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US banks and corporations announce huge pay packages for 2009

65-year-old woman arrested for hoarding 60 dogs

Looks like Kucinch is turning into a DINO

Most people who oppose Barack Obama are racists

Rassmussen - "51% Say Congress is Too Liberal, 22% Say It’s Too Conservative"

Black and white thinking-a common trait of extremists

Elderly woman dies in Detroit house fire


Portland teachers' contract holds the line

Let's Get Over the Left-Right thing - We Live Under a Duopoly!!!

Kudos to Joe Biden!

2010 hurricane season could be 'extreme'

250 workers being laid off from Plainfield warehouse

Up Or Down. Govern. 11 March 2010

In honor of Easter...Behold! a ceiling peep

Portland teachers' contract holds the line

Senate bill allows for establishment of state Single-Payer?

Kansas City school board approves plan to close nearly half its schools to avoid bankruptcy

Patrick Kennedy was correct

Gospel Label Delayed Album Release Because God Did Not Approve

bill gates = the antichrist

Tom Toles knocks it out of the park

Ad Neglects to Mention Something

Half-Cocked? Hermaphrochickens Challenge Gender Determination

On using the vote for the Senate Bill against Dems in November:

Proud to be an embarrassment

Second Figure Charged in Post-Katrina Police Shootings

Hey, Mike (Plagiarist) Barnacle

How Much Of The Massa Coverage Is Infected By Homophobia?

E-Mailers Rip FHP After Woods' Crash

NJ Governor Admits He Can't Circumvent State Worker Contracts Like He Said In Campaign

Mountains of Student Debt, and the Political Will for Solutions Are at Hand

Pfizer CEO Gets 12.5% Raise for Successful Lobbying

We need a massive job creation effort and we get a truly piddling and virtually useless one

U.S. Foreclosure Filings Increase at Slowest Pace in Four Years

Woman, 76, crashes Toyota into church, says gas pedal stuck

Oil companies look at permanent refinery cutbacks

U.S. lifts sanctions against Russian space company

"Personal" study shows gene maps can spot disease (thumbs up Obama stimulus).

An example of outright Newspeak in the Business press

Google Bike!



Students' perceptions of Earth's age influence acceptance of human evolution

"Green Zone" anti war movie **** review by Roger Ebert

Jim Crow in Silicon Valley is Exposed

Learning Creationism At Liberty U

Miss. school district accused of retaliating against lesbian student for not being in the closet

The 1000th Death in Afghanistan: There Must Be a Better Way

Glenn Greenwald - Official dogma: Iraq War a success

Yet more woo from me to yoo.... warning, this site sells music, if that

Anyone know where I can find the numbers of bills signed into law

Ex-street fighter, 60, turned into a fanatical artist by a brain hemorrhage

Moviegoer Tells Woman to Stop Talking On Cell Phone, Gets Stabbed in the Neck

2fer Shrub-CHEENEE-Rums watched "24" for torture thrills. Senator ENSIGN is *still* a senator.

Liz Cheney Group Defends Itself Against Criticism by Conservatives

? NPR's Marketplace promoted VATs as a solution. Wouldn't this hurt production in US & aid imports?

Woods hires ex-Bush aide to prep for return in two weeks

What Happene To The Workers/ Union Legislation

I was once a male victim (among many) of sexual harrassment by a superior

Have you called Levin to push Grayson's Medicare For All Bill to the Floor? 202 225-3625

Maliki Holds Edge in Iraq, but Results Are Challenged

Santa Monica sushi restaurant charged with illegally selling whale meat

Tom Tomorrow: "Glox News" fears "Current ruling party" wants to "ram reform down our feeding tubes"

Tom Tomorrow: "Glox News" fears "Current ruling party" wants to "ram reform down our feeding tubes"

Observing Abortion Provider Appreciation Day

The insurance model in the US implies one thing , one despicable thing

Is Bingo Crusade Causing Bob Riley to Come Unhinged?

NIH Panel: End Bans on Vaginal Birth After C-Section

NIH Panel: End Bans on Vaginal Birth After C-Section

J Street two years after its formation

Progressive Media Summit: Punish Lincoln! ConservaDems Might Pay Price!

Is there a link between DK's Afghanistan resolution and his HCR vote?

Its a bird. Its a plane

Franken to keynote Netroots Nation convention


Please contact Kucinich and tell him to vote for health care and here's why

Right on cue...Morning Joe and the media make Massa incident about Nancy Pelosi

Right on cue...Morning Joe and the media make Massa incident about Nancy Pelosi

Mexico Tycoon overtakes Bill Gates as world's richest person



Cardinal Schönborn says celibacy partly to blame for clerical sex abuse

Ben Roethlisburger Sexual Assault...Silence of the Media Damning

K&R if you're sick of pandering posts begging you to K&R!!

Would you be cool living where you got around by horse or camel?

Global Collapses Are A Systemic Outcome Of Reaganomics-YES REAGANOMICS-Rinse & Repeat

House Rejects Plan to Pull Troops from Afghanistan

nothing more slimy than "image repair" advertising from people like Toyota

nothing more slimy than "image repair" advertising from people like Toyota

This Battle is About More Than Schools

You have to admit that Eric Massa knows how to market himself quickly!

Another bank bailout?

Woods hires - ex-Bush aide ARI FLEISCHER - to prep for return in two weeks

Woods hires - ex-Bush aide ARI FLEISCHER - to prep for return in two weeks

Exploding The Myths About Money

If interested, here is the roll call on the Kucinich Resolution

Has anyone else gotten the "Argentina-America" RW e-mail?

I cannot understand why States are firing/laying off teachers and

The Rude Pundit: Al-Qaeda, Liz Cheney, and American Failure

The Rude Pundit: Al-Qaeda, Liz Cheney, and American Failure

Eisenhower's Nightmare Arrives

Eisenhower's Nightmare Arrives

Toyota troubles put spotlight on US safety agency

Isikoff: Karl Rove as Jean Valjean: An Upside-Down Look at the Plame Affair

DOBSON DUMPED By Organization He Founded


Pink Floyd win EMI court ruling over online sales

Highway Deaths Reach Lowest Levels since the 1950s

What is your style of charity?

Thursday TOON Roundup part 1

Thursday TOON Roundup part 5

Pi Day Cometh. - And You Thought It Was Over ...

HCR – ever get really tired of the debate?

ahhh Fuck it. Official thread for 11 March 2010

Why I support the current Afghanistan Stategy

State Department says in its annual rights report that civilians suffer most in Afghan war

Democrats use Osama-Saddam bait & switch on health care

Hartmann giving air time to Tancredo

The House Roll Call Vote on the Kucinich anti-war resolution


What we HAVE to do...

What we HAVE to do...

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2

from J.B., by archibald macleish

New Poll for California Gov/ Senate give Dems edge, but competitive

Nation Shudders At Large Block Of Uninterrupted Text

I can't find the quote now, Skelton yesterday

Pro Football Hall Of Famer Merlin Olsen Dies At 69

Pro Football Hall Of Famer Merlin Olsen Dies At 69

FR: "Do not post pro-Sarah threads while you are intoxicated."

Karl Rove: "Bush does not get the credit he deserves..."

Lawyers that defend someone of being "accused" of being a terrorist

Lawyers that defend someone of being "accused" of being a terrorist

US State Department: Afghan, Iraq Rights Worsen

US State Department: Afghan, Iraq Rights Worsen

Roselynn's Story: family upset with Riley Hospital over child's baptism

Police: US Troops Shoot Iraqi Reporter and Husband

10 Shocking Things Since The Tech Bubble Busrt 10 Years Ago This Week

Why probe Charlie Rangel -- but not Mitch McConnell?

NFL Hall of Famer, TV ("Little House On The Prairie") star Merlin Olsen dead at 69.

Obama Gets His Mojo Back

Need a good laugh? Tiger Woods hired Ari Fleischer.

K&R if you love being a Democrat and you love Democratic Underground!

Immigration provision has Hispanic Caucus threatening ‘no’ health vote

It's really very simple.

It's really very simple.

Thursday TOON Roundup part 4

Durbin's Bid to End (Drug) Sentencing Disparity

Powerful Catholic Quietly Shaping Abortion, Health Bill Debate

Powerful Catholic Quietly Shaping Abortion, Health Bill Debate

Experts: Ryan Roadmap Balloons Deficits While Taxing Middle Class, Slashing Entitlements

Panel Proposes Single Standard for All Schools

Facebook users, guess who Glenn Beck is after now.

Facebook users, guess who Glenn Beck is after now.

Salazar: Climate change threatens hundreds of bird species

In pictures: Greek strike protest (>25K people)

Dobson Got Dumped?

GOP-run MI Senate starting to eff with the state's recently passed stem cell referendum

No-Fly List Includes the Dead

Here's the list of Charities getting Obama's Nobel $$$

Here's the list of Charities getting Obama's Nobel $$$

Why do you believe the Republicans and their corporate media allies are making such a big deal about

Mass school closures approved in Kansas City, Mo.

2 announcements about Health insurance/care Bill that have me worried

Caution: No Stops for Miles ... and Miles

Caution: No Stops for Miles ... and Miles

Massive school closures in Kansas City to be done by fall.

The 2009 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices is now out

Byrd Opposed Reconciliation For Clinton's Health Care Proposals

Petition: Stand With Me Against Pay-to-Play Electioneering

Jesse Helms' alma mater just got stomped by the school where Donna Shalala is Prez

Senate GOP: Parliamentarian Says Health Bill Must Become Law Before Fix

Payday lenders may avoid U.S. oversight

Payday lenders may avoid U.S. oversight

Well that's Blanche Lincoln gone. PUMA Amy Siskind is endorsing her.

ACORN gives up Ohio business license, won't return

Judge Says Gov’t Must Allow Funding for ACORN

190 of our Democratic representatives voted for war - more than the Rs. THIS IS OUR WAR NOW!

The Public Option's Last Stand: A Matter Of Will, Not Votes

The Public Option's Last Stand: A Matter Of Will, Not Votes

Mike Pence (R-IN) wants YOU to "pray for the battle" to kill Health Care Reform

Those nutty Europeans and their socialized medicine

Where in the world is John Kerry?

Thursday TOON Roundup 3

ACLU Sues Mississippi School That Canceled Prom Rather Than Let Lesbian Couple Attend

I just called Reid's office to thank him for making it official, and asked the

The Scandalous Scott Brown Lawsuit No One Told You About

Sen. Chris Dodd must watch The Rachel Maddow Show.

Obama deputy campaign manager: A 'Real shot' Democrats will get 'slaughtered' in November

Obama Election Win Headlines 2008. Various newspaper headlines.

James (Pustulent Sack of Human Excreta) Dobson pissed on by the cur he whelped.

James (Pustulent Sack of Human Excreta) Dobson pissed on by the cur he whelped.

Mississippi school district sued over same-sex prom date ban

Just called congress. If this is the last thing Obama's team does, it will be worth it

Tell Glenn Beck: I'm a Social Justice Christian

E-Mail Trail Leads to Trouble for Sen. Ensign

Franken keynoting Netroots Nation

When will Republicans come up with a better word than "fiscal conservative"?

NOOOO!!! Chuck Todd hosting Hardball...

Patrick Kennedy on Hardball!

Listening to MSNBC... looks like the right is going to target Pelosi.. with of all things Massa

Managed to make it this far without knowing what "Crowd Sourcing" is.

Scientists take another run at climate change

Acorn Filmmaker Made Tapes at U.S. Government Offices, Too

Based on a William Pitt thread.

Joe Klein, Time Magazine: "Karl Rove's Memoir: Act of Vengeance"

Harry Reid's wife, daughter injured in accident

Granny D died at 100

Granny D died at 100

Granny D died at 100


Eichmann Files-Classified Docs Could Be Released After 50 Years

Toyota hands over 2006 dissident memo to U.S. panel

Excellent House Appropriations Subcommittee hearing with Secretary Geithner.

Greece in the eye of the storm

According to GOP Sources: The Senate Parliamentarian Ruling Kills an Option for Moving Health Bill

Grayson speaking yesterday on the Afghanistan War Powers Resolution

Senate parliamentarian balks on reconciliation?

Update on Reid's wife: Apparently her neck was broken but it's not

Dylan Ratigan just reported that..

Kansas City is proposing closing 1/2 of it's schools

Oops!!! Ensign is up shite creek without a paddle

Kraft Foods To Replace U.S. Sales Fleet With Ford Vehicles for Efficiency, Quality

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) was accused of harassing a female campaign worker in 1998

Anti-immigration Group, NumbersUSA, Hones Talking Points: Say ‘Welfare Queen’; Say ‘Dependents’

Hillsborough County, FL merit pay program benefits teachers at affluent schools.

Our Prom Dress has been Ripped Off. We need to take off the gloves and fight for what we want.

Is Sen Dodd saving his soul, or is this just another gimmick?

Radical Homosexuals and their Radical Agenda

Radical Homosexuals and their Radical Agenda

Marcy Winograd for Congress in 2010

Help the World: Drink Beer

"M" for Male and "F" for Female: Is That A Sexist Code?

Ok, so I wanted to see what Senator Webb was all about.......

Please Contact your Rep. and Ask Him/Her to cosponsor H.R.4789: the "Medicare You Can Buy Into Act"

CA dept of mental health says they are hiring

Connie Saltonstall, challenger to Bart Stupak needs a moneybomb... (so please Reddit me!)

The Hill: House Democrats' 'no' votes are piling up on healthcare reform

Private Military Contractors as Buzz Lightyear: To Afghanistan and Beyond

Forget Texting: Woman Crashes Car While Shaving Her Privates. Ex-Husband Held The Wheel

FYI Police Woman/Maricopa County is coming up on TLC

Obama approval hits lowest point of his Presidency (Gallup)

Cable News Fail: Unemployment 'Extension' Not Quite What It Seems

When did ReTHUGS know about Eric Massa's

Lesbian teen back at Miss. school after prom flap

Michele Bachmann: The Cheerleader Years

Delete - dupe. I'm too old and too slow. :-)

Two big news items before bed tonight, re: Health Care

Obama US District nominee Jane Magnus-Stinson approved in committee

Excellent, long profile of BREITBART as the spawn of NIXONite Orson BEAN and DRUDGE

dupe plz delete n/t

Moore: Dems Behaving Like Frightened Animals

My blog won Best Overall Blog in South Florida - thank you DU!

HCR: Even a kid knows when something's FAIR.

UPDATE: CNN reporting that Mrs. Reid is listed in Serious condition, will

Massa's first victim .... let the investigations begin ..... video

Charges against restaurateurs latest headache for Giannoulias (Senate candidate)

Democrats to Student Loan Reform: Drop Dead

Manufacturer wants to use NUMMI plant to make electric cars

WY Gov Freudenthal signed HJR 2 claiming sovereignty on behalf of the State of Wyoming and for its

What's with Jim Webb?

Is the Senate Bill a Step Backward in Women's Healthcare? Gender rating & Abortion Restrictions

Toyota to Expand Prior State-Specific Recall to all 2000-2003 Tundra Trucks

Girl, 3, shoots herself

Orly Taitz questions the eligibility of (another) African American politician

CNN is reporting that the driver of the semi (!) who rear-ended the Reids

Mullahs quote Quran in birth control push

Mullahs quote Quran in birth control push

“The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness”

KO has a commentary tonight on the importance of

KO has a commentary tonight on the importance of

GOP Desperately Trying to Nullify NV Tea Party Candidate Opposing Reid

Social Bar Beating: Woman Left With Broken Eye Socket, Other Injuries After Rejecting Man's Advances

Student Loan Overhaul Seems Likely to Join Senate Health-Care Bill

Americans' Global Warming Concerns Continue to Drop

TurboTax drops Glenn Beck, whose show has gone without ads for more than a month in the UK.

A great bumper sticker!

PMI applauded for making green use of coal ash

To the people here who are against HCR may I ask how you know you are not being

Did Bankrupt Runaway Prius Driver Fake "Unintended Acceleration?"

Settlement Reached to Pay Ground Zero Workers $657.5 Million

Presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty steals from veterans license plate fund for faith-based office

Normalizing the police state (and how it ends with taser-firing drones)

Beyond 2010: Demographic Change and the Future of the Republican Party

When I was finishing up graduate school

2010 Consumer Reports New-Car Best Value List

We can finally breathe easier: "Beijing vows not to use U.S. debt for political gain" WHEW, eh?

Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Wal-Mart Story

Heard a journalist on Shuster say something about a "moderate Taliban"

Who's getting on the medicare fraud investigation band wagon?

oh my god this isn't for real! ...

Court clears reciting of Pledge of Allegiance at Western schools

Conventional Wisdom Comeback

Ga. politician (R) & mule-fucker jailed for making terroristic threats against Elton John

Florida lawmakers push measure to ban public display of noose

Artist travels world fixing crumbling monuments with Lego

Win/Win/Win- Merkley Introduces Bill to Create Jobs and Lower Energy Costs for Rural Communities

Republicans must be confident about 2010 elections....most of the yard signs have Red backgrounds...

It didn't have to be this way .... health reform comes down to a Hail Mary Pass

Does Anyone Think That Obama Appointed Geithner And Other Banksters On Purpose...

Man buys drugs with Monopoly money

Report: Colleges will need $1.5B more in 2019

Rachel publically kicks Dodd's ass and he caves. Threw the pug to the curb. Go Rachel!

I went to a job interview yesterday

Activists hopeful on Obama immigration plan

More bizarre restaurant news from the great state of New York.(banning salt)

Betty White to Host SNL!!!

¡Felicidades! - In Mexico City, same-gender marriages started today!

A few things that will be obsolete by the end of this decade

There was a graph posted last week

Venezuela murder-rate quadrupled under Chavez

Soldier gets decoration for bravery and a career ending reprimand for the SAME EXACT ACTION

"Settlement Funding" ..... a beneficial service or blood sucking?

"Settlement Funding" ..... a beneficial service or blood sucking?

"Settlement Funding" ..... a beneficial service or blood sucking?

Holland, Mich., to announce $300M battery plant

FDL: Do Conrad and Durbin Just Love Banks, Or Really Hate Students?

FDL: Do Conrad and Durbin Just Love Banks, Or Really Hate Students?

Liberals Rip Durbin 'Betrayal' (New York Daily News)

Senate Liberals Dissed On Health Bill - Roll Call

Iran warns neighbors over U.S. presence in the Gulf

In the last 2 years, I have become insane

Canadian dollar likely to trump US greenback: experts

Scott Brown sexual harassment lawsuit? Color is this surprising?

Who is our Modern Norman Mailer? Why is my generation too afraid to become Mailer's "Armies

Name something you wouldn't mind either the permission or the outlawing thereof.

For me, I had an audience of one. That was my dad. He's the only person whose opinion mattered to me

Spark Plugs made in China - the working conditions

Terrific quote found on Andrew Sullivan's page.

Reid Approves Reconcillation and bang his family gets in huge car accident... shades of Bullworth.

Creeping Jethro Bodine-ism In The Republican Party

Just got a call from the DNC

Ohio Woman Who Wrote President of Insurance Woes Back In Hospital


Republican Senators Crusade Against a FedEx Union

Moore: Democrats behaving like ‘frightened animals’

The problem with Kuch, are not his ideas.

I think Fox News must be the meanest sorority ever....

A sad inevitability

We need to consider rationing health care and social security.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Hate Gets Handed Its Hat in New Hampshire

I hate ShitiBank

Capitalism: End Game

Lehman Bankruptcy: Officials Manipulated Balance Sheets, JPMorgan And Citi Contributed To Collapse

Is your Senator on this list? Democrats not supporting public option via reconciliation

Box of Rocks America

The new US embassy in London has a MOAT and is not well liked by the Brits

Why does the Dept. of Education need 27 sawed-off shotguns?

Conan O'Brien: 30-city comedy tour to re-employ 40+ Tonight Show staffers, skips his own salary

I called my congressman...

I remember, barely, that there was so much excitement in the air after JFK was elected..

Same day; same dealership; different price for same car....I think this is SICK!

If you have a Facebook account, I have a group for you to join

Tiger Woods Hires Ari Fleischer to Reform His Image---

Venezuela seizes top food producer's property

POWERFUL video: Rep. Alan Grayson on Wars: We Won, Now Let's Go Home

Hundreds pack raw milk hearing in Eau Claire, WI

A-hole on CNN arguing against unemployment benefits

Judge says gov’t must allow funding for ACORN

School fundraiser sold porn DVDs and Nazi books

Black Barbie Sold for Less Than White Barbie at Walmart Store

Rove calls Al Gore "one angry dude," says 2000 Florida ballots are "in my garage"

Media Watchdog FAIR Finds NYT Was 'Duped' in 'Wildly Misleading' Coverage of ACORN 'Pimp'

French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment

Do you think anti-drug public service announcement campaigns should show meth teeth?

Doris "Granny D" Haddock, American Patriot

Tired of gender discrimination?

TX school textbooks on ABC Nightline now - Heads up - n/t

2010 will be a great year for the GOP? Maybe...but then...

Durbin Whipping Against Public Option

21 Things That Became Obsolete In This Decade

NY Fed Under Geithner Implicated in Lehman Accounting Fraud

OK, so how does Firefox make money?

Dem Fundraisers Need To Watch How They Talk To Us Voters......

Michelle Bachmann, Channeling William Prescott: ‘Now is the time to see the whites of their eyes’

I Would Love To See This Played Out In Real Life

Anyone using CREDOmobile yet?

President Obama: "Half of my letters call me an idiot"

Bernie Tells It Like It Is

OK, mandate boosters, please explain HOW & WHEN we will "fix" this "less than perfect" bill :

Poodle, Glenn Beck At Center Of Facebook Fight

It's Officially Political War: Reid Informs McConnel Reconciliation is Imminent

Economic Warfare? Europe versus Wall Street.

Don't scapegoat the teachers

Kudos To Senator Reid's SCORCHING Letter To Repubs Vowing To Use Reconciliation

The Prius situation is a classic example of how the M$M narrative can swing public opinion..

The Prius situation is a classic example of how the M$M narrative can swing public opinion..

Do you really believe that if HCR passes they'll start working on the "fixes" immediately?

Four Bronx buddies facing year in jail after 'hitting' off-duty transit cop - with a snowball!

Senate Parliamentarian: House Must Move First (No to reconciliation)

Sanctimonious freepers comment on Reid's wife's accident and it is vile.

You vote it, you buy it. It's hard to admit that the man you loved isn't what you thought he was.

I say I will never give up, then I cry, then I scream, but I won't give up on wanting them punished

Central Falls, R. I. grads rally for their school and fired teachers.

Fairly Amazing Chart on Relgion/Conservatives and Lifestyles

Fairly Amazing Chart on Relgion/Conservatives and Lifestyles

Biology class at Liberty University fails biology

Do you use the word ''corrupt'' when you write politicians about the health care reform bill?

Do you use the word ''corrupt'' when you write politicians about the health care reform bill?

Deliberately taught ignorance--stuff like this burns me up (and scares me)

French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment: A 50-year mystery

I am not alone as "chicken little"! O Dept Cpn. Mngr says Dems could be slaughtered!

"I guess I get the state and the U.S. (governments) confused sometimes."

Kucinich: ‘Heads They Win, Tails We Lose’ (Update: Transcript)

Why is it Acceptable in American culture to bash Overweight Women?


I'm Sick of These People!

Who here does Facebook?

Email from Grayson -- His Medicare For All has FIFTY (50!) Sponsors!!!

Glenn Beck offers Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land" as proof of Obama Admin's Maoist Agenda

Paul Krugman: Harry Gives ‘Em Hell

10 More things that became obsolete in the last decade...

Motorists claim L.A. handing out tickets at broken parking meters. Has it happened to you?

Motorists claim L.A. handing out tickets at broken parking meters. Has it happened to you?

Wanna live like a European?

Wanna live like a European?

“Let’s dump Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.”

Cops: Woman Crashes Car While Shaving Her Privates

Senate HC Bill Allows 20-25% For Administrative Costs

Senate HC Bill Allows 20-25% For Administrative Costs

oh my god this is for real

Mormon scholars: Glenn Beck is ignorant on social justice in church

Johnny Weir Deemed “Not Family Friendly” Enough to Perform in Stars on Ice Tour

Texas School Board Drops Thomas Jefferson and the Enlightment from Social Studies Curriculum

US-Israeli relations hit new low over settlement plan

I am fed up with shoddy clothing--here's my letter to Lands' End:

Bernie Sanders to Make Sure Public Option Gets Up-or-Down Vote, Defying Reid, Durbin - FDL

Best Wishes to Sen. Reid's wife and daughter thread

Did Bankrupt Runaway Prius Driver Fake "Unintended Acceleration?"

Best Countries to Escape To?

Really great interview with Michael Moore..from WNYC today

'Net Posse Tracked 'Jihad Jane' for Three Years

"Jihad Jane": Terrorism Charge Boosts Patriot Act Support

Hint to all people who want to become a terrorists

Hint to all people who want to become a terrorists

As bad as many here feel about Obama...

Wait a minute - how do you turn down THIS for their prom?

Legal theft: Bank of America seized wrong house in foreclosure gone terribly wrong

MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty diverted veterans funding to faith-based office

Social Security Works!

Are you a safe driver?

Has anyone here successfully 'dumbed-down' your resume?

If Arne Duncan Were Serious About Civil Rights:

Brawl erupts at sentencing of mom who gave gun to son

Interestingly enough, "Hurt Locker" and its Oscar met with a similar response at FReeperville...

Eli Broad: “We don’t know anything about how to teach or reading curriculum or any of that."

Democrats In the House: Look Out For Yourself & Buck Obama If You Have To.

Bush Crime Family - Illustrated

Hatch, McCain reach agreement on dietary supplements

What the President did with his Nobel Peace Prize money

"Hurt Locker": World a stage for Americans to deal with their demons, "a prize for American hubris"

Single-payer universal healthcare for the US?

US government to support workers and unions instead of corporations?

Grovelbot's Moderating Tips

Are Republicans just too stupid to understand this basic fact?

US out of Afghanistan immediately?

Bill Maher: Obama’s ‘mistake’ was not telling Republicans to ’suck on it’

Sean Penn says that reporters who call Chavez a dictator should be jailed

What to do if you drive a Prius.

This morning on NPR, a ConsumerReports spokesperson inferred some of the runaway Toyotas were fraud

Vinyl records grow in popularity as CD’s fall

I. GOT. A. JOB!!!

I. GOT. A. JOB!!!

LifeLock fined $12 million over lack of life-locking ability

LifeLock fined $12 million over lack of life-locking ability

Why are republiCONS acting like.

Why are republiCONS acting like.

Huffington Post columnist condemns Markos Moulitsas' "stupidity" and "hubris"

Mark My Words, Monday's California Prius "Incident" Will be Proven a Hoax

I've Had Enough Of All The Bullshit And Disinformation About The Bill, Here It Is, READ IT!

250 workers being laid off from Plainfield warehouse


Ohio Woman Who Wrote President of Insurance Woes Back In Hospital

Big things accomplished in Iraq

Obama wants to strike MA/VT provision in the healthcare bill

The Hill: Senate Banking Chairman Dodd To Go It Alone on Financial Overhaul

NYT: Obama's Student Loan Overhaul Endangered

"Kildee Breaks From Stupak Over Senate Abortion Language" (Whoohoo!)

Dodd to offer his own financial regulation bill..republicans miss the boat again

"#1 Obama Generation"

The Long Fight for Labor

Republicans In Glass Houses Shouldn't Throw Stones

Politics Daily's David Corn: A Same-Old GOP Budget: Rich Pay Less, Everyone Else Pays More

Georgia Democrats Press for Wrapup of Deal Investigation

PPP polling is surprised at Obama's polling numbers

Pataki In Lazio's Corner

Ha! "Experts: Ryan Roadmap Balloons Deficits While Taxing Middle Class, Slashing Entitlements"

GOP candidate Johnson bows out of Senate race

Big Eddie, here...

Foreclosures drop for 2nd month in February

The President's Export Initiative, here...

Schumer vs. Durbin: An Early Fight to Replace Harry Reid

"fate is a woman and always loves warriors."

Looks the the Calvary (i.e. the press) is riding to Stupak's rescue

What the President's plan means for you

I think Rep.Kalpatrick is being set up by the Feds shes been subpoenaed

There will be no public option, in my opinion

Greg Sargent's Plumline: Huge Majority of MoveOn Members Supports Passing Senate Bill

Student loan overhaul seems likely to join Senate health-care bill

Stimulus? Out of control spending? Government expenditures actually slowed during the recession

10 Charity Organ. to receive president Obama's $1.4 million Nobel Peace Prize

Never Back Down

Obama Gets the Immigration Reform Ball Rolling; Anti-Immigration Groups Fight Back

Ruling Kills an Option for Moving Health Bill - Parliamentarian says House must pass bill first.

Ezra Klein on Senate parliamentarian's ruling, plus Kent Conrad's interesting take

"31 states added jobs in January..."

Obama Announces Charities Where He'll Donate Nobel Peace Prize Money

If born in 1890 Kucinich probably would not have voted for FDR

GOP loses bid for ethics probe of Dem leaders (AP)

Sen. Graham says using reconiliation on health care reform would endanger immigration reform.

Bill Clinton and Bill Gates appeared before the SFRC yesterday - good comments from CNN

Kucinich supports gay marriage. Haven't heard him use the old "between a man and woman" crap.

Americans' net worth up for 3rd straight quarter

I do not understand what Bart Stupak and his friends are thinking..

Dupe. Please delete.

So the White House next issue is IMIGRATION before the elections

The cost of inaction

Reid's wife and daughter injured in car accident - TPM

It makes no sense to continually target the President while giving Congress a pass

Support for Health Reform Growing

Final March for Reform

Teachers’ union endorses Onorato

And the Congressional Budget Office says... (drum roll.....)

Kerry's new letter on lifting lifetime ban on gay blood donors

Cheeks Kilpatrick says she is not target of probe

Are any of you watching Rachel Maddow extensive interview of Nancy Pelosi?

Dems will Move Ahead on HCR without Stupak

What the enemy is doing.

Greg Sargent's Plumline: Bernie Sanders Prepared to Introduce Public Option Amendment

Gibbs: SC Shouldn't Have Been Uncomfortable At SOTU -Citizens United Was Their Decision!

Like him or not, Eric Massa sure can market himself quickly!

Transferring The Paranoia

Senators Target Wall Street, With Goldman Sachs in Mind

Chucky Todd doing a horrible job as Hardball stand in. Dry, boring stunted speech.

Take this to the bank.. Bookmark it..

I just watched Bart Stupid on Greta and there is no way he is voting for the bill. He is LOOKING for

MoveOn Members Strongly Back Reform

"Senate-Passed Health Care Bill Would Cut Deficit."

Arianna is challenging the President to publicly support the public option

President Barack Obama to Announce a Trip to the Emerald Isle

GALLUP: Americans' Life Evaluation Reaches New... ... ... High

When was the last time Congress met a deadline?

McInnis Out-Crazies Norton? 'Eliminate' STATE Education Department?

Just saw the first of the much ballyhooed anti-health care reform commercial...

John Conyers wife sentenced to three years in prison DAMN!!!!

Durbin Vs. Public Option

Howell Raines rips Fox News, Ailes, and media in Wash. Post column

Connie Saltsonstall isn't backing down!

Student loan overhaul seems likely to join Senate health-care bill

Hillary Rodham Clinton widens her circle at the State Department

Countdown: Durbin not firm on excluding PO - will push whatever the House gives to him!!

Dems: It Will Improve! Party Promises To Build On Watered-Down Health Care Reform

Democrats, White House close in on health bill

Sen. Scott Brown Accused of Harrassing Female Co-worker in 1998

What happens if the House passes the Senate HCR bill and the Medicare for all bill?

A Day After Drawing Primary Challenge, Stupak Votes To End War In Afghanistan

From his very first national speech at the 2004 DNC. Obama signaled post-partisanship

Reid to McConnell: Reconcile this.

Lives in the balance. Every second of every day. Let's have some unity on DU.

"Americans that can't see the beginning of a miracle of national rebirth under their jaded noses"

The facts about Obama's health care plan

Bernie Sanders: I’m Prepared To Introduce Public Option Amendment

Is the latest dispatch about reconciliaton from Tokyo Rose McConnell accurate?

This Is Not What I Voted For...

President Obama and the myth of the liberal base

Shove It!

Shove It!

CNN Poll - 46 Percent Say Obama Too Liberal; 10 Percent Say Not Liberal Enough

Great Bloomberg Article on Obama's Economic Success. GREAT TO FORWARD (and Rec!)

Insurance Victims Tell Congress: Pass Health Care Reform Now

The Case Against Kucinich

Okay, all you strangers:

The Modern Prometheus

Actors who were too old to play teens

BREAKING NEWS: Redqueen's earworm has been identified

This is an old one. Maybe you've seen it and maybe you haven't but I still like it..

What is your favorite use of a "hero(es) walk/hero(es) shot" in a movie?

Oatmeal or Redqueen's earworm

Anger over mandates is misplaced

I was just comparing "raised by hippies" stories with my best friend


What kind of mustard do you like best?

Leaving This Planet

What this GD post needs is more Narwhal. Please oblige.

No Use

Chris Brown calls himself "a better guy now" than when he beat Rihanna, begs fans to "bring me back"

You're The One

Good morning Lounge

Chase The Blues

Broken Heart

"The Last Word". Excellent Netflix View Instantly movie.

City Of Nowhere


On Impulse

Trilingual Dance Sexperience

Ahhhhhh!!!! Godzilla (haiku) Most Awesome!!!

You know, I still think DU is sorta okay, but I tire of the new names:

Places and Spaces

When I walk the lonely streets, I smell the colors and see the sounds

First appointment for major physical today. Know a good body shop?


My new earworm

Remember this? - - BLIP!

ahhh Fuck it. Official thread for 11 March 2010

Music unrecommendation thread.

J. Birly

I got a letter from the Post Office verfying my address change..

Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat?

I just spent two hours watch History International about the dust bowl.

Seriously - shouldn't Hollywood be doing something more to protect child actors?

I'm seriously thinking of going Office Space on my office computer.

Paterson or Pattinson?

"From now on I want you to put an equal amount of blueberries in each muffin."

Bebe Neuwirth vs Gina Gershon

craigslist observation/question

Mystery knitter wraps South Jersey poles & trees

I am at the hotel finally, all checked in playing on the old laptop.

the aids project paid my rent this month

I just got a text saying "Wanna make out?"

Forehead Janae

It's all in the eyes

George Nutty...I mean Noory for president?

I had a horrible dream last night: I was in the Navy and we just started to go over the equator

Who's organizing the DU March Madness pool this year?

FB message from Barack: Call Congress Right Fucking Now!!

How to avoid appearing old in job interviews

I heard Dennis Kucinich makes breast milk cheese

OK - I think I understand the process for violence

One way, or another...

Am I a bad DUer if I don't know who the hell Dylan Ratigan is?

Let's Make a Deal!

Gerard Butler talks about trimming Jennifer Aniston's bush.

Day Dream

Team CoCo is going on tour!

Somewhere on FR, someone is posting that Teabo did poorly on the Wonderlic

Zombie movies vs Vampire movies

Which star epitomizes Rock Star Decadence best?

Which star epitomizes Rock Star Decadence best?

Evil Bunneh!!

some people give me the creeps

Well, she's taking him back.

Batching it for a week.

yo i need one of my secret admirers to come help me out with something

you should really love this band

What's your ritual? nt

i nearly kicked this dude's ass on the bus

Hwy Midlo!! I drank a few beers tonight.

Can somebody explain Schroeder's fave to me?

I was eating some Irish Soda Bread this morning and broke my tooth.

YouTube - A spider that can jump up to 50x its body length versus a bee. Who ya got?

Coach or Woody?

Hey, Gormy!!!! We had Chinese food tonight!!!!

YouTube - Australian kid sets Guinness record for "Most Spiders On A Body For 30 Seconds"

Can someone explain Ricky Schroder to me?

i told my direct reports to refer to me as "coach"

I had a HORRIBLE dream last night...really bad.

Obligatory Annual Snow on Cactus Photos

I need advice/ideas on places to chill out for a week or so

What could you have been, given the right environment?

The Marriage Ref might possibly be the greatest show to ever hit Prime Time TV.

Wanna learn Chemistry? Physics? Finance? Calculus? For FREE?

Hey everyone, I'm just doing a test!

In honor of Easter...Behold! a ceiling peep

So, I was going to my psychotherapist appointment today...

Damn. Merlin Olsen died.

Betty White to Host SNL!!!

Infectious Groove Time: Band of Gypsys - Them Changes

Howdy from the hotel, picture as proof.

How many Plastic Surgery "Addicts" get that way because of the Vicodin?

Anybode Else as Excited as I am about "The Pacific"?

I'm growing marijuana in my yard

Why chocolate is better for you than blueberries

Heidi Montag fires husband Spencer Pratt as her "manager," replaces him with "an intuitive psychic"

Neil Young - A Man Needs a Maid

Memorial for Tommy_Carcetti failed threads

"MODERN FAMILY"--Best family sitcom on TV by far. Best since "Arrested Development."

Have you ever made "asphalt angels".

Daydream In Blue

Diane or Rebecca?

"M" for Male and "F" for Female: Is That A Sexist Code?

My girlfriend's dog needs our help!

Crosby, Stills and Nash- Southern Cross

Checking in. Still not "stable".

The first living Reggae artist to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

I really want to set my neighbor's car on fire....

Zebra that sprinted through Atlanta euthanized

What makes a man turn neutral?

Five Thursday questions

Is it just me or are the grocery stores filled with good looking fellas?

L O S T fans: Transcript from the key last couple scenes from this week's episode

Bob Newhart Show or Newhart?

Catspeak is Tonal, and Every Word Begins With 'M'

My favorite song/sequence in any Disney movie...

I'm giving you two choices.

Okay, damnit. TELL ME.

oh fuck yeah.

i was about a hundred miles north of jackson, mississippi around midnight

What the hell is wrong with you?

Exhaustion is a form of intoxication

Why do we dream of having sex with people we're not attracted to in real life?

Lady Gaga: I've decided that I like her

I have NO MORE time for STUPID PEOPLE in my life. JEEZUZ CHRIST!

Post a song of prophecy

Powerball is up to $200,000,000. Are you planning to buy any tickets?

Somos Verdaderos Amigos

AM Radio in the 60's...

Anyone listening to Andrew Romanoff on the Ed Show??

Anyone listening to Andrew Romanoff on the Ed Show??

Senate Bill on Finance to Include Agency That Tracks Financial Risk

West puts China to GM food test

US kept us in the dark on torture: spy chief {Bond's "M"}

Acorn Filmmaker Made Tapes at U.S. Government Offices, Too

Liz Cheney Group Defends Itself Against Criticism by Conservatives

BP in $7bn deal to explore for oil in Brazil

French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment

Orly Taitz Challenges the Eligibility of an African-American Politician

Greece Hit by Another Mass Cuts Protest Strike

Daihatsu to recall 275,000 cars in Japan

Jobless claims fall, trade gap narrows

More Messages Link Senator to Job Effort (Ensign Tried To Steer Work To Husband Of X-Mistress)

Foreclosures: Smallest Uptick in 4 Years

Sen. Dodd to Move Ahead On Financial Reform Without GOP

Highway Deaths Reach Lowest Levels since the 1950s

Watchdog: GMAC bailout could cost taxpayers $6.3B

Trade Gap in U.S. Unexpectedly Falls as Oil, Auto Imports Drop

Secularist bloc alleges major fraud in Iraq poll

Former NHTSA Head Blasts Coziness Between Watchdog Agency and Auto Industry

Sweden to extradite Auschwitz sign theft suspect

House takes aim at Census look-alike letters

5 (4 children) killed In roadside explosion In Afghanistan

Democrats, White House close in on health bill

Senate extends tax credit for biodiesel industry in 2010

Media Watchdog FAIR Finds NYT Was 'Duped' in 'Wildly Misleading' Coverage of ACORN 'Pimp'

Health-care reform's 'back-door' tax

Former Mossad Chief: US President Pushing Islamic Agenda

Kraft Foods To Replace U.S. Sales Fleet With Ford Vehicles for Efficiency, Quality

DPS: Yankee statements on piping are ‘flawed and indefensible'

Dems look to health vote without abortion foes (No to Stupak Language)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday March 11

7.2 earthquake in Chile (95 miles SW of Santiago)

Holder Failed to Disclose Brief on Detainee Policy

Durbin Whipping Against Public Option

U.S. hikers held in Iran contact families

Hydro-Québec signs $1.5B power deal with Vermont utilities

Texas Conservatives Seek Deeper Stamp on Textbooks

Despite Biden's plea, outlook shaky for Mideast peace talks

Crash leaves Reid's wife with broken neck, back

Ground Zero Workers Reach Deal Over Health Claims

US soldiers kill Iraqi couple: ministry official

Cheeks Kilpatrick called to Detroit grand jury

Judge: Atlanta Eagle defendants ‘not guilty'

5 couples in Mexico City inaugurate same-sex marriage law

Ex-police officer admits role in cover-up of Louisiana bridge shooting

Senator Calls For Aggressive Financial Reform (Break-up Banks) Deplores Current 'Incremental' Steps

Reid says will use "reconciliation" on healthcare

Regulators shut LibertyPointe Bank in NYC

Civil liberties group sues prison company

Greece hit by third general strike in a month

Senate passes $140 billion extension of jobless benefits

Senate extends tax credit for biodiesel industry in 2010

Student loan overhaul seems likely to join Senate health-care bill

Deal reached on ground zero health claims

Hall of Famer, ‘Little House’ star Merlin Olsen dies

JPMorgan, Citigroup Helped Cause Lehman’s Collapse

EU hits back at Geithner on regulation

Obama gives away $1.4M Nobel prize

Feds: TSA Worker Tried to Sabotage Terror Database

Economists Say Fed Saved the U.S. Economy

Price of Lockheed's F-35 fighter soars

Reid's wife and daughter in car accident

Rove 'proud' of US waterboarding terror suspects

Nevada lands first Chinese wind turbine factory in US

(Federal appeals) Court: 'Under God' in Pledge is constitutional

Russian court jails nine over racist killing

Senate Liberals Dissed on Health Bill (May be asked to vote against Public Option)

Miss. school prom off after lesbian's date request

Obama's liberal base 'disengaged'

In one day, Grayson piles up another 40 (Total = 50) co-sponsors for Medicare buy-in bill

Venezuela murder-rate quadrupled under Chavez -NGO

HD Healthcare Reform Rally DC - Union Leader Speeches - Part 3

How Western anti-Muslim bigotry became respectable: The clash of civilizations" paradigm Pt.4

Behind the US Chamber's Anti-Reform Ad

One Man's Everglades

Rove Lie? Amazing!

"Keiser Report" Markets. Finance. Scandal. guest joe weisenthal

TYT: Eric Boehlert reviews the lies in Karl Rove's book

Greeks stage third general strike

ANTHONY WEINER on Fox News (Megyn Kelly) -Talks About NEED for Public Option. Megyn Happy it's Dead

Is Prophetic Intercession The Future of The Religious Right? (casting out demons & curse breaking)

Cheering and hollering while he had to sit there expressionless. What a brave little man.

Countdown - CIGNA whistleblower Wendel Potter describes the state of health care legislation

Stanford Encryption Pioneer Who Risked Career Wins Medal

HD Healthcare Reform Rally - Part 4 "Serving The Warrant"

Congressman Grayson: And For What! (Attacks the Military Industrial Complex)

TYT: Olbermann & Ventura Feud Over TYT Interview

11-Year Old Marcelas Owens Discusses Health Insurance Industry Abuses

How to get Dummies to Give you Money

Single Payer. Now.

Vultures In Liberia - Greg Palast

Rachel Maddow: turns out Bart Stupak is full of sh*t, only 4-5 members are with him

Meg Whitman's Fake Town Hall

DemocracyNow: Dennis Kucinich Takes on Democratic Leaders - Public Option, Afghan Withdrawal 1 of 3

Rachel Maddow Asks Pelosi: 'What About Accountability for Bush Crimes?'

Rep. Grayson Added This TYT Public Option Act Video To His 'Favorites' Today

ANTHONY WEINER on Fox Business - Health Care -DRUNK HOST mockingly laughs for wanting to help People

Glenn Beck Goes on Extreme Anti-FDR, Pro McCarthy Tirade

CBO: Senate HCR Bill Reduces the Deficit by 118 Billion

Ukraine forms parliamentary coalition to end political chaos

Schooling in Orange Jumpsuits

Carville/Greenberg strategists and national security

Just keep talking, boys. You’re coming through loud and clear.

You're Still Keeping Your Money in a Big Bank? What's Wrong with You?

Columnist Betty Baye, "Palin: The Whirling Dervish of American Politics

Goldman Dealmaker now advocates Regulation

The Bizarre Religious Roots of the Abortion Tweeter by Kathryn Joyce

Congress Holds Historic Debate On Afghan War, But Media is MIA

You have everything to fear, including fear itself

More Calls for Fed Governors Who Actually Saw Crisis Coming, Care About Consumers

Adam McKay: An Open Letter to the State of Alabama

Life imitating art?

Chris Matthews Booted From Wailing Wall, For Excessive Wailing

Archbishop links priestly celibacy and Catholic sex abuse scandals

Rob rich bankers and give money to the poor- London Times Editorial

Eric Alterman & Danny Goldberg: Think Again: Listen Up, Progressives: Talk Radio Matters

Jim Hightower: Why Obama and Dems Seem Incapable of Taking a Firm Stand on Anything

Ryan Roadmap Balloons Deficits While Taxing Middle Class, Slashing Entitlements

Cheech and Chong Don’t Live here Anymore

Cape Wind's effects on Nantucket Sound's historic properties get public airing

Gene protects some Tassie devils from tumour

Why Seawater Isn’t the Answer to the Lithium Squeeze

Utility to install (250 MW) solar on (Southern California) warehouse roofs

Surprising Canadian Warmth This Winter

Los Angeles Electric Rate Linked to Solar Power

Peak oil notes - Mar 11

Drumbeat: March 11, 2010

Corporate Media "Lie to Us About Nuclear Power"

BP in $7bn deal to explore for oil in Brazil (BBC)

Chinese nuclear company places $15 million order with Flowserve (VA based company)

Improving the Performance of Solar Thermal Electrical Power

The fight over the Sage Grouse listing may be bigger than the Spotted Owl battles

Pushing Back Against the Methane Tipping Point

FWS, NMFS To Push For Endangered Status For Loggerhead Turtles

Seals In Ice-Free Gulf Of St. Lawrence Whelping On Shore - Mortality Spike Expected For Pups

Kenya's Lake Naivasha In Big Trouble - Export Flower Farms Drain Water, Dump Back Toxins

Venezuelan Drought Reveals Long-Drowned Town; Reservoir Level Within 10% Of Dead Pool

Busy huricne season predicted

Manitoba Thrilled W. US Court Decision Blocking Diversion From NoDak Into Canadian Watershed

NJ Wind Executive Defends Trying to Charge RI Utilities 50% More than RI's Retail Price for Electric

Heat Is Where Exergy Goes To Die

Scavenging energy waste to turn water into hydrogen fuel

Aquatic “Dead Zones” Contributing to Climate Change (emitting greenhouse gasses)

US Makes Progress Toward Cleaner Air: National trends show improvements in the nation’s air quality

GOP candidates: Bring waste to Nevada

Explained: Radiative forcing

Vermont Yankee robot is stuck in leaking pipe

Entergy responds to Miss. charges

BBC: Homes in Small British Homes Damaged by Vibration From Wind Farm Trucks.

New Report Outlines Bold New Vision for Solar in America (10% by 2030)

Water Oxidation Advance Boosts Potential for Solar Fuel

Climate change is a fact, says China

Sealevelgate (IPCC in trouble again?? OH NOES!!!11!)

SunEdison to Build Europe's Largest Solar Power Plant in Rovigo, Italy

An Energy Head Fake: The Administration is still hostile to oil drilling and nuclear power.

Wal-Mart to Settle Lawsuits by Going Solar

Beijingers get back on their bikes (BBC)

Only a carbon tax and nuclear power can save us

Biogas plant markets finally on the upswing - Germany to lead 2010 production

I thought people didn't want to live near a nuclear plant? Town request TVA build reactor near them

February Atmospheric CO2 Content Hits 389.91 - Up 2.5 YOY, 4.19 Over 2/08

Parents of Oregon Worker Killed in Wind Turbine Collapse File Suit.

Slow Boat to China: how Maersk cut fuel costs and emissions by 30%

Fusion Delayed: ITER Start Date Moved Again

new Gallup poll on global warming

Wind farms produced 'practically no electricity' during Britain's cold snap.

More New York Wind Turbine Collapses: Debris Hurled 1/4 Mile, Fire Started in Woods.

Facebook’s Green Data Center, Powered by Coal?

New study debunks myths about Amazon rain forests (potentially embarrassing for IPCC)

Thorium Fuel: No Panacea for Nuclear Power

100 New Nuclear Reactors: A Solution to Climate Change?

MLB: The Intricacies of Salary Arbitration (and building a team)

Colin Campbell's Comparison of Matt Cooke to Mike Richards Does Not Match

The streak is over. 25 years in the NCAA tournament.

delete dupe nt

RIP Merlin Olsen

Company owned by Jerry Jones being sued for aiding alleged fraud

It's a timed test, Tebow kept slowing down to ask "What would Jesus say?"

Kansas is the third team to win 2000 games.


Obama praises Uribe for graceful acceptance of referendum defeat

Obama tells Mexico that there will not be immigration reform this year (Spanish)


Atahualpa Yupanqui - Duerme negrito

5 couples in Mexico City inaugurate same-sex marriage law

U.S. to Haitians: Stay Home and Bear the Burden

U.S. Military Bases and Colombia's Displacement Crisis

Coca-Cola Co. Denies Involvement in Murder and Rape, Blames "U.S. Judicial System

Strong Quakes Torment Chile As President Sworn In

45 Colombian union leaders assassinated in 2009

Venezuela murder-rate quadrupled under Chavez -NGO

Court: No jail for soldier convicted of assault

Kudos to Joe Biden!

Palestine already exists on film

Poll Shows Youth Leans Rightward

U.S. says it believes Mideast talks still on

Gay youth group included in volunteering program

U.S. gave Israel green light for East Jerusalem construction

Jews displaced from Arab lands finally recognized

Parents demand answers from Israel in bulldozer death

Former Mossad Chief: US President Pushing Islamic Agenda

Poll: Half of Israeli high schoolers oppose equal rights for Arabs

Thank you, Eli Yishai, for exposing the peace process masquerade

Today in Labor History Mar 11 TWU members at American Airlines win 11-day national strike

Private Contractor PHS Locks Out SEIU Health Workers At Alameda County Jails

Toyota hands over union 2006 letter to US watchdog (cost cuts had undermined the quality of its cars

Costly Cash: How a Retiree Wound Up With a 375% Loan

Union job opening (union & social advocacy)

Need Some Help: What Did Rush say about Government Workers ALL get Communist Paper TODAY?

Republican Senators Crusade Against a FedEx Union

I guess learned their lesson.....

GOP backs 'don't ask' advocate

Need help remembering things from the 1980's

Prop 8 forum: Olson & Boies speak - You MUST read this stuff!

Va. gov counters state atty. gen.’s advice on gays

Prom canceled after lesbian submits a date request

HUNGA DUNGA, A True Novel. I just finished reading it. It's great!!!

Raging right now

Smuckers, IMG want skater Johnny Weir kept off 'Stars on Ice' tour

Can anyone help me out with a little history here? I was explaining

Obama going to pry my fishing pole from my cold dead hands "freeper spam"

Question Why does any state honor California's permits

Michael Moore Hypocrisy Again (2nd Amendment)

Armed and Ready to Shop

New Frog Found—Has "Striking" Color Change

Want a sabertooth tiger skull? An A. Aferensis skull? Megalodon tooth?

California lawmaker would outlaw 'open carry' gun right

Photo fix

Old State House, Boston, redux

Unraveling Thalidomide's Tragic Effects

excuse the grab shot


Half-Hen/Half-Rooster Shows Cells Can Decide Sex

If you're going to look, please leave a vote behind. A real POLL>

Astronauts Jobs in North Las Vegas, Nevada - Bigelow Aerospace

Mysterious Cosmic 'Dark Flow' Tracked Deeper Into Universe

Johann Hari: Palestinians should now declare their independence

winyanstaz says that she will be at the alternate ASAH group tonight (Thursday) at 6pm PST...

The Aquarians of the world. Are you really robots...?!?!

The Stock Market As Propaganda, by charles hugh smith

Yet more woo from me to yoo.... warning, this site sells music, if that

The Elephant in the Health Care Room

Dr. Housing Bubble 03/11/10

Americans Are Still 21 Percent Poorer Than Before The Recession

Infection Defense May Spur Alzheimer

Are there any states experiencing financial difficulty? If so, how many

Undercover in an Evangelical Church.

Are there any Canadian provinces experiencing financial difficulty? If so, how many

Russia has largest number of tycoons in Europe

Duncan dumbed down Chicago, now blames George W. Bush for it

Chicago Public Schools hiring while cutting? What gives?

Nevada can join Race to the Top

Detroit Schools plan Total Transformation. Broad graduate

Kristof: Teach for the World

Seniority, Retirement Plans To Play A Role In KCMO Teacher Layoffs

Perimeter Primate: The "Broad" Effect

Share What It's Like To Be a Public School Teacher

Texas Conservatives Seek Deeper Stamp on Texts

Educators, If The 2012 Election Were Held Today, Would You Vote For President Obama?