHOTO: Caption This

PHOTOS President buys a cure for insomnia

Alan Grayson Announces Bid For Presidency As Sarah Palin's VP!!!!

I am so sick of idiots who don't even know what the hell is going on...

Photos: Iowa represents.

I just got a call from the RNC

Video: Elizabeth Warren’s Mission

Kicking a dying man - a tale of US 'care'

New Moore Island No More As Island Disappears

AP Sources: U.S.-Israeli Talks End Without Accord

Bee Pollen And Hives Laden With Pesticides,

Coral reef on Lord Howe {Island} bleached by summer

YouTube disappears from the web

GOP challenges send health bill back to House

D.C. in the Weed(s)

Argentines Remember the Disappeared — By Vanishing from Facebook

Forest loss slows, as China plants and Brazil preserves

Obama hits the road to sell health care overhaul

U.K. Court Allows Extradition of Lawyer in KBR Bribery Case

Eric Canor (r) saying it's DEMOCRATS fault for POLITICIZING the threats agains DEMOCRATS

CIA prepared birthday cake for double agent who bombed Afghan base

(Ia Gov.) Culver backs Obama plan

(IN-9:) Baron Hill reports death threats in wake of health care vote

Initial jobless claims drop more than expected

Senate Republicans Hold Up Jobless Benefits

Schauer says he got death threat on health care vote (total of three Dems in MI)

Half of U.S. Home Loan Modifications Default Again

Iowa Democratic congressman Braley receives threats over his support of health care bill

GAMC agreement passed by (Mn) House and Senate (35,000 low-income chronic mental health problems)

Toyota used ‘secret recalls’ for floor mat issues

Palin 'has been vocal about condeming violence,' aide says

Harry Mitchell (D-Ariz) gets death threats over health care vote

BREAKING: Clay County, KY Election Officials Found Guilty of Election Fraud, Vote Buying

Bin Laden Threatens to Kill U.S. Prisoners

US President Barack Obama asks for $2.8bn for Haiti

France, Germany Agree To Involve IMF In Greece Bailout Package

NY congressman gets threatening letter (Weiner)

Anti-Chavez TV channel owner arrested in Venezuela

'Renaissance man' of evolutionary biology wins coveted $1.5M Templeton Prize

Two Indiana congressmen report threat calls to offices

Senate will have to return health bill to House

Rep. Cantor's Richmond Campaign Office Shot at Overnight

RAF catches Russian bombers in UK airspace

Pelosi, Hoyer blame GOP for inciting vandalism, threats

Prodigy, 13, claims age discrimination by UConn

Military Restructures Afghanistan Police Contract, Blackwater-Linked Army Office Stripped of Control

GE proud sponsor of the RONALD RAYGUN centennial celebration


New war-court chief may mean more tribunals at Guantánamo

US slave ship replica sails into Old Havana harbor

Bills to OK carrying concealed guns without permits advance (Arizona)

Ezra: "How does the individual mandate work?"

Pentagon spooks heavy Aussie battler for revealing secrets on WikiLeaks

Hacker gets 20 years for stealing credit card data

Revamping of Student Loans Approved by Senate

SEC Probing Two Hedge Funds: Report

Woman 'ogled': airport worker warned over body scanner use

GOP congressman (Issa) calls for hearings into threats against Democrats

Deal reached over World Trade Center site

Franco-German deal reached over Greece's debts

Nearly 300 Congress members declare commitment to 'unbreakable' U.S.-Israel bond

Arbitrator Rules That American Axle Violated Its UAW Contract By Sending Work To Mexico

Gingrich blames Democrats for rising tide of threats, violence

UPDATED 9:30 a.m.: 3 apparently dead in Brownsville medical helicopter crash, sheriff says

Obama dares Republicans to seek healthcare repeal

Obama demands Netanyahu’s peace answers by Saturday


CBS Poll on President Obama being freeped

Jean Schmidt tape from threatening black man just ain't right...

Officials: Gas Line at Perriello House Was Cut Deliberately

Condom sent to Democrat who voted for health care bill

Text Book State Terrorism in Honduras: Death Squad Kills Teacher in Front of Students

Frum Exits Conservative Think Tank

Sharp momentum shift back to the Democrats

Gates eases ban on gays in the military

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday March 25

McCain, Palin to campaign together in Arizona

Obama administration to order lenders to cut mortgage payments for jobless

Congress completes overhaul of health care (Reconciliation Passes in the House)

States shed government jobs as revenue plummets

BART Cop Involved In Grant Shooting Fired

Divorce attorney says Dennis Hopper is dying

Man who threw money at Parkinson’s patient calls behavior ‘shameful’

Police: Bullet That Hit Cantor Campaign Office Window Was Randomly Fired In Air A Long Way Off

Vatican says media in "ignoble attempt" to smear pope

A Changed President

Airport money-raising ban ruled constitutional

Code Pink Rips AIPAC!

Bush torture architect John Yoo shouted down at UVA speech pimping his new book

TYTJames Cameron on Glenn Beck

Healthcare Armageddon for Dummies

We Don't Need This GOP Fascist Tea Party Thang

Republicans... You Blew It!

The Ballad Of Rush Limbaugh

Nancy Skinner on Fox Business talking about Bank of America's Mortgage Buy Downs

GOP Fear and Smear

For Rachel Maddow on Her Birthday

Catholics United's Health Care Vigil outside of Capitol building

Rachel Maddow's 'robocall' against Scott Brown's weird lies and smears about her

GLEE: Sue's Corner - Sneaky Gays

HCR protesters grow violent. (including Rove repeating 'birth pangs' defense)

Cantor Lies Through His Teeth About The Shooting & Says It's The Dems Who Are Fanning The Flames

Vatican Had Halted Trial for Accused Priest

New DNC Video DEMOLISHES Mitt Romney

Rachel Maddow & Sherrod Brown on Republican Senatorial POUTRAGE!

BraveNewFilms: Tell the Republican Party to Stop Supporting Tea Party Racism!

Rove: Unsophisticated Tea Partiers Responsible For Unfortunate Incidents

Papantonio Explodes on MSNBC

Obama On GOP Running On Repeal: 'Go For It'

Increasing Eliminationist Rhetoric

Rachel Maddow On Republicans Going Maniacal (Contains Disturbing Phone Calls Stupak Has Received)

Obama Mocks Republican 'Armageddon' Rhetoric (Again)

AM760 David Sirota Delivers Petition to Senator Bennett


Hitler Discovers Republicans Have No Ideas.m4v

Eric Cantor lies via a 'media vehicle' (3:06)

Package With White Powder Sent To Congressman Weiner!

Columbus Go Home DC! Roy Beck, Tea Baggers, Undercover Feds, and Comprehensive European Reform!

Nancy Skinner on MSNBC talking toxic tea parties

TYT: Slamming John McCain's HC BS

Wingers Gone Wild!

Why are the Republicans calling for a return to slave breaking?

Weiner vs O'Reilly

Weiner To O'Reilly- 'You're Making Stuff Up'

Elisabeth Hasselbeck calls out Sarah Palin


TYT: Liberal Blogosphere Pissed at TYT?

Unemployed? Kids hungry? Get a job!

TYT: Proof - Glenn Beck = The Joker! (From Batman)

Marcy Winograd: Why I'm Running

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Next Up: Wall Street Reform

Podcast Recommendation: America's "Empire of Illusion"

Behind Consumer Agency Idea, a Tireless Advocate - Elizabeth Warren

Social Security to See Payout Exceed Pay-In This Year

Journalist Allan Nairn Facing Possible Arrest in Indonesia for Exposing US-Backed Forces Assassinate

Right-wing death threats rise: Republicans should condemn Rush Limbaugh

Following NFL, GOP Devises New 'Overtime Rules'

The GOP Response to the Intimidation Campaign Against Democrats (TIME)

Lawmakers play with fire by pushing weapons bill

NY Times..Laurie Goodstein:. Pope failed to defrock priest who molested 200 boys

So George Washington was a socialist, too!

Time for 2020 Vision in Washington

I Am Just a Dreamer and You are Just a Dream

America's Year of Living Dangerously

Reconciliation is finished. Someone call Chris Matthews

ENOUGH with the Violence-Make your voice Heard

Stewart Lee Udall -- 1920-2010. A Personal Memoir.

Anglophobia on the rise in Israel

"Shallow Throat": Obama, the GOP and "Potomac Fever"

Per the CBO: Not everyone will be insured? Can this be refuted please?

Bill Gates Bets On Next-Gen Nuclear

An open letter to conservatives

Will ABC Let Amanpour Be Amanpour?

New Moore Island No More - DISAPPEARS into the sea!

Coral reef on Lord Howe {Island} bleached by summer

Drumbeat: March 25, 2010

Without Affordable Clean Alternatives, South Africa Turns to Coal

New boreal forest biomass maps produced from radar satellite data

Illegal Fishing Off W. African Nations Hauling In 10 - 22% Of Global Fisheries Output

S. America, Caribbean Nations Brace For Dengue - 146,000 Cases YTD - 2X 2009 Total - AFP

Poisonous Tropical Algae, Native To Queensland, Advancing In Murray River - Now 3% Of Bloom Biomass

Right Whale Dieoff Hits Argentine Patagonia - From 30 To 100+ Deaths Annually Since 2007

Indonesia Has Lost 2.2 Million Hectares Of Mangroves - More Than Half - In Less Than 30 Years

Republican Tactics Prevent Hearings On Expedited Thinning Of Beetle-Killed Forests In Colorado

Merchant Fleets Can Substantially Cut CO2 Output Up To 40%, Lower Fuel Consumption By Slowing Down

Amazing Image Of New "Cryptic Gecko" Species Discovered In Cambodian Forests - Mongabay

NPR: How Republicans Learned To Reject Climate Change

Move over predators: Plants can control the food chain too -- from the bottom up

Sarkozy Government Shelves Carbon Tax - France Had Been Only Major Economy Possibly Enacting One

Safer nuclear reactors could result from Los Alamos research

Forest loss slows, as China plants and Brazil preserves

"Continuous And Drastic Reduction" In All NE Antarctic Peninsular Glaciers

Bathing and showering: Under-appreciated sources of water pollution from medicines

CITES Bats 1.000 - Zero New Protections For Any Marine Species, Sole Exception Withdrawn - AFP

Sweden considers reversing 30 year decision to phase out nuclear power.

Dust Storm Blots Out Sun Across Nigeria - Result Of Unseasonable Harmattan Winds - AP/USA Today

SolarAttic Solar Pool Heater Vs. Pool Heat Pumps

Why Baseload Is Irrelevant To The Power Discussion

Japan Blocks Ocean Conservation Measures

Blueprint for “artificial leaf” mimics Mother Nature

More economical process for making ethanol from non-food sources

UTEP's Tony Barbee heading to Auburn

"GM? We don't need need no stinkin' GM..."

Two Decades Later, New Jersey Teams Play 'Greatest Game Never Played'

Hey Con, where were YOU today????

NHL union gives final blessing to head shot rule

Five schools have teams in both women's and men's Sweet 16

Fuck Yeah!!

Hey Bulldogs!



Gus Johnson is one of the best announcers on TV!

Anyone watching Cornell/Kentucky???

Most egregious call in NCAA Tourney history?

Heh -- If the World Series was held now Cleveland would play the S.F. Giants

Syracuse just went down...

Some Skaters Skip Worlds for Post-Olympic Whirl

New Iowa B-Ball Coach gets a parade in downtown Iowa City.

Kentucky Derby Trail

El Salvador: UN rights expert hits out against rise in killings of women and girls

Hugo Chavez extends Easter to save energy

Caracas running out of water too

Cuba eyes foreign investment to halt sugar decline

Anti-Chavez TV channel owner arrested in Venezuela

IACHR hears case on violence against migrants traveling through Mexico

Text Book State Terrorism in Honduras: Death Squad Kills Teacher in Front of Students

Colombian court slams the brakes on mining corporation

US slave ship replica sails into Old Havana harbor

UPDATE 1-World Bank OKs $1.25 bln for Mexico health insurance

Free Trade Undermining Rights in Peru

Cuba's food shortages

Obama condemns Cuba's 'clenched fist' repression

French Personalities Condemn US Blockade of Cuba

Violence, Fraud and Elections:Voting Under the Gun in Colombia

Venezuela has Huge Natural Gas Deposits, but a shortage looms

Anti-Chavez TV channel owner arrested in Venezuela

Latin America forum DUers who have been to Cuba (or lived there) - check in thread.

Petraeus to Ashkenazi: I never said Israeli policy endangers U.S.

Israel 'to defy Barack Obama' over settlements

Netanyahu leaves U.S. disgraced, isolated and weaker

Obama 'humiliated' Netanyahu at meeting

Labor site worth a look

Today in Labor History Mar 25, 146 workers are killed in a fire at New York’s Triangle Shirtwaist

Trumka Condemns Threats and Violence Directed at Health Care Supporters

'Dispute Won’t Harm $3 Billion Aid To Israel'

A Free Solution to the Jobs Crisis: End China’s Currency Manipulation

Actor Danny Glover’s Family Union Roots Fuel His Activism

UPTE-CWA Members ratify Contract for 10,000 UC Tech Workers

Obama snubbed Netanyahu for dinner with Michelle and the girls, Israelis claim

Israel Glorifies Its Own Murderers

Discharging gays to draw more scrutiny in military (xpost from GD)

David Robichaud of WBZ fails to apologize for homophobic statement

Miley Cyrus learns what activism means and the teen taking a date to the prom kicked out of house

An Open Letter to Dr. Laura Schlesinger

Vengeance Is Mine, Says the Bishop of Portland

U.S. Gun Ban as supported by Hillary Clinton

Would-be burglar gets lead instead (Georgia, where it's legal to defend yourself)

Guns and the Heathcare Bill ...

Judge takes pity on man who brought a loaded gun to traffic court, sentences him to probation

Okay, Which One of You Shot Up Rep. Eric Cantor's (R-VA) Campaign Office Last Night?

MSNBC: Utah, Florida help non-residents pack guns

Arming the Left: Is the time now? --by Charles Southwell

Two arrested in Va. road-rage shooting

Bills to OK carrying concealed guns without permits advance (Arizona)

Doonesbury vs. Starbucks gun 'activists.' Day four.

Bloomberg to Obama: Get Going on Taking Guns Away

How to spot a hidden handgun

History lesson: 1792 law madated private purchases

MSNBC: 22 minutes for a concealed-weapon permit(Washington State)

Yes, it was chilly out there...


Attention, Aiman fans! Blue_in_CA has a new blog post

spring in her step

Storm the Wall

Hey, gang, I'm back!

Universe May Have Billions More Stars

Bending Gravity, Researchers Capture Star-Birthing Region 10 Billion Light Years Away

NAS scientist, 'Renaissance man' of evolutionary biology wins coveted $1.5M Templeton Prize

Found: 90% of the distant Universe

Light bends matter, surprising scientists

Why we need to go back to Mars

Hannity and Carlson dislike science

Maybe I WILL get a massage!

Nancy Pelosi's birthday alert!

Full Moon in Libra

Venus in Taurus and a little help please...

Israeli settlements buried two-state solution

Not near as many NCAA Basketball post as last week. Did somebody lose?

Diocese punishes homeless charity because its leader supports gay marriage

Warned About The Sexual Abuse Of 200 Deaf Boys, Vatican Failed to Defrock Priest

Ayala wins Templeton Prize

Catholics cancel Stupak speech over healthcare vote

Investigating Atheism

Russian officials involved in multimillion-dollar bribery scandal with Daimler

Regulated or Not, Nano-Foods Coming to a Store Near You

Decoding an Ancient Therapy-High-Tech Tools Show How Acupuncture Works in Treating Arthritis, Back P

This will break your heart..

News from the job market front - college graduates

Education suffers from so much test-based accountability

A ‘Jail’ for Children Stirs a Ruckus in Brooklyn

Teachers fear retaliation for complaining to board about Santa Clara County Alternative Schools

About 100 protest University of Nevada, Reno, education department cuts

Fired teachers defend their positions (Central Falls, RI)

Facebook page: Florida Teachers Against Pay-For-Performance Salary/ Pay Scales

Struggling Georgia school firing entire staff

Deliberately punish one who is known to merely resemble a particular criminal.