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GREEN ZONE Matt Damon....8.8 on my scale....nice way of saying the war was for high profits and

Curbing earmarks: Even with new restrictions, for-profits play a role

Recovery tests Fed's low-rate resolve

Dodd Proposes Dramatic Shake-Up Of NY Fed

Dodd Proposes Dramatic Shake-Up Of NY Fed

Contractors tied to effort to track, kill militants

Text-Ass History Revisionist How can we fight Lone Star IQs?

The Obama Admirer System (today's "American Extremists" comic)

Does anybody here have LINK TV.......

GuardianUK: MPs Step Up Demands For Inquiry Into MI5 Torture Claims

NY Fed Under Geithner Implicated in Lehman Accounting Fraud Allegation

Fight corporate America? Call for HCR? You'll only hurt yourself.

Deep in the bowels of the Politicave, the next edition of The Politico is being mapped out

Walmart Fires Cancer Patient for Legally Using Medical Marijuana

LA Times - "U.S. Chamber of Commerce grows into a political force"

NOAA Extreme Weather Data Base

NOAA Extreme Weather Data Base

Chinese city orders perks for pigs pre-slaughter

Chinese city orders perks for pigs pre-slaughter

How to be credible when discussing Toyota's issues

Casey frustrated by increase in suicides

"The Quittah from Wasilla" Alan Grayson hilarious review of Palin

Keith Olbermann's father passed away over the weekend.

NYC Teacher Sued For Threatening To Out A Nine Year-Old Boy

NYC Teacher Sued For Threatening To Out A Nine Year-Old Boy

IRS visits Sacramento carwash in pursuit of 4 cents

A Joke of a NYT Column by Foghat

MoveOn Fundraising Against Anti-Health Care Dems

MoveOn Fundraising Against Anti-Health Care Dems

Red tape complicates SF mission in Pakistan

Harlequin offers books on Nintendo DS in Japan

Harlequin offers books on Nintendo DS in Japan

Politics Daily: Were Those Iraqi Elections Really Worth The Price?

Meg Whitman brings out the right's favorite boogeyman: Public Employee Unions

DoD Official Tied to Private Spy Effort

Move on student loans could win healthcare votes, House Dems say

another reason to pass health care reform

Misconduct rarely found in servicemember deaths

We Wouldn’t Want To Be Simplistic And Naive, Now, Would We?

We Wouldn’t Want To Be Simplistic And Naive, Now, Would We?

More scandal the Democrats don't need - It is alledged that Edwards' poverty foundation paid Hunter

Next-gen Burkes may push limit of DDG frame

New Senate Bill Tougher on Banks Than Expected

New Senate Bill Tougher on Banks Than Expected

Sick, uninsured and in debt: One man's health care crisis

Johnny Weir, Stars On Ice, Republicans, Strawberry Jam and Homophobia.

Recaps of 60 Minutes from Huffington Post MUST SEE!!!

Recaps of 60 Minutes from Huffington Post MUST SEE!!!

I took the plunge, I made a blog, and here's my first post- About HCR & my surgery tomorrow.

Join Us and Make Wall Street Pay

Monday Would Be a Good Day to Call the House Members & Tell Them You Want a Public Option

The Democrats are defined by their deeds.

Can anyone name one thing Kucinich has accomplished that made the lives

We want what's right, NOT what's left School funding Rally

We want what's right, NOT what's left School funding Rally

What do the daily Kucinich-bashing threads accomplish?

"And the only source of cashing out is the US Treasury and Fed."

Man Who Says He Shot Car Burglar Charged

House Impeaches Judge Thomas Porteous…Only 15th in 207 Years

Contractors tied to effort to track, kill militants

I miss the top ten idiots

Column: Anti-Gay Pastor Shouldn't Be Allowed To Protest At Marine's Funeral

What do you think of people who insult Kucinich looks

Dodd Financial Reform Bill: The Federal Reserve's 'Remarkable Recovery,' New Powers

Boehner does not realize that he's in the minority

Boehner does not realize that he's in the minority

156 Republicans Voted With Democrats More Often Than Dennis Kucinich

Egypt clears way for women judges

We are ALL Americans! Cindy Sheehan interviews Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales

Woman crashes car while shaving

Gallary of wingbats

Family Of Luger Killed At Olympics Will Receive Insurance Money From Games

O'Reilly: You Always Hear Cops Are Picking on African Americans But Whites Are Arrested "Way Higher"

LOL. Freepers in full panic mode

A Prayer For America


update: Vatican chorister and usher in gay prostitution scandal

The sick mind of Dan Riehl

Lessons from the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit vote

City demands "special event" permit (think $$$) for healthcare-now demonstration. ACLU intervenes.

City demands "special event" permit (think $$$) for healthcare-now demonstration. ACLU intervenes.

The Libertarian Ideal

Karl Rove's Book of Lies by Paul Begala

Has Dennis Kucinich Been an Effective Articulator of Progressive Ideals

Has Dennis Kucinich Been an Effective Articulator of Progressive Ideals

Teh Stupid is spreading - Conn. school board member rejects evolution

MoveOn Fundraising Against Anti-Health Care Dems

Support for Kucinich and support for the Afghan war.

Forbidden Fruit: Microsoft Workers Hide Their iPhones

The Rude Oundit: Five Totally Bugfuck Insane Quotes from a Single Glenn Beck Segment

Has Dennis Kucinich Been an Effective Legislator

The Atlantic: It's Like They're Proud Of Being Ignorant

Remarkable speech by the President in Ohio

OBAMA IN OHIO: "We know what will happen if we fail to act." (Video & Transcript)

The Upside of Downsizing

Arizona town opens time capsule, can't find brandy

Let this sink in...

If I was a reporter who was interviewing politicians on record, I would


Obama's ratings are down because the corporate media wants you to think that.

McFarland (CA) to implement daytime curfew for teens

Who can't wait for the HCR shit to be over and done with

Jon Walker: The Senate health bill and Medicare Part D have the same highly corrupt design.

" Inflammatory and divisive with little hope of promoting productive or civil discussion"

San Francisco supes vote to extend smoking ban ( near doorways and windows of offices, shops, etc)

sen. chris dodd speaking....m$nbc & cnn can't be bothered

My kid and fiance got caught in the wait for Obama's motorcade in ohio. Said they waited 15 minutes

A Serial Obstructionist-New Evidence Netanyahu is Consciously Sabotaging Peace Effort

A Serial Obstructionist-New Evidence Netanyahu is Consciously Sabotaging Peace Effort

Glenn Beck ‘has teared up’ during rehearsals, staffers say

Quick poll here - how many DK supporters also voted for Nader in 2000 (or 2004)?

So please tell me. Is a bunch of corporate sellout DLC/Blue Dogs too?

Taxes most people would like:

Aging Reactors Put Nuclear Power Plant 'Safety Cultures' in the Spotlight (must read)

Ohio Tries For 3rd Time To Execute Inmate

NJ mother is determined to become the world's fattest woman.

Lieberman to Obama Admin: STFU!

This Time It's Pregnant Women: Another US Atrocity in the Bush-Obama War in Afghanistan

Rove: "Cleland goes around saying they morphed Osama bin Laden's face into my face, and they didn't"

Call me crazy but are Petraeus and Mullen liberals?


Whoa, John Roberts Asking arne duncan Real Questions on CNN

Pelosi: Passing Health Reform Will Set Stage For Great Debate With GOP

What a waste... stupid teen suicide...

Link to text of health care bill?

Deportations & Mosque Closings: The War on Terror's Domestic Toll

Tea party Congressional targets in the pending Health Care vote...

Some trust fund baby is on my teevee whinging about the jobs bill and tort reform.

So I got a call from a collection agency last week...

OK, who is the liberal prankster telling right wingers not to answer the census?

Texas is a joke

Carrollton man charged with threatening Elton John

Carrollton man charged with threatening Elton John

Carrollton man charged with threatening Elton John

Accountability has just stuck a hand out from it's shallow grave

Kucinich Kucinich Kucinich?

Bachmann: We're Not Going To Obey Health Care Law -- 'We Don't Have To' (VIDEO)

Bachmann: We're Not Going To Obey Health Care Law -- 'We Don't Have To' (VIDEO)

New fashion for dogs with stubby tails. 'Rear Gear' cover of their 'unsightly' parts

Time to Frame The Message

Funeral held for Detroit children killed in Bangor Street fire

I just love Andy Borowitz!

Edwards’ mistress: Presidential run ‘reckless’

Dennis is an "Old" Democrat-which is why the New Democrats hate him

Enigma Wrapped in Rumor: Maliki’s Hospital Visit

"Isn't It Time To Euthanize Reid's Wife?"

Obama losing chance to reshape judiciary

Obama takes Dennis for a ride on Air Force One

Dean Supports the HCR Bill

Has everybody in the state of Virginia gone crazy

Hayworth and Santorum shared the same nightmare last night

Latest RW/Freeper lunacy: Don't answer census questions, they're "unconstitutional".

Goldman Sachs Must Die

xpost - Connie Saltonstall will be live blogging on Crooks and Liars on Wednesday

xpost - Connie Saltonstall will be live blogging on Crooks and Liars on Wednesday

US donations: 1 Billion for Haiti, 100k for Chile, Donor fatigue?

Anyone else watching the Reconciliation Bill Mark Up

Anyone else watching the Reconciliation Bill Mark Up

Know your Democratic Leadership Council (DLC)

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas's wife launches Tea Party group

Rethug AG Orchestrating Fight To Invalidate Health, Energy Reform Floats Support For Birther Lawsuit

Bob Samuels, HuffPo: College Students are Using Credit Cards for Tuition

Briton is recognised as world's first officially genderless person

Rove denies Bush admin said oil would help pay for war

Robert Reich: "Why All House Democrats Must Vote for Health Care Reform"

I learned something today.

I learned something today.

The Corporate media wants you to think Obama's ratings are down and he's losing public support

Monday Toons, Part 1

Monday Toons, Part 3

Without a Medicare like Public Option this bill is not health care reform.

Monday Toons, Part 4

Pelosi: Controversial tactic an 'option' for moving healthcare

Am I hallucinating, or did Tweety

I Love Dennis

One week ago at this time, NPR provided advertising for the Glenn Beck show...

Dick Armey speaks live at the National Press Club. A Drunk, stroke, belligerent. You decide.

Saw a great Ad on Face the Nation

The Blue Angels ... amazing video!

HCR: Politics Is The Art of The Possible

Brief History of Medicare

A teabagger from FB posted this, and I am dying to refute it:

How Biden Could Fix the Senate

Is/was Gerry Adams and the IRA considered terrorists?

Jeffrey Toobin: After Stevens What will the Supreme Court be like without its liberal leader?

Dollars & Sense: Lehman: The Art of the 'Sale'

self delete

MoveOn Fundraising Against Anti-Health Care Dems

Grayson goes for the jugular: ‘Alaskan chillbilly’ smartest GOP leader since W.

UMass Amherst Computer Scientists Develop an Emotion-Sensitive, Computer-based Tutor That Improves G

Robert Bobb (Broad grad) unveils his (?) plan for Detroit Public Schools at 7pm ET - Watch it LIVE

Why All House Democrats Must Vote for Health Care Reform

Breaking: House Budget Committee Just Advanced the HCR Bill

Les électeurs françaises tournent à gauche

Immigrants are drawn to midsize metro areas, study shows

Up Or Down. Democratic Party's Party. 3.15 (Ides Of March)

J.D. Hayworth, just another chickenhawk with an alligator mouth and a hummingbird ass.

Why are Obama's approval ratings so lousy?

GA Gov Hopeful Sets New Bar For How To Not Deny Rumors

Va votes to block enforcement of federal mandates on health insurance

A right-wing earthquake in the making?

Faux & Friends amps up Teh Stupid (re: Texas Board of Education)

Ouch, a Repbublican is talking about Lepercans on CSPAN

Bipartisan jobs bill advances past GOP filibuster

Ah, courage. Where is this fellow when we need him?!

The BLUEPRINT for Education

I just channel-surfed across MSNBC and nearly mistook it for

Catholic Bishops Oppose HCR Bill

AP's slanted coverage of what's happening in Thailand:

Pelosi discusses new option for passing HCR in House and get Reconciliation fix too

Michael Moore on Bravenewfilms tomorrow

I just made up my mind in favor of the bill. Want to see why?

Pa. Bus Driver Charged With Vehicular Homicide

Contractors Tied to Effort to Track and Kill Militants

Studio 360 - My Speech to the Martians

Meeting With Speaker Pelosi, Wrap-Up... Chris Bowers/OpenLeft

"Miss Me Yet" * Billboard - NO painted on sign in NC - big time on local news!

LA Times: 2 Americans and a third victim are killed in Mexico shootings

Michael Moore on both Countdown and Tavis Smiley tonight

Behar, Maddow Among GLAAD Award Recipients

Why is the Dennis Kucinich Supporters Group so deserted?

Public option: In Pelosi's hands

House Budget Committee approves reconciliation bill

The following is the current list of advertisers who have pulled their ads or otherwise taken steps

Can we get rid of this inane 'up or down' vote.. call it what it really is...

A Serial Obstructionist

Where is OUR Joe Lieberman?

The job you won't do: Try working a season in the lettuce fields of Yuma

Looks like they've purged all the MSNBC streaming lnks? Anyone have one

Nancy Pelosi Public Option Ad Hits Her In DC and San Francisco

Airport stops man for T-shirt: "Freedom or Die"

Dog takes bite out of diamond business

Anyone who votes against a critical Democratic bill such as the upcoming HCR bill

I hope DU's righteous brigade of Kucinich bashers

The 'Most Dangerous Democrat' - Guess Who?

Lawrence O'Donnell / Hardball ---Interview with Michael Moore coming up

Layoffs cause home owners to default, to pay no property taxes

In At Least One Way, The Coming HCR Vote Will Be Supremely Ironic...

Clarence Thomas AND his wife are nothing but a huge disgrace

John Boner and Mitch McConman write an article full of lies for the WSJ

The PCCC Ad on Big Ed's show is extremely misleading (Senate doesn't have 51 votes for PO)

Seems like some have forgotten what Obama said about the PO

Let me shed a few crocodile tears: Alas, poor Orly, the 11th Circuit has upheld sanctions

Federal appeals court reinstates limits on ads for legal brothels

This rethug is trying to put Rachel down and said her researcher needs to do a better job

If you stand with Congressman Kucinich, click here to help KILL THE BILL

Farmington Hills Sam's Club is hiring - Anybody wanna bet on the number of applicants?

Monday Toons, Part 5

WTF? Email alert from Tucson's KOLD News 13: Palin to campaign with McCain in Tucson

Why has Rachel invited this obnoxious RW jackass on

Supreme Court riven by partisan politics ("Stevens gave me every indication that he will leave")

New Health Care Whip Count: 191 Yes, 206 No (204-208 With Leaners) - FDL

New Health Care Whip Count: 191 Yes, 206 No (204-208 With Leaners) - FDL

Politics hasn't really changed in 2000 years

Progressives Who Don’t Honor Their Pledge: Corporatists In Sheep’s Clothing

Update on the Hummingbird hatchlings

Austin American-Statesman: Vote some sense into state board

Hummingbird-cam update - her link was hijacked! New link inside...

Chavez mocks US 'self-righteous' attitude

I love them both

CBS - "U.S. Chamber to run anti-health-reform ads"

Cancer Patient Fired by Walmart for Legally Using Medical Marijuana

Orly Taitz Approves Threats Against Judge's Grandchildren

How do you rate Obama's first SCOTUS appointee thus far?

One bankster apprehended! Thousands more at large...

Monsanto and its mad scientists assholes admit their GM cotton is a failure.

RNC Blacks Out ‘Paid for by RNC’ Line on Tea Party Signs

J.D. Hayworth out-crazies Rick Santorum: Gay marriage law could lead to ‘man on horse’ unions

Just joined a new Facebook group...

The Financial Crisis: What Have We Learned So Far?

Have you had this problem?

Justice's wife launches 'tea party' group

Vatican Admits: Most Priests Accused of Sex Crimes were NEVER Tried

Suit claims police harass journalists and bystanders

Christiane Amanpour Offered 'This Week' Hosting Job On ABC

Significant improvement in Indo-China relationship: Rao

Sonoma's 13-time DUI loser

Other cars have sudden acceleration issues

Obama in more trouble than Netanyahu over Iran - We HAVE Votes for Public Option!

What Prius driver really wanted was publicity for his website

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Obama education plan to push competitive funding

Georgia Supreme Court rebuffs sex offender registry challenge

Republican doctor decides to run against Stupak

Are Wall Street CEO's Worth The Money?

Wake Up, America!

"Adam Smith unswayed by Chamber ad blitz on health bill"- HCR the first casualty of Citizens United?

For all those that believe in prayer...

Big Ed to Bernie Sanders:"Is there enough good in this bill to for the Democrats to pass HCR as is?"

J.D. Hayworth is an idiotic asshole

Directv's What's Hot: Pacific Zone: The Rachel Maddow Show #2

Toshiba reads minds with new brain-wave device

Dick Fuld is going to be bankrupted and he’s going to spend the rest of his life

Let's call for impeachment of three of the Supreme Court justices

Ed Shultz: "White House Made a Deal with the Devil" to dump PO

DVR ALERT: Michael Lewis ('The Big Short' and 'Liar's Poker') will be on Charlie Rose tomorrow

Another aftershock in Chile 6.5

Left-wing Rome politicians drop trousers in budget protest

Protein in bananas could help block spread of HIV, University of Michigan researchers say

Toyota Prius brake problems part 2, addressing some questions

Clarence Thomas's wife is a Bush Family right-wing operative. Period.

Directed towards technically minded people.

Runaway Prius driver is wearing a San Diego Corvette Owners Club jacket in video..

Short sale ex-homeowners get an unpleasant surprise at tax time

"Sir, either it is true or it isn't. It's empirical."- Rachel You Rock

Staffers: Glenn Beck rehearses crying jags

Let me get this straight....

LoLz! Toyota Says 'Runaway' Prius Driver May Have Had His Foot on the Gas

California: Pink slips for 21,905 state teachers

Ocean liner goes from luxury to scrap heap?

Clean Energy & Security Act is 19 votes short in Senate. Where would you get them?

"They said it was a dumb female idea."

The people voting with Republicans ideologically are not people like Kucinich

Kucinich remains uncommitted on healthcare bill

A WWII History Question...

Is it true that if you refuse to buy insurance, you won't get emergency room service?

Is your neighbor a terrorist?

Populist Rage - Brent Budowsky

WTF?? Clarence Thomas Wife gonna host a TEA PARTY? This Theo/Neo Con crap gatta stop.

Backstory: How The Texas Textbook Revision Came To Be - HuffPo

Edwards funneled $124,000 to Hunter through his anti-poverty non-profit

Barack Obama is: Therefore, Scoop Jackson lives!

Ex bank chief arrested on fraud charges, faces up to 30 years in prison

Catholic Hospitals Support Health Care Bill

Catholic Hospitals Support Health Care Bill

U.S. Official Reportedly Set Up Unit of private contractors to Kill Afghan Militants

What are good trees for coastal Mid-Atlantic and New England?

Testimony of Professor Goodwin Liu on the Nomination of Judge Samuel A. Alito, Jr. January 10, 2006

The World's Smallest Man Has Died

Reagan billboard goes up in Rep. Bachmann's district: "Remember real hope and change?"

Monday Toons, Part 2

Monday Toons, Part 2

"Remember, one third of traffic fatalities on Saint Patrick's day are alcohol related..."

"Remember, one third of traffic fatalities on Saint Patrick's day are alcohol related..."

Health Care Reform - It's NOT all or nothing.

Invoking Sarah Palin is like invoking Hitler in an argument

Psychopaths' Brains Wired to Seek Rewards, No Matter the Consequences

DynCorp Wins Its Bid to Stop Blackwater’s Next Afghanistan Contract — for Now

Thumbs up to USA Today for showing the victims of Toyota on their front page

Bob Reich (Oooh!! DLC/Blue Dog Corporate sellout!!): " Why All House Democrats Must Vote for HCR"

Babies Are Born to Dance

Been here on DU almost 6 years - some observations

Are most conservatives/teabaggers over 40? Just wondering....

*The Pacific*

Lawmakers spend 1K/month on taxpayer-funded cars

Barney Frank: The White House Doesn't Want DADT Repealed This Year

Activist Cindy Sheehan revives anti-war efforts

Food Sunday: Five Simple Ways To Fight Corporate Power

Enough grandstanding. Kucinich wants his ERISA amendment, but his amendment

Obama: Premiums Will Decrease 3000% So You Should Get A Raise When H'care Is Passed

Corporation Running for Congress Following Supreme Court Ruling

Some "Fox journalists" worried Beck "undermines their credibility"

That was no normal nor'easter.

That was no normal nor'easter.

Corporations, Commercialism and Consumerism has Condemned Americans to a Nomadic Life

Why Are We Afraid to Tax the Super-Rich?

How "Rock Lobster" Saved a Gay Student's Prom

PHOTOS of destruction from Long Island

I guess there will be "minimums" of what mandated health care will cover?

Canada ups seal hunt quota by 50,000

A good look at who is financing the HCR opposition

I don't get this at all

Graham: Pelosi has House Dems 'liquored up on sake' ready for kamikaze 'suicide run'

Grayson goes for the jugular: ‘Alaskan chillbilly’ smartest GOP leader since W.

So Tom Brokaw has Karl Rove on yesterday's Meet the Mess,

Michelle Bachman is on Larry King talk about "personal responsibility". Responsibility my ***!

LDS Church says local leaders handled claims against Garn

Go scentless, workers warned after lawsuit

UCSD: Racist KOALA gets its funds back

The reasons I support Dennis Kucinich is because with him, you know what`you get.

Beware Of Bobcat Living In Property - MLS# 4333227

Every freakin' show on MSNBC is talking about Edward's mistress and

J.D. Hayworth, McCain's opponent, fears people marrying horses

J.D. Hayworth, McCain's opponent, fears people marrying horses

In 30 days, 150+ civilians killed in Af-Pak conflict

Funny Roger Ebert article about Glenn Beck

Michael Moore on Keith O show with Odonnel - he says this bill

Michael Moore making the rounds on TV selling his DVD

Michael Moore making the rounds on TV selling his DVD

Drunk in public and packing heat

The Right-Wing Of The Democratic Party-NOT Kucinich-Is The Obstacle To Passing HCR!

From page 155 of the 2010 Prius owner’s manual:

Last July, Kucinich claimed the bill was stronger and would hold insurance companies accountable

Obama: "Hear that, Dennis?"

I wanted national health care and all I got was this t-shirt...(epic rant)

Here's what Cindy Sheehan is up to

The new, better CPR. Please share this.

Johnny answers a call for help! Courtesy of Philip Morris, 1948. (Warning: large image)

Been here at DU for about 9 years...

Don't drink the water.

Why Obama stopped talking about values and health care reform

Are Democrats pulling a Jedi mind trick on Health Care Reform?

So I got a call from a collection agency last week... (reposted)

Are Republicans Human? Republicans = Ferengi.

toyota to refute california runaway prius story

Hayworth's even slimier than I remembered

Kucinich may change his vote on HCR.

Olbermann: In lieu of flowers .... donations to the National Association of Free Clinics

Olbermann: In lieu of flowers .... donations to the National Association of Free Clinics

Reflexive trust in corporations... this is one of the problems we

In praise of.....Michael Moore

Slate: The Great Catholic Cover-Up

Dennis Kucinich's petition "Health Care is a Civil Right"

CBS: Battle brewing between President Obama and the nation's teachers unions

"One of the greatest crimes ever perpetrated..."

Could somebody please explain the healthcare plan known as "Romneycare"

Quantum teachers

Saunders versus Kucinich who is right

Should Salt Be Banned in Restaurant Food Preparation?

Quick poll, just to see where the mood is: How many here want the health-care bill to pass?

Last possible min. HCR Town Hall meeting in NC 5th district. I now want to throw my jacket away.

Child abuse claims sweep Catholic Church in Europe

If I use an MP3 I have when making a video

Sarah Palin---Michelle Bachman---JD Haynesworth---James Inhofe---Michael Steele---Jim Bunning---

If Obama attacks Iran...

Lost in the noise is the fact that Obama and other Dems have given NO REASON for abandoning the PO

I really, really wish Rielle Hunter would just go away!!!

Kucinich: "I will vote yes only IF".....

Unintended Acceleration incidents by make and model for 2005-2010

Unintended Acceleration incidents by make and model for 2005-2010

Insurance mandate: Should the healthy pay for irresponsibility?

Screw Moody's - Threatening to downgrade U.S credit standing

Central Figure in CDC Vaccine Cover-Up Absconds With $2M

Where are all the Democrats? What does it mean to be a Democrat anymore?

“This is Starting to Get Dangerous”-Petraeus briefing-Biden’s embarrassment is not the whole story

The Myth of Europe's High Taxes

Ditka glad he turned down 2004 bid against Obama

Primary Kucinich !

Van Hollen memo lays out time line and messaging

Q: Did the House just release its reconciliation package? A: Nope.

Senate Democrats consider all-night session for jobs bill (Politico)

Primary Kucinich

Link From the DCCC to Speaker Pelosi

MoveOn Fundraising Against Anti-Health Care Dems

on this specific vote, I disagree with Dennis . But over all he is a great voice for real change

Dodd Proposes Dramatic Shake-Up Of NY Fed

Dump Dennis

BREAKING: Kucinich announces primary run against Obama in 2012!

An Open Question For The Mods And Admins


MoveOn Fundraising Against Anti-Health Care Dems

President Obama speaking here:

Next up, Big Eddie, here:

Moody's Prepares Financial Terror Attacks on US and World - Time to Shut Them Down

Colorado: Perlmutter Endorses Bennet

Allred Files for Governor's Race

AFL-CIO endorses Bernero for governor

Marco Rubio's lavish rise to the top

The Hill: Obama takes Ohio healthcare skeptics (Kucinich included) aboard Air Force One (Photo)

Giannoulias gives up Giannis's cash

AIPAC Pissed at Obama

INTRADE: Health Care Reform passage - at 75 and rising.

What happens if this bill goes down?

Premium caps

TPM: President Obama Statement on Dodd's Financial Plan

LIVE on CSpan3: House Budget Committee Begins Reconciliation Bill Markup

Ezra Klein: Federal Reserve could get powers Federal Reserve advisers don't think it should get

Kerry - The Refugee Act: More Reason to Celebrate Ted Kennedy's Legacy

David Corn: Elizabeth Warren Tepidly Backs Chris Dodd

Rolly: GOP wants someone else to challenge Matheson

Pollsters say Melancon's numbers make him competitive in Senate race

Pres. Obama's appearance in Ohio today now on C-Span 3

Spunky crowd in Ohio for the President

Connie Saltonstall (Stupak's challanger) will be live blogging on Crooks and Liars on Wednesday!

Mickey Kaus challenges Boxer in primary

Howard Dean backs Rybak's campaign for governor

We all know the mainstream media is largely right-of-center, but...

Bachmannn attempts to absolutely skewer Pelosi

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

Republicans Slam Obama's Hard Line On Israel

Just got a call at the house from a Puke firm asking for money re HC?

NY Mayor is a wus afraid to run against Gillibrand tries to get his girlfriend to run for NY Senate.

Heard an hour ago on Sirius Radio: PO is in the reconciliation bill but we are not supposed

The way some people are slamming Kucinich, you'd think he opposed gay marriage or something.

Pelosi: Controversial tactic an 'option' for moving healthcare

Obama: Woman Whose Letter I Read To Insurance Execs Now Fighting For Her Life

Greg Sargent's Plumline: Pelosi: Passing Health Reform Will Set Stage for Great Debate with GOP

Wait. Is Michelle Obama visiting Springfield?

Dennis Kucinich may change his mind.

Obama covered the points of the HCR bill in Ohio.

* Dem Leaders Circulating Memo Advising On “Tea Party Etiquette”

Tonight! Overnight Senate session coming on jobs legislation vote

Light blue tie - sleeves 1/2 rolled up

"After Delay, Dem Allies Join Health Care Fight"

Video: Natoma Canfield on Countdown, "I'm feeling a lot better now..."

"Obama Begins Summoning Undecided House Dems For One-On-One Meetings"

Interesting Facebook convo I'm having...

People in power make better liars, study shows

I will personally table against Kucinich this summer in Cleveland if he votes against health care

Photos: "I'm Here Because of Natoma." (The Obama Presidency Day 420)

Republican hopeful (and chicken look a like) has some strange horse fantasies.

In Ohio, Obama’s Attack on Insurers Continues

Krugman: China has an unloaded water pistol pointed at our heads

Another Strange Ad from Fiorina

What is news? A screenshot of the three "news" networks at 1:11 pm (ET) today.

The Final Countdown: Schedule of Events.

Lawrence O'Donnell puts odds of tomorrow being Tuesday at 50/50


I always love hearing a band play Stars & Stripes Forever.

What Failure Would Cost the Democrats

"Pro-Life Dems Start Breaking In Pelosi's Direction"

People on his left yelling 'corporatist!', on his right 'socialist!', Barack Obama forges ahead

Donna Brazile Urges Primaries For Dems Who Vote Against Health Care Reform

CBO hasn't scored Obama's version of Health Care: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Good Job, Lawrence, just keep it up with that negativity!

Instead of George Lakoff, how about Sun Tzu?

Dennis Kucinich may vote for Pelosi's reconciliation scheme after all!

Cue Abba for the Republicans. The President has got this.

Specter wins big service union backing

White House will "prioritize" requests for midterm election assistance based on support for reform.

Court Upholds $20,000 sanction against Dr. Orly Taitz

Sen. Jim DeMint: I'm less confident [healthcare] bill can be stopped.

So Fox isn't bothering to show the president...

CNN on full assault against the Health Care Bill!

New MoveOn Ad Asks Dems: “Which Side Of History Will YOU Be On?”

OK, Grayson and Krugman have brought me on board


Kucinich Leaves Door Open To Consider HCR Vote - TPM

Obama: "Did You Hear That, Dennis?"

Can I get an "Amen" for Gary Hart?

Republicans are terrified right now.

WP: Obama doesn't seem to be happy that he is President

Kucinich: 'A firm no'

It's not that Something is better than Nothing, it's that Nothing is Nothing

In other words ...

A random real-life goatse image I found in a Seattle antique mall today

2 Days............

What melody do you use when singing this song to your dogs?

In honor of Peter Graves, some classic clips from "Airplane!"


Hey, musicians! Is "I'll Be Back," by the Beatles in a minor key? nt

Good morning Lounge

Today's one of the Beach Boys' birthdays....maybe not your favorite one.

Ok folks does anyone else see a problem here.

Do any stores near you carry chewy nuts?

The yikebike.

looking into free stimulus money 'retraining'. what soon-to-be-obsolete trade, for which there are

NSFW trailer of the movie "Kickass"

BREAKING: Austin father misses time change, is two hours late for planned outing with child.

Am I the only person that gets emotional from romantic sides of speeches?

Fantasy Baseball Free Agent Draft, Dynasty League.

You ever been in a cockpit before?

I think I'll go get a fishing license today...

A hypothetical: You have lived a horrible life and are condemned to hell for all eternity.

Here's a picture of how I feel today...

William Shakespeare, 'Julius Caesar', Act 1, Scene 2, Line 18

Next target of Religious RW nutcases: trans-species "frolicking" ...

Whew! Time to GTFA from GD

Showtime! Take a musical chill pill

Star Wars fans might really get a kick out of this.

Time Again to join the DU March Madness Bracket's game (and for me to kick yer butt!)

It's a beautiful day...

screw Politics, I just made a loom!

I absolutely meant to brag. Not deleted.

My kid found his half sisters and half brother

Racial Slur Development Not Keeping Pace With Mixed-Race Births, Nation's Bigots Report

Who the hell decides on those in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Delete Dupe

My Latest Podcast is ready for you. I know that you'll love this one.

Could someone provide me with an NCAA bracket with the correct predictions?

Why we live to be 80.

Sir Edmund Hillary. Legendary mountaineer & explorer or just an effin' showoff?

What do you tell a guy who's afraid he might have gotten his girlfriend pregnant...

PHOTO...YOU decide if it's "Torgo" from "Manos, Hands of Fate"...or CoCo?

it was cloudy today and it was obamapelosireidbidens fault

If You Want To Teach Children About Technology With the Goal To Encourage Them To Learn More...

TESLA'S cover of SIGNS by Five Man Electrical Band

DirecTv and Versus finally reach a deal! WooHoo! Tour de France coverage!!!! Woot!!!!

Apparently I am a paid operative of Tommy_Carcetti

this is just a small introduction to the G-Funk era

Thankfully the new Credit Card Bill should prevent these abuses in the future....

It seems Skinner has an undercover cereal operation going on

Great scott - give me a thread that will keep me away from GD!!!

Unfortunately, it was never a Doggy Dogg world for as long as I would have liked


auntAgonist Appreciation thread!

My alma mater: 2010 Massachusetts State Basketball Champions!

I'm dizzy, listing to the left. Which inner ear is messed up - left or right?

On the Ides of March, I saw a Jeep Rubicon. Does this have implications for our republic?

tres hombres

Remember me, I remember you...."Remember The Lightning"...


Über-douche Spencer Pratt on MTV-imposed "hiatus" from "The Hills" for threatening producer

Canadian Rock and Roll Hall of Fame election results announced today:

didn't mean to brag. deleted.

The ghost of Manhattoes

Brian Eno - Apollo Atmospheres and Soundtracks

Which is the better Beck Album? Sea Change or Mutations?

Water in the desert.

Puppy wrastlin'!!

Hummingbird-cam update - her link was hijacked! New link inside...

I am a ghost.

30th Wedding Anniversary Today

The Hidden Meaning of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”

Who is the better Canadian musical act?

Firefox blues

Who has looked at Uranus?

New fashion for dogs with stubby tails. 'Rear Gear' cover of their 'unsightly' parts

How hard is it to replace a key on an HP laptop?

I should be excited, but I'm not...

i just learned that FEMA death camps are the retribution of an angry god because of our sins.

So, I saw a guy with something about 3 ft long hanging out of the back of his pants today.

So, I saw a guy with something about 3 ft long hanging out of the back of his pants today.

Apparently I am a paid operative of Rahm Emanuel

Where were you the first time...

If Your Boyfriend Is A Werewolf, Do You Have To Put Him On A Leash and Walk Him?

Let's compile a list of good, non-fiction, progressive books

fun fun. i get to be the bird expert for my friend's kindergarden class.

BREAKING NEWS: Canadian prog-rock band Rush replaces long time lead singer Geddy Lee

I think Darren Stevens was completely unreasonable in not wanting Samantha to practice witchcraft.

Gene Simmons challenges U2, Rolling Stones to a battle of the bands

After Meiwes and the victim jointly attempted to eat the victim's severed penis....

This Hoarding: Buried Alive is fascinating and scary at the same time.

Got the Census today.

A hypothetical: You have lived a horrible life and are duct taped to an orange wall for all eternity

The Heavy - "How You Like Me Now?"

Update on the Hummingbird hatchlings

Update on the Hummingbird hatchlings

Just added some Rush to My MP3 Player (Let's Play What's on Your Player)

I just ate an entire jar of pickles and now I want some cheese sticks.

What is it about elevators that make people think "I think NOW I will be a rude fricking asshole!"

Wherein trof make the local news channel.

LOVED,LOVED,LOVED Alice In Wonderland!

Worst show I watch this weekend - about Pageants for little girls

Super-sized mother determined to become world's fattest woman in two years.

Some pics from the last 2 weeks

I'm making a web page. What browser screen width should I assume most readers are using?

I watched 2 hours of shows on TLC about Hoarding

I like Billy Joel.

"No Reply at All" is not a great song but whoever is performing it now is horrific.

HELP!!! Water in the basement!!

The Yugo Florida. My GF in college had one of these.

UGH . . . you ever drunk PM a fellow DUer?

So, about this "Big Dance" thing...

I'm on a diet. For some reason I hit a plateau. I have only lost 3 pounds in the last week

I'm excited, I really am. Are any of you?

Dog advice..please

Public Option in the reconciliation bill? What?

Contractors Tied to Effort to Track and Kill Militants

Rocket attack kills 1 at NATO base in Afghanistan(and unmanned drone crashed on takeoff)

Report Faults U.S.’s Efforts at Transparency

GOP candidates try to tap voters' anti-government mood

Contractors Tied to Effort to Track and Kill Militants

Lawmakers spend 1K/month on taxpayer-funded cars

Donors asked for $4.3 billion for vaccines for poor

Activist Cindy Sheehan revives anti-war efforts

Car Bomb Kills 7 People in Western Iraq's Fallujah

DynCorp Wins Its Bid to Stop Blackwater’s Next Afghanistan Contract — for Now

Two shot in Kirkland home invasion

Pakistani Christian burned alive to prevent reporting a rape

MoveOn Fundraising Against Anti-Health Care Dems

UDD next move: Scatter blood

Clinton Sends Tough Message to Israel

U.S. Diplomat Flees S. Korean Fraud Probe

Behar, Maddow Among GLAAD Award Recipients

Researchers back from Antarctic no-kill whale trip

US wants Israel to cancel Jerusalem building plan

Erectile dysfunction is strong predictor of fatal heart ailments, German study finds


Hill's $nub of U.S. companies in purchase of crystal stemware is clear

Obama: Premiums Will Decrease 3000% So You Should Get A Raise When H'care Is Passed

U.S., U.K. Move Closer to Losing Rating, Moody’s Says

Brazil to Break Patents on U.S. Films, Books, Drugs

Israel Feeling Rising Anger From the U.S.

Obama: We Will Get the Votes for Health Care Reform Bill

Absence of U.S. flag in Haiti sparks controversy

Pentagon considers Afghanistan spy ring claim

Chamber asks EPA to please reconsider

Bob McDonnell distances from himself Ken Cuccinelli

U.S. transfers prison, 2,900 ex-insurgents to Iraq

GOP Will Meet Dems 'Half Way' On Financial Bill: (Senator) Shelby

UAW Reaches Tentative Agreement on NUMMI Closing

Chamber: Dodd bill takes "three steps backward"

Bin Laden's son calls on Iran to free his siblings

Socialists Lead in Early Voting in France

Obama threatens to veto intel bill

Obama to push 'No Child Left Behind' overhaul

Sadr Surges in Iraq Vote

Millions Spent to Sway Democrats on Health Care

Senator John Kerry Introduces Legislation to Protect Whales

Deadly car bomb strikes Iraq city of Falluja

Report: Test can't re-create 'runaway' Prius

FM boycotts Lula's visit over Mount Herzl row

UN report criticises covert troops who committed Afghan killings

Kucinich: 'A firm no' (on health care bill)

Cracks found in critical reactor parts at Davis-Besse power plant

Diane Ravitch: No Child Left Behind Has Left US Schools with Legacy of “Institutionalized Fraud”

US soldiers come clean about atrocities in Iraq under President Bush

LiberalViewer: Fox News Says Taxpayers Pay No Taxes?

ANIMATION: How to Save Newspapers by Ted Rall

Public option: In Pelosi's hands

we the people, solemnly

TYT: Rep. Alan Grayson's Shocking Facts On Iraq & Afghanistan (Video)

Michelle Bachmann's Supporters Expose Their Idiocy On The Steps Of Minnesota's Capitol

War Sending U.S. into Ruin part 2

Bachmann: We're Not Going To Obey Health Care Law -- 'We Don't Have To'

March 20 is this Saturday - PROTEST THE WARS!!!!

Rove: Obama ‘let a cowboy president…violate a fundamental principle of the Constitution.’

TYT: Evangelical Christian Terrorists? (Video)

Boy Who Lost Mother Pleads With Congress To Pass Health Care Reform

President Obama @ Ohio HCR Rally 3/15/10, with a special message to Kucinich

We're Doomed and Washington Can't Do Anything About It - Marc Faber and Mish Shedlock

Horrifically Brutalized Afghan Girl Finds Strength (Disturbing)

ABC: Christians Rip Glenn Beck & Call For Boycott Over 'Social Justice' Slam

10 Year Old Boy Fighting for Marriage Equality

Terry & Terry Teabag - Gub'mint Has Teh Cooties!

Of Fish and Men

French Voters Punish President

No Agenda? A Humanist View of Justice Scalia

Paul Krugman's Finest Column - "Taking on China"

How Biden Could Fix the Senate

Great moments with Mr. Nixon

Final destination Iran?

Is The US Preparing For "The Total Destruction Of Iran?"

ROFL! Grayson on Palin (Kudos to Alan for joining our conversation)

Do Americans Suffer From an "Allergy to Thought?"

All out for the March 20th March on Washington!

Black Hearts: One Platoon's Descent into Madness in Iraq's Triangle of Death

Guardian UK: Accounting for Lehman, or Enron Pt 2

Is International Law Really Law?—Six Questions for Michael Scharf

Consumer Protection Agency to Be Housed in Alan Greenspan's Bathtub

Joe Conason: Paul Ryan's populism: Raising taxes on the middle class

Sen Graham, you can shove your threat (made on ABC's "This Week" ) up your ass where your head is.

A Cost-Control Mirage

Is Ethical Capitalism Possible?

Did Germany help Eichmann escape to Argentina?

Pope Silent as Allegations Hit Close to Home

Chinese PM rebuts criticism over Copenhagen role-saying his conscience is clear on climate deal

Peak oil review - Mar 15

ODAC Newsletter - Mar 12

Drumbeat from the weekend...

Drumbeat: March 15, 2010

NY Times: Saving U.S. Water and Sewer Systems Would Be Costly

xPost: Poll in GD on where to get 19 votes necessary to pass Clean Energy & Security Act

In Translation: Cutting Back On Meat To Save The Planet

Canadian Arctic Inuit Trying To Keep Pace With Ice Changes - Breakups Now Come Even In February

Hangzhou - Workers Drag 100s Of Dead Pigs Out Of River Supplying Water For 3 Million People

Exelon pays for one of three leaking plants (Braidwood, Byron and Dresden plants)

Beekeeping Still Illegal In NYC - Fines Up To $2,000 - Talks Beginning To Alter/Abolish Law

What is the Minimum EROI that a Sustainable Society Must Have? Surplus Energy and Bioevolution

Deniers' pitch sound familiar? (Hint: more doctors smoke Camels)

Potential CITES trade ban for rare salamander underscores wildlife e-commerce

Latest Wind Turbine Blade Throw: Cape Cod Wind Turbine Blows Apart In Yesterday's Storm.

(Rep) Hall then and now: Former nuclear critic still an activist in changing times

Going green to be seen: U of M researcher finds people will forgo luxury for green products when ...

Southern Ocean winds open window to the deep sea

Exploring status quo bias in the human brain

Analysis of Modes of Failures for 1202 Failure Events in Sweden's 624 Wind Turbines 2000-2004.

VT Senate President claims solar provides 30% of Germany's power

Arctic Permafrost and Methane

Cracks found in critical reactor parts at Davis-Besse nuclear power plant

U.S. firms working to lower cost of solar energy

World Nuclear Generation Stagnates - capacity drops for second year in a row

The Longhorns stomp the Hawkeyes 18-0.

Good luck today, H20 Man!!!

Goal of the Year?

Couch Slouch checks in on the Iditarod,

Ovechkin banned two games for Campbell hit

There hasn't been a genuine upset in the NCAA Tourney since they started drug testing

Who is the greatest baseball player of all time?

Juarez Killings: Americans Murdered In 'One Of Most Violent Places On Earth'

Viva ALBA!

Conservatives ahead in Colombian vote count amid fraud charges

Spain says no row with Venezuela over ETA, FARC

Bolivia unseals files from military dictatorship

Chavez links Merkel with Hitler

Chinese oil firm buying 50% stake in Argentine group

Rich and Independent Brazil Seems Poised to Become LatAm's New Uncle Sam

Uruguay seeks expanded ties with Iran

Chavez admits meeting with FARC Raul Reyes and ELN (Spanish)

Leftist party distances itself from Chavez

Chile plunged into darkness by power cut

What Chavez said (YouTube video)

Cuba criticizes US ruling on Internet access

US Military Demanded Netanyahu Smackdown

A matter of timing - Uri Avnery

US wants Israel to cancel building plan

'Jerusalem Construction Will Go On'

Support Our Troops: Boycott the Israeli Occupation

Israel Envoy Says Crisis With US 'Worst Since 1975'

Israeli Apology Gets Cool Reception In Washington

Settlers' call sends Palestinian shepherd to IDF beating

Israel vows more settlements despite US tensions

AIPAC Pissed at Obama

US wants Israel to cancel Jerusalem building plan

A blessing in disguise

Chief Rabbi: Talk about new temple a lie

Many Palestinian Protestors Already Use Nonviolent Tactics

FM snubs Lula over Herzl wreath row

The big white elephant in US-Israeli ties

West Bank lockdown extended

Netanyahu affirms settlement project that U.S. considers 'affront'

Israel orders demolition of Nablus mosque

Jail ordeal of hundreds of Palestinian children arrested for throwing stones

I am all for this new Israeli law concerning organ donation

Report: Petraeus wants West Bank, Gaza responsibility

Unons? We don't need no Stinkin' Unions--'Toons (Dial-up Warning)

AFL-CIO Kicks Off National Jobs Campaign

Mexico: Union-busting at publicly-owned petroleum company

House Subcommittee to Hold Hearing on Bill to Strengthen Workplace Health and Safety Penalties

Hawaii Proposal Would Subsidize Health Care If Businesses Keep Workers On The Job

Today in Labor History Mar 15 Supreme Court approves 8-Hour Act under threat of a national strike

Get Equal

Our vows

Pink Everest: Nepal appeals for gay tourists

Why would Obama say this?

PA SJC vote TOMORROW (16 MAR 10) to amend PA Constitution to ban same-sex marriage

I was sitting in Starbucks

Two shot in Kirkland home invasion

Gun stores predict huge sales if Chicago's gun ban ends ...

Six-year-old Boy Holds Class Hostage, Uses Finger For Gun (This isn't satire)

Delaware Gun Bill Gets Heated Response ...

Party store customer swipes masked man's gun, kills him

A rant on boys with toy guns and zero-tolerance school policies.

Man Who Says He Shot Car Burglar Charged

Leaving for Nome in less than three hours.

Mission Espada..a few pics.

Self delete - posted in wrong forum AGAIN. No link so you don't think I do it on purpose

It must be spring. Look what I found.......

three Crocus

Adventures On The Census Trail (pic heavy)

New analysis of the structure of silks explains paradox of super-strength

Awesome Martian Avalanche. warning large Picture from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

A couple of panorama attempts (one worked, one didn't)

Colors of March (so far)

Tested: A Reboot for the Immune System

Naked Mole Rats' Secrets Revealed

New glasses allow blind soldier to 'see' with his tongue

Faithful Companion

We will be in deep S**t in about 1.5 million years.....

Today I met a beautiful naked tree

Phobos flyby images

Help me identify this hawk

"Dark Horse" Kentauros had a birthday!

OMG. Did you see this?

Have you all seen the Hummingbird Cam?

Millions Spent to Sway Democrats on Health Care

Erectile dysfunction is strong predictor of fatal heart ailments, German study finds

Better Genetic Test for Autism?

God in your sights

Most people believe God gets involved

Pakistani Christian burned alive to prevent reporting a rape

Is Your Pantry Making You Sick?

How many people think Jesus really existed?

Therehas been a sea change in the U.S gasoline market

Video of Eliot Spitzer and Dylan Ratigan discussing the Lehman report - 11 minutes

CNBC Steve Liesman calls Rick Santelli IGNORANT!

“Not Only Repo 105″: Total Return Swaps Also Used for Window-Dressing

'Republican' resurgence comes from shift in 65-85 year old group

China's Water Pistol

Money Rates Rising Hint Treasury Losses Amid Fed Exit

Lehman Brothers Scandal Rocks the Fed


Perdido Street School blog: I Don't Get It (NCLB changes)

WSWS: Obama education plan to push competitive funding

Teacher sues over Fallon student article

Paging Hannah and other researchers! Re: Ravitch's book

Time for a Math lesson! About that bottom 5%!!

Valerie Strauss: On Obama (and Jay Mathews) and teacher accountability