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Personalities of dog and cat fans differ

Mitt Romney to choose as a running mate????

CBS - "Negroponte: We Are Safer Than Before 9/11"

A Look Back: Reverend Tom Honey on God and the Tsunami

Some comments on Rush and what's his face

In all the discussion of Pat Robertson said this or that against Haiti....

It seems to be an immutable law of humankind .... in the worst of circustances we do our very best

Former boyfriend used Craigslist to arrange woman's rape, police say

Are there other countries helping US with the tragedy of Haiti?

Watch Sarah Palin on Glenn Beck

Boy, 4, Chooses Long Locks and Is Suspended From Class

I just watched Idiocracy again, and

Beware of Twitter Memes

"Segregation Forever"

"Segregation Forever"

Port-au-Prince from Google Earth

Al Qaeda linked to rogue aviation network moves to Canada moves to Canada

6.7M children have no health insurance

RIP Teddy Pendergrass. I always liked your style and perserverance...

Soul singer Teddy Pendergrass dies in PA at 59

Mullen lawyers: Delay overturning of gay ban

CNN Poll; some 38,000 people NOT contributing to Haiti relief efforts

CNN Poll; some 38,000 people NOT contributing to Haiti relief efforts

Pat Robertson is suffering from projection

Pat Robertson: Haiti?! I Thought They Said "Hades"

U.S. commission to hold hearing on anti-gay Uganda bill

If I was Sarah Palin's PR coach, I would fit her with one of those electo-shock collars.

Go Conan!

American Indian farmers have more land, less cash

American Indian farmers have more land, less cash

Why is GEM$NBC showing me where their staff

Here's the deal. Why spend energy hurting each other when life can be hard enough as it is?

Hate to be a voice of negativity BUT.....

Why does Oprah continue to give Sarah Palin a platform?

BEST medical provider in Haiti.

BEST medical provider in Haiti.

The Nation: Is Sarah Palin a Natural Fox?

New Jersey & Free Speech

Geez, look what the Republicans are doing in Turkey now

HAITI EARTHQUAKE LIVE BLOG: Who to Follow and What to Read for Breaking Developments

Troops’ deployment burden unprecedented

Breaking News - Haiti updates

Capital One, snake oil seller


Larry Summers, Robert Rubin: Will The Harvard Shadow Elite Bankrupt The University And The Country?

Larry Summers, Robert Rubin: Will The Harvard Shadow Elite Bankrupt The University And The Country?

In a moment of rare bipartisanship

Limbaugh to send aid to Haiti

Limbaugh to send aid to Haiti

MarketWatch: Retail sales drop 0.3% on widespread declines

MarketWatch: Retail sales drop 0.3% on widespread declines

SC House censures Gov. Sanford

Search and rescue crews from the US are up and running

The banned blogger Tunnel Rat in the Media

New research finds some GM corn can cause organ failure

Study: Americans Not As Optimistic Or Realistic About Their Health & Well-being As They Claim To Be

If Pat Robertson is an example of a future citizen of Heaven

Brown Says He's Unfamiliar with Tea Partiers; Campaign Pix Say Otherwise

Was in another forum and saw someone asking if Haiti deserved this...

Mobile giving to help Haiti exceeds $1 million

Is the whole MSM's pushing the "Scott Brown winning in MA" a massive head-fake?

Candidate Scott Brown, Whiner and Hypocrite

US may send up to 10,000 soldiers to Haiti

It's not hate that motivates Limbaugh and Robertson, it's love..

God, the irony.

I never felt the same about the Red Cross when they wouldn't go into New Orleans.

Haitian ambassador shames Pat Robertson

A newspaper front page hit me like a sledgehammer. Yep, you guessed it, Haiti.

Don't tell Kanye about this...

"Teddy Pendergrass dead at 59: the legendary prince of R&B"

Can a Man Survive 60 Hours of Cable News?

Some Republicans Have NO Shame-NONE...

Sudan President Bashir starts re-election bid

It was quite remarkable seeing Sec'y Clinton on TV this morning asking for money to be donated .....

One more post about the "Airport Journalism" in Haiti

"Night has fallen..the night seems to take so long..I guess those buried alive in the rubble..."

"Night has fallen..the night seems to take so long..I guess those buried alive in the rubble..."

"Night has fallen..the night seems to take so long..I guess those buried alive in the rubble..."

"Night has fallen..the night seems to take so long..I guess those buried alive in the rubble..."

Obama asks George W. Bush to assist Haiti relief efforts.

ABC: Bank CEO's contrite about their activities in public but arrogant and unapologetic afterwards.

Mongolia leader calls for end to death penalty

Russia bans aromatic herbs for smoking

Everyone who is going to get hit by the Cadillac tax should be thrilled out of their minds!

Jordan wants Dead Sea Scrolls back from Israel

GA deputy who sought sex with child, mom convicted

Beck Calls 'Bullcrap' On Palin's Non-Answer About Favorite Founding Father

The Haitian Presidential Palace - before/after

Florida is number 8 in Education!

Please talk with your employers about matching funds to give to Haiti.

A 'trigger' tax on the superwealthy..

Detroit IS taking electric cars seriously

Toxic Trailers still an Issue For Our Nation

Toxic Trailers still an Issue For Our Nation

Donate to Haiti Earthquake Relief - text HAITI to 20222

Brown Says He's Unfamiliar with Tea Partiers; Campaign Pix Say Otherwise - Later Update

Brown Says He's Unfamiliar with Tea Partiers; Campaign Pix Say Otherwise - Later Update

Dutch Iraq war inquiry revelation: In 2002 Blair sent secret letter re: Iraq plan to Netherlands

Haitian debt MUST BE FORGIVEN!!!

Now is the time to ask each Republican candidate if they agree with Rush and Pat Robertson about Hai

Why just DELAY State of Union? Just CANCEL it 'til Obama has guts to VETO BaucusCare,keep his word &

They are talking about laying a fiber optic cable from Japan to Europe

Daily Kos: "key movement on the excise tax" but "cone of silence" on the issue of abortion in HCR

Anyone checked out Rolling Stone magazine lately?

Obama announces a financial Crisis Fee - pay back the taxpayers

Haiti Earthquake Captured on Security Camera

Texas debates the way history will be taught

Regarding Pat Robertson: What I'd REALLY love to see is


Satan's little helper

Toons: Haiti

Men more different from chimps than women, say boffins

Anyone want to help debunk this stupid e-mail?

What's this about Rush directing" listeners to use the White House website

Obama Pledges $100 Million in Aid for Haiti Earthquake

"That government is best which governs least."

Israel orders new fence to keep out African migrants

How Bankers Think

And if Haiti were the island of Creamy White people, how fast do you think they'd get aid

Can someone diagram this Palin word-salad, er, I mean, sentence?

Could use some advice please, re: eulogy

There are two types of Freepers: 1. Misguided/ignorant human beings and 2. Monsters.

Obama Proposes Bank Tax to Recoup Every Last Penny for American Taxpayers

What Palin And Bart Simpson Have In Common

Pennsylvania Sisters In Haiti try to get Adopted Orphans Out

Pennsylvania Sisters In Haiti try to get Adopted Orphans Out

Pat Robertson, I wish you could have met my grandfather. A real Christian.

so france basically kept haiti in poverty throughout the 19th century with their "reparations"

Bank of America sued for seizing wrong house

Could I have a wee bit of DU help on a poll?

Could I have a wee bit of DU help on a poll?

The Never-Ending Horror of Pat Robertson

Rescue dogs are headed to Haiti.

TSA says no 8 year old kids are on no-fly list, then they hassle one because he's on a list

I'm very happy to report that pat robertson is being skewered on New Orleans Radio this morning

Middle Class Tax Increase: Democratic Leaders Reach Compromise

Microsoft pledges $1.25M in support for Haiti relief aid

Aid Workers in Haiti Face 'Logistical Nightmare' (Concise Summery of Conditions)

Charity navigator guidelines for Haiti to make sure your donations count

Free Republic never fails to disappoint. Sigh.

A question for the auto union people (no, not about HCR)

WOW! Newt will "replace current failed programs with solutions that are practical & workable?" USA!

Ted Rall: The Haitian Earthquake : Made in the USA

Flashback: Rush Limbaugh detained with viagra.

Morning Joke: Mika and Her Father


Google's Nexus One Backlash: Shoddy Service

ok, so now we're in the media mode of white blond college students becoming

Payment Shock Concerns Grow as Billions in Interest Only Loans Face Recast Date

Perspective: Underwear non bomber: nobody injured or killed; Haiti quake: 100,000 killed

Middle Class Tax Increase: Democratic Leaders Reach Compromise

Ok translating what the rep from the UN just told David Shuster

The world is uniting to help Haiti, A look at what nation's are doing to help

Sex sting in Poconos nets former chief U.N. weapons inspector(Scott Ritter)

Cracking The Safe

Only CNN Has News Gathering Infrastructure Left. The Other "News" Organizations On Cable

I submit that the premise is wrong.

"Life Begins at the Moment of Fertilization"

I believe that we have to demand the end to all wars.

Is this the new trend for yuppie joggers?

Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission -- C-span 2 . . . LIVE 1 pm . . .

Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission -- C-span 2 . . . LIVE 1 pm . . .

Google donates $1 million to help Haiti

Taser Nation

Josh Marshall: Brown Framed?

Say what you want about CNN and Anderson Cooper, but their reporting from Haiti has been riveting.

Sarah & Bristol pose with their sons on the cover of "In Touch": "We're glad we chose life"

Conservative Ted Olson on Gay's not what you think...

N.C. has a nuke plant event (another one of those tritium events)

Some of our doctors are headed to Haiti...

Cat lovers...I need your advice for getting my very first cat(s)

"Clean the World" accepting donations. Urgent need for soap in Haiti. CTW recycles used U.S.hotel

When are we going to stop blaming the victims for what happens to them?

BRAVO MSNBC.... they actually highlighted this morniung

Oh those poor persecuted Christians.

God, it must suck to be Limbaugh

Did You Know? Hoover's VP, Charles Curtis, was half American Indian ancestry?

Moscow Police Watch Pre-Recorded Scenes On Surveillance Cams

Nearly half of americans bring work home

Speaking of bumperstickers, I saw this one recently (a throwback to earlier years):

A little catharsis

Why the hell do some of you waste your time, effort, and anger on Faux Snooze, FR, Elrushbo, et al?

For those of you who are criticizing Obama asking Bush

St. Clair Shores man deported over 10-year-old pot charges - How nuts is this?

Has anyone else noticed their Federal withholding has gone up?

Reverend Robertson, How many babies did God abort in Haiti...

Non-Tea Partyer owns the rights to the "Tea Party" name in Florida and (?) other states

Looking for family in Haiti?

What are all the do-gooders doing???

Read the GOP Platform lately? You should.

Read the GOP Platform lately? You should.

The Pledge

Brazilian Armed Forces fly personnel, equipment, supplies to Haiti

Evidently, Cuba had a clinic in normal operation before the earthquake and have added to it.

At It Again! Pat Robertson: APOLOGIZE!

Singer Teddy Pendergrass Has Died At Age 59

Text "HAITI" to 90999 to make a direct 10 dollar donation off your phone bill.

South Florida Hospitals Treat Haiti's Injured

How can Big Pharma and the insurance industry profit from the earthquake?

I will never again say that I think the right-wingers can sink no lower.

Ignoring the obvious (something so many here are excellent at)

GOP Candidate Warns Obama to 'Stay Away' From Massachusetts Senate Race

we can organize world to address Haiti but not global climate change: are we genetically doomed?

Who do YOU want responsible for rebuilding Haiti

Haiti airport full; relief/rescue flights can't land

1.7 Billion Reasons to Defend Pat Robertson

Senators propose temporary increase in tax benefits for relief contributions

Fuck you Pat Robertson

Want to donate to the Duvalier Family Swiss Bank Trust Fund? Here's how to help.

They're 'Dropping Like Flies'

I guess the title to this thread wasn't sexy enough

The devil with lipstick horns: How Left-wing British magazine portrays Sarah Palin

"We were never ready... no one was prepared to defend her. Nobody knew anything."

Elizabeth Warren on MSNBC now .... n/t

Banks and Credit Card Companies Profiting off Donations to Haiti

Long Term Aid in Haiti

A health care story.

HUD awards Jonathan Rose Companies $3.6 Million to (green) retrofit Multi-Family housing project

NBC News: Obama asking W to help Clinton spearhead Haiti relief.

Heard from one of my friends who didn't get laid off last week.

$20 Million for capacity building efforts in Afghanistan (create jobs/enhance tech/etc)

Bay Area woman's car repossessed with child inside

OMFG Fran Townsend is asking the CNN guys

The President of my bank called me and asked if I could spot him $40 until payday

How To Protect Yourself From The Inflation To Come

DC Superior Court upholds Board of Elections and Ethics rejection of anti-marriage initiative

Israel sending 40 doctors and 5 search and rescue to Haiti. Will treat 500 patients per day

HUD annouces $2 billion in recovery act grants to stabalize neighborhoods

There was international aide during Katrina

Ya wanna talk Healthcare issues?

If you donate to assist in Haiti relief are you going to Hell?

Senators to Propose Tax Breaks for Donations to Haiti Relief Efforts

Why is it that militaries take the lead around the world

Caller to LIMBOsevic, "Where in your right mind do you get off ..." (re: what he said about Haiti)

Haiti's pact with the devil - an article from 2005 debunking this.

What Will We Do with Haitian Refugees?

Do you ever listen to the Diane Rehm show on NPR?

FYI: Fresh Air (NPR) 1/14/10--How Americans Help Fund The Taliban

On Robertson; let's find a Bishop (or higher) of any denomination willing to refute him!

I got my new passport -- it's pretty nice

W and Clinton to work together

Imus: Pat Robertson ‘should be put to sleep.’

Scientists cautiously optimistic as Doomsday clock reset

I have a very small family and I think I alienated my sister today.

Fox News Lead story on Cavuto....Evil Obama Taxing & Demonizing rich people!!

Predictably, Limbaugh is the victim.

Direct Relief International

Geithner on Squawkbox. Preserving (or Delaying the Rollback of Bush Tax Cuts) Not a Consideration

"Hatred on the left" re Haiti....yep, that's what Joe S. said today on MJ.

Something the media, and us, need to do.

In response to those who think Coakley is not Obama's type of democrat

Palin, Fox, 'Jesus on Acid' and the End of the World

Today's EPIC fail (bigot edition)

Chavez Deems Whale Sperm, Pickles, Codeine ‘Essential’ Items

Fundies: Mamas, don't let you babies see 'Avatar'

Palin, who quit public service early, pontificates to Glenn Beck on her "call to public service"

Look Quick! Four of the 10 black Republicans in America are currently in a lie-a-thon w Glen Beckkk!

There must be something really wrong with me.

Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Ohio, as a part of the Freedom of Choice Ohio coalition, is proud t

If George W. Bush raises $1 from the right wingers for Haiti...

ACLU Requests Information On Predator Drone Program

... Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

AHCA letter to Representives on HCR & Medicaid Funds for Nursing you can send a copy

Schlock 'n' AWE! O'Reilly, as Liz Cheney's sock puppet, declares her Obama attack ad 'devastating'

Teabagger/Palin coverage will be limited to stooge media

(US) Military ‘Working Feverishly’ to Help Haiti, Commander Says

Haitian Catastrophe: For Racists, a Good Laugh

Limbaugh's "Hatey" .. too much irony for my diet (east-end versus west-end of Hispaniola)

Poll shows Jennifer Brunner more electable then Lee Fisher against Republican in Ohio Senate Race

The former broadcaster in me can't help but scream:

I'm so glad Elizabeth Warren is getting a lot of exposure.

Haiti, long term recovery and well globalization

If you were trapped in the rubble and waiting to be rescued

Ok here is one that I will predict right now on Haiti Operations

Today I met a trucker from Bosnia, he had so much to say

I Think We Need to Talk About Evacuation in Haiti....

KIPP Joins Charter School Corruption Nationwide with Six Figure Embezzlement Scheme

Dems asking PhRMA for $10B more

Here is a message from our church about Haiti and their missionaries...

Here is a message from our church about Haiti and their missionaries...

denny hastert's son ethan is running for his dad's old congressional seat.

AP: Anti-abortion groups offers rewards

Clinton And Bush: We'll Help On Haiti

Haiti Tragedy Deepens as Aid Efforts are Thwarted (7,000+ Buried in Mass Graves)

Oh great. The "looting" story line emerges.

Oh great. The "looting" story line emerges.

U.N.: 70% of Afghan civilian deaths caused by Taliban/insurgents

Victory for Jaguars: Obama Pledges Recovery Plan, Habitat Protection

Who Needs Comedy?? I'm Watching A Rushpublican Senate Debate...

Tell me , how can it be that we can bomb citizens who did nothing

CNN covering an 11 year old girl pinned beneath cement. They can't move the cement

Backer of gay marriage ban warned that activists would try to legalize sex with children

O'Reilly, Hannity & Beck's COMBINED coverage of Haiti on Jan. 13th...7 MINUTES.

oy!-listening to Rick Perry and Kay Hutchison debate

Gay marriage generates millions, expert tells court

January 22, 2009: Obama signs executive order to close Guantanamo Bay

TMZ: Leno And NBC Strike 1 Hour 'Tonight' Deal.

Limbaugh stands by his Haiti remarks, tells critical caller she’s a ‘bigot’ with ‘tampons in her ear

Robertson: "the ideology of a predator, not a shepherd of souls"

"The Texas Debates are made possible, in part, by Lockheed Martin, AARP..."

Hell is freezing over at this moment.

How appropriate is religious TV for children?

Scandal at Right-Wing Confab: I See Gay People! Religious Right Leaders Withdraw CPAC Sponsorship

Twice Shy :(

Happy New Year! :-) Final closing! :-(

The White West: The real reason Haiti has been "cursed" since the slave rebellion

Rachel I love you and Tracy Kidder

Judge rules in favor of e-cigarettes

MicShots: The Tea Party Timeline...

"who killed the electric car" on PBS tonight, 9 pm, at least on KCET in so cal nt

Has Shit-for-Brains made a public statement regarding Haiti yet?

Looks like the military is going to have to be dragged kicking and screaming

From Barack Obama - Ways we can help Haiti (You can donate by cell phone)

Why Are We In Afghanistan? A Movie - Watch the full free version here!

Rachel just showed a pic of the port in Haiti -- non-operational. The cranes

Ottawa matching Canadians' Haiti donations

Assistance to Haiti....

Code of conduct would create new park rules (no spitting, smoking, obscene language...more)

14jan2010: URGENT ACTION FDL -- OBAMA must explain questionable use of taxpayers' money (HRC)

Tough outlaw biker chicks who succumb to the will of men...jeeeeeeze

CNN:Child pulled from rubble two days after quake; searches go on

So PALIN's Faux role will be to be interviewed by HANNITY. & she wants to do American Idol

Gibbs Calls Robertson, Limbaugh Remarks 'Stupid'

Why is a thread on this site locked up? Mine just was.

The Rude Pundit: Why Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh Ought to Be Dropped Into Haiti as Food

From WesPac: Support Coakley for Senator.

14jan2010: URGENT ACTION - FDL health care reform survey

Neo-liberal privatization of Haiti under Preval et al

Rush Limbaugh Boycott: Where is the public pressure?

Please don't start threads with comments about unrecs!

Rep. Frank savages WSJ's Fund over his universal voter registration "lie"

This is probably a dumb question, but the Mass election is to be on Sunday 1/17.

'Choking game', 'Pass-Out','Space Monkey','Flatliner', 'Blackout'

'Choking game', 'Pass-Out','Space Monkey','Flatliner', 'Blackout'

Some context to the anger in Haiti

Here Is Where We Sent Our Donation

Gosh 'Name Removed' has been posting a lot lately

The Libertarian/Ron Paul crowd is getting all stirred up with regards to Haiti

Move Your Money

Americans in 2010: Benjamin Franklin's Nightmare

Boston Globe: The Big Picture-48 Hours Later

Appeals court reverses Ten Commandments decision

Pelosi and unions beat back Cadillac tax - final push to exclude taxing anyone making under $200K

volume of incoming aid planes overwhelms Haiti airport

Agriculture Secretary Vilsack Announces $449 Million in Loan Assistance to Help Rural Businesses

Abso-fucking-lutely off the charts in mental gymnastics by the RR

"Égalité for All: Toussaint Louverture and the Haitian Revolution" - a welcome PBS replay

Glenn Beck is someone you could have a thoughtful, intelligent conversation with.

Anyone Have Any Ideas on how to Organize a Fundraiser?

Seriously Gupta and that two week old baby would make

Clearly, the most important thing right now in regards to the Haiti earthquake

I'm tired of the words "on the ground".

Today will probably be Day One of international recriminations, finger pointings, & bad mouthings

Deaf Dog Returns Home Nine Days After Escaping Hospital

Are you watching our President Duers

Paul Krugman: Bankers Without a Clue

Katrina, Haiti - rethugs just can't help themselves, can they?

After today there is no way in HELL

Conan's ratings are up 40%. How long will NBC put up with his NBC/Leno bashing?

After 100 years of "help" from the US and now Haiti is a failed state. Hmmmm.

Department of Justice Intensifies Antitrust Investigation into Monsanto

BBC: Haiti desperate for help, patience & solidarity turning to anger, corpses lining streets

Well we don't just have our own idiots and low lifes

Call Pat Robertson's "700 Club" 1 (800) 759-0700 to provide feedback; costs him $1.00 per call

"Shut your pie hole old man...."

Haiti's real deal with the devil

Haiti's real deal with the devil

Haiti's real deal with the devil

Haiti is why the US Army needs another division--a humanitarian one.

Haiti is why the US Army needs another division--a humanitarian one.

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

America's McDeal with the Devil

You have 2 arrows in your quiver as a citizen

Graduate student from Haiti faces dilemma

The SuperBowl of Stupid

Just watching Sanje Gupta caring for a 2 week old infant's head wound

...Then, he disses Rachel

Obama tells banks: `We want our money back'

Nevada Gov. Jim Gibbons orders study of possible Medicaid pullout

Is there going to be any coverage of the Mass. election on Sunday?

Military tents?

Democrats Push Reluctant Obama To End Antitrust Exemption

The history that “binds” the US and Haiti

Health Care Tax: Union Leaders Outline Big Improvements for All Working Families

Anyone watching Jon Stewart?

Colbert is tearing the bankers a new one

Deployment Takes Toll on Army Wives

Gallup - "Healthcare Bill Support Ticks Up; Public Still Divided" - Democrats Heavily Support It

Congressman Anthony Weiner:Your Perspective on Health Care Reform

Gay marriage generates millions, expert tells court

Have the Chatty Cheneys commented on Haiti?

<7 Minutes - Time Faux News devoted to Haiti by Beck, Hannity, O' Reilly

MSNBC is reporting that the US feels there is a new credible threat of terrorist



Looks like Pat Robertson will have company in the eternal fires of hell - Rush Limbaugh

Why is it okay for us to do this in a drone attack on civilians

BWAHAHAHA so I went to a page for W's library, saw this - then looked at the source code:

Thousands of people in Haiti die, Rush Limbaugh continues to breath oxygen.

The more I think about Pat Robertson,the more pissed off I get-so I did something.

America is well on its way to becoming Haiti.

Has Faux mention Pat Robertson yet?

Here's why the mass senate race is important to me.

Actual sign held by same-sex marriage opponent in NJ: "Sodomy promotion is from Satan's Jews"

The jackasses that made fire resistant cigarettes commonplace should be forced to...

Who owns Britain? Biggest landowners agree to reveal scale of holdings (2007)

Eight-Year-Old on TSA Terrorist Watchlist Gets Frisked

Robert Parry: Haiti's Tragic History Is Entwined With The Story Of America

Angry Haitians Block Roads With Corpses-witness

Kathy Kristof: Personal Finance Columnist Gets Hit With 703.8% Rate On Credit Card

Texas School Textbooks to Turn Joe McCarthy Into 'Hero'?? LINK

Pat Robertson Diamond mines that used slave labor, swindled relief efforts, and helped Al-Qaeda

Sen. Al Franken Franken expresses support for Pres. Obama's Afghanistan troop increase

At the Point When You Have No Hope...Hell Sets In-Haiti

Gates meets the MIC - "Partnership critical". . . Wants 'steady consistent growth' in defense budget

Asking Bush to help with disaster relief is like asking Palin to be your speechwriter

Libertarians and evangelicals explain the problem with Haiti, but they've forgotten something.

Libertarians and evangelicals explain the problem with Haiti, but they've forgotten something.

Thomas Jefferson weighs in on the status of health care

Before anyone else criticizes the unions for the "tentative deal" rumored yesterday...

Any Fund or Pension Manager that does not pull out of Goldman-Sachs should be FIRED

Could the 2010 quake be the beginning of the end for Haiti?

Could the 2010 quake be the beginning of the end for Haiti?

I Just Talked to CBN about Robertson Statement

Do you suppose that Beck sees Palin as his rival at FoxNews?

Do you suppose that Beck sees Palin as his rival at FoxNews?

"OK, kids, who wants to be Tasered?"

Democratic senator calls for direct U.S. military action in Yemen

The Borowitz Report: Pat Robertson: Haiti?! I Thought They Said "Hades"

Howard Zinn: War cannot be accepted no matter what. No matter what.

Understanding the 4 Principals of Emergency Management

Democratic Leaders Reach Compromise on Taxing Health Plans

Poll: Unions are the base of the Democratic Party?

Has anyone seen these GREAT CT-Sen poll numbers?

I support Pat Robertson

Satellite photos of Haiti before and after the earthquake (dial-up warning)

Class war?

On Thom Hartmann regarding Haiti.

So retail sales last year broke a new record decline

Largest RN Union Issues Urgent Call for Nurse Volunteers To Assist Earthquake Ravaged Haiti

Shadegg will not seek re-election

CNN Poll: 61% Prefer House's tax on rich. Only 29% favor Senate's tax on insurance plans!

Cuba Steps Up As Usual

Incredible new photo from Mars "Looks like trees."

Incredible new photo from Mars "Looks like trees."

Why would Obama impose GW Bush on those poor Haitians?

National Party Leaders to Spar Feb. 4 at UALR {Steele vs Ford in Little Rock}

Editorial: Boston Globe endorses Coakley for Senate

Robertson Supporter Pledges to Raise $$$ in Name of Haitians, But Give It to 700 Club

As Wallets Open For Haiti, Credit Card Companies Take A Big Cut

Minnesota Twins stadium to recycle rainwater

What You're Not Hearing about Haiti (But Should Be)

GOP Aide gets caught bloggin as a "progressive"

The Haitian Revolution (1791-1804): A Different Route to Emancipation

What were the "Cadillac" health policies called when McCain suggesting taxing them?

George Clooney to host telethon for Haiti aid

National Response Framework Resources-online training (free -learn what Govt will do in an emegency

Obama asking W to help in Haiti might not be such a bad move at all

Cancel Haiti's Debt

Faith Group To Lead 'Exodus Of Our Money From Bank Of America'

Monsanto says DOJ wants seed access details

Haiti is Grover Norquist's vision for America

Neoliberalism in Haiti: The case of rice (Self-sufficient up to 80's)

I was wrong. I keep saying that $ 12 Trillion of USA tax payer future monies

Want to help? No money to donate? Good vocabulary skills?

Brand New Poll out of MA has Coakley up by 8

Haiti & George W Bush -- Thom Hartmann

I don't know about "Global Cooling"

I want to say "Thank You" to those who have offered up informative historical perspective on Haiti

All Bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House Of

Woman Tries to Trade Child for Gun

Christian Republicans Caught in a Conundrum - Haiti

A Fable for Our Time

Has anyone here ever visited page 21 of DU General Discussion?

Two year old Redjeson Hausteen Claude rescued from a collapsed home in Haiti - pics

Three Thing You Can Do To Really Help Haiti

Naomi Klein on Haiti Diaster Captialsim: Stop Then Before They Shock Again

Outdoor Smoking Bans Not Based on Science

Help! Update Security Thread!

reputable animal rescue groups heading to Haiti?

Bumper sticker seen on the road today: "Homosexuality is an Abomination"

Air Drops, WHY NOT???

is sending aid to Haiti socialism?

Amazingly prescient observations about the coming crisis by Strauss and Howe in 1997.

Please tell me why our health insurance is now considered a Cadillac plan.

Rachel just reported Doctors Without Borders is bringing an inflatable hospital to Haiti.

Operation Rescue's new "Abortion Whistle blower" campaign. To coincide with Dr. Tiller's trial

Palin Joins Zig Ziglar Get Motivated Speaking Tour - Her Topic - Achievment

NAFTA and GATT need to be gutted or there will be no jobs and no recovery

latest poll Coakley 49 Brown 41 - Rasmussen walking back from Brown victory.

Beware Donating to Haitian relief!

I just re-hired for the 2010 USFS fire season in the Deschutes NF!

Limpbaugh and the teabaggers think life is zero-sum.

Charities -- Doctors Without Borders is among the best of the best

Should smoking be banned in bars?

Holy cow! Some streetlights in Haiti operate off solar panels!

Obama, Bush and Haiti

The Deification of the Founding Fathers and why it's simply wrong.

Two words about Haiti (and Katrina). Air Drops.....

Feds investigating Midwest wolf killings

Here's a lovely screed on poverty

Haitian Economy is the Blueprint for Future USA

Pregnant Woman Fights Court-Ordered Bed Rest

Pregnant Woman Fights Court-Ordered Bed Rest

Anti-abortion bill advances in Kentucky

Anti-abortion bill advances in Kentucky

Stand with the people of Haiti!

Did you know that a CA proposition AGAINST civil rights for AAs actually passed in 1964?

C Street House No Longer Tax Exempt!

Thoughts from the Deaniacs: Lessons from Five Years of Political Activism

Poll Shocker: Brown Surges Ahead in Senate Race

Sex sting in Poconos nets former chief U.N. weapons inspector (Scott Ritter)

Sex sting in Poconos nets former chief U.N. weapons inspector (Scott Ritter)

Sex sting in Poconos nets former chief U.N. weapons inspector (Scott Ritter)

Sex sting in Poconos nets former chief U.N. weapons inspector (Scott Ritter)

This State of the Union Address Will Kill!

The "Tea Party" Convention stands up for The First Amendment (you know, that Constitution thing?)

The "Tea Party" Convention stands up for The First Amendment (you know, that Constitution thing?)

Do DUers really care about people as they claim?

GOP Candidate Brown flip-flops BEFORE he's even elected.....

Obama's day: Bank fees, modernizing government, House Democrats, Haiti

**POTUS will speak at 10:05 am ET** with SOS Clinton and

Who Should Be The First Cabinet Member To Leave ?

Media Matters - "Fox Nation states Obama 'Reacts to Haiti Earthquake Faster Than Christmas Bomber'"

So, was the Haiti quake a failure of US intelligence gathering?

****Heads Up!: POTUS Announces Banking Fee Proposal!****

Was Prat Roberson born in Kenya? Check his birth certificate!

December retail sales drop 0.3 percent from November

Michelle Obama to tape PSA to help Haiti earthquake victims.

Obama speaking at WH Forum on Modernizing Govt live now

PHOTOS: First Lady visits the Dept of Labor

A Last-Minute Push to End Insurers’ Anti-Trust Exemption

Pat Robertson's 'pact with the Devil' Haiti comments leave White House adviser Jarrett speechless'

WH, Labor Strike Preliminary Deal

Obama More Effective On Spending Cuts

"Democrats Make 'Signficant Progress' in Health Talks"

100,000 people dead.. maybe more.. trying to equate this to the underpants bomber

Can we do something about the keyboard warriors here?

If you had to do the primaries all over again (and no, this is not to revist the old wars)

CAPTIONS! Get Your Red Hot Captions!

George W. Obama: After his first year, Obama shows his true face

MSNBC just reported Lieberman has joined the healthcare negotiations at the White House.

During the Bush admin, Bush cabinet members would flood the tv with their spin on the latest events.

"House Chairmen Say Health Care Deal Imminent"

"White House official: 'The exchanges will open to more and more people'"

Levin Says He'll Hold DADT Hearings This Month; Leaked Memo Tells Mullen To Wait

Anti-Immigrant Group Endorses Massachusetts Senate Candidate Scott Brown

POLL: Blumenthal Crushes Republicans in Connecticut (35-47 point leads, 84% job approval)

The US Response To Haiti's Catastrophe

Retail sales fall unexpectedly; jobless claims up

Barack Obama on Repeal of Health Care Reform: 'That is a fight I want to have'

Anyone remember how as usual Bush 43 was late on Tsunami aid?

Pres. Obama to pen cover story on Haiti quake for Newsweek.

Obama should send Limbaugh and Robertson to Haiti to help with the efforts

Another BULLSHIT!!!! poll on Obama

Health care bill is not dead if Dems lose Massachussettes Senate seat

Have the changes to the excise tax changed your opinion of it?

Details Emerge On White House-Labor Health Care Agreement

With all the news focused on Haiti, the banks and the Mass. election...

Robert Reich: Why Obama Must Take On Wall Street

And guess what else he did? "Obama meets with Iraqi VP"

"And you're going to have to get OUT of the helicopter this time George...."

Why the Bank Tax is Smart Politics, if Substantively Minor

Atomic scientists push back Doomsday Clock because of Obama’s ‘pragmatic’ foreign policy.

Kerry: biggest day in the history of mobile phone generated charity

Barack Obama To Write Newsweek Cover Story On Haiti

Folks - we will need help defeating Grassley

****Heads Up: POTUS Addresses House Dems on Capitol Hill, Live!****

Meet Harold Ford Jr.: Anne Coulter's Favorite Democrat

Jones to Challenge Johnson

Campbell Switching to California Senate Race

Pat Paulson has more credibility that sarah palin

Democrats uncertain of Ilitch's chances in race

Dan Quayle endorsing Bob Dold

Snicker, snicker: GOP Candidate Warns Obama to 'Stay Away' From Massachusetts Senate Race

Levin (and Franken) in Afghanistan: "What I saw here is almost totally positive"

My post says.... Lets get over ourselves... I want as many Haitian people...

To Understand Haiti's Historic Struggle...You Have to Understand what They Did

Last chance for Net Neutrality??

GOP in turmoil! Another Repug - Shadegg (AZ) - retiring. Now total of 14 calling it quits.

Weiner Pops Ford's Trial Balloon

Judge Andrew Napolitano from Fox - Palin too stupid to be president

Poll: Americans think standing for principle is more important than bipartisan compromise.

"Trumka told reporters the final health care bill he expects to emerge is 'a milestone.'”

Photos: The Obama Presidency, January, 14th 2010

A sorry saga; Obama signs Native American apology resolution; fails to draw attention to it

Tweety putting out bullshit that Brown will win the election in Mass Tuesday

Obama To Visit Capitol Hill To Persuade House Dems On Health Care

Axelrod: Rove is entitled to his own opinions, but not his own facts.

Polls are useful... even the bad news ones. ESPECIALLY the bad news ones.

Obama: "We Want Our Money Back, and We're Going to Get It"

Obama: "We Want Our Money Back, and We're Going to Get It"

CT-Sen: Blumenthal "Body Slams" Republicans, SSP Moves to Likely D

Suffolk Poll has Brown ahead by 4. Predicted Corzine by 9 5 days before the election

3rd-Party Candidate Named Kennedy Could Tip Senate Race in Massachusetts

"Obama: 'The outcome of these fights will probably rest on one vote in the U.S. Senate'"

(D) Coakley 49 (R) Brown 41 - Research 2000

“I'm just gonna tell you, if I was named envoy to Haiti, ...

Scott Brown gets "Busted!" (lying)

The bank tax emerges

"Specter On GOP Caucus: 'The Pressure Was Tremendous On Everybody Not To Participate"

Kerry calls for temporay protected status for Haitians living in the US

Breaking - Union Health Care Plans to be exempted from tax

Question: If Obama is powerless to affect HCR, why did the unions negotiale with the WH?

Updated: Labor Leaders Describe Excise-Tax Deal

Obama asks W to help Clinton in Haiti relief effort

Tell Obama: NO NUKES! Stanford Study says we can go 100% Renewables in 20-30 years

In Massachusetts it's the Health Care stupid

I tthink this is usually referred to as a "bitch slap"

Why is Haiti so poor? Like Afghanistan, it's a corrupt CIA-backed narco-kleptocracy

Teddy Pendergrass - Love T.K.O.

"If You Don't Know Me By Now"- Harold Melvin And the Blue Notes

Father wants his normal gay son back.

BBC: Police sledge with riot shields (video)

The only poem I remember in its entirety

I don't like it when French people laugh at my president

I had a weird dream last night.

Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here

Good morning Lounge

Charter Communications just jacked up the rate I'm paying for cable.

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - "WAKE UP EVERYBODY"

R&B singer Teddy Pendergrass dies at 59

Check out this dude's 5 octave range!

Jay Leno could star in Walker, Texas Ranger....

Here's a nice story.

Jesus and Moses are playing golf one day...

For $13,900,000, I can have this little slice of paradise...

Prolific Memphis punk artist Jay Reatard dies

Any word on the Dominican Republic? Did the earthquake affect anything there?

"Quick! Do something to deflect the blame!"

this made me feel SO much better today

Few newspaper comix make me actually laugh out loud: Pearls b4 Swine almost does (today)

this is so wrong on so many levels..... but it's betterr than the original

Isn't Salt Lake City just beautiful?

You know what comic doesn't get enough appreciation? Dennis Miller!

Kitteh question

My good friend, Mayumi (Madonna's Personal Chef). Her first English interview.

Does anyone know? (wedding etiquette question)

Video version of the "How not to ask a woman out" thread

For those of you, who don't leave the lounge much, I posted a thread

Blackberry help

This has been a good week for me

My middle daughter (11th grade) is sending about 14" of hair to Locks of Love tomorrow.

Sex Cauldron?! I thought they closed that place down!

Every time I pay down my credit card, my limit is lowered.

So the other day I explain the concept of 'Meta' to my son...

A Poem for Pat Robertson

There is nothing like that good old fashioned synthetic taste of a Frosty...

Website with lots of daily cool videos.

What should I do for my 25,000th post?

Death And Life.

Can someone settle a screwy argument we're having?

I'd hit it. Maybe I'd wear some protection, but I'd probably hit it.

YouTube - Richard Hell & Voidoids - "Blank Generation"

YouTube - BBM (Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, Gary Moore): "White Room," Live In Koln Germany 1993

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/14/10

Rupert Hine - A Golden Age

What does a mentholated dead whale taste like? Really?

YouTube - Marshall Crenshaw, "Someday Someway," live @ the Ritz NYC, 1982

Conan's Barbs Keep Coming on Thursday (spoilers)

Looks like Mermaid7 has gone the way of Mermaids 1 through 6

They're really getting tough with their TSing over at GD

YouTube - Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - "Cinnamon Girl"

I just found out my latest crush is a Cowpies fan

Hey do these two guys look a like??

NBC signed Jay Leno to "The Tonight Show" this afternoon

So, I saw a psychiatrist today, and...

This is the creepiest, weirdest thing I have ever seen.

It's 55 degrees out but it feels like 75.

Anyone else still have Christmas decorations up?

Mrs. Robb and I plan to go a whole month without fast food.

If Santa got stuck in your chimney, how would you handle it?

I need new music, something to listen to and think about.

My friend slipped on an icy, sloping sidewalk with enough speed to crash through the lobby window.

Ethanol - ur doing it wrong

Besides being totally selfish, is LENO just THAT clueless?!1 But see KIMMEL's zingers in Post #1

One of my pet peeves is people referring to adult females as "girls."

Have you ever sworn a pact with the Devil?

'In the name of Jesus, I command you to get out of my store...'

Is that Frances McDormand in Aliens?

My momma is passing away

The Massachusetts US Senate Special Election

RIP Teddy Pendergrass

Help! Update Security Thread!


This is what every red-blooded American's dream driveway should look like:

any Project Runway watchers...?

Well, I got laid off today, BUT I've already been in contact with a

Let's do random questions!

Cat lovers...I need your advice for getting my very first cat(s)

New cat - is this normal behavior?

It's been 6IX YEARS?!

Post pretty pics of your area!

New research finds some GM corn can cause organ failure

Obama to announce TARP fee on banks on Thursday

Immigration Reformers See Parallels in MLK's Work

Soul singer Teddy Pendergrass dies in PA at 59

Suicide bomber kills 20 people in Afghanistan

New York cabbie tracks down owner of $21,000 left on back seat

Senate Democrats leave Kabul still wary of U.S. troop surge

Report: Turkey warns Lebanon that Israel may be planning attack

Russia bans aromatic herbs for smoking

Russia bans aromatic herbs for smoking

House Chairmen Say Health Care Deal Imminent ("this weekend")

R&B singer Teddy Pendergrass dies at 59

VC investment in Greentech approaches $5B in 2009

Military review: Troubling signals from Fort Hood suspect missed

Obama to raise $90B with bank fee

Dollar Crisis Looms if US Doesn't Curb Debt: Experts

White House pressed to OK immigration change for Haitians

US Justice Dept confirms antitrust seed probe

Bankers ‘Let Down’ as Tax Makes London Most Expensive

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday January 14

Doomsday Deferred: End-of-World Clock Set Back 1 Minute

Jobless rate to stay above 8 percent until 2012: CBO

Suicide attack reveals threat to Obama's Afghanistan plan

3 charged in elder abuse case (didn't take mom to hospital, she was uninsured)

Ex-Refco Lawyer Collins Gets Seven Years for Fraud

Wyclef Jean's Haiti Relief Tweets Raise $1 Million

Anti-nuclear protesters reach capitol

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Donate $1 Million (as much as China) to Haiti Relief

Japan's Afghan naval refuel mission to end Friday

U.S. may house Haitian refugees in Guantanamo

Insurer Antitrust Exemption Repeal Gets Push From 18 Dem Senators

(TMZ) Leno and NBC Strike 1 Hour 'Tonight' Deal

WHO Rejects Claims it Hyped-Up H1N1 Flu

Al Qaeda group in Yemen planning attacks in U.S. like Flight 253 bomb plot: Intelligence sources

Henry Reeve Cuban Medical Brigade in Haiti

First U.S. military aid reaches quake-stricken Haiti

Diplomat identified as 1st American quake victim

U.S. 2009 foreclosures shatter record despite aid

Tony Blair 'froze out anyone against war'

Goldman admits 'improper' actions in sales of securities

Meet Mikey, 8: U.S. Has Him on Watch List

US steps up missile attacks in Pakistan

NATO Commander Predicts More Alliance Troops for Afghanistan

Kansas deputy AG seeks to quash Roeder defense subpoena

Obama announces $100 million for Haiti

Chávez suspends electricity rationing in Caracas

Texas Shuts Door on Millions in Education Grants

Retail sales fall unexpectedly; jobless claims up

Groups seek to challenge U.S. gov't on seized laptops

White House, unions reach deal on taxing insurance coverage

U.S. missile attack kills 12 in Pakistan

Scott Brown: Obama not invited to this party

Former Presidents (George W.) Bush, Clinton to Help on Haiti (at the request of the WH)

(Catholic) Church, immigrant groups plan to airlift Haitian orphans to South Florida

Stupak weighing bid for governor

White House Signals Allegiance With Centrists on Key Health Points

Honduran officers to stand trial related to coup

Mutant HIV Wave Threatens Decades of Drug Progress, Study Finds

Who's running Haiti? No one, say the people

FDA Has No Authority Over Electronic Cigarettes, Judge Says

Giuliani to campaign for GOP in Mass. election

Gibbs: Limbaugh's Haiti comments 'really stupid'

Former UN weapons inspector (Scott Ritter) in Iraq is charged in Pennsylvania child-sex sting

Top Regulators to Face U.S. Financial Crisis Panel Thursday.

Contractors' Attorney: Blackwater Is Scapegoating My Clients In Kabul Murder Case

Gene Lyons on journalism getting back to what really matters.

US Defense Spy Chief: Iran Undecided on Nuclear Bomb

The Bank Tax Emerges (Felix Salmon)

Analysis: Senate prospects for jobless bill weak

Steroid Scandal Erupts Among Justice League Heroes

Doomsday Clock to be moved for first time in two years

JP Morgan still financing mountaintop removal mining

White House, Dem leaders give concessions to win labor’s support

Sarah Palin's Debut on Sesame Street Also a Disaster

How Washington’s Plot Against Haiti Worsened The Earthquake Disaster

Limbaugh advises people to NOT contribute to Haiti aid! No...really. what a shit!

Obama staffer wants ‘cognitive infiltration’ of 9/11 conspiracy groups

Google's Nexus One bait-and-switch game ($550 Termination Fee!!!)

Obama staffer wants "cognitive infiltration" of 911 conspiracy groups

The COIN Myth: Searching for Human Intelligence (Jeff Huber)

The Rehabilitation Of Joseph McCarthy? Texas Textbooks Process Grinds On

Adam Curtis ('The Power of Nightmares') on Yemen

Beat it, Buddy

Is al-Qaeda Winning?

What You're Not Hearing about Haiti (But Should Be)

Seeking a Cultural Revolution: From Consumerism to Sustainability

'Wake Up Everybody' Rest In Peace Teddy Pendergrass

AP Raw Video: Wreckage In Haiti

Raw Video: Haiti Earthquake Caught On Tape; Building Collapses

Rachel Maddow: Haitian Ambassador Shames Pat Robertson

RT: "Keiser Report" Iceland, Tiger Woods, Islam and Global Insurrection

AP Photographers: Images Of Disaster - Haiti's Worst Day

Canada's (Haitian-born) Governor General's emotional remarks on Haiti

JP Morgan Reaps Huge Profits From Rise in Food Stamp Use

Health Care Bill Is In Trouble If They Keep The Excise Tax In It" Congressman Kucinich

Pat Robertson : Worst Person Ever!

David Letterman - Sarah Palin/FOX News Top Ten

Does Senator Feingold still think Wisconsinites are evenly split on health care?

Young Turks: Limbaugh - Obama Taking Advantage of Haiti Earthquake

I'm guessing Mika is just as stupid as Sarah?

I'm wondering what the African American lady standing next to Robertson is thinking

More delusional GOP timelines: RNC Chairman Michael Steele claims he wasn't chair during John Ensign

Palin Throws TeaParty Party Under the Bus!

Rachel Maddow How to help Haiti

Pat Robertson's Co-Host Kristi Watts

An Idea to throw out to everyone.

Obama at House Dems Issues Conference

Obama: We want our money back

Pat Robertson - The View

Things to Remember While Helping Haiti

"Sarah Palin Joins Faux News" - Excellent Takedown by Old Fart Rants (Earmuff The Kids!)

Palin screws up on Hannity's show - she doesn't know what day it is

Thom Hartmann challenges author of Game Change

Beck Exposes Palin's Interview Paranoia

Rep. John Shadegg (R-AZ3): America’s health insurance industry has wanted this bill from the get go

Meet Harold Ford, Jr.: Ann Coulter's Favorite Democrat.

Alan Colmes uses enhanced interrogation techniques on a listener.

Glenn Beck's Totally Weird Interview With Sarah Palin

Thom Hartmann - Bill Fletcher, The Black Commentator on Haiti

Thom Hartmann - Max Blumenthal on Haiti's political history

TYT: Cenk on Pat Robertson's Haiti 'Deal-With-The-Devil' comment

Olbermann: To Robertson & Limbaugh 'You Serve No Good, You Serve No God'

Obama's PhRMA deal

Aristide and the Endless Revolution Documentary

Young Turks: Alan Grayson Punches Republican Party In The Mouth!

Drumbeat: January 14, 2010

Peak oil notes - Jan 14

BBC: How aircraft contrails form cloud (8 January 2010)

As Tree Lines Move North, Expect More Warming Than Projected, Thanks To Broadleaf Trees' Water Vapor

Jordan Passes New Legislation to Light Up Renewable Energy Growth

Major Antarctic glacier (Pine Island glacier) is 'past its tipping point'

Monsanto's GM Corn: article:

NASA - Antarctic Ice Mass Variation Since 2002 - Very Interesting Graph

PGE moves to close Boardman coal-fired power plant early

Earth's growing nitrogen threat

Ag Group {American Farm Bureau} Asked to Recognize Climate Change (UALR)

The distribution of breeding birds around upland wind farms

Joule Biotech - 10X the amount of ethanol/acre with no corn or biomass

The Now Show - Dr Seuss at Copenhagen

UN should be sidelined in future climate talks, says Obama official

HydroPhi Car, competing for Automotive X Prize - runs on water!

Not in Anyone’s Backyard—Protect the environment or create renewable energy? (Solar in the Mojave)

Turkey Point (Florida) Nuclear Suspension

Pickens halves GE turbine order as Texas project falters

Solar Power: Sunshine's Cloudy Days

Ode to jackasses who take the internet too seriously

New York Yankees contribute $500K to Haiti relief

Would You Like To See Full Time Officials In The NFL?

USC Violations are Becoming Commonplace

Retailer plans to donate Kiffin shirts to Haiti

MLB star chose sex over steroids

I wish everytime those Peyton Manning commercials came on

Fun with Douche one

Damn, mvd. Why did you lock that one up???

TCU Coach Patterson denies reports he has talked to Tennessee.

Ex-Cowboy Moose Johnston: If Dallas wins, expect Super Bowl trip

Pete Carroll dominated the Big Ten

So Drew Brees is a pretty amazing person.

"Kiffin's previous U.S.C. tenure....

A Truly WTF moment. Frisco is in Texas. Woulda fucking thunk...

Gilbert Arenas charged with felony

Orrin Hatch wants Boise State invited to the WH

NFL Divisional Playoff Picks (with point spreads)

Obama unveils 100 million dollars of Haiti aid

Some Honduras lowlights, past few days

How Washington’s Plot Against Haiti Worsened The Earthquake Disaster

Honduran officers to stand trial related to coup

... In one grand commitment, Haiti, through President Pétion, contributed more to the liberation of

Henry Reeve Cuban Medical Brigade in Haiti moves to block Hamas kids site

Israeli diplomats escape Jordan convoy bombing

Chile: Statistical dead heat between Piñera and Frei

Uruguayan cooperative reopens factory thanks to Venezuelan funds

Ten Things the US Can and Should Do for Haiti

150 UN Workers Unaccounted for in Haiti

Today in Labor History Jan 14 Pa Court rules bosses can fire workers for being gay, Clinton OSHA

Online College Planned for Union Workers

Haitian Earthquake Victims Need Your Help! (

Massachusetts Working Families Gearing Up GOTV for Coakley

As Strike Continues Belgium Faces Beer Drought


Let's hope union officials haven't made a deal to exempt only union health plans from insurance tax

A Pennsylvania State Trooper was gunned down responding

13-year-old charged in killing of 17-year-old; schools closed Friday in response to emergency crisis

Too left, too right or just crazy enough?

El Paso Police Will Carry M4 Semi-Automatic Rifles

Semi-auto ban introduced into Washington state legislature

Police: Drunk Teen Responsible For Crash That Killed 12-Year-Old Girl

Looters, armed with machetes, roaming streets in Haiti.

CCW Holder Shoots To Scare Armed Robber - BAD TACTICS.

A good article on S.Carolina CCL

Mullen lawyers: Delay overturning of gay ban (xpost from GD)

Foes Lose Ballot Initiative Battle in D.C.

Chmn of Jt Chiefs' office leaks memo to undercut Prez on Don't Ask, Don't Tell:'Now is not the time'

iron fence dawn

For our do-it-yourselfers LOL

The fog is rolling in so it's time to eat dinner.

longhorn in the morning

"Halo" around the Milky Way mapped

Distant planet's "fingerprint" detected

Quick shot with the iPhone on Christmas Eve

downtown from a new angle

Pictured: The 400-year-old map that shows China as the centre of the world

The fickle Y chromosome

New species discovered in Ecuador

A solid case of entanglement

Ice floes on Cook Inlet

Proof of Martian life 'to come this year'

Unprecedented Images Show Betelgeuse Has Sunspots


Biggest stars in the universe.

SEC head testifying ...using Condi's excuse.." No one could have envisioned..."

Bill Maher Explains Why You Should Move Your Money

Anyone have a link to full video of yesterday'sBankster hearing coverage?

OMG you guys--talk about psychic abilities increasing!

Finding it difficult....

Why Can't We Get Anyone to Ask a Wall St. CEO the Hard Questions?

Remember when that analyst said Madoff had to be a scam.

Dollar Crisis Looms if US Doesn't Curb Debt: Experts

Blood Pressure And Heart Disease Drugs May Help Fend Off Dementia, Including Alzheimer's Disease

The 11 Best Foods You Aren't Eating

Charter school funds, employee vanish

Perry won't let Texas compete for federal school money

Praise The LORD......Scores of aid workers among dead in Haiti

Jordan demands return of Dead Sea Scrolls 'seized' by Israel

No one should use a natural tragedy to push their religous agenda

A Look Back: Reverend Tom Honey on God and the Tsunami

Skeptics and Humanist Aid Relief Efforts (SHARE) is accepting disaster-relief donations for Haiti

How appropriate is religious TV for children?

Recipes for Health

Anybody here keeping hens in their backyards for fresh eggs?

The 11 Best Foods You Aren’t Eating