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To be a soldier ... or a human being: One woman's encounter with 'don't ask, don't tell'

When people ask "What's going on", they don't really mean it

Obama nominates another former Clinton Appointee to the US Circuit

New England Veterans Observe 1000th U.S. Afghanistan death

Senate Democrats take cautious tack in giving predictions on jobs measure

NY governor suspends aide, seeks investigation

HA! Yeeeeeesssss!!!

Is government by the people for the people of the people scary to GOP

Is government by the people for the people of the people scary to GOP

Obama no longer insisting on consumer protection agency, speculative investments limit (WP)

Obama no longer insisting on consumer protection agency, speculative investments limit (WP)

Gov. Paterson Suspends Aide

House votes to kill antitrust exemption for health insurers

Scientists find way to make cheap gas from coal

Two charts that look interesting side-by-side:

Legislators Reintroduce Bill to End Government's Use of Security Contractors

Bankers Are Overpaid, Says Morgan Stanley Chairman

Toomey Holds Big Leads in Pennsylvania

"We're Number 37" - Paul Hipp

EPA sharply criticizes military's Guam plan

Workers' share of America's pie is shrinking (lowest ever)

Up Or Down. - Majority Rules - 25 Feb 10

George Snaffleopagus is having verbal sex with O'Loofah on GMA

Must read- Kidnapping for Jesus

SC lawmaker proposes abortion funding ban

Marjah residents blame wounds on foreign troops

(Facebook Attack Alert) Sarah Palin on Obama's Health Care Plan: Putting Perfume on a Pig

Every Democrat who says 'public option is dead' is an accessory to public option's murder

Well, my friend just shipped off to Afghanistan with his national guard troop

Pole Dancers Push To Compete In Next Olympics......

Not As Dumb As He Looks

The Civil Rights BATTLE Of Our Time--Expanded Medicare For ALL.

The Civil Rights BATTLE Of Our Time--Expanded Medicare For ALL.

Scott Brown tied to Holocaust Revisionist's Anti-Gay Hate Group

Entitlement Programs: Killing a Myth

Spain OKs new abortion law, angers church

Simple question = simple answer

Toyota vs Big Pharma- perspective toon

Right Wing to Glenn Beck: We want your insanity, we just don't want you to insult the GOP

Will today reconfirm how utterly broken our political system is.... or demonstrate

A Military Wife's Tirade Against Glenn Beck

Reuters: Renegade German war hero who saved French port dies

Health Care For America NOW!

Jobless Claims in U.S. Unexpectedly Increased 22,000 Last Week to 496,000


Healthcare Summit at 10:00 a.m. EST on CNN and

PeeWee Herman eying a senate run?

Gordon Brown to Tony Blair: 'You ruined my life.'

Did anyone just hear Shadegg on MJ re: healthcare just now?

Yoo's "Mock Burial Technique #12" - Bury Them Alive...Just "Need More Time" To Approve


Health Care Meeting Link

Is there an official Health Care Summit post? It is starting soon. nt

Pissing off the Insurance Corporations

Eric Cantor on CNBC

Should Anthony Weiner's remarks apply to both sides of the aisle?

How would things be different if McSame/Bimbo and the Repukes had won?

Movie studios appeal against iiNet piracy ruling

Now THIS is a march I'd like to see!

Senate renews Patriot Act. Democrats retreat from adding new privacy protections to the law

CBC Chairwoman Barbara Lee Says “Stop Calling It the Jobs Bill”

Medvedev says no return to Cold War tensions over NATO expansion

The Republicans are whispering and conspiring on my TV...

A Military Wife's Tirade Against Glenn Beck

Michael Steele just compared having health care to having a driver's license.

Mandates without single payor or

Anthony Weiner's live blog of the Health Care Summit

Yeah!!! Right!!!! - Renounce This Act - Don't Use Reconciliation......

Yar'Adua's stealthy return to Nigeria raises concerns

Watch conference live online

John Murtha's widow is endorsing Mark Critz to fill Murtha's seat

John Murtha's widow is endorsing Mark Critz to fill Murtha's seat

ATTN: Republicans Obama is much smarter than you will ever be.

Oh, goodie. A health care summit.

Detroit Mayor Bing emphasizes need to shrink city

Health Care Meeting Prediction

The Clapper

Mr. Boner . . .Is that a stack of paper in your pants?

Former Madoof Operations Exec. Arrested

The 3rd installment of NYT's promised bombshells finally delivers (PATERSON)

Vermont Senate Votes to Close Nuclear Plant

How was it determined who would participate in the meeting? And, who was excluded? nt

"Ignore Public Option at your Great Peril"

"Ignore Public Option at your Great Peril"

EXCELLENT! Jon Stewart Skewers GOP For Deeming Health Care Summit A "Setup" (VIDEO)

Behind the Tea Party Facade, Just Another Bush-League Republican

“I’m Live-Tweeting My Abortion”

Reconciliation Usage – Republicans 14, Democrats 5

Reid's hitting republicans hard at the health summit

Jobless Claims Nearing Half-Million, Again

I hope Obama gives Boehner and the Repubs detention since

Top Taliban’s arrest an ominous signal

Obama SHUTTING DOWN Lamar! "The Interrupter" Alexander

Afghan flag flown over Marjah town

The Startup Visa: Create Jobs, Get A Green Card

caption this Obama & McCain pic

Reid To Lamar: "Again, Lamar, you're entitled to your opinions but not your own facts."

Tom Coburn at the Healthcare summit....

LA Times: Students walk out of UC San Diego teach-in

Lamar: let's discuss the facts another day

"Toyoda" to work with Feds

Marjah: Success for the Military, Hell for the Residents

Marjah: Success for the Military, Hell for the Residents

Max Baucus:"We're doing what the GOP wants.....

Healthcare Summit: Can people distinguish the facts from the bullshit?

Baucus sounds tipsy

Reconciliation Usage – Republicans 14, Democrats 5

Ok, that went well. Now let the Reconciliation begin.

MSNBC, Nobody Gives a Shit what your Panel says, n/t.

Nuclear subsidies put taxpayers at risk

The Wonk Room: A HANDY guide to debunking Republican talking points at the health care summit.

Why the company is called "Toyota" and not "Toyoda" (as per my local paper)

Armstrong fucking Williams!!

Oh, shit: Calif. Assembly to vote on 'Cuss Free Week' resolution

Uh oh...looks like Palin will be demanding her next apology from Falafel Boy

MSNBC: Is it just a coincidence you keep breaking away when Democrats are talking?

The Rude Pundit: Live Irish Coffee Blogging the First Hour or So ...

RW Upset that Missile Defense logo looks Muslim and Obama logo

Go Democrats!

clarity . . .

Schumer is right....

Teacher hailed as a hero says he just did job

Teachers' unions are not to blame

How bout a quick email to Anthony Weiner on his great job on the Senate Floor!

undercover patients wanted

Officials Puzzle Over Millions of Dollars Leaving Afghanistan by Plane for Dubai

Who else just switched to C-SPAN?

Kyl seemed rebut the grandfathering point the Pres raised. Was he right?

The elephant in the room...

WTF? Armstrong Williams: "Obama is arrogant..."

Re: Olbermann's special comment last night. Anyone know where a complete transcript may be located?

Absolute must read about the Canadian Premier who went to US for heart surgery.

We should cap malpractice lawsuits....

The fucking Democrats won the election, NOT the fucking republicans

Someone explain how the right makes William Ayers an Terrorist and that Austin Plane guy a hero

Check out live streaming with the speaker's donors listed

Choice and competition

Coburn: Food Stamps and school lunches are what cause most childhood diabetes

Liveblogging summit, Sunrise Foundation tracks speakers corporate donors

***Healthcare summit thread***

Afghanistan and the Specter of Vietnam (1.5 Hour Panel Discussion)

Politico author, misinformed or lying (health care summit)

My Goodness! Someone finally making sense. Louise Slaughter

"Puppet Cleavage" too much for Colorado Springs

Banks Bet Greece Defaults on Debt They Helped Hide

Legislature considering puppy-mill regulations(NC)

STFU Mike Pence

Radical Right and White Supremacists Line Up Behind Terrorism

Are They Not Going To Time Comments Because One Can Take Over......

The republicans just opened their remarks by saying they want to start from scratch

Obama closes his eyes, RealClearPolitics Smears Obama As Having Fallen Asleep

The Democratic Party Is a Majority Owned Subsidiary of the Corporate Lobby Cartel

Republican Health Care 'Reform':

The Apology

If tax cuts make business more competitive, why wouldn't savings in health

If tax cuts make business more competitive, why wouldn't savings in health

***Healthcare summit thread 2***

The only path forward - or two paths - that I can see from today's meeting

Right wing all aTwitter over Rep. Slaughter's tale of the 'dead sister's teeth,'

Health Care Fighting at the Health Care Summit...

Eric Cantor said overwhelming majority of Americans...

Eric Cantor said overwhelming majority of Americans...

Ins Co largest institutional gamblers on Wall Street: hr 2 of Thom Hartman Feb 24

How many ReTHUGS has Andrea Mitchell interviewed

Meg Whitman is running unopposed for Governor of the most populous US State. We. Must. Stop. Her.

Memo to Greece: Make War, Not Love, With Goldman Sachs

After nearly 3 months of self-imposed exile from TeeV "news" coverage,

FACEBOOK DUers: Join "Defeat Eric Cantor in 2010"

Virginia - Counter-Protest Against the Westboro Baptist Church next week.

Health care smackdown part III

Health care smackdown part III

So it comes down to this: either we get a little bit of reform in the medical system

Louise Slaughter is 80?

Watching the HCR summit, the Dems' problem is what they're proposing is so milquetoast they don't

Jon Kyl just said insurance should cover less care....

Jon Kyl just said insurance should cover less care....

New Toyotas will have non-stick accelerators

Ben Stein or Puncture Wound in the Eye Socket?

A message to the GOP

How do I figure out how much it's costing to drive my car?

Why is Eric Cantor talking so loud

does anybody know what the latest is on the SD reservations? have been pretty much out of touch

Eric 'The Eel' Moussambani - An Olympic moment to remember

Health care reform summit smackdown part I

Death of Sea World trainer: Do 'killer whales' belong in theme parks?

Report: Coal ash fouling N.C. waters

Andy Borowitz strikes again

Oh boy, this should be fun. Last hour of Hartmann - 2:07 EST.

President Poo Poos Pub's Political Paper Prop

OBAMA TO MCCAIN: "We're not campaigning anymore. The election's over."

Ezra Klein: There is no plan B for health reform (IOW, ignore the Eeyores and demoralization trolls)

Separated at Birth

Here's my cautious prediction of what will occur after the summit.

How much did Republicans involve Democrats in the drafting of their bills?

PIC: What Democrats pretend the GOP is vs. What it really is


Why isn't Elizabeth Warren the Secretary of the Treasury?

Segregation based on heath care must stop

Obama/McCain Summit Smackdown

Democrats Cowed By Republicans on Patriot Act

Reduced-cruelty "Faux Gras" made from free-range chicken liver and tofu

Pissed off about the student spycam case? A DUer has a great idea

Marsha Blackburn sure flaps her gums

Breaking: CNN's Stunning One-Sided Coverage of Health Care Summit

If I hear" "The majority of the American people want us to start over again"

The Fiction That Home Sales Will Improve

It looks like Obama said...

Obligatory Word Cloud of Obama’s opening remarks at Health Care Summit

Uinterrupted Coverage here

Worker Layoffs Have Profound Health Effects & Shorten Life Expectancy

Paul Ryan(R) just said elected officials...

What do you think Obama's 2012 campaign slogan will be?

What do you think Obama's 2012 campaign slogan will be?

Republicans have used reconciliation 14 times. Democrats 8 times, since 1981

Not only are the rich not taxed fairly, they don't even get parking tickets.....

Petition to Whirlpool to keep jobs in the US

Fed eyes insurance contracts on Greek debt

They should have included the question, 'Do you favor Health Care Reform?' on this year's census.

This is a death panel right now on CNN, and the Republicans are arguing to let more Americans die.

Hillary Clinton blasts Greenspan on U.S. deficit

Anthem Blue Cross plans 17.2% rate hike for Wisconsin customers

Liberals Have Lost Their Thunder

Another police cover-up is now getting investigated by feds

'MRAP-like' Strykers Could Be Fielded in 2011 (July 2011?)

Obama May Compromise on Consumer Agency to Pass Financial Regulation, Please Bankers

$1 billion for the new embassy in London.

Another Palin Aide Leaves "To Care For Family." Sarah Less Than Gracious About The Departure

O'Reilly on "Creating Political Fear in America"

Hey John Boner - Why Don't We Have Medicare For Everyone?....

Hey John Boner - Why Don't We Have Medicare For Everyone?....

The Dems need to tell the Rethugs to "Fuck off."

McCain reacts to the threat from Haywood and the Tea Partyers

McCain reacts to the threat from Haywood and the Tea Partyers

Did anyone else see Mitch the chinless ignore the

1,000 US Soldier Suicides

Reality: If the GOP actually wanted any health care reform, why didn't they do it when

This coverage is horrible both CNN and MSNBC cut in when good points are being made.

Heads up, Florida people.

John McCain and his holier-than-thou attitude

Light at the end of the tunnel: Weekly jobless claims jump 22,000 to 496,000

Mitch McConnell's dishonest quoting of healthcare polls

NYC Panel for Ed Policy approves ban on bake sales (while still allowing packaged food sales)

Obama to Barrasso

Bishops, other Catholics urge bipartisan action on health care reform

Coma Man Still Can’t Communicate, Doc Finally Admits it

SUNLIGHT FOUNDATION-Best Way To Watch Summit-INCLUDES Name/$$$ Of Industry For Whomever Is Speaking

Has the danger level of the winter games been raised on purpose? Is death possibility built in?

Eric Alterman: When the accusation (anti-Semitism) says more about the accuser than the accused.

Here is the GOP plan coming from today's summit:

When Will the Market Accept the Reality of the Recovery?

When Will the Market Accept the Reality of the Recovery?

When Will the Market Accept the Reality of the Recovery? Compares Chevy Cobalt and Toyota Corolla Steering Complaints...

Hypocrites! Call for the end of production of the Toyota Land Cruiser & Sequoia, Nissan Armada and

Medicare Solvency

The GOP's plan in proposing to start over on health care boils down to one thing.

Carrie Prejean Living In Sin With Fiance Kyle Boller

I'm interested in installing that webcam spy software in case my laptop is stolen

I'm interested in installing that webcam spy software in case my laptop is stolen

Health care smackdown part II

Fact check: Will premiums go up?

An analogy for the Dem and GOP approaches to healthcare...

When did Chris Wallace become such a ...

Senator John Barrasso on Now

Quote of the year: Cantor: "...people who are ALLEGEDLY wronged by our health care system..."

****Healthcare summit thread 3***

Rep. Reyes Introduces a Measure Re-Criminalizing Torture

Sweet wounded Jesus. There's a Tea Party chapter near me. (SE Pennsylvania)

Citibank Shuts Down Gay Entrepreneur’s Bank Account Over Blog’s Content

Citibank Shuts Down Gay Entrepreneur’s Bank Account Over Blog’s Content

I Think President Obama should kill the bill and start all over - with one stipulation

Cop Pleads Guilty To Massive Cover Up In Post-Katrina Shootings

Bull Pucky - Polls!!!! - Yeah If You Ask People Just Do They Support This Bill Or Not ....

Emergency shipment of condoms headed to Olympic athletes

Blah, blah, blah McConnell, blah, blah, blah

Companies infused eight lobbyists for every federal lawmaker into the health

Keith slams Dan ABRAMS about Teabags by making a slew of baldness innuendos

Health care choice: crappy plan as written, or crappier status quo

The Republicans have finally convinced me of what I think.

Venezuela annuls election of anti-Chavez mayor

File this directly under: No Shit Sherlock

Jon Kyl's summary of the basic differences in the health care plan.

So, honestly, what will be the result of the health care summit?

So, honestly, what will be the result of the health care summit?

You'll love this. I was arguing with a freeper type yesterday...

Coverage Does Not Equal Care - But Wouldn't You Be Proud If We.....

Has the GOP provided their HCR bill for the American people to see?

Rio de Janeiro Archdiocese sues Columbia Pictures over Jesus statue destruction in "2012"

Ok GOD, stop playing around, when is his next heart attack going to be fatal?

A cut in the Payroll Tax sounds like a great idea at first blush...

A cut in the Payroll Tax sounds like a great idea at first blush...

CNN, Seriously....

Sheppard Smith just incited violence by telling Sen Cardin

I want to apologize to Republicans for having a chronic illness.

Remember kids, you can't feel schadenfreude over the Hummer, only over Toyota!

Why does MSNBC keep cutting away from Democrats to have Republicans spin the whole thing?

On English as the National Language, and Health Care

On English as the National Language, and Health Care

Anybody streaming the summit on their IPhone?

Dupe! Mods please delete.

Poll: Dems Lead In Illinois Senate And Gubernatorial Races

Okay, what's the game plan did the republicons..

Afghan Wounded Tell of More Left Behind in Marjah

1 to 3 years for false rape accusation

GOP cries foul over amendment to Intel bill

Please delete

The Republican Glossary of Sure-Fixes & Happy Living.. American Style

coburn explained it

coburn explained it

Marco Rubio under scrutiny for racking up nearly $110 thousand on GOP credit card.

Rep. Dean Heller (R-NV): Is the government creating ‘hobos’ with unemployment benefit extensions?

John Dingell is the last speaker

Idiot Republicans, you're the minority party. You don't **deserve** more than crumbs!

Any guesses on what happens next after today? I was at work and watched none of it.

NPR epic-fails the definition of Single Payer.

Jeb Bush: Sarah lacks understanding ..Bill O'Reilly: 'Sarah Palin Needs To Go To College' (VIDEO)

Tax the shit out of corporations, and close the loopholes

The summits that should have been

OK, time for the post-game. What did you think?


Beware the Good Samaritan

I think the purpose of today's health care conference has become clear, as has its outcome

The data is finally in on Political Forums..

No Countdown Tonight

Obama exposes Republican assholery - in three short sentences.

Wisconsin Teen Gets 15 Years for Facebook Sex-Extortion Scam

Speaker Pelosi reminds summit that the Public Option would save $120 billion (Video)

They shoulda listened to Rush.....Bwhahahaha...n/t

Health Care No Stranger To Reconciliation Process

Obama is driving the ReTHUGS crazy in this wrap up

98 Organizations Oppose Obama's Monsanto Man, Islam Siddiqui, for

Another Republican POS......

Kudos, Obama. However this plays out , a great closing statement.

JP Morgan CEO quote of the day...

Bipartisanship on Healthcare is finished.

So, why not do BOTH a Public Option and allow insurance across state lines?

FYI, the FIRST Toyota

Tracking Justice Stevens' Milestones

The problem with this event being during the day...

The Plot to Kill Social Security

Free Trade, junk economics, dying middle class, & where we went wrong.

Prop. 8 suit closing arguments may be televised

Rep. Paul Ryan

Obama Takes Dr. Barrasso To Medical School

Don't enforce parking rules where rich people live, officers were told in Oakland, Calif.

Workers' share of America's pie is shrinking

*Join the Copper Revolution!*

Caught on Tape: Selling America's Secrets

“You usually don’t get 80-year-old female burglars.”

Rockefeller: ‘The health insurance industry is the shark that sits

Obama eyes Democrats-only endgame at healthcare summit

"Malaysia wants to organise an international conference to "discuss" the caning of women."

Durbin on Fire!!

Thank you, Keith Olbermann

Vincent Van Gogh Painting Authenticated by Art Experts

10 Billionth Download On iTunes Is A JOHNNY CASH Song!

Mrs. Carvell put it on the table...

A Paean to Medical Marijuana

"The American people say scrap the bill and start over"

If The Rs Really Listened To The People, They'd Concede The Election Results From 2008

Russia's Lavrov Says No Proof Iran Working On Nuclear Weapons

Here's What I'm Sick To Death Of: The Claim That The American People Don't Want ...

Rubio (FL-R) Gets "Expensive" Haircut..

Ex-officer pleads guilty in Katrina killing probe

Under-30 Americans: The Next New Dealers - E.J. Dionne

Gordon Brown Calls On America To Repeal DADT, Calls UK LGBT Soldiers ‘The Pride Of Our Country’

I don't understand the need to backdoor single-payer--JUST BOLDLY DO IT, UP FRONT!

Let's play a few rounds of "Obfuscation Lexicon"

Michele Bachmann's campaign gets a little "star power" fundraising help. Oh, you betcha.

So I didn't have time to search, but...

We have a Democratic President and Democratic Party leading both houses of Congress...

The Magical PR Myth - If President Obama Only Ran A Better Campaign, It Would Have Been Easy

McConnell, Boehner and Kyl statements to the press show they haven't budged -

Howard Dean Talks Healthcare Summit - 7pm ET/4pm PT @ &

I actually envy the message machine that the repubicans have

I got home early today, flipped on the TV to the "summit" broadcast and was confronted

I got home early today, flipped on the TV to the "summit" broadcast and was confronted

State of the Bailout: Propublica offers website scorecard tracking money loan vs. money recovered

Do you think Obama knew Pelosi was going to bring up the Public Option? And

Supporters of National Healthcare and protesters against it outside of Blair House -pics

California GOP US Senate primary: Fiorina aide accuse of calling Tom Campbell anti-semitic

Bipartisan contractors prepare to build a house:



"...deputy dressed as leprechaun..." (How MY city makes extra money)

In Capitalism: A Love Story - Link to the Citigroup leaked internal memo on "Plutonomy"

Do members of Congress get free, govt. healthcare?

Citibank Shuts Down Gay Entrepreneur’s Bank Account Over Blog’s Content

Reuters: More generations living under same roof

Apple’s Jobs Prefers Having Cash to Paying Dividends


Durbin To Repubs: "If You This Its A Socialist Plot-Then Drop Out Of Fed Employees Health Program"

President Obama Nominates Three for District Court Bench

Reflexes, Predictable... (toon)

The Canadians lost in Olympic hockey, but....

FCC Wants to Transition Broadcast TV Spectrum To Mobile Use

They've got Health Care and the Ladies Hockey Gold

So Rethugs insist we "sell across state lines"....

Whirlpool warns the workers it's about to toss out into the street not to protest the plant closing

McConnell "Discouraged" By Obama Healthcare Summit

Rodney James Alcala found guilty again; Time to put the bastard to death

Looks like the media is trying to tell us that I am visually, mentally and audically challenged

The Unemployed Now Have Their Own Union, and It's Catching on Quickly

Letter to the President - by David V. Clough, MD

'Put chain-smoking John Boehner on the individual insurance market and watch what happens'

I missed the summit, is there a way to get a video of it yet? nt

The Irony Meter REDLINES...Jeb Bush says 2010 & 2012 public leaders need "intellectual curiosity"

GOP cries foul over torture amendment to Intel bill

Fl Senate Candidate Rubio spent thousands with GOP credit card

Nordic combined, the story of this Olympics for Team USA? (Spoiler Alert!)

The rise and fall of Missouri lawmaker Rod Jetton

Cspan, tonight as I type this, is being commandeered by the GOP.

So if the federal government passed a law?

There Are Only Two Outcomes to Healthcare: Single-Payer or an Uninsured Majority of the Population

There Are Only Two Outcomes to Healthcare: Single-Payer or an Uninsured Majority of the Population

Howard Zinn: A Radical Treasure by Bob Herbert

Check out Yahoo News' front page right now

What happened to KO - it was billed as his special and now we get

Rogge warns women's hockey to improve or exit

Andrew Koenig may have been found.

Former exec: Toyota was 'hijacked'

Jon Stewart has delivered the best rundown of the health summit

NYTimes Owes Us An ACORN Smear Retraction

1976: Cheney, Rumsfeld Lobby for Nuclear Power Plant in Iran

CSPAN2 - Bernie Sanders is on fire live -

Facing Huge Deficits, KS lawmakers instead choose to enact a state wide smoking ban

Scientists Find First Physiological Evidence of Brain's Response To Inequality

In baseball venacular, how is Obama's hitting going? Do you like his new stance at home plate?

Scahill: Blackwater used shell company to defraud US government

Reminder: Judiciary hearing meeting on the torture memos Fri 10am.

Why Obama MUST prosecute torture.

RH Reality Check: CBS behind anti-choice billboards in Atlanta.

"My son took his own life," Walter Koenig said.

HCR Summit rebroadcast on C-Span 1 right now!!!!!!

HOW TO: Grow an Edible, Vertical Garden in 5 Steps

HOW TO: Grow an Edible, Vertical Garden in 5 Steps

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

SPYCAM: New allegations by plaintiff's attorney...

HCR Lies and distortions... how many have there been??

If I could afford to get my teeth fixed, I would spit nails at him. A letter from Richard Burr.

Local Dems giving repubs a taste of their own...

If you had any doubt that HuffPo is mostly worthless

A Republican is a person whose mind is made up, even if he's dead wrong

At Closing Plant, Ordeal Included Heart Attacks

even cnn is off the deep end tonight with sanja gupta ( the fraud with wrong facts)

Losing Google Would Hit Chinese Science Hard

So Republicans made America the "Greatest Country on Earth"?

(Gallup) 20% Underemployed in U.S.

Bill O'Reilly And Pat Buchanan Are Now The Sane Voices On The Right

Steve Jobs says Apple must 'think big' with $40 billion in cash

Obama & his dirty little trade rep are at it again.

Paul Krugman: Afflicting the Afflicted

It's nice to see the Nation be advertised on television.

Today's Republican health care talking point: "Let's start over with a blank sheet of paper."

wait did I just see Darrell Issa on Tweety

wait did I just see Darrell Issa on Tweety

Blackwater about to be awarded a new ($1 Billion) contract in Afghanistan

Guess I'm a teabagger now...

Guess I'm a teabagger now...

I don't know about you, but I'm declaring today's summit to be a victory.

I don't think the equation changed at all in this health summit - The Prez still holds the advantage

Marco Rubio charged personal bills on GOP card...

While you weren't paying attention, the powers-that-be crammed "public option" down your throat

Just got a robocall from "Rachel at Credit Card Services" --

List of Assassinations in the United States

Is MSNBC showing anything related to politics today (9PM ET)?

Ex-Klan wizard's son sues Palm Beach County GOP for party seat

Ex-Klan wizard's son sues Palm Beach County GOP for party seat

At about 4:40 this afternoon Sen. Coburn (R-OK) said the "KEY GOAL"

Rockefeller absolutely chastising the Insurance Industry

Great - Medicare Tanks Just As I A Baby Boomer Will Become Eligible......

More Toyota Testimony Lost in Translation

Damn look at snow in BInghamton, New York


PM Brown hosts RECEPTION for GLBT soldiers: "No one need walk the road to equality alone again"

And now, the latest Freeper outrage (yes, it's dumb as shit)

Blue-collar workers hanging on by thread

Blue-collar workers hanging on by thread

So ..... while I am not at all happy with the current health insurance plan, I gotta give huge kudos

Doctors' Group: Obama Plan Leaves Millions Uninsured, Boosts Private Insurers

GOP Rep. Dean Heller claims extending unemployment benefits is creating ‘hobos.’


Olympic curling pants take world by storm!

HEADLINE: Obama Official Applauds Rhode Island Teacher Firings

Caption McCain and Boehner

Health Scandal of the Decade – Monsanto’s GMO Perversion of Food

The odds that Sarah Palin will have a career-ending Macaca Moment?

Laptop family is no stranger to legal disputes


Caption this pic

political victory for Republicans: Senate Passes 1-Year Extension Of Key Patriot Act Provisions

Heads Exploding... it's a scientific fact...

Given the current environment surrounding the women's health care

The Real Reason Obama's Plan Doesn't Include a Public Option

AP reports Ethics Panel finding that Charles Rangel broke House rules

Alternative lunch in our public school--due to Lent

Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz: "What We're Doing Is Socializing Losses And Privatizing Gains"

Framing 'Reconciliation' as minor "fixes", most specifically demanded by Republicans

Mr. Prez just called Boner a liar...

Gays taking over the world???

Boehner - "This is not a time for ideological purity"

How does Taxing junk food prevents Obesity?

Oakland's parking officers told (by memo) not to ticket 2 wealthy neighborhoods

Senator Bernie Sanders: "Obama is Wrong, Making a Mistake on P.O."

Blueberry Battle Turns Ugly Between Walmart and Pasco County Man

Nice story about the bouquets given to the Olympic winners

Does Anyone Know Why Dan Abrams Was Fired From MSNBC?

Why do we eat our own?

The Last Four Minutes of Air France Flight 447 - DER SPIEGEL 2/25

Wow... Good For Brian Willams And NBC... (Canadian Health Care)

my the number one post. What the hell has happened

"Today’s New Right looks a lot like the New Left of the ’60s" - your take?

Alert! It looks like C-Span 3 is re-running the summit meeting, if you missed it. nt

Glenn Beck: Blond, Dumb & Dangerous

Glenn Beck: Blond, Dumb & Dangerous

Biologists: Killer whales 'neurotic' in captivity

Duh! Is it just me, or is health care an inalienable right of all human

Comment from Congressman Weiner on Ryan and ending Medicare

Subprime 2.0 - the next Crisis is Ramping up (Dollars & Sense)

The Fall of the House of Murdoch

HUMMER IS DEAD! Schadenfreude runs rampant!

Right Wing myths about DADT busted

Body of Growing Pains actor found in Vancouver (Andrew Koenig)

Bush could NEVER do what Obama did today

Mr Obama, Give me one good reason why the Public Option is 'not available"?

Violent French husbands 'may be tagged'

Probiotics: Secret to Good Health or Crackpot Supplement Fad?

The Republicans are Insufferable

Their Code Words} Lower Taxes, Smaller Government; Bust Thru Their BS

I developed a cloture vote counter aka Tarantino counter.

UCSD Black Student Union declares "State of Emergency" after student broadcast (Fraternity to Sue!)

Irregardless of Opinions of Cable News Chatterers, Both Parties

Why Leahy Is Afraid to Subpoena Yoo

McCain: "We Arizonans hate California because they've stolen our water."

I got bad news from the IRS and I'm not going to fly a plane into a building

Is there any grass roots efforts for a march for health care in Washington?

TV chef dropped for cat recipe comments, chef won't apologize

Some people angry after a white sorority wins "step" competition

Skewing The Health Care Debate (about today)

Breaking: CNN's Stunning One-Sided Coverage of Health Care Summit

Republican comes clean on affair with mother-in-law

For those people that wonder why some people are quick to consider conspiracy

Sen. Durbin Destroys Republican Arguments on Malpractice Reform

Took Bipolar Friend to Free Clinic.Fundie Dr tried faith healing.

Would you cheer a "snatch and grab" if it brought war criminals to justice?

Would you cheer a "snatch and grab" if it brought war criminals to justice?

Mass firings in RI may signal new trend. Fire all the teachers.

Sibel Edmonds Has Named Names. Why Isn't The Media Reporting the Story?

I've been arrested twice in three years for photographing cops against their wishes

NC teacher suspended over remarks on her Facebook page

Does anyone else think that Muse's 'Uprising' and Blondie's 'Call Me'

A special smiley for you snowbound DUers...

Canada WON against RUSSIA

Did anyone woke up at 2:30am this morning?

A man's struggle with a very sick, perhaps dieing parent.

Freepers stand for "NOT nationalizing our country": comic relief

I was ODB.

Is it alright

One VERY lucky dog!

OOPS! Never mind!

How come some towels don't dry worth a toot? Some almost repel water.

Effort to make the chicken the state bird of Georgia

I watched the Health Insurance summit and fell asleep.

I love my butterfly avatar

Fuck. Pain. I haven't been able to sleep; it's like an ice-pick is stabbing me in the tooth

Is it wrong to let my dog preclean my shirts and pants?

Light As A Feather

RIP (Rust In Pieces), Hummer.

Kirsten Dunst Cosplaying 'Turning Japanese'.....WTF????

Live Funeral Obama Supporter, Story for why we need healthcare

Do you now or have you ever owned a Creed (ence Clearwater Revival) album?

What I Like Most About You Is Your Girlfriend

Our Lips Are Sealed

Mirror in the Bathroom

Is it wrong to let my dog preclean my pots and pans?

Making money looking at ads?

General Public

People who aren't superstitious are just

Message To You Rudy

Driving In My Car

Aerosmith back together, touring Europe this summer. Short, funny video from the band:

House Of Fun

Simmer down

Irie Warrior

Missouri mules--why do people refer to them? What makes them more special than mules from other

Off The Beaten Track

The Show Is Coming

Je T'Aime

Can't Take It Easy

Can't Take It Easy

Devious Woman

Herbman Hustlin'

This is the heavy, heavy monster sound

Night Nurse

In honor of LocutOs post on the girl dumped on live radio


Bull in the Pen

When you see will squirt mortar.

I must sheepishly admit that I am a horrible excuse for a human being

I must sheepishly admit that I am a horrible excuse for a human being

Help Anyone, on Facebook, is there a way to

Shamrock Shakes....

Do you now or have you ever owned a Creed album?

Rock Lobster

Rock Lobster


Charlotte Gainsbourg's new album, IRM - your thoughts?

Shit, are the Olympics still going on? I'm bored of them already! Why o why...

Just tried to watch three Nickelback videos - couldn't do it. Couldn't even watch one. Awful.

Curry! Mmmmmmmm!

"The waifs keep coming on the ocean"

Riddle: what is the significance of this set of letters?

never heard of this breed of dog before: a Jack Shit

George Harrison would have been 67

Have you ever gone for it?

"Brian, DON'T!"

A bobsled question...

Orangina has two new funny ads.


Screw Figure Skating, Ski Jumping's on!

Age Hasn't Slowed 80-Year-Old California Burglar

Recovering from my hysterectomy...

Little help with Microsoft Excel, please

One of those "A A A A A R R G G H H ! ! !" days already.

I gotta scrap the stuff off my shoes.

NYPD Investigating Seinfeld Parking Placard

"Woodstock" is on VH1 Classics

Mmmmmm bourbon after work.

Marcus Garvey

nah, nah,nah, nah ....nah, nah, nah, nah... hey hey hey, goodbyeeee

U.S. vs. Canadian Women Hockey shortly!!!!

OMG! Boner is dead!

Has anyone else seen the pics of Hillary Duff just when she got engaged?

grrr, someone hit my car last night, left no note of course

Ravi Shankar

Variations on a theme of CHOCOLATE

Firefox "Text Only" browser extension for dialup users

Oh. My. God. Reporter Has An ...Errr..."Accident" During Interview! (Greatest Video Ever?)

Showtime, Everybody! Dig the hotness!

I have a confession to make...

Suggestions for potty training a new pup

Do you now or have you ever owned a Creedence album?

Whatever happen to whoisalhedges

Why aren't we MARCHING ON WASHINGTON with Pitchforks & torches?

Sweden vs. Canada just starting

Even though my situation really really really sucks right now...

Steve Guttenberg - he was a pretty decent actor. What happened to him?

Oh. My. God.

Confess!!! How many of the bands in LynneSin's Hall of Suck are on your MP3 Player

Eurotrash? Where do they get these guys?

10 Trashiest Quotes from "Strangers With Candy"

Any Ween fans on DU?

Fuck. Just broke my wireless mouse

have you ever seen something so vile, disgusting, and contrary to human instinct

i wish it was warm and wet

I've noticed my alcohol intake has increased dramatically in the last few weeks.

Favorite Movie Car

Do you work with people that are constantly selling their stuff?

I'm starting the "Rock & Roll Hall of Suck" museum - list your nominations here

YouTube: "Female Wolf Spider With Babies On Her Back." That's a LOT of little wolf spiders.

My mom's had another heart attack.

Is it okay to use a little bit of Ranch dressing for deviled eggs if I don't have enough mayo?


I am almost completely burned out, and I'm afraid to tell anyone at school.

So, second year in China coming up....

I just heard an ad for breast cancer and hcr. The woman said her mother had


The phrase of the day from GD: "narcissistic tinfoil-hat persecution complex"

Your Weapon of Choice for the Zombie Apocalypse

Anybody use this free software.

What is your cry-like-a-baby song as of this minute?

A few thoughts regarding orcas

How much could I get on EBay for a sock in the image of Vincent Schiavelli?

Women's Free Style Skating has begun.

Do you now or have you ever owned a Toyota?

Which shitty artist did most unholy, God awful abomination of a cover of a classic song?

Girl Scout Cookies are the devil

When you wake up naked on someone's front porch, and have no idea how you got there, you know...

And now Ideas for new dangerous, yet amusing sports:

I've been on hold for 14 minutes

Ex-Bush adviser Dan Senor weighing run against Gillibrand as Republican

Whitman has Overwhelming Lead over Poizner in new Statewide Poll

Whitman has Overwhelming Lead over Poizner in new Statewide Poll

Barnett leads to succeed Moran

Cenk is getting to be annoying. Now he's angry about Politico saying Obama's team is working on

NM-Gov: Denish Leads Domenici (Jr.) by 5

The Mad Hater...

Cenk Destroys Milbank/Rahmno Article

Sunlight Foundation live blogging healthcare summit

The Speaker: No 'incrementalism' on Health Care Reform (Excerpts of planned remarks at summit)

Biden discloses records to agencies that Cheney often rebuffed

Biden discloses records to agencies that Cheney often rebuffed

Menendez Wants Ellsworth For Bayh Seat

So I am watching Bloomberg and they are parading all these lobbyists for their view on the HCR

Oh no! President's Health Care Summit Like a ShamWow Commercial

Six Hours At The Table: What To Expect At White House Health Care Summit:WH Plans 4 Themes

I love it did you hear Marsha Blackburn introduce herself to POTUS. . .

I will be tweeting the health care summit...

For some reason I can only listen...

Following who is "yelling the loudest" is not a good political strategy.

USA Today Poll: 56% think Dems will make a sincere effort at the summit, 54% think GOP wont.

In South Carolina poll, Obama does better than GOP senators

Health Summit Drinking Game

Coburn has been using the "fraud" story on healthcare and he's full of shit

Lamar Alexander brings up malpractice insurance problem

Chamber Poll: Rubio, 48; Crist, 30

I wonder if the republicans are going to bring up fraud or tort reform?

If this Summit were

I don't see Obama's teleprompter.

WaPo, media try to play "liberals" on claim about administration's consumer agency

The display of bigger balls re: Health Care Summit

In His 7 Years In The Senate, Lamar Alexander Voted For Reconciliation Bills At Least 4 Times

"Lord" Boustany took $1.25 M From Health Industry

Oh my God...I'm done with REpublicans...that fool (McConnell) is keeping time!? Who does that?!

Caption This -- Obama and Boner.

If no Republican has the balls to call Obama a socialist to his face today then they . . .

Healthcare Summit: Republicans talk MONEY! Democrats talk saving LIVES!

***Official Healthcare Summit Thread****

"Battle at Blair House" - Viewing Guide

Cantor: "mine is bigger than your's"

The media suck

Where to Watch Obama's Health Care Summit Online

Pence on MSNBC. There, its been said. The Rs will not budge.

Why isn't the Dem response to the deman to abandon reconciliation : when you abandon the filibuster"

Cantor---PWND!! Thanks Pres.

Louise Slaughter: On Dentures

Uh oh...Biden is getting pissed!!!

Can someone give me an msnbc live feed?

**** Health Care Summit: Thread #3 ****

I love Obama's People at this summit.

CSPAN-3? Really?

Obama's Bold Plan for Bank Reform Likely to Founder in the Senate

Andre Mitchell has interviewed 3 rethugs in a row

I hope what Tweety just describe happens this afternoon.

Viewer’s Guide To GOP Ideas At The Health Care Summit

Something that needs to be said re: deals with Pharma, etc.


Bookmark this: Media Matters' Excellent Adventure in Repiglified Hypocrisy

Cantor: "We have a very difficult bridge to gap here".

He gets to talk more, cause he's the fucking PRESIDENT!

Apparently "Winning By Capitulation" Is Our New Democratic Slogan!

Reuters: FACTBOX-Keys to U.S. Senate compromise on financial reform

The CBO score of Republican proposal proves insurance companies aren't interested in new customers

**** Health Care Summit: Thread #2****

What the HE11 is going on here? I just want to watch the summit!!

"Republicans are spending every ounce of their breath saying some combination of the following"

Just noticed that the nameplates in front of each speaker do not have a party designation on them.

Good God....Boehner is a bonehead...Smack him down Mr. President!!

The repukes are predictable. Malpractice bullshit by McCain.

Repukes, " we want to have the right to kill your bill."

Who's the redhead in the back? She looks like she's going to explode.

OK, you oppose mandates. What's your alternative?

CNN Fact Check on Obama v Alexander Debate: "This one goes to the President."

Boehner must have rehearsed that in his basement.

The International Consequences Of GOP Obstructionism

I'm so so Glad that John McCain lost the Election!

**** Health Care Summit: Thread #4 ****

**** Health Care Summit: Thread #4 ****

Waxman is so PISSED OFF!!!

Yo Barrasso, come here a second:

Boehner told a Gawd Damn lie about malpractice being one of the biggest contributors to medical debt

Obama Does Play Professor To Boehner's Petulant School Kid (VIDEO)

**** Health Care Summit: Thread #5 ****

I like this Health Summit discussion in the public.

Healthcare Summit at 10:00 a.m. EST on CNN and

So, What campaign ad do you think JD Hayworth will be making

Florida: Rubio,, Hey Big Spender!

The summit can only make things worse for Republicans: Cantor edition

**** Health Care Summit: Thread #6 ****

Please smack that little shit down, Paul Ryan (R Wisconsin), Mr President

Obama on reconciliation - "A majority vote makes sense."

[boner] Parsing The Meaning Of The Word 'Major'

If you're watching it live, who do you think is winning/won the health care discussion?

Smartest president ever

The summit can only make things worse for Republicans: Obama smack down edition

so let me get this straight, they could illegal invade countries, torture, massive tax cuts

Rep. Steny Hoyer: We will do whatever we have to do to go forward....

ok, I really can't figure this out, I have been watching all day..

The summit can only make things worse for Republicans: McCain edition

Reporter to Mitch McConnell: "Not to be argumentative, but it sounds like you're saying that this..

OH SHIT!!! Obama just shut Alexander down on cost

It's utterly frustrating

Nancy pelosi just shredded the repukes!

The More the President Speaks, the more I'm getting Frustrated!

You gotta love these drama Queens - CNN

God I can't stand that twit Mary Matalin

Durbin told Andrea Mitchell basically that if nothing comes from today's summit

**Summit Photo Thread: Number 1**

WH Blog: Productive Day & Another Step Towards Putting Americans in Charge of Their Health Care

"Let me just make this point, John, because we are not campaigning anymore."

**** Health Care Summit: Thread #7 ****

Bill Frist lies, suggests reconciliation OK for tax cuts for the rich, not health care for Americans

Boehner and McConnell look like the Easter Island statues during Obama's summation

Obama: "I'm not sure we can close the gap in our disagreements, and if we cant ...."

WH: A Productive Day & Another Step Towards Putting Americans in Charge of Their Health Care

I honestly think we won the day....

Note to President Obama: If you can't "bridge the (bipartisan) gap," bring out the daisy cutters.

"Let me just make this point, John, because we're not campaigning anymore. The election's over."

At summit, Republicans prove they aren't putting America's health first

Steele Statement: GOP Ignored At Summit

Sylvestre Reyes Inserts Anti-Torture Provision Into Intelligence Funding Bill.

The summit can only make things worse for Republicans: GOPremature damage control edition

C-Span 3 Showing repeat of Summit, without Analysis...

Sen. Jim Bunning calling the President, "YOUR President"

Obama: "All right, guys. RAGING KEGGER at the White House!"

I have full health insurance - I need access to affordable medical treatment

I am not looking forward to the cynical undressing of what I think is a very good day for American

White House Health Plan Fails Women "NOW"

MSNBC commercial: Chuck Todd says Savannah has a BS detector.

Videos: The Summit (For Those Who Missed It)

Howard Dean: "This is great ... the President has GUTS for doing this."

Sarah Palin On Hannity: Tea Party Should “Get In There, Take Over” Republican Party

VERY disappointed in MSNBC this evening.

Extending Our Stay in Iraq (Odierno Request Combat Forces Beyond 'Deadline')

Awe MAN! MSNBC has Matthews, Chuck-Toad and What's her face! No KO, No Rachel-doing "Anal-Ass-Cyst"

Crist Speculation Grows - Preparing to leave GOP and run as an independent

I actually think I like this blank sheet of paper approach

CNN, MSNBC Carrying Most Of Big Health Summit Live

Monumental and historical day and MSNBC is covering...

After today, I call a spade a spade

Just called MSNBC and said, "don't want to hear your Commentating, want to hear the Summit Speakers"

Photos: Obama vs. The Tree Killers! (The Obama Presidency, 2/25/10)

On FauxNews, Shep Smith destroys Thune's claim that health care bill will increase premiums (VIDEO)

Whiny Jon Kyl(R) - The President talked more than Republicans & Democrats Combined!

Screw the MSM

"How Watching Republicans Changed My Worldview"

Pelosi Closing Remarks at Bipartisan Meeting at Blair House on Health Insurance Reform

Hey MSM and Repubs.-Congress does NOT want to pass the HCR bill through reconciliation!

How Can Obama Continue to Support Indefinite Detention?

I think we have to bite the bullet and re-elect Reid..

But, but the President promised

Twitter users tell CNN anchors to STFU during health care summit

Waxman: Obama's summit performance has made reconciliation easier

Matlin is calling Democrats action tyranny of the minority.

House Sends Extension of Patriot Act to Obama

Best Moment Of The Summit So Far: Obama On Cheap-o Health Insurance

Why You Can't Discuss Health Care With The GOP

Wow Mcaain sure is running for reelection with that comment about water rights and hating Californ

The White House called Dylan "an icon of youthful rebellion and poetic sensitivity"

Campbell Brown was UNwatchable discussing the healthcare summit. Ugh!

Just a quick assessment from my 80 year old mother on how the President and the Democrats are doing

President Obama made me proud today when he called out Dr. John Barrasso

Harry Reid: "The most patient man in the world is Barack Obama"

Ezra Klein: Obama doubles down on health-care reform

Obama and Biden both called Cheney after heart attack

"If you think it's a socialist plot, then please drop out of the federal employees health program."

My take on the impact of the President's health care reform summit

Pelosi Reps the Public Option; Obama Admits He Abandoned It

I Liked The Summit - Only Wish We Had Less Interruptions - Repeat For Other Issues? MSM...

Obama To GOP: It’s Over

All you hear from the GOP is that it too expensive to waste money on the health of the poor

Obama Addresses the Mandate Issue (and Why He Changed His Mind)

Arne Duncan is an educational chicken hawk.

Few great quotes from the President's summit

BREAKING NEWS: New Health Plans developed Since Summit!

NBC "News" Kelly O'Donnell just reported that the HCR bill will cost 900 Trillion over 10 years.

Do you think that Obama will do another Back to School speech in September?

Did anyone see that DUMB FUCK BEN STEIN*, YES DUMB FUCK on CNN just now claim. . .

Health Summit: Nancy Pelosi Reminds Obama About His Support for Public Option

New home sales drop 11 percent in January, new low

Despite Harsh Criticism Of Torture Memos Report, Holder Has 'Utmost Confidence' In DOJ Ethics

Senate Democrats take cautious tack in giving predictions on jobs measure

White House Denies Report Obama Is Considering Scaled-Back Reform Plan

'Toyota defense' might rescue jailed Minnesota man

UK immigration from Eastern and Central Europe falls

Obama Readies a Fallback Health-Care Proposal

Anthem Blue Cross parent company comes under fire in Congress

Movie studios appeal against iiNet piracy ruling

Banks Bet Greece Defaults on Debt They Helped Hide

iTunes sells 10 billionth track

Anthem Blue Cross plans to go ahead with rate hikes in California

Clinton to visit Latin America

Emergency shipment of condoms headed to Olympic athletes

Obama hosts summit to rescue health bill

Odierno requests more combat forces in Iraq -- beyond the Obama deadline

Obama may compromise on consumer agency to pass financial regulation

Davie Yards to lay off 1,590

Presentation shows Toyota knew of tougher regulation

Pelosi Reps the Public Option; Obama Admits He Abandoned It

Spanish oil firm Repsol to drill near Falkland Islands

Wipro starts probe into $4 million fraud

Panel Finds Rangel Broke House Rules With Caribbean Trip

Exclusive: What happens next in health care (Massive Dems-Only Health Care Plan)

Fed eyes insurance contracts on Greek debt

Rising jobless claims reflect weakening recovery

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday February 25

Jobless claims up 12% in past 2 weeks

Iran Jundullah leader claims US military support

FBI Arrests Another Madoff Executive

US slaps duties on steel pipe from China

Obama May Prohibit Home-Loan Foreclosures Without HAMP Review

Top aide to Gov. Paterson resigns to protest David Johnson domestic violence cover-up scandal

E-Verify misses half of illegal workers checked

White House Denies Obama Is Considering Scaled-Back Reform Plan

China's military warns Washington, denies hacking

China's military warns Washington, denies hacking

Longtime congressman tells NY's Paterson: Drop out

Military Monitored Planned Parenthood, Supremacists

(Calif.) Judge orders back pay for some (53,000) furloughed state workers

Black Caucus throws roadblock in front of 'tax-cut' $15 billion job-creation bill

Missing actor's body found in Vancouver park, source says

Afghan government claims Taliban stronghold

Political ally of Colombian president arrested (links to death squads)

Poll shows concern about American influence waning as China's grows

Bribes Let Tomato Vendor Sell Tainted Food

(Sec of State) Hillary Clinton blasts Greenspan on U.S. deficit

Two huge explosions shake Afghan capital Kabul

BREAKING: Pelosi Makes Strong Case For House Public Option Going Forward, "We Must Act"

California Subpoenas Big Health Insurers' Financial Records

Mary Landrieu phone tampering case gets drawn out a bit (O'Keefe will walk)

Blockbuster Collapses: Shutting Down 500 Stores In Desperate Bid To Save $200 Million

Democrats retreat on new privacy protections

Coolest tv show theme music?

Sanders: Senate has the votes to pass public option via reconciliation

Dubai Mall aquarium cracked and leaking

OAS report criticizes Venezuela on human rights

Microsoft shuts down global spam network

AP source: Ethics panel finds Rangel broke rules

Video shows SeaWorld trainer Dawn Brancheau in water with killer whale moments before fatal attack

Max Keiser Report-Debt Attacks On Spain/Greece(Australian Housing Market-Steve Keen)

Chris Hayes on Grassroots Video, Follow Up To Netroots Nation Video


Chris Hayes - The Public Option Is The Terminator Of Progressive Politics

10,000 Maniacs - My Mother The War

Demonstration in spain against retirement age

Specter/Sestak: Question 7- What Should We Do About the Filibuster?

Young Turks: Republican - Disabled Babies = God's Abortion Punishment

Rachel Maddow covers Anthony Weiner's GOP 'wholly owned subsidiary'

Specter/Sestak: Question 3- What is Your Opinion of Same-Sex Marriage?

KO & Dan Savage on 'Miss Beverly Hills' dangerous homophobia

Young Turks: Story - US Commanders Using Media To Sell War

Rachel Maddow exposes GOP's lies on reconciliation

The Morrill Plan - Grow a Spine (Part 1 of 4)

McCain And Obama Rematch

Joseph Stack - "The Hero"

TYT: Rush Limbaugh Defends Toyota (w/ Direct Video Link That Explains How Insane That Is)

Blackwater: 2 Sets Of Rules - 1 Image

Speaker Pelosi corrects so-called GOP facts at Health summit. . .

Rachel Maddow: Blackwater crime spree in Afghanistan - Jeremy Scahill

Thom Hartmann - Has Obama's new Healthcare Plan blown up his secret pharma deal?

Thom Hartmann - It Could Happen Here w/ Bruce Judson

Thom Hartmann vs Mark Williams - Are Tea Party activists being used by racists &big corporations?

TYT Wrap Up of Health Care Summit

Bristol Palin Goes to Hollywood

Steve Earle - Rich Man's War live @ Operation Ceasefire Concert in Washington DC on 9/24/2005

Jigaboo Jones takes credit for UCSD racist "Compton Cookout"

Democracy Now! Computer Spying on Young Students

TYT: Republicans Hates Reconciliation...When Dems Use It

Obama Smacks Down Alexander / CNN's Fact Check: Democrat's Health Care Plan Will Lower Premiums

Why are U.S. Troops in Afghanistan?

Rachel Maddow To Obama - Ignore Medicare For All and the Public option 'at your very grave peril'

Alan Grayson And Chris Matthews Have Heated Debate Over Healthcare

Pravda: Storm in Iraqi Desert: Stable and Brutal

Is It Me, or Has the Spirit in America Been on Hold Lately

Scandal Rocks Olympic Curling Competition

Guardian UK: Three strikes and we're out of cash (Life in prison for a cheese thief?)

Identification Of Agents By Dubai Police Embarrasses Mossad

At Health Care Summit I hope Pres. just makes sure to ask Corporate Lobbyists to present their ideas

Latin America's path to independence

What WikiLeaks Means for Journalism and Whistle-Blowers

A Gravy Train with Biscuit Wheels

The Democrats' next big step on healthcare reform

15 disqualified H-1B employers

Create jobs in America, get a green card!

Rising jobless claims reflect weakening recovery

E.J. Dionne: Why Are Democrats Ignoring the Next New Dealers?

LeDuff: Blue-collar workers hanging on by thread - Desperation on the factory floor

The Media-Lobbying Complex

Stiglitz: Bankers Made Reckless Bets on the Economy, Knowing Taxpayers Were Going to Pay the Tab

Americans Rise Up Against the Supreme Court Decision to Create Corporate Frankensteins

John McCain at Health Care Summit: 'Have C-Span Cover My Prostate Exam'

More Tropical Cyclones in (Ancient) Past Could Play Role in Warmer Future

China "Could Not, Should Not" Set Any GHG Emission Cap - Chief Climate Negotiator

Drumbeat: February 25, 2010

Oilwatch Monthly February 2010

ANALYSIS-California governor race key to U.S. climate change

Forecast: A Strong Chance of Climate-Change Skepticism

New NASA Web Page Sheds Light on Science of Warming World

Wave Technologies Could Harm Marine Resources -- DOE Study

GE Confirms Offshore Turbine Details

2,000+ South African Farmed Ostriches Die From Heat As Temps Hit 50C And Higher

Post-2002 Pacific NW Dead ZonesUnprecedented In 50 Years Of Marine Data, All-Source Review Shows

Bloom vs. Solar: Which One is Best?

USGS - Cool Graphic Showing Wilkins Shelf Retreat 1947 - 2009

GOP Lashes Out At USDA Funding For Research On How Climate Breakdown May Affect Farming - NYT

Governor Paterson Announces Passage of Bill to Help Businesses Produce Their Own Renewable Energy

Carbon Pricing Sticks Out as Senate Climate Bill's Main Obstacle

Republicans Bash USDA's Investment in Climate Research

Apple Rejects Proposals To Produce Detailed Company Sustainability Reports, Green Board Committee

League of Conservation Voters scorecard is out - they love Vermont

Flying foxes to get no rest in Botanic Gardens

EU industry CO2 fell 11 pct in 2009 (in the wake of the economic downturn) -analysts

Warmer Temps killing up to 80% of White Bark Pine:

Nanotechnologists From the University of Pennsylvania Collaborate to Form Near-Frictionless Diamond

Scientists Glimpse Nanobubbles on Super Non-Stick Surfaces

Carnegie Mellon's Chris Hendrickson Leads Team Tracking How U.S. Industry Uses Scarce Water Resource

Pebble-bed nuclear reactor gets pulled

Renewable Energy Powerhouse: Siemens Enters Ocean Power Industry

UK's renewables revolution starts to sweep away the cynicism

Climate Change's O.J. Simpson Moment

Dispatch From The Post-Ironic World: Pollution Concerns Key In Chinese Decision To Dump Hummer

Another example as to why the nuclear industry isn't to be trusted.

(Tired of perpetual motion machines?) New windless windmill technology could mean jobs in S.C.

ICESat blinded, will be decommissioned.

Where Will the U.S. Get Its Electricity in 2034?-Renewables and natural gas may dominate ...

Terrible Winter, Packed Snow Spell Doom For At Least 5.5 Million Grazing Animals In Mongolia

EarthJustice/EIP List 102 Coal Ash Dump Sites In 14 States Leaking Into Neighboring Water Systems

Nuke critics easily win procedural vote (xpost from yesterdays LBN)

Bridge quits England over Terry row

Finnish and Swedish hockey women pretty rough!!!

This Day in D/FW Sports History - Jones buys Cowboys, fires Landry

Universal Sports (DTV broadcast signal) has really taken the piss out of the Olympics

First Iranian Woman to compete at a Winter Olympics

Women's Free Style Skating has begun.

Demong wins Nordic combined gold

U.S. vs. Canadian Women's Hockey has begun!!!!!

Nordic event athletes have

Fuck the Canucks!

WOW... just... WOW

USA, Finland, Slovakia, Canada

After the US Women's Hockey Team were presented with their Silver Medals...

Can't we just enjoy the Olympics without all the nationalistic bullshit.

Uhh---Let's see---Tony Kornheiser or Hannah Storm?

Pole Dancers Push To Compete In Next Olympics......

Giants go retro..

Electricity crisis in Venezuela: govt needs to replace local steel production with Brazilian

Here's an update on the resistance in Honduras that I caught via Grit TV

Venezuela: Education Minister fired... too soft.

(es+babel) Venezuela: "Brutal repression" in Barinas against protests because of electrical problems

School of the Americas Lobby Days

Clinton to visit Latin America

Kansas congressman seeks to expand trade with Cuba

Go to Cuba with Pastors for Peace

Nominate this as "Photo of the Day."

The Uribe era appears on the brink of ending

Venezuelan TV Channel RCTV Agrees to Register with CONATEL

Electricity Emergency Declared in Venezuela, Special Measures Taken

US slams Israel over designating heritage sites

"Metabank" is the name of US bank that issued credit cards to Mossad agents

Hamas report to UN shamefully evades responsibility

Riots over Israeli claim to West Bank heritage sites

European court keeps West Bank out of EU-Israel trade deal

Identification Of Agents By Dubai Police Embarrasses Mossad

Hit squad, Iowa bank's credit cards are linked, police in Dubai say

Today in Labor History Feb 25 Some 25,000 immigrant textile workers went on strike against Paterson

Wake Up Wal-Mart's Week Of Action Shines Light On Sick-Leave Policies

NFL, Union Begin Another Bargaining Session

NYT: At Closing Plant, Ordeal Included Heart Attacks

Painter's Union Hero Saved Six Lives In That Austin Suicide Plane Attack

An infantry officer in Afghanistan explains the personal relevance of DADT

Pa. custody ruling gives equal rights to gay parents

Fighting Homophobia is a Religious Issue

Marine Corps: Study gay ban but don’t hurt force

Gay-marriage ban fails in House (West Virginia)


Remember, the Police will protect you....If they don't shoot you first....

Trenton man accused of shooting, killing his wife is now behind bars

St. Petersburg, FL homeowner shoots home invader in self defense

What (many) Democrats forget about gun control

Gun accidentally fires at Salt Lake airport

Geostationary Highway

African Pygmy Mice: Females Are XY

Light, Wind and Fire (warning, big star pics!)

Brain 'Hears' Sound of Silence

Star Devours Its Own Planet

At least three police officers shot in Fresno confrontation

Reactor-Grade Plutonium Can be Used to Make Powerful and Reliable Nuclear Weapons by Richard Garwin

Hole punch cloud

Eight winter secrets

Is anyone good at eyeballing approximate scale? Can you give me a hand here? :)

Random photo of the day: Pandarazzi

Ignore: Wrong thread--What (many) Democrats don't understand about gun control

Hello everyone!! God's blessings on everyone from the bottom of my heart.

Dr. Housing Bubble 02/23/10

Germany denies accusations it failed to pay WWII reparations to Greece

The Public Domain Manifesto

Protests Grow in Greece, Portugal and Spain

Goldman And JPMorgan SPY Holdings Double Over Prior Quarter

Greek Debt- Stock Market drop.

Danish homeowners deepest in debt

Gray Days for Spanish Banks

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