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Chinese pop stars face $12,000 lip-synching fine

Show is a rerun,,,Rachel Maddow up next on Letterman.

It's official: CalPERS loses $500 million on New York apartment deal

Taylor Marsh, HuffPo: Barack Obama, Cynic in Chief

Timely Toon..

Former U.S. Sen. Charles McC. Mathias Jr. of Maryland dies at 87.

What was the purpose of the stimulus bill ?

What was the purpose of the stimulus bill ?

Blue Light Can Activate Walking Behavior in Genetically Modified Mice

Keeping the majority

Coke, Booze, Assault: Blackwater Contractors' Past Revealed In Murder Case

Tucker Carlson posting on DU?

Votes in the House that could be available to us to pass the Senate bill ("no" votes last time)

Rep. Carol Shea-Porter: If We Sent the Men Home, We Could Pass Health Care Reform

Joe Biden should run for Senate again - he's needed there more

"Emergency spending" not frozen?

Ok this is a bravo to AC 360 and I have given few

Health Care Strike: if piss poor bill passes

Simon and Ellen fighting? Ellen asking how soon Simon can be replaced?

If more people actually invested, invested for the long run, there

I Recommend The Movie "Food, Inc." - Downright Scary

Please join me in getting to be more fair & balanced

Harry Reid has now spent a year preventing Republicans from filibustering.

Here's the thing--I simply don't agree with ANYbody here.

Here's the thing--I simply don't agree with ANYbody here.

Brian Killmeade on Sarkozy's anti-veil rhetoric: "Why don't we say that here?"

100 years ago: “White slavery” Mann Act passes House

If you are not allowed to vote, then you shouldn't be allowed to

The problem is that 30 years of Republican policies have pretty much destroyed America

Fresh Off a Massachusetts Victory, G.O.P. Aims at Illinois

Fresh Off a Massachusetts Victory, G.O.P. Aims at Illinois

Create more jobs! Stop spending! Turn my water into wine!

Ford is building the new Explorer in Chicago, hiring 1200

My favorite Republican, Mac Mathias, has died at 87

CHANGE NYC AND LOVE POLICE: Everything is OK on the New York Subway

Clinton and Gore "streamlined the government."

The war in Iraq is just like paying Alimony

Meanwhile, in other homeland news...

Thousands of PTSD vets may get benefits boost

Bob Herbert: Obama's Credibility Gap ("Who is Barack Obama?")

The Health Care Solution that Dare not Speak its Name: Price Controls

Robert Reich: Obama's Tiny Jobs Ideas for Main Street, A Big Spending Freeze for Wall Street

Which incumbent Dems in Congress are in danger of losing their seat this election?

Sale of helium poses supply risk, panel finds

Udall (D-NM) wants Senate to decide on the filibuster

A spending freeze on social programs is a neo-con wet-dream. More bad policy.

First thing that needs to be frozen is abstinence education

First thing that needs to be frozen is abstinence education

I can't tell you how much I want Barry to make it....

Roeder's potentially fatal mistake for any defense he has: Pointing his gun at witnesses

I'm gonna freeze my spending, except for, like, that spending part

Modern American Political Discourse

What Obama Will Say In His State of the Union Address

From Alternet: Gays, lesbians increasingly powerful, court told

Coke, Booze, Assault: Blackwater Contractors' Past Revealed In Murder Case

6 Little words could solve a lot of problems

A quick glimpse at rue face of the 'new' Republicans

A Corporate Hatch Act?

Numbers worth pondering - it's about Health Care Reform

Irish Central: Kennedy family FURIOUS over Coakley's lousy campaign and spurning K help.

Spotty service records for charged Xe guards

France MPs' report backs Muslim face veil ban

What is "middle class"?

The moderators are the chemo that is curing DU.

I will tell President Obama the very same thing I tell my grandchildren.....

Conservatives are STILL buying bumper stickers complaining about Jane Fonda!?!

New Yorker: Maxo died-The house that I called home during my visits to Haiti collapsed on top of him

Signed "COURAGE" from Alan Grayson. Asking for your signature.

Okay, I have to get clear here.

Guardian editor hits back at paywalls

PBS News Hour interview - Jim Lehrer interviews Mark Shields and David Brooks

What's a good organization to donate to, for aid to Haiti? nt

9-Year-Old Commits Suicide

How can you have a spending freeze while still pursuing health care reform?

Your tax dollars at work. Or not.

Your tax dollars at work. Or not.

Westboro Baptist Church To Picket Twitter

Consumer Confidence Index climbs in Jan.

The unintended consequence of unlimited corporate donations.

Barack Herbert Hoover Obama?

Barack Herbert Hoover Obama?

Helping Haiti because it makes us feel good

My Paperless Life-author learned the freedom and price of living digitally.

Stephanie Miller on CNN today.

Do you know anybody who's happy?

Do you know anybody who's happy?

Rights vs. Privileges

Polish bishop accuses Jews of using Holocaust as propaganda

GOP Sends Letter Appearing To Be Census Form

President Obama says bin-Laden is nothing but a poseur

We need a WAR ON WAR SPENDING, not a freeze on social programs in a time of crisis. nt

The spending cuts put forward by President Obama are...

Man who blew whistle on Abramoff tells the story of how he did it

How Canada Did It: Funding public health care with a publicly-owned bank

Several Judicial nominations for 1/28/10

Obama HAS to freeze spending

Tea Party Convention Unravels

America, France, and Canada's Criminal Involvement in Haiti

Canadian Fisherie's Shea gets a pie in the face, re:Seals

Scamming schoolboy lives the high life thanks to $200,000 crime spree

A map of unemployment in America

Hey, MSNBC... Pushing Chuck Todd in our faces all day

Hey, MSNBC... Pushing Chuck Todd in our faces all day

did anyone else get the poll from

Anybody who's nearsighted, and hasn't had lasik surgery, have you

“Stereotyped As Ignorant & Greedy Indians" - Abramoff Whistleblower-tells the story of how he did it

How incomprehensible that Democrats in Congress....?

The best thing about this? Freepers are sad: Pence won't run against Bayh

The best thing about this? Freepers are sad: Pence won't run against Bayh

The cruelty of DR policies re Haitians

Are Democrats doomed? Not necessarily -- but they need to stop acting like it.

Mr Pres, I'll believe your new commitment to the working class when "Free" Trade has been repealed..

Send California inmates to Mexico, says Schwarzenegger

The Rude Pundit: The Plight of the Liberal Under Obama, Part 1

Obama Takes Heat From Left Over Spending Freeze

The Jews make Palestinians beat their wives

Who is Obama listening to? Certainly not DU...

The Spending Freeze is Worse than a Crime

Leftists slam capitalism at Social Forum in Brazil

$7.99 for Hope for Haiti Concert from ITunes and 100% goes for Haiti relief.

My only question to people who are for Abstinence Only education....

"Congress Went to Denmark, You Got the Bill"

18% of Americans struggled to purchase food last month,

Candidate Obama quote from September 2008

Modern use of the word filibuster..

OpenLeft: It is unlikely that spending will actually be frozen or cut

Podesta: Pass The Senate Bill And Fix It Later (thru reconciliation)

Progressive ideals are the enemy of America

Bernie Sanders on MSNBC: Spending Freeze is Needed, but Depends on What is Cut

Obamonomics = Reaganomics: a primer

In case you missed it, Goodman did an hourlong interview with Robert Redford

Perfect right wing targeting and positioning - church/state FOX guns

The Savage Weiner is back to terrorize San Francisco

Coakley-Brown really was a national referendum on Barack Obama. Even if it wasn't.

GOP using phony "Census forms" for fundraising.

Obama supports Bernanke. Look at what Bernanke is....

GM to build electric motors in Maryland

Indonesia mulls tearing down Obama statue

Schools reroute aid for disabled

Why do republicans listen to their base, follow there base, die by there base...

Teen pregnancy rate up after 10-year decline

If the Republicans win back the House with these tactics...?

Good guys and good deeds, yeah, maybe sometimes.

NYTimes recommends Congress pass Senate version of HCR...

I think the Democrats should continue with the normal reconciliation process and let the Republicans

What do you think he will say in the State Of the Union address?

Do You Approve Of The Proposed Spending Freeze?

My biggest peeve with Obama is, he appears to reward those that should be punished.

Hartmann: "Seating Bernanke more important to Dems than health care"

FOX NEWS 2012: Obama vs Romney|Palin|Gingrich 47:35 55:31 53:29

Iffy Unacceptable Tax Breaks

My idea to clean up this mess.....

Saab to be sold to Spyker

Did you know that more than 80% of all products sold at Walmart are foreign made due to FreeTrade?

Long-term unemployment linked to more sex

Is it true?

Per my prediction: Asian Carp DNA found in L. Michigan..

Raw Story: Under fire, Obama’s chief of staff calls liberal strategy ‘fucking retarded’

Barney Frank warned: "reduce military budget," Not Social Security or Medicare:

Washington DC Metro transit agency in 'serious disorder'

Rise in teenage pregnancy rate spurs new debate on arresting it

Rise in teenage pregnancy rate spurs new debate on arresting it

California governor seeks to operate prisons in Mexico for undocumented felons

The bad Spending Freeze advice given to Pres Obama Will Cost Him Reelection in 2012...

Tell me who will be affected by these areas reportedly subject to possible budget cuts

Freeze, Like a Deer in Headlights

another sad case of bullying-"9 year-old hangs self at school"

Michelle Obama wax figure unveiled at NYC museum

Michelle Obama wax figure unveiled at NYC museum

Senate rejects task force to tackle deficit

A spending freeze that does not include GETTING OUR $2 TRILLION BACK FROM WALL ST... IS NOT a freeze

Don't Look Back: Major Players Continue To 'Walk Away' From Poor Mortgages

Anybody know of any books that deal with what goes on behind the scenes, on an international level?

Do we care if Wall Street is "Happy?"

The political climate is drifting into Naderism

Whipping up the right didn't turn out enough votes for the GOP.

So who else thinks Obama is on track to be the best republican president since Bill Clinton?

Just got a RoboCall from Medicare Advantage to tell me that "some people in

ACORN 'gotcha' man arrested attempting to bug Mary Landrieu's office.

Pass the Senate HCR Bill NOW, fix it later ~ SEIU president Andy Stern

Musical Interlude for James O'Keefe

What Antitrust? Ticketmaster-Live Nation merger gets Justice Department's approval

Joan Walsh: Obama is "Dead wrong, or deeply cynical" - spending freeze now is "felony stupid"

Joan Walsh: Obama is "Dead wrong, or deeply cynical" - spending freeze now is "felony stupid"

Freeps say "no thanks" to tease from possible "good old-fashioned New England Republican" Lieberman

How much aid has gone to Haiti? (numbers here are wrong, asked to be locked)

I'm worried about Social Security.

It's been said before, but it bares repeating; to all you hand wringing party loyalists

I'd like to be declared a corporation

Do you find yourself getting a mental image of what another DUer looks like?

GOP 'Census' letter draws criticism

More Liddy Than Woodward & Bernstein?

Uh Oh... FBI Arrests James O'Keefe At Landrieu's Office - Atlantic Online

Obama's "Read My Lips" Moment

So is Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer allowed to use a SC State Gov't logo on his campaign site?

We need some protection against the damn commercial on this site.

Free For All: The Movie - One Dude’s Quest to Save Democracy! A DOCUMENTARY FILM BY JOHN WELLINGTON

Jared Bernstein: Freeze-eology 101: Hatchets vs. Scalpels

If The Republicans Get Back In Total Control of the Govt, You Won't Hear A Peep About The Deficit

Anti-choice commercial for Super bowl - contact CBS and tell them NO!!!

Bernanke to get up or down vote.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky on Dylan Ratigan saying she's leaving Bank of America

Catholic Church: Homosexuality Like Anorexia

Bill O'Reilly Demands Accountability From Benefit Concert He Refused To Air

Senate Roll Call Vote on establishing a bi-partisan deficit cutting commission

Obama is crucified because of "big government spending" -- he proposes a

Big Insurance's Latest Bid to Screw Over Hospitals

Cable Contents Newly Revealed: " U.S. Troop Buildup in Afghanistan Will Hurt the War Effort"

Cable Contents Newly Revealed: " U.S. Troop Buildup in Afghanistan Will Hurt the War Effort"

Democrats Risk Losing Obama's Old Senate Seat

Five US soldiers killed in Afghan unrest

Five US soldiers killed in Afghan unrest

James O'Keefe and his Watergate Wannabe gang face felony charges

FBI: 4 Charged in Scheme to Interfere with Phone System in Senator Mary Landrieu's Office

After Three Months, Only 35 Subscriptions for Newsday's (Pay) Web Site

After Three Months, Only 35 Subscriptions for Newsday's (Pay) Web Site

After Three Months, Only 35 Subscriptions for Newsday's (Pay) Web Site

After Three Months, Only 35 Subscriptions for Newsday's (Pay) Web Site

After Three Months, Only 35 Subscriptions for Newsday's (Pay) Web Site

After Three Months, Only 35 Subscriptions for Newsday's (Pay) Web Site

Furor Brewing over Tim Tebow's Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad

Furor Brewing over Tim Tebow's Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad

Furor Brewing over Tim Tebow's Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad

After Three Months, Only 35 Subscriptions for Newsday's (Pay) Web Site

Furor Brewing over Tim Tebow's Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad

Furor Brewing over Tim Tebow's Pro-Life Super Bowl Ad

Dem Rep Mollohan In The Clear As Feds Close Years-Long Probe

Dennis's Jobs Bill

Former Senator Graham said a weapon of MD sill be used

Majority of Americans Oppose Allowing an Increase of Haitian Immigrants to the U.S.

What is Pelosi's deal with this Denmark trip?

WTF is all this terra terra BS about

Why did President Obama choose Rahm Emmanuel for his Chief of Staff?

The Chimpcam Project - story with pics

Voinovich (R-Ohio) blasts McConnell, GOP foes of deficit commission

Senate Rejects Obama Plan to Create Commission on Federal Deficit

"the problem with spending freezes is it using a hatchet where you should use a scalpel"

Are you in favor of abstinence-only serial killing education?

Man rescued from rubble 14 days after Haiti quake

AR-Sen: Blanche Lincoln Vows to Oppose Passing Health Care Reform Fixes

Who wants to bet the charges against O'Keeffe and others get dropped?

Justicia Poética: Fundie Florida QB Tim Tebow f**ks up in front of pro scouts

David Horsey Toon: The state of the Union

A Census Form Michelle Bachman Can Get Behind

Weigh Less, Pay Less: Whole Foods Offers (Employee) Discount Based On BMI

What We Know about the Young Republican Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight. From

Witness: Bias Played Role In Prop. 8

Poll: Fox Is The Most Trusted Name In TV News

Nancy Grace's lawyers seek to bar video

Tweety leading with Watergate #2 - attempting to wiretap

Somebody needs to get O'keefe's mugshot

My unsubscribe message from the mailing list

Tweety's coverage on Watergate#2 - link to video

Which Sci-fi film/series do you think the US is starting to resemble most?

Dig deep DU - Orly Taitz considering running for Office in CA

Dig deep DU - Orly Taitz considering running for Office in CA

Here's another dish of smug irony. Palin attacked unmercifully on Facebook

Will the O'Keefe and gang break in be discussed at length on

If an Arab that was a muslim had tried to Spy on a US Senator what do you think would happen?

Sick of political ads?

Evan Bayh - Useless as tits on a boar

'A Supreme Act Of Judicial Treason Against The People Of The United States, And What We Must Do'

Mika Brzezinski on Colbert tonight!

DU Tinfoilers Alert: Why Landrieu's office?

Bertha Lewis (ACORN CEO) on with Big Ed

Guardian: Jack Straw was warned the Iraq War was Illegal

Nutrition Cuts, Yet U.S. Households Struggle to buy Food:

Dr David Kelly's post-mortem results CAN be seen by doctors, Lord Hutton rules

O'Keefe is a real playa, he's kickin' it skool, G. Gordon Liddy style

Unfortunately, this is the US Budget Priorities

Blanche Lincoln will OPPOSE reconciliation on health care

Blanche Lincoln will OPPOSE reconciliation on health care

Blanche Lincoln will OPPOSE reconciliation on health care

Democrats this in now your chance to investigate the 21st century version...

Democrats this in now your chance to investigate the 21st century version...

Why do you suppose O'Keefe picked Landrieu's phone to tap? nt

There's a lot to like about Tim Tebow

The problem with Islam & misogyny, as I see it

I wonder if they weren't trying to Blagojevic Mary Landrieu

We will see far fewer blue dogs in the Senate and House in 2011

Bernanke Rounds Up Senate Confirmation Votes With Phone Calls

In Anti-Tax Oregon, Voters Consider Tapping The Rich - LATimes

In Anti-Tax Oregon, Voters Consider Tapping The Rich - LATimes

Watergate Jnr - KOs on -

Labor Leader Lashes Out At Senate Dems, Calls Some Legislative 'Terrorists'

Preview of the SOTU speech....I wish

The Home Computer Dilemma

When budgets are cut while spending goes up

I am a proud "fucking retard" liberal right here.

Is Bernanke Hiding A Smoking Gun?

Sometimes, the movies get it VERY right...

Bertha Lewis statement on O'Keefe arrest

Hilarious speech fail (Bush & Clinton)

Hmmm. Obama to make announcement on gay ban

Gillibrand hits back at Ford

Tebow is falling off his pedestal

First time I've ever done this..but help me with this Poll (Abortion)

BREITBART.. Landrieu: Phone allegations 'unsettling' for staff

BREITBART.. Landrieu: Phone allegations 'unsettling' for staff

BREITBART.. Landrieu: Phone allegations 'unsettling' for staff

BREITBART.. Landrieu: Phone allegations 'unsettling' for staff

BREITBART.. Landrieu: Phone allegations 'unsettling' for staff

Email I received from Senator McCaskill on her discretionary spending amendment

Email I received from Senator McCaskill on her discretionary spending amendment

Slow day at DU? 14 OPs on the Landrieu/ACORN pimp's arrest on the Greatest page. WTF?

The Congress must hold hearings to investigate the O'Keefe wiretapping scandal

Politics for 500 Alex:The GOP is to blame for your economic woes for standing in the way of progress

It's likely the Repub lawyers are on the way to defend O'Keefe ...and hush$$ to follow

Can anyone name just one time, when Democrats pandered to the repubs, the repubs did NOT do this?

WTF? German Christian homeschooling family given political asylum

Focus on the Family spending $2.5 mil per advert with Tebow on Superbowl Sunday

James O'Keefe was just doing his thing. Lyrics to "The Telephone Man."

Toyota suspends recalled car sales in U.S

NOLA CBS affiliate reports on O'Keefe arrest, attorney has "no idea at this point" who is paying him

Robert Reich is right! "Obama needs to say ... I'm going to bailout Mainstreet" ...

Robert Reich is right! "Obama needs to say ... I'm going to bailout Mainstreet" ...

Now we go after them, right? Hammer and Tongs, right?

We're being primed for an "Independent Party" president in 2012.

Are Okeefe and gang looking at hard time?

A friend and his 5 year old son and family are visiting the U.S. for the first time

HEADS UP: Rachel Maddow to cover Sen. Landrieu's phone taps arrest

Anti-gay meeting flops

$549 to get into the Tea Party Convention???

Ushers say Roeder pointed a gun at them

What should the media call the O'Keefe wiretap scandal? [blank]-gate

O'Connor: Corporate campaign funds could affect judiciary

Eleven actions that will bring back the USA

James O’Keefe is going to need a really good lawyer

NO Investment in America - until we TAX Top 1%

PBS responds to FAIR petition re: cancelation of Bill Moyers/Now

Americans are idiots.

Americans are idiots.

HELP!! Drier has called me for a conference call

I hope that O'Keefe and his boys appear before this generation's Judge John Sirica

I've missed the news...who can bring me up to speed on O'Keefe?

I've missed the news...who can bring me up to speed on O'Keefe?

About fat and health.

Whoa, whoa, whoa looks like this Stan Dai guy might be a spook.

Larry Anderson, star of Scientology's 'Orientation' film, wants his money back


Alleged Landrieu Phone Bug Crew Emerged From World Of Conservative Campus Journalism


Lawrance Ellison 2009 salary: $556.98 million dollars

31 House Republicans signed on to resolution praising suspected wiretapper

Echoes of Nixon. "When the President does it, it's not a crime"

I will vote for the next candidate, of any party, that calls out the GOP for being lying douchebags.

4 charged in U.S. Senate office infiltration in New Orleans

Bring me the head of Leonardo!

I don't want to "pick a side". I spend some time in both camps.

Senator David Vitters is blocking Obama's nominee to replace US attorney that wil prosecute O'Keefe

Obama’s Bud Lite Budget Freeze

Does the GOP teach these practices to some of their fervent young followers?

Nebraska lawmakers seek to ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Nebraska lawmakers seek to ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Poll finds Americans trust Fox News more than any other network

Are you a cynic or an idealist?

Breitbart says arrest not related to BigGovernment, but he's paying alleged wiretap plotter O'Keefe

Michael Fucking Waltrip is on Hannity sharing his wisdom vis a vis Obama.

Just in time for midterm elections, Watergate(for real this time!)

When the DOW first closed above 10,000...

Senator Udall: It's Time for the Constitutional Option

Routine Federal Building Security caught the Freepers Four

Arizona may be the 2010 ground zero of "Teh Stupid" with gramps being challenged by nutjob Hayworth.

Revealed: Ex-CIA agent ‘basically made up’ waterboarding details

Largest cruelty-related seizure of animals ever conducted

the intellectual dishonesty of the "centrists" blaming the left for Obama's rightward turn

James O'Keefe & Co: Hey DUers, is this the same guy? (Is this Stan Dai of illegal wiretap fame?)

Target pulls farmed salmon from its stores

Interesting CNN poll

"This man says there is trouble with our telephone."

I got into it pretty good with another ex-GI this afternoon.

Bwahaha! MSNBC is referring to O'Keefe and his cohorts as the village people!

Somewhere in an alternate universe, a liberal was arrested for breaking into a GOP senator's office

WSJ - "Democrats Shouldn't Overinterpret a (2008) Victory Mandate" - Applies to Scott Brown?

Wow, who could have imagined?

"O'Keefe-Gate". Let's make that the meme.

"O'Keefe-Gate". Let's make that the meme.

Looks to me like it oughtta be called "VITTERGATE"

Better Off DeadBeat

President Obama To Freeze Salaries Of Top US Government Officials

President Obama To Freeze Salaries Of Top US Government Officials

OK Senate, House is on board with Plan B: "House to Senate: We're Ready On Health Care If You Are"

Is there anywhere I can get up-to-date on this phone tap case?

Obama's work at transforming a major US Appeals court gets one step closer Thursday

Who is Barack Obama?-By BOB HERBERT

Fox News now working on James O'Keefe

Raped Teenager Receives 101 Lashes For Becoming Pregnant

I have something brief to say about the O'Keefe arrest

The real question regarding O'Keefe's arrest and the new Watergate Scandal

Seventh Circuit Rules Dungeons & Dragons A Threat to Prison Security

Haiti's children on their own on shattered streets

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Kline co-sponsored resolution honoring the ‘exemplary’ James O’Keefe

Did Anybody Peak In At Drudge Or Fox News To See How They Are Handling This O'Keefe LA Break-In.....

How will SCOTUS decision affect corporate media?

Day in and day out, Thom Hartmann speaks what I've been thinking and feeling.

BREAKING: O'Keefe facing additional charges

Third rate break in: or what we can learn about corruption

PREDICTION: Right wing will spin O'Keefe as a "kid" who was "a little too creative." -Michael Moore

Why 'W' missed the Saint's game in NOLA:

How will Rush spin this?

Sen. Landreiu is on the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs....

Oregonians just voted to raise taxes

I can hardly wait until Johh Dean weighs in on the O'Keefe arrest n/t

Name confusion gets kid's author banned from Texas curriculum

The Racist Hypocrisy of the Right. WaterGate II aka PimpGate.

So... at what time will Fox News' crawl "mistakenly" say O'Keefe is a Democrat?

SAUDI ARABIA: Forget detention -- misbehaving schoolgirl sentenced to 90 lashes

Is anyone familiar with how information on an inmate's crimes circulates in the prison population?

Proof that Sarah Palin and TX Gov. Rick Perry are NOT very bright


Bill Clinton understood federal spending 100x better than Obama

Here's a funny one about Teabuggergate, RICO would apply

House to Senate: We're Ready On Health Care If You Are

The Business Conference from Hell

Someone posted yesterday that this week would be better

Someone posted yesterday that this week would be better

When did NPR start doing 10 minute commercials?

Alleged wiretap plotter O'Keefe tweets "I am a journalist. The truth shall set me free"

ANDY WORTHINGTON has generated a prisoner list for BAGRAM.

FLASHBACK: 31 House Republicans Supported Resolution Honoring Alleged Felon James O'Keefe

Weasel: A Study in Aesthetics

O'Keefe is a 25-year-old punk... who will fold like a tent under questioning

who appointed acting U.S. Attorney Flanagan?

Help the poor even though I'm a troll?

HOSE Newt DOWN, he's on FIRE! Writes new "Contract," labels Dems 'Secular Socialist Coalition'

The man who blew the whistle on Jack Abramoff tells the story of how he did it

What Is The PELICAN Institute? The Landrieu PHONE BUGGING Case.

Turley said it's interesting the affidavit (re: O'Keefe, et al) didn't mention

ACORN Responds to James O’Keefe Arrest

Obama has lost The Left~


Rush Limbaugh: "I don't even want to be alive anymore."

Harkin: ‘I’m going to vote against Ben Bernanke’

Time for a rant..."...the American People..." (bad language)

Why Republicans appear unified while Dems form circular firing squads.

Change, my ass. (Dial up warning)

How's that tax revolt going, teabag fuckers?

CATO Institute: Bush Had Largest Rise In Discretionary Nondefense Spending

Holy Shite - breaking on KO

The last Straw

Surprise, surprise!......Obama Moves RIGHT

Mr. Fish and Harper's- Strangely prescient

Eugene Robinson: Pres. Obama must put action behind his rhetoric

That fact that Progressives represent such a small minority in the US

My letter to BO: "If you're going to freeze spending, then why is military spending sacred?"

And people said I was crazy to not get Lasik Surgery - see who has the last laugh....

We could potentially be facing the most serious scandal since Watergate!!!!!!

Gawker: "Catching Up with People Who Should Be in Jail: Judith Miller"

San Francisco Chronicle: PG&E SmartMeters likely to boost shut-offs

All I can think of is that this O'Keefe +3 thing is all about spying. The excitement on DU

End of life issues... can I ask some questions please?

End of life issues... can I ask some questions please?

34% of Americans are obese

Has anyone ever been tempted to just call the entire American electorate "stupid" on DU

Has anyone ever been tempted to just call the entire American electorate "stupid" on DU

Life imitates "Avatar"; indigenous people gunned down in Peru as oil exploration begins

31 House Republicans signed on to resolution praising suspected wiretapper

One of those busted with O'Keefe is son of U.S. Attorney in Lousiana.

So How Did The Feds Glom Onto This So FasT?

Do way too many people have too much money? Is that why

Statistics from Kiva's DU team

Questioning what the president 'stands for' is an old political ploy

Report: Toyota Continuing To Sell Recalled Vehicles Without A Fix

It's getting ugly at Toyota

Today I voted for taxing the wealthy and large corporations

I believe I may be even more depressed under Obama than I was under Bush*

O'Keefe co-conspirator Robert Flanagan, 24, was an intern for Rep. Mary Fallin (R-OK) last year.

You know, I think the "teabaggers" might really have some good, valid points.

CBN to Honor “Christian of the Year” Andre Bauer

Stop bashing the ACLU!

Just when you think you can't make a difference-I just got off the phone...

The "Acorn undercover" scumbags are facing a 250,000$ fine and up to 10 years in prison

O'Keefe, "Christian" who pimped fake ACORN scandel,arrested

Tebow and the anti-choice Super Bowl ad

Why is it always about cutting costs? Why not go for raising revenue?

Why are most people indifferent to the loss of Democracy?

Democratic Party Chair Michael McHale - 'Louisiana Watergate'

Senate downsizing House Jobs Bill: Unemployment benefits & COBRA health extensions not included!

And - Mr. Emanuel Calls Us "F—ing retarded"

Be afraid: Report says Al-Qaeda still aims to use weapons of mass destruction against U.S.

"Videotaping our crime spree was the best idea we've ever had!"

Rahm Emanuel: Liberals Are “F–king Retarded” - Jame Hamsher/FDL

Sen. Ben Cardin To Obama: Freeze Military Spending

So ... this federal texting ban (which I support) ....... was it enacted by the Congress or ......

Krugman: Obama Liquidates Himself

Paying to work - When childcare costs exceeds the paycheck

BREAKING: Liberals announce “support freeze”

Toyota suspends sales and production of several vehicles

Israel Aid Package Exempted From The Across The Board Cuts

Michael Moore calls Democrats "disgusting"

what do O'Keefe and Jeff Gannon have in common?

Bernie Sanders on MSNBC re: the spending freeze: "There are some programs we can cut substantially"

Who is behind James O'Keefe?

"I'll Vote for the Democratic No Matter What !!! "

So we start our OWN corporation and use it to elect who WE want

Our health care rally tonight - pictures

Repugs hijack another great song... excuse me while

Is This Why They Targeted Landrieu?

Those willing to "sacrifice" and pledge to boycott the Super Bowl to protest the Tebow/Focus

What they're saying on freerepublic: "O'Keefe was framed!"

In 1972-74, the media actually WAS more liberal....

If you had the chance to see Sarah Palin speak (free) would you?

I have advice for anyone watching the SOTU address.

Head of DC school council says fired teachers were "miscreants, abusers, and/or child molesters"

Head of DC school council says fired teachers were "miscreants, abusers, and/or child molesters"

ddeclue quoted at The Nation by Vanden Heuvel!!!

"Obama MUST Appease Wall St." - Even NPR Says So, Like No Explanation Needed???

So, is this Watergate "plumbers" redux?

The crisis to come... and the why

Head Of Davos Security Dead, Police Assume Suicide

KRUGMAN: Obama Liquidates Himself-It’s appalling on every level.

'Haiti's Animals ~ We Hear Their Cries, Help Is Coming'

where does profit come from?

where does profit come from?

Should Kathleen Sebelius replace VP Biden if he chooses to save his old Senate seat?

The World’s Ugliest Endangered Fish

51% Of Self-Identified Republicans In Swing Districts Favor A Public Option

OK I'll defend Tim Tebow

James O'Keefe leaves the St. Bernard Parish jail in Chalmette, La. - pics

GOP WANTS to run against an unpopular MANDATE....FORCE them to vote & run against Medicare-for-All.

How much should the very rich pay in taxes?

DU rescues a Haitian earthquake victim.

There are several ways in which Michael Moore benefits the right-wingers.

Fox News Devastated Over Arrest Of ACORN Pimp, Says

SC Repub Lt gov, Andre Bauer "likened government assistance to the poor to feeding stray animals".

Robin Carnahan Statement on SCOTUS Ruling Regarding Campaign Finance Limits

More Trouble for O'Keefe: Makers of ACORN 'Documentary' Sued in Federal Court

Oliver Stone, "The Secret History of the United States". and a warning to Obama.

Oliver Stone, "The Secret History of the United States". and a warning to Obama.

Oliver Stone, "The Secret History of the United States". and a warning to Obama.

K & R if you think the spending freeze should only apply to military spending.

Pope John Paul II used Belt to Whip Himself

Have you read Sarah Palin's book

Under fire, Obama’s chief of staff calls liberal strategy ‘f*cking retarded’

Larisa Alexandrovna: Ratfuckers Strike Again

A high quality video of me singing and playing lead guitar with my band last week...

NASCAR shooting 2011 implementers of fuel injection!

OK-I give up! IPOD ex-spurts-help me get off on my porn podcasts. n/t

Can someone explain this to me?

In honor of my 420th post

Firefox question

Did anyone ever watch that show Gargoyles on Toon Disney in the 90s?

open letter from Rush Limbaugh

my cat is stalking my cursor again...

Police rescue 150 stolen ferrets in Mexico City

Police rescue 150 stolen ferrets in Mexico City

My first text message

I need some help explaining the movie "Memento". Spoiler Alert.

BREAKING: President eats ice cream quickly, gets brain freeze, declares "My policies are working!"

My mom keeps giving me this op/ed letters to write

If somebody had a post deleted, would it not show up when they went to MY DU

Graduating Class Obliterates Journey Song (Don't Stop... oh, wait... Yeah, stop. Stop! STOP!!!)

Do you ever, while riding your bicycle, hear Elvira Gulch music in your head?

Can I apply for some of that federal farm subsidy money like Michelle Bachmann

Every day, I get a cup of coffee from coffee delivery

The Known Universe

Good morning Lounge

What just happened with my computer?

Real life Calvin and Hobbes

Real life Calvin and Hobbes

Blindfolded coach hits half-court shot, foils prank

Blu-ray Maker Re-Boxes $500 Player, Charges $3,500

"Being eaten by hyenas"

** Prius Owners ** I found a used one ('02). Anything to look out for with these???

All I've Got to Say Is........

Smile In Your Face

How much of a hill will my Emergency Brake work on???

Ugh, I hate my job.

Favre first publicly discussed retiring in 1997...funny, it seems like longer than that

Obama will call the KY Wildcat basketball team today...

The sun'll come out How about the next day? WHEN THE HELL ARE WE

Avatar is really a rehash of Pocahontas

The Government Has UFOs

Yesterday's New Quintet-Sun Goddess

Dedicated to WRITER: The Ohio Players!

In case you don't visit LBN, YOU MUST READ THIS!

Baby needs prayers! (Same little one I posted about some time back.) He's always been

State of the Union Drinking Game

Let's cast "Game Change: the Motion Picture"

So, I finally watched a Lady Gaga video...

Can't watch sports. Can't watch politics. Time for Plan C.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/26/10

Ever open a bag of potato chips, and wonder who farted?

Cheb i Sabbah - Toura Toura

Anyone here knowledgeable about collectibles, specifically,

help wanted

Help, I have can't stop watching stuff on Netflix.

Angelique Kidjo - "Gimme Shelter," featuring Joss Stone

Pulp - Party Hard

ACE...not that fuckin' Ace wannabe Tommy Thayer...Peter, Paul & Gene, "Psycho Circus" LIVE

Weird Al Yankovic - I Lost On Jeopardy

Pulp - Sorted For E's & Wizz

Mitch Hedberg on the Late Show 3/12/03

vanity post in GD...

Pulp - Mis-shapes

I wore pants today

China renames mountain range after "Avatar" mountains

It is Torchwood time again, who here would like to work for Torchwood.

It is Torchwood time again, who here would like to work for Torchwood.

Do you find yourself getting a mental image of what another DUer looks like?

Any DU'ers want a Google Wave invite?

After I finish my PhD, I want to be FREE.

What is this?

Dear Mister Fantasy - all the guitar players in the world...

So, kiss me my sweet, and so let us part, And when I grow too old to dream, Your love will live in

It rained hard here in Upper Michigan yesterday.

Graphics request: Has anyone seen a "Support our drones" graphic?

The hardest part about having a severe mental illness.....

Anyone watching Kentucky/S. Carolina basketball game?

Have you ever seen anything that freaked you the hell out?

Keep On Running

Review of Steven Seagal's energy drink--MUST read!

Would you want your kids to ride this slide?

Battle For The Dirty Mitten

What should be the nickname of the Baltimore NFL Franchise?

I just spent WAY too much on bedroom curtains

Ever read/done Spoon River Anthology? Which character was most like you?

What the world needs now is love, sweet love

Boston's favorite weatherman

thawing the bread

You know, the Nazis had pieces of flair they made the Jews wear.

Chick tracts aren't fun anymore

Re-listening to "Strategic Grill Locations" - why did Mitch Hedburg have to OD?

A Groovy Kind Of Love

Man sentenced for encouraging kids to beat mother

What should be the nickname of the Indianapolis NFL Franchise?

Why doesn't the Nasonex bee have any wings?

In terms of story, which sucks more?

Since the denizens of The Lounge know Everything, what can you tell me about iPhones?

the most watched tv broadcasts ever

Missed the last five minutes of HOUSE last night. What happened? Did

I'm wearing UnderArmour black running tights for the first time. I feel like Spiderman.

Who do people say you look like?

WaPo - "Obama proposes economic help for middle class"

My Repub gov's got a better jobs bill than our Reps.

This headline is so misleading...

Interesting article on 2010 Defense Budget

Olbermann Responds To Stewart: 'You're Right, I Have Been A Little Over The Top Lately." (VIDEO)

Schumer, Hatch Propose Payroll Tax Break

Cornell West's note to Obama

Arianna Huffington has completely allowed HP to go mental.

Matthew Yglesias on Spending freeze: increases in some areas, decreases in others

DU Dems and Obama: Maybe a marriage therapy tactic would help...

"CNN Sets the Record Straight"

The only good thing about Obama's spending freeze will be watching RWers twist it into...

Obama Has Mccain And Bill Kristol On Board

Compendium of liberal reaction to announced spending freeze

Why GOP Amendment craziness won't be as effective as in the 90s

Conrad/Gregg Deficit Reduction Commission Amendment Falls

McCain Nudges Obama Toward His Party’s Health Plans

President Brown loses his first vote

I went on a diet yesterday

Folks: It's not 'Reaganomics'. RR was a closet Keynesian and a huge borrow-and-spender.

Best old television show?

Shocker! "Gregg: GOP Would Make Reconciliation 'An Extraordinarily Difficult Exercise'"

Now they want billionaires to have the same "freedom of speech" as corporations! See here.....

What happened to critical thinking

Economists react to spending freeze

Don't you hate when you discover someone has been dishonest?

A Tale Of Two SOTUs

*READ THIS* Obama can't create change with words alone, By Eugene Robinson

**Heads Up: Daily WH Press Briefing, Live!**

IN-Sen: Pence Won't Challenge Bayh

Moore: "Democratic Party is Disgusting"

Critics assess Obama's speeches

FL-Sen: Rubio Takes Lead Over Crist in New Q-Poll

Schumer and Hatch: "A Payroll Tax Break for Jobs"

The Spending "Freeze" - Clinton-Styled "Triangulation" at its worst!

Krugman: Obama's spending freeze "appalling", "pure disaster"

State of the Union Speech Goes Interactive.

It looks like the "Spending Freeze" talking points have not been deployed to the interweb as of yet.

Obama Allies Struggle To Defend Spending Freeze. Sam Stein on Podesta, SEIU.

FBI Arrests James O'Keefe At Landrieu's Office

Whoohoo! "Clyburn: House Dems Will Pass Senate Bill If Fix Is Guaranteed."

GOP Strategy: Derail Health Bill Reconciliation Fix With “Free For All” Of Amendments

White House: Spending Freeze May Slow Obama Agenda (More Lowering Expectations)

Rep. Joe Wilson - R (SC) should not be seated for President Obama's SOTU

DADT Repeal To Get High-Profile Endorsement From Obama In SOTU

Double standard in Senate: Bernanke only needs 50 votes

Just in case anyone doesn't know this... the deficit IS the stimulus

Something fishy is going on. Who is really pulling the strings?

It’s hard to blame media for constant 2012 BS, when we constantly do it here

"It's the economy, stupid."

Kerry prefers House to pass Senate bill, Senate to use reconciliation

This Hayworth guy is bat shit crazy

Brown taking a pass on State of the Union speech

Pelosi:..CBO Report a Reminder of GOP Policies That Led to Millions of Jobs Lost and Record Deficits

Obama: "Dead wrong, or deeply cynical" (Joan Walsh/Salon)

A line Obama could use: The Republicans have been operating on a BRAIN FREEZE!

3-Year Freeze to calm bond markets but will do less about the deficit than HCR

Why Is Nelson OK With Using Reconciliation For Tax Cuts For Millionaires But Not For Health Care...

Does anyone care to argue that the freeze idea will actually help the economy?

We need to not jump the shark on the "Freeze" idea that Obama will speak about

President's Cabinet reports on their progress this first year

Geez, what HAPPENED while I was gone?

Geez, what HAPPENED while I was gone?

What if farm subsidies for corporate farms were frozen?

Trumka To Senate Dems: Pass New Health Care Bill Through Reconciliation

So what programs have been hit with the spending freeze?

Are you supportive of the real world?

Does Anybody Think That Obama's Spending Freeze Will Only Apply......

Landrieu Phone Bugging Case: What Is The Pelican Institute?

O'Reilly suggests the CIA should kidnap Pelosi and Reid and waterboard Pelosi (AUDIO)

DOMESTIC spending freeze? But, a Deficit-heavy war budget, capitulations on real health care needs,

Obama needs to use his State of the Unon address to make the case for progressive policies


Republicans Aren't Sitting As Pretty As They Think - Tea Party Convention "unraveling."

Would someone please freeze off these warts, because I'm tired of applying cream.

Obama as Charlie Brown,

House to Senate: We're Ready On Health Care If You Are (updated)

Here's the early Howard Hunt aspect of the breaking story on the bugging of Landrieu

"White House Music Series Will Honor Civil Rights Movement" - February 11th

NYT: Dems Slam Brakes on Health Care Overhaul

You can't say the spending freeze won't affect anything and then say wait and see what's in it.

I have posted this so many times for so many reasons, I am blue in the face.. but here we go

Hayworth: Obama 'Should Come Forward' With His Birth Certificate

Watch "Good Morning America" Wednesday. Grapevine says Elaine Marshall will be on.

David Plouffe wants me to host a SOTU house party

" Dead wrong, or deeply cynical--So Who are they Fooling?" (Joan Walsh, Salon)

And we wonder what is wrong with America...More people trust Fox News per poll

Is the stress getting to the President? (pic)

Obama to freeze salaries of top White House officials

Oregon sends a message- will the administration and Congress listen?

The Age of Mediocre Emperors...

Last year, President Obama made permanent cuts to defense budget

Bob Herbert: Obama's Credibility Gap

"Spending Freeze" Is A Political Gimmick

We had TWO choices in 2008. Think you made the wrong choice?

Video: White House Explains the Spending Freeze

Fox News Devastated Over Arrest Of ACORN Pimp, Says The Story Probably Needs ‘A Lot Of Context’

Joe Biden Tells Democrats To 'Keep The Faith' And Says 60 Seats Wasn't Really A 'Blessing'

Lincoln says "no" to Reconciliation; Bayh says his support unlikely

TPM: Sherrod Brown Hits Back on White House Spending Freeze

Where is the other bug? The one that set this caper off.The one that suggested the NO office

GOOD NEWS! Clyburn: House Dems Will Pass Senate Bill If Fix Is Guaranteed...

The common enemy of Us and Teabaggers and Moderates? Crony Capitalism.

WH: An Across the Board Freeze is NOT What We are Proposing.

Anyone here still like the filibuster?

Former Senate Parliamentarian Calls GOP Strategy to Derail Reconciliation Effort 'Patently Absurd'

FLASHBACK: 31 House Republicans Supported Resolution Honoring Alleged Felon James O'Keefe

Bumper sticker seen on a truck in Richmond VA today

Please do not denigrate words.

I have no problem with Olbermann if he wants to criticize the President.

MSNBC Poll: Only 27% of Americans blame Pres. Obama for current troubles. 90% Democratic support.

Roll Call on the deficit taskforce

Krugman: Obama Liquidates Himself

Ira Chernus: What to Listen For in O’s Big Speech

I'm so upset... This will be the 2nd SOTU we can't do a drinking game with...

Calm down! The freeze is just politics… appallingly incompetent politics

Stan Dai apparently a CIA Junior Commissar & Recruitment Officer

Stan Dai apparently a CIA Junior Commissar & Recruitment Officer

W.H. official: Liberal critics will be 'muted' once Obama unveils budget

Get History right: Reagan didn't cut spending and he didn't go to church either.

I know I'm in crisis when I decide not to listen to the SOTU tomorrow.

How is it possible to take Obama seriously as a President when he's pi$$ing $57K/minute on wars?

If McCain would have done EXACTLY what Obama has done we would be pissed!

The Guest List (The BALCONY Guest List that is.)

Can't figure out why some are upset with Obama for the "freeze"

The 2012 Election is Tomorrow - What do you do?

The Apple Tablet iPad Advertisement: Leaked to YouTube

Pernell Roberts, 'Bonanza' and 'Trapper John' star, dies

Californian school district bans oral sex definition dictionary

Dalai Lama's envoys in China for fresh talks

Baghdad bomb targets forensics building

IG: Cancel delayed system meant to track Iraq spending

Gazprom to discuss strategy as U.S. market set to slip away

Man who says he spied on Calif. mosques sues FBI

Germany to boost Afghan forces

Britain Breaks Out of Recession, but Just Barely.

Halliburton asks Supreme Court to block trial over claim of rape in Iraq

Podesta: Pass The Senate Bill And Fix It Later (thru reconciliation)

GM Doubles Down On Plug-In Technology

Homes evacuated in San Antonio as hill crumbles

Under fire, Obama’s chief of staff calls liberal strategy ‘f*cking retarded’

U.S. Opens Probe into AIG's Payout to Partners

Indians attacked in Australia amid Rudd nephew protest

Indonesia mulls tearing down Obama statue

NATO: Blast reported near U.S. base in Kabul

Justice Dept. ends probe of Rep. Mollohan

U.S. Envoy’s Cables Show Concerns on Afghan War Plans

UPDATE 2-Student killed in Venezuela TV station protests

Man arrested under Terrorism Act in Birmingham

Afghan warlord re-emerges despite West's demands

Doctors may see Kelly post-mortem report, says Hutton

Fresh Baghdad suicide bomb flattens forensics HQ

Doctors are deluged in Haiti, One5 medical director says

Former US Sen. Charles Mathias of Maryland dies

Bernanke to get up or down vote.

Colombian troops indicted for killing Indian

GM to sell Saab to Spyker

GM to sell Saab to Spyker

After Three Months, Only 35 Subscriptions for Newsday's Web Site

Poll: Fox is most trusted name in news

GOP Under Fire for "Census" Mailing

Democrats Place New Roadblock to Health Care Bill

Pence Won't Challenge Bayh

Gov. Suggests Building Prison In Mexico

EU Has Doubts As ISP Rolls Out Deep Packet Inspection For Copyright Enforcement

UN removes five senior Taliban from sanctions list

Man with weapons, map of military base arrested

Halliburton Asks High Court to Block Trial ( Jamie Leigh Jones lawsuit for rape)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday January 26

El Salvador to recognize Honduras' new government

UN: 27 Million Lost Jobs In 2009

UPDATE: Four Charged in Alleged Scam at Senator's Office [LISTENING DEVICE FOUND]

2 DC Metro workers killed on tracks

Consumer advocates declare war on copyright treaty

'Justice For Jordan:' Students March Downtown After Classmate's Police Beating

Wind Power Grows 39% for the Year

Shepard Fairey to face criminal investigation in Associated Press case

CBO Delivers Bad Budget News

Groups Pressure CBS to Pull Super Bowl Pro-Life Ad

Iraq war was illegal, top government lawyer tells Chilcot inquiry

Venezuela sees clashes as anti-Chavez TV station closed

Senate rejects Obama-backed deficit task force

Verizon to cut 13,000 jobs

Paulson Says He, Geithner Acted Properly on AIG

Confused Texas Education Board bans kids' author (confuses picture book w/ Marxist tome)

Chavez writes off Haiti's oil debt to Venezuela

Scientist: Alien life could already be on Earth

LA City Council OKs plan to close most pot clinics

Obama to promote more education spending in State of the Union speech

Home Depot to lay off 1,000

Hungry Haitians like animals, says UN peacekeeper

Poll: American public fed up with Washington

Stupak Won't Run For Mich. Governor

Economic growth 'cannot continue' (to prevent global climate change)

Markus Reinhardt Dead: Davos Security Chief Dies In Apparent Suicide

U.S. Wrestling With Prospect of Olive Branch for Taliban

Toyota halts sales of (8) recalled vehicle models

Swiss in a bind over ruling on US tax case

U.S. bans truckers, bus drivers from texting while driving

The Oregonian calls it: Tax measures 66 and 67 (tax increases) pass

On Jane Hamsher's false claim that Rahm Emanuel called liberals "retarded"

ACORN gotcha man among four arrested for attempting to bug Mary Landrieu's office

France MPs' report backs Muslim face veil ban

Immigrant Teen Taunted by Cybebullies Hangs Herself

Capitalism's woes cheered at World Social Forum

Democrats Writing Bill to Bar Foreign Money from U.S. Political Campaigns

Russia set to launch manned spacecraft in 2017

Democrats Slam Brakes on Health Care Overhaul

Senate Jobs Bill Skips Unemployment Benefits Extension

Haiti and the 'Devil's Curse'

Ripping off the public

Tracey Ullman Takes on Maddow, Huffington, Amanpour, McCain, Barney Frank etc

Thom Hartmann vs. the ACRU - Should corporations have human rights?

Papantonio: Haiti - A New Infrastructure Matters

Thom Hartmann - The Good. The Bad. And the Very Very Ugly - Poor people are like stray animals?

Dean on BBC: Wall Street Hasn't Created Any Jobs, created wealth for Wall Street

Ed Schultz: I Told Robert Gibbs He's 'Full Of Sh*t'

For Post's Baghad bureau, a shattering day that could have been even worse

Maddow Show: Tracey Ullman as Rachel Maddow and Arianna Huffington

Obama's Looking Old

President Obama Welcomes the Los Angeles Lakers

10/30/8: At Franken rally, Bubba predicts GOP obstructionism in next Senate.

Lieberman: ‘It’s Possible’ I Could Be ‘A Good Old-Fashioned New England Moderate Republican’

Papantonio: Scott Brown, The Union's Wake Up Call

Stacy Ritter, Mother of 2 Sick Kids: Cigna's Claims about Provided Coverage

People & Power - White Power USA

Future of the Democratic Majority

Clinton & Bush Prepare For Haiti Speech

Young Turks: White House Playing it All Wrong on Bernanke

ANIMATION: Operation Haitian Earthquake Freedom by Ted Rall

"Fear the Boom and Bust" a Hayek vs. Keynes Rap Anthem

Market Inefficiency

(LOL!) Ingraham: Americans Are Saying Maybe That Bush Guy Wasnt Quite As Bad As We Thought

Senator Bernie Sanders: "Will This President Stand To The Military-Industrial Complex?"

Ed Show: ACORN CEO on O'Keefe Arrest - 'Well, Finally...'

Corporate 'citizens' (Hudson Valley Daily Freeman)

Alan Grayson To Christian Republicans: How's Your Own Pact With The Devil Working Out For You?

Countdown: Jonathan Turley on Charges in Wiretapping Case - 'Likely Just the Start'

An activist decision: More money, attack ads to derail democracy (Miami Herald)

Conservatives Attack Avatar

TYT & Media Matters Break Down Glenn Beck's Live Free Or Die 'Documentary'

Former body armor execs at NY trial

Murray Hill Incorporated is Running for Congress

Egypt's Internet Crackdown (Daily Beast)

Continual and Historic Failure of the Democratic Party : Michael Moore

'Free speech' just got a lot costlier (Sagan | Amarillo Globe-News)

Obama campaigns against spending freezes-"we need a Scalpel, not a Hatchet."

Tea Party Disputes Take Toll on Convention

UK 'using obscure legal principle' to dismiss torture claims in colonial Kenya

Massachusetts 'Deja Vu'-Senate Race - Questionable Counts &-Speedy Concessions

Free speech for Al-Qaida? (Detroit Free Press)

Four Reasons Why Democrats Should Oppose the Bernanke Reappointment

Just how much do Democrats stand to lose this year?

Countdown: Landrieu Wiretapping UPDATE - Listening Devices Found Across Street

Massachusetts Lesson Learned: Obama to Give State of Union From Truck

Rachel Maddow And Author Of "How To Rig An Election", Alan Raymond, On O'Keefe's Espionage FAIL

Thom Hartmann and Tea Partier John O'Hara find - some - commonground

Is the president panicking?

Obama Liquidates Himself

Got Milk? A Disturbing Look at the Dairy Industry

NEW from Alan Grayson

Luckovich depicts the 'corporatist' convention. Spot on.

Double Standard For Bernanke: Only 50 Votes Needed In Senate

Police chief found dead on eve of Davos meeting

Walter Pincus: More insights from Nixon the political scientist

50 Votes to Confirm Bernanke

ACORN gotcha man among four arrested for attempting to bug Mary Landrieu's office

Fox Devastated By Arrest Of ACORN Pimp

GOP may feel the peoples' anger in November

Stimulus is last chance for U.S. cities

Banks Reviving Synthetic Bets as Volcker Blasts Default Swaps

Simon Carr: When legal opinion became a political embarrassment (Iraq War)

Guardian: Iraq inquiry: The rule of law

Dollars & Sense: Creating Decent Jobs

What happened to the global economy and what we can do about it

Thom Hartmann - Has Obama just become a Herbert Hoover Republican?

Richard Dawkins reads and takes questions from 'The Greatest Show on Earth' at Berkeley

Dear Conservative Movement: Stop Ruining My Life

Either Obama is dooming the economy to placate deficit hawks..Or..(Salon/Joan Walsh)

On James O'Keefe Arrest, Media Follows the Honey

Landrieu Phone Bugging Case: What Is The Pelican Institute?

Not A Single Intelligent Human Being Believes There Isn’t Bloat In The Defense Budget

An Investigator Presses to Uncover Bailout Abuse

From John Edwards, lessons on celebrity and politics

George Lakoff: Freedom vs. the Public Option

Obama Liquidates Himself by Paul Krugman

Obama Embraces Reaganomics

SenatorTomUdall: It's Time for the Constitutional Option

The State Of the Corporate Union, a witty assessment by Ms GRITtv.

WaPo: Acorn Foe James O'Keefe arrested by FBI in plot to bug Landrieu's office

The Sanctity of Military Spending

Alan Grayson Asks Christian Right About Their Pact w/ The Devil

A Rant About Women

Barack Hoover Obama: The best and the brightest blow it again

26 Years Of MMS Data Show Beaufort Sea Polar Bear Sightings Moving To Shore In Recent Years

10 Years After Cracking Off Ross Ice Shelf, B-17-B Still Moving Slowly N. Into Indian Ocean

With 75% Of BC Lodgepole Pines Already Dead, Little Alberta Can Do To Stop Bark Beetles

Uranium Supply Imbalance to Drive M&As on Asian Build

Drumbeat: January 26, 2010

This has nothing to do with global warming

Senior Chinese Negotiator Says He Has "Open Mind" As To Whether Warming Natural Or Man-Made

Sisters of St. Francis Challenge Marcellus Shale Drilling Companies

Global warming at the bottom of people's priorities

4 Continents, 9 Mountain Ranges, 30 Reference Glaciers - Average Vertical Loss 1 Meter 2007-08

Record Year for Panther Deaths.....Defenders of Wildlife:

Deadly cold grips Europe; Minus 60 C reported in Siberia

Wild Bumble Bees Near Extinction:

The six Americas of climate change

Target Stores Eliminating Farmed Salmon By End Of 2010 - Reuters

"World's Glaciers Continue to Melt at Historic Pace"

Salmon Returns Down At Coleman, Up at Other Central Valley Hatcheries

Siting Guidlines Needed for Wind Power Developments:

Has anyone been able to drastically reduce their garbage?

Fears Obama Will Omit Climate From SOTU - Guardian

Did Human Activities Trigger the Great Sichuan Earthquake of 2008?

Cornel West's note to Obama

Non-Native Swordfish, Jellyfish, Turtles Appear For First Time Of Chilean Coast As Temperatures Rise

PG&E SmartMeters likely to boost shut-offs

New Report: record-breaking year for wind energy in the United States

Documentary shows link between white supremacy groups and tea party movement

If you dislike the Colts because they moved from Baltimore

WVU leading DePaul in Chicago!

Raven's Hue Jackson hired as Raider O.C. to coach JaMarcus Russell

Kentucky bites the dust!

Good news! College Star QB Flubs in Front of Pros

What Superbowl ad would you like CBS to show?

Australian Open Men's Final is being played tonight...

Kentucky Basketball back on top 19-0/ 4-0 SEC

U.S. lawmakers to Obama: Press Israel to ease Gaza siege

So, to Jackson Diehl, Hugo's revolution has crumbled

Chavez writes off Haiti's oil debt to Venezuela

El Salvador to recognize Honduras' new government

The oil companies are attacking Peru

Haiti awash in doctors; nurses in short supply

US goverment assisstance to Haiti Jan 20

Capitalism's woes cheered at World Social Forum

New Honduras President Must Order Investigation Into Rights Abuses

Peru: Photos and news on rain damage in Cusco Department

An update on U.S.-Bolivia relations

Honduras: Golpista Romeo Vasquez, military cupula cleared of all charges

Colombian troops indicted for killing Indian

Rio de Janeiro: Control of the Poor Seen as Crucial for the Olympics

Brazil activists denounce corporate greed

Clinton defends US Haiti relief

Former Guatemalan President arrested,

Venezuela to Build Haitian Health Infrastructure

Today in Labor History Jan 26, 60,000 layoffs today, as the George W. Bush recession worsens

Is New York Governor's Budget A Job-Slashing Blood-Bath For New York City?

Union says it has contract deal with Conn. casino

Militant African American group HQ raided by ATF. "RPG rocket launcher" found among weapons cache.

White Extremist

22 in gun industry charged by FBI after year long sting

Gun brandishing off-duty Fireman puts three schools on lockdown

pistols for assault rifles

Leon possessed the reptiles illegally

Carrying a gun makes you a Giant Coward!!

Prop 8 trial: Defense witness admits DOMA shows bias

New Englander killed in Haiti identified as Vermont (transgender)artist

Airport scanners may breach human rights, watchdog says

White House asks Levin to hold off on hearing to repeal ‘Don't ask, don't tell’

Take Action Against Uganda's Death Sentence Legislation for Homosexuality

Obama to make announcement on gay ban

Flooding yesterday, snow today

Eastern State Penitentiary

Cornice Details, Franklin Institute

Some people see Jesus on their burnt toast.

Strange Places on Mars: What Do You Want to See Next?

Could a Frozen Camera Dethrone Hillary and Norgay as the First to Summit Everest?

Physicists’ Dreams and Worries in Era of the Big Collider

Science Question from a Toddler: The color of light

Tentative FEBRUARY CONTEST schedule

A Dream Interpreter on Twitter

NLP on Coast to Coast tonight

Many Children 'Hear Voices' (article from GD)

Clairaudiance......the gift of "Hearing" on the inner-planes..

Stiglitz: Bring On The Second Stimulus!

Obama’s new triangulation strategy

Interest on US debt in NOW 90% of GDP...and rising fast.

Da Vinci prostate surgery....

Vaccine approach extends life of metastatic prostate cancer patients

Skunk pot increases risk of psychosis & schizophrenia

Genetic tests have a way to go

Rubber Rooms: NYC Teachers Paid To Do Nothing [With Video]

Education Reform - an open letter to the governor from a simple school teacher

Bricks without Straw

Book Claims Pope John Paul II Used Belt To Whip Himself

Religion could survive discovery of ET, survey suggests (Damn! That's too bad).

One thing that bothers me about a belief in the afterlife. If you believe in an afterlife

What dishes did you really dislike ("hate" in kidspeak) that you now enjoy. Post the recipe.

Ooooh! Nutella Ice Cream!

Accidental cookies