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Archives: January 30, 2010

School system in Va. won't teach version of Anne Frank book

So how do asylum laws in the U.S. work anyways?

I think Obama has shown the difference between a Democratic leader and a Republican mob

So President Obama kicked some repug ass

The Principled and Pure Court?

Who needs high speed trains?

Caption this photo

The Chávez Meltdown. There's a lot of ruin in Venezuela.

Cool! Tavis Smiley discusses the MOVE YOUR MONEY! movement w/Eugene Jarecki

Attention: There is NO SUCH THING as "post partisanship" - read Federalist #10.

Memories...Rage Against the Machine and Micheal Moore shut down Wall Street

why dont we call a kennel what it is. a cage.

I'm sorry Holy Spirit but we're gonna have to let you go...

I'm sorry Holy Spirit but we're gonna have to let you go...

Paulson: Crazy Putin Pushed China To Dump Fannie Bonds And Crush The U.S. Financial System

Paulson: Crazy Putin Pushed China To Dump Fannie Bonds And Crush The U.S. Financial System

Paulson: Crazy Putin Pushed China To Dump Fannie Bonds And Crush The U.S. Financial System

Today was Clinton's policy wonkness, Truman's 'give 'em hell', and JFK's coolness wrapped into one..

XKCD illustrates the life of the Democratic Party base

Congrats Serena Williams

The person/organization most complicit with Roeder? Bill O'Reilly

Q&A Reaction

I just watched President Obama's appearance at the GOP retreat and all I have to say is...

I just watched President Obama's appearance at the GOP retreat and all I have to say is...

Woman to marry for healthcare: Seeks mate through YouTube

Wanat inquiry results may lead to punishments

A corporation runs for Congress! (you knew it had to happen)

Guam governor asks U.S. to delay military buildup

White House is 'done' with Yucca Mt.

Earth to Washington--Half of us aren't eligible for non refundable tax credits because of low income

Earth to Washington--Half of us aren't eligible for non refundable tax credits because of low income

Jack Jacobs says there are 50 people in Gitmo

Anyone have the link to KO showing coverage of Obama on CNN, MSNBC vs FAUX?

The Republicans will never be so stupid was like when Bush's face just about exploded

The "Christian" heretics continue their "uppity negro" meme........

9/11 trials to be moved from NYC

Secrecy of Pakistan UAV strikes is criticized

10 Ways to Stop Corporate Dominance of Politics

Blackwater's Youngest Victim

Party leader Chris Van Hollen chairman of the DCCC stumps for White (D-Ne)

Repubs Learning? - Logic & Grammar - Not Just For Liberal Arts Professors

Separated at birth... Michele Bachmann and

MSM gerbils' spin on Obama's visit to the Republican retreat Friday.


Reps to Request Info on White House Health Care Deals

Cartoon: The real difference between Dems and Repugs on HCR

My boyfriend to do world tour with band +Platonic Vegas trip with Ex +Join Army-Then We Get Married

Cartoon: Constitutional Convention - is this what our Founders intended?

G.O.P. Waters Down ‘Purity Test’ for Its Candidates

U.S. ambassador stresses need for troops on Okinawa

Cartoon from The Guardian: The 2010 Question (Tony Blair)

A very productive Congress, despite what the approval ratings say

Mike Pence- UnAmerican

This is what Obama envisioned in "The Audacity of Hope"

It was just a week ago I felt like hell

Welp, I drew my line in the sand, and Obama has NOT crossed it...

Live DIck Armey on GEM$NBC now

"Obama Girl" needs 15 more minutes of leering from Faux. Losing her crush.

pat buchanan....everybody won yesterday....bwahahahahahaaa. sure pat, sure.

Obama: Cutting deficit as important as job growth

How do you convince someone to vote for a democrat

The Substance of False Confessions…

Congress and Coal Ash: Who are the Constituents?

GHW Bush and Jeb Bush have just arrived at the WH

AP: Wages and benefits rise in 2009 by smallest amount in at least 27 years

oops! New U.S. air strategy in Afghanistan: First, do no harm

Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows: David Reilly

Boehner to GOP: Embrace the Tea Parties

Fresh & Bold?

Fresh & Bold?

China threatens U.S. with sanctions over Taiwan arms

Shameful Cowardly Hawai'ian Democrats - ERRONEOUSLY- (out of fear) - Killed Civil Unions Bill

Togo suspended, fined for leaving Africa Cup of Nations after attack killed 3

So I tivo'd Hannity last night just to see if he covered Obama /w the Republicans

The Onion: Alito, Peeking In Bathroom Window, Says Right To Privacy Not Guaranteed By Constitution

Cut spending? Fine, How about starting with the largest federal bureaucracy of all?

My father's new book is getting the good treatment right now

Troopers warned courier in smuggling

Troopers warned courier in smuggling

Troopers warned courier in smuggling

Afghanistan: Interpreter shoots and kills 2 US Soldiers

BANK BUST FRIDAY !!!! (Yeah, it's Saturday, but I partied last night)

From noon-2pm Eastern, MSNBC will re-air its STUNNING Obama GOP smackdown special

Just preached Paper Ballots to another red-stater . . .

MSNBC Is Playing A 2 Hour Special On Obama v. Republicans Right Now !!!

You're a liar and murderer they screamed at him.

I see an "UNREC" bulls-eye on this one..."Limbaugh dances, fist-pumps to Lady GaGa (VIDEO)"

It's All About Wages

Who's worse Hugo Chavez or Augusto Pinochet?

today Repub senator collins defecates on dems who kissed her right wing butt - radio response -

Do you believe the official Bush co 9/11 story? Yes or No?

Homeless Often Hidden in Tennessee

'Terrorist' Twitter Threatens Hugo Chavez's Stranglehold on Media

No question that the GOP are fat ignoramuses compared to Obama but...

Jon Stewart Slams Chris Matthews..

Obama adviser Summers says US in 'human recession'

Will Obama ever be able to break the GOP Senate cabal?

More from Turley on O'Keefe

More from Turley on O'Keefe

Modern liberal arts

Bloomberg’s 12-Step Method to Close Down Public Schools

LINKS to text transcripts of the smackdowns individual Rs got from the President


Obama announcing basketball!

Teach it in our schools: Communism has spent the past 28 years bailing out Capitalism.

Public picking up tab for Olympics while services are cut

"Can I Afford It?" (Republican style)

4chan has finally found us.

China To Halt Military Exchanges, Punish U.S. Companies For Arms Sales To Taiwan

Message board spam is a growing problem

Ask the Prime MInister... that is what we more or less

accolades for obama

Holy Shite Bill Clinton is telling them the truth about

Philip K. Dick, an uneasy spy inside 1970s suburbia

Philip K. Dick, an uneasy spy inside 1970s suburbia

Russia, Libya Sign $1.8 bln Arms Deal - Putin

Legendary Temple found in Peru

Tinidazole and metronidazole as treatment for amoebic dysentery (Pam Tebow)

Bush, Clinton Have A Little Trouble Filming Haiti PSA

Haiti Earthquake & Voodoo: Myths, Ritual, and Robertson

Did anyone hear Hannity after the SOTU say how arrogant Obama was by apologizing to other countries

Republican Leaders Forming New Political Group

News Corporation Settles With Valassis Communications for $500 Million

Mobile Billboard Plauges LA

GOP lawmakers to try to block federal funds for 9/11 prosecutions

Where will the Republican Party get their new "talking points"?

Obama in a roomful of republicans. . .

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Whitman disavows 'proud racist' councilman

Today's EPIC fail: Man returns to stolen car with gas can

State high court rules for local family - 1day after drunk driving, cops gave man car back...

Alaska accidents mask abduction tries

Alaska accidents mask abduction tries

Yet another reason marriage is needed

Well, that @#%!@ Marsha Blackburn was right about ONE thing,

Sorority chapter suspended due to hazing probe

For those who missed the great ReTHUG beat down GEM$NBC will be

Actor Rip Torn arrested for allegedly breaking into bank while drunk, with loaded revolver

The Weird Hierarchy of Doctoral-level Institutions

Spooks on Campus – and a New Orleans connexion outside Senator Landrieu’s office

Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad May Be Based On Falsehood

Another "Caption this photo" thread

PHOTO: Supreme Court Justice Alito explains anger at Obama...

Rush Limbaugh, Dancing Fool!

California's 'underemployment' rates No. 2 in nation, Michigan #1 at 21.5%

Tea Party Nation Speaks Out: 'We Never Did This To Be Rich And Famous'

Myth-Busting: Poor People are Risky / Cash Payers Are Risky

Utah wants to ban "illegal abortions"

Rep. John Boner you are an asshole C-Span (replay from yesterday evening)

PSA Peugeot Citroen Recalls Autos Made With Toyota (More faulty CTS Corp pedals)

PSA Peugeot Citroen Recalls Autos Made With Toyota (More faulty CTS Corp pedals)

UN revamps Haiti aid system

Now can the corporate media please stop calling Scott Roeder the "alleged" killer?

I am getting my Keif and Rachel back! Yippee!

"Obama is a Coward"

Fundraiser for Haiti from Barbados

Wage and Benefit Growth Hits Historic Low (but! weak labor market keeps inflation pressures benign!)

If you live or have friends/family in a Republican/Blue Dog congressional district....

Does anyone have info about possibly sending those 'toxic trailers' to Haiti for housing?

Tea Baggers

Budget and Economic Outlook: 2010 to 2020

sarah palin's PAC raised $1.4 million in final six months of 2009

Regulators Shut Down Banks In 5 States

Study shows no fewer crashes in NY, despite cell phone ban

I used to enjoy C-Span Booknotes on the weekend

What's the difference between a Republican and a single-payer advocate?

Dr. Margaret Flowers was arrested for single-payer Civil Disobedience. Liveblogging on Thursday!

President Obama, V.P. Biden, and Hunter Biden at a Georgetown Duke basketball game - pics

Proof that Gawd is pissed at the GOP for paling around with Scabs(devils)

BREAKING NEWS: “Glenn Beck” Confesses His On-Air Persona Is Part Of Decade-Long Sociology Experiment

President's last word to the opposition

Why do people vote against their own interests? (BBC)

I wonder if Pat Robertson thinks God loves Saudi Arabia more than us since God gave them all the oil

Isn't misrepsenting yourself to gain access to something a crime in itself?

China Leading Race to Make Clean Energy

The Next Bailout Recipients?Employees of Bank of America Corp. , Citigroup and Goldman Sachs

Hawaii civil-unions bill quashed in House: measure killed in election year

The Faces of School Reform

Obama Administration May Investigate Controversial College Football Bowl System

"OK, how do I blame this fuck-up on Boehner"


NY Times - Paul Volcker - "How to Reform Our Financial System"

Xe (now Blackwater) and their Connection to the GOP

Has anyone ever calculated how much interest we have paid over the years on Reagan's debt?

Why are people jumping on the Margolis/Yoo report without knowing all the details?

Headset on, Obama does basketball commentary on TV - story with pics

Conviction angers anti-abortion militants

Weird Idea: We have been there for victims of the Tsunami, Katrina and Haiti....

After my thread on Bank Fees thought I would post some firsthand info on it all

ClimateGate Scientists’ Conduct: Unethical and Illegal

Link seen between increasing teen pregnancy rates and abstinence-only education

Empathy for our fellow woman/man is the best example of morality.

I really want Sara to run against Obama!

Do think the whole "Iran is trying to get nuclear weapons to use" meme has any merit?

OpenLeft: Blanche Lincoln Calls Environmentalists Extremists

Why I think Bipartisan Deficit Commission Can Not Cut Social Security

Bush went out of his way to avoid situations where he had to face critics in front of a camera

Catcher in the Alps: Caulfield does Davos

Democrats quietly working to resuscitate healthcare overhaul

A great Robin Williams quote about HCR from his latest HBO special, paraphrased

"I feel shame and regret for having supported the Iraq war ... so why can't Blair?"

OK Used Cars

Protecting your identity

OK...I've had it. Spring needs to arrive like RIGHT NOW!

Bush/Clinton Speech Fail - Fake but Funny

Washington State Republicans Eat Their Own

Take this quiz to see if you really are a Liberal!

Personally, I am somewhat disappointed that Scott Roeder was not charged with terrorism.

U.S. regulators approved shim to fix Toyota gas pedal - Supplier can crank out 120,000 shims/day

GOP sends letter appearing to be census form

Paulson: Russia tried to exacerbate US financial crisis

Hilarious proof that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree

Replay of Howard Zinn speaking and Q&A from 1/18/07 on C-span 2 ...

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Fred Armisen does the WORST Obama impression EVER

Doctor: Quake victims dying without US airlifts

Families of Fallen Soldiers Accuse Tony Blair ("I hope the sound of my tears will ring in his ears")

For $50, castle is home for a lucky lord or lady

Book Rec: Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle by Chris Hedges

Just to kind of put things in perspective...

Quakes 'decade's worst disasters'

Democratic Ownership of Government, Year One: What You Expected?

Don't know if this is right for DU. As a vet I feel it is.

Obama can handle what no G.O.P. President or candidate can handle!

International Criminal Court proposes powers to try politicians who wage 'illegal wars'

How many Democrats does it take to screw 140 Republicans?

Anti-Vaccine Scientist Acted "Dishonestly and Irresponsibly"

O'Reilly viewers give Obama 94% approval..

Protest held in Tokyo against US military presence

Thanks, Mods!

Al Franken offers bill to limit foreign influence in U.S. elections

Michael Douglas' Son, Cameron Douglas, to Serve 10-Year Minimum Sentence for Drug Trafficking

2010 Davos unofficial theme: "First, kill all the bankers" (WSJ)

2010 Davos unofficial theme: "First, kill all the bankers" (WSJ)

Obama met with George HW Bush this morning...

this tea party guy . . . omfg

Tenn. approves guidelines for Bible class

Now We Impeach Jay Bybee

A lot of people don't give teachers the respect

Tax Defense Network is hiring 150 people in Jacksonville, FL

Sunday TV News Shows

6,000 face loss of prenatal care (where is the outrage of pro-lifers?)

Frank Rich: The State of the Union Is Comatose

Take this quiz to see if you really are a Liberal!

Boots, a pharmacy chain in the UK gets taken over by a US firm, then workers pensions are slashed.

Horsey TOON : He's already there, folks....

What exactly is a Foreign Corporation?

Rank-and-file members of Congress get $174,000 per year.

10 Americans held in Haiti; tried to move kids

Blair accused of putting war with Iran on the electoral agenda

Howard Zinn: an indignation against the bullies of the world

2010 campaign ads... "Ribbon Cutting"

Jeb Bush slowly returning to the limelight

China Leading Race to Make Clean Energy

It's time for Obama to have a televised Q & A with Blue Dogs.

Woo-hoo! I got a job offer!11111!!!!1 Good news, bad news...


It's like a French Revolution in reverse

The best jobs bill is single payer

And you thought your carpal tunnel was from typing…

Ed. Sec. Arne Duncan on Hurricane Katrina: Best Thing for New Orleans Schools

All is forgiven?

Gagging order on David Kelly records could be lifted

Rightwingers NEED to KNOW: Bush/Reagan ENTIRELY to blame for 'corporate free speech' decision.

From a friend, for a smile:

Another reason to hate the Miss America pageant

Thanks for the question, Mr. President

Overdraft fee replacement worse than the original

Sen. Specter asked to leave the stage as Rep. Sestak makes closing statement...? - pics

Won't someone please call a Waahmbulance for these poor little sociopaths?

Is Ford A 'Strawman' For Gillibrand?

Watching GEM$NBC this morning I get the impression that

The President will respond to your questions in a live YouTube interview at the WH Monday, Feb. 1st

Should we vote for a Presidital Candiate who does not advocate cutting despense speading in half?

Union members and friends of labor, it's time for a call to action.

Are The Rabid Raccoons Coming For Us?

Wasserman-Schultz: Senators Lied About Supporting Public Option-WHY-Because Corporations OWN US

Right wingers "confused" about Govt official talking about Christian Identity hate groups

Got tired of receiving right wing stupidity in e-mail form from a "friend"

Chirac: Bush Half-Cracked When He Started His Iraq War

On a scale of 0 to 100, what is your approval rating of Obama?

Authors of Bush torture memos to be cleared of misconduct

Pentagon: Repeal of DADT will be a "several-year process"; they need ANOTHER STUDY

Super Bowl Boycott

A Special Message To My Fellow Unemployed DUers: Don't Stop Looking

A reminder as to how fake the whole torture narrative really is

BBC: Why do people often vote against their own interests?

Convention Brews Tea Party Tension

State charter schools program is 'out of control' - junk bonds, insider fees...

Some good news from Guantanamo...

Parent upset at school handling of alleged battery

The day fascism ruled a Palo Alto classroom - In 'The Wave,' ex-teacher Ron Jones looks back

Barney Frank: We're broke because of war

Etta James is very ill

Corporations carving up Haiti at World Econ Forum

Rep Payne: Obama Makes War OK

Robert Gates "relaxing" by watching movie about Pentagon coup d'etat and telling NYT about it.

The American Prayer Hour: Countering the 'Far Loony Religious Right'

Is Pam Tebow A Liar? Abortions Were Illegal In The Philippines...

Du member rebel with a cause has passed away

Was Landrieu's Office Set Up By Operatives Like Family Research Council? Help Me Find Info Please

Discipline methods from a charter school that would get public school teachers in serious trouble.

I have a problem with faggots

Triagulation2010: We're now peddling as "reform" a re-warmed 1993 GOP bill, as the President . . .

Disaster Declared: Cheyenne River Sioux

The IPad, Kindle, other digital readers and how they'll change the way we learn

Russia Flexes Military Power With 'Futuristic' Fighter Jjet

Education and Accountability

"We are the change we've been waiting for."

Maybe I'm overstating it... but the past 72 hours changed the trajectory, I think

The Libertines - Up the Bracket

The Verve - A Northern Soul

Anyone want to go to Fight Club with me?

Has your morning breath ever been so bad that it turned into a solid mass?

Fri Night Blues postscript- RL Burnside, Long Haired Doney

Who needs a lima?

The puppies are getting big (Shiba Inu Puppy Cam)

White Zombie - Blood, Milk, and Sky

I'm sorry Holy Spirit but we're gonna have to let you go...

what's a Llama bean?

I'm taking my test next week to get my driver's license.

Redheads are alien-human hybrids

The Platters-Twilight Time

Surf or Sand?

Bees. Youtube {2:10}

Surf and Turf

you know it's cold when


Anybody else have WinAmp? Use ShoutCast radio (free radio)?

Billy Burnette @ The Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, 2002, "Tear It Up"

Windows 7 is teh awesome.

The Yardbirds "Train Kept A Rollin'," France 1966 (Jimmy Page on bass)

Stray Cats with Dave Edmunds, Loreley 1983: "Tear It Up"

Have you ever boxed a drunk wino?

B.B. King & Buddy Guy - "I Can't Quit You Baby," live @ B.B. King's Blues Club

"Dear Mr. Fantasy" Traffic

Don't smoke in bed...

Dog saves boy from cougar

Today is Dick Cheney's birthday.

When does the Valentine's Day Fundraiser start?

The London Philharmonic Orchestra - When The Levee Breaks

Wolfman featuring Pete Doherty - For Lovers

Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London

Shakira - She Wolf

why dont we call a kennel what it is. a cage.

Beachbaby sighting at the Libree

X - Hungry Wolf

Yesterday's new Quintet - Sun Goddess

Primal Scream - Higher than the Sun

I promise to leave Midlo alone now if she gives me her lucky Bunco dice....!!!

The New Lounge Word Of The Day Is.......'..taker- backer'

D'Angelo - Ain't No Sunshine

Does anyone else have a place where they put their special stuff?

DOROTHY ASHBY - Little Sunflower

Ashley Slater's Private Sunshine

The Rivieras - California Sun

Nuyorican Soul - i am the black gold of the sun (4hero remix)

Stevie Wonder - You are the sunshine of my life

Koop - Summer Sun

Thievery Corporation - Marching the hate machines (into the sun)

Jazzanova - Bohemian Sunset

Cat Stevens - Moonshadow

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

You ever been so drunk that you have to sit down for awhile...

"When The Levee Breaks" (original version by Memphis Minnie & Joe McCoy)


Sting - Sister Moon

Nick Drake - Pink Moon


Nicola Conte - Wanin' Moon

Black Moon - "Who's Got The Props"

Which part of Dag Hammarskjöld's name is more difficult for you to pronounce?

Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Savage ft. Akon - Moonshine

Duran Duran - Hungry Like The Wolf

Have you ever cheered the Huskies on to victory?

Grammy tribute: Neil Young sat in audience as 20 of his best known songs were performed

Thanks to NetFlix and my hubby, I have discovered a very funny BritCom called

Repo Men, the Movie (Jude Law, Forest Whitaker) April

Bar is open early today...who else wants to get Sh*tfaced today?

Suing a HOA? anyone tried?..

Take a current trend/style/custom and extend it into the future:

The Doors - Moonlight Drive

The Cramps - I Was a Teenage Werewolf

Showtime in five!

Where's a good place to track down some Girl Scouts?

What's spinning on the Ipod/Mp3 player/cassette/8-reel?..

This is a JOKE, right? "Classic Fudge Cake High-Foaming Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath"

Paranormal Activity was stupid and a waste of $5.00

Do you expect your friends to disassociate with people you don't like?

Why are my youtubes all sticky?

Can someone help me find the name of this song. Some guy sang

Does Anyone Here Meditate?

Artist transforming Hummer into horse cart

Danno has taken the suspect into custody. What should he do next?

Which male celebrities or athletes have feminine-looking butts?

Los Lobos - Will the Wolf Survive?

Los Lobos - Will the Wolf Survive?

Tonight on Netflix, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

So an old guy comes up to me after Town Meeting today and says

Does anyone here levitate?

I think I'll go to the marijuana store today.

Elton John-Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

Rancid - California Sun

"Baby Jane's in Acapulco. We are flyin' down to Rio."

Midlo Appreciation Thread....

Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising

Pic line is out ... waiting on the DR. I am ready to be home

Where can I get some cheap wrinkle free button down shirts?

Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg - Je T'aime... Moi Non Plus

My daughter has to pick a major at the end of the year. Anthropology?

OK...I've had it. Spring needs to arrive like RIGHT NOW!

If you had a problem, what would you do?

A bad date consists of...

I've had my CPAP for 5 days now, and I feel great!!

Does anyone have a little dog that jumps into your arms while standing?

Man asks volunteers to carry him up Manhattan for 9.4 miles

Trucking 101: Truck Stop Showers and Trucker Hygiene

18 yrs old -- travel to Ukraine alone in Feb?


How come no one ever sings a GG Allin song on American Idol?

I fell off the toilet last night.

I think I have DU's most affectionate kitten.

Man calls Michael Jackson movie stupid. Gets 30 days in jail.

i'm going to college!

Hey Dead Fans! Check out these old school photos....

Cat's been diagnosed with Diabetes- food is expensive

I'm in the mood for something greasy

I Predict...

Hit songs about physical fighting and raisning hell.

a tale from when i was a kid

Rolling Stone Keith Richards gives up alcohol

'Lost' Cat Survives; Takes Cross-Country Trip To California

Hurry!! The Miss America Contest is on TLC right now...

I actually go to 4chan. Ask me anything.

Du member rebel with a cause has passed away

What's on your TV/stereo/mp3 player/whatever media player?

almost stereotypical AZ sunset, just missing the saguaro ; )

OK Used Cars

I dreamed I went to a DU gathering

Petfinder says this is a Labrador mix

Should I be worried when a psychic approaches me in Best Buy & says "you are surrounded by trouble"?

Name a commonly held ability that you don't have

If you were to leave the USA forever, what country would be your preferred destination?

Who is your favorite under rated actor??

What is something you will never eliminate from your diet no matter what?

Jonathan Richmann - your thoughts?

Who is your favorite over rated actor?

Fake "BREAKING NEWS" posts in GD

Describe the worst date you've ever been on.

The Grocery Express Lane...15 Items or Less..

Congrats Serena Williams

I dreamed last night that Charlie Crist was going to lose because his lack of kung fu

OPR Report Altered by Obama Administration To Cover Bush DOJ Malfeasance

Kudos to our President

Is Obama's beatdown of the GOP today part of a greater plan that began with the SOTU?

Obama did great today. Took names and kicked ass...Just one small complaint

Republican response to Obama's yesterday meeting

Marsha Blackburn is a classless tool

This is gonna be good! Tomorrow's MTP line up. Heh.

President Obama on Reining in Budget Deficits: Won’t Accept 'Opposition

President Obama Skewers Republicans At GOP Retreat

I really don't envy the SOB who has to debate Obama in 2012.

But what are YOU doing in your caucases to stop earmarks? I can't do this alone.

I can't WAIT for the political cartoons portraying today's ass-beating

Was today the modern-day equivalent of Joseph Welch's "Have you no sense of decency at long last?"

Republicans Willing To Take The Risk Of Doing Absolutely Nothing Constructive

The President Obama we voted for

Washington Monthly's Steve Benen: Scream Bloody Murder

If Bush had delivered a performance like Obama did yesterday, what impact would it have had on you?

The Obama we saw today was the Obama that barnstormed Iowa

Joe Bageant: The Annotated Obama

When Obama speaks, I find him much more believable than when Brent speaks...

It's good that Obama was respectful toward GOP 'ideas'

It's FDR's birthday today. Everybody par-taaay!

MSNBC will rebroadcast the Ruckus in the Caucus (Obama meeting w/ pugs) at noon today (Saturday)

No doubt any republican in the room with Obama Friday must be taken

By Executive Order

By Executive ORDER: Pres Obama announces that the Feds will reduce its greenhouse gas

President Obama Seeks $200M to Help Cities Host 9 / 11 Trials

President Obama Seeks $200M to Help Cities Host 9 / 11 Trials

Obama says U.S. deficit could jeopardise recovery

Welcome Back David Plouffe

In State of the Union speech, a resolute Obama pushes a solid agenda

We need push back against the emerging GOP spin.

TURN TO CBS....Obama's at the Georgtown/Duke game

94% of Faux News Viewers Give Obama an A Grade For First Year

Over at - The Beat Down in Baltimore is sinking in!

Where was Hillary during the SOTU. I have asked and also

When the Party of No try to claim they were shut out of health care, play this video

On what page in your paper was the Obama butt kicking? And what city are you in?

On foreign influence, experts back Obama

Is this Obama's job after he retires in 2016

From Dec., Sen. Coburn on health care: "First of all, we're trying to kill the bill..."

"OBAMA EATS REPUBLICANS' LUNCH"! Reviews, bonus, poll, photos

#Questiontime Live On Cnn

Headset on, Obama does basketball commentary on TV

Paul Volcker: How to Reform Our Financial System (NYT op-ed)

Obama: Cutting deficit as important as job growth

Can he be any cooler??

Anyone else hoping the President takes on the Senate GOP next?

Obama to propose $3.8 trillion 2011 budget

Scott Brown vs Barack Obama in 2012?

Obama's Letter To Alfalfa Club

Obama’s letter to the Alfalfa dinner....

Heehee Hahaha - Meet the Press guest tomorrow ~

Chuck Todd Makes A Racist Remark Regarding Mexicans And Mccain

The State of the Union Is Comatose, By FRANK RICH (NYT)

How to Reform Our Financial System, By PAUL VOLCKER (NYT)

WSJ guy thinks Obama should apologize to the All Mighty Supreme Court

NY Daily News: Obama left the not-so-loyal opposition bleeding on a Baltimore ballroom floor

Barack Obama's Finest Hour Yet

DNA helps link Obama and Senator-elect Brown

Richard Wolffe: Obama's Plan to Split the GOP

Melissa Harris-Lacewell: The Obama I Remember

L.A. Times dropped a turd on the front page of its print edition

Obama's brilliance on display yesterday, and how it could be a game-changer.

George H.W. Bush and son Jeb visit Obama at White House - AP

The non partisan lesson from Obama's meeting with the GOP.

There is ONE other living Democrat that could've done close to what Obama did today

Now I need to see a birth certificate!

So, how are you all feeling this weekend?

ABC wow lamers

The Baltimore Massacre

Here's a wild thought that i had following the Baltimore Smackdown:

this is how i described him on the campaign trail- he will smile

Krugman: Cossack Rahm Works For The Czar

Photos: The Obama Presidency, January, 30th 2010 (Special Saturday Edition!)

Obama drinks Republicans' Milkshake

I am kind of sad Obama spanked the repubs so soundly

President Obama is gonna be tough to beat in 2012

I hesitate to say this on a site like DU, but at my own peril I just have to admit:

My Really Big Picture Populist Nightmare

**DU ACTION** If you liked what you heard from President Obama yesterday, share it with others.

C-span republican line very positive on Obama

Does the Obama-Biden rift worry you?

Our Generation X President's First Year

So Obama invites the GOP to meet again, on TV, live, and no limitations


Still in the afterglow...

New Obama poll numbers WTF!!!

Still think she's not running...

Meanwhile, Freepers' heads explode all over the Internets...

Am I alone? Or is the greatest President you have ever seen?

A very productive Congress, despite what the approval ratings say

Report: Military Airlift of Quake Victims Halted

Taliban deny meeting UN envoy to talk peace in Afghanistan

(Illinois) Comptroller's office knew about Burr Oak remains in 2003

(Wash. state) GOP caucus bans state Sen. Pam Roach, tells her to get anger counseling

A very productive Congress, despite what the approval ratings say

Police: Utah teacher fatally shot in parking lot

Disaster Declared: Cheyenne River Sioux

U.S. appeals ruling in Blackwater case that involved a Baghdad shooting

Nigeria fighters call off ceasefire (OIL)

Obama says U.S. deficit could jeopardise recovery

Afghan's new interior minister: Yes, I’ll make peace with Taliban

Colombia's Uribe visits Honduras to restore ties

Conviction angers anti-abortion militants

News Corp. to pay $500M settlement to Valassis

At Davos, Bankers Are on the Run

Gagging order on David Kelly records could be lifted

Rip Torn Arrested For Alleged Bank Break-In

Senior Hamas leader murdered in Dubai hotel

Anger as NATO airstrike kills 4 Afghan soldiers

Italy judges defy Berlusconi in walkout over reform

G.O.P. Adopts ‘Purity’ Pledge After Revisions

Cost Dispute Halts Airlift of Injured Haiti Quake Victims

Iraqi father vows to pursue U.S. lawsuit against Blackwater

Sheik threatens voter boycott over ballot purge (Iraq)

Iran starts trial of 16 post-election protestors

White House lists some proposed cuts in 2011 budget

Google phases out support for IE6

GOP's Whitman disavows 'proud racist' councilman

US firm kicked out of Peru mining group for pollution

U.S. Speeding Up Missile Defenses in Persian Gulf

Justice Official Clears Bush Lawyers (Yoo & Bybee) in Torture Memo Probe

Italy follows France with a bid to ban the burqa

China warns US over proposed arms sales to Taiwan

Obama to seek major increase in nuclear weapons funding

Americans arrested taking children out of Haiti

Sesame Street And The Economy

Sesame Street And The Economy

Nouriel Roubini on the 2010 Economy


Freedom Under Fire

U.S. Secret Service - A Tribute To The Men & Women Who Protect The President

BBC4 explains how news reports are made (ha!)

Doctors Flowers and Paris Arrested, Re: Obama and Medicare for All

Dr. Margaret Flowers at the White House

The Tea Party National Convention's Ad

James O'Keefe The Rise and Fall

Rep. Steve Buyer (R-IN) Hey Indiana! Is This REALLY The Best You Can Do?

Indiana Congressman Steve Buyer (R) Quits! Amid Wife's Illness and Ethics Investigation

Rep. Weiner On The Debate Over A KSM Trial In NYC: 'I Think We All Sound Frightened And Scared'

Young Turks: Howard Zinn RIP (w/ December Interview)

You can almost see the Kool Aid mustaches on these guys

Prop 8 Trial Re-enactment, Day 1 Chapter 1.

Send Lawyers, Locks & Money

Grayson: "Obama Has Gone Too Far In Reaching Out To Republicans At The Cost Of Progress"

Barack Obama Does Play-by-Play at Georgetown - Duke

The Moment Faux News Cut Away From President Obama Schooling The GOP

MSNBC: Tweety Recounts Insight From Axelrod Re. The Motives Behind Confronting The GOP

TYT: Cenk Interviews Rep. DWS, Result Is Healthcare News & Disagreement On SOTU (w/ Transcript)

TYT: Why Reaching Out to Republicans is a Terrible Idea

Weekly Address: GOP Focused On Winning Elections, Not Solving Problems

Robyn E. Blumner: Don't forget how we got to this place

Surprise! Income Inequality Bad for Your Health. And the Nation's

Paying More, Buying Less

Tony Blair accused of putting war with Iran on the electoral agenda

Robert Fisk: Tony Blair and his oh-so-clean conscience

To gasps from the gallery, Blair said we should be proud of the war

Not So Fast, Chris Matthews

Making room for the Taliban

An Essay on Right-wing Extremist Radio

GOP Calls for Rematch, With Obama's Cardboard Cutout

Corruption in Washington is smothering America's future

A very productive Congress, despite what the approval ratings say

BBC: Why do people often vote against their own interests?

Suspension of 4 TV Channels Lifted

At Davos, Bankers Are on the Run

A Radical Treasure

Northeastern Republicans Envision Comeback

Tracey Ullman as Rachel Maddow

Nothing To Fear - Misreading Muslim immigration in Europe BOSTON REVIEW

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: Senators Lied About Supporting Public Option

The New Pentagon Budget

Keep Your Culture War Out of My Superbowl!

Impeach John Roberts for Lying to Congress

Helen is back, but Palin has defeated her

CBS Rejects SuperBowl Ad from Gay Dating Website


Sen. Collins Obama Wouldn't Recognize A Terrorist If He Was Blowing Up A Plane Right In Front Of Him

China to Open Military Bases Worldwide. There’s a New Kid in Town.

Military - Industrial - Congressional - Media complex keeps us in never-ending wars

AlterNet: Watch out Tea Party, Progressive Anger Is Alive and Kicking

Democracy Now! EXCLUSIVE: Blackwaters Youngest Victim 1 of 4

What to make of this garbage? (Scientists Broke Law By Hiding Climate Change Data)

US pledges to cut federal government emissions by 28% by 2020

Tesla Motors to go public

Glaciergate's Dr Pachauri has more explaining to do.

Keeping the gas water heater on pilot only.

Toshiba SCiBTM BATTERY 90% charge in less than 5 min. w/ 10 year/6000 cycle life

California toxic dump causing birth defects - "a human tragedy"

Clean energy at what cost? Algonquin leader questions nuclear industry’s uranium mining practices

Ed Miliband declares war on climate change skeptics

the NFL is now on

Chirpy Korean Girl Group Likes Glitter, Knee-Highs, Iowa Hawkeyes Football


No comment here about the POTUS and VPOTUS at the Georgetown game this

Did Steven Jackson beat up a pregnant woman?

"Violence, punctuated by committee meetings."

Mayweather vs Mosley

NBC to tape-delay Olympics coverage for West Coast viewers again

Testimonies of Israeli Female Soldiers Regarding Violations Against Palestinian Civilians

Machu Picchu tourist airlift ends with 1,300 flown out

Central America’s Rule of Law: Guatemala Captures Portillo But Honduras Rewards Micheletti

Colombia's Uribe visits Honduras to restore ties

US firm kicked out of Peru mining group for pollution

Doctor: Quake victims dying without U.S. airlifts


Latin America rejects old U.S. approach in drugs war

South Florida hospitals deny they refused care to Haitians

Senior Hamas leader murdered in Dubai hotel

Colombia's Uribe visits Honduras to restore ties

U.S. 'integrates' with ally Colombia on mass murder: 'an infinity of bodies' found (d. 2005-2010)

World Isn't Buying Israel's Explanations Anymore

Today in Labor History Jan 30 The International Labor Organization (ILO) was founded

Looks like it's time for CCW holders to "Meet at Peet's!"

Utah teacher fatally shot in parking lot

Thank God for guns video

Observations on what I see in these forums

Finally, we now understand what the real problem with gun-grabber is! Hoplophobia!

The benefits of gun control.

(Military) Clock Starts Ticking to End Gay Ban

Protest, prayer planned in response to 'Family' connected to Uganda bill

Does it make sense to stop watching CBS because of their rejection of Mancrunch's ad?

Prop 8 trial Re-enactment, Day 1 Chapter 1. is up on youtube!

Empowering Spirits Foundation: Bridging the gap between the LGBT community and non-LGBT neighbors

I have a problem with faggots

Wolf Moon

snowed in.. no work today!

Since we definitely have ice, dangerous, but not THAT much

Remember the last time we Southerners had snow - and the wreck on my hill?

I just have to say

NASA Airborne Radar Studies Haiti Earthquake Faults

Scientists Discover a New Form of Lightning

Damn, I'm missing summer

The Chimpcam Project

Spirit to roam no more

"Wolf" Moon


Reflections #2

not that I can see through these clouds

Quick snaps outside this morning.

For a winter-weary bunch of shutterbugs

Reflections #1

Reflections #3

Nekkid Trees!

Hey, Photo Group!

A walk through a snowed in Southern Neighborhood - looking decidedly different



Jim Carrey on awakening

Gaaah, what's going on?

Does anyone here know much about fairies and elementals?

funny thing on HGTV

What You Need to Know About CDs

Electric car maker Tesla Motors plans IPO

Iceland defends right to vote on Icesave redress

''Wage and Benefit Growth Hits Historic Low''


Native Knowings: Wisdom Keys for 2012 and Beyond

Sceptics stage homeopathy 'overdose' to discredit drugs

Changing Face of the Enemy

Bloomberg's 12 Step Method to Close Down Public Schools

Arne Duncan: Katrina Was “Best Thing To Happen To Education In New Orleans”

Implementing "charter" schools in a public setting - what the REAL results are.

Interesting piece on AlertNet discussing a duality of materialism and spiritualism

I would like to make Carbonara tonight for the first time - we are snowed in

I think I'll start with the bacon wrapped, deep fried matzo balls.

Ensalada de Napolitos ( Cactus Salad ) - Had this today, it was great.

Food Jammers

eek. this will be fun.