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Whoever donated a heart: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

What w/ ShitHeel Shelby and MoldingHolding McCain we need a Senate 3d Party

It's Alive (Beta) -

So I told my wife tonight that we have to separate. Ask me anything. Oh, and it's my Birthday.

A DU'er could use some good thoughts from you tonight

Someone want to tell me why we can have other people asking for support in GD but not me?

"Topics with little or no political relevance are not permitted in the General Discussion forum"

Downsizing bad for companies, the economy and the country

Where is the CBO score report on Single Payer? Deepsixed to help kill it?

Where were you born?

I need good vibes tomorrow-having a test to see if I'm a brain surgery candidate


On the subject of Health Care Reform, why does it have to be an all or nothing proposition?

Thank you very much for the lovely hearts.

Thank you for the heart, whoever you are!

U.S. trial of Gitmo's youngest detainee raises fierce debate

DHS: The number of illegal immigrants in US fell

With Darpa’s ‘Transparent Earth,’ Underground Doesn’t Mean Out of Sight

Nevada GOP Senate minority leader to GOP Governor: S-o-S speech "strictly political"

USA Today's Social Security Scaremongering

Many thanks to the person who gave me the valentine...

the "centrist-extremist" model

Thank you for donating for me.

Why isn't Dental Insurance talked about with HCR?

4-star defends Lejeune hospital quality of care

Joe Conason: Liz Cheney's Pro-Torture Front Sembler, Enabled "Enhanced Interrogation" of U.S. Teens

3 Bio-Friendly Inventions Designed to Save Lives

Pentagon Looks to Breed Immortal ‘Synthetic Organisms,’ Molecular Kill-Switch Included

Canada Fails to Assist Jailed Aboriginal Women

If Sarah Palin gets in the

VA prodded to give more aid to female veterans

Joseph Stiglitz: "Freefall" Obama re-arranged the deck chairs

Vatican Probe of U.S. Nuns Moves Quietly Forward

Casey's Story: War Was Half the Battle

Bottom line: Torture is a crime and advocating it is not covered by freedom of speech.

7 words, 1 was crossed out

Medicare for all and the "Nuclear Option"

Willie Geist - the White House is taking pot shots

Shelby keeps holds on top AF nominees

"Miss me yet?"

‘Invincible’ High-Speed Trains Steal China Southern’s Customers Share

Wow! 4 point plus earthquake reported in the Batavia-Chicago area just now on MSNBC.

If you bought a used car from a private party, any idea how to

Goldman Sachs made billions by pushing AIG to bankruptcy

Becker nomination blocked: I love this republickan logic

Quelle surprise !: Biggest U.S. Banks Aren't Reducing Overdraft Fees, Survey Says

Quelle surprise !: Biggest U.S. Banks Aren't Reducing Overdraft Fees, Survey Says

Haiti quake death toll rises to 230,000

Goldman’s Dirty Gambling Tricks

little ways

Schools closed!! SNOW DAY!! Hangin out at DU!!! Yippeee!!

People being shot to death for singing "My Way" in Phillipines Karoake bars

Why home schooling is not for everyone.

Kit Bond, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!

The Least-Trusted Banks in America

Hospitals Ravaged by Recession Pile More Work on Staff

S. Carolina ends woman's morning prayer time with students

"Marriage Vote Fails in Iowa House".

Draft Senate Bill Includes 3-Month Unemployment Benefits Extension

Draft Senate Bill Includes 3-Month Unemployment Benefits Extension

Thank you for my beautiful heart! I luv ya too! Whoever you are!

How old is your computer?

Appeals court: Internet porn can be prosecuted anywhere it's downloadable

Russia Won’t Send Troops to Afghanistan

UK Torture Docs Released-"At the very least cruel, inhuman & Degrading Treatment by USA"

Morans for Republicans

Life in the motel: Homelessness still rising among working class

Life in the motel: Homelessness still rising among working class

I know how to disband these tea parties. Get a group of black and hispanic people

A little song for all of you "enjoying" the snow today

Palin Hopey changy???

Who has had more snow?

It's Spelled Skoal

what kind of politician mocks hope & change?

Is Virginia the new Florida?

Why do some people think the MSM is liberal? Have you ever asked anyone that

One-Fifth of U.S. Homeowners Owe More Than Properties Are Worth

One-Fifth of U.S. Homeowners Owe More Than Properties Are Worth

How many "Homescholers for Perry" threads will we see today?

Teabaggers: More John Birch than John Adams

Haiti, Forgive Us-By Amy Goodman

Thankyou to whoever gave me a heart!

THANK YOU to whoever gave me my heart--what a FANTASTIC way to start my day. you are the best

Waxman Launches Probe Into Blue Cross' Massive California Rate Increases

Thank You Second Secret Admirer

The Facts: MORE Goverment Makes For Stable Finances

Israel may be our ally, but they sure aren't worth our support anymore.

A farker lists the change he's seen since Obama's election.

A farker lists the change he's seen since Obama's election.

Thank you to my second heart donor!

Thank you for the hearts DUers! You are so kind, and I am so honored!

I'm humbled and touched, thank you all so much for the hearts...

A Big Thank You

Stronger than you know

Sketching Up: Help get software into the hands of kids and teens with autism for free

Kill or jail gays but not pastors: Church of Uganda

Small Earthquake Hits Near Chicago

Small Earthquake Hits Near Chicago

The Home "Scholer" photo is the new "moran" photo

ok snow sucks

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Isn't this great? Obama Strikes Softer Note With Wall Street

Bored to death? It's possible

Financing Cheney's Pro-Torture Front: A Man Who Enabled "Enhanced Interrogation" Of American Teens

A "moran" moment on Craigslist today

Obama Doesn’t ‘Begrudge’ Bonuses for ‘Savvy’ Blankfein, Dimon

Bush did it. Obama should too.

Seen at a Palin Rally

Seen at a Palin Rally

Chuck Todd, you stupid piece of shit

Michael Jackson's death ruled homicide

The World according to the Tea Baggers (new and improved)

2010 Elections: Republicans are in the Hunt

2010 Elections: Republicans are in the Hunt


$168,875 raised for Cheyenne River Reservation

$168,875 raised for Cheyenne River Reservation

Ryan Roadmap Lays Out Sweeping Tax Changes Including Massive Cuts For The Rich

Scott Brown is setting himself up for a run for prez

Any chance that the Tea Party will nominate a candidate for president in 2012?

Any chance that the Tea Party will nominate a candidate for president in 2012?

Cuomo takes on the Money Party

Haiti death toll reaches 230,000

Vt. nuke plant update #3 - re: N. Hampshire governor's request

Court Grants Annulment to Ambassador-After Veiled Wife Turns Out To Have Facial Hair/Crossed Eyes

Kelly Vlahos Takes on the Media

I Think You Need A Time-Out, Little Mister!

Obama's new military: Gays showering with straights

Thank You Secret Admirer

Brain Freeze: Conservative media still using winter weather to attack global warming

Thanks for the heart!

Obama Doesn’t ‘Begrudge’ Bonuses for Blankfein, Dimon

What a lift to my day. Thank you so much for the heart.

Free indecent grope click here! By Mark Morford

New Mexico house votes to move states money out of big banks

Why do people watch Fox News?

Strongest indication to date Obama admin. will abandon Yucca Mountain nuclear waste project

Strongest indication to date Obama admin. will abandon Yucca Mountain nuclear waste project

Robert Reich: The National Anthem -- And Why We Need Health Care Reform So Desperately

Justice Clinton?

Obama OK with extrajudicial killing of US citizens overseas = Democracy Now

President Obama - He is the Greatest

epic winter 2010

Leaders in bid to save Baltic Sea

So If Republicans Got EVERYTHING they wanted ... Where Would We Be Today?

Children Labeled 'Bipolar' May Get A New Diagnosis

Hey, Sarah! How's That Dopey Skanky Thing Workin' Out For Ya?

Ryan Roadmap Lays Out Sweeping Tax Changes Including Massive Cuts For The Rich

Classic Bloom County -Wed

Danziger toon - The Nightmare

"Obama basically gave up" Ezra Klein

Report a bad doctor to the authorities, go to jail? The trial, day two

I know there are many "Deadlist Catch" viewers here. Captain Phil Harris has died at 53.

Taxing the wealthy actually makes them more productive, not less.

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 3

Poll: Tea Party candidates come in last

Anyone want to help me shovel?

To a Republican there is Only one America and it is a Republican America.

Gore Group Targets Bayh, McCaskill, Lincoln To Build Support For Climate Legislation

Calling GOP Obstruction ‘Disgraceful,’ Reid Urges Obama To Recess Appoint ‘

breaking...Dulles Airport near Washington, D.C., closed for 24 hours due to blizzard, FAA says.

So I'm supposed to be all thankful and gooey because some of you bastards gave me hearts?

Bankruptcy Bloodbath May Hit Muni Bond Owners Next

global warming - name change?

Gov. Gibbons Threatens to Sue KLAS-TV Over Story Aired

RIP: Captain Phil Harris, Deadliest Catch...

The plan to supposedly aid homeowners drowning in debt is just a money trough for the banks

Evony is a Massive Scam Operation with Headquarters in China

Evony is a Massive Scam Operation with Headquarters in China

China's new high-speed trains stealing passengers from the sky

Tea Party candidates aren't as recognizable on the ballots as they need to be.

Lookie what Fux Snooze is upset about now...

With All Due Respect to Our Beloved First Lady:

The Corporate Takeover of America! Do you accept?

Study links religion and racism

eggplant update

I bet we can find 1,000,000 People who Support Same Sex Marriage

Pam Geller Knows Ronald Reagan Better Than Ron Reagan, Jr (She Says)

Wal-Mart Cuts Over 13,000 Of What It Calls Jobs

Thank you to my Secret Admirer!

Steps toward privatizing the internet?

Lately I've seen law enforcement vehicles with this black thing on the front of the car.

Ryan Roadmap Lays Out Sweeping Tax Changes Including Massive Cuts For The Rich

In defense of the Filibuster

Dems To Celebrate Stimulus Anniversary By Slamming GOP Hypocrisy

Convictions upheld in Max Hardcore porn case

WellPoint division raked over California rate hike

Sarah dear, since you kicked that door open the other day...

Gawker: electoral PORN-map of potential nomination win for PALIN

Thanks for my Heart.

The White Stripes None Too Pleased with Air Force Super Bowl Spot

So what will Iran do on February 11? How fear is used to extract $$s from the gullible.

Kerry: 'Dead wrong' to write obituary on climate change bill

Attn: Prius Owners in California

Difference between DC Blizzard and (R) Obstructionism

Banker, Texas money behind Coleman’s new conservative think tank

Choice of 7-year-old as samba queen causes uproar in Brazil

Billboard in Minnesota: Miss Me Yet (GWB)

The best way for the government to respond to Blue Cross 39% insurance premium hike is to...

Go figure dept: Anyone else ever notice that those who think government can do nothing right...

Insurers, big farms face cuts in federal budget

The guy who cheapened television news to death is himself dead at 78

War casualties 'increasing' ahead of Afghan assault

Poll: Majority wants 'Don't ask, don't tell' overturned

Thank You. A Little Pastel Heart Can Go A Really Long Way In Making A Bad Day Better!

The Sally Jesse Raphael Syndrome

The View is a hoot again today

Last night, I got elected VP at our newly organized tenant association

Daily Grist: Sow your wild votes: 10 races to watch in 2010

Aw, thank you, Secret Admirer for the heart.

Century-old snow mark in reach; more snow Monday

Bally's has 63 Year Old Woman Arrested in Exercise Bike Dispute

Partial collapse of storage building belonging to Smithsonian

Partial collapse of storage building belonging to Smithsonian

Trial lawyer tells you how to put him out of business - Medicare for All

"I don't want to be called a liberal, because I'm not Liberal"......

Republican Mails Another Census Looking Piece

Three Seattle bus guards watched brutal beating

The Rude Pundit: Where Are the Pro-Health Care Reform Ads When We Need Them?

Does the DONOTCALL registry actually work?

Big snowball fight at Dupont Circle! I wish I lived closer! nt

Boehner: How Dare Obama Televise The Health Care Debate After I Demanded He Televise The Debate!

Hey, Texas: Please Don't Execute an Innocent Man

Teen kidnaps puppy to save it from euthanasia

To my secret admirer/Valentine hearts giver!

Pennsylvania has taken the unheard of step of closing Interstates 78, 80, 81, and 83

Thanks to my secret heart giver!

Here's how I take care of the snow!

Is there such thing as a "liberal Republican?"

Black Helicopters Over Nashville

Sarah is positively Aristotilean!


Google search question.

HuffPo: Where'd The Outrage Go?

AIG-GATE: The World's Greatest Insurance HEIST

Black Zimbabweans to take control of white-owned companies

A screaming rant about food

Larisa Alexandrovna: If The Teabaggers Knew Their History & Were A REAL Tea Party

Is "moran" really a misspelled word? I thought it is some type of slang.

The reason we need leadership from someone who answers to grassroots liberals...

Is DU running slow

Is DU running slow

Did you know that the Teabaggers are featured in Norse mythology?

Blizzard Grounds 7,000 U.S. Flights, Sets Snow Records in Eastern Cities

Democrats plan to ram through renewal of Patriot Act provisions in jobs bill?

EDITORIAL: Abandon all hope ye who support Palin (short and to the point)

If practical electric cars become available...

Iran on the Brink

Thanks to whoever gave me a heart

We are not enemies, but friends. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds...

Must see rebuttal to big snow = no global warming

Thank you for my heart secret admirer... .n/t

Thank you for my heart secret admirer... .n/t

Supreme Ct ruling on corporate campaign contributions has finished HCR forever



Need a good Laugh....This letter showed up in my paper today

Andy Stern: Ryan Roadmap A Harbinger Of Return To Bush-Era Government

Step 2-- Sell ALL Stocks of Big Wall Street Banks ....

In pictures: New 9/11 photos released

Baltimore is closed

Foxnews: Anti-Tea Party Website Part of Scheme to Funnel Funds

Maybe if we stop calling the HCR bill health care reform and call it what it really is

NYC snow estimates are UP AGAIN! 12-17

A Reality TV President: Only a Matter of Time

OpenLeft: The Eternal Delusions of the Right-Wing Mind

States Race To Pre-empt Health Reform - CheckThis Out......

Nelson (Neb.) defects from Dems over trials

Baraboo man accused of using stun gun on 'sinner' !

CBS' anti-progressive filter: Bans ad calling for marijuana legalization

Afghanistan Avalanches Kill at Least 165 in Salang Pass

Analysis of hair DNA reveals ancient human's face

Former U.S. Rep. Charlie Wilson dead at 76

Napolitano and Obama authorize federal funds for Maryland

Please report this facebook fan page: "Killing your hooker so you don't have to pay her"

Hope, Change and the unpatriotic tea party movement...

its hard to believe how much death was caused in Fl. by the cold weather

NPR has on a doctor who is bashing medical marijuana

Hartmann today: Prez's capitulation to banksters first manifestation of Citizens United

So Newt GIngrich went on Jon Stewart last night

So Newt GIngrich went on Jon Stewart last night

Bravo Robert Gibbs

Thanks for the heart - You have know idea how much I needed that

Utah Legislature Shows Scientific Ignorance. Again.

How long can Palin go without using a teleprompter?

Colbert: 'Sarah Palin Is A F--king Retard' (VIDEO)

We All Know That After This Health Care Summit Feb 25 & An Ultimate Passage Of Some HCR.......

How DC Deals With a Snowstorm:

Aaargh. Defying Feds, Arpaio Says He'll Step Up Immigration Enforcement

Mark Cole (Republican Congressman in Virginia) has a plan to stop the Antichrist

Jailed missionary leaves troubled trail to Haiti

Tweety must have got stuck in the snow this morning..


John Oliver Reports on RNC Meeting in Hawaii

Huffington Post has gone out of their way to present a very uncomplimentary image of Obama

How about a heated discussion to warm things up for the snowbound:

Fuck you too Kit Bond

Why the hell is Paterson so determined to stick it out?

Why is money such a big deal?

Genome from ancient human hair reconstructed

Obama Rebukes Boehner In Testy Exchange, Charges GOP Wants To Kill All His Initiatives

The one big side effect from the snow storms: Baby Boom!

Obama, black leaders focus on economic hard times

We have to start laughing at these people...laughing and pushing back.

Man who survived 27 day in Haiti rubble stable

It Appears Our Party Leaders Wish to Return

Choice: While We Were Busy Watching O'Keefe Play Dress Up...

Choice: While We Were Busy Watching O'Keefe Play Dress Up...

Haiti judge to free U.S. missionaries in kidnap case

Buena Park pastor prayed for Murtha’s death

A Song For The Sign Carriers

Two shot at Knoxville elementary school.

Historic French-Russian Arms Deal Causes Alarm, Debate

It's about time: Harry Reid gets tough with GOP on senate floor

Study shows popular people are influenced by others

Woodbridge, NJ Snow Plow Driver Finds Wandering Seal



Catch Jon Stewart smack down Gingrich starting at 7:00 EST

Meghan McCain Blasts Tea Party Movement, Palin on 'The View'

thank you thank you thank you!

thank you savanah guthrie for asking kit bond the hard m$nbc

Buried Truths About Gays in the Military

Stimulus Funds Allow Cherokee Nation to Reconstruct Tahlequah Community Road

Billions $$$$ in New Spending for Drones and Military Contractors' Stock Prices Soar:

I think once the Republican nut is cracked a lot of Democratic policies can be voted upon.

USA v Afghanistan

George Orwell, meet Orrin Hatch

the big unmarriage

You better watch out for those weapons of mass education

AlterNet: Ron Paul Helped Inspire the Tea Party Movement, and Now It Could Take Him Down

Every day it's more frustrating. I really think the main problem is the Democratic Party

thank you for the star

The organizer at a GOP rally tells the door guards ...

Tea party doesn't need a 'queen,' Palin tells convention

Britain Discloses Data on Ex-Detainee

Local Chapter of Nutters - schools beware

New Report Points to Toyota’s Electronic Throttle Control

Another Grey Seal Slaughter Set for Hay Island

Newt Gingrich knew he was lying when he said

Somebody else gave me a heart earlier today

"They're angry at government and the banks" is IMHO the most fallacious myth about the teabaggers

"They're angry at government and the banks" is IMHO the most fallacious myth about the teabaggers

Make no mistake about it: the pubbies aren't THAT stupid!

Remember Rev Wiley Drake?

Man who stole cops' guns gets federal prison

Afghan avalanches toll goes up

Former boss says Knox school shooting suspect had threatened him

Is this thing starting to form a center?

Countdown: Five-Year Old SUES Health Insurance Company

2009/10 snow totals thus far: Buffalo 61" Baltimore: 73"

Calling GOP Obstruction ‘Disgraceful,’ Reid Urges Obama To Recess Appoint ‘All’ Held-Up Nominees

What motivates excessive Greed?

Lest we forget.

A thought; I wonder if the Tea Party/Less Government Pukes want to be shoveled out tonight?

What ever happened to this Fox News poll

East Coasters: Best wishes from a Colorado Snow Veteran...

Zodiac Signs, Do you believe in them? Feel free to share your sign.

From the Canada forum: Vancouver protesters force Harper to scrap appearance

German Corporations accept Lower Productivity and Lower Profits to Save Workers' Jobs:

Daily Show exposes RNC Meeting in Hawaii..

OMG I got two Valentine hearts!! Thank you thank you

Spying is now a consumer toy

Palin learns lesson, upgrades

Palin learns lesson, upgrades

Palin learns lesson, upgrades

Vice Guide to North Korea

Can someone please guide me through giving hearts away?

I like the new moderation procedure.

Meet Mullet Man: hair follicle unlocks secrets of the ancients

Freeper-type morans have created very offensive Facebook with 22K members...Let's all report it!

U.S. To Be Hit By Massive Cyber Attack On Feb. 16. Asterisk.

An Open Letter to Rich People

An Open Letter to Rich People

thank you for the star... you

The Great Snow Hurricane of 2010: Update

Six in 10 in the new poll say republicans aren't doing enough to compromise with President

Six in 10 in the new poll say republicans aren't doing enough to compromise with President

Nev. Medicaid cuts could bring rationing

DU THIS FOX NEWS POLL: What Do You Think Tea Party Movement Is About?

Report: Hundreds forced into labor, sex in Ohio !

Thank You Keith!

Dupe - self delete

thanks for the heart there mystery donor :-) nt

Wow... I Didn't Know We Used To Have A Labor Party... Sort Of...

Iraq has ordered over 250 current and former Blackwater employees out of their country-what policies

Hey, Sarah! How's That Dopey Strangey Thing Workin' Out for Ya?

New Wind Farms in the U.S. Do Not Bring Jobs("Most of the jobs are going overseas,")

Former Rep. Charlie Wilson dies; led U.S. support of Afghans against Soviets

Ohio man accused of tattooing letter 'A' on rear end of 1-year-old girl visiting his home

Mortgage Loans

Complete and utter joke: Federal government has not yet shut down in DC Thursday.

It seems the GOP-Teabaggers have turned to Cafe Press for their talking points.

I am now a two heart person--thanks to lovely donors!

So My 17 Can Open a Checking Account But NOT a Saving Account at BOA

The MidAtlantic Region is in very dangerous, unprecedented territory right now.

Barack, the Insult Comic Dog

Need your feedback on Social Security taxation & caps!!

Senator 'Shocked' By City Traffic Fines - Lawmakers Says Cities Ripping Off State Resources

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

need some help, please-- a friend is telling me that on the news last night, there was a story about

Barack.....we really need you to come out 110% right now.

I'm headed out to Wisc. Ave and Bradley Blvd to dig out the fire plugs....

Man Walks Into Wal-Mart, Smashes 29 TVs With Bat

Have people seen this Alternet article?

I have 29 hearts for other DUers that actually get a kick out of my insane posts.

Rachel and Keith have the GOP by the short hairs...

Freepies want to repeal the 17th Amendment

Mass. Sen. Brown writing a book about his life

Greeks take to the streets; Striking workers shut down the country

'I never said I didn't want my baby': Mom won't be prosecuted

The Dangers of Sarah Palin: "To dismiss her would be a terrible blunder."

How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America

Democrats gearing up with $40 million effort to attack GOP's Meg Whitman

McCaskill to GOP: If You Hate the Stimulus, Give it Back

Baraboo man accused of using stun gun on 'sinner'.

Man gives away every penny of his 3Million pound fortune

The manufacturing jobs are not coming back.

What SHOULD The Bush Billboard Read? HuffPost Comedy's Photoshop Contest!

The thing that makes me laugh the most, is when people claim this is the fault of liberals

Is another New Madrid on the way? Earthquakes seem to be following along plate lines. I fear

Huffington Post: Rule 22 The Filibuster Fraud "We Have A Crisis, Mr. Vice-President"

"Hope that snow in D.C. brings an end to those global warming folks' ideas!"

The DU Administrator's Sense of Humor is Alive and Well. "Name Removed" has Two Hearts!!!

So Inhofe balked at Rachel's including him in last night's litany - So she just tore him a new one

So Inhofe balked at Rachel's including him in last night's litany - So she just tore him a new one

Conservative Activists Rebel Against Fox News: Saudi Ownership Is ‘Really Dangerous For America’

U.S. Attempts to Erase Haitian Nationhood

I am grateful and sorry

The Weekend Orgy Of Ignorance And Hate That Was The Tea Party Convention.

Sarah Palin makes Dems look good! Hope she runs for President!

This will not end well

John Edwards Engaged?!?

why is hardball talking about a local problem with the snowplows?

Which would you choose between, let's say, NYC and DC?

Do you ever use the word "retarded"?

A World of Difference

Al Franken:Oppose the NBC/Comcast Merger

So now we Americans and our resources are backing up $25Trillion in CDS, or

Can you imagine what it's like?

How the myth of the "Liberal Media" has twisted America into neo-con knots:

Ron Paul: ‘Neocon influence’ is infiltrating tea parties

Ron Paul: ‘Neocon influence’ is infiltrating tea parties

50 Car pile up in Newport News/Lightfoot VA....

So ...... 83.9" of snow is not enough? Some forecasters are calling for another 4 to 7 on Monday.

Teacher charged after 2 principals shot at school

Why are freepers/teabaggers/repugs so fucking stupid?

Georgia may give more vouchers for private schools, paid for with taxpayer money.

How long will the Republicans get away with their blatant hypocrisy?

Daily Show Co-Creator Lizz Winstead & Fmr DS Correspondent Brian Unger Co-Hosting TYT w/ Cenk NOW!

Palin didn't know the difference between England and the UK!..

Carl Levin: Filibuster Could Fall 'After Massive Conflict On The Floor'

Concepcion Picciotto sits in the snow as she continues her 24-hour-a-day peace vigil - pics

My Top 5 Idiotic right-wing protest signs

GOP Senate candidate compares embryonic stem cell research to ‘what the Nazis did to the Jews.’

Need name of research websites.

2010 Fire Dogs: Kucinich, Grayson and Weiner Win

Alan Turing...Don't Ask Don't Tell poster

Uh-oh! The GOP Ransom letter has been found...

The most bizarre murder case I've seen

The Tailor of Panama -- Custom Fit for Today's USA.

Iraq orders former Blackwater security guards out

Remember to read your consitution, kids!

Remember to read your consitution, kids!

Ft. Worth Starbucks Joins The One Big Union (Women Wobblies Take On The Coffee Giant–And Win!)

People you tend not to often think about .......

Open Letter to Arianna Huffington - Your Constant Obama-bashing is NOT CONSTRUCTIVE!

I'll donate $20 in the name of the poster who names my Raygun anniversary counter-bs site.

Mitch McConnell and Newt Gingrich made a box of rocks feel really smart.....

I'd like to give a heart to the following people:

Can We Here At DU Instead Of Using The Term Global Warming - Call It......

Lolz @ State Farm's 2007 "concern" regarding Toyota

Wow, thanks for the heart.

Former Tex Rep Charlie Wilson dies

Wall Street "circling the wagons" on BofA

Police: Phoenix girl kept in bathroom for 2 months

Britain's role in the torture of terror suspects. (Binyam Mohamed & others)

Ex-Friends and Politics

Ex-Friends and Politics

Cable Comcast: Al Franken Says Hell No on the NBC Takeover

Yves: "Obama is a lackey of the financiers ... their looting, or he is a fool."

Krugman: How Can Obama be this Clueless? "We're doomed."

Attack while guards watch prompts reviews of Metro policy

Sen. Russell Feingold on Single Payer ...

Teen Fends Off Mountain Lion With Sword - Pit Bull Suffers Minor Injuries In Fairfield Mauling

35 questions every college graduate should know the answer to

35 questions every college graduate should know the answer to

Sen Leahy "I've never seen anything like it !"

If you could say one thing to Sarah Palin, what would it be?

"I'm sick and tired of Democrats having power and being unwilling to use it."

Dems have reauthorization of Patriot Act incorporated

First Ancient-Human Genome Sequence Answers Anthropological Riddle

Gingrich: Shoe Bomber Was An American Citizen (He Wasn't), So It Was OK To Mirandize Him

Gingrich: Shoe Bomber Was An American Citizen (He Wasn't), So It Was OK To Mirandize Him

Have You Ever Been Unfaithful While Being In a Committed Relationship?

Does America Need Amtrak?

The Cleverness of Bullies...

Get a Brain Morans... DETHRONED!!!!

OK would be revolutionaries....let's say you win. What do you do?

Get gov't aid? Ariz. bill says no smokes, alcohol, HBO


To Fight Obesity, Michelle Obama's Program DOES Address 'Food Deserts" In Poor Neighborhoods

DU this Fox News poll: What is Tea Party movement about?

Victim’s family says 'thank you' to Fort Hood shooting suspect

Alan Grayson coming up soon on Ed Schultz Show!

Denver Artist Beaten Bloody By Police

NY AG Cuomo complaint against BofA is deliberately misleading

During this horrendous weather we are having, I want to make a heartfelt request of everyone

question about taxes

10-month renewal of Patriot Act hiding in Jobs Bill (FDL)

Compromise is hard

Save the "..eating healthy is too expensive" bullshit....

Save the "..eating healthy is too expensive" bullshit....

John Mayer's racist comments in Playboy ignite Twitter ...

My issue with Michelle Obama targeting childhood obesity

No Labor Market Recession for America's Affluent

No Labor Market Recession for America's Affluent

Obama is no FDR, We're no Mass Movement

5 Most Highly Vulnerable Senate Dems Signal Consequences of Right Turn by Democratic Party

Just saw Ron Reagan on Tweety. Anybody know if he's got a new gig anywhere?

Anyone else having problems after microsoft autoupdates being shutdown with a hard shutdown?

I swear...if I hear one more person say (while standing in line at a store)

American Ignorance...

"Snowing in winter totally disproves global warming, take that, environuts!"

Boom: Honda Recalls Killer Airbags

We're supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow tomorrow in East Texas.

What are the arguments against tort reform?

Troubling Lunch Convo, RE: Afghanistan

Wednesday TOONS, Part 1

Wednesday TOON Roundup Part 2

Mr Fish- How Much Longer?

Stars and Gripes: Tea Party Protests Captain America Comic

Bernie Sanders to GOP: Spare me the lectures on YOUR deficit

What would happen if the MONEY RAN OUT...?

I have 18 hearts left for people who have had difficulty in contributing

Anything Beyond The Universe? New Theory Changes Our Destiny

Anything Beyond The Universe? New Theory Changes Our Destiny

Rolling Stone: A must-read article on how the Obama Admin Turned "Yes We Can" Into "No We Can't"

How many people do you know that have lost their home?

Sarah Palin's 'Bigger Blunder' At Tea Party Convention Was On The Wrist, Not On The Hand

30 pounds of pot found inside pictures of Jesus

I'm in a Leonard Cohen mood.

'Network' on TCM, now.

This is ridiculous! I feel like I've been kissed and/or hugged...

Anyone else using Google's Buzz yet?

A message about hearts.

No f'n way. A Song about creepy dolls! by Jonathan Coulton

Somebody just gave me a star.

Love Animals? Check this out..

My new business venture

The Vermont Teddy BearTV ad is the most incredibly offensive

My PWI apology

Tell me to get my butt off DU and go to bed!

I like snow but...this is nuts

I'd like to see a heavy snowfall coming down, I just don't want to live with it afterwards.

In light of Skipper Harris' death, I have to ask, whose Dad is still alive?

Has anyone heard from Bertha Venation lately?

all hail the 4 wheeler

Monkey Spankings at the Morgue

Spacetime Continuum - Kairo (Carl Craig Mix, 1996)

Sade on Letterman 2/9/2010

Good morning Lounge

Live one in GDP

Thank you, Secret Admirer!

A rant illustrated by a joke

Your Tuesday Morning OMG pic:

Going to Cuba on Friday. Any advice?

Facebook reminds me of the Talking Heads song 'Once in Lifetime'

"My parents did the best they could." You hear that sometimes reading

We are going to have a snowstorm tomorrow!

Welcome to Vancouver.

I hate transition glasses in winter time.

Doves - Satellites

ok snow sucks

ok snow sucks

Crappy Birthday, Glenn Beck!

Awww... thank you whoever donated my heart.

Dubai court annuls marriage to 'bearded lady'

So I told my wife tonight that we have to separate. Ask me anything. Oh, and it's my Birthday.

A "moran" moment on Craigslist today

The Federal Government has declared a state of emergency in D.C.

Capt. Phil Harris has died...

new portrait of my nephew Liam

Competitive Snow Blowing, anyone?

So, Throwback Mountain Dew is supposed to be the shiznit?

Valentine Heart fire sale!

Obligatory Facebook Friend bitching post of the day.

Ellen on Idol


An early Valentines gift for the Lounge!

Top 40 Epic Lyrics Fail

Floris - You and I

Are you torn?

I'm going to complain about my job for a little bit

What is your basic coinage?

New York City

It's official: DC has snowiest winter on record now (beats 1898-99)

who do you think has the most hearts!!!

Favorite Golden Girl?

thank you

Dear Secret Admirer

You know, I hope Canada gets snow during the Olympics

a new approach to my art

David Axelrod or David Axelrod?

Weather in DC area

Thank you Secret Admirer!

Snoop Dogg - My Medicine ft. Willie Nelson

I am tired of this snow!

Does "thinking outside the box" drive you mad?

World's Tallest Dog May Be Living in Tucson

Buried Truths About Gays in the Military

RIP captain Phil Harris, Deadliest Catch...

Do you ever feel like you feel too much?

Do you have an active home security system in your own home?

Best SuperBowl photo ever

Were you born?

Oh great...i quit smoking and have smoking dreams for years...

I don't look disabled

Winnipeg Free Press "Built-in text messages ruined life, says city man" (GF dumped him!)

Are you Gorn?

Singing Sinatra's My Way can get you killed.

creative Valentine gifts

Could you guess who gave you the hearts?

A Viagra Alternative to Serve by Candlelight



OK, so I made a washtub full of Italian meatballs, ask me anything

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/10/10

Sad photo


I’ve got a Benetton heart and a fuckin’ David Duke cock.

I'm having Peanut Soup tonight.

Single Again...and Just in Time for Valentine's Day

check out this job offer

Honor System at Tenleytown (DC) Safeway!

Low IQ second-highest predictor of heart disease

the ten types of crappy interviewees

OK - has anyone tried this? When trying to explain support for gay marriage...

This is why living in the city is great during a fricking blizzard!

Where Fairy Dust comes from.

My Brother in law felt today's earthquake in IL. Did you?


The House of Lords is sending me an ATM card! I'm rich!

Pickles is back on the Methimazole, and the rash is coming back. :^(

Looks like the background check checked out - new job starts tomorrow

Why dosen't Southwest Airlines

Valentine's Day looks like a pretentious and shit-stained film.

I am snowbound with six cats and no cans.

On a limited release for a beer, a customer violated the 6 growler limit, and got 50+ growlers

Would you give a heart to someone on your ignore list?

Somebody loves me...I wonder who?

Who is your favorite 'Cheers 'character?

I Hope it doesnt snow in Vancouver I cant stand the Olympics

i gave two weeks notice today

I want to create a die that never threads

Move over Hugh Jackman,Billy Crystal...let Dolph Lundgren show you how to open an Award show..

you know what i did before i got paid?

I love head cheese!

Well, I'm going in for my procedure tomorrow. Wish me luck.

How Much Snow in Your Area?

You know, I hope Canada gets Gold during the Olympics...

Yahoo Answers is super helpful

My mom is being an asshole about my bipolar/anxiety.

What is the best thing you are doing on Valentines Day?

Please vote.

Don't waste your love on dogs!

Are these Amandas all slapping in tandem for you?

who did that?

Schools closed!! SNOW DAY!! Hangin out at DU!!! Yippeee!!

BIG conventions call for BIG tea bags!1!11!

Laptop DUers... Does your computer have a 10-Key?

This may be it! She's going for the duck!

How old is your computer?

Firefox's sense of humor. I boot up my laptop, after letting the batteries run out & got this...

Oddly Specific

I need music.....Joan Baez - It Ain't Me, Babe

The view out my office window this morning. (Cell phone pic; poor quality, but oh my!)

Any piano teachers? I have a question or two....

Please send all the Lounge vibes you can muster to my kitty, Sophie.

Here's how I take care of the snow!

Thank you for the gift of a heart, my secret admirer

A DU'er could use some good thoughts from you tonight

Paranoid about my roof.

Just saw a great movie "An Angel for May". Netflix watch instantly

Is "moran" really a misspelled word? I thought it is some type of slang.

Man vs. Food's Adam Richman was wearing my name on his tshirt

DU Winter BEACH Vacation Poll

If anyone needs some deals on V1AGR@, PM me.

Caption contest

What is the worst thing one of your children ever said to you?

Last night I dreamed I was levitating off the bed...

I am 50 years old today

LOL, So there's a soccer team called the Pennsylvania STONERS

Snowblind by Black Sabbath - post some snow songs.

Brian Wilson, Brian Eno, Brian Jones, Brian Warner

Thank you mystery DUer for the heart! I appreciate it!

Nakatomi Tower: Who died where

So, we've got 25-35mph gusts in blizzard conditions and some idiot was using a snowblower.

Photo: Snowy Owl on rooftop in Minneapolis

"A Confederacy of Dunces"

i just got back from a chamber of commerce "business after hours" event

Photographic proof that my cat is a demon from hell.

Seriously, who says "Where do you doctor?"

good thoughts for Mrs. Venation, please

I love liverwurst!

I've got hearts to give away, and I'm not afraid to use them!

Do You Believe In Ghosts?

Holy Crap Ice is coming down from the sky in TX! Any Advice on How to Drive in This Shit?

Zodiac Signs, Do you believe in them? Feel free to share your sign.

MiddleFingerMom is in the 700 club! Everybody point and laugh!

Name a movie with an egregiously inappropriate MPAA rating.

Wife just found out she'll be working for the census

A while ago, I had mentioned that i dont go to Cracker Barrel because of its homophobic policies

Cheney, Ridge Pioneered Miranda Attack On Obama

House Trio Moves to Block EPA (2 Dems, 1 Repub)

America's Image Improves Dramatically

Court forces British Government to reveal documents detailing their complicity in torture.

Just stating the obvious, but...

In poll, Republicans gaining political ground on Obama and Democrats

White House: Kit Bond’s Call For Brennan’s Resignation Is “Pathetic”

Bush administration read the Shoe Bomber his Miranda rights FOUR TIMES (Politico)

Mom's Rising

Obama crumbles. Again.

Obama May Bypass UN If Iran Sanctions Challenged

David Brooks said that the Tea Party people represent 60% of America

Dems on Major Offensive Sweep on National Security Politics

Eric Holder shows Mitch McConnell what a hypocrite he is

Is this true: Senator Shelby was able to hold up all those nominations

Jonathan Chait: Why Republicans Say They Want to Start Over on Health Care

Senate jobs bill needs less modesty, more cash

Coats: 'We're Off And Running'

On my Soap Box about our Health Care System

Secretary Hillary Clinton's Statement on Congressman John Murtha

Daniels sends Toyota letter to Congress

The Term "Independent Voter" Is Completely Meaningless

Senator Dianne Feinstein supports extension of Patriot Act included in jobs bill

So it's Newt and Sarah for 2012?

**Heads Up: VPOTUS on Larry King, Live!** (9pm Eastern Time)

Dems To Celebrate Stimulus Anniversary By Slamming GOP Hypocrisy...

Greg Sargent's Plumline: Dan Coats Unveils his Line of Attack on Evan Bayh: He's too liberal

What does Michelle Obama think of Sarah Palin? We may never find out…

"Boehner-Cantor Letter to Obama Outed as Delaying Tactic"

Obama Approval Bounces Back

DeMint Won't Back McCain

What would have happened if Karl Rove called a room full of conservative activists f*cking ret@rds?

Newt tweeted he was wrong about Shoebomber Citizenship

Brown's allies fund effort targeting Whitman

For what it's worth, there is one area in which I will always side with Obama:

"U.S. To Be Hit By Massive Cyber Attack On Feb. 16." ... And it will be TELEVISED!

Time to go off on Tweety for his lead story tonight....Good Grief.

Photos: Talk to the Hand (The Obama Presidency, February 9th 2010)

PHOTOS You Can Call Me (Frozen) Al

How Global Warming Makes Blizzards Worse...or stuck on stupid

A Conservative Spits Out His Tea - "more John Birch than John Adams."

Can someone tell me what is wrong with this post?

Boehner: How Dare Obama Televise The HC Debate After I Demanded He Televise The HC Debate!

TX-Gov: Bill White Polls Well for General Election

Jon Stewart catches Newt Gingrich in ANOTHER LIE on his show last night

Mainstream Media... something you sit back and have a good laugh at

Greg Sargent's Plumline: What Obama Said About Those Bonuses

Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran.

The Pacific Ocean is warmer and so we get snow and mudslides

Those who claim that only U.S. citizens are entitled to due process are lying or ignorant - or both

"What sentence here is supposed to get my blood boiling, exactly?"

Anyone here Limbaugh say today that onehing t he "liked" about Obama was that he was light skinned

White House goes after Gingrich for shoe bomber flub

WH: What the President Said in the Bloomberg Interview....

Arianna lies about what Obama said

It's Snow-bama! (because I'm bored and so why not)

Fiorina suggests California consider bankruptcy


"The gap in income and living standards is too wide."...... Why is that so hard to say?

Bombshell: Unhappy with Holder, Rahm Emanuel did not want civilian trials for 9/11 plotters

MSNBC is airing the most infuriating interview I've seen in a long time

Time for some humor: How things work in DC today

At some point do we need to get back to "Buy American"???

The jobs bill that wouldn't cost a cent:

Where were you born?

Krugman: "How is it possible for Obama to be this clueless (on bonuses)?"

Why the fuck is Larry King keep asking Dem's about Palin

'Deadliest Catch' Captain Phil Harris has died

Mayor would cut S.F. workers' week to save cash

Ron Paul: ‘Neocon influence’ is infiltrating tea parties

Study toasts beer as being good for your bones

Greek union marches to challenge austerity plan

Binyam Mohamed torture evidence must be revealed, judges rule

Greek public sector workers strike as spectre of bailout looms

Mass. Sen. Brown writing a book about his life

Trade Deficit in U.S. Increased to $40.2 Billion in December

Children Labeled 'Bipolar' May Get A New Diagnosis

Reuters photographer says reborn after freed by U.S.

Calling GOP Obstruction ‘Disgraceful,’ Reid Urges Obama To Recess Appoint ‘All’ Held-Up Nominees

Aerial photographs released of Twin Towers' collapse

Afghanistan avalanches kill 150 in Salang Pass

Chinese PLA (army) officers urge economic punch against U.S.

Captain Phil passed away from complications from a stroke he sufferred on January 29, 2010.

Baraboo man accused of using stun gun on 'sinner'.

Honda adds 437,000 cars to global air bag recall

BREAKING: Condoms In Short Supply (DC Blizzard)

Reid: Jobs bill to come with Republican help

Jailed missionary leaves troubled trail to Haiti

Binyam Mohamed torture appeal lost by UK government

Pakistani officials confirm Taliban chief is dead

Chevron says damage assessment in Ecuador pollution case is tainted by biased reports

Venezuela to OK first major oil deals under Chavez

It's no longer worth fighting for the seal hunt

PM backs tougher sanctions on Iran

Government loses Binyam Mohamed torture appeal

Reuters: Haiti judge will free 10 Americans

France President Sarkozy drops national identity debate

Former Rep. Charlie Wilson dies; led U.S. support of Afghans against Soviets

30 pounds of pot found inside pictures of Jesus

New Mexico House Votes 65-0 to move states money to credit unions, community banks

Intel Chief ‘Deeply Regrets’ U.K.’s Torture Disclosure, But…

Afghan government in tentative talks with insurgent leader

Republicans say they'll work with Obama on GOP ideas

Bolivia creates space agency for satellite project

NY governor says he'll step aside only 'in a box'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday February 10

Iran to shut down Google email service

Former Uruguayan dictator sentenced to 30 years

Charlie Wilson dies

Earthquake Hits Illinois

Google to Build Ultra High-speed Networks in the US

250 Blackwater personnel kicked out (by Iraqi gov't)

Army Aims to Combat Substance Abuse

US Marines under fire ahead of Afghan assault

Virginia passes bill banning chip implants as ‘mark of the beast’

"Robin Hood" Tax Campaign Launched

Governors defend Toyota, cite federal 'conflict of interest'

Obama would OK health bill minus items he pursued

Money Can't Buy Happiness, So Man Gives Away Every Penny of His £3 Million Fortune

ACLU Sues Over Unconstitutional Airport Detention and Interrogation of College Student Carrying Arab

Former boy soldier, youngest Guantanamo detainee, heads toward military tribunal

Obama's judicial nominations get so delayed, yet confirmed easily

Conservatives Use "Snowmageddon" to Mock Global Warming

Moody's Economist Mark Zandi: It was no accident the recession ended when stimulus kicked in.

Democracy Now! The CIA Is Welcoming Itself Back onto American University Campuses

Cupid Speaks!

VoteVets calls out Roy Blunt with $600,000 ad campaign

It's No Wonder Teabaggers Love Sarah Palin They Thought George W Bush Was A Great President!

Young Turks: Wall Street Threatens To Give More $ To Republicans

Do We Have Freedom of the Press?

Thom Hartmann - Is capitalism more important than Democracy? w/ Stephen Moore

Rachel Maddow Factually Shows #HCR bill what Republicans asked for. Obstruction?

Obama steps up the rhetoric on sanctions against Tehran

Papantonio: The Tree Hugging Pentagon

Russia Today: Max Keiser makes fun of CIA agents' moonlighting for cash

Without Reform, Health Care Costs Will Kill You

Russia Today: "Keiser Report" No. 15: Markets! Finance! Scandal!

Rooftop Revolutionaries Video 7

Thom Hartmann - Trading sex for health care?

Greece Economy

Mike Malloy: It´s All About Erections

Keith Olbermann's Worst Person - 10/8/10 - The U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

Healthcare Summit Just Political Positioning?

Thom Hartmann - Should your DNA continue to be secretly taken?

President Obama's Remarks at "Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement" WH Event

Rahm Couldn't Win w/ Lebron, Jordan & Kobe

Museum of Tolerance - Amy Goodman, Democracy Now

Sherrod Brown: When Republicans Have Nothing To Say, They Invoke ACORN

Depeche Mode - John The Revelator (HD)

TYT: Cenk Vs. Caller Defending Sarah Palin!

Rachel Maddow re: "They're Not Embarrassed"

Chris Matthews: Sarah Palin Is 'Frightening'

Keith Olbermann Comments On "The Crazies"

Waiting For Armageddon - Documentary Trailer

15-year-old girl assaulted in downtown Seattle transit tunnel while three security guards stood by

Ron Paul is our leader of the Tea Party not Sarah Palin

Garrison Keillor: Get busy, Democrats

TYT Slam Idiotic Anti-Obama Bush Billboard - 'Miss Me Yet'? (& Cenk Vs. Palin Supporting Caller!)

Robert Scheer: Wall Street Wants a Refund

Industrial policy is not just green technology or an electric car...

What Should We Learn from Richard Shelby's Game of "Alabama Hold 'Em"?

Has Sarah Palin Ruined Alaska's Sunshine Laws?

Sarah Palin's Hopey Changey Remark

Is Sarah Palin Trying To Kill The California Redwoods?

In Rahm's playbook, the purpose of political power is...

Who Wants to Bomb Iran?

Britain faces 'oil crunch' within five years, Richard Branson warns

Ritz-Carlton to close 5-diamond Las Vegas hotel

Sending out an SOS for Columbus Ohio! I really need some help!

Michael Jackson’s Dr. Busted, for Using Only One Rubber Glove

Paulson: My close ties with Wall Street were 'a huge help'

It’s Time for Democrats to Use Their Army of the Potomac

Bad to Worse in Iraq: the return of Ahmed Chalabi

Sen. Kit Bond Wants To Privatize Medicare With Vouchers

The 700 Military Bases of Afghanistan; Black Sites in the Empire of Bases

It Takes a Village to Raise a Racist

Binyam Mohamed: Torture and the missing paragraph

Bob Dylan-The Time They Are A-Changin' live at the White House

Palin, Psy-Ops & 'Condescending' Libs

Legal child abuse and terroristic threatening

Patrick Cockburn: Where war goes, propaganda follows

TNR's ugly and reckless anti-semitism games

Forging Ahead — Embracing the “Reconciliation” Option for Reform (New Eng Jour Med)

Frank Luntz: "Who Single-Handedly Poisoned Health Care Issue"

'Christian' Manifesto Comparing Liberals to Nazis Gathers Signatures of Religious Right Leaders

Experts: Jobs Bill Won't Add Many Jobs

Insurance companies callous pursuit of riches is startling

Actual letter sent to the superintendent of our school district.

Howard Dean: Change requires effort

Stephanie Miller on Joy Behar Show

Goldman Helped Greece Disguise Deficit

Can you imagine living in an America freed from constant wars?

It's no longer worth fighting for the seal hunt

Colorado Springs and "Limited Government"

Time for Dems to Use Their Army of the Potomac (#1 Rated Diary Right Now @ DailyKos) By Cenk of TYT

Veering R-Wing: Sup. Ct. 5 all Reagan-based & think Corporations are Victims of Discrimination

"How a New Jobless Era Will Transform America" (Atlantic Magazine)

Drumbeat: February 10, 2010

Ecuador May Develop $6 Billion Dam Project After Shortages

Bangladesh to Deploy Floating Unit for LNG Imports

China Report Shows More Pollution in Waterways

Scrap UK's wind farm plans, says Gazprom boss

Target Pulls V-Day Message Bears - Message: "We Contain Federally Illegal Levels Of Lead"

IOC President Says Global Warming "Starting To Worry" Olympic Committee Members

BC Lt. Gov. Announces No Mining, Gas Drilling Of Any Kind In BC Flathead Valley (N.Of Glacier NP)

Colombian gas exports to Venezuela collapse in January

McCain's Latest Profile In Courage - Facing Primary, He'll Leave Climate Issue To Lieberman, Graham

US Urges China To Avoid "Stillborn" Climate Pact, Hedges On Odds Of Success In Mexico

Gore's Group Calls Out Bayh, Lincoln, McCaskill In New Ad Campaign (VIDEO)

Denny's Acknowledges Suffering of Hens in Super Bowl Ad:

EPA capitulates on ethanol:

2 Year-Old Plans To Boost Alberta CO2 Storage, Transit Will Be Cut - Almost Nothing Spent To Date

Toronto Star: 2 U.S. firms wash hands of tar sands

VA House Speaker Personally Pilots Pro-Corp Asbestos Bill, Say Anon. Members Scared Of Retribution

"How Our Food System is Killing the Nation's Most Important Fishery"

Wow--50 degrees all week in Southern Grrrnland

Utah House Adopts Non-Binding Resolution To Express "Deep Skepticism" Towards Climatology

Completely Fabricated Quote Used To Discredit John Houghton - Monckton Silent When Pressed On Use

In Arctic Canada, "Pristine" McKenzie River Fish Species Show Huge, Abrupt Leaps In Toxin Levels

Japan’s Solar Panel Sales Rise to Record on Subsidy

Iran starts production of 20%-enriched uranium

From The Onion - Super Bowl Most Watched Show Ever

Happy birthday to 1gobluedem!

Everton 2 Chelsea 1! Liverpool 0-1 Arsenal. Ugh!

2010 National League Cy Young Winner

Vick admits to laziness and complacency in Atlanta.

Bachmann: God will ‘curse’ America if it opposes Israel

Anyone here need a star? PM me if so.

UNASUR pledges U$S 300 million for Haiti

Ecuador Government May Acquire Noble Power Plant

Bolivia creates space agency for satellite project

Row over plan to build Jewish museum of tolerance on site of Muslim cemetery

Former Uruguayan dictator sentenced to 30 years

Dr. Juan Almendares – January 28, 2010 Meeting

Assoc (re)puke: In Cuba, license plates tag drivers, not the car

Chevron says damage assessment in Ecuador pollution case is tainted by biased reports

(Miami Hairball) U.S. broadcasts to Cuba get stronger

Venezuela: Resignation of Health Minister is confirmed

Exports of Colombian gas to Venezuela decline (Colombia now rationing gas due to drought)

Confronting Jews who defame Jews, by Isi Liebler

Lebanon backs Hezbollah against Israel

Today in Labor History Feb 10, 11 members of the Carpenters’ union shot, 3 fatally & more

National Nurses United Blasts Anthem Blue Cross 39 Percent Premium Hike

Tennessee's Illegal Alien Act Fails To Follow Through On Punishment Of Employers

San Francisco Labor Council Endorses April 10 Washington, D.C. Jobs March

GM and Delphi open plants without UAW labor

W Post Op Ed: Under Obama, labor should have made more progress

North Carolina town calls snow emergency, so Fourth Amendment is suspended...

Illinois handgun dealer licensing bill is back from the dead . . . again. (HB180

Maryland General Assembly Introduces Gun Safety Act of 2010

For those of you that think, Security guards and such, will protect you..

Assault Weapons Ban Introduced in the Maryland State Senate

Police detective in California makes joking comment that people carrying openly...

Pac-10 looking at expansion..

Listen to LGBT Student Radio at the University of Kentucky!

Another landmark custody battle, this time in Ohio

SAGE awarded $900 k federal grant

Democratic candidates weigh in on gun issues for Amendment II Democrats

Church Leader: Outcome of Prop 8 Trial "Doesn't Matter"

Campaign launched to expose ex-gay therapists

Music Video By The Bastard Fairies

Boxturtle: No, the SF study did NOT illustrate that half of gay marriages are “open”

Clarification On Lt. Dan Choi's Return To National Guard Service - NOT a policy change

Stunningly Preserved 165-Million-Year-Old Spider Fossil Found

Orion in a New Light

More evidence that the universe may be a giant hologram

Melt between storms

Lens purchase advice needed.

For CA DUers

I went bird watching today

On your bike

Flowers and Door

mo stares at snow

Hee hee WANT

domo arigatou, ASAHG Roboto! mucho gusto mi corazon pasteles!

Hay House?

About this new moon:

A series of visions, vision dreams and happenings at Big Sky Montana....

Yoo-hoo! Have you seen this thread about Astrology in GD?

Humor: A new form of Yoga: POO-CHI

Greece Bailout Looks Likely

EU President's secret bid for economic power

Goldman Sachs Helped Greece Hide Its Treaty-Violating Deficit

What Country is Next in the Coming Pan-European Sovereign Debt Crisis?

China goes on US buying spree

Are Pensions Tightening the Screws?

US banks have $176bn in exposure to troubled Europe, BarCap says

Bernanke lays out plan for tighter money

Romania govt approves IMF-mandated pension reform bill

Argentina raises pensions by 8.2%

Monetary Policy and the Housing Bubble

Is China going to start executing western business men?

The Fed Is Now Backstopping $25 Trillion In DTCC Cleared Credit Default Swaps

Marijuana Research Offers New Hope For Male Birth Control Pill

Revising Book on Disorders of the Mind

F.D.A. to Increase Oversight of Medical Radiation

Long-Term Care Hospitals Face Little Scrutiny

Osteoporosis meds may cut breast cancer risk: study / may prevent recurrence as well as initial

Number one risk of heart disease is smoking. Number two is . . .

Genetic Mutations Linked to Stuttering

Trying to get cheaper insurance - this is crazy.

Study toasts beer as being good for your bones

Prosecuting Nurses For Doing The Right Thing And Promoting Bad Science And Medicine At The Same Time

Getting Plenty of Vitamin D During Pregnancy May Lower Baby’s Risk of MS, Researchers Say

The Case FOR Homeopathic Medicine: The Historical And Scientific Evidence

Any religion or person who claims to be in possession of the truth

Momentum building for "Strike and National Day of Action to Defend Public Ed" 3/4/10

Which is The Real Jesus?

Yogi Tea, recipe for home made tea from spices

Don't know what possessed me...

Curried Roast Cauliflower Soup