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Lawmakers just getting started on scrutiny of Toyota

Sidney Crosby: From a Canadian perspective...

''there are no paid trolls, there are no paid trolls...are there?''

''there are no paid trolls, there are no paid trolls...are there?''

And now a little Janis....

Tangled up in Yoo

Tangled up in Yoo

Stimulus Build America Bonds yet another gift for Goldman Sachs

NY Times - "Dem centrists pose challenge for Obama" - Where's The Liberal House?

Up Or Down. - Time To Govern - 1March 2010

What kind of system of healthcare does China have?

Liberalism, atheism, male sexual exclusivity linked to IQ

Shimkus spouts off his opinion that we are going to be socialialists with a health care bill . . .

Edwin Starr - War (What Is It Good For?)

Financial Reform Endgame-By PAUL KRUGMAN

Introducing "American Extremists"

LMFAO Wrote a Song About Sky Blu's Incident with Mitt Romney's Vulcan Grip!

Huge head of pharaoh unearthed in Egypt

Greece Now, U.K. Next as Scots Ready for Pound Plunge

The end of the Olympics. Which National Anthems are the best.

Two high profile Canadians were snubbed last night

Sen. Kyl: Extended unemployment benefits to pass

Sen. Kyl: Extended unemployment benefits to pass

The role race plays in the Tea Party (by Leonard Pitts. Jr) as it relates to another OP.

Who wants a Yike Bike!

Nathan Deal, republican rep. fro Ga. to resign from Congress.

UFCW Delivers Food to Locked Out Miners in Desert

Hoverwing Hovercraft by Rudy Heeman flies 4.5 Feet above Water at 60 MPH

Anti-Gay Hate Graffiti Found At UC Davis - LGBT Center Vows To Leave Slurs Up

Fractions of a Second: An Olympic Musical

Remember Bill Clinton and Al Gore?

E.J. Dionne Spins Fairy Tales About Political Parties

Public Option Garners Avalanche of Support in Senate (Huff Post)

Public Option Garners Avalanche of Support in Senate (Huff Post)

Friedmanism at the Fed

Big Tobacco and the Historians

HuffPo: 'ConservaDem' Sen. Blanche Lincoln Gets Prominent Democratic Primary Challenger

NYDN: Paterson icing Cuomo's bid for governor????

Looting? or self-preservation?

Unemployment Hits 10.8%, Presidential Approval Drops to 35%

Unemployment Hits 10.8%, Presidential Approval Drops to 35%

IMO one thing the Bush* Administration excelled at was creating Low Expectations.

(Edit) Damn, so pissed I didn't put a subject.

Biden Dems' Secret Weapon For Reconciliation?

Tancredo on McCain~

More people apply for energy assistance to help with heating

Teabag Convention Keynote Speaker Tom Tancredo says Sarah The Teabagger is "not presidential"

Teabag Convention Keynote Speaker Tom Tancredo says Sarah The Teabagger is "not presidential"

Man Dies When 911 Call goes unheaded for 30 hours..

‘Birther’ Conspiracy Roils GOP Campaigns

PA man dies during storm when 911 calls unheeded

PA man dies during storm when 911 calls unheeded

AMERICABLOG: GOP using filibuster 700% more than Dem record of filibuster

HCR Reconciliation Thread (Minor changes) We Still do not have the votes

What On Earth Is Mike Allen Talking About?

Pollution rates rise as rulings hamper EPA

does anyone recall the media discussing 'reconcilliation' when bu$h* rammed thru tax cuts for rich?

In Trial, Karadzic Calls His Cause ‘Just and Holy’

Tampa Bay doctors with disciplinary records speak for drug companies

Does anyone have an anti-Ant and Grasshopper story?

Bill Halter for U.S. is link...So you don't like Blanch Lincoln?

Heads Up: Prayer Warriors and Sarah Palin Are Organizing Spiritual Warfare to Take Over America

Leno making a play to get his "Middle America" back with Palin on Tuesday night

Get off the damn dime, Democrats!

Does anyone know why Alan Grayson is not listed on the website?

Balleyhooed NY Mag MURDOCH article is out.Underwhelming Bottom line: His mother's 101 & won't retire

The Environmental Activists of Climate Ground Zero and Mountain Justice Stand Up to Big Coal in West

Obama stimulus helped ease recession, say economists- Link....

One Victory, Many Questions - Die Zeit, Germany

Chart: Your Handy Guide To GOP Senators Who Backed Reconciliation

The Spoils of War: Billions Over Baghdad (30 tons of Taxpayer $$$ loaded into tractor-trailers)

Take it off. Take it all off - Sydney Australia Mardi Gras "installation " for Freedom and Equality

The Rude Pundit - In Brief: ...

There's a pig in my washer

POOF...It’s Not Just the Torture-Emails DOJ Lost, It’s the Backup Documentation

Ice age mammoth baby gets space age body-brain scan

The Byrd Rule and how it effects reconciliation

The GOP has the FAUX news network and it's related newspapers

I love Andy Borowitz!

Offensive or amusing

C. Todd on MSNBC just said the VP can overrule the Senate

Pew Research Report Shows Americans 'Graze' News

Former Senate Parliamentarian: 'I Would Never Use The Term Illegitimate W Regard To Reconciliation

a letter in AsiaTimes mailbox

Review of The Crazies: "Maybe a better title would have been 'Zombie Tea Party'.”

If passing healthcare is really "political suicide"...

So, As A Society We Have Come To This

Rhode Island school district seeks to tear up teachers’ contract

Broken CNN: Government Bashing for Ratings and Profits

Tea Baggers: Where Were You When Bush Demolished U.S. Economy?

Caption McCain's Boehner

Government-run health care unconstitutional? Let's see what the founding documents have to say!

Attacks Kill 6 NATO Troops Around Afghanistan

21% Medicare Reimbursement Cut Scheduled To Go Into Effect Today.

Most Disappointing is An Unwillingness To 'Name and Blame' Those Blocking Real Fin and HC Reform

America's Broken Promise Alliance, or No Chamber of Commerce Left Behind

I added a new "patriot" to my collection.

Move On taking donations for a Primary Challenger to Blanch Lincoln



Hiring illegal immigrants may lead to jail in Utah

John Yoo: "I certainly am not in favor of massacring civilians in a village"

March 9 - Mass Citizens' Arrest of Insurance Companies - Washington DC

Did Lindsey Graham commit GOPicide?

AIG Sells Asian Unit to Prudential Plc for $35.5 Billion to Pay Back U.S.

A Chilean flag avatar if anyone wants to use it

Sarah Palin: a New Cincinnatus called from her Plough to Save the Republic

Challenging Christian Hegemony

I was just watching "A Perfect Candidate" on Sundance . . .

CNN just said that Democrats are about to pass the Health Care Bill

I knew it!

Council holds hearing on removing Gen. Hayden tribute!

Oregonians Protest White Supremacist Compound

Iran's Air Force Will Soon Test-Fire A New Guided-Bomb

Iran's Air Force Will Soon Test-Fire A New Guided-Bomb

you know, i think the republicans are doing a fine job of representing the public

Hands off America's Rainforest Help stop this land grab NOW!

Jon Walker: How the Public Option Would Likely Get A Vote During Reconciliation

Favorite Gang Starr Songs (Get Well soon Guru!)

Monday Toons, Part 1

Monday Toons, Part 4

Monday Toons, Part 4

Monday Toons, Part 3

Great Video on Bill Halter for Senate in Arkansas

Nature Conservancy’s climate change organizer now working for American Petroleum Institute

Arkansas Senate Democratic Primary

Afghanistan bans coverage of Taliban attacks

About to be Homeless Person Just Knocked At The Door.... It is tough out there.

monday Toons, Part 2

Limbaugh's voice deters Bark Beetles (seriously)

Chalabi, Once Darling of bu$h* Administration Neocons, Is 'Doing the Bidding of Iran.'

Teenagers: it's not that they don't think, it's that their thinking is slower


Las Vegas dentist accused of recording women in bathroom

When the extensions finally are passed, all of the bills for the additional costs

Scared yet? Cantor: GOP will win majority if Dems use reconciliation rules

Healthcare Reform

Last Minutes with ODEN

FB has blocked the publishing of the Poodle/Beck page.

CNN's Ali Velshi ripped Sen. Bunning a new one over his hold - Need help in finding video

Coming up on Shuster - are trends suggesting a major

Ralph Nader Was Right About Barack Obama, by Chris Hedges

"This is a Senators-only elevator!" Off-camera: He flipped the bird.

Toll Free Numbers. Call Congress.

Kentucky has taken notice

More Proof Cannabinoids Kill Glioblastoma (brain cancer) Cells

dupe delete n/t

Harry Reid should call for an IMMEDIATE drug and alcohol test on Bunning

Hey Jay Leno

Heads up. Dylan Ratigan hinted that a rant aimed at Bunning is coming up

Fotografías de tsunami en Juan Fernández

2,000 federal employees are out of work without pay today as the direct result of Bunning's hold

Why the Chile quake tsunami was smaller than feared

ATTN Senator Bunning:

ATTN Senator Bunning:

CNN's Ali Velshi tweets that Bunning is "an embarrassment"

Remember this: Bunning was the only Senator who didn't even vote on Health Care Reform.

List of Federal Lands Construction Affected By Senator Tough Shit petition (re: extension of unemployment benefits)

Scott Brown's Maiden Bill: Provoke Iran

Sen. Kyl contact info. He claims that UI lets people collect money and not look for a job

Chip In to help counter Fred Phelps and the WBC's Ministry of Hate!

Monday LOL's - pics

US Senate's Top Climate Sceptic Accused of Waging 'McCarthyite Witch-Hunt'

We are going to get lame-ducked six ways to Sunday by the election this term.

Whirlpool Execs Hide Behind Their Corprat Logo - While Sending Jobs to Mexico

Perez, First Openly Gay Assembly Leader, Sworn In (CA)

The Rude Pundit on Jim Bunning:

Senate can't be trusted to pass healthcare reconciliation fixes so here's what the House needs to do

Oops-- Dupe

Bunning is certifiably insane

Nation of Islam’s Farrakhan cites earthquake, warns America: ‘You will not escape’

Shutting Down the Government

Shutting Down the Government

Grassley Rejects Baucus Jobs Bill He Agreed To A Few Weeks Ago

Bunning to ABC News reporter: 'Excuse Me, This is a Senator-Only Elevator!'

CNN's Dana Bash noted "there was an obscene finger gesture" when asking Sen. Bunning a question

Big box retailers in small-town Colorado

Real or fake?

LetOhioVote.Com Complains to Ohio Supreme Court about Secretary of State

Bunning Kills UI Extension for an Eleventh Time In Less Than A Week

Sooooo, the UI extensions have to be paid for but the estate tax cuts don't, eh Kyl?

ON C-SPAN2 NOW-- extension of unemployment benefits. Max Baucus(D-MT)

CBO's Doug Elmendorf speaks about the next ten years and the deficit.

Man survives crash, dies peeing on power line

Dems say over half of GOP on highway to hypocrisy on stimulus

Corporate Death Penalty

Leave Beck and Rush at the Front Door

Analysis: Republicans setting filibuster record

Pomegreat signs £3m a year deal to buy pomegranate juice from Afghanistan

Hugo Chávez 'terrorist link' sparks diplomatic row between Spain and Venezuela

Should we expand the public school system to accommodate children of all ages?

New Regulations Won’t Stop Bankster Looting-

Here's my suggestion for HCR:

Refusing to explain obstruction of unemployment benefits, Bunning shoots reporter the middle finger

Drugmakers tied to trips for Medi-Cal officials

VIDEO: Bill Kristol Critiques Health Care Summit He Says He Didn't Watch

Bush era "reconciliation tax cuts" are coming home to roost.

Government contracts should require that at least 67%

Self Delete

If I were President of the US, I'd be smoking my brains out, drinking

I still say that Bunning should be tossed...

March 4th: Day of Action re Public Education & Public Employees


Biden says he understands resentment over bailouts

Call Senator Bunning and let him know he flipped off ALL OF US, not just a reporter.

Dem Senators giving themselves nowhere to hide on public option

Goldman Sachs Refuses Shareholders' Requests for Investigation Into Bonuses and Pay:

Hey, America: It's Time to Redefine the "Good Life"

Chris Hedges on Obama and the Timidity of the Left:

Posting Right-Wing Talking Points Regarding Climate Change On DU Doesn't Make Them

Bunning Blockade Leads To 21 Percent Fee Cut For Doctors

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Breitbart's Manic Admissions on ACORN 'Pimp' Hoax - 'Why does it matter?!!!'

O'Brien, Obama can't seem to catch a break

Jim Bunning's Foundation Accused of Fraud!

Jim Bunning's Foundation Accused of Fraud!

John Kerry To Bunning & GOP: "This Is Anything But A Game"

Are there any countries that force businesses to create jobs and expand hiring?

How would the world have reacted if it was Al Qaeda who had pulled

OpenLeft: Bunning continues filibuster; Republican assistance growing

Joe SCAB and BARNICLE rag PELOSI and RANGEL about "ethics"!1 HAH !1

Come all without, come all within..

Why Ralph Nader wanted to see Gore lose in 2000 (a reminder)

Is Glenn Beck Wearing A Pro-Confederate Necktie?

Supreme Court Decision May Allow Corporations and Unions to Make Anonymous Political Donations


Toyota's U.S.-Japan disconnect-Americans had little power to respond to safety problems

Harold Ford dropped out of the NY Senate race

"Poll" Robo call I just received

Tea Party or Tool Party? Christian Right launches effort to take over the tea parties

San Antonio police officer charged with sexual assault of transgender woman

Fox's Megyn Kelly says "freedoms" are being taken away, but won't say which ones. USA! USA! USA!

Bunning Amendment Nixes White House Easter Egg Roll

Online minister faces 66 child-porn charges

Don't read this on a queasy stomach: Rick Perry praises "heroic" prolifer Bush for saving lives

Heads up: "Dolley Madison" on PBS at 9 p.m. EST.

Thanks, Jim.

O'Keefe/Giles: "They edited the tape to meet their agenda" according to a law enforcement source

Bush Tax Cuts, Which Cost Twice As Much As Healthcare Reform, Were Passed Through Reconciliation

Yikes! Who did Lawrence's make-up?

Afghanistan bans news coverage of Taliban attacks

CIA Doctors Without Morals

Need a casket? Now you can buy them at the mall. Personalized!

Does anybody know where I can find a list of the names Blackwater does business under?

My letter to Jim Bunning

BUNNING'S Obstruction Puts 2K Fed Employees OUT OF WORK

Saw Somebody Pinched For Shoplifting

Jerry Brown to declare his candidacy for governor Tuesday

Student apologizes for UC San Diego noose incident, claims no racist intent

The Saddest Story (about the JFK assassination)

Keith just gave a live update on his Dad

Where did McCain's integrity go?

Wild pitches from Sen. Bunning

Judge Grants Asylum to German Home Schoolers

(Harold) Ford Decides Not to Run

Jon Kyl (R-AZ): Unemployment Benefits Make People Not Want To Get A Job

Last update on Nate, he got cards from all states and 63 countries!

DU'ers over 50: How responsible is Roe v Wade for today's political climate?

I cannot give my 2008 Toyota Tacoma (17,577 miles) away (well, I exaggerate)

Has it been posted that Senator Bunning shot a reporter the middle finger

A little Frank Luntz in reverse for our side: it's not "reconciliation", it's an "up or down vote"

The Greek Financial Crisis And How It Will Impact You

Body found in Haiti believed to be KC area doctor


Republicans Will Excuse Their Inaction By Demonizing The Unemployed - Welfare Queen, Part II

Bunning wants 10 billion cut from the "deficit"? Fine.

President Obama and pResident Bush have one thing in common...

How will Jay Leno do in his return to The Tonight Show this evening?

Chris Hayes: The Republicans think you should get off your fat ass and find a job

Don't click on this if you haven't been charmed by a baby. Baby Barack, who became our President

01MAR10 8:30 AM EST: 223,452 people have signed this petition... won't you join us?

Suspect in Elizabeth Smart case deemed competent

Posts of substance vs. One-liners

Hey, Baseball Jim ....... I got a good bit of the ten billion we need to cut, right here ......

Look Senator Bunning 3 fingers!!



Jim Bunning doesnt want to add to the deficit......

I really enjoyed watching the Olympics Closing Cerem

the rethugs have to kill healthcare because people will like it.

Photoshop request - Bunning

Rachel I love you

Hotheaded Emanuel may be White House voice of reason (WP)

Things I learn from pro-wrestling

Sestak Attacks Specter on Veterans’ Benefits Funding

California Assembly passes resolution for Cuss Free Week (not a joke)

Small taste of the celebrations on the streets of Vancouver. WITH VIDEO AND PICS

Federal judge rules that New York must move mentally ill out of group homes

Given that John Marshall established judicial review, doesn't that make him the greatest activist?

Who is this Phil E. Buster guy anyway???

One in four Germans wants microchip under skin: poll

If Republicans say that unemployment insurance dissuades people from finding work, then why...

The Right-wing "activist" bloc of SCOTUS is working to revert to pre-Miranda law

OK, help me out here. Hasn't most of the bailout money been paid back?

Yanno, it really does seem like the senate is broken.

Sen. Imhofe Accused of Waging 'McCarthyite Witch-Hunt' Against Climate Scientists

Whenever I hear someone calling for cuts to education, I wanna scream at them

Harkin: Bush tax cut passed under reconciliation -and 2X the cost

Pics from counter protest Westboro Baptist Church - Norfolk Va today

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

When an organization is failing its task, who is more likely to be at fault?

Deportations breaking up S.F. family

Good news: Dobson gone

Heads Up: Prayer Warriors and Sarah Palin Are Organizing Spiritual Warfare to Take Over America

I know it's White House "etiquette" or something but for fuck's sake

New Facebook Group: Fuck You Jim Bunning!!

AP - "Republicans setting filibuster record" - Vote Republican Or Else! How To Extort The People...

Armenia 60 Minutes

We didn't ask why - we didn't blame - when it came down to it we stood togehter

When Will An Insider Republican Grow A Conscience And Expose The Plotters Against Us...

How would you spend $10B to solve world problems?

Air Force nuclear units fail inspection in Montana

Texas official primary day March 2nd.

Republican wet dream

Two bust for goat sex

DFA supports Blanche Lincoln's opponent, Bill Halter.

Anthem Blue Cross Sued Over Changes

Graham to GOP: stop demonizing climate change: You’re risking ‘your party’s future ...'

Joe Bageant: Americans Are "Hope Fiends" Because Honestly Looking at the Present Situation Would Des

Blame the victim: Religious leaflet claims ‘ungodly’ dressed women provoke rape

Russian Olympic officials should resign - Medvedev

Looks like someone attacked another IRS office. HazMat in UT, people removed on stretchers...

Conservative Repubs now disowning Roosevelt and Lincoln

Buzzflash: Glenn Beck Loses All His Advertisers in the UK.

What is the smartest show on cable television?

Patriot Games or Treason?

Thousands Looking for an Alternative to Frothing Teabagging Crowd Find Refuge in New 'Coffee Party'

Cannabis Use Prior to First Incidence of Psychosis Predicts Better Outcome over 10 year period

Cannabis Use Prior to First Incidence of Psychosis Predicts Better Outcome over 10 year period

NY D.A. Clears Brooklyn ACORN: 'No Criminality Found'

What constitutes "Winning the Olympics"?

The Year of the Drone

I remember when I was a kid, before credit cards....

ok, the rules MUST CHANGE to prevent ONE demented congresscritter from

As weak and corrupt as the Democrats may be, defeat for them is a victory for the GOP

What could we have had for the $$ spent . . .

Robert Reich: Dems reluctance due to Wall St Campaign Donations & Promise of Jobs upon Retirement

What Every Environmentalist Needs to Know About Capitalism

Classification of stereotypical republicans

Can someone explain why the Democrats adjourned?Wasn't there another way to deal with Bunning?

A $1000 for a toothbrush?

A Tea-Baggers Wet Dream

Bumper wizdumb

Could we just agree on this?

Screw respecting these CLOWNS! Talk to them like they're frigging 4 yrs old

Gary Randall: Opposing death sentence for gays is "Perverted Tolerance"

Letter I wrote Bill O'Reilly

Toyota to replace oil hose on 933,800 vehicles (no big deal, just another defect)

Analysis: Republicans setting filibuster record

GOD BLESS CANADA! Land of Curling and Excellent health care!

GOD BLESS CANADA! Land of Curling and Excellent health care!

A Thumbnail Portrait of Fox News

Have you calculated your 2008 income on 2009's tax rules?

Have you calculated your 2008 income on 2009's tax rules?

Date Aug. 7, 2001. Bush Declared Emergency? Not Quite

I feel doubly bad for Chile

The Underlying Problem in the whole Apple underage workers story (that the MSM ignores)

NASA radar finds ice on moon's north pole

Yes, there's a lot to criticize about dems and the dem party, but

I haven't posted this in a long time. Johnny Cash v. War.

Do you think folks who complain about Unrecs are trying to divert attention from the thread subject?

A very small story about Desiree Rogers (White House Social Sec).

Something Both Useful and Positive: Crop Mobs

The Unemployed Now Have Their Own Union, and It's Catching on Quickly

I just watched the movie Idiocracy on Comedy Central

Horse Meat commonly eaten in Europe and Asia; not so much in the US

Horse Meat commonly eaten in Europe and Asia; not so much in the US

What are the best ideas about how we move the Democratic Party back to a firmly

U.S. Supreme Court to take on battle over gun rights

Obama walks to White House to improve cholesterol (AP)

Warren Buffet: Health Care Bill Needs Redo Focused On Costs

Congrats to the US for "Owning the Podium!"

Congrats to the US for "Owning the Podium!"

King of Pop calms the crowds during Haiti aid mission

Communication Workers of America Study: Health Care Excise Tax Will Harm Middle Class:

Slam Dunkin On The Plane

You have bad credit because you lost your job, but you can't get a job ...

President Obama will offer a much smaller healthcare proposal than Senate or House bills this week!

Bunning is faux filibustering, getting away with it, and the Dems aren't forcing a REAL filibuster?

(NC) Why No Regulatory Action on Banksters’ “Destabilize the Markets” Threats?

Strange thought I had

Bunning is the next fall guy.... right after Lieberman.... few in the senate want to extend benefits

(NC) So Why Hasn’t the Credit Default Swaps Casino Been Shut Down?

Unpaid $68 dental bill costs woman her house

"I'll show you Obama's birth certificate when you show me Sarah Palin's high school diploma."

ACORN workers CLEARED of any criminal wrongdoing! When do they get their funding back?

Empire, Oligarchy and Democracy, by Ralph Nader

Since when has "Physical Therapy" been considered "Experimental?"

Socialists Get Newfound Attention as 'Red-Baiting' Draws Interest From Youth

Did GOP Rep Resign To Squelch Ethics Probe?

Later, Leno

Salon: Shut down Jim Bunning Foundation (charity fraud set up to shelter baseball memorabilia $$$$)

Don't bring your kids, or your mom to a job interview

President Obama is coming to Savannah, GA tomorrow.

Al Gore's climate views prompt debate over UT's honorary degree for him

This is just wrong . . .

At first pass over the day's postings, one is left with the sneaking impression

Obama's Nuclear Posture Review: Are America's Nuclear Weapons Only for Deterring Nuclear Attacks?

Are you a troll?

Serious question: Why are corporations so quiet on this health care issue?

Jim Bunning, on how he keeps up with World Events...

Republicans setting filibuster record

The Psychopathology of Ayn Rand

My Recent Experience With "The Best Healthcare In The World"

Woman Vows to Only Shop at Black-Owned Stores

Bill Gates solution for over population

“People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders” J.P. Morgan

“People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders” J.P. Morgan

7 Foods Banned in Europe Still Available in the U.S.

Bob "Swift Boat" Perry loses $47Million decade old case!!!!

Bob "Swift Boat" Perry loses $47Million decade old case!!!!

A Medicare Question

Caption the President

In Obesity Epidemic, What’s One Cookie?

Critics Say Glenn Beck Incites Violence

Critics Say Glenn Beck Incites Violence

Caption This: Jim Bunning cant finger out why he is a Senator

A socialized medicine experience.

12yo girl warned of giant wave in Juan Fernández and avoided a bigger tragedy

CREW to Holder: New Torture Memos Mystery = documents were missing = obstruction

CREW to Holder: New Torture Memos Mystery = documents were missing = obstruction

$1,000 for a toothbrush, $140 for ONE tylenol, and (more!)

Obama Agrees With Firings At RI's Central Falls

The (Afghanistan) Surge Is Working

Crash Course in Historic Market Crashes: Today.. looks eerily similar to...1929, 1930, 1987, & 2007

States may ban credit checks on job applicants

We need songs.

Genealogists trying to stop the planned destruction of 2010 census images.

What ever happened to the Democratic Agenda?

Civil Rights activist Walter Fauntroy (D) petitions Supreme Court to stop gay marriage in DC

women's herstory month 2010--writing women back into history

Isn't Sara Evans the darling of the Bush Admin?GOP family values, again!

The Saddest Story

Patriot Act Passes House - Who voted to renew it?

What are the most annoying misuses of the English language? Here's my list..

I've made it to March

Got a lot of time to waste? Wanna zone out your family for hours at a time?

So what do you think this guy was smoking?

Why would anyone refuse

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Non-Poetry Break, 3/01/10

Gorillaz free streaming their new album: Plastic Beach

What am I going to do about my Curling Addiction?

I LOVE to play the guitar (although I can't play worth a damn)...

Digital video/YouTube question...I need help.

And now a little Janis....

Good morning Lounge

workplace rant (short)

workplace rant (self-pitying or perhaps pitiful)

Are memory foam pillows worth the bucks? A dept. store has them on sale

Anyone view Seinfeld's new show Sunday night?

nobody has video of giant inflatable beavers??

started training yesterday for the 5 boro bike ride in nyc

bananas exploding on face

That was a pretty weird closing ceremonies.

Really Vile Hate Fest...

Will this marriage last?

I was supposed to be celebrating my independence today

I'm kinda embarrassed for Canada Right now

Hippy Happy makes his/her first post in one of my threads

would you order turtle in a restaurant?

workplace rant (long)

PHOTO: One more from the Taqueria...grilled marinated tilapia filet

Jimmy Johnson surely has fallen to the lowest of low - Spokesperson for Extenze

Anyone know what happened to Armyofwalgreens?

You Tube question

Any Blitzen Trapper fans here?

Jazz Thing

"When we say 'get up' what do we mean?"

Mass Appeal

Code Of The Streets


In strict chronological order, with no OTHER choice, pick the best early John Lennon Beatles single

You Know My Steez


Samurai Champloo AMV: Gang Starr - Battle


Seriously - I hate annoying, chatty toll booth attendance who ask about the places I am going to..

Anime at it's best!


Sunday Morning

Makes Me Wonder

Nothing Lasts Forever / Heard 'Em Say

This Love

These Words

So, I didn't get picked for Jury Duty today.

Was the "Immaculate Election" episode of Arrested Development the funniest half hour...

I am away from home right now, need advice of NJ DUers

My Latest Podcast is up!

YouTube - "The TRUE history of our sixteenth president...Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter"

My favorite Deli

So I lost my W 2... Who do I contact for a replacement

Thursday night was AWESOME SQUARED!!!!

YouTube - Badfinger, "Day After Day, Live 1972

YouTube - "Beavis and Butt-head Scared Straight"

Yikes! Who did Lawrence's make-up?

I never felt more pride then when I read this piece on Vancouver

I have been accepted into the doctoral program at the Grad Center in the fall!

Coming up in 1 hour 10:15 EST on TCM: Days Of Heaven


Books and DVD's for trade

click here if you've ever eaten Alf

"The Journey" and "I'm so blessed" two hideous expressions

You Know You Are Living In 2010 When...

Carolina Chocolate Drops.

I've just realized I've gone over one thousand pounds.

40 years..

It's Two Days Later, And I Still Feel Happy!

Wow - Betty White, Valerie Bertinelli, Wendy Malick, Jane Leeves in new sitcom -

YouTube - "Brady Bunch Variety Hour: Disco Medley"

How did your March arrive?

A "senior moment"

How many terrestrial species have you eaten?

Did you know that March 28th is Weed Appreciation Day...

A real dumb question: what side do you part your hair on?

Who wants a Yike Bike!

I violated my Meatless Monday vow to myself today

It's a "fuck it all" thread. Yay!

I was wrong to post what I did last night, and I'm sorry for it.

I was wrong to post what I did last night, and I'm sorry for it.

Seriously - I hate annoying, chatty cash register workers who ask about the things I buy

Help in the kitchen

Formula 1, Formula 44, Formula 409-- who the hell was running this laboratory?

I got cuffed by the fuzz this morning..

Welcome to March!!!!!

Seriously - I hate annoying, chatty proctologists who ask about the places I am going to...

Last thought upon seeing electricity race toward you through your stream of urine?


Midlo showed me this new t-shirt design today

A letter from my daughter

Favorite Stooge

Man survives crash, dies peeing on power line

Wash. man electrocuted after urinating on power line

Outsourcing group activity

What should I do about my bad haircut?

Radio people, opinions on a strange phenomena

Need vibes please..positive energy, vibes thoughts please

Do you think anyone would be interested in vintage West Point Academy lamps?

This Picture makes me smile...

Ovechkin > Crosby.

Who here has served Uncle Sam in any way?

So, what's the obsession with all things Sci-Fi?

My Weight Loss Update

Who will step up to the plate this week and cosponsor the Fair Elections Now Act?

Halter declares against Lincoln, in victory for liberal activists (Politico)

"Steny Hoyer: House Must Move First On Health Care"

White House Is Rethinking Nuclear Policy

"Reid Catches a Break on Health Care"

Obama focuses on school dropouts

30! Five More Democrats--Including Durbin--Say They Support a Public Option Through Reconciliation

The Parliamentarian does not decide the propriety of reconciliation

Krugman calls out Lamar Alexander on "Revisionist History" regarding Reconciliation (& * Tax Cuts)

Politico: Blanche Lincoln Gets a Primary Challenge

Politico: Blanche Lincoln Gets a Primary Challenge

So give me the dirt on Frank Luntz.

"The so called Nuclear Option may be the only one left"

Greg Sargent's Plumline: GOP Senators' Votes on Reconciliation

Buffet goes after the President on HCR.

Blanche Lincoln reacts to primary challenge: "I am the target of both political extremes" (really?)

E. J. Dionne: Can’t We All Just Get Along? No

I guess people DO want public health care

Seems like the insurance industry doesn't want its giveaway...

DU~ "CNN's horrible journalism sets a bad example"

Ezra Klein: Should the Dem Party Offer Financial Support to Dems Who Vote Against Healthcare Reform

Republicans are back to throwing stuff at the wall, seeing what might stick

As Momentum For Reform Builds, Republicans Resurrect Campaign To Repeal Legislation

Hey, TN Duers! Please fill me in on what Marcia Blackburn was talking about at the hcr summit!


MSNBC: Rep Deal's resignation, R-GA, brings magic number for healthcare passage in House to 216!

All is well in the world...the first Spring Training pitch was thrown about an hour ago!

AP's Patriot Act article about Obama "Extending Parts" is an example of terrible journalism

GOP announces its 4 point plan to fix the Toyota Recall problem ...

Republican senator gives journalist the middle finger (updated)

Obama unveils $900 million in turnaound grants for schools

Dean coming up soon on Hardball...nt

Shouldn't Bunning's actions make it easier for Dems to vote 'yes'

What I want to see is the DNC making an ad showing Buning blocking the extension of unemployment

Must Read from Paul Krugman: Financial Reform Endgame

Updated List of 2010 Progressive House and Senate Candidates

Tiahrt in the clear

FDIC joins consumer protection agency push

Dems hammer Portman for COASTing

Rice endorses Whitman for governor

See Orrin whine (about reconciliation)

Rubio "mistakenly" double-billed for plane fare

A History of Overhauling Health Care (interactive timeline)

Picture Boner's orange face sitting behind Obama at the next SOTU.

Kohn to leave Fed in June; gives Obama opening

Dems’ Latest Unemployment Extension Unveiled

MEDIA SCREWS UP CONRAD STORY.... (reconciliation)

Ford Decides Not to Run

"Should We Thank Jim Bunning For His Knuckleball To The Senate?"

"How the Public Option Would Likely Get a Vote During Reconciliation."

The Peacelike Mongoose by James Thurber as read by Keith Olbermann...

Boozman files for U.S. Senate; Lincoln heckled

Ten House Dems have not ruled out switching their "no" votes to "yes" votes (AP)

I hope everything will work out.

Ky. candidates spar over fillibuster

Nathan Deal (Birther-GA) Will Resign House Seat

WH Paints Bunning as the Poster Child of GOP Obstructionism

Photos: "I think I'll go for a walk outside now..." (The Obama Presidency 3/1/10)

Sigh. Limbaugh picks up Obama-drinks-too-much smear

A Democratic majority is better than a Republican majority.

Obama backs Lincoln in Arkansas primary

I believe that underneath many teabaggers and fundies feel anxiety.

Here's a great song; which describes my feelings towards republicans!

Blanche Lincoln already lost the seat. A primary challenger can't make it worse.

Rand Paul: Grayson Voted For Bill Clinton! Grayson Camp: Paul Voted For His Father!

Just wondering .Has the WH commented on the UCSD Incident?

Pelosi's spokesman corrects Fox Noise distortion about health care bill

Does anyone think, the president will finally fight for a PO?

CA-Gov: Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!

Nate Silver: Obama's No F.D.R. -- Nor Does He Have F.D.R.'s Majority

White House hints Obama will offer defense of reconciliation strategy

If you forget me...

Speaking before the anti-U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Obama expressed his support of union-busting

CNN~ "Obama's smoking sets a bad example"

OK DUers you asked for you got it.

John Kerry: Not A Game (calls out Bunning)

John Kerry: Not A Game (calls out Bunning)

Why do so many people here know/report on what "Limbaugh said today"?

Any Democratic candidate is better than any Republican candidate.

Amusing Joe Scarborough anecdote about moderate Democrats

Obama's Position on Education [Question]

McCain Camp Plans End Run Around AZ GOP

Record Use of the Filibuster

Kent Conrad Rips Media: Yes, We Can Do Reform Via Reconciliation

AP Enterprise: How nuclear equipment reached Iran

Cantor: We need ‘to get more people uninsured’

Buzz and bullets: Gun fans cheer Starbucks' policy

AIG agrees to £23.4 billion unit sale to Prudential

RBS paid £1.3bn bonuses on profit of just £1bn

Cuba's Henry Reeve Brigade heading to Chile.

Wars force US military to review ban on women in combat

Mystery of Australian nuclear scientist's 'bizarre' disappearance

Manufacturing grows in Feb., jobs gauge rises

Two Dubai Suspects Traveled to U.S.

Attacks kill 4 NATO troops around Afghanistan

Polution Rates Rise as Rulings hamper EPA

Senate impasse puts (2,000) federal employees out of work

Senate Bank Panel Said to Agree to Scrap Obama Consumer Agency

US security contractors survive, UK firms pack up (Pakistan)

Canada's economy grows at fastest pace since 2000

U.S. Consumer Spending Increases More Than Forecast

IAEA chief accuses Iran of non-cooperation

Condoleezza Rice backs Whitman

Supreme Court to hear appeal by Enron's Skilling

Dems scramble to pass jobs bill

USDOT Furloughs to Shut Down Critical Construction Projects

Attacks Kill 6 NATO Troops Around Afghanistan

12yo girl warned of giant wave in Juan Fernández and avoided a bigger tragedy

Ukraine seeks better ties with EU, Yanukovych says

Crosby wins it in overtime


Triple blasts in S. Afghanistan claim 8 lives

Weak sea walls blamed for France storm disaster

FHFA extends refinance program (for "underwater" mortgages)

NY D.A. Clears Brooklyn ACORN: 'No Criminality Found'

ACORN cleared in Brooklyn: 'No criminality'

New Evidence Surfaces in New Orleans Killings

Clinton offers to help resolve Falklands spat

Texas gov. clears man wrongfully convicted of rape

Republicans setting filibuster record

(4,000) Twin Cities janitors declare victory in campaign for ‘good jobs, green future’

Venezuela to request extradition of former president for 1989 riot deaths

Winter storms to distort US jobless figures-Summers

Common weedkiller turns male frogs into females

White Powder Found at IRS Facility in Odgen, Utah: Anthrax Attack?

Recently returned (Afghanistan) veteran charged with murder

Marjah's residents wary of U.S. after Taliban ouster

A Hawaii Resignation Robs Dems of a Health Care Vote

Two more House Dems demand Rangel step down as panel head

Bunning Objects to Extending Unemployment Insurance AGAIN (VIDEO)

White House Is Rethinking Nuclear Policy (Weapons)

Blanche Lincoln Gets A Democratic Challenger In Arkansas

Senate impasse puts federal employees out of work

30! Five More Democrats--Including Durbin--Say They Support a Public Option Through Reconciliation

IBM cuts hundreds of jobs, sliver of 400K workers

Supreme Court declines new 10 Commandments fight

Goldman Board Rejects Shareholder Demands on Pay

Some House foes eye switch to 'yes' on health care

Haz mat crews called to IRS building

Buffett: Health care "tapeworm" drags on economy

Clinton Seeks to Mend Latin America Ties After Obama Hope Faded

Apple audit exposes serious labor law violations(China)

Harold E. Ford Jr. Decides Not to Run for New York Senate Seat

Danish NATO destroyer sinks pirate mothership off Somalia

ACORN workers cleared in NYC prostitute video

Student apologizes for UC San Diego noose incident, claims no racist intent

AFL-CIO Backs Halter In Arkansas, Commits $3M To Defeat Lincoln

Spain asks Venezuela to explain alleged rebel link

Medicare will delay paying claims for two weeks

Hillary Clinton offers to help solve Falklands dispute

Jerry Brown to declare his candidacy for governor Tuesday

Jim Bunning Offers Middle Finger to Reporter

GOP Sen. Kyl: Unemployment Benefits Make People Not Want To Get A Job

Catholic Charities to drop health coverage of spouses of newlyweds, new hires

(1 of 6) Michelle Singletary Speech at Economic Empowerment Meeting

Maybe it would be better if we did it like the GOP

Young Turks: Video - More Schools Spying On Students w/ Computers

Tangled Up in Yoo

JIM BUNNING: As Pitcher and Senator, a Heartless SOB

A Message for Senator Bunning

WLKY, Louisville KY: Unemployment Benefits Run Out For Some In Kentucky

Al Franken's Radio show: secret tape of the hunting trip Scalia had with Cheney -- April 13, 2004

Henry Rollins: The Supreme Court & Tea Parties

Sen. Bunning is Angry: "Excuse Me!"

Rachel Maddow - GOP Use FoxNews To Misinform

Rush Vs. Reality: SEIU 1199 Edition

Scott Brown vs Killer Whales

Teabagger type woman thinks rainbow in sprinkler is a government conspiracy

Andy Breitbart Explains It All For You (The ACORN Video 'Pimp' Hoax)

Tsunami Hitting Hawaii

How to use Talking Points to Scare Dummies

Keith Olbermann's Post Script To Last Weeks Special Comment

How The GOP Goes Green

The 49 Character Qualities of Ruth #8 - a blog about growing up under Bill Gothard's teachings

Wall Street’s Protection Racket: Still Rolling

Power Struggle In Turkey

E.J. Dionne: Can’t We All Just Get Along? No

Step Aside Greece: How Gustavo Piga Exposed Europe's Enron In 2001

WSWS: Jobless benefits cut off for a million US workers

Heads Up: Prayer Warriors and Sarah Palin Are Organizing Spiritual Warfare to Take Over America

"Sometimes there's a subculture within law enforcement that seeks enforcement for the sake of

Foreign co's fees for work sent to India not taxable

Glitch hits PlayStation Network users worldwide

Walking Wounded

Network News at a Crossroads

The Cost of Doing Nothing on Health Care

Outsourcing China’s Labor Problem

AlterNet: Hey, America: It's Time to Redefine the "Good Life"

Honduras's 'Bloodless Coup': What You're Not Seeing on TV By Avi Lewis

Kentucky Wildcat Karma

Medicare and Medicaid Payments to Doctors Cut by 21 Percent

Democrats have "ENTHUSIASM GAP". Repubs fired up.

Yuppie Yoo sez Yippie me

Prosecutors clear Brooklyn ACORN

Accountability Recruits First Candidate for 2010: Bill Halter

In drug war, failed old ideas never die

Chew on This

Empire, Oligarchy and Democracy

Dean Baker: Nice work if you can share it

Sallie Mae Sells Out Students Safety and American Jobs

Glenn Beck, Radical Hit Man for the Tea Partiers, Is Breeding Potential Violence

Thousands Looking for an Alternative to Frothing Teabagging Crowd Find Refuge in Newly-Formed 'Coffe

Study Links Religion and Racism

TYT: White House Deal w/ Hospitals Killed Public Option

People Power Trumps Corporate Power: R.I.P. Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant (Carolyn Baker)

Winter Mind Games (James Howard Kunstler)

Rachel Maddow & Chris Hayes on yet another fact-free GOP conspiracy theory: Islamologos

Genetically engineered tobacco plant cleans up environmental toxin

Drumbeat: March 1, 2010

Peak oil review - Mar 1

Rulings Restrict Clean Water Act, Foiling E.P.A.

Rulings Restrict Clean Water Act, Foiling E.P.A.

Far Northern Russia: Reindeer Herders Take Hit - Roundup Delayed By Open Water As Herds Lose Weight

Northern Mekong River Levels At Record Lows - AFP

Rampant Abuse, Wholesale Environmental Destruction As The Deforestation Of New Guinea Roars On - SMH

S. China Drought Stands 900 Ships At Reservoir Lock In Guangxi

Hottest Summer Ever Recorded For W. Australia; Perth Endures Driest Summer On Record - AFP

Kids Find a Way: Georgia Schools Cut Energy Use by 20%

Record rain fills the heart of Australia

Backpack Hydroelectric Plant Gives You 500 Watts on the Move

VW aims to be electric car leader by 2018

The Bleakest Outlook In The World - Two New Books On The Arctic, Fate Of Polar Bears - The Economist

China eyeing perks of ice-free Arctic

Supreme Rulings Restrict Clean Water Act, Foiling E.P.A.

Australian Residents Urged To Flee 18-Meter Flames - AFP

Georgia Seeks $2.5 Billion for First Nuclear Plants in 30 Years

Living in a world of Sh**

Discovery in legumes could reduce fertilizer use, aid environment: Stanford researchers

Interesting graph of Greenland Temperatures

Cognitive Dissonance -Frank Factor Cartoon-

Hands off America's Rainforest Help stop this land grab NOW!

UTEP in top 25 for first time in 18 years!

27.6 Million Watched USA-Canada Hockey Game in US

There is more dickwagging in GD about medal counts than in the Sports forum

Koufax to Tutor Dodgers at Spring Training!

NFL lockout would force Ochocinco to become Ochocincodinho

My early early pick to win the Kentucky Derby.

How do I get rid of this "Oh Canada" ear worm????

** Make your picks for the 2010 MLB Season **

Hockey fans, can we agree that it would have been better if Iginla had scored?

Russian resignations demanded over Olympic flap

Jerry Jones predicts big roster changes for 2010 Cowboys


Honduras's 'Bloodless Coup': What You're Not Seeing on TV By Avi Lewis

Venezuela to request extradition of former president for 1989 riot deaths

For DU researchers who haven't seen the Wiki. on Thor Halvorssen, the "film maker's" dad:

Honduras 'climate of terror' sees 3 political assassinations

Obama says no to FTA with Colombia until labor laws chaged and union workers protected (Spanish)

As Expected: Santos to Run for Presidency of Colombia

US protects Bolivian terrorist

Doctors Without Morals

Clinton Seeks to Mend Latin America Ties After Obama Hope Faded

Spanish court says Venezuela helped ETA, FARC

Strange item in the NY Post about Cuba

Towards a Global Gaza - How Israel is Rewriting Laws of War

How would the world have reacted if it was Al Qaeda who had pulled

Israel Makes Videos Mocking Foreign Journalists (VIDEO)

Ottawa universities to host 'Israel Apartheid Week'

'Israelis no longer allowed in Dubai after Hamas hit'

Farrakhan: Obama is targeted by U.S. Jewish lobby, Zionists

Ahmadinejad: 'Zionist regime' is an insult to humanity

Hamas Extends Detention of British Journalist

March 4th: Day of Action re Public Education & Public Employees

Today in Labor History Mar 1 Successful nationwide strike for the 8-hour day & much more!

(4,000) Twin Cities janitors declare victory in campaign for ‘good jobs, green future’

Space workers rally to save jobs at Kennedy Space Center and in Brevard County Florida.

Oklahoma man sues to use “IM GAY” on license plate

Counter protest to the Westboro Baptist Church

(Maine Human Rights) Commissioners to seek input on transgender guidance (re: students' rights)

Liberals and the NRA find common cause? ...

Babies, Even When Premature, 'See' With Their Hands

Test for Dark Matter?

Polar Bears Evolved Just 150,000 Years Ago

Beewolves Protect Their Offspring With Antibiotics

By Tracking Water Molecules, Physicists Hope to Unlock Secrets of Life

Common weedkiller turns male frogs into females

The Non-Programming Programmer

Armed homeowner sends intruder fleeing - (Displayed weapon, bad guy took off)

McDonald 14th Amendment Case Information

Volcanic explosions expected in Chile quake's wake

Giant Plankton-Eating Fishes Roamed Prehistoric Seas

Host of Florida bonfire party shoots Alabama teens

*Virginia.* Senate special panel likely to kill House bills expanding gun rights

Does the president pack heat?

Astronomically Large Lenses Measure the Age and Size of the Universe

Colors of February

Question: Do you still get prints?

How much Arms Control Do You Support?

Anne Ortelee weekly weather

The Bloom Box, Habinger of the Age of Aquarius

The physical plane..the physical body.

Your Mother is calling

Some Cosmic Amusement

Some Cosmic Amusement

Transitory States


March 2010 Visionary, Dreaming & Intuition Thread!

Why No Regulatory Action on Banksters’ “Destabilize the Markets” Threats?

So Why Hasn’t the Credit Default Swaps Casino Been Shut Down

Parents say doctors hastened death for dying kids

Mind Games

Pictures of a Market Crash: Beware the Ides of March, And What Follows After

"God" vs "No God" - does it really matter???

Muslims Won’t Play Together

Happiness ain't all it's cracked up to be

Deb Gist (RI Ed Commissioner, appointed 2009) = 2008 Broad Superintendent Grad

Wave of "Creative Destruction" Swamping U.S. Schools

Obama vows to improve school dropout rate

The president said only 7% of Central Falls passed the state math test. True?

Connections between Eli Broad, the Parent Union (aka Parent Revolution, the creators of the "Parent

San Francisco intros 9th grade ethnic studies course for SFSU credit

Rhode Island, Central Falls, Ethnic Diversity and School Performance

Decision to fire all of R.I. school's teachers sad, desperate

Statement from AFT re: Central Falls

For all who love to bake (or read about) cakes... new feature at the NYT

Creme cake? (or is it cream cake?) - the local grocery

Just so you know....Tony B and I have broken up