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After hearing John Boehner this evening, I want to share my private & personal word for Republicans.

"After all, who speaks COBOL these days?"

HuffPost has video of the "baby killer" outburst:

So, there is life after Massachusetts!

Obama went from 46% to 50% on Gallup in 2 days.... PRIOR to passage


Once this HCR is on the books, Dems should not fear acting in a partisan way for the American People

Did A House Member Shout 'Baby Killer' At Stupak? (VIDEO) - TPM (Some Clues Here)

K&R for the dream that didn't die

This one from Massachusetts says "Up yours, Scot Brown!"

If my history is correct, Congress passed a watered down civil rights bill in 1957,

Quick! We can still stop Obama's socialist Soviet healthcare takeover!

Congratulations DU: Americans are now financial serfs

Is it too early to tell Joe Lieberman to go perform a sexual act upon himself?

We have to thank Glenn Beck and the Teabaggers...

We have to thank Glenn Beck and the Teabaggers...

Well, God's pissed...

Utility Giant, Texas Oil Companies Fight Back With California Voter Initiatives

Thank Senator Edward Kennedy!

Ooo, ooo... Since HCR passed, does that mean that Limpbags is still moving to Costa Rica?


What kind of healthcare reform did you want?

The bipartisan in me suggests..

Important News for Rush Limbaugh!

Rep James Clyburn "I consider this the civil rights act of the 21st century"

Politically speaking, this closes the "enthusiasm gap"

No dispersions, but Henry Waxman is a little guy


what 34 DINOs need to be primaried?

I can't wait for Dick Cheney to open his mouth tomorrow.

Rep Alan Grayson: A Near-Death Experience, and On From Here

I am grateful

Teddy's smiling down at us...

Will Rush Limbaugh Keep HIs Promise to Leave the Country

Nancy Pelosi is my new She-ro

"The health care bill, ObamaCare, is dead with not the slightest prospect of resurrection."- 1/20/10

Don't let it rest on the President's desk: ROCK THE HOUSE!

When will FreeRepublic be shutdown for the violence they are advocating against America?

Seeing how the Republibots are always trying to get Reagan's mug on legal tender...

Phyllis Schlafly opposes health care reform because she's "pro life".

Before November, Are There Any More Major Reforms That Can Be Passed?

Before November, Are There Any More Major Reforms That Can Be Passed?

MSNBC trailer "Nanacy Pelosi"

Attack Of The Facebook Whiners

So the Freepers are now buzzing about the Attorney General of Florida...

World Nut Daily calls tonight "Bloody Sunday"...

The Democrats had now better go on the offensive from here on out, and control not only

Question. I am on a medicaid plan that doesn't give adults dental care. Will there

Republicans Name Lawmakers to Deficit Commission

GOP voted against reconciliation = they own the "backroom deals."

This is the worst thing to happen since Clinton's penis!!! Armageddon is here!

Guess the Morning Joe guests tomorrow morning...

Glenn Beck just imploded!

Alan Grayson: A Near-Death Experience, and On From Here

Oh, this is just TOO good. On the conservative American Spectator website:

Coal company to tunnel beneath state park

Boehner's speech was so phony and forced.

Isn't it ironic that a black man had to come in and clean up what white people ruined and squandered

The MSM's kid glove treatment of Republicans continues

How long until we never hear of the "Teabagger Movement" again?

Which Dems voted no?

Michael Steele: "Cats and together"

So....does this mean there are NO pro-choice 'Pugs left in the House?

"America doesn't quit. *I* don't quit!" - Barack Obama, January, 2010, State of the Union

Safety "fracas" hurts used-Toyota prices (their title)

This is a great picture on the DNC's homepage

Why Do We Not Know Who Yelled 'Baby Killer' Yet?

Begin the countdown: only 1826 days until Limbaugh flees the country to

The Tea Baggers yelling racial and ethnic slurs. Disgusting

Liberal organization buys TV time against Bachmann

BTW, do you think Scott Brown's star is shining a little less brightly tonight?

The Monster in Our Midst

My daughter won't be kicked off our insurance for graduating early!!

These Democrats signed their political death warrants for supporting HCR...

E.J. Dionne:Yes, they made history

The other cool thing about how this was handled: Repubs have ONLY ONE choice in rhetoric now.

When I think of Jim Robinson and FreeRepublic, I think of....

Barack Obama’s plan to overhaul No Child Left Behind

Who Yelled "BABY KILLER"

So, now that we know Pelosi faced down Emmanuel for a full HCR bill...

Toon...If Housepets were Libertarians

Ezra Klein: A bill becomes a law

French TV contestants made to inflict 'torture': the Game of Death

Schumer Signals UAFA Inclusion

The Tea-baggers did to Healthcare Reform, what the KKK did

A very well-written explanation of the new Texas textbook laws

U.S. Embasies penetrted by drug lords (The Independent, UK)

Michael Moore: The Great Thing About the Health Care Law That Has Passed? It Will Save Republican

Michael Moore: The Great Thing About the Health Care Law That Has Passed? It Will Save Republican

He's not in a Rush to leave

Capitalist stranglehold on the healthcare system still must be smashed

One thing I really don't understand

If the Congressman was man enough to say it, he should be man enough to own it.

A toast for this Historical passage of the Healthcare bill

Two words for Obama: Signing Statements

Thank you, Senator DeMint!

Pelosi's email contact page - send her a little note of congratulations:

Anyone check to see what our good friends at Fox are saying?

Oh SNAP! Marsha Blackburn is pwn3d!

I woke up in tears....Tears of joy!

What now? Financial reform, job creation, climate change?

"Today is the death of freedom as a cause for celebration," -guess who said it last night

Reality dawns on Gov. McDonnell's transportation pixie dust (*snort*)

When did religion make it back into politics?

Afghan poppy harvest is next challenge for U.S. Marines

I am not celebrating the health bill yet

So, when does Rush Limbaugh leave the U.S.?

Anyone else notice that Pat Buchanan went home early

Seriously - WAS John Boehner DRUNK tonight?

Critics: Time to bail on Navy JSF

Excuse my shallowness, but one of my greatest satisfactions in the passing of this bill is

My Sister in law has lost it

Anyone watching Morning Shmo? What did he just say about..

Republicans Pissed at Size of Obama's Pkg

Well lookie lookie it's Cornyn who crawled out first

Rep. Alan Grayson's first interview since the vote at 8:20 a.m. ET

Last Haditha defendant seeks to dismiss charges

It's raining in SC.

58 of the 59 Senators who were ready to pass a bill with MC Buy In before WH pressured Reid to cave

Not Breaking: Teabaggers Don't Just Hate African Americans and Gays

OK now we need to get it done

It's Schadenfreude Day at Democratic Underground!

I didn't watch Rove yesterday but I just saw a clip

I didn't watch Rove yesterday but I just saw a clip

I would like to take a moment to thank our sponsors.

The Office Repug Was at it BIGGIE This AM

The Stupak Democrat's insult my President.

Final Comments on Health Reform Passage

TX Attorney General is planning to file suit against HCR

A woman's place really IS in the House!

A woman's place really IS in the House!

The Republican's contribution to HCR

Rich Sanchez's twitter followers suspect Rep. Gohmert for "BABY KILLER!" shout.

If the DLC passed civil rights reform

I listened to the coverage yesterday - where was Kucinich, and Grayson?

Gay-Rights Protesters Stage Sit-In at Nancy Pelosi's Office, March 18

How much is the fine for not buying health insurance?

My right wing co-workers are losing their minds

The Rethugs have really boxed themselves in. The worst case scenario for the HCR bill?

"Next they are going to adjust the Louisiana Purchase!" a puke from KS just said that


UPDATE: Rep Gohmert (TX) may be one who yelled, "Baby Killer". Joe Barton will not say.

The Great Thing About the Health Care Law That Has Passed? It Will Save Republican Lives, Too

Health insurance question for TODAY'S system...

So for all the posturing, all the money and votes for one issue, ....

Jaw-dropping stupidity on live teevee

Previous Republican Quotes

Did Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) Yell "Baby Killer"?

Good ol' conservative La Crosse Wisconsin on health care passing......

Good ol' conservative La Crosse Wisconsin on health care passing......

Lesson of the day: how much health care you deserve depends on your income

HCR Bill passage from a political standpoint

So what should we put in Rush's bon voyage gift basket?

"There's no success like failure and failure's no success at all..."

the media memo this a.m........democrats will pay in november.

I Haven't Had So Much Fun Listening To C-Span Since Impeachment

If you think this one was nasty,, just wait,,,

Losin our American freedoms: the sad story

Losin our American freedoms: the sad story

Newt Gingrich Says Civil Rights Legislation ‘Destroyed’ Democrats, LBJ

Boner should be ecstatic about HCR!

mcCain repulsed by health care bill ‘euphoria’....anything that repulses mccain!!!!

What a bunch of Donna Downers

What is a CHC? Clue: It's not free for everyone.

When a right winger gets in your face about this Health Care Bill just ask them

in January, we lost Teddy's seat because the Democrats in congress had no spine

Fear strikes out - Krugman

Can we at least celebrate this one liberal aspect of HCR

A 2nd Twithead tweets Obama death threats. And the day is still young!

What a great day

Morning Joe Scum is orgasmic this morning

Sometimes the Fates are unkind. A co-worker of mine who is a Bob Jones U graduate got a job in

Are we socialists yet?

For those attorney generals who believe the healthcare bill is unconstitutional, Federal Law

The GOP has never had to defend any of the lies that they've made about health reform. Before now.

Non-profit plan and single payer provision to be signed into law

4 Years is 1,460 Days

The only leopards that change their spots are those who encounter the contents of paint cans

Someone need to tell WallStreet this HCR thing is supposed

GRAYSON: "I was that 10-year-old boy. And I haven't forgotten."

Between now and 2014, how can we prevent HCR from being repealed?

Between now and 2014, how can we prevent HCR from being repealed?

In all the GOP-Morning Joe-MSNBC Teabagger handwringing, I didn't hear a word about...

Three out of four Texas reps voted yes for HCR.

David Frum: Health care is the GOP's Waterloo


who were the dems that voted AGAINST the hcr?

Don't Get Cocky about HCR Passing - by Steven D

For Ted

For Ted

Good Job Boehnie

Dems aren't baby killers, but Rethugs have proven to be ADULT KILLERS.

Porno Pete's Americans for Truth About Homosexuality labeled a Hate Site by SPLC

I called my pubie congresscritter's offices (all)

Wal-Mart Expresses Sympathy For Terminally Ill Worker ... And Then Fires Him

What now ? (HCR)

You guys don't get it do you?

You kids get your health care reform off my lawn !!!!

Should an encumbent that is opposed to gay marriage be primaried?

A question on what is/isn't in "the bill".

We did it. We have taken the first of many steps...

Enjoy, It is a day that the lord hath made.

Will HCR allow us to control other things?!?

Pro-life Group Strips Stupak of Award

The Beginning (animated cartoon)

Will Rush Limbaugh Keep HIs Promise to Leave the Country

The Party of Cruelty

NOW is the time for Dems and Responsible Journalists to put OXY-Rush & FOX News ON NOTICE!

The car Insurance analogy is a correct one

Anthony Weiner: Putting pressure on the Senate

Is Kelo the leading case which eventually gets mandates upheld as constitutional?

somebody tell Shuster the word is 'epithet', not 'epitaph'...

BWAHAHAHAHAAAA...McCain "congratulates" Ted Kennedy on HCR bill & it's salt in the freepers' wounds

I was very happy to see the House Democrats starting to act like Democrats yesterday -

Time to get to work. Let's review there areas where there's near universal agreement at DU:

health care. he fixed it. - pic

OK, Health Care is done, now what about the other 84% of the economy?

A spy unsettles US-India ties

Who here has a concern troll account at freepville?

A black man with a foreign Muslim father and Muslim sounding name could never be elected president.

A black man with a foreign Muslim father and Muslim sounding name could never be elected president.

Is it me, or is DU super-buggy today?

Is it me, or is DU super-buggy today?

Great (short) Rude Pundit post this morning:

Fla. Senate panel OKs (car) tags with corporate logos - not a joke

Fla. Senate panel OKs (car) tags with corporate logos - not a joke

Howard Stern: "I think history will prove this a good thing"

Public Option and Single Payer : Question

Can hospitals receiving federal money still prescribe Emergency Contraception to rape victims

Policing thought in America: (re: Huffington Post)

Mandate Fines...

Mandate Fines...

Mandate Fines...

GOP Rep. Nunes Excuses Racist, Homophobic Tea Partier Slurs As A Response To ‘Totalitarian Tactics’

DU this poll!

Repeal 'health' insurer anti-trust exemption as a stand alone bill.

HC Bill Critics: I hope you're writing congress right fucking now....

How the Health Care Overhaul Could Affect You - Graphic -

Aren't you glad that the Chamber of Commerce pissed away all that money on anti-HCR ads?

Salon: 10 most courageous and 10 most cowardly House Dems

Self -delete

Bush term 1: Attack on U.S.; two unfunded wars; tax cuts for super-rich; $1.2 tril drug bill...

Another brick through a window ...

The Ultimate Irony: HCR vs. Student Loan Program

fair & balanced? you tell me

REPUB: "It's Waterloo All Right --- Ours"

Political realities.

Ed Schultz is sticking it to Fox News, RW Radio, and teabaggers on his radio show.

Supreme Court

Lest we forget what else we got yesterday - House boosts college aid for students in need

Dems, Obama, Pelosi and Reid

Is Kelo the leading case which eventually gets mandates upheld as constitutional?

I'm worried about the Teabaggers re: immigration reform/debate

Funny response to right-wing email....

Funny response to right-wing email....

health reform bill toons

Dammit, I should have bought stock in Kleenex

Just some thoughts and questions about mandates. . .help out please. . .

Odd: Republicans will now fight fixing the HC bill?

Refusing to buy insurance because you don't like the mandate

In the "So our children have better lives" Department...

The Rude Pundit - Celebrating the Passage of a Flawed But Necessary Bill, Part 1: Taunting

Deal Resigns From House Right After Voting "No" (to run for governor)

Question: Can you enter The Exchange if your employer offers junk insurance?

There weren't many war protesters in 1991

Every paycheck I pay Federal tax which mostly goes to Private Corporations.

Sizing up the Supreme Court after Justice John Paul Stevens retires (Kennedy to be senior Justice)

Joe Watkins: "At the end of the day..."

ATTENTION: DU needed on this MSNBC poll... currently undergoing level 5 freeping...

They said they were leaving... the question is where to?

America Just Grew Up A Little More (Mary Lyon -- From The Left)

America Just Grew Up A Little More (Mary Lyon -- From The Left)

So Far Today - Stock market: Health companies pull stocks higher

McCain repulsed by ‘euphoria’

So I turn Fux on this morning and

GOP Mascot?

Finally a cure for a ravenous appetite

WP: Law professor Goodwin Liu may be test case for Obama judicial picks

Say thank you to Big Ed Schultz thread

Pro-single-payer doctors: Health bill leaves 23 million uninsured

An idea to get rid of Stupak - and his ilk - and send a message to the Democratic party

Insuranance stocks up (surprise!). . . . What about Futures Contracts on the American Middle Class?

FOX Nation can't hide its gigantic defeat boner

Grassroots idea start a "Send Rush to Costa Rica" fundraising drive for your House/Senate faves!

Slowpoke TOON "Freedom to be Screwed"

dangggg, My brother is pitching a fit....

Why aren't Republicans jumping with glee right now?

I wish I had the cash to send one of these to all the GOP House members

Whip Counts and why we cannot get some really liberal progress

So is HCR good for the people and bad for insurance companies? A picture.

U.S. states launch lawsuits against healthcare plan

Congress / the BA gave Nat'l HC to the Iraqi people.

MSNBC: Health Reform & You: Who pays? Who benefits? and...

What Has MoveOn Moved On To?

I will not accede to calling them "tea partiers" as they wish we would. They are "tea baggers."

Miss Teen USA South Carolina – Famous Historical Figures and Such

"Nancy, we hardly knew ya. . ."

double post

Question for Apple users.

Wow! SF-bashing and sexism in one sentence!

Wow! SF-bashing and sexism in one sentence!

As we were told after the Iraq war Resolution passed in 2002

Attention Utah DU'ers (and non-Utahns)

A little trip down memory lane, when nearly all of DU cheered and applauded this:

Just the beginning...

In this thread, we post our stories of Republican meltdowns since the health care vote.

"A historic first step": L.A. Times Editorial

Limbaugh on Dems in Congress: "we need to defeat these bastards. We need to wipe them out."

Whatever ideological credibility "small government" types had in America

"The question is no longer whether government should do it; it's whether it's doing it well enough."

K&R if you want to thank Dennis Kucinich for his vote for health care reform!

It is good to see

Financial Reform Mark-up on CSPAN at 5:00 pm EST.

Update: Writer Peter Watts May Serve 2 Years for Failing to Promptly Obey Customs Officer

Potential Boehner dilemma

HCR and SCOTUS : Longer-Term Implications

People equating health insurance to car insurance are hedging dangerously close

So, why the HELL hasn't Obama signed the HCR bill yet? When is he going to?

Milbank says the 'baby killer' slur on Stupak seems to have come from the TX delegation.

The Deatha Panels came to recruit me today

Limbaugh on Dems in Congress: "we need to defeat these bastards. We need to wipe them out."

DU this Fux News HRC poll, make their heads explode!

Meanwhile, In Colombia.....U.S. Military Bases Expanding:

I had a VERY interesting talk yesterday about the HCR bill --

Could you get behind loosening the AMA's grip and allowing more foreign doctors?

Rep. Neugebauer said it.

The Washington Times now wants Obama IMPEACHED...

The Washington Times now wants Obama IMPEACHED...

What Exactly Are The $500-b In Medicare Cuts That the Rs Say Are in HCR?

GE brings you St. Ronald Reagan "A Legacy of Progress"

David Frum - How GOP can rebound from its 'Waterloo'

I Heard it Through the Grapevine...This Vintage You Can Wear

Tonight Ronald Reagan is turning in his grave

Congressman Stupak, now that you have been a victim of their hate..

Did we ever figure out who yelled "baby killer" at Stupak last night?

Here's another choice one from FReeperville.

FDL Statement on the Passage of the Health Care Bill

I swear, the FBI needs to go COINTELPRO on these teabaggers

Sorry, folks, but Obama LOST this weekend...

Wow Tweety really fucked up here.

May orange be forever known as the official color of defeat..

So when is the Drugster leaving the country?

Help Rush Limbaugh honor his promise

Faux News Poll: Is Health Care a Victory for America?

Faux News Poll: Is Health Care a Victory for America?

So, if the MANDATE is challenged in court and is declared

Ring-wing response to video threatens Obama judicial nominee

Ten immediate benefits of HCR

Ten immediate benefits of HCR

You want to know what is really driving the Republicans stark raving mad? Its two words

Crooks and Liars: 10 Immediate Benefits of HCR

Keith Olbermann back on Countdown tonight

So I have a question...

So "YES" or "NO" - do you support the HCR bill that was just passed by the house

Is it ok with you that people market Assault Weapons in our Progressive home?

Is it ok with you that people market Assault Weapons in our Progressive home?


RWer says Bart Stupak is 'worse than George Tiller'

Panhandling: Public nuisance or making a living?

Obama Plans to Sign Health Overhaul Bill on Tuesday

Honest question: Where do freeptards and baggers get this 'death panel' hysteria?

Texas Rep. Neugebauer: 'I Exclaimed The Phrase 'It's A Baby Killer''

Change is scary, I get it

Today's Trivia Question....has Michele Bachmann filled out her Census Form yet?

An interesting "calculator:" What Does the Health Care Bill Mean To Me?

An interesting "calculator:" What Does the Health Care Bill Mean To Me?

Vienna Boy's choir apology as reports of 'merciless discipline' grow

xpost Stupak opponent stays in race, vows to fight for single payer system

An Open Letter to Republicans: The Bill Will Save Your Lives, Too-by Michael Moore

since health insurance industry wrote health care reform, will employers of illegals...

Pull my finger. No, that would have been a pre-existing condition YESTERDAY!

digby: Democracy

Breaking News: The GOP is Yesterday's Garbage

FYI: Not Finished Yet

Utah will sue to stop health reform

Utah will sue to stop health reform

Neugebauer a birther to yell baby killer

Let's ruin the fox-news push-poll on healthcare.

Link to the list of Grayson's Co-Sponsors (80!) on his Medicare Buy In proposal:

CNBC is harping about raising the capital gains tax!

Hillary praises the strong resolve of President Obama at AIPAC

Rush Limbaugh........said every Democrat that voted for

deleted n/t

Shep is destroying Steele. Questions armeggedon. Firing Pelosi. etc.

Shouldn't John Boehner's "Hell no!" from last night be his "Dean scream"?

While Giving Obsessive Coverage to the Tea Parties, Media Ignored Larger Antiwar Rally

BOHICA... congrats on your FUBAR victory -- you certainly made HISTORY (but you'll deeply regret it)

Little Luke Russert bought Nudiebagger's b.s. story that he was calling the bill a baby killer

Trish Regan of CNBC spreads BS on MSNBC

Oh, and the market crash that was going to occur due to the HCR vote? The DOW is up 61 points.

Who Is Randy ‘Baby Killer’ Neugebauer?

Palin, March 19th: Obama "without the experience" to "get policy through."

Blanche Lincoln Vows to Vote No on Reconciliation in Senate

Clyburn: Neugebauer Should Apologize To House For 'Baby Killer' Shout

As in states where gay marriage has become legal, many people will be surprised 2 weeks from now

Boehner... "shame on us?" No shame on YOU!

have the little boys of Costa Rica been spared from lard ass?

Memo to the Republicans:

Documents of Auschwitz death camp doctors found

Rush, You "Effing" Pig...This IS the Will of the People

NEW Health Care Law: What You Get & When You Get It

You Realize Anti-HCR Has Little or Nothing To Do With Abortion

Randy Naugerbauer (R.Texas) is the "Baby Killer!" shouter.

Randy Naugerbauer (R.Texas) is the "Baby Killer!" shouter.

I've welcomed each RW I've encountered today as Good day, Comrade

Tiny minds unite and replace "democratic" with "democrat".

So, ... House GOPers knew who shouted "Baby killer" but, when asked, refused to ID him.

Mandate + No Cost Control = Monkey Wrench in the works?

Check-in here if you're pumped about the coming benefits in 2014! :D

There will always be people who slip through the cracks

I stayed up way too late watching the votes last night, and I just realized

The Morning After bill

Sarah Palin: A Fool who removed all doubt...

Does anybody know anything about tax credits for furnaces

Access to affordable medical treatment for all is up NEXT.

Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin redux

Keep on saying NO ReTHUGS

The 34 DEMS Who Voted NO On Health Care Reform

Majority of voters angry with GOP obstructionism

Majority of voters angry with GOP obstructionism

At least Obama and the Dems done something big!

Ratigan to discuss why Conservatives and RETHUGS

Ratigan to discuss why Conservatives and RETHUGS

Who is your corporate sponsor?

Am I correct in thinking I saw that Reid has some PO thing going on

If you didn't support the Iraq war you supported Saddam Hussein

Is there a list of the 32 or so republican lites anyplace

Keep it up

Dan Lipinski is my hero.

So how does my partner get insurance?

Health care passes, Dow up, healthcare insurance and pharma companies lift stocks

If you can't stop the bill, just have another Bush v. Gore (Balkinization)

Another Gulf War Syndrome?

You know, it's really too bad we couldn't get immigration and social security 'reform' going on

So, what is El Shitbo going to do after immigration reform?

Senator Kerry lends support to immigration marchers

Good nickname for Orly Taitz..

El Fatso reneges on moving to Costa Rica!

El Fatso reneges on moving to Costa Rica!

SURPRISE! "Fair & Balanced" Fox "News" poll on HCR has something negative in every option

I remember the last time public figures started yelling "Baby Killer!"

Now that HCR is at the threshold of final passage,

Glenn Beck Is Upset On Twitter!

again.....not ONE fucking republican vote....NOT ONE

Teabaggers, please MOVE to this LIBERTARIAN PARADISE!!

Do you think that there are 51 non-corporatist in the Senate?

Reducing Medicare payments to hospitals?

Sean is getting flooded by HCR supporters. Time to own these RW shows!!!

I hope the tide has turned from Reagan's union busting in 1981.

A Revealing Graphic:

NRA's idea of "American Values."

TRW forms 6th joint venture in China, for airbag parts


Geithner Says Bank Overhaul Must Protect Consumers

White House email on health care: "One Sentence, Three Lies"

Michele Bachmann spells America wrong!

David Frum says GOP lost big and that Rush wants both parties to fail.

Bumper Sticker slogan to Republicans and their teabaggie pals: You lost. GET OVER IT!

My RW coworker just said Cleaver shouldn't have put himself in that position so he could be spit on

Quick question: is termination of "pre-existing conditions" exclusions

If certain states are against HCR and think it is unconstitutional...

Well, historic HCR has passed. Not w/o major obstructionism by the corporatists

Video: Plouffe Smacks Down Rove

Bill Clinton PR Inc. serves up photo-op for Liar War Criminal

In case you missed it, TWO American historic moments on March 21st

In case you missed it, TWO American historic moments on March 21st

Agent Orange

Denial is a river in Egypt: Who Wrongly Predicted Health Care Reform's Death

A break from the madness from Cute Overload....

Repuke who shouted "baby killer" at Stupak identified: Randy Neugebauer, R-TX

Repuke who shouted "baby killer" at Stupak identified: Randy Neugebauer, R-TX

McCain is using the "lame" option to fight HCR

McCain is using the "lame" option to fight HCR

NUMMI suppliers preparing to shut down

Confirmed: Virginia suing to block health care reform

I love the net

KO Returns to Countdown Tonight, Special Comment on Health Care

Anybody else nervous about the crazies?

Chase: Two-Thirds of WaMu Mortgages Impaired [sorry, this appears to be old story]

Two items from Wichita...

Please DU this Florida Today (USA Today) "Iraq worth fighting?" poll(over half say yes, disgusting!)

Didn't this HCR bill start out as the Senate Finance Committee's Bill?

Stewart Udall was also responsible for integrating the Washington Redskins.

The TBaggers now know what it feels like.

OK time to move on and fight over something else, what will it be?

Fred Barnes has Dewey Defeats Truman moment..

the Auschwitz album

Christian Right group says make them mad one more time and they'll start blowing stuff up

Constitution: Article VI vs. Amendment X

Affordable Health Care For America Act Section-by-Section Analysis

What does HCR mean for Medicare?

Gingrey is defending his red-blooded teabaggers

Prediction: In the next 3 weeks, each of these will happen

2 disruptive members of Glenn Beck’s “912 Project" arrested Sunday in the House.

What the Health Care Bill does for you calculator

Can we as a DU community do something for the DU'ers who can't afford the now mandated insurance?

One silver lining at least. November is looking a lot less like a potential disaster

Senate panel passes bank reform on party-line vote

Against It: A Look At The 34 Dems Who Voted No On Health Care Reform

Obama surges in the polls over the weekend. Approval now at 50 to 43%

Obama surges in the polls over the weekend. Approval now at 50 to 43%

Brainstorm. Death reality show. People with pre-existing conditions, ask for help.

So about Chris Matthews

I think we all mis-read the Rush Limbaugh quote.....

Damn. Lotta Long Commercials on Hate Radio Today.

There's a new sheriff in town

British inquiry into Iraq war turns toward Bush, officials: report

Michael Moore: The Great Thing About the Health Care Law...It Will Save Republican Lives, Too

I Hope Bill Kristol is right

States Look Beyond Borders to Collect Owed Taxes

Dow finishes up following health care vote - paging Jim Cramer

HEy dumbass Beck, I can Name them ALL can you?

Help Rush Limbaugh Remember to Leave the Country

FR PR: try the ER DR's OR, MR!

Can someone explain the "waterloo" analogy to the HC bill?

As distasteful as it may be, we have to back up Stupak and others who came around...

Weak tea? Partiers fear fallout

This was really more of a Battle of Stalingrad than Waterloo.

I'm watching Glen Beck's show for the first time today...

Injustice Prevails: ACORN says it will disband

Injustice Prevails: ACORN says it will disband

Thought on an Abortion ban

Strong earthquake off Southern Philippines

The scam repeal

If I were a RW 'believer' in 'God's Will', which I"m not in any way, shape, or form,

An Open Letter to Republicans ^ Michael Moore

Is this beer a stab at the Obama administration?

Fox Noise's Shepard Smith Takes Michael Steele to Task for GOP's Dangerous Rhetoric

Neugenbauer LOVES him some Iraq War, So, who's really a "babykiller"?

Apparently, Rush is having an on-air conniption fit.

Hard part's over, now more reform, such as Jobs,

Hard part's over, now more reform, such as Jobs,

Sorry I was at work during the day- Have they ruled out the need for elections this year?

Well, the "Health Bill" is Gonna be Law

My email to Rob Bishop-R(evolting) Utah

Standing Up for the Public Option by Andrew Romanoff, candidate for U.S. Senate from Colorado

Buyer interest in Toyota tanks

Are Republicans flipping the hell out?

Ivory bids fall on poaching fears

Ivory bids fall on poaching fears

Aren't the Attorney General lawsuits from the same handbook as Birther tactics?

'Government hands off my Obamacare!'

UNHINGED: "Baby killer" shouter steps forward, highlights internal GOP dilemma

Viacom secretly uploading own content to YouTube then demanding it be removed

Mrs. Ted Kennedy to be on CNN at 7 pm PST

I've come back.

please, for the love of reason, stop the nonsense about how abortion rights were sold out

Freepers... Deal a Blow to Socialized Medicine!

On the Antagonism of the Right

No Constitutional Problems with HCR

No Constitutional Problems with HCR

Why didn't Neuegebauer shout out "Baby killer!" during the vote on the Iraq War Resolution?

Gotta admit, love her or hate her, Nancy gets shit done....

Financial reform bill sent to Senate

Hey you loser tea baggers.....

I have some questions about this healthcare reform...

Halliburton, KBR Drop Court Appeal in Rape Case

Seriously, what will HCR mean for my wife and me?

Jimi's Belly-Button Window

1,082 homeless in Olympia, WA on notice: Clear out!

Losin' It: Repugs are going Bat Guano crazy......

Hey Jeremy? Where you at man. Come back. Its been over a month!

Nancy Pelosi did an incredible job and it's her b'day this week. Is anyone up for sending her roses?

Michael Moore's take on Stupak's change of Mind. I never get enough emails from Michael

GRAYSON: "The Fed's balance sheet is a cartoon version of what's actually inside,"

One of Ed Shultz's headlines

Outside of mandates (which you can opt out of) HCR is regulation of an industry

I'm taking the test for a Census job today.

Last night I was re-energized for the 2010 elections

Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria

Tea Bagger RESULTS!!!- Bill Owens (D-NY 23rd) voted.......

Anti-Reform Chamber Won't Be Helping GOP With Calls To Repeal Health Care

"Palin, Beck to Alaska 'fringe': Please, no violence"

Ten immediate benefits of HCR

Rep Ciro Rodriguez Called “Wetback” By Anti-Reform Protestor

Rep Ciro Rodriguez Called “Wetback” By Anti-Reform Protestor

Details on the mandate I haven't seen discussed here:

This local douche on TV news tonight in a "how will this HCR affect you"

Labor’s Lens (A Few Beautiful Photos from the Last Few Months)

Is there precedent for the federal government fining you for not buying a product

Colbert & Stewart to lay off all their comedy writers for the next 30 days.

Congratulations on the victory. Will you ask your representatives to enact these GLBT provisions?

ABC: SCOTUS Battle Quietly Brews, Contentious Hearing for Lower Court Nominee to Foreshadow

From a Republican..this is Waterloo.."ours" ,David Frum

F*ckin CNN Story On Acorn Disbanding

Alaskan repugs hate the federal government, oh wait.

andy roth of the club for growth is a stark raving loon

So both side have been yakking about this Health Care Bill soon to become law

Don'tcha just love the "conservative" freak out?

I just convinced a group of my acquaintances...

Can anybody post a list of the Senate reconciliation fixes?

Wait, why is the signing ceremony tomorrow? Isn't the senate vote needed first?

WTF! Chuckles Todd talking over Axelrod in 'interview'...

Gov. Gregoire of Washington: My attorney general does not represent me

Halliburton, KBR drop court appeal in rape case

How the People in My District Got Stupak to Change His Mind -- and Thus Saved the Health Care Bill

Vicki Kennedy on CNN (7:10 pm est) n/t

check out this hilarious headline

Keith Olbermann: Special Comment: March Madness Hotlist

The wingers are going apeshit now. Fuming in their basements and counting their ammo

Congratulations John King, USA and Thank You Vicki Kennedy

Can they arrest you for not paying the fine if you don't purchase insurance?

"The end of America as you know it"

Time to let the Republicans really filibuster against something popular.

'hell no you can't'.....the funniest line of the year so far

The top 2% are doing better than ever

Did anyone just see Chuckles Todd reporting on ACORN ?

Michelle Obama (voiced by actress Angela Bassett) Appears On "The Simpsons" (VIDEO)

Are you afraid too?

Fantastic column by Paul Begala today

Do you realize the Republicans are responsible for the bad parts of the bill?

Baby Killer Boy Also A Birther

Sehr Gut !!!: A victory for social welfare in Germany

When tea partiers and other Repugs benefit from health-care reform, they'll never admit it!

He's back!! Welcome back, Keith.

Two protesters arrested in House gallery are members of Glenn Beck offshoot

Student can’t sue over ‘Ave Maria’ ban

Did you read it? Did you?/??! HELL NO you didn't read it!!!1

KO is baaaaaaaaaaaack

Hillarity from the Survivalist board

Here's my thanks to the hardest worker on HCR:

Hey idiot media - it's a racial or anti-gay "epithet", not an "epitaph"

Better Than Nothing: Labor Reacts to Passage of Healthcare Bill (photo of Obama at vote 216)

Health Care Industry Stock Prices... POST HR 3590

Question: was any other bill passed without Republic party support?

'Yes we can' set our own course as a party . . . and arrive on our own initiative

I just heard Fineman say nobody knew how they could get HCR passed.

Funny, Wall Street loves the HCR Legislation. Dems and GOPers on CNN agreeing that both

Should I continue to support Democrats or visit DU? If so, which ones?

If your Congresspersons supported HCR, call and thank them for their patriotism

Two Large Unions Pull Support from Ohio Democrat Who Opposed Health Care Bill

The car Insurance analogy is a correct one

"We have to defeat these bastards! We have to wipe them out!"

Glen Beck: "I got hit with the red rubber ball to the face a lot as a kid..."

Social Security expanded, Medicare expanded HCR will expand

rush: "We need to defeat these bastards," ... "We need to wipe them out.

Rapture Ready is off the hook!

Join this Facebook page - Help Rush Remember to Leave the Country

A question about these Death Panels

g.o.p. mission accomplished: ACORN disbanding amid money woes

More Fundy Meltdown: Fed. Gov't Should Be Shot for Trespassing On States' Rights

delete posted in wrong place.

Do you think this person actually believes this...

In honor of the Repubs' Waterloo moment...

What do you think the chances are the bill will pass the Senate by the weekend?

This is a dumb question, but what does Bachmann expect from a bill to repeal?

does this mean the class war is over now?

Do you speak American? Discrimination against accented workers is on the rise.

OK, I don't get it: why are most faces of anti-abortion mostly....

KO Special Comment coming up 90 seconds from...soon!!!

Caribou Barbie's Fatwa: Health Care Vote A "Clarion Call To Action"...oh, you BETCHA!

This post isn't about how good or bad this bill^H^H^H^Hlaw is. It's tangentially related, though.

Senate Parliamentarian RULES IN FAVOR OF DEMS

Now, when do richie rich tax cuts expire?

LOL Jim Demint's Facebook page is being spammed with Waterloo videos

any good in there with the bad? What do you think?

The fat lady sings!

A child of mine has lost his way,

Conventional wisdom said America "wasn't ready" for a black president.

Please Thanks Reps Michaud and Pingree by unfreeping this poll

victory! and health industry stocks lead the way...

Mormon Church And Boy Scouts Sued In Massive Molestation Cover Up

New Freepperism Alert! Freep schools another on spelling and, predictably, gets it wrong:

May I suggest that NO ONE buys the mandated insurance and uses the free clinics Bernie Sanders put

OMG..a local repuke just had an election the end of it

Cretin Strategery

How batshit crazy do you have to be for Dick Armey to throw you under the bus?

We are not done. In a new email Alan Grayson keeps the pressure on.

I do hope this bill helps more people then it hurts

were the death squads deployed today or must they wait till the bill's signed?

Letter from a poor Schmuck

Utah's AG challengeing the mandate to buy insurance

Over an Alito Dissent, Supreme Court Denies Review in School Band Case (9th Circuit ruling stands)

What the Health Care Vote Says About the Parties

Some Americans rreally believe this is the end of America.

Now that the right wing is severely wounded

My local (red) paper ran a story with a state poll showing support for HCR.

Rep. Giffords' Tucson office vandalized after health care vote

The View From Your Recession

Israeli PM Netanyahu speaking to AIPAC LIVE on CNN.

Sedgwick County Demoratic Party Headquarters was Vandalized last night. Repukes SUCK

I wish senate dems punk staffers would print these and hand them out

Where was the right-wing outrage over the cost of the pending invasions?

Where was the right-wing outrage over the cost of the pending invasions?

Is anyone else watching Benjamin Netanyahu on CSPAN right now?

Iceland may soon become utopia for journalists and publishers

I just defriended another "friend" on Facebook

I've been thinking - what if the GOP had played ball?

with less than 60 in the Senate ..

An excellent summary of the new HC bill's provisions from my Congressman

Congressman Dan Lipinski (D-IL 3rd) Votes No & Comes Down On The Wrong Side Of History.....

HCR: Once Again, Mass. Gets Zero Respect

Newt On Health Care Reform: Vote Was "Worthy of Hugo Chavez"

I need help to reply to this hate filled, obviously racist, email, I received.

I walked by a huge newstand today in Orlando and every paper said---Victory for Obama.

Republicans at work are going nuts

Tort Reform Tort Reform Frivilous Law Suits Sleazy Attorneys

So do we have to buy Limpballs ticket for him too? Poor Costa Rica.

Barney Frank calls out Teabagger muse Michele Bachmann

LA Times: Outside Texas, alarm over textbook changes

self delete

Dodd Planning Vote on Financial Reform TODAY, Massive "Managers Amendment"

Something KO said tonight was so very, very true

Thought I would toss out a little bit of good news

Thought I would toss out a little bit of good news

ACORN disbanding.

Stewart Udall, RIP: Panhandling in Yosemite

Does anyone know how I can get a job with one of the "death panels"?

U.S. Army Burn Pit Victim Dies after Battle with Leukemia

How about a few LOL's - pics

Union President: At least 62 DFAS workers to be fired for bad credit ratings

I think I know why the Repubs love the abortion issue...

GM Brazil moves to expand, modernize operations

U.S. Reform rabbis suggest welcoming interfaith couples

Here is another take on the Health Care Proposal

Robert Reich on What It All Means...

When will the US have single-payer, universal health care?

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!


Orange alert

Wellington's Victory Overture by Beethoven.

Remember, they're not people with "different opinions," but psychotic bullies enraged at defiance

Forehead, meet Brick Wall

How Liberals learned to be helpless

The Rage and Fury of Millions of Ordinary Rightists...water cooler, talk radio, etc

Republican lawmakers stir up the 'tea party' crowd

I have been part of DU for over six years.

Jesus was an Ayn Randian? Whodathunkit

Nancy Skinner's latest blog post - A Brave New World

The CA Governor vote: Repub Poizner says CA's fiscal problems due to "Liberal failure".

Schneily’s long road leads to a new leg

WTF? When did California switch their statue in Statuary Hall to Reagan?

WTF? When did California switch their statue in Statuary Hall to Reagan?

Unintended consequences of no pre-existing conditions?

Anyone know if HCR changes Medicaid rates, in terms of what it pays MDs/hospitals?

How many "events" can fit on the head of a pin? Likely constitutional challenge to HCR

If you set the bar low enough, anything's a victory.

'Some People Will Do Anything For Insurance Companies '...Pelosi plays the Who's Your Daddy card

It is unreal that Obama caved in to Stupak instead of throwing us progressives a bone. nt

I was really asked tonight...

Democrat Emanuel Cleaver Won't Press Charges For being Spat On.

"Waterloo" dedicated to Sen Demint (video)

Boy, the Democrats had better start marketing this health care thing soon ...

Whole Foods - organic assholes?

Is CNN competing w/ Fox for the same

Why Republicans Lie 101: It WORKS

Local government claim there's no alternative to budget cuts. But their numbers don't add up.

Hear that sound? It's the sound of the right wing gearing up to go ape shit......

Barack Obama may yet be the best political strategist

My friend's 82 year old mother was crying hysterically this morning

My friend's 82 year old mother was crying hysterically this morning

Sorry all, but it's not unConstitutional.

Help me debunk or verify the 17k IRS agents.

The Transition Away from Employer-Based Healthcare...

Chinese consumed millions of gallons of toxic sewage oil: study

Freepers amp up the racism

If your NCAA bracket is dead, play this one instead: The Bracket of Evil

BTW, and before it's forgotten...Where did the GOP get that hoax memo they gave to media outlets?

Chris Hedges: The Health Care Hindenburg Has Landed

Congressman Neugebauer(R), Texas

Canadian university to Ann Coulter: Your hateful rhetoric won’t fly here, watch your mouth

Cost of War on Terror: U.S. spent $1 trillion, the enemy spent about $100

Hitler reacts to Health Care passage

List of Labor Unions with contact information

Ari Fleischer quits PR job-his legacy was so bad it harmed Tiger’s rehabilitation.

I'll Probably Get NOTHING out of this Flawed Health Care Legislation. Nothing. Not a Thing.

I'll Probably Get NOTHING out of this Flawed Health Care Legislation. Nothing. Not a Thing.

Perhaps we should have let single payer get a vote first

Perhaps we should have let single payer get a vote first

"Debbie does Dallas, but prefers Plano"

Fringe v Fringe

Nancy Pelosi appreciation thread

Nancy Pelosi appreciation thread

FACTBOX: US healthcare bill would provide immediate benefits

Would you pitch in for a one-way ticket to Costa Rica for Rush if he agreed to stay the fuck there?

My right wing co-workers are losing their minds

Geography of the Vote

Is Texas about to Execute an Innocent Man?

Ga. Supremes overturn pain-and-suffering caps

Anyone seen the Baader-Meinhoff Complex?

Teabaggers: More radical and extreme than John Birch society

Lie: (Not Myth, Lie) We just didn't have the vote count for a public option.

Lie: (Not Myth, Lie) We just didn't have the vote count for a public option.

When HCR is challenged could we see a 9-0 or 8-1 decision by the SCOTUS for/against the law

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: A False Promise of Reform

ACORN and the Right Wing Assault on Poor People.

ACORN and the Right Wing Assault on Poor People.

Working MSNBC live feed (after so many other internet links are dead)

John McCain: Sucking off the government health care tit for 73 years.

John McCain: Sucking off the government health care tit for 73 years.

Seaweed to Tackle Rising Tide of Obesity

Seems like the Repubs took her by the word (pic)

What the rich will pay

Anyone hear McCain plagiarize Winston Churchill - "we shall fight them in..."

McCain whines "you Dems get off my lawn", Reid replies "we don't need it, you useless old fraud"

I just got the bill for an ER visit and one night's stay in a non-profit hospital... $6000

Help me debunk these two claims:

Big Pharma Wins Big:

Big Pharma Wins Big:

All together now...

Have Any On-Air People Reminded Rush Of His Promise To Leave The Country?

The Electronic Police State, 2010

I spend a lot of time at another forum, and

Bill Kristol just guaranteed Obama will win a second term

New Rule: If you are going to USE a word on tv, at least know the pronunciation

This CNN poll flipped from just two days ago: For or against HC reform?

The ugly right wing reaction to the House vote gets personal and violent for a friend of mine

The ugly right wing reaction to the House vote gets personal and violent for a friend of mine

Are the FEMA CAMPS ready for our domestic terrorists yet?

Physicians for a National Health Program (PHNP) Leaders Statement on Health Bill Passage

Check in if you got to chuckle under your breath while a winger blew a gasket today.

I think I am going to Tell all my republican friends that it's too bad they

Please allow me to introduce myself.....

Should Obama repeal the Hyde Amendment?

Why I am sad about the HCR bill.

Thumbs up

True Colors

I'm Still confused about Medicare and HCR ?

Luke Russert should work for FAUX.

Alan Grayson Live on TYT at 4:05pm PT/7:05pm ET Talking HC Reform & More!

Would You Work for a Company That's In The Same Bldg. As....Fox News?

Doonesbury. Yesterday teabaggers, today Starbucks gun asses… er, 'activists.'


HULU (owned by NBC, FOX, ABC) blocks internet TV viewing

How the healthcare bill will impact you, your family and your business

Just heard Norman Goldman say that Grayson's bill is wallowing in the

Why is MSNBC not available on Satellite radio?

Lies, Damn Lies, and the Media

After a hard night destroying the nation...

NO one is buying forced to buy insurance

So what does the Public Option support of 45+ Senators mean NOW?

What Chinese Censors Don’t Want You to Know

Union President: At least 62 DFAS workers to be fired for bad credit ratings

Toyota's Second Shoe Drops: Shareholders Sue

Paul Wellstone, you were right!

Massive Change in US Student Loans Slipped in to Bill

Riverbend one teacher used Baghdad Burning for her lesson plans.

K&R if you felt good today

Substantive Criticism of the Bill that just (sadly) passed

So, DU - How’s that Hopey-Changey Thing Working Out for Ya?

Dear Rush - Happy Moving Day! Please pack quickly and get the

I just don't know

A victory for outrageously hilarious memes

The face of FreeRepublic...

Vegetarian activists try in-your-face tactics

Whatever you do... love

Dow Rallies to Highest 2010 Close After Health Care Vote

My wife has MS. I'm celebrating the passage of this bill.

Ohio judge forces rape victims to take polygraph tests

Ohio judge forces rape victims to take polygraph tests

You can't make this stuff up-By Tom Tomorrow

You can't make this stuff up-By Tom Tomorrow

You can't make this stuff up-By Tom Tomorrow

Ann Coulter Threatened With Criminal Charges In Canada

So 9 states are going to challenge the HCR legislation saying it is unConstitutional. Aren't they

Beck criticizes John Lewis for comparing himself to civil rights activists: "How dare you!"

Overheard in the parking lot this morning as I dropped my youngest son off at school:

Arundhati Roy on Obama’s Wars, India and Why Democracy Is “The Biggest Scam in the World”

What happens next in the Senate: fairly good run down from the Wash. Post

Hannity Scandal got pushed out of news when MORE info is coming out on it

My wonderful 15 year old son ( read this- it is great)

Princeton researchers find that high-fructose corn syrup prompts considerably more weight gain

How long before actual physical brawls return to the House of Representatives?

I am self employed so I buy my own insurance

A Promise to the American People.

Women will die because of the abortion non-funding stipulation. Mark my

BREAKING: ACORN Announces Intentions to 'Bring Operations to a Close'

Yesterday's bill got exactly as many Republican votes as Single Payer would've

Chomsky: Health Bill Sustains The System’s Core Ills

"A Ticket For Rush"...Website want to send Limbaugh to his underaged sex vacation paradise forever

Anyone Else Fed Up With The "Ritalin Culture"




We had a lot of damage here in NJ with last week's storm. I'd say we lost as many as 5%

Yosemite! Photos coming)

Old Folks Boogie

This vision came to me after watching a video of the Kennedy assasination

Michelle Obama was featured on tonight's Simpsons episode.

ODing on people at school functions bragging about their kids

If you leave me now, you'll take away the biggest part of me.

Anyone else vacillate between being outgoing and reserved? Bold and shy?

The cars I've owned:

Good morning Lounge

Tom Jones vs. Engelbert Humperdinck

Music To Watch Girls By

Moloko - The Time is Now vs Sia - Breathe Me

The Truth

Kiss The Sky

Shot in the Back of the Head


Soul Glo

Cher vs Bette Midler

Cold Pillow


Fly Like An Eagle vs Hotel California



Question for Apple users.

The Most Epic Cat Fights of All Time.

Bad poll

30 days in the Hole

Bodhisattva vs Ramblin' Man

Question for Apple users.

I was in the House gallery last night for the vote!

I just downloaded a free EReader onto my phone, and downloaded "Dracula" for free.

Insincere apology.

I Heard it Through the Grapevine...This Vintage You Can Wear

I Heard it Through the Grapevine...This Vintage You Can Wear

Allman Brothers vs Lynyrd Skynyrd

My 6 week old niece has been wretching in stomach pain...

Port wine is very strong

Uh oh

For the generation of boys (like me) who refuse to grow up

Favorite Rock-N-Roll Song featuring Oregon

Showtime, lovers! Enjoy the love

DU always cracks me up

Boy, do I have a treat for you... Iron Butterfly...

Okay, I've been busy for the last couple of months, what have I missed here in The Lounge?

Question About Posting Picture

I'm a girl. I had to think a little on this one. (Joke)

The T.A.M.I. Show is officially out on DVD.

My latest Podcast is ready for you. Went diggin' in the crates this time


This LMN movie sucks

Question for people who mainly listen to Rap.

A Facebook page for everyone's best friend from back in the day:

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet Vs Pinball Wizard

Michigan fugitive found in Pennsylvania bar in hospital gown

Iron Butterfly or Iron Maiden

We Ain't Got Nothin Yet- featuring an organ

I know what I like...

MiddleFingerMom is quite the ladies' man.

Great nickname for Orly Taitz

OH!! OH!! OH!! I almost forgot about this place (was reminded St Patty's Day).

Good nickname for Orly Taitz..

The Replacements - Maybelline (Chuck Berry), 1981

The Replacements - Hey Good Lookin' (Hank Williams), 1981

I ordered my kiddo (okay, he's 41) a Kindle tonight

Michael Bay has pictures of John Malkovich and Frances McDormand in a three way with a goat.

William Shatner/Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds....bwahahahahah!

Charlotte Vs. Maxell headphones

OK, one more. ... ... ... SPERM... it's ALWAYS funny!!!

Rush vs. Led Zeppelin

Oh Shit! A friend on Facebook had Bunco night! She's not even Midlo.

What does "your order has shipped" mean?

Predators trailer. It looks pretty good.

YouTube: This cat is REALLY into whatever he/she is watching. REALLY.

School, state & national songs to make love to.


Experiment, let's see if this works. If it does I want to send PELOSI a birthday card


has anybody ever 'toured' their old neighborhoods with Google street view?

Tron Trailer!

Nobody asked me, but I've got a great idea for the next DU fundraiser.

This is a really amazing photo and album cover

Music video shows boy band being destroyed by electricity-vomiting chemo patient/alien.

Happy Kazakh New Year!

Amusing You Tube Video

Clyde McPhatter - A Lover's Question

Joan Osborne and the Funk Brothers!

"Can we as a DU community do something for the DU'ers who can't _________ "

What'll become of Teh Lounge when The Revolution comes?

Getting my wisdom teeth in...

Happy Birthday William Shatner! He's 79 Years Young Today!

Please help. What does "Comminicamus" mean?

Jobycom vs. Roadkill

That Rick Roll song versus The dumbass Rush song about fighting trees.

What do you call it when John Boehner drinks a fifth of vodka?

I've just posted a Spring poem in the Writer's Group...

Sukiyaki versus Sukiyaki

Why do some people like to watch boxing? Or bare knuckle fighting?

Styles for men's eyeglasses?

For those of you thinking 'I wonder what used cat litter tastes like'

Skinner. Can we set a donation for LynneSin so that she does not have to eat used cat litter?

Waterloo GERMAN !!

Caption this picture

A break from the madness from Cute Overload....

Do you ~a vulgar word~ ?

Check out my redneck hoopty (pics)

I am getting the world's most awesome birthday present!

Natural Harvest - A Collection of Semen-Based Recipes ( yes this is a real cookbook )

Doobie Brothers vs The Eagles


My favorite "fan-made" youtube - you have one?

Monday night lounge music - Delaney & Bonney & Friends "Poor Elijah"...

post your special riders to the healthcare bill

I love

Hey Sports fans, post your favorite plays of all time

Favorite Rock-n-Roll song featuring an organ.

That's right Lounge: it's RUMOR time.

Favorite Rock n Roll song featuring bagpipes

President Obama: Health care bill a victory for Americans

Favorite Rock-n-Roll song featuring an orgasm.

Good Job, James Clyburn. They elected a good Majority Whip for the job.

I think it is time for SNL to revisit their "Obama hasn't done anything" skit...

Healthcare Bill passage creates huge business opportunity for small business

Um, gentlemen......

Hope You're Feeling Better - Santana

Just to say that I reported that earlier threat to the FBI website.

Is he waiting for the Senate reconciliation to sign it?

lol! Big Eddie FINALLY gets a clue!!!

Does your cat ever do things at night just to wake you up?

Alan Grayson and Medicare Buy-in

MSNBC: Ed Schultz hosting with Karen Finney, Political Analyst

"He's all our President, he did something very special".....on Fox!

They are not the "party of no"... they are the "party of hell no"

On Thursday, Obama was 46%-48% approval/disapproval at Gallup

The turning point...

Really sucky news, the health care bill actually DIED two months ago....

"Barack Obama will go down in history as one of America’s finest presidents"

So is Scott Brown still going to be the Republican darling?

I have a soft spot for Dingell. He's making the case. I hope some

YES WE CAN!!!!!!

The Celebration will NOT be Televised!

POTUS and VPOTUS when it hit 216 (IMAGE)

Republicans Are After Speaker Pelosi

So who voted for reconciliation but not for the Senate bill?

"No, no, we will still make this Obama's Waterloo. We will kill this bill."

White House email contact page link - email President Obama and say howdy!

No death panels, no rationing of care, no govt between you and your doctor

Do they have the 50 votes in the Senate


So will the signing be a ceremony

Favorite rock song that features a Marching Band

Health care reform passes, Freepers flirt with calling for domestic terrorism


Sign a Farewell Card to Rush

Complete this: "I don't believe in ________ "

Dear TMZ,

Congratulations Mr. President and Madam Speaker!

Reactions to the Health Care Vote


It's time for a song!

"Nobody even knows what's IN THIS BILL!!!"

Bill Frist is surprisingly non-hysterical about this bill.

Hey Sarah...

President Obama hitting road this week to sell health benefits

So, let's look at the list. What's next?

"Note to S.P. from Wasilla, AK" - by a college buddy of mine on Facebook:

You know who else is probably happy tonight? Martha Coakley

Democrats Rock! From the DNC:

For those who were worried about the welfare of Rep. Stupak after his actions tonight...

One thing we know: The 'Party of No' prefers the status quo


It was PALIN that started the rumor that bill would cut care for Veterans.

The WOOHOO Thread!

Poll: Will Tonight's Events Change the Way the MSM Talks about the President?

"Barack Obama put his presidency on the line for an accomplishment of historic proportions"

Just give them somethin' to talk about...

The Consequences Of A Bad Bet

"Obama to sign health care bill Tuesday"

OMFG! Geraldo Rivera is supporting the new bill on his show!

question about the pre-existing conditions part

White House: Reform Begins

Fear Strikes Out, By PAUL KRUGMAN

"Results Are All That Matter"

"My waterloo napoleon did surrender"

"...first landmark piece of reform that passed over the unanimous opposition of one major party..."

Not Over Yet: Senate Must Finalize Health Care

Can we get the queen

Death panels, death panels, death panels, death panels.

Massive Republican failure day!

Senate GOP skeptical of chances to take down healthcare reform

Dont Miss a Tax Credit with the Recovery Act Savings Tool!

OK. What's next?

"Obama plans blitz to boost public opinion of health-care effort"

Republicans: Scared As All Living Hell Right Now. TeaBaggers = REPUBLICANS

Transcript of President Obama's Speech Last Night

Sign a Farewell Card to Rush per the DCCC

Tell teabaggers that if they want to repeal HCR

so now the world has witnessed how loathsome the Repugs are


Damnit!!! I can't get this damned song out of my head this morning!!!

This Morning Joe dick loves to say that Obama never ran anything and voted present all the time

Our Financial Security: Which Bank Outrage is a Phony?

What happens to the healthcare bill now?

PHOTOS: Celebration.

Even though this bill leaves a lot on the table this one item makes it worth it.

Glenn Beck is having an awesome meltdown

Socialism: Day One

Rev Jesse Jackson:The Tea Partiers will benefit from the heath care reform

Radanovich tweets: I didn't shout 'baby killer'

Ten Most Courageous and Ten Most Cowardly Congress Peep List

Repeal What?

"I think people are realizing the sky didn't fall" (re: HCR and investors)

How the Health Care Overhaul Could Affect You

The debate over this bill fully exposed the disastrous situation of health care in our country.

Celebrating Racism as part of the rich American Tapestry

Republican lawmakers stir up the 'tea party' crowd - ugliness and epithets (Milbank)

"end of paying for quantity of treatment, and the beginning of paying for quality of treatment"

Why I have mixed, but on balance positive, feelings about the passage of the Health Care Bill.

"Among the big winners are the branded phama companies; the big losers are American consumers"

Dumb it down!!

Vietnam Vet or Democratic Congressman? You decide...

So it took Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi to make more progress on health care than in 45 years

Whatever Happened To 'Country First'?

Great Photo of White House team from last night!

E. J. Dionne: Yes, They Made History

Jesse Jackson just told Contessa Brewer (msnbc) that he feels sorry for the teabaggers.

Remember that last big bill that Republicans were crying about?

TX Congressman admits to being "Baby Killer" screamer

Moving on to obstructing financial reform

What historic reform of the U.S. health care system looks like, in six points

Conservatives Thrown into Cold, Lightless Depths

A 'Thank You' From President Obama

"I woke up this morning, Feeling alright ...."

Innocent FReeper asks his brethren to show him where the HCR bill funds abortion.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Editorial: Altmire's "vote of weakness".

"Hell, no you can't"

C'mon - Vote in their Poll. Yes that one. David Frum (!)

White House Talking Points: Health Reform Takes Effect “Immediately"

"Karzai holds peace talks with insurgents"

You know what's great? Democrats don't look like wimps today

Question about the GOP's anti-health care reform lawsuit

Apology thread for those who thought Obama was "all talk, no action"

Obama has Question for Republicans: How's That Dopey-Nopey thing working out for ya?

McCain said Democrats have not heard end of debate..

Jeffrey Toobin: Health Care: Here to Stay

What HCR Means for Employers.

What HCR Means for Employers.

The GOP's plan "Recon. Bill Should Not be Allowed because it would extend Social Security."

Dangit, can't find video of Stupak's last speech anywhere

Stupak opponent stays in race, vows to fight for single payer system

MSNBC: Shuster with Armstrong Williams

Why We have no Interest in the Media magnifying the TeaBaggers....

Patient's letter 'inspired Obama health reform push'

WH: Tax Returns Are Up 10% - Find Out If You Qualify for Recovery Act Tax Credits

Ok. I'm gonna watch Dylan Ratigan with an open mind.

The President Who Put It All On The Line

When will the bill signing be held?

Dear Newt, "Get a Grip"

Mystery Solved: How Pelosi and the WH got Loretta Sanchez' vote...

Make No Mistake...I Have High Respect for Barack Obama

ABC News Brian Ross Reports on Twitter Assassination Calls

What would be the effect on Boehner if he was put in additional situations

Why is the media still harping on HCR and ignoring the real story of the day?

Mitt Romney's response to passing of HCR (this is good)

GOPers opposed to wasting taxpayer dollars line up to waste taxpayer dollars on frivolous lawsuits

The funniest part of news coverage on the HCR

In order for the vehement critics of health care reform to be vindicated

RW predicting Rep win in Nov "With all the eggs we got from TBs what could go wrong let's count now"

States are lining up for court battle of health care reform

Craziest post I have seen today - HCR-Birther segue

Many Presidents all the way back to Teddy R have tried to reform health care

California: Simon Backing Campbell For GOP Senate Nomination

Health Care Bill Enhances Whistleblower Protections

PHOTOS The President and VP tonight

Oregon AFSCME endorses Kitzhaber

legislator from the Iron Range decided that Rybak and Kelliher have too much of a lead.

Both Lincoln and (Ben) Nelson to vote against Reconciliation Bill (shocker!)

Regarding the episode last nite by the dimwads leaving wanted posters in seats of Democrats.

GOP's Joseph Malone Launches Congressional Run

Majority Opposed Doesn't Tell Full Story

Landrieu is on board with reconciliation. Bayh "likely a yes vote".

Landrieu is on board with reconciliation. Bayh "likely a yes vote".

Bayh may help fund 'like-minded' Dems' war chests

Obama praises committee vote on Wall St. rules

Be Part Of History!

Signing Ceremony, Tuesday 11:15am, Dept of Interior....

Well I showed up for my first 'Death Panel' committee meeting

White House fires back at Rove over e-mails sent during healthcare push

Gallup Daily Approval Obama 50 - 43 Seven point jump BEFORE passage

1,000 Words: Embraceable Edition

THE Best Political Selling Point of the HCR Bill Is....

President Obama Praises Committee Vote on Wall St. Rules

Kristol Blue Deflation

Seen These folks are really sick.

Something's wrong with my TV. No laughtrack with Sean InSannity interviewing the Queen of Quit!

The Republicans said that people didn't want health reform!!!!!!

"One of the big improvements made in the reconciliation that the actuarial value"

Reid’s goal: Wrap up final touches on healthcare package by Saturday

Sorry to be a Downer: "Stocks Rise for Health-Care Sector due to Passage of Reform Bill"

Part of me wishes I could have been a fly on the wall last night...

Off the Bus


Here's what I'm thinking for messages for 2010 races

Individual mandate question

House Passes Largest Investment in College Aid in U.S. History

Anyone got a pic of the dems walking hand in hand through the teabaggers today?

"Baby Killer" shout came from Rep. Randy Neugebauer, R-Lubbock, TX

Photos: "another stone firmly laid in the foundation of the American Dream." (The Obama Presidency.)

Healthcare finished, House Dems switch to jobs agenda

Joe Conason: Why Boehner is angry -- and Republicans should worry

When is it safe to break out the Marxist/Socialist/Nazi Gear we've had under wraps for the last year

Some states want to assert their right to oversee health care

Suggestion: If you don't really know how the HCR bill works, or what it will do, READ here!

Rachel is kickin' ass and takin' names tonight

Will you add your name?

What Republicans Will Be Saying about Health Care in 2012 (Cartoon)

NYT Says Student Loan Reform Was the Clincher

Cao Compares Abortion To Slavery

Several Democratic party offices were vandalized last night

This pretty much sums up the last 70 years of domestic policy.

Faux News claiming that 12 state AGs will take the HCR legislation to the Supreme Court

Obama to take Health Care Reform Fight to Waterloo, IA!!!

would it be unconstitutional to impose a "health care" tax on all taxpayers?

So, does this mean I can haz Medicaid now?

It'll be awesome watching Romney run from his healthcare reform in 2012.

Just watching Boehner's meltdown made my Epic C-SPAN viewing...

How many here were waiting for Bohner to drop an F-bomb last night,

So, starting Tuesday, no denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions?

Breaking on Olbermann - Senate parliamentarian declares Republican challenge a 'dud'

Rep. Woolsey will introduce new public option bill tomorrow

Did Jimmy Carter miss an opportunity for health care?

Kaiser: Reconciliation Bill Changes to Private Insurance

Rachel Maddow's list of what the new health care bill will do

Poor freepers just can't agree on who is to blame...

Keep the Change...

Why are the Republicans sueing to prevent people from getting healthcare?

So how's that "Hopey-Changey thing" workin' for ya? Ya sure this

Duncan's office kept list of politicians' school requests (Doesn't sound good))

Can We Get Something Straight?

Beck criticizes John Lewis for "comparing" himself to civil rights activists: "How dare you!"

Question: Any advice on discussing HCR with friends, family, etc?

Ezra Klein: Will insurers raise rates before health-care reform?

The Biggest Losers thread

Axelrod: Obama more excited by bill passing than being elected

How bad is being political on Facebook right now?

Andrea Mitchel first presses WH person if bill restricts abortion, then asks the opposite

Pro-life Group Strips Stupak of Award

'Netanyahu seeks US bombs for Iran attack'

Broad coalition packs Mall to urge overhaul of immigration laws

Vegetarian activists try in-your-face tactics

(U.S. Supreme) Court rejects new challenge from Gitmo detainees

EMI Holds License Talks With Rivals

WRAPUP 2-Chinese media launches new attack on Google

Russian Diplomat Sees U.S. Arms Pact In Days: Report

High court stays out of Mass. abortion clinic case

Geithner: Financial reform must shield consumers

North Korea to put US citizen on trial for illegal entry

Pakistan foils plot to bomb Western targets

Pakistan seeks court backing to probe scientist AQ Khan

Obama Plans to Sign Health Overhaul Bill on Tuesday

Obama Plans to Sign Health Overhaul Bill on Tuesday

U.S.-Pakistan seek to move beyond mistrust

What's Awesome! How Dems are doing something that no one is paying attention to, but should!

(ex Bush advisor Dan) Senor (NY) Senate Run On Tap

LaHood to meet with Toyota execs in Japan

Philippine generals dismiss rumors of coup plot

Bricks shatter glass at NY Democratic offices

Record Air Pollution in Hong Kong

Clinton chides, reassures Israel in AIPAC speech

House passes increased college aid for students in need; ends reliance on private lenders

Neugebauer shouted 'baby killer'


California stands to gain most from health bill

Beijing-bound Karzai seeks China help in peace push

Judge hears lesbian teen's suit to force prom

Republican Nathan Deal of Georgia resigns

Union President: At least 62 DFAS workers to be fired for bad credit ratings

Osama Bin Laden's Teen Daughter Allowed to Leave Iran

Cuccinelli says Va. will sue over health-care bill

US reviewing contractors' role in intel gathering

BREAKING: ACORN Announces Intentions to 'Bring Operations to a Close'

First kidney transplant involving different blood types performed in Israel

Neb. to join health care (reform) lawsuit

Opponents take last stand against health care bill

Some Americans rreally believe this is the end of America.

4 Western businessmen plead guilty to bribery charges in China

Bank Panel Clears Bill on Overhaul

Clinton chides, reassures Israel in AIPAC speech

Karzai holds peace talks with insurgent faction

Iowans to hear from Obama (where he proposed his reform plan in 2007)

Tax refunds up 10% due to stimulus - White House

US firm wins UK tank-making deal

13 die in Afghanistan amid calls for peace talks with insurgents

Witness: Michael Jackson doctor interrupted CPR

Gates says reviewing contractors' role in intel gathering

Opponents of Gay Marriage Ban Must Release Memos

After public rebuke in Biden visit, Israeli approval of Obama soars to 69%

Rep. Giffords' Tucson office vandalized after health care vote

Senate panel passes bank reform on party-line vote

Frustrations await Bush, Clinton visit to Haiti

Bachmann introduces bill to repeal health care reform

Chamber Won’t Push for Health Repeal

China's sandstorms blast Beijing with dust, sand

Nelson (D-Ne) to vote no on (HCR) companion

Halliburton, KBR drop court appeal in rape case

States Launch Lawsuits Against Healthcare Plan

Senate Preparing to Take Up Reconciliation Bill

(Rumsfeld's High-Value) Detainee abused at Guantanamo ordered freed

Democratic offices in Wichita, elsewhere vandalized

Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas) admits shouting 'baby killer'

High court stays out of Mass. abortion clinic case

1st Sikh in decades graduates Army officer school

McCain repulsed by health care bill ‘euphoria’

Google Pulls Search Engine Out Of China

Sebelius: Public will embrace health care reform

Supreme Court Again Rejects Injunction in Asian Carp Case

Obama pay czar to "look back" at Wall Street pay (seek to renegotiate pay not in "public interest")

(Senator) Grassley: White House Staff Should Enroll in Exchanges

Waterloo Stonewall Jackson

Rep. John Lewis: Give health care a chance.

Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an EARTHSHATTERING KABOOM.

C-SPAN: Health Care Bill Passes House

Democrats honor Sen. Kennedy before health care vote

GOP To Kill Health Bill For Nonexistent Abortion Coverage,But Provide Abortion Coverage To GOP Staff

Obama on Passage: 'Will Not Fix Everything That Ails System But Moves Decisively in Right Direction'

Pelosi: With The Passing Of This Bill Being A Woman Will No Longer Be A Pre-Existing Condition Pt1

NEW RULES - Real Time With Bill Maher - March 19 2010 - while it lasts!

The Turning Point (PART 1)

Elisabeth Hasselbeck attempts to justify teabagger racism & homophobia

Stupak stands up for health care reform, announces opposition to Republican motion to recommit

Health Care Passage Reactions on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News

FBI HELLO!!!!!!!

ObamaCare Opponents Probably Cant Spell Communism and Socialism Says CNNs Roland Martin

Grow the Hope Response to the Passage of Health Care 03/21/2010

Obama- "This is what change looks like" Health Care Reform

Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) explains the truth about the FMAP Fix (aka Louisiana Purchase)

Immigration Reform Rally DC 200,000 people

Boehner's passionate HCR floor speech which accomplished jack squat in the final vote. EPIC FAIL!

This one goes out to my rep., Eric Cantor (R)

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka: Historic Step for Health Care

CAMP OUT NOW on the MAll in DC

Sen Bob Corker (R-TN) lamenting the bipartisanship that existed under Bush.


Angry Teabaggers protest Health Care Reform at US Capitol 3/21/10

Senator Kennedy at the 1980 Democratic National Convention

Tom Delay 'sickened' by the House vote

2,555 Days too many-Minneapolis Iraq Peace march

Who Made Health Care Happen?

Digging Out

Fineman: 'Obama, who comes from a country of long-distance runners'

Rachel Maddow: Rep. Jan Schakowsky - 'We Saw Abortion Language Same Time as Stupak'

Re: House Member Appears To Yell 'Baby Killer' At Stupak

CNN: Michael Moore on HCR Pt. 3 - 'Bill is 2 Steps Forward, 1 Step Back'

Obama addresses Iran on the occasion of the Persian New Year

Rachel Maddow highlights David Vitter's GOP-backfiring-hoax antics. Hilarity ensues.

"The Harder They Come"

CNN: Michael Moore on HCR Pt. 2 - 'I Think People of America Turned It Around;' Got Bill Passed


I'M WALKIN' HERE! Jon Voight & Michele Bachmann's EPIC FAIL HCR rally, 3/20/10. EPIC FAIL!

The ugly face of health care reform opponents.

Conservative media: zero credibility (this time on health care reform)

CNN: Michael Moore on HCR Pt. 1 - 'Worst Thing About the Bill is That...'

Healthy without health insurance in America

Rep. Alan Grayson on Palin:

Repost of Elisabeth Hasselbeck explaining teabagger racism/homophobia

GOP'er Boehner goes berserk on House floor yells ''Hell No You Can't!'' & ''Hell No You Haven't''

TYT: General - Gays In Military Leads To Genocide (Video)

Al Sharpton: American Public Voted for Socialism When Electing Obama

TYT: Fox News President's Surprising Admission - Obama Is Right (Video)

Congresswoman Bachmann's Insurance is Good Enough for Her.

Olbermann is Back - Special Comment: 'GOP Self-Destruction Imminent'

Remember this: Chris Matthews debates Alan Grayson about reconciliation--

Boehner lack of knowledge - Part deux

Health bill brings Democrats back to Life

US Human Rights Record Challenged

AlterNet: The Future of Drug Reform Is Bright

Tax Cuts for the Rich, Pay Cuts for the Poorer

Healthcare triumph a credit to Nancy Pelosi's savvy--Kornacki/Salon

The GOP's newfound defense of "consent of the governed"

Beyond the GOP Lies -- Slurs and Insults From the Right-Roots


Get Ready. Up Next: Financial Reform

Chris Hedges: The Health Care Hindenburg Has Landed

Rochelle Riley: Haters couldn't stop historic day

Jane Mayer: Counterfactual-A curious history of the C.I.A.’s secret interrogation program.

Historic Health Care Reform bill passes, Repunks continue their tantrum.

Health Care Reform: 8 Positive Changes

America's Pipe Dream

Iran's "China card" - - IP pipeline: When will China join?

And the conservative freak-out begins

The HCR bill just passed is similar to a Republican proposal from 93 --

Passage of Moderate RomneyCare Drives Republicans Insane

Why Boehner is angry -- and Republicans should worry (Joe Conason)

Newsweek: Six billion dollars later, the Afghan National Police can't begin to do their jobs

Wellpoint: You Will Never Find a More Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

Auschwitz Death Camp Doctors' Documents Found

What If Reconciliation Fails? (Washington Independent- 3/22/10)

The empty locker

The Party of Cruelty (James Howard Kunstler)

Cantina Tolteca -- pissing away them Kokopelli blues (Joe Bageant)

Through tears, Tea Party activists vow to keep fighting health care reform

Let's stop calling it Romney care.

Glenn Beck: How dare John Lewis compare himself to .... John Lewis?

Watch the Monkey!

Racist Teabaggers Exhibit Beck & Palin's Real Positions

Religious Fanatics Threaten Atheist Philip Pullman With Death

If this bill were a step forward, we would support it.

From a Republican.."This is Waterloo all right:..ours" conservative journalist ..David Frum

Tea Party Isn't The Fringe

Q&A with Chef Dan Barber: Can organic farming feed the world?

Melbourne's String Of 100 Days At 20C+ Longest In 150 Years Of Weather Records

New alloys key to efficient energy and lighting

Migratory Monarch Butterfly Population Lowest On Record - Mexican Habitat Down To 1.92 Hectares

E-waste trade ban won't end environmental threat-Crude recycling methods...contaminate air, water...

Explained: Climate sensitivity-If we double the Earth’s greenhouse gases, how much will the temp...

On the Reality of LENR and the Mythology of Cold Fusion

Peak oil review - Mar 22

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: March 22, 2010

Hong Kong Air Pollution Hits New Record High - 2X That Of Prior Record - 12-14X WHO Max Recommended

EPA Report - Streams @ Surface Coal Mining Sites Up To 50X Legal Toxic Limits - "No Comment" From KY

Non-OPEC Oil Production Hits the Wall

UN Panel Rejects Any Limitations On Trade In Corals For Jewelry Markets - Reuters

International Paper Ships Wood To SE From Known Gypsy-Moth Areas. Don't Worry! They'll Inspect!!

Chitwan Park Struggles With Invasive S. American Vine - 20% Of Park Already Covered

N. China Dust Storms Reach HK, Taiwan As Beijing Air Quality Hits 2nd-Worst Level - WP

(The Scotsman) Drought, refugees, revolution and war – military prepares for climate doomsday

1970 - 2004 - Average Decline In High Arctic Species' Populations 26% - Mongabay

TX Elected Officials Calling For More Money, Tougher Regulation Of Gas Drilling In Populated Areas

Changes seen in rainfall trends in March, June and October since 1945 in Spain

ITM Power Buys Hy9 Hydrogen Purifiers for Vehicle Refueling Station

"Aleutian fish still contaminated by old military sites"

Iceland volcano could have world consequences

UN Blockage Of Bluefin Ban = End Of Species, But Japanese PM Happy - Prices Won't Go Up!

50 Million People Short Of Water In SW China Drought - 1 Million Hectares Cropland Out Of Production

Science News - Up To 87 Different Pesticides & Metabolites Found In Beeswax Sampling Study

The game is changing with recent IP pipeline deal between Iran & Pakistan. Will China join in?

The Secret of Sea Level Rise: It Will Vary Greatly by Region

How to cool the planet proactively (geoengineering)

How Will Tree Diseases React to Climate Change?

Upton back in the news

Pacman Jones to the 49er's.

MSNBC: Tiger Woods

New Sport: Chess Boxing

Golden State Warriors announce they're for sale

Ali Farokhmanesh and ESPN

Dolphins Ronnie Brown arrested for DUI

Bolivia: general who captured Che Guevara questioned in destablization plot

Bolivia: prison party over for García Meza

Racial discrimination continues to plague Panama

Total launches natural gas exploration project in Bolivia

Haiti’s Queen of song

Thirsty Peruvians harvesting fog with nets

Cross posted from GD, fyi.

Something we overlooked in November:"Yoani Sánchez: a few cards short of a full deck"

Big Dawg and Bush-to-pee-on visit Haiti (photos)

Researchers investigate mysterious stone spheres in Costa Rica

American Imperialism and the Inter American Press Association (IAPA)

Venezuela ratifies agreements with foreign oil firms

Fareed Zakaria: Bibi’s Bluster

House rental in Israel: Arabs need not apply

Obama (or Netanyahu) as modern Moses!

'Pitchfork remained on ground during purported attack'

Clinton Holds Line On Israeli Settlements In Addressing AIPAC

Rabbis: Cellular internet must be filtered

Statement of AFSCME President Gerald W. McEntee on tonight's vote in the U.S. House of Representativ

Grievance Handling For Stewards and Representatives - Free Webinar

Pakistan hotel workers end 25-day sit-in, hunger strike/global dairy workers' conference/more

IBEW on Health Care Victory

Holt Baker: Broken Immigration System Benefits Corporations

Fired Worker Sparks Organizing Campaign at Family-Owned Chicago Grocery

Today in Labor History Mar 22 Mark Twain extolling the Knights of Labor’s commitment to fair treatme

Working America on Historic Health Care Vote

'Netanyahu seeks US bombs for Iran attack'

Use the language that will win back marriage in CA and win marriage in the nation (75 study summary)

I am a coward

BETTER THINGS: a documentary about an artist friend who underwent gender reassignment

Why can't Constance bring her date?

The California Legal List, AR and AK variants

BNY Mellon Fires Employee, Says Looking At Photos of Troops In Iraq/A-stan Is Direct Threat

Gun Owners Rejoice: Military Grade Corrosion Prevention is Here

Man Kills Motorist, Self in Apparent Road Rage

Query for CHL instructors regarding flash mobs

No prelims yet? Will they be bumped to the coming weekend? (Maybe HCR furor will die down somewhat

Adieu, l'hiver...

Earth Album lets you see (Flikr) photos posted of any(?) place on the planet. Plus kid#2

8 texture & pattern studies

How to build a CA legal AR or AK pattern rifle

Suprises in the Garden


Seattle area biotech jobs

Britain's rarest wildflower the ghost orchid returns from the dead after 23 years

Researchers Turn Mosquitoes Into Flying Vaccinators

Hayabusa Sets Sights on Planet Earth for June Return (from Asteroid Landing)

stupid dogwoods

Life Without Water And The Habitable Zone

Volcanoes helped dinosaurs rule the Earth, say scientists

Cool animation showing the expansion of the International Space Station from 1998 to 2010.

Brady Campaign Continues Slide Into Irrelevancy

I need someone else to do the prayer thread in April.

What are your thoughts on the passage of the HCR bill?

Some locals focus on spirituality, not religion

Pope Forgives Molested Children

The Spiritual Path of Karate

Scientologists Accuse Film of 'Intolerance'

What if Mary had said No

In defense of the Catholic child abuse

Nanotech robots deliver gene therapy through blood

Is medical marijana covered in HCR?

Health Overhaul: Immediate Change, Long Term Steps

Hubby's second cardio version will be done on Wednesday...

When drug makers' profits outweigh penalties

New Superbug (C. diff.) Surpasses MRSA Infection Rates in Community Hospitals

Is it ok to give my Podiatrist a token gift?

HFCS Prompts Considerably More Weight Gain, Researchers Find

Now you can Re-Fi your CAR for "extra money".

HCR is increasing is a list.

Shortage of skilled workers as baby boomers retire predicted

Mafioso running charter schools?

Principal, teacher clash on cheating

Educator: 'Race to the Top's' 10 false assumptions

Something nice happened

Filmmakers offer an inside look at NYC's 'rubber rooms'