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Archives: January 25, 2010

Media Matters: Fox News volunteers for Scott Brown's campaign

Ethiopian Airliner Crashes into Sea After Takeoff from Beirut

MA voters did not sit out the 2010 special election

there was a mini-interview in Sunday's NY Times with Cornel West . . .

SEC mulled national security status for AIG details

SEC mulled national security status for AIG details

I'm speechless......nothing new, just a rant....

Enlighten me! Did Kerry, Gore or Dukakis appear on so many media shows

obama determined to go where no neoliberal has gone before

Robert Kennedy was so damned cool, had such great morals,

I hope someone can answer this

Scientologists peddling their bullshit in Haiti

A reporter comments about reporting on Haiti

"Battle over Franz Kafka archive kept for decades in cat-infested flat"

Jeffrey Sachs on Joe Scum - he went the wrong way

Steve Marmel, HuffPo: Palin "about to become as relevant as a fart in a skunk house"

Steve Marmel, HuffPo: Palin "about to become as relevant as a fart in a skunk house"

So Bin Laden was behind the Christmas Day flop

So Bin Laden was behind the Christmas Day flop

World Stats-interesting

Debate: Draft new law establishing FCC licensing requires free political ad time.

Schools prohibit anti-hate banners

A bright light in the dark sinkhole of media. Could this be the future?

No matter what - you will vote for dems in midterms and 2012 - and they know that

A graphic representation of health care reform in the last year

Stephanie Miller Collides With a Picasso

Why Africa’s National Parks Are Failing to Save Wildlife

Afghanistan postpones parliamentary elections

SC Decision Solution Number 29,316

Any info out there on the difference between red/blue corporations layoffs?

Any info out there on the difference between red/blue corporations layoffs?

Cannon-fired shock wave could stun, kill people

Cannon-fired shock wave could stun, kill people

What God Wants.

Are you tired of arguing with plants and hit men on this site whose only purpose is to tombstone

Jim Hightower: ACORN's Real Crime: Empowering the Poor

Kuttner: Mixed Signals - "A little populism here and a little conciliation there is no game-changer"

Obama to Offer Aid for Families in State of Union (NYT) - very modest aid, adds little to deficit

Obama to Offer Aid for Families in State of Union (NYT) - very modest aid, adds little to deficit

"who really knows" what sources told "Game Change" gossip-authors

Watch this NBC Dateline program in its entirety. Required viewing.

It's A Prairie Fire! Candidate Meg Whitman's Book Rockets To #42,873 On Amazon

Breitbart's BigGovernment challenges Media Matters and progressives ...

REPOSTED: The "corporations are not people" argument only goes so far. (read through b/f judgment)

A reason to like Max Baucus

MT Group Demands Local Leaders Boot Feds, Form Militia, Protect Guns

Perry Using Felons as Campaign Workers

New Right Wing Conference, kicking up the crazy to 11

Cartoon: Yes We Can

Cartoon: Yes We Can

Beau Biden now officially not running for Senate

Your "free speech" vs their "free speech"...

Not looking good in Delaware for the Senate - Beau Biden is not running.

Other DU'ers finding it nearly impossible to defend Democrats?

The cost of political advertising limits and prevents free speech.

just a letter to my congressman

The corporations will take the guns away!

Did anyone else watch the program about health insurance last night on NBC?

Nepal 'to stage gay weddings on Everest'

Paranoid Right - been there, done that


Just seen tv news story of valuable resources in Haiti going to airlift adoptees out

Payday Loan Huckster Gary Coleman Arrested for Domestic Violence

Heart-Warming Puppy Story to Take the Chill Off and Give Comfort

Jesus, Nancy Kerrigan's brother in court accused of killing father

The Rude Pundit: Harold Ford, Jr. and Fanning the Flames of Cowardice

Can someone explain "The Family"

A dysfunctional government.

Geithner Warns That Markets Could Dive If Bernanke Is Not Reconfirmed

Here is what breaks my heart: The GOP and talking heads came out of the gate

Maybe Harold Ford can move to Delaware and run against Mike Castle

Obama's Approval Most Polarized for First-Year President

With infinite information at our fingertips, how is it we are overcome by overwhelming ignorance?

The media is afraid to talk about how Right Wing Talk and Sports Radio 'Demonized' Matha Coakley

Dear News Media, When Reporting Poll Results.....

I Agree w/Ed Rendell(D-Gov PA)... We NEED to make Repubs Actually Filibuster on Senate Floor....

To Andre Bauer, I say

Improve the State of the World: Rethink, Redesign, Rebuild

CNN is spending the entire day talking about the stimulus

Update On Progressive Radio...

"Just throwing more money at something does not make it better"

SCOTUS Decision-Part Of Our Transformation By The Corporate State-From Citizens To Prisoners

What will Congress look like after the 2010 elections?

Another benefit of the Bush pResidency: tent cities.

Some quotes for Robbie Burns Day.

Colts by 10 (nt)

Treason is not some vague fuzzy notion.

Whip Your Congressman

I could go see my Representative today and tell him this

Interesting email poll I participated in

Hunter spends fourth day on ice floe

Chris Hedges: Democracy in America Is a Useful Fiction

Boeing-737 crashes (1995-2009)

These arguments from some about why "Citizens United" isn't a big deal don't make sense

Drones Have Had at Least 85 Mishaps Which Resulted in Damage Over $1 Million Each

Bye bye Bayh?

So the TV Networks must be salivating over this Extreme Court ruling

Polls that use the word "liberal" are automatically biased.

Can we define personhood?

CREW Files IRS and Ethics Complaints Against Rep. Steve Buyer (R-Ind.)

Displaying the flag of Israel.

GOP Serious About Redistricting

Reading the Examiner while in line at Publix Supermarket, Fl

I want to hear from fans of podcasts by Tragedy and Hope

Gap Between Male and Female Unemployment Reaches Record Level

Nancy Kerrigan's Father Dead, Brother Arrested

At what point will you be comfortable with the state of capitalism in this country?

McCain says he'll vote against Bernanke

Why NO Republican would EVER vote for HCR

Why NO Republican would EVER vote for HCR

Why don't the Democrats use budget reconcilliation for for HCR, and use it

The Shift From Democracy To Corporate Dictatorship

Are Afghans Really Happy? (Questioning the Recent Poll Results)

Detroit is NOT all 'gloom and doom' ... there is hope

Signs Of The Apocalypse: The Return Of The Layoff

Big Babyism

California inmates get early release under new law

Karzai to seek removal of Taliban from UN blacklist

Karzai to seek removal of Taliban from UN blacklist

Just how right wing is Harold Ford? Very.

There are 102 diehards showing up in West Philadelphia to protest HCR

Time To Get Rid Of The Filibuster Now !!!

Time To Get Rid Of The Filibuster Now !!!

Bill Moyer's Journal talks about Obama. Do you understand what Obama stands for?

Take Care of Your Vehicle

An example of why privatizing transit sucks...

Oral sex' definition prompts dictionary ban in US schools

Mild weather in Canada forces Vancouver to ship in tons of snow for Winter Olympics

beige band-aids for your brown skin

The GOP plan

Is the Supreme Court ruling working already?

Is the Supreme Court ruling working already?

Woman Collides With a Picasso (at the Metropolitan)

National Day of Prayer for Sarah Palin's mullet

Are you hearing the new anti Haitian relief talk out there on talk radio?

Are you hearing the new anti Haitian relief talk out there on talk radio?

Commercial Vans May Deliver Revenue, Profit to Ford, Nissan

Commercial Vans May Deliver Revenue, Profit to Ford, Nissan

NYC Off-Track Betting threatens shutdown

Hip-deep in sludge

Dec. home sales plunge nearly 17%; worst fall in 40 years

Cooperative puppy rescued from well

Cooperative puppy rescued from well

AARP opposes Obama-backed commission, "likely..reductions to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid"

Most elected Democrats are either cowards or Republican wannabes

Harold Ford takes jab at Sen. Chuck Schumer; says if elected he'd be like Sen. Hillary Clinton

"Support the amendment to protect parents' rights from gov't"

Job-loss appeal over for dog-killing firefighter

"We're witnessing creation in action" - 3 apartment buildings teeter in edge of cliff in Northern CA

Something to take your mind off the worries of the day

Stuyvesant Town Returned to Creditors

Geithner On Move Your Money: Not A Good Idea (VIDEO)

How many time will "bipartisan" be in SOTU?

Free trade is great.... or not

The iState of the Union- If Steve Jobs gave the State of the Union address.

Oakland Port Bans Aging, Emissions-Belching Trucks

ACLU slams Senators: The Constitution is not ‘optional’

Robert Reich: The "I'm-As-Mad-As-Hell" party

So how long until we really have "Omni Consumer Products"?

What would be the best jobs program to put people to work?

Ohio Liquor Sales Hit Record High in 2009

Hugo Chavez says porn actors should not be allowed to own firearms.

Haitians seem to be about the best behaved people on Earth

How Barack Obama Is Paving the Way for a Palin Presidency

Andrea Mitchell (on MSNBC)

Can we please stop forgetting the Truth around here and knock off the fear mongering?

This is pretty drop dead funny...or is it sad....if only it were true...

Obama to Contractors: No Work for Contractors who Don't Pay Taxes

National Archives bans photos by tourists

E.J. Dionne: Supreme Court ruling calls for a populist revolt (a new populist-progressive alliance)

Have you noticed how the congress critters have taken a healthcare bill that never was to be

Wow, could DU get any more pissed off than we are this morning?


Caption this pic

Daschle: House Dems should ‘do the right thing,’ pass Senate healthcare bill

Interesting Op-Ed in the WAPO

Interesting Op-Ed in the WAPO

Here is the problem with the Obama White House, as I see it

California Supreme Court Approves Warrants Based Only on DNA

SCOTUS and Health Care Reform

SCOTUS and Health Care Reform

Faux news has given me the biggest laugh of the day

Stop complaining and be inspired.

Finally! Some good news: US to lift 21-year ban on haggis

Did Air America Fail Because It Was Not Liberal Enough? No.

US commander signals peace talks with Taliban - "There's been enough fighting"

Buried tidbit about Supreme Court ruling on Noriega shows Scalia/Thomas still plotting.

Stocks recover as Bernanke's prospects improve

Billions of $$$ to be funnelled to MSM. Corporations as people will not be

Aside from harming the Common Good, what's the purpose of Corporate Personhood?

Remember when 60 supposedly became the new 40?

It's dog eat dog here.

It's dog eat dog here.

It's dog eat dog here.

GOPer: NH Selling Children To Gay Couples For $10,000

State says Oxendine needs hunting safety course

Who saw the interview between Matthews and Grayson?

FT interview transcript: Gen Stanley McChrystal

Canadians running out of EI: report (unemployment benefits)

Doggone Muslin terraists! Now they're helping homeless people in Haiti!


WalMart/Sam's Club to close under performing stores

Lakoff posting on kos: Where's The Movement?

Feds get new tool for online public feedback,

Hey Corporate Media, "Looting" Is a Racist Code Word

Hey Corporate Media, "Looting" Is a Racist Code Word

Bill Gates.... on The Daily Show tonight

Post? I don't think so.

THis is your land, this is my land

US Senate Votes Down Measure Seeking To End TARP

Now that we know that Prince Alwaleed owns much of Citicorp as well as Time Warner

My Mother, The Car ...

Obama called for jury duty in Illinois

Obama called for jury duty in Illinois

Obama to announce aid for middle class

How to get the economy up and running.

Guardian UK: Mixing a Super Bowl of manipulation

Grammy-winning pianist Earl Wild dies at 94

FYI: Fresh Air (NPR) 1/25/10 - Bomb Power: The Modern Presidency and the National Security State

I left my house today for the first time since last Tuesday.

Supreme Court Left Donor Disclosure Rules Intact

Nexus One Censors Swear Words: Here's Why

my blog poll needs some help

What A Shocker! Geithner Says Moving Your Money Is A Bad Idea!

WHy wasn't GITMO closed this week?

Sen. Levin asked to hold off on hearing to repeal ‘Don't ask, don't tell’ policy

Italian teenager slashes dad's throat in Playstation row

Menus list calories, less calories chosen

NV GOV- Goodman Out

Sociopathic Capitalism: Sam's Club cuts jobs and outsources; Wall Street says it will bolster demand

So maybe someone could name the Republican Administration that

Legislation Introduced to Remove Private Military Contractors From Wars

Response to Inspector General’s Review of FBI’s Use of Exigent Letters

Former U.S. Army Officer Sentenced to 42 Months in Prison for Bribery and Weapons Conspiracy

"Simplify, simplify!"----Hank Thoreau

Anti-incumbent anger will help Democrats like:

Pernell Roberts died...

KO covering Laurie Mylroie. As I live and breathe.

Clearly the message that Obama got out of MA is to rally Independents

Is there any way to do a "Draft Dean For DNC Chair" thingy?

Justice Dept. Clears Ticketmaster Deal

Just a tax suggestion for those corporate "persons".

KBR Calls Former Employee Jamie Leigh Jones, Who Was Gang Raped By Co-Workers, A Liar

A Jamaican nurse went to Haiti last week with a church group

Why are these evil people still hurting America when we have a Democratic President?

The anticipated freeze on discretionary spending, supposedly to be announced by

FYI: Right now on C_Span. BI-Partisan Policy Center

Superdome...then and now

(MO) Governor’s medicaid cuts detailed

Question: What did Obama say to make you believe that what was broke would be fixed by now?

Loser of Romanian Election Claims He was Defeated by Negative Energy Waves

Bart Does It Again (yoo)

George Bush believes he will set the record straight with his memoir, due out later this year

Email received from Alan Grayson

Free speech is now a commodity. He who owns or controls the most free speech wins.

I'm sure it will be a great speech.

"The media is afraid to talk about how Right Wing Talk and Sports Radio 'Demonized' Martha Coakley"

What time does the SOTU start? And who is doing the 'rebuttal'?

From the same people who brought you Chile and Haiti, it's...

Halliburton asks high court to block rape trial

Kos- good read. George Lakoff == "Where's the Movement?

Bill Gates on "The Daily Show" tonight.

Maybe We Should Aim a Bit Lower - Something That Could Finally Change

22 Execs/Employees of Military & Law Enforcement Products Companies Charged in Foreign Bribery Schem

Hoist Your Pitchforks!

Just Wait, Folks take-action

Estimate: 1.3 billion smoke worldwide

So wait, they're resurrecting Zombie Reagan and turning Obama into Deprivation Guy (aka Carter '79)?

Doctors Without Borders Haiti:11 Days After the Earthquake, Things Are Slowly Changing (FB post)

The Supreme Court sent a Memo and everyone in DC got it

Any recommendations "FREE Stock Portfolio Tracking Software"

Any recommendations "FREE Stock Portfolio Tracking Software"

Any recommendations "FREE Stock Portfolio Tracking Software"

Anti-litter Nazis?

Chrystia Freeland STFU

For our President, Senators and Representatives --

GOOOH (Get Out Of Our House) - new group, anyone know if it's legit?


Day 5 of non-violent civil disobedience against mountain top removal mining

Congressional Bipartisanship

One hundred and forty billion is what? And what percentage is it of fourteen trillion?

Obama needs a pro-Ukrainian President

The 7 Most Toxic Places to Live

Beck, America's 2nd most admired TV personality?! Jon Stewart #6. Letterman #9.

There's such power concentrated in the hands of now seven very large for-profit insurance companies.

House Democratic leader Steny Hoyer praises "Blue Dogs" spending caps and other budget cutting ideas

on Rachel NOW

Why is the oil industry never held accountable?

Why is the oil industry never held accountable?

I NEVER saw a "spending freeze" that didn't hit the least among us the worst.

Does It Seem To Anyone Else, That The Rodentia Are Fleeing The Sloop ???

Foreign Policy: "proliferation, climate change, and oil dependence"

Documentary: The Cove

Toyota to recall 2 mil. cars in Europe

RAW STORY: Dems dropping preexisting condition ban?

I just got polled

First fire lookout job opening I've seen for 2010 (Idaho)

First fire lookout job opening I've seen for 2010 (Idaho)

Bush Pentagon Hired Conspiracy Theorist As Al Qaeda Specialist

HuffPo on Geithner's "CONFIRM BERNANKE OR ELSE" Fatwa



South Carolina resurrects bill excluding lgbt teens

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Four Ways Obama Can Win Back Liberals

China scientists lead world in research growth

US Senate Confirms Rosanna Peterson, US District Judge for the Eastern District of Washington

East Coasters: Maddow to be on Letterman tonight. Show starting now.

Woman tapes arrest, goes to jail for not handing camera over to the cop

Former Maryland Senator Charles McC Mathias dead at 87

Obama's 1st Year - Hope than Cynicism

Obama's 1st Year - Hope than Cynicism

Why not a WPA type program?

With the Tamil Tigers defeated in Sri Lanka, the Tamil vote might now decide the election

Obama administration defends FBI's illegal search of Americans' phone records (McClatchy)

If your life is shortened because you're sick or homeless or hungry...

Would you support extending the Bush Tax Cuts if it ensured Democrats would keep control of Congress

One thing is crystal clear: In their calculations of what's needed

One thing is crystal clear: In their calculations of what's needed

One thing is crystal clear: In their calculations of what's needed

“I never intended to tie people to animals,...... thank you DKRC

Did The Straw Break The Camel's Back Yet?

People in Hong Kong are afraid of swine flu shots. Only 2% getting the free shot.

GOPer: NH Selling Children To Gay Couples For $10,000

Republicans really are stupid crazy people.

The Olde English is goin down smooth tonight.

I could use some help, about the foreign companies buying influence in the House and Senate.

because bipartisanship worked so well on hcr--kerry, etc, want the repukes to help with climate

Political Cartoon I thought you all might enjoy

Must read. Post of the day.

McDonald's Responds to Complaint of Bullying Charity Teens

Could A Hold Be Placed On Bernanke?

This Modern World: How Idiotic Ideas Enter The Political Mainstream

Insurer Steps Up Fight to Control Health Care Cost (finding another way to screw you)

Ever feel like you've been cheated?

VIDEO: Maybe there is hope.

Question for DUers - did the ReTHUGS ever give

Banksters got their $$$$ Obama draws the line: article:

Which Supreme Court Justice are you?

Propaganda works better than you think, psychologists say

Anytime you hear reports of a new "Bin Laden" audio tape remember this:

Many children 'hear voices'; most aren't bothered

I just remembered how Clinton left Bush a Huge surplus when he left

Explosive evidence exposes Prop 8 campaign

Dictionary banned from school classroom

Dateline NBC: Nataline Sarkisyan's Parents Come Face-to-Face w/ Former CIGNA Exec Wendell Potter

Pat Tillman Film Stirs Sundance, Ponders Heroes

Obama to annouce spending Freeze

White House Calls On Big Progressive Gun: Elizabeth Warren

Prince Alwaleed on avatar, taxing banks (against), and across board taxes (for)

You know the one thing I liked about bush being in power?

Monday Toons, Part 3:

Monday Toons, Part 4

Austerity Plan... Neoliberalism on steoroids

Re anger at the pResident: The only thing that would have changed any of this would have been

Re anger at the pResident: The only thing that would have changed any of this would have been

Monday Toons, Part 1- Unloading on the Supreme corporation decision

Monday Toons, Part 2- Unloading on the Supreme corporation decision, more

Firedoglake: Rachel Maddow Shames White House Economist Bernstein on Obama’s Phony “Spending Freeze”

From March 24, 2009: Grassley Proposes Insane Three Year Spending Freeze

Foreign Policy: $123,000,000,000,000*

What the fuck?

I'm not against targeted spending - I'll be interested in seeing what Obama means by it.

I'm not against targeted spending - I'll be interested in seeing what Obama means by it.

This is why the current trend of Cities bowing to developer's rights is a mistake:

This is why the current trend of Cities bowing to developer's rights is a mistake:

Obama's Conversion to Job Creation (After 12 Months), Sadly Looks Like He's Trying to Save His Own.

BRAD BLOG Exclusive: Group Receives 'Tsunami of Vile Hate' After Exposé on Military 'Jesus Rifles'

Better Candidate for Personhood

Let's get down to brass tacks then.

Unimaginable stupidity

Jordan Miles, Teen Violinist: Beat By Police Over Mt. Dew Bottle

What one book would you recommend to the uninformed

Mr. President (Have Pity On The Working Man)

Spending Freeze or Second Stimulus?

Charlie Simpson, 7-Year-Old, Raises $160,000 For Haiti

So tar and feather me. I like Obama.

If Corporations = persons

We need to make the case that poverty is a bigger threat to Americans than terrorism.

The Apple Tablet iPad Advertisement: Leaked to YouTube

Tony Blair to boost earnings as paid speaker for Mayfair hedge fund

"What they will never tell you on Fox "News", and probably not even on CNN or MSNBC..."

Kucinich to Announce a Major Jobs Program (retire in early 60's)

Phrase I'd like to see Obama open his SOTU speech with...

I Don't Even Want To Be Alive Anymore by Rush Limbaugh

The Americam Empire is pretty much over

Politico: Obama will announce a temporary multiyear freeze on discretionary, non-defense spending

Michelle Bachman cashed in on $250,000 on welfare

"Stupid Hooverism" - Rachel Maddow's term for this proposed spending freeze

The reason why we’re losing this battle and how to fix it.

We have an OBLIGATION to fire on trial balloons.

Pls DU this PBS poll about Sarah Palin...

Nancy Kerrigan's dad dies after struggle with her brother

Obama spending more on defense than Reagan had at peak

Hmm...sounds like Blanche Lincoln may announce her retirement tomorrow

Cornel West Calls Out Barack Obama: “Don’t simply be the friendly face of the American empire.”

Doctors: Haiti medical situation shameful

Democratic Corporatism Brings Reagan Back from the Grave

“60 Votes” — It Was Always Bullshit - Jane Hamsher/FDL

Making recission illiegal has been tried at the state level. It has failed.

John Cole calls left-wingers "jackasses." Kos responds

I am not outraged. I am shocked and numb.

I am not outraged. I am shocked and numb.

Zsa Zsa Gabor's Spouse Runs For California Governor

ACLU May Reverse Course On Campaign Finance Limits After Supreme Court Ruling

K & R if you think the proposed spending freeze is a terrible idea

The Irrelevance of Bin Ladin

I'm growing very weary of politics

We at DU are out of touch, according to Pew.

Who is this Nameless "Senior Administration Official" who Dropped Spending Cuts Bomb on Us?

somebody PLEASE tell me I didn't just see this on KO: people were being required to sign documents

Obama's Admiration of Ronald Reagan: What President Obama really said two years ago

Democrats consider dropping insurance ban on pre-existing conditions

America Increasingly Looks Like A Developing Nation As 30% Of Americans Rapidly Approach Poverty, Or

White House Decides to Outsource NASA Work

Army medical examinsers questioned close grouping of bullet holes in Pat Tillman's forehead

Oliver Stone: Hitler 'Enabled By Western Bankers'

One more look at "The Table" --

30% Of Americans Rapidly Approaching Poverty or are Already There

2009 Wall Street bonuses: 1% of GDP!!!!

You know what worries me more than artificial entities being able to do political ads at will?

Obese dog once frozen to sidewalk doing better in new home

Red light cameras: Is goal safety – or money

Was Obama more deliberate than we thought?

The Economics of Fascism

The Quest for the Progressives Breaking Point

There is intimidation of those who question school closings in NYC...

Whose Side Are You On, Anyways?

Toyota KNEW of sticky-throttle problem late last year

I am not surprised it has come to this. Flying while Jewish.

Ed Schultz to Robert Gibbs: ‘You are full of sh*t and losing your base’

What does Obama fear most?

CONFESSED: The 10 Year Plan to Destroy Campaign Finance Laws: Final Solution= SECRET Contributions

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm in the right forum.

Little beasts: The untouchable Mean Girls

Have you all heard of Kieron Williamson

Ol' Dirty Bastard - Got Your Money

This is why Conan didn't fit in at 11:35

Rest well Sister Sarah,rest well ..Jean Simmons has passed away

Outtakes from the Clinton / Bush PSA

What are you NOT listening to?

Does Peyton Manning have the most thumb shaped head in the history of the world?

Hey ViQueens!

Star Wars YouTube Battle

The Saints better whoop the asses of the Indy NFL Franchise!

To Barbie or not to Barbie....


I'm shaving Han Solo....

A Chicken has two butts. (just don't tutch them)...

Taylor Swift in Band Hero...

I got a new podcast for you... Enjoy!

NFL considering a reboot of the 2009-2010 season.

Colts by 10 (nt)

To Bar/Bri, or not to Bar/Bri........

Welcome to BrettWatch 2010!

NFC Championship...So bad it was entertaining...

How would you feel about a DUer who posted THEIR OWN appreciation thread?

I LOVE Betty White

My Ten Thousand and First Post!

LOL from the Washington Post police blotter

The Superficial: MTV's "Jersey Shore" is "an unstoppable fuckbox of dumb"

A necklace for geeks

Dear Microsoft Corp......Will you marry me?

Really cool website. Check it out.

Terrible confession: my nickname in high school was "Rush."

Just now sampling my Gumbo and all I can say is

Coke machine goes above and beyond the norm.

Gary Coleman arrested in Utah

Bob Marley's Birthday

Well, that was kind of weird, aircraft-wise

The Bound of the Haskervilles

Help!Just signed up for Netflix, now I can't...

We lost another cat today, one of the old ones that came the house.

My preseason predictions on this year's Super Bowl. Laugh.

I hardly ever post you tube links

Just for laughs...

Why is there a Red Dye #5, while World Wars go up to only #2?

City 1995.

Paradoxymoron (3-D painting)

Ink Blot test, what do you see?

Ink Blot test, what do you see?

Ink Blot Test #2 ~ What do you see?

So when I wake up I'm gonna get a big ass fajita taco plate at El Pollo Loco

Final Bonus Round Ink Blot test #4~What do you see?

BREAKING: President Barack Obama to perform with Page, Plant & Jones @ State of the Union Address

Robert Burns' REAL opinion about haggis

OK-I give up! IPOD experts-help me get porn podcasts off my ipod

Dancing Inmates - Michael Jackson's This Is It

I just ate all the hard salami

Chinese pop stars face $12,000 lip-synching fine

I'm craving Ham Salad....

Annoying trends that must be stopped.

Cast Iron Skillets, pans dutch ovens, pone platters. Best cooking ever?

ended a relationship this weekend

ended a relationship this weekend

This is a cheer for all the fellas, try to do what those ladies tell us...

On Facebook

On Facebook

Can someone cheer me up? Please?

Pernell Roberts died...

Pernell Roberts died...

Glenn Beck voted #2 TV personality by Americans?

In 13 posts, Skittles will reach post # 66666.

Organic Produce at the grocery store

Tigger, the family dog, has passed. He was 15.

Casey Anthony - guilty or not?


*sigh* Yet another sub-par adaptation of "Emma"

Anyone else have a cat that follows them around but won't let anyone

Your Final Ink Blot Test #3 ~What do you see?

Rush Limbaugh's worst nightmare...

I hate weather.

So far, online courses are kicking my fucking ass.

I gotta say - I like Windows 7

Is is just me?

What score does your web browser get?

Those manual overhead garage door locks...

Whose scorn do you wear as a badge of honor?

This Friday my family decides if my Grandparents are going to assisted living

TV has sucked since...

Why would any of you root for Manning and Co.?

Some of the ladies I used to fly with:

So, I was scolded by a panhandler Saturday night.

Woman Collides With a Picasso (at the Metropolitan)

Arkansas Rep. Marion Berry to retire

In Obama's decision-making, a wide range of influences

Someone tell me that H.Clinton did not shut down Haiti airport to fly in new outfit

An idea......Take out the Mandate, Offer Medicare to pre-existing conditions, Ram it through.

Krugman: Waiting on HCR wouldn't have helped the economy any

What national level groups would support a primary run against Evan Bayh?


Obama to announce aid for middle class

NO, Sec. Clinton did not shut down Haiti airport to fly in new outfit...

Economic survey: Slow recovery continues

Obama to Offer Aid for Families in State of the Union Address

The Frog and the Scorpion

Another, HCR idea...

A reason to hope Dick Morris is telling the truth? (HCR: Senate bill + fix!)

Michelle "crazy eyes" Bachmann holding health care rally the same day as SOTU

Obama's Approval Most Polarized for First-Year President per Gallup

Project for a Healthy American Future

MSNBC: Beau Biden Not Running for Senate. He will run for re-election as attorney general.

Iranian official uses racial slur in reference to Obama

Never take advice from someone who wants you to lose.

Krugman: Harold Ford sets a new standard for cluelessness.

Yo Plouffe! You don't want me hostin a SOTU house party!

Hope all you naysayers are happy.. How Obama is paving way for Palin Presidency

How Barack Obama Is Paving the Way for a Palin Presidency

Guess how many HCR questions there were at the OH town hall on Friday?

AR-Sen: Blanche Lincoln BEGGING for primary challenge

"Obama’s troubles is, simply, the continuing weakness of the job market."

Best pre-CGI special effects sequence?

White House stands firm on Bernanke

Searching for Signs of Economic Rebound? Here's Your Scorecard.

Obama Endorses Bipartisan Debt Commission Opposed By Progressives

Salon: "All signs point to a fight-the-power S.O.T.U...and even Democrats are voicing doubts"

St. Pete Times: Obama, Biden Will Hold Town Hall Meeting Thursday in Tampa, Florida

"Leading Health Care Group Pushes Congress To Pass Comprehensive Health Care Reform"

Exclusive: Obama stimulus reduced our pain, experts say

Flashback: How 1994 elections were influenced by the Whitewater "scandal"

If Blanche goes, Bill Halter looks interesting

Your Daily "Plan B" Update....

Breaking: Obama to Seek 3-Year Freeze on Part of Budget

So I met this neat guy at Montana Slim in Tahoe Saturday night...

Coming up on 20K posts. What occurs?

How many taxpayer $$ per day are Iraq/Afghanistan efforts totally wasting -- any specific numbers?

Pentagon Asks Senate Panel to Wait on ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ - POTUS to address at SOTU

FBI Still Sorting Out 2,500 Cases That Used Flawed Bullet Evidence

Blanche Lincoln to make campaign announcement tomorrow (Keith Olbermann)

First congressman casts his lot for Hayworth in Ariz. Senate primary

Murray says Mass. race shows voters worried

Schillerstrom drops out of gov.'s race, backs Ryan

Republicans' allies eye state legislatures as redistricting nears

Is there anything the President can say Wed. that you actually might LIKE?

Herbert jumps out of gate with big lead in guv's race

Just When you Thought Things Couldn't get Worse for Obama....

Not an apologist but an apology

Oscar Goodman decides not to run for governor

Lieberman: It's 'Possible' I Could Run As 'A Good Old-Fashioned New England Moderate Republican'


Jake Tapper put up an odd tweet about 2 hours ago


If the 2012 choice were an Eisenhower Republican or a DLC Dem...

MORE THAN 70% of Peru's rainforest area set aside for oil and gas exploration.

Sen. Richard Shelby faces challenge from Democratic newcomer William Barnes

My last straw is if they extend the Bush tax cuts to the rich.

reconciliation is the only avenue left.

TPM: Ed Rendell: Time to play hardball on health care. Make them filibuster.

emergency stimulus for all( my idea of one)

What if President Obama is right?

Photos: The Obama Presidency, January, 25th 2010 (KARDASHIAN ALERT!)

Gibbs responds: I told Ed Schultz he was intentionally lying to ‘get people to watch his show.’

"GM to repay TARP - $6.7 billion to come by June"

What would happen if the govt bought foreclosed homes and hired nonprofits to retrofit

The "Spending Freeze" is probably just marketing. Same old "let's clear out waste" with a new name

President Obama to propose a three-year freeze on non-security discretionary spending,

Geithner: Not A Good Idea To Move Your Money From Big Banks

In Illinois, we might be pissing away Obama's seat in the Senate

The Admin wants you to freak out over the "spending freeze"

Obama should have a sign saying "STFU" at his SOTU address

Obama sees Geithner, Summers staying on (Obama calls Geithner and Summers "terrific advisers")

Sorry Biden, but child care tax credits and IRA matching won't do shit for me.

FarmVille DUers, unite!

"Big Love" -- Hellzapoppin'! (some spoilers)

Spending Freeze to be based on the 2010 Obama budget...and so,

My take away: What an absolutely fine, f'd up mess George Bush left this country.

Stop the insanity!

AP: Senate Democrats Draft $82.5 Billion Jobs Plan

Anybody Else Considering Going Socialist?

Elizabeth Warren on Obama's Bank Plan - "I feel better than I've felt in a long time."

SOTU. President Obama, PLEASE say that we tried the 'Republican way' for...

Possible Obama retorts if a repuke heckles him?

He's Learning

Have you benfited from the stimulus?

McConnell: Obama lost support because he governed ‘hard left’

Obama: I’d rather be ‘really good one-term president’ than ‘mediocre two-term president.’

Do you know anybody who's happy?

Is there anything the President could say in state of the union to unify democrats

Space shuttle wind-down to impact jobs

Sam's Club To Shed 11,000 Positions

Youth mental health expert awarded Australian of the Year

Woman Collides With a Picasso (at the Metropolitan)

British troops 'will not leave Helmand for five years'

3 blasts strike Baghdad hotel district

Ninety people feared dead after Ethiopia airliner crash

Haiti: FoxNews lies about Cuba’s role

Italian teenager slashes dad's throat in Playstation row

Bankers to lobby for softer reforms (Davos)

Vatican bank charged with money-laundering

Over 200 poisoned with 'holy water' from wells

Stuyvesant Town Returned to Creditors

US accused of 'mismanagement' of Iraq police contract

Hayworth Planning A Senate Run Against McCain In AZ

SEC mulled national security status for AIG details

SEC mulled national security status for AIG details

Suu Kyi 'to be freed in November'

Vets With PTSD Could Get Benefits Upgrade

NH campaign finance activist "Granny D" turns 100

Coordinated attacks on 3 Baghdad hotels kill at least 31

Kaufman isn't running either

Specter: Sorry for 'act like a lady' remark

Democrats consider dropping insurance ban on pre-existing conditions

Zelaya Agrees to Leave Honduras This Week

Source: Obama to skip jury duty in Chicago suburbs

Ex-Iraqi lawmaker sentenced to death for killings

Bomb Attacks On Iraq Hotels Kill At Least 36

S.C. Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer Compares Helping Poor to Feeding Stray Animals

Haiti relief lacks leadership, says Italian expert

'Chemical Ali' executed in Iraq

IT companies hire lobbyists to address anti-offshoring sentiment in US

Bush Pentagon Hired Conspiracy Theorist As Al Qaeda Specialist

Iraq Keeps Banned Bomb-Detecting Devices in Use

Afghanistan will take longer to tackle than Iraq, General David Petraeus says

US commander signals peace talks with Taliban

FT interview transcript: Gen Stanley McChrystal

Grammy-winning pianist Earl Wild dies at 94

Pernell Roberts, 'Bonanza' and 'Trapper John' star, dies

Tony Blair to boost earnings as paid speaker for Mayfair hedge fund

Sign dispute in Santa Clara becomes federal civil rights lawsuit over free speech

Judge Slashes 'Monstrous' Fine in Music Piracy Case

You're number 1: Alaska village up first in census

Nancy Kerrigan's brother pleads not guilty to assault charge (father has fatal heart attack)

Peru plans to airlift stranded tourists

G.O.P. Seeks to Widen Field of Play in Fall Elections

Exclusive: Gov. Rick Perry voter turnout project signs up felons

Pernell Roberts has made his transition.

Man Testifies on Police Acts in Subway

Iraq inquiries: families of dead soldiers call for private meeting with Tony Blair

Pakistan's former spymaster says Taliban leader is ready to talk

December home sales down nearly 17 percent

Ford to add 1,200 jobs at suburban Chicago plant

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday January 25

Charged contractors had checkered military pasts

McCain says will vote against Bernanke

Arkansas Democrat Marion Berry to retire after 7 terms in US House; cites health concerns

Witness details threat in church shooting (Dr. Tiller)

Obama to Offer Aid for Families in State of the Union Address

Pew Research, It Really Is The Economy & RIP Cap and Trade.

Dem (Majority Whip Clyburn): Senate thinks it's 'House of Lords'

Senate Democrats Eye $80 Billion Package To Boost Jobs

Schwarzenegger's budget plan puts unions in the cross-hairs

Schwarzenegger's budget plan puts unions in the cross-hairs

(Bill) Gates says malaria vaccine could ready in three years

Kucinich To Announce Program To Add A Million New Jobs

Dem leaders unite on health care strategy

GOP sends letter appearing to be census form

Obama wants to freeze discretionary spending for 3 years

Halliburton net income falls by 48%

'Chemical Ali' executed in Iraq

Court won't stop Noriega from being sent to France

Top Senate Democrat lays out deficit curbs

Rape victim receives 101 lashes for becoming pregnant

Outsourcing roars back to India, China

Joseph Stiglitz: Why we have to change capitalism

Can 400 million Chinese Internet users be mistaken?

Health Care: “Time For Obama to Cross the Rubicon”

Elections to deepest of deep pockets (Monterey County Herald editorial)

Court's campaign-financing decision endangers democracy (Alan Garfield)

Corporate blunder (Philly Inquirer editorial)

YouTube's All-Access Pass to Davos

A Threat To Democracy (Hartford Courant editorial)

Wall Street’s Bonus Binge in Perspective

Americans Need Debt Relief -- Is Obama Brave Enough to Make It Happen?

Wal-Mart Cuts Sam's Club Jobs

Granny D still going strong at 100

Varieties of eating dirt: US, Haiti & Nicaragua

ACORN's Real Crime: Empowering the Poor

More corporate lobbying is bad business (Roe | Financial Times)

Sign of the Times: NYC's Stuyvesant Town Returned to Native-Americans

Matthew Dowd: The best thing for Obama to do is to get in a fight with the Democrats

Democrats need to learn the blame game by James Carville

Shrimp's Dirty Secrets: Why America's Favorite Seafood Is a Health and Environmental Nightmare

The Effect of Money on Campaigns

Let stockholders control corporate political speech

In Obama's decision-making, a wide range of influences

The Supreme Court’s Shoddy Scholarship

Did someone just chuck pre-existing conditions overboard?

George Will: The Votes of Congress are Not Swayed by Campaign Contributions

22 years ago today: The George Bush/Dan Rather showdown

Protect the Children (and mean it)

Shredding the fabric of democracy (Ralph Nader | Register-Citizen)

Kidnap Capital - Haiti

The True Lesson of the Brown Win: the voters want a KISS

The State of the Corporate Union

Considering Carol - A short, insightful look into schizophrenia

"That guy was a homo, as sure as you're alive"

Young Turks: MSNBC Nails Senator Hatch On Spending Hypocrisy

The Trouble With Barack (Spoiler: he is not Reagan)--John Meachem

The Invisible

Hard Questions for Transracial Adopters

Jyoti Basu: Marxist politician who combined realpolitik and revolutionary ideas

Flag this video!

Adoption is Not Humanitarian Aid

Thom Hartmann - Bailout watchdog Elizabeth Warren - Danger!

Funding Public Health Care with a Publicly Owned Bank: How Canada Did It

Guest On Faux News: "Republicans Are The Party Of Birthers, 'Baggers And Blowhards"

Robert Reich: Obama's Tiny Jobs Ideas for Main Street, A Big Spending Freeze for Wall Street

Mixing a Super Bowl of manipulation

TYT: Fox News Defends Bible Verses On Guns & Cenk Debates Right Winger On Muslims!

Children Drop Out and Into Lives of Poverty and Imprisonment

Alan Grayson - Soon We Will Be Wearing Corporate Logos On Our Lapels!

Exclusive: Obama stimulus reduced our pain, experts say - USA Today

Political Opposition is Not Insanity

Now they're putting out threat videos!

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Why Ben Bernanke Should Not be Confirmed for Another Term as Fed Chair

Ralph Nader & Thom Hartmann on Corporate Personhood

Democracy in America Is a Useful Fiction

Rachel Maddow: 'Stupid Hooverism' (Interview w/ VP Biden Econ Advisor Jared Bernstein)

Tea Party Disputes Take Toll on Convention

Can the Human Race Outgrow War?

Republican Meow Mix

Swingtime (James Howard Kunstler)

Canaries in the coal mine by Kos

How Hugo Chavez's revolution crumbled

Levitating magnet brings space physics to fusion

Drumbeat: January 25, 2010

Peak oil review - Jan 25

Scientists create model of monster 'Frankenstorm'

Study offers models for dams to adapt to climate

Mitsubishi Heavy Expects First Europe Reactor Sale

Conservation Group Estimates Java Will Have 10,000 Hectares Of Rainforest Left By Year-End

Fisker-GM plant deal under scrutiny from Judicial Watch

Hunt oil begins exploration of 1 million acre area of pristine Amazon Rainforest


Need examples of climate researchers having their grants threatened for holding to the truth.

Oz Lead IPCC Author - Skeptics "Don't Have Day Jobs", Can Work Full-Time On Deception, Distortion

Grain Damage Showing Up In Some Regions Of Corn Belt - Cracking, Mold Thanks To Endless Harvest

Weatherization stimulus off to cold start

Stanford DNA study: Hunting minke whales on grounds of overabundance not justified

Shrimp's Dirty Secrets: Why America's Favorite Seafood Is a Health and Environmental Nightmare

Interior Inspector Gen. - AZ Game & Fish Employees Deliberately Snared, Killed Last US Jaguar

Solar Fusion, 24 hour storage of solar power

If you turn on ESPN, you can see the repeat of Favor's Int. that lost the NFC Championship...

One thing that is certain on this Monday morning after the playoffs..

My gut reaction...Colts...

Buddy D finally gets his dress!

Plano steroids dealer said he supplied NFL's Vick

Colts to rest starters against Saints to pursue perfect 2010-11 season

Rich Eisen last night on NFL network: "Farve watch is back baby!"

Cowboys' Tony Romo to replace Vikings' Brett Favre on NFC Pro Bowl team

Shaq suffers serious pull

I don't know who to pull for in the Super Bowl

Jets coach Rex Ryan says five assistants won't be retained for next season

Pigs have flown! Hell has frozen over!! The Saints are going to the Super Bowl!!!

Three Cheers For Kelly Kulick


12 MEN IN A HUDDLE!!!!!!

Nancy Kerrigan's brother pleads not guilty to assault charge (father has fatal heart attack)

Bobby Knight bald faced liar.

Which NFL team never to have played in a Super Bowl will be next to make it?

CBS urged to scrap anti-abortion Super Bowl ad featuring Tebow

Saints or Colts

A little song for Vikings fans

Wizards' Crittenton pleads guilty to misdemeanor gun charge

I'm THRILLED the Saints won, BUT I hate the way the NFL does overtime. HATE IT.

Israel arrests son of Palestinian peace activist in West Bank raid

Israeli film comparing Holocaust to occupation loses state funds

Posted in "Editorials": Hugo Chavez Did Not Accuse the U.S. of Causing the Haitian Earthquake

Hunt Oil starts bulldozing in Peru's Amazon anyday now.


Costa Rica opens up state-run mobile phone market (CAFTA requirement)

Peru plans to airlift stranded tourists

Chavez's No. 2 resigns, citing personal reasons

Varieties of eating dirt: US, Haiti & Nicaragua

Friend of Colombian Uribe's sons, David Murcia, flown to US for money laundering charges.

Removal of anti-Chavez TV channel spurs protests

Today in Labor History Jan 25 The U.S. Supreme Court upheld "yellow dog" contracts & 16,000 strike

Employee Free Choice Act: Not Dead Yet

Lincoln Co. Homeowner Kills Intruder

Burglar, shot in shoulder, dies at scene.

In the courts.

Danger of lead build up from target shooting?

Man Arrested in AAMU Shooting

Comments Section Of News Article On Self-Defense Shooting.

Home Is Burglarized On Sat. Sun. and Mon. Burglar killed on Mon.

Raising gun worshippers - Teenagers shoot for 3 hours at drivers on freeway

Man shot in liquor store robbery arrested, police say

Liquor Store Robber Shot And Killed By Clerk

Interesting data..

Suspected intruder fatally shot in Greene County

Police: Homeowner Killed Would-Be Burglar

Falls man shoots burglar, Falls police say

Along with a firearm,

Excellent video on the lies of Child molestation and gay men

Obama to discuss rule on gays in military (SOTU Wednesday)

Take a minute to DU:GLBT a New Mexico poll on domestic partnership?

Not every boy dreams of being a marine

Michigan Rep. Paul Scott: no driver's license change for transgender people

Sunset on the Glenn Highway

Sitting on a park bench...

let's have an un-official contest

Climate uncertainties and the problems communicating them

Transmitting live from the Ocean below the Antarctic Ice

White House Decides to Outsource NASA Work

China spends billions to study dinosaur fossils at sites of major discoveries

Stuck Mars Rover About to Die?

The Known Universe

I wonder the value of a lunar rock??

boys are better at math

Salute to the Sun Radionics You Tube Slideshow

VIX Options Show Biggest Bets on Stocks Retreat Since June 2008

‘Volcker Rule’ Vindicates Former Fed Chief’s Regulations Push

Swingtime, By James Howard Kunstler

To all those who worship Ronald Reagan.

House Prices continue to UnTriple

"Economic Growth Can't Continue"

Freelance Nation: Why Permanent Jobs May Not Come Back

Home sales tumble as first-time buyers back off

The Man Who Could Beat AIDS

In depth article. Why Alzheimer's is called `type 3 diabetes'

Any chiropractors here?

New 5-Day 'Morning-After' Pill Tested For U.S. Approval

Ron Paul mumbo jumbo

Big Food

A Case Study in Corporate School Reform

California schools angry over even more cuts

Stanford receives record number of applications

Rhee says laid-off teachers in D.C. abused kids

117 Russians in hospital after drinking holy water

Over 200 poisoned with 'holy water' from wells

Vatican bank charged with money-laundering

Hollywood's Christian Blockbuster

Priest Accused Of Shoplifting Butter, Sofa Cover

What do you think of this man?

Nigeria is a British colonial invention, formally unified as a "Protectorate" in 1914

How do you feel about someone who decides to devote his or her life to their religion?

"Its like having racoons"