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I'm proud of Gunn High School and Stanford Univesity

The Campaign Cash Behind the Afghanistan Escalation:

The Campaign Cash Behind the Afghanistan Escalation:

Just to let y'all know

A failure of the American government to serve the people is a victory for conservatism

Is Obama Planning to Send Troops to Yemen?

Must See! Fox News' Alternate Reality On Health Care (Video) Propaganda

Decades later, U.S. military pollution in Philippines linked to deaths

Think you know history and politics? Black Op radio is cool.

America's Secret Afghan Prisons:

Israel admits using White phosphurous in Gaza

Review shows dramatic shift in Pentagon's thinking

States Seeking to Ban Mandatory Health Insurance

now official: the italian military secret service knew about Abu Omar kidnap by CIA...

Does anyone else think that this dissolving in to jelly over

NATO called in air strikes on Afghan Army outpost

Robert Flanagan was intern for Lamar Alexander

Zinn’s life was a testament to possibility

Roubini Sees `Very Dismal' U.S. Growth as Summers Rues `Human Recession'

U.S. Examines Whether Blackwater Tried Bribery On Iraqi Government Officials

Democrats Have More Cash Than Republicans for Off-Year Election

Could the Congress Define Personhood?

Would You Watch The Rielle Hunter-John Edwards Sex Tape?

Self delete - misplaced

Lawmaker introduces antigay-marriage bill (PA)

Joey Scars Already Trying To Spin The Asskicking

"If I hadn't done that... I never would have been sitting here with you."

Incomes rise in December and consumer spending rises for third straight month

Christian Right Leader: Gays as bad as slavers, murderers, and rapists

CIA moonlights in corporate world

So, Thursday will be 2 weeks since the SCOTUS campaign finance legislation passed

When designing bumper stickers such as at CafePress, does

The President and the Prayer Breakfast.

The President and the Prayer Breakfast.

Brady Campaign takes aim at Beyoncé and Lady Gaga

MSNBC reports P.R.C. cuts relations w U.S over U.S. arms sale to Taiwan.

GOP victory in November is NOT a "sure thing". Not at all...

Mr. Fish- I’m Younger Than That Now

according to m$nbc the repubs are calling friday's smackdown a 'draw'

Tea Party latest right-wing rant

MSNBC: CIA agents allowed to sell their services to private firms..

Grandmother kills grandchildren.

Honduras: The First Real Victory for Barack Obama - Le Monde/France

Democratic Party has been SPLIT by Democrats. Is it 3rd Party time?

THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY--the character Gig Young played

THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY--the character Gig Young played

Photos: "God Hates Ponies, I Was Promised Donuts"..Protesting Fred Phelps, Westboro Baptist in SF

Tea Party Patriots want to go back to the good ole Robber Baron days.

If they can run blue dog infiltrators, why can't we run pink players of their party?

It seems so very obvious that Democrats could easily increase their majority in Congress

So I was looking at Defense contracts for 1.29 and found this entry:

Teabaggers discuss the convention~it's only $1 and McCain is a progressive

Student fights Wachovia transaction fee on Haiti donation

A-Jad: 'Iran will deliver telling blow to global powers on Feb. 11'

Humana earnings climb 44% on cost cuts

If a family forms a corporation, can inheritance taxes be avoided?

WAPO: A very productive congress, despite what the approval ratings say...

White House budget would kill $38.8B in tax breaks for oil, gas and coal

Nuclear energy Poll with supplemental data

What an outrageous Cold War mentality!

Howard Zinn’s Undying Faith in Democracy

What can we do to convince Obama and others that Clean Coal is an oxymoron?

My prediction on the 2010 elections.

our future?

Obama courts the Republican right: Says Dem health plan similar to what Reps proposed to Clinton

Monday Toons, Part 4

India owned employment recruiters hold out American resumes

TARP Report: System Unreformed, Economy Headed Towards Same Cliff “In a Faster Car”

Free Speech is not free

Mika B. pushed her book on Colbert. Joey backstage "for support."

Republicans "have vowed to oppose" elimination of Bush tax cuts for the wealthy

Wayne County Medical Examiner: Imam's Autopsy Confirms 21 Gunshot Wounds

Imagine the next Republican primary debates

Obama unveils $3.83-trillion budget

I'm gonna explain Democratic stupid to you with this morning's Budget release as example

You Can Tell a Democrat or Republican by His or Her Face

Eagle tired of people assuming it supports war.

Question: Were auto industry jobs saved by the bailout?

Monday Toons, Part 3:

*My problem with the Duggars:*

I'm expecting a big Sarah Palin story sometime soon...

Administration Budget Contradicts Obama's Pledge to Reduce Nuc Weapons Threat:

A little tax tip

I Would Like to Voice My Support for the Republican Purity Pledge

ARGENTINA: Torture Priest Still Celebrating Mass - Behind Bars

The Toyota Stimulus: It will take 2 million work hours to install the fix in 4.1 million cars

Glenn Greenwald: Susan Collins spreads central myth about the Constitution

Just flipped on Fox News for a minute and its even worse than I imagined

Do you support nuclear industry lobbyists posting their crap on Democratic Underground?

US Representative levels expected to change with 2010 Census

WTF? Anti-Gay hate speech at Vanderbilt

Four billion people threatened by water shortages if world leaders stumble at 2010’s first climate c

Senate/Congressional Dems: PAY CLOSE ATTENTION!!!

CBS keeps Tebow ad but kills gay dating website ad w 2 men kissing - cites stds and practices.

Despite GOP gains, most states remain BLUE

"Deficit Hawk Logic: Money for Military? Yes! Health Care? No"

FCC Net Neutrality Policy Would Permit Providers To Block BitTorrent

LA Times: Christmas bomber mirandized "after (he) had stopped talking to authorities."

Obama's Budget Is 'Fiscal Insanity': Sen. Gregg

Inside the Tea Party......gonna be on Talk of the Nation....NPR.

Hey everyone, I NEED VOTES! "Ideas for Change".org

Heart disease "will kill 400,000 Americans in 2010"

While we're discussing the ManCrunch ad...have you actually SEEN it?

Norman Lear, Huffington Post: "Dear Rush..."

OK Obama 'went into the lions den'....

Is US Gulf Missile Move Defensive or Aggressive?

Saints in Super Bowl but will the Real Katrina Story be Told?

The Rude Pundit: The Pleasures of a Presidential Pimp-Slapping

Monday Toons, Part 1

Boehner Thinks Gay Servicemembers Are Either Not American or Inhuman

LIVE NOW: President Obama on Youtube

78 year old actor Rip Torn appears in Conn. court on burglary charge

NCIS Orlando..

Ciudad Juarez Shooting: 13 Young Students Killed At Party In Mexico Border City

A $1,560,000,000,000 deficit !

Massachusetts election, the country has spoken

How Your Right-Wing Talking Point Sausage Is Made

Union school board backs book

Prosecutors drop charges against sheriff's son

President Obama's Tax Credit for Cutting Jobs

What A Society Needs To Progress

Appropriations chair eyes defense cuts

Frank Luntz Pens Memo To Kill Financial Regulatory Reform

New law requires insurers to provide mental health coverage

Ratigan to have a report on about CIA people moonlighting on Wall Street in a few mintues

The Man Crunch CBS Hoax or How A Former Stripper Bamboozled The World’s Media To Promote A Website

Risky Trading Wasn’t Just on the Fringe at A.I.G.

god almighty puke alert...marsha blackheart is lying on teevee...m$nbc

As if we don't have enough Illegal Aliens already!!

GOP's Key Anti-Union Witness Underpaid Workers, Violated Wage Laws

You do realize that most of your favorite businesses are corporations, right?

Scott Brown's win in MA - So much for the "grass roots" theory

Lieberman's joke about waterboarding reminded me of this video

jeezus I detest Andrew Breitbart

Plan to extend state benefits to same-sex partners is withdrawn (VA)

Right-wingers making excuses for O'Keefe.

How Palin's PAC spends its money

Is it not socialistic for the US Postal Service to charge the same amount to mail a

National House Ballot, February 1st: Republicans take their first lead

twice this am i've heard the media refer to 'raising taxes for the rich'

Glenn Greenwald: Susan Collins spreads central myth about the Constitution

Here’s what I think is Toyota’s dilemma.

The Republican strategy in a nutshell

Los Angeles might require rainwater capture

Unemployment Forever!

Most inadvertently funny LTTE in long time.

The Pillars of Liberalism, A Reminder to Keep Us Focused During Difficult Times

No clear path for Dems to win House in November?

I'm so glad Bush didn't win that 2nd term

At National Prayer Breakfast, Obama to Address Shadowy Christian Group Tied to Uganda's 'Kill the Ga

Before Caper, O'Keefe And Co. Crashed At House Of Activist 'Mentor'

Good on Harry Reid: Reid Schedules Vote on Controversial Labor Nominee Before Brown Arrives

Tell the WSJ: The Budget Deficit Will Not Hit an All-Time High in 2010

Bank leaves trail of flipping, fraud

Truly tragic. Not likely to have 50 Democrats in the Senate to support the Public Option

HANNITY EXCLUSIVE- the O'Keefe interview-What will Sean ask this Great American?

What really pisses me off and amazes me

The importance of Henrietta Lacks...

Are DNC donors funding ads praising Ben Nelson for diluting real health care reform?


America's Competitors Will Use Supreme Ct Ruling To Block Our Green Jobs And Close Our Factories

Larisa Alexandrovna: Nationalism As News = Fox Is "Big On America"

Tweety will have Hensarling on

Jimmy's gotta gun.

Palin PAC Spent More On buying Going Rogue Books Than Candidates

Pope: I'll visit but I don't like your equality laws

Is It Safe to Watch Hardball Today?

Is It Safe to Watch Hardball Today?

Toyota knew of accelerator pedal problem in UK a year ago (Renault now involved with CTS pedals)

republician policies "comming home to roost"

Mommy! The government made me do it! (Wall St. blaming their greed & stupidity on the gov't)

Doc Who Tied Vaccine to Autism Ruled Unethical

Doc Who Tied Vaccine to Autism Ruled Unethical

O’Keefe denial depends on same reporter it damns


Wanna think a scary thought?

Where are the 4,000 missing Americans in Haiti?

Polish Scientists Say 3 Neanderthal Teeth Found

Tea Party Convention’s Keynote (Palin) and Other Events Will Be Televised

Does Comcast outsource it's customer service?

Do You Favor Storing Radioactive Nuclear Waste Materials In Your State?


George Carlin, Adherent of Frisbeetarianism

How to get bi-partisan support

Rec for Howard Zinn ...he was our national treasure.

US raises stakes on Iran by sending in ships and missiles

So Frank Luntz is now framing the talking points to kill Financial Reform....

Jerry Brown Has $12M on Hand for Calif. Gov Race

Schieffer: If Scott Brown election happened in ancient times, it might have been included in Bible

Tweety is full of shit: I've seen several Recovery Act projects

WI plan to raise $$ for schools!

Hensarling has fugged himself big time

With the happy grin I'm sure he was born with, Alan Grayson is toiling for us

With the happy grin I'm sure he was born with, Alan Grayson is toiling for us

Whitman Accused Of Threatening Fellow Candidate - Poizner Has Asked FBI, US Attorney And AG To Inves

Why was the deficit good then?

Why Didn't Ted Kennedy Propose Medicare For All last year?

Visit beautiful Ciudad Juarez--it's just across the border

Rudepundit - You've been warned: The Pleasures of a Presidential Pimp-Slapping

Wetsboro Baptist pickets Twitter HQ: gets served! ("God loves macaroni and cheese!")

it was the republicon vice president who said a few years ago 'deficits don't matter'

Seriously, how long before Blackwater becomes the National Police Force?

Seriously, how long before Blackwater becomes the National Police Force?

Seriously, how long before Blackwater becomes the National Police Force?

TPM: GOP's Key Anti-Union Witness Underpaid Workers, Violated Wage Laws

Lieberman Jokes About Waterboarding: "How about calling it The Cheney Resort & Rehabilitation Spa?"

'the deficit' --- completely ignored during the bu$h* fiasco

Breitbart video: "Watergate Jr Imploded". "These decadent bastards are going down"

monday Toons, Part 2

Man who robbed 5 year old caught.

Megachurch hopes to ‘crash’ Super Bowl in ad

New and Imroved NSA eagle icon

Electioneering, AFL-CIO and the Supreme Court

Woolworth's Lunch Counter Sit-in (02/01/60) vet: 'Never request permission to start a revolution'

The Chessmaster is about to call the little Republicants bluff....

Administration shifts gears on mortgage modification program

Gates Fires the Head of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program

Gates Fires the Head of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program

Rep. Chaffetz says he is ready for bipartisanship - My Response.

How Your RIGHT-WING Talking Point Sausage Is Made

50 equal states - just for fun

When a Reich Winger says 'government', stop them in their tracks..

"The Tea Party"

The Republicans bailed!

Have Asian-Americans moved left politically in the last 15-20 years?

Have Asian-Americans moved left politically in the last 15-20 years?

Ben Stein wants to "Free James O'Keefe"

Kvetcher in the Rye by Greg Palast

Dem. senators spent weekend with bank, energy, tobacco lobbyists

Missouri Special Election tomorrow, 3 State House seats up for grabs, my report and projections

Missouri Special Election tomorrow, 3 State House seats up for grabs, my report and projections

VA hospital in Obama budget

Why don't the Dems introduce a bill in each chamber to repeal their last salary increases?

A look into the GOP base's psyche

Plum Line's Greg Sargent: Senate Aides Identify Key Roadblock To Passing Reform Via Reconciliation

Hannity throws O'KEEFE under the bus!1

An act of defiance that changed history

The corporate media deliberately polarizes people....

James O'Keefe on Insannity at 9:00pm tonight Fux Network.

Dear Comcast

Loudoun Supervisor Delgaudio rebuked for anti-gay remarks

Obama's polemics versus economic facts

"Crash-Pad"...The Fifth Beatle of the Landrieu phone-tampering case.

Dept. of digging the hole you are in deeper .... James O'Keefe on Fox.

Haiti's inconvenient truths

The decades-old-super-secret-audacious plans to destroy both political parties-By Tom Tomorrow

Amb. Susan Rice's Spokesperson calls out John Bolton's former Spokesperson

Keith just wagged a finger at my Congress Critter - after making fun of her stupidity

Rep. Obey: Pentagon, Foreign Aid Not Exempt From Spending Freeze

Vroooom sputter sputter ....... Oooops

How long before James O'Keefe has a book ghostwritten for him?

I'm going to say this about the Super Bowl ad with Tim Tebow.

S.F. Gay Men's Chorus' "Freedom Tour" sending a political message through song. - story w/pics

"Obama Brand: Feel Good While Overlords Loot the Treasury & Launch Imperial Wars"

Abstinence-only programs might work, study says

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Greek PM promises to “draw blood” to salvage economy

Brains....or Brawn?

Just spent a few hours researching my ballot. Gotta love the internets

Cargo funding - thoughts - instead of building killing machines,

Pro-Obama Group Goes After Wall Street 'Pigs'

Bill would let clergy refuse to marry gays (Calif)

A Fishing Expedition to “Cure” the Gay: Bad Parents? Difficult Birth? Freemasonry?

US-China differences set to scupper agreement on Iran sanctions

Dem ad slams GOP candidate as ‘architect of voter suppression’

Dem ad slams GOP candidate as ‘architect of voter suppression’

US drones killed 123 civilians, three al-Qaeda men in January

Repubs: Impeach Obama-The Socialist Illegal-Who Needed Acorn To Steal The 2008 For Him

A Candid (hypothetical) Conversation With Barack Obama

Idaho Baptist Adoption Suspects Planned to 'Gather' 100 Haitian Orphans, Cross Border.

US Air Force creates Wiccan worship space

Pentagon likely to stop enforcing key parts of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

Eurozone unemployment increases to 10 percent

Boehner Agrees With Progressives: Obama’s Spending Freeze Should Not Exclude Defense Spending

Afghanistan: Record Winter Casualties for US-led Occupying Forces

Q about coporate finance reform. If the corporations are decidly a living thing, can I have them

Q about coporate finance reform. If the corporations are decidly a living thing, can I have them

does the Democratic Party have a "leadership institute"

The ex-gay files: The bizarre world of gay-to-straight conversion

The three most mindless menial jobs in the world

Boston Globe: The Big Picture-Haiti Three Weeks Later

Boston Globe: The Big Picture-Haiti Three Weeks Later

Our insurance bill just went up by 39%!

Domestic violence shelter tax on marriage and therapy for child sex slaves: Not family values?

Understanding what takes us in and out of ice ages

Understanding what takes us in and out of ice ages

Local Conservative Party leader say Brown win Divine Help...

'How to Report the News' becomes YouTube's top rated video of all time

Judge orders coroner to change ruling on state trooper's death

Letter to Rachel Maddow from a Jamaican man

Congressional sausage making Part 1..


Toyota's Other Pedal Problem: Lawsuits

Jesu, did you hear that report on that Goldman Sach's banker's bonus on MSNBC now?

Blunt widens cash lead over Carnahan in Missouri senate race

Shadowy Christian Group Tied to Uganda's Anti-Gay Bill Will Attend National Prayer Breakfast:

When You Have The Time, This Just Might Blow Your Mind !!!

I hate the cadence of Sarah Palin's voice.

Mayor Wants Jesus Prayers and Christian Community

The right is learning the language to defeat banking reform.

Not in a million lifetimes

"No hablo" not good for taxpayers

Tenn. pastor accused of threatening son with gun at church over his lack of church attendance

How stupid does the media think we are?

How stupid does the media think we are?

Illinois primary


Whole Foods to Employees: Lose Weight

The smartest Republican in Congress isn't as smart as our dumbest Democrat

President Obama Takes Public Questions on YouTube

Agribusiness Giant Westlands Moves to Kill Salmon

Oil hearings come to California

Jesus Ground Zero........

Redrawn State Lines So That There Are 50 States With Approximately Equal Populations

More Wetmore/O'Keefe Advisor: Dirty Tricks Robocalls-To Sway The Elderly-By Impersonating Obama

Corporate Persons are Jerks.

From the state of crazy: Democrat lies so he can get publicity

What we needed for reassurance. TSA employee was into bondage.

I wonder if we could do a little 2010 jiujitsu and pick off a Republican seat where they least

George W. Bush was the perfect Republican President for Republicans

So richie riches are already whining about tax cut expiration.

I wish Obama and the Democrats would talk less about bipartisanship and more about nonpartisanship.

Obama SOTU: "But if anyone from either party has a better approach that will bring down premiums...

College wanted to privatize adjunct faculty to strip their pensions

Dear Tea Party Patriot

Thank You Stephen Colbert for going after that empty suit Dennis Kucinich

Thank You Stephen Colbert for going after that empty suit Dennis Kucinich

Obama wants to zero out C-17 funding..

Tomorrow is Groundhog Day.. I predict Pauxatawny Phil will predict 6 more weeks of unemployment!

Toyota Says It Will Start Fixing Recalled Cars

Billboards around St. Cloud, Anoka, Blaine, Woodbury, along I-94/694(Bachmann's) should read..(pic)

States crack down on meth ingredients-bills require prescriptions for medicines with pseudoephedrine

7 Questions for GOP Con-Man Andrew Breitbart as AP Investigates...

Oops Shuster just said that O'Keefe deleted Tweets

Something I noticed when talking with a conservative today....

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Maricopa County, AZ .... 'Fear and Loathing in Maricopa' LINK

Same Blackwater, Different Names (Company Continues to Win Contracts Under New Identities)

Henrietta Lacks’ ‘Immortal’ Cells

Is anyone else sick of those HUGE ads that open up and move your content way down the page!?

I am so goddamn sick of Republicans

Krugman: A Depressing Budget


Isn't it weird that the people who are always about "smaller government"...

Wolf Blitzer acting AGHAST at budget. Don't recall his concern for W's deficit-increasing budgets

Tweety got Hensnarling to admit his fix for SS: PRIVATIZING!!!

Haiti earthquake: voodoo high priest claims aid monopolised by Christians

Help me: Civil arguments for and civil arguments against nuclear power. I know nothing!

The Nation Mag: 'New Haiti'; Same Corporate Interests

Coalition on Human Needs - join the President's Budget Explained Webcast Feb. 5th

How sitting at a 'whites only' counter in Greensboro, N.C., changed everything

My invitation to American conservatives (I posted this on another forum)


Hubby Wanted -- For Health Care

Be Careful What Your Bumper Sticker Says!

Who "jammed" Landrieu's phone lines?

9/11 Health Bill Denied?

Another Congress Member Backs War for Obama

Well, look at this. Sarah's Facebook writers were on the payroll...

Obama: "I'm a big believer in net neutrality."

Abstinence-only programs might work, study says

Toyota’s slow awakening to a deadly problem

The problem with the Toyota gas pedal explanations

TOON: This Modern World secret plan to destroy Democrats...

Supreme Choice: Terminate Transparency, Accountability & Right to Know, or Enforce the Criminal Law?

Some freepers just came to my door

Mythmakers: How The GOP Created The 'Deficit Crisis' Narrative And Everyone Else Bought In

DNC donors funded ads...defending Sen. Nelson killing health reform "government takeover"?

If I were a CORPORATION, here's how I'd spend my money (hint: it's been done)

Pre-Trial Hearings begin for activists arrested a couple days before Republican Convention 2008

How would you have handled this situation?

American Family Association Radio Host: It's Time To Imprison All Gays

Afghanistan's Geological Reserves Worth Trillion $$$$$$$:

Oklahoma Tea Baggers Web Site

Oklahoma Tea Baggers Web Site

Craigslist Ad Today

Burying the lede on DADT

Obama Calls for End to NASA’s Moon Program

Why won't President Obama listen to the health care idea that has the widest public support?

Dutch to prosecute Arab group for holocaust cartoon

Some people JUST DON'T GET IT: A No-Pub-Option MANDATE to purchase from a cartel is NOT "reform" :

Newfoundland premier travels to U.S. for heart surgery

Current Unemployment Extension Benefits Up To February 2010—Who Benefits And Qualifies

Myths of Recovery

A Tale from A Sporting Goods Store

Blocking War Funding Just Got Easier

Jimmy Carter is the most unfairly treated President in American history

What can cause dead birds to look "sunken?"

California Supreme Court upholds law restricting where sex offenders live

A simpler way to defang Fox News & the other media distortionists than the Fairness Doctrine

On the whole "BFEE" thing...I don't buy it.

Do you support nuclear energy as one of the methods used to produce electrical power

Do you support nuclear energy as one of the methods used to produce electrical power

John Edwards Sex Tape Spurs Legal Wrangling

A good night for music...

Spirit - Girl In Your Eye

Osmosis — Scorpio Rising

The Fox - Butterfly

If you love something, let it go.


Two shrinks get a good read on Miss Bates, career girl

So seriously - does anyone sing anymore or do they just all use Auto-Tune

Air force building supercomputer out of PS3s

Aircraft makes emergency landing on NJ Turnpike

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help President Obama defeat an alien menace

Garbage truck driver charged with DUI.

Who's the best actor, Robert Downey, Johnny Depp, or Ryan O'Neal

Good morning Lounge

I broke my morning routine this a.m., ask me anything.

Jay Electronica - Hard To Get

Shafiq Husayn - Lil' Girl Feat. Fatima & Stephen "Thundercat" Bruner

Me fail English?

I must be getting too old...I just don't get the Rap music at all.

First day unemployed - slept in

I'm confused. Who is Heddi the mod? Is this the Heidi who was a mod?

Dicks and boobies.

Since we all seem to have a fricking bad case of the sillies this morning....

Would you date a fop?

Anyone have some good fried chicken recipes?

Would you date a mop?

A list of significant events for Black History Month

I guess its bible study time now.

money & friends: what would you do?

Honestly, I wouldn't know one Taylor Swift song if it ran me over

Would you top a date?

Honestly, I wouldn't know one LynneSin song if it ran me over

Technical Question for a Laptop Novice

Bill Watterson, creator of beloved 'Calvin and Hobbes' interview.

Texting driver hits four cars in New Fairfield

Showtime, Everybody

Ok, so when you buy a new laptop with WIN 7, chances are you won't be able

Wait, I don't get it.

A friend's older brother had a brain aneurysm while on holiday in Mexico.

Ha! I knew we'd find out that the "adoption" group in Haiti are shitbaggy fundamentalist Christians.

Should we go from Winter to Spring or right into something else?

What's the last music you heard that you liked?

Ever had a pain in the colon/rectum in the middle of the night?

Jeff Buckley - Lover, You Should Have Come Over

Would you date a top?

At least the Delaware Turnpike isn't pulling over small aircrafts to pay a toll...

Finish the sentence "Republicans fret......" in a way that makes you smile.

Check out Mister Steamy!!

Best Barry Bonds home run? Worst?

@#%%$ #$#%^ #^& 3%$%@ *(^%^$ !!!!!

Stephen Colbert and his daughter at the Grammys

I made a new podcast graphic, tell me what you think

Super Bowl Smack Talk. Between Art Museum Directors??

Who watched Big Love last night?

'Allo, 'Allo, DU!

The new podcast is up!


Is it Dupe yet?

How many people are on dregs?

What I thought was a blood blister turned out to be a benign tumor

Happy February, all.

Please, Please, Please, Please, Please Twins.,,

Personally, I blame EarlG for all these locked threads and silliness in the lounge

Kindle question:

Bob Schieffer thinks Scott Brown biggest thing since loaves and fishes

I just filed a complaint with my State Attorney General's Office against Symantec, but...

I've decided not to text and drive at the same time anymore

donating to the service men and women over seas

Anyone see "Crazy Heart?" It was great!

Baba O'reilly/Teenage Wasteland - The Who

Of these composers and performers, who do you consider to be the most talented?

interesting Facebook group/fan page names

Best Slacker Flick

Beanpot hockey: Go BU

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 2/1/10

Dear Penthouse...

" Heathers" on IFC!

Pink at the Grammys

The Courtesy Flush

My son was in a car accident today

I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly

Who else has stupidly low blood pressure?

My cranky rank about Pope Gregory XIII and his so-called "calendar reform"

Did Holden grow up to be a serial killer, or something else?

A gallery of bliss...

Capsule Review: I Walked with a Zombie (Val Lewton and Jacques Tourneur)

Just saw Sen. Tom Coburn......

As we get older we also get _____________________.

Red, Red Wine

Erin Esurance is a foul temptress!

Yes, I am having a WTF moment. We are watching Magnum, PI.

The Zomby Woof Semi-Nightly Pottery Break, 2/1/10

Would you, could you... date a fop?

I am watching Idiocracy for the first time.

'Tough Guy' contest: Eight miles of mud, barbed wire, broken glass and fire...

What's the fourth-best James Bond movie?

I think Picard should have always referred to O'Brien as "the drunk" and other Irish slurs.

Dog Shoots Hunter

What are the things we never hear anymore?


How many people are there with your name?

Today's epic fail

Just to let y'all know

Vote for La Causa/ Youthbuild to win a grant! It involves dropouts and the environment

Would you date a cop?

Final Season of 'Lost' Promises to Make Fans More Annoying Than Ever

Sometimes I wonder if you guys like the music I post

Does anybody still use CB radios? nt

Insurance Spokesbabe Smackdown

How many people are on drugs?

The abysmal state of Top 40 music

Trucker crashes into home, says he choked on chili

Cute new pics of my cockatoo! Just wanted to share the cuteness

Obama needs to cut some deal with Scott Brown hold him up as his model republican and

New media help conservatives get their anti-Obama message out

Stupid ASS Armstrong Williams SMACKED DOWN by Joe Madison

Did KSM really want to plead guilty in a military tribunal, and if so when was this?

Does Obama Really Want a "Better Approach" to Health Care?

President Obama's Budget for Fiscal 2011 - "BYE BYE BUSH TAX CUTS" and More Details

Here's the headline: Obama Unveils $3.83T Budget With Massive Deficits

Recovery Accelerates as Company Spending Rises Most Since 2006

Can someone help me out here? Is raising taxes on the rich going to hurt the small business owners?

Obama to Seek Sweeping Change in ‘No Child’ Law

How Important Is Obama's Budget?

Krugman: "Cossack Rahm Works for the Czar" "ability to lead in question"

FYI -- Obama will be answering your questions on the State of our Union today at 1:45pm ET.

Last Friday, the President strolled into the lion's den...

Obama's budget proposes $100-billion jobs plan, higher taxes on wealthy

President Obama answers youtube questions LIVE at 1:45PM EST @

Obama on YouTube Questions (He's on NOW!): Educational Loans---I love him!!

Fact sheets on Obama's budget

Ezra Klein: Oldies but goodies in the budget

Another Counter-Terrorism Success Story?

UPDATED: Science Triumphs in Obama's 2011 Budget Request

What economic growth assumptions do you factor into your thinking?

AK-AL: Young Leads Crawford by 15

"Obama's Budget Proposes Big Increases in War Spending"

There's the Gallup bounce

When Leadership Isn’t

Obama Already Declining to Enforce DADT?

The Quiet Revolution-Obama has reinvented the state in more ways than you can imagine.

FL-Sen: Rubio Opens Up Big Primary Lead

Indiana: Rokita Running For Buyer's Open House Seat

MAX BAUCUS ALERT! He wants the jobs bill to go through his committee


Manufacturing activity expanding at fastest pace since 2004

The Hidden Stimulus In the Budget

The Hill: Obama to hold town hall in New Hampshire on Tuesday

Obama to address DNC gathering, at Saturday's Winter Meeting

Obama goes back to Indonesia

Krolicki: 'I can beat Sen. Reid'

In 2009, DCCC raised $19.4 million more than Repubs, DSCC took in $43.6 million to NRSC $41.2

Sarah Palin Endorses Rand Paul In Kentucky Senate Race

JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! -the record on job creation by party and president-

In other words, they hold all the cards.

Photos: The Obama Presidency, February 1, 2010

Dems Say Sen. Ben Nelson's Deal Was Setback For Health Care

The Hill: Americans United for Change 'Goes After Wall Street'

Help save wikileaks. Free speech is not free.

Help save wikileaks. Free speech is not free.

McCain's Top Campaign Adviser: Record Deficits Would Have Happened Under McCain, Too

GOP looks to challenge Murray

Obama Education Budget Is Revolutionary

Do you approve of Obama's budget?

There is no logic in the worry about the NYC Trials!!!

Poll bump from Obama's GOP Retreat ass-kicking...

"That Time You Interviewed the President"

Obama still bouncing in (R)asmussen poll - "Presidential Approval Index" up 13 pts since Friday.

States seeking to ban mandatory health insurance

Rep John Campbell, CA (R) said "People should be panicking"

Make way for the Republican narrative: Carnahan 'Disappointed' In Obama's Lack Of Fiscal Discipline

2010 Election Landscape: Most States Still Blue Despite GOP Gains

2010 Election Landscape: Most States Still Blue Despite GOP Gains

Bush's 2007 war budget was $53 billion more than Obama's proposed budget

New GOP Agenda Debuts: Cut Benefits And Privatize Social Security

First test for progressives in Illinois 18th District Primary Tommorow

I would have a very hard time being part of a GOTV effort for Harold Ford

Sarah Palin Uses PAC to Buy Her Own Book

How would President Obama fare with progressives?

"We just lost the Moon"

Obama, Blah, blah--And I got his Autograph!

DNC Defends Spending $460k On Nelson's Anti-Public Option Ad

Obama Puts Money to Close GTMO in the Afghanistan War Supplemental

Steele Rules Out 2012 White House Run

Steele Rules Out 2012 White House Run

Senator Harken signs on to S.752, the Fair Elections Now Act. Who'll step up next, Senators?

Van Hollen: Senate Bill’s Brand May Be Irrevocably Tarnished, So We May Go Reconciliation Instead

If It Was Wrong Then It Is Still Wrong Today.

The 'People's Budget': Tax Increases 98% of Americans Can Believe In!

What's in the defense budget

Chris Matthews Finishes Off What's Left of "Jim" Hensarling

I have tickets to Obama's Town Hall tomorrow in Nashua NH

Paul Krugman: The Party Of “Look, You Know, I Was, Uh, Yeah”

Obama’s 2011 Budget Proposal: How It’s Spent ($3.83 Trillion Visualized)

K&R If You'd Like To See Obama Debate Howard Dean

OK, for the HCR bill-killers:

A Very Productive Congress: Obama already has the most legislative success of any modern president

Obama Increases Federal Control over Schools, Continues Bush Trend:

"It's this bill, or everybody dies."

Game Change, page 375

War Spending Surges In Obama's Budget


UN climate panel shamed by bogus rainforest claim

US raises stakes on Iran by sending in ships and missiles

US Military to Resume Haiti Medical Flights

Flight management aids aviation emission cuts

Israel disciplines top officers on white phosphorus

Female suicide bomber kills 41 in Iraq

Forces Pushing Obama to Act on Gays in Military

Civil rights icon Joseph Lowery admitted to hospitalBy Ty Tagami and Ernie Suggs

Los Angeles might require rainwater capture

CIA moonlights in corporate world

Financial executives spent big on Brown

Stimulus created 600,000 jobs at the end of 2009, White House says

Boehner: (agrees with Pelosi?) Pentagon Should Be Part Of Spending Freeze

Dubai Bailout Rally Evaporates on Standstill Silence

Same Blackwater, Different Names (Company Continues to Win Contracts Under New Identities)

Polish Scientists Say 3 Neanderthal Teeth Found

Steele Rules Out 2012 White House Run

Henrietta Lack's Immortal cells

Dog Shoots Hunter

US drones killed 123 civilians, three al-Qaeda men in January

Senate Moves Forward With Labor Department Nominee

U.S. Examines Whether Blackwater Tried Bribery

Exxon Mobil posts lowest annual profit since '02

Federal prosecutor in New Orleans removes himself from Landrieu phone caper case

Poizner: Whitman camp made threats to get him out of race

President’s Budget Assumes $150 Billion in Savings from Health Care Reform

John Edwards Sex Tape Spurs Legal Wrangling

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday February 1

Obama: "I'm a big believer in net neutrality."

Iran, China Threats Lead U.S. Military to Draw Up New Air-Sea Battle Plan

In a first step, nations pledge to fix global warming

Scores Die as Iraq Bomber Targets Shiite Pilgrims

Va. Senate OKs bill against health reform mandate

Financial executives spent big on Brown

Obama Puts Money to Close GITMO in the Afghanistan War Supplemental

Pentagon review, budget stress new threats such as cyber war

Culpeper school officials reverse decision to stop teaching Anne Frank diary

Iran will deliver telling blow to global powers on Feb. 11

US attorney leaves Landrieu phone caper case

Volcker rule unlikely to move forward in Senate, lawmakers say

U.S. missile test mimicking Iran strike fails

Obama cancels Moon return project

White House budget would kill $38.8B in tax breaks for oil, gas and coal

(Henry) Paulson says he was scared and clueless during Lehman collapse

Air passengers who refuse a full body scan to be barred from their flights

Obama Seeks $1.9 Trillion Tax Rise on Rich, Business

Scientists say crack HIV/AIDS puzzle for drugs

Imam killed in FBI sting was shot 21 times: report

Sarah Palin Uses PAC to Buy Her Own Book

Is it just corporate free speech? (Liberalviewer)

Boston Herald Columnist: "My Paper Was Pretty Much Cheerleading For Scott Brown"

Interview With Senator Arlen Specter at the PA Progressive Summit

National Prayer Breakfast

Belgians protest job losses

Anti-Foreclosure Protest

Obama Budget's Deficit-cutting Detailed

Interview with Joe the Nerd About Protesting Sen Specter at the PA Progressive Summit

French firemen protest working hours


EyesOnFox: Obama sends Fox News to the bunker

Al Jazeera English: 'Geithner and Obama are lying; 1997 WTO pact prevents any banking reform'

Isn't Whole Point Being Pres Control House & Senate To Man Up & Make These Tough Decisions

The Water Pirates in California aka Corporate Farmers and Developers

Spanish Firefighters Clash With Police

PETA Demands Robot Groundhog

Obama on YouTube: The Lost Questions

Billy Sunday warns America 1929 (things havent changed much)

Countdown: Arianna Huffington Discusses Faux's MO, "Appealing To Our Lizard Brains"

Interview with Leo Gerard at the PA Progressive Summit

Cramer: Illuminati, others 'Not all bad'

Money For Nothing -TYT Interview - Corporate Boards Destroying Business w/ Author John Gillespie

Max Keiser on Icelandic TV telling Icelanders not to appease financial terrorists on Wall St.

Joe Klein To O'Lielly: "Glenn Beck Is Peddling A Lot Of Hateful Crap"

Chris Hedges: The Creed of Objectivity Killed the News

Good and Boring (Krugman)

The US game in Latin America

An Alternative to the Secretive Christian Cult called "The Family" And Their Prayer Breakfast

Catholic Embarrassment

AlterNet: Would You Work the Graveyard Shift at a Chicken Slaughterhouse in Alabama?

Stealing Children For Christ?

The Jive Economy (James Howard Kunstler)

CBS: T&A and Conservative Politics

War Spending Surges In Obama's Budget

Much Has Been Accomplished by Few in This Country--a Brave Few - Outsiders versus Normies

Used Rainbows

Manufacturing index grows to strongest level since '04

U.S. growth outlook remains “very dismal”

One Nation Under Fox

Barack Obama’s former mentor criticises ‘complacent Administration’

Move Your Politicians

Finally, J.D. Salinger Seeks Publicity, for 'Catcher in the Sky'

Fred Kaplan: Too Big To Fail? ... largest defense budget since World War II.

Bernanke Is a Drag on the Economy and on Democrats

President’s Budget Assumes $150 Billion in Savings from Health Care Reform

Never Any Good News

Sign a (Anti Gay Rights) Petition, Don't Disclose Your Name? (LA TIMES on SCOTUS' Doe v. Reed case)

Mistrust in the eyes of rescued Haitian 'orphans'

Dubai Bailout Rally Evaporates on Standstill Silence

Families On Edge Over Soaring Tuition

At National Prayer Breakfast, Obama to Address Shadowy Christian Group

Paul Krugman to Fox News CEO: ‘Deliberate misinformation’

Ollie North: Great Expectations

E.J. Dionne: Thank You, Justice Alito

TYT: Cenk Uygur On MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show (w/ link to Countdown Appearance)

CIA moonlights in corporate world

President Obama's YouTube Interview - With State Of The Union Q&A From Voters

Flight management aids aviation emission cuts

Peak oil review - Feb 1

ODAC Newsletter - Jan 29

West Quebec residents fear prospecters' race for lithium

Emissions Of HFC-23 - 14,800X More Powerful Than CO2 As GHG - Up 50% Globally From 1990-2000 Average

Drumbeat: February 1, 2010

Nuclear waste goes to Russia

Is There an Ecological Unconscious?

Indonesian Military "Deeply Involved" In Massive Illegal Logging Efforts - AFP

GFDL Study Suggests Doubling of Category 4 and 5 Hurricanes this Century

Artist transforming Hummer into horse cart

O-18 Records From AZ Cave Reveal 40,000+ Years Of Rapid Climate Changes In Desert SW

Richard Alley (Penn State) Bjerknes Lecture On Shooting The Messenger, Why Cosmic Rays Don't Matter

Fall in gas-tax funds pinches rural paving

White House budget would kill $38.8B in tax breaks for oil, gas and coal

Atmospheric Dry Spell Eases Global Warming

Secret, horizontal lithium mines being dug in Canada

Great Lakes Cleanup: Obama seeks 300 million

AgriBusiness Giant Westlands Moves to Kill California Central Valley Salmon:

If you ever wonder why some of the anti-nukes never interview coal executives

Australia moves forward with hemp

Big Oil Takes Over Marine Protection in California:

Another IPCC blunder - glacier claims based on student dissertation

Building a Smarter Window

If you ever wonder why some of us don't trust the nuclear power industry

Tom Brookshier, Eagles Star and Broadcaster, Dies at 78

Goodell: Uncapped season 'virtually certain'

UConn No. 1 for record 37th straight week

Shame on you, African Football Confederation...shame on you!

Don't forget. College football isn't over yet. This Saturday in El Paso it's...

Sponsors making John Daly play?

Giants broadcaster Jon Miller wins Ford C Frick Award..

Who's #1?

Female soldiers break their silence

'Islamic Jihad claims it sent bomb-laden barrels to Israeli beaches'

Israel Signals Tougher Line on West Bank Protests

Did Israeli tanks carve a Star of David into Gaza soil?

Israel admits using White phosphurous in Gaza

Israel to let Haredim run, but not enforce, gender-separate buses

Honduras meets the new boss; struggle continues

Venezuela gets bids for all 3 Carabobo projects

Dupe. Sorry.

Former Chávez supporters demand his resignation

The US game in Latin America

Government sets the guidelines of workers' militias

Just the Facts: The 2011 foreign aid request

Is the U.S. military involved in mass murder in Colombia?

Human Rights in Colombia: Rep. Jim McGovern (D)

The United States Misreads Brazil's World Policy

ARGENTINA: Torture Priest Still Celebrating Mass - Behind Bars


Venezuela has, by far, the largest recoverable oil reserves in the world. Italy's ENI signs on.

Venezuelan State TV caught cheating the opinion

Today in Labor History Feb 1 Lincoln approved the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery & more stories

Patricia Smith cloture vote/AFL-CIO Statement

Breaking... I just got the decision I spoke of back in Nov.

your feedback before I submit my first pro-labor ltte

Another Law Enforcement Officer shot

State of the Shooting Sports Industry ...

New groups mobilize as Indians embrace the right to bear arms

A nugget of historical perspective on the second and 14th amendments.

Man fights off four opponents...

It's time to reconsider concealed-carry law

The Man Crunch CBS Hoax or How A Former Stripper Bamboozled The World’s Media To Promote A Website

Gates to stop military from discharging gay troops who are outed by ‘third parties or jilted partner

Newest Miss America: AIDS awareness yes, gay marriage, no

NOM: Same-Sex Unions Pose Greater Risk Of Child Abuse (based on study that never mentions GLBTs)

Pentagon to announce 'yr long' review of DADT-incl whether DOD will recognize gay marriage

Herbert said he disapproves of discriminating against gays, but doesn't think it should be illegal

World’s first chess-playing robot defeats its creator

The Geek Group...

Today's "Oooooh-Aaaaah" pic from Hubble:

Fish caught evolving into three different species

Analysis of the White House Decision to cancel Ares from the Bad Astronomer.

Henrietta Lack's Immortal cells

why do they call them sleepovers?

Help me pick my winter contest picture

McMansions in the Quake Zone - Living on the Edge

January '10 ( nine photos)

Graffiti Alley

Check this out when you have some time

Window shopping for still life

Girl with no vagina gets pregnant after oral sex and stab wound

Blue_in_CA has a new lens, and she's putting it to good use.

SUBMISSION THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF WINTER

COMMENT THREAD for the Seasonal Photo Contest. Theme: SCENES OF WINTER


February - Visionary, Dreaming and Intuition Thread

Kevin Trudeau is trying to jump on the bandwagon of LOA.

Absolutely fascinating; mind-blowing article.

Love Meditation :)

Good and Boring by Paul Krugman

New February 2010 Vision, Intuition & Dream Thread...

US banks face insider trading probe

Guess what the capitalists are talking about? Moving to the Chinese model!

Quicker "Non-Judicial" Foreclosures and Evictions Coming to Florida

TARP Top Cop On The Dylan Ratigan Show

On His Way Out, Sen. Chris Dodd Gives Giant Middle Finger To The White House On Volcker

February 2010 Prayer, Light and Healing Requests

Colorado Springs cuts into services considered basic by many

Study shows Fish Oil may prevent psychosis and schizophrenia

Does anyone know some key distinguishing characteristics of Parkinson's....

Scientists say crack HIV/AIDS puzzle for drugs

Education reform: Rounding up the usual solutions

Why doesn't the President ban corporal punishment in schools?

United Federation of Teachers sues in effort to block closure of 19 city schools

Some good comments about RTTT from MO NEA

How many people believe that class size (k-higher education) does impact the quality of learning

Looking for opinions: Which is better? The AP Program or The IB program?

Obama to Seek Sweeping Change in ‘No Child’ Law

B+ B- grading system in high schools and final grade point percentage.

Catholic priest charged with embezzling $200,000

Howard Zinn's Undying Faith in Democracy

CREW Asks Obama To Dump National Prayer Breakfast

Focus on the Family offering on the altar of Hedonism and Zeitgeist

Missionaries to Position Selves In “Godless” Darwin

Girl with no vagina gets pregnant after oral sex and stab wound

Anybody Here Ever Hear Of "RTI" (Response To Intervention") Psssst, Gather 'Round

My husband makes his own beer, so he saved me about a cup of the

WHAT'S COOKIN'? First week of February - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Candied Ginger

Does anyone have a really nice coffee cake recipe?