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Rule Committee moves healthcare bill to floor

K&R if you think the GOP should embrace the racist Tea Bags and

KS still trying to go back to the dark ages. Trying to ban Abortion

USW to mount campaign against Altmire for health care vote

TIME - "Conservative Talk Radio vs. Grieving 11-Year-Old" Re HCR

Immediately After This Health Care Bill Is Signed By The President......

I have seen the enemy, been shown the enemy - and it is you

An open letter to conservative "libertarian" blue collar idiots.

U.S. health insurers attract bullish options bets

Is physical violence directed toward one's political enemies ever justified?

F@&k the Tea Party AND the Coffee Party. I'm starting the Beer Party!

Stage set for historic health care reform vote

WHEN is the health care vote?

Keep Calling Congress on Sunday for Health Care Reform

Up Or Down. Democratic Party's Party. 3.21.10

Question Of The Day-Why Hasn't One Republicant Rejected The Racist And Homophobic Teabaggers?

Second Amendment Task Force leader Schaeffer Cox arrested on weapons charge

New Zealand media reports racial slurs and spitting at healthcare protest

New Zealand media reports racial slurs and spitting at healthcare protest

Boehner 3/15: We're Going to do Everything We Can...

Do you go to church? Care to share which one?

We don't pay premiums for police, fire, roads, schools. Why premiums for health care?

Teabag blogger threatens "librul" media

Your 'defense' tax dollars ($4.1 billion) at work, week ending 3.19.2010

Bawl ReTHUG bawl you lying scumbag

Funny, 'cept its not

Did you guys catch that motherfucker, yeah I called him a motherfucker, Devin Nunes (R-CA) on CSPAN?

Let Us Chronicle The Mendacity, Homophobia, And Racism Of The Teabagger Movement

FIRST: let me say that I am an adamant PRO-CHOICER ...

Any thoughts on the DCCC? Just got an appeal for $ from them, and

My attempt to contact (undecided Congressman) Brian Baird...

Appeals Court Orders Federal Reserve to Release Bank Bailout Records

You need some Rude: The Rude Pundit

Glenn Nye from VA says he is voting NO today. He has forgotten who got him elected:

Spitting on a man & calling him a nigger over health care?

Racism Is Part And Parcel Of The Teabagger Movement

I don't even think this would have done it

I don't even think this would have done it

Skinheads Sentenced to Work at Holocaust Museum

You Cannot Regulate Evil

You Cannot Regulate Evil

The United States: A Failed Model

alex twit to comgressman on hcr 'yes' are you?

Breaking on GEM$NBC - Dems have the votes

The real significance of today's vote to me is not HCR but

Robert Jensen: What White People Fear

Ethiopian Man Plants A Million Trees

It's time to pass health care reform

Dating brings demotion for married 2-star (retirement pay down to $129,500)

What are the odds that Obama can use signing statements to put in a public

If Acorn Falls, It's because the Media Believed Imposters

Why is PLOUFFE giving KKKarl a F***ing platform at this stage?!1

What living with no health coverage means for me

Why did hack Gregory mention Liz Carpenter's death and

HCR Vote expected about 3 PM

If Dems pulled what Rethugs did yesterday in DC there wouldn't be any Sanjay Gupta on TV right now

Livefeed: National Young Feminist Leadership Conference

Sen. John McCain Authors Bill to Detain Americans Indefinitely without Trial

GOP congressmen: Everyone agrees Iraq war a ‘horrible mistake’

A question and an idea as per health care

Any word yet re John Ensign from the Sunday hacks?

If/when the health care bill passes......

So far, not one Republican has denounced the teabaggers racism

Today's Cartoon

How exactly would this mandate work for lower-income people?

When is the House health care vote? Any live feeds to follow? n/t

Fuck you Michael Burgess

Reform the Democratic Party

What is the latest on O'Keefe/Landrieu incident?

Where is all the video from yesterday?

Where is all the video from yesterday?

Wanda Sykes last night March 20

Rep. Lynch (D-MA) "Obama said that he'd be willing to consider inserting a public option next year"

Will there be any radio coverage of the session today? I may be stuck in my

Will there be any radio coverage of the session today? I may be stuck in my

America’s Real Dream Team

Stupak says Dems don't have enough votes. :( rop

Wizard of Id nails KKKarl, DicKKK MORRIS & many recycled political criminals!1

I know there are more important things, but I'd really like a Press Secretary that sounds less like

Racist and homophobic teabagger anti-health care miscreants weren't the only people marching....

Trudeau skewers the tea baggers (TOON).....

Was there any coverage of the anti war protests yesterday?

Pelosi coined a term to describe Emanuel’s scaled-down approach: “Kiddie Care,”

Why do Dems put all of the..

News anchors panic at the prospect of reporting an eruption at a place they can't possibly pronounce

Court dismisses Imperial Wizard from Jury Duty

Court dismisses Imperial Wizard from Jury Duty

New poll: Schwarzenegger most unpopular governor in modern Calif. history

New poll: Schwarzenegger most unpopular governor in modern Calif. history

Good grief, why not just say 2 million showed up in D.C. on Saturday?

Stupak Says Deal Close

VY Canis Majoris Is The Largest Known Star In The Universe, But It Is NOT The Biggest Entity...

Are Toyotas susceptible to cosmic rays?

Michael Steele wants to go back to what this county was founded on

I love how the corpse of Bob Shieffer....

Michael Steele Pays Deference To The Tea Party

I Have Had Quite A Day . . .

I don't get cable...When is the vote scheduled for today? n/t

I don't get cable...When is the vote scheduled for today? n/t

Hey, Repubs! You decided not to cooperate on HCR, to turn it into Obama's Waterloo.

Iranian doctors bring health care to rural Mississippi


I do not like this Bill at all.

Detroit Free Press: Urban Farming a cash cow in the Motor City?

I've got it-a sure-fire, can't miss, guaranteed Nov election winning strategy for ANY Dem candidate.

Getting Her Way: Pelosi's Powers of Persuasion

Michael Steele, John Boehner, you ignorant assholes ... no one uttered a racial "epitaph" yesterday

Coal's Toxic Sludge (Rolling Stone)

Steny Hoyer condemsn racist and homophobic attack by Teabagger protesters

Pat Boone uses autistic kids to stop health-care reform:

Pat Boone uses autistic kids to stop health-care reform:

Mariposa virus makes jump to mobile cell phones

Wash. Journal's worst host was at the table this a.m.

Appeals Court Denies Ashcroft Immunity in Arrest of Muslim American as Material Witness


A Hollow Victory, but a victory none the less

Hear about this?

Can anyone name a time when a single Naval ship returning from a normal mission

bart stupid announces 'press conference' again/CANCELLED again

US calls for 'YouTube' of government data

Are we headed for a huge explosion or a piffling deflation of all this pent up rage?

Toon....History of America ..Texas Board of Education

What is a Liberal

March for Immigration announces Speaker Lineup – No Speakers for LGBT Bi-nationals

Doonesbury on what teabaggers stand for.

Factbox: Details of final healthcare bill

The Female Eunuch Turns 40

You have to admit Repubs could not carry off such obfuscation without a Corrupt MSMedia...

I Just Read That 57,500 Are The Number Of Unisured Individuals In Lipinski's (D-IL -3rd) That.......

What's the point in having an "ignore" function if those on one's list show up on the Greatest Page?

Bill Clinton on HCR: "It may not happen in my lifetime, or Dick Cheney's, but hopefully by Easter."

Don't pee in my Wheaties. Don't pour cold water on me.

What is the rule that Pelosi wants for the debate today?

Save big on Health Insurance today.

And now for a Tea 'Bagger's Perspective: The President's Speech on Healthcare Today

Photo posted on Free-repugnant was claimed 2 b "liberal vandalism" (slashed tire) yesterday

Photo posted on Free-repugnant was claimed 2 b "liberal vandalism" (slashed tire) yesterday

Woman was told by a public defender to plead guilty to a felony that wasn’t even a felony

A Wave of Primary Challenges Against Health Care Opponents?

The good, the bad and the rally

When Are Those Bush Tax Breaks For The Rich Set To Expire?.......

Occupations Ranked from Liberal to Conservative

The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight

Business concept: an online store for Teabagger costumes

Congressman Dingell: Call Bart Stupak on His Lies about Abortion - EmptyWheel

Is anyone listening to these moran callers on C-SPAN?

Should Free Speach Be Limitied or Controled?

Faux News - HCR passes, bad news for Obama. HCR fails - bad news for Obama

Was the Repuklican party this bad on the verge of the Civil Rights laws?

Anyone remember what's Sen. Snowe's excuse was for not supporting the Senate bill?

Lots of pro health care supporters in DC right now

I never realized that Rep. Virginia Foxx was such a rational, level-headed person

Let's take the first step in dragging these teabaggers into the 21st Century

Stupak news conference in ten minutes. Any bets on whether he'll cross?

Truth about religion!

Who are the "two dozen democrats" who will vote against HCR?

Baienor on MTP

There should be language in the HC Bill so that

Steve and Cokie Roberts: " Beck worse than a clown". (Link to their editorial)

How many lives were saved today?

The contrast between parties couldn't be clearer

Every Call Counts

These RETHUGS have begun to make their noise already

"Who is your member of Congress?" Gotta love C-Span--of course,

Glad DU is getting more moderators, immigration reform is next and we all know

Pentagon Papers Daniel Ellsburg speaks at Anti-war march in San Francisco

AP-LA Times: In impoverished Pakistan, millions of children forgo classrooms for hard labor

What's President Obama Up To?

San Francisco takes it to the Streets on 7th Anniversary of the WAR.. They still say NO!

AP: New York court says state can annul same-sex marriages from other states (also a poll on issue)

Majority is EVERYTHING

“Any movement in which the intellectual leader is Michele Bachmann is... going to be problematic"

CNN: Stupak Still A No

Sen. Bayh: Force should be on the table in stopping Iran from getting nukes

Sen. Bayh: Force should be on the table in stopping Iran from getting nukes

I'm tired of this "Free Trade" BS

Thanks to Obama and the Democrats - I'm getting a HUGH tax refund this year!

Fun With Medical Insurance: How Medco saves money by bureacratizing and slowly filling my script.

Donating to Veterans at the local supermarket

It's Superbowl Sunday for Political News junkies...

It's Superbowl Sunday for Political News junkies...

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Stupak says he's voting for the bill

"Parliamentary inquiry" "The chair will not entertain further inquiries" I just loving this...

need legal reference for abortion....illegal to use fed. funds

Historic parallel: LBJ invoking the memory of JFK at the time of

Kabuki theater

Oh Lord; Blackburn leads the way in screaming rhetoric in The House.

Kabuki theater

Kabuki theater

Ed Shultz, Lawrence O'Donnell, and David Shuster will anchor MSNBC's coverage this PM

Anybody see any dark-skinned teabaggers on C-SPAN's teevee coverage?

Brian Baird flips from No to Yes (Major Garrett, FNC)

As predicted here..a Republican (Nunes) blames the Dems, says that it represents only a few.

Has it occurred to anyone else that if the most extreme teabuggers get their way..

Marijuana has higher approval ratings than Congress, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

The wingnuts are claiming this video proves no one spit or yelled at African American reps yesterday

The wingnuts are claiming this video proves no one spit or yelled at African American reps yesterday


Once again someone demonstrates why the the first syllable in Twitter is "twit"..

I hear from some Repubs that Stupak is counting yes/no phone calls

My best Shaq impersonation..

The teabaggers' actions prompted me to keep my Glock closer...

Is it weird that I get choked up by the old "Look for the Union label" commercials?

On NBC president of freedomworks denies anyone was arrested for spitting yesterday

LOL! Freepers are starting to turn against FAUXNOISE!

Email from my friend in Sweden:

Who's the Congressman Chairing the vote today?

OMG.. Look at that Gavel

After watching the baggers, it's so clear that their abortion cr@p is just racism.

Why don't the tea baggers just start wearing their white hoods to their rallies?

U.S. Missile Strike Kills 8 Militants in Pakistan

Hey! That's my Rep! Inslee! Go Jay!! nt

"Memo to US: only fools rush in" on foreign trade treaty. Arbitration over SCOTUS

Good going mods!! You're on the ball today.

UN Reduces Kandahar Staff Over Security Concerns as NATO Troops Begin to Roll

UN Reduces Kandahar Staff Over Security Concerns as NATO Troops Begin to Roll

Phone calls helped sway Dem Rep Baird from "No" to "Yes"

Sen. Cornyn says they'll be offering hundreds of amendments if the bill passes

Holy shit. I'm listening to a repeat of WJ with this unbelievably vile repuke, Devin Nunes

O' Donnell sticks it to Pat Buchanan

McGovern on Storytelling at the House Rules Committee

For reference: NY Times ongoing Health Care vote count tally -

My current Congress critter Is Candice Miller, a Republican who's going to vote against HCR

CNN's tally of House Dems - they keep it updated, it's pretty good:

GOPher Rep Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) blames Democrats for Tea Bagger racism

Teabaggers... Literal future home grown terrorists in our midst

How much are these worth? 78 and 33rpm records from 40's, 50's, and sheet music from same era.

If "lying to Congress" is a crime like perjury, how are these asshats

If you can't think of anything to say except to call a fellow veteran DUer a

anyone hearing this lying pos on cspan?

Iranians Train Taliban to Use Roadside Bombs

a toothless mandate?

Jesus... Stupak: Still No Agreement (From 12 Minutes Ago) - TPM

What Happens When A Liberal Black Man Accidentally Ends Up At A Tea Party?!?

Barney Frank: 'Mass hysteria' On Capitol Hill - TPM (From Today)

Could CNN BE any more blatant?

Virgina Thomas and Teaparty literally lifting quotes from Tim McVeigh and 1990's right-wing militias

I think Camp is lying

No, Christopher Smith, forcing women to have babies is exploitation

Am I the only one who is fed up w/ Lawrence O'Donnell's inside the Beltway Establishmentarian crap?

Will Stupak cancel another press conference? Another one scheduled for 4PM EST

My favorite C-SPAN caller: Leon from Boca Raton...

On this historic day this picture has me in tears

The Growing Income Gap: 1 million dollars doesn't mean financial security anymore

Democratic Leaders: We've got the votes

Stupak Likely To Vote For Health Bill, Executive Order On Abortion Pending

Who's the (acting?) speaker of the House right now? Anyone know?

Republicans Vow to Pass Universal Health Care When They Take Back Control

no president has had to endure a 24/7 'news' network dead-set on destroying him

What Republicans Said Back In The Day About Medicare, Clinton Deficit Reduction, And More!

Drier Slaughtered

Per Twitter Weiner is addressing the teabaggers. . .LOL

Under Panetta, a more aggressive CIA

Why don't they throw out the disruptive house members?

The Hypocrisy of the Right in full view... Anyone remember the Dixie Chicks

Bill Clinton Gridiron Dinner: Former President Jokes About Democrats, Republicans, And Himself

"Healthcare" when the nation's founders were alive

Is it sausage yet?

I wish I could set my TV to automatically mute every time a Repub starts talking. n/t

Dems: Leadership Is Telling Members They Have The Votes--But Abortion Still Threatens The Bill - TPM

Watching the vote now. 1 Republican voted yes.

Stupak holding a press conference at 4- per C-Span

Mob Rule? Barney Frank on the Republicans cheering when a protestor got rowdy

cspan reports white house & stupak made deal / link

give it up for Jesse Jackson Jr. He is just awesome leading the house

BREAKING: Pres Obama addresses over 200,000 rallying on the National Mall for Immigration Reform

Looks like the Teabaggers have invaded the House gallery

They're delaying and obstructing.

Latest breaking news on MSNBC - two more arrests

Stupak waiting for more Members to join him...

Curious: Is any Republican expected to vote Yea?

I Find It Hard For This Tweet To Be True...

I love how many religious fundies are now Libertarians (aka Sociopaths) and Ayn Rand'ers

Uh Oh... Here's An Exciting Tweet For Ya, LOL !!!


Caption this pic

The vile, ignorant, racist Republican base on display...I LOVE IT!

Breaking - Tea Party Member or members force way into the house chamber!

Stupak: "We have an Agreement"

Should be the official song....

MSNBC link to stupak's news conference on the health care bill: will vote yes

Statement from Dan Pfeiffer

The Stupak - executive order (Stapak: "We Are Well Past 216")

White House Statement On Abortion Compromise

dupe, pls. delete. nt

Kildee -- prolife for the born and the unborn --

If the health care/insurance bill doesn't pass tomorrow,

Congressperson, defined.

The ever-surging Peace Laureate and his War Machine: Afghan Atrocity and American Values

Plouffe (Absolutely) demolishes Rove

"Put me in the radical column"

I'm not a fan of the current HCR bill........BUT

Stupak Makes A Deal, Reform To Pass - TNR

ALCEE Hastings rocks

Is there footage of Teabaggers getting the Stupak News ?

"Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid---"

4 months.

"We'll look back in 50 yrs and wonder what this hullabaloo was about"

Thousands of immigrant rights advocates pack the National Mall at an immigration reform rally - pics

Saw a quote early on last year: "If HC bill passes, it would mark the end of the Republican Party."

I just heard Ed say that only 5% of wage earners will be affected by the 'Cadillac tax'

I am more convinced today.....

It's getting really ugly both inside the House Chamber and outside the Capitol

Executive Order Details Possibly Leaked - FDL

Executive Order Details Possibly Leaked - FDL

We should hold off on voting til every Repuke gets a say

Another health care bill poll...

LOL! Freeper Buzzkill.

Getting lectures on fiscal integrity from Rove is like getting lectures on hairstyling from Carville

"the dunes will reclaim the soaring folly of Dubai"

new tv game in my house

“Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.”

I want to know why there is a child in the house chamber???

I want to know why there is a child in the house chamber???

flawed health care bill robots. Lemmings they are

OK, now that it's clear that we have the votes,

OK, now that it's clear that we have the votes,

Somebody On Here Wanted Me To Shoot Them An "I Told You So" On The Executive Order...


Whose Waterloo?

Now on to Mickey's

NY times graph with voting for house dems and the 7 undecided

Overheard on FR: "I'll be exercising my 2nd amendment right this week. "

In deal with Stupak, White House announces executive order on abortion

Interesting show on BookTV Cspan2 now - "The Watchers: the Rise of America's Surveillance State

Arrest At Wal-Mart After Racial Announcement in New Jersey

Pat Buchanan is sure looking old these days

How a lawsuit over school laptops evolved

Mean Jean looked like shit today

The Republican leadership ponders their loss to the Democrats and President Obama.

What the republicans are today is a disgrace. I only hope that Americans can see right through

who is that asshat Drier he is a motherfucking asshole

who is that asshat Drier he is a motherfucking asshole

What's this Floored Elf Pill

This flawed health care bill

You gotta hand it to the Republicans...

The Parade of Nuts on C-SPAN now!

The Parade of Nuts on C-SPAN now!

Boy, does Jesse Jackson Jr get combat pay or anything for this grueling

Republican welfare Queens and Kings:

heeeeeeeeeeeere's stupak

**PICS** Healthcare reform not without a sense of irony...

A serious question?

Craziest Bullshit being Passed For An Excuse Around Here

Sorry, Republicans and some Democrats, the so called Louisiana purchase does not even mention the

Can they name this bill after Teddy? The Kennedy Health Care Bill?

what a government takeover of healthcare looks like

Does Boehner have a dog?

Bachmann credits Hannity with providing forum for her to organize health care reform protests

Anyone know how stupid pecker is going to vote on this? /nt

What will happen once these assholes finish "revising and extending" their whining of HCR? nt

i so wish I had started a drinking game where you down a shot every time someone says "flawed"

LUngren says executive order is not law? Then all bushes crap can be overturned

The vile Teabagger protestors today are quite enough to push me to the "yes" column

NYT vote tally: yes votes 217, 6 votes still in play

Stupak Caves bill will pass

GOP Learns to Love Dissent

dear david dreier

dear david dreier

Rep Ciro Rodriguez Targeted With Ethnic Slurs

GOP Rep. Nunes Excuses Racist, Homophobic Tea Partier Slurs As A Response To ‘Totalitarian Tactics’

Dennis Burke's Eulogy for Granny D, Doris Haddock, 1910-2010

So, if Abortion was not an "issue" what woudl this debate be like?

REFORM: Newt Gingrich on "Free Riders" and the Individual Mandate

Who is this idiotic congressman echoing the "IRS Gestapo" lie?

So Who Else Had To Go Under The Bus To Pass This Thing ???

Remember where you were at this historic moment.

If the Republican uprising looks like a mini-revolution to you please consider this

Any other "Cold War" Veterans in the house?

I have placed a curse on the Republicans - anyone who says "flawed"

One GOP just voted yes... edit, mistake? took it off

We've nothing to gain from US trade deal (Australia)

pro abortion?

This health care bill will benefit me. The pre-existing clause will be necessary when I a teacher

As I read all these posts from you make-believe Democrats...

Breitbart's Big Gov: "Media Lying About Racist Attacks on Black Reps by Tea Party Protesters"

Hey, DeMint! Open WIDE for that hot Beef (Duke of) Wellington!

Where are the "majority of Americans"

Bachmann speaks. Ed Shultz says, "You've been listening to a reactionary press conference."

Iraq’s Election Commission Rejects Nouri al-Maliki’s Demand for Vote Recount

The Vote on the Rule will be coming up in a few minutes - the final vote should echo it

what a bunch of whlny, lying losers...

Are You Glad The Health Care Reform Bill Is Passing?

For Lurking Freepers And Teabaggers

Congressman Anthony Weiner coming up next on MSNBC.

Watching the Congressional Circus on C-SPAN. So how damn EMBARRASSING is it to be a Pubbie today?

Credit card company now ready to settle for original amount: sign of desperation?

who are the 21 dems voting Nay?

I can't wait for the side-by-sides of the RW talkers

Need advice from friends about my dog.....I want to do what is best for her...

So far 27 "Democrats" have voted against the Rule to let HCR go forward

100 years of nothing but talk...


DONATE to ACORN!!! They are on the verge of bankruptcy!

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on Sunday called for a manual recount of votes

A first for me today.. Gallup polled me

Republican logic apparently now is against govt funding for religion

I've gotten into way too many fights on facebook today

How much time did the Rule allow for debate before the vote?

have republicons deluded themselves into believing abortions are illegal?

Romney Shill Tries To Explain How Romneycare Is Not The Same As Obamacare, But Fails Hilariously

Sarkozy's conservative coalition receives setback in French elections

222 fugging votes

"These are not the droids you are looking for" LOL

Steny is speaking - He's taking no prisoners!

Once single payer was gone, I was out of the HCR debate...

Once single payer was gone, I was out of the HCR debate...

The God solution

Mitt Romney was for universal healthcare before he was against it.

Mitt Romney was for universal healthcare before he was against it.

You know how you feel when you see the civil rights demonstrations

RIP Mrs. Margaret Moth , what a beautiful soul.

How will this legislation change health care for government workers?

How will this legislation change health care for government workers?

Republican Frum says HCR passage will be republicans Waterloo

Republican Frum says HCR passage will be republicans Waterloo

And Awaaay We Go... NOW Unhappy With Abortion Compromise: 'Obama Breaks Faith with Women'

KIll The Bill Toon

GOP (Kern Co., CA) group's former treasurer admits 'terrible mistake'

As a distinct non-expert on health care I found it hard during the past weeks

Report: Insurgents years ago obtained U.S. systems used to stop IEDs

****Unofficial HCR Thread #! ********

A lesson was learned today in rightdom.

KUCINICH WEEK Kucinich Predicts Health Care Will Pass by One Vote

I ask unanimous consent for the Sergeant at Arms to arrest the protesters disrupting the House

I ask unanimous consent for the Sergeant at Arms to arrest the protesters disrupting the House

don't forget to send Rush a farewell card.

When drug makers' profits outweigh penalties

When drug makers' profits outweigh penalties

Just what is in their mind when they say "Abortion on demand"

Just what is in their mind when they say "Abortion on demand"

Just what is in their mind when they say "Abortion on demand"

Just what is in their mind when they say "Abortion on demand"

Genial !!!! France balance vers la gauche.

Michaud To Vote Yes

Goin south on 75 thru Marietta, Ga, traffic was acting weird, someTEABAGGER was screwing things up

Memo to the Texas State Board of Education: America isn’t a theocracy

Oh goody. Now we have to listen to Stupak

Does listening to Republican negative rhetoric for too long a period shorten ones lifespan?

Does listening to Republican negative rhetoric for too long a period shorten ones lifespan?


The politics with the passing of this bill...

The teabaggers should be more concerned with the excesss beer tax.

The teabaggers should be more concerned with the excesss beer tax.

Secrets of the Tea Party: The troubling history of Tea Party leader Dick Armey

I was asking myself the same question!

I have developed a grudging respect for politicians - anyone who can stand to be

How politically popular is this health care vote? Obama up 7 points today at Gallup

Health Care Reform vs. War funding

Fox Flubs at Suspending Disbelief

Well, now that thats done...

How long will it be now before a TeaBagger goes postal?

Which Republican will say the most outrageously over-the-top thing tomorrow?

Which Republican will say the most outrageously over-the-top thing tomorrow?

Interesting, Health INSURANCE Faux Reform Vote by John Russell on Daily KOS

Waterloo Bounces Off Us, Sticks to You

Waterloo Bounces Off Us, Sticks to You

Here it is! The N word on tape right out of a teabagger's mouth!!


What is the POINT of all this meaningless debate on C-Span right now?

Teabaggers are distraught

Oh Shite Bush's Frum (p) turns on the ReTHUGS

Oh Shite Bush's Frum (p) turns on the ReTHUGS

Donna Edwards takes over the chair!

WaPo..Republicans rally Tea Party activists to oppose the health-care legislation

Tihardt STFU

Another Republican Poutrage comming...

2 IL dems haven't decided on HC reform both re: abortion with opposite reasons

Jesse Jackson, Jr. at the helm --

Is Michelle Bachman Insane

What time is the health-care vote? And other critical questions.

If this goes well, my two daughters will remember this day for the rest of their lives.

Just wondering - R's I see are saying we need real HCR to bring down costs, etc

The American people HAVE spoken

Rep. Hoyer just thanked the "little punk staffers" - cspan feed

Capital gains tax cuts for Teabaggers! CHART INCLUDED!

Will someone please tell me the answer to this question

Will someone please tell me the answer to this question

Manic depression...

Success breeds success!

Question About All This Anxiety (Read Frustration & Disappointment) Over The Bill

When is the vote

NARAL issues strange statement on Obama's executive order on abortion

OK.. can someone briefly explain what Stupak thought he could get out of going against the Party?

So when's the damned vote?

National Journal - "Health Insurers Funded Chamber Attack Ads"

New Swiss Law Bans Violent Video Games

Both political parties are corporations

TV presenter gets death sentence for 'sorcery'

TV presenter gets death sentence for 'sorcery'

Rep Kline is a joke and never meets with constituants

New rule: You can't drive on socialized roads to attend rallies protesting socialized health care

every time I hear a repub whine about "back room" deals I think of Nick Smith

What'd the guy from NJ say that got all the Rethugs upset?

Do people really not know how the government works?

Bachmann "heartbroken" over Stupak deal

"The American people want us to start over!" Whaaaa!

I love Debbie Wasserman Shultz!

I love Debbie Wasserman Shultz!

The GOP secret memo on talking points on health care reform

Cirque du So-What says 'GoodBuy' to DU

Cirque du So-What says 'GoodBuy' to DU

Cirque du So-What says 'GoodBuy' to DU

Independent UK: A health debate outsiders find hard to understand

Freepers Send Supak 30 Silver Coins

The Republicans always care about the children

The Republicans always care about the children

Have you noticed? These folks love their Creationist bibles and curse the name of Darwin...

The Hyde Amendment is NOT what we normally consider a "law"

Tyranny Response Team - pic

Republicans form a last, final, picket fence to keep health care from passing

Republicans form a last, final, picket fence to keep health care from passing

Deep down, what are white racists so terrified of?

Enormity means EVIL, not large

Where can I find the actual bill they're voting on?

Where can I find the actual bill they're voting on?

Salon - "Catholic healthcare scoreboard: Nuns and laity 2, bishops 0"



Manitoba truckers stuck when winter ice roads melt

Health care bill - companies who hire temporary workers

Kick 'em while they're down...

Democrats For Life of America Proud to Be a Part of Healthcare Reform

Does anybody have a pic of the teabaggers spelling NO with their bodies?

Does the HCR legislation have a severability clause?

Boycott GE

Deal made with China on IT info disclosure (by Japan)

Lets list their "buzz words" Socialist, communism, fraud

Can you get your head around the degree of devotion paid to corporate health - ?

Any Peeps Out Of The Senate ???

Um. Fellas ... this doesn't mean we have universal health care.

I don't care what anybody says, I like Luke Russert

think there is nothing to worry about with the fringe elements?

Well, the bill won't have a public option and the bill will not allow federally funded

What will the political ramifications of passing the HCR be?

Mr Speaker I have a question......

What are insurance premiums, if nothing but taxation without the possibility of coverage?

"We knew, WE KNEW," then *WHY* I'm talking to you House Reps did you PUT US THROUGH THIS?!1 n/t

Just got back from dinner. Did we win?

Is anyone else concerned that there will be violence, in the near future, as a result of this

Tiger Woods gives first interview since crash: Pretty amazing.

Mike Pence

Mike Pence

When does the actual vote start?

Waterloo, Waterloo, Where will you, Meet your Waterloo?

That "Hopey-Changey stuff" is working GREAT!

They couldn't have been more wrong...

undercover boss is being delayed.

Allen Boyd (D) getting booed by the GOP.

I have been watching the longest 'novela', ever, all day today...

"Fear and uncertainty", Mr Cantor?

They Didn't Need Stupak's Vote And Still Decided To Throw Women Under The Bus Anyway

Obama has secured his place in history with this bill

Obama has secured his place in history with this bill

Hey folks..we haven't won anything yet...they haven't voted..

Now they are saying 10PM Est for the final vote...Argh!

How long is Lungren going to keep this "inquiry" shit going?

Rep. Dan Lungren R a-hole California on MSNBC

What's the objection to asking for unanimous conset to revise & extend?

What's the objection to asking for unanimous conset to revise & extend?

Boehner and Pelosi closing speeches coming up....

For a good LOL, check out DeMint's Facebook page...

Clyburn Says GOP Acted "Despicably" - Politico

Damn, want to see some long faces? Turn on fox news once

When the pukes have the floor, click on this link:

Hey Cantor!!!! I fundamentally object to paying your salary.

Ann Coulter, Keith Olbermann and Bill Maher ALL AGREE on one thing...

Is this where Boner goes out into the house to hand out checks to people to not vote

Yes we can

Up pops the boner. nt

Up pops the boner. nt

"Both sides would do well by remembering the dignity of the house"

Real Time With Bill Maher New Rules 3/19 - Texans with books, John Edwards sex tape

Barely a year to plan invading/conquering Iraq. But we have to settle for "a start" on HCR???

My most fantastic tinfoil hat theory EVER!!!!

If Boehner gets around to crying, will his tears be orange too?

If Boehner gets around to crying, will his tears be orange too?

Thanks to C Street ratfuck Stupak and his posturing, the GOP gets a talking point to use against us

Is it me or does Boner have Vaporub underneath his eyes for crocodile tears?

We're un-Amurkin.

Boehner is freaking out!

Wow, the room just changed to this weird orange glow

John Boehner ain't nothing but a tall in shape oompa loompa

Have they read it or not? Some said yes and then Boehner said no . . .

Boner... want some...

Boner... want some...

The Boner is starting to erupt!

If the Republicans had to have someone in their leadership named Cantor

Here comes boner...

A cautionary note on the Boehner Strategy...

Break out the Viagra

Watching the Boner Fail

My hunch is that FOX News is bummed because they had expected to

Boner's Up !!!

Boner's Up !!!

Will Congresswoman Bachman set herself on fire?

Hey Boner, sit down, shaddup alraedy!

Nancy Pelosi is turning 70 next week, March 26th

I was with him till he brought Moses into the discussion

Boehner is just a horrible speaker, ain't he?

These guys (GOP) really are DICKS.

Boner's up on CSPAN.

I just got chills seeing the people stand and cheer at Pelosi's arrival! nt

Good for small business good for America. End Republican Dog-Eat-Dog-istan!


Plouffe pisses off Rove by "denigrating" Bush's stuffed codpiece action hero landing on USS Lincoln

Plouffe pisses off Rove by "denigrating" Bush's stuffed codpiece action hero landing on USS Lincoln

Fuck You Dan Lungren, you piece of shit....

Al Franken's compaint about health care being ignored..

I have never used the "mute" button so many times in one day

I have never used the "mute" button so many times in one day

I have never used the "mute" button so many times in one day

Hey, someone check me on this: Monitter looks like it's running Pro HCR.

Sincere, serious question: Are there any 'good' Republicans in the House? Those

My mom, who grew up in the 30's-40's and 50's said things have never been this divided

I've never seen Boehner so angry. I hate his guts, but he's speaking from his heart right now.

And here comes Boehner the Obstructionist.

The Freepers And Teabaggers Are Evil People And We Need A United Front Against Them

Did Boehner just say he wanted to "return comedy to this chamber"?

I'm watching the "debate" on C-SPAN.

I'm watching the "debate" on C-SPAN.

Health Care Reform- or as KKKarl Röve called it this morning, 800 times:

Freeps, like Patty Duke with a hot dog, go out of control: "WOW is BOHNER HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Go get them Nancy!

Was that booing when Pelosi thanked the President?

Commrads! Our conversion to Socialism is almost complete!

When the GOP tried to win in 06 and 08 they used the lie that

"removal of the anti-trust exemption"??

Luke (Lucky Sperm Club) Russert is just overwhelmingly inept.

NY Times: In Health Reform, Boons for Hospitals and Drug Makers

Here come the votes.

So which idiot republican state will sue to stop health care first?

Is Boehner drunk???

Is Boehner drunk???

David Dreier and Louise Slaughter Dust Up Over Reconciliation

I hope they edit out Ms. Pelosi's mistake tonight....

Obama wont sign bill tonight

Demise Of Coral, Salamander Show Impact Of Web-Internet Fuels Illegal Wildlife Trade

Demise Of Coral, Salamander Show Impact Of Web-Internet Fuels Illegal Wildlife Trade

Might I remind Mr. Boehner of the Hon.John Conyers

This is so damn slow!!!!

Under my current insurance plan, women pay $100+ more/month


need 7 more votes to go out of 17

216! First one down!

Is health-care reform constitutional? If so, can the federal government make you buy a Chevy?

After HCR, Fairness Doctrine????

After HCR, Fairness Doctrine????


just to break away from the House for a moment: Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution on ABC

Hey BONER if something's too heavy it ain't your HEART it's too much TANNING CREAM!1 n/t

Anybody else having trouble breathing?

I'm a little teapot

7 more AYE votes to go!!!!


It's official: The Party of Nay.

219 For, 210 Against, 2 Not Voted...

FIREWORKS!1 for the Speaker Nancy AND the ELECTED President of the United States!1

Dems finish voting, it's 219 AYE, 210 NAY, 2 NV's

Dems finish voting, it's 219 AYE, 210 NAY, 2 NV's

All the grandstanding you see now

Barney Frank rips GOP 'clowns'

Barney Frank rips GOP 'clowns'

Not one Republican voted "Yea"

Let's VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!1 Let's GOoooo!1 n/t

Let's VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!1 Let's GOoooo!1 n/t

Let's VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!1 Let's GOoooo!1 n/t

Let's VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!1 Let's GOoooo!1 n/t


Obama has fixed healthcare and finally insured all Americans!

It wasn't everything I wanted but I'll take it happily. Now, back to work.

Thank you Democratic Underground..

This really is fascinating's as good as it gets.

John Boner's official picture

Communist nazi socialism here we come!!!!!!!!!!!

President Obama SHOULD issue an executive order the day after the first abortion EO

Still Bitching about Abortion?

So what happens now, re: HCR?

When this passes (and it better pass or you can kiss the Obama

When this passes (and it better pass or you can kiss the Obama


200,000 People Marched On Washington Today!!! Rightwinger Math?

All y'all hatin Pelosi need to step off from here on out. She rocked this mutha.

Pro Choice and pretty liberal, but...

Crazy ignorance Roe v. Wade came before Congress???? REally?

Embarrassing to be from Michigan

ABORTION FEES? Obviously the asshat hasn't read the bill

Ladies, lets all line up tongiht to the closest ab doctor

Why can't we just take it as a given that the vast majority here

Who kidnapped Bart Stupak and is on the House floor? nt

Rep. Stupak to GOP: "Go Cheney yourselves."

Is that Stupak?

who here has been under the bus?

I'm so embarrassed to ask this, but is this THE vote right now? I'm not sure

I would like to dedicate this post to Glenn Beck and the teabaggers:


I have never wanted to punch someone through the screen as badly as I do right now.

WHY DO the news readers TALK OVER DEMOCRATS when they have the mike?

US may expand use of Bagram prison for terror suspects, as is done at Guitmo

Well, look at Mr. Stupak

Here's A Tweet You Might Like...

Whether you are for or against the bill, it has to feel good to see Republican's humilated...

Cspan taking calls..anyone want to give them a holler?

Boehner to GOP lawmakers: 'Behave like grown-ups' if healthcare bill is passed

I have two questions

Does anybody know how my rep voted? Brad Sherman, CA Dem, but he

House floor getting cranky, testy, and loud.

I sent MSNBC an email commending and thanking them for the coverage today

never mind - please delete

Who shouted "BABY KILLER!" at Stupak?

This may cost us dearly, but we have done the right thing.

Mmmm, schadenfreudelicious! Freeper freakout!!!

Mmmm, schadenfreudelicious! Freeper freakout!!!

When are these yo yo's gonna get the damn fact that this is a

For god's sake!!! How did the vote go today?!?!?

A Handy Graphic that Shows You How to Survive the Drama Today ((PIC))

15 minutes we will know for sure

Teddy, Harry, Hubert, and FDR are smiling tonight

Computer Glitch Delete


And up to the podium came a woman...and Boehner went limp.

Over did you say over? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Over did you say over? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

Will this bill reduce the $809.80 per month that I pay for health insurance?


The historic moment...

So, what time is everyone heading over to their local Death Panel?

So, what time is everyone heading over to their local Death Panel?

Someone yelled "BABY KILLER" at Stupack while he was speaking


When are we all .....

Freeps react to House passing HCR: "They all deserve to burn in tragic fires"

Health Care reform passes

I just realized that suddenly there is an opportunity for more change right now.

"The Stripper and the Steelworker" is supposed to be on MSNBC...

Republican called Stupak "Baby Killer"...CNN nt

Reconciliation Bill Has Passed

Fired Up, Ready to Go - Yes we Can and


That's it Folks!

MSNBC wont shut up! made me go to CNN : (

I can haz Health Care

Someone has to ask it - what kind of deal did he get?

does HCR go to the senate now?

Thank God it Passed. n/t

How many times will faux news use the word

Let's Have A Big DU Shout Out To Scott Brown!!!

here is the proof

My company is applying for my Green Card , WOHOO , finally !

I am so confused about the vote today. When exactly does the

The bill passed!

Does the Senate vote after this or not?

David Corn on Twitter: "Shouting baby-killer on House floor, good career move for a GOPer? Discuss"

You guys watching Stupak stand up to the GOP and their bullshit?

Reconciliation just passed 217 votes

Anybody know who voted for the Reconciliation bill but not the Senate bill?

Conservative blogger calls for Assassination

Democratic Votes against Health Care Reform

For Teddy

Pelosi: "The Bill Is Passed"

“Baby Killer”


Why would 33 Democrats and all the Republicans vote against the reconciliation bill?

Why would 33 Democrats and all the Republicans vote against the reconciliation bill?

Is CSPAN locking up for anybody else?

Obama about to address the nation - link to live web feed

Howard Dean's been say'n all along that they could pass it-

Tweet from Barack Obama: "yes We Can"

Today and tomorrow's drinking game phrase of the day: "Law of the land"

Today and tomorrow's drinking game phrase of the day: "Law of the land"

Please don't let Stupak become some kind of healthcare reform hero now!

Imagine how liberals would feel if the GOP privatized social security in 2005

Rush's facebook page is getting some love tonight. After all, he is moving... right? nt

Web site tribute to Keith Olbermann's dad

To all of my friends here who will be affected by this bill, I haz a happy on for you all tonight

Republicans really should have supported the health care bill

So... If We Get The Next Vote, Do They Run This Over To The WH Tonight ???

It PASSED! It PASSED! Just Now! I shake my fanny in your face....

Hmmm, that was Brave of Mr. Stupak.

FreeRepublic just imploded!

cnn: House passes health care reform,the most sweeping social legislation in more than four decades

link for content of HCR bill?

Obama and Biden on the passage of HCR

I voted for Obama and agree with John Boehner, we must give the minority party more consideration.

Next week would be a perfect time for the Senate...

Nathan Deal just resigned.

Nathan Deal just resigned.

I got an email from Michael Steele!

So how long until the teabaggers pull another Oklahoma City cause they didn't get their way?

Can States really "Opt Out" of the HCR laws?

President Obama and Joe Biden

Hold your nose and start war-caching FR. The Freepers are calling for revolution

The Constitutionality of Mandates to Purchase Health Insurance

99.9% of FreeRepublic denizens are all bark and no bite

I can tell you firsthand: the uninsured do NOT get equal treatment.

And when we lift a glass to celebrate the triumph of truth and justice, how should we drink?

23 years after Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" was released...

23 years after Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" was released...

CSPAN host asked HCR opponent caller Joseph, "What specifically are you opposed to?"

"Folks, lock and load." - Freeper

John Boehner steps up to Superglue his place in history. As a loser.

Obama keeps talking about the average american family

Why 2014?

Tell me I shouldn't be worried about today's outcome.

More schadenfreudelicious freeper tears, post vote!

A second Health Care Reform Act?

MSNBC poll, how will you be affected?

MSNBC poll, how will you be affected?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi carries the gavel used when Medicare passed - pics

Would someone please tell me

In Memoriam

Look at Biden, so much emotion in that face...

"A life is a life" except when it happens to be in a country we decide to invade & occupy.

Millions of Americans CAN'T BUY Insurance Today (And Therefore Can't Get Health Care)

Healthcare poll

"We don't throw the first punch, but we'll throw the last" - Barack Obama, October 6, 2008.

I hope you all realize the real reason the GOP unaminously opposes HCR...

34 dems better be looking for a new job

House votes to exempt TRICARE from health reform bill


I keep waiting for a point where the Right Wing responds to a loss by moderating itself.

I keep waiting for a point where the Right Wing responds to a loss by moderating itself.

I keep waiting for a point where the Right Wing responds to a loss by moderating itself.

I keep waiting for a point where the Right Wing responds to a loss by moderating itself.

I keep waiting for a point where the Right Wing responds to a loss by moderating itself.

So now what about Joseph Cao (R-LA)?

CSPAN Caller: "I wan't all people to have what I had and I am willing to contribute my share"

Here are the names of the 34 un-democratic traitors

Here are the names of the 34 un-democratic traitors

Here are the names of the 34 un-democratic traitors

We need to show some love and appreciation for Nancy Pelosi

And now, we must GRIND SALT IN THEIR WOUNDS!!!

So rumor has it that it was Radanovich who yelled "baby killer" during Stupak's speech


We'll still probably lose seats in November.....


(Unconfirmed) Rohrbacher has shouted "Baby Killer" to Stupak

Why are the majority of conservatives calling in to CSPAN incapable of

Some interesting implications of Health Insurance Reform..

A salute to John Dingell's father on this historic night: A photo of FDR signing SocSec into law


For Joe LIEberscum, FUCK YOU ASSHOLE, back to obscurity

Bon voyage Rush! When's the next plane to Costa Rica?

What happens when the mandate gets to the Supreme Court?


What do you think of this picture?

MSNBC Leading Paragraph

I know it's immaterial, but Pelosi is fucking horrible at giving speeches.

I would hope that ALL women and minorities realize what the republican party now stands for

Boehner's speech is a disgrace, and I'm glad he was just OWNED by the Chair.

Pelosi steeled Obama for health care push

Obama's Normandy

If (when) this HCR passes, the Dems have to blitz the media and EDUCATE

Planned Parenthood statement

Just got back from Hell......

Who's the lady wearing an green blazer with orange scarf?

Despite my dislike of this HCR bill -- I want to offer

For better or worse, I am convinced that NO HCR bill would have passed if we waited

More Than 20 Major Amendments were Made to Improve Social Security between 1935 and Today

More Than 20 Major Amendments were Made to Improve Social Security between 1935 and Today

Calling All DUers, Calling All DUers, ALL DUers. I Need Your Help/Suggestions

This HCR bill will be the greatest boon to employment freedom in history

Photo of the famous John Boehner Memorial in Ypsilanti

FREEPERS, maybe now you can afford to have them teefs fixed

FREEPERS, maybe now you can afford to have them teefs fixed

Have We Democrats Forgotten so Soon ?

Open Letter to FreeRepublic: You are Scott Tenorman, and mmmmm, your tears are so yummy and sweet!

Sign the Official Bon Voyage card to Rush, who promised to move out of USA.

You wanted CHANGE? You got it.

"Pyrrhic victory"

Hume predicts Obama's presidency could be crippled by passage of health care reform

Babysitter beats 11 month old like rag doll out of anger at parents - caught on tape

My oldest friend no longer speaks to me.

Another day, another horrific death threat on Twitter

We disgrace Moses????????????????/

NOW (The National Organization for Women) "incensed"

Is John Boehner orange all over? I get the tanning bed face, but ...

James Fallows: If There Is Any Further Question About Whether Fox Is a "News" Operation

Three-dimensional chess anyone?

Dean: "I don't think this is reform"

The Congressional Republicans tonight remind me of a joke:

Freepers going Galt!!!!

Some suggestions on further mobilization this year, now that HCR is passed.

I don't want to be petty, here...

Waiting Rot Limpballs to leave the country now.

Waiting Rot Limpballs to leave the country now.

On the day that General Lee surrendered, Lincoln ordered the WH band to play Dixie

I just got a chill - Teddy is watchin and approves

Jesus, I hate John Boehner....n/t

Jesus, I hate John Boehner....n/t

Wait, why did 2 Republicans not vote?

So, the minority party claims to speak for "a majority of the American people"

I don't know about you, but I'm going to celebrate by having a federally funded abortion.

It's over (we say it's over) Fuck You John Boehner and Mitch McConnell

It's over (we say it's over) Fuck You John Boehner and Mitch McConnell

I propose the immediate deportation of John Boehner, just because...

I need help finding C-SPAN video of negotiations between Stupak and the White House

Army trash syndrome

15 state have tried to regulate health care costs by mandating specific MLRs

plea for help: my Big Brothers/Big Sisters little sister's family lost everything in a house fire

James Randi Coming out statement

After thoughtful consideration of more than 5 seconds, Rep. Devin Nunes is

I am not a person or American Citizen apparantly

Dem "Nay" voters in the House. Do they have primaries?

Repukes just can't help themselves. They don't get what they want they act like babies


...and Tweety said that there's no way it can be done via reconciliation...

...and Tweety said that there's no way it can be done via reconciliation...

Good Bye Limbaugh, have fun in the socialist hell hole of Costa Rica.

When all is said and done, I think Nancy will deserve more of the credit

NYT: Health bill will not create the thing insurers fear the most

Is it possible to still be a Democrat and disagree with the Obama Administration?

Next for the Obama Administration: Cutting Social Security benefits?

Hey Rush ... Need a ride to the airport?

Health Reform: People with religious objections can opt out

Why? are these men so crazed about abortion?

Text of pending EO re: Abortion - from the White House

Michaud D-Maine wavering on HCR

Any info on Torrington, CT??

Does this bill put the needs and interests of poor and working class families first?

The Sushi Bandit Says "Goodby" to DU

I don't get the obsession with fetuses by those who call themselves "pro life"

I don't get the obsession with fetuses by those who call themselves "pro life"


If you are against THIS HCR bill, maybe it's because you want a BETTER ONE

It is becoming increasing apparent that change will only come from activity at the local level.

I got into it with a teabagger today

G'night, Nancy, Steny, James, Barack. Sleep well, you've given it your all. nt

G'night, Nancy, Steny, James, Barack. Sleep well, you've given it your all. nt

OK, the GOP's playing the conga-line game to delay the vote.

Fuck you, Karl Rove

Check In If You Support the Passage of This Historic HCR Bill!

Check In If You Support the Passage of This Historic HCR Bill!

K&R if you love Ed Schultz and believe he deserved to cover this on MSNBC

Is Something Better than Nothing (Health Reform Part 4 of 4)

Rep. Virginia Foxx

Ah the glory of American Made NOT

Statement From Vicki Kennedy

I hope everybody knows we need to defend Stupak

*Gasp* not a single republican vote! :(

Gingrich: Civil Rights Laws Weren’t Worth the Political Price

Looks like Bill Maher was right after all...



Turning back Reagan: The first major expansion of the social safety net since the sixties

Glenn Greenwald: "to pretend that this bill is some sort of great victory is just propanganda"

Glenn Greenwald: "to pretend that this bill is some sort of great victory is just propanganda"

I just love this photo... check out the lady cop's smile

farming inside Detroit city

Charter School "Resource officer" maces 33 students & two employees

While everyone is cheering and high fiving, stop a second and think about women .......

This is blowing my mind

Here's My Weekend Update (Feingold, Willie Nelson, Kohl, Etc.) (Long)

National Organization for Women (NOW): In Stupak deal, "President Obama Breaks Faith with Women"

How GOP Talking Points Will (Ironically) Help Pass The HC Bill

I'm sorry, but if you are against this HCR Bill, you really are against HCR in our lifetime

SPYCAM: Long Philly Inquirer Summary Article

"It's unconstitutional to require people to buy insurance."

Over 200,000 March for Immigration Reform

What a clusterfuck.

Now We Work for the 2010 Progressive Takeover - Lets Get the Public Option We Need!

Remember right before the LAST House vote? They were ALL saying (in the MSM) that Pelosi STILL

Here is the Fox News photo of the 25,000 Tea Baggers today....

Democrats Close In as Health Vote Approaches

Barackotology Update

CNN's list of where house dems stand

An open letter to Congressional Democrats:

Vote on Health Bill Today Caps a Journey Back From the Brink

So Our Local NBC Affiliate Out Of West Palm Beach...

My Personal Note This Morning to My Neighbors Here in Bart Stupak's District, By Michael Moore

I Want To See Some Dems PAY If They Don't Vote For This

Closing Arguments

Democratic defector: Vote no quickly or get treated 'like a piñata'

Remember Waterloo?? Recommend if you agree with my idea ...

Relosi Pushed Obama to Back Comprehensive Reform, Rahm Wanted Incremental Approach

DEMOCRATS HAVE THE VOTES-216-per m$nbc-will post

Eraser Duty for Bart?

This is what I'm looking forward to tomorrow

Why I love Nancy

Pelosi yesterday: ‘We Are on the Verge of Making Great History for the American People’

An open letter to the guy who called my congressman the "N" word

What if the vote is tied? 215-215? Sanchez of CA is not there?

It's Bigger Than Any Of Us

Was "deem and pass" a decoy?

Marcy Kaptur (OH) just announced she's a YES!

Timing For Today's Votes

If for some unknown reason.. we do not get HCR passed.. the no votes will

"It may not happen in my lifetime, or Dick Cheney's, but hopefully by Easter"

GOP leaders disavow 'Tea Party' activists' epithets toward lawmakers

When is the bill going up? I hope this will be televised - just don't know when....

NPR says... "The Democrats have 216!"

Are Democrats Now Releasing Vulnerable Democrats?

Durbin: Dem leaders met face-to-face with senators to lock down votes

Rep. John Larson, chairman of the House Democratic Caucus: "We have 216." Stupak: "Not yet."

Wait, why is there now an effort to call and pester dissenting Dems to get them to vote 'yes'?

Breaking.....Stupak, "We are close to a deal on HCR!"

Stupak will hold presser at noon per Alex on MSNBC or maybe cancelled according to the Corner.

WTF!! All of a sudden Rep Klein (FL) is showing up on the undecided list!! HELP!!Must

When is the vote scheduled?

Who's this woman on MSNBC saying the Democrats are 2 votes short

After recent Teabagger's time the GOP denounce them

great website for up to date count......

Health reform bill's success would be historic

Teaser makes a point of which all should be aware

Why is the media outlets interviewing so many RETHUGS!

Cspan is showing the protestors outside the capitol.

The ‘Kristol Ball’ predicts that ‘the bulk’ of health care reform will be repealed by 2013. (VIDEO)

Freeper spin on the racial and homophobic slurs cast at Frank and Lewis

U.S. May Expand Use of its Prison in Afghanistan (No Different Than Gitmo)

GOP Congressman says Tea Party protesters have the right to use racial epithets.

Krugman: Throwing Around Epitaphs

ezra klein: House leadership shooting for final vote at around 9pm. 17 minutes ago

Stupak to vote YES per MSNBC Breaking now

Unions Write To Altmire: Flip From No To Yes

Rep. Baird (WA) flips from NO to YES!

media trying its best to help the Republicons..

an irony of the republican framing: obama will now look STRONG for having passed health legislation

As a African American I want to know where are the black Conservatives on the use of the N word

Why do the CNN commentators have such Dour looks on their faces?

"Man ejected from House gallery before health vote"

Pomeroy (ND) is a YES vote!

From a 30 year old work of fiction: good or bad advice for Obama?

My theory on ACORN and why Obama isn't making congress backtrack...


C-Span: I'm done...

So if Stupak can get an Executive Order then why can't the Public Option?!?!

Any news on if Loretta Sanchez showed up and how she'll vote if she did? nt

Stupak press conference at 4:00 EST...

Oh Lord, Stupak has called ANOTHER presser at 4PM. We'll see if this one is cancelled too. nt

Just in -- Stupak holding 4pm news conference.

Tanner votes no - but that suggests the bill is MORE LIKELY TO PASS

The Stupak Watch Thread

Barbara Lee on MSNBC spoke for me!

Inciting a riot?

I'll be working tomorrow when the Insurance "Reform" bill passes.

Barbara Lee was just on msnbc..

Oh boy! Stupak has scheduled a 4:00 pm (ET) press conference to enlighten us all.

Props to Jesse Jackson, Jr. on running this difficult floor debate.

C- Span: Rep, Becerra (D) said new numbers for bill!!!

So the heart of the Stupak deal is that he gets to showboat one more time

At the end of the day, at least we ain't Republicans!

BREAKING: An Ugly Scene

The Race to Sanity is reaching new one wants to hold the OBSOLETE BAG at the End of

What Frum said

I'm sorry, but why on earth are some of these House "no" votes even Democrats?!

My Feelings about STUPAK

Douchebag (D-Michigan) on now...

BREAKING: White House, Bart Stupak reach abortion agreement

I couldn't think of a better day to shread 3 years worth of statements.

How Bart Stupak could improve himself.

Keene, NH standing in solidarity with DC, March 20. No media coverage. (Dial-up warning)

Keene, NH standing in solidarity with DC, March 20. No media coverage. (Dial-up warning)

Text of the President's Executive Order (Stupak)

So when WERE community health centers going to start performing abortions?

I hope Obama didn't agree to back Stupak in the primary as part of the deal

I cannot hear the Stupak statement because CPAN is getting very high traffic

All of the TV's in the Dublin, Ireland airport are playing the #hcr debate live

The Hill: Abortion Deal Struck; 8 or 9 Stupakers will vote YES!

Ezra Klein tweets: Remember when Reagan said Medicare was going to be the end of American freedom?

Stupak: We are well past 216!

** Heads Up: Stupak FINALLY gives a News Conference to Announce his Vote, Live! 4pm **

Marsha Blackburn R-Tenn is crazy as a shithouse rat

Lewis, Frank, and Wiener too


Rep. Ryan (Douche - Wisconsin)

If you want to watch the personification of morbid fascination....

C-Span: The Cops are suffering...

HCR passing--84 at Intrade right now.

One of the big losers today...

FOXX is speaking now..

INTRADE now at 97.8%! Close to the 99.99% I was waiting for!

Okay... enough with the cutesy marketing names for the Senate bill compromises.

HCR - To Paraphrase...

White House Statement On Abortion Compromise

To all you motherfucking trolls....

Alert: Infamous nutjob Virginia Foxx (R) is speaking on the floor right now.

A parade of morons

C-Span: HCR Debate-- You guys have to watch this...** Discussion Thread**

Ezra Klein: Health Care And Freedom

Stupak is still going to be attacked on the abortion issue.

There's still drama going on on CSPAN if anyone wants to watch.

What is this, the march of shame?


Democrats celebrating 'sanctity of life' language in HCR battle

Does anyone have a link to a minute by minute blog?

Take a nap. Make some coffee. POTUS to make a statement from the East Room after final bill passage

WOW! Watch MSNBC NOW!!!!!!!!!! He said it is actually the Pukes own waterloo!

Did anyone just listen to Santorum on Fox? He gave this convoluted

"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to extend and amend my remarks in opposition to this flawed health care..

One would think Lundgren would have known not to drink today

What do you think would happen if...

So this is about to become Law right? Why is the media so fascinated w/ the senate

The CELEBRATION thread: Health care passage is finally clinched!

Loretta Sanchez Comes out of Hiding to say...... YES!!!!

Stupak....this is not an Oscar acceptance speech!

Gingrey R-GA just said no Democrats who voted for the 1993 Clinton budget are in Congress today?


Have you seen who the teabaggers are running against Stupid?

Cartoonist on the ground for tea-party protests.

Marsha Blackburn's voice makes my ears bleed.

An executive order would be a win-win...

November Voting...

Report: Netanyahu To Ask Obama For Weapons To Strike Iran

Obama vows commitment to immigration reform

TPM: The House Begins Vote on the Rule

Hurdle #1 - PASSES! (for real this time)


OMG! I just cannot believe Stupak said. . .

Now at 222 yes votes according to MSNBC. nt

"To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield" -- It is going to be a Great Day!

It is sooooo much fun to watch the repukes crying like the fucking crybabies they are!

Photo: NOT watching basketball....

He needs to say this "My name is Barack Obama and I AM the President of the United States"

Call Rep. Mike Ross!

You mean the vote on the bill isn't done yet?

Jessie (the original one) "aint scared of your jails" and he AINT scared of your teabaggers!

Congratulations Mr. Frum for firing the first shot in the Republican Civil War

Dingell on Taking Care of Family Business

Has Cao said he wants Unanimous consent?

PHOTOS Nice people

ObamaCare Coming to America

I finally get what the anti abortion crew hates about the bill

Go on Nathan Deal

don't forget to send Rush his farewell card. He promised to leave

Radio station for a Brit to listen to on Health Care vote

Obama Approval Jumps Back

NYT's vote count page updated - 217 YES, 208 NO - 6 still in play

Disposition of Executive Orders Signed By George W. Bush (284 issued):

Is it me, or does Walley sound like Ross Perot?

Did anyone just here this talk show host say this

Is the recorder making balloon animals between speakers?

Sen. Grassley thought Stupak was going to Kill Bill.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz says Dems are "very close"; to final agreement with Stupak #hcr

Krugman: Nancy Pelosi - a Speaker for the ages

Not to be a killjoy but

Hey Wolf, how bout some analysis of danger to GOP for no votes

Howard Fineman:This thing is still going to be very close

Food for thought from, of all detestable people, David Frum.

TPM: Pro-Life Donnelly Is A Yes

Mixed up- when is the house vote on the Senate bill? I thought 5:30 eastern. Thanks. nt

Hand in hand, fighting for historic change - Steny Hoyer, John Lewis, & Nancy Pelosi

OK DU Do you still want to primary all these Dems?

The Kinks - "Waterloo Sunset"

Uh oh, this Freeper is feeling very, very emotional - in a sing-song kind of way

I realy love this pic of POTUS from today

She's my Lady. (pic)

My fool-proof plan to destroy Al-Qaeda once and for all:

The difference between this one and the last one

Please make her stop

NCAA schedule today, EDT

"communist dictators will haunt America for generations"

Step Right Up to the Birth Order Poll!

things like teevee and bad food

This is one of the baddest of badass albums

Nancy Pelosi: Heroine of the Hour

Is there a real difference between GD:P and GD? Anyone?

"this flawed healthcare bill" and Frau Blucher - coincidence?

A public service announcement:

Puppehs for Dummehs

Reminder: Michelle Obama (not really her) on The Simpsons tonight!

Doug Flutie playing drums for Boston

I have a question about posting a link?

Thanks Northern Iowa

NPR White House Vs.Fox News Poll needs help!

"Tea party crowd is waning"

I have a question about posting a Klink

Masha Qrella - Hypersomnia

Bobby Rush ........ YES!!!

I have a question about posting a Kink?

Stravinsky Conducts Lullabye Suite from Firebird.

How much are these worth? 78 and 33rpm records from 40's, 50's, and sheet music from same era.

blue dog melissa bean votes yes- "why wait?"

Max hatched! Molly is hiding him!

Stupak just let it slip on MSNBC that the vote count in the Senate is 52.

Credit to Organizing for America

Congress (and the Republicans especially) should be ashamed of the quality of debate.

Do you support passage of the HCR bill with Obama's EO on abortion?

I found one of my first favorite toys....

i ran into this smoker named sally from the valley

President Obama to deliver remarks from the White House, after the vote tonight.

Today's Premier League Fixtures

Today's Premier League Fixtures

Would this be a bad name for a new line of convenience foods?


Anybody for a UNI - Cornell final?

As a woman said to me today, "There is no code of professional courtesy among photographers."

Time Has Come Today- Chambers Bros

My baby was a 73 Pontiac GP... just like this one but with classic rims

Hawk picture, damn thing is looking at me.

Lost Abbey = Happy

East Bay Beer Drinking DU'ers - Lost Abbey available at EB Bev Mos!

"baby, i got a time machine in my pants"

Got to turn off MSNBC. Seems like we only get to hear the Republicans talking on the floor!

Can't remember when I've been this bored

it's like when you're on a road you don't know

need advice for preparing cats for travel

What is this I hear about FB and MySpace being full of worms and

With the passage of this bill, Sarah Palin's children cannot be denied health insurance for any

Where the heck is Rachel tonight?

Paul Ryan is FULL of SHIT!

This is a great song in honor of this historic day. "Seal" A change is gonna come

I have a bracket dilemma....

Have you ever been called a 'predator'?

Naughtius Maximus of The Klingon Empire! K'Pla!

How much are these worth? 78 and 33rpm records from 40's, 50's, and sheet music from same era.

i am paying a choreographer to teach me every dance sequence in saturday night fever

I have a bucket dilemma....

Too racy for *AUSTRALIAN* Television, 'Man plums' beer ads pulled from the internet

Let's go Pitt!

Are 'Babies' the New Penguins?

oh. Go Climb a tree.

So cute!

CNN Breaking....H&R Block shut down for not paying their taxes.

Fox News banner:" OBAMA-CARE BACKLASH. Already?

Is anyone else nervous about the Republican vote to recommit? Supposedly they might just offer up

Repub Congresswoman from Washington is an orchardist.

PHOTOS More nice people

Very disappointed in Lawrence O'Donnell tonight.... he's generally great....

Over 200,000 March for Immigration Reform

Can someone please explain to me why the pukes keep saying that there is federal funding of abortion

Lawrence O'Donnell should drape a cape over Schuster's shoulders at the end of the night!

Make the bad men stop talking!

Internet Nostalgia Thread!

Unconstitutional? How?

shhhh. Be vewy qwiet

They had people threatening to shoot anyone

who in the fuck is fucking with shit around here?

Is cantor trying to sound strong and forceful...

Does somebody get a bonus everytime they say flawed? n/t

Rep Ciro Rodriguez Called “Wetback” By Anti-Reform Protestor

Can someone help me identify a city by a photo? (It is definitely foreign)


Ezra: "Hollow reconciliation threats."

So when is ANTHONY WEINER and ALAN GRAYSON going to speak on the Floor? (TiVo is wating and ready)

Anybody knows how much longer? Vote already!

Sweet! The tanning salon tax is aimed squarely at Boehner!! He'll be paying for 90%

Oh, Grandma, why didn't you tell me??

Boehner talks about bipartisanship?

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Bringing the Spring Edition

After next election, no more Boener

Taking bets on Boner crying when he speaks?

As usual Boehner lies over and over.

As usual Boehner lies over and over.

Why it's difficult for me to do my homework......(pic)

Hey DU, what's for Sunday supper?

Practice for the Celebration of the passing of The Bill. Post your Happy Dance here.

I rented the movie the hangover. Is it anygood?

Boehner is giving every comedian the choicest nuggets they'll get all year

Boner up now! Everyone get out the hankies! He has a "heavy heart"

Did you just see CNN? Facebook worm "HFWTEYEO"...

Where are the counter teabagg protesters?

They're frightened because you effing lie to them!!

i've been to port arthur texas

i've been to port arthur texas

They yelled at Barney again today, but today he brought his partner w/him AND a video camera!


Boehner asks for a roll call. Not satisfied with an electronic vote.

***HEADS UP*** Health Care Vote in US House of Representatives

Oompa just got the smackdown!

It's "racial epithet", People...not epitaph!!!

OK, so I always wanted a boner thread...

CNN is like Debbie Downer-ville

Post a random picture of anything random!

Ideas for observational research?

My date last night went a lot better than I expected.

Hannity: "this hour" -- is when America turned "completely towards socialsm" (VIDEO)

'Dead Of Night'

How in God's name have "the people spoken"??? What is this bizarre reference?

I haven't figured out where Boehner and his vigilantes deemed

Nancy! Nancy! Nancy!

Do you like tacos?

Boener sucks

Pelosi states that the bill has over 200 Republican amendments.

Obama on the verge of securing KEY# 7

I've never been to Spain

I am not thrilled about the final product, but


Hey Jim DeMint, this was Waterloo, you were Napoleon, Obama was Wellington and Pelosi was Blucher

Wow! Total polar opposite speeches. One filled with hope and kindness and the other...

Need advice from friends about my dog.....I want to do what is best for her...

Ram it through? Ram it through?

Of Mice and Men makes me cry. What work of fiction makes you go all blubbery?

Live footage of Eric Cantor

Ever wonder what happened to the kool kids in school?

Sorry to be less than gentle, but WHY is Levin making our introductions?

Why don't all of the Republicans get the vote cast right away?

How orange is Boehner tonight?

There it is~~~



Not a single Republican

why is the tally so slow?

We had'em all the way!!!! nt

Delete---voted in.

YES!!!!!! 216! Yes We DID!

Where are the Dem votes?

President Obama, ya done good. It's been a long haul. Now sign this bill!

What is interesting that Boehner wanted the votes on the record with a roll call.

Cheerleaders car wash

A mini rant

Bi-partisan opposition to the bill?

Dear Republican Party, You are cordially invited to

Crap, it's the Stupak amendment. The Pro life dems better not vote for it. nt


Sudden paranoia: This teabagger blather about states sueing against HCR is a non-starter, right?

Awesome Song ! Now that is REAL music

WTF is going on? who is this ASSHOLE?

More GOP grandstanding - ugh.


The Dream Fulfilled

CSpan just announced that OUR PRESIDENT will speak tonite

Will someone please shoot that thing off of Stupak's head?

FYI: Roll Call is Up.

This is why they made a deal with Stupack

Did the pukes just boo Obama?

Pretty classic. Repigs applaud Stupak. Then he disses them and they boo him...

OMG, can this get any stranger?

Have the liberals in the House read Stupak's executive order?

When Obama wavered and Emanuel recommended against health reform, Pelosi

So, like I was tellin' y'all.....

Now that the bill is passed, the abortion party is at my house! Woo hoo!

Stupak is telling the Rethugs to shut up, wow.

saw my sons midterm grades in college

where can we find how reps voted?

216+ x 2

Votes are up ... who were the 34?

Come on!!! Kiss Bart Stupak!!! You KNOW you want to!!!

Not sure if Stupak still lives at "C Street"

@barackobama .....

Link to roll call

Gibbs tweet:

Who's a little giddy now?

************OFFICIAL HEALTH CARE VOTE THREAD #2********* Reconciliation Bill

Rush, don't let the door hit you on your way out.

When John Boehner cries, are his tears orange?!?

Favorite Rock-And Roll Song Featuring the Pedal Steel. Not a poll; an opinion.

20 Dems voted for this Motion to recommit? WTF?

CSPAN: Dems promoting Universal Human Rights. Love it, and

Does America have a literacy problem?

Not Luke Russert again? Geesh

Sensenbrenner: "Executive Orders are not part of the president's power"

Luke Russert said someone called Stupak "A baby killer."

This motion to recommit could still kill the bill

Stupak Is Not A Hero

GOP member yells "BABY KILLER" at Stupak

CNN reporting that a Repuglican shouted "Baby Killer" while Stupak was speaking.

WHEN President Obama signs the bill

Admit it. You still have an AOL account

Roll Call Vote for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act:


PHOTO Anyone need a new desktop background photo thingie?

HR 4872 Reconciliation passes the House. 217 now.

YESSS!!! Finally I can take a deep breath...

The Duke of Welling ---- er,President Obama is about to speak soon

And here we finally are

Motion to recommit fails. Sorry, Rethugs!

Obama coming up

Is this mainly about letting Stupak getting one last media moment?

Wouldn't it be a Clever Strategy if Dems Proposed Public Option during the November elections?


I must say, Congratulations to the American People and then Congrats to President

Fox Noise right-wing puppets' heads are exploding!

Four More Years! Four More Years!

**** HEADS UP!!! POTUS Speaks on the Passage of the House Vote, LIVE!!!! ****

Because I'm superficial...

Another speech for the ages. Yea, I love my President, finally one to love!

Ok, with Stupak's last appearance, this just got popcorn worthy

This is what change looks like.

FOXGOPRUSHHANNITYBECK couldn't keep the Black man from getting elected or passing health care

Who wants to join me in a toast? And what are you drinking?

I believe Republicans are pushing Right-Wingers to do something

President Obama: We did not fear the future, we shaped it.

The GOP NOPERS..lost their argument...America WINs The People have SPOKEN

How nice to be with all of you tonight. You're great company! nt

John Bonner has done the impossible. Made me enthusiastic about the bill.

Post your pooch pics here!

They (R) are BOOING our President...

Michael Steele wants Nancy fired. He's tremendously upset.

Statement from Vicki Kennedy


Hey, kids, let's post a photo of our first cars!! Gee, that sounds like fun!!

Antique (or other very old photos) thread

The map of the World has changed.

Michael Moore: "Obama, you're on a roll. Don't stop now!

Luke Russert explaining why he shouldn't be a pundit.

Stupak ain't no douche no more.

My first time on FR since the Massachusetts special election, and I see laughable junk like this:

Weiner on MSNBC......

Roger Ebert: History is watching the Republican Party shrink in its rear-view mirror.

Who is this Ed Shultz guy?

"Being a woman will no longer be a pre-existing medical condition"

OK, who were the 34?

Plouffe demolishes Rove


****BREAKING HARD**** Gallup has Obama up 3 to 50% approval

Without Pelosi's leadership, there would be no healthcare reform. Let's ensure she remains Speaker!

If (and when!) this bill passes, what CAN'T we tackle next?

A question for single-payer only folks

PHOTO Congratulations, tough guy!

Yes we did!!!

So, who goes off to the death panels first?

Are ya'll fired up? nt

A really great site for Rush Limbaugh to check out!

(Is this true or a scare tactic?) Democrats' Plan Will NOT Protect Military Health Plans

Fear Of Socialism

Listen up Boehner... I do not want to hear one more complaint about the size of the HCR bill

My Priest at my Catholic church this morning...

Health Care Reform Passes - Democrats Get Their Act Together

NYT Admits Getting Duped on ACORN

The Republicans are still not Sane enough to Govern

Howard Fineman MSNBC - "and like the long distance runners of Kenya"

Howard Fineman MSNBC - "and like the long distance runners of Kenya"

Unconfirmed: GOP Rep Radanovich yelled "baby killer"

I'm Clapping, But Is This Reform?

Can I now say this freely?

David Frum: "This is the GOP's Waterloo"

The health insurance industry is a parasite that serves no purpose

34 traitors should be kicked out of the party.

OH SHIT!!! Obama put Stupak on the floor to reject the Repubs last ditch effort.

'Pub heads exploding on MSNBC...

America is now a civilised nation

Breaking: Troops amass on Costa Rican border to stop Rush Limbaugh from entering country

PHOTO The President tonight, at the moment the bill passed

Obama love thread.

For Teddy.

I hate Republicans with every fiber of my being.


Question for my fellow DUers who fought HCR for some of the right


PHOTOS While you're waiting....a few 'morons with signs'

Clinton Kills At Gridiron Dinner...An Excerpt...

Ed Shultz: Obama sets the table for the greatest first term president ever.

No road block Republican admendments passed.

D.C. antiwar march draws thousands on seventh-anniversary of Iraq invasion

'Tea party' protesters accused of spitting on lawmaker, using slurs

Netanyahu caves in to US

Under Panetta, a more aggressive CIA

Soccer (MLS) league, players reach labor deal

Marsha Blackburn R-Tenn is crazy as a shithouse rat

Stupak still a 'no' vote on healthcare bill

Foster (IL-14) a yes on health care

Israel: East Jerusalem construction to continue

Louise Slaughter is Wonderful

General David Petraeus tipped as Republican 2012 presidential candidate

Unless a deal is struck with Stupak, Dems appear to be short on votes

Dems: 'We have the votes now' for health bill

Some Michigan Republican candidates vow to repeal health care reform after election

U.S. may expand use of its prison in Afghanistan

"Put me in the radical column"

This flawed health care bill

Aruban divers to inspect site where couple says they saw human remains (Natalee Holloway?)

MSNBC: Stupak Voting 'Yes' On Health Care (& Confirmed)

Stupak "We have an agreement"

Colombian journalist gunned down

The Sushi Bandit Says "Goodby" to DU

President Obama plans health care statement Sunday night

“Baby Killer”

Toyota Shareholders Sue Over Fallen Stock Price



Iraq Inquiry asks to question George Bush's senior officials

Democrats counter Republicans' pre-redistricting push

U.S. Firms Feel Shut Out in China

Volcano erupts near Eyjafjallajoekull in south Iceland

House Democrats have 216 votes needed to pass health care reform

Sarkozy's party loses regional election - exit polls

Insurers, doctor-owned hospitals get late help

US slams jamming of Ethiopia’s VOA radio

China warns U.S. that 'trade war' will hurt Americans even more

White House Statement On Abortion Compromise

China denounces Google 'US ties'

(CA) State Fund reformer was paid a salary of $450,000 a year, plus perks

Health Care Rule Passes, Clearing Way for Final Approval

The Secret Service Is Investigating a Conservative's Obama Assassination Tweets

Thousands rally for immigration reform in DC

GOP Rep. Nunes Excuses Racist, Homophobic Tea Partier Slurs As A Response To ‘Totalitarian Tactics’

Caption it?

Poll finds Schwarzenegger's rating at new low

BREAKING: House Passes Historic Health Care Reform Bill (219-212)

President's Weekly Address Leaps Past Healthcare to Banking Abuses


Health Care Rally in Royal Oak, MI 3/20/10

Health Care Reforms 11th hour....

The Big Melt

Teabaggers Laugh About Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Being Spat On

Cao Health Care Rally

Lyndeborough New Hampshire bans computerized voting

Kid ask his Congressman to support the bill

This Week / Rove vs. Plouffe (Part 1)

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson stuffs the anti-Obama crack pipe while addict Hannity blissfully sucks it in

Rep. David Nunes Justifies Slurs, Insults Of Tea Partiers

GOP Ringleader Michael Steele is easier to understand when you find out who's coaching him

Video of internal Republican leaders and teabag protestors health care strategy meeting released

Rep. Nunes On Epithets: When You Use Totalitarian Tactics, People Act Crazy

This Week / Rove vs. Plouffe (Part 2)

maxkeiser - 'goldman sachs/gov't 'shenanigans' justifies regime change in Greece.'

Immigration Reform Will Obama, Democrats Tackle Another Hot Button Issue

Teabaggers Attack Latinos

BUSTING the Myths/ A Physician Rants in Favor of REAL Health Care Reform -

Real Time with Bill Maher: Overtime March 19

Minneapolis march against the 7th Anniversary of the War in Iraq

Musical Interlude for the GOP (kinda Waterloo themed)

Yippie for the AHIP!

GOP Rep: Dems Laying 'Cornerstone Of Their Socialist Utopia'

The youth in MN bring "Funk the War" to the 7th Anniv march. "Obama Don't LIe to Me!"

Bill Maher blasts racist Repubs over HRC (& interviews Kucinich)

Republican calls Stupak "baby killer"

David Frum: Republicans made bad judgements

Frum: GOP's Health Care Loss Not Worth Potential Midterm Gains

FLASHBACK: Pelosi Pledges To Spend 'Whatever Time It Takes' To Pass Health Care Reform

Spoiled brat drama queens sing..........

Special Dedication to Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC)

Pelosi walks with 1965 Medicare gavel

Jesse Jackson confronts Tea Partiers

I'm a LOSER Baby!

Iraq War Anniversary Protest Washington DC encapsulated

Congressman DeFazio Goes Ballistic: Don't Tell Me Republicans Are The Great Defenders Of Veterans!

Young Turks: RNC Chairman Lies On CNN - Suggests CBO Corrupted By Obama, Dems

DESPICABLE: Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) won't denounce racist & homophobic slurs

'Waterloo' - Oh C'mon. It's the only day it's really relevant!

Protest Sign 101 - Tea Bagger Edition

Why Teabaggers lie about HCR (and everything else)...they have to.

‘The Enemy of My Enemy’

Nicholas Kristof: Is Ay Illness Covered?

Cussin,' Spittin' Tea Partiers Oppose Federal Funds for Tourette's Syndrome

Tea Party's Health Care Opposition Turns Racist, Violent

Tea Party Bigots Seek Out Gay Black Paraplegic to Insult

Bishops Dismiss Other Catholic Groups: We’re The Only Ones Able To Understand Health Care Policy

Stoopit Fux Newz - Social Security

Obama Continues Bush's Iran Policy

I have two words for Republicans

The Power to Serve

The New American Jesus

It's still real and it's still a problem (BBC) {GW}

Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio), bucks GOP disinformation campaign to vote for health-care reform

The most racist “democracy” in the world

Stupak Demands Finally Met: Obama Must Get Tattoo of Hyde Amendment On His Hide

Tea Partiers Blame Eddie Haskell for Their Spitting on Cleaver

Boehner just showed his lack of intelligence

The Misinformed Tea Party Movement (Bruce Bartlett, former Reagan/Bush advisor)


Ore. town uses geothermal energy to stay warm

RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service Budapest, Hungary

Oregon scientists seek defense against crop-destroying fruit flies

Nuclear Energy Institute spent $460,000 lobbying in the fourth quarter

(Excelon) Cooling towers positions unyielding (Oyster Creek nuclear plant, New Jersey)

A Bill that makes Indian lives cheaper: Nuclear Liability Bill totally tilted against Indians

Safety Issues Linger as Nuclear Reactors Shrink in Size ("green" Russian sub reactors)

On the market: Solar homes (Calif.)

Flextronics Opens Module Manufacturing Facility; Plans 1 GW (per yer) Capacity in Two Years

More Firms Join Desertec Solar Project ($550 billion solar project, N. Africa)

N.J. environmental coalition urges Oyster Creek nuclear plant to stop damaging Barnegat Bay

European, Asian sturgeon numbers dwindling: Report

Advances in global sustainability technology on parade at ACS meeting

Energy Storage's Quiet Revolution

Designer nanomaterials on-demand: ... Report Universal Method for Creating Nanoscale Composites

Lebanon's liquid treasure is just trickling away - "could even run dry within four years"

Living in defiance of a drying climate

On the last day of winter in Maine, I finished SPRING cleanup & watched the lake ice go out

In tough times, Delaware farmers give solar a shot

Nuclear "SpinCo" (truthout)

Climate change debate now a one-man show (Lord Christopher Monckton to speak in Orem, Utah)

Flat-headed cat of southeast Asia is now endangered (BBC)

Throwback mission: Eye in the sky in NJ a tribute to Navy's past (US Navy brings back the blimp)

Demise of coral, salamander show impact of Web (Trade in Endangered Species)

IPCC got it tragically wrong.

Monarch butterflies suffer population loss (50% - 60% maybe higher)

New 'smart' roof reads the thermometer, saves energy in hot and cold climates

The case for mandatory composting - It works in San Francisco. And it could work in Boston.

Sheffield Forgemasters (UK) To Install Press Suitable for Nuclear Forgings.

Chevron is putting solar technologies to the test

Earth Hour 2010 - March 27 8:30 pm (Local Time)

Oyster Creek nuclear plant kills endangered sea turtles and millions of marine organisms

'Cold fusion' moves closer to mainstream acceptance

Pleasures of Desertification: Having Drained Owens Lake, LADWP Proposes Dried Lake Bed As A Solar...

doug flutie playing drums for Boston

NCAA schedule today:

Nice shot Michigan St

ZAGs v. Orange on NOW.

Canes' McBain Turning Heads. Scores winner in overtime at Pittsburgh with .09 seconds left.

Joe Mauer, Twins, agree to eight-year $184 million contract extension

No upsets yesterday



Maryland and Michigan State on NOW.

The Big Ten leads all conferences with three in the Sweet Sixteen? Is that right?

Kentucky winning by an average 29.5 ppg in the NCAA's

Soccer (MLS) league, players reach labor deal

Cuba Hunger Strikes Stir Ire Protests Bring International Criticism of Island;

Raúl Rivero - Fascist

Oscar Elías Biscet - Fascist

Top Public Health Priority Programs Consolidate in Cuba’s Largest Province

US, Cuban officials discuss Haiti quake assistance

LTTE: Cuba embargo only hurts US interests

Cuba's Operation Miracle Benefits Thousands of Salvadorans

Colombian journalist gunned down

The big lies against Cuba

Learn from Cuba's health system, (Australia) PM told

Press group says Latin American leaders silencing critics

1 boy killed, 1 hurt in West Bank violence

Conversion Bill Sparks Unusual Push Back From Diaspora Jews

Palestinians shot dead by Israeli troops near Nablus

Former Obama Aide New Head of AIPAC

AIPAC opens conference amid US-Israel tension

Tensions rise as Israeli soldiers kill 2 Palestinians

Israel: East Jerusalem construction to continue

'Current Knesset is the most racist in Israeli history'

Israelis Are Behaving Like Spoiled Rich Brats

The most racist “democracy” in the world

2nd Nablus teenager succumbs to wounds

Today in Labor History 21 Mar MLK, some 3,200 people began their march from Selma to Montgomery, Al.

Democrats vie for union endorsements

Union Group Pushes Kan. to Dump Drug Plan Manager

AP: Union protests rep’s no vote on health care

Calif. lawmakers take up tough anti-sweatshop bill

Labor groups join to urge Lynch to reconsider 'no' vote on healthcare

CLUW Honors 11 Union Women for ‘Extraordinary Achievements’

For teacher pay, unions and union-haters should compromise

James Randi comes out

Th JR Chess Report (March 21): Nepo, Pia win Euro Championships; Chuckie leads Amber Rapid/Blind

Burglar Shot, Hospitalized And Then Jailed In Marianna

Prosecutor: Fatal incident to go to grand jury

Woman shoots, wounds ex-boyfriend

Man Turns Tables On Would-Be ATM Robber

Cop's Wife Shot, Dies Sunbury, PA

Modesto store clerk shoots and kills robber

Man shoots himself after killing wife, son

Ohio considering changes in concealed carry law ...

Glad to know they don't have a gun problem...

Deputy kills suspect in Clearwater triple shooting (Teenager in a fight over a girl at a party)

4 Shot during argument at Uptown Charlotte restaurant

Man who shot wife at counseling held on $5 million bail (didn't like what he heard)

Vigilantism turns to tragedy, shooting unsettles Utah neighborhood

Man choking his ex-girlfriend shot by her dad

Bill Would Take Away Public Access To Gun Permit Database

Healthcare now, new AW ban next!!!!!! Go Obama!!!

Early Spring

'Hobbit' island's deeper history (BBC)

Species struggle for 'Life' in astounding 11-part Discovery series

Runaway truck ramp

Team's quantum object is biggest by factor of billions (BBC)

L-Glutamic Acid.

Hey friends, anyone ever taken Prednisone?

Why I'm an Atheist, part 2 from DarkSyde's diary at DailyKos

Do you go to church? Care to share which one?

The God solution

Considering an idea "possible" vs. seriously entertaining that idea

Here's Why Lehman's Accounting Was Completely Bogus -- And Why The Rest Of Wall Street's Still Is

A volunteer instructor at Mountain View Elementary School has been arrested for assaulting ...

I doubt I will come back to this site since it does nothing but

Eliminate history classes all together?

Charter School "Resource officer" maces 33 students & two employees

Go to this link and click "neither" on a merit pay poll. It'll take only 5 seconds.

Okay, I found something on the incident...Man arrested at School