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Prediction time...

Is the Public Option back in play?

So -- time for "single payer" options to go back to the states?

Martha Coakley reminds me of Kathleen Brown (CA)

So I wrote the White House my opinion of this mess...

MY Snark Meter is at like 15 out of 10 right now. I Apologize to you all ahead of time.

So In The End... The Voters Of MA Voted For The Person They'd Rather Have A Beer With

From Primary day thru Sunday: Coakley, 19 events... Brown, 66 events

Shh! Do you hear that?

Shh! Do you hear that?

We may now be in danger of getting a health care bill passed

Breaking News. Lone shooter kills 8 in central Virginia

The cause of the Democrats problems can be summed up in 2 words

If Brown wanted to, he could be the most important person in the Senate

One party doesn't have the brains to govern, the other doesn't have the guts

We're Finished...............

International Arrest Warrants Requested

Here's the plan

now that we CAN'T get to 60 votes, it's time to go nuclear

Looking ahead: how do we get the MA-Sen race out of the headlines as quickly as possible?

Will Obama get tough and regulate the banks?

The battle is in the trenches.

Does anyone recall February 15, 2003?

I think it's only going to get worse from here.

I think it's only going to get worse from here.

Scott Brown... Masturbating Bear... Brown... Bear... Brown Bear Masturbating...

Number of Democrats Falls to New Low, Down Six Points Since Election 2008

The Democratic Party leaders could fuck up a wet dream.

Pelosi promised: Health care for ALL America

Lieberman Urges Party To Go Centrist After Mass. Election

Senator Brown meet Al Franken.

Senator Brown meet Al Franken.

Would you like to help write President Obama's SOTU speech next week?

Howard Dean, Karl Rove booked for a debate at CU-Boulder

Howard Dean, Karl Rove booked for a debate at CU-Boulder

Ted Kennedy - America's Patron Saint of Second Chances

Irrefutable proof that conservatives are dumber than liberals...Scientists reject conservatism...

Lieberman now positioned for a swift kick to the curb!

Lieberman now positioned for a swift kick to the curb!

Lieberman now positioned for a swift kick to the curb!

Tell Congress: Don't learn the wrong lesson from losing Kennedy's seat!

Senator Scott Brown Stain, the legacy of health care reform and how the Pukes outmaneuvered us again

MA folks: Is Coakley a well-liked AG? If she were to run again, would

This is what I just sent to the President;

Newsflash: A US Senator's term is 6 years!

What this election proved is that if you wiggle your ass in front of stupid people

Says it all: "Obama Finally Gets His Victory For Bipartisanship"

For old times

Obama delivers the change we can believe in: a Republifraud from Mass.

Anyone else notice the huge influx of right wing trolls shortly after Brown won?

Republicans are a bloc, Dems are coalitions.

Wait...since when did Massachusetts voting for a Republican in a STATEWIDE race...

Looks/Charisma won it for Brown, a lazy condencending effort lost it for Coakley.

Looks/Charisma won it for Brown, a lazy condencending effort lost it for Coakley.

OMF the Democrats will lose GRAHAM'S NUMBER seats in November!!11!!!111!!

OMF the Democrats will lose GRAHAM'S NUMBER seats in November!!11!!!111!!

OMF the Democrats will lose GRAHAM'S NUMBER seats in November!!11!!!111!!

B - O - H - I - C - A

Two step plan for health care.

A GOOD sign regarding our leadership's reaction to the MA loss

Dean: 'People Who Blame Others Are Losers'

A town by town comparison of the MA special election vs 2008 Presidential election

So... What happens next for Joe Progressive?

Are you mad?

An overlooked fact in the MA election

"All politics is local"

Open senate seats

John Quincy Adams, Daniel Webster, Charles Sumner, Henry Cabot Lodge

I'm reminded of the Wofford victory over Thornburgh in PA

U.N. report lays bare culture of corruption in Afghanistan

3 Questions: Lawrence Vale on rebuilding Haiti

Interesting Article on Redistricting (Iowa Model for Redistricting)

Another Earthquake has hit Haiti

"Radio station in the sky warns Haitians not to attempt boat voyage"

Was HCR an issue in MA election?

Jon Stewart Gets Fed Up: Dems Set The Bar So Low They're Tripping Over It (VIDEO)

Would you like the shit soup or the shit sandwich?

Can we at least conclude that greed and lack of empathy is winning?

"The left have nowhere else to go."

Independent my ass. Brown's straight up ultra-neocon scum.

Did you think it was ever going to be easy?

'Love Story' author Erich Segal dies at 72

Making Lemonade out of this Lemon

US Drone Attack in Pakistan Kills Five (At Least a Dozen Strikes This Year)

So let me get this straight - Ted Kennedy's senate seat went to a guy who posed nude in a magazine.

Why, why, why, can't the Democrats embrace a LIBERAL agenda?

Why, why, why, can't the Democrats embrace a LIBERAL agenda?

Just call me the Happy Warrior: What the MA Election Means to Me

It's just wrong that this POS Brown is holding the Lion's seat...

Franken: health care bill will pass "one way or the other"

People aren't happy

So how come it took so long for the Health Care bill?

My favorite quote about the Coakley/Brown election

JESUS F CHRIST! I finally see why Brown was so popular!...

Dwellers on the Threshold

Panetta Turns Blind Eye to CIA Crimes

Terry DeJournett and Dennis Cross - thanks for silencing the jingoistic

"Sometimes it's more important to travel hopefully than to arrive." Coakley

Who will Brown align himself with in the Senate?

Ugly Americans

Ugly Americans

anyone who denies that this election is a referendum on Obama is blind . . .

Everyone is upset about Brown NOW. What about Dorgan and the writing off of his seat by Dems?

HuffPo's Sam Stein really wussed out

***Jim DeMint wins: TSA nominee Southers withdraws***

THIS is the BEST we could to honor Ted Kennedy? Pitiful. Just pitiful.

Can we really blame the GOP for the loss in MA?

Is the junior senator from MA the likely GOP presidential nominee?

California DUers

Cut up health care bill & get sections of it passed

Cut up health care bill & get sections of it passed

Blind woman lands 214-pound fish

Blind woman lands 214-pound fish

I sent this to some republicans who have been sending me those stupid

Well.. one thing's for sure.. the viewing audience for the SOTU speech next week is going to be huge

The high cost of charred coffee beans

Suddenly we trust them.

The lessons elected Democrats seem to have taken is almost the same lesson they took in 1994

If we continue to make the choice be one between real Republicans and bad imitations..

72% of voters want "a public plan like Medicare" for all...yet only 34% think current bill is....

we lost KENNEDY's seat. Now that's pathetic no mater how

New 6.1-Quake Hits Haiti, People Flee Into Streets

Afghans plan to double security forces to 400,000

Hey Chuck Todd, go fuck yourself

Coakley ran against the banks and wall street. specifically.

Powerful magnitude 6.1 aftershock hits Haiti

The work begins anew, the hope rises again, and the dream lives on.’’

Thanks mods for the exotic new pizza flavor

I'm very disappointed. I've seen Emanuel, Kaine, Obama, the DLC, and even Diebold

2010 Election is a Grudge Match for Kennedy

Umm... we never had 60 votes anyway...

Since this was a special election, how long is Brown's term?

Solar-powered Bibles and other distractors...

Solar-powered Bibles and other distractors...

Fire. Dde. Clue

The lessons elected Democrats seem to have taken is almost the same lesson they took in 1994

Blackwater wants Afghan surge..THIS IS JUST PART OF THE PROBLEM

Is there something that we could threaten to do in reconciliation that could stop the filibustering?

Seriously. Can anyone tell me what centrists believe other than 'winning one for the team'?

The only way we'll get Medicare for all is if the people demand it.


Yes! Now is the time for empty symbolic gestures...

Oliphant Toon today on the election

Fire. Tim. Kaine.

Fire. Tim. Kaine.

Just shut up already!!

For all those that went long today based on jim crammer's advice, too bad /nt

Texas Social Studies Curriculum: Out With Civil Rights Leaders, in With McCarthyism!

m$nbc breaks into Obama's speech 'to see if he says anything about mass election'

County by county breakdown of the MA. senate vote

Democrats, just shut the f**k up already!!

The politics of personality

Happy anniversary, President Obama. Get your shit together NOW.

Fact is they're still in charge, & hiding behind Lieberman's wankery isn't going to change that.

Will Scott Brown run for President in 2012?

With Foreign Aid Still at a Trickle, Devastated Port-Au-Prince General Hospital Struggles...

LA Times: 'Desperate' UC students scurry to snag key classes

Women in labor can have food, studies say

Women in labor can have food, studies say

Women in labor can have food, studies say

Interesting Explanation of the Results

$hitibank to Brazil: Stop taxing foreign investors' purchases of stocks and bonds....OR ELSE !!!

Democrats - conservatives = a very small group in DC

On Morning Joe This AM...

What is the opposite of a "Teabagger"?

A tornado in the O.C.

In other news.. Florida finally out of the Democratic basement..

The party of NO just got a little louder

Massachusetts is 51.4% independants.

On job loss during the Obama Presidency (to date)

The glee of it all: Chuck Todd and Norah O'Donnell (MSNBC)

We can't blame the republicans for fighting against HCR anymore

Question: How come when Dems have a supermajority, they don't act like it? And when Repubes don't,

'Hardball' and Dumbed-Down US Politics - by Robert Parry

Blame the Left for Massachusetts: Lanny Davis

is the economic crisis an excuse to not move forward?

Salahis "invited" to speak to Congressional hearing.. right now live on MSNBC

First Year Post Mortem: Obama Admin needed to operate as though it had a hostile Senate

First Year Post Mortem: Obama Admin needed to operate as though it had a hostile Senate

Well I hope you enjoyed your day in the sun, you Obama Leftists....

Well I hope you enjoyed your day in the sun, you Obama Leftists....

Clueless III, starring the New York Times

So Brown is up for re-election in 2012

So where's that fucking stock rally the pundits promised?

Thank you, DU!

U.S. Military Weapons Inscribed With Secret 'Jesus' Bible Codes

Sorry, Teddy.

Sorry, Teddy.

Not to put lipstick on a pig, but I think we dodged a bullet tonight.

3 words that will save the economy:

This is a good thing. We have a unique opportunity to WAKE UP. We can yet avoid

Brown's win gives GOP a 41-59 majority in the Senate

I plan on getting hardnosed. I plan on spreading the truth

Don't understand Americans - HC and Brown

Pass the Senate bill, then work on unemployment.

Secret Jesus Bible Codes on U.S. Military Weapons

Roll Heads, Kick Ass, Split and Pass a Decent HCR Bill or We're Dead Meat in Nov.

Stock Market tanking today?

The Mass election is over - Brown won! Can we get back to the news of the day - More storms to

A Special Request (((PIC))) Bikini (Scott) Brown!

NOW can we have drug re-importation

Brown ain't that smart. Who wrote his "Its the people's seat" line?

Sen. Franken says Mass. election upset will shift health care debate

Ok, here's the deal.

Wait a minute. This is the same state that put Mitt, Zip, Pip, Nip & Dip into the governors mansion

I predict that a Real Kennedy will run for Teds Seat in 2012.

A party known for lying, cheating, stealing and killing "wins"

Skank of America is losing $$$ and it's YOUR FAULT America, for defaulting on usurious loans.....

Is MA still a blue state?

Patrick Kennedy: “I belong to an unorganized party. It’s the Democratic Party."

Massachusetts is never gonna give us up

Sarah Palin and Scott Brown suck elephant dung

Southers Withdraws From Consideration as TSA Head Over `Political Agenda'

Now is Not the Time for Tears...

Brown/Palin 2012. No comment. nt

Attorney - clothes + truck - positions > attorney general + accomplishments - pulse

Things used to be simpler.

Things used to be simpler.

Tony Auth :How Quickly They Forget

LOL - "Republicans Are NOW Thrilled To Have 41 Votes In The Senate!!!

I think we needed that little kick in the a$$ we got last night and here's why:

Al Hunt gave a pretty depressing assessment for the Democrats on Bloomberg after last night

Democrats should remove Lieberman from his chairmanship. He has done everything to

The Pukes delay and obstruct, Harry Reid will seat Brown stain immediately

The American People Don't Want Centrist Policies and We Don't want Liberal Policies.

Steele says senate win result of "magic elixir"

Does anyone have any hard evidence against Rahm and why there'a more hatred of him than Obama here?

Let's do something different at DU - let's not play the blame game

UP or DOWN!!!!

Krugman: Just do it.

Sex, Lies, and Video Tape in Dubai

Letter to the Editor from the mother of a dead soldier

Midterm elections

If you think reconciliation is the way to go tell this lady.

"Democrats, Meet Me At Camera Three"

After dining on a large plate of crow...

After dining on a large plate of crow...

A Heart-Breaking Job

Marine Corps "Concerned" About "Jesus Guns"

The 60th vote myth...

Where was Rove last night? I think this election was stolen.

Minn. and Vt. have nuke plant events

I think the Democrats were and are in a no-win situation. When they took their tenuous control

Naomi Klein on how corporate branding has taken over America

Soldiers in Haiti told to stop handing out food

Nancy Pelosi and David Axelrod: "You'll eat what we serve you"

This is the SECOND time we have pissed away a +26 seat

We needed that kick in the a$$ we got and here's why:

How Do We Fix This Damn Economy Before It Sinks Us All?

"agreement that sets a commitment to limit global warming to two degrees Celsius"

Time to move forward with the Senate bill.

In case you haven't noticed, there are still 57 Democrats in the Senate

Fingertip amputations prompt Graco stroller recall.....2nd recall in 2 days

The 22% of Democrats who voted for Brown are probably the same Dems

First Reports In from Cruise Passengers Back from Haiti

Relax! We have the nuclear option!

Relax! We have the nuclear option!

Right Now --Noon C-Span Panel : Religious Expression and the Law

Remember the Republicans' "nuclear option?"

Chavez Offers Limitless Fuel To Haiti

Josh Marshall-----Watch This Very, Very Closely

Brown is completing Kennedy's term, right? So, he is up in 2012

Rs are feeling pretty empowered. Cornyn and McConnell on now

Democrats have been showing a united front. They want universal health care.

US Corporations, Private Mercenaries and the IMF Rush in to Profit from Haiti's Crisis

It's a mistake to assume independents are "between" the two parties

One big factor in yesterday's loss that most people here are ignorant of

Want some more salt for those wounds? Here's FiveThirtyEight on the future & branding of Sen. Brown

Congress gets it! Currently tearing apart the WH party-crashers.

I vote Jello:

To my conservative coworker: "I want my effing money back!"

Does anyone has that spray we use every time there's an infestation?

Anybody notice that the Stock Market dived today following the repug

Welll I give up.. Good luck all..

If you hated the Democratic candidate would you vote for a Republican?

Will there be a 2010 Elections forum soon here at DU

A simple road to HCR: Save Medicare by opening it to everyone through Reconciliation

Maybe we should start giving our Dem electeds left turn signals out of our cars

People who opposed Reagan's policies voted for him because he clearly defined his views. Dems don't.

The GOP is happy, the teabaggers are happy, the health insurance industry is in exctasy: No HCR 4 U

Michelle Obama Surprises White House Tourists

Long-time Gators broadcaster Steve Babik faces federal child pornography charges

Prediction: The Brown win is going to be anticlimactic

Follow the money further


I miss Chairman Dean.

Let the Republicans try to spin this............

California orders timely care for HMO patients

"Time for Obama to fight back" {The Guardian}

AMERICABLOG: Varying analyses of the post-Coakley world

"The Democrats brought this on themselves," you say? You don't know the half of it.

Philippines massacre footage shown

Republican Rally on Wall Street. Dow down 185 points.

Gartner: CIOs don't expect IT recovery

A Simple Letter of Support for Our President

Women's Movement Mourns Death of 3 Haitian Leaders

Outstanding Article: "What happens when Obama acts alone. Dammit!"

Can We Expect a SPECIAL COMMENT from Keith Olbermann about the MA Senate Race..

Olbermann ‘apologizes’ for forgetting to call Brown ’sexist’

self delete

New Mexico DU'ers! Are you as sick as I am of KKOB?

Why the entire Democratic Agenda died last night

Former religiously-motivated runaway teen Rifqa Bary is now in foster care/counseling

US: Obama’s First Year Record on Counterterrorism Reform Mixed

US: Obama’s First Year Record on Counterterrorism Reform Mixed

Mexico prison gang fight kills 23 inmates

OVER? Did you say OVER? Nothing is over until we say it is!

Brown: Incoherent and Appalling Ideas - Just Like the Rest of the Republicans

Why the rethugs constantly kick ass and get away with it (it's simple)

FBI begins preliminary criminal investigation against John Ensign

Michelle Obama surprises White House tourists

Man On Run At Munich Airport After 'Explosive Traces' Found On Laptop

EPIC FAIL REDUX! McCain's re-election campaign gets a little help...from Caribou Barbie

Looks Like Massachusetts Put The Lime In The Coconut

Anybody remember how ecstatic we were to have 59 Senators a year ago?

Melt down

Something I did in response to Fox News' lack of coverage of the Haiti quake

Harry "...I don't work for him (Obama)...." Reid now stands in the way of a progressive agenda

Okay, I want REVENGE!

The Senate has lost. The House has the power now. House can force Reconciliation and a Public Option

I think we need to buck up some of the House Dems who are sounding too wobbly today.We Need to Call.

DWI Cop Defense: Vionique Valnord, Victim, Was Drunk

Building Permits in U.S. Unexpectedly Jump in Sign of Construction Rebound

At what point did the Democratic Party stop being a party of Liberals?

Study: Rising Seas Threaten Bangladesh Tigers

We can never be complacent

Forgetting History

Robert Gibbs to hold daily briefing momentarily -- I bet he would rather be sues Courage Campaign Institute over logo

another GOP gets elected and stocks tank

Most Democrats in Congress saw implosion of GOP not as chance to serve people but...

Mr. President.. other Dems.. you want to know how to win? Ask ALAN GRAYSON.

Jane Hamsher: Dear President Obama: Time to Stop Letting Corporations Write the Health Care Bill

A Little Help Regarding this Email...

LOL @ Jim Cramer

LOL @ Jim Cramer

Some Facts

Sometimes you have to rise above the fray,

Brown has less than three years, folks. We'll survive.

Pence considering Senate run against Bayh

planning on a flight to the continent; how is US Airways for labor issues?

"I don't know about that..."

Operation Rescue's Latest - in Oklahoma

Thom Hartmann is on fire today. Much love.

And the winner is.....................the abuse of power.

Small, hands-off government? minimal social services? low low taxes?

Glenn Beck Scott Brown 'Dead Intern': Beck Slams Brown For 'Available' Daughters Comments

A president parties losing seats in congress (usually) doesn't forcast loss of next pres election

Star-Ledger: President Obama must take charge of his agenda

Obama asked us to keep his feet to the fire

Going from 60 to 59 is no big deal.....


Krugman: Pass the Senate health care bill, and take on the banks

Democratic Party Today

If a Democrat acts like he or she is a Republican--why not just vote for the Republican

Obama's mandate

Return Dean to DNC Chair, and I will cut ya a little check..

Military to Lawmakers: Next Round’s on Me

Magazine ranks Atlanta as America's gayest city

One local activist's take on the Massinine election.

Professor Mines History to Show How Americans Create Conceptions of the Past

Just curious - for those who say vote for ANY democrat

DOW is down 148 points today.

If the Dems Had Any Backbone....

If the Dems Had Any Backbone....

Letters to the Editor, the GW Bush Years

Ok one of the Major gripes is that the US is evacuating people

Tomorrow and the rest of 2010 after tonights MA results

US Corporations, Private Mercenaries and the IMF Rush in to Profit from Haiti's Crisis

US Corporations, Private Mercenaries and the IMF Rush in to Profit from Haiti's Crisis

Aetna running ads during Randi Rhodes

Last official quake toll is 72,000: Haiti PM

Last official quake toll is 72,000: Haiti PM

We're about to have a visit from a troll building post count


Where do I get my petition (in NJ) to enter the primary for the House?

Dr. MLK Jr.'s other compelling line in the "I have a Dream" speech: "When will you be satisfied?"

Scrapping and Starting Over: Reconciliation is not Viable

Since Scott Brown voted for health care reform in Massachusetts maybe

Chairman Kaine, Security will be stopping by your office with some boxes.

I think we are fighting the wrong fight ...

Stop blaming the referee for losing - Political campaigning is like any sport

I think the problem is that the pendulum has barely budged.

The Panamerican Health Organization is now monitoring for Malaria

Something positive and important you can do

Scott Brown-for-president domain names snatched up before Senate victory

Crazy attracts crazy: Wiley "I'm praying for Obama's death" Drake sides with Pat Robertson on Haiti

"Tough shit. We needed a way to break a reform presidency and your lives were the mechanism."

Sounds about right...

Bush* always manged to set the bar extremely low and so escaped blame

"Who is UNREC this?"

Lieberman has “no idea” if he’ll join Republican Party

LOL! Glenn Beck turns on Scott Brown.

Here's how you win independents: through LEADERSHIP, not "bipartisanship"

Sarah Palin kicked the hornets nest and out came Scott Brown.

I emailed the Scott Brown Cosmo centerfold pic to my friends and some family

Union Big: Labor Won’t Support House Passing Senate Bill

22% of Democrats Voted For Brown

does judd gregg have a grade school education or is he faking it.

Good news on a gloomy day: CNN: 5 year old boy just pulled from rubble in Haiti alive.

The Majority - Use It or Lose It

So I went home for lunch today and as I often do turned on CNN for a few minutes

The election result is stupid for everyone. We all lose.

A Way Forward on Real Health Care Reform

How could you Leftists criticize poor Lanny Davis!

Gay man says 'reversal' therapy did not change him

Huge Voter Turnout...and they all came out to vote Brown?

A huge THANK YOU! to all DUers that worked so hard to try and defeat Scott Brown

Election Lost: 82% of Obama Voters Who Switched to Brown Support a Public Option - Lets Do It

Progressive Caucus Leader to WH: We're Ready to Fight, Join Us

Progressive Caucus Leader to WH: We're Ready to Fight, Join Us

FBI agents seeking phone records used 'startling' methods

well the hospital capacity just doubled in Haiti

How many nails does the coffin of "but they choose to be gay!!11!" need anyway?

My health care idea

Watch Ratigan. He'll tell you what the actual problems are

Obama is afraid of Fox News, Rush, Beck, Hannity, etc

Gibbs just said he and the WH didn't expect to lose that Senate seat.

Dear BROWN voters, Do you appreciate...

A Noticeable Drop-Off In Quality

Grassroots Lobby Day to Fight the Patriot Act

Has Palin slammed Scott Brown yet?

The "Why We STILL Can't Dump Joe Lieberman" Poll

Daily Show. Jon Stewart eases the "Mass" pain of yesterday

The lesson learned...

I couldn't miss with a new set of Jesus sights on my favorite rod

The 22 month old that was pulled out of the rubble, and CNN showed

Hey CNN Bimbo

To those who think the MA Senate race was about national issues, here's another perspective

Dem Talking Points: We're Screwed!

Can We Please Take the 'Bi' Out of Bipartisanship?

Can We Please Take the 'Bi' Out of Bipartisanship?

Democrats Boosting Right-Wing Populism

Greenwald: Blame the all-powerful left!

Jim Cramer: Markets will surge Wednesday if Coakley loses.

Jim Cramer: Markets will surge Wednesday if Coakley loses.

Jim Cramer: Markets will surge Wednesday if Coakley loses.

Jim Cramer: Markets will surge Wednesday if Coakley loses.

Jim Cramer: Markets will surge Wednesday if Coakley loses.

Jim Cramer: Markets will surge Wednesday if Coakley loses.

We know what Republicans feel is necessary for Health care Reform

We know what Republicans feel is necessary for Health care Reform

If I may be so bold to ask...

Cross-dressing superhero cannibal guerillas begin WW III in earnest in Liberia.

Cross-dressing superhero cannibal guerillas begin WW III in earnest in Liberia.

Listen to this - I just got a ROBOCALL from Scott Brown - I kid you not!

Well, is the party getting the message now?

Populist anger translates naturally into an anti-incumbant movement

A Political Possum Parable for Our Time

A Political Possum Parable for Our Time

Contact the White House


Kevin McCarthy was just on with Tweety. It's refreshing to see/hear a

What happened to the left's ability to organize?

New Dem Talking Point: We can't pass anything without Republican help

New Dem Talking Point: We can't pass anything without Republican help

Fifty Senators and the VP Gets Us Medicare For ALL!

Is the individual health insurance mandate dead yet?

Brown/Palin 2012...Palin/Brown 2012

Brown/Palin 2012...Palin/Brown 2012

Poll: Mass. Voters Protested Against Weak Wall Street, Health Care Policies

The three P's

Please DU Pittsburgh Poll HERE:

Caption this picture

3 reasons why Coakley's loss was NOT a 'referendum' on healthcare OR Obama

We can't pass anything with 60 votes so CAN WE GET RID OF LIEBERMAN NOW?

Looks Like Obama wasn't lying when he said not another HCR vote in Senate before Brown is seated

Unadjusted Exit Polls for Mass Senate Race?

Howie Dean is tearing up Tweety

NPR sez Harry Reid will not take up HCR until Brown is seated in the Senate

NPR sez Harry Reid will not take up HCR until Brown is seated in the Senate

Just So You Know This Level Of Hatred Exists ("Fuck The Haiti Earthquake”. )

I, derby378, pledge to do whatever I can to move the Democratic Party further to the left.

*BIG* win for the Tea Bagging movement yesterday

'Grand Peace Council' in Afghanistan

All right...I can't be the only one excited to see Diebold back in the discussion

A move "down" is what is needed, not one in either lateral direction

sigh. Obama's Pro-Union Nominations to Labor Relations Board Stalled

My husband is a registered Republican. He generally votes for the

Sizi the 69 Y\O the Mexican team dug out yesterday

Writer Robert Parker

Writer Robert Parker

Please lick my hot Fiat 500, By Mark Morford

Gibbons [Republican Nevada Governor] Defends Sen. John Ensign

Gibbons [Republican Nevada Governor] Defends Sen. John Ensign

Helen Thomas: Democrats get wake-up call

GOOD! The Racist 'F Haiti' Facebook Group is GONE!!! Will freedom of speech ever be the same?

How long will it be before senator Brown streaks on Capitol hill or...

The Medicare budget alone should be sufficient to cover all Americans

Why didn't the DSCC have a strategy for dealing with the "curling iron" issue?

Poll: The MAIN reason Coakley lost is:

JAM This!

Dear President Obama

Scott Brown - "Be careful what you wish for."

A Better, Stronger Haiti: Seven Ways to Make the Recovery Efforts Last

Some important points to take away from last night.

Well one thing Obama has excelled at, Demoralizing Progressive voters..

What do you prefer - Joe Lieberman or scabies?

Pajama's Media is a Right Wing Organization

Pajama's Media is a Right Wing Organization

So we have no hope of every getting a good health care system.

Nuts, completely nuts....

Obama ratings down, even in California

Democrats, just shut the f**k up already!!

So a question to those that say Liberals/Progressives are not the democratic Base

121 people have been pulled out from the rubble SO FAR

I just turned on the TV and saw a Christmas-themed commercial

Why bother to vote at all?

Howard Dean should run for the senate in 2012,

If any Repuke's thinking about flipping parties...

The State of the Union Speech Obama needs to make this year:

Federal worker sues for same-sex spouse benefits

Listening to Gibbs on the Ed show

Dear President Obama --

Poll: Nearly 1 In 5 May Not Fill Out Census Form

Source: O'Brien's staff is sticking point in talks (O'Brien wants severance deals for his staff)

Joan Walsh/Salon kicks butt. Hope you saw her on Tweety just now. nt

I just googled "Obama to Move Further LEFT" and the only thing that came up was the DU thread

Why the fuck is mopy joementum on NPR?

House ok's 2009 tax deduction for donations to Haitian relief in 2010

My reply from CBN network re: Pat Robertson

Who here doesn't care about "bipartisanship"?

IMF requests a Marshall Plan for Haiti

Obama: Please shred current HCR bill and create one that

Some say that the problem with Obama is that outside forces make it impossible to deliver

So the apologist lately have been saying Republicans can pass legislation because

If the White House just understood this one basic fact the country would be vastly improved.

Time to Cowboy Up

Is Credit Due President Obama in Iraq?

So... About that 59 majority...

What do Democrats call the White House, +8 in the Senate and +37 in the House?

Haitians Dying In Hospital From Lack Of Supplies

Is it time to get rid of the 60 vote filibuster rule?


Man it sure sucks to get yourself in a mess and have to rely on those horrible credit merchants

Update on Va Mass Murder yesterday

New very high resolution satellite imagery for Haiti, taken on 1/17..

Al Franken: Seat Scott Brown now, it wasn't even close

Strategic error in Mass.? Is it really liberal?

We are the Hatfields AND the McCoys,

Can We Get Duer "Bucky's Thing" Out of the ARCHIVES?

World Bank Raises '10 Outlook, Sees Risk Of Double Dip In '11

World Bank Raises '10 Outlook, Sees Risk Of Double Dip In '11

Why is the country is such a bad shape?

Here's our HCR now...A Bandaid and a bottle of Asprin..."Now go Screw !"

What we need right now is a liberal Tom DeLay

What we need right now is a liberal Tom DeLay

Senator Of Katrina-Ravaged Louisiana Collaborates To Block Climate Action

Prize-winning picture used rented wolf

Brain Size Tied To Video Game Success-gamers have better attention spans and perception

I finally found a song that sums up my feelings about the right wing of this country.

If there was actually some national referendum on our Democratic Party right now

S. Korean ministry sends workers home to make babies

What to do about Healthcare Reform now?


Palin to campaign for Bachmann in Minnesota, according toTweety.

Winning elections is mostly marketing, IMHO. It's good for the country to shift left, but

House Liberals To Pelosi: “We Cannot Support The Senate Bill. Period.”

If you were trying to envision an RLC that undermined the repubs the way the DLC does to us....

Drop in China mine deaths, accidents for 2009

Beck already has issues with Brown.

Prop 8 foes sued over trial-tracking Web site

Self delete

OMG: These women on MSNBC are saying re-run Coakley again in 2012.

Obama Weighs Shift in Health Plan, Seeking G.O.P. Backing

Fighting foreclosure and homelessness - February 25, 2009

How bad were the broadcast nightly news shows tonight? I missed them but I'm assuming they were

Projection much? Tony Perkins says Obama has "obsession" with abortion and definition of marriage

If Obama says we should gut the HCR bill and keep the good stuff that's already in it, I approve.

I've heard mention Brown copped the "Massachussetts accent" during the campaign.

Priceless: Divorce Rates Rising Only in States That Ban Same-Sex Marriage

Don't let the GOP have my former seat as well. - email from Robert Wexler

1000 more jobs have been added to since yesterday

The Insurnace Reform Bill needs to be killed. Consider the principle of "Do no Harm"

Obama never campaigned on the public option - Lanny Davis on the Ed Show ...

Obama never campaigned on the public option - Lanny Davis on the Ed Show ...

I won't be presumptious and call myself a part of the Democratic Base but

Scott Brown Wins Mass. Race, Giving GOP 41-59 Majority in the Senate.

President Obama Re-Nominates DOJ Nominees

Where can I donate and work to get the Naked Senator-Elect out of office?

59 votes in the Senate

Bayh Criticizes 'Ultraliberal' Leanings After GOP Upset

"Ever since birth, I have suffered from an inability to turn Left. It's my handicap." -- Rahm

Rightie calls lack of proof that Haitians made pact with devil... wait for it.

All you DUers with fingers in your ears, Listen UP!

A letter to CNN results in US military to help a neglected town near the Earthquake center

I dunno, after all these years (political wise) this song seems to fit right now....

Ever Notice That When Republicans Lose Big Elections, They Don't Panic

The last 365 days of GOVERNING

Must read live blog from todays Prop 8 Trial (Political Power and it exposes LDS Church)

oops. damn gremlins

Did anyone see the Senator from MI on Rachel Maddow Show just now?

For those who say you are going to "remove the DLC from the party," please try.

Any chance Brown would switch sides before 2012?

double post


PETA's officially jumped the star Sasha Grey in an ad for having pets spayed / neutered

Here's a weird phone Caller ID thing that I don't quite understand:

Ron Paul: After ‘CIA coup,’ agency ‘runs military’

I never saw that 60-vote majority they say we lost

U.S. hospital ship arrives off Haiti, clean water restored to biggest hospital

Howard Fineman (on Rachel's show) says Congress considering chopping HCR into pieces

I hope DUers are watching Jeremy Scahill and Rachel

Thank you Naomi Klein!

Thank you Naomi Klein!

The Last U.S. President To Close, Nationalize, Or Let Die... A Major U.S. Corporation Was...

Fingertip amputations prompt recall of 1.5 million Graco strollers

Fingertip amputations prompt recall of 1.5 million Graco strollers

Diebold Shenanigans? Coakley Won MA Overall In Its Hand Counted Locations

What is a dishonorable discharge?

In the unlikely event you're following the Chinese engineers kidnapped in Afghanistan...

Harry Truman on the importance of voting.

Did I just hear Woosley Correctly on Olberman? Progressives lining up to pass Senate HCR Bill?

Ed Rendell: Democrats, Stand and FIGHT! Make the Repubs Filibuster!

House votes for faster tax breaks for Haiti gifts

Conspiracy theory: Dems didn't want to win yesterday?

Obama has NOTHING to worry about in the 2012 Presidential campaign...

Tim Kaine isn't even a good spokesperson for democratic policies

If Independents are moving to the right,walk me through how Progressive candidates will be elected..

Chris Hayes and KO were talkin

Mr Scahill there is law to prevent them,

Mr Scahill there is law to prevent them,

Mr Scahill there is law to prevent them,

Interesting Poll about Mass Election

When Tim Kaine's term is over, bring back Howard Dean

Now They Tell People: Brown Record Does Not Match Campaign

Let's see. Bending over backwards + no spine =

So then how many CIA agents and operatives

Dear Mr. President, MOVE LEFT!

Anyone care to predict how or if this will change Obama's future actions?

I can not think of anything more offensive than America torturing people

Poll indicates that Massachusetts voters want Democrats to start acting like Democrats

Nomination for Countdown's Worst Person tomorrow

JonQ was finally banned?

Mass. Senate race exposes the contradictions of Obamaism

Yesterday, Jim Cramer said that if Coakley lost the market would rally

Are people watching Ed - they aren't going to move forward with ANY legislation until Brown seated

So Lets Get To Brass Tacks... If The Democratic Party Moves Further To The Right...

AP: Obama now seeks pared-down health care bill

Alan Grayson:Help Stop the Corporate Takeover of Our Democracy


Mitch McConnell & John Boehner....

Ted Kennedy Speaks:

I'd LOVE for the Dems to move Left

WTF -Gunman kills eight and shoots at police helicopter in Virginia

Not addressing the Fairness Doctrine has been the Dems major failure

Trust Jon Stewart to put the election in perspective

If not now, then when?

Rahm = Clenis

Comfort treats its first victims of Haiti quake

You will see me over the next week, posting some "Chicken Soup for the Liberal Soul"

You will see me over the next week, posting some "Chicken Soup for the Liberal Soul"

Can Threats and Living in a State of Anxiety Push People to Conservatism?

If They Can't Get The Votes For A Reconciled Bill In The Senate, Where Would They Get The Votes...

Should we nickname the new guy "Senator McDreamy"?

Should we nickname the new guy "Senator McDreamy"?

I'm watching the documentary - Dr. Teller's Very Large Bomb

So Where Do We Go From Here?


2009 Major-League A**hole of the Year -- VOTING

Mr. President, nearly half the country supports marriage equality

Woman Arrested After Visiting Police - wanted to know why news was airing video showing her face

Stupak and Nelson weren't about women asking for special rights: it was about Congress TAKING AWAY

Thread to demand that Obama bring Dean back at the DNC...NOW!

So many threads attacking the voters of MA.

Another case of animal abuse is in the local news - dog fighting. I HATE this sort of thing.

Memo to Obama and Congressional Dems.: MEDICARE FOR ALL!!

Frank Luntz's fake Massachusetts focus group

Frank Luntz's fake Massachusetts focus group

Now tell us DLC, just how has corporate America repaid your undying loyalties..

Obama to Propose New Limits on Banks

Let's guess what the "pared down" HCR will have in it!

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Scott Brown voters wanted public option.

Strollers recalled after amputations reported

If this is what HCR will be pissed down to(the new "pared-down"version)

SF Mayor Calls Obama Failure to Support Gay Marriage ‘Inexcusable’

Dems: Repeal NAFTA and FT, Outlaw Corporate Personhood, Ban FT reimportation...

Happy 100th birthday, Granny D!

There was a national strike today? Huh?

Coakley=Canary in the Coal Mine

The Cosmo Centerfold

Muslim anger over US military 'Jesus' scopes

Will Democrats Lose the House in November 2010 (given a status quo over the next 10 months)?

Fire. Tim. Geithner.

Learn, understand, and know this fact, DLC....

Village Voice: "Brown Wins Mass. Race, Giving GOP 41-59 Majority in the Senate"


That's My Governor "Ed Rendell on Racheal"

That's My Governor "Ed Rendell on Racheal"

‘Survivor: Palau’ contestant Jennifer Lyon has died at 37

‘Survivor: Palau’ contestant Jennifer Lyon has died at 37

I blame myself . . .

DUers wake the hell up!

I see a Brown/Palin ticket in your future.

Homeless man pursues dream

Clue to Anderson, the priorities changed Re CNN to break news


Which stage of grief are you in?

The Rude Pundit: Random Observations on Last Night's Massachusetts Knockdown:

The GOP may not give the base everything they want but they don't disrespect them.

Why I am personally at risk now that HCR has been placed in what only can be called Jeopardy

The Wife was laid off today.

MASSIVE Doc Dump - IG Report

I am still asking the same questions I asked 4 years ago.

Boy and girl rescued week after quake [Video]

DId RimJob's site implode?

"Corporate America has corrupted both major parties and all three branches of government"

marshall Plan for Haiti also being pushed by Prof Paul Collier

It's an estimable first year for our new guy.

How much better did Scott Brown do than McCain? Not much. But Coakely drew 830,000 fewer

Sigh. I guess we aren't going to learn a thing.

Do Not Put Dean Back in Charge of the DNC!

Why is it the rich have the best medical plans?

New basketball league open to whites only...

Are you kidding me, are you fuckin' kiddin' me? Coakley loses in MASSACHUSETTS

Dutch MP on trial for 'hate speech'

Dutch MP on trial for 'hate speech'

Medicare. For. All. Americans.

A morning after observation.

Give us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses . . .

Sign Grayson petition to SCOTUS to keep limits on Corps

Fucking with (not actually with) conservatives

Rahm Emmanuel or Karl Rove?

Obama's first-year report card on the environment

OMfG! Because of last night, the Republicans have regained their 41 seat majority!

Kennedy: 'If Democrats become pale carbon copies of the opposition-we will lose & deserve to lose'

It doesn't matter what "signal" you think the Coakley defeat is sending.

Alan Grayson's OP @ DKos...

People need to understand just what these tea-baggers really are

Jr. Sen from MA to Dems in Congress: If Dems Push Senate Bill Through, 'They'll Pay for It Dearly'

Contrary to popular DU-centrist belief, the folks here who are disappointed and angry at Obama

What in the H is Tweety smoking or taking. He is Crazed today.

Fire. Rahm. Emanuel.

Tea Party spokesman on Cspan.

82% of Obama Voters who Voted for Brown in MA Support the Public Option (~10% of total vote)

Pssstt... Barack...a few Democrats want to speak with you.

Everything You Need to Know About the Reconciliation Process

Budget Reconciliation Procedures. From

Don't Compound a tragedy by guessing

Bad News, Good News: Coakley Loses - from Shannyn Moore

Whisteblower reveals how health insurers can game new insurance bill

Pres. Obama, send progressives a sign. Rule out the Conrad-Gregg Commission

Let's go over this one more time...about those health care benefits to Congress members.

Check my logic: a silver lining in the MA Senate defeat?

I love being a raging liberal on Facebook. I've alienated about 80% of my friend's list.

He's BACK.. T.Boone Pickens is running more energy independence "Pickens Plan" ads on MSNBC

I heard today that 60% of profits are used to pay bonusus to

I know many of you are feeling pretty down today. Why not do something positive?

Cindy McCain poses for NOH8 campaign - pic

Glenn Greenwald: It's the fault of the all-powerful Left

What the hell is the matter with this country we call the US ?

Obama, Teddy, & the Perils of Governing Without Conviction (M.S. Bellows, HuffPo)

Habitat for Humanity and NYC Team Up for LEED Certified Affordable Housing

Democrats negotiated against themselves...and yielded to...self-described 'moderates'

Have You Donated To Haiti?

I did a quick search and didn't see this story posted yet.

Medicare-for-All:"Si !!" - - Private Mandates (Romney-Baucus-Lieber-Care): "NO !!!!!"

Man shot in Oxendine (R-Ga) hunting party

How long before repigs start calling Obama a lame duck President? With a 58-42

Is there Hope for the Obama Presidency

Okay, tin foil hat theory time

you can CAPTION but you better not touch

How did Martha lose?

NH looking at a same-sex marriage repeal.

DU may be causing a serious environmental problem.

Regarding accusations of fraud in MA Senate race...

President Obama spent the first year reaching out to rethuglicons

Wow Cindy McCain! I'm actually impressed....


A good news story! School bus driver keeps kids safe when intruder gets on bus.

Dem Senate Staffer-THEY ARE ACTUALLY RELIEVED!!!! That They-NOW-Have An Excuse !!! To Do NOTHING!!!!

Brown Won. Now What?

let's give it up for the mods. last night must have really sucked back there.

Read the record of Massachusetts' last Republican senator -- and weep

41 (or even 40) Republicans + 15 Blue Dogs = A Republican Majority - Do the Math.

Do you understand now?

(Conan) O'Brien Speeds Toward NBC Last Show (Friday)

Is now the time for Obama to expand Medicare without a bill?

Quick question, Where did the share icons go?nt

A video I made tonight for those in Haiti, and those working to save people

"ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country"

Dylan Ratigan ...

*** I Apologise***

Surprise! Dianne Feinstein sez “slow down” on health reform, forget climate change!

Jerry Brown is now acting governor in California

President Obama, Remember Who Your Friends Are

Liberal Bloggers to Obama and Dems: We Told You So

Why Brown won: Simple

New York Times to begin charging Web readers in 2011

We Are Family

'I just want my country back,' the Brown voter said.

People voted for Brown to fix the economy??!

President Obama doesn't need a report card; he needs a parent teacher conference.

Why primaries matter

It's time to invoke the Nuclear Option - destroy filibuster as it is today.

"Help elect Republicans to Senate, just like F**k You from Minneapolis, who donated $1"

For the past year, the GOP has presented a united front... we Dems have been attacking our own Prez

President Obama's appointing a bi-partisan commission to cut Medicare and Social Security benefits!

Something very interesting on TPM... dems are relieved?

Is it the President's job to create jobs?

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama honor National Mentoring Month - pics

Rahm Emmanuel is NOT a douchebag!

I say, let's call him Senator Treasure Trail - why NOT.

Peak Oil Deconstruction: Avatar

For Dogs, It's 'Survival of the Cutest'

Too bad Harry Hasn't Been Around To Advise and PUSH Obama---'52 speech

email from Alan Grayson: Saving Democracy

Vanden Heuvel says Dems need a HCR bill, any bill

It is long past time our leaders started calling out the GOP on their obstructionism!

California storms thread

Capitalism, socialism and reason

Dear Mr. President and Mr. Majority Leader, You underestimate the people's anger.

BREAKING MSNBC: Obama to Move Further LEFT in Response to MA Election

Cornel West's Note to Obama on his first yr in office (BBC)

Krugman: Obama Wasn’t The One We’ve Been Waiting For

Krugman: Obama Wasn’t The One We’ve Been Waiting For

Honduras ex-leader Zelaya offered safe passage

California Storm: 4 Feet of Snow, Pressure Record?

Scumbag teabagger Scott Baio (@realscottbaio) goes after Michelle Obama..

Poll Shouts The Message Massachusetts Voters Were Sending

Humane Society International expected to arrive in Haiti by Friday.

I have to turn down my raise at work

Blow up that healthcare bill.

New basketball league for White Americans - 12 cities

Why We Lost In Massachusetts. (And what to Do About It) UD w/ Poll link.

WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Press 1 for English. Press 2 to disconnect until you learn t

I love this place.

Derogatory nickname for Scott Brown?

Dean: Bush would have had healthcare a long time ago

Something Very Weird about My Health Insurance

The Rude Pundit: Random Observations on Last Night's Massachusetts Knockout

Will Diebold steal Ted Kennedy's seat – and the Senate?

Why is ANYBODY arguing for "more of the same" after last night?

I fear we are still doing the same things Dean warned about in 2004.

Screaming in the Windstorm - my reply to's recent email

Screaming in the Windstorm - my reply to's recent email

Perhaps if our leadership hadn't been attacking us, we would have kept the Mass Senate seat

Why was "Impeachment Off The Table"?

Obama today agreed to create the Social Security Commission....

Obama today agreed to create the Social Security Commission....

All you DUers with fingers in your ears, Listen UP!


Why? Because Dem presidents and party powerful let BushInc off the hook EVERY TIME they're exposed

Homeless people fined, Jailed, for SLEEPING in Boulder, CO

Will More Democratic Incumbents Be Primaried Because Of What Happened Tonight?

Two lessons from this

I would love for Barack Obama to hold a press conference w/ every elected democrat behind him....

'The outcome is preordained. Coakley will win'

What the leaders of the party who just lost an election to populist outrage were doing tonight...

Senator Jim Webb wants further votes on health care legislation put on hold until Brown's seated.

My prediction: GOP ticket in 2012

Sorry, Teddy. Your party failed you big time.

Pelosi: "whatever happens in Massachusetts, we will pass quality, affordable health care"

'I voted for Obama because I wanted change. ... '

Well, Mike Capuano for Senate 2012, anybody?

People want leadership, Mr. President

My biggest disappointment so far.......the DOJ has not been purged of Bush appointees and.....

What Democrats Should Fight For: Ted Kennedy 1995

Yes We Really Should Blame the DLC!

Kennedy's son: Voters are 'wanting blood'

One Year Ago Today, Barack Obama Was Inaugurated

President Obama, go further than clawing back TARP money from the top

The real problem....

Brown: Election NOT a Referendum on Obama

A thank you to the US

Rich Masters: The problem with the White House on health care

Obama Congratulates Brown on 'Well Run' Campaign

Just keep in mind when watching next weeks State Of The Union

So who is the head of the DNC?

AP-GfK Poll: Obama at 56% approval. Public evenly split on health care. 49% want Dems, 37% want GOP.

Did you ever see that movie?

What would upset the Republicans most now? Passing the Health Care Bill

Where the hell is Tim Kaine?

The Republicans bash the Democrats and President Obama every chance they get

To win Coakley needed to run on changIng congresses direction

Joe Conason: What Would the GOP Do? They Often Lose, But Never, Ever Retreat

What Ted Kennedy would tell the Democrats

****Heads Up: POTUS Announces Directive on Tax Cheats Getting Federal Contracts****

I suggest you stop insulting the voters of Massachussetts

Barney Frank Concedes Health Care Approach 'No Longer Appropriate' After Brown Beats Coakley

It Wasn't About Coakley

AHHH!!!! A New Iphone Ap from the WH: LIVE VIDEO STREAMING!!!!

HCR is not dead

We lose one Senate seat and that's it? It's all over, everything?

Brown didn't "win" that election. Coakley LOST it.

Salon: Now what? By Mike Madden

Massachusetts is not the bluest state in America

****Heads Up: FLOTUS Greets WH Visitors****

Uh-oh, another bump in Obama's approval rating; that's not a story the Beltway press wants to tell

Ambinder calls BS on Brown's Terrorism Talking Point

Health-care debate delayed action on other big issues



Stock Markets crushed on Republican win

"McCain Gets Schooled On Bogus Abdulmutallab 'One-Way Ticket' Meme (VIDEO)"

Why is it the Deficit is a big deal now but never was under Bush or Reagan???

Coakley has the job she really wanted, AG. She never wanted to run for the Senate seat to begin with

TNR: Dear Nervous & Frustrated House Democrat...

The Republican Superminority

Mass: 46% of voters said their vote was mainly to show support for health care reform

Here's a primer on the loss from a MA resident

If we don't pass any Health Care Reform with 59 Senators and ~257 House members, what's the point?

Fineman lists the Dems to blame

Massachusetts Democrats didn't like the centrist crap Obama & the corporate Dems are peddling

Village Voice: Scott Brown Wins Mass. Race, Giving GOP 41-59 Majority in the Senate

How to jump start the progressive movement

What I'd Like to Hear a Congressional Democrat Say.

Democrats, you want a strategy? Here it is!

In a two party system non-partisans have only one option to express displeasure for whatever reason

If the Senate can't vote on health care until Scott Brown is sworn in then shut the Senate down. . .

Jonathan Turley reports on a possible end of the Senate filibuster and rants on Democratic lousiness

President Lieberman, Vice President Nelson, and Speaker of the House Stupak

I am about to make a few people mad.. so be it.. But being a woman in

A Rahm Too Far : Time For Obama Voters To Pull The Plug - Comment by Lee Stranahan

"I didn't vote for a party that would abandon my agenda because it lost one seat in the Senate"

It is time to combat the abusiveness of the GOP

Mass: In a somewhat paradoxical finding...

IN-Sen: Pence Weighing a Bid

What should the Democrats do about health care reform now?

At long last, a rematch for Arcuri

The DNC Chair will work twice as hard in Nov.

'Stunningly Simple'

There sure were a lot of obstacles standing in the way of health care reform

Joe Conason: No Obama Obits, Please

Andy Stern - A Path Forward: It's Time to Pass Health Insurance Reform

It is fairly easy to get HCR as good as we were going to get if Coakley won

It is fairly easy to get HCR as good as we were going to get if Coakley won

The WSW probably has the best analysis of the MA election out there

Barack Obama is only one part of the problem

Can someone please explain the whole "we want more left, so we elected someone further right" logic?

Con Artists

"The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office."

Conrad opens door to reconciliation for healthcare

TPM: Obama Pushes for Consumer Protection Agency, Tells Dodd It's 'Non-Negotiable'

Maybe Obama is playing it smart by putting "the bill" at the mercy of the GOP

I hate to admit the truth but President Obama and Democrats acted irresponsibly

Obama's Fine Moment

So, is there any chance that Brown ends up being a liberal 'Rockefeller' Republican?

Lanny Davis: blame the left for Massachusetts

DUers painting Coakley's loss as a referendum on Obama and DNC leadership . . .

Opps duplicate thread.. go here

Obama: Senate Will Not Vote On Health Care Before Brown Is Seated

A Year Later

Which is Obama?

Massachusetts voters and the "Stockholm" syndrome.

Coakley's Loss: Pie in the President's Face (excellent analysis by Greider of The Nation)

The DNC needs to dig up a bunch of softcore hunks from past issues of Cosmo and Playgirl.

Which voters turned out less in MA?

Has WV got strong candidates in the wings or will we lose another seat?

MA was not about Obama but about Red Sox Nation and hunkiness

Embracing single causation theories for the loss is shortsighted.

The MA election was neither a repudiation of progressivism, nor was it a call for more.

One year ago today, I was here

I'm relieved that Democrats have plans to pass Health Care Reform

MA Exit Polls

Brown: "I think it's important that everyone get SOME form of healthcare..."

Obama Takes Credit For Scott Brown Win

Obama's nominee to lead TSA withdraws

Sounds to me like Chris Matthews just called Teddy Kennedy arrogant.

If the democrats are going to get populist on Wall Street's ass

What do you think of this Health Care Bill, I know u could get a couple of republicans

I have 2 questions:

Did the Progressive Base have a candidate in MA during the Special Primaries?

"the only hurdle in the way of health care reform"

Advisers clueless..

Confused by Independents??? Don't get what their problem is?

Ed Schultz V.S Robert Gibbs

I wish the MSNBC lineup was Ratigan, Ed, KO, Rachel. Why does Tweety have to mess things up? nt

Want to win me back? Pass HCR with a STRONG public option...

Clyburn: 'Magic number on healthcare reform is 50, not 60'; measure not dead

Is this Op-Ed or Reporting? (Wolff Blitzer's show on CNN)

I don't know how we are going to get Republicans to support our issues

LETTER TO OBAMA: Loss should teach you not to carry corporate water and pretend it's change


Passing the Senate HCR Bill in the House is not a big loss

Tea Baggers and right wing outrage had no impact on MA election

Do away with the filibuster? Is it that simple?

The Hill: Conrad opens door to reconciliation for healthcare

Drew Westen explains how the Democrats blew a once in a lifetime opportunity to crush Republicans

Barney Frank now backtracking

An emphasis on BACON

An emphasis on BACON

auntAgonist got my liquor cabinet locked

Mr. President, our national security hangs in the balance

why does HuffPost have a new article every week about Obama's foreclosure program failing

The media acts as if there's only Democrats running in November

Will Obama now FINALLY start to lean on corrupt blue dogs & DLC instead of progressive base?

Howard Dean

To What End Will Obama/Emanuel Use The Current Crisis?

To What End Will Obama/Emanuel Use The Current Crisis?

If the House passes the Senate Bill, can reconciliation be used to pass a public option later?

Brown victory party featured flag calling for a ‘second’ revolution, tea party-inspired civil war

How do you get a leopard to change its spots?

This place is crazy tonight

The Party Won't Win Back Independents This Year Simply By Attacking Opponents

Why Independents voted for Obama in 08 and for Brown in 10

For some reason, this song keeps playing in my head:

Cindy McCain Joins Campaign in Favor of Gay Marriage

Seems like a good night 4 a beautiful, melancholy song. An acoustic "Killing Moon" by Ian McCulloch

Kerry's populist response, which validates the anger - and lists many valid reasons for it

A thoughtful thread in GD for a thoughtful night

The story so far

OK, so House Dem caucus meets tomorrow at 9:00 am

RIP Kate McGarrigle

I just want to brag share here. Chime in with similar stories iif ya have 'em

Ted Kennedy’s son: Voters wanted ‘blood’

What career path does Rahm Emmanuel take now?

Remember all that stuff Bush got passed during the time when he had 60 Republican votes?

"Is health-care reform stabilizing?"

Winning the 2010 Elections: Hint- take some risks, stand up and fight for ordinary Americans

On Olberman: Response to Lieberman's complaint about systemic failures and human errors with the

Line from the movie "Speed": "You ain't too bright man, but you've got

Coakley lost the election. Not Rahm, Obama, the Boogieman, or anyone else.

Obama needs to do 2 things to succeed. He needs to po everybody and change the focus. Drop DADT and

Paul Krugman: Just do it--pass health care. Then move on to confronting bankers.

Cheney is really winning the torture argument with some liberals now?

Al Franken: Seat Scott Brown now, it wasn't even close

Lawrence O'Donnell is making me suicidal watching him on MSNBC right now

What Folks who Read Financial Stuff are saying about Mass Mis-Election!

I've seen it all now.

The RW thinks Brown's win is a sign the Republicans are back

Man shoots his way out of stinking SUV

70 years & a year long legislative process = jamming it through

WH: On Next Steps for Health Reform


Howard Dean coming up on Chris Matthews nt

Poll: Mass. Voters Protested Against Weak Wall Street, Health Care Policies


Never Surrender

Krugman: House Democrats need to be told to pass the Senate bill

"It's over" is not acceptable in regards to health care

the early bird gets a pass.

Is it possible the party didn't want Coakley to win?

AP-GFK: Obama 56% approval

Confession: I still like Massachusetts

Hawaii election to fill Neil Abercrombie's rep seat is next.

Thom Hartman gets it

Waterloo? Are you serious?


Tell the Dems: It's time to fight for working families! LINK :

Sen. Biff Goodhair (R-MA)

I hate online job applications that "allow" you to cut-and-paste your resume

Pogues star washes hair with beer

This CAN'T be real: from the FAIL blog....

Fire. Dde. Clue

Don't you hate when a perfectly good 10 minute photoshop job goes totally ignored?

Thought Experiment- Hillary Clinton in the MA Race Instead Of Coakley

Can everyone PLEASE admit that it was incrementalism that caused last night's loss?

I am trying to stay awake and watch all 39 episodes of Have Gun Will Travel.

Why President Obama should pull a S.P., pack up and go back to Shy-Town.......

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: The Massachusetts Lesson: Go Populist Now

Katrina Vanden Heuvel: The Massachusetts Lesson: Go Populist Now

Mystery visitor to Poe's grave is a no-show

$75 for 10 fricking pit bulls!!! That is damn fricking cold!!!

My friend, who moved from Haiti to the U.S. in 1963, sent this petition

The right says Obama is too radical, and the left says not radical enough

Cracked: "Complaints to Domino’s That They Didn’t Put in Their Ad"

Drew Westen: Obama Finally Gets His Victory For Bipartisanship

Howard Stern warns Conan about Leno

If Hollywood Decided to Give Everything A Gritty Reboot

I found this odd, crudely photoshopped picture in my Photobucket account and I need your help.

I have a Rendezvous with Rama

He's a Systems Administrator and a Teacher.... and he's 9.

My home built telescope.

auntAgonist stole the prize out of my box of cereal

Rush wonders if "bankers""Jewish liberals" are "experiencing buyer's remorse" about Obama

Oh, Billessica, we hardly knew ye.

How are we going to pull out 2012

Frustrating frustrating frustrating!

Backlash growing against the progressive Reps?


I'm watching Season Four of the Mary Tyler Moore Show and

To avoid confusion Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) will be known as...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/20/10

I have a diorama

Coakley Breaks Kerry's Concession Record (BradBlog)

Cyberpunk and reality

Should Orrex be kicked out of the United Lounge of DU for flagrant Region Bashing?

Massachusetts is never gonna give us up

Microwaving a box of wine...what possibly could go wrong..

Have you ever been bashed in the region?

Seed of Memory - Terry Reid

Dudes... With Elvis Haircuts...

I'm this close to having my taxes finished:

John Lennon

This is what a vanity post looks like

Job offer, what to do... Care to weigh in?

Photos: The Obama Presidency, January, 20th 2010

I just saw my "OMG!" story of the day.

I Think Robert Gibbs Is The New Tony SnowJob

Gaaaah its raining here!!!

Hooray for me! I got two, count 'em, two posts on the Greatest page!

Does Howard Fineman look better now that he's stopped dying his hair?

"Time to move forward."

Faust and Marguerite (Thomas Edison)

I may need to vomit...

Bill Hicks - Whatchew readin' for?

I have netflix now, any interesting movies to see.

I watched the documentary "Inside Deep Throat" last night.

The Daily Beast's Peter Beinart: Healthcare or Bust!

Best college football rivalry

Gibbs just said the Senate bill is NOT dead, implying the House still could pass Senate bill

My SO presented me with pepper spray in a leather holster tonight

Watching Auditions at the Met, better than 'politics' at the moment.

An exercise -- What would you say to convince a non-ideological Independent to support Democrats?

Congratulate me! I fixed myself a healthy Chicken Caesar Salad for dinner

Whatever you give a woman

Ever heard of/seen Arabian Sand Kittens?

Dingbat Christian Heidi Montag: "Or maybe God gave me extra because he knew what I would be doing"

Why did you people not tell me 'The Middle' was so bad?

House Liberals To Pelosi: “We Cannot Support The Senate Bill. Period.”

God Bless Rachel Maddow!!!!

So if Justice Stevens decides to retire after this term, will the Rethugs go for filibuster

the shetland pony grand national

Need translation help please!!

Is your head bigger than a beach ball?

"Obama to Propose New Limits on Banks"

MSNBC just reported that Pelosi WILL try to pass the Senate bill IF

MSNBC just reported that Pelosi WILL try to pass the Senate bill IF

Is there a site that offers free website templates?

You stay classy, John Mayer,

BwahahaHAAAAAAAAAAA! Eat THIS, Arrogant Apple Fanboys: "Apple fixes a dozen holes in Mac OS X"

Any ladies here use bi0-identical hormones and how can I tell if this manufacturer

Who are your hero's and villians of the NBC late night wars?

What's the only thing that keeps you hanging on?

What's the soil like where you live? Describe the soil and give your location.

Just got word that I will be at the Town Hall Friday with the President

Let me know when the Circular Death Panel ends

Thursday the 21st is National Squirrel Appreciation Day. All your questions answered here:

96 - 65 - 34 - 3 - -28 - -59 - -90 - -121 ...

Fuck Republicans......

Ian McCullough is still alive and singing.

Obama's Spokespersons look like "Whipped Dogs ...Beaten Into Submission!"

True agendas are being exposed here now

DEMs: it's time to kick Judas Joe Lieberman to the curb - NOW.

Questions to those touting Obama is a one termer

Obama: Don't "jam through" health care without Brown

Bill Clinton shouldn't have endorsed Coakley in the Primary

Waching "Labyrinth" with the boys and enjoying the snow day. :^)

Cheer me up, dammit.

So....."Who's That Lady?"

I have a dilemma

Uh oh, it's Girl Scout Cookie time.

I Hate To Say This But Listening To Gibbs On Ed's & Keith's Shows Tonight......

Lanny Davis is useful insofar as he is always Wrong.

The "filibuster-proof majority" was always an illusion. We might be better off without it.

President Obama's Report Card

I hate political posts on Facebook

Tea Party 'Hero' Arrested For Rape, Stolen Grenade Launcher Discovered

No Question: Poll Results - Here is what Obama voters who voted Brown said/wanted

Talk me out of it: Obama as wimp?

DU will not learn that policy means zilch. Assertiveness is what counts. Voters want pushy, even if

Mass: 2008 v. 2010

Why can't each state have its own health system like Saskatchewan. Canada?

A FB Debate I am having has turned ugly


The Rahm Emmanuel problem...

My cat is on the way to the crematorium...

fundraising letter from Obama looks like he still doesn't get it.

Charlie Daniels suffers mild stroke in Colorado

I hope the President keeps doing what he's doing and ignores all the idiotic bullshit

Krugman: I’m pretty close to giving up on Mr. Obama

Angry Used Car Salesman - Funny! NSFW Language

Women - What's your take on terms of 'Endearment'?

Women - What's your take on terms of 'Endearment'?

What's the highest friend count you've seen on Facebook?

***New secret electoral strategy***

'Love Story' Author Erich Segal Dies at Age 72

Gov. Ted Strickland tells supporters his running mate is Yvette McGee Brown

Bush Re-Enters Spotlight With Haiti Appeal

30 countries joined Israel in mass bio-terror drill


Panama leader's bodyguards arrested over 'kidnap plot'

Dutch MP on trial for 'hate speech'

Haiti Earthquake May Have Killed More Americans Than 9/11, Iraq or Afghanistan

Robert Parker, creater of the Spenser series, has died

Israel deports US journalist

Spain aims to boost EU gender equality

Vietnam to try democracy activists for subversion

U.S. extradites Bosnian Serb suspected of genocide

(UK) Spy chief: 45 minutes Iraq WMD claim should not have been published

Whisteblower reveals how health insurers can game new insurance bill

Al-Qaida suspect vows no more NYC trial outbursts

NATO Eyes New Top Civilian Post in Kabul

Philippines massacre footage shown

Drop in China mine deaths, accidents for 2009

Intrawest's troubles threaten Olympics: report

Mexico prison gang fight kills 23 inmates

Will Google be the next big player in the wholesale energy market?

8 Arrested in Firebombing of Malaysian Churches

Poachers threaten Malaysia's defence of tigers: WWF

Study: Rising Seas Threaten Bangladesh Tigers

S. Korean ministry sends workers home to make babies

FBI Director Mueller Says al-Qaida Spreading, Rebuilding, And Plotting

Union Big: Labor Won’t Support House Passing Senate Bill

Utility PG&E to finance rooftop solar panels

Israel deports American journalist

Suicide car bomb wounds 30 in Iraq's northern Mosul

Russian journalist dies after beating by police officer

Dean: Bush would have had healthcare a long time ago

Obama to Create Panel to Study Deficit

New York Times to charge for articles online

Palin to campaign for McCain in March

Aid Haitians, immigrants to help NYC economy: Mayor Bloomberg

NATO military chief courts Russia's help

No US health reform action till senator seated-(Sen. Harry) Reid

Laurel and Hardy jailed on drug charges

Poll Shouts The Message Massachusetts Voters Were Sending

US Stocks Tumble; China Concerns, Housing Data Stoke Anxiety

Obama urges pared-back health care bill,Obama urges lawmakers not to try to jam a bill through Congr

US Army's war budget includes big weapons orders

Wash. state jobless rate jumps to 9.5 percent

Obama to Senate: Don't "Jam" Through Health Care Until Brown Seated

Conrad opens door to reconciliation for healthcare

Pence Weighing Bid Against Bayh (IN-SEN)

Basketball league for white Americans targets Augusta

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday January 20

Gates Says Al Qaeda Seeks to Trigger India-Pakistan War

Democrats Propose $1.9T Increase In Debt Limit

Joe Malone (R) is "seriously considering" run for Congress in Mass.

U.S. Patriot missiles to be deployed near Russian border: Polish DM

Magnitude 6.1 Quake Strikes Devastated Haiti

Mother jailed for murdering brain-damaged son

Morrell (Smithfield) will close Sioux City plant in April (1500 + jobs)

Officials order evacuations before 3rd SoCal storm

Mich. Unemployment Drops To 14.6%

Mich. Unemployment Drops To 14.6%

Air France-KLM to charge obese flyers almost double

India outsourcers hiring staff as US demand grows.

Earthquake Survivor Calls iPhone a Life Saver

Obama's nominee to lead TSA withdraws

China 'becomes world's second largest economy'

Cindy McCain endorse gay marriage movement

Wes Clark considering House run

No snow at Olympic site leaves VANOC scrambling

Frank: I Hope Some GOP Senators Will Support Health Care Reform -- Because Without Them, Bill May Be

French aid group MSF accuses US over Haiti delays

Obama failed to probe Gitmo deaths, charity says

Runaway Ohio girl to remain free of Muslim parents

House Liberals To Pelosi: “We Cannot Support The Senate Bill. Period.”

Japan opens clunkers offer to more U.S. cars

Saudi girl, 13, sentenced to 90 lashes after she took a mobile phone to school

Obama now seeks pared down health care bill

Erroll Southers Withdraws: TSA Nominee Drops Out Amid 'Political Agenda'

3 weeks after gay marriage law, New Hampshire takes up repeal

Michelle Obama to unveil anti-obesity initiative

First Israeli Cabinet minister to visit Abu Dhabi


Received from Alan Grayson:

Love the rhetoric, admire the oratory: where’s the action?

Tiny Steps Toward Basic Services

U.S. Marines Land in Villages on the Edge.

Haiti Violence Fears Lift, U.S. Troops Help Deliver Aid

Elections in Ukraine - Calm before Storm?

The Perils of (DEMOCRATIC) Passivity By David Michael Green

The Massachusetts Lesson: Go Populist Now

NYT Wednesday confirmed reports that it would introduce a "metered model"

Swiss Banker Blows Whistle on Tax Evasion

David Stockman Supports Taxing Banks

Republicans run the country into the ground on purpose.

Mass. voters exemplify the "Stockholm syndrome"

Democrats Boosting Right-Wing Populism

U.S. Troops Patrol Haiti, Filling a Void.

Is It Time For Governor Dean To Return To The DNC Chairmanship?

Why Conservatives Shouldn't Get the Credit For Coakley's Defeat

How Obama Lost His Way

Sen. Sherrod Brown's Recipe to Stop the Economic Hemorrhaging: Fix Our Manufacturing Policies

A Very American Coup; Coming Soon to a Hometown Near You

New Wave of Warlords Bedevils U.S. (Haqqani) - Know your warlords.

Bush Re-Enters Spotlight With Haiti Appeal

Obama: grading his first year’s economic performance/Ed Harrison Credit WriteDown News"

Intelligence on WMD 'taken out of context', Iraq inquiry hears

Democrats boosting Right-Wing Populism, by Norman Solomon

The End of the Paved Road

Democrats Amend Health Bill, To Add 'Universal Castration'

Robert Fisk: The tree-lined bunkers that could change the face of the Middle East

Progressives Warn Congress Against Deficit Commission

Inspector general cites 'egregious breakdown' in FBI oversight

Feds move to keep big snakes off planes, out of US !

From Cynthia McKinney: An unwelcome Katrina redux

Solar-powered Bibles sent to Haiti

Complaint Filed Against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al; International Arrest Warrants Requested

US Corporations, Private Mercenaries and the IMF Rush in to Profit from Haiti's Crisis

"What Massachusetts Got Right" by Robert Scheer on The Nation

At SEC, the system can be deaf to whistleblowing

Real Communities are Self-Organizing

DAVID STOCKMAN: Taxing Wall Street Down to Size

How did this guy win?

Obama Finally Gets His Victory For Bipartisanship

Robert Reich: What Scott Brown's Victory Really Means

Shuffle The Deck, And Bring Howard Dean Back

Letterman Interviews Spokesperson For The World Food Program

Jane Hamsher, Nate Silver and Matt Kibbe Discuss the Current State of Politics

Best Church of God--Yeast Protest

Belligerent jackass John McCain gets corrected, gets huffy

Paul Nathanson Deposition Video

Brown talks about phone call from Obama

Cadbury chocolate takeover deal

A Year Of Opposition: Fox News' War On The White House

Katherine Young Deposition

Hartmann: Obama's Choice Back off New Dem Corporatist Agenda OR SUPPORT PROGRESSIVE AGENDA

Rep. Steve King (R-IA) MA: Election A Miracle, 'I Believe There Has Been Intervention'

Instant Solutions fo Healthcare, bank fees, and jobs

Reorganizing and Fighting Back

Salahi Political Theater: Congress Refused Answers To Basic Questions 'Tuxedo?'

TYT: Cenk explains how Brown's win will probably Shock Doctrine the HCR bill

Cool Cool Considerate Men - 1776 (Restored Director's Cut - 1972)

Smoking Crack in Hell's Kitchen

Coakley Concession.

Hati Tax Relief

David Axlerod Asked If It's Time To Hit Reset

The Real Reasons Coakley Lost To Brown

Peggy Noonan & Donny Deutsch: Scott Brown Looks Like An American

Thom Hartmann - It's all about the Republicans vs. the phony Democrats?

Two Options for Democrats

Howard Dean to Tweety: 'when I was DNC chair, we won these elections'

TYT Interviews Conservative Hollywood Screenwriter That HATES Avatar!

Congresswoman Kaptur: Isn't It time For Congress To Finally Hold Wall Street Accountable

Ed Schultz Takes On Robert Gibbs

Hitler Finds Out Scott Brown Won Massachusetts Senate Seat

Walsh: 'Obama Gave the Republicans Marching Orders & Rope to Hang Him'

Thom Hartmann - Caller says Mass. Senate election all Thom's fault

Fire Tim Kaine/Rahm (& Bring In Dean)? - Cenk @ Huffington Post

Scott Brown Victory Attributed to Endorsement by Herman's Hermits

Faux News Propaganda: Glenn BecKKK Shows A Preview Of His Upcoming Documentary "Live Free Or Die"

American Business for Clean Energy

Drumbeat: January 20, 2010

The root hacker

Will Google be the next big player in the wholesale energy market?

Poachers threaten Malaysia's defence of tigers: WWF

NPPRC Press Release Feeds Fox & Friends - "Obama Tracking Icebergs Instead Of Al Qaeda"

Loser: Why the Chevy Volt Will Fizzle

Car Free And Loving it

There is no renaissance of nuclear energy

Himalayan glacier melting fears "unfounded"

31st January deadline COP15 now dropped

Photo of the wakes of offshore wind turbines, and discussion of effects on efficiency

Dow Chemical readies easy-to-install solar roofs.

Asian Carp DNA Detected In Lake Michigan At Calumet Harbor Near IL-IN State LIne - NYT

Are Earthquakes one result of oil extraction?

Breaking: High Levels of Radioactive Material Found in Water Outside Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant

Climate Denial Industry Blowing Hot Air On Himalayan Glaciers

So Many Chickens Coming Home to Roost, and So Quickly, Too

Heh! --> "Key for 49ers: Having Cardinals' Warner retire"

Pacquiao, Clottey welterweight bout set for March 13 in Arlington

Phillies will repeat as National League Champs in 2010

We lose a Seat in MA, the Badgers are playing like shit against Michigan. Which one do you think...

Vols Fans Want to Name a Building for Lane Kiffin, Specifically a Sewage Center

UF broadcaster busted for child porn

Soccer player who killed fan back on field

I think I'll stay exclusively in the Sports Forum for a while....


Racism in the Obama Era: The All-White Basketball League

NFL Conference Championship Picks (with point spreads)

Obama's lost senate seat is a victory for Netanyahu

Netanyahu turns fire on Abbas as U.S. envoy flies in

The plan for a Jewish homeland in Tasmania

Iran's humanitarian aid arrives in Haiti

Israel to lavish Nauru, Micronesia leaders

Netanyahu demands Israeli presence in West Bank

Gaza blockade threatens health of 1.4 million, aid agencies warn

Robert Fisk: The tree-lined bunkers that could change the face of the Middle East

Panama leader's bodyguards arrested over 'kidnap plot'

Congress grants amnesty to Honduran interim leader, others involved in coup

Hamas rep: We're ready to cancel charter

Arias Won't Mix Words With Micheletti

Israel deports American journalist

Honduras: The Ghost of Pinochet

Zelaya, family to get safe conduct to leave Braz. Embassy and the country on Jan. 27

Today in Labor History Jan 20 ACLU founded & Bruce Springsteen's "My Hometown" topped the charts!

AFL-CIO Demands Wall Street Stop Bankrupting America, Supports Financial Transaction Tax

Which airline is better for labor, US Airways, or United?

Question for moderator krispos42 and others

Anybody want to speculate on how Mass will effect gun laws?

The Right to Arms: The Criminology of Guns

Firearms and child pornography: are they really equivalent?

NH looking at a same-sex marriage repeal.

Prop. 8 aid puts Paramount board member on hold (Oakland, CA)

Let me guess...

Anyone feeling optimistic about DADT after last night?

Suppose that an openly pagan food service operation includes...

John McCain's Wife Cindy Joins Campaign For Marriage Equality

3 weeks after gay marriage law, NH takes up repeal

Prop. 8 opponents seek to show link between religion, anti-gay discrimination [Updated]

Can Vanessa Williams be a senator now, please? I love her.

How many nails does the coffin of "but they choose to be gay!!11!" need anyway?


Bohemian waxwings

bass pond at biltmore estate

To go with "UnBird" here's "NotCuteBird" (Warning! Vulture doing what vultures do)


Mystery Object Behaves Both Like a Comet and Asteroid

Sign picture I took that I probably won't use if "Signs" wins - do you have one too?

Explained: The Shannon limit

Turning the Pages (Royal Society posts scientific manuscripts online)

How to Make Liquid Magnets

Does someone need this?

First comes "Feeling"...then comes "Seeing".....

Matthew message posted on January 11

(Sorry wrong forum should be MN) I got a call last night...

The Diversity Solution

Usury and Securitization

Finished the Chakra Balancing Project and it is up on You Tube!

Tax Wall Street Down to Size.

Gen Re paying $92.2M to settle charges

Rampant fraud in short sales

Anybody else notice ... Senator StapleDick gets elected ...

If you could use a hug, check in here.....

WTC being rebuilt with Chinese glass

Face Recognition Ability Inherited Separately from IQ

Fish Oil Given Intravenously to Patients in Intensive Care Has Many Benefits, Study Finds


Right-Wing Activists Rewrite U.S. Textbooks

Want to share your opinions on education?

Prop. 8 opponents seek to show link between religion, anti-gay discrimination [Updated]

Among scientists, age brings atheism. Among general population, youths are less religious...

Missed vaccines weaken 'herd immunity' in children

Arroz Con Pollo a la Peruana,

Life is depressing. Would a stand mixer help?

Let's play the C&B version of "Chopped"