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Archives: February 4, 2010

Been watching Prez O with Dems today. Love that guy!

Becoming annoyed with TV ads for dating sites and conspicuous consumption ads

Mullen’s (chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) Blog: My View on ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’

MSNBC's Howard Fineman's Criticizes Obama On Gov. Intervention, Says Bush Was Not A Conservative

pagan site at Air Force Academy vandalized

omg, Tweety needs to go.

Hey DU: Boycott Vegas and come to Orlando.. at least our Mayor is a Democrat!

Story update from earlier today: Shelton Woman Died of Blood Loss While Giving Birth

Deutch wins Dem nod in Florida's US 19th

Marines reunite Haitian girls, father with family

Hero Central: Ken-Ton Second Grader Battles Cancer

Posted earlier in GLBT Forum: The Man Crunch CBS Hoax

Buffalo Gay Soldier Heads To Washington For Don't Ask, Don't Tell Debate

UK deliveries halted as Toyota crisis deepens

Military professionalism after "Don't Ask. Don't Tell."

Transmission: Manual or Automatic?

Really vile, disturbing shit on a cop's blog--at least he says he's a cop.

Is Your Professor an Islamophobe?

Democrat wins special House election (24th Kentucky House District)

Could the IMF force this crap on Americans?

Sorry Folks, The FHA Is Still Going To Melt Down

Dean Baker: Big Banks Are Feeding Like Parasites on the Govt.'s Money

Dean Baker: Big Banks Are Feeding Like Parasites on the Govt.'s Money

That one poster, Skinner, posted something about Civility not long ago

Veterans groups find VA budget lacking

Breaking down my observations of "conservative" and "liberal"

I find it disturbing that I see dana walsh for Congress ads on DU to topple Nancy Pelosi

The Family hates the poor

The Family hates the poor

U Mass Postdocs Vote to Unionize

Not usually one to engage in discussion about Sarah Palin but,

HCR idea

US (AAA) credit rating at risk, Moody's warns....

When a trillion dollars a year is not enough

Slash and Privatize: How House GOP's Shadow Budget Eliminates Deficit ... In About 50 Years

Seeger pulls banjo head from eBay auction

PATERSON and Harold FORD Jr dine together but object to sitting "too close together"

Aircraft Carrier Carl Vinson Completes Haiti Relief Efforts

Ed Schultz - today's show missing on But, a portion can be found on Huffington Post?

Republicans in Iowa try to short-circuit amendment process to stop gay marriage

WSJ's Karl Rove Tries To Spin President Obama's Spanking Of The GOP At Its Retreat

Lance cpl. killed in combat in Helmand

McConnell Raised Big Bucks From Foreign Defense Contractor Probed For Bribery

Men At Work lose plagiarism case in Australia (over their 1983 hit "Down Under")

Men At Work lose plagiarism case in Australia (over their 1983 hit "Down Under")

Toyota's advertising slogan was trying to tell us something...

WaPo - E.J. Dionne - "Off-message, Biden recasts the Obama agenda"

State Farm cancels thousands in Fla.-125,000 customers to be cut during hurricane season

'You're a liar and murderer': Blair booed after telling Iraq inquiry he has no regrets

Lawyers, Guns & Money - Mother Jones - Banks, Lobbyists, Attorneys & Businessmen-Funnel Dirty $$$

"We are a very conservative nation." Really?

Exclusive: How Corporations SECRETLY Move Millions for Political Ads

A comparison on how the British and the US military deals with the Afghan restraint policy

Rahm's PSA against the R-word (SATIRE)

The endless list of Shrub crap to clean up: the (Southern ONLY) border wall

The endless list of Shrub crap to clean up: the (Southern ONLY) border wall

A creature of the Senate...

The Family is against health care reform... page 152

The Family is against health care reform... page 152

Who's Comment Was Worse: duncan's or rahm's

Canada: Liberals and Stephen Bonaparte Harper's Tories in deadheat in polls

Vietnam Veterans Allowed to Proceed with Lawsuit over Drug Experiments

NY Times: U.S. Starts Inquiry Into Cobalt Steering Problems

LOL! Sgt. Schultz...errr....Dick Army was just talking to Monica Novotny on MSNBC and

Initial Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Climb

Initial Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Climb

Repubs Rants About Trials & Arrests Are-ATTEMPTS TO COVER-UP Horrendous Mistakes of The Past

Opium and bribes: 2 largest contributers to the Afghan GDP

Damnit I'm pissed at Blue Cross and Blue Shield!

!!what!!....Good LORD!!

INTELLIGENCE OFFICIALS WARN "TERROR ATTACK BY JULY" but "global economic meltdown" is a worse threat

The Rude Pundit - Family Research Council: Pray That God Helps a Kidnapper Break the Law

Conservatism didn't make America great, it made ours a bitter, petty and vengeful country

Congressional hearing reveals US intelligence agencies shielded Flight 253 bomber

Newly-Frugal Guy Tackles the Deficit

Squinty and the Meat Puppet

This toon is so true...

Lawyers advise Toyota drivers of legal danger of driving after product recall

L.A. Times: Soaring cost of healthcare sets a record

Toyota just isn't being completely honest about this gas pedal issue.

Wouldn't it be ironic?

Andrew Young quote re: Elizabeth Edwards and voicemails

Cisco's Backdoor For Hackers

How did jon stewart do on Oreilly

The headline that WILL be, and why they're fighting DADT:

Swiss court OKs return of US$4.6M to Duvalier family, rejects handover to Haiti aid groups

Darth Vader Actor David Prowse Beats Cancer

Robert Sheer: Volcker Rules

France denies citizenship to man who forces wife to wear Islamic veil

I'm optimistic.

Donna Edwards' No Corporate Monopoly of Elections Amendment

30 seconds with BecKKK & he said nutty things. 30 seconds is all it takes.

Gay NY teen's harassment suit gets federal notice

I LIKE Las Vegas. There I said it.

Med Express + No Health Insurance

national tea party convention - nashville, tn.

Mom said "GET AWAY" when I'm on the Spy Phone

The age of American unreason

Disputed Toyota documents could shed light on safety accusations

In response to Fiorina: "Society for the Eradication of Demon Sheep from Our Political Discourse"

MI5 hears Chatter Surgically Implanted Bombs Next Terror Threat

Just want to point out that last month when I said the govt. unemployment figures were

Supremes get new judicial robes

How Wi-Fi attackers are poisoning Web browsers

ACLU: Miami Beach Cops Arrest People For Recording Police Misconduct

Obama's Budget Request Endorses the Glass Ceiling

Dear Democratic Senators: MAJORITY RULES

Dear Democratic Senators: MAJORITY RULES

just when I thought I couldn't hate Judd Gregg any more than I already do

Obama's 'secret war': U.S. soldiers killed inside Pakistan

Civil charges filed against Bank of America, executives

13th Amendment - Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, ....... shall exist within the US.

NY Times: U.S. Starts Inquiry Into Prius Brake Problems

"We're (Teachers) On Our Own"

Kansas trying to legalize medical marijuana

Colorado Springs: A Conservative Dream / A National Nightmare

Colorado Springs: A Conservative Dream / A National Nightmare

The media is back to the ole Democrats are too elite for white working class people meme

Barney Frank Calls Out John Fund & Right Wing Noise Machine For Their "Lies & Viscous Smears" (Vid)

Wounded warrior becomes first blind Soldier to take company command

Ottawa says it has a deal on 'Buy American'

Christian Rightist: Gays should be treated like criminals because the FDA says they can't give blood

This Just In: Production Is Up; Labor Costs are Down

Obama and Hillary Clinton called the FAMILY out

So O'Keefe did this also

If you had to prioritize America's needs as to what should come first

Ukraine's Tymoshenko threatens to replay orange revolution

To "alarm" or not to "alarm," that is the question.

Penn State Panel Finds Climate Researcher Did Not Falsify Data, but Inquiry Continues

Nearly 70% of Goldman Sachs revenue comes from trading, NOT investments.

Strikes as Greece imposes EU-backed austerity programme

What Getting Dumped by My Girlfriend Taught Me About Being Dumped by Obama

Request for RedCloud

david vitter doesn't think DADT should be politicized

Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA): Wall Street "better off with Democrats" than with Boehner & Co.

"Land Down Under" infringes on "Kookaburra?"

Iowa school district suspends first-grade home-schooler

GOP Readies Push to Loosen Gun Laws

10 Americans charged w/ kidnapping children in Haiti

10 Americans charged w/ kidnapping children in Haiti

Grifters’ Tale

Mother's exposure to bisphenol A may increase children's chances of asthma

Limbaugh To Female Reporter: 'I Love The Women's Movement, Especially When I'm Walking Behind It'

Let's Re-Define Socialism

The Republican Playbook: Uncensored

The Republican Playbook: Uncensored

Bizarre Carly Fiorina ad: In 3:21 it never mentions her name once...

Gene Patents Under Legal Attack

You lost your house - but you still have to pay

ANALYSIS: Southerners a stronghold of far-right views in Republican Party

Obama says he will allow offshore drilling

According to new survey, Americans support strong climate, energy policies

What If Recent Con Wins Were A Fluke?

So I was watching a repeat of Ken Burns' Civil War last night . . .

Dear American Consumers,

My Predictions for Senate seats we'll lose in November

Remember Nature bats last....another Humboldt quake

In Honor of Black History Month

Security Flaw Puts iPhone Users at Risk of Phishing Attacks

Today's Epic Fail.....

Today's Epic Fail.....

President Obama Condemns Uganda Anti-Gay Bill As "Odious"


Hahaha! SKINNER, you rawk!!...

3 G.I.s Killed in Pakistan. Now Can We Start Treating This Like a Real War?

Report: 1.2 Million Americans Set to Lose Unemployment Benefits in March

re toyota recalls.

Hatch blasts ‘liberal groups’ {DADT support}: ‘I certainly do not support repeal.’

Franken: 'I don't trust promises' of Comcast, NBC given past experience

How Conveeeeeenient! (Dubai discovers new oil field, a first in decades)

911 question

Siegelman Prosecutor Might Land Key Guantanamo Position

My boy was kicked out of Boy Scouts - by xgz

Is political correctness rearing its ugly head again?

Boy nearly suspended for action figure gun to school

Britain facing food crisis as world's soil 'vanishes in 60 years'

Chuck Todd says he and the republicans, "we are not there yet" to take over the Senate

OOOh! Everyman is now a Senator! Mr. Brown goes to Washington AND drives a truck! Brown 2012?

Did you know that credit card companies can make inquiries without your permission?

Will CBS allow an opposing ad to counter the anti-abortion ad at the super bowl?


The hypocrisy of Sarah Palin.. Perry campaign adviser uses the word "retarded"

Irresponsible borrowers walking away from their obligations.

Death of the stiff upper lip: Duchess of Devonshire hits out at 'sloppy and sentimental' modern

Breaking: Onion ring now has more facebook fans than Stephen Harper!

One in eight Americans needs emergency food assistance

US Baptists In Haiti Charged With Child Kidnapping

DOW falls below 10,000

The RePublican Party should be accountable if the Nation continues suffering from their Divisiveness

Tea Party America-what can be done? What will happen?

The hypocrisy of Republicans and fiscal conservatism

'Sex, Needles and Roubles'--The alarming rise of HIV/AIDS in Russia.

Baptist Missionary Charged in Haitian Kidnapping Case Also Due in Idaho Court

It's amazing how many law enforcement officials do not know the law.

Any word from palin re: Limpballs use of the slur "retard"?

Sarah's $100,000. speaker fee "Goin' right back into the cause."

My favorite Harry Truman quotes

Comcast, NBC and God Bless Al Franken

Hi...does anyone know where one goes to get certified to be a

On Colin Powell:

Senate confirms Johnson as GSA administrator

Government to Pay for More Than Half of U.S. Health Care Costs

Fox News And The Repugs Have Found Out That......

Lincoln School Dist. pays $25,000 to be named one of the top school districts in Michigan

It's time for Americans to stop living in fear of the socialist bogeyman

There's one problem with the "emergency procedures" for an overspeeding Toyota

Nominations are in for Best Progressive Films and Artists of 2009

Nominations are in for Best Progressive Films and Artists of 2009

My partner has Medicare Part A and Part B

CNN Quick Vote poll: Do you agree with the Tea Party movement's agenda?

New York Under Storm Watch, New Jersey Gets Blizzard Warning

10 ways in which modern American conservatives are similar to fascists

L.A. mayor orders 1,000 layoffs

I'm sick of the good looking man in the nice suit making nice nice with assholes.

Use of Acetaminophen in Pregnancy Associated With Increased Asthma Symptoms in Children

Lobbyists and how they are affecting what we see now.

Fractures emerge as Tea Party convenes

In defense of gambling your money away in Vegas...

"Extreme Loons" Rove & O'Reilly use "THE" math to calculate % of "Extreme Loons" in Republican Party

Wesley Clark: "It's Time." (To End DADT)

With the major winter storm/blizzard on its way....

Revealing background info on GOP's Star Witness from Last Week (UPDATE)

"I'm blacker than Barack Obama. I shined shoes."

As Brown was sworn in, Kerry was nearby applauding him; could you see a republican

Why did Republicans side with AIG bonuses instead of everyone else?

The Haitian justice minister said they should be tried in Haiti, not the US.

"Obama suggests Republicans could have a role in health-care bill"

Can anyone help?

TPM: Conservatives Hope Larry Kudlow Will Take On Schumer In NY

Clarence Thomas Doesn't Like State Of The Union: "I didn't go because it has become so partisan"

I have to confess

I have to confess

Do You think that Republicans will vote with democrats to create jobs

ISP Defeats Hollywood Copyright Claims

Rachel has Gene Robinson coming up

"Tucker Carlson...that nitwit."

LA mayor to eliminate 1,000 city jobs

How do you Console a Loved One whose Heart is Broken by what Is Happening to this Administration

Ben Stein, fired from NYT for ethics violations, calls Brown "a guy you want to have a beer with"

"Deficit to Hit All-Time High" (Wall Street Journal, 2/1/10)

Senate Judiciary Committee re-sends Chen and Butler to the full Senate on party-line vote

The Scary, Growing GOP Fringe

Illinois Supreme Court overturns state's malpractice reform law!

Credit cards before mortgages?

the declaration of equality

Do you read Novels, or is real life too exciting now to bother with Fiction and novels?

Rachel; The Republicans' 2010 platform: "We're With Wall Street!" nt

Laura Silsby, detained American (Haiti), "left trail of financial woes in Idaho"

Women Deemed “Sluts” for Raising Condom Use Erotically

Women Deemed “Sluts” for Raising Condom Use Erotically

Women Deemed “Sluts” for Raising Condom Use Erotically

Muskegon Chronicle Piece On Attacks On Michael Moore: "All Aboard The Great American Bozo Bus"

C-span replaying USHR hearing today on Comcast & NBC Universal Merger ....

'Vegetative State' Man Responds to Questions

no excuse on earth

CNN poll-"Do you agree with the Tea Party movement's agenda?"

Treating the "desecration of a religious site" automatically as a hate crime

Missouri chief justice: "We may have been tough on crime, but we have not been smart on crime."

"BRAKING" News! Toyota is now saying they are having problems with Lexus Hybrid BRAKES

Puzzling: White House Strong Armed to pass Supplemental War Funding, but Not for a Public Option?

"Thank you"

Green jobs going to China - avg wage is $141 mo.

Illinois Lt. Gov. nominee: "I haven't used any drugs in the past two weeks"

Is a Filibuster threat the same as a Filibuster?

Has anyone read both "Politician" and "Game Change"?

"Game On: Repugs release plan for Privatizing Social Security" /Josh Marshall

"Game On: Repugs release plan for Privatizing Social Security" /Josh Marshall

If you were a wealthy private philanthropist, what would be your issue of choice?

Al Franken's office is NOT in the basement

DU this poll:

Experian Sued For Its Deceptive Ads

Experian Sued For Its Deceptive Ads

MarketWatch: Banks have $10 billion mortgage problem

MarketWatch: Banks have $10 billion mortgage problem


Subtle: Alleged shoplifter stuffs 75 bottles of Bath & Body lotion in his pants

"Stewart Skull-f@&k's Blogosphere!"

Republican lawmaker's budget plan gets Obama's attention

The SuperGreed Bowl

The SuperGreed Bowl

Failure Rate of AP Tests Up

Greek officials walk out as general strike over budget cuts looms

France and Germany seal bilateral deal with global ambitions

Should I bother?

Is the right going to take up the cause of the kidnappers like the border guard murderers?

Hersh in Syria (Fascinating...)

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Newly designed ketchup packets... a scientific breakthrough - for squeezin or dippin

Well, I'm not going to run for Congress this year.

I want to donate to a charity that helps the Haitian poor and working poor -- suggestions?

Chris Wallace hopes that Sarah Palin will sit on his lap during interview

Hey DU: Forget Vegas. Come to Arizona!

the Volcker Rule:

When Geithner was Head of the N.Y. Fed:

Anyone know what this is all about? Air quality alert for Chicago, MN-St. Paul and Rochester?

Franken: 'I don't trust promises' of Comcast, NBC given past experience

CIA Accused of Cover Up in Deaths of U.S. Civilians in Peru

A (pretty darn useful) Theory of Justice

Recess Appointments Eyed To Surmount GOP Filibusters of Nominees

Gov Quinn in IL is stuck with a crazy running mate

The Retarded Controversy: Lay off Rahm Emanuel already! By Jack Shafer

Obama’s budget reveals the bankruptcy of American capitalism

Man's secret castle ordered destroyed

NASA is accepting bids for the demolition of Pad 39B!

NASA is accepting bids for the demolition of Pad 39B!


Jon Stewart to Anthony Weiner: Is Lieberman a Dick? Weiner: Yes Jon

Is Glenn Beck's 15 minutes of fame just about up? Has he flamed out?

On the Today Show... Andrea Mitchell called Palin out for not getting on Rush for saying retarded

On the Today Show... Andrea Mitchell called Palin out for not getting on Rush for saying retarded

Hannity Claims Bush Never Played Golf During Wartime: He Was ‘Far More In Touch

Looks like the American child Thief Ringleader in Haiti could get life

What I want for my 40th wedding anniversary

There it is. Plain as day: GOP to Wall Street: Give us money, we'll do your bidding.

Why should anyone be able to vote or to approach representatives except as an individual?

Citizen blowback

perhaps I was hearing things...

Predict the Unemployment Rate

Anyone know details of a military flyover in NYC tomorrow?

Anyone know details of a military flyover in NYC tomorrow?

facebook group: "Making Drug Tests required to Get Welfare"

Am I the only one who hates how Susan Collins talks?

I was indifferent at first, but I'm all for the "Move Your Money" movement

Have Toyota's problems extended to the Scion line?

Protesters today at CBS in NY ~ picture

Springsteen sues NYC bar over royalties

my concern about false hope in a "recovery"

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Iraq to sue over DU

Hey eHarmony,, get a clue! People need jobs before they can go on dates!

Obama's Engagement On Health Care Has 'Dried Up': Dem Senator

Obama's Engagement On Health Care Has 'Dried Up': Dem Senator

Report: Shelby Blocks All Obama Nominations In The Senate Over AL Earmarks

Note to Lurking Freepers: The Dow was 7946 when Obama took office

How a zealot’s word led us astray on autism

Don't ask, Don't tell, Don't LOVE, Don't live, Don't hug, Don't kiss, Don't cuddle...

Authorities: Stuart (FL) kiteboarder suffered numerous shark bites in fatal attack

Chuck Todd, Republican

Last of the Bo takes her language to the grave as 65,000-year-old tribe dies out

So I just read an article about the jobs bill congress will have on the floor next week

Just wanted to say Hi on such a big day

The Damage Done By Gays In The Military

Stewart guts Blog headlines and feasts on goo inside

Navajo Nation remains snowbound

Navajo Nation remains snowbound

Question: Why do the Fed branches have an unusually large amount of currency in their vaults?

Meghan McCain: Yes, I'm a Pure Republican

Obama’s mentor: "Rahm Emanuel cares more about his friends on the Hill than about policy victories"

Ok, need some help from ya'll

Americans United Joins Broad Coalition Of Groups Asking Obama To Reform ‘Faith-Based’ Initiative

Sarah Palin versus Rush Limbaugh!

ACLU Not Exactly Cool With Obama Administration Assuming They Can Assassinate Americans

Obama fulfills another promise to the pro-choice community - Pentagon will stock morning-after pill

Switzerland takes 2 Uighur brothers held at Guantanamo

Report: Shelby Blocks All Obama Nominations In The Senate Over AL Earmarks

The first thing Obama needs to do to show leadership is fire Tim Kaine and put Dean back in there

The Problem with Toyota and owning a Prius - Corporate culture

Feb 5, National Wear Red Day, for women's heart disease recognition:

Fuck Ted Nugent

Toyota accelerator stuck? Push on the keyless ignition button for three seconds, get into neutral

Interesting and I think apropos quote from Carl Sagan's "The Demon Haunted World"..

12yr old girl solution to tea baggers "guvment takeover"

Harvard Law: Limbaugh’s Lying about Obama

FRANKEN ? To Axelrod- "He really needed to know if the White House was going to lead?"

Sam Seder CRUSHES Right Wing Caller On Healthcare! & Good News For Seder Fans (Friday Bonus Show)

DC: 17-28 inches of snow. I've lived here for almost 40 years, and ...

Microsoft exec calls for Internet "Drivers License"

DU Honesty poll time.

DU: What are our Shared beliefs?

Senate must act on extending unemployment insurance and health care Cobra benefits

The gov't has your baby's DNA - without your consent

More Hondurans Protest Inauguration than attend

Bill Moyers' Journal tomorrow: Aftermath of the Supreme Ct decision; Standing firm for single-payer;

Christmas Day Airline Bomb Suspect Turned On Cleric

I called a kid a Dick today

Should people recieve cash payments instead of food stamps?

My insurance company just sent me a letter today informing me that they will no longer pay

Progressive Democrat Jennifer Brunner Needs Our Help

Lawmakers would tax away half of bankers' huge bonuses

Female Ghost Detainee Dr Siddiqui convicted in US court although she was tortured & shady evidence

Female Ghost Detainee Dr Siddiqui convicted in US court although she was tortured & shady evidence

"No matter the race of a worker, suddenly we amazingly look alike."

Dow Jones falls, Freepers rejoice

You stay CLASSY, Deputy Director of Tourism Pamela Mascarhenascase (Goa, India)...

What's so bad about Toyota?

Toyota: yes, we have a problem, but we're selling you the car anyway, good luck

O'Keefe is looking for love. Unbelievably, he's single!

Thank you Morgan Freeman. In this interview, you've stood up more for our race than anything else...

Need help in an argument. PETA - can anyone think of any

Is There Sh*t in Your Salad? 39% of Bagged Salads Have Too Much Fecal Bacteria

Hugo Boss Threatens to Move Overseas if Workers Refuse $4/Hr Pay Cut

Mom: Cop Squeezed Breast Milk From Me

Naomi Wolfe: Defense Department Turns Down My FOIA Request for Mohamed Al Hanashi's Autopsy Report

President Obama's plan to use executive fiat to create a deficit commission: So Much For Openness

Good question. "Tebow's Tears: Is God Really A Gator's Fan?"

Cry me a river: Card company results show waning credit card use

NBC Cafeteria Celebrates Black History Month With Fried Chicken Special

Gallup: Socialism Viewed Positively by 36% of Americans

Note to ESPN’s Jemele Hill: Tim Tebow is not Muhammad Ali

Jim Garrison on Fascism

Cinderella v. TBTF** Bank

Rahm Emanuel regarding AG Holder: “Didn’t he get the memo that we’re not re-litigating the past?”

So Tim Tebow's mom was in a country where abortions are illegal....

Faces of Meth - Before/After

Questlove (drummer for The Roots, Jimmy Fallon's band) not amused by NBC 's Black History Lunch Menu

I have finally heard a new definition of "chutzpah" - Un-frigging-believable...


Well, it's been nice knowing you all....

I am watching this great movie on Netflix called Strangers in Good Company.

Did you ever have one of these?

One day Jimmy was in the woods.

Good morning Lounge

One week tobacco free! Yippee!

Does "The Academy" ever get it right?

I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party.

What the hell is in my bed?

Any problems connecting to DU today and partially the last couple of days?

Seeger pulls banjo head from eBay auction

President Obama responds to Fox News criticism

We are goind to dine at the Country Club for our 17th anniversary in March...Can I

Did you know that MCMXC was XX years ago?

How do you pronounce Xliv?

Maybe I am over-thinking my lyrics....

Raphael Saadiq - Skyy, can you feel me

In May, Post-Snooki "Jersey Shore" location house rent to go from $3,500 to $6,500...per NIGHT

skiing warning signs updated

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/4/10

Wanna know why I'm the way I am? This guy's from my home town, Lynn MA

Jayzus! DirecTV tried to pull a fast one!

insulation question

Alzheimer's Disease Causing Baby Boomers To Misremember 1960s Even More

Love Foolosophy - Jamiroquai - Live Acoustic Version

Jamiroquai - Too Young To Die

Jamiroquai - Little L - Live Verona

Random silliness thread.

Donald Byrd - "Places And Spaces" 1975

Donald Byrd - "You And The Music"

Donald Byrd - Steppin' Into Tomorrow (Clips of Detroit)

Jan Akkerman - Angel Watch

Jan Akkerman-Group - Crackers


Willie Bobo - Dindi

Sergio Mendes - The Waters of March

What was your first post here at the DU?

Brink Man Ship and Nils Petter Molvær live

Trijntje Oosterhuis Sings Burt Bacharach - Walk On By

If you use an exclamation point, the point you're making is not serious!

Erik Truffaz - Quartet Bending new corners

The larch.

Omar - Say Nothing

5 degrees outside .

A rather unusual "moisturizier".

Omar - 'Sing' Remix

Dj Jazzy Jeff and Raheem DeVaughn's "My People"

Please ignore me.

Oh No - I Can't Help Myself (feat. Stacy Epps)

Omar - Tell me

Any Demetri Martin fans here?

How much do you want to know about your teenager?

Brittany Bosco - City of Nowhere

Flying Lotus - Massage Situation

Just say, "Nooooooooooo!"

Some doc students really get into department politics.

Is Nickelback the worst band ever?

In Honor of Black History Month

Tsutchie - Breezin'

Batten down the Hatches all you DelMarVa residents. This could be

"Hey, punk, where you goin' with that button on yer shirt..." (Zappa: "Flower Punk")

Samurai Champloo: Nujabes ft. Minmi- Song of the Seasons

I learned a new word today. Pelagic. P-E-L-A-G-I-C.

PRIME Leon Russell (1971)...his Little Richard tribute, "Crystal Closet Queen"

What the...

What would you do with $10?

Are you a crybaby?

You can insult anyone with poo on their windshield.

You can insult anyone with quotation marks.

You can insult anyone with question marks.

You can insult anyone, period.

Always take Drunken Irishman's advice.

Iggy Pop w/ David Bowie, LIVE, The Dinah Shore Show, 1977: "Funtime"

Some really really major changes have happened here since I last visited.

NC Old Rasputin - It's just fucking good!

WTF is a "Zune"? Is it something like "Bing"? And, WTF is "Bing" anyway?

Top 4 google suggestions after typing in Nancy Pelosi are:

Grateful Dead - Cold, Rain & Snow @ Radio City 10-31-80

Phish 1999-09-17 Cold Rain And Snow w/ Phil Lesh

Hey. George C. Scott, Is It In The File?

oh fuck it

okay. NON- talking sex robot on the market. 700,000 dollars.

The Friends of Distinction, "Grazing In The Grass" (1970)

Tapestry by Carole King

Turn Your Lights Down Low

For DU cat lovers, an interesting site...

Whoa, today is a buddy's (old) birthday, & I took cupcakes, AND it's my (deceased) dad's birthday, t

Paul Gilbert tackles one of George's finest songs, "It's All Too Much"...not George, not bad...

What Would Your Dream/Fantasy Be For The Super Bowl National Anthem And Halftime Show?

I attended parochial school and a girl's catholic high school back when

It's about damn time!

Everything is going with intention.

I'm going to an open house with a California assemblymember this afternoon. Ask me anything!

Question for our Louisiana-based contingent about King Cakes

The Zomby Woof Semi-Nightly Potpourri Break, 2/4/10

Has the Mid-Atlantic ever been hit by TWO blizzards in the span of two months?

Poetry from Simon and Garfunkel - "Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall"

Panera is overpriced and the food's not that great and they don't give you much, IMO.

What's a good way to get the best price on flights from Europe to the U.S.?

What should I do with the family deeds?

A little bit of Alaska for you - some photos

"The Bodyguard Group Official Press Release" on Tila Nguyen, A.K.A. "Tila Tequila"

Everything I say is a lie.

Awesome Star Wars Propaganda Posters

Awesome Star Wars Propaganda Posters

Bwuhahaha! Big typo in Fringe! Scroll into NYC, and big letters say "Manhatan"

My 3 year old grandson is starting to watch DVD's.

I have been looking for apartments: can someone decipher what this means (Craigslist add)

Ok, talking non-sex Rabrrrrrr available for $400 million.

I could use some cheering up right now.

Soap opera fans, a sad day...

I need a hat that's formal enough, but also will keep my ears warm. What do I get?

Anybody else STILL have a GORE-LIEBERMAN bumper sticker --AND laminated?!1 n/t

40 wild birds play a Gibson Les Paul guitar

Does this seem like an appropriate response to you?

Does Facebook need to keep fucking with its format every few months ?

Springsteen sues NYC bar over royalties

Man Upset with Gas Station's Policy Drives SUV Through Window

20 pounds of duck legs in my fridge - ask me anything!!

Rod Serling's "They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar"

Chevy Chase might be the unfunniest human being currently alive

Would you live in a house where a mass murder had occurred?

To the DU guys who went to Catholic schools like I did....

Ok, Serious question... What *EXACTLY* Would you do with 5 Million US Dollars?

Hey PassingFair...

Proofreading is a dying art...

DJ Sneak - You Can't Hide From Your Bud

Have you ever Googled "googol"?

I have a question about Torchwood, now watching the 2nd season.

How old is your microwave oven?

The Athol of Massachusetts

Transmission: Manual or Automatic?

Name something so GOOD, that it must be inherently evil

Why can't I find a hat that is big enough to go around my head???

Did you ever meet a psychic who you thought really had some psychic abilities?

Favorite modern era comedic roles for women in TV.

Do you read Novels, or is real life too exciting now to bother with Fiction and novels?

I'm sorry, the 1970's rocked

Name a piece of modern equipment you shockingly do not own.

Vibes for my husband, please...

It was Snowpocalypse in DC in December. On Friday, it's Snowmageddon.

So what's the root cause of the duck-face phenom?

Fellow Demon-Sheep Cultists

Jon Stewart takes the hot seat with Bill O'Reilly

Obama administration to provide up to $1B to banks in hard-hit areas to boost lending

***HEADS UP*** Hillary Clinton and President Obama Address National Prayer Breakfast

UN Puts Bill Clinton In Charge Of Haiti Relief Efforts

Senate Committee Set to Take Up Nomination of Dawn Johnsen

Another Family member runs for Congress

CNN: Poof: Another 800,000 jobs disappear

AP: New York filing civil charges against Bank of America

Air Force One's next stop needs to be Las Vegas. And I mean right now

What GDP growth is required to replace 8 million jobs?

7 Political Ads That Might Be Weirder Than Carly Fiorina's "Demon Sheep"

7 Political Ads That Might Be Weirder Than Carly Fiorina's "Demon Sheep"

Obama's question time with House Repubs and Senate Dems is probably best thing he's done so far

The GOP are much better at sound bites and exploiting the stupidity of the American Public!

Former Sen. Dan Coats (R-IN), possible Bayh opponent, tied to Hugo Chavez

NYT: Canceled: Health Meeting for Obama and Democrats

Why are so many Dems anti-gun?

Senators, yesterday the House added 5 more cosponsors to Fair Elections Now Act . What say you?

Anthony Weiner on The Daily Show tonight.

Recommend to thank you President Obama for holding the question and answer sessions

Boehner, House Republicans trying to distance themselves from Rep. Ryan's radical proposal

Obama nominee's fate in flux as labor lawyer loses GOP support

Judges Chen & Butler clear Judiciary Committee with 12-7 vote

Ezra Klein straightens out 'Miami' on how big 'government takeover' really is. Can you say 4%?

OH BOY Big Ed's on a roll today on radio

Brown Gets Kennedy's Seat But Not His Desk

delete please

Gallup: Big Business edges Federal Government in popularity

White House considers pro-labor policy for government contractors

Gibbs to Sen. Bond: Apologize to law enforcement, White House

Something very interesting in Obama's speech at the Prayer Breakfast:

Wow, this woman asked to be buried in Obama T-Shirt


Obama calls for talks with GOP on health care, then vote by Congress

President Obama tells Democrats to keep faith

WH: "New Mothers Get Digital Helper Right on Their Phones"

Law official: Airline bomb suspect flips on cleric, the one that was NOT tortured

"Surely you can question my policies w/out questioning my faith ... or my citizenship."

The Democratic Platform and the Senate Health Bill

I loves me some Obama thread

Photos: The Obama Presidency, February 4, 2010, "Keep the Faith"

The Monied Folks against Their TAX CUTS EXPIRING are going to be fighting hard against this Admin

Senator Kerry: Brown is acting like a dick.

Will Scott Brown be a typical Party of No obstructionist and vote against the Senate jobs bills

White House Prepares for Possibility of 2 Supreme Court Vacancies (Stevens and Ginsburg)

Palin Camp Rips Limbaugh, Hits His “Retard” Comment As “Crude And Demeaning”

Needless Delays and Filibusters Run Amok: A Case Study

Is anyone watching Olbermann? Howard Fineman is in full panic mode

HEADS UP-OFA's "A Conversation With the President" starting now

Two more bills passed in the House with no Republican votes.

Scott Browns FIRST fulibuster could be the jobs bill

" Either way, facts are stubborn things."

Biden ponders filibuster reform - "never seen a time when it's become standard operating procedure"

Another Filibuster? Senate Republicans Mulling A Filibuster Of Jobs Bill

Why doesn't the media focus on the racism in the tea party

Hypothetical: Would the Supremes be so hated if they had selected Gore instead of Bush?

Kerry (Senate) and Bill Delahunt ( House) introduce International Violence Against Women Act

Who Left Us With Huge Deficits?

Let's be clear: Corporations are not people

Feingold opposes constitutional amendment to overturn SCOTUS decision

CBPP statement on President Obama's budget

Report: Shelby Blocks All Obama Nominations In The Senate Over AL Earmarks

Republicans' grade on civil rights: F

Records show that Sarah Palin has not paid any property taxes on cabins (AP)

Obama called the Uganda Kill the Gays bill "odious"

Cuccinelli is "looking forward" to suing feds in court on health care

"Wouldn't you know it, the president was correct."

Obama must initiate a radical reversal of U.S. trade policy or else he will not be reelected

PHOTO Chuckle.

Stocks are CRASHING today

Time for Confrontation - Lets have a real filibuster - Here are the rules

Time for Confrontation - Lets have a real filibuster - Here are the rules

62 seats in the Senate remains a possibility.

Sherrod Brown's petition vs corporate $$ in politics

Dylan Ratigan (with an MSNBC show) is a Teabagger......

CIA Accused of Cover Up in Deaths of U.S. Civilians in Peru

Israel pushing Middle East to war: Syria's Assad

White House Privately Signaling Support For House Passing Senate Bill With Fix, Aides Say

Congress looks at foreign influence in U.S. elections

Asian Stocks, Currencies Fall on Outlook for Economic Recovery

[earthquake] magnitude 4.6 - HAITI REGION

Former U.S. President Clinton asked to take leadership role in Haiti quake relief

Obama to meet with Dalai Lama in mid-February

Holder: I made decision on prosecuting airline bomb-attack suspect

Colin Powell reverses stance on DADT

Somali Pirates Seize Libyan Vessel (flying North Korean flag)

Pennsylvania State Capital Mulls Bankruptcy as a Budget Option

Religious, other groups join same-sex married couple to seek overturn of Prop. 8

Initial Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Climbed Last Week

'Justice Denied' in CIA Shootdown of Missionaries

Moody’s warns US of credit rating fears

House faces tough vote on $1.9 trillion more debt

Symbian phone operating system goes open source

BofA charged with fraud over Tarp funds

Exclusive: How corporations secretly move millions to fund political ads

ConAgra blast prompts safety recommendations

Legit Web sites team up with shady operators-N.Y.'s Cuomo subpoenas 22 retailers

2007 federal probe of Toyota complaints resolved nothing (Feds Knew-Did Nothing)

Details Scarce as Democrats Outline Jobs Plan

Insurer Aetna cuts another 625 jobs, cites economy

MasterCard Profit Jumps on Higher Fees

Obama Calls for ‘Civility’ at Prayer Breakfast (Denounces Uganda Proposal)

Gov't Moving Into Central Role in Health Care

Christmas bomber was my 'student': Yemeni cleric Awlaqi

Strong Earthquake Hits Off Coast Of Eureka

Security Flaw Puts iPhone Users at Risk of Phishing Attacks

Report: Feds to pay more than half of health costs

Shell to cut more jobs as earnings disappoint

U.S. commander in Afghanistan says situation likely to improve

Iraq to sue over DU

Iraq to sue over DU

Why the peace talks with MILF?

Google, NSA to team up in cyberattack probe

Springsteen sues NYC bar over royalties

White House Prepares for Possibility of 2 Supreme Court Vacancies

Bomb-sniffing dogs rushed to Baghdad

Parents willingly gave children to US Baptists

Parents willingly gave children to US Baptists

Fears of 'Lehman-style' tsunami as crisis hits Spain and Portugal

Toyota Says Prius Brakes Had Design Problems

State Farm cancels thousands in Fla.

Romania Says It Is Joining Missile Shield

Boxer, Webb target Wall Street bonuses

Disneyland Resorts Workers Turn To Hunger Strike In Two year Fight For Contract

GOP Chases Wall Street Donors- Fund-Raisers Begin Capitalizing on Bankers' Regret Over Backing Obama

Berkshire Cuts 3,000 Jobs After Demand Falls for Carpet, Bricks

North Korea relaxes free market restrictions

Senate panel backs Obama's judge nominee (Edward Chen)

Arpaio's office could face sanctions over records

Pentagon to stock health facilities with morning-after pill

Haiti food distribution network fully operational

GOP lawmakers seek to suspend Calif. climate law

British And US Poised To Launch 'Overwhelming' Offensive In Afghanistan

US says it may kill Americans abroad

2nd large quake in month hits off N. Calif coast

Gay NY teen's harassment suit gets federal notice

Brown Sworn in as Senator From Massachusetts

Ford Fusion hybrid brake glitch

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday February 4

Palin cabins not noted in tax assessments

US credit rating at risk, Moody's warns

Soaring cost of healthcare sets a record

Toyota investigating brakes in Lexus hybrids

Illinois Supreme Court throws out med mal limits on noneconomic damages

Brown to get Kennedy's office space

Comcast unveils new brand name and logo (Xfinity)

New York AG Goes After Bank of America

FBI arrests head of SK Foods in massive fraud case

Ford offers fix for Fusion hybrid brake glitch

Brazil: Suspect in US nun's killing ordered jailed

TSA orders Richmond airport to give security clearance to felon

Fire Departments Charge for Service, Asking Accident(and Fire) Victims to Pay Up

US missionaries in Haiti charged with child abduction

Canadian companies poised to win exemption from Buy American

The government has your baby's DNA

String of Texas church arsons worry congregations

The Tao Te Ching As Haiku

President Obama Takes Questions From Senate Democrats (Inc. Full Video & Transcript)

Rachel Maddow: Reads Dr. Seuss - Horton Hears A Lawsuit Against LoraxAg

The 28th Amendment

Keith Olbermann: Sarah Palin Calling For Rush Limbaugh's Firing?

Abramoff Whistleblower tells story

Rachel Maddow Calls Out GOPers BLATANT LIES on Obama Terror Policy

American Prayer Hour Announcement: Moses

The Fugs - C.I.A. Man

Nancy Skinner on FBN 2-3-10 - Did NHTSA take action against Toyota to help US automakers?

Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman goes too far. Impeach this loon

Thom Hartmann - Are religious cults killing democracy?

The Fugs - Kill For Peace

President Obama's Remarks at the National Prayer Breakfast

Grannies in Santa Cruz raging against Corporations

Thom Hartmann & Steve Forbes rumble over capitalism

Today Interviews Michelle Obama On Her First Year In The White House: "What You See Is The Real Me"

Young Turks: Study Says Abstinence-Only Works (Not Really)

Barry Lynn: What's Wrong With 'The Family' And The National Prayer Breakfast

Bill O'Reilly Interviews Jon Stewart Part 1 of 2

Rachel Maddow: Fiorina Campaign Releases Bizarre Demon Sheep Ad

Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A Love Story' - Pilots on Food Stamps

Young Turks: Mel Gibson Calls Anchor An Asshole (Video)

Sanders Grills Geithner and Takes on Deficit Blame Game

sarah silverman on the view Fenruary 4, 2010

Danish artist: gold teeth used in Auschwitz work

E.J. Dionne: The Hidden Issue of 2010

Verichip is now called PositiveID!

Berlin Bracing For Violence

Patriots Tea Party during Obamas Ohio visit

Bud Light - Clothing Drive... Sexist?

.National Prayer Breakfast Draws Controversy

Israeli Human Rights Organizations Under Fire

Gene Lyons: Keep driving it home

Is Your Professor an Islamophobe?

The Jihadist Next Door

A Lobo in Sheep’s Clothing?

Jim Hightower: GOP Is the Party That Thinks Helping the Poor & Hungry Is Like Feeding 'Stray Animals

John Boehner Complained To J.P. Morgan CEO About Donations

On the claimed "war exception" to the Constitution

Why it's right for us to be militant

Terrorism Derangement Syndrome -

Shadow Elite: How the World's New Power Brokers Are Upending Our Democracy

Slash and Privatize: How House GOP's Shadow Budget Eliminates Deficit ... In About 50 Years

Justice Kennedy Making It Up As He Goes Along

Fadi Abu Sa'da, Palestine: Resentment Caused by the Country of Wonders’ Visa Process

La Repubblica, Italy: The Novel of the Rebellious America

US is forced to come clean over dirty war in Pakistan

Toyota Pedal Recall May Spur U.S. to Require New Brake Override Systems

I, Virus: Why you're only half human

Kinman Chan Disrupts Cross-Country Flight, Drops Pants, Attacks Crew, Claims Was Due To Pot Cookies

"Five myths about America's credit card debt"...(WaPo)

India's Outsourcing Exports at US$50 Billion

U.S. Says 200 Troops on the Ground in Pakistan

Anti-semitism and the Iraq inquiry

Holocaust Remembrance Day and the Persistence of Anti-Semitism

Larry King Strikes Back at Mitch McConnell

Clarence Thomas: Some questioning of Court 'irresponsible'... Thomas has a voice??

Obama Makes Birther Joke At Prayer Breakfast

All We Want are Jobs

Obama Calls Out GOP, but Nobody's Home (nonetheless, keep it up__JW)

Tea Party profiteer distorts Bush’s fiscal legacy before throwing him under the bus.

The crisis is not over

America is broke

Obama's Pact For Colombia Bases Termed "Dangerous

Robert Reich: Who's Killing Financial Reform?

Corporate Lobbyist party now screaming about deficits but HCR is an attempt to REDUCE the deficit

Süddeutsche Zeitung: Bankrupt by 2020

Frank calls John Fund a 'liar' & a 'coward'-explains how the Right Wing Noise machine operates

Buy, Buy American Pie

Total forced to invoke force majeure after swordfish attack on oil pipeline

Drumbeat: February 4, 2010

Peak oil notes - Feb 4

Crude Falls on Weak U.S. Demand

(UK) Ofgem: energy bills will be 'unaffordable' unless £200bn spent, watchdog warns

Despite Cooling Trend, Arctic Sea Ice Well Below Normal (Beyond 2 Standard Deviations) - NSIDC

Yak, Snap, Snarl - World "Leaders" Go Round And Round On Climate At Davos

Population Ecology - Falling Snowpack Totals Across Canada Likely Bad News For Wolverines

Since Industrial Revolution, Mean Ocean Surface pH From 8.4 To 8.1; 0.4 More Possible By 2100

Worst Drought In 50 Years Pounding Yunnan & Guanxi Provinces In China

"Melting" Drywall Keeps Rooms Cool-could reduce the need for air-conditioning

World Oil Capacity to Peak in 2010 Says Petrobras CEO

What is the Carbon footprint of tar-sands oil? -- Greenpeace

Sea Turtle Eggs Unlikely To Survive Higher Temps Across Multiple Ranges - Sex Ratio Probs.,Egg Death

Renewable Energy Jobs and the Future

State Regulators Fast-Tracked Mine Approval On Very Same Day Gov. Of Utah Cashed $10K From Company

Puget Sound Deterioration Continues; New Obama Budget Would Cut Cleanup Funding By 60%

World Bank Biodiversity Advisor: Amazon Forest "Very Close To Tipping Point" - i.e. 20% Loss

New technology extends lithium-ion battery life

Penn State Board Clears Michael Mann Of Scientific Misconduct - Guardian

Penn State Board Clears Michael Mann Of Scientific Misconduct - Guardian

Sanders Introduces Major Solar Energy Initiative:

Nuke industry announces propaganda blitz

Oh Great, scott green And crew "Officiating" The Super Bowl this Year

Colts, Saints Blinded By Natural Sunlight Upon Arrival At Stadium

North Texas Super Bowl Logo?

I am gonna cheer for the Colts,but if the Saints win,that's ok,too.

We need to do everything we can to keep H20 Man from reading this:

"...This is your brain, and this is your brain on football."

Kovalchuk traded to Devils

Sean James and Al Joyner make Planned Parenthood video

At least one Jags player doesn't want Tebow

USC Gets Oral Commitment from 7th Grade QB

Lieberman: Syria-Israel war would topple Assad regime

Israel's dual reality

False hopes for Palestine

Hamas rejects Goldstone charge of Gaza war crimes

Amnesty International: Latest Israeli response to Gaza investigations totally inadequate

Mixed Views of Hamas and Hezbollah in Largely Muslim Nations

Israel pushing Middle East to war: Syria's Assad

Paid for with your tax dollars: Radio Marti show bombards Venezuelan airwaves

A Lobo in Sheep’s Clothing?

Guatemala: municipal trade unionist murdered

Let's play 'what if'

US Baptists In Haiti Charged With Child Kidnapping, Attorney Says

Brazil: Suspect in US nun's killing ordered jailed

Drought prompts water curbs in Caribbean

Obama's Pact For Colombia Bases Termed "Dangerous"

Today in Labor History Feb 4 Unemployment demonstrations take place in major U.S. cities &Rosa Parks

Opening day rally to protest home foreclosures, health care cuts

Labor Dept.sends message to bosses: shape up

i forgot the link to my most recent post

Pope Benedict Urges Alcoa And Fiat To Keep Plants Open

Public Supports Government Spending On Infrastructure And Jobless Aid

Asbestos Rains Down on Chilly Delphi Workers, but UAW's in a Deep Freeze

White House considers pro-labor policy for government contractors

Robber used Fuel Additive As a Weapon Robbing Convenience Store

Homeowner Shoots Intruder; OKC Police Arrest Suspects

Obama preparing to name two new justices

More from the Bradys

What terms can we agree upon as neutral labels for each side?

Accidental shooting victim flown to Columbia hospital

Should Intuitively Sound but Ineffective Laws Be Overturned?

GOP Readies Push to Loosen Gun Laws

There should be more common sense laws on these things.

Nobody NEEDS any of these...

Leading causes of deaths in the US.....guns near the bottom of the list...

A lunch hour essay...

Why are so many Dems anti-gun?

Building a zero-tolerance culture to guns

Why is this man worried about gays?

What a relief!

Monogamy: Gender vs. Sexual Orientation

Critics of gay ban repeal hit at Gates, Mullen

Telescope Finds Galaxy’s Most Massive Star Yet

Cassini Gets Mission Extension to Explore Saturn Until 2017

Hubble scores a perfect 10..

Physicist Discovers How to Teleport Energy

Large Synoptic Survey Telescope: 8.4 m and 3.2 gigapixels, images whole sky every 3 days..

Hubble sees Pluto changing color, ice sheet cover

Ice Road

the gate's partner

Jamie does homework x4

Some shots from the new City Center...

gate shadow

red sky in the morning...


From the antique mall today

Here's why I could not do a "Picture of the Day"

A few shots from a beautiful day on the Coastal Trail

Things that go click in the night

The Magistrate is back!

James Arthur Ray officially charged in sweat lodge deaths.

Struggling against the tide of the Old Paradigm

Randi Rhodes for President?

Had my tarot reading--ask me anything!

New York AG filing civil charges against BofA

Portugal, Spain Lead Worldwide Decline in Stocks; Dollar Gains

2011 Budget proposal (interactive graphic)

The Crisis is Not Over

Acupuncture found effective against depression during pregnancy

New study maps the effects of acupuncture on the brain

Altitude Causes Weight Loss Without Exercise

Need Race To The Top info.

Lincoln pays $25,000 to be named one of the top school districts in Michigan

Another spectacularly successful parent teacher conference day!

Cherie Blair gives lenient sentence because the criminal is "a religious person"

pagan site at air force academy vandalized

Does Jesus, as a character or archetype, go beyond how religions defines him?

Guilty verdict in Oregon faith-healing trial.

Haiti charges U.S. church members with kidnap

Mold on top of my starter...