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Siemens joins China bid for Saudi rail link

There's hope for the younger generation after all!

G. K. Chesterton...

Girlfriend-dragging homophobic asshole fails to win back State Senate seat

QUESTION: Would you go to your local CHC to get low cost medical care now?

re: Texas Republican Gohmert: Demons Have Invaded The Capital

I am sitting next to a CIA training base listening to artillery fire.

You want to know why?

Caption Stupak

My retired dad (and his friends) used to go into local courtrooms and "observe"

Luckier than a shooting star, rarer than a lunar eclipse, a one post tombstone


Love the HCR or hate it, you have to admit it is probably the most

You cannot filibuster in the U.S. House of Representatives.

We're all a bunch of fucking idiots... yeah, you are too. So am I.

Happy St. Crop Circles Day!

Jonathan Turley for the U.S. Supreme Court

Lawrence O'Donnell was talking about the "deem and pass" procedure

Beyond the Rampant Hypocrisy

The Six Degrees of Ben Bernanke

The Six Degrees of Ben Bernanke

The Six Degrees of Paul Krugman

Readiness woes loom on horizon, lawmaker says

The Six Degrees of Granny D.

The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

NavAir admiral tapped to run JSF program

The Six Degrees of Keith Olbermann

The Six Degrees of Francis Bacon

The Six Degrees of Francis Bacon

Bragg Rape Suspect to Appear in Court

The Six Degrees of Rush Limbaugh

The Six Degrees of Sarah Palin

Reactions to NJ Republican Governor's new budget: disaster for all but rich.

Mike Tyson to Host Reality Show on Animal Planet

Immigration reform: Stuck in the shadows

Joe Lieberman, Blanche Lincoln, and Dennis Kucinich.

Data: Only 19 percent of medical evacuations in Mideast battle-related

Data: Only 19 percent of medical evacuations in Mideast battle-related

Sex assault reports up 11 percent last year

It's really silly sometimes how we do things in this country

(Buffoon) Jim Inhofe Brings Naked Al Gore Prop To Senate Floor (VIDEO)

Hmm. My connection keeps breaking up. Wonder if anyone here has that problem too.

Hmm. My connection keeps breaking up. Wonder if anyone here has that problem too.

And in other Navy news: two firings and a court martial

'Breaking Bad' is about how health care costs drove a man to be cannon fodder in the Drug War.

Healthcare Not Warfare vigils in 82 congressional districts today

French Railway MISTAKENLY Announces Train Explosion, 102 Dead

OK DUers explain to me why ReTHUGS are so

Irish Blessing-

Happy St. Pats! .... Bring on the Danny Boy

A French documentary on nuclear waste

The CIA's Greatest Hits

Did Obama Pick Wrong Health Reform Icon?

"...It's I'll be there / In sunshine or in shadow..."

Anyone watching Blanche Lincoln on MJ now explaining

We should know today exactly what is in the Reconciliation Bill

The Green They Steal, The Greed They Wear ...a St. Patrick's Day lament by Michael Moore

Afghan poppy harvest is next challenge for U.S. Marines

Robo call from Citizens United

The Female Voice From Elton John's 'Love Song' Has Died (Also 'Dark Side Of The Moon')

The Green They Steal, The Greed They Wear-A St. Patrick's Day Lament-by Michael Moore

Morning Feature: The government has drowned

Morning Feature: The government has drowned

Six Suicides in 6 Months at Cornell

So MSNBC is going to have a republican pollster to explain

How to tell when a Republican is lying 2.0

What favors have Republicans done for themselves regarding making themselves electable in 2010?

Best Addition to Senate Bill?

Think POSITIVE- This bill will mandate future health care reform.

I think assuming that Kucinich will announce he's changed his vote, is one assumption too many

Dear Texas: Please shut up. Sincerely, History. By Mark Morford

A comeback for a rw email: re no US flag over the mission in Haiti

Kuch Is On MSNBC (n/t)

Glenn Beck Takes Your Questions

Gov. David Paterson blasts Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand for throwing him 'under the bus'

Dennis kuchinich up now on CSpan 3 making his announcement

McConnell suggested that GOP leaders decided in advance that Dems must be denied bipartisan support

At the end of the day or end of the week, we still won't have a public option

Shadegg on MSNBC with Schuster now railing against corrupt for -profit insurance companies now.

Vatican priorities- visions vs child abuse

Middle Class Losing Health Insurance Faster Than The Rich Or Poor

Our sad HCR struggles. RJ Matson tries to poke a little fun, with my editorial comments.('toons)

This is a test of the 'rub your nose in it' broadcasting system BEEP BEEP BEEP!

The Kucinich Switch And The Whip Count

Jeez. Boehner has dead eyes...

Robo call from Huckabee about abortion & health care

NJ Health care phone bank alert Wed 3/17/10

Hawaii considers legislation to ignore birthers.

Hey "kill the bill" folks... the RW is going "code red" over HCR. If what you say is true, WHY?

New poll... Now that Dennis Kucinich will vote yes, has your mind changed?

Did Dennis Kucinich side with the insurance companies with his "yes" vote?

Can you pass the Eighth Grade FInal Examination from Salina Kansas 1895?

How stupid is Chuckie Todd?

Fair is fair - Thank you, Dennis Kucinich.

Renminbi revaluation: it’s a world war out there

CIAs "Supposed" Briefing Of Congress On Torture-Outright Fabrications!

Buyers for Puerto Rico Banks?

All Edie Needed was a Hug. MUST WATCH!!!!!!!

Deliverable health care changes Democrats should have no problem giving constituents within 6 mos.

Kuchinch 4 Prez In 2012

Frequently Asked Questions To Congressman Kucinich: Health Care

This is CNN (meet the new guy)

Weight Watchers says eat at McDonald's to lose weight (WTF??)

FACT: Tripiling the number of CHC's WILL.....WILL control health care cost .....

Do You Support Dennis Kucinich's Decision To Vote For President Obama's Health Care Reform Bill

Recession left "walking wounded" workers

Send Rush limpballs a (FU) good riddance Farewell card Hehe. This is GREAT

Now that Petraeus is in favor of getting rid of DADT, will he still be a RW hero?

Actor Stephen Baldwin Takes Christian Indoctrination to the Xtreme

Meet CNN's Newest Contributor: The Guy Who Called Souter A Goat-F*cker

Popcorn thread......

When CNN hired Erick Erickson, I learned how the media defines "diverse views"

AP: Premiums will rise under Democrats’ health plan

Ever want to ask Palin a question? Here is your chance. Submit your ? she will be in KS to answer

OMG! Read this letter from Emily's List about Blanche Lincoln (talk about a smackdown!)

Who is the only real Democrat now?

So is Kucinich a corporatist sellout now???

A little background on CNN's report on the Rohingya

March 17th...R.I.P PROGRESSIVE Movement

San Francisco Chronicle: Whitman takes early lead over Brown

Are you folks following the saga of Phoebe the hummingbird?

Interested in monitoring hate groups: SLPC live webcast today, 11 am Pacific.

Which is it? Health CARE Reform or Health INSURANCE Reform?

Iraq, Afghanistan Vets ‘Overwhelmingly’ Support ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal

It's not Health CARE reform, its not health INSURANCE reform, its...

This is fun: Vote in the Bracket of Evil sponsored by Credo

Any DUers watching Obama speaking at the Friends of Ireland Luncheon

An olive branch to Dennis Kucinich

An olive branch to Dennis Kucinich

The Rude Pundit: One More Goddamn Post About Health Care Reform (The End Is Nigh?)

Is it just me or are a lot of posts being deleted or locked for what appears to be no reason at all?

If anyone is watching CSPAN-2;

The Bandwagon Fallacy (Informal Logical Fallacy)

Insurer targeted HIV patients to drop coverage

Ok, let's make a list- who do we need to call in support of Health Care?

Mod appreciation thread

News from the White House

Drunk, high dad leaves baby in oven overnight, baby unharmed


The Nation: Labor War in the Mojave (USA)

Dennis: "Will cast vote in favor of bill" nt

General Petraeus: Israel-Palestinian conflict foments anti-U.S. sentiment

General Petraeus: Israel-Palestinian conflict foments anti-U.S. sentiment

"Kids are the authority" in U.S. schools.

Door in the Face, sales technique.

Door in the Face, sales technique.

Rep. Kucinich Officially Changes His Support On the Current HCR Bill

I just experienced 3 house-shaking artillery blasts from the CIA training base near me. It's 2AM. Dennis under the bus now, too?

David Corn challenges Karl Rove & other Bush apologists to a showdown on Iraq WMD

ACLU Sues to Obtain Basic Data, Legal Justification for Predator Drone Program

Is DU really "Underground," when we are supporting corporate-friendly policies and bills?

Sweet Jebus, the ding bats are invading Ed this morning...

Generic Congressional Ballot: Republicans Lead Democrats by 10 in Generic Ballot, Highest Lead Yet

Toyota accused of failing to sound safety alarms in Canada

Saw those pictures of Rielle. We sure dodged a bullet when Edwards failed to win

I Would Like To COMMEND DK! He Made The Correct Decision! And His Comments Are ALL CLASS!

Wuerker TOON "We're here to serve you..."

If anyone is curious why the zomby stock market keeps going up

Hey FOX: If they're passing HCR without a vote, why isn't it over yet?

POLL: More Than 70% Of Iraq And Afghanistan Veterans Comfortable Serving Alongside Openly Gay Troops

My fervent prayer for today is that Jack and Bobbt Teddy , Joe, my Uncle and My Dad

Nader: The Filibuster Flim Flam

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all DU! An Irish Proverb for today!

Compare and Contrast: How Obama Treated Dennis Kucinich vs. Blanche Lincoln

Where’s Joe Biden?

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Ashcroft, Tenet, Rumsfeld warned 9/11 Commission about ‘line’ it ’should not cross’

Seven years old -- and suicide??!!

Peshawar Declaration: A Path for Pakistan

You know what the biggest kick in the gut is?

The motivation behind "health insurance exchanges" seems to be hedge fund dodge...

LIMBOsevic just used his own junkie status to argue against the HCR bill

Defending Working Families from US Senator Lincoln

Just spoke with Betsy Markey (CO-4): Vote not happening this week if no CBO score today

I don't care

Burned Girl in Walmart Fire Hoax

Dennis Kucinich is a politician, folks...

Don't worry America... conservatives are douchebags EVERYWHERE, not just in the U.S

Insanity is normal

Obama praises Republican lawmakers for jobs bill support calling it a step toward bipartisanship

More homeowners are opting for 'strategic defaults'

EPA’s children’s health efforts lacked focus, leadership under Bush – GAO

FYI - There's some crap going around in the military about Health Care

Congratulations, Edward Tufte, Presidential Appointment to Recovery Independent Advisory Panel

Congratulations, Edward Tufte, Presidential Appointment to Recovery Independent Advisory Panel

Microsoft: IE9 Won't Support Windows XP, Period

In general, and all things considered...

Meineke posts slime attack against NH congresswoman

GOP: Did Kucinich Flip on Health Care to Promote Vegetarian Eating?

Right, I'm such a purist. Yeah, here's how much of an ideological purist I am on Health Care:

Up Or Down. Democratic Party's Party. 3.17.10

For a year I was treated as a crappy democrat because I had supported perceived 'bad' Democrats

Just passing on stuff I came across. Assorted quotes:

Poll: Liberals (almost) Entirely United Behind Passing Health Bill

"Tea" Braggers LYING through their gnashing green teeth...

Anybody else getting an Obama email regarding

Lieberman and Collins Try to Pass Bill Weakening FBI Whistleblower Protection

Key Anti-Abortion Dem Dale Kildee (MI): Passing Senate Bill Would Be “Pro Life”

Please pass health care.

Grayson is on Ratigan

Bernanke to Congress: Don't scale back Fed powers

Krugman: Credit Where It Isn't Due

ACLU: AG Holder Defends Decision To Try 9/11 Suspects In Federal Court

Vote Count

Are there any health care rallies or counter-rallies in Denver this week?

Tea Partiers deride apparent Parkinson's victim - video - Columbus Ohio

Those Who Abuse Their Power Inside Government To The Peoples' Detriment Are Risking....

Wal-Mart probing racist store announcement

Money Flooding into Campaigns for State Judgeships-Ginsburg, O'Connor Say Reform Is Needed


Who is eligible for the Exchange?

DK was smart enough to know that the Dem version of HCR is a lot better than the Rethug version

nuff said...

A Public Option Would Sure Fix Democrats’ CBO Troubles


Maddow Grills Hayworth On Man & Horse- "Well, it either is true or it isn't," said Maddow.

Michael Moore on Dylan Ratigan......We

From the Obama ‘08 campaign document, "Barack Obama’s Plan for a Healthy America"

Abuse of pain pills by troops concerns Pentagon

Stop Discriminatory Sentencing » Add your voice, now!

Stop Discriminatory Sentencing » Add your voice, now!

NASA Finds Shrimp Beneath Antarctica Ice

Quote of the day

Karl Rove's Book, our Protest Record and how we bummed out his Book signing (and how you can help!)

Stupak's closest ally switches to YES! (Dems no longer counting on Stupak himself)

Just got a call from a nice lady who wanted me to support climate change legislation.

KS Lawmakers seeking to rewrite abortion law. State is in the hole, schools need help. This is #1?

One thing I wish Rachel had put to Geitner..

This is one of those days that I love reading GD-DU.

The Pope was complicit

PSA: When attending a rally Do Not Lock Your Knees

Here's why privatization of Social Security will NEVER work.

Does the healthcare bill have a mandate?

Honda: Senator Graham's Inappropriate "Kamikaze" Remarks on Pelosi's Health Care Efforts

A question about the current version of Health Insurance Reform:

Grassroots Relief Using Ushahidi

Jesse Ventura's latest project.

Compare and Contrast: How Obama Treated Dennis Kucinich vs. Blanche Lincoln

A question every single Republican candidate should have to answer

What if I don't like my insurance...Can I buy into the exchange?

Eric Holder is correct

Questions I want to ask right wingers about healthcare reform

FWIW- DU this CNN poll on the healthcare plan

The Gay Terrorist

"Bracket of Evil" from Credo email

Karl Rove on Fresh Air.

Michelle BatShitCrazy Bachmann calls for Speaker Peloisi's impeachment

For the health insurance restructuring bill experts - a question... It seems the "good" provisions

PhRMA to Spend $6 Million on Final Push for Health Care Reform

Limbaugh urging listeners to "crash" Capitol telecomm system. Domestic Terrorism?

For "What is Person 1's Race?", can I write in "American"?

Wow! Beware of Speculative Numbers: Claims are unsubstantiated based on an unfinished bill!

Virginia AG To Sue Feds Over Health Care Reform

Piss on them...why can't we just cap their profits?

Frank Rich assaults reality while accusing Cheney and Rove of the same

Frank Rich assaults reality while accusing Cheney and Rove of the same

They got elected and all I got was this lousy teeshirt ........

They got elected and all I got was this lousy teeshirt ........

Bo Obama fans, he has his own news page on Huff Post.

Dear Liz Cheney. Please shut your motherf**ing pie hole. TIA and smoochies, Amerigo Vespucci.

Kucinich's wife pressured him to vote Yes

The next big bailout is on the way. Prepare to get reamed!

NPR just said the Healthcare bill is a pro-life bill.

unfortunately, any HCR legislation is pretty much a waste at this point

If people can't afford an insurance premium and must be subsidized...

Rep. Boren Firm No (voted No on the House Bill too)

Michael Moore on CNN

If I read about one more public school shutting down.....

NY gov.'s press aide quits in scandal; 4th to fall

NY gov.'s press aide quits in scandal; 4th to fall

Obama Nominates Judge Leonard Stark and Amy Totenberg to the US District Court

Lincoln: Obama Never Called Me On Health Care, I Had To Call Him

Lincoln: Obama Never Called Me On Health Care, I Had To Call Him

I'm so glad those Teabaggers are being exposed for

Dems get healthcare talking points

The Committee on Energy and Commerce says this bill will benefit the NYSCD22

The Committee on Energy and Commerce says this bill will benefit the NYSCD22

WOW! House Committee Shows District-by-District IMPACT of HCR Bill

VIDEO: Tea Partiers Mock And Scorn Man With Parkinson's

Well it only took 5 months but Ojetta Thompson was confirmed today

Passing this bill is better for the public option than defeating the bill.

Once again the media is in the republicans back pocket..

The breakdown between repub/dem

Dennis Kucinich-Why I'm Voting 'Yes'

call your congress-person

"a 'hardship' exemption for people who cannot afford insurance"

What is with Texas School Books?? I mean...WTF?

Armenian Genocide Talk has Turkey Threatening to Expel Armenians

Germany and Ireland call on Catholic church to hold child sex abuse inquiries

Why do Tea Baggers make fun of a man with Parkison's Disease....

Do You Want The Current Health Care Reform Bill To Pass ?

Update: Meat thermometer attacker caught

The passing of this bill will not be a triumph for the Obama administration.

Dem leader: GOP acting like kids who killed their parents

Dem leader: GOP acting like kids who killed their parents

Dixie Chicks reunite for tour with Eagles, Keith Urban

Mo to the Jo

Grandstanding at the Rules Committee

Grandstanding at the Rules Committee

Connie Saltonstall blogging on Crooks and Liars today - question about Dennis Kucinich's announcemen

Boehner Tells Bankers To Fight Financial Reform: "Don't let those Little Punk Staffers

Is This "Deem & Pass" Just A Trap For The Repugs?.......

Georgia Republicans Push Bill To Require Random Drug Tests of the Unemployed..

Hawaii considering law to ignore Obama 'birthers' - restrict 'vexatious requesters' for 2 yrs.

An update on the crazies in my neck of the woods.

FDL is going after Kucinich

Obama Nominates Judge Leonard Stark and Amy Totenberg to the US District Court , details on each

Nigeria's acting president dissolves cabinet

Racist comment spoken over intercom at New Jersey Wal Mart.

Rep. Sutton follow's Kucinich's Lead

Michele Bachmann warns of 'phony ethics charges' to come against Republicans

Progress Is Not Letting The Republicants Embarrass President Obama

I can't support "deem and pass". Do you?

Sacramento repeat sex offender arrested 16 days after jail release

Kucinich for the Senate???

Urban Pollution Affects Cardiac Function: Initial Results in the Healthy Rat

I 'm really glad I wasn't at the Columbus protest yesterday that saw both sides

Obama: "I'm a fourth-quarter player."

Religious Right & Tea Party Turn to Michele Bachmann in Desperate Attempt to Defeat Health-Care Bill

Council passes bans on tents and shopping carts in parks

Detroit 3 raise Asian currency issues

I got to laugh when Clyburn was asked

Ex-vegan target of 'pie assault'


E-Mails Show Drug Sting May Have Been Stopped For Political Reasons

Bed-Sitting Bans "Demeaning"

US Begins Kandahar Operations

Only 3% of Liberals Oppose Passing the Current HCR Bill

Rachel Just Called Out Stupak Again But I Wish She Would Call Out My Congressman (Lipinsk-IL)......

Medicare buy in

Calling SwampRat !!! - Need Your Artistry On The "Demon Pass"...

A $65,000 raise?! State workers outraged over Assembly pay boosts

The for profit health insurance system is the best system ever

Head of 'birther' movement (Orly Taitz) runs for Calif. office (Secretary of State)

KS drops covenant marriage provision. Finally something right...

One of these days...

Victory At Last?

Today is Evacuation Day

Ok... I Will Support The Passage Of This Pin-Pricked Condom That Is Being Sold As HCR ...

Obama Picks Kansas to Win it all!!! I love this president

State Medical Examiner To Lose Job After Drug Bust

I don't know squat about college basketball...can you help me fill in my brackets?

Sinead O'Connor & the Chieftains- The Foggy Dew, WAR WAR and MORE WAR...St. Patrick's Day!

Have you filled out the Census? Are you now a felon?

Lady donates $700 tax refund to Haitian

Sen. Alexander on Obama education blueprint :"We asked you for it, and we'll now take it from here."

Obama defends 'Louisiana purchase'

AFL-CIO Chief, Called To White House Over Last Minute Health Care Flare Up

Government run health care ran by private health insurance companies...

Are Christian schools allowed to have a political agenda? How about the Teachers?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day

California Voters finally realize they shoulda coulda woulda got GARY COLEMAN for GOVERNOR

CNN poll needs some love.

Retired Catholic bishop endorses health care bill

So if there NEVER was to be a Public Option

Now the fight really begins!

ARRESTED! That guy who badly beat the women who rebuffed him in a bar

Jon Stewart just compared "deem-and-pass" to a drug mule

Jon Stewart just compared "deem-and-pass" to a drug mule

The Great Catholic Coverup - The pope's entire career has the stench of evil about it.

Homo empathicus?

What do Democrats do when premiums shoot up 40%?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day

After Calling Self-Executing Rule Unconstitutional, GOPer Admits He Previously Voted For It

Unwanted dogs set on fire, survive

Detroit to close 45 schools. Osborn, Finney, Kettering, Southwestern, Cooley...

We will now be forced to buy Gold China and Jets for people who profit off the sick and dying.

GOP loses control of First US Circuit Court of Appeals as US Senate confirms O. Rogeriee Thompson

ACLU sues to obtain basic data, legal justification for Predator drone program

Guardian UK: Utah bill reduces women to incubators

What are people's thoughts abt Ca.'s Prop 14? Greatest thing in the world

German Chancellor Merkel: "Sexual abuse of children ... is an abhorrent crime." - DER SPIEGEL

Anyone up for something completely different? I have an upcoming interview with John Perkins

Dennis generously gives back money to FDL

Uber-Winger Rep. Steve King (R-IA) calls for mass civil disobedience to stop HCR

DNA testing confirms Haitian couple are parents of baby sent to U.S.

Don't Mess With Texas ... Textbooks! By Chuck Norris

Stories about TEACHERS you may not have heard

Chessboxing? For real? I just saw this on Colbert, and apparently it is real.

Largest Theft Of Prescription Drugs Tied To Home-Grown Militia and Government Takeover Plans

Rush Limbaugh is having a cow...

Answer me a question. If we dont have the votes to "fix it now" how can we expect a "fix it later"?

If health care fails......

China publishes Human Rights Record of the United States

Most disgusting thread EVAH!1 (so sorry). Mr & Ms Johnny EDWARDS -AND- human joke Harold FORD, Jr!1

Dennis Kucinich will return money to donors.

One opinion shared by HRC backers and Republicans

Our government couldn't put forth...

Another dumb facebook group

Joe Conason: GOP "shocked" by Pelosi's use of "deem and pass" (they've used it over 100 times)

WTF?!: NYTimes Fails to Report Fed Judge's Finding on 'Unconstitutional' ACORN Defunding Legislation

Kucinich on Larry King live now n/t

Anybody here seen my old friend Martin? Can you tell me where he's gone? He freed a lot of people...

The only representation you have in Congress is through a Corporation....

The United States should abolish the minimum wage!

Get a brain morans!

1,000 Words About Uganda

Selfish Evil Teabaggers Throw Money at Man With Parkinson's Disease!

"Teach the controversy" in US history

Social Immobility: Climbing The Economic Ladder Is Harder In The U.S. Than In Most European Countrie

How low can CNN sink?

Anyone for shipping a whole bunch of Toyotas to the mountains of Afghanistan?

Why do I keep hearing That Tx. buys the most school books?

Biden: Dick Morris is quick to point out every time I put my Foot in My Mouth, Well Dick...

Who draws up these districts?

What happens when suicidal Democratic politicians leave Americans unrepresented?

Orly Taitz qualifies as legitimate candidate for Calif. secretary of state

Nissan-Renault eyes tie-up with Daimler

Feinstein Insurance Reform Kicked Out Of Health Care Bill

Remember when George W. Bush divided the world into "Good Guys" and "Bad Guys" with the

Hahahahaha..........Gingrich Broke the Law?

Tom Hanks Angers Conservatives, Comparing 'The Pacific' in World War II to Iraq

The real reason Republicans are so Hell-Bent against HCR?

Newsweek: American May Truly Be In Decline

Boys' club? Parties with free cigars, liquor draw fire from women leaders - Orlando, FL DU the POLL!

Combat dogs take to the skies for secret missions in Afghanistan

Do you think the majority of Americans have good credit?

Lunesta and I part ways after 3 years

An upside to oversleeping due to that stupid time change and being late for work

An upside to oversleeping due to that stupid time change and being late for work

Last election Democrats campaigned on Health Care Reform, what did Republicans campaign on?

Check in here if you're still against this bill

The Anti-Teacher Hysteria ~ Why Teachers' Unions Matter

What class of citizen will you be? Gold, Silver or Bronze?

"a significant water line bursts on average every two minutes" in US

Health Insurance Rate Review Authority Kicked Out of House Reconciliation Bill!

Health Insurance Rate Review Authority Kicked Out of House Reconciliation Bill!

Health Insurance Rate Review Authority Kicked Out of House Reconciliation Bill!

I Call for A Truce On Kucinich Posts

I Call for A Truce On Kucinich Posts

Consumer Reports: Toyota investigation reveals more details in San Diego Prius case (faked runaway!)

Kaiser Foundation: "There's NO QUESTION (health) premiums are still going to keep going up."

You guys see Obama punk this Fox News zomby?

"Stop ObamaCare" -I Saw My First Teabagger In Real Life

House may pass Senate healthcare bill without a direct vote! Obama signs it! It's now the law!

DU this plz: Grayson- HR 4789 lets anyone buy into Medicare.

"Vista Security" malware is a more advanced version of "Anti Virus 2000"

Record Number of Tax Filers Paid No Federal Income Taxes in 2008

I ask you this: Have we forgotten how to see the good in things?

Wonder if all these people are all lying about their "fixed" runaway Toyotas?

Wonder if all these people are all lying about their "fixed" runaway Toyotas?

Think REAL: The only Mandate is on the American people to pay insurance companies

O.K., Let's Say I Am Mandated To Buy Insurance, And I Refuse. Now What?

Is America broken beyond repair?

"Did you hear that, Dennis?" should have been "Did you hear that, Joe?"

"Did you hear that, Dennis?" should have been "Did you hear that, Joe?"

Fear of Embarrassment is not a reason to pass a Mandate on the American People

All Edie Needed was a Hug. MUST WATCH!!!!!!! xpost from Pets group

Access to affordable medical treatment will decide the fate of democrats

Healthcare reform is going to blow up in our faces

French Game Show Pushes Players to "Kill" - 82% of contestants willingly "killed" fake opponent

Revealed: Ashcroft, Tenet, Rumsfeld warned 9/11 Commission about ‘line’ it ’should not cross’

Dennis Kucinich appreciation thread.

Katrina and the Lost City of New Orleans (rather long story)

Michele Obama single handedly does more for real health care than entire US Congress

Hate to say it, but Tweety was right on with deem and pass.

And, then what?

OH I didn't mean you...said to me by a family memeber on a rant against public schools.

Obama in a bow tie?

Blaming the Food Industry

Blaming the Food Industry

Keepin' kidz stoupid

85% of the monies taken in from by insurance companies has to go to health

Video of Tea Party freaks mocking man with parkinson's

Walgreens: no new Medicaid patients as of April 16

Stupak dismisses nuns’ letter: I don’t listen to them, I listen to ‘leading bishops’

Colorado Caucuses - The Rising Tide of Anti-Incumbency

Newly Released FBI Documents Support Explosive Claims by Former FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds

Monsanto admits their technology doesn’t work!

tea baggers mock and scorn Parkinson's pt

Man gets $95,000 after grill ripped from mouth for mugshot, cop/teeth-puller demoted

How fucking stupid would it be fair to call you if you designed a system in which .....

Co-pay, deductible, and premium cost...what stops them from skyrocketing?

A $10 per hour employee will benefit tremendously from this bill

DOT Puts Bike, Pedestrian Projects on Par with Roads, Transit

$10 an hour? Try $8 an hour while caring for a family that the government refuses to recognize.

This health reform process proves one thing all to true

This health reform process proves one thing all to true

Insurer targeted HIV patients to drop coverage

CBS News Channel 5 Arizona has announced that Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Kucinich and the Media

Newly diagnosed with Stage I Breast cancer, can company really stop me from attending medical appt?

Insurer targeted HIV patients to drop coverage

Insurer targeted HIV patients to drop coverage

Insurer targeted HIV patients to drop coverage

Dennis Kucinich is voting YES in order to Free the Hostages....nothing more.

Dennis Kucinich is voting YES in order to Free the Hostages....nothing more.

An adventurous day in health care for Hoot...

Personally I think the public option charade was cruel.

Will employers continue to offer medical insurance if workers are mandated to buy it?

Now Bernanke Wants To Eliminate Reserve Requirements Completely

Damn, they passed the jobs bill

Question about the cause of Irish unification.

Question about the cause of Irish unification.

As long as we keep denying that poverty is a root problem we'll continue to suck.

The end of the Progressive wing

All Black People Asked To Leave Walmart Over Loud Speaker

Loud Sex Reason Enough to Enter and Search Your Home

Va. set to challenge federal health-care reform legislation

Socialists are looking good in Brazil too. Eat it, suckas.

Kucinich's reversal is a good sign

Which would you be more proud of if passed, Senate Health Care Reform or Grayson's Medicare Buy in?

Authorities: Prius seen with flashing brake lights (maybe he didn't fake a runaway?)

Education Secretary Duncan: Ban NCAA teams with low grad rates

Jon Walker: It‘s Not That the Health Care Bill Does Too Little Good, It’s That It Does Too Much Harm

If you like your insurance and want to keep it..BS of the nth degree

With all of the $10 talk, let's remember one other thing. There are NO monthly subsidies.

Canada health care needed a nuclear bone scan done today cost about 15 dollars for parking. I will

OK, one last time, how will the Health Care Reform Bill help me pay my medical bills?

Grayson: PO -"NOW"- Medicare Expansion Act, with 70-(UPDATE 74)-Co-Sponsors

Have any of the supporters of this HCR bill lived on $10 /hr? Yeah, didn't think so

A Lot of Misinformation at DU Tonight.

Are you paying attention? Another big chess move...

A reminder of what $10 an hour looks like

One HUGE but rarely mentioned problem with HCR - Erosion of employer-based coverage

REMINDER: Poll - Only 37% of Dems Support Health Care Mandate Without Public Option, Medicare Buy-In

The Top Ten Immediate Benefits You'll Get When Health Care Reform Passes

Michael Moore's sad but very true message

Orwell rolls in his grave - a MUST see documentary.

Here's Something I Posted A Couple Of Days Ago That Even People Who Can't Stand Me Like:

Can I say something to lighten up the mood on here. My boss saw the

Can I say something to lighten up the mood on here. My boss saw the

Can I say something to lighten up the mood on here. My boss saw the

Alaskan chillbilly....

How About If Obama Caves Into Public Opinion?

How About If Obama Caves Into Public Opinion?

When did this Become DLC Underground?

So do we have to dump Obama before we can get a public option?

Blanche, is raising the estate tax threshold to $10 million with Jon Kyl 'right for Arkansans?'

Chutzpah Watch

Hypocrisy: A Parliamentary Procedure

Alexander Hamilton Was Always At War With Eastasia

PPP polling: Support for health care is UP!!! new numbers coming tomorrow

HaHaHaHaHaHa... Shadegg-R spouting Kucinich talking points on TV

Tea Party Contest

Breaking News! Congress passes an ACTUAL BILL!

"Nervous Tea Partiers See Possible Democratic Win on Health Care."

Warren Ballentine: There thinking about passing this health care reform bill WITHOUT a vote

PROOF that some GOP supporters are 100% insane!!!!!

Greg Sargent's Plumline: More from Kucinich on his decision...

Here I go, stirrin' shit again...

"The media myth of Obama's "falling poll numbers"

AP "fact check" headline falsely suggests people would pay higher premiums under health care reform

If you hear "they are passing HCR without a vote", the person is mistaken or lying

Reid: Some CBO Numbers to Be Available at Special Senate Caucus Today at 12:30PM

Oberstar will back final bill

Catholic nuns urge passage of Obama's health bill

See a list of swing Democratic representatives here:

"What's in it for me?"

What is the logic of the delay implementing many parts of HCR???

Why does Ben Nelson have a D after his name.

"It's too late baby, now, it's too late"

The National Organization for Women Political Action Committee endorses Connie Saltonstall

TPM's David Kurtz: CBO Score Coming

Anyone have a decent consolidated list of fors/againsts/unknowns on HCR?

Oberstar (MN) and Kildee (MI) will back final bill. Stupak's coalition is cracking.

Watching the process of getting HCR to pass, one cannot help but wonder about our history

would the RNC really be that stupid

Janet Napolitano halts Mexico fence plan

BREAKING HARD-Intrade has the HCR bill passing at 79.6!

"Obama's health-care reform speech in Ohio convinces a few skeptics"

Rising Tide for Health Care Reform, Especially Among Dems

Why Rossi won’t run

Teachers union endorses Hanabusa

Massey to drop Congressional bid

Romney Wades Into SC Primary

Kuchinich is a Yes

Oh COME ON Obama!!!!!!

Clyburn: I'm not thinking about a bunch of WHAT IF'S!!!

Progressivism Means Make Progress

Obama's Fox News interview: President says voters won't be fooled

Awesome site: Benefits of Health Care Reform, District by District Impact

**** BREAKING HARD!**** The Streams Have Crossed! (Gallup Daily Tracking)

** Heads Up: Rep. Kucinich Makes a Statement, LIVE! (and he said "yes!") **

Obama Restores Former Pentagon Line of Succession

Jobs Bill Poised To Clear Senate, Head To Obama

Dems play nice with tea partiers

Cyclical Craziness

Hey now! Bret Baier is one "tough cookie" journo. Remember how he grilled W? (VIDEO)

Is anyone else watching the President's interview on Faux News now? Could Bret Baier be any ruder?

Domenici Jr. Flier In New Mexico Brags Of "Great Success" At Convention -- Only To Lose At The Event

Poll: Liberals Entirely United Behind Passing Health Bill

Time's Kate Pickert: So, Speaker Pelosi, Where's the CBO Score?

So the rethugs want the Supreme Court to overturn the health care as UNCONSTITUTIONAL

What the Fuck!!!!! My Congressman is on the fence???!!!!!


Tell Gerry Connolly D-VA that he need to support HCR NOW

I'm so sick of the fighting over healthcare I just want it to be over!

DAMN!!! I though Big Dog was good at taming the RETHUGS

#1 search on Yahoo is "Health care." #2 search is "birthers."

Welcome to America! Clash over healthcare in the streets outside Rep. Kilroy's office (OH). (VIDEO)

Taking advantage of Health Care Reform, a practical guide...

Enough of this HCR Crap -- Obama Picks His NCAA Brackets

I thought this pooling idea was out, but if its in then isn't that a Public Option?

Roll Call: Sunday Health Care Vote Increasingly Likely

Guilty of Practicing Good Government

AP: Catholic Nuns Urge Passage of Obama's Health Bill

Congressman Grayson's summary of the PUBLIC OPTION and he WANTS IT NOW!

Congressman Grayson's summary of the PUBLIC OPTION and he WANTS IT NOW!

The Nation editorial: "For all these reasons, we support passage of the bill"

Netanyahu's brother-in-law calls Obama 'anti-Semitic' (mentions Rev. Wright)

I'm sending Dennis Kucinich a contribution along with a Thank You letter!

Can I get an "Amen" for Dennis Kucinich?

Dem Rep: Reconciliation Bill Looks Like Obama's Proposal

Via Ezra Klein: Capital Gains and Games: House Heath Reform Votes to Occur Saturday

Is Barack Obama a Keynesian or Freidman Follower?

Dennis Kucinich speaks for me

These reforms ensure that no one will have to face financial ruin because of high health care costs

I just created a Facebook group to tell my Congressman to Vote for HCR

Last minute flare up on health care according to Sam Stein

Obama owned Baier on Fox

I'll say it. I wish Dennis Kucinich got something from Obama for his "yes" vote.

Hawaii considering law to ignore Obama 'birthers'

Kucinich: “I left it with a real sense of compassion for our president and what he’s going through.”

Gallup on Obama 3/17/2010: Disapprove 47%, approve 46%. HCR effect?

Driehaus Opposes HCR

I love the smell of desperation in the morning!

Photos: The Green Party (The Obama Presidency, Day 422)

The Top Ten Immediate Benefits You'll Get When Health Care Reform Passes

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Isn't A Train

Demand a Vote on the Public Option: Grayson website. Letter to Pelosi here.....

Michael Moore's rant: "There are some good things in this bill."

Nation’s Leading Economists Urge Congress To Pass Health Insurance Reform

Obama's first term will move the Supreme Court to the right

Idaho first to sign law against health care reform

Fox News' Bret Baier interrupted President Obama multiple times (VIDEO COMPILATION)

Oh Boy. They're Threatening To Use The Supreme Court To Overturn Healthcare

Okay guys, I did A LOT of work on this--could we use it? Please rec. it too.

What is up with MccTaTas and the penis threads?

Ocillation...can be fun (seriously, check out these electro pioneers)

Auscultation......can be fun!

Maceration......can be fun!

Orchestre National de Jazz - No Quarter

Plant / Page - Kashmir

Plant / Page - The Rain Song


?uestlove +Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones + Ben Harper

Ben Harper - Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)

Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You

Serious LOST question (spoilies)

Has anyone here changed underwear as a career successfully ?

A feel good moment...

The Six Degrees of Ben Bernanke

The Six Degrees of Paul Krugman

The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

The Six Degrees of Francis Bacon

An Irish Blessing:

Well, I looked in the Lounge refrigerator ... and although I found lots of

Pick a Patrick

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone..

NYC/St. Patrick's Day. Doesn't feel the same without Captain Jack McCarthy

The Six Degrees of Keith Olbermann

Dupe. nt.

Once again, I wish everyone a Happy St. Corgan's Day.

This could be my greatest post ever!

6 degrees of bananas....

Yo Symarip, I found some Reggae for you!!!

"Vista Security" malware is a more advanced version of "Anti Virus 2000"

"Say something once, why say it again?"

2010 might be the year of reunion shows from bands who don't suck

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, an old favorite!

For your amusement: kitty chases laser dot.

Helen Gallagher singing, "Oh, Danny Boy"

Love in a cold climate lethal for couple

Dear Steve Jobs, keep your Apple flavored iFail. I want this:

Wow... Even the "homeless, out of work hungry" rejects my offer of food

The Six Degrees of Rush Limbaugh

The Six Degrees of Sarah Palin

The Six Degrees of Granny D.

Bone Thugs N Harmony tis back!

has anyone seen BeachBaby?

If I wear green today...

Anti-Irish discrimination. I demand end to apostrophe denial

How many of you use Ivory soap because it floats in the lake?

Sorry, Anglophiles. John Lennon was Irish.

Happy Saint Vlastimil Day Everyone!

Other than seeing that duck go free, name something that's in your Bucket List

So ummm- Orange you glad its St. Patrick's day?

Finnegan's Wake

A New Musician's Dictionary

Do you think Pat Robertson is attractive?

If I Should Fall From Grace With God

I rule you!

Hey Jude- Awesome version

Schrödinger's Barbershop


What did Radar O'rielly say as he was giving his four leaf clover to a soldier

st pats day thought- will those making a fuss today

Don't pour cold water on me

St. Patty's Day with the Muppets. Enjoy! (Danny Boy)

Baked a loaf of braided Challah

The Chieftains

The green beer is fun and all, but how about a moment of repect in honor of a great man?

More lizard drama on Phoebe cam

This video is dedicated to Old Mr. Rabbit

Mogwai - Batcat

I'm So Old, I Can Remember When Milk Was Discovered.

Kiss me I'm Irist?

Call me stupid, but Liz Cheney is hot

Poll question: how many use Dial?

I am now officially sick of corned beef.

So I won't be accused of no wearin' o' the green

Fuck it, Raise a pint

People who Dont Consistently Use Turn Signals (Blinkers) are Douche Bags.

Oriental cooks-How popular is egg drop soup in China? I know we here in the US

House where Britney Spears was put on "5150 Hold" by paramedics drops asking price by $2.5M

PHOTO: "OK, so let me see...point at YOUR head? No? MINE? Oh, okay...then press what? Button? Me?"

What if 3/4 of Texas seceded from the union?

Johnny Tarr

We're gonna be having a special dinner in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

G'mornin' Da' I'm in jail


Illinois budget mess resulting in my work hours being cut as of July 1

I'm on my 5th pint and it is only 1030 AM!

Is there a 'Books' forum on DU?

Video from The Onion: "Boy’s Tragic Death Could Have Happened To Any Family With 20-Foot Pet Python"

Survey: Jay Leno's "Negative Q Rating" (unlikability factor) zooms from from 26 to 35

For the record, let me state, I am NOT Irish.

Groovy picture

Irish Pub Jokes

Do you have people in your life who wish bad things for you?

Triumph or BTO

Things to say during sex.

Who put the overalls in Mrs. Murhpy's chowder?

Do you think Bruce Willis is attractive?

Getting ready to start the corned beef cooking. Who else is having a boiled dinner tonight? :^) Also

Getting ready to start the corned beef cooking. Who else is having a boiled dinner tonight? :^) Also

You might be Irish if....

Nothing says springtime like a penis festival

Broken Bells - OK we're talking another Sgt Pepper, another OK Computer, another Dark Side...

The Nightmare Before St. Patrick's Day

I have nothing to add.

Call me hot, but Liz Cheney is stupid

Witness - Screaming Trees

No, we got nothin' to hide. We're married to the same bride.

"We have no heads!"

Dog checks himself in to the hospital...xPost from Pets Group

it's a hoot what a soporific a patch of sunshine is to a dog.

Modern Family: Moon landing vs. a splash down.

Chromium Picolinate

So today I go to Souper Salad for lunch and found out that anyone over 55 gets a discount.

Is there any (equalizing) contest for the NCAA women's championship?

Betty White is on Larry King right now.

Kiss me. I'm Irish

Kiss me. I'm Irish

The Replacements - Alex Chilton

OMC - The new Star Trek movie was total fucking shit, but watching it now on BluRay

Any fans of The Waterboys here?

OMG I'm ready to SCREAM!Dingbats and Facebook don't mix.

I'm so old I can remember when milk was invented.

What handkerchief!? I didn't see a handkerchief!

Singer Alex Chilton passes at 59 of suspected heart attack...

Who likes that booty look?

Mmmmm! Oranges!

Post your "An Englishman, a Scotsman, and an Irishman" jokes (or the like)

Anyone else getting the "matrix" version of DU?

Night Street

Old friend's dad is very ill

St. Pat's Day has me thinking about the mental power of ethnicity.

Love is blind, or perhaps pretty nearsighted

Guitarist John Cipollina with the Dead

Have you ever been jonesing for a bowl...

Buzz is on, any of you Micks wanna fight?

Buzz is on, any of you Micks wanna fight?

Are you wearing green today?

What if 1/4 of Texas annexed the other 3/4 of Texas?

Who are you picking to win the NCAA tournament?

Triumph or BMW?

Any corporate slogans you truly hate?

Can we get a list of Irish movies here? My children's definition of an Irish movie?

This St. Patrick's Day let us remember Bobby Sands.

Can I write 1,000,000 people live in my home, in my census reply?

Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" - full series here.

I don't know squat about college basketball...can you help me fill in my brackets?

Goodbye DU

Iggy Pop scares away Jehova's Witnesses

Ride along in the cockpit of an A-10. And BYOBB

did your parents help you buy your first house? or did you help your kids?

Do you think Robert Pattinson is attractive?

Outrageous, unprofessional, unacceptable behavior!

16 y/o's getting tattoos. What stoopid tattoo would you bear now had you done this at 16?

Are you Irish?

Just heard the first sound of spring

Dungeons & Dragons

For the first time I think the House will fold and we will not have a bill until after the Nov

EU hedge fund curbs dropped after Brown intervention

The Gay Terrorist

OAS denounces vote-buying in Colombia's parliamentary elections

Amnesty attacks ‘torture’ exports

Sex scandal embroils Catholic Church in Brazil

EU expresses concern over growing protectionism in China

Xerox Launches Innovation Hub in India

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer: 'We're Going to Have a Clean Up or Down Vote'

Grayson's Medicare Expansion Act, with 70-(UPDATE 74)-Co-Sponsors

Gordon Brown admits evidence at Iraq Inquiry was wrong

Pakistani court charges 5 Americans with terrorism

Tom Hanks Angers Conservatives, Comparing 'The Pacific' in World War II to Iraq

Insurer targeted HIV patients to drop coverage

Abuse of pain pills by troops concerns Pentagon

Face of Argentine military repression defiant in court

Would U.S. forces kill or capture bin Laden?

EU attacks 'optimistic' economic outlooks

AIG Draws $2.2 Billion More From Treasury to Bolster Units

AIG Draws $2.2 Billion More From Treasury to Bolster Units

NY governor starts delaying tax refund payments

Colombia voters elect political novices with possible links to death squads

Colombia voters elect political novices with possible links to death squads

(Scott) Murphy: I’m still undecided (NY-20)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday March 17

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday March 17

US freezes funds for 'virtual' border fence with Mexico

Toyota mulls fix for stalling in 1.2M Corolla, Matrix models (computer flaws)

Cuba police detain 30 women at Havana protest

Minutemen plan to bring attention to United States-Mexico border strife

More than 100 complaints lodged over fixed Toyotas

State prison numbers drop for 1st time since 1972

Haitian 'orphans' taken by missionaries reunited with parents

Detroit to Close One-Quarter of Schools

CIA chief: Al-Qaeda crippled, leaders hiding

Women, girls rape victims in Haiti quake aftermath

Workers' share of health care costs spiked 70% in 10 years, study finds

Hawaii Mulls Law to Ignore Obama 'Birthers'

Iran and Pakistan agree 'historic' pipeline deal

Senate Dems meet to ensure fixes

Work to cease on 'virtual fence' along U.S.-Mexico border

Private school students' gay-bashing not free speech, court rules

US wants Osama bin Laden alive, US commander in Afghanistan says

Jobs Bill Passes in Senate With 11 Votes From Republicans

Obama reverses Bush on Pentagon succession

ABC News Exclusive: Study Shows Money Flooding into Campaigns for State Judgeships

Obama's health care plan picks up support

Obama's health care plan picks up support

If bin Laden is found, he'll be killed, Holder says

Catholic nuns urge passage of Obama's health bill

Nigeria Violence: 12 Christians Killed, Tongues Cut Out

Rep. Dennis Kucinich to vote "yes" on health care

Head of Birther Movement Runs for Calif. Office

Toyota official: Prius in NY crash yielding data

Senate passes Kerry provision to help crack down on offshore tax havens

States preparing to sue over HCR

Why the fuck do you have a kid?

U.S. hopes Obama trip will boost trade with Indonesia

No CBO score tonight, Pelosi's office says

Cardinal apologizes for child abuse 'failures'

Hacker Disables More Than 100 Cars Remotely

NRC plans special inspection of cracking at Davis-Besse nuclear power plant

Wal-Mart probing racist store announcement

Thom Hartmann - Jesse Ventura on

Thom Hartmann - The good. The bad. And the very very ugly.

Message to Young Trade Unionists

Thom Hartmann - Is it child abuse to teach w/ religious textbooks?

Mrs. Rhonda Smith Testifies on Sudden Unintended Acceleration

RFK, Jr. and Sheldon Whitehouse Talk Job Creation

Papantonio: Healthcare, Republicans Lose the Fight

Kaine: American People Want Results Not Mitch McConnells Procedural Tricks.

Health Care Reform Human Factors

REWORK: America's Book (A funny attack on Rove's crappy book, while marketing a different book)

Papantonio: Whine Republicans, Whine

The Land of Ironic Twists: Healthcare Crash

Young teabagger flips out!

Rachel Maddow fact-checks JD Hayworth. Bottom line: he was lying, of course

Vintage Conservative Nonsense: Monty Python & the Life of Brian controversy

Tim Ryan: Let's Start Over On Health Care

Teabaggers whine about pro-healthcare forces stealing their protest! LOL

AIG Draws Another $2.2 Billion from Treasury

Obama To Fox News: "I'm Confident This Will Pass"

Rachel Maddow & Anthony Weiner discuss the final days before HCR

Health Reform in No Uncertain Terms

Minutemen Exposed!

Geithner vs Maddow pt.1

Dogfucker Santorum is worried that Obama is going to Indonesia

Congressman Pence Calls Teabaggers "Despicable" For Mocking Man With Parkinson's. "But..."

Kucinich Will Support Obama Health Overhaul

Hitler Finds Out Jerry Brown is Running for Governor

President Obama vs FOX News pt.1 Newsweek described the enounter as a "interrupt-a-thon."

TYT: Right Wing Textbooks Coming To Students Across The US

Sen Bernie Sanders: That Is Immoral! That Is Wrong! ..he covers Wall St,The Fed and corruption.

John Nichols on Journalism: Is this the era of the nitwit?

Rep. Alan Grayson: We Have 74 Cosponsors For The "Medicare You Can Buy Into" Act

Single Payer activists attack the real enemy of health care..Howard Dean.

Tea Partiers Mock And Scorn Apparent Parkinson's Victim

Obama To Bret Baier "You Keep on Interrupting"

TYT Interviews: Red Families V. Blue Families (Research on Social Conservatives & Sexual Morality)

TYT: Fox News - Ban Lady Gaga w/ Beyonce? (Video)

Robert Scheer: Lame Bill From a Lame Duck (Financial reform)

Amy Goodman: NYC’s Jihad Against Debbie Almontaser

American Democratic Example

Policy Battle Over Afghan Peace Talks Intensifies

Christian Soldiers

Why Consumers Can’t Trust the Fed

"Obamacare" post going around on Facebook---these are the people Obama is compromising with

"War Is the Health of the State"

The new "forgotten" war

Dirty little secrets

Tea partiers deride apparent Parkinson's victim.

The Unnatural Way We Work

fact sheet on impact of HCR by Democratic Congressional district

Undecided Democrats hold power over health bill - (I included their contact pages)

Will Petraeus Give AEI the “Hardest Truth” at the Irving Kristol Award ceremony for 2010?

The Biggest Dump in the World ..... The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Wall Street's Revenge on Jon Stewart: A Takeover of 'Jonco'

Germans Cringe at Hitler's Popularity in Pakistan

FOX News Distorts Even Obama's NCAA Tournament Picks

Why I'm Voting 'Yes'

Jim Crow Redux: Is mass incarceration the ‘new racial caste system’?

Hendrik Hertzberg: Armey Flunks Pop Quiz

Sibel Edmonds case: New Docs Confirm Major Criminal Investigations of Turkish Operatives in Chicago

Never Give a Sucker an Even Break

Obama's Broken Promise: Federal Agencies Not More Transparent Under Obama Administration

Independent UK: Obama won't restrain Israel - he can't

In It For The Money? Conservative PAC Spends Big, But Not On Candidates

Harper's magazine: The Vanishing Liberal: How the Left Learned to Be Helpless

Navy Taps Oceans for Power

Moscow cries foul over limited access to Arctic deposits

Drumbeat: March 17, 2010

The Biggest Dump in the World

SW Chinese Drought Pulls Down Water Table To Point That Kunming Airport's Only Runway Cracking

National Intelligence Council Releases Projections On Climate Impacts On Caribbean Nations To 2030

IL Senate passes bill permitting new nuclear plant construction

How likely is it we'll break 1998's global temperature record this year?

Layered Graphene Sheets Could Solve Hydrogen Storage Issues

Nuclear Energy Frequently Asked Questions

Nissan plans to sell Leaf EV in Japan for US $34K - $38.8K

NCDC/NOAA Update - February 2010 Ocean Temps 2nd Warmest Feb. Recorded; Combined Avg. 5th-Warmest

Butterflies 'fly early as planet warms'

Butterflies 'fly early as planet warms'

High Arctic species on thin ice - 26 per cent decline in species populations in the high Arctic

Big Energy hypes offsets to avoid carbon cap, taxes

A Setback for Geoengineering? - Mother Jones

Prescribed burns may help reduce U.S. carbon footprint

New analysis points to ivory enforcement failures in parts of Africa, Asia

Future includes many feedstocks for biodiesel

GM’s Fuel Cell System Shrinks in Size, Weight, Cost (Production-Intent for 2015 Commercialization)

Underwater Cable an Alternative to Electrical Towers

Secretary Chu's piece on energy efficiency

UN Can't Even Agree To Non-Binding Resolution To Protect Sharks After China, Japan, Russia Object Is Nuclear Energy Safe?

Federer upset by Baghdatis at Indian Wells

Skins Sign Sexy Rexy

President Obama's Bracket

Derek Anderson to Cardinals, Charlie Whitehurst to Seattle

Reports: Rule on blindside hits in works (NHL)

NFL owners to vote next week on giving both teams a possession in overtime

I loves me some Obama ..... NCAA picks

Redskins sign Rex Grossman

What are your thoughts on the NCAA expanding the BB tournament to 96 teams?

Curt Shilling on Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds...

Rangers manager Ron Washington tested positive for cocaine last July

Iowa fires basketball coach Lickliter after third straight losing season

Peru’s new Fokkers

Colombia voters elect political novices with possible links to death squads

Face of Argentine military repression defiant in court

Looks like Barbaro's brother will start next in the FL Derby...

Honduras: security forces evict thousands of squatters

Venezuela: Rector's building of the UCV (biggest state university) on fire (first two floors)

OAS denounces vote-buying in Colombia's parliamentary elections

A Colombian kick in the teeth to U.S. Department of Justice

US cruise lines say return to Cuba would take time

Honduras: Poll Proposed by Resistance Challenges Regime

Crisis in US-Israeli relations: Barack Obama must not back down

Settlers to Clinton: We'll never divide Jerusalem

Let’s Fight Over a Big Plan

J Street Launches Campaign Supporting Tough US Stand On Israel

Brazil steps between Israel and Iran

Rachel Corrie's memory, Israel's image (Neve Gordon)

Obama: 'No crisis' in U.S. ties with Israel

Ze'ev Sternhell: The obligation of a true patriot

‘Arab-Israeli conflict hurts US’

Dahlan to Hamas: Join forces against Israel

Lula visits Arafat tomb, officials fume

Jordan's Abdullah: Israel Trying To Rid Jerusalem Of Arabs

Urgent Action Pakistan! foodworkers and the right to food - new UN Report

Today in Labor History Mar 17 No Irish Need Apply, Carpenters union to lead the eight hour movement

UAW : Continued Investment In The Advanced Vehicles Manufacturing Program Could Create 150,000 Jobs

Court rules to reinstate ITUA union leader (Russia)

SEIU Endorses Arlen Specter In PA Democratic Senate Primary

NYT: Flat Pay Upsets N.Y. Sewer Workers (some up to 15 years with no raise)

Economic Report: Recession Makes Workers More Punctual

Toyota Venture Plant’s Union Condemns Severance Terms (gag order)

Police: Man fired, assaults boss

The more I think about it, the more I realize this

Atheist group offers to hold gay friendly prom

Withers: Top 10 gay anti-gay politicians (who got caught doing 'the gay')

Anti-GLBT incumbent crushed in Queens special election.

Update from MS Safe Schools Coalition on Itawamba Ag prom, fyi.

Gays often excluded from medical studies

A matter of perspective when citizens choose guns for self-defense

Sugarmann of VPC getting hammered at Huffington Post.

What to do with 58,000 rounds of ammo? Pewaukee must decide

South Toledo store owner shoots man during apparent robbery

Suspected Robber Shot, Taken To Hospital

Federal judge strikes down college ban on "empty holster" protests

Concealed Carry Permits Skyrocket in Michigan

Should we give up our rights because of the terror threat? ...

Clerk Shoots Would-Be Robber (Video at link)

Intruder shot in Henrico County home

Homeowner Kills Attempted Robber In Driveway Shootout

Convience store clerk shoots, kills suspected robber

Is there a background check required for each of these or just the first one?

7-Year-Old Girl Shot In Head On Southeast Side

Stabbing Victim Speaks Out

Dogwoods near bloom

Black Canyon of the Gunnison (another panorama attempt from film)

Russian parliament approves bill to extend ban on human cloning

New exoplanet like 'one of ours'

Canon 5D Mark-II or Nikon D700? I'm leaning Nikon.

Red in Jupiter’s Spot Not What Astronomers Thought

Glaucoma Starts in the Brain

Robin Hood

Check this out: SEC Charges 'America's Prophet' With Fraud; Investors Sent $6 Million To Psychic

Has anyone heard of a bulldog personal

20 highest radiation cell phones

This is the best prayer in the history of ever.

Florida Family Policy Council pwns themselves

Badly Burned Child Returns Home, family blames-oops, I mean thanks God.

Current Health Care Bill or HR 4789 Better?

Will you TRUST the health insurance companies

Questions for the heart, not the head

Birth is a Rude Interruption of Eternal Consciousness

What is God?

The Excruciating Lack of Financial Reform

Just How Powerful Are The 'Big Four' U.S. Banks? - Obama’s impotent assault on Wall Street.

Big banks being sued in US and in Italy !

Comparing Household Net Worth to Total Credit: U.S. Is Insolvent

My local bank just sent a letter: Availability of deposits will be delayed.

How safe are statins?

The Off-Shored Economy

Turns out it is the BANKS that need Greece to be bailed out.

CNBC anchor breaks SACRED network rule and calls it like it is: Rick Santelli rants

Mark Morford: Dear Texas: Please Shut Up. Sincerely, History

Education secretary Arne Duncan credits basketball with life assist

One Cent Will Save Public Education

Watching Duncan on C-Span3...