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blah blah test

Rapist's unhappy that he has to share cell with Christian

oil 200 operation

Attention San Diego County DUers

San Jose Mercury News editorial: 'Uganda anti-gay legislation should be condemned'

Les Echos, France: A New Century Dawns for the Automobile Industry

Need video from Iraq, Afghanistan & East Africa for grant application/video project on refugees

the Illinois Primary Elections for 2010 are less than a month away.

Malawi gay couple 'beaten in prison'

Anyone see Eliot Spitzer on the Ed Show?

Gay son prevented from donating blood to dying mother

Jon Stewart is back.

Where does this weather forecast come from?

GOP Hanging Their Hopes on Teapartiers, Equates To MoveOn

Caught on Tape: Man Leads Cops on High-Speed Chase... While

Plane Terror Proves: Republicans Fail On "National Security", Hate The Middle Class

Class Act: Newark NJ Mayor Cory Booker responds to senior citizen's Tweet, shovels driveway

Sunday Funnies Postage Stamps Coming in 2010 for Calvin & Hobbes et al.

Just Ask Him!


The Iceland referendum - that's how democracy works

Haha! JoeyS just changed the subject to Tiger....

Republican behavior on HCR is more blood on their hands.

CIA Afghan base bomber was triple agent

How Obama Can Create Jobs and Decrease Unemployment

Amish prove clean living pays off

Is Domestic Violence ever acceptable? Swing it again, Elin!

Politicians, especially Republicans, should be grateful that food stamps exist

'Orchard of Fighters' Grows out of Poverty and Mistrust in Yemen

Tea Party or S-H-I-T For Brains Party?

Tea Party or S-H-I-T For Brains Party?

Are Flight 253 passenger Kurt Haskell's & Richard Wolffe's (on KO) comments related?

New scanners break child porn laws (in England)

Patent Office Loses $100 Million in Last-Minute Congressional Budget Change

100 metric tons of diesel spill into rivers from CNPC pipeline

100 metric tons of diesel spill into rivers from CNPC pipeline

The decisive step in the destruction of America as we knew it was opposed by only one US politician

Bankruptcies Up 32% in 2009

Who can resist Alan Grayson's natural smile? He's commenting on Cheney's upcoming book

"I'm just an idiotic left-wing blogger, so what do I know."

Rasmussen phone poll: Mass.-Senate. PARODY.

K&R if you plan to give money to Democrats!

Lithuania shuts Soviet-era nuclear plant

R.I.P. 44,789 Americans last year

Outsource ALL CEO's and corporate "board" members.

I've had my head in the sand..... Tell me

Fox doesn't just screw up their news graphics:

So this guy got really drunk and put marbles in his scrotum.

Why doesn't Saudi Arabia police the middle east?

How are the unemployed doing with their heating bills?

How are the unemployed doing with their heating bills?

The Next Quagmire

Rush Holt (D-N.J.) Blasts Cheney on Terrorism

Where is Dylan Ratigan?

If they have to do nationatlity profiling,leave Cuba out of it.

Plane Terror Proves: Republicans Fail On "National Security", Hate The Middle Class

Joan Rivers grounded in Costa Rica

an update on the Dark Ages

Is Obama afraid of BushCheney and their moles?

What is gramps doing in Iraq

What is the official case name for the corporate campaign finance case

GOP National Congressional Campaign Committee to Steele: Sit Down and Shut Up

Are We Scared Enough Yet?-2001 Redux? Anthrax Scares Follow Terror Plot

Rush Limbaugh Loves Socialized Medicine

Michael Steele PREDICTS The GOP WILL NOT Take Over The House Of Rep. In 2010

The Rude Pundit: It Shouldn't Surprise Us that Some Ex-Gitmo Detainees Want to Fuck Us Up

David Brooks, NYT - it's class warfare, but pitted in terms of education versus ignorance

NYT's C.I.A. Is Sharing Data With Climate Scientists

NATO Official Blasts U.S. Spy Work In Afghanistan

NATO Official Blasts U.S. Spy Work In Afghanistan

Iran Bars Contacts With 60 Organizations

Lindsey Graham Censured Again

There's a guy in a bar staring at his drink when ....

Pot's surprising supporters - "Soccer moms" would back legalization over safety concerns (Calif)

Man jumps over guard rail after fender bender and falls to his death

Man jumps over guard rail after fender bender and falls to his death

Third party crasher at WH denies being there.

Cheney's Rogue's

Who should I contact about an advert on DU?

Is Cheney a traitor?

How Reaganism/Corporatism Became Enshrined As Our Core Federal Economic Policy

Cillizza: Is the Massachusetts Senate race getting closer?

Oops. Dupe

They kicked me Out!! Just because I'm a leftist!!

Yet another reason to use public transit in Chicago......

Yet another reason to use public transit in Chicago......

Americans’ job satisfaction falls to record low.

This needs to stop running the policies of the United States.

Data mining your college records? (States Embrace Student-Data Tracking, With Prodding From W House)

Data mining your college records? (States Embrace Student-Data Tracking, With Prodding From W House)

Gov. Paterson has 200 troopers in his "security detail"?!?!?!

The most ridiculous corporate sponsorship yet!

Bomb squad called to Greenville, SC airport.

"It's not too late to take back America"

Forget the Big Killer Drone Aircrafts now they have a micro version too

Forget the Big Killer Drone Aircrafts now they have a micro version too

I have decided there are really only two kinds of Republicans, The Rich and the Stupid.

Mr Gibbs, you told Helen Thomas that you'd deal

Response if someone said this to you?

NASA telescope detects 5 sizzling exoplanets

The decline of the left...

It's fun to watch right-wingers self-destruct.


Why Torture The Undie Bomber & Not The Shoe Bomber?

This Mayor Can Really Shovel It

Chertoff Exploits Detroit Plane Bomb to Stir up Business for Client

Just got a call from the DSCC . . .

Ron Paul fires at Cheney

Is it safe to say that 85% of America's vast wealth is no longer in circulation?

ESPN to Unveil 3-D Television Network in 2010

Battle to save tigers intensifies with only 3,200 left on Earth

Silicon Valley's Worst Office Glut in 5 Years Means Real-Estate Bloodbath

"Obama Commits to Declassification, Begins Shift in Classification Programs" (The National Security

3fer: Teabag spells N-word. HUME/O'Loofah Xtianity. & Lou DOBBS makes a threat.

The Idiocy of Profiling

Tell House progressives: Keep fighting for real health care reform. (Credo Action petition)

Why The Political Deck In Arizona Might Be Stacked Against John McCain

05JAN2010: health care reform: start again with a "what's good for the goose" approach...

OK, This Is the Pinnacle of Corporate Crony-Socialism for Wall Street

So.. Chuck Todd & Savannah Guthrie will be cohosting

Pelosi to speak on health care in a few moments-CSPAN....

BREAKING MSNBC: Royal Air cargo plane crashed

GOP chief: Republicans 'screwed up' after Reagan

Hannity "loves" it when Republicans admit mistakes, "because that's the first step to getting well"

Pending home sales plunge 16 percent in Nov., far more than expected

Failin Quiters little money laundering gig...

NJ Senate to vote Thursday on Marraige Equality

Run Rahm, Run!

Mr. Hume, this is what forgiveness is

NYT: Study Says Women With Mate Get Heavier

NYT: Study Says Women With Mate Get Heavier

Bachmann Challenger Nabs EMILY's List Endorsement

Petition against tax on so-called "Cadillac Plans," etc:

Homeowners Forced To Buy Flood Insurance After FEMA Redraws Maps

Underwear bomber acted alone.

IRS to regulate tax firms

Anybody wonder who's really behind all these

Pelosi speaking, she is saying:

DeLauro: Full Speed Ahead To Health Care Reform

A Perfect Example Of Not Knowing When To STFU

Good job, George, you fucking speck of a human being.

H1N1 vaccine is now widely available, and anyone can get it.

Why is M$Greedia whipping up this Fear fear fear hysteria

Former Campbell Co. (Tn) deputy arrested on 16 sex charges

Obama was wrong?

Poll: Should America attack Yemen & give up civil rights in answer to a guy who roasted his weenie

Grist: Lessons on the food system from the ammonia-hamburger fiasco

Obama is the DEVIL.

TSA Takes Boy's Play-Doh Before Flight

Americans United Warns Louisiana Education Board Not To Adopt Review Policy That Favors Creationism

My Small Claims court experience (Health Care Fees)

Man attempting 1M free throws for veterans

TSA: Hazardous Material Shuts Bakersfield Airport (Calif)

CIA reportedly "went dark" and ordered Blackwater to murder 9/11 suspect

Texan ultrarightists move to put mark on national textbooks, now that CA is too broke to buy them

Oak Ridge National Laboratory researchers develop explosives detector

DON'T GIVE UP ON HEALTHCARE REFORM! - Petition for the Public Option. Sign NOW.

Greenwald congratulates White House for standing up to political pressure

Buzz Grows for Petraeus for President in 2012

City Selects Company for New Voting Machines

NYC Auction Features Skull-Turned-Ballot Box From Yale's Mysterious Skull & Bones Society

Steele: GOP ’screwed up’ after Reagan, won’t win in 2010

Obama, Bush's Responses to the last two attempted bombings.

Thanks, Mike

Letter to President Obama Re: The "Lesser of two evils"

New Jersey nuke plant has an event - cause: ice

Factory Orders in U.S. Increase More Than Forecast

After the Underwear Bomber, Republicans Have Shown Their True Color: Weakness

Sally Quinn is on MSNBC and she's upset about breaches of national security,

REPORT: Challenges To Constitutionality Of Health Reform Funded By Health Industry

RON PAUL: " CHENEY Has Caused a Lot Of TROUBLE For The U.S., So Its Best He NOT Be So Critical "

Post 9/11 Terrorism Bush Failed To Protect Us Against

File-sharing student fights fine

My country has gone insane.

NYC's Heroin How-To Handbook Not A Hit

NYC's Heroin How-To Handbook Not A Hit

Why I hate retail sales--a lesson for all buyers.

Why I hate retail sales--a lesson for all buyers.

Hopping mad because the NRA is bugging me when I'm sick!

I like this guy!

This is not like the Bush years, at least: Obama Says Government Knew of 'Other Red Flags'

This is not like the Bush years, at least: Obama Says Government Knew of 'Other Red Flags'

Will Rahm Emanuel run for the office of Mayor of Chicago?

CIA reportedly ordered Blackwater to murder 9/11 suspect

Obama about to speak after security meeting

On Ed: Sen Dorgan not running for reelection to senate

Honey= suspicious material at airport

REPORT: Challenges To Constitutionality Of Health Reform Funded By Health Industry Money

Latino theater director quits the limelight to help poor people grow food at home

I want a new Party...

"Republican officials have to realize Michael Steele is a hopeless embarrassment..."

Michelle Bachman-Learning to Love the Census

Perhaps a nice reminder: Spencer Tracy, 1967, with wisdom for now.

I like the fact that "teabaggers" has become part of the common language

Labor’s Agenda Set to Move to the Front Burner

Memo to Fox & Friends: No "heads roll{ed}" after Bush-era terrorist attacks

T-mobile now offers "Equipment Financing"

I have to say, I don't think I have ever heard so much blaming of a non-person in my life.

OMFG - soft drink bottles full of honey

Amazing New Deal From

Amazing New Deal From

Robert Rubin Is Back: Noooooo!!!

Dem front-runner for MI governor expected to drop out

Governator's Mandatory Fuloughs Shot Down by Courts

Tweety STFU

Volcker: Grab Wall Street By The Balls, But Deregulate Normal Banks

Identity Politics v. Class Politics

(MSNBC TV) Shit. Wide-open election in North Dakota. Dorgan to not seek re-election.

Katrina vanden Heuvel: The ACORN Witchhunt Continues

Lindsey Graham Censured By 3rd County GOP

LOL! Hoekstra opponents register

Why It's Bad News That the Health Care Conference Committee Will Be Held In Secret

Nearly One-Third of Stimulus Paid Out in 2009

Sweatshirt Sparks School Controversy

The American Family Association has really gone off the deep end....Unions endanger air safety.

Shock Doctrine in Virginia: $2.3 billion in budget cuts target education, state workers

Greenwald - Civilian trials and the so-called "rule of law"

Fat people kicked off dating website

Let's put the Presidents committment to the working class to the test..

Another one: Trunk left on Mira Mesa street was harmless.

NY Times: How Visa, Using Card Fees, Dominates a Market

H1N1 vaccine is now widely available, and anyone can get it.

Police remove explosives from Washington state apartment building

"...I hung up, pushed back the nail table and yelled to my mom..."

Internet Trolls are harmless malcontents, right?

Internet Trolls are harmless malcontents, right?

T...T...Terror !!!! Another airport evacuation in paranoid nation !!!!

Tea Party "founder" and racist

Nebraska Wins Big in Health Care Bill; California, New York, Florida Lose (and So Do Unions)

Chrysler Canada sales jump 12%

Premiums are key issue for health care negotiators

December Rolling Tax Witholdings Collapse To Multi-Year Low

Rachel Maddow is about to interview a member of the Family!

All those damned unionized NYC firefighters and cops who checked out on 9/11?

3 California Department of Fish and Game biologists die in helicopter crash

Urgent: Sign the letter telling Judge Vaughn Walker to televise the Prop 8 trial

Health care: A provider's perspective

US House Leaders Back Off Public Health Insurance Option

Idaho man who set co-worker ablaze gets probation

Kenosha woman found chained in filth; relatives charged

Crosses in potatoes appear to online sellers

'Avatar': Why do conservatives hate the most popular movie in years?

Brave New Conversations (and NO to war)

Sen. Byron Dorgan to retire, Repukes creaming their pants

Mesa Air Files For Bankruptcy, To Cut Fleet

I'll go vote in 2010 and 2012, and I'll vote for Democrats whenever I can.

We'll have flying cars in five years...

Once again Hartmann nailed it today in one of his show's segments -

Chris Matthews and Mike Steele

Looks like Christmas sales were a bust in PA

1982 Oscar Winning Short Film: " If You LOVE This Planet "

must see video

Stop using "Win" and "Fail" as complete sentences

Air America: Tea Partiers Bring Guns To Their Own Meetings Now (VIDEO)

Former fundie KS state AG to testify at Roeder's trial

Program to Build Afghanistan Corps Is Said to Be Lagging

LA Times: Bringing overpaid executives to heel

Operation Rescue seeks ‘truth truck’ drivers

I’m a Democrat because…

Erectile Dysfunction Linked to Restless-Leg Disorder, Harvard Study Finds

Explosives planted on man to test airport security

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Services bans all head coverings (incl Muslim ones)

Americans’ Role Seen in Uganda Anti-Gay Push

Sign the "we need a hero" petition asking top progressive Senators to block a final healthcare bill

Rachel has an interview with a FAMILY insider

Keep terrorists off our planes? The CIA can't even keep them off their base.

"...remove the oligarchy from the gene pool..."

South Korea: 36 years behind the US in abortion rights??

Best Buy Optimization Is A Big Stupid Annoying Waste Of Money - The Consumerist

Malawi gay wedding couple lose bail appeal

Struggle of 100 years ago offers a lesson for today

Ritter Refuses Reelection Run

Attorneys General Challenging Constitutionality Of Health Reform Awash In Cash From Health Industry

Arizona's Charter Schools are considered "public". . BUT

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Unmarried couples caught in Malaysia hotel raids

Is Dick Cheney encouraging terrorists?

Should multi-level marketing be outlawed?

Why Are We So Blind to the True Horrors of War?

Youtube's Censoring My Videos

help help I am getting emails from the local TV station meteoroligist asking me why I dont support

Hersh: Cheney ‘Left A Stay Behind’ In Obama’s Government,

Avatar: The (Conservative) Critics Rave

What Top Topics Can We All Agree On?

What is Dick Cheney really doing?

The USA is #19 on the 2009 global "corruption perception" index

Avatar made me blue

C-SPAN CEO Asks Democrats To Televise Healthcare Negotiations

Another Nadar thread.. all I want to know is..

How long before C-SPAN and SyFy merge?

Life has more "twists and turns" than any espionage novel ever could tell....

How Terahertz Waves (Body Scan Imaging Tech, eg) Tear Apart DNA

Woman has horrible growth excreting from her face (Warning:Very graphic)

Is Obama's Problem That He Just Doesn't Want to Deal with Conflict?

The Washington Post isn't fit to line a birdcage

How Bad Will it Get Before they Decide Helping the Homeowners is a Good Idea?

Sen. Byron Dorgan Announces He Will Not Run For Re-Election

Washington prisoners entitled to vote, federal court rules axes holiday weight gain members

Brit Hume's comment regarding Tiger, very enlightening

2007: Obama Would Shift Tax Burden to Wealthy

Group That Shaped Death Penalty Gives Up On Its Own Work

Two Cents Short, Company Tried to Cancel COBRA Benefits

Why don't we use dogs to check for explosives in airports?

ripped off?

Stating reality is not a problem

Stalwart of Sarpy Dems dies at 80

Do you think heads will roll?

Do you think heads will roll?

Do you think heads will roll?

Bristol Palin Starts Political Consulting Firm

OH SNAP! Pelosi On Obama: 'There Were A Number Of Things He Was For On The Campaign Trail'

chris matthews comment on dick cheney...

FReepers trying to get a dishonest Youtube video to go viral. Visit and vote against it

Extended cold snap could kill invasive iguanas

Right Wing Hatemonger Files as a Democrat in Texas County Race

Plate weighing device 'can curb childhood obesity'

Plate weighing device 'can curb childhood obesity'

NY Daily News - "Rush Limbaugh declares his health is fine - and so is nation's health care system"

"Morris claimed "9-11 happened" because Clinton treated '93 WTC bombing as a crime"

TOON: This Modern World on the Underpants Bomber

Did All Ya'll Notice Something Regarding Cheney?

Columbia Journalism Review: Report Card - Obama Administration On Transparency

Killing Organizers in Honduras

Alabama's Economy is Imploding Under Bob Riley

Change- Hell Yes - Change

I need to tell you all something

"Jim DeMint says Obama too soft on terrorism"

BREAKING.... There's a suspicious package at the airport!

Janet Jenkins Seeks Public Help To Locate Missing Child ("ex-gay" partner abducted child)

Byron Dorgan Retiring (With Initial Analysis) - FDL

Rahm Emanuel Reportedly Considering Run For Chicago Mayor

If marijuana is fully legalized, a new industry will be born.

Airport security is a scam. The TSA are the lead actors in this kabuki theatre.

If health care bill passes, some changes would start fast

For all our hand wringing, I think we are witnessing the destruction of the Republican Party.

Mary Daly, radical feminist theologian, dead at 81

Corporate quotes

Sorry, but I'm going to defend the GOP on something

Joe Klein Gets A Beat Down - The BIZARRE Reasons Progressives are supposed to SHUTUP

Joe Klein Gets A Beat Down - The BIZARRE Reasons Progressives are supposed to SHUTUP

"It felt cool to kill...."

The heartache of bipolar disorder - An HBO documentary airing tomorrow

I Am So Tired Of Cowards Being In Charge

Woman Stabbed In Early New Years Day Anti-Gay Attack

A Family Tree Uprooted by a 60-Year-Old Secret

Need advice on injecting heroin? NYC can help!


Mother Of Nine Says She Was Sterilized Against Her Will

CA Soccer Moms: Legalizing Weed would provide a safer way for our (grown) kids to buy pot

Severe Unemployment Worsens In Cities

I have found God, and she is a star in the making!

Had I known on Nov. 4 2008 what I know now,

Bob Barker Donates $5,000,000 to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

How did the public option become the public's option?

Obama Losing Dems Support Over Health Care Reform? Don't Believe It!

Pelosi just flushed public option.

Vice President Joe Biden: Why America Needs Trains

US team may have found key to fight obesity: study

Holy Shite - two of the so called CIA agents were

DU this NPR Poll - Was Brit Hume Right To Say What He Did?

Pensioners burn books for warmth

FORCED to BUY insurance, NO public option, ABORTION restrictions. BUSH-like health care reform.

Breadline USA, starving in rural counties

New FL GOP (Tea Party) Head...

Bob Barker Donates $5 Million to Help Save Whales

I'm still for killing the HCR bill.

Andrew Breitbart gets humiliated by the White House

Extremely urgent Prop 8 news

Ed Schultz just called for the NBA to tell players that they cannot own guns.

Lady Gaga pours drink over man who accuses her of being a hermaphrodite

Stat Geek: The countries with the richest and poorest rich people (and the richest poor people)

They Sure Knew How To Say It Back Then, Didn't They ???

Didn't Clinton getting blown in the Oval office hurt Gore's 2000 Pres. run more than Nader?

05JAN2010: I challenge EVERY AMERICAN to cancel their health insurance TODAY!

"Lifelong Republican, voted McCain, now i'm inspired by Obama"

A warning to Bank of America credit card holders.

"What's yer Goddam problem, Jackpine?"

Europe is freezing; so are China, Japan et al

Does anyone here use "live feed" or "live bookmarks" in firefox...

Rahm Emanuel to run for Chicago mayor?

The Democrats' Authoritarian Health "Reform" Bill: "represents an historic defeat for liberalism"

Derek Black of Stormfront may sue Florida Republicans to gain committeeman seat.

They Won! Repost - They're Winning - Private insurance companies push for 'individual mandate'

Battle Continues Over Catholic Takeover of Hospitals in Denver

Welcome to Orwell’s world

People arent getting it, so I will make it the subject. We need a pot test, BEFORE we legalize.

AFL-CIO: "Cadillac tax" on health care (which Obama says is a "good idea") will ERODE COVERAGE

My party is poised to ram this health insurance bill down my throat

A New Political Axis

FEDS: Kentucky Election Officials Manipulated Elections for DECADES...

Here's A Thousand Words For Ya !!! - Most Of Them Swear...

PETA features Michelle Obama in new anti-fur ad - WH says image is used without her permission

Ralph Nader tells us: Health care reform "weak"; Tea Partiers "nothing"; Obama a "corporatist" ...

Just a profound sense of loss and betrayal.

C-SPAN: Si . . . Secrecy: No !! . . . . . . . . . Healthcare-for-All: Si . . . Campaign Lies: No !!

My fire lookout slide shows are finished and posted (this is some awesome stuff).

Copyright holder baulks at 'gay' Sherlock Holmes film

Bob Herbert, New York Times: "This is a society in deep, deep trouble ...."

Tea Party Boils Over

Teabaggers Now Have Surpassed GOP as "Party of Choice" on the Right

Glenn Beck has mythologized his childhood so much that he's lost touch with reality.

At some point you just say you are done. And I am at that point.

Sky's bright, the traffic light, now and then a truck

I know it's past Christmas...


Best makeup music.

Punditty reveal presidential voting record, challenges other pundits to do the same (humor)

Shuffle Dozen

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/5/09

I'm having a hard time figuring out which version of this song I like best

Double Post

History Lesson Part II

Good morning Lounge

Anyone use a mutual bank?

paperbackswap is my favorite site right now

Something we can all strive for when we grow up to age 90

Ed Harris - You'll Never Leave My Heart

Does anyone have info on the illegal slaughtering of animals in Miami-Dade County, FL?

The very best part of "It's Complicated" (NO spoilers here)

This is funny......

The Greatest Snow Penis

PSA: Airline food really IS gross.

R.I.P. Willie Mitchell (owned Hi Records, produced Al Green's biggest hits)

n the past couple weeks I haven't noticed any posts by...UNDERPANTS

I saw an hilarious movie last night called "In the Loop"

An old DUI story for the Lounge:

"...we will Marry when I see U in Heaven my Wifey..."

A most odd and mysterious thing happened to me yesterday...

Lets all really try to have a great afternoon today 1-5-2010

Let me guess. "Progressive" Insurance is named that because

Help!!! I need one more goal for my 2010 Long Range Plan.

Abe Vigoda Status

Chocolate chunk

Has anyone seen a worse football team than the ...

My latest ltte and attempt at humor

Checa tu E-mail

How much tin foil are you wearing?

YouTube - Dave Attell's "Amesterdam Pot Shop" clip from "Insomniac"

Which do you think makes up a larger portion of the population?

well I went and did it, signed up for a one-day, 32 mile hike

I haven't visited a movie food bar in 20 years

Good program on Nova tonight.

I lost 3 pounds on the atkins diet. And I feel pretty good. Not hungry or anything like that.

Public hair ( poll )

My cousin came down to Texas to escape the cold, she is visiting with my Aunt.

My cousin came down to Texas to escape the cold, she is visiting with my Aunt.

I'm in love with my leaf blower

Wired names Kevin Conroy as best Batman of all time!

Sharon Stone to Guest Star on 'Law & Order: SVU'

Woo hoo! The new Iron Man 2 trailer!

Woo hoo! The new Iron Man 2 trailer!

How many at bats is your job equal to??

I'm a politician now! Yea!

Just how big a geek are you?

Dave just slammed LIMBOsevic and Shrub BUT GOOD!1

You're a rag-trade girl, you're the queen of porn You're the easiest lay on the White House lawn

How come nobody has ever made a movie about Emperor Norton I?

Study Says Women With Mate Get Heavier

Who the fuck you roll with?

Did LENO just hint at being cancelled?

I'm a Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech

Video: Woman throws fit in Kansas City McDonald's

A merry twelfth day of Christmas to the Lounge!

Have you guys seen this?

Bunsen, Beaker. Focus!

Anyone been on seroquel?

If you see Fonzie too, check in here.

Where is your bed from? do you like it?

Catholic church says animals have souls, many Protestant churches don't agree.

Horror writer recommendations, please.

How much does it cost to make your own calendars?

I do not believe in the "big bang" theory

Post a scary picture

Here it is! The best set anyone played this year! (EXILE ON MAIN STREET)

My cable company just added Fox News in HD.

What music are you listening to to start 2010?

What is the Canadian movie about the Quebec woman in Toronto

Joan Rivers grounded in Costa Rica

Joan Rivers bumped off flight in Costa Rica when Continental gate agent finds passport suspicious

Here we go again with the President getting death threats

It is about time the republicans take Cheney to task..Paul takes aim at Cheney

what is Obama's "transparecy" website? Someting .org or .com


Bring It On: Van Hollen Dares GOP To Make 2010 Elections About Obama

Why Obama won't win the nomination. Oh, sorry, 2010. Why the Democrats

Time's Tumulty reports C-Span's Brian Lamb has written Congress to open healthcare deliberations

DOD Announces Casualties 05-Jan-10

Krugman: 30-40% chance of return to recession in late 2010 ("joining Feldstein & Stiglitz")

Florida gop chairman - Steele/Crist ally - to resign post

NRCC Pushes Back Against "stupid" Steele Over 2010 Pessimism, GOP Operatives Furious

Auto Industry Stabilizes as Ford, Toyota Post U.S. Sales Gains

U.S. halting transfer of Guantanamo detainees to Yemen

This just shows how limited a President's power really is. I give Obama credit for trying at least

The FBI got 'usable, actionable' intel from terrorism suspect-without torture

Chip reid from cbs...

Why is DC gunning for the WH Social Secretary?

REPORT: Challenges To Constitutionality Of Health Reform Funded By Health Industry Money

The Good Kind of Failure

I do not believe in The Big Bang Theory

Steele Calls GOP Platform "One Of The Best" Political Documents In 25 Years, "Honest Injun On That"

For the fountain pen aficianados.. more than you ever thought you'd want to know about ink

***Hedz up! POTUS set to speak live****

Pelosi tells C-SPAN: 'There has never been a more open process'

More Info On Inauguration Threat ......

Help kill a right wing blog story on Yahoo prasing Palin

So...I wonder if Republicans have ever given Democrats enticements for their vote......there is an

Why are Republicans screaming that Obama hasn't fulfilled any campaign promises? Did he promise

November Party Committee Fundraising Roundup

Chumming for Piranhas

Obama On Airline Security: 'The System Has Failed" - 'I will not tolerate it'

Is This The Fight Republicans Want?

Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., won't run for another term this year:

OK, I was a fan but Chris Matthews is becoming annoying

DU: Let's Help. List a few purity litmus tests for The Florida Tea Party.

The Traitor Dick Cheney Would have been pulling the same shit on McCain.

ALOT can happen in 11 months

Dorgan's retirement spotlights the importance of Dems holding seats

Welcome to Orwell’s World

Wexler To Pitch Obama Policies To Skeptical Israelis In New Nonprofit Role

Fla. GOP chair resigns in effort to reunite party

Bennett gets new challenger

When predicting 2010 elections one is also predicting the economy

Obama, House Dems finalize decision to bypass formal health care conference

FEC demands more information on McMahon campaign vendors

This is Darra$h Murphy and she wants to stand as a Democratic Candidate.

NYC-Mayor: Thompson to Run Again in 2013; NY-Sen-B: Harold Ford?

WH: Putting It All in Perspective

Ritter Dropping Out in Colorado?

What is bad about the Senate health care bill?

Graham Censured By 3rd County GOP

Joe Wilson Hiking Appalachian-ish Trail With Intern Babe (Wonkette)

C-SPAN Challenges Congress to Open Health Care Talks to TV Coverage

Whoppee.. here we go.. now the right and their toadies are in a snit over the HCR debates

FL GOP Chair just resigned admist "Civil War"

DU Unrec Bot

Elective office is no longer fun. Favs are being called in. Massive retirements are just beginning.

Sirota -- Secret negotiations over HCR are bad news

Eugene Robinson - "Dick Cheney's lies about President Obama"

Dorgan was a progressive populist champion on many issues over the years

Obama was and still is the best person for the job. On the issues:

CO-Gov: Source Tells Political Wire That Ritter Will Drop Out (Update: It's Happening)

The anatomy of the 'Cadillac Tax' (or, it doesn't eat babies)

MI-Gov: Cherry Drops Out

Let's not forget the Obama administrations credit card reform act goes in effect in Feb.

House GOP seizes on C-SPAN's call for cameras in healthcare negotiations

PETA features Michelle Obama in new anti-fur ad without her consent

I wanted change, and the health care bill represents that change


Why does Cheney hate Pres. Obama so much?

If music be the food of love, play on

Native American Caucus head demands Steele apologize for 'racist' comment

Will we see significant losses in Congress later this year due to no Public Option, war, economy?

Tactically, would it be smart Politics to bring up Immigration Reform this year

We wanted a better bill. We are angry and disappointed in the result. Period.

**Breaking: Chris Dodd Will Not Seek Re-Election**

Gallup: Economic Confidence Improving - Americans more optimistic than any time in past two years.

If the republicans ever did get back in power.. this country would be a hell on earth

Fuck. I just had a fender-bender.

So "The Karate Kid" is being "remade".

2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe import killer

Ladies and gentlemen, the number 1 band of the decade: The Beatles!

Study Shows Women with freckles on their left toe get wrinkled as they grow old

Have u ever been to a county Hospital or any other hospital where people don't have insurance?

MA-Sen: Rasmussen Sees Coakley Leading Brown by 9

MA-Sen: Rasmussen Sees Coakley Leading Brown by 9

Another Steele gaffe: Honest Injun!

Johnny Cash - "Ring of Fire" remix

Latino theater director quits the limelight to help poor people grow food at home

A Third Uninvited Guest Got Into White House Dinner

Jessica Lynch Foundation donates to (WVU Children's) hospital

Iceland plans vote on bank payout

Iceland plans vote on bank payout

Islamic states condemn attack on Danish cartoonist

Jordanian Double-Agent Behind CIA Attack

Bomber who killed CIA operatives in Afghanistan was triple agent

Turkmenistan, Iran set to open new gas pipeline

Michigan Selects Domino's CEO Brandon as New AD

Party chief(Steele): Republicans 'screwed up' after Reagan

C.I.A. Revives Data-Sharing Program With Environmental Scientists

Meehan's strong fundraising start in Pa. 7th

Florida GOP Chairman Greer to resign

Trash to gas: Landfill energy projects increasing

FDA finds roaches, listeria at airline caterer

Opponents on immigration reform gear up for forthcoming battle

Buzz Grows for Petraeus for President in 2012

Socialite daughter of New York Jets owner has died

Schwarzenegger Girds for Deficit Fight as Borrowing Costs Soar

Mass arrests reported in Sunni areas in Iraq

Interior Secretary Pushes to Complete Cape Wind Project

Flight 253 terror suspect raised no suspicion in Amsterdam

Hazardous Substance Prompts Closure Of California Airport

NYC's Heroin How-To Handbook Not A Hit

Independence Church Raided, Man Arrested on Federal Weapons Charges

Ill. candidate Hynes goes after Quinn on early-release issue

Judge Lifts Some Limits on Tobacco Ads and Labels

.Pentagon calls spy critique "irregular"

Ralph Nader tells us: Health care reform "weak"; Tea Partiers "nothing"; Obama a "corporatist" ...

S.C. first lady’s memoir to be released next month

President Obama: Airline attack was preventable

Yemen shows frictions with US over terror fight

Iraq Approves 4 Oil Contracts

No More Guantanamo Detainees Sent to Yemen for Now, Gibbs Says

Indiana Chosen for Electric Car Plant (Norwegian Think's new hatchback called City)

Greer Announces Resignation As Florida GOP Chair -- And Slams Right-Wing Critics On His Way Out

Spain chides Cuba over MEP's trip

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday January 5

UN cuts Somalia food relief over Islamist threat

Ford, Nissan U.S. Auto Sales Exceed Estimates in Sign of Industry Recovery

Iraq inquiry: British firms 'did pretty well' out of overthrowing Saddam

1,000 people homeless on Solomons after tsunami

Fed judges: Wash. felony inmates should get vote

Colombian FARC rebels, al-Qaeda joining forces to smuggle cocaine into Europe, says DEA

Gibbs: We've Gained Useful Intelligence From Would-Be Bomber

Ritter dropping out in Colorado

US House Leaders Back Off Public Health Insurance Option

Byron Dorgan will not seek re-election

Slovak Air Security Test Goes Very Wrong

Sen. McCain Calls on Justice Dept. to Appeal Blackwater Massacre Case

Karzai hits out over Afghan deaths

Nestle buys Kraft pizzas, says no interest in Cadbury (Kraft, on the other hand)

GM to Fire Up Battery Plant This Week, a First for U.S. Automakers

Study finds medication of little help to patients with mild, moderate depression

U.S. Chamber pressures Japan over clunker plan

C-SPAN: Health care talks should be televised

Saudi Student Detained in Amsterdam Airport for Two Days

A visual illustration of the last decade, from the New York Times.

Americans' job satisfaction falls to record low

Buddha Gets the Last Laugh on Brit Hume

After this 60-year feeding frenzy, Earth itself has become disposable

17,000 potentially harmful chemicals kept secret (disclosure could harm profits)

Cat 'Yusuf' Stevens Returns, With 'Buddha And The Schlocklate Fox'

Abandon False Hope ... And Get Some Real Hope

Dave Lindorff: Why are Only Republican AGs Threatening to Go to Court to Fight Health Care 'Reform'?

New scanners break child porn laws

Tek Nath Rizal's 2009 Book "Torture, Killing Me Slowly" Delivers the Coup de Grace by Cheryl Welsh

"The Lion Lets Loose".....Charlie Rose interview with Paul Volker on Wall St. Reforms.

Banjos Playing Through the Broken Glass

Here’s some quality, independent media that’s worth your time

EPA, Arch Coal Seek to End Permit Dispute.

Do we need to say our prayers?

Bob Herbert has it right: opportunities squandered.

The Devil Votes Red

Scapegoats and scaremongers

For F.D.R. Sleuths, New Focus on an Odd Spot

Eugene Robinson: A Designation Cuba Doesn’t Deserve

Welcome to Orwell’s World

Looking Backward: Economics and the Cult of Yesterday

I'm the Guy Who Cut Your Health Benefits. Trust Me.

What *Really* Happened in Copenhagen?

Dean Baker: Washington post RIP

How Conservatives Get Their Point Of View Taught In Schools (Outrage of the day)

'Um, Pathetic' (title of the essay), Hendrik Hertzberg, the New Yorker)

Spooks are struggling in Afghanistan

Harold Ford Jr. Weighs a Challenge to Gillibrand.

Lindorff: Children Executed in Afghanistan

Say Goodbye to Free Online Television !

Mother Jones: Tempest in the Tea Party

Is This McCarthyism 2.0? Inside the Right's Battle with ACORN (Esquire)

Hersh: Cheney ‘Left A Stay Behind’ In Obama’s Government, Can ‘Still Control Policy Up To A Point’

Teabaggers imploding!!! They just can't believe the rich righties aren't

Poll: Voters Reject Health Care Mandate Without Public Option, Medicare Buy-In

Utility Companies Wind Scam

Michael Steele "Brother is still here"

2.0 and the Ancient Art of Community Organizing

New Media and Organizing Disconnected Communities

House Democratic Leaders Respond to Questions Regarding C-SPANs Letter on Health Care Coverage

Hardball - Matthews goes 'street' on RNC Chair Michael Steele

Red State Update On Climategate

Rick Warren Lies

Song: America, America (American War Paar Da) (critical of American foreign policy)

Boom! Chris Matthews Questions Why The Politico is Seemingly Dick Cheney's Mouthpiece

Graphic guide to injecting heroin causes controversy in New York

TYT's Take On Fox News (BH) Giving Tiger Woods Religious Advice

Rachel Maddow: Democrats dodge the GOP to reconcile HCR bill

Tim Wise: On White Privilege (Clip)

Pres. Obama on Aviation Security at Press Conference Today

Rachel Maddow: GOP seems to suck at exploiting Terra now

What's Behind MANDATORY Private Health Insurance

Olbermann: To Neal Boortz on U.S. Health Care Deaths - 'Remind Me Again, Who Are The Terrorists?'

Olbermann: To Neal Boortz on U.S. Health Care Deaths - 'Remind Me Again, Who Are The Terrorists?'

OH SNAP! Pelosi On Obama: 'There Were A Number Of Things He Was For On The Campaign Trail'

The Collusion of Government and Big Business Spells the Death of Democracy

Thom Hartmann - How long is it going to be before they ask us to bend over and spread em?

Countdown: Rev. Welton Gaddy Calls Out Brit Hume on His B.S. Over Tiger Woods

Peak oil review - Jan 4

Drumbeat: January 5, 2010

KDHE Warns Against Eating Fish From Arkansas River In Wichita - PCB, Mercury Concerns

"Dramatic Weather Shift" Over Greenland, N. Pole Sending Arctic Chill Way South - Herald-Tribune

Primordial fear: Funnel web in the nappy bag

GM rice on its way in China

They went to jail. What will you do?

Thousands of dead octopuses wash up on Portugal beach

Bob Barker Donates $5,000,000 to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (xpost)

Replacing the Light Bulb With...Glowing Wallpaper?

Meltdown A Global Warming Journey by Paul Rose

2000 - 2009 Hottest Decade On Record For Australia - Reuters

"I Would LIke To Express Our Satisfaction With The Outcome" - KSA Lead Climate Rep. On Copenhagen

Illinois: New coal-fired power plant fuels debate

C.I.A. Is Sharing Data With Climate Scientists

Secret ship confronts whalers

Two Wampanoag tribes fighting Cape Wind on ritual/spiritual grounds

Report: Number of cars in the U.S. dropped by four million in 2009

Beltre agrees to terms with Red Sox

Mike Leach ... To NFL's Oakland Raiders?

Bitterboy4--- OMG--- Oh this is great ---and I mean great stuff.

Brian Billick to the Bills?

Saints and Chargers...

Hockey: World Juniors Championships. Canadian Domination Is Over!

Congratulations Boise State! 2009 National Champions!

Congratulations Boise State!! Champions of the Cupcake Bowl!!

Alright! Matt Holliday will return to the Cardinals!

Congratulation to Iowa and their Loyal fans tonight!

Hey LisaM and 1gobluedem! Worthless Repuke to be Michigan AD!

Randy Johnson retiring

Thank god Boise State didn't play either of the teams tonight. They

War crimes fears force Israelis to cancel UK trip

Israel To Redistribute Gas Masks, Simulate Bio-Attack

Iraq to sue Israel over destroyed reactor

Bibles, not bullets!

Interesting court ruling on a case involving concealed carry ...

Virginia Gun control opponents hope to reshape handgun laws

Red Pine principal won't be punished in BB gun incident ...

Today in Labor History Jan 5 Ford raised wages to keep the unions out!

United Steel Workers Hail Trade Penalties Against China

EDITORIAL: The forgotten virtue of firearms ...

PRESS ADVISORY: Risky Verizon-Frontier Merger Hinges on Tax Break: Customers, Taxpayers Stand to Los

Lincoln Campaign Manager Argues Against EFCA At Arkansas Event

Winning a Sit-in

NY Times reports that New Jersey's change in governance endangers the gay marriage bill

HIV positive man charged with "possession of a harmful biological substance."

HRC Launches “Buying for Equality” iPhone App - equips pro-equality shoppers with rankings

Janet Jenkins Seeks Public Help To Locate Missing Child ("ex-gay" partner abducted child)

Courage Campaign email- do you think Prop 8 fed court challenge should be televised?

We had him in the sports forum---you guy's had him here...

Ugandan tabloid prints list of 'tycoons who bankroll homos'

NJ Senate to vote on gay marriage bill

Yes we had him here

A forgotten favorite

JANUARY CONTEST - Four slots left (Jan 5, 8pm PST)

"Strawberry" Crab

If you enjoy things of beauty on a large scale...

Intermediate Black Hole Implicated in Star's Death

Hubble telescope shows earliest photo of universe

Where Did the Time Go? Do Not Ask the Brain

A mixed bag of pics for fun.

more sat/desat selective color

A Guide to the Cosmos, in Words and Images Dazzling and True

Amazon explorers uncover signs of a real El Dorado

"Galaxy History Revealed in This Colorful Hubble View"

Exotic stars may mimic big bang

Check out this cool new forklift. Video

Check out this cool OLD snow machine (1929) Video.

An interesting thought... blowing up a black hole?

Politicians and celebrities shamed for science gaffes

Ben Bernanke Looks In Mirror, Sees Barney Frank

Pimco signaling "no confidence" in US and British govt. bonds.

Divergent Views on Signs of Life in the Economy

Mature Capitalist Economies Trend Towards Stagnation Triggering Financial Innovations

Bernanke in Atlanta By MIKE WHITNEY

MorningGlow -- question for ya!


Krugman Sees 30-40% Chance of U.S. Recession in 2010

A Theosophical Approach To 2012

A post about losing things...and calling them back :)

Want a quick way to loose weight?

Tobacco = Death

Natural compound blocks hepatitis C infection

Study: Special diets don't help with Autism

UCal scientists: Autism's 700% rise largely due to environmental factors


"I've been in detention for years - and I'm a teacher"

Chinese academia ghost-writing 'widespread'

Diane Ravitch: The New Era of Greed

Snow day yesterday. Snow day today. Snow day tomorrow.

New Orleans Casts A Wide Net For Teachers

R Crumb insists that he produced a graphic version of Genesis

Americans United Warns Louisiana Education Board Not To Adopt Review Policy That Favors Creationism

A merry twelfth day of Christmas to R/T

A question for Christians: how do you reconcile Biblical inconsistencies?

Blue Bunny ice cream...

Julia Child's Kitchen Wisdom on PBS

The Best Vegetable You’ve Never Tried