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Happy horseshit.........

Patient sues psychologist accused of billing for sex sessions

I have two hearts, and I want to thank you both!

To whom ever gave me a Valentine, thanks so much. You made my day!

Polish president congratulates Yanukovych, invites him to Poland

Extra reports that they are doing a remake of "We are the World" for Haiti.

Thank you for the hearts!

If the 911 attacks happened under a Democratic President would Glen Beck engage in conspiracy

From the bottom of my heart

I am glad I have the Republicans to hate more than the Democrats

hearts for the heartless

Thanks to "Anonymous" for the kisses on my heart.....

Thank you to whoever gave me a heart.

Study: Lowest-Income Americans Face 30% Unemployment

Great Jimmy Kimmel Line: Toyota and Tiger should team up for a comeback.. their slogan should be

Are Meg Whitman's Campaign Donors Funding Her Loutish Son's Salary?

Give a heart to those who have none or one. if you think they have added a littlle

UCSC's campaign of intimidation

Emergency heating aid diverted from cold weather states to south- ME

WaPo: New senator Scott Brown was a quiet presence in Massachusetts

The Tea Parties are a side show and not a concern of any elected official

Nataline Sarkisian—still dead after heath care “reform”

Thank You For The Hearts

Patrick Kennedy Retiring to Move to MA and run against Brown for Teddy's Seat?

Greece under European Union diktat

Anybody have a link to the Southern Baptist's blessing of the war with Iraq

Malawi Government Backs Madonna Over School

All we are saying...

Afghan power plant hit by new allegations of impropriety

Marjah fight geared for civilian safety

Beating/robbing of 15 yr old while security just watches, raises questions & ire of WA residents

"Congress created reconciliation procedures to deal with precisely this sort of situation"


When Fake News Goes Viral

Excrement tosser arrested

Lawyer for one of the guys in the "Louisiana Watergate" case wants to talk with prosecutors

Health care costs: Are 5-star hospitals part of the problem?

Good thing Clinton has good health care coverage.

Tinian may be alternative for Marines on Okinawa

I miss Tangerine LaBamba!!!! Always read her copy - Happy Valentine's Day wherever you are!!!

GIs Accused of Killing Afghan Civilians

Oh Joy! Kevin Trudeau held in criminal contempt, facing jail time

NBC to broadcast new reality TV series next week.

Are Fox News ratings an anomaly that puts them at the top?

I just filled out the 2010 Presidential Survey sent by the Kaine and the DNC.

Administration sent me a notice of a second heart so thank you Administration

Delete. Posted in wrong place.

Deficits - how will history judge us? WJ this morning

Has Tom Rodgers, the Native American who nailed Jack Abramoff, been a talk show guest?

Regulators Hired by Toyota Helped Halt Investigations

Talking Points Memo: Times Tough All Over (Parts 1 and 2)

Right-wing blogger loses it after liberal bloggers fact-check him

video of a mosquito getting smoked by a laser

Crooks & Liars: "The person we hired to bake Palin's birthday cake quit unexpectedly. Quit!"

Fortune-teller, daughter stabbed to death by client because love spell didn't work

CBS Reports 1967: The Homosexuals (Mike Wallace)

Washington's Top Ten snowstorms: 177 inches. Chicago's Top Ten Snowstorms: 171 inches.

Food chains 'disrupted by earlier arrival of spring'

Food chains 'disrupted by earlier arrival of spring'

Peoria woman to be honored as WWII pilot

Thank goodness Bill Clinton is going to be fine.

If you're out of work this might give you some slight hope

"We never forget who we're working for."

Prosecutors Set Sights on Madoff Kin In Tax-Fraud Probe; Accused of Using Firm as 'Piggy Bank'

At some point I think we should start circling around mass emails with the nuttiest RW signs.

Global Warming(Reality) Denialists are the same ones who said tobacco

How Christian Were the Founders? (NYT)

Gillibrand Lays Out Strategy for DADT Repeal: Moratorium or Repeal, Tucked into Defense Bill

Was looking at these at Huff Post, and just had to share: we've come a long way, baby!!

The "Patriotic Retirement Plan"

Retail sales rise brightens recovery picture

Sleep Deprivation-Menachem Begin, victim of NKVD "enhanced interrogation" program.

Is DU acting wiggy for just me? Really s-l-o-w loading, when it

Sarah Barracuda: The Tea Party Queen - By Eugene Robinson

£1million cannabis plantation found inside former high street bank

DC Metro train derails at Farragut North station - no serious injuries

Andrew Breitbart, Mad As Hell

R. R. Marsha Blackburn of the little girl's voice was on Wash. Journal

R. R. Marsha Blackburn of the little girl's voice was on Wash. Journal

The Rude Pundit: Teabagger Heads Explode in 3...2...1

The solution to Internet censorship and bandwidth rationing

"That gets awfully, ah – and the Republicans certainly were offended..."

Google Gets In the Broadband Business?

Inventories at U.S. Companies Fall as Sales Rise

Inventories at U.S. Companies Fall as Sales Rise

Joe Scarborough is A COWARD!!!

Joe Scarborough is A COWARD!!!

600 attendees?

Judge Refuses Order of Protection Request, Newlywed Woman Is Murdered by Stalker

Toyota may redesign push-button ignition - tap button 3 times instead of holding down for 3 secs

Would the goverment please pay my employer so I can get my hours back!

So how is the Big Dog doing?

Women shouldn't discuss respect or second-class status because

Couldn't we have got somebody a little better than steroid freak Arnold Schwarzenegger to carry ...

Why do they hate ACORN?

Exposing the G.O.P. Myths about Military Commissions - By Scott Horton

Lawrence O'Donnell Just DESTROYED Linda McMahon

Taliban, Marines trade fire as battle looms

If Corporations Are People, and Insurance Companies Deny Life-Saving Health-Care Procedures, Causing

One year later, loved ones continue Flight 3407 journey

The Republicans asks the big questions

Vancouver experiences warmest January in history

OU Student Collecting Pictures of Snow in All 50 States

Bush And Cheney Reuniting At Alumni Breakfast (first time since Obama inauguration)

The American people aren't dumb afterall

Blackwater plays...

What would we do without The Daily Show? Seriously.

Repugs don't know the difference between weather and climate, why isn't that an issue? Let's make it

Gov Dean: Dems ‘need a spinal transplant’-"Repubs are obstructionists-They have nothing to offer"

In honor of my good test results,I will sponsor three more people for donor stars

To my anonymous benefactor

(Senator Jim) Webb Wants Banker Tax As Amendment To Jobs Bill

Squinty's head is about to explode thanks to Lawrence O'Donnell

One could say the same to you, President Obama....

The media falsely links Social Security to Obama's proposed budget cuts

The media falsely links Social Security to Obama's proposed budget cuts

China policy shift sacks global stocks, dollar gains

Anderson Cooper is a good man and easy on the eyes!

Here'tis: the Lawrence O'DONNELL smackdown of Shrub's flying monkey Marc THIESSEN -video

Oh, the irony...

Class Experiment Leaves Deep Mark In Shape Of Cross-Divides Town In Bible Belt

Ukraine turmoil as defiant Tymoshenko clings on as PM

Civilians flee Afghan town ahead of US assault

"Name Removed" is getting hearts

Eric Alterman: Zinn-ophobia at NPR

Golman Sachs Spamming a "Robin Hood Tax" Vote w/ Cyber Attacks?

Oh my, I haven't been around much lately. Thank you to my secret admirers for the hearts. I'm

Drop in Illegal Immigration Numbers Inflames Activists

Obama's 'Victory' Over Senate Confirmations Not All That Clear

April Fool’s Day Comes Early: Citi Bets on Next Financial Crisis

Thanks to my recent heart giver.

Thanks to my recent heart giver.

Right wing nut home schoolers support Perry:

The Right’s Top 25 Journalists?

VandeHei @ Politico: Palin is going nowhere politically but the MSM can't quit her

Glenn Beck’s Show In UK Has Had Zero Ads Past Three Days

heads up coffee drinkers

DRAFT Harold Ford! website now has...18 signatures.

Here's a little Democracy coming your way......

For the Olympicphiles among us...

For the Olympicphiles among us...

Captain American VS the Tea Baggers

Who decides whether or not there will be an up or down vote?

Potential 2011 Senate Majority leader supports filibuster reform effort

The Legacy of Billy Tauzin: The White House-PhRMA Deal

A special Olympic moment with Walter Gretzky

Single mom discharged, Army says

Atlanta's Transit System Changes 'Yellow Line' to 'Gold' After Asian Outrage

The Latest "These ARE Your Opinions" Poll From Michael Steele

Conservative Activists Rebel Against Fox News: Saudi Ownership Is ‘Really Dangerous For America’

Conservative Activists Rebel Against Fox News: Saudi Ownership Is ‘Really Dangerous For America’

Hey CatWoman... Better Find Your Galoshes

Poll: Obama Doing Good Job On National Security(57%) - Voters Upset Over Economy(45%)

Frisbee inventor dies at 90

How Are All Those Manolo-Wolo's Workin' For Ya, Sarah?

Thanks for the hearts

Even Brunch With Bernie is discouraging these days

Most populous state in the Union lets Huge Utility quash Clean Energy

Utah House of Representatives passes bill disputing global warming, declares emissions are harmless

German teenage author exposed as plagiarist

Thank you to everyone who lited my spirtis with the hearts.

Teachers and school administrators, please enlighten me....

Fixing The Filibuster

Tofu can harm environment more than meat, finds WWF study

Appeals judge on Obama's warrantless cellphone tracking: Do you want us to be like Iran?

Frisbee Inventor Dies

I remember a couple of months ago when the Dalai Lama was in the US, but no White House visit

Freepers talking secession, again.

Happy Darwin Day, DU!

My cousin is telling everyone that Obama raised taxes on his elderly parents

An Observation & Rant On My Recent Experience With Our Healthcare System.......

Name one good republican in the Senate

Quick! Hide the WMD's!

Daily Show returns to Hawaii part II

Credit Suisse Declares the U.S. a Riskier Investment Than Indonesia

Women shouldn't discuss respect or second-class status because

I'm Hugh again. Thanks for the heart.

Nevadans, talk to me about Harry Reid.

It's snowing in Atlanta! Global Warming is a Fraud!

British Spies Say Al-Qaeda May Use Breast Implant BOMBS

British Spies Say Al-Qaeda May Use Breast Implant BOMBS

I have a suggestion for Pres Obama's Revenue 'Mismatch.'

Four Gay Activists Arrested In Marriage Protest After Chaining Themselves To New York Marriage Burea

EQCA calls for impeachment of California Fair Political Practices Commissioner

Move Your Money Movement: Santa Cruz County Investors Think Local

How an incorrigible Florida first-grader (six years old) ended up in cuffs, committed

The Winter of Our Disconnect: Tea Parties, Corporate Media and a Nation in Denial

Chapter 13 question for a legal eagle. (Re: mortgage)

I have two hearts!

Apparently the "other side" thinks Harry Reid has a left wing agenda.

Apparently the "other side" thinks Harry Reid has a left wing agenda.

Numbah 642....

Thank You Secret Admirer

Anybody Heard Of A Book Called 'WingNut' Or SomethingTo That Effect?......

After the Primary, It’s Not Politics as Usual- nyt re chicago politics

David Brin on Global Climate Change

Madonna's School Displaces 200 Malawi Villagers

Hannity Lies

No climate change?

Gail Collins explains what the GOP is doing to David Brooks. Funny.

Palin bars media from two upcoming Florida events.

If you live in CA and are over 18 you can apply to be on the reapportionment board.

Olympic official: Georgian athlete killed in luge crash

Pawlenty lays blame for GOP failures

Thank you very much to whoever gave me a DU heart! n/t

To every lame-brained idiot who thinks Canadian socialist healthcare sucks- Read this and weep.

To every lame-brained idiot who thinks Canadian socialist healthcare sucks- Read this and weep.

GLAAD Blog: "Tweet John Mayer And Ask That He Apologize For Using The F-Word"

I'm 'True Blue.'

Freaking brilliant - have you seen the Greenpeace ad Polluter Harmony

WOW-Tomatoes - potatoes?

White House takes larger role in deciding where to try 9/11 mastermind

coming up on hardball....civilian courts have a higher rate of conviction than military commissions

Harold Ford NBC Contract 'On Hold'

ACTUAL unemployment figure (U6) at 18% - 9.7%"official" number is just to make electeds look better.

Chuck Schumer:Stemming the tide of special interest money

Has anyone else heard this?

It's a trap !

U. S. Chamber of Commerce ranks the Congresspeople: See how corporatist yours are

Fairytale Rescue/Toxic Reality

The PATCO-ization of AMERICA. As a former air traffic controller fired in the

Richard Trumka - No Deal!

Harold Ford still claims Tennessee residence to beat NY taxes.

SNOWING in Atlanta!

Asshole Scott Adams (Dilbert) scapegoating unions for outsourcing

Asshole Scott Adams (Dilbert) scapegoating unions for outsourcing

hey john mayer; "waiting for the world to change?" really?

I now know WHY healthcare is so screwed in this country - rant to follow

Gay Couple Supports Haiti Earthquake Survivors, AIDS Orphans

Entire Georgia delegation withdraws from the Olympics

Man Charged For Stockpiling Weapons Was Tea Partier, Palin Fan

Home Scholers (sic) for Perry. Another classic GOP political sign.

Volcker Speaks on the Volcker Rule

Any one know who the "27 high-level nominees" are that the Senate is said to have confirmed?

Malkin: ‘Sufficient time has passed’ to ’speak ill’ of Murtha

Bill Maher Tells Obama To Pass HCR-Tweak It- & Tell Beck To Shove His Tea Bag Up His Ass

I got a wedding present from Uncle Sam

Who is watching the opening ceremonies of the olympics tonight? Any place beside NBC to watch?

WH To Articulate Position: "We Will Post Online The Text Of A Proposed Health Insurance Reform Pkg"

Senator Mikey (Mike Haridopolos R-FL26) tells Fair Districts FL organizer "look at me"

Your health insurance horror story for today

Thanks for the heart! It's appreciated.

Noah's Ark 2012

Lockheed Martin Takes Out Full-Page Ad Memorializing Murtha

Everybody must get snowed!

I got another Heart!!!

Will it be a 'great achievement' if 90,000 U.S. troops begin leaving Iraq by the end of the summer?

Questions Raised About Role of Military Chaplains

I just got my first heart.

Rachel will be on MTP come Sunday

Rachel will be on MTP come Sunday

My friend in Maryland is snowed in

My friend in Maryland is snowed in

Republican Revisionism with KO and Lawrence

Americans support gay men & lesbians in the military, but not homosexuals.

Some images of civilian casualties in Afghanistan

Allstate Insurance has just cynically co-opted FDR's First Inaugural!

Lichen covers woman's body. Media won't leave her alone.

How telling. Neo-Nazis protest against ACORN

Heads up: Some kind of crazy new reality TV program coming on NBC.. involves a lot of snow and ice..

Do American children have the right to an education?

'Warning: Tea Party In Danger': Leader Slams Palin As 'Wolf In Sheep's Clothing'

Torture Apologist Marc Thiessen Joins The Liberal Media.

Zionist Mortimer Zuckerman considering run for Senate against Gillibrand in New York State

Captain America is on our side!!

I hate Illinois Nazis

To the person who gave me a heart tonight

DOes anyone know if the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics will be

Here's How The British Are Doing It... The Robin Hood Tax (Must See Video)

"...our bloated, unproductive and increasingly parasitic banking system." - David Stockman

Baptist Pastor Says He Prayed Murtha to Death

I want to thank the DU'er that gave me a heart today.

I'm involved in a love triangle...

Thank you Secret Admirer for my Smile Heart!

"We Are the World 25" - Check Your Freakin' Egos At The Door

Why can't PALIN & Joementum be more like Dan QUAYLE?!1 Meaning just GO AWAY decently!1

Priest caught buying cocaine

Check in if yer over 60 and remember......


Ezra Klein's on Rachel right now. He's trying to grow a beard.

Fifty ...... one ...... percent

Queer Rising Shuts Down Manhattan Marriage Office!! RAW VIDEO

The media and politicians succeed at spreading ignorance because we accept it

Of the three terrorists tried under military commissions since 9/11, two are now free

I didn't realize it was this bad - Wars are not a friend of the U.S. dollar.

Coalition Begins Major Afghan Offensive (This looks like 'it'.)

What Next For Us Fucking Retards?

Just a little FYI. Obama's Idea of Change....

City joins ambulance service lawsuit against insurers!

Secret Admirer ...

Ahead of Olympics, Vancouver assaults civil liberties

Drug Industry Chief Lobbyist Tauzin To Resign: Cut deal with White House to protect drug industry

Drug Industry Chief Lobbyist Tauzin To Resign: Cut deal with White House to protect drug industry

Appliance rebate program-what's your state giving rebates on? go to

Throughout Bill Clinton's ordeal...

Anyone Emailing Rep. Nancy Elliott?

Marriage licenses requested, and denied

Thank you so much for the recent hearts

Citing cell phone tapping, Leahy calls for privacy hearings

What if the onus of the filibuster was placed on the minority instead of majority?

I like the mix of English and French in the Canadian anthem at the ceremonies

U.S. may abandon civilian trial for 9/11 suspect

War and Olympics...

School shootings enter new dimension.

This on Faux News!! "A Call to Arms for America's Parents"

Olympic Opening Ceremonies

Swine flu has killed as many as 17,000 Americans, including 1,800 children in the U.S.

This could be yummy, RedState bans the birthers

Hey, apparently I have a heart on!

Another asshole considering a Senate run in NY: Mort Zuckerman

Dennis Kucinich: Congress Must Stand Tall to Wall Street

Is it just me, or does Rachel get better and better every damn day? nt

The Lobbying-Media Complex (was there ever any doubt?)

How does unemployment compensation work?

Biden will be leading the US delegation at the Opening Ceremonies coming

In the spirit of the winter olympics, does anyone remember this?

Which are the better Olympics? Winter or Summer?

Sarah Palin: Unmasked..

Snowing in Savannah, GA, first time in years, so I hear!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!! Happy Valentine's day you all!

Labor to Obama: Where's the Change we can believe in?

For tonight's Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver, I predict...

I wish our Canadian neighbors a great Olympics!

Report: Top five insurers made $12 billion in profits last year, dropped 2.7 million people

Alleged racist parents lose custody of children

Coinciding with my 10,000th post at DU...

Thanks for all the Olympic ceremony spoilers everyone.

President 'Clean Coal-Clean Safe Nuke Power' Obama - $54 B Loan guarantee...

NY Times - "Republicans and Medicare" by Paul Krugman

What is Your Definition of Wealthy?

Introducing Your Latest RW Idiot... Nancy Elliott, Anti-Gay Lawmaker (R-NH), Describes Anal Sex...

Somewhere there's an Olympic Opening Ceremony Tonight...Help I can't Find it!

OK..with over 1 BILLION people why did India only field THREE athletes?

In response to concerns over healthy eating and food desserts

O'Donnell is guest-hosting ED!

Rachel Maddow is the Liberal Version of Glenn Beck

Is it true that Canada wasn't letting Olympic competitors from other countries

Ode to the whipped white male, Mark Morford

Poll: Majority of Minnesotans ‘embarrassed’ by Bachmann

Poll: Majority of Minnesotans ‘embarrassed’ by Bachmann

Have you ever tried to 'fire' a doctor? I am trying my best to tell one I'm not

Empire of the Sunset

I'm going nuts!

I'm a sports junkie, but sorry: **** these Winter Olympics.


BTW - feel free to send me links to those who need hearts!

Why did HuffPo downplay the Clinton story?

Poll: bu$h* still blamed for economy

Poll Reveals Most Americans Don't Know They Got a Tax Cut

stupidest response I ever received from anyone

Harold Ford's FLACK Desperately Backpedals

They Must Think We Were Born Yesterday….

Single Payer=Healthcare For All (demonstrators at fundraiser attended by VP Biden & Sen Murray) pics

I respectfully held my peace yesterday but need to say something today.

Does any DUer have a relative, friend, or self, who has had a stent

Does any DUer have a relative, friend, or self, who has had a stent

SPOILER: Doesn't anyone speak american in Canada?

Take the News Quiz

Crooks & Liars: "Believing Bush was warned in advance about Al Qaeda is not a conspiracy theory"

Crooks & Liars: "Believing Bush was warned in advance about Al Qaeda is not a conspiracy theory"

People compete in amateur sports because they have a passion for it.

Is it possible to give yourself a heart?

Oh NO! The Olympic Flame is broken, lol.

Toyota recalls 2010 Tacoma trucks

Umm.. PLAY BALL already..

Happy Valentine's Day DU! - pics

CNN showed the Olympic luger's snuff video

Free Market News: 'Colo. Wing-Nut Capital Becomes 3rd-World Dump' - DailyKos

Free Market News: 'Colo. Wing-Nut Capital Becomes 3rd-World Dump' - DailyKos

How is it that I now have one fewer hearts than I had yesterday?

Hey Sarah, how's that fakey-folksy thing working out for ya?

China: 42 high-speed rail lines by 2012 - US: 1 by 2014

It's that time again. Will you be watching the Olympics?

Careful, there is a car under that mound of snow - pic

I Know who the Head of the Tea Party is

Selective Brain Damage Modulates Human Spirituality, Research Reveals

Sherman...set the Way-back machine to the year America dodged the bullet

'Robin Hood Tax' Campaign's Hilarious New Ad With Bill Nighy

NBC News Shows Snuff Film

Major Afghan offensive 'under way in Marjah' BBC

High Unemployment? Not for the Affluent

Doesn’t it terrify you how many Americans are talking about a second Civil War?

Report: 90 percent of restaurant workers not offered health insurance or sick days

I love the Winter Olympics.

Blind patriotism (among other things) has destroyed America

North Korea fields a total of TWO athletes for the Winter Olympics...

The Winter Olympics and "spoilers"

Did you know that being educated and just generally knowing shit makes one an "Elitist"?

White House sends invite for bipartisan health "summit": will propose its own reform "package"

Campaign Promises AT RISK: Obama says won't rule out raising taxes on middle-class

Iceland Aims To Become An Offshore Haven For Journalists And Leakers

Soda Consumption vs. Diabetes map

'WARNING: Tea Party In Danger': Leader Slams PALIN As 'WOLF In Sheep's Clothing'

Video of Man Smashing Walmart TVs w/ Bat

Would you support a Full Court Press Democrat in 2012?

"Hallelujah", kd Lang, I love her, and she's a Canadian singing for

It's snowing in the SC Lowcountry!

just met Jim Hightower

"The Devil" -- a metaphor

Corporate Welfare Queens

The Tea Party Movement Is a National Embarrassment

For all who fear they may be addicted to DU…

Pa. family: 'Friends' torture, kill disabled woman...

It's a MAN's car. Buy it b/c you're angry & frightened. (GREAT guy response to Charger ad)

Yoo's Lies About Obama

can this dung beetle get more fans than Glenn Beck

33rd America's Cup - Race 1: Online Live NOW

Anti-Gay Lawmaker Has Need To Graphically Describe Gay Sex

Man with Ax Kills Baby, Injures 2 in Vegas

SNOPES: Obama "Teleprompter in the classroom" = LIE

Post your favorite Charles Darwin quote for DARWIN DAY 2010!

The heart you gave me plus a quarter will get me a nice cup of coffee

Pa. family: 'Friends' torture, kill disabled woman

North Carolina bilingual school secretary loses job for translating for Spanish-speaking parents

Can Climate Change deniers be held legally liable for the damage they will cause?

Unions Bash Democrats, Warn of Political Fallout

In case you haven't noticed...

Breaking several people shot at University at Huntsville Al.

Just told the ACLU to jump up my ass and to get back to me when they get Citizens United overturned

PEACE rallies in March..Ck in here!

Paying for your art with your life (RE: no health insurance for artists -- Salon)

The Luge/Bobsled Track at the Vancouver Olympics is Beyond Dangerous - It's Deadly...

Becoming vegetarian 'can harm the environment'

****DUzy Awards for the week ending 2-12-10****

Women shouldn't discuss respect or second-class status because


John Mayer: ANOTHER black woman responds

John Mayer: ANOTHER black woman responds

Need to get over your Ex? call Death Bear

Women remake the Dodge Super Bowl commercial.

Scientists seek assurances over planned UK code (BBC) {row over cannabis}

The Fifth DU "Thanks For My Heart" Thread

Dan Quayle (who?) fails civics again, thinks 51 votes is a House majority

Arrested robber, 73, says he was paying off mortgage

Should the Senate be ABOLISHED?

Valentines Tragedy: “You Broke my Heart Liberal Media, you Two-Timing Dickless Bastard.”

The President said I don't begrudge, and I fully believe him

What a really sweet piece of Kandi?

I know the endless snow has brought endless misery to many.

Feb 14 is coming up soon, if you want a heart, check in please!

Love Ya too!

Spam, spam, spam, spam, spamity spam, wonderful (?) spam

Life is as it should be

What is happening with Health Care in the US, seems as though the

Could somesome give you a heart and take it away? Someone gave

What do blue jeans, boots, & friends ...

I'm shredding old documents tonight.

Tracey Ullman must do Regis and Joy Philbin. And she gets to sing, too.

Good morning Lounge

Tried Codeine for the first time...

It's snowing in Rome!

After 42 years, I've just gotta know

Well, I know now how to make my first brazillion

My local Safeway no longer sells lighters.

So Geddy Lee leaves Toronto at 3:30 PM on a flight to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame...

Matthew Albanese's Strange Worlds

thanks for the time suck DU

YouTube - Mike Tyson on "Dancing With The Stars" (Italy)


Bob Dylan sings that song from 'the Watchmen' at the White House

Anti-Valentine's for exes, from a video booth at a roller derby party

for all you horny nyc residents

Who got whacked?

Do you allow your significant other to eat nacho chips in bed?

Tea party - let's go!


Do you agree with this chart?

Boston DUers

"Predator" sequel scripts leaked; with analysis (MAJOR SPECULATIVE SPOILERS)


I didnt want any of your damned hearts

the wise words of Adam Lambert

Thank you for my hearts...

Happy 201st Birthday Charles Darwin!

Boss just gave me 2 tix to tonight's BSO performance

God Bless the Entire World - NO EXCEPTIONS



Where weren't you born?

Who is

Where were you shorn?

Texsas Winter Wonderland - is that an oxymoron? (pics)

A different way to deal with kitty litter



Chapter 11 question for a legal eagle. Re: mortgage

video of a mosquito getting smoked by a laser

Holy switch-plate fail.

RP art, please comment

MTA Battles Blizzard With Gigantic Snow Blower Train

Atheists start pet care service to care for pets owned by people who believe in the Rapture

Wow, I come in here for like two minutes and I have two hearts? You guys!

If LynneSin had a heart.......would you believe it?

Heads Up folks! Trader Joes recall.

Japan has it all wrong

Pet insurance

an inchy doodle

I'm sorry, I do not "circle jerk"!

so far, all the snow storms have missed us here in St Pete, FL. keeping my fingers crossed.

The Libertines - The Man Who Would Be King




The Libertines - Up the Bracket

Why does my heart break so easily?

The Libertines - What a Waster

I had a dream that had Orrex in it last night...

For some reason, I really want to try this stuff.

I got another heart at 6:46 PM EST. THANK YOU whoever you are!

But Honey, a gallon is only 8 pints

But Honey, a gallon is only 8 pints

The steak house incident. Legendary Internet Story revisited.

Chex Mix

Tonight I have invented a new art form.... the loldraper

Is it opposite response day and I didn't get the memo?

As of this week,the MMJ dispensary is more busy than the liquor store

Do many DUers give hearts to themselves?

"Thrilla from Wasilla?" DirecTV's latest $9.95 PPV "event," "Levi Johnston Playgirl Shoot"

Thank you for the heart!

I bid two hearts...

Camper Van Beethoven - "Pictures Of Matchstick Men"

If Alvin and the Chipmunks made good music this would be it.

I thought the Opening Ceremonies were to start at 7:30 eastern???

Killer, CLASSIC earworm: Cracker's "Teen Angst (What The World Needs Now)"



So ... Sunday's Daytona NASCAR race ... will it be raced using

Stone Vertical Epic 09

New music recommendations?

+1 for having a sasquatch as a mascot for the Olympics

The Human Torch was denied a bank loan.

From my heart to yours, secret admirer!

Next time your wife dies, send her off with a quality Rock of Ages Vermont granite tombstone!

BREAKING: Olympic Torch Lighter announced!

Anyone here studying for a PHd? I'm getting close to finishing up my MBA and I want to


I did it! Donation number 666!!!


Check in if you're over 30 and don't trust yourself.

My CAT gave me a Valentine's Day heart!!!

Thanks for the hearts. I really appreciate it.

If Football was covered the same way TV covers the Olympics

"Rhapsody in Blue" is 86 years old today. One of - if not THE - greatest US composition. nt


Speeding ticket

Where to watch Online Olympic opening ceremonies coverage?

What's the appeal of the hugh?

What's the appeal of the Lounge?

36 Hours in Vancouver, British Columbia

Today's Google Logo for the Vancouver Olympics

About time you slack-jaw yokel losers in Delaware come out of the toll booths and deal

If LynneSin gave you a heart...would you take it?

Just been searching on Craigslist

That "Clouds" section of the ceremonies is about as sublime as

Is NBC Winter Olympic television coverage snubbing Barrel Jumping again?

I finally figured out what to do with some extra memory

What's the name of a really cheap, gut rotting Scotch?

Great moments in DumbAsserry: I screwed up my DU "Valentine Heart" donation somehow....

What's the appeal of louvers?

An iconic local building goes up in flames

One thing this opening ceremony has taught me...

What's your quick definition of hell?

I'm sorry, I do not "circle back" OR "do si do"!

Can't these Canadians learn to SPEAK ENGLISH?!

The DUzy Awards are up in General Discussion...

If you were free and single, had money would you just take off and start a new life.

FUCK! Canada's favorite Rock Band is going to be performing tonight.

Foot Tattoo

I have a shitload of hearts to give away: Post here why you or someone else should get one

Hey Bob Costas and Matt Lauer:

Anyone know how to analyze signatures?

What fascinates you?

I don't Hokey Pokey

It's not ticket "scalping" if you sell the ticket for face value (or less), right?

Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska

About time you slack-jaw yokel losers in the South deal with this crappy snow!!

Alabama/Southern snow check in, pls.

Playground Songs from childhood that could land you in Jail now

White-out in Tucson {dial-up caution} four pictures.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/12/10 (warning: graphic language)

We interrupt this program for a message from René Descartes

Am I the only one that cringes when someone from HR says they need a word with you..

Check in if yer over 60 and remember......

Okay, this made me laugh!

Thirty-seven posts to 15,000.

Wife just found out she'll be working for the circus

I'm sorry, I do not "circle back"!

Post a song that isn't, but should be a classic.

Has anyone seen "Fantastic Mr. Fox?"

In keeping with the REAL MAN automotive theme of the evening,

Thank you to all who gave me hearts -

My computer monitor was acting up. I hit it. Hard. Works beautifully now. Ask me anything since

What was the most memorable book of your teen years?

What's the appeal of the Louvre?

What Winter Olympics sport would you get rid of?

"Get It Right the First Time"

Whats the appeal of the luge?

Sexiest song of all time?

Name some celebrities that you like DESPITE their political affiliation.

Every Time I think of Canada, I think of...

Top Three Cars You'd drive if there was no global warming, peak oil or national security threat

"President Obama wins showdown with GOP."

President Clinton has left the hospital....

Pelosi to Join Bipartisan, Bicameral Delegation to Haiti

Bill Clinton Moving Around, Likely To Be Out Of Hospital Today

Ezra Klein: Blame Rahm?

Senate GOP Backs Down After Recess Appointment Threat

Senators must ask themselves: 'Whose side am I on? The side of the public or the side of big banks?'

Ezra Klein: What Reconciliation Is For

What Is The Problem That Obama’s Bad Advisors Are Responsible For?

Economic Report of the President, Now in eBook Form.

Three House retirements spur debate on whether Republicans are losing momentum

"3 House retirements spur debate on whether Republicans are losing momentum."

The states need to stop begging for routine assistance

Republican hypocrites vote no on stimulus but take money and credit for 'good policy'

Media Matters: Why does Gallup pit Obama against a nameless (i.e. flawless?) candidate?

Media wants ALL to Forget how Stupid Republicans were on Terror

Urge Congress to pass the Fair Elections Now Act

Lieberman’s Concerns About Torture Seemingly Limited To Iran

"Dick Durbin Backs Filibuster Reform"

"Jill & Joe Biden Give Political Marriages A Good Name"

White House sends out invites for health summit

House GOP document: We won showdown with President Obama

President Obama is right. We are falling behind in high-speed rail and clean energy industry.

White House Summit Invitation Suggests Obama Will Unveil Final Health Care Bill Ahead Of Meeting

Happy Birthday Abe Lincoln! However, I suspect that...

Pew Poll - Obama Approval: 49-39....Generic Ballot: Democrats 45, Repukes 42

TX-Gov: Perry in Runoff Territory, White Strong in New Polls

Burr draws primary challenger

A Bipartisan Meeting on Health Reform: The Invites Are Out (White House Blog)

Obama up one point today +1% at 51%

Bank of America sought outsourcing patent while ex-Sen. Coats' firm lobbied on its behalf

Rahm did not call anyone "fu****' retards." He called the STRATEGY "fu****' retarded."

The "five most illuminating pages" of the CEA economic report

Science denialist, college dropout, drug-addled gasbag Rush Limbaugh confuses weather with climate

Who performed the spooky music in Carly Fiorina's "Demon Sheep" attack ad?

House GOPers demand Dems disavow healthcare deal ahead of summit

Latest NYT/CBS poll: Only 7% of respondents blame Obama for economy, 31% blame Bush administration.

Lindsey Graham and Rahm Emanuel met last week to discuss KSM trial

Poll: Obama has edge over GOP among public - Bush / Wall street blamed more for economic mess

It's not the Party of No. It's the Party of Cowardice.

Robert Reich: The National Anthem - and Why We Need Health Care Reform So Desperately

WH to announce new health IT grants Friday

OFA: Over 3 Million and Counting...

"Poll Finds Edge for Obama Over G.O.P. Among the Public"

Can Congress enact a 50% tax on last years profits? They'd better wake the hell up, the people are

Here's an example of a budget cut in the Admin's budget- Heating Aid to be cut by

Did you ever notice that...?

"For the first time the focus is less on killing Taliban and more on sparing Afghan civilians"

Orlando Sentinel Poll: Will Michelle Obama's Childhood Obesity Program do any good?

Larry King show proves that Progressive women are hotter and sexier than Repig gals

Openly gay soldiers from Germany and Britain are fighting with American troops in Afghanistan NOW

After delivering Swift Liar money to Alabama GOP, Pawlenty tries to run from Bush/Republican record

Durbin: DC residents fear snowstorms like 'nuclear attack'

There currently is no estate tax. It expired.

Labor groups endorse Romanoff

Brad DeLong: "Fourth Quarter Was Even Better than We Thought at the Time"

For some reason I can't post videos, but has anyone seen Cenk's vid about Obama and Pharma?

"Obama strategy widens assault on terrorists"

Treasury Gets Better Returns for Bailout Warrants

"most Americans...think that he actually is in touch with them and their problems"

Of these Presidents, who did the best job of living up to the expectations of his supporters?

Are Sarah Palin fans and Tea Baggers potential terrorists? (One apparently is)

Feds push tracking cellphones: Obama admin to argue You have “No Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy"

Jon Stewart to Boehner, "SUCK IT UP GRANDMA!!!"

Obama email: ''You fight, we'll fight'' (when will he keep up his end of the bargain?)

AP source: Obama to announce nuke plant loan

Jobless Claims Drop Markedly

"U.S. Retail Sales Rose 0.5% in January" December numbers revised upward.

Do you guys think KSM should be tried in Federal court or military tribunal?

Most Americans Don't Know They Got A Tax Cut

What do you think was behind the tenure denial that caused the shooting. Bad science or

Obama ends Bush-era farm policy

True or False - If We Fight for 2010, We increase our chances of Winning!

Jesus and Tequila

Angela Merkel dashes Greek hopes of rescue bid

German economic recovery falters

European Union denies US snoops access to electronic banking data

Excrement tosser arrested

Lawmakers gear up for healthcare summit meeting

Volcano erupts on Caribbean island

Gillibrand Lays Out Strategy for DADT Repeal: Moratorium or Repeal, Tucked into Defense Bill

75% back letting gays serve openly

Atlanta's Transit System Changes 'Yellow Line' to 'Gold' After Asian Outrage

Push for consumer protection agency faces obstacles in new bipartisan talks

(US) Regulators Hired by Toyota Helped Halt Investigations

CBS On Indecency Enforcement: FCC Trying To Rewrite History

Colombia’s Uribe Says Two Terms Aren’t Sufficient, RCN Reports

3 Hurt as Subway Derails in Downtown D.C.

Nato launches major Afghan assault

H1N1 hit harder than seasonal flu

Georgia Schools Inquiry Finds Signs of Cheating

Only 8 percent say incumbents should be reelected

Colombians increasingly fleeing to Ecuador

AFGHANISTAN: Taliban Regime Pressed bin Laden on anti-U.S. Terror

Kenyan Police Disperse Gay Wedding

Manitoba judge upholds decision to seize children of alleged white supremacists

US says five Iran-backed insurgents killed near Iraq border

Senate Dems ax bipartisan jobs bill

US refuses to cancel Obama's Dalai Lama meeting

Laser Knocks Down Test Missile Off Calif. Coast

Frisbee inventor Walter Frederick Morrison dies aged 90

Baptists' legal adviser target of trafficking inquiry

Report: Luger dies in training-run crash

Report: Top five insurers made $12 billion in profits last year, dropped 2.7 million people

Issuer of 79.9% Interest Rate Credit Card Defends Its Product

Senate Democrats race to regain bipartisan coalition on jobs bill

Holder May Abandon Civilian Trial For 9/11 Mastermind

Feds want cell phone locations without warrant

Only 12% Of Americans Think Obama Cut Their Taxes: POLL

Helicopter armada heralds Afghan surge

Leaflet drop warning 'a prelude to major Afghan battle'

Major Afghan offensive 'under way in Marjah'

University shooting at Alabama-Huntsville: Dr. Amy Bishop is suspect

(California) Constitutional convention backers drop reform effort

BREAKING NEWS: As many as 10 people reported shot at university, Huntsville, Ala., Times reports

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday February 12

New Mexico Senate OKs concealed handguns in some restaurants

Poll: Bush still blamed for economy

Utah delivers vote of no confidence for 'climate alarmists'

Teamsters to represent workers at Continental

GOP Budget Proposal "Sympathy For Millionaires Cut Medicare Privatize Social Security"

Mandela marks 20th anniversary

E.U. vs. U.S. Spying and Torturing

Democracy Now: The Secret World of Corporate Espionage and Moonlighting CIA Operatives 1 of 2

TYT: Controversial Obama Quotes On Financial Reform

Study: Middle Class Screwed, Upper Class Fine

Rachel Maddow: Obama Is Secretly Hitler! ....More Lies,More BS,and More Hate

The Vision (PTSD: Soldiers)

Congressman Patrick Kennedy (D-RI) Will Not Seek Re-election

Euro currency crumbling?

Gov. Arnold gives eyewitness report on Tea Baggers' Convention

Gerald Celente on the Annual economic report (RE: Unemployment, etc)

TYT: MSNBC Is Liberally Biased? Then Explain This Video (Cenk Calls Out JS & Co Lies On HC)

Sarah Palin's cross of gold

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon by Richard Gale

Retirees demand marijuana

Thom Hartmann confronts a global warming skeptic on the real Snowmageddon?

Canadian Politician Gives Parliament The Finger! OR... What Obama Should Do To The GOP!

Greenpeace Ad Slams Lobbyists and Corruption

Young Turks- Republicans Beat Democrats 60-4 : On What?

Queer Rising Shuts Down Manhattan Marriage Office

Doug stanhope on overpopulation - abortion is green, try Sodomy

Rep. Nancy Elliott on HB1590 (full) (Gay Anal sex being taught as something 5th graders should try)

Thom Hartmann - Should government mandate women in the corporate board room?

Hunter S Thompson, another satisfied customer

Response Ad to Mysoginistic Super Bowl Dodge Charger Ad

Anatomy of the White House - PhRMA Deal

Lawrence O'Donnell-Gets Bush Speechwriter Thiessen To Admit Bush-"Invited The 1st (9/11) Attack"

TEA PARTY CONVENTION - Sarah Palin, Orly Taitz, Interviews with Participants

Calling Obama's Healthcare Bluff - Dr. Margaret Flowers challenges him to a debate.

Poll Finds Edge for Obama Over G.O.P. Among the Public.

Ollie North: Truth and Terror

GOP Senator Puts a Hold On the Earth's Rotation

David Broder Loves Sarah Palin…And Dan Quayle

David Sirota: (Not) getting serious about the deficit

David Sirota: (Not) getting serious about the deficit

Where are the Populists?

More change from the states: New Mexico joins the Move Your Money campaign

Howard Dean on Global Warming: Republicans ‘Don’t Believe in Science’

Tim Pawlenty offers a stinging critique of GOP.

A blizzard of nonsense

Bill Moyers on "Obama's First Year" with ERIC ALTERMAN and MELISSA HARRIS-LACEWELL

Binyam Mohamed storm widens as Johnson defends MI5 over torture

"Man Up, Obama, or Make Way for President Palin" (Bloomberg Financial News)

If you live in CA and you want to get involved in change rather than complain here that it isn't

"The talking heads of cable news are leading double lives as paid lobbyists for corporations."

The newest issue of Harper's magazine: Why Germany kept its industrial base

Friday Talking Points (111) -- Use It Or Lose It

Biblical Capitalism - The Sacralizing of Political and Economic Issues

Detroit schools offer class in how to work at Walmart

Fox News, right-wing media deserve a snowball in the kisser

Will the US economy recover? Excellent article......

"the Party of No has become the Party of Lies"

Many Women Don't Have Kids -- Get Over It

The Mysterious Death of Bush's Cyber-Guru. Now posted online @ MAXIM

3rd Circuit to Mull Privacy of Cell Phone Data

war Vets and Resistors

Which Way to the Bastille?

Weekend Economists' Triple Whammy Weekend February 12-14, 2010

ODAC Newsletter - Feb 12

Peak oil notes - Feb 11

Drumbeat: February 12, 2010

Canada Will Use Robot Subs to Map Arctic Sea Floor, Boost Territorial Claims

China January Power Use Gains 40% as Economy Recovers

M4 in Wales to be 'hydrogen highway,' say minister (BBC)

Industrialised nations' carbon cut plans 'are pathetic' (BBC)

Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse Possibly Triggered by Ocean Waves, Scripps-led Study Finds

Indonesian Minister Blahblah "Cracking Down" Blah Blah Block Illegal Logging Blahblahblah

20-30% Crop Yield Decline In Tropics Likely By 2100 With Average Tropical Temps Hitting 30C And More

"Coming Soon to the National Park: Guns!"

Lake Champlain Freeze-Up Dates 1816 - 2005

Research challenges models of sea level change during ice-age cycles (1 meter change in 50 years)

Hit By "Blizzard" Of Civil, Criminal, Environmental Complaints, Fisher Shuts Phoenix Asphalt Plant

Peru nets water from fog

Climate science in the spotlight may not be such a bad thing

Tribute to a Solar Hero - Walt Ratterman, perished in Haiti earthquake

Queen’s (University) researchers propose rethinking renewable energy strategy

Revenge Fantasy - Ted Hughes

Australians may benefit from "home court advantage" at the Vancouver Olympics

"Abortion is green."

Chu takes energy efficiency message to ‘Extreme Makeover’

Navarra, Spain: At the Cutting Edge of the Green Economy

Climate 'Tipping Points' May Arrive Without Warning, Says Top Forecaster

As Of 11 February, Arctic Sea Ice Extent Remains Below 2006-07 All-Time Record Low - NSIDC

After warmest January in history, Vancouver airlifts

KYOCERA Achieves World Record Conversion Efficiency for Multicrystalline Solar Modules (16.6%)

BBC: Climate scientists face 'PR war' (which they're losing)

Provide jobs for people w/ disabilities while recycling old VHS/cassettes tapes and floppy

Overuse Of Fertilizers Drops Average Chinese Soil pH By 0.5 In 30 Years - Nature

We have tried to Google but cannot find the answers. Are there any

Calling Sen. Inhofe...snowmen desperately needed in Vancouver

(UK) "Cold realities of the wind farms that won't work when it snows"

Norway to build worlds biggest wind turbine --10 MW, 145m diameter

Beware of “DIY” solar panel scams

Fish schooling as a basis for VAWT farm design (preprint). "...over one order of magnitude..."

Food crisis looms warn scientists

Source: Pacman Jones works out for Bengals

MLB official eying Michigan gov race

Olympic luger killed

Goddammit Canada, it's not Aboriginals it's Originals!

LSU likely to ignore PETA, obtain new tiger mascot

DAMMIT!!1!! The Jamaican Bobsled team did not qualify for teh Olympics.

Lincecum, Giants avoid arbitration

2010 National League MVP Winner

I admit it, the only sport i will watch during the Olympics is...

Ah Sweet Lord----finally--- SI just posted the 2010 Swimsuit issue on-line.

Egypt sends food, medical aid into Gaza

Ahmadinejad warns Israel against any military move

Israel upholds legality of Jews-only housing complex in Jaffa

Work starts to reroute West Bank security fence at Bil'in

Hard Mideast Truths(deleted)

Muscling Latin America

Rains heighten Haiti disease fears

Colombia’s Uribe Says Two Terms Aren’t Sufficient, RCN Reports

Colombia’s Uribe Says Two Terms Aren’t Sufficient, RCN Reports

Peru nets water from fog

Colombians increasingly fleeing to Ecuador

Israel rejects UN demands over Gaza war report

Chile mint boss pays the price of coin spelling howler

Colombians increasingly fleeing to Ecuador

Abbas aide in sex tape scandal urged to quit

Think tank: Israel faces global delegitimization campaign

Palestinian protestors pose as Na'vi from "Avatar"

Hard Mideast Truths

Safeway janitors stop work, tired of intimidation

Neb. appeals overtime ruling (fired for refusing to block it for others)

Environmental groups pledge support for janitors’ campaign, possible strike

Plumbers & Pipefitters Mourn Their Brothers Killed In Kleen Energy Explosion, Fund Set Up For Famili

Today in Labor History Feb 12 Abolitionist Frederick Douglass born into slavery & John Lewis born

Iowa gets job training funds

Politico: Unions bash Dems, warn of fallout

Schwarzenegger’s Jobs Record ‘As Bad as His B Movies’

Economic Report: High Unemployment Will Last All Year


Scope for AR15 carbine? Suggestions?

f/s Beretta carbine

An example, of just how weak Virginia Gun control advocates, have become

Swans' bodies found in Norfolk were 'filled with shot'

Of felons and firearms. An open question on the stripping of rights.

DELETE, somehow made a duplicate

Crime Fighting UK Style...


12-year-old Iowa boy charged in shooting death of stepfather

This just in: Meet your 2010 Lesbian Olympians

Kenya: Police save men from anti-gay crowd

4 arrested at Freedom to Marry event in New York

University students highlight nondiscrimination fight

Campaign Against Black Homophobia Launches On Long Island Rail Road

LGBT nursing home to open in Massachusetts

I have not had a good laugh lately… So I went to the Brady website…

Here's an interesting tidbit from the recent New York Times/CBS News poll:

Brave Unitarian minister's stand in Wenatchee

3 killed in University of Alabama shooting

Why laws re medical marijuana and guns are loosening at the same time

Gun Control is being gutted in Virginia...

WOW! Florida, has issued over 1,408,907 concealed handgun permits in twenty one years.

Explain to me why parks make people more dangerous.

Prodigal Sons -- has this been discussed here?

Another Gun Rights Victory: Court Strikes Down Seattle Park Gun Ban

Three cheers for civil disobedience, and a civil rights hero: Robert Warden

I go to school at the University of Alabama Huntsville.

"Coming Soon to the National Park: Guns!"

Do you agree with the arrest of this man and confiscation of his guns?

Scientists are heroes

David Brin on Global Climate Change

And some color snaps

snow jogger

jogging past accident

Minnesota Drive on a slushy afternoon

Vancouver 2010 (Day -1): In search of Olympic Spirit

a rare event

My, what a lovely garden...

river snow tree

Texas snow storm

Busy Intersection

Show us your politicians

A series of visions, vision dreams and happenings at Big Sky Montana, part 3...

Thank you for the hearts!

Thanks for the heart!

Hello everyone and happy belated New Year!!

A series of visions, vision dreams and happenings at Big Sky Montana, part 3 b...

I'm a little bit freaked right now by my Valentine Orchid.

the commercial crisis.....

Regulators Hired by Toyota Helped Halt Investigations

DiFi sells out NorCal

Did Goldman Sachs Use One Of Its High-Powered Computers To Rig An Online Vote?

Schwarzman Says Kowtow to Banks or They Will Strangle the Economy

Brain clue may explain autism 'hug avoidance' (BBC)

Republicans and Medicare - Krugman

Another Wakefield paper pulled?

Analysis: Chocolate may reduce stroke risk

LA teachers take on the charters

Wi-Fi Turns Rowdy Bus Into Rolling Study Hall

Study links religious attitudes, brain damage

Scientists have identified areas of the brain that, when damaged, lead to greater spirituality.


Georgia testing scandal

L.A. Unified schools' chief works for district supplier

State exam results to help determine whether 700 teachers win tenure

Teach for America's federal funds threatened by grant competition proposal

Links to Spirituality Found in the Brain

Darryl Rouson (D-St. Petersburg) supports dramatic voucher expansion.

Becoming an Atheist While in a Foxhole

Kale and Sweet Potato Soup

Thai Coconut Soup