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Are Democrats' electoral fortunes improving (or at least not sucking quite as much)?

Get (at least) $1000 In Ameriquest Mortgage Settlement - Have until March 9, 2010!

US Federal Reserve chairman calls for austerity plan

Virginia lawmakers prepare billions in cuts

San Francisco school district prepares to lay off 900 workers

Skulls of new dinosaur species found in Utah

The Divisive RW Neocon No, No, No World According To Frank Luntz...

Let's talk Tea Bag

To Court Blacks, Foes of Abortion Make Racial Case

The "Happy Warrior" was right....

The "Happy Warrior" was right....

Tsunami Advisory for Hawaii (massive earthquake off of Chile)

Up Or Down. - So What Are You Going To Do? - 27 Feb 10

Tsunami advisories for Hawaii and West Coast US

Arne Duncan's Chicago School "reform:" Low income/minority kids doing WORSE.

digby: Can They Ever Stop Whining?

I didn't need to go to all that trouble to vote

Whole Pacific Rim on Tsunami Warning (per CNNI)

8.3-magnitude quake hits near Concepcion, Chile

Little Billy Kristol as you've never seen him before!!!

NC: Raleigh native Clay Aiken to give equality speech at Saturday's HRC Carolinas Gala

Please dont unrec this OP

Chinese high-rollers throw Las Vegas lifeline

Has Pat Robertson given us an explanation for the

Conjecture: How would Biden vote on a bill the White House did not support?

Check out military spending on this world clock

Interesting observation on my Health Care poll - "right" vs "privilege".

The people of Chile who have just suffered devastating earthquakes have universal health care.

Mr. Fish TOON: "Democratizing the Savage Middle East"

Obama needs to flex his political muscle (WP)

What Evan Bayh will be doing with his retirment -- Bashing Obama?

Yeats for today

The next step in HC reform?

Budget cuts for school take welcome mat away

LOL! The Missile Defense Agency logo that has righies moaning and crying was designed under Bush

The Dems in the Senate

Assume The Position, Chumps: Another Billion Dollar Bailout For Bankers

Surfed past FUX - NOT DISCUSSING EARTHQUAKE/TSUNAM - they are truly in a different universe...

'When I realized this is it, this will probably be the last time I will speak on the floor . . .'

SPECIAL REPORT: DOT to shut down on Tuesday March 2, 2010 because of Sen. Jim Bunning's non vote!

Rev. Rick Scarborough: "We're Trying to Mix Church and State God's Way"

MN Tea'Bagger Candidate: "Rosa Parks didn’t move to the front of the bus to support sodomy"

To Court Blacks, Foes of Abortion Make Racial Case

Uh oh.. Look out Polar Bears.. Company's coming

Does a Tsnumai warning mean that waves are going to hit?

USGS Link on Earthquake in Chile

3 meter Tsunami hits Robinson Crusoe island - Easter island next

Guardian UK: 'State of catastrophe' after huge earthquake hits Chile

"Backpack Journalism" - affecting news quality?

Live Earthquake Coverage From Chile

Shock, confusion after birth certificates voided

2fer Gawker's keen eye for humiliation: Sally QUINN. & the SANDFORDs' divorce to be televised.

Honolulu Web Cameras / Live Images / Hawaii under tsunami warning

John Cornyn (R-TX) lovingly high-fives "the courage of the junior senator from Kentucky"

Live Coverage from Hawaii MSNBC

Symphony of Science - The Poetry of Reality

Should Senator Bunning be on the floor of the Senate reading recipe books right now?

When Will the Market Accept the Reality of the Recovery?

Freeper thread "Pinochet Saved Thousands of Lives"

Expect more than a few building contractors

Republicans vs. Teeth

US offers help to Chile

The Last Bubble

Sen. Jeff Merkley: One Senator v.s. Working Americans

My first step to fight "catalog glut."

Well the Hawaii Tsunami alarms went off and they aren't very loud

2 nuke plant events - Netherland, Conn. and oil spill sabotage update, Italy

If I had the money this is what I'd buy

Anyone want to bet that FAUX news will label Bunning as the Democrat

The Earthquake in Chilie is the 7th largest recorded quake

Preparing for the Inevitable Bursting Bubble

Bunning is playing chicken.

Marjah was a 'success', now on to hyping Kandahar

Emanuel, Pelosi Meet In Capitol To Chart Health Care Course

It's common knowledge these days that you need to add 40 or 50 votes to any rec count...

Environmental disaster looms from River Po oil spill

Land of the Free report: US Military Spied on Planned Parenthood, Civilian Phone Calls

Tsunami advisory issued for British Columbia coast

Malaysia - Caning the messenger?

Stiglitz: Just Like 9/11 - Too-Big-To-Fail Was Just Another Fear-Mongering Ploy

Quake Survivors: 'It's Like End Of The World'

Home prices are down, unemployment is high but Rents still high

Was anyone else surprised by the new credit card rules?

Heads Up: In case you missed the Howard Zinn tribute, it's on CSPAN2 at 1 p.m. EST

Drive-by unrecs

POEM: Complicit in the cruelty of war, believing man a natural predator....

Buffett : CEOs at big corporations should pay penalties for misjudging risky deals

Senator Bunning, You Sorry Son Of A Bitch.

Ministers Question Status of Washington House (C Street)

If we end up with 6 inch tsunami waves is the media going to talk as long about it as they have

Liberalism, atheism, male sexual exclusivity linked to IQ

Roger Ebert will be on Oprah's show on Tuesday Talking with a new technology computer

Birthers Admit that Obama was born in Hawaii

The Tea Party's Military Wing

Cop Rapes Transsexual Man in San Antonio. (Transman)

I just don't get white fundamentalist Protestant culture

Families USA Report: More than 275,000 will die over next decade from lack of health insurance

Did you see Obama ignore that dumb ass Rangel question

350% Increase

Breaking: IUE-CWA Files Charges Against Whirlpool

Godforbid a natural calamity will strike Hawaii...

Former DOJ-ers-"Deliberate Effort To Destroy" Yoo's-Missing Torture Emails

In U.S., Barak Signals Israeli Autonomy Against Iran

Why is Obama so obsessed with what Republicans think? Perhaps because of racism?

DickWatch UPDATE: Heart attack-free for FIVE days! Take THAT, health care "critics!" USA! USA! USA!

Conservative Reihan Salam Lied Through His Teeth on Bill Maher's Show Last Night

Conservative Reihan Salam Lied Through His Teeth on Bill Maher's Show Last Night

BBC has video up of moment quake hit

Stay Safe Our Friends From Hawaii

Amy Goodman and Dr. Flowers discuss health reform

Amy Goodman and Dr. Flowers discuss health reform

Pieces of rare biblical manuscript reunited

Oh Yea,.... Well yuk y'all , Sez Pappy Bush ...

Let's Get Maried in Wrestling Ring

What is the estimated number of deaths, per day, that result from our lack of National Health Care?

Renewed tension looms in Turkey after military arrests

Renewed tension looms in Turkey after military arrests

An earthquake hits Chile and Hawaii is threatened with a tsunami.

The system works. Our HAMP modification finally approved and in effect

Of Invictus, Avatar, and lessons to be learned (sleep aids for the politically troubled mind)

Canadians good sports about women's hockey, less so for mens hockey....

You have got to check this out!... rightwingnut madness...

Is Cali in danger of a tsunami? Just heard an advisory went out

Just put a bet on less than 3 foot surge for Hawaii

MSNBC reporting on earthquake and tsumanis now! n/t

Humans are quirky creatures, aren't they?

If a significant tsunami hits Hawaii, who will be the first....

CNN has switched to local coverage

So Hawaii has been destroyed> We have to pick up and move on.

At least 16 dead, many injured after massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake in Chile (Update)

Live Streaming Tsunami Coverage (Hawaii)

Is Pat Robertson the world's biggest mother fucker?

Destined for the lounge.... what takes 122 trucks to move it and

Really ? Some of them agreed ?

Prediction: Science Deniers Will Say "Science=Guessing" If Tsunami Damage Is Minimal in Hawaii

AP - Pres Obama is ready to compromise with Republicans if they're serious

Tsunami hits French Polynesia after Chile earthquake

So how long before Limbaugh, Robertson, etc etc open mouth and insert foot?

I expect flames, etc., but COULD these recent quakes be caused

LMGTS: A massive earthquake in Chile...yet no climate change?

Live streaming from Hawaii TV

I feel sorry for Shuster

Photos from Chile

Locals reporting to news media

Giant wave destroys Obama's Birth Certificate, Freepers claim conspiracy!

Rent a Celebrity for your next party!

Update: Wave hits Chatham Is. at 1.5m (4 ft. 11in.). . .

Health insurance hikes stun small businesses

DISH, DirecTV licenses set to expire due to hold-ups in the upper chamber

Statement number ten from NOAA for West Coast

Tsunami Cancels Nude Photo Shoot

Attorney posts his law degree for sale on Craigslist for value of remaining student balance

Clueless in Kentucky

Congress spends too much time on stupid issues like smoking bans and covenent marriages. Not enough

Breaking news on MSNBC: tsunami reaches Hawaii

Breaking news on MSNBC: tsunami reaches Hawaii

Pacific Tsunami Museum, Hilo Bay web cam

Beach towns possibly wiped out in Chile

CNN: Buoy readings indicate 27 foot drop in ocean levels.n/t

Perriello for Congress MoveOn mailer 406-19 Anti trust vote

So when are they going to open Al Capone's Vault?

So when are they going to open Al Capone's Vault?

Hawaii Death Watch 2010 is interesting.

Pacific Tsunami Center: Tsunami has reached Hawaii Big Island.

Remember when Al Capone's secret room /safe was empty?

The Ignorant Righteous v. The Lower Merion School District: The Rush to Judgment

Government of Chile says over 500,000 homes

What happens to unemployment insurance after sunday

US Navy says they're only expecting a 2 foot surge

Well, it appears that liberals truly are smarter

MSNBC announced they are making a documentary about the Hawaiian Tsunami

Chile and Haiti: Preparedness lessons for you and me

Tragedy in Hawaii

What Medicare Means to My Family

The sirens are blaring

Spain Eases Restrictions on abortions

How diplomat's paperwork saved lives in Holocaust

Is there something fishy going on with the N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission?

A friend from work is visiting Chile.

"if rethugs believed that they were on the verge of retaking the chamber, they wouldn't be retiring"

Thoughts for Chile, and the Pacific Chains.

Brad Ellsworth's record

They ignored me. Can you believe it?

Hawaii now clear

OpenLeft: The Philosophy of Me (First and Only)

Mich. firm turns tables on outsourcing

Chicken Soup for the Universal Single Payer Enthusiast's Soul......

First wave hits Chatham Islands at 20cm; more likely to come

Heed Tsunami Warnings, Obama Says

Heed Tsunami Warnings, Obama Says

LA Times: UCSD student who hung noose has been suspended from school

LA Times: UCSD student who hung noose has been suspended from school

Forcible mandate to buy corporate private insurance.

Is David Gregory Deliberately Trying To Scuttle His Show?

Gingrich's dirty little fingers in the healthcare pie

Snowmaggedon, Son of Snowmaggedon, the Snowicane -- WHY do we let this HAPPEN???

Just in case you're wondering what the Freepers think about the UCSD noose...

For those on *Tsunami Watch* who are disappointed..

The morons in the control room at MSNBC should be fired (HI

The FDIC auctions off bad debts

Holy Shit... Entire Pacific Rim On Alert For Tsunami

Foreclosure solution...maybe: rescind all the ARMS from 2003 on

More Evidence of Marijuana-Psychosis Link

Quick report from Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren's town hall today

We can't even get the Olympics without a dose of 9/11, 9/11, 9/11...

Did Obama MAKE UP the tsunami story...

Anti-abortion and conservative Dems not on board with Pelosi re: Health Care Reform

Amazing earthquake picture

Call + Email both of your Senators, Reid (leader), and Durbin (whip)... this ain't over

Robinson Crusoe Island, Galapagos Islands and Easter Islands: Tsunami

Bwahaha I'm positive I've said this on DU half a dozen times already, but Republicans REALLY...

A Short History of Cursing in the U.S. Senate

India imposes limits on employment visas for foreign nationals

How Is The Job Situation Where You Live?

MUST SEE: Ted Olson And David Boies On Prop 8 - Bill Moyer's Journal

Sacramento Bee: Schwarzenegger's education budget could 'unravel'

Larry King: "Why were the scientists WRONG about the Hawaii tsunami?".

Rightwing media more and more reminds me of "invasion of the body snatchers"

Powerful quake strikes Argentina

Insurance Industry Preservation Act

Rep. Miller: House Democrats Must Pass Senate Healthcare Bill First On Mere Promise of Future Fixes

Rep. Miller: House Democrats Must Pass Senate Healthcare Bill First On Mere Promise of Future Fixes

What should we do with the party of NO?

has m$nbc thought about sending a camera crew to chile? there was a disaster there.

Bernanke: Naive or deliberately obtuse?

From Twitter: Whales have disappeared from Kawaihae Harbor.

Tony Perkins of Family Research Council Bumped From Prayer Lunch

Van Jones is a better man than I am......

Yu-Na was Willie Mays, Joe Montana, Gordie Howe, Magic Johnson. She was - is - simply the best.

Yu-Na was Willie Mays, Joe Montana, Gordie Howe, Magic Johnson. She was - is - simply the best.

Michael Steele Calls the Health Care Summit a "Death Panel for the Democrats This Fall"

CEO-new laws: pay punitive fines if CEO drive corp. into the ground

Financial reform bill faces tough slog in US Senate

Hey mods! There's a live one who has rung up 15 posts in no time...

I love how Obama didn't invite Olympia Snowe to the health care summit

Team forfeits playoff game due to religious fast

Should Caribbean nations be included in a North American Union?

Emergency shipment of condoms headed to Olympic athletes

John Day, Oregon protests Aryan Nations

We just watch "Nothing But The Truth" (based very roughly on Plame case) .... should reporters .....

Report: Israel Asks US To Put Return Of Syria Envoy On Hold

Senators Kerry, Graham, Lieberman to propose abandoning cap-and-trade

HA HA - Jim Bunning's Kentucky lost again

RW dismisses climate change as only a theory and not a fact

When did TWITTER become the most important source for NEWS?

Gagging here: Linder's replacement. They're pushing John Smoltz, another wackjob

Healthcare IS NOT like Other Consumer Products or Services

Should anti-choice fundies condemn their own 'god'?

John Day (Oregon): Neo-Nazis, Go Home

FDA-approved MS drug requires new label due to deadly side effect

Does Sarah Palin Suffer From The Dunning–Kruger Effect

I was shocked to learn that Michael Kelly is dead

I was shocked to learn that Michael Kelly is dead

I was shocked to learn that Michael Kelly is dead

Onoz! The Canadians have more Gold than we do!

Senator Scheiße

Who are your Top 10 favorite people in Congress this month?

A teabagger and a socialist met one day on Facebook . . .

A teabagger and a socialist met one day on Facebook . . .

German Left party ejected from parliament over protest against Afghanistan war

Solar Storms Could Be Earth's Next Katrina

I believe that the vast majority of the Republican party is suffering from untreated A.D.D.

Prince's Palace Found in Volcanic Crater

Obesity 'will cause more liver damage than alcohol'

Chile has a long, long history of earthquakes.

A word on this R.I. school that fired all of the teachers

1,000th Post: It's The Money, Stupid

The GOP Pitch For Black Votes

Your Congressperson and Senators

A Kennedy considers running for House seat

Are we moving towards a radicalization in politics? And why I hope so...

Lawsuit: Mother taken off life support without permission

Lawsuit: Mother taken off life support without permission

Lawsuit: Mother taken off life support without permission

Documents Reveal Anthem Blue Cross Manipulated Data to Justify Massive Rate Hike

Arizona Congressman (R - What else?) says black people had it better when they were slaves

President Obama considers halting all Home Foreclosures

The arrogance of being president while being black

Sunday Talk shows

78% of 75 Republican-party leaders consider Barack Obama a socialist

48 Hours Mystery is Reporting on the West Memphis 3 Right Now. n/t

False Confessions

Liberals and athiests are smarter

On Unemployment, We’ve Seen This Movie Before

"Turning Around" Public Schools:

CNN and MSNBC are covering the quake in Chile and the tsunami warning in HI. nt

James Inhofe, Senate’s top skeptic, explains his climate-hoax theory

A Fast-Growing, New Labor Union For People WITHOUT Jobs!

Argentina had a 6.3 earthquake today too

C-Span Caller drives the nail home with a single blow

C-Span Caller drives the nail home with a single blow

Navy scrambling from Hawaii

Thank You President Obama for Appointing a Scientist With an Understanding of the Tsunami Threat

Frank Rich: The Axis of the Obsessed and Deranged

The Freeper thread that crystalizes the right's attitude re: health care

Tea Party at Baptist Church ... Shouldn't taxes be revoked ?

Chile was ready for quake, Haiti wasn't (AP)

BREAKING: Robertson Claims “God Even Angrier with Chile than Haiti”

The miscalculation of Science

Unemployment group wants Bunning ousted from Baseball Hall of Fame

White House signals an end to their bipartisanship on health reform

Sen. David Vitter, R-La., vowed to fight the plan "with every ounce of energy I have."

drug tests for those on assistance? Bill says also test legislators too!!!

I could use some help with a Moyer's quote

Democrats vote to renew Patriot Act

a religious moment in the grocery store

Health Care Reform: Short term "gains" vs. long term cataclysmic failures

Marie Osmond's teen-aged son committed suicide

Alcohol FOUR TIMES more likely to cause psychosis than cannabis in teens

Death-row inmate Linda Carty launches last-chance appeal to US Supreme Court

start loading up your freezer with bread...badass fungus on the way.

Spain braces for massive storm

Alcohol abuse is a four times better predictor of psychosis than pot abuse..

4.4 earthquake near Oklahoma City

Hartmann caller "If our health care is the best, why don't other countries want it?" nt

Amnesty International plea: Stop Lindsey Graham from de-funding 9-11 trials!

NBC is Showing a 9/11 Documentary during the Olympics

Goodbye Wifes and Daughters: Another Cautionary Coal Story

Just Went to a Tea Party Rally

Beer-drinking, smoking chimp sent to rehab

False choices in HC reform?

"Military Intelligence Overstepped Boundaries with Alaska Group"

"Military Intelligence Overstepped Boundaries with Alaska Group"

The Despicable Patriot Act Is Quietly Renewed By Congress

Breaking News GOP Breakfast in Hawaii Canceled: Rove and Gov Linda Lingle, $2500 a plate

Is this TRUE, or NOT? Is 55% of the total US budget going to MILITARY??

The Crazy Bus Diaries: A Collection of Michele Bachmann's Greatest Hits

Reefer Rocks

Another Republican Bites The Dust

Jobs, community 'Worth fighting for' (Space Funding in Florida)

Yoo: It's Not the Crime, It's the Coverup--I Know a Thing or Two About Missing E-mails

Yoo: It's Not the Crime, It's the Coverup--I Know a Thing or Two About Missing E-mails

Why not cut WIC cards?

BWAHAHAAAAAA! The ULTIMATE freeper fuckin' CRYBABY LOSER post of ALL TIME. You will LOVE it.

If you're reporting below the poverty line in income, do you get grants for college education?

A Very Good Primer on Plate Tectonics -- Please Read

A little Mental Floss: Is this 7-year old the next Mozart? (Emily Bear)

Need some Ayn Rand help...

If I was a parent of a son who was of Military Age...I'd tell him to SIGN UP!

Earthquakes due to global warming

Here's how people in AZ will be affected by this unemployment thing

Here's how people in AZ will be affected by this unemployment thing

Two things: A clear concise indictment of charters, and a Chicago fight to stop school closings.

NY Times - Al Gore - "We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change"

States move to revoke charities' tax exemptions

Missouri GOP attempts to balance budget on the backs of children and abused women

Wouldn't a doctor who orders unnecessary tests be guilty of malpractice?

Medical marijuana news. Cannabidiol stops the spread of breast cancer.

Can someone post my video for me? (DU problem).

Weird to read 2001 words of Michael Pearl on "Biblical chastisement" light of recent events.

Health Care In This Country Is Simply MEDIEVAL =====>

Long-time cannabis use linked to psychosis: study

I am about to join the Army!!!

President Obama has signed the extension of the Patriot Act

Do the American people deserve healthcare?

Pavement - Silence Kid/Kit

Oscars to hire DJ this year!

holy hell

holy hell

Opposing Views: Tilikum the killer whale speaks about Seaworld attack


A panda walks into a bar, sits down and orders a sandwich...

Bruce Wayne

Snowing hard again - supposed to be "flurries" at worst today, looks like 1/2" already.

Please dont unrec this OP

Has anyone here seen the show "Meteorite Men"?

OMG...I thought it was Sunday! I came looking for my LOLCats and...

I Dig A Pony- Beatles live

If you have an indoor/outdoor cat....and you think my dog is NOT going to eat it....

Somehow this seems appropriate

creepy commercial from the 80s

Just got a new laptop...

Dog eats biscuits with hands! invitation code

Doin' my Beer Nuts Bar Mix happy dance!

The First Rule of Tautology Club is the First Rule of Tautology Club

Another poorly-named product...

Are there any Jeff Smith fans here ("Bone", "RASL") ?

Power out for 36 hours, did I miss anything?

I Am Happy Today! And Boy, Does It Feel Good!


Fuh Q

Watch Out Hawaii, Sue Nami is knocking at your door

Dont Open Till Doomsday

Funk & awesome afros: The Ohio Players!

ok, stacking up pillows and adjusting the blinds so there's a patch of sunshine for my doggie to

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/27/10

What job would you like to try for a week or so?

it doesn't seem so long ago, I was young, skinny, good-looking,

Australian with TB raps it up in Quarantine. Super awesome videos!! LOL-tastic

What's the point?

RE: Discussion of Ridley Scott adjusting the editing and versions of his films

Destined for the lounge.... what takes 122 trucks to move it and

off to see the King of California - Dave Alvin.

I have a stye. :(

Konings Hoeven Quad + Brother Thelonius + Midas Touch

My Radio show is in a moment! Check it out

"Oh don't mind me. I'm just in one of those 20 year cycles where I'm trying to destroy myself"

Scotty "Conspiracy Theory" Lago proves conclusively that he is up-to-his-eyeballs full of shit.

Does a good indoor kitty dirt bath exist?

Gold medal curling match starting now on CNBC

Open letter to NBC

PHOTOS: Today's shoot @ new client, a very cool Taqueria. MEXICAN, anyone???

Global Communication - 14:31

Am I the only one who originally thought that Lawrence Welk was born in Europe?

Panda Express??!?!?!?! WTF is that all about?

does any one know why

If I could travel through time and change one event in human history...

I thank whoever decided to put a snorkel on my 4 wheeler

California! Sun is blinding and yellow, sky half black, half blue, rain is coming down in SHEETS.

Snowblowing. Sounds like some kind of recreational exercise, doesn't it?

Whats the point of White Pizza?

Favorite Woody Harrelson Movie

Time to play MRSCORPIO'S WHO AM I?

Marie Osmond 18yr son dead..

Your mom

My one problem with Blade Runner

The Great Gig In The Sky - Pink Floyd

I would like for DU to have a "I'm not real fond of you tonight so just leave me alone group"

What's your favorite guitar "fade out" tune ?

Dogfish Head Midas Touch Original Ale - YUM!

Ozzie Guillen is now on Twitter

Things you would mind being caught doing right at the moment the world ended.

Let's start a pool to see when "Kirstie Alley's Big Life" gets banned from Teh Longue.

Tsunami watch

Looks like March will come in like a lamb instead of a lion this year.

Idea for next winter Olympics

Rec this if you're smarter than I am.

This one is going to be a little easier, Time for another WHO AM I?

Mmm... Girl Scout Cookies.

O.K., here's a TRUE Lounge topic: The local VFW can only survive

TZ confessed that she has Billy Idol songs on her iPod.

Just saw District 9....

A poll for anyone who's comfortable using the "word" IRREGARDLESS

Are there any free sites like photo bucket to keep pictures?

When the Olympics broadcast signed off this aft. was that Nickelback playing in the background?

Sitting here at my desk, with no pants on, eating cheese...

This picture is the cutest picture you will see today.

I want to post a picture, how do I do it.

Soda Thief (Pic, Adorable!)

Really Severe Thunderstorms in UAE (my home) right now

Turner Classic Movie Channel Addicts.

Things you wouldn't mind being caught doing right at the moment the world ended.

A recent picture...Sunlight through a wave...

Conan O'Brien Tweets..

Iggy Pop - Bang Bang

ah... back on DU

a rare failblog WIN

***Happy Birthday, Heidi!***

Time for MrScorpio's STAR TREK GAME! Let's play

People really used to shave with pumice stones?

Things you wouldn't mind being caught doing wrong at the moment the world ended.

Best Film of 2009: The Hurt Locker

I just DL'd nosquint add on for firefox. Wow. Adios glasses. Just thought I'd share it.

Is there a DU Oscar Poll this year?

You know the point in a fast where you start dreaming of food?

Come on home, son.

Why hasn't there been a flick about Kerouac and the Beats?

A collection of an actor's or actresse's greatest work

So, what's everybody doing tonight?

So, my marriage is basically going down the tubes...

I can't find my cat!

What sites do you go to when you are bored?

Post your Hawaii memories here!

What was your favorite 80's or so arcade game? (& pls help - going crazy trying to remember one...)

Does insomnia drive anybody else crazy sometimes?

Sushi lovers rejoice!

Is There Some Major Musician or Band or other Artist You "Suddenly Appreciated" Rather Late in Life?

Songs with god-awful lyrics.

What is the most annoying song of 2010?

How do you cope, what do you do when you just keep getting bad news followed by more

Finally saw "I Am Legend"

Former lawmaker Keet eyes GOP run for governor

Rand Paul Begins Reserving Primary Ad Time

Pawlenty endorses McCain

John Stephen to run for governor

So how many balls the head did Jim Bunning take while playing in the MLB?

"Here's a deal - you drop the filibuster, D's will drop reconciliation. Deal? "

Greg Sargent's The Plum Line: Saturday Roundup

Majority rules: Let's vote...and let's move on

Hill Steps Aside for Ellsworth for IN Senate

Campbell Opens Gap with Rivals in Poll

Crazy tea party member calls Obama half white RACIST

President Obama is either incredibly WEAK . . .

It's Time to Act-Letter to the President, Senators, Reps...

Repukes - Misrep Health Prems - 'Washington Week'

DiFi and Blum: a Marriage Marinated in Money

Deleted by OP...Wrong Forum..

An Exclusive Transcript of the Obama-Cheney Phone Call

Grimaud considers primary bid against Wilson

Weygand, Pell grandson opt out of House race

Despite the media spin, "the train is leaving the station" without Republicans.

Is the Missile Defense Agency's logo Obama-meets-Islam?

Indiana: Hill Won't Run for Senate

The right way to frame the case for healthcare reform

Krugman on the MSMGOP's "arrogant and condescending" meme and more

McConnell before and after the summit

Dick Cheney would have died long ago if he didn't have government-run health care

Tony Perkins of Family Research Council Bumped From Prayer Lunch - May I say....

Van Jones' Accepts NAACP Image Award; Speech w/t Message to Pres. Obama, Americans and Glenn Beck!

If the Democratic party doesn't turn this Bunning douche bag into the poster boy for the repukes

What would you like see added to the Obama HCR bill?

Linder To Retire (R)

AP: RFK's Grandson Weighing US House Run in Massachusetts

Whirlpool: Keep It Made in America

CNN is trying to say there's a poll out saying the people want to drop this health care bill

Noonan: Obama is entering 'a boorish phase' (again)

Proposal to Pay Contractor Employees Living Wages Sparks Republican Outcry

Republicans are frustrated their BS isn't working, where are the media pundits?

Now Politico is in the business of finding a GOP successor for obama. They're turning into FOX

Obama: Compromise on health if GOP is serious - "It is time..."

The difference between me and the those on the other side is pretty simple.

DGA helps out White

After Watching For A Year, I Finally Figured Out WHO Obama Is...

Stupid ass on Bill Mahar claims the rethugs have played the health care issue better than O

Was Jimmy Carter THAT Bad?

This is hilarious...Hardball's compliation of Republican's talking points during summit.

Unemployment Hits 10.8%, Presidential Approval Drops to 35% (Reagan)

The arrogance of being president while being black

Obama rushing to Hawaii to monitor Tsunami (Picture)

I guess the media just said fuck Haiti

The Axis of the Obsessed and Deranged, By FRANK RICH <-- *READ THIS*

If You Had To Stake Your DU Membership On It, Who Would You Say WILL Be The repuke nominee in 2012?

Obama Signs One-Year Extension Of Patriot Act

Leahy At OPR Hearing: 'Where Are Mr. Yoo's E-Mails?'

US House approves sharing spy files on Argentina

U.S. Sen Dodd's bank super-cop may be doomed-source

USGS: 8.5 M Earthquake near Concepcion, Chile

8.3-magnitude quake hits Chile – USGS

US to extend controversial Bush-era law

China insider sees revolution brewing

US to spend $50 million on media in Pakistan

Obama: Healthcare reform can't wait a generation

Spain braces for massive storm

Hawaii prepares evacuations ahead of tsunami

Colombia election open as court blocks Uribe run

Preparing for the Inevitable Bursting Bubble

US military monitoring situation after Chile quake

House Democrats: Obama's support could lead to final passage of health-care bill

Enhanced screening of Pakistani passengers at JFK

Death-row inmate Linda Carty launches last-chance appeal to US Supreme Court

John Linder retiring (Repub/Georgia)

Hawaii under tsunami warning

Lingle (HI Gov) issues emergency proclamation

Marie Osmond’s son commits suicide

Long-time cannabis use linked to psychosis: study

Tsunami hits Chile as Pacific rim braces for impact

First Tsunami Wave Reaches Hawaii.

Abu Sayyaf militants raid Philippine village

8.3-magnitude quake hits Chile – USGS

South Yemen call for independence

Tsunami expert: `We dodged a bullet'

UK troops to remain in Afghanistan 'for five years'

Killer whales back on show after US trainer's death

Sentencing delayed for abortion provider's killer

AP source: RFK's grandson weighing US House run

Tories caught up in new immigration storm

Big tsunami wave hits town

US police quash protesting students in Berkeley

The moment when the quake hit Chile

Transportation Layoffs Said to Be Weighed as U.S. Funds Expire

Obama: Compromise on health if GOP is serious

Haiti to urge homeless to return to ruined houses

Secret Service Computers Only Work at 60 Percent Capacity; Agency Uses 1980s Mainframe

GOPs oppose proposal for consumer bureau at Treasury Department

US, Afghan forces clear last parts of Taliban area

San Diego students storm offices after noose found

Buffett: Execs should pay price for risky bets

California is a greater risk than Greece, warns JP Morgan chief

Supreme Court scrutinizes state, local gun control

UCSD student who hung noose has been suspended from school (Noose ignites more protests at UCSD)

Glenn Beck Is Above Sticking Progressive Label On Joe Stack - But Not Hitler

Rachel Maddow & Ezra Klein on continuing to wait for GOP on HCR

The Ongoing War on American Soil

Senator McCaskill: Lets Talk About Some Other Things That Have Not Been Paid For! pt.1

Liberalviewer: Nobody on Fox News Defends Right to Jury Trial?

Senator From Kentucky Explains Why He Won't Allow An Extention Of Unemployment For 30 Days

Specter/Sestak: Question 5- What Are you Going to do About the Trade Deficit?

Senator Bunning To People Losing Unemployment Benefits

Glenn Beck -- Stages of Human Development

Van Jones sends a little shout out and love to Glenn Beck

Shot in the Back: The Human Impact of the Honduran Coup

"Thanks, John!"

Al Franken 1997 interview with Tom Synder.

Shep Smith Calls Out John Thune, R-SD, for Repeating Republican Talking Points

Young Turks: Guilty Plea - Unarmed Men Shot By Cops During Katrina On Bridge

Reid: Objections to Extending Unemployment Benefits is Immoral

Congressman Alan Grayson: $12 Trillion Gone and No One Punished

Young Turks: Are All the Toyotas Busted? & Implicit Bribes

Congressman Alan Grayson: Is NASA Becoming a Faith-Based Initiative?

Hawaii five-o theme song

Rush Limbaugh Spanks Himself

What We know about Climate Change/Climate Denial Crock of the Week

President Obama's Weekly Address

Lights Go Out On Chavez

Sen Whitehouse: Republicans Are Completely Silent When Millionairs & Billionairs Get Tax Cuts! pt.1

Joel Silberman: Americans Misinformed, Media Creates Misinformation, No One Does Anything About It

Maher: NEW RULES February 26th - Hurry and watch it while it lasts!

Sarah Palin's iPhone

Democracy Now Headlines 2/26/10. A Reminder of What News Should Look Like.

Marco Rubio and the FLGOP Credit Card Scandal

Detroit Metro Times: Single-Payer-Minded

Harvard Professor's Shocking Proposal: Starve the Palestinians in Gaza into Having Fewer Babies

US to spend $50 million on media in Pakistan

Arrested for Doodling on a Desk? "Zero Tolerance" at Schools Is Going Way Too Far

Dick Cheney Advocates Waterboarding of Killer Whale

Louisville Courier-Journal: More gun lunacy

The Power of Local

Merkley, Stabenow Explain Why Bunning Succeeded In Blocking UI/COBRA Benefits

32% of those individuals obliterated in northwestern Pakistan by U.S. drones over the past 6 years h

Master plan to restore ancient sites in Iraq

We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change: Al Gore in the New York Times

Buffett’s Bargain Shopping Spree

Joseph Stiglitz: The Great American Bank Robbery

Joseph Stiglitz: The Great American Bank Robbery

Michael Winship | Two Legal Foes Unite to Fight for Same-Sex Marriage

Personnel Profile: Nate Phelps - estranged son of Fred Phelps speaks out his abusive childhood

Taxed Enough Already - The Bastion of the Deceived and Duped

It's George Wallace's GOP Now

China insider sees revolution brewing

The Picture

James Inhofe, Senate’s top skeptic, explains his climate-hoax theory

Real Goods Solar Celebrates Completion of 417kW Solar Electric Installation (at affordable housing)

GE Confirms Offshore (wind) Turbine Details (big ~ 4 MW each)

MetLife and John Hancock Finance 19-Megawatt Solar Power Plant (CO - 100 mew jobs)

7 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Food

Duke Energy invests in (underground compressed air) storage project for renewable energy

Rockland, Mass. Grade School Follows in Steps of High School, Installs Solar (Stimulus $$$)

(Texas) Utility Will Help Homeowners Go Solar ($35 a month for rooftop PV system)

Leaking Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant shutdown ordered

Toronto: the greenest city in North America?

Al Gore NYT op-ed; and Bush says Jimmy Carter's criticism's made his life "miserable"

Nuclear Reactors, Dams at Risk Due to Global Warming

The U.S. Solar Market: Assessing the Potential

Maine's maple syrup season begins a month early due to global warming

How the nuclear power industry misrepresents its performance record.

Solar power project (392 MW) in Mojave Desert gets $1.4 billion boost from stimulus funds

2 Va. firms seek to establish offshore wind farms (1500 MW)

Solar Storms Could Be Earth's Next Katrina

Kanga and camel is the way to go

Maine's latest global warming disasters, fatalities etc.

As costs of new nuclear plants soar, PV module prices drop to historic lows and keep on falling

Congratulations to Canada for winning the gold medal in men's hockey!

Barry Bonds' wife files for divorce

Big day in college basketball...SPOLIERS!!!!

Olympics Spoiler!

Mods: would it be possible to move all joeybee and madinmaryland threads to the Lounge?

has a sport ever gone from being absolutely ridiculed to one of the most popular olympic events?

They are about to do a Curling skit on SNL!

Holmgren eyes one-man show at QB (QB Competition won't work)

Alright. Pro football thread. Who is your dream team?

Why is the U.K. so crappy at winter sports?

I'm a straight dude who thinks figure skating is definitely a sport.


The JR Chess Report (February 27): Topa Takes Linares; Upsets in Reykjavik; Baden Baden Falls in BL

Panda now has better vision!!

US House approves sharing spy files on Argentina

South Atlantic: Britain May Provoke New Conflict With Argentina

USGS reports 8.3-magnitude earthquake hits Chile

Honduras: We Refuse To Go Back (Video)

CHILE QUAKE: Big tsunami wave hits town

Ex-Priest Turned Journalist Speaks on Venezuela

Mabhuh killers 'in Israel': Dubai police chief

Harvard Professor's Shocking Proposal: Starve the Palestinians in Gaza into Having Fewer Babies

Hitting the wrong target

Building the first 'Palestinian settlement'

Staunch House Labor Supporter Hasn’t Made Up Mind on Health Reform

Official: Cruze is ‘Ohio car’ (Updated Made in USA 40 mpg Road & Track video)

Today in Labor History Feb 27 The Supreme Court rules that sit-down strikes are illegal

To Regain Public’s Support, Labor and Dems Must Push Harder for Jobs

Biden proposes new rules to protect retirement funds

Millions Of U.S. Workers Are Cheated By Mis-Classification As Contractors

Solidarity Center’s Union-to-Union Relief Effort Helps Haitian Workers ($ for $ match)

Equal Rights

Garden State Equality is going to Washington, DC -- want to join us?

A Kick Ass Music Video By SSION

I am singing tonight at the Raleigh HRC dinner

Ewan McGregor Doesn’t Think Homophobia Is Funny

Lady Gaga Grabs Her Faux Package

Bill Moyers' Brilliant Video Interview with David Boies and Ted Olson on the Prop 8 Trial

Mom, boyfriend charged for 3-year-old's shooting

Convergent evolution: The homoplasy of teabaggers and gun controllers

Gun Control advocates: "we win, by losing"

2 charged in shooting that wounded mother holding child

Why US v. Miller is Such a Pathetically Reasoned and Poorly Written Decision

Astrology causes Climate Change

'Echoes' in bat and dolphin DNA

Skulls of new dinosaur species found in Utah

Police: neighbor shot intruder during home invasion

Suspect killed in home invasion gunbattle

Chronic Back Pain Soothed by Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Elusive Dark Matter May Be Hidden on Earth

the orangutan and the hound

There is potential for a large tsunami as far away as the Aleutians and the Kamchatka Peninsula

NASA Plans to Visit the Sun

Decatur Man Shoots Burglary Suspect

Do assault weapons look less menacing when they are pink?

Louisville Courier-Journal: More gun lunacy

But, only the police should have firearms!!

I want to apologize for losing my temper with you all yesterday.

Sarah Palin to be Keynote NRA Speaker

stop sign shadow

Southern Iowa barn quilts (pic heavy)

Solara 4-Part Video Series


Surprise Marketplace opera performance in Valencia

About the earthquake in Chile.

holy craps. energy alert update: 6.4 earthquake today in Argentina

Join the Move Your Money Flyer campaign

The Clapper

Strengthening Local Economies Through Alternative Currencies; conference call 3/1

When Greece Met Goldman

cpap users- any advice about "rug burns" from the mask?

Depression’s Upside: Depressed affect made people think better.

Right wing slams White House for meeting with atheist ‘hate groups’

Team forfeits playoff game due to religious fast

Church attendance soars with the 15 minute Mass

I just don't get white fundamentalist Protestant culture

Charter school overcharges students for federally funded reduced-price lunches

District May End Economic Diversity Program

Anyone know how schools in Miami rate?

Nudging Schools to Help Students With Learning Disabilities

Detroit Public Schools principal, bookkeeper suspended over alleged misuse of funds

Virginia acts to limit use of exam for special-ed students after criticism

Should a tenured teacher be fired because he used candy as an incentive?

Obama's Idea of Education Reform? Fire All the Teachers

I Won! Oh My God, I Won!

Kali's Mexican Skillet Stir Fry Dinner

What dishes do you think of as "Latin" food?

Pad thai for dinner tonight