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In pictures: Life in the shadow of Israeli settlements

Thank you!

Ways to truly "Support the Troops"

The Gay Infiltration of the Conservative Movement

Obama’s new proposal: LGBTs still missing


Godly discipline turned deadly: controversial child "training" practice comes under fire -- this tim

STOP Deforestation for Palm Oil!

STOP Deforestation for Palm Oil!

Toyota Probe Fueled by Politics as Well as Safety, Critics Say

Toyota Probe Fueled by Politics as Well as Safety, Critics Say

Cheney's tortured lies

Up Or Down. - Bring On The Vote. Majority Rules - 23 Feb 10

Wall Street Bonuses up 17 % to 20.3 billion

The Global Economic Crisis

How can you go 100 mph even in neutral?

Apple bans sexual content from iPhone app store but not religious fundamentalism

European Politicians Will Pay Any Price To Bail Out The PIIGS Because Sovereign Defaults Would Destr


Good analogy on snowstorm/warming

H.R. 4489, the "Federal Employee Health Benefit Program on line today at 2:00 pm

I'm just curious what other DUers think about the propriety of use of this image on this board.

Why You Should Completely Ignore Any Discussion Of Whether The Fed Will Still Buy MBS

Tune in Thursday! Bipartisan Brawl-athon mocked by Mark Fiori

Rockefeller Not Inclined To Support Reconciliation For The Public Plan

Senate jobs bill moves forward, 15-day unemployment benefit extension likely

i turned on mourning joe because i forgot what a fucking asshole he was.

New York Sales Tax Receipts In Unprecedented Collapse

Jimmy Carter Responds To Article Comparing His Foreign Policy To President Obama's

You might want to check out Scott Brown's Facebook page


Joe Sestak actually does something smart

Athens: The First Domino?

time to put our collective head between our collective knees and kiss our collective ass good-bye...

Wall Street Bonuses up 17 % to 20.3 billion / One million could lose jobless benefits in March

Repub Plan

Missouri university board member resigns after gay slur

FDIC: Number of troubled banks rises to 702

Cheney and Dole have the best healthcare that your tax money can buy.

HLN just stated that 70% of the Toyota uncontrollable acceleration complaints

The Tea Tent

Iran announces capture of militant group leader (Claims working with Americans)

Crumbling Consumer Confidence

Much visited website...Military caskets on front page

Bristol Palin to make acting debut

McChrystal Broadcasts Apology for Civilian Killings Over Afghan Television

Michele Bachmann: Cocktail Party Circuit Queen of the Minnesota Delegation

Crooks & Liars: Matt Dowd Paints Republican Obstruction as Doing the Will of the People

U.S. spending $600 million on Afghan police stations

U.S. spending $600 million on Afghan police stations

Do the nation's leading CEOs need their hands held? WH Dinner tonight in the State Dining Room

Bill Would Ban Security Contractors From War Zones

UK makes EMI / Abbey Road a historic building!

PO Letter Signatories: Johnson, Stabenow, & Inouye... Make It 23 !!!

Limbaugh criticizes health care reform as "a civil rights bill" and "reparations"

The Rude Pundit - The OPR Torture Memos Report: What Is Enhanced Interrogation Technique Number 12?

Americans United Asks IRS To Investigate Partisan Politicking At Liberty University

Gawker's guide to news anchors (Barbara, O'LOOFAH, more) - their OTHER lives outside the news

Freeps: "Can we get our donation back?" ... "I hope Mass go the recall route on this jerk"

Of 'guests' and 'team members'.

Health Means Life; Health Means Freedom

Thousands attend whale funeral in Vietnam

MSNBC reporting how upset the RW is with Brown for breaking

Calif. has a nuclear density probe event

When is a fundamentalist not a fundamentalist?

Beer Globalization in Latin America

Thom Hartmann is right on the ball as per usual

Financial Times: US housing market hit by ‘walkaways’

did anyone catch Michael Cox on Wash. Journal this a.m. ?

Cheney in hospital with chest pains.

Awwww - "Tawd" Palin out of Iron Dog - Warm Weather tore up Trail & Snow Machine

Hee hee. President's bill retains the Boehner tax

Imagine being unemployed during a recession under a Reagan administration

Gen. Stanley McChrystal :NATO commander makes televised apology

High Court Weighs Anti-Terror Material Support Law - NYT/AP

High Court Weighs Anti-Terror Material Support Law - NYT/AP

We Can Haz Progressifs In Ur Cabnetz?

We Can Haz Progressifs In Ur Cabnetz?

Report: too few votes for reconciliation in House or Senate ... link

I saw this coming, but it's still good to see...

SoCal ACLU leader stepping down

Don't confuse them with facts (Leonard Pitts Jr.)

Jobless fear benefits will end shortly

Minnesota Lawmakers Debate Gay Marriage

Gov't Sued Over Cell Phone Tracking

Will the Republicans Post Their Health Plan… and When?

The Deficit For Dummies

Live hearings on MSNBC on Toyota

How much does President Obama expect us to pay for health care? By Don McCanne, MD

Nicaragua Total Abortion Ban Challenged in Case of Cancer Patient

Rockefeller feigned support for the public option, when it had no chance of passing (Greenwald)

if business and rich people benefit so much from government, why not charge a FEE for this?

"The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of American's Wealthy"

I hope Bode MIller wins his fourth medal today. Love the guy

A Commentary On Our Political Deadlock Of Today (You Got To Read This)...........

MTA to layoff 1,000, sources say

Toyota official: Our deal with U.S. regulators avoided massive recall, saved us $100 million

FREEPER Quote Of The Day

Obama’s Un-Sellable Hodgepodge of Minor Health Care Changes

Celebration in the basement. (cartoon)

Floor mat problem sparked 2000 Toyota recall in U.K.(Toyota FAILED to inform NHTSA)

We interrupt your regularly scheduled gravitas

Admit it: you have no idea what the vaunted "public option" is

The military's war on the Earth

Its Official. 1000th US soldier killed in Afghanistan

Don't Cry for Me DC: Moscow struggles with 25 inch snowfall.

White House Health Proposal May Blow Up PhRMA Deal

Gay Couple Encounters Housing Discrimination (W.Va.)

Curious what the general opnion of the movie,

Scott Brown Being Ridiculed by Baggers. Obama being trashed

WV lesbian Couple Denied Apartment

Jerusalem City Wall Possibly Built by Solomon Discovered

Why isn't "Invictus" playing in Omaha? I've searched for explanations to no avail.

2010 Election Forecast is UGLY -- Time to get progressive stuff DONE!!!

Why Obama Proposal’s Lack Of Public Option Isn’t Necessarily A Catastrophe

These companies need to apologize also

My 400th subscriber is a Nazi. :(

U.S. spending $600 million on Afghan police stations

“US Jan mass layoffs edge up on weak manufacturing” but we are recovering, aren’t we?

LIMBOsevic: "I'm starting to SUCK!1" (He said that.) Later he read an ENTIRE screed by a Progressive

Ah, I Love My Facebook

Andy Borowitz rats out Toyota President

Anybody (with a job) calling in "sick" on Thursday?

CHP safety inspector drives Lexus ES350 (Toyota) into embankment at 113mph killing four

CHP safety inspector drives Lexus ES350 (Toyota) into embankment at 113mph killing four

Doctor indicted in serial child abuse scandal

Latin America and Caribbean leader support Argentina's claim to the Falkland Islands.

How can you go 100 mph even in neutral?

Gay-Bashing CPACer Has Checkered Legal History - TPM

Scott Brown is prime example of the GOP devouring one of their own.

Speaking Of That Heartless Ghoul... 'Those "Torture Worked" Memos of Cheney's' - DailyKos

See Scott practice Bipartisanship. See Scott get SKEWERED. Conform, Scott, Conform!

I wonder what Cheney's ejection faction number is now?

Justin Coussole -- running against Boehner. Please help, help, help.

Insurer's steep rate hike may aid Obama's cause

Public Option Dramatically More Popular Than Sen. Bill –So Obama Pushes Sen. Bill w/o Public Option

Stop lying Dick - you will never feel good again

Getting the devil off the mountain

"Obama Takes One Last Shot At Health Bill" : this is the headline in our local paper (an AP article)

Teabagger-turned-Senator schools us all on why teabag-loving Republicans rock, and Democrats do not

Marjah, Afghanistan assault mostly about influencing U.S. public opinion, WaPost says

should we ban bigots in the military?

Mr. Evan Bayh - the song

Astounding ignorance: "Handicapped Children Are God's Punishment to Women"

The Public Option Hot Potato

All the reports about Cheney 's latest heart problems omitted the fact that

Reid seeks extension of jobless aid

Judge: School officials must clear ‘webcamgate’ comments with lawyers

Michael Steele loves his fresh flowers!

Tell me how you feel about this... Re: Fox News in Jail

So...why is it ok for the U.S. Olympic athletes to do commercials while their still competing?

Banks apply pressure to keep fees rolling in

If Nelson, Lincoln, & Bayh did not exist, Rahm would NEED TO INVENT them . . . . . . . . . :

So, What Happened???

Gibbs: The Public Plan Doesn't Have The Votes

Why don't we have for-profit organ donor organizations?

Major Northeast Snowstorm on Its Way Updated: 6 minutes ago

Anyone else hear John Yoo on Talk of the Nation?

Won't the Senates 'HCR' version minus the PO just be another repackaged form of COBRA?

If you're interested in the tactics of the climate denier industry...

Arrest Ordered In Vt. Same-sex Parent Custody Case (Lisa Miller anti-gay child abductor)

The “American Century” is over. The next “World Empire” already exists.

Here's why the Rethug HC 'reform' laugher should've been passed into law immediatly.

Finally some good news if it happens - Reid proposing long term Unemployment Benefits - Read on:

How to Reach A Larger Audience

Smirkonish up next on Hardball. Will explain why he changed to "I".

Del. Robert Marshall (R-VA) says "punishment from God" abortion remark misconstrued, apologizes

Toyota hearings reveal "independent" engineer witness is hired gun.

Pelosi: House Dems can support Obama healthcare proposal

GOP decline linked to immigration rise

Newt Gingrich ‘Sharing Resources, Coordinating Efforts’ With Oil Lobby

Climate Migration in Latin America: A Future 'Flood of Refugees' to the North?

Federal appeals court rules that pilot can sue feds for disclosing HIV-positive status

Gates Calls Europe Anti-War Mood Danger to Peace

Reid links rise in domestic abuse to unemployment; critics say tie is overblown

Obama Administration raps Europe for not spending more on military budgets! Can't have that!

Did Colbert cross the line tonight?

CBO estimates that stimulus package has employed up to 2.1 million workers.

Cheney has taught me a lot about life.

I have a question for the owners of cars

Can someone please disect why health care costs are so high and still rising?

Alan Greenspan finally gets the award he deserves!

Non Sequitur

HuffPo Comments on Cheney Heart Attack. Over 100 "Pending"

Abbey Road studios win preservation order

Stimulating Hypocrisy

Utah Bill Criminalizes Miscarriage

Utah Bill Criminalizes Miscarriage

How come Republicans can just make crap up and people believe it?

We The People, Inc.

Toyota official says massive recalls won't totally fix safety issues, apologizes for problems

Home prices still falling, but getting better

It just dawned on me that if Beck is anti-progressives

Tea Party Leader(and Radio Host) On Obama: 'Our Half White, Racist President'


South Korea opens prison for foreign convicts (with a lotta luxury!)

Eight Democratic Senators sent a letter to EPA requesting greenhouse gases not be regulated

WA Rep Geoff Simpson smacks Freeper down HARD! - DailyKos

FCC, CBS Square Off In Third Circuit...Again

Hourglass Figures Affect Men's Brains Like a Drug

Dick Cheney offers five definitive proofs for the nonexistence of God

When does the NBC nightly Ice Dancing marathon end and the Winter Olympics began?

Tea party leader: I'm not racist, our 'half-white' President is!

Wall Street compared to We The People.

Why do so many people feel

Did you ever think you'd see news discussing Chase bank's

Bristol Palin has scored an acting gig....

Dear Mr. Feingold, What would Sen. Wellstone have done?

Text Prompts Neighbor To Shoot Attacker Who Tied Up Women

Dog Caught In Middle Of Vicious Dog Battle

Who is this Karen Hanretty on Ed?

Toyota Disaster: This is the perfect time for some expert engineering company to come in

Study: 25 militaries integrated gays with minimal fallout

Ed Shultz - It's amazing Dick Cheney five heart attacks, five deferments

The ED show. Dick 5 heart attacks 5 deferments

China's Ice Festival - beautiful

Clyburn Denounces King For Making Excuses For IRS Attack

Man sues after being hit by flying hot dog at Royals game

GOPer: I can "empathize" with suicide plane attacker

Wingnut Media Mocks Reid for Linking Rise in Unemployment to Domestic Violence/Abuse

Mass Layoffs Jump In January After Four Straight Months Of Decline

Bernie Sanders compares climate skeptics to Nazi deniers

Secret AIG Document Shows Goldman Sachs Minted Most Toxic CDOs

So does the president's proposal have pre-existing conditions that take effect immediately

No Brownies at Bake Sales, but Doritos May Be O.K. (NYC)

but wheeen theeeey fiiiiin'lly puuuut you in the grouuuuund....

The thing about Obama loyalists and defenders on this site

New species of dinosaur found in eastern Utah rock

Wal-Mart to create 6,500 jobs

An old friend is going away .... the Washington Post National Weekly

This Is Liberalism?

My house will be aquired by the State for an Interstate Project. How generous are these programs?

you are what you eat?

12 Ways to Save Tax Money -- Huffington Post quotation

CNN stupid question of the day re: Dick Cheney "How should he proceed now?"

Here is why both parents have to work just to stay ahead .

Los Angeles DA ridding the streets of those dangerous medical marijuana dispensers......

As Cheney crumples up like a spider, consider this about the care he will receive

Obama and the three little Boehners!!!

Agoraphobics Wanted for Virtual March on Congress Feb. 24

It's too short.

Our current plight = a search for a perpetual motion machine. As in doesn't exist.

Holy... Shit... ' Utah Bill Criminalizes Miscarriage' - RH Reality Check

Another Modest Proposal

Limbaugh Calls Health Care Bill "Reparations" and a "Civil Rights Bill" - DailyKos

Please God, don't let Cheney die

To anyone on this site that is not sincere

Finally, Jason Bourne returns this September in the newly titled; "The Bourne Legacy"

Anthem Blue Cross to Californians: Drop Dead....but only after you've paid your jacked-up premiums

Did Pat Roberts (R) order waterboarding tapes destroyed?

'Death of American Capitalism:' The 10 final scenes

ACLU joins school Webcam spying lawsuit (Lower Merion School Computer Spy Case)

Update on the fake "bomb detector" bought by Iraq.

I want Dick Cheney to grow old

Wilkerson on KO talking about Cheney's lies

Can someone enlighten me??

Distant Wars - Constant Ghosts: An Iraq war veteran reflects on the psychic toll of killing.

It's the Neo-lemmings!1 Jumping to become "Independents"!1 (SMERKONISH on Tweety)

New Docs On Disputed AirTran Flight Shows No Muslim Hijack Attempt

Nevada Governor Gibbons Says He Hasn't Had Sex in 15 Years

Eleanor Roosevelt Has Some Advice For Republicans

Terrorists targeting IRS agents

The End of Innocence ? (Not Political ) But not good ...

The first thing Obama should do Thursday is list all the Republican demands that are in the WH bill.

"Newsnight poll: Most think Afghan war 'unwinnable''

Electronics could be factor in Toyotas' sudden acceleration, executive admits

Electronics could be factor in Toyotas' sudden acceleration, executive admits

Top Earners Paid only 16.6% Federal Income Tax:

Tennessee biorefinery to convert wood to fuel

Infections in US hospitals kill 48,000 and cost billions

Blackwater Took Hundreds of Guns From U.S. Military, Afghan Police (Using 'South Park' Alias)

The Banksters go into the payday loansharking biz......

.Bristol Palin to act on 'American Teenager'

Bank lending plummets by $587B in 2009

GOP's Brown branded turncoat, "Benedict Brown" for jobs bill vote

If for no other reason, why this Lower Marion PA school SPYCAM case is important

Crumbling Consumer Confidence

Puppet cleavage a no-no for bus shelter ads

On October 4, 2010, Elena Kagan Will Ask Her First Question As A Supreme Court Justice

The little-told story of how the U.S. government poisoned alcohol to kill 10,000 Americans

A note for those who have trouble with a home budget

Dick Cheney is the most evil American political figure since Nixon.... and I won't pretend to care

Time for the Dem Party to attach racist Teabag wingnutedness to the Republican Party.

(Daily Beast) U.S. to Stay in Iraq?

Repub strategy is very simple and totally transparent: they make shit up to suit their purpose.

The neighbors are raiding the foreclosures on my street

White House - "Will the Republicans Post Their Health Plan… and When?" - Sweet!

I apologize for my use of the "B word"

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!


How much does President Obama expect us to pay for health care?

The horror of irony. Cadillac Health Plan Cheney has 5 lives and counting - yet he is responsible

So United Health Care is trying to peddle their Medicare Advantage program

I understand they had a Valentines Day hearts drive in FReeperville.

Supervisors reject bid to rename California's Mt. Diablo as Mt. Reagan

Hurricane-Like (Winter) Storm Aims for Pennsylvania to Maine Thursday, Friday

May 13, 2008: "...if Cheney were just a regular American, he’d probably be dead by now..."

Supreme Court: Lesbian mom must share parental status with ex

A job, but there's a catch: a 1,000-mile commute

It's official: Obama will not push public option through reconciliation

A minor example of insurance company sliminess

Rush Limbaugh Knocks Glenn Beck; Criticized for "Reparations" Comment

George Noory sounds more like Rush Limbaugh than Art Bell. What has happened to Coast to Coast?

One day, Jonah Goldberg is going to have to go and get a real job.....

Sarah Palin pregnwned

SPYCAM: "Unusual" that the US Atty. CONFIRMS Criminal Probe,; ...... ACLU supports suit

Former smugglers now legit at medical pot convention

Why are you a Democrat?

Vatican Bioethicist Refuses to Resign Over Compassion for 9-yr-old Brazilian Rape Victim's Abortion

Guardian UK: Republicans v secular America

Joan Walsh at Why So Little Attention To Vernon Hunter?

Joan Walsh at Why So Little Attention To Vernon Hunter?

Public Option

HCR Reconciliation Thread (MAJOR UPDATE WITH CHANGES) We still do not have it.

HCR Reconciliation Thread (MAJOR UPDATE WITH CHANGES) We still do not have it.

Why won't they tax Wall Street?

Why won't they tax Wall Street?

US war embezzlement visualized: 4-minute video banned from Congress testimony: “Iraq for Sale”

“Liquidating the Empire” (Pat Buchanan) Food for thought.

MarketWatch: Americans losing hope on finding work

Luke Russert has no business being an analyst on television.

AIG involved in Greek Credit Default Swaps

Could DU hire a DU lobbyist? Would we want to?

Is THOU SHALT NOT LIE still a commandment?

The enemy of my enemy is my ... oh, crap.

Study: Tax Cuts Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Some news we can all feel good about!!!! The top 400 families are making more than ever!!!!

"Bastard" as a pejorative: soon to vanish?

Kucinich Challenges Gates on Afghanistan:

Neil Boortz - terrorist leader?

Advice needed please....

He'll bring the chicken... and 'tater salad... and his lavish spending has pissed off RNC donors

I just found out 5 min ago,..2007 prius...

Have Toyota execs learned from the recall ... of 2006?

One million could lose jobless benefits in March

One million could lose jobless benefits in March

Don't you think we should be working very hard to get progressives


Vanessa Kerry proposes humanitarian US medical corps


Doing the Dead Cat Bounce

Pediatricians want hot dogs reshaped and repackaged with warning labels.

We need a new term for what Obama & Company are doing.

Michael Steele again

Gov. Jim Gibbons (R-Nevada) to KLAS-TV reporter: "You're full of shit."

Corporate Astroturf In 2008! Freedomworks Impersonating Angry Renters!

The Right-Wing Backlash Against Glenn Beck: Stop Being A ‘Clown’

Heather Graham Stars In MoveOn Public Option Ad - HuffPo

Hey! Rachel's eating popcorn (Boehner vs. Boehner)

School shooting in Littleton Colorado (middle school) Breaking --

School shooting in Littleton Colorado (middle school) Breaking --

School shooting in Littleton Colorado (middle school) Breaking --

Just opted out of my Citi Card

To the US media whining about wanting a presidential news conference

I have a question for owners of japanese cars and trucks

Have you read the owner's manuals for your vehicles?

dedicated to my DU friends-"We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For"

'My heart, my choice,' Williams says, defending decision for U.S. heart surgery

'My heart, my choice,' Williams says, defending decision for U.S. heart surgery

The Democratic Party and the Democratic base

Despite massive recalls, deaths, quality issues, Consumer Reports continues to recommend Toyota???

How did the Post Office get such a bad reputation?

Why do Republicans think we should miss Bush?

Repealing DADT: in the words of Capt. Picard, "Make it so"

We would never have Medicare today if we had the Democrats we have now back then /nt

Reps. Weiner and Welch as Obama: "Where's the Single-Payer Advocate?"

Europeans Take to the Streets.......

Exclusive: NYT Public Editor Concedes O'Keefe 'Pimp' Hoax 'Unethical' But Won't Call for Retractions

My experience with collections

A President and a Congress unwilling to pass a bill the people want

Pawlenty: Let ER's turn away patients to cut costs

What happens if/when the largest/wealthiest corporations in America no longer need Americans?

23 Senators for Public Option through reconciliation. Keep it up.

WOW! Saudi Prince Owns 4th Largest Stake in FOX NEWS. Top GOP Investigator supports Probe!

Why Glenn Greenwald is a HACK!

Personal Opinion: Sick & Tired of posts with links but no text!

Town backs man who shoots rapist and watches him die

Are rock batteries a "Breakthrough in Energy Storage"?

On the third anniversary of my own heart attack, I took a stress test and listened to Cheney nooz ..

What to do if your Toyota vehicle accelerates uncontrollably:

"1 Million Strong Against our SOCIALIST Fire Departments"

DU this CBS Poll on Obama

"The Democratic Party's Deceitful Game" By Glenn Greenwald

The Wal-Mart counter-revolution

Personal Opinion: Sick & Tired of posts with links but no text!

Today is the 70th anniversary of Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land"

Mother Jones: Obama Still Insisting on Excise Tax on Middle Class Health Insurance:

I have a 2007 Camry

Orly Taitz asks for UN protection from evil US.

Curious... How Many Of You Have Actually Met Another DUer In The Flesh ???

Could WE bankrupt the insurance industry?

Will you march? (HCR related - via MoveOn)

Toyota is Toyotoast

The Real Danger Of Ron Paul

“The White House obviously has a loser mentality"

Oldtime DUer needs help in winning a blog contest

I believe a healthy economy is the result of:

They don't get it

Howard Dean on hardball says you do not need to mandate health insurance

We're So Sorry.

We're So Sorry.

ABC News expert recreates sudden acceleration without CPU error code *UPDATED w/Toyota response

On health care

WA Rep Geoff Simpson smacks Freeper down HARD!

Do you believe we should have a Constitutional Amendment changing a Senator's term

Do you believe we should have a Constitutional Amendment changing a Senator's term

Do you believe we should have a Constitutional Amendment changing a Senator's term

Christians claim hate crimes law an effort to ‘eradicate’ their beliefs

Pa. abortion doctor's license suspended after raid

Ole Miss students vote to replace Colonel Reb

Toyota CEO testifying, "knows nothing".

Toyota CEO testifying, "knows nothing".

Harder and harder to hate Walmart?

Do Not Resuscitate the ‘Public Option’ by Andrew D. Coates, MD

America Just Declared The Recovery Over So You'd Better Get Ready For The Double Dip

MSNBC: Tests revealed Cheney had a mild heart attack

Canada responds to the loss of Gold


Real change will never happen except by socialism. Start by expropriating the banks.

Oh we had so much fun...the good old days.

Hey this your new #?its ronnie

Delete. nt

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/23/09

Ever been rickrolled by a nice Jamaican man?

Taiko.. enjoy

I hate "JFK"

TV producer Donald Bellisario likes to leave viewers hanging.

I am posting from my iPod.

I've found something we could use on GD

Magnum fans, please help me here.

Hey, Floridians--which scares you more?

5-minute doctor visit, $155

Elvis Costello - Good Year For The Roses

DU PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Polls on Revolutionary War naval figures MUST include this man:

DU PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Polls on the development of antibiotics MUST include this man:

pole dancing on espn

self delete


Fun in Alaska. We are all not S/P

Poodle > Glenn Beck

Walt Starr appreciation thread!

When I use spellcheck here my computer beeps.

"Up and AT THEM, Fallout Boy!" What would be YOUR Superhero Battle Cry?


24 jumped the shark...

Get ready, Blizzard number FOUR is heading for the Mid-Atlantic

I will automatically unrec

Macho Man!

How to you refresh/reload web pages?

A case of beer for mother and baby!

Sense. This photo makes none.

Cracked columnist attempts to learn something from The Learning Channel - and fails!

what is the WORST dead musical performance you've seen...?

I know one thing DU has plenty of that the freepers are lacking..

today's epic fail

We need a Woody Guthrie/Bob Dylan/Bruce Springsteen for today.

Californians....ever got your state tax refund direct deposited?

Evgeni Plushenko. Russian Douchebag.

Nacho Sotomayor - I Don't Care

I don't think it's too early to start an MLB thread.

I rate Florist Rumps

Which is funnier?


Gnomes for pleasure, elves for marriage.

If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown flush it down

Peter Fonda is 70 years old today!

my life didn't turn around until i had to start wearing underwear

Life. ... ... ... ... ... (Warning: Big Animated Picture Alert)

Are mnemonics for long lists really helpful?


Sluggerrr the Lion... K.C. Royals mascot... sued for $25k for hitting fan in eye with wiener

If curling is an Olympic "sport"


I was watching an episode of Corner Gas... Specifically the episode "Whataphobia"

How important are you to the hedgehogs?

Vintage Colbert and Vintage Carrell.

Behold the Thread Killer! All quake and tremble before me!

Anyone Else Feel Exhausted After Being Interviewed?

Cat Lovers in the Las Vegas area...please read and if you can help, please do so...thanks.

Is alpine skiing an Olympic "sport"?

Advice: Methods to get your family and friends to leave you alone during a difficult time.

Would you ever wear a Dinosaur? No.. really!!

"Live and Become". Excellent movie.

I was flipped off by a driver whose car had "Coexist" and "Wage Peace" bumper stickers.

Show me, the way, the next whiskey bar

"It's obviously user error."

Jesus Christ. I'm watching "Curling After Dark".

does anyone else think that the olympic medals in vancouver look like big shrinky-dinks?

One Shark Sandwich for TZ comin' up!

That Friskies comercial...maybe it's my misspent youth...

I did not Punish my Dog. That was the wrong word. Please, forgive me for using tan inappropriate

Does South Park have different voice-actors and music soundtrack?

Hey, I know... let's argue about clicking on links. It's got to be the best use of time.....

Thread format suggestions...

Just Curious. Am I On Your "Ignore List"?

How important are you to me?

What America means to me.

I opened a bottle of wine.

Best ad series ever featured Mike, Jason, and Trey.

Another NBC Olympic outrage

My terrible french

I'm sick as a hound puppy.

I go for my sleep study on thursday night.

I'm in love with another curler

Question about Open Office's "Writer" application

Finally, Jason Bourne returns this September in the newly titled; "The Bourne Legacy"

La La Land - I'm going to admit that I watch it and like it

Sigh. Who would think it's OK to enter someone's back yard and put salt down?

VIDEO: Christian teen rock band "Final Placement" and 3:40 of your life that is gone forever

I have been trying to watch the old Dr. Who episodes before Tom Baker but I can't.

Going to buy a bike and need advice, recommendations, etc

10 Greatest Animal Photobombs Of All Time

Canadian mascot eats cheerleader!

to those who think they aren't valuable to society

The bobsled cracks me up.

Day-um! Someone I know was on Jeopardy tonight!

I need some info from Catholics and Baptists for a short story I'm writing.

New puppies are worse than new babies!

BeachBaby appreciation thread!

I am having italian elk sausage for supper tonight

I Gotz da Blooz.

Anybody ever learn anything useful from a Ouija board?

Poll question: Semi-annual Greatest Ukulele God Poll

Torn calf muscle. Great. Just Great.

Curious what the general opnion of the movie,

You know that dream where you go back to school?

Choose the modern laundry room that you favor

Name a band/artist of any genre, that you never heard before, that performed live @ a concert

LOST anyone?

I did not know that Jimmy Johnson was that "hard up" for money

OMG IS THERE NO GOD!!!! America's worst fries - Arby's Curly Frieds

The phrase "good on you"

Ouch that's cruel. Man pretends to propose on air and instead dumps girl.

"Afghanistan: Traces of hope in Helmand"

Just in case you think that so-called 'weakness' doesn't swing both ways...

First step in the Marshall plan

Burr has GOP challengers, too


GOP betting America fails

Why has President Obama been stymied by Congress? poll in local paper.....

USA Today endorses Obama's plan. Says GOP call to start over is "a politically motivated stall."

WH Blog: Will the Republicans Post Their Health Plan… and When?

Eugene Robinson: Health Care: Pass It or Perish

POLL: Public Split But Majority Back Key Provisions of Health Care Reform Legislation

Dear Repubs: Voters are frustrated with process, but they like Democratic health care proposals

Post kitten or cat pictures.

The Hypocrisy Meme Hits Home - Exposing the GOP for What they Are

Limbaugh, Health Care, And 'Reparations'

"Pawlenty distances himself from stimulus, draws fire"

"Merkley: Reid will move public option with majority-vote tactic if there's support."

The public option will likely get a vote

Must be nice to have several heart attacks and have the GOVERMENT CONTROL HEALTH CARE pay for it

Comprehensive health bill may be no go

"Najibullah Zazi: Another Point Against Iraq War"

Robert Reich: Do it with 51 votes

Women truly are second class citizens. The Nelson Amendment survives in the Prez's HCR and Utah

Three Cheers for those senators who signed the Public Option letter

Boeher says GOP will 'crash' the meeting they were invited to

Gibbs: PO Not in President's Proposal because there's not enough support in Congress for it...

House Democrats HCR Summit List Includes Blue Dogs, Progressives

She’s Back! Heather Graham Stars In Second MoveOn Ad For Public Option (VIDEO)

Crist: No regrets on stimulus

Gibbs' statement today proves that Obama opposes the public option.

Pelosi's summit attendees - Nice balance.

Ezra Klein: The Public Option. A Failure of White House Leadership.

Who is defining the President? Everyone but Barack and the Administration

Key Dem (Menendez) predicts 'a lot more' senators will sign public option letter

Obama says to get rid of insurers' antitrust status

Help! Does Obama's new HCR bill include buying insurance across state lines? I need a link or

Gibbs: The Public Plan Doesn't Have The Votes

White House Draft Schedule of Health Care Summit

"It's too short." Boehner on White House Plan...

Rocky's "Brave, Painful Stand on the Public Option"

This is Liberalism? (A Rant) Don't Blow a Gasket's a good read..

"reconciliation...may prove to be an uphill battle, particularly in the House"

A devout Christian wants to change the name of Mt. Mt. Reagan? Public is against 9 to 1

Traficant's in!

Senate Dems warm to reconciliation

Pelosi: House Dems Can Support Obama Healthcare Proposal

CBO: Stimulus bill created up to 2.1 million jobs, added betwen 1.5 and 3.5 % to GDP

Schwarzenegger: GOP Health Care Stance Is 'Bogus Talk'

Do you believe the public option has the votes to pass

Why has our President...

Reid: GOP should 'stop crying' about majority-vote move on healthcare - "Nothing is off the table"

Obama proposes removing anti-trust exemption for insurance companies

WH: "Repealing the Antitrust Exemption for Health Insurance Companies"

Army to oppose immediate suspension of gay firings

White House - "Putting Americans In Control of Their Health Care"

What is really going on in the Senate re 1. Passing HCR thru Reconciliation & 2. Reviving the PO

Menendez believes more Senators will support public option vote

Hey - cool! Racheal and I both made popcorn!

IS it just me or does this health care summit have the feeling of a "West Wing" episode?

Palin's Primaries- follow the messiest Republican primaries!

Should the likes of Glenn Beck be held responsible for political violence?

GOP's Brown branded turncoat for jobs bill vote

Gibbs Statement on the PO: Watch it for Yourself...

Obama ‘failing pretty badly,’ Nader tells audience at New Paltz rally for Tasini

"Why Obama Proposal’s Lack Of Public Option Isn’t Necessarily A Catastrophe"

Michael Steele's spending spree angers donors- "Imperial chairman" spending on private planes, limos

"So much for the Massachusetts Miracle."

Harry Reid Says GOP Should "Stop Crying" About Reconciliation

Americans STRONGLY OPPOSE fines for not buying health insurance.

Obama was stupid to promise that health care negotiations should be televised

Gibbs' actual comments on the public option

Gary Hart: Liberal is...Evil (pining over the long lost connotation)

Just so we're clear about what Dean said on KO tonight wrt Obama's HCR bill

Secretary Chu Announces Closing of $465 Million Loan to Tesla Motors

Republicans listen solely to their base at their own political peril

Can you Support a Health Care Reform Bill WITHOUT a Public Option?

It's not surprising that the President isn't focusing his energy on the public option.

C-SPAN 3 is covering the health care summit starting at 10 am and going til 4.

Diane Sawyer is a wuss!!

So who will be the Democrat that pulls a 1980 Ted Kennedy in 2012?

"Senate Dems warm to reconciliation"

New wing nut talking point, re: Toyota Obama is picking on Toyota

TPM: From Nearly Dead To Nearly Done: How The White House Refocused On Health Care To Finish It Off

Kerry, 21 Senators Fight to Save Jobs Program for Parents in Need

Am I the only one here who believes that Obama plays it as straight as he can?

There's a feud going on between Tavis Smiley and Rev. Al Sharpton

"If you already have health insurance, nothing will change."

King Obesity's Realm by Ralph Nader

Dean: "looking forward to a good, strong bill...delighted...the president has reintroduced a bill."

The Nelson amendment is not in the President's bill

So, when he said the bill he signs "must include a public option" he didn't really mean it?

Pakistani Reports Capture of Taliban Leader

Lawmakers’ Ties to Toyota Questioned at Start of Inquiries

Obama stays on offense with health-care proposal

Karzai poll body power grab sparks Western concern

Gov't Sued Over Cell Phone Tracking

Lawmakers’ Ties to Toyota Questioned at Start of Inquiries

EPA lays out timetable for regulating greenhouse gas emissions

Greece threatens more than the euro

U.S. spending $600 million on Afghan police stations

Orphanage chief: Haiti holds 6 U.S.-bound kids

World's coral reefs could disintegrate by 2100

Harry Reid: Domestic abuse rises as jobs fall (Men when they're out of work tend to become abusive)

MTA to layoff 1,000, sources say

Wall Street bonuses up 17 percent

U.S. Will Slow Iraq Pullout if Violence Surges After Vote

Indigenous Peoples struggle to survive in Colombia

Wall Street bonuses 'jumped 17% in 2009'

Colorado's high court rejects ban on campaign contributions

GM to add 1,200 Jobs at Lordstown, Ohio Plant in Summer

Gibbs: The Public Plan Doesn't Have The Votes

Deal to Sell Hummer to China Company Nears Collapse

ESPN suspends PTI commentator

Church launches government attack(Scotland)

Anthem Blue Cross broke law more than 700 times, official says

Bank lending plummets by $587B in 2009

Rush Limbaugh Knocks Glenn Beck; Criticized for "Reparations" Comment

Rush Limbaugh named top talk radio radio host by influential trade mag; 9 of top 10 are anti-Obama

Harry Reid Says GOP Should "Stop Crying" About Reconciliation

Home prices still falling, but getting better

FCC, CBS Square Off In Third Circuit...Again

Flagging confidence intensifies economic fears

Key Dem (Menendez) predicts 'a lot more' senators will sign public option letter

Pa. abortion doctor's license suspended after raid

Turkey army issues warning after 'coup plot' arrests

Senator: U.S. says Haiti will release last two missionaries

Argentina rallies regional support over Falklands

Nearly 20 percent of U.S. workers underemployed

Banks at risk of going bust tops 700

Ban Praises Latin American, Caribbean Cooperation But Urges Even More Action

'My heart, my choice,' Williams says, defending decision for U.S. heart surgery

Toyota unsure how to solve safety issues

Senate Republicans Announce Summit Attendees

U.S.: CIA Briefed Congress on Renditions

UN warns Israel to withdraw claim on religious site

Dick Cheney Had 'Mild Heart Attack' (is in stable condition)

U.S. consumer confidence falls 11 points

Shutdown of Colombian magazine raises questions

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday February 23

'Volcker Rule' Stalls in Senate

3 NYC Police Officers are Acquitted in Sodomy Case

CBO: Stimulus bill created up to 2.1 million jobs

Toyota Exec: Runaway Problem Still 'Not Totally' Fixed

Gov. Mitch Daniels: States must tighten their belts even more

China Vows Sanctions Against US Companies Will Go Forward

Army to Oppose Immediate Suspension of Gay Firings

2 Young People Shot At Middle School In Littleton (CO)

Greenspan: U.S. recovery "extremely unbalanced"

Source: Cheney 'feeling good' after being hospitalized with chest pains

Hyundai halts US sales of 2011 Sonata due to lock issue

Americas bloc excluding US and Canada is proposed

White House: Obama backs repeal of health insurer antitrust exemption

Sears Holdings Plans To Close 21 Stores By Spring

Wall Street shifting political contributions to Republicans

Gates Calls Europe Anti-War Mood Danger to Peace

Senate sitting on 290 bills already passed by House; tension mounts

Hurricane-Like Storm Aims for Pennsylvania to Maine Thursday, Friday

Carper: 'I Expect I Will' Sign Public Option Letter; Levin Wants To Check Wording First (all for it)

Beauty queen (Miss Beverly Hills 2010) cites Bible for gay death

Navy will soon let women serve on subs

Baby who failed to say 'Amen' starved by cult: court

Dallas Cop's Family Sues Hillary Clinton

1 dead after car runs gate at Ariz. air base

Young Turks: WSJ Busts GOP On Stimulus Hypocrisy w/ FOIA!

The Vision (PTSD: Soldiers)

Fox Covers YouTube

The Audacity of Nope

Rachel Maddow & Michael Isakoff discuss Yoo and new evidence of GOP torture lies

John Yoo Explaining Why The President Can Order A Village Massacred

Instant Runoff Voting Debate Question -about Disenfranchisement of voters. Vermont

Rachel Maddow & Barney Frank beat the crap out of the GOP for their lying hypocrisy

Eugenics... again...

Chris Hayes on the Importance of Grassroots Video and Sum of Change

Thom Hartmann - The Good. The Bad. and the Very Very Ugly - Kucinich and Beck?

TYT: Obama Kills Public Option(?), R's Still Cry 'Government Takeover!'

TYT: Cenk's analysis of Dana Milbank's weird article on Rahm Emmanuel. Is Rahm out?

Hartmann: Why Isn't Cheney In Jail as Cheney Lears Behind @ CPAC

GOP Rep. Steve King justifies suicide attack on IRS building

Morality without God

Young Turks: Obama Admin - Torture Not Illegal, Just A 'Disagreement'

Dennis Kucinich New Idea For Jobs Creation

Dean: "people would rather see a strong health reform bill than bipartisanship"

Instant Runoff Voting Repeal Debate in Burlington Vermont

Sarah Palin's Biggest Lie - The Tale of Two Babies

Mossad's latest blunder (Gwynne Dyer)

As health costs keep rising, Obama is right to try again -- Boston Globe

Greece threatens more than the euro

The Narcissus Society

Desperate U.S. Curling Team to Use Cheney's Lip

'Death of American Capitalism:' The 10 final scenes

Hospital Infections kill 48,000- a year...MSNBC

Strum some public pain with this fistful of frustration and fret.

Athens: The First Domino?

Guilty plea in NYC bomb plot a political victory

CBO report, Stimulus package increased no. of employed by up to 2.1 million

US scientists warn of fraud of stem cell 'banks'

Republicans v secular America

Chicken-shit Boehner looking for excuse to not appear at "Put-up or Shut up" -HC Summit

Why the public option isn't really "back"

Hypocrisy Alert: 91 House Republicans Take Credit for the Economic Bills They Opposed

Eugene Robinson: Health Care: Pass It or Perish

Obama lays cards on table. Where’s the GOP health bid? - USA Today editorial

Republican's say the stimulus didn't save/create jobs ..unless you talk to a Republican Governor!

Anthem Blue Cross going ahead with 39% rate hike.

President Obama, A CEO Would Change Up the Team/ Steve Clemons

Justice, Texas Style

Some Days

Chinese Components in U.S. Nuclear Reactors?

On Eve of Health Meeting, Big Questions Still Linger

PBS Newshour doesn't want Dem. Sherrod Brown "rehashing everything that happened in the past"

Manufacturers facing labor shortage (in China)

Commentary: Facts just don't mean what they used to mean

Don't confuse them with facts

America's Dirty Little Secret: Who's Really Poor in America?

Security expert: U.S. would lose cyberwar

Don't judge Beck by his cover

Rachel Maddow Conclusively Proves That Republicans Are 'Dogs'

Prepare For War With Iran -- In Case Israel Strikes

Genetic Property Rights on Trial

The Glenn Greenwald Dramatic Reenactment of the Health Care Timeline

How much does President Obama expect us to pay for health care?

Tropical cyclones and climate change (Hurricanes likely to be less frequent but slightly stronger)

Methane levels may see 'runaway' rise, scientists warn-A rapid acceleration may have begun...

Drumbeat: February 23, 2010

U.S. Offers Solar Project a Crucial Loan Guarantee

NSIDC - After Brief Uptick, February Arctic Sea Ice Cover Nudging 2006-07 All-Time Low Once Again

E.P.A. Plans to Phase in Regulation of Emissions

World's coral reefs could disintegrate by 2100

UN Study - Expect 500% Increase In Indian Electronics Waste By 2020 - Reuters

Loggerheads, Green Turtles Move Nests Farther South In Queensland - Northern Beaches Too Hot?

GM Crops Fail to Tackle Climate Change:

In The Corn Belt, Eyes Are Peeled For Mycotoxin Damage After Endless, Wet Harvest Of 2009

Expanded, Strict Fishing Bans Boost Biodiversity & Ecosystem Health Of 1/3 Of GBR In Five Years

World's Top Corporations Caused $2.2 Trillion in Environmental Damage:

The Lomborg Deception : Fact-checking Bjørn Lomborg.

Avatar: The Prequel

Science Update: A Dangerous Disruption (There's more troubling news about bisphenol A)

Despite Climategate, IPPC Mostly Underestimates Climate Change

January 2010 Atmospheric CO2 388.63 - Up 1.71 YOY, 3.21 From January, 2008

Coal Companies Burying Federal Mine Safety System - 15,000+ Cases Backlogged In Appeals Process

Price-Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act Absolves Nuclear Corps of

Geo-engineering: In from the Fringe

CNN Opinion: Nuclear power's time has come (By Stewart Brand)

CNN Opinion: Nuclear power is too risky (By Mark Z. Jacobson)

UCLA's ZIF Carbon Capture Crystals - A Smoke Stack's Best Friend

Python season set to begin: Hunters learn how to catch critters in Everglades

ESPN suspends PTI commentator

Dodgers to cut payroll....double ticket prices..

New Sports Forum Rule! The use of the Big "D" can now only refer to this person.

ACC down to one team in AP poll

The Cowboys fight song that I remember well

Eagles release RB Westbrook

Peyton a Double Agent? Some Think So

Man sues after being hit by flying hot dog at Royals game

Lane-switching gaffe costs Kramer gold medal

Steve Haskin's Derby Dozen: Feb. 22, 2010

Tony Kornheiser SUSPENDED For Hannah Storm Comments

The Need for a National Boxing Commission

Panama enters Colombian war

Brazil's president stresses importance of relations with Caribbean countries

Report of U.S. mercenaries on the Panama/Colombia border...

"Sea varon.!!!"

Ban Praises Latin American, Caribbean Cooperation But Urges Even More Action

Nicaragua prevents treatment of pregnant cancer patient

Canadian Writer Extols the Cuba 2010 Int'l Book Fair

Uribe to Chavez, "Be a man." Chavez to Uribe, "Go to hell."

First Popular Constituent Assembly

Henry Falcon, his letter to Chavez... in spanish

Seven Cuban doctors sue Cuba and Venezuela over "modern slavery"

Palestinians: We thwarted suicide attack against Israel

Israel can accelerate peace by exercising restraint (The Observer editorial)

Sources: Rafah crossing to open next week

Mossad's latest blunder (Gwynne Dyer)

'Hamas would lose PA elections'

A two-way street

UN General Assembly to meet Friday on Gaza 'war crimes'

Israel grants visas to witnesses in suit over RACHEL CORRIE

Lieberman is dying to say it

Palestinian Prime Minister to Israeli Leaders: We are Building a State While Under Occupation to End

Witnesses allowed entry as family of activist killed in Gaza sues Israel (Rachel Corrie)

Israel's smiling PR drive

How I escaped Mossad's clutches

Two more Irish Passports linked to assasination

Israeli politician Livni hails Dubai Hamas killing

I won't be posting much in this forum until Friday

Association Of Minor League Umpires Joins OPEIU

Today in Labor History Feb 23 Woody Guthrie wrote “This Land Is Your Land” and other stories

Threats To IRS Workers On The Rise

Retailer arrested for cheating employees

Get To DC on 3/16 to Lobby for ENDA: Scholarships Available

The Black LGBT Manifesto: Invisible No More

Maybe This Is A Joke.....

Missouri university board member resigns after gay slur

Funny Zealot Story.....

Blue Flame owner kills two: Harlem's restaurant supply owner shoots two dead after botched robbery

Current laws not stopping illegal gun epidemic

Armed homeowner stops violent home invader

TN: Concealed Carry Permits Up 23% in 2009

Text Prompts Neighbor To Shoot Attacker Who Tied Up Women

WY: Constitution Carry Passes House 42-15, Goes to Senate.

Don't know if these have been posted yet, but if

From the Clash of White Dwarfs, the Birth of a Supernova

Cosmos & Culture: Cultural Evolution in a Cosmic Context

There was a opossum in the back yard last night....

Scientific American: How to make more food with transgenic crops

New species of dinosaur found in eastern Utah rock

Does Google Make Us Smarter?

'Shell Crusher' Shark Swam Cretaceous Kansas

Anti- Gun Teacher: Better my child die than be protected by a gun. Gun self-defense is a crime.

Did President Obama convince anybody else to buy an "Assault weapon"?

Invisible Extraterrestrials?

Is Harvard Prof Advocating Palestinian Genocide?

trip to Boston


black and white. This is the first time I used the B&W setting in my camera,

Some kinda cool architecture shots

Winter calligraphy, 2010 edition


The Alien Invasion has begun (dial up warning)

22 year-old Eagan woman suspected of shooting her father yesterday in Woodbury

So I'm playing around, and I throw the I-Ching...

Transformational Dreams

Anyone want to try something different?

Consumer Confidence Plunges From 56.5 To 46.0

Greece's Four Largest Banks Downgraded By Fitch

The doomsday cycle

How can you go 100 mph even in neutral?

A letter to

A letter to

High blood pressure in U.S. a "neglected disease"

Hospital infections cause 48,000 deaths... in one year

Stress and intermittent back pain

FDIC Hits Record "Default" Level As Deposit Insurance Fund Plunges By $12.7 Billion

Bible study teacher arrested for molestation and sex with a minor.

Church launches government attack(Scotland)

Vatican Bioethics Official Refuses To Resign After Defending Abortion

Catholic Bishops call for the firing of Philippine health secretary for passing out condoms

Cracking The Mystery Of Chancellor Rhee's Spreadsheet

Lincoln Chafee calls for talks with Central Falls teachers

KCMO Superintendent Defends Bold Statements

As many as 1,000 Nevada teachers may lose jobs in cuts

Gist Approves Central Falls Turnaround Model, Teacher Layoffs Ok'd

Oh Christ, I'll Just Come Out And Say It

Teachers fired, labor outraged

Hickman Mills principal suspended

Oven Fries

Anybody got a really good recipe for scallops? Sometimes here in CT we get

Seared Brussels Sprouts