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Thanks to the SCROTUS - NOBODY trusts ANYTHING these days - the WS CEOS has to learn this...

GPS helping nab suspects - Whether a warrant is needed in Ohio is unclear

I say we call it the "Sarah Palin Hand Job"

Repubs, Dems, Blue Dogs and Tea Partiers: Everybody Loves Medicare

Republicans recruit novices for Congress

Yo, Sarah, Roy, Tom, and other Teabaggers...18 USC 2385

Silver Alert & Kristen's Act (They need 5,000 signatures)

anyone going to the anti war march in DC? march 20

A nice discussion with the DSCC

This just in from the site of the Teabagger convention.

Is the state/city where palin held her pow wow all white? Cause it looked a bit pale in there

Things Sarah Palin is dumber than

Sunday TV News Shows

Resolved: The Union Will Now -- Inevitably -- Fall Apart. What will be the main cause?

More than 80% of the 450,000 people frisked by the NYPD in first 3 quarters 2009 were black/latino

Report: Water around Bhopal plant polluted

Glenn Beck On The O'Reilly Factor Responds To Jon Stewart's Criticism

Things my teabagger acquaintances actually believe (in their words)

Talk me down...

and on our desert tray, ANTIWAR RALLIES!

People who don't like that I installed Adblock on my computer

Cat owners 'more educated than dog owners'

E*Trade Adds Sneaky Charge, Class Claims

Intelligence in Contemporary Media

Thousands of dinosaur footprints uncovered in China

Mitch Landrieu wins New Orleans mayor's race

Did Russia Use the Baltic Sea as a Nuclear Sewer in the ’90s?

I was having trouble sleeping. So I watched the Demon Sheep video on line. Now I can't sleep.

Would you watch the John Edwards sex tape if you had the opportunity?

Time is Running Out

The cost of the Belo Monte Dam in Brazil.

I don't know, I'm torn....

Threat of prison for nurse for reporting a doctor

Watched 10 seconds of Palin. That's all I could take. I feel dumber already.....

Cherry Hill Seminary - Distance Education for Professional Pagan Ministry (It's office is in SC????)

Calling the Fashion Police

Republicans: Tie global warming laws to unemployment rate.

Washington Journal this morning - your thoughts on the Palin

Weather scrubs today’s launch of space shuttle Endeavour

The Cheating Grifter reading cheat notes on UTube

Miller High Life Super Bowl Ad Gives Four Little Stores Free Exposure

David Lynch said it was too weird, Rob Zombie said it gave him nightmares

This Tea Party Coverage Is Ridiculous

The Pro Life Policy

Rolling Stone: Obama's Re-election Organization Is Already In Place

Now She's Concerned About Debt

Toles Toon "Focusing on the fine print"

Toles Toon "Focusing on the fine print"

UAW, Teamsters protest Toyota in Washington

And the CNN lede on the Teabaggers? Palin Slams Obama!

You know what's really scary?

The really great news this weekend

Scott Brown should be very worried this morning.

Just wait until Palin is in the republican Presidential primaries.

Today's Sunday Talk Shows

Toronto Star: Will Greece set off 'global debt bomb'?

LTTE from a local (Repub) doctor on medicare cuts

Glenn Greenwald: Palin and the tea-party "movement": nothing new

Sarah is the last refuge. They have nowhere else to go.

Fascinating: Too Close to Home

If only the media would call Sarah Palin on her lies and distortions

has President Obama announced his resignation after palin tongue lashing?

From Juan Cole : "Saying 'Constitution' while meaning 'Lawlessness': Palin attacks Obama"

From Juan Cole : "Saying 'Constitution' while meaning 'Lawlessness': Palin attacks Obama"

The Great Experiment Has Failed

Scientists Fear Chinese ‘Superbugs’

If I were running the Senate...

I believe "The Endless Filibuster" is a great campaign issue and the Dems should get on it ASAP.

I believe "The Endless Filibuster" is a great campaign issue and the Dems should get on it ASAP.

Prejudice and principle brew at tea party meet

David Axlerod will send me rushing to change the channel faster than George W. Bush did

my own experience with "bipartisan"-election judge training.

To hell with speaking the truth to power

Who is the stupidest? sarah palin or g.w. bush?

Would any other 1st world country take Sarah Palin seriously?

A bizarre episode

I think we have an "unreccomender" from the opposition among us.C

SNL Mocks The Hell Out Of Fox News & Glenn Beck again

Huffpo has photos of the Palin cheat palm.

Okay, here's the plan to save the country and the world

Palin's Teleprompter

What should be the headline on the Palin speech

POLL: Vote here if you want to see a "real" filibuster?

I want to "sodomize America"

Scribbles out McCain on hat, writes on hand. What is she - ten?

Did you see the Tea Party Convention closing ceremonies last night?

The people in this Teabag convention voted for Bush TWICE!

Fox News Military Analyst Endorses DADT Repeal, Criticizes McCain

Why We Can't Afford to Let Obama Give Bush's War Criminals a Free Pass

Billy Kennedy Will Be Declaring His Candidacy For Virginia Foxx's Seat On Monday

WTF is this non-stop spreading of fear about

from the Unbelievable Projection Dept.: Chris Hitchens calls Gore Vidal a 'Crackpot'

Sarah Palin doesn't need a telepromper!

Did you know OFA was part of the DNC?

Did you know OFA was part of the DNC?

Give me an Amen you Betcha!!!

Sarah Palin palm reader - coming up on Alex the Twit

Police: Man lied to hide act of charity

DADT,, I just do not understand it,, nor the reason behind it....

DADT,, I just do not understand it,, nor the reason behind it....

why the fuck are alan greenspan and henry paulson on mtp?

Another snow storm headed toward Washington DC/Mid-Atlantic by midweek?

Another snow storm headed toward Washington DC/Mid-Atlantic by midweek?

I want to to tell you something positive about Sarah Palin

andrea mitchell said palin couldn't pass fact checking....

Homeless doesn't mean worthless. Two homeless men now making music.

Politico picks up PalinPalmPilotGate Story: The Palin message, distilled

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE A political site should have a POLITICS forum

"How's that hopey-changey thing workin fer ya?"

Some other wingnuts this country has managed to survive...

I'll watch the SB tonight, but when that fucking Tebow commerical comes on, I will CLICK

Toyota has pattern of slow response on safety (Color me suprised!)

An alternative to the Chomsky view: this is, at heart, a racist white power movement

Did Sarah Give America a Hand Job?

The definition of "small business"

John Podesta: GOP Criticism Of FBI 'Unconscionable'

It's "The Republicans are to blame, stupid!"

People told to evacuate had to be rescued after mudslide traps them

Palin "speaking" on Fox News Sunday, Now.

The saddest thing about Telepalmtergate....

Superinsulating Aerogels Arrive on Home Insulation Market At Last

Time to revisit how we view the American South

The US Govt could have saved lives and 100s of millions of dollars for Toyota if

Lobbyists Set Sights on Killing Student Loan Reform

Come On..Sing Along..."If I Only Had a Brain"!!!

This Is Your Brain On TEA

Gotta give old man Specter some props

Gotta give old man Specter some props

Two neighbors on my street died during Snowstorm Power Out

Put this in your 'it's about time!' file: Federal investigators explore charges against Roeder

Bamboo-zled: FTC Catches 78 Clothing Retailers Selling Rayon As Bamboo

Federal charges possible for Scott Roeder

international violence against women act reintroduced in congress

Why is a convention that only drew about 500 people being covered like the Second Coming?

His cousin Maxo died in Haiti. Life, like death, lasts only a little while.

Confirmed. Palin is Dumb As Dirt.

1 in 4 Americans economists is employed to guard the wealth of the rich

As long as Palin is the topic of the day, the propagandists win

Hey Du'ers... Help me read what Sarah P. wrote on her hand.


***Breaking News*** Explosion at power plant in Middleton,CT.

***Breaking News*** Explosion at power plant in Middleton,CT.

My husband got an earful from his brother just now...

California's outsize problems won't be easy for Schwarzenegger to solve

Sexy Seven-Year-Old: Preteen Girl Named A Rio Carnival Queen

Call the caterer! Bank bonuses a relief in Greenwich, Conn.

Does this Teabagger rally look like 1100 people?

PM responds to ‘attack’ by speculators (Greek financial crisis)

"Now think about this: she had to write on her hand her priorities as president."

"Obama and ACORN caused all our economic problems, not George Bush & the republicans."

Huge and evidently deadly explosion at Middletown CT Power Plant under construction

Wojciech Jaruzelski (last Communist leader of Poland), age 86, again mounts a defense.

Here's more crazy: Orly Taitz's new lawsuit

Obama could win reelection if he ‘played the war card’ and declared ‘war on

Dave Weigel twitters Palin speech...

Karzai considers 'conscription' to build Afghan army. What happens to hearts and minds forced to war

Squeeze Inn restaurant serves up final burger at old location

My opinion on Palin and the Tea Party when I woke up this morning

Exploitation of Haitian Children Increases,

Exploitation of Haitian Children Increases,

Dolly Parton: "We Had No Books Except the Bible"

Toyota 'planning recall of Prius' in US and Japan

Gawker has Palin's Palm Note story now

Palin excuses Limbaugh's use of "retard": "He was satirical in that"

The schadenfreude of unnatural selection

The Fight For Corporate Rights

Brennan: Republican leaders did not object to terror suspect in hands of FBI

Thanks to the stupid Super Bowl.

Palin's Tea Party Crib Notes (Closeup Picture included)

POW/MIA bracelets, Vietnam and Palin's son

$7million DUI tests little used - Because being tested in rural areas first, less legal challenges

Can someone sum up the reasons for our economic meltdown in 100 words?

Homeless hero seriously hurt in stabbing

There is nothing wrong with having notes of key points when you're

Why did Baptist Missionairies enter haiti befor Dr's without Borders

Why did Baptist Missionairies enter haiti befor Dr's without Borders

Book reveals how black inmates entered bondage for Birmingham's mines, plants

Fox News Military Analyst Endorses DADT Repeal

Hitchens Has No Clothes: A response to ‘Vidal Loco’ by Dr. Nafeez Ahmed

NASCAR + Harlequin Romance=

The iPad, Rupert Murdoch, and Amazon Kindle

If we could take our minds off Palin for a while...lets talk healthcare

Time to place Sarah Louise Palin under arrest. Advocating overthrow of Government is not FREE SPEECH

Snow on da' ground ...

Labor Campaign for Single-Payer Calls on President Obama To Put "Medicare-for-all on the Table"

What would happen if disenchanted Progressives joined the Tea Party?

I point out Palin called liberals retarded

Update on power plant explosion in CT

You Want an End to the American Empire?

I'm watching the Super Bowl because

Rahm's Apology to Sarah Palin

The Puppy Bowl is starting right now!

Tax Test: Checking the Republicans Math.

Did Joe EVER take $ from the Connecticut companies involved

John Brennan: To GOP Stop Using Christmas Day Plot As A 'Political Football'

Ultra-Precise Quantum-Logic Clock Puts Old Atomic Clock to Shame

military intervention in iran? "premature", says robert gates to the italian state TV. "premature"?!

Official Sarah Palin Portrait

She's a Sarah Palin wannabe clone....down to the glasses

david gregory showed palin's 'hopey, changey' line....and he was all smiles

I'm looking forward to the ad being aired in the Super Bowl tonight

I'm looking forward to the ad being aired in the Super Bowl tonight

Quick! Everyone! Post a Sarah Palin OP RIGHT NOW!

Quick! Everyone! Post a Sarah Palin OP RIGHT NOW!

I'm sorry I failed :(

How to Counterbalance Focus on the Family on Superbowl Sunday

I get that same Hope-y Change-y question from my friends. Ugh.

Mother jailed for biting midwife during birth

OK, OK did the serial quitter-twit say anything memorable, or did she embarrass herself?

OK, OK did the serial quitter-twit say anything memorable, or did she embarrass herself?

New Orleans Jazz

You like coincidences??

You like coincidences??

#PalinFail - Bwahahahah!

Did Palin use teleprompter

Did Palin use teleprompter

I'll vote for Sarah Palin for President

Hey, Sarah Palin is a useless piece of shit. News at 11.

To my secret admirer

Breaking: Explosion At Connecticut Power Plant

Freepers don't mind Palin's Hand Notes

Tim Tebow / Focus on the Family Super Bowl Ad (VIDEO)

Mitch Landrieu elected Mayor of New Orleans (not a palin thread)

Sarah Palin, politics aside, is hot? Anyone agree?

Barney Frank: Reversing a Wrong -- Repealing "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free:

The People Won One Today (Dja Miss It?)

What did Sarah have on her left hand?

HealthCare Reform - a little late in the game, please bear with me.

HealthCare Reform - a little late in the game, please bear with me.


Of course freeps don't mind Palin's hillbilly teleprompter. They're the same dipshits who write TGIF

Of course freeps don't mind Palin's hillbilly teleprompter. They're the same dipshits who write TGIF

Breaking on GEM$NBC - multiple fatalities in Middletown Connecticut

One Palin thread per day

One Palin thread per day

Obama on live ... CBS... 4:36 pm est (n/t)

New and improved Cialis comercial


Illegal prescription-drug trade now epidemic

Did the GOP give Katie Couric her questions?

Robert Reich: Hey Congress - Stand up to Wall Street!

The Nashville Scene reports on Teabaggers Convention

Is it only in America that you go to jail for shooting yourself in the foot ; get a pass

Is it true that reconciliation can be stopped by a point of order...

What's your definition of an Elitist? n/t

MSNBC: Did Palin have crib notes written on hand?

Sarah "Snookie" Palin and her housemate Todd the Situation have...

Sarah "Snookie" Palin and her housemate Todd the Situation have...

Sarah "Snookie" Palin and her housemate Todd the Situation have...

Palin's "relevance" perfectly defines the state of our culture.

Thanks for the heart

The Sarah Palin DU Post to End All Sarah Palin DU Posts...

Palin: Fire BAD, Bread GOOD. Rahm says "retards," BAD. FIRE HIM! Rush says "retards," GOOD SATIRE.

I needed that Obama antidote

Palin 'Would Be Willing' to Take On Obama in 2012 ("...if I believe it's right for the country")

On health care reform, which is more important, passing a good bill or getting GOP/Blue Dog votes?

What happened to health insurance reform?

Huzzah for the quarterly fund drive!

Sports competitions have consequences that break hearts; politics have consequences that ruin lives.

Mitch Landrieu wins New Orleans mayor's race

Lieutenant governor position questioned (LA)

Lieutenant governor position questioned (LA)

Heads up! Naomi Klein is live on C-span Book TV right NOW! (link provided)

Why is the media so thick regarding Palin?

Something we learned about Palin. RE: crib notes

Do you know what's worse than mouth breathers watching the Super Bowl on TV?

Do you know what's worse than mouth breathers watching the Super Bowl on TV?

I will not be watching the Super Bowl and here is a detailed reason why

Are the Tea Parties pawns for the radical localist/dominionist movement?

Why would comcast require cable customers to get a 'converter box'?

My Palin thread is better than your Palin thread

My Palin thread is better than your Palin thread

Required reading: Jonathan Chiat, NPR: "The New Republic: Exonerating George W. Bush"

faux news building tv studio in Palin's house

Should smoking bans be lifted during the Super Bowl?

Don't get too cocky when it comes to dissing the Queen of the Borg.

*Sunshine Again!* A must see....

If you were in the media, would you be insulted being referred to

I'll vote for Obama again ...because I HATE SARAH PALIN AND REPUBLICANS!

Fantastic, must-watch video of health-care reform heroines & live blog at 1PM ET!!!

They’re Baaack: How Neoconservatives are Responsible for the Tea Party's ‘Obama is a Socialist’ Meme

Does the haitian government have nothing better to do than arrest Americans?

Dockers just took down their web site with their Superbowl Ad

Thank you to the thoughtful person for my second heart! Luv ya!

South Carolina Now Requires Terrorists to Register, Pay $5 Fee

thank you for the Valentine hearts.

I don't like football. It's a violent sport and horribly injures many players.

It must have been posted here before... Urban Dictionary's unsavory definitions of a teabagger.

Hillary, Condi & Sarah, a brief comparison

Hillary, Condi & Sarah, a brief comparison

Hillary, Condi & Sarah, a brief comparison

Palin: "I'm just appreciative of having some good information at my fingerPRINTS now."

Budweiser Bridge commercial stupid. Not funny!

Bank of America Lied Says New York AG

Going Rogue

In wake of ruling, Wall Street CEOs form conservative ‘action tank’ X-posting from LBN

Tonight is one of those nights where I like Dolby Surround.

There are people who can play Chopin piano concertos that make you cry

BTW I already predicted the game would be dominated by field goals.

Public Speaking--When & How to Use Notes

MN's organizing activists, RNC 8's hearing packs courtroom

Stiffler from American Pie playing drums?

Pete Townshend, looks like Walter Matthau

Please go to Urban Dictionary and Vote up my definition

Are the DLC the modern-day "Bourbon Democrats"?

Thom Hartmann on CSpan's Q&A show right now

What if Colin Powell had run and won?

People worrying about Palin running for President are probably worrying over nothing

Freakin tv only goes up to 59 for The Who.

Politicians who can connect with people win

Politicians who can connect with people win

Politicians who can connect with people win

In Central Florida, the kingpins are City Attorneys or ex-City Attorneys.

Anger toward UAW erupts at California auto workers meeting

The Rise and Fall of the American Empire

I'm still on my knees praying

I'm still on my knees praying

Palingates blog is having a lot of fun with Sarah this morning.

Economist Joe Stiglitz is on CSpan2 rignt now

Study: Restaurant workers heavy smokers

"He always makes that little gesture. Its because of his faith."

Obama "Palin Would Have Quit by Now" Magnet 2" x 3" Metallic

I don't like sports and won't be watching the Superbowl. Therefore I am superior to you.

Buy gold! Geithner says risk of double dip recession low...

Iran detains 7 ’spies’ tied to US-funded radio station

who needs a star?I'm offering 3

BBC: - an overwhelmingly white, middle-aged army

Dupe, pls. delete. nt

The Superbowl will be on the big plasma screen where I live..

The decay of our civilization

"Never underestimate your enemy." Who said that, please?

international violence against women act reintroduced in congress

Palin's hand notes

At first I laughed and then they won me over. Who!

Did Palin's supporters "Out Faux" the DNC? That stuff on Sarah's Hand

Businesses: Health care costs stymie expansion

BREAKING: HUGE Beer and Rum shortage in Miami!!

If you are one of those people who think this person cannot become president of the United States..

The Kitty Half time Show is on now! 10 p.m. ET

That's a helluva way to start the 2nd half!

Super Bowl Commercials

Social Security, Medicare Reform: Geithner touts "effectiveness" of Reagan's Greenspan Commission

Who the Fuck are you?

Friends, don't fall for the populist song-and-dance.

School bombing exposes Obama’s secret war inside Pakistan

watch Bourbon Street Live.....

Here's how I remembered who to root for today

YAY! Valentine hearts are back!

Laissez les bon temps roulez! Let's hear it for the Saints!

A classic copypasta you may know.

Judge in federal Prop. 8 case is gay; it's a non-issue

check the one is calling 'her' on her one

Saints owner Tom Benson on his head coach... "I think I could KISS him!"

Virg running for Michigan Gov!!

Super Bowl Cancelled

G7 to write off Haiti debt (Over half a billion dollars)

Tea Party People Are Those That Thought Their Race Counted More Than Their Economic Class Status

Anybody figure out a quick way to cross-post your threads here to facebook?

HEY! Whoever gave me that Valentine heart - thank you!

HEY! Whoever gave me that Valentine heart - thank you!

Harlem in Montmarte is on PBS right now. WATCH IT! The footage is amazing.

Run, Sarah, Run!!! Please, oh please!!!!

U.S. Mid-Atlantic Cleans Up From Snow; More Coming

Superbowl Great... commercials mostly stupid!

Topless women in eye-popping Ukraine poll protest

Anyone planning to watch "Undercover Boss" after the Superbowl?

Any thoughts on why it seems more Democrats are pulling for the Saints tonight

What was the deal with the "Tebow and his mom" ad?

Oh when those Saints come marching in.........

Tea Party Convention forgets US flag, blames hotel staff

Waste Management just raised my quarterly bill from $42 to $45

Body found in landing gear bay of Delta airliner

Paulson and Greenspan say that deficits are nation's biggest economic problem.

Laissez les bon temps rouler encore!

Fuck OFF, FloTV. eom

The Unofficial SuperBowl Commercial Thread

Best commercial so far: The David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey, Jay Leno

What is the url where the senate health care bill is online?

Linus Torvalds: Google's Nexus One First Mobile Phone I Don't Hate

Now who said The Saints couldn't get er done?

Just Gimme Some Truth

Letter from Mark Twain to a Snake Oil Salesman

OMG OMG!!! The Tea Party abbreviation is "T.P."!!! OMG ROFL

Should Super Bowl be a national holiday?

Should Super Bowl be a national holiday?

A Bad Word — When Democrats Use It

My buddy sitting next to me: The Who should change their name to The Why. nt

I thought we had surely seen the worst presidential candidate in our nation's history when we saw

World's Biggest Snake Ate New Prehistoric Croc Species

How important is politics?

Is there nothing that can be passed with 51 votes?

We had a Second Line Parade at the Bayou Tavern in Madison!

Note to any Louisiana DU'ers

The Census commercial looks like a waste

How Nazi do you think they'll get,with a small head of steam?

11 Years

11 Years

How Rich Are You?

HuffPo Flashback: Levi Johnston, Early Show, 10/27/09: Palin joked about Trig, her "retarded baby"

Is this what White Privilege gets you? Check Sarah Palin

Ridiculous: Obama to Hold Bipartisan Summit on Health Care

Massive explosion rocks (Ct) power plant

Would I be correct in saying that 2.5 million dollars were spent on the Tebow commercial

Would I be correct in saying that 2.5 million dollars were spent on the Tebow commercial

The Who sucked!

The Who sucked!

Football is a brutal, violent, repetitive pile up of grunting brutes with little finesse or interest

Palin's Hillbilly Teleprompter

Palin running 2012?

Good movies to convey Jewish culture to 7th graders?

BEST response to the teabaggers I have seen yet!

My solution for the homeless & high housing costs

So the Saints, the team with the pro-gay pro-choice player, won. Is it a sign from God?

I believe everybody is wrong on this Palin writing on the hand thing, there.

I wonder if the people hating on sports for being "meaningless"...

Are YOU smarter than an 1895 eighth-grader?

So when the Democratic Party calls you this year for support...

Are conservative working class people being prepared by RW pundits for VIOLENCE against liberals?

Anger may be deciding factor in party loyalty

Alan Grayson tears Pat Robertson a new asshole!

Paul Krugman:America Is Not Yet Lost

How to make your own political stickers for your car!

I wanna go to Jack in the Box now.

I wanna go to Jack in the Box now.

Thom Hartmann suggested we start referring to The Great Depression

OK, I'm not a US resident, "gridiron" football ain't my thing, but Scott Fujita is my new hero.

Palin palm farks


I did not see a Tim Tebow commercial - did CBS yank it?

The 1st party to dump their Corporate Overlords WINS

The 1st party to dump their Corporate Overlords WINS

Palin says she's more informed now, puzzled as to why Obama won't nuke Iran

Looks like Silsby was also trying to take children in process of being adopted

An ideal government for RWnuts...

Freepers discuss the Redneck Teleprompter

Mitch Landrieu (D) Wins in a Landslide in New Orleans

Oopsie... HuffPo's Gotta Close-Up Of Sarah's Hand !!!

6 mpg, 900 million miles per year

Freeps wrap their tiny little brains around the concept of Palin "taking on" Obama in 2012

Payton's Pick just paid my mortgage this month

Woman told: You're not an American anymore

Tim Tebow commercial just ran.

Right now, today, how much chance do you think Palin has for 2012?

Right now, today, how much chance do you think Palin has for 2012?

Gerard Alexander: Why are liberals so condescending?

Tim Tebow's mom upstaged by Betty White

Mother of all fire lookout jobs just posted: 14-mile pack in with mule team. Nez Perce NF, Idaho.

Does coordinated propaganda really work??

Bob Cratchit is the model for the new American middle class

May I interrupt the 24/7 focus on Sarah Palin and "teabaggers" with a matter of life & death?

May I interrupt the 24/7 focus on Sarah Palin and "teabaggers" with a matter of life & death?

Do you only eat fish caught in the USA?

john yoo is coming up on fareed zakaria -- cnn

Nearly 60 million Americans voted for McCain/Palin.

US, China swap more tariffs

John Murtha Improving : )



I'll sponsor 3 more people for a star...with a condition

Teabagger Truth

Whoever tries to exhibit "intellectual superiority" by dismissing popular sporting events...

Detainee lawyer: Gitmo abuse worse under Obama

Palin: Obama could win votes by playing 'war card'

I hope last night was a wake up call for some of you

Who has done more damage to people in the US - "Wall Street" or the enemies in the "War On Terror"?

"her conspicuous unintelligence should be obvious to anyone above the age of 4"

Snowpocalypse Seen from Space

Will any semblance of sanity ever be restored to this nation?

With only four space shuttle flights left, how do you feel about our having canceled the program?

Our Continuing Failure to Adequately Address Climate Change

Our Continuing Failure to Adequately Address Climate Change

Tinfoil hat?

NYT Texas nurse faces trial and possible 10 years for reporting Dr

Sarah Palin: "Rush Limbaugh was using satire..."

Come on people, even $20 helps DU..........GIVE if you can

The US Government has Lost its Reason for Being


The MSM Processed News Product ...

Faces of school reform. Too many billionaires.

The United Hates of America

I need help finding a toon I saw posted here a while back.....

Baptists to flood Texas with Bible CDs by Easter

Testy Conflict With Goldman Helped Push A.I.G. to Edge

Guess who has a new weekly newspaper column?

Coming Soon --Europe Risks Another Global Depression LINK

The Who; For the love of God ..... please stop!

This mouth breather says Congratulations SAINTS Fans. Good on you. Good on NOLA!

Nevada Is In Worse Shape Than California

It’s Only a War Crime if You are Black

We are letting the Repubicans get away with the second Watergate.

Climate change scientists are now under full-scale assault by right-wing do-nothings

Excuse me, Google WHAT?

Bush Protested Wherever He Goes

Pink Floyd with Roger Waters are suppose to play the Super Bowl

Palin says 'absurd' not to ponder presidential bid - Says she gets daily briefings from Washington

Oh God, I just saw the first "Focus on the Family-Tim Tebow" commercial...

U.S. soldier 'waterboarded his own daughter, 4, because she couldn't recite alphabet'

Thank you for my heart! Love you back! n/t

Just saw a gay couple in the Foxx commercial.

When Howard Dean Screamed, MSM Coverage Never Ended. When Palin Read her Palm, it Never Began.

Palin campaigns for Rick Perry - Writes 'Hi Mom!' on her hand - pics

There is no "left" or "right". There is only the Owners and the Rest of Us.

Sarah Palin embodies a trait that many Americans possess... and I believe she might take power

US Citizens Placed On Assassination List -OK'd By "Secret Committee" Prez Does NOT Have To Sign Off

Oh look, all the people the democratic congress bailed out are starting a fund for the GOP

Here's a real incident and you should try it.

Saints first Super Bowl, first win! GEAUX SAINTS!!

TY for the "Good DUer" heart

Caption this Bailin' Palin image

We Need Government Funded Media

What Tom and Noam get wrong.

There Is No Such Thing as A "Pendulum" In American Politics. Be Alarmed, We Are Moving Rightward.

20 Reasons Why The U.S. Economy Is Dying And Is Simply Not Going To Recover

The Problem With Pro-Choice Men

DU PHOTOSHOP FUN... What's on Sarah Palin's hand?

The First 2010 DU "Thanks For My Heart" Thread

KISS Super Bowl Ad will be from Dr Pepper.

Them Crooked Vultures on SNL

Peyton Manning on TV!

"So, tell me about being an atheist."

Worst Billboard for a Restaurant Candidate

I'm watching the season premier of LOST on

Final night launch of space shuttle ever in less than an hour!

Personal ads I don't answer

Potato Chips: Bag vs Bowl

ever not watched a movie at a drive in?

New miracle cancer cure!!!

6,000 people make doughnut run

Spartacus:Blood and Sand parts 1, 2, and 3 on Netflix.

Lady Gaga vs Christopher Walken-Poker Face(Mashup) (youtube)

Hey all, Created a new FB group called " Keep Government out of Private lives "

so I score wifey points today

Hey folks - remember, it's also Souper Bowl Sunday - please give to your local food pantries.

I'm in the dreaded 700 club!

Man vs Wild in 40 years.... or less if he keeps it up....

The Big Question

Toronto Star: Swan song of the thong

WOW I have internet again (this is the last straw for Comcast)


It's time for the PUPPY BOWL!

Sinatra Song Often Strikes Deadly Chord

The first xxx robot scares the bejesus out of me!!

i'm really, really enjoying the latest dinosaur jr album

When I watched SNL last week I realized I wasnt the only one who used Barnes and Noble as a bathroom

Texas Nurse to Stand Trial for Reporting Doctor


We just lost fukin electricity

Archie Manning will be cheering for...

Archie Manning will be cheering for...



How would you improve your neighborhood?


Gamers! Need controller practice but somehow lack the necessary motivation?

Thanks for the heart - you made my day! nt

awww cooooo

LOL @ anti-sports people.

is anybody else watching porn today?

crisis found

San Francisco Denny's restaurant locations offer free "Grand Slam Breakfast," Tuesday 2/9, 6 AM-2 PM

What the fuk is 'Who Dat'

***Breaking*** Explosion at power plant in MIddleton,CT

The Puppy Bowl is starting right now!

Who wants NACHOS?


Old Man Balls at the Gym

Power is back on! Buried in snow, but chili now simmering and here comes the Super Bowl

Only 14 donations and someone already gave me a heart? That is too cool.

Jessica Alba Upset About Chinese Woman's Plastic Surgery To Look Like Her

Kick the fucking football already!

My Poor Silly Dogs...

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) 4 Kitteh LOLsled Edition

I got a heart!

Roomba owners - happy with yours?

They Didn't Deliver The Mail Here Because Of The Snow Yesterday...

Thank you whoever gave me a heart!

Watching the Super Bowl in HD on a 50" Plasma really makes the commercials awesome!!

Woomba owners - happy with yours?

I'm rooting for the Nads!

I hope that Man vs Food guy has good health insurance.

Need advice on how to have that , "I'm just 'not that in to you' conversation"


I Just Joined Twitter so Everybody can read the unimportant bullshit I spout.

Idiots who drive with snow on their cars

SC Beauty Queen contestant (such as, the Iraq) to be on the Amazing Race!

What does the big orange line mean?


Coupon clippers! I need suggestions on organizing my growing pile

What time is the halftime show? I don't care about the football.

I get ID'd for buying people get ID'd for buying cooking wine too?

Why is Carrie Underwood wearing one of Elvis' jumpsuits?? (Superbowl)

If you live on the upper east coast, how are you dealing with the heavy snow?


Hey, I'm back, for with my art

I think The Who is rockin' ! The naysayers can kiss my ass

Anyone here taping the Super Bowl?

A Brit band performing at the SB?

Whoever gave me the heart, all I can say is.....

My TV Remote Died


Snowmageddon - The Video


OK, NOW we got a goddamn ball game going!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart

Anyone ever see the movie Salesman about the guys slinging Bibles for $49.96 back in 1968?


The band seems old and slow and tired.

The Who Dat Dog.

Saints are gonna win.

DAMN, I wish I could be in the French Quarter right now!

Who gave me that little heart? this a good, congrats u r carrying a boy painting

My favorite commercial of the night: Leno/Oprah/Letterman watching the SB.

Is the temperature in Hell approaching that in Butler, PA (+12F)?

I'm hoarding watches.

Thanks for my heart whoever gave me one. I really appreciate it.


There it is: Federal government closed in D.C. on Monday. Official now.

Awesome! Geaux Saints!!!

Shut up, jackass!

I am watching CNN, congrats to the people of NOLA.

It's really happening - the Saints WIN!!!!

Incredible. CONGRATULATIONS SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW two seconds back and I got a you guys

Now THAT was a ballsy call!

Did anyone else laugh hysterically upon finding out that "Bob Dold" is running for Congress...

our tabby/pixie-bob mix can't decide if she wants to play or fight (pics)

They're kind of before my time, but did The Who always suck?

Well, my cat has managed to rupture his ACL

If you've never heard them, this is what The Who really sounded like live.

***Official you're better than everybody watching the Super-bowl thread***

DC schools open Monday. Idiocy. What are they trying to prove?

Potential Sarah Palin-Scott Brown GOP Presidential Ticket slogans for 2012

CBS Keeps showing Bourbon Street...I'm just waiting for the Boobies

Did I just heart myself?

Here's an example of the REAL "THE WHO" for you youngsters.

I'm in pain, I don't know what it is......

Hello people of DU!!!!


Anyone else NOT watching the Stupid Bowl today?

Has anyone heard how California Peggy's husband is? Just wondering

The Kitty Halftime Show is on now!

Could someone please help me make this my avatar picture......

I have 7 days to find a date for Valentine's Day..

Destroyed In Seconds on Discovery is now the BEST thing on TV.

Congrats, Saints, and Congrats, New Orleans

Hate him or not, you gotta respect Manning's athletic ability

A plea for emotional support & financial assistance for our friend and fellow DUer

First the SB, then Mardi Gras. The question is.....

What inning is the Super Bowl in right now?

So we rescued this dog today

i dont hng out here much but..

If the Colts had won, would the party in Indy even come CLOSE to the one in NOLA?

CBS Wasted a Huge Opportunity with "Undercover Boss."

30 days to make a habit

Please go to GD.....fundraiser for our theNotoriousP.I.G

Update on Charlotte, she's sleeping in my lap.

The Island of Dolls will haunt your dreams

THE WHO: Saddest decline of any band ever?

The Official Super Bowl Commercials Thread

Has a performer ever dropped dead during SB halftime?

Wow - The Who have become a parody of themselves. A medley? How oxymoronic.

I made the Dean's List! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I'm watching Hoarders...

Click/play trivia to donate kibble to animal shelters.


To everyone who doesn't give a rat's ass about the Super Bowl

Any Richard Thompson Fans here?

Grandma Bonnie passed away about an hour ago

**Official Nobody Gave Me Any Hearts** thread

**Official Thank You for the Hearts** thread

Isn't interesting that when the fringe right protests against democrats with

WaPo: Dodd, Shelby hit impasse, imperiling financial system legislation

In case someone chuckles about global warming because the recent snow storms on the East Coast...

Joan Walsh: The pitbull in lipstick is back!

Whoohoo! DNC Just emailed the link to the Palin crib note video!!!

A comparison of TelePrompTer use is called for

Hey Nashville peeps! Any action outside Opry Land last night?

Did I hear right...did Sarah say that Todd didn't belong to the Repub party?

Someone Needs to Tell Obama He's............Black

BREAKING NEWS:Power plant explosion in Connecticut

Obama aide says Republicans playing politics with terrorism

Anyone noticed how the media isn't covering another Dem has won Mayor of New Orleans

Palin says Obama's re-election would be helped if he 'played the war card' and got tougher

Leave The Goalposts Alone

I BEG Palin to "Take On" Obama in 2012..........

WaPo: "There appears to be writing, or ink, on Palin's left palm." (Image)

About those teleprompters......

Hey Media: Why whine about being "taken in" by Edwards while fawning unskeptically over Palin?

The more I see of these Teabaggers, the more concerned I become.

Can you imagine how the media would be reacting if Obama was reading notes on his hand

Wasilla Teleprompter.

**** Heads Up: POTUS on CBS - 4:30pm Eastern ****

How about if we call them the Tempest in a Teacup party?

Sarah Palin: Is *Alaska* still beacon of hope?

GOP terror attack machine: Criticism of Obama is irrational, irresponsible and painfully partisan

Will Former Governor Sarah Palin Pay Income Tax on Her $100,000 Speaking/Appearance Fee?

So talks on health care are now extended into the spring because we have to play footsie with rethugs

...Palin wowed Tea Party Nation Inc. with nastiness for fun and profit

CNN Interview: John (Torture Memo) Yu w/ Fareed Zakaria. 1:30 PM EST (now)

Obama invites GOP leaders to health care talk (AP) - Boner / McConnell's scumbaggy responses.

I'm sick of the media giving Tea(KKK)Party MAJOR news coverage

Obama starts new push on trade

The Who sucked!

Rob Redding: These tea baggers are GOP'ers or Racist and I'm going to expose them

Sorry Mr. President but I'm too "f*#@ing retarded"

Did Palin cheat during her question/answer segment?

Palin would lose any presidential debate, but...debates are voluntary and why would she accept

Looks like some DU'ers were right on the money on this one

Lemme get this straight.

Call me a stud. I was able to actually watch the full Palin "interview" on Fox Noise Sunday

Birther editor of WorldNetDaily and Andrew Breitbart get in fight at Tea Party Convention

No We Can't

Ratigan: Tort reform overrated. Betsy "Death Panel" McCaughey calls him "unfair" and "partisan"

HuffPost Exlusive: Photo of Palin with phrases/notes on her hand during speech surfaces

Okay, on a scale of 1 to 10:

Palin would get 7% in Iowa, 6% in New Hampshire and drop out before South Carolina in 2012 primaries

DUers, please explain something to me ... how come the people who are elected/selected

Does anyone else have the feeling that Todd Palin is a spy novel waiting to happen.

Palin 'Would Be Willing' to Take On Obama in 2012

Teabagger claims Palin and the GOP "hijacked" tea party

"Obama: We Can't Back Off Healthcare Reform" (CBS Super Bowl Pre-Show Video)

Did Palin write the answers to Tea Party Convention questions on her hand?

"The blood of Jesus against Obama"

Perhaps Sarah Palin is a member of the "Yes Men" perfermance-art group

The notes on Palin's hand are a red herring.

the tea bags seem proud to be undereducated

the tea bags seem proud to be undereducated

Obama should play 'the WAR card?' W T F??????

Ok lets just be honest here.. what bothers us most about Palin

NYT: Obama to Convene Televised Summit on Health Care on February 25th

Hilarious Rahm Emanuel skit on SNL just now

TRANSPARENCY I can believe in: transcripts of every talk between White House & insurance companies

TRANSPARENCY I can believe in: transcripts of every talk between White House & insurance companies

Obama calls the next play for health-care reform

Serious questions about the Tea Party Divide between them and us.

BTW, Speaking of President in the "Democratic" Underground "Presidential" Forum....

Palin Is The Very Symbol of The White Entitlement Mindset in America

Photos: Inside the Obama White House, February 7th 2010

Obama suggests extending debate as way to pass health reform (?!)

Obama Proposes Steep Cut In Great Lakes Initiative

Joe Klein Must Read: Palin

So that was it? Really? The infamous Tebow-Focus on the Family commercial? Really??!!

Why aren't Progressives calling for Emanuel's resignation

G7 wants banks to pay for rescue, details pending

Ukraine vote as tensions high in close-run election

Strong quake strikes off Japanese Ryukyu islands

1 in 4 Americans economists is employed to guard the wealth of the rich

Afghan police commander arrested in bomb ring

Testy Conflict With Goldman Helped Push A.I.G. to Edge

California's outsize problems won't be easy for Schwarzenegger to solve

Power plant explodes; many injured

2 Preachers gunned down in FL.

Tim Geithner Calls Out Scott Brown For Stimulus Criticism

Thousands of civilians flee Afghan region as Nato plans onslaught

Palin: Obama could win votes by playing 'war card'

In wake of ruling, Wall Street CEOs form conservative ‘action tank’

‘Huge’ explosion reported at Conn. power plant

India successfully tests nuclear-capable missile

Defiant Iran set to begin higher enrichment of uranium

Water at core of climate change impacts-UN experts

Sri Lanka not to allow even UN to probe war crimes

Costa Rica votes, could elect 1st woman president

Obama adviser: Stop criticizing anti-terror effort

Toyota Has Pattern of Slow Response on Safety Issues

Super-wealthy investors move billions out of Greece

Yanukovich wins Ukraine election, exit poll shows

Scott Lee Cohen, pawnbroker, drops out of Illinois race

Geithner Says U.S. Will ‘Never’ Lose Its Aaa Debt Rating

Hawaii may delay payments to Quest health plan

Palin says 2012 presidential bid a possibility

Ahmadinejad orders uranium enrichment in fresh challenge

Think-tanks take oil money and use it to fund climate deniers

303 Diagnosed With Mumps In NYC Suburbs

Iran to start work on 20 per cent nuclear fuel

CIT Taps Ex-Merrill Chief John Thain to Run 102-Year-Old Lender

Portuguese police foil ‘massive’ attack on Spain

China’s hawks demand cold war on the US

President Obama invites GOP leaders to health care talk

U.S. soldier 'waterboarded his own daughter, 4, because she couldn't recite alphabet'

Activists, Japanese whalers clash in Antarctic waters

LiberalViewer: Sarah Palin Question NOT Softball on Fox News?

Volcker Threatens To Haunt Johanns For Causing Another Financial Crisis

The Ed Schultz Show: Sarah Palin Sounded Like A Merchant Of Hate!

That's A Guy You Want In Your Fox Hole!

Fox News military analyst announces support for DADT repeal

Colliding Ships Caught on Tape

Sarah Palin reads notes off her hand during Q&A of Teabagger party.

Investigation Into Palin Emails Show Todd Very Involved In Government Decisions

Sarah Palin Uses Actual Teleprompter

SNL Review: Rahm's Rant

Compelling evidence

Americans In Haiti Jail 'We Fear For Our Lives' !

American Imperialism timeline - Part 2

Super Bowl History 'The Jubee Snap' HILARIOUS!

Sarah Palin interviewed by the Bobs from Office Space

Podesta calls on Mitch McConnell to apologize

The Origins Of The Tea Party Movement

Neville Brothers-Brother John/Iko Iko (IN HONOR OF THE NEW ORLEANS SAINTS!)

Rooftop Revolutionaries Video 6 - Extremist Ideology

Palin's FULL Tea Party Speech, A.K.A. 40 minutes of your life you can never get back again

TYT: (Cenk Slams) Republican Who Says Non-Christians Should Leave US (Video)

Prop 8: Op-Critical Music Video; Check it out and support Gay Rights

British game show asks question about American prisons.

TYT: Fire Departments Billing Homeowners to Put Out Fires!

Palin: Obama could win reelection if he ‘played the war card’ and declared ‘war on Iran.’

Betty White Abe Vigoda Skickers Commercial (SB44)

American Imperialism timeline - Part 1

Progressives and the Democratic Party - Part 4

America Assassinating Americans

Sam Seder on TYT Network (Why Air America Fell, Obama & Much More!)

Tim Tebow's Plan to Abort 'The Who' at Super Bowl

(Dems as) Party of Capitulation

Campbell cracks while backing Blair

Dear America Film Preview

Goldman's Payment Demands on AIG Probed: Report

How Wall Street Destroyed Health Care

Toronto Star: Will Greece set off 'global debt bomb'?

Down With The People

"Focus On Your Own Damn Family" seeks broader political tent

Sarah Palin: Talk Talk Talkin' Revolution

Secret summit of top bankers

Indian IT services will soon see double-digit growth: Gartner

UK clamps down on student visas

The NYT's Big David Paterson Bombshell Will Break Monday, Governor's Resignation To Follow

Most Chinese want cold war with US

Why don't Democrats consistently say: 30 years of Reaganomics have brought America to our knees?

Myth Busting: “In Search Of…” 1970’s “Global Cooling” hype (with video)

Fired-up Greek workers will take their anger to the streets to protest pay cuts

David Plouffe advising White House on 2010 midterm elections

The tea party movement is a fraud

Eric Margolis: Wars sending U.S. into ruin

Republican Ryan's plan to privatize Soc Security, Medicare and Medicaid..

good report on the coming crisis in health care (ala Wallstreet meltdown) on PBS NewsHour

The Death of an American Community/ My County is Dying as I Ride By

I thought of killing myself, says climate scandal professor Phil Jones

How to Get Our Democracy Back: Lawrence Lessig Says “If We Want to Change, We Have to Change Congres

Nigerian gunmen claims destroying shell's pipeline in Rivers State

‘Huge’ explosion reported at Conn. power plant

Chevron hires twelve public relations firms to discredit indigenous Indians in Ecuador (xpost)

Salmon Flows Begin In 64-Mile Stretch Of San Joaquin River W. Releases From Friant Dam

James Hansen: "As The Science Gets Clearer And Clearer, The Public Gets More And More Misinformed"

Forestry Commission Expert Recommends Mediterrenean Species For Scottish Reforestation

Explosion rocks Connecticut gas plant under construction, at least 2 dead.

Obama's Nuclear Giveaway

Der Spiegel's Map of the New Coal Plants Going Up in Germany.

Lack of excitement

Russ Grimm elected to Pro Football Hall of Fame

Who do you want to win?

Who WILL win?

Cable just dropped. OMG . Seriously, on the biggest game day of the year

No Wonder Emmit Smith is a Running Back, Did you see that toin coss?

Woo Hoo, Go SAINTS!!!

Just who the hell does Peyton Manning think he is?

Saints 31-7 after the first quarter

The first College Baseball games of the season were played this weekend.

Who Dat !!!!...go Saints !!...n/t


Congratulations to the Indinapolis Colts and their Fans

Do You Think Dwight Freeny Was Really Hurt?

It's the Peyton I have always remembered

Congratulations to the Saints and their fans on their first Super Bowl Championship.

The finality of it all is depressing

Why do people care if their team wins in sports?

Fucking Caps....13 straight.

I wonder how much revenue Indiana lost because of the Colts loss?

The JR Chess Report (Super Sunday Edition): Adams wins in Gibraltar; Zhukova takes ladies' top prize

A Moral Evaluation of the Gaza War - Operation Cast Lead

Going to sleep in Israel, waking up in Lebanon

Too Close to Home

Nicaraguan cities declare red alert because of drought

X-post from GD: Looks like Silsby was also trying to take children in process of being adopted

Event over.

Cocaine trafficking keeps Ecuador anti-drug authorities busy

Found some interesting things (and have some thoughts) on the Costa Rica election....

Americans get fired for nothing

Guns an issue at schools

Proposal targets gun ban for parks

Today I realized life is not fair...

BSG Prequel: Caprica has a couple of gay characters, possibly more.

Malawi man arrested for posting gay rights posters

Eyeless Urchins "See" With Spines

"Super Earth" May Really Be New Planet Type: Super-Io

The Mars perspective (dialup warning)

'Zen' Bats Hit Their Target by Not Aiming at It

Cool, the space station is getting a cupola

How the Butterflies Got Their Spots

Quantum Computing Leap Forward: Altering a Lone Electron Without Disturbing Its Neighbors

stay light... stay there

alongside I26

WaPo snowstorm gallery

who dat? dat be karma

Snowmagedon '10

More signs.

Spray-on Liquid Glass will Revolutionize Everything!

Snowpocalypse seen from space

ice tree

looked better with no horizon

On a less lofty note: Saints or Colts? Any notions here?

FYI, I put the You Tube Immune System "Visualization" up

Basic Gun Terminology 101 (not pro- or anti-, just basic nomenclature).

1,000 citizens marched down the main street in Lawrence, KS yesterday

Reject the Teacher Tax

We are a nation of mostly stupid people who have lost sight of the value of even a HS education

Montessori schools

Buttery smooth oyster and mushroom soup.

boy, when I fail... wow!