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Archives: February 24, 2010

The House GOP Side By Side Comparison - Complete Bull&^$t, Yet...

Supreme Court OKs Florida Miranda rights warnings

Give everybody guns and eliminate the police force

Karzai moves to control election watchdog

My new favorite bumper sticker: "Of course it hurts----

Al Gore you naughty boy!

Is Ron Paul an anarchist?

News of the World accused of phone-tapping 'amnesia'

People are just now finding out that Fox News is propaganda paid for by foreigners?

Egyptian police arrest suspect in synagogue attack

Oh, please caption this picture that was attached to story about Thursday's Health Care Showdown:

West Virginia House Shoots Down Same Sex Marriage Ban

Wall Street shifting political contributions to Republicans Feb 24

Is Kenya About to Trample Female Reproductive Rights?

Up Or Down. - Majority Rules - 24 Feb 10

"It's a funny thing about him," (watch videp)

Susan Blackmore: Memes and "Temes"

Kirk Cameron prays for missing co-star

US Navy moves to let women serve on submarines

It's a one-and-a-half party system...

Why should I have to pay taxes to defend everyone else in this country's freedom?

Cranking up the crazy to 11... thousand: Conservatives say that ending DADT will start World War 3

Cranking up the crazy to 11... thousand: Conservatives say that ending DADT will start World War 3

French rail SNCF sorry for 'racist' alert on Romanians

French in uproar over oral sex anti-smoking posters

Day-um! Someone I know was on Jeopardy tonight!

I'm waiting for the right-wing crusade against GLUTTONY

104-year-old Portland woman gets carded

Karzai removes foreign observers who check for electoral fraud

Back Into the Future With Consumer Confidence

Glen lumpheadbeck admitted commie.

The Stunningly Persistent & Fact-Free Propaganda of Tom Friedman

Rick Snyder--One Tough Nerd

Australians asked to eat a 'Vindaloo against Violence'

Australians asked to eat a 'Vindaloo against Violence'

Non-Sequitur sums it up

WHOOP!!! There It Is, My Daily, "FUCK YOU, MORNING SCHMUCK!!!"

Boeing prepares to cut nearly 800 IT workers

Utah A.G. may gain broader power to demand Internet, cell-phone records

Canada Premier Skips out on Candian HCS...

Italy convicts Google execs over uploaded video

The Economic Domino Principle

Pat Roberts, torture enabler?

Military Interrogator: Criminal Investigative Techniques Are Even More Effective Than Military Ones

gop lashes out at Feingold over reconciliation (One More . . . )

gop lashes out at Feingold over reconciliation (One More . . . )

Colorado school shooter threatened to sue teachers who stopped him

Small dogs originate in Middle East, says gene study

Right Wing Populism

Lone GOP health care backer's campaign cash dips

Lipstick on a dead pig - 645 million dollars worth

Lipstick on a dead pig - 645 million dollars worth

New home sales hit record low

Washington's 20 Saboteurs

Beware of Greeks buying ships

DNC chairman: GOP call to start from scratch 'is like Dr. Kevorkian giving you healthcare advice'

Now They Are Going After Hillary

The Poisons and Allergens That Make up Household Dust

The 21st Century Economic Breakdown

Despicable advertisement from 1859

Sen. Dodd non-committal re: public option letter to Reid

Obama's nuclear vision suffers setback as Vermont plant faces shutdown

John Boehner Is Now Upset That The Health Care Bill Isn't Long Enough

John Boehner Is Now Upset That The Health Care Bill Isn't Long Enough

This Friday, February 26th, In Honor Of Johnny Cash And Bill Hicks

Reid: GOP Should 'Stop Crying About Reconciliation'

"Have you no shame?" Anthem to go ahead with rate hikes

MarketWatch: Insurers' power growing into monopolies

I would mark this a FAIL.

Question regarding anti-trust laws

Question regarding anti-trust laws


There is a disconnect in the Republican language of propaganda that should be highlighted

If the Democrats passed healtcare reform with a public option..

Anthem Blue Cross: 'We try to do the right thing'

Anthem Blue Cross: 'We try to do the right thing'


Congressman Mark Souder. What a....................

The Octo Mom just slayed all five of The View panel, including Bahbwah WAHwah

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2

Whichever Mod Is Following Me Around Deleting Me

Tests of Russia's troubled Bulava missile planned for new sub

Tests of Russia's troubled Bulava missile planned for new sub

Torturous RW logic and the insurance premium increases

Thank You...May I have another?....I have no where else to go...

How Congress Can End 60+ Years of Insurance Industry Rip-off and Collusion

In a nutshell: Here's why trying to find common ground with the teabaggers is fruitless

Lorien and onestep forward had some good advice for those prepping for the storm:

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3

OMG, They Killed (the Original) Rickroll!

Specter/Sestak Senatorial Forum

U.S. Economy Grinds To Halt As Nation Realizes Money Just A Symbolic, Mutually Shared Illusion

Against It Before They Were For It

When are the democrats going to regulate the banks?

Committee on Oversight & Govt Reform Hearing on Toyota Problems live at link:

Latest Sarah Palin Speech Opens Sixth Seal

Obama's interesting choice for the 9th Circuit

FDIC: Lowest Reserve Ratio on Record:

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 4

Schakowsky & Sanders -Bill Seeks to remove all private contractors from U.S. war zones

Jim Hightower: Fighting the Subversion of Our People's Sovereignty

Closing arguments in decade long case against Bob "Swiftboat" Perry

'Suicide Tuesday': Limbaugh blasts Romney

Why the Greeks should keep on striking

When is health care more than health care?

Republican Senators Vote To Pass Jobs Bill That They Voted To Filibuster Two Days Ago

Blagojevich to Lecture on Ethics

What to do if you're trapped in an accelerating vehicle?

Yoo claims he ‘helped save Obama’s presidency’-distorts investigation timeline to blame Obama

Dog of war: UK Lab fetches medal for bomb-sniffing

Teacher tackles gunman supected in school shooting (LITTLETON, Colo)

Tiger Woods' terrifying lack of humor, By Mark Morford

My daughter was instrumental in bringing into existence The Gay-Straight Alliance at Mayfair High

Our Oppressed Billionaires

Our Oppressed Billionaires

Researchers Develop Natural Alternative To Antibiotics In Animal Feed

Hey, Michigan DUers ~~

Your (possessive) you're (contraction for YOU ARE)

Urgent Call to Action: Our nation needs all of us today

Oh My F-ing God - It's Back - The DU Movie

Oh My F-ing God - It's Back - The DU Movie

Winnipeg teachers slapped for pep rally lap dance

Afghanistan's Continued Corruption: Karzai's Power Grab:

Has anyone seen any Republican "filibusters" on the C-Span Senate channel?

Senate approves tax breaks for new hires

Link to live hearings Health Insurance..Wellpoint ceo is up now

Great LTE re: Toyota in today's Detroit Free Press

The Rude Pundit: GOP Crapping Their Pants Over Reconciliation


US Drone Strike Kills 6 in NW Pakistan


Arizona House panel approves bill requiring presidential candidates to show birth certificates

Asia Times: Goldman's golden sunset moment

Levin Catches Blackwater in Contracting Lie

The Unemployed are ORGANIZING! (yay)

Breaking: New Spam Filter on Congressional Email Server Cripples Progressive Movement.

Birchers Becoming The Mainstream Conservatives

To My DU Friends, Campaign Finance Reform and Transparency Are The TOOLS We Require to Clean Up Govt

To My DU Friends, Campaign Finance Reform and Transparency Are The TOOLS We Require to Clean Up Govt

Who else thinks that the Rs voted yes on the jobs bill so they

Who else thinks that the Rs voted yes on the jobs bill so they

Canadian Premier could have received same operation in Canada

Momentum for the Fair Elections Now Act is growing, virtual town hall tomorrow, 2/25

Feds charge ex-officer with conspiracy to obstruct justice in Katrina bridge killing probe

Destroying our country, Soviet style

Insurance co. that spent $27M on "executive retreats" raises rates by double digits in 11 states

McCain links opponent to 'birthers' in Web video

virtual march!!!!call your senators....go to link..sign on for health care

Turbine launched at Siberian power plant after deadly accident

"Nobody, NOBODY likes"-Tweety KORNHEISER suspended from ESPN (not for the Tweety)

Protect Kucinich From Corporate Money Attacks

Why does Health Care have to pass the House - AGAIN

Motion: Kilpatrick is `darker version' of Clinton

The more works of historical scholarship I read

Stuck on insurance

Stuck on insurance

Live link: Sec. of State Hillary live testimony on how good and great we are..

Please Mr. Obama - Get out of Bed with Bankers?

“David Margolis is Wrong”

FDR’s superb fix for our housing crisis

Would You Be Willing To Spend $53,500,000/Yr Taxpayer Money To Get Biparitsan Support For HCR?......

Daily Aspirin A Good Thing, Right? Maybe Not....

Post here if you want to marry Healthcare Girl.

Arizona strikes again...

The Mirage Crumbles

Chrysler (Dodge) suing FL high school over ram logo

Is it too soon to feel nostalgic?

C-SPAN -- discussion re repealing antitrust exemption

Miss Beverly Hills: God will bring death upon the gays!!!!1

Letter to the Media: Stop Coddling Tea-Party Crazies

Garrison Keillor: The Appeal of Unreality

Reid spars with CEOs, walks out of meeting

Top aide to Sarah Palin resigns

Compared to Economists, Governors Are Debbie Downers

How long until Scott Brown changes parties?

Head of Toyota, Mr. Toyoda, now testifying at feed here:

Hey ReTHUGS You can't support the freemarket and anti-trust

Simple question: what happens when our national debt exceeds our GDP? nt

well, this seems weird: Support for Israel in U.S. at 63%, Near Record High

2fer WashPo to cancel Sally QUINN at last and can't lure "the fancy reporters"

Found this on twitter: Bill removing insurers' special anti-trust exemption passes House 406-19

GM to Wind Down Hummer After Sale to Tengzhong Fails

Vermont Senate votes to close nuke plant in 2012

health care "reform" that further empowers insurance corporations is not reform....

U.S. Economy: New-Home Sales "Unexpectedly" Fall to Record Low

Carl Levin has signed the Bennet letter

The government (and private industry) refused to make an affordable operating system, so we did.

'God gap' impedes U.S. foreign policy, task force says

House passes removal of anti-trust exemption for insurers

Dems meet with corporate leaders and things get dicey.

Jeremy Scahill Live-Tweeting Blackwater Hearings: "Blackwater Has Had Over 20 Alter-Egos, Shell Co."

Action Alert: Tell Congress to Stop the War Machine -Out of Afghanistan!

check on calls/e-mails. WE NEED A MILLION TODAY!

American Indian reservation reaping oil benefits

City of Beverly Hills distances itself from "Prejean-esque stance" of "Miss Beverly Hills"

The most awesome resource for finding out who gives what in state politics

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah -Martha, Bill, a bad marriage, cremation and a blowjob

Boeing CEO: Don't help SMALL businesses...helping BIG businesses automatically helps them!

Petition from John Kerry today for People For the American Way

Petition from John Kerry today for People For the American Way

Just heard on the news a killer whale killed it's trainer at Sea World

In Utah it may soon be illegal for a woman to have a miscarriage.

Freakshow at the Lincoln Memorial on May 1

How Does Dick Cheney's Ticker Keep On Ticking?

Black History Month: Trivia Question

NPR: Health Care No Stranger To Reconciliation Process

Hummer is toast..... end of the great American penis extender

How well do you know American Law..take the test's HCR senate fax/call campaign closing in on one million voices!

Well, well, after all we DO have a world class health system...

GM's Hummer deal falls through

Fact-checking the GOP on healthcare reform

Rapper says Mittens initiated physical altercation on an airplane

McCain admits that "trickle down" is a failed policy and doesn't work as promised

Now, after people, every grocery store in the world is a chamber of horrors!

Sudan Signs Peace Treaty with Rebel Forces

Bloom Box (sp?) energy miracle -- guy on Dylan makes it sound pretty viable

Bloom Box (sp?) energy miracle -- guy on Dylan makes it sound pretty viable

If Pres. Obama just wants to sit back and rubberstamp things that are pre-approved

Photo: Hey, callin' it your job ol' hoss sure don't make it right

Dick Cheney released from the hospital today (pic)

Meg (Whitman)'s new ad pushes eBay, stars some interesting friends -- and never mentions GOP

Rep. Jackie Seier CA (D) gave Toyoda some red ass

When I calculate my tip, I do NOT include sales tax - MORE DOWN BELOW! (EDIT)

John Mica (R) is being a prick questioning the Toyota people in this hearing.

House votes to kill antitrust exemption for health insurers

Miss Beverly Hills tries to one-up Carrie Prejean, says it’s divine law that gays be put to death.

If you want to see something REALLY exciting...

Check out Chris Deschene-- future Az Secretary of State? (Grijalva endorsement)

Congressman Weiner on Kos:The Republican Party is a wholly owned subsidiary

Whales belong in the ocean

Iraq Draw Down? Not so fast!

Weiner: The Republican Party Is A Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of The Insurance Industry

Lower Merion Spycam Case: The Problem of Intent

Why Socialism by Albert Einstein: "We require a new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive"

Jeb Bush thinks Palin's Dumb. Well, sure but......

Consider this information before you shop at Walmart (bad for communities!)

Bernanke "WORRIED" about job market! HA! Take THAT you doubting hating doubters! USA! USA! USA! BEN!

Just Curious - What time does the President's Health Care Conference begin tomorrow

Where can I get online transcripts of Congresional Committee hearings?

onward and upward?

Megamouth Stapleton has had enough, quits as Palin spokesperson

I'm marching because _________________

If you missed the Blckwater hearing this am,here is link to the tape.

French 'Oral Sex' Anti-Smoking Ad Sparks Scandal

I'm Thinking That This Toyota Hearing Is An Embarassment To Congress......

Torture architect ‘distorts’ investigation timeline to blame Obama

Robert Scheer: No Banker Left Behind

I've never seen anything like this - Local 10 in Florida

Hey - do the admins need to adjust the copyright date at the bottom of the website?

Non Sequitur

Pentagon OKs lifting ban on women in submarines

Senate Run For Bush Adviser Dan Senor?

Obama Nominates Goodwin Liu to the 9th Circuit, Judge Robert Chatigny to the 2nd Circuit

Ron Paul Questions Ben Bernanke: Paul Sees Fed's Hand in Watergate, Saddam Hussein


A way to deal with the possibility of taxpayer-funded abortion.

Hooray! I've been accepted to go to the Courage Academy

CIA inspector general was ‘bothered’ by ‘excessive’ waterboarding

Is C-SPAN The Only Place To Watch The Health Care Summit Tomorrow?.......

Senator Bernie Sanders: Stop Outsourcing Security

Loudmouthed stumblefuck JD Hayworth apparently thinks he's Robert Duval in "Apocalypse Now"

It was the repugs that put us in this economic mess

Attn: Birthers, Oily Tazer, JD Haystack, State of Arizona etal...

Liberia the most F#*@ place on earth NSFW (VIDEO)

A reminder from 4chan's /new/ on Ronald Regan's Presidency

The Only Way To Defeat Terrorism

Two million Greek workers on strike

Is economically-associated suicide OK?

Picked up 'The Secret' from the library

Toyota vs Ford vs Firestone

Levin Becomes 24th Senator To Sign Public Option Letter

I just realized something about big box pharmacies

Howard Dean on Countdown SUPPORTING Obama's bill

Government Heathcare: Works well for Cheney


Just saw on my nightly news that THE DICK got out of the hospital

C-SPAN live feed of Toyota hearings

Guy who called Rachel Maddow a man expresses concern over "over the top, counterproductive rhetoric"

Family of man killed by Taser files federal civil rights lawsuit against county sheriff

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1

''bipartisanship'' in tone deaf email from DNC chair Tim Kaine

Still heavily sedated!

Lindsey Graham runs to the warmth & safety of Fox "News" to whine about big bad meanie Harry Reid

Dr Benke's Math Lesson

WHY don't we have or start NON-PROFIT Health Insurance Companies?

Dan Senor Ponders Senate Bid in New York

Why has Olbermann been pre-empted by Curling?

The lack of justice is the first sign...

Kos: Majority rule is "the nuclear option"

Whirlpool Threatens Workers: Protesting Plant Closure Risks 'Future Jobs'

Weiner: “I’m Not Sure What We’re Doing, And I’m Pretty Tied In” - FDL

Just saw a nasty anti-healthcare ad on TV, sponsored by "the American Future Fund".


Just saw a nasty anti-healthcare ad on TV, sponsored by "the American Future Fund".

Director of state hospital that treats child molesters accused of repeatedly raping foster child

Sculptor combines agricultural shed with house

How do health insurance companies purge their sickest customers?

I want you guys to see what these subhuman Republican bastards are up to

Weiner from CSPAN today on Rachel right now n/t

Majority Rule Is "The Nuclear Option" - by Kos

Majority Rule Is "The Nuclear Option" - by Kos

Uh oh GOP, 'The Declaration of Tea Party Independence' has officially been released

PHOTO: A Canadian responds to the US-Canada hockey game. Great comeback...

PHOTO: A Canadian responds to the US-Canada hockey game. Great comeback...

Winter Storm Watch in Cleveland

NYT publishes the real exposé about NY governor Paterson. It ain't pretty.

Grayson: Even If Blackwater Saved Me From Coup, I Stand By Criticism Of Contractors

Supreme Court Sets Aside Strict Interpretation of YOUR Miranda Rights

James Inhofe (R-OK): Al Gore should defend himself and his science fiction movie before Congress

Wiener! YES!

Fox guest blames Obama for rise in domestic violence

I abhor violence - I'm a peaceful man, but..........

Neo Exposes Robber Baron Banker Details

File this under "You must be fucking kidding"

FBI Raids Toyota Suppliers in Michigan

French government cites European debt crisis to slash spending

Britain: Government’s flagship academy schools failing (UK version of charters)

3 Evanston (Ill.) men charged with anti-gay hate crimes after Red Line attack

3 Evanston (Ill.) men charged with anti-gay hate crimes after Red Line attack

I think the "cruise control" setup in Toyota's is the culprit.

Our Brains are Hardwired to Dislike Inequality, Regardless of Status

Banks Bet Greece Defaults on Debt They Helped Hide (NYT)

Attention rest of the Country ! Especially the Media: Gov Pawlenty is a Tool

Tax American companies that 'reimport' $15 coffee makers .(and other goods)

US Cautiously Supports Karzai on New Election Law

Corn: Palin could help Democrats in 2010

Is Glenn Beck a secret treehugger?

HOUSE PASSES repeal of antitrust exemp. for insur. companies bill 406-19

Missile agency’s ‘crescent moon’ logo scares right-wingers

Missile agency’s ‘crescent moon’ logo scares right-wingers

Support for Leadership Wavers at Auto Giant

UN: 346 Afghan Children Killed in 2009, More Than Half by NATO

Scott Brown wore $750.00 pink leather shorts on his first date with his wife

Scott Brown wore $750.00 pink leather shorts on his first date with his wife

UN: 346 Afghan children KILLED in 2009, MORE than half by NATO

Fearing Obama Agenda, States Push to Loosen Gun Laws

Fearing Obama Agenda, States Push to Loosen Gun Laws

Tough choice: Who's the bigger in the room--O'LOOFAH or KKKarl?!1

Labels Sought For Injected Chickens - Critics Say Saltwater Injections Cheat Consumers

Disney Corp. to lay off 20% of ABC News staff because the division is "only marginally profitable"

Bank of America, fuck you very much!

Scientists Find First Physiological Evidence of Brain's Response to Inequality

Japan to probe Toyota acceleration complaints

Help me out here! WTF is the "unit cohesion" argument for DADT really about?

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

I hate Bart Stupak

Harkin: Public option dead. Will revisit it by 2014. (What leadership from DC!)

Toyota bitches about "activist administration and Congress -- increasing laws and regulation"

Obama Readies A Fallback Health-Care Proposal - WSJ

Tanning Beds

How the contemporary world shapes our lexicon - an anecdotal example: "evacuated"

White House slammed after declaring ‘not enough support’ for public option

White House slammed after declaring ‘not enough support’ for public option

Public Option Activists Not Giving Up The Fight, Targeting Five Dem Senators

Code Pink protester: Blackwater official threatened to kill me

When does the senate get its corporate sponsor logo's?

Despite Harsh Criticism Of Torture Memos Report, Holder Has 'Utmost Confidence' In DOJ Ethics

Jesus... Pawlenty's Solution to HCR Costs: Just Let ERs Refuse Patients - DailyKos

Toyota's Toyoda Testifies

Layoffs decline for 1st time in 3 years

Plastic rubbish blights Atlantic Ocean

A slap on the wrist and Yoo is back in our faces claiming HE did Pres. Obama a favor

Street Fight: Ohio Clergy Seeks End Of Tax Exemption For D.C. Structure Owned By `The Family'

If Obama really wanted a public option, there would be one

WaPo - "A viewer's guide to the health-care summit"

WSU vets ID dog killing poison


Federal judge says Fourth Amendment 'is now gone'

Gawddamn ticker at the Move on Virtual March looks like the deficit clock!

Conan O'Brien joined twitter today and with one tweet already has 150,000 more followers than Leno.

Should Blackwater contracts be cancelled & the money used to raise military pay?

Volcker Rule Being Deep-Sixed (just like every other economic "reform" the Admin. announces")

Message to President Obama from Cindy at the Peace Camp

Obama, Dems look beyond health summit

There will be $28 MILLION in campaign contributions represented at tomorrow's health reform summit

Obama offers himself as business-friendly centrist

How can you tell Ann Coulter isn't getting enough attention? SHE GOES BIRTHER!!!!

No Detail Too Small for (Health) Summit Optics

No Detail Too Small for (Health) Summit Optics

Health care poll on MSNBC

Anyone have a link for watching MSNBC on line?

Another win for Toyota in documents

Democrats, Republicans try to agree on summit seat assignment

Who was the Representative who cussed out the Republicans today

The school spy-cam case has implications far beyond just what actually heppened in this case

Get those liars Rachael!

You know, the more I read Leviticus, the more I realize that God knew his audience

Olympic boosterism and American cultural narcissism

Cornel West: Please, my brother, let us have cognac together and learn some history.

California Fuel Cell manufacturer is booming .

I've never seen anything like this....

After apologizing last month Mr. Toyoda drove off in a black Audi

what do you know about Coast2Coast RX,and why is my paper pimping it?

Hillary wants to "activate" the Civilian Reserve Corp. What is that???

Daniel Ellsberg: "Regime Of Lawlessness Under Bush Has Been Succeeded By A Regime Of Impunity"

Who in MN and IA advocate terrorism against our Government, and WHO is prosecuted?

Toyota is going to be fucked for some time...

CNN Poll - Forty Six Percent Say Obama Is Too Liberal, Only 1 in 10 Say Not Liberal Enough

Is Blockbuster close to renting its last video?

Dodd introduces constitutional amendment to reverse SCOTUS on campaign spending

Physicians for a National Health Program requests invite to the February 25th Obama health summit

Dodgers baseball team owners paid NO federal income tax on $108 mil in 4 yrs

Even as we watch our hopes for serious health care reform die the death of a thousand cuts .......

Who else saw the refreshing(albeit short-lived) return to adult late-night viewing

Shakeup In DC?

Bringing back our manufacturing base would go a long way to reduce unemployment.

IRS worker's widow sues pilot's wife

Detroit tops airport satisfaction study

Ex-Blackwater employee John Walker to CODEPINK activist at hearing "I'm Gonna Kill You"

How the fuck did we find ourselves here?????

Shocking Contractor/Blackwater Hearing Drowned out by All The Incredible Events of Today

Glenn Beck, Mainstreaming Moronism/Idiocy Since 2006

Torture architect Yoo ‘distorts’ investigation timeline to blame Obama

Conservatives agree that the government spends too much. But ask them what to cut ...

Why is the White House killing the public option?

PA school spying via laptops: Some technical details

OMF I'm pro life

What happened to Don Caballero?? He was one of my favorites??n/t

Weiner Offends The GOP On House Floor: You’re All ‘Owned’ By The ‘Insurance Industry’!

Good God People! A woman just died today! Can you save your "free the animals" agenda

Most. POWERFUL, Special. Comment. EVER!

The six conditions for Central Falls Teachers . . .

Death at SeaWorld in Orlando

Here's a horrid thought: what if the wars *were* ended and all those troops came home

Now That Isn't Very Nice Canada

75 Right Wing terror plots

R.I.P. to the Hummer

Single Payer Advocates Excluded from Health Summit:

City will raise $ by trolling Dept of Water and Power database for residents with dogs

Anyone hear if Rahm ever apologized to the Liberal base?

Arizona Legislature passes measure for Obama: Show Birth Certificate and Prove Citizenship,

Thrift Savings what?????

Question: What if the World Bank issued currency?

Conan O'Brien joins Twitter - Within the first three hours had more than 100,000 followers

Progressives to rejoice, Obama nominates Goodwin Liu

The IRS is after Blackwater,

Wow! I just discovered John Gofman. Am I the only one who doesn't know about him?

Male Figure Skating Highlights Homophobia and Sexism Canada

So whatever happened to Rhonda Smith's out-of-control killer Lexus?

Sarah Palin as Jesse Jackson

Please join the virtual march happening NOW!

Is suicide OK?

Free the slaves!

Free the slaves!

Rachel just nailed it to the doors of Congress --

Movies and evil corporations

Slam Dunked A Tea Bagger Tonight

"The Bill I Sign MUST Include the Public Option"

The Implicit Bribe of Government Officials (Cenk @ Huffington Post)

Health Insurance copays and deductibles, how much discount will the poor receive?

What's the difference between Joe the Pilot and Joe the Plumber?

Keith said his father told him he wanted Keith to kill him

Keith Olbermann: A Special Comment From My Father

Living and dying by test scores: a charter faces probation for weeding out problem students.

Official Hummer Death Grave Dancing Thread

The real cost of the loss of hope that things will get better.

Liberals and Atheist found to be more intelligent (again)

Doctors' Group: Obama's Plan Leaves Mills Uninsured, Boosts Insurers:

N.C. restaurant refuses service to poor tipper

Would you ever buy a Toyota again?

Democrats retreat from Patriot Act privacy protections because "some Republican senators objected" !

Pres. Obama today continues a state of emergency declared in 1996.

The Unemployed are ORGANIZING! (yay)

This is Tilikum's (the killer whale) 3rd human death.

Matt Damon to (maybe) play Robert Kennedy in new film

Rhode Island teachers fired - all teachers, principal axed, Viola Davis's high school

Bloom Box Launch Is "Big Hype"--Invention Nothing New?

Nightline: Is It Ok to Be Fat?

Senate votes to extend Patriot Act-Democrats retreat from adding new privacy protections to the law

Liberals and atheists are smarter than other people

48 Hour Mystery about the West Memphis Three..with Johnny Depp This Sat.

NYT Public Editor Accuses The BRAD BLOG of 'Political Agenda'; Plus: Blogosphere call for his firing

Alarming new trend: Boys call it "scooping". Parents call it sexual assault

Sometimes, life just makes you laugh

Do-It-Yourselfers in the News

What the fuck is wrong with you people? No mention of Mike Watt as one of rock's great bass players?

Today's Epic Fail

Here's one happy looking man.

Paradox: why the most difficult decisions are actually the easiest.

So if you get one of those error messages when you post...

T.C. on the TV series "Magnum, PI--question about him.

Warning do not drink a whole bottle of Cherry Pomegranate juice and eat ...

Display from Australian War Museum

Notice to weedsmokers


Don't Go

I am buying a Tony Romo football jersey....

Lorien and onestep forward had some good advice for those prepping for the storm:

One Thing Leads To Another

She Blinded Me With Science


You Are In My System

Safety Dance

Last night I bought the Rock Band app for my iphone

Does this picture make you feel drunk?

Pleasure of Love

How many of you remember calling a telephone number to get the time?

Genius Of Love

I Ran

Do you really want to hurt me

Don't You Want Me

Whip It

Fibinacci numbers

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

Once in a lifetime

Save It For Later

"Man Accused of Killing Lawyer Receives a New Attorney" (& more badly written headlines)

Figure Eight

Lies Lies Lies


Antonio's Song

the brothers Coen are remaking True Grit...with matt damon in the glenn campell role...

Ghost Town

Our House

My Hero, Zero

Do It Again


Black Cow

Conjunction Junction

Old Crow Medicine Show.

Time Out of Mind


Fallin' Down

My Old School

Happy Birthday to Abe Vigoda!!! 89 years old today!!!

Mosi Tatupu dead at 54

Hold You CLose

Colo de Rio


Three is a Magic Number

Trouble Man

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/24/09

What's with today's spam? About 30 Viagra e-mails and its only noon.

Advice for kitten litterbox training needed

"Scanners" +9 in "10 Movies Where People’s Heads Explode!"

Who else besides me didn't go to kindergarten?

Do you know Healthcare Girl?

Most bizarre anti-choice rant of the week

Mexican Radio

I was flamed in a thread and got very depressed

Good news: There's actually a restaurant near our new office.


Poor Hannah Storm - look what someone did to her Wikipedia page

I must have been in a cave

I'm starving, but I have no car to take me to lunch. Damn Toyota recall.

OMG - how fun would this be? A comedy cruise with Lewis Black and others!

I found this in GD, just thought I would pass it along.

Lil' help please!

I'm pure chocolatey goodness.

TZ for DU Admin!

I'm concerned about TZs taste in cetaceans


I'm concerned

I'm concerned about that ancient stash of Chinese Marijuana.

Wonderful GD thread: "Free the slaves!"

tune I"m digging

I'm concerned about TZ's taste in traffic street grids.

The Octo Mom just slayed all five of The View panel, including Bahbwah WAHwah

It seems that baldheaded prick Ralph Williams made a career of pissing off his admen!

I'm concerned about TZ's taste in sports teams.

I'm not concerned at all.

How many recommendations can a thread receive?

Hey TZ - I would like to introduce you to Rise Against.

Uber-cute attack returns!

PEOPLE, please freaking actually READ my insurance card. Reading counts.

Knit graffiti - It's raining cats and dogs!

Have/Would You with your SO ever...

Picture Warning

Anyone want to play this game?

Do your friends scare you with their behaviours?

How old am I? A short history of an airplane I flew that was as old as me.

When "George W." was President,

Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah -Martha, Bill, a bad marriage, cremation and a blowjob

Need help solving your Rubik's Cube? (coolest vid you'll see today)

Gazing in wonder on a star!

How old am I? A short history of the first vehicle I drove that was as old as me.

I'm constipated.

Generational age question: Men's wear...TWO pants suits.

Why are gas prices going up this time?

Yodeling is to vocals as 'shredding' is to guitar playing. For example:

Man, I'm finally learning that I'm vincible after all.

I saw "Shutter Island" today. What a GREAT MOVIE!! (no spoilers please)

Need All DU Prayers

hotels in DC and NYC

For the ladies..

NOT In The R&R Hall Of Fame: But SHOULD They Be?

I suck as a graduate student.

a policeman training cops used my husbands jeep to practice with drug dogs while

How old am I? A short history of a tractor I drove that was as old as me.

Sure, cellphones are perfectly safe...

Holy Fuck Endersdame is going to London (hopefully)!

I had a vanilla bean latte yesterday by mistake. Ruined my atkins diet. Darn now I have

"Universal mind" LTE. Too much time practicing scales, or just virtuosos?

I'm concerned about TZs taste in music.

Who has ever done a background check on someone?

Giant predatory shark fossil unearthed in Kansas

I'm concerned about BeachBaby's taste in music.

This Is My Brain On Drugs (Fresh fractal art)


We have had a colder then normal winter but it hasn't hurt the weeds, the yard is full of them.

Why didn't any of you tell me?

The Mariana Trench, to scale:

Easter Egg hunt: 18 Bunnies hidden among the flowers and trees.

Four Faces of Conservative Evil: OReilly, Limbaugh, Hannity & Beck

Researchers find oldest-ever stash of marijuana

As a poet, I am deeply concerned

I am the Nate Kaeding (playoff incarnation) of Kittyball

I'm consternated.

To anyone who picked the Toyota option when I gave them the choice of Ten Bucks or a Toyota....

I Have Got To Learn To Let Stupid Shit Go

I went to high school with the girl who Matthew Fox allegedly cheated with!

The Internet solves yet another problem we didn't know we had:

Led Zeppelin - Battle of Evermore

Well, that's just great. TZ also hates Pink Floyd's "The Wall".

I'm craving a chicken fried steak.

Fred Roggin looks like a serial killer

For those of you who did not see Keith Olbermann's special comment tonight,

Kid Charlemagne

Favorite apple? (for eating)

Timmy passed away this morning, and I'm just very sad...

Some stuff some people from the olden days said....

I am watching Carnivale now, what a strange show.

How many unrecommendations can a thread receive?

Our local school district is in deep shit.

Jesus, what an asswhippin': Canada Vrs Russia

If you like the B52's

How a Bill Becomes a Law

Several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict.

Anyone getting heavy snow yet?

Does anyone else think that Julia Mancuso's crying was ridiculous?

Saint-Saëns - Aquarium

Have you ever had two romantic aspirants fight over you?

John Wayne

Favorite tv shows few have heard of or remember

SEIU's Anna Burger: I think that the president’s plan is a very solid plan

Dillard awaiting final tally

Arizona: Bitter Smith Tries Again for Mitchell’s Seat

Paton leaving Arizona Senate to run for Congress

Romney backs McCain

Kaiser HCR Poll: Americans Hate the Process, Like the Product

Joe Wilson: America has the best health care system

Cao's fund-raising plummets after vote for health care reform

The Difference between the GOP and the Democratic Party will be the FACTOR in our future elections

TX-Gov: Medina Surge Dwindles, Perry Poised to Win Runoff

US Army’s lax supervision cited in Senate’s Blackwater probe

On health care: If not now, when?

OH SEN POLL: Fisher widens lead in primary, trails Portman by three points.

Anyone else think the reason the Health Insurers are jacking the rates right now is to force the....

Poll: Marshall has early lead for Senate, most Democrats undecided

Burr hitting fundraising circuit

Hypocrisy alert: Republicans vote to pass jobs bill they filibustered two days ago (updated)

2 QUESTIONS (re: Real Estate prices)

The FDA Budget: From Ideas to Action

CNN poll says Americans blame Republicans for lack of bipartisanship

Conrad: Health Care 'Dead' Unless House Passes Senate Bill First

Jobs Bill math (The price we pay to avoid "socialism")

What do I need to record tomorrow to watch the healthcare summit?

Obama invited Snowe to the summit. She had no choice but refuse

Success On Zazi Case Leads To Silence On The Right

Shays Not Running for Governor

Toyota President says his name is on every car.

Regarding the Obama Justice Department's "Torture" Ruling - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

Kerry wants Obama to move faster on the Smart Grid (Gore has also spoken of its importance)

Kent Conrad when is this asshole up for reelection?

Palins Shallow Appeal works with The Shallow Base and Those Shallowier

Limbaugh: "Obama is a cargo cult. He's essentially a primitive, indigenous guy"

I received a letter from Sen Johanns (R-NE) about HCR...

No mention in the media today about ProSense's claim that Dean endorsed Obama's plan

Here's one happy lookin' man.

Conservative infighting heats up as focus shifts to important policy debates

3 Q's: What recourse is there to people spewing BS at an appalling rate?

Will the Senate Come Through?

Does the DNC have Health Care ads playing in Vermont/Mass/ and Connecticut?

Health Care No Stranger To Reconciliation Process - That's the way health reform happens.

Obama, Dems look beyond health summit...going it alone

Dean went from wanting to kill the bill to wanting it to pass:


House Passes Bill To Repeal Antitrust Exemption For Health Insurance Companies


is tomorrow about politics or about policy?

is tomorrow about politics or about policy?

Breaking:: Palins spokes person , per CNN, just resigned...Palin is Failin

Reconciliation Context Alert!

RI is the FAA of teacher tenure. This is a Ronnie move and Duncan as the symbol of the WH giving

"The Democrats have proved themselves capable of accomplishing big things."

"Stupak: 15-20 Dems withholding support for White House health plan."

The Republicans Answer the Dare from the WH! Their Plans now Posted!

A *GREAT* side-by-side HCR comparison tool:

Just in: LBJ says 'not enough votes' to pass Civil Rights Act; will drop the whole matter

Reconciliation: correct me if I'm wrong

Can Health Care "Reform" Be Effective Without A Public Option And With A Mandate?

Obama-Wow (on the verge of historic health care reform and more)

"Only one Senate Democrat opposes reconciliation, while 44 don't oppose"

Rockefeller announces he's giving up on public option

The White House thinks there isn't public support for the public option

Boehner requests that Obama dress up like Dolly Parton in last minute request for HCR Summit

I will be disabled without medical care reform - how will this HCR bill help me?

I keep hearing the GOP *will* take back the House...

Ralph Nader will be at Oblong Books in Millerton, NY on Saturday.

"By The People: The Election Of Barack Obama" On HBO

AZ State Legislature approves measure to show Birth Certificate for Pres. Candidates

CNN - 46 percent say President Obama Is Too Liberal

BIG ED: "You bet Dick Cheney's heart is a political football...

BIG ED: "You bet Dick Cheney's heart is a political football...

WTF are you guys calling for Arne Duncan's head over

White House Denies Report Obama Is Considering Scaled-Back Reform Plan


Arne Duncan applauds vote to fire entire Central Falls, R.I. high school faculty

Rachel Maddow just effin' NAILED IT....Probably best she's ever been tonite

Rachel Maddow just effin' NAILED IT....Probably best she's ever been tonite

Harold Ford Jr. faces tough crowd at NY gay event

I'm a teacher.

Is there a "Wiener for President" site up yet?

Do You Think It's Time For A Fuck You! arne duncan Thread?

Could Someone Extend An Olive Branch, Or Is The Situation Hopeless?

Boehner asks W.H. for invite for Stupak

Senate Dems warm to reconciliation

On Eve of Health Meeting, Big Questions Still Linger

Ole Miss students vote to replace Colonel Reb

US Army’s lax supervision cited in Senate’s Blackwater probe

Supreme Court weighs free speech against aid to terrorists

Forces in Afghanistan told to limit nighttime raids

Wall Street shifting political contributions to Republicans

Deputy FM: Israel will increase aid to S. America in return for support

Argentine stolen at birth, now 32, learns identity

UN: Aboriginal Program Violates Human Rights

3 Google execs convicted of privacy violations

Jailed activist starves to death in Cuba

US activist's family to sue Israel

Latin America excludes US

U.S. to embed agents in Mexican law enforcement units battling cartels in Juarez

Senate passes $15 billion jobs bill on bipartisan vote (70 to 28)

Japan Inc.'s reputation rides on Toyoda

Levin Catches Blackwater in Contracting Lie

Did Blackwater Rescue Alan Grayson in Niger?

Second Strike Paralyzes Greece

White students face trial for South Africa race video

Half of Afghanistan Taliban leadership arrested in Pakistan

Israeli Nobel candidate rejects nomination

Cash-strapped LA going after unlicensed dogs

Bloom Box Launch Is "Big Hype"--Invention Nothing New?

Federal judge orders school district to stop spying on students

Blackwater Took Police Assault Rifles, Hearing Told (Levin: Misbehavior Turned Civilians to Taliban)

House Votes to Revoke Health Insurers’ U.S. Antitrust Exemption

Toyota supplier raided by FBI

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday February 24

Vermont Scuttles Plans for Reactor

Senate votes to close Vermont Yankee nuclear plant in 2012

Iceland EU bid set to get European Commission boost

Police supervisor encouraged cover-up, knew officer planted gun while still on Danziger Bridge

Obama nominates Berkeley prof to appeals court

Group urges more aggressive appointments of liberals to the bench

New home sales hit record low in January

Aussies to test golden staph vaccine

Colombian politician sentenced to 40 years for massacre

As insurer hiked rates 39%, executives got bonuses, Congress told

FBI searches 3 local auto suppliers

Former White House adviser Van Jones lands new D.C. gig at liberal think tank

NCAA yanks Focus on the Family ad amid concerns

$1B US Embassy in London 'Far From Subtle'

Reid Spars With CEOs, Walks Out Of Meeting

Gansler: Effective immediately Md. recognizes same-sex marriages performed elsewhere

Banks Bet Greece Defaults on Debt They Helped Hide

U.S. says IT firm underpaid H-1B workers

Amnesty urges Cuba to free all political detainees

Massachusetts Senate eyes creating a state bank

'God gap' impedes U.S. foreign policy, task force says

Blackwater Took Hundreds of Guns From U.S. Military, Afghan Police

The Oregonian announces layoffs of 37 employees

1 killed in whale attack at SeaWorld’s Shamu Stadium

GM India to Hire 1,000 Staff in 2010

Senate Dems look to one-year extension of key provisions in the Patriot Act

GM to end Hummer after sale to Chinese buyer fails

Nuke critics easily win procedural vote

Pledge of Allegiance dispute results in Md. teacher having to apologize.

Nato admits that deaths of 8 boys were a mistake

EU takes Greece to court over tax breaks

Former Guard Says Demjanjuk Was at Nazi Camp

Obama Readies a Fallback Health-Care Proposal

City of Beverly Hills says 'Miss Beverly Hills' is a fraud, disavows her.

Goldman Is Unpopular Because ‘It Brings Envy,’ Corzine Says

Police supervisor pleads guilty in Danziger Bridge probe; plea deal blows case wide open (Katrina)

Freddie Mac loses $7.8B in 4Q

Senators Propose Big Corporate Tax Cut

Young Voters Cooling towards Democrats

CIA briefed 68 lawmakers on interrogation program

UK MEP (Member of of European Parliament) unleashes tirade against new EU president

Argentina takes Falklands oil dispute with UK to UN

Fearing Obama Agenda, States Push to Loosen Gun Laws

Cuba activist dies of hunger strike

What Kind of Planet Are We On?

Max Keiser With Karl Denninger Discuss How the Banker Crooks Hid the Debt

Obama a Corporate Whore? with Music by Tool

Bye Bye Mr. Evan Bayh

FPR - Foundation For Patients' Rights Ad

Rachel Maddow: Christian Ignorance Revives Discrimination in Virginia

Dildo Reilly distances himself from Nut Gingrich

Max Keiser - Economic Apocalypse is Upon Us

Congressman Clyburn (D-SC) Denounces Steve King (R) For Making Excuses For IRS Attack

Activists and Union Janitors tell Wells Fargo "STop Playing Monopoly with our Lives'

KO responds to Dallas Tea Party diversity commercial

The Republican Party Is a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the Insurance Industry

TYT: Cenk On MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show (On Toyota, Corporations & Government)

Keith Olbermann Special Comment PT. 2: 'A Cry For Help; Damn Them to Hell'

They Call Her Mr. Pink

Keith Olbermann Special Comment PT. 1: 'Last Friday Night My Father Asked Me To Kill Him'

Libertarian columnist Jacob Sullum criticizes culture war figures for signing Mt Vernon Statement

Simon Johnson: Prospects for Financial Reform

Robert Scheer: No Banker Left Behind

AlterNet: Exposing the Great American Bubble Barons: Join Us in the Investigation

Wellpoint Raising Rates by Double Digits in at Least 11 States: avg 23% increase

Reconciliation isn't the 'nuclear option' but it has passed tough laws in past 50 years

DNA’s Dirty Little Secret

Yosemite National Park: Historic cabins’ future in question (park officials want your suggestions)

on "Bipartisan Blather" (The Nation) ---OMG..adopt Repug Ideas?

Democrat Youth Support Dwindling

Manufacturing a "victory" in Afghanistan

How to Reach A Larger Audience

Joe Bageant: Round Midnight

ADL Honors Woman as Teenage Rescuer of Jews During Holocaust

SEC Moves Toward Letting U.S. Firms Use Global Accounting Rules

Canadian arts column: "How Nipplegate and the Olympics coverage are connected"

Locking Down the Mentally Ill: Solitary Confinement Cells Have Become America's New Asylums

Why Washington Is Tied Up in Knots - Time magazine examines GOP's Predatory Politics

Don't confuse them with facts

Homeland Security: Boom and Bust (an Investigation from The Center for Public Integrity)

Nationwide Strike Paralyzes Greece

Garrison Keillor: The appeal of unreality

Olympics: Lebanese skier in Ute tribal garb moving on, down the slopes

How to fix our failing disease care system? Start over.

GOP Responds to Anthony Weiner's Scathing Attack

In Case you missed the video: U.S. is ranked #37 in health care in the world

Venezuela, president Chavez criticized in OAS report

Teach Your Children Well: There Is No Law but Might and Murder

Cooking in a Coffee Pot

Did Blackwater Rescue Alan Grayson in Niger?

Just said NO to Wa Po

Health Care Reform not popular? Think again. Kaiser Family Foundation poll shows otherwise

Conflicting accounts arise over Iran rebel's capture

After Shooting Chimp, a Police Officer’s Descent

US liberals have lost their thunder

School spying: infected laptops mandatory, jailbreaking grounds for explusion

Nancy Skinner on MSNBC Talking Glenn Beck at C-PAC

How much do you know about electric vehicles? (WSJ quiz)

Oregon Manufacturer Growing With Green Technology

Hewlett-Packard Selling Off Fuel Cell Patents

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service to decide whether sage grouse deserves Endangered Species protection

Drumbeat: February 24, 2010

Ice Losses in Antarctica Move South

SC Rejects 3 High-Profile Environmental Cases - TX Reservoir, CWA For Farms, "Regulatory Takings"

Shell Drops Plans To Divert Water From Yampa, Last CO River W. Any Water Left To Appropriate

NPR: Belief In Climate Change Hinges On Worldview

President Hu Says China Committed Blahblah Fighting Climate Change Blahblah Technology Blahblah

Grizzlies Moving Into Polar Bear Land- Centuries Of Trapping Records Show None In N. Man Before 1996

Dead Batteries, Food Waste and Doggy-Doo Powered Street Lamps

NY Times: A Secretive Start-Up (Bloom Energy) Raises the Curtain

New stingray found at Ningaloo (West Australia)

Krugman on the "oil bubble"

Hypoxic Deep-Ocean Waters Moving Up To Continental Shelves Off Pacific NW

The Evils of Minimum Parking Requirements

NRC Is Refusing to Adhere to an Order to Release Document

Making swiss cheese out of Colorado's Rocky Mountains

Condolences are in order for the "green" Governor of California.

Xpost- LBN: Bloom Box Launch Is "Big Hype"--Invention Nothing New?

Megafauna Fading - 4 Yrs After Extinction, Memory Of Yangtze Dolphin Disappearing In Fishing Towns

Russia to spend $1.7 billion on nuclear power plant projects

Bach, Wilkins, George VI, Stange Among Ant. Peninsula Shelves Now In Retreat As Warming Heads South

At Least 660K Gallons Of Oil Deliberately Dumped From Italian Refinery - Has Reached Po River

India Today - Legislature Considering Law To Jail Anyone Who Questions Safety Of Transgenic Crops

Woods Hole Researchers Confirm Existence Of Atlantic Garbage Gyre - Telegraph

(Off Topic) Intelligent People Have "Unnatural" Preferences and Values That Are Novel in Human Ev...

Bloom Box fuel cell - "2/3rds cleaner than coal plant" ..USA Today

Nightline: Is It Ok to Be Fat? (xpost)

Tesla driver donates charge point between LA and SF

An electrifying discovery: New material to harvest electricity from body movements

Water may not run uphill, but it practically flies off new surface

Olympic champion Michelle Kwan discusses success on and off the ice

Peggy Fleming Hurt in Biden Motorcade Crash

What would Brian Boitano do?

The Peyton Manning Conspiracy Theory

Mosi Tatupu, Patriots fan favorite and father of Seahawks linebacker Lofa Tatupu, dies

Donovan keen on Toffees return

Now we're talking: Pole Dancing Added to the Olympics?

MODS: Would it be possible to move the Figure Skating threads to The Lounge??

Anyy fans of American dad? They did a show last week about the Miracle on Ice...

U.S. Alpine team bickers after giant slalom run

Look out, Canton! Cowboys vs. Bengals in Hall of Fame game

Vonn breaks finger in giant slalom crash

so did you all see "Brian Westbrook" prank call sportscenter?

NCAA yanks Focus on the Family ad amid concerns

Big day in Olympic hockey..

My Ruskie liquor store owner was not happy.

The Russians Suck

Nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey, goodbye

1980 gold medal

BREAKING: Cleveland signs 1st baseman Russell Branyan for an amazing TWO MILLION DOLLARS!

Greatest sports call ever: "Do you believe in Miracles? Yes!" or "The Giants win the pennant!"

Argentine stolen at birth, now 32, learns identity

Latin America excludes US

Ancient Aztec temple found in colonial building

Colombian politician sentenced to 40 years for massacre

Argentine stolen at birth, now 32, learns identity

Where is the U.S. press on the subject of threatened Colombian journalists?

Venezuela president Hugo Chavez calls for development of wind energy

How to fix our failing disease care system? Start over.

Deputy FM: Israel will increase aid to S. America in return for support

Brazil could have first woman president after Lula picks successor

U.S. to embed agents in Mexican law enforcement units battling cartels in Juarez

Venezuela annuls election of anti-Chavez mayor

update: Egyptian police arrest suspect in synagogue attack

Three Lebanese charged with spying for Israel

RACHEL CORRIE'S family bring civil suit over human shield's death in Gaza

Mofaz vows not to split Kadima

The truth about the Mossad

Dubai says identified 15 new suspects in Mabhouh killing; some fled to Iran

Deputy FM: Israel will increase aid to S. America in return for support

At least 10 Israelis share names of new Dubai hit squad suspects

Demand for Mossad T-shirts up tenfold after Dubai assassination

BBC blasted for ‘bigoted fear-mongering’

Israeli Nobel candidate rejects nomination

US activist's family to sue Israel

Australia warns Israel on Dubai assassination plot

Today in Labor History Feb 24 Women and children textile strikers beaten by police during a strike

The Unemployed Have Begun to Organize Their Own Union

Jobs for Pharmacists

States And Cities Continue To Chop At Workers

(Maryland) State likely to recognize same-sex marriages

Cranking up the crazy to 11... thousand: Conservatives say that ending DADT will start World War 3

Minnesota holds first hearing on gay marriage (Rosa Parks didn't move to support sodomy)

MODS: Would it be possible to move Condem to the Lounge--he did the unthinkable!

Tests of Russia's troubled Bulava missile planned for new sub

CANADA: Push To Require License To Have Replica Gun

Maine seeks to stymie federal law on guns in parks

More guns headed to Mexico

Gun shop owner murdered.

Sheriff opposes Colorado State U gun ban ..


Open carry deters armed robbery in Kennesaw

My first legal carry in a National Park.

How to React After Shooting a Home Intruder

Fearing Obama Agenda, States Push to Loosen Gun Laws

Heaviest Element Officially Named Copernicium

Cassini Finds Plethora of Plumes, Hotspots on Saturn's Moon Enceladus

Question about Bonobos

A Sonic Assault on Bark Beetles

The leading cause of death for black men 15 to 34 is homicide.

FL: No Charges To Resident Who Shot Unarmed Burglar In The Back

Small Dogs Originated in the Middle East

Liberals and Atheists Smarter?

So many menus, so little time...


Some tips for shooting panoramas

Give everybody guns and eliminate the police force

Could I have your attention, I have an announcement to make?!?!?

Anne Ortelee this week...

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower (Ike's great granddaughter)

Am I the only one having trouble with the way this forum is showing up on my monitor?

What do you guys know about NLP?

energy alert

We have baby kittens

"Let's start the bidding. Do I hear ZERO?"

Growing Number of Candidates Campaigning for State-owned Banks

Can someone go over this and debunk?

SEC puts new curbs on short-selling

French Ad Shocks, but Will It Stop Young Smokers?

Is your child's food allergy real? Tests trigger false alarms

Geithner's Gotta Go, By Mike Whitney

Sight savers: New weapons trained on blindness (AMD)

An Apology With Echoes of 12 Steps

The Narcissus Society - call for universal coverage

Bust the Health Care Trusts - Robert Reich

Senate bill costs

Docs Cut Work Hours as Primary Care Shortage Looms

How to fix our failing disease care system? Start over.

DSSA, making healthcare unafordable for everyone.

Bullish a Year Ago, Robert Prechter Now Sees "the Biggest Bubble in History"

Haaretz exclusive: Hamas founder's son worked for Shin Bet for years

Church fire suspect had books on atheism

Sam Harris - Misconceptions About Atheism

Now for more depressing NYT news...

How about some appreciation for David Benke?

Ever Hear Of The "Christmas Tree Ship"?

What I want to know

Whatever happened to instruction?

Missouri girl accused of plotting to kill classmates

Because of RTTT and Duncan's position on the RI teachers, Obama has lost my vote.

The Myth of the "Powerful" Teachers' Union

My letter to my Congressman, Senators, and the Democratic Party

What we don't know about Central Falls

Does anyone here use Photoshop?

anybody have a fast one bowl cake recipe they have tested?