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Hey, just want to thank you for the hearts.. whoever you are..

Digg asks for questions for Toyota USA president:

Defense Spending Has Been Growing More Rapidly Than Social Security

Sarah isn't serious about running for POTUS.

Next in Line for a Bailout: Social Security

Todays top post was plagiarized from a DU thread I wrote a few months ago

For those of you who want to reach out to the teabaggery:

US youth unemployment soars

Afghan villages abandoned before Nato-led operation

Thank you "someone" for my heart. nt

thanx to you out there for the valentine heart.

CBS Wasted a Huge Opportunity with "Undercover Boss."

DU'ers rejoice! Football is OVER! I repeat, OVER! Take a breath and celebrate... but wait!

Thank you for my heart...Someone out there loves me!....n/t

Did you hear the news? The GOP is sponsoring a remake: "Dumb & Dumber Part Deux"

IL crazy dem Lt Gov candidate cohen FINALLY QUIT!

Calif. law to free inmates early draws protests


"What I noticed was the bracelet...she’s a great mom."

Support Anti-Trust Regulations for the Insurance Industry (

To everyone who doesn't give a rat's ass about the Super Bowl

New York Daily News gets one right

Japan balks at $2 billion to host U.S. troops

It was suggested that I post this was very upsetting, wish I could have done more.

Why do people care if their team wins in sports?

Military commanders take on stigma regarding suicides

A little boy near death with cancer and the New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Today's Epic Fail

Thank you for the heart you wonderful person!!

Sarah who? No, who dat!!

Vermont fights to get lead out; state settles with discount retailer over toxic jewelry

A Farewell to Ice

‘Warrior ethos’ emphasized in UFC partnership

World's tallest tower lookout suddenly shuttered !

How did Dave get Leno to do a Late Show promo?

Chris Wallace When Asked If Palin Would Be Sitting On His Lap During Interview: "One Can Only Hope"

Think-Tanks Take Oil Money and Use it to Fund Climate Deniers

Chinese Police Shut Down Hacker Training Business

Chinese Police Shut Down Hacker Training Business

Body found in airplane wheel well at Tokyo airport

U.S. soldier 'waterboarded his own daughter, 4,

As a nonsports fan, when someone wins the superbowl, doesn't the news talk about it for a few days?

A Beer for Stronger Bones? This Study's Not For You

So, when does Congress repeal the Sugar Protectionism

Andre Bauer's disgusting guest column in local paper.

hmmmm, lead-in to story on Sandford on NPR

Requirements for a healthy economy

U.S., EU Issue Rare Joint Statement Against Iranian Human Rights Abuses

Podesta Calls On McConnell To Apologize For Denigrating FBI Interrogation Of Abdulmuttalab

Right wing group, Accuracy in Media, defends Uganda's "Kill the Gays" Bill

American Action Network: Who's Putting Up The Money?

Joe Scum usually pushes the official RETHUG

THANK YOU to whoever gave me the heart--what a wonderful way to start my day.

The Mob, at its most powerful, had nothing on today's Banksters

The Real Tea Partiers

Bond, Hoekstra, GOP Leaders Claim Ignorance on FBI Procedure

Missionaries Charged With Kidnapping In Haiti

Special-needs mom Palin: 'I agree with Limbaugh' that liberals are 'retards'

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is on TCM.

Ohio Strip Club Hosts 'Lap Dances For Haiti'

Why didn't any of these men say anything?

To point out the obvious: The difference between Obama's Teleprompter and Palin's palm notes

"Seven Days in May" ... this evening, 6pm Eastern, TCM.

NPR poll needs some DU Love

Soft Drinks Could Boost Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Soft Drinks Could Boost Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Richard Clarke: 'GOP's Terrorism Assaults On Obama-Designed For Political Gains In Case Of Attack'

Vets wrongly charged for free care, IG finds

How Dick Armey got Screwed by the Tea Party Convention.

Bill White gets Democratic endorsement with low-key, reasoned approach to problem solving

I'm looking for help on the concept of a living constitution.

NY Governor Patterson to resign?

What is that Progressive Tea Party movement I just read about?

Tell Reid to get a spine. Ask, demand, plead for some action.

Can I get a witness? to all Politicians current and prospective (yes its a rant)

Jesse Watters, Fox Nation Editor, Hypes Hypothetical Tea Party – GOP Merger

If Obama would only declare War on Iran he might win re-election

37 million Americans received food aid in 2009

Talk about changed times

Happy to see Cohen quit the Illinois race

Happy to see Cohen quit the Illinois race

why is Egypt so mean?

Snowstorm predicted to hit northeast.....So of course the price of natural gas must rise, right?

Judge in Prop 8 trial outed

Jennifer Granholm giving the State of the State - and my mind compares her to Palin

Cindy ADAMS's scenario for SCOTUS: BIDEN to the court; Hillary to Veep

Sands shifting for Africa's nomadic herders

i think sarahs handjob was staged

We need a commander-in-chief, not a law professor

Just a heads up, The View is going to discuss Palin's Palm Reading! lol! nt

Republican Governor says No New Taxes. Fighting Democrats consider cutting health & education.

Extend the Bush taxcuts ?

Extend the Bush taxcuts ?

Doritos Ruled the Night

It's very strange to see a pro-life commercial with pro-footballers who are not abstinent

Whitehouse to host Civil Rights Music Night

Iran Launches Production Lines For Unmanned Planes

Questions about nuclear waste at Hanford

Draft Bill Halter: Drop the Phone Bomb!

Cspan is showing HER again !!!!!!! A repeat of her talk.

Laura Flanders' segment on the FotF ad: Feminism, the Super Bowl, and the Media

Ethan Watters on America's crazy exports

Unemployment: Are They Really Going To Stop Benefits To We Newly Jobless After 26 Weeks?

Best Of The Super Bowl (...besides who won)

Obama seems to still think that being polite to Republicans will save our country.

One of David Horsey's cartoons that's permanently relevant : "Man and religion, a synopsis."

One of David Horsey's cartoons that's permanently relevant : "Man and religion, a synopsis."

"Wingnuts" Author uncovers the first Birther—and finds she's a Hillary Clinton supporter.

The FCC Considers Ramping Up Crusade Against “Robo Callers”

Is Alaska "the most diverse state in the union"? (Palin quote)

One of These Pollsters is on Crack.

Fundies "APPALLED" by Armani Exchange posters (Translation: The posters feature same-sex couples)

"In A Message to Democrats, Wall St. Sends Cash to GOP" by David Kirkpatrick (NYT via CNBC)

"In A Message to Democrats, Wall St. Sends Cash to GOP" by David Kirkpatrick (NYT via CNBC)

As U.S. surge begins, Canada begins total exit planning. So General MacCHRYSTAL,

Costa Rica Elects Female President

The impact of advertising on the Super Bowl is a disaster.

Other notes seen on Sarah Palin's hand-

I hope Jack Cafferty reads my comment on the air!

The impact of advertising on the Super Bowl is a disaster.

Lonely Teabags

Lonely Teabags

Super Bowl gets 106.5 million viewers, most in American TV history

"...or did everyone forget the American way due the the present person thats in the White House."

Sebelius To Anthem (Blue Cross): Justify 39% Rate Hike

Dana Milbank, Republican Voter

Democratic campaign committee whiteboard captioning tool for Palin image

Federal Stimulus Program Pours $54 Million Into Wine Train Project

CNN posts Penn Jillette's accusatory Obama Vegas OP-ED without screaming "LINK???"


NBC has erased Conan O'Brien from the Internet and are destroying his 50 million dollar set.

To my secret admirer....

President One Termer - The Latest Rape of Dems

Big Love nails lobbyist influence on politics

Next week on MTP the entire show will be with Dick Cheney

How many of the rest of you have your fingers crossed that palin throws her "bumpit" into the ring..

How many of the rest of you have your fingers crossed that palin throws her "bumpit" into the ring..

Anyone else remember the TV movie "Special Bulletin"?

Summertime mission for Illinois-area DUers

Hugo Chavez orders expropriation of historic buildings

Toyota's Once-Golden Resale Value Gets Dented

This Ambassador Is A Sore In US-Pakistani Relationship

Palin Says She's Fine with Limbaugh's Use of 'R-Word'

Core Chicago Team Sinking Obama Presidency (Steve Clemons)

Robotic Audi TTS to tackle Pikes Peak at race speed - without a driver

Obama Will Meet With Republicans Next Week On Health Care:

Luke Russert needs to do his homework

Luke Russert needs to do his homework

Thanks for the hearts!

Thank you to whomever donated a heart to me. :)

Marijuana Meatballs: Ex NYC Detective Anthony Chiofalo Says He Got Fired Over Wife's Secret Recipe

THANK YOU for my heart!! warms my soul on this snowy, cold day.

600-900 mouth-breathers showed up to watch the Quitting cheater speak

Added onto the Thank You for the Heart Thread....

Palin's speech, versus reality

Thanks for the heart! :)

Thank you to whomever donated a heart to me. :)

RIP Murtha

Why did eight American soldiers die defending an area the U.S. military no longer wanted to hold?

PATERSON's bombshell postponed & is not XXXrated, but PG-13. Is that working or calendar days?!1

TY for my 2 hearts, pipples!!!!

Someone gave me a heart!!! Thank you!

Jeeeez... Chuck Todd defends Sarah Palin's crib notes.

YAY! My mortgage is no longer under water.

The Top Ten Things Written on Sarah Palin’s Hand

News is reporting John Murtha dead at 77.

John Murtha: 38 years under arms, volunteered for VietNam in '66 ...

I know FireDog Lake isn't popular here but I thought that this was an interesting idea

Virginia Foxx is Crazy!!!!

"Tea Party" is just a prettied up Klan Rally

Greece = Not Good

Maybe If The Media Ignored Palin ......

For a "grassroots" "movement", the tea parties are shilling much money around.

18 months for beating a one year old to death.

Focus on the Family vastly outpaced Mormon spending on Proposition 8

Gov Dean: "You Still Have The Power"

Dem. lieutenant governor candidate exits Ill. race

Sex Addiction: A B.S. Excuse for Not Thinking

Senate Jobs Bill Stalled

Fitch: New Year, No Improvement as U.S. Prime Jumbo RMBS Delinquencies Approach 10%

'Meet the Press' transcript for February 7, 2010

anyone wishing to talk to a teabagger....

"When you spend 1/2 your time explaining that the sky is blue

Sexual Abuse of Haitian children by Priests, Charity Workers

Inside Germany's Catholic Sexual Abuse Scandal

Here are some helpful tips from Focus on the Family on interracial marriage

Portrait of a Teabagger.

Six Obama federal judicial nominees to get a hearing at the Senate Judiciary Wed

10 Worst Super Bowl Ads - Tebows ad in the running - VOTE here!


Beer May Be Good For Your Bones

Don't be evil, Google

Don't Ask, Don't Give (From our friends at Americablog)

Rep. John Murtha Dies, No Word from Jean Schmidt (Yet)

"Up in the Air" lifts spirits of some unemployed

What is the right wing saying about the soldier who waterboarded his 4 yr. old daughter?

alright...hardball starts out slagging palin....

RIP Johnstown, PA

Is it true Senate can vote to change rules by simple majority at beginning of session?

Do we like Meghan McCain?

Haiti awash in Christian aid, evangelism (they need to leave people alone)

I wonder what Pat thinks of the GOP being led by a Palm Reader?

The Party of No Says No to Worker Protections

Republicans Don't Want Smart

If you need a job and have sa background in compliances, network testing, security...

If you need a job and have sa background in compliances, network testing, security...

Captain America Says Tea Parties Are Dangerous and Racist

What exactly do Republicans want in the way of "tort-reform?"

This is what really upsets me to the boiling point about Tea Party coverage...

This is what really upsets me to the boiling point about Tea Party coverage...

Susan Collins Didn’t Complain About Handling Of Bomb Suspect When Briefed On Christmas Day

Maybe If The Media Just Ignored Palin......

How MLK would have reacted to Palin's Tea-party speech

Michelle's making childhood obesity her big issue. The President wants to ban vending machines

State Prints SSNs On Thousands Of Envelopes (CA)

Thank you for the heart! n/t

Which default are you more worried about?

Hartmann - Rethinking making friends with the teabaggers

WV Legislature Censured (laws are for the "Untermensch")

Whoever gave me a heart....

"We should go back to having a debtor's prison!"

The usual corporatist gaming of our government

I daydream sometimes, of holding political office right now.

HSBC sent me a letter. No more free checking. It will now cost $3 a month

A tidbit from Krugman's column today, and a question:

Dow closes below 10,000 for first time in 3 months

The mistake is trying to evaluate Palin based on basic, sound political thinking

David Shuster: Tea party's double standard?

Activists push pro-choice license plate in Va.

Ed Schultz: "Would Americans put Sarah Palin in the White House? Ha, Ha, Ha."

James O'Keefe's co-conspirator in the ACORN 'sting' says ACORN is out to "destroy" her

GOP cool to Obama call for two-party health talks

GOP cool to Obama call for two-party health talks

TORT REFORM? Hell no. Reform the Tort Feasor, first.

To: Secret Admirer

Fringe fanatics who question traditional scientific dogma interest

What happened to the Young Turks?

Sarah Palin asks about current technology

Kucinich Needs Your Help in Winning This Poll at

Haitian may have survived 4 weeks in rubble


Why GOP Congressman-turned-Governor has screwed Nevada for years

The great IndyMac ripoff- Paulson, Mnuchin & Soros all in on it.

Do the TeaBaggers now want us to believe that they represent both conservatives

State, local GOP enter new pact with Tea Party groups (SC)

So Sarah tell us, what do you read

What has happened to Wes Clark. Has he


An Economist Gets Stoned-

Ed Shultz on Palin: Hand of the lost

Keith's Hand puppet looked like an asshole.

Why does it seem that most of our "elected reps" & staff steer towards lobbying?

"Gut check time" or "Disruptor? Yes."

"students should graduate with a résumé, not a transcript "

Keith hits a home run!

Why isn't there a blue-collar/middle class "tea-party"-like movement?

The Only Difference Between The Teabaggers And The British National Party Is...

I just want to say THANK YOU!

Body found in plane's landing gear bay in Japan

I've been smoke free and nicotine free for two weeks.

Chris Matthews Sarah Palin

double post

Jenny Sanford will be on TDS tonight

TIP: You know you're not a legitimate grass-roots political movement

Socialism: Trickle-Up Poverty


ACORN Smear Collaborator Claims Persecution to Raise Money for Her Legal Troubles

All death and animal extinctions now traced to tobacco.

Petition: Stand With Me Against Pay-to-Play Electioneering

Apparently, the anti-war protests were widely covered

Akbar Zib, Pakistani Diplomat, Rejected In Saudi Arabia Because Name Means 'Biggest D**k' In Arabic

Seriously. Did the Republickans lose on purpose in 2008?

Cuban-trained US doctors on their way to Haiti

Yaknow how we used to refer to Bush as ****? How bout Palin as Sarin?

Religious right group Minnesota Family Council announces Huckabee dinner


Dear Secret Admirer(s): Thank you for the Valentine's Day Hearts

Okay, a dog story with a feel good ending ......

Maddow - A Look Under The Hood

Washington Post actively sought out "liberals are condescending" piece

Which comedians would be allowed to post in GD?

Thank you to the nice person who gave me a heart. I'm incredibly

Thank you for my heart.

On the Backs of Tennessee’s Middle Class (The Story Behind Tea Party Nation’s Dishonest Beginnings)

Why is Obama still pushing this "bipartisan" crap?

Japan Transport Min Likely To Announce Prius Recall Later Tue - Source

Goodnight sweet John MURTHA, U.S.Rep/Veteran, RIP n/t

Why are the tea baggers talking about impalin palin that way on rachael?

Bloomberg flip flopped on trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in New York City (Salon)

just wondering--is the grim reaper a republican? kind of seems that way, doesn't it?

Florida wants 1 billion of Arne's 4. 3 billion to hire corporate consultants. Unbelievable.

Thank you for giving this wallflower a heart - luv ya, back!

Limbaugh hated Murtha FYI. Don't forget that...RIP

Senate Postpones vote on Judge Greenaway, confirmation would give Dems control of the 3rd Circuit

Roeder wants a new trial

If corporations are "persons"...can we put them under "citizens' arrest"?

Whistle-blower suit filed in charter probe

Yemen al Qaeda urges jihad, wants Red Sea blocked

John Murtha dies, special election looms

John Murtha dies, special election looms

OMG....Thanks for the heart!

Is there a time limit on DU where if you can't log in for a while?

Wingnut just told Ron RAYGUN Jr he didn't "even KNOW your father"!1 (Joy BEHAR show, yeah-I-KNOW)

Hard to defend my local Dems when they do dumb shit like this..

OK..where the hell am I supposed to go looking for a job?

I didn't vote for Obama to be governed by Republicans

Whoever gave me the heart... thanks much!

Dem now leads in Battleground CO Gov poll

Is there some way we can ban the use of the name...

More Blackwater than cops (In Islamabad) Pakistan says

NYDN: Saint's Victory MOST-watched TV Show Ever! I say they're truly "America's Team."

The GOP is besieged on all sides

The GOP is besieged on all sides

America, the GOP does not give a f**k whether you have jobs or not.

More important than getting a heart

Steve Benen Masterfully DESTROYS GOP Senator Susan Collin's Abdulmutallab Attack False Claims

Roughly 1 in 4 Americans is employed to keep fellow citizens in line and protect private wealth..

America's Cup delayed by lack of wind

I am shocked, delighted , and touched by my hearts! Thank you so much

Jon Stewart is really ragging on the Tea Baggers


Gov. Perry wants Predator drones patrolling border

Thank you for my hearts whoever you are!!

Anyone else watching Lewis Black on DS?

FUCK Cynicism.

Jon Stewart just killed me.....with his Palin antics.

Virginia Pilot Newspaper Apparently Owned by Rupert Murdoch...

I'd really like to post in the Computer & Gaming forums...

A Valentine's Heart for ME???

So is Iran doing a Nuclear Test on February 11

rep john murtha has passed away

I think Focus on the Family & their ilk should for now on be referred to as 'The Christian Taliban'

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Paid Troll Sockpuppets Must Go!

Official tells US health insurer to justify 39 pct rate hike

Why Murtha Mattered

Ben Nelson To FILIBUSTER Key Obama Labor Nominee

Why hasn't anything been done with immigration...

George Carlin On HBO

OK, fine. we have lots of common ground with the teabaggers

well jenny is certainly an interesting interview...!

Rahm and Limbaugh Agree about the Left

Mean Jean Schmidt is a pile of dog shit.

Congressman John Murtha on Iraq "Flawed Policy Wrapped in Illusion"

Another "thanks for the heart" thread coupled with why I love DU.

Candy Hearts..customize your own

Candy Hearts..customize your own

Volunteer firefighter saves a dog from a partially submerged car that crashed - pic

Just like Vietnam.

Christian extremists (ie FoF) not very dangerous? Tell that to Ugandans

I finally figured out what Palin wrote on her hand...

I finally figured out what Palin wrote on her hand...

Organizing 1,000,000 HCR calls to Capitol Hill on February 24 & 25 (big update)

Can't donate this quarter; laid off. Sorry, DU.

Talk-show ideologues can inspire violence

Ben Nelson To Filibuster Key Obama Labor Nominee

Do your Republican Facebook friends agree with you on Palin?

The public doesn't understand what the GOP is doing because most don't understand the system.

The public doesn't understand what the GOP is doing because most don't understand the system.

CONGRESS moves to repeal 65 year-old INSURANCE ANTI-TRUST exemption

Stephen Colbert rocks!

Stephen Colbert rocks!

Henry David Thoreau: If a man walks in the woods for love of them half of each day, he is...

Amnesty: Obama admin. still looks other way on torture

For all the bashing I've done here, someone gave me a heart?

Goldman did more damage than al Qaeda to this nation.

Snow totals forecast map

Details on the political ramifications of Murtha's death (district info, special election, etc)

Repeat complainer banned for life from coffee shop

I realize that there are many entrants in the race to the moral bottom now being staged by

Ukraine's Sarah Palin candidate from the Teabagger/OrangeRevolution pro-Corporatist side loses

Study Says 2 Sodas Per Week Raises Pancreatic Cancer Risk;

We need tough new anti-school bullying laws

McCain, Facing G.O.P. Foe in Primary, Tilts to Right

DUers in denial: They own the media, they own the voting systems

Notes on your hand.

Fox News: Palin’s ‘Telepalmer’ Notes Were A Clever Plot To Call Attention To Obama’s Teleprompter

"The good news is that some in the media are starting to emerge from their comas."

I am fearful that John Edwards will be indicted

Sen. Kaufman (D-Del.) : Palin backers 'don't follow what's really happening' in U.S.

Prosecution of BUSH/CHENEY era criminals is long overdue: agree/disagree

Righties HATE That The Saints Won The Super Bowl

One friggin' heart - after I pour my blood, sweat and tears, in this forum?

One friggin' heart - after I pour my blood, sweat and tears, in this forum?

Free Trade Agreement Alert: Don't let them sneak this by!

Toyota’s powerful friends in Washington

CNN Deserves Credit On Continued Coverage of Haiti. Haitians are still in desperate need of help.

My 25,000th post.

"Homescholers for Perry"

Thank you, heart donors!

Key Dem wants to pause discharges of gay service members

Snowmageddon 2010 in time lapse

Hmmm... “You Wouldn’t Find Any Finer Christian People Than These People.”

Chris Hedges: The Terror-Industrial Complex

In a Message to Democrats, Wall St. Sends Cash to G.O.P.

About yesterday's explosion at the power plant in Connecticut

worst person on KO--senate cmte on indian affairs

A few notes for DU on a snowy day:

Tea Klux Klan speaker got applause for suggesting we bring back

No Help in Sight, More Homeowners Walk Away

Charter school's ex-board chief reports to prison

What the hell was that on Keith Olbermann??!!??

Lookin like a fool with the notes on her hand

Just figured out who Palin patterned herself after. Flo, the Progressive chic, only not loveable.

Venezuelan police break up anti-Chavez protest (Fascists at it again)

Toyota Dealers Pull ABC TV Ads; Anger Over 'Excessive Stories'

It's simple: Buy American-made products

Our local weatherman just scared the hell out of me.

James O'Keefe Bayeux Tapestry discovered!!!

About this "twenty inches of global warming"

The DOW fell below 10,000

Burqa-clad robbers hold up post office (near Paris, France)

No joke: South Carolina now requires ’subversives’ to register

Stand Strong Against Hate. Southern Poverty Law Center Map you can get on.

Hey! How come none of the Hearts say "K & U" ?

Are you listening to David Schuster on MSNBC now?

Garden State Equality votes unanimously to stop donating to Dem. committees

Dennis Kucinich just slammed FOX news reporter

WTF? Murtha's Gallbladder "Nicked" In Surgery?

Payback time for Virginia Foxx

Frankly, I don't TRUST America enough to be ok with Palin running

"I Want My Country Back!"

All Bank Charges Reversed!

The True Meaning of "The War on Terror"

Frustrated at work? Job suck?

To my own (and all the DU) secret admirers....

I must say I am partially impressed that the American right is rallying behind a woman.

U.S. soldier 'waterboarded his own daughter, 4, because she couldn't recite alphabet'

Krugman's Last Column Worries Me

Can you BELIEVE how evil the Tim Tebow Superbowl commercial was?

Ohmigod. CNN just said another 20 inch snowstorm will hit DC tomorrow.

Exclusive: NYTimes Editor 'Stands Behind' Contested 'Pimp' Reporting on O'Keefe, Cites Fox as Source

Well, this probably isn't going to earn me any hearts, but......

This Modern World: Tom Tomorrow Mocks Citizen Journalist Wiretappers, Er, Shoelacetappers?

An illustration of trying to have "Bipartisanship" with the Repubs.

Why don't we stop paying attention to Sarah Palin?

Math Frame: A 9-11 In The U.S. Every 24 Days... Let The Republicans Defend THAT !!!


Gen Y too lazy and unfocused to hire - bosses

Who's the sexiest philanderer?

I am so sick and tird of hearing about the stock market

ACLU Demands California Professor Stop Teaching Anti-Gay Health Lies

I am so F***ing tired of war

How to Change Social Security to Reduce Future Public Debt: Cut FICA

CNN contributor Erick Erickson: "Ugly feminists return to their kitchens" after Tebow Super Bowl ad

Check out this OFFICIAL U.S. POSITION on the legality of torture

Why are our war criminals walking around free?

Thirdhand Smoke Forms Cancer-Causing Residue Indoors That Lasts

Our Corrupted and Failing Democracy

Dr. Tillers assassin wants a new trial. Says he wasn't treated fairly

HELP! Looking for GAO report on healthcare comparing Dems and Reps

Valentine Heart -- Sweet to get -- !!

Valentine Heart -- Sweet to get -- !!

I've never chatted up a teabagger - but those Ron Paul supporters

The Rude Pundit: Sarah Palin Is a Fucking Retard

Meghan McCain Calls Out Tea Party For Racism..

Four and a half years ago, Republicans wanted to bulldoze New Orleans.

Monday Toons 1

Monday Toons 3

Monday Toons 2

Who did you cast your first ever vote for ? For what office ?

Focus on the Family is a hate group

hey lady on m$nbc...what is a tea party 'value'?

Cuomo Takes on The Money Party - "They knew what they were doing every step of the way."

This is just unfuckingacceptable.

Why ar eso many people now allergic to wheat?

How Goldman Sachs Helped Greece to Mask its True Debt

Tebow Hysteria - Why?

Nurse to stand trial for reporting doctor

Thank you, Secret Admirer, for my Valentine Heart

Maryland weather or how to not freeze your butt when the power lines get cut.

The Second DU 2010 "Thanks For My Heart" Thread

Helen Thomas: " President Barack Obama does have a foreign policy. It's called war."

Here There Be Monsters (a personal story about bullying)

Two hearts?!

Who is that guy who plays the piano on Glee?

Super bowl brings good good news: Fish isn't dead

The Seagate Freeagent Go is a useless piece of SHIT

The most clear, concise video presentation proving Bush crimes against Americans

Instead of watching the super bowl I battled my toilet bowl. The Colts had a better game.


i feeel so behind the times

The Happiest Day of Your Life?

The Blind Side

What does it mean when someone says "yes" to a date and then deletes you from Facebook?

Talking Heads 8-24-1979 Berklee Performance Center

Seriously did the snow make some people brain damaged??!!

Dogs and weight-lifting don't mix well.

catholic church and when life starts

Instead of watching Superbowl, I just had a testosterone enema.

Discuss: Theater. Sweater. Cheater.

I think this Valentine's Day hearts thing should be more like real life...

What you all need this morning is more cowbell

Biggest Lost Season 6 spoiler: Spin-offs! This is revealed by the Season 6 episode titles

A major American political figure gave the DU Lounge a shout out this weekend, and no one noticed!

Would you allow your 15 year old son to go to this site ?

Krakatoa - It's not for everyone.

Caprica (Not really a spoiler, 'cause I'm just talking out my ass)

Happy Birthday Mabus!!!

Fair & Balanced...Pete does windmills, YOU decide: The Who, Super Bowl half time show (YouTube)

"Amen!" Times-Picayunes still available

I met Gizmonic 18 years ago today.

Got an email from my ISP

A musical Tribute to the Saints:

I don't know where else to take what I've got to say, so I thought I'd try the Lounge first.

Shocker: Kansas votes 4-1 to allow intelligent design

Good morning Lounge

HAHAHA - all those dog owners, stuck trying to get their dogs outside with 2 feet of snow outside



"Super Bowl is most watch program ever." Yes, that's EVER.

Showtime, Everybody!

Anyone seen Colbert Watcher?????

Frampton's Camel is pretty damn cool!

Beer Is Good for your Bones

Ex- Beauty Queen Carrie PreJean engaged to Ram

I'm 10 posts from my 25,000th post!!!!

Could I have a link to that list of all the terms used on DU ?

Thank you, Anonymous, for my hearts. I rarely post here any more

Any DU doctors or someone who would know how to interpret a brain spect

My Mom-in-law is in surgery this afternoon.

It is 67 here, after all our cold weather it feels hot, suppose to cool down tonight.

Something for nothing....

What song would you have liked to hear from the Who at the halftime show that they didn't play?

I just found out that "Name Removed" has two hearts! Who likes THAT guy?

Since when does Skinner bother to lock threads himself in the Lounge?

Hey... I haven't seen seemslikeadream in a while...

In case you were wondering...

Having just watched "You're Gonna Miss Me"

Strip club hosts lap dances to help Haiti

My thanks for the heart!

My thanks for the heart!

Rosario Dawson as Persephone?

9 Types of Annoying Movie Fans

The Who - Behind Blue Eyes

Singular vs. Plural

Go COLTS Beat the Saints!!!


1 more WHO thread: Link- WHO's first US performance 1967---

Ever have a dream and think (while you are dreaming) "This will be great to tell the Lounge!"


You know, I dont really mind that Palin had stuff written on her hand

Hubby's grandma Bonnie's funeral will be Thursday

This has Homer Simpson written ALL over it

Body found in plane's landing gear bay in Japan

DU'ers rejoice! Football is OVER! I repeat, OVER! Take a breath and celebrate... but wait!

um, Skittles...

Fluffy G - How'd You Get So Fluffy

Recruiter Calls. Ask for Resume. I Send Resume. Recruiter Submits Resume.

I think I accidentally posted a Lounge thread in GD

SNL's unaired Twitter parody with Ashton Kutcher

I can't wait for football season to start again

Ratdog w/The Persuasions: "Must Have Been the Roses / He's Gone" @ The Beacon 10/24/09

Jorma Kaukonen w/ David Bromberg: "Embryonic Journey," Gaspar's - Chicago, IL 12/1/85

"Practical" jokes are evil.

forget Tai Chi, try Poo Chi

I'm gonna kick your ass (Dedicated to the one and only Skittles)

a poster brought something up. if son wanted to be member of du, how can we do it


Very, very strange Jack in the Box commercial

All death and animal extinctions now traced to tobacco.

Neil Young, "Unknown Legend," Madison Square Garden December 15, 2008

DC Area: Here we go yet again? Son of Snowmageddon?

Grateful Dead - "Althea," Live at Rockpalast 03-28-81

Thank you Janet Jackson

Now taking bets...

look, here is the deal.

Chicago - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Chicago - Beginnings

Let it snow!

Dear Jillian Michaels:

An Angle on the Superbowl That No One Mentioned: It Was A Battle of E! Channel Shows

Repeat what I say.

Don't know where I'm going

What was your favorite Super Bowl Commercial?

How the hell did I walk around all day with a fabric softener in my underwear?

I am an American Male who has never played Football

The little hearts looks so tasty, just like the real ones!

A handy Evil Overlord checklist.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/8/10

Charles Barkley calls out Michael Jordan on Leno - says he is the better basketball player.

I've been smoke free and nicotine free for two weeks.

The hearts thing can be heartbreaking for some DU'rs.

I love the 99CentsOnly Store

The Who SUCK

A question about deceptive landlord tenant relationships

Things Alfred does alone in Stately Wayne Manor when Master Bruce & Master Dick are fighting crime

Things Alfred does alone in Stately Wayne Manor when Master Bruce & Master Dick are fighting crime

To whoever gave me the hearts: thanks, but it'll take more than that to get me in the sack.

Karaoke - It's not for everyone!

I don't watch football, but I watched most of the Super Bowl. Some thoughts.

Next Year's Superbowl Act: Cold Play

can someone please amuse me?

I still think La Lioness's 'Black Hearts' idea is great

Have you ever hitch hiked?

Comrades. I have Valentine's Hearts to give,

I want to link to a thread that never dies.

I have to lie down early just so my kitteh can lie down on top of me.

i saw a hostess fruit pie wearing a cape and a top hat

When did people start saying "After the jump"?

Who's waiting for more snow!

I've done some self-introspection today

The next band to play Super Bowl halftime? (who you want/ who will play)

My first OP with my brand spankin' new MacBookPro!

My bad kitty, Toki, did the worst thing: he died suddenly today

Why dont we have a picture thread?

Hate HFCS? Buy 'Pepsi Throwback' for a limited time

I'm a new uncle today...

I daydream sometimes, of holding political office right now.

some vibes for my kiddo please? 22 and getting her gall bladder out

WOO!! I got an EVIL DUER heart!!!

DU Mathematicians - Does the number 'infinity' exist, or is it for all purposes an imaginary number?

The GRATEFUL DEAD ARE BACK! (seriously, no shit!)

A young couple boarded the bus with me today...18-20 years old

We don't need any of those geeks running the government,

Clinton-era health aides push to save Obama's plan

White House press corps feels bypassed by Obama in favor of TV shows, YouTube

NY Daily News columnist smacks down Palin HARD....

Sarah wrote notes on her hand.

Texas democratic primary debate on tonight 9CST.

Yes, let's talk about those Republican ideas for health care.

It's Getting Hot In Here

Ezra Klein: Democrats Win the Super Bowl?

So how long would a President Palin last in Office?

The Party's Over

Government: permanently in the car business or beginning getting out.

NY Governor may be resigning within the next day or so. Another couple of scandals in the various

Cantor: Only Route To Bipartisan Cooperation Is If Dems Fully Embrace GOP Plan

Tea Party = 21st Dixiecrats; Sarah Palin = modern-day Strom Thurmond

Joe Klein: Let's Vote!

Ezra Klein: The Five Republican Compromises Already in the Health Care Reform Bill

A big thank you to the nice person who gave me a heart

Beware the "folksy"...

Lansing Mayor in Michigan Governor’s Race

Where the fuck is Rahm-bo?

House Dems Find their Wedge, the Ryan Budget Plan

Republican state senator enters US Senate race

The six Republican ideas already in the health-care reform bill

To comply with a new federal law, legislators want to move Minnesota's primary election up five week

GOP Obstructionism May Block Jobs Bill

The Invitation to the Repubbies on Health Care is a Win/Win

Chafee has edge over Lynch in gov race

Rep. John Murtha has died per Fox news.

President Obama to Sarah a discussion on the affairs of state

Has Obama ended the tax break for Corporations that ship jobs overseas yet?

Rhetoric of the wrong: "How's that hopey-changey thing working out for ya?"

President Obama: Murtha 'tough-as-nails' leader

Coats: North Carolina's 'a better place' than Indiana

Retraction Leads to Reuters Reporter Exit

Andrea Mitchell Mocks Palin With Notes Written On Hand

Pelosi Statement on the Passing of Congressman John Murtha

Joe Klein: Let's Vote!

Obama: Taking hard stances on soft issues; soft stances on hard issues

Obama: Taking hard stances on soft issues; soft stances on hard issues

"Obama's Health Care Summit: Merely Political Theater?" (AP)

Matthew Yglesias: Obama is Succeeding

Kudlow '80 Or 90 Precent' Likely To Challenge Schumer

Rep. McMahon Pushes To Extend All Bush Tax Cuts: Earning $250K ‘Is Barely Making Ends Meet’

"Where We Are and Where We Were"

Another Republicn accusing Obama of lying

Tweety: Is she a BALLOON HEAD!!!!!

Unfortunately (Or Not) Obama's Not The Type To Take His Opponents Hunting And Shoot Them In The Face

Sen. Shelby to release most of his holds on Obama's nominees

House GOP: Drop reconciliation if you want bipartisan talks

Richard Clarke: GOP Terror Attack Machine

"David Plouffe advising White House on 2010 midterm elections"

Very, very good political move by President Obama.

John Cole had enough and he speaks for me too

Big Ed just said that the Republicans are refusing to have the meeting/debate televised.

Who dat own the debt? Bush dat own the debt!

Rachael Maddow is giving an in detail history of what "literacy testing"

Should have known FOX would leap to the defense...

Why are the Tea Baggers so happy with Palin when she only did it for the money???

Rush warns GOP: be afraid to face Obama

In Olive Branch From Obama, Republicans See A Potential Weapon

Sebelius Says Obama Views Bipartisan Health Care Talks As 'Closing The Loop'

Tim Geithner, still shilling for banking status quo, calls loan modification program a "success"

She didn't just have notes on her hand - SHE WAS READING FROM A PREPARED TEXT!

Do you support the Democratic majorities forcing through bills in any manner they can succeed?

Fascinating in depth Gallup figures Obama widens approval 51-41. Updated by state

Brace yourselves for the oncoming "Obama doesn't give press briefings" outrage...

Poll: Two-Thirds Of Americans Unhappy About Citizens United Ruling

"Gibbs Responds to Boehner, Cantor"

Debt Collector's Untold Role In Scott Brown Victory

Anthony Weiner wants the prez to welcome ideas from the left too...

ADL Gives Obama An ‘F’ For Failing To Deliver In ME

Amen to John Cole - This Absolutely needed to be said

TPM: Core Chicago Team Sinking Obama

What was it that Rahm did Exactly?

Joe Scarborough: Sarah Palin ain't going to win NH, SC, NC or any other Southern State

Finish the kitchen!

Peter Beinart: The Tea Partiers' Phony Populism

DAMN Even Megan McCain is turned off by the tea party and Sarah Palin

Obama's rating plunges underwater for first time in new poll as just 44% give him their approval

Sebelius wants answers after Blue Cross 39% rate hike

Bush Billboard Looms Over Highway - Miss Me Yet?

Great News! Democracy For America Is Onboard With Us!

Sands shifting for Africa's nomadic herders

Envoys go to North Korea for nuclear talks push

Iran plans 10 new enrichment plants in 2010/11

Palin Says She's Fine with Limbaugh's Use of 'R-Word'

Blix: Straw 'gave incorrect answers' to Iraq inquiry

Beer May Be Good For Your Bones

Clinton-era health aides push to save Obama's plan

No Job Growth for Small Business Spurs Recovery Doubt

This Ambassador Is A Sore In US-Pakistani Relationship

GOP’s Issa Seeks to Grill Bush Aides on Toyota Recall

Breaking: Congressman John Murtha has died

China Closes Hacker Training Site, Arrests Three Members

Obama to hold televised summit on healthcare

DHS cost-cutting could include 200 jobs union says

Man arrested after Detroit airport security breach

More Blackwater than cops (In Islamabad) Pakistan says

Suit claims birth control warning not enough

UK Iraq inquiry turns to Bush officials

Lehman Brothers Examiner Files Sealed Report on Probe

Costa Rica elects 1st woman president in landslide

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday February 8

Study links sugary soft drinks to pancreas cancer

UPS Plans to Furlough at Least 300 Pilots

Judge calls off hearing regarding masseuse for governor

Greek unions threaten austerity moves

Obama's healthcare summit sets stage for end-game

Body found in landing gear of NY-to-Tokyo flight

OPM Operating Status - Federal Government Closed Tuesday 2/9/10

On Health Bill, G.O.P.’s Road Is a New Map

AP: Iran Moves Closer to Nuke Warhead Capacity

Doctors: Haitian may have survived 4 weeks in rubble

France and Russia in warship deal

Top House Republicans throw cold water on health-care summit

Toyota Dealers Pull ABC TV Ads; Anger Over 'Excessive Stories'

Haiti awash in Christian aid, evangelism

Brennan: GOP-ers Knew Xmas Bomber Was Mirandized, Raised No Objections

Obama wants school vending machines banned

White House official: Feb. 25 health care summit to be televised

Jack Straw grilled on 'secret calls' with Colin Powell over Iraq

After Buying Spree, China Owns Stakes in Top U.S. Firms

.Seats at premium on planes, trains out of DC

Palin Hand Crib Notes Attract Scrutiny

Iraq inquiry: Secret Government documents could contradict public evidence

Rep. Murtha is dead

Toyota’s powerful friends in Washington

Snow Threat Grows Ominous; Accumulations Could Top 10" late Tuesday into Wednesday

Blue Dogs push to go further than Obama spending freeze

Ben Nelson To Filibuster Key Obama Labor Nominee

Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) denounces obstruction of national security nominees

Hans Blix Rubbishes Tony Blair's "2010" Claims To The Iraq Inquiry

Senator Shelby Holds U.S. Security Hostage Over Earmarks For His State

Rabbi Michael Lerner: Healing Israel and Palestine

Palin says she’s fine with Limbaugh’s use of the ‘r-word.’

TYT: 9 Year Old Almost Suspended For LEGO Toy w/ Gun? (Bonus: Fire Depts Now Billing Homeowners!)

Sarah Palin pulls out her 'super duper goofy voice' to preach to Texans at the Rick Perry rally

Nancy Skinner on Bulls & Bears re: tax on big banks

Plug-In Hybrids: Renewable Energy Solution of the Month

Associated Press: 77-year-old Rep. John Murtha Dies

Fix Our Jobs

US snow storm hits DC homeless

Uncle Jay Explains: Feb. 8, 2010

Tom Lehrer : Pollution

CBS News: Paying Big For Palin...$100,000 for National Tea Party Convention appearance

Best When Boring Preview

Papantonio: Obama - A Populist at Last

Young Turks: Rep. Bachmann's Letter Inciting Violence Against President

Andrea Mitchell Calls Out Sarah Palin Over Hand Notes

Orly Taitz at the Tea Party Convention (egads)

Meghan McCain Blasts Sarah Palin & Tea Party Movement

Kucinich Shows Up Fox News Host: 'Medicare For All AND Tort Reform'

Irked, Wall St. Hedges Its Bet on Democrats

Not Soak the Rich, Just a Little Sprinkle

Olbermann: Special Guest Quick Comment - Sarah Palin's Left Hand

Wall Street owners angry with their purchase

This Woman From "The Mist" Reminded Me of Palin/Bachman

America Is Not Yet Lost

David Sirota: The test of time

Australia to cancel 20,000 visa applications

The Air Force versus Hollywood (The National Security Archive)

Following the money behind the right wings latest is a crew of familiar but scary faces.

Next Republican generation poses risk for banks

America Is Not Yet Lost

Palin says she’s fine with Limbaugh’s use of the ‘r-word.’

Rasmussen creates a social class with totally ambiguous definition:

Chris Hedges: The Terror-Industrial Complex

Senate, Get To Work: We Need 402,000 Jobs A Month, Starting Now

Some Democrats seek change in filibuster rules, but others are wary

Buz Aldrin: President Obama's JFK Moment

Fired U.S. attorneys say politics led to their ouster - I guess Obama admin is going to forget about

TCS falls prey to cyber attack (TATA)

Wall Street's Killer Instinct Spells Death Knell for Jobs

Sarah Palin fires up tea party elites in Nashville convention

High copays are an obstacle to health care

Palm Readers Agree: Palin's 'Hand Job' Worst in History

Wealthy CEOs Conspire to Influence Elections for GOP

Democrats Divide on Voice of Possible Top-Court Pick

We're Weimar (James Howard Kunstler)

Boston Globe: Political prayer breakfasts are bad religion

Stonewall Shelby and the Party of "NO"

Banging the War Drums, playing Pipes, Sarah Palin calls the Wrong Tune

Bill Moyers interviewed Dr. M. Flowers re Single-Payer approach to HCR. She said SP did not even

Ending Poverty through Education

Common Sense on Budgets: while GOP howls about Deficit spending here's an appeal to rational thought

Democrats Need to Talk Turkey on Pocketbook Issues

The OTHER Reason that the U.S. is Not Regulating Wall Street

Jim Kunstler: Teaparty Convention Marks Slide into "Weimar America"

Obama says he will meet with Repubs for their input on HCR. how about those who want Single payer?

Radical Homemaking: Why Both Men and Women Should Get Back In Kitchen

Microsoft warns of lapsing Windows support

Tax Cuts HURT Small and Medium Businesses

Globalization is Killing The Globe: Return to Local Economies

Drumbeat: February 8, 2010

Wind industry picks up, but jobs decline

$60b Aussie coal deal inked

China approves Gansu coal mining plan

China's railways send 5m passengers by Feb 6


Projections For India: For Each Degree Rise In Temp, Loss Of 750 Kg Wheat/Hectare In Punjab

3 Bangladesh Rivers Now Classified As Biologically Dead - Zero Dissolved Oxygen

Exemption- And Loophole-Rich Climate Pledges To Date Still Add Up To 3.5C Increase - New Scientist

Fewer Than 50 Tigers Remain In Wild In China Per Latest Estimate - S. China Subspecies Likely Gone

U.S. Departments of Agriculture and Interior Boost Clean Energy Budgets

greenman does solutions (EV + V2G / smart grid):

Gas pipeline blown up in Quetta

Australian Hopes Of Making Northern Tier Of Country New Breadbasket Dashed By Hydrology, Climate

UAH Data - Lower Troposphere Temps Up .72C In January, Despite Lowest Solar Minimum In Century

NTSA "thrilled" that 2008 automobile deaths were "only" 31,110.

Peak Oil Review February 8th, 2010

Canal expansion may spur switch to shipping

Now @ Dollar Tree! 483,672 ppm Lead Wristwatch! 447,539 ppm Cadmium Earrings! But Wait!

The Greenhouse Implications of Replacing Potent GHG HFC's with HFE's in Refrigeration Systems.

JPL - Antarctic Losing 100 Km3 In Ice Mass Annually Since 2002; Bulk Of Loss In W. Antarctica - AFP

Bosshog, Bosshog, come out and play!!!!

Florida State vacates 12 football wins in scandal

Dolphins defensive tackle Tony McDaniel arrested

Ex-NFL star Sapp released from Fla. jail on bond

Wow! A donor star and a heart! Thanks to someone! It's so nice I wanna

And i thought All Saints Day was Nov. 1st....

Post something nice about someone else's team and I'll give you

I tune in to watch the KU/UT game and who is covering it? Muffburger!


Hurricanes deal Wallin to Sharks

Carrie Prejean and Kyle Boller are engaged....

Colts favored to win next year's Super Bowl

Top Recruit Tricked into Committing to Notre Dame

Brewers to erect Bud Selig statue

One thing about the Manning interception yesterday...

Super Bowl breaks MASH's ratings records: CBS

What do you think of Basketball Players who wear #23?


Court frees foreign activists, raps West Bank crackdown

Likud minister to rightists: Give up dream of Greater Israel

Treasury chief: Boosting Arab and Haredi employment would make Israel rich

Cuba Gives Citizens 2 Months to Register Guns

In Cuba, peso makes a comeback, pleasing customers

1960s child exodus still echoes in Cuba

Cuba and ALBA Bloc Increase Assistance to Haiti

Canadian Mining and Popular Resistance in Honduras

Cuba Gives Citizens 2 Months to Register Guns

Bachmann: America 'cursed' by God 'if we reject Israel'

Cuba’s Press & Telling the Truth

Hugo Chavez orders expropriation of historic buildings

Today in Labor History Feb 8 Vigilantes beat IWW organizers for exercising free-speech rights!

Unemployment is Down, But Workers Are Still Digging Out

I got this about Ben Nelson earlier today (to late)

Ben Nelson to Join Filibuster of Craig Becker (updated with AFL-CIO response etc.)

EMT workers seek workers' comp

Ben Nelson to Join REPUBLICAN Filibuster of Craig Becker

Wow. And with a call for civility the weeding begins.

Self delete. Wrong forum

Kristen Rand, is trying to come to grips with the long term effects of her "activism"

Would-be robber shot, run over in Detroit

Lincolnwood youth charged in Evanston shooting

North Carolina town calls snow emergency, so gun sales are banned…huh?

Austrailian students permanently injured from public attacks.

GWB may have been the worst President in history but he got this right. And we should not be

Republican led Brady Campaign gets burned, by hot Starbuck's coffee...

Prop 8 trial judge is gay – will it stay a non-issue?

The world's most precise clock

Would this change of priorities benefit the US? I would think so:

Buz Aldrin: President Obama's JFK Moment

Did Bacteria Developed Into More Complex Cells Much Earlier in Evolution Than Thought?

Now that football season is over

I'm having lots of fun with my Polaroid Super Shooter...

In a reflective mood

Winter Storm Photos -- Southern Maryland

whoever you rock! and lov ya back!

Thank you for my heart *smooch*

Thank you for my hearts.

Thank you for the hearts ...

Thanks, lovely ASAH friends for my hearts!

My hearts could only come from here.

You LIKE me. You REALLY LIKE me!!!

I think I'll just jump on the bandwagon and post that I LOVE MY HEARTS.

Someone (or a couple of ) gave me two hearts :)

Anyone use a Vitamix?

Dear Secret Sender(s)! Thank you so much for the hearts!

Bank Securitization Woes Only Beginning

I just read Supercapitalism...

Quelle Surprise! Lack of Small Business Hiring Likely to Put Dent in Recovery

Flame Retardants Linked to Fertility, Development Problems

Very Obese People May Be Missing Genes

You may think I am a loon or a great guy...

Sleep apnea - are those chin straps advertised as being "anti snoring" also

Suit claims birth control warning not enough

Soft Drink Consumption May Markedly Increase Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

A potent trigger of endometrial cancer is revealed

Beer Good for the Bones

Study confirms link between older mothers, autism

Retina Surgery

CPAP users - mask issues

The Chinese worker gets a raise of 13%

California Passes Legislation to Compete for the Race to The Bottom (RTTB): The commodification...

Changing public schools for the better

Obama budget threatens funding for poor school districts

Cutting pay would be like tax on teachers, Nevada union chief says

S.F. schools consider costly gay support program

Sikh Judge Sir Mota Singh Criticises Banning Of Kirpan (Dagger)

Ominous Parallels: Jesus of Nazareth and John Edwards of North Carolina

catholic church and when life starts

Some thoughts from a commencement address.

Some thoughts on religion from me that might surprise you.

One of David Horsey's cartoons that's permanently relevant : "Man and religion, a synopsis."

The kitchen of my nightmares

Does anyone make Conserves?

OK...I think this may be taking chef fandom too far....