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Census Scams: The Red Flags (Census Bureau doesn't use email or Web and doesn't ask for SSN)

Double-Medalist Reutter Gives Back to Parents for Support.

Watching the Pete Seeger American Masters on PBS

Pro sports players unions: NFLPA, NBAPA, MLBPA etc could do so much good to help America organize.

Pro sports players unions: NFLPA, NBAPA, MLBPA etc could do so much good to help America organize.

PLEASE when will we be able to hide entire forums

AFA Fundie Blogger Sez: "Bible Ignored, Trainer Dies" (RE Orlando Killer Whale Incident)

Chile quake 2010 update: Over 300 people dead

Silvio Berlusconi 'avoiding justice', say tens of thousands of protesters

Military suicides are causing civilian casualties, too

The Progressive: European Anarchist Has to Cancel Trip to the U.S.

Are organ procurement agencies getting away with murder?

Boehner lauds Tea Party 'great patriots,' says GOPs must 'walk among them'

11 more dead in Haiti from torrential rain

WTF? Russ Feingold 55th most liberal member of the Senate?

'Green Queens' lead charge to clean up environment

At NAACP Image Awards, former Obama adviser Van Jones tells Glenn Beck "I love you, brother"

(UK) Troops in Afghanistan face defeat at home

To: Cenk Uyger, Britehorn, ihavenobias, etc. LISTEN UP! -- Please Read.

Al Gore schools global warming deniers in NYT op-ed

candy crowley interviewing nancy pelosi on cnn

"Yeah, but what if you're THE ONE!?"

OMG: Police: Mom pimped girls for drugs

Blowback: US-jilted Chalabi, who helped BushCo's fraudulent case for war, is rising in Iraq

Blast from the past? Nope.........Marijuana Use Can Up Psychosis Risk

Cities Shortening Yellow Traffic Lights for Deadly Profit

Oh fugging hell not John McGramps again

Manufacturing could boost Ohio once again-Dayton Daily News

Chicago Sun-Times: Range of services at risk due to city, state budgets

$250 grand for a fucking brain bucket

Non Sequitur

Should Hilary Clinton cancel her visit to Chile this

What do we need health insurers for anyway? (L.A. Times)

One soldier's family lives with the result of MSM's abject failure to question authority.

Simple question for RETHUGS and Freepers

I've been watching the BBC documentary "The Trap" by Adam Curtis

It isn't even the tyranny of the minority anymore

Rick SANCHEZ's inner idiot re-emerges (freaks over the metric system)

Great American Paycheck Squeeze: Third of All Income Growth Went to Top .1% Over Last 2 Decades

That guy in Massachusetts sure showed the Republicans one thing

Time's Karen Tumulty: Health Care: Can Nancy Pelosi Get It Done?

Assassination latest act in nightmare without end

why are politicians NEVER concerned about paying for wars, even if they are unnecessary wars

Meg Whitman scares the Sh!$ out of me

the republicans are now making 'reconciliation' an evil democratic political ploy

Jamie Dimon, JPMorgan Chase CEO, feels he's a victim of "capricious, arbitrary & punitive behavior"

Old article from 2002 on Prescott Bush, Jr.'s ties to Communist China

It Is Time For Obama To Meet Ahmadinejad

Military suicides are causing civilian casualties, too

Texas' DynCorp: Poor State Dept. OverSight in Afghanistan

Texas' DynCorp: Poor State Dept. OverSight in Afghanistan

Nobody on the antiabortion side has ever given me a straight answer: how would you enforce your law?

Nobody on the antiabortion side has ever given me a straight answer: how would you enforce your law?

'Target Jordan' says al-Qaeda agent

So...some Fundys were waiting in the lobby this morning for their

Agree Or Disagree

AL Blogger Red Eye: Who Are These People Who Don't Want "Government Run Healthcare"

Drunk mom allegedly runs through school with sword

Help! Need help from someone with experience with eldercare/alcoholism!

Help! Need help from someone with experience with eldercare/alcoholism!

Durbin Launches Online Petition To Reform The Filibuster please sign

U.S. Corporate Death Squad Scandals in Columbia:

Fred Thompson Celebrates Janet Napolitano’s Broken Ankle

Any DUers watching GEM$NBC right now

How would you classify Sarah Palin's book?

Amid scandal after scandal, Florida Legislature considers ethics reform

Watch and sign the petition.

Its time our elected democrats stood tall an pushed healthcare reform

Max Headroom Returns!

McCain on MTP bitching about importation Canadian drugs...

Ahh, the Banksters............

IOC Fail

Hoyer: House will go first on health bill

George Soros is on Fareed Zakaria now...

Nato draws up payout tariffs for Afghan civilian deaths

UK media reports substantiate US collusion with terrorists to provoke war with Serbia

UK media reports substantiate US collusion with terrorists to provoke war with Serbia

We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change - by AL GORE

Petition Sen. Coburn to release the hold on the Uganda Recovery Act bill

What is this with HCR having to go through the House again?

Blackwater's Gunrunners

AP: Organized labor's agenda hits roadblock; what now?

Watching fox right now, did the woman defending the new Kennedy

Chile Quake Toll Doubles to Over 700 Dead

Some lawmakers said no to stimulus bill, but not its cash

Withdrawn... this doesn't want to post

What is so hard about making simple clear arguments, Democrats?

Same as it ever was. Thomas Jefferson=Crook

Given the current state of the Democratic Party agenda, I think Harry Reid is......

Chilean government makes deal with supermarkets to give out free food.

UPDATE: Federal Extensions to expire on Sunday (Indiana)

I've moved beyond the talking heads on TV. I don't need their analysis anymore.

Sony, LG, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba accused of price fixing

Lautenberg expected back for votes Tuesday

Bob McDonnell Supports Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation...

Help us name a town after Stephen Colbert

SURPRISE! Fox News online lying about "rare" reconciliation possibility.

I believe I have lived long enough to hear everything now

I was watching the Sunday morning news shows ...

Lucille Clifton, June 27, 1936 - February 13, 2010.

Where do we stand right now?

Apple also crushed the Boxer Rebellion!

Changing Face in Poland: Skinhead Puts on Skullcap

Pontiac: What might have been

2 - 2 -------- YOW _ - USA Just tied it up

Over 250 Significant Earthquakes Shake World in Past 7 Days

A sign of the times in New Haven, CT


San Diego Progressives Sing at Tea Party Counter Rally

Apple: Underage Workers May Have Built Your iPhone

GG Canada...

Just got an email from Boxer re: unemployment extensions

Let's be very clear about this: the current GOP echo-chamber that is endlessly

What portions of HCR cannot be passed via Reconciliation?

Ben Sargent TOON- "Look how angry they are!"

Looking for some info please

Congratulations!!!!! (spoiler alert)

The DSCC or DCCC called me today (I can't remember which).

Crash reports tell of horror (Toyota vehicles)


Unions vow to keep pressure on Congress for health reform

Gore: Kick out lawmakers who fail on climate

NPR: Solar Storms Could Be Earth's Next Katrina

Do the people want it or not ??

Proof our media is far from liberal

Proof our media is far from liberal

I'm tired of vitriolic arguments over really stupid 'stuff'...

Canada owns the most Gold medal win !

The simple truth is, both the Dems and the GOP have moved well to the right

Obama loses boozy bet with Harper

Blue Dog Dems: You must hang together (with Barack) or else you will most assuredly hang separately

The GOP's terrorist heroes

Rev. Billy Talen: How Consumerism Makes Us Powerless

New Constitution

IMF chief pushes for more power, new global currency

'sarah palin fact checks Obama's kabuki theater'

I need a little help

If Sarah Palin were to walk on stage, begin to weep, vomit, and then shit herself, John Kyl ...

Unreal. GOP candidate puts these pics on his website:

Tea Party Lights Fuse for Rebellion on Right

How About A Demonstration Of Good Faith By The Senate To The House ???

Liz Cheney, on "Fox News Sunday," celebrates the "very full life" of a famous war criminal

Some numbers: $700 billion; $10 billion; 1.2 million

The Grampy McBush Straight Talk Express RIPS through MTP like a mad bull that's lost its way! USA!

My NASCAR design in the Daytona 500!

Autistic Woman Raped By Teen In Broad Daylight – No One Helps

Why Was The Sea World Trainer Killed By Captive Orca Tilikum?

Reagan broke up the airline monopoly

Study: If you live long enough, something will kill you.

Unions Fight to Save—and Stimulate—Manufacturing Jobs

The US government’s policy of leaving the Internet alone is over

Republicans Calls People On Long-Term Unemployment as Hobos

Lesbianism 'shut SA school dorm'

HELP ME FIND the best statistics and websites to REFUTE supply-side economics

Health Means Life; Health Means Freedom

The desperate state of reproductive health care: abortion doctor has to travel to four states

Lawmakers keep benefits, while outraged voters struggle

Lawmakers keep benefits, while outraged voters struggle

Russia blames NATO for heroin surge from Afghanistan

Protect the fetus, forget about the child

Ohio leaders press White House for mortgage help

Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Barbara Lee: “Stop Calling It the Jobs Bill”

Blackwater Bald Eagles have two little ones!

Blackwater Bald Eagles have two little ones!


NYT: Do Toxins Cause Autism?

Still Don't Think The Senate Health Care Bill Is An HC Industry Bailout ??? - From DailyKos

An American Bedtime Story

LA budget mess means cutbacks, layoffs

OK, what is in the health care bill?

Now is the time for all democrats to unite and stop the BULLSHIT

Glenn Beck's dangerous movement: It CAN happen here

Pelosi: GOP ‘orchestrated’ some tea parties

1.2 million Americans Lose Unemployment Benefits Today - DailyKos

Child sex abuse scandal stuns Del. town

Utah Women May Face Murder Charges After Miscarriages

Providence Journal: Teacher unions challenged in unprecedented face-off

This is devastation in Conception, Chile - amazing pics with tsunami damage

Editorial: Liu is more than qualified to serve on appeals court

Editorial: Liu is more than qualified to serve on appeals court

Editorial: Liu is more than qualified to serve on appeals court

Editorial: Liu is more than qualified to serve on appeals court

Editorial: Liu is more than qualified to serve on appeals court

If reconciliation will be so bad for the Dems, why is the GOP against it?

Editorial: Liu is more than qualified to serve on appeals court

Parma High School teens make a request for real sex education

Limbaugh mocks uninsured, calls tale of woman who wore dead sister's dentures sob story of the day

Why do teachers unions not have the guts to strike? They and police and fire unions should be the

Is Political Science a Wasted Major?

Coffee Parties? Interesting backlash against tea baggers

looking for a clear answer to the constitutionality of a health insurance mandate…

Question? who was the GOp goof ball on thursday explaining how health care leads to socialism?

What is the exact date that the Bush taxcuts for the rich are scheduled to expire

An 85 year old Dem on why he is a Democrat

CBS 60 Minutes.. The Chinese now have all of America's Nuclear Technology

One part of securing a Democratic victory in November.

Cantor: We need ‘to get more people uninsured’

What's missing in this Tulsa TV station story about UE benefits being delayed....

How many Tea Party dorks noticed they paid LESS TAXES this year?

How many Tea Party dorks noticed they paid LESS TAXES this year?


Computer Sciences Corp (CSC), U.S. Gov't Contractor, Seeks 50% Offshore Workers

Why The Tea Partiers Are Wasting Their Time

Tales of terror and loss in Toyota-related deaths

Speaking Of Sallie Mae... (And I Knew You Were...)

U.S.: Senate Torture Probe Uncovers Missing Emails

Conservatives Target Their Own Fringe

What would tell a woman who was raped?

Toyota's victims

Imagine a different world

So NBC is Tape-Delaying the Rest of the Closing Ceremonies for "The Marriage Ref."

You will never see a Reconciliation Bill

Women on Cash Assistance Testify on The Hill to Change TANF Policies

The 21% cut in payments to doctors and providers come to a $245B savings

D.C. hospital fires 11 nurses, 5 staffers for snowstorm absences

Happy Birthday, JeffR ...

TOON: Sunday's Doonesbury - "A Banker's Progress"

We need an Undercover boss Goldman Sachs.

Goldman execs stand to profit in FDIC deal


How the Mountain of Climate Change Evidence Is Being Used to Undermine the Cause

Police: Mom pimped girls for drugs

Police: Mom pimped girls for drugs

Woman admits selling 2 kids for 1 bird, $175

Single-Payer: What is the best way to promote state-level efforts?

Single-Payer: What is the best way to promote state-level efforts?

Coffee Party Movement Now At 29,000+: Updated 2x - DailyKos

Coffee Party Movement Now At 29,000+: Updated 2x - DailyKos

Cuba's Henry Reeve Brigade heading to Chile.

Just think, America would be almost debt free today had Bush not cut taxes..

Tangled Up in Yoo

Is it me or is Debbie Wasserman Schultz clowning the hell out of Eric Cantor?

Teacher Drank Poison Over Facebook Pics

Capitalism uses for profit 'health' care to commit genocide upon the weak and the sick.

ironic story from my tax preparer

Wars force US military to review ban on women in combat

So let's see - according to Pat - Haitians should have stayed slaves and Chileans embraced Torture..

Congratulations Team Canada.

A Clear Iraq Exit

Why Liberals Must Distance Themselves from Policies That Aren't Liberal.

John McCain gets air time first on meet the press while dems won the election and he lost....

Eating meat may be a much more common trigger for anaphylaxis --

I miss George Carlin. He's doing "It's Bad for Ya." People like George Carlin and

I miss George Carlin. He's doing "It's Bad for Ya." People like George Carlin and

Kucinich: "Afghanistan Awash w/ U.S. Cash and U.S. Blood"

Kucinich: "Afghanistan Awash w/ U.S. Cash and U.S. Blood"

Kucinich: "Afghanistan Awash w/ U.S. Cash and U.S. Blood"

Up Or Down. - So What Are You Going To Do? - 28 Feb 10

Up Or Down. - So What Are You Going To Do? - 28 Feb 10

It's starting to get expensive

How the Mountain of Climate Change Evidence Is Being Used to Undermine the Cause



Slam Dunked a Radio Talk Show Host This Morning..

So what exactly is the problem with the Oath Keepers?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz kicked Eric Cantor's ass on MTP, this morning!

CIA aids and abets terrorists with funds and weapons to sustain war on terror

Excellent article on "Cyber-Bullying" & Teen Suicide

IOKIYAR Reigns Supreme

IOKIYAR Reigns Supreme

Salon: Serial-Drama Zen - "Lost," "24" Welcome Us Into Their Comfortingly Stupid Nowhere Lands

Please link POLLS showing Americans want single payer/public option

I'm kind of pissed

Sarah Palin parody - If I only had a brain?

Obama told to quit smoking for good at health check-up

The Torture Gang: (Bybee's Graph)The Entire Bush Administration

Non Sequitur TOON- Ouch!

How About an American Flag Law by Dems?

We do have best health CARE in the world...

Could a 'Pot Summit' change the world?

The "compton cookout" only further solidifies my belief many people do NOT belong in college

Is it religiously correct to call someone a Non- Christian?

Is it religiously correct to call someone a Non- Christian?

Man Charged With Stabbing Pit Bull

Man Charged With Stabbing Pit Bull

How many here genuinely believe that Iran is a threat to humanity?

During this time of great tension between the US and Canada I offer this truce

Michele Bachmann on Nancy Pelosi: She Hate Me

Ripples of the Toyota Recall: Is an Innocent Man in Prison?

Neil Young on the Olympic Closing Ceremonies - "Long May You Run"

As a gay DU'er, I'm spillin the beans. GAY AGENDA REVEALED HERE.

Medicare payments cut 21%

News from the Quake Zone

News from the Quake Zone

The Kennedy Boys Are Back Together Again

BREAKING - U.S. Constitution a socialist document!!!

Sony playstations worldwide crashing:errorcode 8001050F.

Violent French husbands 'may be tagged'

The truth behind elephant brainpower

Quote for Today (Smart People Will get the Point)

Second most immediate need is a special request from our Haitian brothers and sisters for “T-Shirts”

Thinking about suicides, my heart goes out to all that hurt how can we as a society help?

This is not your father's Democratic Party....

LOL... Maybe We Should Have A Policy Olympics !!! - "The Gold Medal In Health Care Goes To...

“Lest we forget how fragile we are”- update from Honolulu

Helen Thomas: Obama's inner GOP

Are you planning to watch the Olympic Men's Hockey Final on Sunday afternoon?

To restart our stalled agenda, you'd begin by...

If most Americans are overall similar in values, then how do you explain the partisanship?

Headlight Reform (now!!)

The Killer of Dr. Tiller sentencing is delayed

The Economic Elite Have Engineered a Coup, Threatening the Existence of the Middle Class

Apple admits using child labour

Chicago Sun-Times editorial: "it's time for Republicans to stop misleading the public"

For Terrorism To Work, It Takes An Action & Reaction

Part III: Exposing Our Enemy - Meet the Economic Elite

Pass a very specific law: Draft Limpblob, Beckkk, Coulter, Billo, Hannity. Send them to war.

Internet 3.0: US Policy of Leaving Internet Alone is Over

UCSD: The guy who yelled "N*****s" on student TV and set the university ablaze

Thanks to Babylonsister, Repost: No Need To Pass Health Care Through Reconciliation

The Democratic Party Suicide Prevention Thread

If the Medicare cuts of 21% go through with a Democratic majority...

Underage drinking? Colleges may tell mom, dad's not a dirty word!

Have you all been paying attention to what's happening to schools in this country?

So Jennifer Lopez is playing a nun in a Telemundo skit on SNL...


Pictures of the effect of the Tsunami here in Los Angeles area.

I'm drunk,andthisisit.

I hate free online slots.

Some of you definitely need this tonight

I need someone versed in Northwest family law...

Some of you might need this tonight

I hope none of the packages were marked "FRAGILE"...

What sites do you go to when you are gored?

nevermind.....dull post

would you buy underwear off of ebay?

Should I Go?

Please let this be the one. Please let this be the one. Please let this be the one.

A Very Creative Doggie Video

Passenger eats his winning ticket.

Advice or reviews on Kindle 2?

Here is an interesting picture I took, I call it Weeds in Winter

Respect Yourself

My caregiver brought me some sweet island skunk bud today

Check in if you lost your unemployment benefits today, thanks to Senator Bunning

100 years ago today

Yesterday, for the first time in 8 1/2 years of marriage, my wife...

My Fukin Wallet was just stolen

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/28/10

New game! Figure out where this is on the Earth

So I finally finished the Harry Potter series

Figure out where this is on the Earth Part 2

Congratulations to Canada!

Nude Model in Storefront in NYC's West Village

Felis Cattus Domesticus Ut Infinitio

As of tomorrow, the s.o. is covered by our all-encompassing health care

What's the best way to make a quick two grand?

Been dabbling in video....

need mac & windows help this windows 7...or is this just an upgrade from earlier windows

Puyallup, WA: Bikini Bottoms espresso stand barista charged with unlawful public exposure

For the "Star Trek Online" players.

Hot one in GD!

Anyone notice so-and-so hasn't posted much lately?

I asked my wife out last night, but she refused to go until curling was over

special needs kitty keeps stealing the socks

If someone gave me a hard time about wearing a denim shirt...

I have a computer question

Marylanders MPT 10:30 pm SCTV Golden Classics

How's this for a name of a classical group

Canucks take to the streets

I was gonna say a bunch of rude things for pay back fo comments made last week

Congrats to Canada!

female friends: if you're going to cheat on your husband, can you please not tell me?

I think I might speak for many many central Floridians right now when I say....

Disney's Recycled Animation

This is hands down, the most definitive Mental Eval test out there.

Comedic approach to the closing ceremonies?

In honor of the full moon tonight, the Wolf Moon from last month.

Release... The Crackling!


Vibe request for my girlfriend's dog

O.K.,,*here's* a topic!1 What cute/personable scientologists would you wish de-program & be NORMAL?!

O.K.,,*here's* a topic!1 What cute/personable scientologists would you wish de-program & be NORMAL?!

This is Canada's magic moment

I just found a 1936 nickel in my pocket change.

Latest earworm:

Tampa has a "StripperMobile"(?!)

**HEADS UP** Team USA about to face off with Canda for Olympic Gold in Hockey


question for computer experts

Which tv or movie couple had the best chemistry?

Max Headroom Returns!

R.I.P. My oldest friend

Now we have clinical proof to what we have all know for so long...We are smarter than conservatives.

So who won the Olympics?

The search is over. I found it. The funniest thing on the internet

Here is my picture, hope it works.

Looks like someone came across a freeper today

Zombo com still lives!

I just realized I've gone over 1000 posts.

why "empty net?"

A Canadian technology the world needs to adopt. Now.

Canuckistan is victorious

I love Canada...I do...I've been to Vancouver many, many

The end of the Olympics. Which National Anthems are the best.

The Giant Jesus on Interstate 75 speaks to America

Behold, the mighty Boobius Maximus of The Klingon Empire!

Happy St. David's Day!!!!

Our grandma had a massive stroke today. Hence, the "family conference".

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) House and Home Edition

Would you Dys someone wearing a denim shirt?

RIP dad

Moore’s Wife Potential Hopeful In KS 3rd District

Knowing when to quit Congress or get out of politics...when you get

Pass & Patch- important unknowns for hcr are swing voting Dems in the House, not Senators,not Repubs

The Real Reason Cynical Dem Pols Should Vote for the Health Care Bill

A Matter Of Life And Death

Looks like Obama will be running against Romney or Huckabee

Does Obamas plan do anything to prevent private insurance "death panels"?

Pelosi to Dems: back health bill even if it hurts - "Time is up...We really have to go forth"

Results of physical: POTUS is in "excellent health and fit for duty"

White House: Simple up-or-down vote on health care

Is it right for your neighbor to get a better deal than you?

"Exclusive: GOP Partners with ACME Corp to Plan Next Presidential Summit"

"The president is in excellent health and fit to lead"

Bipartisanship robs voters of the chance to influence policy

Some perspective on the "arrogance" outcry here

Un REc ??

Self proclaimed Hillary fan site wants Obama supporters and left wing Democrats to die.

Dallas Tea Party crowd's message is clear: 'We're not gonna take it' (health care = socialism)

I'm no fan of the site "Hillaryis44," but there's no need to smear them

Summit on C-Span being replayed now......

NOW Ben Nelson is all about passing the Health Care Bill

Run ads NOW that debunk supposed benefits of tort reform and selling insurance across state lines

AP: RFK's Grandson Decides Against Run for US House

Kyl defends Bunning blocking unemployment benefits

Exposing hate sites and whether DU should be involved.

Gramps McCain is on Meet The Press.......again.

AL-02: Bright Leads Big

AL-02: Bright Leads Big

The Cost of Doing Nothing on Health Care

For some reason I was thinking about Health Care reform ideas that could improve competition

What will her name be? Not Sarah nor Hillary, the next president of the US.

“Innovation has now cost us $7 trillion.”

"a funny thing happened on the way back to the usual bickering..."

White House: Simple up-or-down vote on health care

I owe a thank you to one or more DUers.

Bill Kristol to host new movie review show on Fox News!

Obama - Failure of Leadership, or Legislation?

Eric Cantor-"The truth is we Republicans DO care about healthcare reform."

The Coffee Party Movement

Cantor: We need ‘to get more people uninsured’

Official Photos: Inside the Obama White House. February 28th, 2010

Huffpo: Consumer Groups Rip Chris Dodd Over Financial Protection Agency Compromise

When the Repubs. claim they want to "start over," why doesn't anybody ask them

MODEST PROPOSAL: SWITCH Ed Secretary Arne Duncan & Treasury Sec Geithner

My slightly late one year report card on Obama

David Gregory is throwing McCain softballs!!!!

Do you ever believe that Obama is really the last hope for this country?

Obama Doctors "Also Recommended "Moderation Of Alcohol Intake".

Can we PLEASE have a moratorium on playing the "You're playing the race card!" card?

Obama apparently wants to see both Medicare be destroyed AND have the Repubs claim the higher ground

Krugman on ABC's This Week...disgusted!

PNAC Bill Kristol, while admitting he didn't watch the HC Summit, thought it was a "failure"

Video of Taliban commander leaves fate unclear

Iran frees four journalists, professor: report

Iraq says sacking of Saddam officers would be illegal

GOP challengers join Texas ed board battleground

CIA aids and abets terrorists with funds and weapons to sustain war on terror

Underage drinking? Colleges may tell mom, dad

U.S.: Senate Torture Probe Uncovers Missing Emails

Pelosi says GOP has hijacked 'tea party' movement

Chilean quake toll jumps to 708

regarding hoover's policies

Pelosi: Democrats will retain majority in House

New arguments advanced in (Prop. 8) gay marriage trial

No nuclear deal with Pakistan, says US

Iraqi PM accused of handing out guns in bid to buy tribal votes

U.S. airline, union disputes could disrupt flights

APNewsBreak: Kennedy III decides against House run

At least 45 dead in western Europe storms

Pelosi to Dems: back health bill even if it hurts

Actors support death row Briton

Enron's Jeff Skilling takes fight to US Supreme Court

Afghanistan bomb 'kills 11 civilians'

White House: Simple up or down vote on health care

President's doc: 'excellent' health, cut the cholesterol

Fatal car bomb targets Iraqi election convoy

Failure to aid drug users drives HIV spread - study

World warming unhindered by cold spells: scientists

Obama signs one-year extension of Patriot Act

Who Killed the Subpoena Power?

Proposition 8 Trial - Lawyers Theodore Olson & David Boies Interview - Pt. 1/5

Philippine farmers battle drought

Young Turks: Bill O'Reilly - 'Sarah Palin Needs To Go To College' (Video)

Nolan Treadway on Netroots Nation at the Sum of Change House Party

Coffee Party: How We Began

Interview with Michelle Singletary at Economic Empowerment Meeting

Republicans by Buckaroo Fush

America Rising An Open Letter to Democrat Politicians

Ac**kalypse now: That's Gay

The Wall Street Economic Death Squad - Part I

The Greatest Theft in History - Wall Street Economic Death Squad - Part II

Senator Brown Urges the Extension of Unemployment Insurance

Abolish the Senate, Start With the Filibuster

TYT Interviews Howard Dean on the Healthcare Summit

U.S. Army Veteran: Tea Party Doesn't Represent Me

Johnny weir: That's gay

The Amazing Atheist on Utah Outlawing Miscarriages

Nightly News misstates size of HCR by 100,000%

Rare video JFK 1960 Speech at the Houston Ministers

Troy Conrad of the Flamer Movement Joins TYT

Ewan McGregor Shuts Down George Stephanopoulos' Homophobic Reaction to His Kiss with Jim Carrey

Rick Sanchez frightens a scientist on CNN

Rachel Maddow on South Dakota's embarrassing, illiterate, unscientific, idiotic, climate bill

Wary Centrists Posing Challenge in Health Care Vote.

Commentary: Overhaul health care now

Media Sleeps While Democracy Burns, Patriot Act Will Be Renewed

Debra Medina, new star of America's right, is firing up the race for Texas governor

Americans need an intervention in health care

Hold CEOs, boards responsible for problems in firms: Buffett

New Left Review: Dispatches from the Emergency Room

A world away from Texas

What do we need health insurers for anyway?

Tea Party Frivolities - pop tv inanities, sponsored by the Faux-News network.

Why Conservatives Will Miss ACORN

Federal Government sources of revenue..

FLASHBACK: Hannity, Breitbart led conservative media fundraising 4 'vidiographers' who punked ACORN

Canadian Men's Hockey Team Celebrates Differently Than Women

The GOP War On Knowledge…or how the skids are being greased for America’s decline and fall.

'Yes, but where's Mr. Hoover?'

Sorry I couldn't be there for me (On the Hawaii governor's race, sort of)

Ending Private Insurers' Chokehold on Health Care

'Government in a box' in Marja

Frank Rich: The Axis of the Obsessed and Deranged

AP Enterprise: How nuclear equipment reached Iran

Conservatives Target Their Own Fringe

Ex-UN nuclear chief: change in Egypt is inevitable

How Sincere is Wal-Mart’s Demand that Chinese Suppliers Meet Labor and Environmental Standards?

White Collars Are Feeling the Blue-Collar Woes

(Toyota) Crash reports tell of horror

Murdoch's hunger for power is a looming threat to democracy

Why Liberals and Atheists Are More Intelligent.

Robert Parry: The NYT Veers Neocon

Patriot Games - From blowhardery to nihilism to...treason?

Pat Robertson: God angrier at Chile than Haiti

US banks veto 'socialist pay' in secret talks

Abu Ghraib guard’s case to be reviewed

Mystery of Australian nuclear scientist's 'bizarre' disappearance

(Japanese) Bill stipulates 25% CO2 cuts (from 1990 levels by 2020)

Can greener gadgets save us from e-waste?

Hospitalization of Gas Waste Contaminated Students Still Gets No Attention Here.

Nuclear Chicken: An Interview with Martin Hellman

"Landphoon" delivers a deluge across Queensland and Red Centre (more relief for the Murray Darling)

Vermonters Take on Nuclear Power

Asbestos Widely Used in Asia's Building Boom and Exported:

Italian mafia implicated in radioactive waste dumping

Losing life’s variety

Pentadyne Clean Energy Storage

Particulate Deposition (DFFW) in Children's Lung Tissue and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Environmentalists question coal's place in Obama policy

Health Care Reform Fallout

2 - 2 -------- YOW _ - USA Just tied it up

OMG! Tony Stewart just pitted for four tires and fuel.

Congrats Canada!

Any place to listen to livestream radio Olympic Hockey gold?

Hockey thread

Congratulations Canadian Hockey Team. Congratulations Canadian Hockey Fans.

Syracuse to be #1 tomorrow

NFL may change OT rules for playoffs

Crosby wins it in overtime

IOC failing in its responsibility to the Olympics

Rain triggers deadly floods in Haiti

Carlos still needs votes today through Monday. We can vote once day.

Helen Skelton completes Amazon adventure

X-post: Miami Considers Ban on Feeding the Homeless Without Proper Training

Ecuador: Controversy Over Drilling For Petroleum in the Amazon

PDVSA could drop Curacao refinery lease - Reuters

Israelis rush to join Mossad after Mahmoud al-Mabhouh killing

U.S. warns Syria: Stop arming Hezbollah immediately

'Anti-Semitism being taught in Spain schools'

Settlers to mark Goldstein's massacre in Ibrahimi Mosque

Dubai Police: 'Israeli PM To Be Put On Wanted List If Mossad's Links Proved'

For Israel, defiance comes at the cost of legitimacy


Meet the Youth for the Land of Israel - rightist zealots on a mission

Report: Mossad used Australian passports before Dubai row

Ontario Government Bans Use of '“Israeli Apartheid"

Irish councilmen snub Israeli ambassador

Israel Begins Distributing Gas Masks To Citizens

Hamas U.

Police enter Jerusalem holy site

Assassination latest act in nightmare without end

Israel planning Old City renovations without consultations

It is time for Israel's friends to condemn its acts of terrorism

AP: Teachers to appeal mass firings at RI high school

LAT: California Assembly Speaker-elect Pérez has ties to deep pockets (crusader for the marginalized

Today in Labor History Feb 28 The entire workforce walked off their jobs to support laid off workers

Commentary: Tough times call for solidarity

Flight Attendants seek workplace protections (first time in this new administration really a push)

Get Ready for a Really Big Show

Support Miners in Three Countries

Eleventh Annual Labor Studies Conference (Omaha April 10, 2010)

US Bancorp executives agree to meet with janitor facing foreclosure

Safeway Workers Ratify Company’s “Last Best And Final” Offer

Harry Potter speaks for gay suicide prevention

1999 Washington Post; Virginia Democrats see gun control as best hope of election

Robert T McCall 1919-2010

ANOTHER, "we win, by losing" article... and some commentary on where we should go now.

Chicago gun case could restore other civil rights

NASA not over the moon about prospect of buying out Constellation program contracts

How Tsunamis Work

Seals Sleep As They Sink in the Sea

A map of firearm registration laws in the United States...

Car salesman shot during test drive

Tour Bus Headed To Casino Damaged In Shooting by Youths

Meanwhile at Camp Courage

Buzz and bullets: Gun fans cheer Starbucks' policy

Family Day in Georgia

Nobody panic!

Was out walking today

Variations on the photo I asked people to critique. What do you think?


Dane Rudhyar: A treasure trove of online reading...

Chile earthquake precursor to events in July solar eclipse?

Rick DiClemente's March Starself Astrology Newsletter

Rick DiClemente's March Starself Astrology Newsletter

March 2010 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

Mortgage Modifications and You — Part 1

Carter ruined the economy; Reagan saved it

Rising Threat of Infections Unfazed by Antibiotics

Space workers rally to save jobs

Little advice requests re: kidney pain

Doc Pleads Guilty In Pfizer Fraud Case

Pinpointing immune system disturbances in celiac disease

McCain's disgusting vitamin ban bill

'Buy farmland and gold,' advises Dr Doom

Looking for some info please

Broad Foundation Awards $1.5 Million to National Center on Time & Learning to Double Partnerships

Teacher unions challenged in unprecedented face-off

Rose Gray, chef and co-founder of River Café, dies aged 71

What's your favorite way to cook trout?

Gotta be ultra frugal the next two weeks: reqest for frugal recipes and tips!