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Cyberpunk and reality

Ever heard of/seen Arabian Sand Kittens?

Supreme Court session: the future of our democracy is at stake

I think it's important to think about all the people with leukemia.

If you are a gov't administrator or engineer and have Smithsonian Ch: System Crash Maxxed Out Grid

Jeopardy in a few years from now.

Bank Of China Taking Steps To Rein In Loans

Bank Of China Taking Steps To Rein In Loans

Today's LA Times: The Lessons of Massachusetts? Anger

My take: Everybody's angry. Frustrated. Anxious. Afraid. Looking to place blame.

Is healthcare reform to the left what abortion limits are to the right?

You will know when the economy is turning around when these disappear from the cable...

Fire. Mitch. Stewart.

India still home to largest illiterate population: UNESCO

Right now I'm Jonesin' for President Bartlett!

I only have a few words

When does the House/Senate debate The Military Spending Reform Bill?

Brown/Coakley results--The ultimate Rorschach test

CNBC (2/09) - "Rick Santelli on his CNBC mortgage rant: 'We really, really tapped into a nerve'"

How you identify leadership

1.5% of All Registered Votes does not Equal a Republican Mandate

Obama needs to read up on the Johnson Treatment and then take AF1 to home states of all the Blue Dog

If President Obama Supports Single Payer, Hard Caps On Greenhouse Gases, But Fails, Are We Happy?

If President Obama Supports Single Payer, Hard Caps On Greenhouse Gases, But Fails, Are We Happy?

Another sad casualty of high drug prices and NO PUBLIC OPTION....

Tri-colored male cat defies the genetic odds

How Did School Staffers Get Insulin Instead of Flu Vaccine?

If you're knowlegable re banking/credit union regs: what are the implications of this rule change?

McCain's wife, daughter back gay marriage movement

Obama promises - how is he doing?

"It's Against Office Policy"

Ok, so the Taliban are still able to move troops into Kabul and launch open daylight attacks

Ok, so the Taliban are still able to move troops into Kabul and launch open daylight attacks

MSF's Inflatable Hospital (Doctors Without Borders)


Is it time for President Obama to hold a press conference?

Iceland to hold referendum on international debt repayments

The Khalid Sheik Mohamed trial will cost hundreds of millions (mainly for police overtime)

Put a strong public option in there and ram that sh#t through reconciliation

Marine unit headed for Afghanistan now rerouted to Haiti

Basketball league for white Americans targets Augusta

South Koreans told to go home and make babies

Democrats, you have nothing left to lose -- be bold for once.

Democrats, you have nothing left to lose -- be bold for once.

Democrats, you have nothing left to lose -- be bold for once.

Progressive Coalition Warns Congress, Obama Against Deficit Commission

How can the people reject progressive change if they haven't been offered progressive change?

"The Battle for the American Soul Is over and Jay Leno Won" - Joe Bageant

Revisiting Haing Ngor's murder: 'Killing Fields' theory won't die

MSM: Just because people *think* the Senate race was about health care doesn't mean it was

Meg Whitman buys (donates to) her Gubernatorial Campaign

Survivors speak about the earthquake in Haiti


Obama Mocks Self in Radio Address, Spares Conservatives the Trouble

How can some "pared down" insurance regulation bill pass?

The insidious scourge on American news

Sad truth from Prop 8 trial testimony

Focus on the Family to run anti-choice Super Bowl ad

If you want change ......

Meanwhile, in Sleazebag Nooz .......

Health care activist to challenge incumbent in WA-02

Health care activist to challenge incumbent in WA-02

Angola abolishes presidential polls in new constitution

If the right to healthcare is not in the US constitution

Sanders expects Brown win to turn Dems against Bernanke

Oops-'Jesus Guns': Two More Countries Rethink Using Weapons with Secret Bible References

Mass. delegation braces for GOP challenges

I guess its time to scrap off my old bumper sticker.....

Too Much Sitting Shortens Lives, Study Suggests

"Who lost Massachusetts or "Seems like old times in Demland"

"Who lost Massachusetts or "Seems like old times in Demland"

Palin to stump for John McCain..

Who Needs To Hear The Message The Most: Harry Reid

Haiti's Mass Graves Swell; Doctors Fear More Death

Obama popular with Russians, seen as improving ties

More on the mass murderer in VA.

House OK's deductions for Haiti on '09 taxes

Deep blue state has bright red history

Christiane Amanpour. - Debating torture

West Wing on BRAVO NOW!

Whistleblower Reveals How Insurers Can Game Healthcare Bill

Did people vote for Brown because they don't want health care reform?

N.J. Gov. Chris Christie issues order curbing political donations by unions

Watchdog: Telecoms let FBI read Americans' phone records

Why is it that Rove is considered a genius for relying on the Republican base to win elections but

Progressive Coalition Warns Congress, Obama Against Deficit Commission

House panel: Navy could seek fleet funding help

Research 2000 Poll shows MA voters "wanted stronger, more progressive action on health care reform"

Frustration with status quo fuels emotions and turnout

“po·lit·i·cal por·nog·ra·phy”

Nanner Nanner Boo Boo!

Edwards admits paternity

Haiti reporters hassled by Orlando airport director

Brown victory party featured flag calling for a ‘second’ revolution, tea party-inspired civil war.

Hey, Wasn't There Supposed To Be A Big Tea Party Protest Today?

Republican Outlines Plan to Seek Gillibrand’s Senate Seat

For the rest of the year, donate only to individual PROGRESSIVE candidates

Relatives of Americans missing in Haiti angry

Quit thinking in terms of Dem-Puke. Think in terms of Corporatist and Anti-Corporatist.

Pare it down, make it simple: enact a public option for healthcare insurance.

MSNBC TV: Cindy and Meghan McCain support gay marriage in new ads.

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer Says the Health Care Industry is "Under-automated." My Advice for Workers

From bad to much worse: Highly radioactive water found at Vermont nuke plant

Breaking on CNN - Campaign Finance decision ruling just announced

Obama is going to go for a bill that will reign in Wall Street

SCOTUS FEC Vs. Hillary Movie decision

Luckovich... again nails it... this time, the Dems.


"Someone's gotta put a stop to this thing." The thing is, what thing?

He Hasn't Even Been Seated & They Want Him to Run in 2012 for President?

Floating Cities

Buzz kill

emboldened and energized repuke + dispirited progressives and dems

German dentists develop 'painless' plasma tooth-blaster

Ask Tony Blair a question at 'The Iraq Enquiry' this Friday

Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

The media is trying to paint Scott Brown as some kind of populist hero

Ok, so that a man who posed nude won an election shows that America is sexist...

O’Reilly: It’s so awful when people intrude on your vacation with their cameras.

Exodus to Countryside Reverses Long Trend [in Haiti]

China 'Recovers' From Global Slump

Why didn't Barney Frank run for the seat in the first place?

November was already looking bad. Now it looks disastrous- particularly for progressives

Coakley aides paint portrait of missteps on campaign trail

The Coakley race, it could happen again.


Conservatives produce the mother of all activiist court rulings

Who is "us" and who is "them"?

God has yet to make a decision on Kurt Warner's retirement

From Daily Kos- Don't call me a prorgessive

House liberals want fix to health bill before vote on Senate bill

Question on Scotus decision

Report slams U.S. for building power plant Afghans can't run

I am still seeing a lot of hits being thrown toward "the far left" for unrealistic expectations


As Senate Pres, could Joe Biden make the 51-vote 'Reconciliation' route through the Senate

I wonder what kind of sneak attack we can drum up on the Republicans...

Ron Insana just told Tamryn Hall that the banks haven't recovered enough

Ron Insana just told Tamryn Hall that the banks haven't recovered enough

The question is: What is it that which you think is most important?

President about to speak to the Financial sector - too big to fail - The Volcker Rule

Its a Sunny day in the mountains! OK Flame away!

Rude Pundit:Torture and Murder at Gitmo:A Risky Political Opportunity If Obama Is Willing to Take It

Drat!1 There's ANOTHER one: Harold FORDjr has a look-alike cousin also running against Dems

Toons : Election repercussions

After 8 years with a Drunk in the White House and now we put a Male Stripper in the Senate

AMERICABLOG asks Sen. Feinstein: How about puppies?

Oh...and fuck you Ron Ensana bank shill extraordinare/talking TV head.

Republican pinheads are ungrateful bastards.

OK, fair enough. I'm deleting this.

Just Curious

I think John Edwards' life was ruined the moment he didn't become VP in 2004

Navy, USDA sign Green Energy Partnership

OK John McCain.. where's the outrage over the SCOTUS ruling today?

MSNBC | Report: Embattled Texas judge should keep job

What's with all the Drama Cow threads attacking OBAMA (alleging cutting Soc.Sec., & more)?!1

Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Campaign-Finance Provision

Another aftershock in Haiti

UNICEF warns that child traffickers are taking thousands of kids

Cuban Musicians Resuming U.S. Performances

Thursday TOON Roundup 3

Philadelphia Area Manufacturing Grows a Fifth Month as Recovery Takes Hold

Philadelphia Area Manufacturing Grows a Fifth Month as Recovery Takes Hold

Thom Hartmann going through Supreme Court decision NOW!

Thursday TOON Roundup 4

How does one say, 'FU@K OFF YOU FU@KI!NG FASCIST BASTARD!!!' respectively?

On the positive side: the SCOTUS ruling just made political parties irrelevant.

WTF is a "religious device"?!

U.S.: 200,000 undocumented Haitians to seek legal status

U.S.: 200,000 undocumented Haitians to seek legal status

Man, this is what you call keeping your cool!

Glenn Beck says he wants a chastity belt on Brown and compares him with Gary Condit

FOX and GOP Selling Sex: Monica Crowley Fawns over Scott Brown, Brown Shops His Daughters

So will the "I want my country back" teabaggers object to the SCOTUS ruling?

So will the "I want my country back" teabaggers object to the SCOTUS ruling?

1st Steps Towards A Course Correction: Paul Volcker prevails

What's really changed with political contributions after the SCOTUS decision?

What's really changed with political contributions after the SCOTUS decision?

Anyone else see the "Alerts Archive" thing in the forum headers?

Corporate Personhood Sucks

Some say, Democrats were taught a lesson. I say, Senate Democrats are happy

Are the majority of the Nation's Corporations basically Republican

I need to say this again, thanks Crammer, another great call /nt

Clyburn: 'Magic number on healthcare reform is 50, not 60'; measure not dead

anyone else starting to get the feeling that the 2012 candidate (or #2) might have just show up?

Progressive group Accountability Now launches website aimed at defeating Blanche Lincoln

Email From a Staffer

Prop 8 Trial Re-enactment Video Now Available

they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnet

Effectively the Supreme Court is saying corporations should be treated like individuals

So...Are we done here? Get Obama to resign? Give up? Leave the USA?

French braid allows student to return to class

"It's just a damn piece of paper!"

Obama just talked tough about the banks.. I wonder if he'll actually follow through.

Thursday Toon roundup 2

Obama will have to reduce social security and I don't blame him

TPM: Dem political operative says people who help elect Dems are pissed at their clients' wussiness

TPM: Dem political operative says people who help elect Dems are pissed at their clients' wussiness

Gay Marriage Ban Backer To Be Hostile Witness (Prop 8 Trial)

Md. State Senators hope to ban employers' credit checks

Bible codes in Afghan army guns

Information about newspaper that claims (without evidence) that Chavez said Haiti quake man-made

Information about newspaper that claims (without evidence) that Chavez said Haiti quake man-made

SCOTUS 5-4 supports corporate sponsored thugs

2012 AT&T presidential swearing in...

Card Check Forced Unionism Legislation Will Pass- Our Only Hope. The Right Already Has Their Spin

Poll shows support weak for ‘card check’ legislation (From Las Vegas Sun)

Bank of America....I need advice.

Legal Schnauzer: Massachusetts Vote Is A Rejection Of 'Look Forward, Not Backward'

Dems Lincoln and Landrieu conspire with Murkowski to block EPA from regulating greenhouse gases

Dems Lincoln and Landrieu conspire with Murkowski to block EPA from regulating greenhouse gases

Dems Lincoln and Landrieu conspire with Murkowski to block EPA from regulating greenhouse gases

Well, well, well, looky looky who filed a brief in the SCOTUS case

Washington weasels, can we have our party back since you're not using it?

I'm afraid the only way we can begin to deal with our problems is to have a Republican president.

Why are the hacks at M$Greedia blaming Obama for the market drop

Want to try a little Agitprop Political Theater?

Want to try a little Agitprop Political Theater?

Howard Dean tries to reason with a screamer about the meaning of MA

Youngest voters sat out MA special election.

ANY bad news for Democrats would have been spun like we're seeing.

Wall street doesn't like the proposals that Obama just recommended. It must be good then

They're not even trying to hide it

quote from alkali at TPM:

The unicorn theory

Was Bush's election a referendum on Clinton's centrism?

I don't understand how speech can be equal if I have thirty dollars worth of speech and Exxon

Russia's Navy to build up Baltic Fleet over Polish missile plans

Expect righties to start to steer away from "Ft. Hood was terrorism" soon

Expect righties to start to steer away from "Ft. Hood was terrorism" soon

Hypothetical .... what would be going on right now if John Edwards was President?

Krugman: ‘I’m pretty close to giving up on Obama’

With Foreign Aid Still at a Trickle, Devastated Port-au-Prince General Hospital Struggles

Karl Rove is listed as a notable Alumnus of George Mason Univ. on Wiki

Supreme Ct: Corporations Are Free to Dominate Elections -- Citizens' Movement Emerges to Overrule SC

China's latest scandal is counterfeit condoms

Post Coakley loss advice:

Post Coakley loss advice:

Haiti Pier Opens, Road Laid Into Port-au-Prince

Whee! Now corporations controlled by foreign governments will have the same rights...

So if bin Laden or Hezbollah forms a US corporation... they can fund

Photo surfaces of Senator Softcore Brown touching nearly naked grown daughters

How is Fox News treated like a mainstream news outlet? (rhetorical question)

So Why is the Fed So Desperate to Keep Maiden Lane III Details Secret?

Yay for SCOTUS - Soros, ACORN, unions and Michael Moore can buy

"Stop into your nearest Wal Mart and get your Registered Republican Discount Card!"

Dear Tom Hartmann, can we drop the "find common ground" with teabaggers thing now?

Who said this?

Quote from Sen. Inhofe - classless and clueless

Does the Democratic Party represent want you want in from a political party?

Suggestion- Start Getting Ready To Support Card Check Legislation Now.

Financial Terrorists - Goldman Sachs Protest - pics

Campaign Finance put in perspective.

If President Obama's next three years are as badly managed as his first

If President Obama's next three years are as badly managed as his first

I'm in a Noam Chomsky State of Mind.....

What I have learned RE: Politics and the Digital Age. (random thought)

"Snooki" from MTV's "Jersey Shore" to appear at car dealership in "Haiti Promotion"

Does the Supreme Court have the power to put a "For Sale" sign on the US to multinational corps?

Poll: "In an election between Scott Brown and the public option, the public option would have won."

Sewage runs, garbage piles up at Haiti quake camps

Supreme Court Decision Creates Political Crisis

Pakistan army backs off commitments to fight U.S. war on terror in their country

Texas Governor Perry running on passing 66 percent majority to raise taxes.

Does the SCOTUS plan on hearing Orly Tates any time soon?

Death of UFO expert unsolved

MA Senate Election: Youth Turnout Was Just 15%, 57% for Older Citizens; Young Voters Favored Coakley

Personhood rights! How about Personhood Responsibilities?

Strategic Defaults and the Foreclosure Crisis

I hate saying this...

The HUGE deal about today's Supreme Court decision is simple

This is dedicated to every DLC'er in the Senate who allowed Opie Roberts on the Supreme Court.

Why is there a Henry McMaster for governor ad on DU?

between the supreme court ruling and the media, we can call the november elections now

*** All your democratic institutions are belong to us! ***

Mark Fiore Animation: Aid Quake

This is the end of Jacksonian Democracy and a return to time when only freeholders votes mattered

Whcih Extreme Court ruling is worse, this current one on Corporate financing of elections

Could we fight this SCOTUS decision with local legislation?

This just in.. John Edwards admits paternity heads to Haiti!

Robert Scheer: "What Massachusetts Got Right"

This has been one crappy ass week.

*Fight back! Free Speech for People Amendment*

There are only two things I like about Scott Brown

Analysis of 32 MILLION breached passwords shows people use stupid passwords

The main port at Port au Prince is now open for business

Republicans Play Chess, Democrats Glue Their Balls to Their Thighs

Sitting Kills! Experts Say Too Much Sitting Could Be Deadly

I am all for seating Scott Brown now---on one condition

BREAKING NEWS: ***Democrats will CONTINUE hitting republicans fist with their faces****

palin & brown = american idol politics

We will now find out just where the American public stand. The financial reforms that are being

How's that "corporations can donate at will" exactly work now?

Don "Moose" Lewis announces All-American Basketball Alliance...for whites only

Scott Brown Democatic scapegoat

How to fight the excessive power from Corporations

Market drops after Obama's speech.

Why I'm willing to cut some slack over the aid situation in Haiti

How long until General Electric is running for the Presidency?

Clinton ends US visa ban on Tariq Ramadan

Muslim scholar Ramadan, once denied visa to teach at Notre Dame, now welcome

'The public interest requires nothing less.'

(Video) Chavez: Haiti Earthquake Caused by U.S. Weapon Test

Every Dollar Is Equal

NASCAR team steps up for Haiti

Supreme Court introduces the American people to the real bosses.

Accessorizing the Christian soldier/combining church and snake

So How Long Before Obama Stops Allowing Himself To Be Threatened & Blackmailed By Dems?

Edwards, Sanford Regain Media Spotlight

Idea: As Credit Union *members*, can we petition them to buy ads to shut down corporate personhood?

The Roberts SCOTUS went out its way to make today's ruling possible

Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad, 118 U.S. 394 is the REAL problem

Photo I took 9-25-2005 - In front of the White House. Our work still has just begun.

Photo I took 9-25-2005 - In front of the White House. Our work still has just begun.

So, with the Supreme Courts ruling that Corporations can

Passenger jet lands when religious item mistaken as bomb

Why does Jim Cramer still have a job? The butt-sniffing corporate lackey swore that Brown's election

Calif. high court strikes down medical pot limits

howie dean up on m$nbc right now n/t

Nancy, its up to you

Shumer: We will regret the day this decision was issued.

Proposal: The DU Phonebank Support Group

RNC holding their annual retreat in Hawaii this year??

So, it looks like the health bill's going to be pulled and passed piecemeal, like some folks wanted

New basketball league open to whites only, . . . .

Identification of Corporate Sposorship

What the SCOTUS decision means to the IMMEDIATE future

CNBS having "Conniption Fit" over Obama's Banking Regs

Maybe this Supreme Court ruling will energize the Democratic base and get people more concerned

A lesson for Massachusetts Democrats from this one nutjob in Texas

My FOURTH E-mail from CBN re: Pat Robertson(these people don't give up!)

Mitch Landrieu big front runner in the election for New Orleans Mayor

Yeah, I know. Some of you will have a fit about my posting this.

Since Pelosi says she doesn't have the votes to pass the Senate HCR bill, does

Aid Finally Getting Through: Confusion on the ground led to bottleneck of supplies in Haiti

The West Wing Rerun today was about replacing a supreme court justice

How about we make investment income subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes and using the

well that didn't take long. Freepwads already turning on Brown.

dupe delete

SoCal folks watch out, street floods

anyone heard the term 'activist judges' in the last year?

Today's Headline: Supreme Court attempts to kill democracy.

So Scott Brownstain campaigned in an old pickup truck, but owns 5 houses and 12 cars?

Brady Campaign: Obama Abject Failure on Guns

RW Militia Nutjob/Rapist caught red handed: "Uh... I'm holding this grenade launcher for my friend"

OK..bear with me-can someone give me a Cliff notes version on the Social Security ruling?

It's not that hard to understand - here's the scoop:

FDIC Chief Got Bank of America Loans While Working On Its Rescue

Anchorage: Call for a timeout on (Shell) drilling in the Arctic Ocean's Chukchi Sea

Cadbury CEO to reap $19M on takeover

The Senator from Pfizer....

Venezuela's Chavez Forms Socialist Supermarket Group

National Enquirer thinks of Pulitzer (for coverage of Edwards)

What's it gonna be America, now that the Felonious Five have destroyed any illusion of democracy?

Two NYPD Cops Suspended After Beating Handcuffed Suspect, video

Today's ruling makes even a guy like Alan Grayson vulnerable to corporations with their billions.

Chavez foes call voting district changes unfair

Prayer ritual item (Jewish prayer boxes) mistaken for bomb, jet lands in Philly

In light of the recent Supreme Court decision, American politicians should sport this nifty get up:

"Oath Keeepers" leader (Teabagger offshoot) arrested for child rape and weapons

Used Car Dealer Sues Customer for Paying Stated Price

We need to elect Democrats with a real spine.

We the Shareholders..

Grayson's emergency petition to SCOTUS:

Vanity Fair reviews the Creation Museum

Why are Republicans Objecting to So Many of Obama’s Nominations of Women?

Chavez eyes more versatile role with A's

The Scotus Decision may be a great opportunity

The Supreme Court Ruling Increases the Importance of the Democratic Base. Or Not

Corporations say " No elections in 2012"

When it rains it pours .... not talking Cali weather .... well that too ...

The conflicting visions of the corporate elite (and their tools in Washington)

CA Storms leave water officials hopeful

In jurisdictions with mandatory voting, is it mandatory as soon as one reaches voting age?

The SCOTUS decision is ironic. It overturns a 1907 REPUBLICAN law.

I think the SOTU speech next week needs to be a tough, no holds barred indictment

Blue Dog Democrat Pleased With Brown’s Win

Does anybody have a good explanation for precisely what the SCOTUS ruling does?

So now that coporations are "persons," can they run for office?

Does American not want HEALTH CARE REFORM?

Ohio police: Driver has corpse in back seat

We here in Maryland know exactly what the people of Massachusetts are doing.

Half of U.S. States Have Run Out of Money for Unemployment Insurance

My Fellow Frogs

Can someone clarify the SCOTUS ruling for me? Does this mean we're going back to the rules that

Scott Brown's Wife Music VIDEO: Gail Huff's RACY 'Girl With The Curious Hand'

Shannyn Moore taking names and kicking ass today

So I Guess The Money That Sen. Bernie Sanders Secured Is Out Too - Huh?....nt

Citizens United will be as infamous as Plessy vs. Ferguson, Dredd Scott,

If my corporation "divorces" me.. I want HALF!

Brown's going to be a real pip, but maybe a treasure chest of political missteps

Scott Brown robocalls praise McCain

Sorry for posting this but can you all make comments?

Chávez Struggles to Tame Black-Market Dollar Strength

South Carolina opening faith based prison dorm

CT-Gov: Dems Continue to Hold Down Lead


Pence ally downplays talk of Senate run

Democrats will be doomed if they give up on health care reform now

Bush 41 to endorse Hutchison

Screw it all!! Get your Golden Calf © here and start worshipping

DAILYKOS: Pelosi Is Going For Reconciliation On Health Reform!

Artur Davis blasts rival for health care support

Tom Toles nails it big time

If a corporation, as a "person", can make unlimited political contributions...

Obama blasts Court decision on campaign finance - View from the Top

Protest in San Francisco demanding funding for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund

83 year old brutally beats 99 year old over parking space

Walmart is donating $600,000 to Haitian Relief. The Walton family is worth $82 billion.

'Oath Keepers' Leader Arrested for Child Rape; Cops Find Stolen Grenade Launcher In His House

Barney Franks will be a guest on Tweety's show (for those who like Barney and

Barney Franks will be a guest on Tweety's show (for those who like Barney and

Danziger Toon "We thought you were dead!"

Obama's accomplisments

CA-Sen: Boxer With Solid Leads But Campbell Asserts Himself; SSP Moves to Likely D

Inscribed over the Supreme Court

"In Gawd We Tryst"

The world bank is behind the cancellation of Haitian debt

Dennis Kucinich: I Will Continue To Fight For Single-Payer

We just got the most anti-democratic decision out of SCOTUS in a long time



"Justice"Thomas goes where even "Scalito" won't go

CNN: Brown tips Senate balance of power to GOP


While I applaud Pres. Obama for recommending action to be taken against the banks,

What would happen if Republicans had %100 of Congressional seats?

Too bad some of these corporations didn't have "DNRs" in effect in September of 2008

Too bad some of these corporations didn't have "DNRs" in effect in September of 2008

Well now.

WOW! Google has really increased the speed of their indexing engine tremendously!

Pelosi: House lacks votes to OK Senate health bill

Announcing my run for PRESIDENT!!

If money is speech then why don't my dollar bills talk to me?


"James Bopp, Jr. : The Man Who Took Down Campaign Finance Reform" mother jones:

Readying the leaves... on some of the horrific logistics

Readying the leaves... on some of the horrific logistics

"MOVE TO AMEND", here...

The Longest 20 Seconds of Her Life

Crush injuries can be deceptively dangerous

How Corporate Money Will Reshape Politics By THE EDITORS

We may only have 1 chance left to save America from collapse: Tax ACCUMULATED super-wealth.

??? does the supreme court ruling go into effect immediately???

Sen. Arlen Specter tells Bachmann to "act like a lady"

Outreach to non-al-Qaeda Taliban included in new State Dept. 'Strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan'

Cancer patients may be denied a possible cure, simply because there is no money to be made?

What does it mean to petition the government for redress of grievances?

tweety loves scott brown almost as much as he loves sarah palin

Great Insurance Story!

Cindy McCain: Gay Marriage is OK

2 ways to take action TODAY against SCOTUS ruling:

2 ways to take action TODAY against SCOTUS ruling:

Kucinich on Ed


Not Having A Mortgage Doesn't Stop Bank Of America From Foreclosing


Economic Recovery? Ummm...maybe not...

Soulless, That's the Only Way I Can Think of to Describe Them

Partisan Politics is the Real Pre-Existing Condition

Welcome to the Gilded Age, folks

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United Corporations of America...

Naomi Klein: how corporate branding has taken over America.

5 Jokes About The Eagerness Of Certain Democratic Members Of Congress To Abandon HCR - David Rees

Want to blame someone? Look in the fucking mirror.

Supreme Court Upholds User Tax On Speech.

While DUs Liberals battle DLCers, the SCOTUS takes away the power of BOTH:

Howard Zinn on Obama's 1st Year:

Dems Consider New Laws in Response to Supreme Court Campaign Finance Decision

I hearby declare this week The Week of the Asshole.

MSNBC: Keith Olbermann to address SCOTUS ruling tonight.

Mass relocation for Haiti homeless

Barney Frank was excellent just now on Hardball - Catch the replay if you can

The bipartisan leaders

Reduce Health Costs--Ban Pharma Ads

KO's Special Comment tonight: Will the SCOTUS decision mean the end of democracy?

What a week, and it's only Thursday.

Do "We the People" need to file as a corporation? Serious question.

All the rights people, with none of the responsibilities

The War Is Over!!

The Right might want to hold off on gloating over Air America's demise

Obama could add more seats to the USSC --

Will Obama change his SOTU speech to address the SCOTUS ruling?

Will Obama change his SOTU speech to address the SCOTUS ruling?

Does the USSC ruling on political speech & $$$ apply to foreign corporations?

Liberal Vs. Conservative Thread on 4chan's /r9k/ (Advert banners NSFW)

OK, want to latch on something stupid Chavez said? Stick with the Playstation thing.

Any evidence liberals sat out the MA election?

I think Progressives can take heart from the Scott Brown win. No, I'm serious

Are bribery, extortion, prostitution and all forms of gambling now legal?

Today's SCOTUS ruling harms this country more than Bush v. Gore

More The Fools We

Since the SCOTUS ruling today, can corporations now tell their employees whom to vote for?

Question: Can I marry a corporation? They seem to have good health care....

Courting independents and the moderate middle class don't seem to have ....

Courting independents and the moderate middle class don't seem to have ....

The Bank Proposal:

I need an intelligent link explaining the error of "corporate personhood"

WOW, Thom Hartmann just made a GREAT point

Complete Text of Justice Stevens' Dissent on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

Question: Will gay corporations ever get the right to marry?

If Coakley supported a single payer system, would she have won?

With Supreme Court decision, window for change will not only close but be bricked over in 2010

I Will Continue To Fight For Single-Payer

So...according to the SCOTUS, money has the freedom of speech!

AF chief: F-35 testing, acquisition will slow

"Citizens United" is the Mirror Image of DRED SCOTT: Properties Are People, it claims

Hmm real bank breakup coming? Internationally?

Good news, Sotomayor sides with the good guys, bad news...

Repuke candidate targets transgendered people in race for Sec. of State (MI)

Citizens United.

the collective wisdom of the american electorate

the collective wisdom of the american electorate

Harold Ford tries to ride Senator Centerfold's coattails: "Washington needs independents!"

Here is your next Ted Kennedy.

No more "man-on-dog" Santorum. It is now "corporation-on-dog" Santorum.

Let's protest at Alito and Roberts' Offices

Leaving 5 year old home alone while running errands - not a good idea

Dean on health care: "Settle For What We Can Get"

CA Supremes: Pot growing limits, bans UNCONSTITUTIONAL

Dear Corporate Masters

Company to STOP inscribing bible passages on rifle sights

COURIC just said Senator TreasureTrail rode a wave of "anger" JUST LIKE Obama!1

White House: Obama's "plate full". Move health care to "back burner" to "let dust settle"

Sure, it's been a crappy day and the barbarians are at the gates

If corporations are "persons".....

Young Voters Were No-Shows in Massachusetts

Here is a view of the Navy Ship Comfort from the Mexican Navy Ship Huasteco

Toon: The Party of d'oh

Everybody knows that the boat is leaking ...

The Supreme Court decision really won't change things that much

The way to fix it is by making government smaller.

Food for Thought: How Anonymous Is Your Internet Presence?

Does the recent SCOTUS decision return us to the days of FDR, Truman and JFK?

Elizabeth Edwards: "My marriage shouldn't be on anybody's radar screen except mine."

What really happened in MA

The United States of Suckers: AIG Owes Retention Payouts to Many Ex-Employees

This may sound like a very trivial thing but that Court ruling is going to have more than 1 effect

Let's rename the Health Bill and call it The Ted Kennedy Health Insurance Rescue Package

Feingold: Statement in response to the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC

If we raise corporate taxes, they will have less money

So Air America is finally dead.

So Air America is finally dead.

When corporate executives can go to PRISON

Poll: Most Americans want more GOP support on health care:

The phone call Anthony Kennedy received this morning:

You gotta see this photo of 7 yr old Haitian pulled yesterday from rubble.

Fuck it.

Air America bankrupt and will stop live broadcasts

We heard the tea-baggers would be the death of the GOP - yet they're

We heard the tea-baggers would be the death of the GOP - yet they're

Bloomie's delves into outlet business

These people are giving away my Goddamn country !

I Missed Ed Schultz Tonight

I don't have to tell you things are bad...

I don't have to tell you things are bad...

In theory, Obama could use the SCOTUS ruling to jump back on the populist bandwagon.

we have now lost our last liberties but...

I just can't wait till they buy enough congressman to move our Social Security into the market!

Democrats should use this SCOTUS ruling against the Republickers and

As horrible of a decision as it is, did unions gain anything from today's ruling?

There's a potential silver lining to the SCOTUS decision

Ex-AG Took Down License Plates of Visitors to Dr. Tiller's Clinic, Ethics Probe Reveals

The only solution to corporate person-hood is by constitutional amemdment,

So let me see if I have this straight (SCOTUS decision)

US Senate Confirms Judge Martin she becomes the youngest member of the 11th Circuit

Ed Schultz just said Air America is out of business. Does that mean

Touching opinion piece in my paper from the Texas Workforce Commissioner

Alan Grayson: Saving Our Democracy

Obama blasts Court decision on campaign finance

Obama Did NOT Cut A Deal To Reduce Social Security Or Medicare. He Established A Commission.


The Angry American Public and Two Much Needed Reforms.

Some good news in the Obama HCR Plan.

Chris Matthews on Scott Brown tonight

Here is a small look into the logistics of this

Olbermann Special Comment on the SCOTUS Decision Coming Up

I'm for free speech and all, but this is disgusting (Michael Savage)

I am feeling less represented than when Bushco was in office

Keith Olbermann has a special comment tonight

Agree or disagree?

Bugs Inside: What Happens When the Microbes That Keep Us Healthy Disappear?

Thanks John Edwards

Did anyone get this text message from Obama

Whoopee! Corporations have been FULLY emancipated! Let freedom™ reign.

Harness the Anger: SCOTUS, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera

has the media used the word 'activist judges' today?

Supreme Court decision could unseat Barbara Boxer

For those who are critical of the military's administration of Haitian relief efforts .....

No Googling. Who was the last President to have a Constitutional Amendment ratified during his term?

Scott Baio's Michelle Obama tweet sparks death threats

Thomas Jefferson: "I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations..."

U.S. troops sit down in Haiti! A bright light of reason in troubled relief effort...

SCOTUS just elected

Actually, the people who claim the GOP aren't conservatives anymore are correct...

I find the SCOTUS decision helpful . . .

State of emergency declared for all of Arizona

BushCo Strikes Again......

Is Kaine joking? This is infuriating! We are supposed to be "disappointed"? Disappointed?


Maine has voluntary publicly funded elections. In theory it would be one way around

1/21/2010: It's Official, Democracy is Dead

Question: Does the SCOTUS decision change contribution limits?

42 Arrested Protesting Obama's Broken Promise to Close Guantanamo

Corporations are not people

Does anybody remember in the 80s when that old guy was beaten bloody in the street with sticks

If we are going to have Commissions on "Entitlements" I DEMAND a Commission on Miltary Spending

U.S. army prepares Guantanamo Bay for waves of refugees

Cadavers Made to Blink with Artificial Muscles

The 50 richest men(women) in Congress vs. the 50 richest corporations in the World

If according to the SCOTUS corporations = people, they too should be subject to the $2400

Give up? HA! I don't think many get how much power we 'little' folks really have

Well, NOW you can kiss climate change legislation GOODBYE

US Offers Protected Status for Haitian Immigrants

An apology to DU about my "White History" post

Barney Frank is restoring my hope

The Conservative Majority on the Supreme Court is ASSISTING THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.

Question for legal scholars: Will political advertisements still have to state who paid for them?

U.S. Offers Pakistan Drones to Urge Cooperation

People For the American Way petition for constitutional amendment to undo Citizens United v. FEC

Unrec's - Technical explanation? Question for the mods!

The SCOTUS now represents a more dangerous threat to the US than Al-Qaeda

It's time to opt out.

So now the Pharma companies can donate a billion dollars each to the candidates of their choice.

First anger, now acceptance.

I want to be a loser like Conan O'Brien!

Heads up DU~~~~ IT'S BAAAAAACKKK ~~~~~~~

One week, the poorest nation in this hemisphere gets beaten to within an inch of it's life...

One week, the poorest nation in this hemisphere gets beaten to within an inch of it's life...

Billboard prompts 911 calls

C-Ya! Senate Shrugs Off House Health Care Woes

Will the Senator from Pfizer please suspend?

"What seems unmistakably clear is that White House is taking an extremely hands off approach"

We should compile a list of companies that Conservatives will be afraid of, allow me to start.

Only a foolish optimist can deny the dark realities of the moment.....

You know how Big Coal owns West Virginia Politics? Well, welcome to the club

Given the Supremes' ruling on campaign finance

Is This For Real Or An E-mail Scam?

Cheryle Jackson, Dem Senatorial Candidate, Opposes Marriage Equality

Supporters of today's SCOTUS ruling owe this man a debt of gratitude:

Crossing the Battlefield: A Note to Our Opposition.

White Only Basketball story reprise on Maddow show

How long can the Democratic Party survive on the theme We're Not Them

If ever there was a time for us to rally together and stop bickering, it is now...

John Roberts left Justice Taney of Dred Scott in the dust

NYTimes ed. board: "Congress must act immediately to limit the damage of this radical decision"

Is there really any point to people like us donating to campaigns anymore?

World In Motion - some apropos lyrics for today..

I will bet damned near anything that most voters have - and won't ever have - a clue about .........

I am so totally disgusted that I don't... no, CAN'T.. care any more

Will the Golem-Corporations cancel Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann

"There's not a dime's worth of difference between Obama and Lieberman!"

a silver lining? the SCOTUS over-reaching today has remobilized the Left within 10 hours

A Day In the Life of a Freeper (and other corporate shills)

Good Night and Good Luck (to us all)

Last week I was sure global warming was a myth.

It's Time to End Party Politics as we Know It. An unsavory path to fair(er) elections:

Freerepublic is down - Are they against Supreme's decision too?

Welcome to the Future: Idiocracy in Congress..

it's broken

Which will prove to be more damaging to the USA: 9/11 or 1/21?

What do you think the Supreme Court justices who voted against Democracy get for their efforts?

With nowhere to go, bodies in Haiti burned

If Obama were really concerned about the SCOTUS decision

I think we can expect every aspect of government to become for profit privatized in the future

So now that RM is covering how the debt is being cancelled

Obituary to an unknown neighbor

BRICK WALL DAY January 21, 2010

I've knocked on thousands of doors and made thousands of phone calls, donated 100s ofthe years

Game Over. Canada here I come. Democracy is dead, Fascism Rules

Caption this pic

Greg Palast: Manchurian Candidates - SCOTUS Allows China, Etc. Unlimited Spending In U.S. Elections

They *MUST* act *NOW* - - NOW is the time!

Seems to me there needs to be a march on the Supreme Court organized by every group possible

Pissed at the right-wing judicial activism of the Roberts court?

Chief Injustice

Some Senate Dems want Climate Change debate pushed back to NEXT year.

Obama Cuts Deal that Will Reduce Social Security, Medicare and all Entitlements

Brown record doesn't always match everyman image. Info on Brown

Networks should list 2 largest donors on screen under the names of all congresscritters NASCAR-style

O.K., I've stopped hyperventilating about the SCOTUS decision & am rolling up my sleeves to work on

The issue isn't free speech. The issue is the definition of "person"

Just re-watched Network, more important today than ever

To RW sheep: NOW do you see social issues were bait while SC was set up for PRO-FASCIST rulings

How is is that the Rs are getting what they want, while the Ds are in power?

"If Spotted, Try To Find A Democrat with The Balls To Prosecute Them"

How To Recruit A Freeper To Join Us On Opposing This Odious SCOTUS Decision

Does Democratic Underground LLC have a right to run DU?

Corporate Personhood Should Be Banned, Once and For All by Ralph Nader

Has Ft. Sumter just been fired on? n/t

Why not pack the Supreme Court?

Let's boycott Corporations that are spending on behalf of Republican candidates

Wal-Mart and free speech or First Amendment rights.

This About Sums Up My Feelings on Our Odds of Remaining a Viable Democracy After Today

A link for those "far lefties" who feel disenfranchised right now...

Jonathan Turley, I love you, but we need to actually

I think this pic pretty much sums everything up nicely

One good thing will come from the Corporate Coup

Killer Funnel-Web Spiders Invade Sydney Australia (bite can kill you in 2 hours)

This is George Herbert Walker Bush's so called New World Order. A date that will live in infamy.

Kennedy seat loss has driven DU mad

As usual Jon Stuart is killing tonight...

With corporations able to completely finance a candidate... will political parties cease to exist?

Best way to deal with SSI and the budget deficit....

Obama getting high marks for his banking reforms

So who do you think Rupert Murdoch and Newscorp will bankroll for pres in 2012?

So who do you think Rupert Murdoch and Newscorp will bankroll for pres in 2012?

Time to stop panicking and get to work

The "Revolution" WILL be televised after all...

Colbert: Obama's first year in office.. if he was as good as Palin..he'd be retired by now..

Banks already finding ways around Obama financial reforms

"It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession....

How many here feel that they would rather the money going to Haiti went to the US?

Can we tax corporate donations to ads for or against congress critters?

Air America is filing for bankruptcy and ceasing live broadcasts

I bet that I'd like Paul Krugman if I met him in person.

If you're ever asked why there isn't a "White History Month," this is the correct response...

Obama raised 600 MILLION dollars in 2008, twice what Kerry or Bush raised in 2004.

After years of Republicans whining about "activist judges" and "legislating from the bench"

Conservatives are too stupid and myopic to realize this ruling hurts them as well

Jason Linkins, HuffPo: "We are all royally, hopelessly fucked for the rest of recorded time"

Thanks Admins and Mods

I think we ought to start referring to it as a SCROTUS ruling..

I think we ought to start referring to it as a SCROTUS ruling..

So you think this week was bad?

Coakly loses, AirAmerica dies, the Supremes sell America to the highest bidder

We wouldn't sell our ports to Dubai due to National Security, but we can sell them our Congress

So, watcha gonna do?

If neither existed, and I proposed the current banking and insurance industry for the first time...

Ignoring gays, eroding his base - Salon

CIA Contractor Now Flying Spy Drone Over Haiti

Just think: all the kids with their "worst supreme court decisions" pages are scrambling now

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Bye Bye Air America Radio &

A cry to the remaining true democracies of this world KEEP U.S. CORPORATIONS OUT

How is it that the media can get into Haiti and help cannot?

Those of you who think Obama hasn't done anything right....

dear President, here is the republican response to scaled back health bill

Tonight on our local news an Ohio Congressman

NOW,...Kill THIS mutant monster Republican HCR Bill,...And then...

NOW,...Kill THIS mutant monster Republican HCR Bill,...And then...

NOW,...Kill THIS mutant monster Republican HCR Bill,...And then...

20,000 soldiers & the best stocked medical airport around, but

How do you think this SCOTUS decision will effect Unions?

Congress Must Respond (Possibly With a Constitutional Amendment)

Ralph Nader is correct about banning "corporate personhood"

The last time the Supreme Court expanded was in 1869

The last time the Supreme Court expanded was in 1869

Even now, it's not too late for Ralph Nader to become an hero.

Can someone explain to me WHERE in the Constitution corporations are given 'personhood'?

Olbermann: Special Comment: Pandora's Box

Anyone got a Free Republic account? Need a little favor...

Anyone got a Free Republic account? Need a little favor...

NZ army to remove Bible citations from armaments

The Senator from Exxon-Mobil?

My proposal for circumventing the SCOTUS and stopping legalized bribery: Conflict of interest rules.

how about going after banks in this way?

Is there any chance that Democrats and Republicans will be replaced by

Everybody who is saying they want to move to Canada or Europe

And so we mourn the passing of an illusion.

We are not doomed. Our Unions will be freed up because of the SCOTUS decisions

If a government entity now tries to union bust or prevent a union from forming,

Check in if you've had a bad week - San Diego.

There was no limit to what we could have done

Acting California Governor Jerry Brown?

ICRC reports that the flow of aide is now there

Full frontal sexism: A woman who posed nude like Scott Brown did couldn't have won a Senate seat

How to Cut Social Security in 7 Easy Steps (It's later than you think)

We don't need a constitutional amendment and we don't need impeachment

Could/Should the SCOTUS decision be investigated?

So lets start at the begining. What the hell do you people want?

"Unions and Corporations"

Remember when I used to think that guy was crazy?

Air America Filing For Bankruptcy, Ceasing Live Broadcasts -- their statement:

Lotsa "Curse you, moderates!" and "Darned leftist fringers!" going around lately. So come in here &

If the SCOTUS decision stands...It'll be time to stock up...

David Sirota: PETITION: Corporations are NOT People (Please Sign)

Can someone please help me with a forum icon?

After today's ruling, with regrets, I am cancelling my ACLU membership

Russian bombers fly patrols over Pacific

Why the Supreme Court ruling is the final nail...

Why the Supreme Court ruling is the final nail...

Kucinich: "I Will Continue To Fight For Single-Payer"

Say hello to my little friend.

This type of misinformation does our movement a disservice .

What did the Supreme Court just do to our democracy?

Here it is: the late Senator Ted Kennedy's Medicare for All Act

Who woulda thought that "Rollerball" would be more predictive than "1984"?

Sign Alan Grayson's Supreme Court petition against corporations...

A very brief thumbnail history of Haiti, going back to 1804

If there is no limit on what the Corps can spend on political advertising

Why does HCR need to be one huge bill?

Well! CBS refuses to let fan group digitize old, public domain Jack Benny content

You all know what the popular definition of insanity is...

You all know what the popular definition of insanity is...

WaPo Breaking: Pelosi rejects Senate HC bill - says votes not there.

Every single person who says "start over" is in total denial. Every single one.

I just have to say this. My best friend who loved Obama

Exclusive: Kucinich shreds Democrats for betraying promise of change

Grayson has a PETITION on the Supreme Court decision today . . . !!

Churches can run ads, hospitals can run ads, anyone with a corp code can now be in politics

We now live reside in a Fascist Theocratic Corporate state.

"Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose"

Since states charter corporations, could states act to limit the damage of this ruling?

Filed for unemployment almost two weeks ago. Got my monetary

Millions of Americans will be watching the SOTU speech next Wednesday

Where are the checks and balances for the Supreme Court?

Ted Olson is an enigma

So, can we try Goldman-Sachs for 1st Degree Murder of Lehman Brothers and then execute it?

Why the Republicans should be afraid of this, too.

A Freeper reacts to the SCOTUS decision

Here comes the New Boss...

The can of worms.

US Debt Primer

Without Air America, There Would Be No Rachel Maddow On MSNBC

Protest the SCOTUS ruling -- please make this your Facebook status

My unsubscribe message to

Paragraph that I would love to see in the SOTU speech next week

Okay. If we boomers really want to save Social Security we should all die as soon as possible.

Where's the $2,400 limit? Corporations now have greater free speech rights than individuals.

Any Doctors in the House in the CT area?

So the bank apologist on CNBC say that what Obama is proposing is doomsday for the


Rachel Maddow should run for MA Senate in 2012

What do you think about newspapers who don't allow anonymous postings

George Clooney Personally Kicks In $1 Million to Haiti Relief

Tea Party 'Hero' Arrested For Rape, Stolen Grenade Launcher Discovered

I'd be pissed if i was an edwards supporter

Man, things can sure turn to shit in a hurry, huh?

Man, things can sure turn to shit in a hurry, huh?

DCCC: your membership has expired. ME: my trust in the Democratic Party has expired.

Could today's SCOTUS ruling become grounds for impeaching those five Justices?

where are the teabaggers? do they support the supreme court ruling?


"Downtown Scotty Brown"?

I'll be voting for Senator Webb® brought to you by Capital One.

God spoke to me last night, and he told me this:

It Could Be Worse!!

So who do you think Putin will bankroll for president

GOP Is Overjoyed At The Unprecedented Influence Corporations Will Now Have In Federal Campaigns

Rep. Alan Grayson comments on SCOTUS ruling.

Move to Amend the Constitution

What sex are corporations?

Larisa Alexandrovna: SCOTUS RULING = Powell Memo Goal = Fall of Democracy

No more Air America Radio - starting tomorrow - End of an Era

Alaska's New Senator Mark Begich

SCOTUS: Corporations=People, Spending=Speech

When a republiCON says..

When a republiCON says..

I think the Supreme Court just defined a new movement for us

Not Possible to OVERSTATE how Bad the SCOTUS decision is

Arlen Specter tells Bachmann to act like a lady

Do UNDERSTAND THIS: Citizens United did NOT lift limits on contributions for YOU and ME

Hugo Chavez says US 'weapon' caused Haiti quake

The Stock Market is Now Illegal

in light of today's SC ruling:The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism"

The Bush/Prescott Fascist Family: The gift that never stops corporations.

Hugh Hewitt echoes Hugo Chavez: Obama is ‘invading Haiti.’

I ventured into the asylum at FR to see what they thought of the SCOTUS ruling

Call it what it is KO... FASCISM

How long before the SCOTUS rules that you have to pay a huge fee in order to vote?

Meet your Founding Fascists

Meet your Founding Fascists

"Can a US Supreme Court justice be impeached and removed from office?"

Three things required to SAVE democracy.

I call for IMPEACHING the Supreme Court Members who voted for this decision

"That was why I couldn't marry one of my cousins..."

The Corporatocracy was shocked at the election results of 2008

My brother is a banker

13 year old autistic teen shoots and kills his father

I pledge allegiance to the corporations...

Obama Cuts Deal that Will Reduce Social Security, Medicare & all Entitlements

What if racists focus on indoctrinating married women who have young children?

WSJ - "Sotomayor Issues Challenge to a Century of Corporate Law" - We Need More Like Her!!!

I haven't given up yet, but I'm getting close to the edge.

Over? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

This was the plan all along

Today Dream

Boycott Starbucks for Funding Anti-Marijuana Lobbying Efforts !

Obama Cuts Deal To Reduce Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid (HELLO. THIS is NOT a Democrat!)

Joe Average American won't care much about the SC decision

Local Labor Unions Begin Calling for March on Washington to End U.S. Wars and Rebuild America

Been Fun Voting ... Been Fun Caring ... Been Fun Trying To Help Those Who Need It...

I am heartbroken to discover the ACLU wrote an amicus brief in support

I am a Liberal First and Then a Democrat After That.

Spitzer just told Ratigan that now Obama is listening to Volker, and not Geithner,

who in the fuck do republicans want to take their country back from???

FBI Caught Committing Terrorism Within the United States -- Obama Has Their Backs

Senate Dems Not Sure They Can Get Enough Votes to Reconfirm Bernanke

Add ANOTHER child sexual predator to the GOP's list!

Barney Frank was bloviating his ass off on Rachel's show

We need three unmarried volunteers to challenge the Supremes' dreadful decision


There should be marches all over the country to protest this decision

Alternative energy. Safe food. Net neutrality. Peace.

Ralph Nader: Corporate Personhood Should Be Banned, Once and For All

My e-mail to John Edwards

'Thank you, Martha! Thank you for running the worst campaign ever!'

Are you mad as hell yet?

NASCAR team steps up for Haiti

Alan Grayson's Supreme Court Petition: Link

Obama Needs to Put His Dukes Up ... FIGHT, DAMN IT!

Some of us who know cars said the Toyota unintended acceleration problem was not due to floor mats

Blankenship, Kennedy debate coal, climate change

Yellowstone Is Rumbling

Thom Hartmann on SCOTUS "This is OBSCENE" -- SIGN the motion to amend the Constitution

Stocks slide as Obama calls for tougher bank rules - AP

Court: No Limits To Medical Marijuana Amounts (Calif)

New York City Moves the Money

If the House passed the Senate HCR bill...

Become a fan of "Fire Rahm Emanuel Now" on Facebook

I really want Obama to find the right direction.

New life form defeats human race

New life form defeats human race

I am so fucking DONE

Chicago Univ. Law Professor makes charges against Bush/Cheney at The Hague!

Olbermann's special comment scared the shit out of me!

Concerned about corporations buying elections? Then quit funding corps... with your money.

nytimes opinion on scotus ruling

The Magistrate.

Rate Obama's first year as President

Criticism and/or Praise

Poll: Rate your first year in the Presidency of Barack Obama

John McCain urges Krolicki to battle for Harry Reid’s Senate seat

Romanoff Stays In Senate Race, Blasts "Pay To Play" Politics

Tiahrt ethics probe continues

Berg begins campaign for US House

NY-01: New SUSA Poll Shows a Dogfight, But Almost No Young Voters in Sample

NYT: Obama to Propose Limits on Risks Taken by Banks

Poll: O'Malley leads Ehrlich by 9

Obama to Propose New Rules on Proprietary Trading

Can you please help a Houstonian out? This website asks to boycott Houston because of gay mayor.

Stupak: Senate health plan will fail in House

Obama's interview with George Stephanopoulos

SoS Clinton to deliver major policy address on Internet freedom, LIVE at 9: 30 am (ET)

McCain: Dems' Health Care Plan "Hopefully Is Dead"

I'm issuing an open challenge to the President of the United States.

Palin to campaign for Bachmann in her run for 3rd term

Belated Question

Ok so which one is better?

Obama, Clinton Clear Two Banned Muslim Scholars For U.S. Entry


Puppy cam!

'John Locke' from LOST on West Wing, Bravo, NOW.

And for my 1000th post.

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/21/10

Here are some of my favorite ideas for new band names

Fuunniest comic strip about "Avatar" I've seen so far...

The road ahead.....

Becaus of the SCOTUS decision, Dems should just pass he Senate HCR

We can make history here at DU!

Maybe some good news for a change...Obama may actually start to go after Big Banks

Look Brown is a idiot but this in my opinion is a little picky

Need your help

"Are Dems Walking Back From The Brink On Health Care?"

Deliver the letter, the sooner the better...The Marvelettes, "Please Mr. Postman"

Obama wants $1.35b more in school grants

Fellow PROBAMAS, here's what you can do right now!

The Supremes, "You Can't Hurry Love" on The Ed Sullivan Show

Bruce Springsteen with Darlene Love - A Fine Fine Boy - Madison Square Garden, NYC - 2009

Pass the damn bill.

Nat'l Do-Not-Call registry (anti-telemarketers): This is on the level,isn't it?

Uh-oh! I think we have a problem here!!

Good morning Lounge

You might be sitting on a diamond mine and not even know it.

Match Game Story: "Harry Headbanger dropped 16 hits of acid, and ___ soldering iron and a Labrador."

Match Game Story: "Harry Headbanger dropped 16 hits of acid, and ___ soldering iron and a Labrador."

7 Bullshit Police Myths Everyone Believes

Sad to say, a lot of the features that made FDR a great president, made him a lousy husband &father

To be effective you cannot be angry. So I'm going for a smoke

TPM: After Caucus Meeting, House Dems Still Don't Have A Plan

And the hits keep on comin'...Martha & The Vandellas, "Heat Wave"

Recipe: "Pulled-Pork Macaroni and Cheese with Caramelized Onions and Four Cheeses"

**** President Announces Financial Reform Live!****

This sucks. I'm never going to hear the end of it about John Edwards...

Did anybody else just see this in GD?

Republicans Massachusetts Victory Is a Potential Gift to Democrats

Heidi Montag Tries To Move Her Face, Can't (VIDEO)

The Daily Beast: Time to Run the Fat Cats Out of Town

Good MORNING, DU...let's greet the day with the classic sounds of Fontella Bass, "Rescue Me"

******This Thread Is More Important Than All The Rest!!!******

Some funny stuff from my EMail In Box....

Harpoon rolls out a limited edition oyster beer

Man tells police he paid for sex, didn't get

Hail to the Chief! (John Stewart about Brown's election)

Hail to the Chief! (John Stewart about Brown's election)

Wow, does anyone else feel like "Government of the People, By the people, For the People" exists??

The Manic-Depressive Style in American Politics

Loyalty is for Kings and Despots Not Presidents!

Always wanted a ragtop: you're doing it wrong

Breaking: Supreme Court Rolls Back Campaign Spending Limits

Dems must pass public financing of federal campaigns. If not now, when?

Obama expected to propose new limits on the size and risk taken by the country's biggest banks

Hillary Clinton: Internet Freedom Is Crucial

Any "Flight of the Conchords" fans here?

Is this really going to be the new talking point from the RW????

A one-foot-out-the-door Conan gives NBC a $1.5 million, 60 second spanking. Don't mess with CoCo.

Speaking of RW tools on Facebook

Obama's move on the banks essentially kills the big banks, I would NEVER want to be in his shoes...

Supreme Court Justices need to have their activities reigned in.

Jim(CRAZY)Cramer:The health care companies have been predicting for 4 months HCR would die

"We're in no rush" - Nancy Pelosi (posted under GDP:Frustration sub-forum)

We are offically in the deep stuff here.. SCOTUS ruling scares the bejeebus out of me

LOL, Gibbs WILL Appear on Ed's Show Again Tonight

The only reason the "don't jam through" comments make sense

New Kids On The Block vs. New Order

Running Dry: Belgium's Looming Beer Crisis

A year ago today, Susan Boyle took to the stage in Glasgow...

Rate President Obama's 1st year..CNN quick vote.

should i jailbreak my iphone?

Kids in the Hall vs. Whitest Kids U Know

Mexican Spaghetti vs Italian Tacos

Krugman: You can't do health reform in pieces

Would a newborn be diagnosed with asthma, or would some other descriptor be used?

"You could take Steve Jobs, chase him with a bear, and he'd figure this out better than NBC did"

Who would you vote for in 2012?

The World Bids Farewell to Obama

To cheer WilliamPitt up I just sent him the new 'Chia Pubes'

OK GO + marching band + ghillie suits = pretty damn cool video


Limerick Time!

What's the 'P' for in Scott P. Brown?

Josh Marshall: Is It Really Over?

Is this robot creepy or cool?

AMC greenlights 'Walking Dead,' 'Killing'

Obscene bathroom graffiti comes to life (NSFW!)

Who Loves You Better?

Big Yellow Taxi

Brown Eyed Girl

Anybody else think Obama's relatively high approval rating is a hindrance

Today's overly-obvious, why-didn't- anyone-think-of-this-before invention...

You're The Key To My Heart / You're Beside Me

Summer Breeze

Can we get a leadership that leads?

Live It Up

I can't imagine the "Ass Kicking" we would be getting if the GOP had 59-41 in the Senate!!!

Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass...

Tall, slender redhead available for nighttime recreation.


Love Won't Let Me Wait

1994 Health Care Failure Redux!!!

Me and Mrs. Jones

Question for cat fanciers here...

A Love Of Your Own

Want your own military quality drone?

MY PSA* is back down to 4.0!

Person to Person

Spill The Wine

School Boy Crush

WaPo Breaking: Pelosi rejects Senate version of health-care bill

All Day Music

Yay! I found a mental health professional who doesn't suck!

Hello, Its Me

Here is what the "kill the bill if it isn't everything I want" crowd looks like

Can a Chinese company now come in and purchase a Senator or two.

Come Live With Me Angel

My Little Girl

TPM: Results of House Dem caucus meeting


Wind Parade


Think Twice

Music Is My Sanctuary (My Theme Song)

The media outlets are celebrating that there's not going to be HCR

Here's a new game. I copied 8 screen names right under mine and then looked at them and wrote

The Internet, Mom, and Apple Pie.

Freddie's Dead

Love and Happiness

I'll Take You There

Use Me

Going In Circles

silly joke I heard on the radio

The Masquerade is Over

Can I Be Your Main Thing?

I need to be "talked down" or something about today's SCOTUS ruling

Howard Fineman on Rachel last night said:

HCR is not going down because of House progressives

Will the GOP buy time for an infomercial during the SOTU speech or will they

Beloved DUer "The Magistrate" is in intensive care

With the new court ruling we should just rename the Capitol the Pepsi Dome

Pelosi, Schumer comments on health care (updated)

I think we need to give Joe Lieberman one more chance on Health Care!!

OK...let me give you a scenario...This guy, has a family and a wife he loves

Inside Tiger Woods Sex Rehab Center...

The republicans' goal was to stop health care reform. They won. But they

Concerning presidential demeanor, a question:

Kerry, who was ahead on campaign finance reform, pushed to filibuster Alito's confirmation

Corps will buy up all cable time 24/7, leaving us only the net and old fashion pamphlets. The net

My fellow Americans, House Representatives and Senators,

The lessons of Dick Cheney

Theme from M*A*S*H

Hendrik Hertzberg: One Year: Beware of Sudden Downdrafts

I can listen to 70's music all freaking day long

The late Bastion in better days...

What's that you say, girl?

Ya know, Devo really was miles ahead of everything elese

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell to give official GOP response to SOTU address

House panel to hold hearing on campaign finance decision

DAMN Randy sounds like she's almost in tears talking about the ruling

Can Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid revive and pass HCR on their own?

Feinstein Disappoints, Again

LMFAO @ Jon Stewart's impression of Keith Olberman

Obama's First Year: By the Numbers

Les Fleurs

Should I say I told you so. Well 2 weeks ago I said we will lose 42 seats in the House and 6 Senates

Which one of Bush's moves will prove to be more harmful to our nation

I got my Apple Shareholder proxy form today

I can hear my cat snoring.

Most days you eat the bear .................sometimes the bear eats you......


Citizens United Decision: ‘A Rejection Of The Common Sense Of The American People’

Future Shock

Ever work a crazy schedule?


Poll suggests we would have done better Tuesday if we had a public option

That Scott Baio thread over in GD has over 27,000 views!

Wheeee.... A tornado watch is up for the metro Phoenix area!

"We've lashed ourselves to congress. It's been like having Bernie Madoff in the Cabinet"

BREAKING: Country legend Willie Nelson weds Icelandic songstress Bjork in secret Vegas ceremony

Cisco Kid

When will KFC paint their ad on the Supreme Court building?

I need some help. He left me for her.

Is it because i'm black?

OK Californians, don't be greedy!

Hey, Redqueen

i need a snappy comeback for yet another dufus

Citizens United Campaign Funds Ruling Leaves Democrats Reeling

Have You Seen Her?

Salon on the "Volcker Rule"..."If President Obama wants a battle with Wall Street, he's got one"

Wonder if the Tea Baggers are going to protest the Supreme Court ruling

A return to sanity in banking-Obama bank plan is a response that fits the crisis

Conan and Zucker’s first clash

How to fix the mess we’re in, economic and political. Two policy steps:

HypnoToad! I found you a girlfriend...

Bottom Line...Republicans suck...

Maybe it's time to start setting up FOQNE's

It's disgusting how politicians run scared and worried about not being re-elected

Volcker Returns to Center Stage

Dean To Dems: Give Up On Comprehensive Health Care Reform For Now, Settle For What We Can Get

Joni Mitchell - Trouble Man

Do you like hamsters?

Cat owners - advice needed

Heads Up! Robert Burns Night 1-25! Enjoy Haggis!!!!

Kerry appears with Brown

Throwback Pepsi is soooooo good!

It's coming down in buckets here. How about some rain songs?

In light of the SCOTUS decision today, politicians need to wear logos of corps they are owned by

If Democrats abandon health-care reform...the lesson will be that they can't govern.

HuffPo showing Obama some love today

Obama, you may go down in flames but stand firm.

Loser argument: We can't do [_____] because Republicans will say [_____]

It's kinda like the Corporations want an all out war with us

Smart or stoopid test

I put both plain white mushrooms and marinated mushrooms in my lunch salad

Obama doesn't get it.

Hinchey, Sanders and other reactions to Obama's bank reform proposal

Populism and today's SCOTUS ruling

I voted for Obama and for Scott Brown

Ezra Klein: Can Democrats Govern?

Once upon a time there was a missionary.

Do u think Mandates will ever pass the senate again in our lifetime?

Kerry, Democrats make Haiti's orphans a priority

Josh Marshall: Whatev?

US Stocks Slide On Obama Bank Regulations; DJIA Down 189

Obama blames Massachusetts Senate loss on middle-class economic pain

The SCOTUS decision means we can't beat them with money. We need to do it all

$1 = 1 vote

House Dems Formulate Draft of Pared-Down Bill - Without Individual Mandate

Obama uses that "bipartisan" word again. He's like "Cool Hand Luke"

TPM: Senate Shrugs Off House Health Care Woes

Anyone still think that Obama is playing "Chess"?

Tri-colored male cat defies the genetic odds

Looking for Suggestions For Gourmet Tuna Salad

Blanche Lincoln backing Murkowski's Bid to Block EPA Greenhouse Gas Rules

and for a little Presidential historical perspective: Sound familiar? from November 16, 1982

What would the Mafia do?

Good god! What is happening?

My son, who is 15, has just began to engage in Beatlemania.

Josh Marshall: Health Care Reform is both dead and not dead

Anybody remember Checker Cabs?

One of the worst problems with our president is this: he's too fixated with being the Anti-Jesse

White House: Let's Let 'Dust Settle' On Health Care

Kerry, Alongside Brown: 'I Would Think' Scott Wouldn't Want People Denied Insurance For Preexisting

James Madison's worst nightmare has come through with the Roberts' SCOTUS decision

Obama now has an historic opportunity to craft HCR reform on his terms

I'ma ask Bank Of America to marry me; she has a great personality, built nice & has good health care

How depressed are you? SCOTUS decision, Brown, etc.

Ah, Great. Another Closed-Door Meeting Between Obama Admin and Top Bankers

Here's What Obama Needs to Do to Get Back On Track

One of the two Obama favorite TV shows is about...

Congress should change the law so that only registered voters can donate to political campaigns

Kucinich Denounces Supreme Court Decision in Citizens United Case

Fire Rham! Hire Howard!

We need to grow up about adultery, it is costing us real public servents

"Saying the House can't rubber stamp the Senate unless changes are made is a negotiating posture."

I had a heart attack last Sunday

Now that the dust has settled...

"Reports that Rahm Emanuel is pushing for a scaled-down bill are false."

UK Olympian Suffers Major Wardrobe Malfunction on Bobsled Track

The corporations money only works because the average voter is stupid!

ACLU: Reflections on a Decade of Reproductive Freedom

Obama Cuts Deal that Will Reduce Social Security, Medicare and all Entitlements

Today is my birthday!

Tweety is comparing Edwards to Palin. Intellectually.

Chief Justice Roberts

Huh? .......... Oh! You're making my head hurt!!

The ACLU was on the wrong side of history today.. .and I'm cancelling my membership

Fuck the Donkey, Let's use this as our new mascot.......

At no point in time did I ever ever consider moving to Canada..NEVER.. till now

President Bill Clinton as Wimp ? Did anyone feel that way at the time?

The Democratic Party is test marketing a new logo

CBS News poll: Obama approval rises from 46% to 50%

If only the SCOTUS decision today were a missing blonde in Aruba, then maybe

Non-violent non-compliance...

My God! Do the Democrats ever learn???

French Accents vs British Accents

Obama's Get Goldman Plan

What does the Citizens United decision mean?

The Court’s Blow to Democracy (NYT)

Corporate shill Dennis Kneale nervous of scotus ruling.

Keith O ripping into this fucking SCOTUS decision..Watch now or at 10 p.m.

Keith O ripping into this fucking SCOTUS decision..Watch now or at 10 p.m.

What about a constitutional amendment

I was going to take my Obama sticker off my car after the One Year Anniversary...

They shan't work together again (Genesis & Gabriel @ R&R Hall Of Fame)

Brown's problem with teabaggers on this side of the election begins

Temple Grandin

Anyone else feel like maybe you did drink the koolaid?

The Clinton years were the best and turning point for the US

It's always been about the Supreme Court

John Edwards admits fathering Hunter’s child

The SCOTUS decision is a real turning point.

FauxNews Poll: Obama Would Beat GOP, Tea Party Rivals By Landslide In 2012

This is what the Dems learned from the MA election. Now more cuts to Medicare and SS

How come no one talks about cutting military spending to reduce the deficit?

Don't Nobody Move

Senator Spector and CRAZY EYES get into a argument

Obama: SCOTUS ruling a "major victory for big oil, Wall Street banks, health insurance companies."

Obama's a bit boxed in on HCR now

Change, hard or easy?

Dudeism, the faith that abides in The Big Lebowski (article in The Guardian)

Leading Health Care Group To Democrats: Get It Done. Now!

Stand up and FIGHT the Commodification of Democracy!

Now that it's official that we live in a corporatocracy, let's make the needed changes

Krugman: Rejecting the Senate bill is "The Underpants Gnomes Theory Of Reform"

What WOULD be worth a revolution?

Which republican senator or house rep will scream at Obama during the State of the Union address?

How far left do we need to go?

When are they going to do away with elections altogether? Why maintain the pretense anymore?


What simple concept does your otherwise intelligent spouse/partner fail to grasp?

Rate Obama's first year as President.

NASCAR shooting to implement fuel injection in 2011

What’s the most interesting, yet completely useless fact you know?

Air America Media is ceasing live programming operations as of this afternoon

Don't forget tonight Keith O has a Special Commentary on the Court ruling

Haiti reporters hassled by Sanford airport director

UN climate deadline turns out to be 'flexible'

US prepares Gitmo for 1000s of Haitian migrants

US Secretary Gates to press Pakistan on militant fight

Pakistani army: No new offensive for 6-12 months

Obama popular with Russians, seen as improving ties

Proposal Set to Curb Bank Giants

Edwards admits fathering child with mistress

US State Department 'not foreign policy arm of Google'

Web Access Is New Clinton Doctrine

Auschwitz death camp sign returned

Passenger arrested after airline bomb threat: FBI

Running Dry: Belgium's Looming Beer Crisis

MA Senate Election: Youth Turnout Was Just 15%, 57% for Older Citizens; Young Voters Favored Coakley

Rwandan genocide suspect arrested in France

Exclusive: Kucinich shreds Democrats for betraying promise of change

Leading Indicators Increase 1.1% in Sign U.S. Economy to Continue Growing

NBC: Conan O'Brien reaches $45M exit deal

(Video) Chavez: Haiti Earthquake Caused by U.S. Weapon Test

Afghan villagers say civilians killed in raid

(Wash. state) Pot bills go up in smoke as House panel stops both

Russia's Navy to build up Baltic Fleet over Polish missile plans

United Health Group's 4Q profit rises 30 percent

Jobless claims surge in the latest week (482K)

Campaign Finance Law to be Overhauled as Supreme Court Rules in Citizens United v. Federal Election

Haiti's elite hold nation's future in their hands

Haiti pier opens, road laid into Port-au-Prince

Congress working on tax deduction for Haiti donors

Russian bombers fly patrols over Pacific

Senator John Kerry calls for quick seating of Scott Brown

Dems join effort to block global warming rules

ICRC reports help is reaching the people of Haiti

Calif. high court strikes down medical pot limits

Gene Barry obituary

Jack Straw tells Iraq inquiry he could have stopped Britain joining invasion

$13.4 Billion Earnings in Record Year for Goldman Sachs

Pelosi says House cannot pass Senate's health-care bill without changes (Everything Is On The Table)

Senate schedules civil unions vote

CA Supremes: Pot growing limits, bans UNCONSTITUTIONAL

California Storm: 4 Feet of Snow, Pressure Record?

Massachusetts Mom Charged in Deaths of 9-Year-Old Daughter, Unborn Baby

New Virginia Governor to Deliver GOP Response to State of the Union

Haiti to relocate 400,000 homeless outside capital

Bloomsbury USA faces another race row over book cover

Human rights activists in Mexico under attack

Pakistani military says no new Taliban offensive soon

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday January 21

GenRe Reaches Deal With Justice Department in AIG Case (pay small fee not to be charged)

Honduras ex-leader Manuel Zelaya offered safe passage

Sending Message To Obama, Democrats Join Effort To Block Regulation Of Heat-trapping Gases

Haiti elderly suffer with help just a mile away

Afghanistan's Karzai moots Taliban peace scheme (offering money and jobs)

Xerox Corp to cut 2,500 jobs

Prop. 8 backer stands by views on pedophilia

Seventh man charged in Richmond rape

Stocks slide as Obama calls for tougher bank rules

Uncovering Sri Lanka's war crimes

Muslim anger over military 'Jesus' scopes

US commander to tighten Afghan night raid rules

Judge: Ex-Detroit mayor owes $300K within 90 days

Obama to Stump for Reid

Obama to Propose Limits on Risks Taken by Banks

Man in custody after firing shots at Texas Capitol

China teen seen as hero for killing local official

FBI, Telecoms Teamed to Breach Wiretap Laws

Clinton warns hackers of consequences

If Bills Fail, a Quandary for Insurers

It's Reconciliation (Pelosi is set to announce the House will go the reconciliation route on HCR)

'Tefillin' Prompts Scare On Plane

Geithner has reservations on US bank limits

Pa. jobless rate up, jobs at most scarce in decade

Defense Secretary Robert Gates Confirms Blackwater in Pakistan

Air America Ceasing Live Programming This Afternoon

Tiller Stalker: Ex-AG's Crusade Against Kansas Abortion Doctor Revealed In New Complaint

Edwards admits paternity

2.3M Toyotas recalled as new accelerator fault cited

Trijicon: No more Bible references on rifle scopes

MSNBC Breaking Supreme Court Frees Firms from Decades of limits on campaign spending

US Senate Votes Down Measure Seeking To End TARP

Couple claims Bank of America seized the wrong house

IMF urges 'Marshall Plan' for Haiti

More bias in US against Muslims than other faiths

More bias in US against Muslims than other faiths

Amanda Knox could face slander case over police claims

The Massachusetts Election

Eric Boehlert: Come back, Bob Woodward. Save us from "Game Change" journalism

'Shadow Elite': Do You Know Whose Agenda You're Being Sold?

Whistleblower reveals how insurers can game healthcare bill

Murders at Gitmo?

A reminder from Gene Lyons

Dear President Obama: Time to Stop Letting Corporations Write the Health Care Bill

Howard Zinn: Obama at One: Little Surprising in Absence of Progressive Social Movement

Fractured Narrative: Haitian Calm, American Cynicism

Message to Pundits: Massachusetts Vote Really a Referendum on Massachusetts Voters!

The "Dishonorable" German Girls

Don't Ridicule the Tea Baggers -- Recruit Them

'Tefillin Plane Scare' Raises Concerns for Ash Wednesday

On Scott Brown and the independent vote

We fuelled Yemen's 'failure'

A Sad Obituary

Afghan Government Corruption Thrives While the People Starve

The Supremes rule corporations have RIGHT of Freedom of speech. Fascism begins in America.

China teen seen as hero for killing local official

Both Parties Seek Ways to Channel Populist Ire.

One Cross of Gold, Coming Up

Only in America

Big Banks Have Already Figured Out The Loophole In Obama’s New Rules

Supreme Court decision, Citizens United v. FEC

The COIN Myth III: Economy of Farce

US ends limits on campaign funding

"Fluid and Muddle" /TPM's Josh Marshall as Confused as the rest of us Dems)...

Does the SCOTUS decision on corporate money mean that Siegeleman

Justice Stevens speaks of past, high court shift

Candidate Painted On Your Genitals?

The Decision by Alan Grayson

Corporate Personhood Should Be Banned, Once and For All

Kucinich Denounces Supreme Court Decision in Citizens United Case

The White House Should Also Announce An Antitrust Investigation Into Major Banks

Cindy McCain Endorses Gay Marriage, For Herself!

"The great issue before the American people today is the control of government and industry by

Campaign Launched to Amend Constitution, Overturning Today's Supreme Court Decision

Mr. President, you worry me. You said: the same thing that swept you into office last year...

God Help Us, We’re All Teabaggers Now

Scott Brown did not win, Obama lost because Democrats betrayed their own base

What Did Harold Ford Do at Merrill Lynch? (Mother Jones)

Lithwick calls "The Pinocchio Project," Court transforms "a corporation into a real

Supreme Court hands governance of the United States over to corporations

David Sirota: PETITION: Corporations are NOT People (Please Sign)

BBC News: Campaign funding free-for-all

Prop 8 Trial Re-enactment

The American President - The Speech

Reason & Emotion (1943) -- Describes GOP scare tactics quite well.

Obama's 'Volcker Rule' shifts power away from Geithner

RT "Keiser Report" Markets! Finance! Scandal! – Debtors Revolt!

Children's Dental Clinic Pays 24 Million Dollar Settlement For Abusing Kids For Profit

OSAMA BIN LADEN - Meet His Production Team a CIA/Hollywood MindF%$k

If we are going down - Let's go down fighting

New England's Oldest Elm Tree Cut Down

The National - Fake Empire

My tribute to John Edwards

Bon Scott was right - It's Criminal. There oughta be a law

CNN & AJ English: 8 Days Later 1,000s Of Injured Are Still Dying! Where Are The Medical Supplies?

Another Miracle in Haiti: 3 Week Old Baby Rescued After 8 Days!

RT Keiser Report on Haiti

Corporate futures: Trailer for the *original* Rollerball

AlJazeeraEnglish: US ends political campaign spending limits

Corrupt Government Forces Afghans To Spend More Than 1/3 Of Income On Bribes

On Hardball, Barney Frank Goes To Work On Republicans And Talks About The Economy

Scott Brown After The Election - Health Care for Everyone

MSF (Doctors Without Borders) Haiti Inflatable Hospital Tent Setup

Scott Brown is a REAL American!

Gerald Celente on Russia Today (RE: Goldman Sachs)

Revolution by the Beatles-for DU energy

Sheldon Whitehouse on the Supreme Court's decision in the Citizen's United case

Thom Hartmann - Amy Goodman on Haiti - The army should bring gauze not guns

Congressman Alan Grayson re SCOTUS: ''If this Decision Stands, You Can Kiss this Country Goodbye''

No Longer Can We Allow The Greed Of A Few To Put The Entire Country At Risk! Rep Speier

Here's Something That Will Grab You! Congresswoman Kaptur

Age of Aquarius - Hair

Instant Runoff Voting - Vote your Conscience

Former Bush Speechwriter Attacks Amanpour For Pointing Out BUSH Techniques Were Used By Khmer Rouge

Arrests at U.S. Capitol 'Close Gitmo' Protest

Thom Hartmann - Corporate Personhood - The Floodgates were Opened Today

Dean on BBC's Newsnight about MA, on healthcare.

TYT: Fox News Celebrates Brown Win - What Obama & Dems Should Do Next

Tea Party "Hero" brags he wants 2B Domestic Terrorist (arrested for rape, stolen grenade launcher)

The Christian Fundamentalist flap over John Lennon's Jesus remark.

Countdown: Alan Grayson - 'The Most Irresponsible SCOTUS Decision Since Dred Scott'

Cenk On Russia Today!Obama talks tough as Goldman announces profits

Hartmann: Corps Can Now Drop Money Bombs to BUY, BLACKMAIL OR DESTROY POLITICIANS

TYT: Dems: You Have The Majority, Start Acting Like It

Olbermann SCOTUS SPECIAL COMMENT PT. 1: 'After Today, Who's Going To Stop Them?'

Damaged Pier Reopened & Road Repaired At Port In Haiti, Aid Finally Getting Through

Olbermann SCOTUS SPECIAL COMMENT PT. 2: 'After Today, Who's Going To Stop Them?'

Ed Show: Kucinich - 'We Have To Save Our Democracy Here'

Obama FDA Goons Worse Than Bush FDA Goons: Welcome to CODEX

Operation Rescue President Cannot Explain How Health Care Bill Funds Abortion

Senator-Elect Scott Brown's Wife Gail's Racy Music Video

Peak oil notes - Jan 21

Oil Tank Ablaze in Cushing After Lightning Strike

Drumbeat: January 21, 2010

Oilwatch Monthly January 2010

China Refines Record Oil Volumes as Economy Recovers

I just put street tires and a kickstand on my Gary Fisher frame.

Green Government: Navy, USDA commit to energy partnership

TOD campfire: Solar Hot Water Heating

Tree-Sitters Shut Down Infamous Mountaintop Removal Operation; TVA Cops Strike Again

N. Pacific Basin Showing Acidification To Half-Mile Down - 15-Yr. Drop Of 0.026 Ph In Upper Waters

ICE optimized for Ethanol achieves comparable mpg to gasoline - using a 30% blend - EPA study.

Vital Ag Areas In Chile's Semi-Arid Chico Norte Region Haven't Had Rain For Year

Catalyst Offers New Hope for Capturing CO2 on the Cheap

Germany: Popular Protests Put Brakes on Renewable Energy

What is the worst outcome in energy development?

Trexa platform lets you develop your own damn electric vehicle!

Much Of UAE, Including Dubai, At Risk Of Inundation Even From One-Meter Sea Level Rise

19 Million American Commute 45 Minutes One-Way; 3% Of US "Extreme" Commuters - 90 Min. One-Way

Sorghum cultivation can provide ethanol and food, say Indian scientists

We may receive half our yearly rain budget in the next 48 hours.

What is the most important energy priority for the US?

'Relieved' - A Democratic Senate staffer tells it like it is [TPM]

Why are cars built to drive twice as fast as the speed limit?

Dan Fitzgerald; coach guided Gonzaga team to prominence

God has yet to make a decision on Kurt Warner's retirement

Funny blog about Bama v Texas

Papelbon and Red Sox close a one-year deal for $9.35m

It’s only puppet love for Wade Phillips

Jeremy Shockey, Robert Meachum

Why the Saints have gotten this far. >>

Why I'll be cheering for the Saints

Crosby, Ovechkin renew rivalry Thursday

The only way I see the Jets beating the Colts is to

Ex-FBI Agent Says He Was Fired for Contacts With Israel Lobby AIPAC

U.S. Jew indicted as possible Israel spy

Israel Stops Issuing Work Visas to Aid Agencies

U.S. Hospital Ship Reaches Haiti; Military Role Grows

Israel's compassion in Haiti can't hide our ugly face in Gaza

Chavez nationalizes French-owned retailer

Nelson Valdés on rescue priorities in Haiti

Haiti needs water, not occupation

OAS to hold extraordinary assembly on aid plans for Haiti

A critique of the US economy in the context of US militarization in Latin America

Another BBC hit piece on Venezuela--answered by Tamara Pearson

Bashing Israel for saving Haitians

Caregivers not part of layoff plans

IAM's Union Of The Unemployed Uses Social Media To Unite Jobless For Social Change

Today in Labor History Jan 21, 600 police attack picketing longshoremen in Charleston, S.C. (2000)

New York Nuclear Power Plant Strike Deadline Approaches

Railroads signal a tepid US economic recovery

Kucinich Wants Obama To Meet With Hugo Boss Workers

A contradictory point of view...

In Washington, the best defense is self-defense

Something To Consider

hardworking person who was not quick to anger

Teen shoots alleged thief in home invasion

Police: Bar owner shoots convicted killer from Belmont in self-defense

Man shoots, kills intruder who broke into his home

A question for the Anti's

I don't think fascism tolerates an armed population.

New Film about HIV/AIDS.

Children Speak for Same-Sex Marriage

Trial: Prop. 8 supporters show some churches opposed ban

Gay “Glee” character to find love next season

12 Senators Send Ugandan President Letter on Homosexuality Bill

Federal worker sues (in federal court) for same-sex spouse benefits.

Senate Committee Okays Constitutional Ban on Gay Marriage (Indiana)

Gay Marriage ban backer to be hostile witness (Read the comments about our 'defender')

Please post to this piece of shit site to protest bigotry

Oh, my gosh, you guys...

Best of 2009 ... if it's not too late (pic hheavy)

Some pics from this week's ice storm (dial up warning)

Well, since signs didn't make the cut...

Maybe shivvvvering....but no longer hungry

Europe's biggest space company developing space based solar power

Private Space Stations Edge Closer to Reality (Bigelow)

NASA pics of the Dunes of Mars...

Streets and alleys downtown.

can someone tell me y the carbon in co2 can't just be extracted as a solid?

Twisted Physics: Scientists Create Light Knots


Uranus may be packed with diamonds

A rare glimpse of the cave of crystals

I know you guys don't like to venture into GD...

We're More Strict With Our Poor Than With Our Banks

China Property Bubble Will Not Destabilize China's Economy

Can someone refresh my memory please. Name of web site that

WTF?? FDIC been bought?? From HuffPost

"Better Off Deadbeat" - an interesting tactic to fight the banksters and other corporate parasites..

WEIRD dream last night!!!!

Another interesting read regarding Chicago's brief in Mcdonald V Chicago

Hope for MS pill after cladribine and fingolimod trials

Foreign Languages Fade in Class--Except Chinese

Bring back the poll test...

Greeks battle over religious symbols

How do you like your pot roast? Share your recipes here.

Making your own mayonnaise? Does anybody do this?