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WSJ - "Mortgage Bailout Infuriates Tenants (And Steve Forbes)" - Astroturfing Back In 2008!

Soft Drink and Juice Consumption and Risk of Pancreatic Cancer: The Singapore Chinese Health Study

K&R if you've made plans for the 2010 election!

El Nino doing its thing

How Wikipedia deals with Sock Puppets

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Nevada: Business leaders like shrinking government, teachers scoff at donation scheme

Charles Barkley calls out Michael Jordan on Leno - says he is the better basketball player.

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Health insurance = legalized organized crime

Turnabout is fair play: "Activists push pro-choice license plate in Va."

From Boner to Rahm, with love...

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Elizabeth Warren: Time For Wall Street CEOs To 'Earn Back' America's Trust

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Is Robert Gates Protecting a Criminal Enterprise?

Toyota Extends Recalls to Hybrids to Repair Brakes

"Sarah Palin is a retard" - may have legs

Sarah Palin....

Sebelius Asks California Insurer to Explain Rate Increase (15 times higher than inflation)

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Maybe he was late for class?

Suppose FauxNews started broadcasting ALL the news one day...

Beware of Political Trickery (re: Shelby's Blanket Hold).

South Carolina and the required registration of "subversives"

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thank YOU, somebuddy!

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Will the Afghanistan mission ever be a "military success" ?

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Lancelot myrthries, aardvarky melon ballers of motorizationing scallopini and I think gremlin too.

John Bolton desperate for more war

Shelby releases holds on Obama nominees

Snowmageddon from space

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Getting Botox'ed interferes with your ability to feel anger, sadness

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Gates Remembers Murtha

Education Gift Certificates.

Lost leviathans: Hunting the world's missing whales

Hate HFCS? Buy 'Pepsi Throwback' for a limited time

Proposed: Belated New Year's Resolution #1

BWAHAHAHA! Republicans wimping out on Obama's challenge. SURPRISE!

Ezra Klein: Demand an up-down vote in response to GOP ransom note

Ezra Klein: Demand an up-down vote in response to GOP ransom note

A Required for Voting "Literacy Test" I Could Live With:

A Required for Voting "Literacy Test" I Could Live With:

Faith, Hope and Charity: Why President Obama's 'Faith-Based' Agenda Must Change

Today's Epic Fail.....

In a Message to Democrats, Wall St. Sends Cash to G.O.P.

‘Bang' preceded shutdown of world's tallest tower in Dubai

Palin Gives High Praise to Train Line -- Semi-Official Thread

Sarah Palin is LITERALLY reading her talking points off of bumper stickers...

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So I got a notice from Unemployment tonight

What happens when the American people lose confidence or trust in public institutions?

I actually WANT Sarah for POTUS.

A recent snowstorm has climate scientists baffled!

The pathetic state of the upper southeast Florida Democratic party

Walking Past Alice

Teabagger Leader on Diane Rehm show now

a glimpse at a teabagger agenda

Dan Hynes doesn't want Scott Cohen's lieutenant governor post, but who will get it?

Global warming an Olympic worry;warmest winter on record;imported snow

Transcript For Palin's Next Big Speech

The writing-on-the-palm was a deliberate attempt

have any of you listened to The Dave marsh show on Sirius?He cracked me up

NYT soils itself, AGAIN!

Today I have officially

To the cowards attacking me with the DU Sweetheart promotion because you disagree with me...

Insurer OK'd surgery coverage, then wouldn't pay

Dennis Blair's testimony to Congress was about....OIL.

New Moon (poem)

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Sarah Palin Is A Fucking Retard.

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Detroit Metro Times: Smashing ACORN

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Meghan McCain blasts Tancredo's 'innate racism'

(Bullying) Men who tormented suicide waitress Brodie Panlock fined

Hypocrisy on DU...

In 50 years Historians will be astounded at the stupidity of Repub Party Leaders at this time

Congressional Democrats Point Finger of BLAME at RAHM EMANUEL

Good Climate/Snowstorm toon...

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Toyota Corolla Complaints Being Reviewed By U.S. (Update1)

Skinner is a genius, A call for civility, along with hearts.

The Rude Pundit: For Conservatives, Everything Old Is New Again, Part 1

The Rude Pundit: For Conservatives, Everything Old Is New Again, Part 1

Smartech Preparing Another GOP Attack Website


Diane Rehm just scolded Grover Norquist

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Ternium says Venezuela owes it Sidor compensation

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Sugar Shortage May Turn Acute in Third Quarter on Demand From U.S., Mexico

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Wall Street Whores

Stimulus money may save burned Texas Governor's Mansion

Stimulus money may save burned Texas Governor's Mansion

Murder suicide in Orlando: Stalker boyfriend guns down ex-girlfriend in Orlando

Is the economy the reason that Obama is reluctant to stop the wars?

White Cliffs of Dover to be sold to the French to help reduce Government's debt

San Francisco Chronicle: Homeless man offers reward for missing cat

hello Mods. why did you disappear 'Why is Egypt so Mean'?

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So the Teabag "convention" was 600-1000 paying attendees TOTAL

Immigrants Claim Wal-Mart Fired Them to Provide Jobs for Local Residents

Ben Nelson should just sneak across the aisle and become a Repuke and stop pretending to be a Dem

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Poll: Tea Party candidates come in last

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Well this confirms it. Being an ignorant jerk is hereditary

If Corporate Election Financing is Free Speech, Why Not Workers Seeking Jobs on the Street?

Want Passionate Kids? Leave 'em Alone

Don't miss the reruns of last night's Colbert Report

Business Gears Up to Battle New Obama Workplace Safety Rule

Toyota recalls 437,000 Priuses, hybrids globally

The Detroit News: Nearly half of Detroit's workers are unemployed

Here they are! Letters between Sibelius and Blue Cross

Here they are! Letters between Sibelius and Blue Cross

What if the Senate was Chosen by Income Instead of by State?

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Shelby releases holds on Obama nominees

Ainsworth warns Afghans struggling to leave battle zone

I apologize for my last post.

Key Figure in Bush’s Military Commissions Set for Obama Job

Obama's Health Care Summit To Be Televised

Palin's lies: 10 states ahead of Alaska in energy production

4 Hearts for the Doom and Gloomer?

'Will Marry for Health Insurance' -- One Woman's Desperate Quest

Venezuelan president pounces on listeners with 'Suddenly Chávez'

Do you want to know why Sarah Palin will not use a teleprompter?

The Cash-And-Trash Story Gets More Humiliating

Video: Jon Stewart Goes After The 'Tea Party Convention' & Sarah Palin

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Toyota Unveils New Slogan: “Drive a Toyota. You’ll Never Stop.”

Re: Iran, Middle East - nuclear situation

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Yo, Tea-baggers..You Might Be Aiming at Your Own Foot!!!

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Listening to (con) Stephen Moore on Thom Hartmann's Show...

Up date on the bush..miss me yet billboard....

1.5 Million Astroturf Seeds for Alaska - Shannyn Moore re polar bear listing

Music, Not Gadgets, Related to Teenagers' Headaches

Music, Not Gadgets, Related to Teenagers' Headaches

Cuba's public "privatization" debate

Wall Street OR Wall State?

Pres. Obama to consider recess appointments for stalled nominations

Pres. Obama to consider recess appointments for stalled nominations

Archbishop of Canterbury 'profoundly sorry' for comments on homosexuality

Poll: Tea Party candidates come in last

This is fucking unblievable

Stimulus funds for high-speed Internet access tangled up

Easy = True (this could explain a lot)

Easy = True (this could explain a lot)

Easy = True (this could explain a lot)

Easy = True (this could explain a lot)

the sea lions have abandoned the Galapagos Islands - water too hot

DC Area Snowstorm: This is what you get when you cut budgets. You cut services.

Stephen Moore (of the Wall Street Journal) is an absolute crackpot.....

FBI wants records kept of Web sites visited

Hank Paulson on CNBC right now

Condoleezza Rice: History will judge Bush well (again...)

OpenLeft: What Air America Tells Us About the Difference Between Conservative & Liberal Benefactors

To whomever...

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Bush "Miss Me Yet?" Billboard Appears Near Highway (I-35)

Portrait of a man totally out of his depth ...

IF Repubs Boycott Obama's Summit On Healthcare, HE SHOULD CALL THEM OUT BY NAME....

Predator Goes Down in Afghanistan (2nd in a Month)

You're not going to believe this billboard

Cuba's public "privatization" debate

Republicans to Dems: If you won't play with our balls, we're taking them home.

Pakistani Taliban Confirm Leader's Death

Consuming Kids - documentary

Senator lifts nominee holds, says issues being addressed

Pot on Links at Golf Channel, Ex-Worker Says

Are DU'ers more likely than the general populace to have been victims of bullying?

Pope admits priests 'violated' the rights of children

I really think we are digging ourselves out of the depression!! Signs of life!!

Cutting Export-Import Bank Funds

IRS digging into personal use of state cars

KKK prays, carries American flag, thanks pastor for promoting "real Americanism". Sound familiar?

Mr. Abdulmutallab's familly helped the FBI getting him to cooperate.

NHTSA fielding complaints about 2009-10 Toyota Corolla steering

Trooper Can't Be Sued for Questioning Immigrants

You want HCR?

Heard on my Local News at Noon: Credit Card Use down 20%, New applications down 46%

If the election were next Tuesday, would you be a volunteer for the 2012 Re-elect Barack campaign?

Lawmakers race the clock to extend surveillance provisions

Kunstler: We're Weimar

Pastor Says He Follows Another Law

Pastor Says He Follows Another Law

Republicans Have No "Good Ideas" On Health Care Reform

The Future: City-States and Corporate-Feudal Principalities? (Plus: a new map of the United States)

NOT TRUE: How Wall Street Spun the Press on Campaign Donations to Dems

Which GOP Male Is Going to Bitch-Slap Palin??

Israel - Lebanon War Rumors: What to Believe…

Ha, ha. Looks like no one wants to own up to "Miss Me Yet".

what the heck is wrong in using teleprompters?!

what the heck is wrong in using teleprompters?!

This is fucking unblievable

Boycott Ahoy! The Worst Companies For LGBT Workers

What Exactly Is This New Game Plan?

If Michael Moore Would Run for President

This is why you can't negotiate with terrorists.....

Thank you to my secret admirer

You know what? I'm really sick of braying jackass GOPers.

It didn't take long for Rupert Murdoch to transform the WSJ's news division into another Fox News

Tattooed Immigrant Wins Asylum Review

"You can win when you have guts" Alan Grayson is asking for our votes here

Dennis Kucinich will be a guest on Democracy Now! today

I simply cannot understand how Shelby is a hero of fiscal conservatives right now.

Democrats: We're Excited To Debate GOP Shadow Budget

Draft version of Senate Dems' jobs bill leaks

Antiwar Vets and Activists turn their Backs on Gen Petraeus during his speech

Sarah's Hand Job on the Tea Bagging Right Wingnuts

Brownbaggers not Teabaggers

Mike Peters 'toon

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First Lady Michelle Obama is the PERFECT person to promote childhood obesity reduction!

First Lady Michelle Obama is the PERFECT person to promote childhood obesity reduction!

Lifting the Veil on US Troops in Pakistan

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Any repubic who says he wants to work with the Democrat party ......

It has been almost a year now and still more than sixty percent of Stimulus funds unspent

Note to Boehner..shut the hell up!


Kucinich to Vote with Republicans on Health Care

Republicans destroy in order to install themselves as controllers.

As long as there is "terrorism", there will be Republicans who will try to profit off of it

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Thank you so much for my valentines! Sending a big

Thank you fellow DU'ers for keeping the home fires burning

Online concert tonite from White House: Bob Dylan, Jennifer Hudson, Natalie Cole and more

I wish Obama would challenge the Republicans to a half day one-on-one debate

I wish Obama would challenge the Republicans to a half day one-on-one debate

HuffPo: Stimulus Opponents Privately Beg For Government Cash

Gee, here's an effective strategy: the GOP is encouraging its peeps to send valentines

Gov. Rick Perry says TX wants to secede. GO FOR IT!

AlterNet: Starbucks' Cop-Out to Gun Nuts: Customers Served Coffee While Strapped

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What's the Difference Between Palin and a Terrorist?

Hip-hop pioneer Gil Scott-Heron on his reinvention, Rikers Island, why he won't sing about Fox News

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Check out Chris Matthews today...

Eggs, Milk...

Kucinich to vote AGAINST giveaway to Health Insurance Companies and stand firm for SINGLE PAYER!

Who dat? Dat dem Saints!: What the Super Bowl win means to the Who Dat Nation.

Who dat? Dat dem Saints!: What the Super Bowl win means to the Who Dat Nation.

Birth Certificate?? I Want to See the I.Q. Number?

We're Gonna Have a Tea Party Tonight

Saying "Fuck Kucinich" is not against the DU rules.

Tweety is going after Palin again

Republicans say they'll work with Obama on GOP ideas


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Tea Partiers Freaking Out on Obama's "Socialist Past" (Dial Up Warning)

Daughter needs help with homework paper, needs to interview someone who learned English as a second

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The Illusion of Time on youtube.... video for you Pink Floyd addicts....

Witness Claims Gibbons' [Governor of Nevada, Republican] Alleged Mistress Funneled Money

We just voted "no" -- for the first time in our voting history -- on the school levy

Obama is calling their bluff.

Alec Baldwin, HuffPo: Palin's handlers hedging their bets (playing to the Crawford Cowboy fans)

I feel loved

Thank You anonymous heart donor :)

To the DU'er with the kind heart, THANK YOU for donating a heart to me :-) n/t

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Ok, I'm sitting her watching the idiot box and I'm really starting to wonder just how stupid

Todd Palin Gives Sarah A Palm Pilot For An Early Valentines Gift

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Why Aren't There More Radicals at Work?

President Obama seeks to triple taxpayer funded loans for new nuclear power plants

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The final word on the Sarah Palin crib-sheet drama

“The CIA Is Welcoming Itself Back onto American University Campuses”

“The CIA Is Welcoming Itself Back onto American University Campuses”

Tam Tancredo should take this test (and so should you!)

Obama Administration Blasts Anthem Blue Cross Rate Hikes (40% Rate Increase)

What Thom and Noam get right:

Honda expands airbag inflation recall

Conservatives feel that they have every right in the world to be crazy and stupid...

It seems like there is a progressive America, and a regressive America

Obama Administration Blasts Anthem Blue Cross Rate Hikes

fuck me

40% Increase Folks. In California. Anthem Blue Cross Raises Rates & It's Parent Reaped BILLIONS

Homeless advocate sues Sacramento over anti-camping law

To the kind DUer who gave me a heart...

Toyota to recall more 2010 Camrys in U.S.

AlterNet: Is Greece the New AIG?

I have a very strange question about charter school operators

When is the last time a ReTHUG Senator or

Warning: Graphic !!! Ugh...

Fundies cling to the "abstinence-only education works" chimera

Obama has always had a reputation as someone who works with the GOP

Feeling Guilty

Awww...Thank you to the person who gave me a heart....

Could the Democratic Leadership Be Any More Tone Deaf?

Message in bottle yields response

Sick of the Tea Partiers? Join the First Monday Movement

DUers and others in Minnesota need to respond to the Miss Me Yet

Uranium legacy continues, screenings offered-12 states designated as high-level risk for radiation

Uranium legacy continues, screenings offered-12 states designated as high-level risk for radiation

Incremental HCR: Start with Spine Transplants!!!

Ready-to-eat meals confusing to some

For people following the Palin conspiracies, The Immoral Minority

The screaming applause when secession was mentioned

Doomsday for Chicago public transit......for real this time

I give 4-5 "speeches" every week-- we call them "lectures" in my business...

Howard Dean embodies everything that the Washington establishment hates

Guardian UK: War casualties put UK hospitals under strain – ahead of fresh Afghan offensive

'Avatar' a reality for Indian tribe fighting mining company

Sen. Margaret Chase Smith (R) Maine to 1973

Gay marriage ban rebuffed

YAY, my son got a full time UNION job!!!!!

Obama Won't Drop Potential Use Of Reconciliation On Health Care

Santa Fe’s living wage draws mixed reviews -“It takes away incentive. They don’t try to improve"

VIDEO Stephen Colbert: ''Sarah Palin is a F--king Retard''

Ethical Conundrum.

The basis of most RW talking points: 2+2=13----And they WIN with this!

Lets kill the idea that Obama can use reconciliation to pass anything with the Blue Dogs

Nurse Whistle-Blower Charged for Reporting Doctor

Target stops sales of Valentine's Day 'Message Bears' over lead concerns (DU hearts are lead free)

Target stops sales of Valentine's Day 'Message Bears' over lead concerns (DU hearts are lead free)

Get Rush Limbot off the Airwaves. Replace with Thom Hartmann. Give Ed Shouts and Ranti to Teabaggers

Airport security breaches and neocons.

Glenn Beck - Latter Day "Taint"

KO will be talking about the Chilcot Inquiry tonight.

Blue I Yam...Woo hoo! Thank you!

You're right, John Boehner. Let's start over...

TY for the "You Rock" valentine heart

thanks for the heart.

Whoever Hearted me...Mucho Gracia!

Whoever Hearted me...Mucho Gracia!

I got a heart with "N/T" on it

Thank you, Secret admirer. Love ya back!! n/t

Thank You !

Mahalo to the kind person who thought of me and my absurdities :o)

Thanks for my heart, anonymous!

Katharine Graham must be spinning in her grave

If an arrogant asshole like me

THANK YOU to whoever gave me a heart--you have truly made my evening.

make them read the fucking phonebook

Just got watching "Death of a President" on Youtube....

to whoever gave me a heart

Shake it baby, shake it. Shake it to its core.

"Thank you" to whoever gave me a heart! I am genuinely surprised and (almost) speechless.

Chat with an old acquaintance about Health Care...he's pod-people now

Does Obama understand who he's dealing with?

Thank you for the heart

Costa Rica elects 1st woman president in landslide

House/Senate reject GOPs marriage efforts-Iowa

If I were the teabagger convention I'd want my hundred grand back

You know I hate fast food outlets

LOL....Rachel on Chaves....Suddenly song lyrics...

Deeply in debt, Greece faces a Spartan future

O.K. Will my secret admirer please expose thyself?

Toyota Owner Faces Issues After Recall Fix

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Plan To Ban SD Schools From Suing State Defeated

Democrats take control of the 3rd Circuit US Court of Appeals, Greenaway replaces Justice Alito

Man... The Democrats May Have Just Lost Labor...

I'd love to see a Michelle Obama/Sarah Palin debate for charity

Story update: Nate Elfrink, boy dying of cancer we sent cards to:

Thanks for my heart!!!!! n/t

Thanks for my heart!

Exxon and the Climate Fight:

"...They’re scared sh*t of this woman..."

How Washington DC cleans up after a huge snowstorm

Videos from two Alabama teenagers.

Three feet of Snow or Republican Obstructionism...

Religious Group Demands Explusion of Athiests From Military

Note to Obama

Depressed Hoosier, here. Not the Colts loss...but the upcoming Senate race.

China searches for 100 tonnes of melamine-tainted milk (BBC)

Toyota's New Slogan: “Drive a Toyota. You’ll Never Stop.” Toyota Says Cup Holders Still Work Great

This MUST end! Corporate Amerika must be reigned in now!

Get Rush Limbot off the Airwaves. Replace with Thom Hartmann. Give Ed Shouts and Ranti to Teabaggers

Joe Biden and John Conyers leaned into each other and did a head bump

Just got another Heart!!! I'm getting a big head Love U D.U.

Keith said about an upcoming segment "the Tea Klux Klan"

Obama Rebukes Boehner In Testy Exchange, Charges GOP Wants To Kill All His Initiatives

8:pm est. reminder....White House Honors Black History Month with Music

I love you too....

I think the president's recent rhetoric about 'bipartisanship' is mostly a challenge

I don't know this person, but she could use some good vibes/prayers

How Will Obama And Congress React To Anthem's 39% Hike In Health Insurance Premiums

Some poetry for all those taken

thanks for the valentine secret admirer

White House press secretary writes grocery list on hand, mocks Palin

The long, drawn out end of the American Empire

RACHEL: "Telling it like it is without mincing words and looking us straight in the eyes"

Virg Bernero on The Ed Show: That's the kind of Dems we need.

Yes? No? Maybe? Why do you say that? Have the repubs cleaned our clock or not?

NBC scrubs Conan from the archives

Ohio Gov says he will drop late fee, if they can find some other way to raise money

Police: Man tried to buy crack with card, reports his car stolen (It was a stolen car....)

Appropriate TOON for this week

Sarah Palin, the Tea Party Princess.

Simple Math

Does every country with oil have weapons of mass destruction?

Stewart just smacked down Newt

Mother. of. God. We have met the terrorists, and they are us. Afghan villagers...

Stephanie Miller & Ron Reagan join Joy Behar to critique Palin speech (CNN VIDEO)

Corporate free-speech ruling speaks of shift in Supreme Court (all 5 worked for/appointed by Reagan)

Corporate free-speech ruling speaks of shift in Supreme Court (all 5 worked for/appointed by Reagan)

Letterman just said he has started writing his jokes on his hand

Most accurate pollsters in the 2008 Presidential Election

U.S. friends in high places involved in Toyota probe

I may be oversimplifying theToyota accelerator problem...

Bush is Baaack in a Billboard

America's Image Improves Dramatically

Thanks to the person who gave me a heart.....

Whoa ....Rachel is on a roll ....Rethugs against stimulus

Insurer Denies Life-Prolonging Treatment To Five-Year-Old Boy With Cancer

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

the stupid is awe inspiring

"More Trouble For (Gov.) Paterson As Prosecutors Launch Investigation"


Obama Warns GOP He Will Use Recess Appointments

TDS John Oliver in Hawaii for RNC retreat

Mediterranean Diet May Lower Risk of Brain Damage That Causes Thinking Problems

"Justice cannot be solely...about strategically choosing the causes we can win"

The “Tea Party” movement in the US: a right-wing media creation

Jenny Sanford: "I really miss the free prison labor at the SC governor's mansion"

Government debt: a new stage in the global financial crisis

Common Food Flavoring Changed Lives Forever

Dubai tower elevator traps people on 124th floor

LMAO... Jon Stewart destroys the teabaggers last night.

This week's news, in quick bites

OMFG! Even Toyota's Troubles are BUSH's FAULT!!!!! I am series!

Received these in my email from the DCCC

I guess I am just a terrible person.

In his first vote against the average guy driving a truck- Scott Brown votes no

What you get for 629K in SF

Honda recalls 379,000 more cars in US (airbags may spray deadly metal shards during deployment)

Rep. Alan Grayson: The Story That No One Will Tell

Rep. Alan Grayson: The Story That No One Will Tell

boehner And cantor Offer List Of Demands For Health Care Summit

A big thanks and hug for my heart!

Tickets go on sale to hear failin, bailin palin at Wichita's new arena

Did I just hear Newt Lie? Richard Reid WAS NOT a US Citizen!..

Another short political quiz

Former Bush Speechwriter Thiessen: Obama killing too many terrorists

The Daily Show : Newt Gingrich is a lying fuckwad! (Part 368)

CNN: Doctors accidentally nicked Murtha's intestines during routine surgery

Stewart DOUBLE-PWNS Gingrich: "I Lived Through It. I Would Love" To Try The 9/11 Plotters In NYC

A Saudi Prince is a major stakeholder in Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp...

Front Page --"Prepare For Anarchy Ending Wall Street's Toxic Capitalism" LINK

Thank you to the anonymous sweetie who gave me the heart!

Palin "We really do love our trees, I named my daughter Willow. Isn't that granola enough for them?"

"Law Enforcement's "Prevention Awareness"" ("watch your back")

From his Florida Bunker: Rush suddenly eager to debate - challenges Obama

Prayers for the animals.

School's sacking of Christian science teacher divides town in Bible belt

I love you people...I just love you

TOONS: Letting Sarah have it with both....hands

New Single-Payer/Medicare for All Slogan:" A healthy American is a healthy America"

Are Americans stupid enough to elect Sarah Palin president?

Reasonable or not?

Newly-discovered photographs from the 1925 Scopes "Monkey" trial (PICS)

Amazon River Water Being Stolen and Bottled Abroad

If John Murtha had been kept in the hospital a day or so longer,

How much $$$$ does one really need?

Doug Wilder needs to shut his piehole

House to Hold Hearings on Blue Cross 39% Rate Increase

Haiti: hunger sparks growing protests

Epic Failure - for all those lurkers who idolize Reagan

Tony Blair attacks Iraq Inquiry as part of Britain's 'obsession with conspiracy theories'

Anyone know what this latest "offensive" in Afghanistan is really about?

Haiti raises estimate of earthquake's death toll to 230,000


whoever just sent my heart have your people get in touch with my people

Murtha's gallbladder procedure rarely deadly

An alert from the American Family Association:The person next to you in the shower might be...a GAY

Medicare for all with a "Private Option"!

Why applying for welfare may help you get a job

Imagine if Jefferson Davis' wife had run for president in 1872

Tea Party candidate surges in Texas Gov. race, w/ Ron Paul support

Survivor Pulled From Haiti Quake Rubble

Sick of Tea baggers? Become a brown bagger!

Gibbs just flashed crib sheet on palm at WH briefing, included 'eggs, milk, bread, hope and change.'

Remember when Rachael first went on air? The noisy, chaos

Remember when Rachael first went on air? The noisy, chaos

Oh no! They've found out our master plan!

Run Away!!! Avert your eyes!!! Avoid ALL Newsstands!!!! Levi Johnston Playgirl Cover is OUT!!!

Car dependent neighborhoods more at risk of foreclosures




Thanks for the Valentine, Someone!

Thanks for the Valentine, Someone!

"Felony Snowball Tossing Charges" lodged after students hit city plow, unmarked police car

Evil DU'er???

Haiti man rescued 'after surviving 27 days in rubble'

More Fucking Snow On the Way. God Damn You, Ralph Nader!

If war causes returning soldiers to do things like

I actually stood up to a "tax complainer" the other day

O’Donoghue: Grayson ‘doesn’t represent the values’ of Cent. Fl - Really?

What to Say to Those Who Think Single Payer Advocates Are Wacko

way to help the SD reservations on countdown!!

Train's ‘yellow line' angers some in Asian community

Alabama Literacy Test Questions

Sibel Edmonds: The Traitors Among us in March issue of Hustler

I havn't even cracked 100 posts

Activist Historian Howard Zinn's Obit Causes a Firestorm (NPR Ombudsman)

Study: Third-hand smoke also bad for you....

To my Secret Admirers...I don't think you know how much it means to me..

What constitutes Malpractice?

NYT: Americans Jailed in Haiti Plead for Help From U.S.

Can someone tell me how set up a business cheaply?

Archaeologists study signs of ancient civilization in Amazon basin

Why The U.S. Economy Will Collapse

Southern progressive Democrats really have a HARD JOB THAT THEY'RE DOING.

Snowpocalypse time-lapse

Fuck Monsanto and fuck the corrupt regulator bastards

Oh, my gosh, a new moran is born every day...

PA Dem State Committee Takes Single-Payer Healthcare Mainstream, Unanimously Endorses It

PA Dem State Committee Takes Single-Payer Healthcare Mainstream, Unanimously Endorses It

What has Palin ever accomplished?

Obama's bipartisanship efforts are becoming surreal.

Man, now OBAMA has got something written on his hand!

Sarah is changing the details of her "wild ride" story.

Why American Politics Lean "Center-Right" even when public opinion doesn't?

A Tree Carving in California: Ancient Astronomers?

"I wasn't motivated"...Palin pisses off attendees at her 8:00 AM "motivational speech" in Houston

Obama says both sides have to give on health care. I say what a load of crap

Do the mods give out the mystery hearts? Perhaps to encourage donations?

Air Force pulls ad following legal threat from White Stripes

For extra cautious Toyota driver, a high-speed death

Going back to an economy where one can expect a lifelong employment after seven years of school ...

Going back to an economy where one can expect a lifelong employment after seven years of school ...

Military Insurance Says 'No' to Baby Helmets

Kucinich on health care - from his email ....

Ohio Teacher Parades Long-Haired Boy as a Girl

DAN CHOI: Effective as hell and back on active duty! (DADT -- He didn't tell, he sang it)

Largest NJ GAY Rights Group Will NO LONGER Give To Democrats

Largest NJ GAY Rights Group Will NO LONGER Give To Democrats

a fella might worry that only democratic leaders seem to die in office...Murtha, Kennedy, Wellstone

Man Sues Starbucks After Tourette's Episode

Holy Moley....Just left the Saints Victory Parade in Nola

Yolo man's $3.99 theft of cheese could land him in jail for life

GRAYSON: The Story That No One Will Tell

Are there any pretty girls I can give hearts to

I can't BELIEVE some DU'ers are against Obama cracking down on school vending machines.

Jaron Lanier, the State of the Internet and the Google-It-Now Impulse (unknown 15 years ago)

New evangelical strategy: " Adopt Third World babies and convert them."

A story – about our nasty government as claimed by the Teabagger Party..

Homeless man reunited with his cat

Peyton Manning walked off the field Sunday without shaking hands

Hitler was Member No. 7 of the National Socialist German Workers Party.

Thats right. I got hired. I got a job.

The Scariest Jobs Chart Ever

The Scariest Jobs Chart Ever

Study: Being religious may not make you healthier after all

Did the Who not sing the second verse of Who Are You due to sponsor pressure?

Tonight on Frontline: "Flying Cheap".......Yikes !!!

"It is tempting to join the "Kill the bill" folks, but it would amount to cutting off our noses ..."

A humble thank you to DU

The Third DU "Thanks For My Heart" Thread

••••Ode to the Corporation••••

And... A Few Comments From The AFL-CIO Website On The Becker Vote...

I had a dream.... (be careful what you wish for)

Has anyone had experience with the Midwest Life Insurance ...

Why did America fight a war in Vietnam?

Rush for iron spurred Inuit ancestors to sprint across Arctic, book contends

Donkey Hotey in Orange County

Mix of Eric Clapton, Blind Faith, Derek and the Dominoes and Cream

Any Hugo Wolf fans in here ?

Edge of Darkness looks like Ransom and Payback had a baby.

Cool Netflix has Dead Like Me on instant view.

Gobble Gobble!

Watch this if you dare, Youtube video of the Island of Creepy Dolls.

Melissa Harris Lacewell.

Can someone abuse me?

no more snow, thats it ive had it, my kids have had it, and my wife is probuably going to kill me

If you need help with proof reading, don't use these as examples --

Can someone excuse me?

A song for all the Du ers who gave hearts ( & thank you for mine)

Good morning Lounge

Any Jim Thompson fans around here?

Them Crooked Vultures - "Elephants" (Live)

John Coltrane - The complete "A Love Supreme" in four parts (YouTube)

Someone just called me 'soft'...And I refuse to disagree

To all my Baltimore-Washingtonians out there. I'm feeling for ya.

Yay me!

Foo Fighters - "Everlong" (Live Letterman 1997)

gooble gobble, gooble gobble, one of us, one of us.....

Kids: the gift that keeps on taking

I came across this cool Music Site~

I've given all my hearts to folks that had none

Still young at heart

Final 'Jay Leno Show' Airs Tonight

Time lapse video of the DC snowfall

Mindlessly spamming the Lounge thread.

Carol BURNETT's Went with the Wind

I'm sorry....

i need help with a earworm

Any Fred Thompson Fans here?

Any Fred Thompson fans here?

Any Fred Rogers fans here?

Any "Any Fred Thompson fans here?" fans here?

Why do I always feel so guilty the morning after I go 'out' / spend money?

Any Fred Thompson fans here?

Any Richard Thomas fans here?

No more Evil DUer? Noooooooooooo!

Did you know you can just buy labcoats?

"S/he can dish it out but s/he can't take it."


Life DOES imitate art - #436

I still think George Lucas' "Howard the Duck" idea is great...

Sonic Youth - The Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog"

How some people want the media...

Its that time again!

Three of my FB friends just joined a group for 'req.welfare recp. to get drug tested'.

Thanks for the heart..whoever n/t

SNL's Crisis Of Conformity sketch. Fist Fight In The Parking Lot

Dirty Old Bossa Nova - Howard Roberts Quartet

Raymond Scott - Lightworks

People who vote for the right.... (tirade)

People who pass on the right.... (tirade)

Here we go again! Snowverkill has just begun..

"My First Mister." What a great movie!

Well, it happened. I have no idea how. I never would have expected this. Someone sent me a heart. shoot @ new client (Japanese Restaurant). WHO WANTS SUSHI???

Any Fred Burkle fans here?

Shit. It is snowing again. It looks innocent now but forecast is still 10-20 inches.

Shoveled snow this morning and this afternoon.

Snow Storm 02/06/10 Time Lapse

It's the simple things that keep me going. My thanks to my on-line

What Palin's crib notes meant (pic)

MARTA ‘yellow line' to Doraville angers some in Asian community

And you thought no one loved me?.

Why do people have a hard time with Telemarketers..

Attention fans of power pop and toddlers! Here's my son singing "After All" by The Rosenbergs!

You've got 10 min. If you'd like to give me a Valentine.

Hope this sticks around longer in the Lounge!

Very kind people sent me hearts and I needed them. Thank you!

I'm going to self kick this thread until I have 1 million views.

New Moon (poem)

Help! I need some research assistance from New York City DUer's

Sarah's Hand Job

The Illusion of Time on youtube.... video for you Pink Floyd addicts....

To whomever sent me the hearts

Okay, maybe I shouldn't be whining....

If someone has an car accident, and their vehicle was towed away from the scene..

SoundRacer V8 - - - perfect accessory for your automobile! {youtube 2:58}

Why do TV news stations have dedicated sports "newscasters", and why they are so dumb?

If you start a clothing store chain called "The Gop"...

"Hows that hopey changy thing working out for ya?" ....

Antiquated porn terminology...

I don't deserve it, but, to whomever is responsible for my heart ...

Snow: "God put it here, God will take it away" James M. Curley, Mayor of Boston

Thanks for the Heart n/t

How do you donate a star?

Make me laugh, get a

Don't look - at the carpet

my big fonts

Top hit, Google Image search, for "LOL": (drum roll, please)...

Small Head of Jean

Ugly Furniture commercial -- FUNNY!

Any Lea Thompson fans here?

Gonna do a cross post here... my daughter needs help with a homework paper, she needs to interview

I've got a new washing machine!

I just started the "Drug Test All Republicans" FB group

Freestyle Music Park (Hard Rock Park) - it's like a soap opera...

My dear DUers..Websites please!

laughing with God

••••Fancy Post with Big Dots••••

Is you sufficiently terrified of scary GM foods?


Ever sneeze, and one of your sinuses "pops?"

Thanks so much to the 2 people who gave me the hearts

Can this pickle get more fans than Nickleback?

A shoe queston: I've been looking at various so-called barefoot shoes

Anyone have any fucking bootstraps?

Do you believe in chameleons?

\m/ (-_-) \m/

My DVR Didnt record L O S T

Thanks to all of you who ever donated a heart to anyone. And even the ones who only thought of it...

(¯`'•.¸NYC_SKP's post lacks FLAIR!!¸.•'´¯)

Is there any way I can get rid of these stupid hearts?

Cars CAN drive on snow pack!

My daughter is in labor! On her due date, no less...

Some conservative chick added me on Facebook to get me to "reconsider my views"

How do you northern border states deal with this snow?

Adorable little kid pics.

I just finished watching Krush Groove.

50% of my posts have been either deleted or locked today.

Thanks very much to my "secret admirer" for the sweet heart...

Oh GOD, is this FUNNY! The Donald walks on Leno's final show tonight and says "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Getting L O S T tonight...

I had a really hot dream about Keith Olbermann last night

I predict this going downhill fast.

improved art from the other night

CreekDog maxim #1:

Do you believe in Karma?

Post some good newspaper headlines:

Why are guys such fucking idiots?

I went to IKEA today and got lost, the signs said exit this way but there was no exit there.

Facebook - One "update" closer to becoming irrelevant.

I have a idea for a spinoff for Lost , Lost in IKEA.

Is eating moldy cheese ok? Who knew it depends on the kind of cheese?

If someone held a football next to your head, would I be able to tell the difference between the two

my big ass

"The People vs. George Lucas" Is Really a Twisted Love Letter

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/9/10

Rush: Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart: R&R Hall of Fame

It's official--the car has been totaled

Should I wait a few days to donate? Maybe the hearts will go on clearance sale!

What's a nice, atheist boy to do?

Shameless advertising! Facebook group!

Anyone remember a 70's film called "Bless the Beasts and the Children"?


Alan Parson Project's "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" - just one reason why I love prog rock

Scarily accurate career counseling quiz, using nothing but color preferences

Some individual in my building at work microwaved fish.

Check your PM

The damn snow has started again in Maryland

Well, it's snowing to beat the band outside...

Damn! Somebody gave me a heart, and here I was hoping to...

Wow, fluorescent bulbs really DO explode!

Citizens for renaming the San Andreas Fault for Ronald Reagan!

How about an animated .GIF thread?

Our Granddaughter Samantha!

I need good vibes tomorrow-having a test to see if I'm a brain surgery candidate

What is the worst thing one of your parents ever said to you?

Prominent GOP consultants working for Trevorrow in 3rd District

Ashooh in race; whither Mahoney?

Third Hawaii Democrat won't run for Congress

Marc Ambinder: Condescending Liberals

Rep. Murtha, a force on Hill, dies

Joe Reardon out as possible House candidate

As an Obama voter, I'd like to apologize here to all troops headed for Afghanistan

Scott turns eyes to Congress

Politico: Ben Nelson will back GOP filibuster

TeaRacists And Hypocritical Republican Scaredy-Cats

TPM: Paul Ryan gets a little help from his friends for his 'Roadmap' to privatize SS and Medicare

Must Read from John Brennen: 'We Need No Lectures'

Republicans on Wrong Side of Public Opinion

Obama needs to be a little more like Teddy Roosevelt

The 1980 election illustrates why we have to take these people seriously...

Brennan Op-Ed: Administration disrupts terrorists’ plots, takes fight to them abroad.

GALLUP: Global Perceptions of U.S. Leadership Improve in 2009

Nate Silver: Republicans -- Not Obama -- More Often on Wrong Side of Public Opinion

The Hill: Senate Works on Estate Tax Deal to Grease the Skids for Jobs Bill

Kerry applauds Obama establishing a global warming agency

First lady: President Obama had 'phenomenal year'

Rethugs can't help wanting that stimulus cash

Anybody feeling the love on here? I sure don't!

House GOP-ers: Start Over And We'll Come To The Table. White House: No. (updated)

Blue-Collar Jobs in Demand for 2010

Kristol Calls GOP’s Preconditions On Health Care Meeting ‘Silly’

Just Shut UP...and Do Something...Anything........

TX-Gov: Medina Surges, May Be Able to Overtake KBH

Democrat Ben Nelson Helps GOP Block Obama Labor Board Nominee

Someone, Somewhere Misses Dubya -- a Lot

Obama To Boehner: Republicans Just Want To Kill All My Initiatives

My take on President Obama's impromptu press conference..."Let's Play...

Meet the next generation of stupid

CNN says NO to the AP for a week.

How Much Military Aid to Israel?

Willing To Talk, With Preconditions

CNN Politics: Source explains Murtha's cause of death

President Obama needs to stop this bipartisan shit and kick the repugs

WaPo distorts own polling to suggest public blames Obama, GOP equally

Transcript Obama Presser

So how's the "administration's increasing betrayal of the LGBT community" working?

William Jefferson Obama

House Liberals Plan To Make Last Stand At Health Reform Summit

Obama vows healthcare meeting won't become 'political theater'

Republicans may opt out of President's Health Care Summit.

Republicans may opt out of President's Health Care Summit.

**8 pm ET: White House Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement**

US "cannot definitively confirm" death of Hakimullah Mehsud (New York Times)

Wait. I thought the stock market was crashing.

AL-05: Mitchell Howie Definitely In Congressional Race

Ex-Shadegg Aide Passes on Run

Ventnor man says he will run against LoBiondo in Republican primary

Miss me yet?

AL GOV: Byrne Leads Wide-Open GOP Field

Another day, another stupid comment by Michael Steele

Asshat extraordinaire Sen. Jim DeMint tries to link recent snow to diss Al Gore

How could anyone vote Repuke? Seriously! The Repukes haven't done shit, but destroy for decades.

If Dan Choi is being called up for active duty, it's because Obama indirectly ordered it

**** Heads Up!: FLOTUS Unveils Nationwide Campaign to Combat Childhood Obesity, Live! ****

GOP blinks. Cantor backtracks on his bluff, says he’ll show up to health care meeting with Obama.

Republicans' hypocrisy exposed: letters admit stimulus created jobs

Eggs, bread, milk, hope, change.

Streaming now: Music that Inspired the CIvil Rights Movement Workshop

Most See Republicans as Unwilling to Compromise

Sources say Rep. Ehlers (R)will not run for reelection

Palin's secret weapon

If Obama succeeds with the upcoming HCR Summit, he should go one step further...

Obama on bipartisanship, health care reform and recess appointments

New WaPo Poll: Two-Thirds of Voters Say Pass Comprehensive Reform

FLOTUS is on Larry King, I think for the entire hour tonight!

First Lady begins fight against childhood obesity

"She's got nothing going on mentally"

***HEADS UP*** A Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement - Live from White House

For all of you who missed the Music Celebration of the Civil Rights Movement.

Becker vote on the senate floor now


Pence Endorses Rubio

The Obama Method And the Health Care Summit


Pres. Obama: "We will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist"

Why do the wingnuts desperately want Obama to attack Iran (Think Progess)?

Palin poses mortal threat to GOP in 2012.

Hakimullah Mahsud confirmed dead. Wingnuts heads explodes

The administration's increasing betrayal of the LGBT community

Official WH Photo: Because I cant possibly wait until Sunday to share this...

Hillary and Obama again

Michelle Obama sidesteps questions about Palin, on Larry King Show (VIDEO)

Dan Choi Returned to Active Duty

My Sarah Palin Photoshop Tribute (bandwidth warning)

Arizona Senate: Arpaio Lends Fundraising Muscle to Hayworth

My favorite new RW complaint: Is Barack Obama killing too many terrorists too fast?

Bo + Sno

The “Tea Party” movement in the US: A right-wing media creation

Ben Nelson To Filibuster Key Obama Labor Nominee

Justice Clinton?

Official White House Photos by Pete Souza

The President "Ready to start over on healthcare reform"

Cuba Gives Citizens 2 Months to Register Guns

Obama's rating plunges underwater for first time in new poll as just 44% give him their approval

Toyota, Apple co-founder try to solve his Prius problem

Criminal probe is launched in Conn. plant blast

Study confirms link between older mothers, autism

McCain, Facing G.O.P. Foe in Primary, Tilts to Right

NGO appeals to Cameron in its fight against Vedanta

Iran 'begins advanced enrichment'

Ending Poverty through Education

Trenton commander faces murder charges

Nurse Whistle-Blower Charged for Reporting Doctor

In a Message to Democrats, Wall St. Sends Cash to G.O.P.

Dan Hynes doesn't want Scott Cohen's lieutenant governor post, but who will get it?

Teabagger Leader on Diane Rehm show now

UK's Iraq inquiry turns focus to Bush officials

China Sentences Quake Activist to 5 Years' Jail

Tritium hot zone expands.

Greece hikes pension age, calls for bonus cuts

House/Senate reject GOPs marriage efforts

Survivor Pulled From Haiti Quake Rubble

Bush "Miss Me Yet?" Billboard Appears Near Highway (I-35)

Dutch cabinet admits errors of Iraq invasion

Key Figure in Bush’s Military Commissions Set for Obama Job

Philippines charges 196 over Maguindanao massacre

The most recylced material of 2009: Study

Poll: Tea Party candidates come in last

Ainsworth warns Afghans struggling to leave battle zone

Stocks rise on Greek bailout hopes

Windsor, Conn., School Board Votes To Stop Holding Graduations At Church

Lawmaker seeks more oversight over nuke

Toyota recalls 437,000 Priuses, hybrids globally

Tea Party candidate surges in Texas Gov. race, w/ Ron Paul support

Cuba's public "privatization" debate

This is fucking unblievable

Kucinich to Vote with Republicans on Health Care

Obama Rebukes Boehner In Testy Exchange, Charges GOP Wants To Kill All His Initiatives

Iran jails opposition leader Behzad Nabavi

Dan Choi Returned To Active Duty

Former Intel executive pleads guilty in Galleon scandal

Military Insurance Says 'No' to Baby Helmets

President Rajapaksa dissolves parliament, anger grows over Fonseka arrest

Job Openings Plunged By One-Quarter Last Year

Chavez puts Venezuela under 'electricity emergency'

Senator From NJ Urged Fed to Aid Home State Bank

Obama Administration Blasts Anthem Blue Cross Rate Hikes

Haiti man rescued 'after surviving 27 days in rubble'

NATO to Afghan assault villagers: keep heads down

Italy embassy in Iran 'targeted by Basij militia'

French accuse Tony Blair of ‘Soviet-style' propaganda in run-up to Iraq war

Top Pelosi Aide Says Reconciliation Process Is ‘The Only Way’ To Save Health Reform

Saudi Arabia upholds 'sex boast' conviction

Toyota seeks damage control, in public and private

Toyota seeks damage control, in public and private

UN appeals for $538M in Pakistan humanitarian aid

Alabama senator releases holds on Obama nominees

Lawmakers Expel N.Y. State Senator Over Assault

S.F.'s broad jail strip-search policy ruled OK

Republicans flex new power, block Obama nominee

Wash. Senate starts clearing way for tax hikes

House suspends votes this week, Senate may be out Wednesday

Insurer State Farm says it warned gov't about Toyota acceleration in 2007

Obama Warns GOP He Will Use Recess Appointments

Committee Rejects Bills To Reverse (New Hampshire) Same-Sex Marriage Law

Eastern Syria faces ‘catastrophe’

Senate sets Toyota hearing over recalls

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday February 9

Obama Won't Drop Potential Use Of Reconciliation On Health Care

Fabricated quote used to discredit climate scientist

Lt. Dan Choi Back on Active Duty

State Department rebuffs call for Clinton intervention in Haiti case

Protectionism Worries Indian Outsourcers

US Trade Representative Says Mexican Trucks May Return To US

Cheney, Ridge Pioneered Miranda Attack On Obama

Robert Gibbs Scrawls Notes on Hand, Mocking Sarah Palin

Congressional Democrats point finger of blame at Rahm Emanuel

India suspends first GM food crop on safety grounds

India suspends first GM food crop on safety grounds

State Farm says it warned NHTSA on Toyota in 2007

Reid Hopes for Vote on Jobs Bill by This Weekend

Congress opens probe into Anthem Blue Cross rate increases

American (Airlines) to charge $8 for blankets, pillows

US Wholesale Inventories Unexpectedly Fall 0.8% in Sign of Higher Demand

Obama says both sides have to give on health care

Former Va. governor urges DNC chairman's firing

First lady details obesity campaign

Papantonio: Debt is a National Security Problem

EyesOnFox: Is Fox News gay bashing?

Papantonio: Private Industry has Ruined Healthcare

11/4/08 | A Participatory Documentary

Will Marry you for Health Insurance

LiberalViewer: Tea Party Founder Misquotes Reagan

Just a Couple of Balls

Spandexfantastic, Superhero of Truth, Talks about Sarah Palin

Papantonio: Scott Brown: Another Trickle Down Republican

Rep. Marsha Blackburn floats Social Security privatization

Young Turks: Dad Waterboards 4 Year Old Daughter Over ABC's

Sacred Land-Brazil

Pledge to Save Journalism

Will Marry you for Health Insurance

Gibbs Plays Into PalinPalmGate: WH Press Secretary Scribbles Notes on Hand

Obama's Opportunities for Pushing Congress

Young Turks: Will Sarah Palin Run For President In 2012? (LOL!!!)

FauxNews: Palin’s ‘Telepalmer’ Notes Were A Clever Plot To Call Attention To Obama’s Teleprompter

Sarah Palin's Motivational Speech

Congress takes a snowday or week

Snowlapse 2010.wmv

David Shuster On Palin & Her Drones: "One Set Of Standards For Them & Another Set For Everyone Else"

Rachel Maddow Blasts Tom Tancredo ( literacy tests)

Olbermann Quick Comment: 'THERE Is Your Death Panel...'

Rachel Maddow: Incredible Piece on GOP Stimulus Hypocrisy 'Dems, Do It Alone'

Glenn Beck asks Carly Fiorina how she'd go to Washington and not lose her soul

NYTimes: Roger cohen - The World's Watchmaker

Shame and Fear

I don't mean to say I told you so, but... Stephen Walt, Foreign Policy

Obama's Secret Police: How a conspiracy theory traveled from the Tea Party movement to Congress

Palin headlines birther conference; press pretends not to notice

GOP Demands Underwear Bomber Get Atomic Wedgie

John Brennan: 'We need no lectures'

It Takes a Village to Raise a Racist

Startup opens offshoring alternative in distressed Michigan

Where Will We Get the Next Rachel Maddow?

President Obama’s call for bipartisanship rings louder

USA Today's Social Security Scaremongering

Millionaire gives away fortune which made him miserable

on PBS NewsHour, Ms Ifill and Walters agree that the President is just posturing

Poll: Two-Thirds Of Americans disagree with SC; they don't think Corporations are people

Sentences handed down in pet-food poisoning criminal case

In Bed with a Sick Mind

Guardian UK: 'Condescending liberals' of the US unite

Barack Obama Is Being Punk'd - Albert Brooks

"Core Chicago Team Sinking Obama Presidency" /Steve Clemmons NDF

Poll: Bipartisanship popular, compromise tricky

Global-debt-bomb explosion: Prepare for an apocalyptic anarchy ending Wall Street's toxic capitalism

16 Year Old Kid OWNS Sarah Palin

Anthem Blue Cross (California) ...39% rate hike. (but let's do nothing about Health Care reform)

Obama proposes federal climate change agency

Drumbeat: February 9, 2010

"It's Official: The Oil Export Crisis Has Arrived"

China Plans to Increase LNG Imports on Gas Shortage

Gas-pipe purging linked to seven big explosions since 1997

Young joins Murkowski in seeking study of deep-water Arctic port

Climate Impacts On High Plains Pothole Marshes Will LIkely Devastate Waterfowl Populations - AFP

750-Year Record W. Australian Drought Linked W. Abnormally High Snowfall Totals In Antarctic Region

Chinese Water Pollution In 2007 More Than 2X As Bad As Official #s, Which Didn't Include Farm Inputs

UK - Spring/Summer Arriving Earlier, Pace Of Change Growing, W. Potentially Severe Bio-Disruptions

How - Precisely - "Climategate" Is Based On Denialist Lies - Investigative Rpt. Ms Online @ Guardian

Satellite Imagery Shows Sea Of Mud Trails Chinese Bottom-Trawlers Leave Behind In Ocean - NYT

Google, Inc.: The Who's Who of Corporate Investment in Clean Energy

"Living fossils" under threat in China, Japan

Trexa announces surprisingly affordable base price for EV platform

World Fishing Fleet Threat To Survival Of 86% Of Toothed Whale Species, Though Data Lacking For Some

The Station ALOHA Curve - Oceans On Track By 2100 For Highest Acidity In 20,000,000 Years

The most recylced material of 2009: Study

Areva gets deeper into renewables with Ausra purchase

So I finally saw an ad for

Mongolia: Nomads Face Hunger Crisis

Fall In MN Moose Populations Continues - From 4,000 In NW In Mid-1980s To 100 Today

Soft-Drink Industry Smothers Proposed Tax On Sodas With Lobbying Blitz, Self-Funded "Science"

Tritium hot zone expands.

Yucca Mountain seen as possible reprocessing site

Lawmaker seeks more oversight over nuke

Aquifer mysteries hold key to effects of uranium mining

New Orleans Moves To No. 3 In NFL Power Rankings

Browns terminate contract of Dante Stallworth

Kudos to David Letterman for wearing an Art Donovan jersey in that ad.

Thing of beauty.

NHL to open '10-11 in Helsinki, Stockholm, Prague

SPRING TRAINING for baseball NEXT week

2010 American League Cy Young Winner

Steve Haskin's Derby Dozen.

Which win meant the most?

Colts Fans -- All 11 of Them -- Welcome Team at Airport

Pot on Links at Golf Channel, Ex-Worker Says

Israeli court rules to free Australian

Israel - Lebanon War Rumors: What to Believe…

I don't mean to say I told you so, but...(Stephen M. Walt)

Was there ever any connection between Netanyahu and the schmuck who assassinated Itzahk Rabin?

Wiesel: If Ahmadinejad were assassinated, I wouldn't shed a tear

Netanyahu's government tries to save settler house

UN slams Haitian hospitals for charging patients

Colombia: VP called to respond to "parapolitics" allegations

‘False Accounting’ Plea By British Arms Giant May Implicate Former Chilean Dictator

Colombia: 40 unionists murdered in 2009

How Much Military Aid to Israel?

Chavez puts Venezuela under 'electricity emergency'

Half Venezuelans claim to distrust President Chávez

Today in Labor History Feb 9 President Kennedy asks Congress to approve creation of Medicare & more

Economic Report: AARP Says Older Workers Getting A Little Break In Unemployment

Democrats Out Of Sync With Majority Working Family Opinion On Health Care Reform

AFL-CIO goes after Nelson for 'hypocrisy' on Becker nomination

Union-Made Valentine's Day Sweets (notice the the DU fund raiser item in the photo)

What happened to my country?

While the Brady Campaign, is worried about Starbucks.....Meanwhile, back at the statehouse....

Housing Authority Lifts Gun Ban, Restores Second Amendment Rights

Bust nets pot, 60 guns

Exonerated 'stand your ground' defendant faces Hillsborough lawsuit

After McDonald, what's next?

How the right to arms saved the non-violent civil rights protesters...

WV.Bill to Allow Concealed Carry Without License Introduced

I'm honored and humbled...

NH panel recommends against gay marriage repeal

Vatican intrigue hits new level with leak denial

ACLU accuses instructor of using classroom as church

Thanks For the Heart, Whoever You Are!

NOM says gay Prop 8 judge is biased

Dan Choi Back on Unit Duty (Advocate / bilerico)

HRC Gives Us Ten Worst Companies for LGBT Employees

I soooo HEART Anne Hathaway! She and I are kindred spirits,

The perfect illustration of DU's problem

Planets and galaxies, with a score by Debussy (Things That Float)

A Tree Carving in California: Ancient Astronomers?

Found: Hawking's initials written into the universe

Remember: I complained about my fence and tree getting hit?

Excursion at Midnight

New snow at Glen Alps

Stalking a heron

Some desert landscapes...

Marin Headlands, Wide-Angle + Exposure Calibration Question

A Little Pond Hockey Anyone?

Rainy day at the beach

pickin up kids in ice

Spring's Coming (Already???)

thank you for my hearts!

Thank you for my hearts. I'm sure many of them came from

Cooperative Communities


Heartfelt thanks for the heart!

What a great day!

Millionaire gives away his fortune because it made him miserable

Things going on now.....

Wall Street's Killer Instinct Spells Death Knell for Jobs

Dark clouds hang over U.S. small businesses: survey

Richard Curtis and Bill Nighy team up in new film urging Tobin tax on bankers

Banks welcome commods talent despite trading curbs

The Free Market Fetish

Pop Psychology

Study shows how Medicare rewards MDs for overuse

'Third-hand smoke' could damage health -- upholstery & clothing release carcinogens

Butter Leads to Lower Blood Fats Than Olive Oil

When to Worry if a Child Has Too Few Words

Two Types of Superintendent

Why did Chicago hire a North Carolina superintendent embroiled in a testing scandal?

Michelle Rhee magical thinking or just plain lies?

What changes can a public school make on it's own...

Windsor, Conn., School Board Votes To Stop Holding Graduations At Church

What do Angola, Mexico, Philippines, and Zimbabwe all have in common with Vatican City?

Chicken Paprikash - a little healthier

Anyone seen Bourdain in Vancouver?

I really love dates, but