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Pine bark relieves hemorrhoid symptoms

Anyone else remember this? I think he is still crying....

The terrible harm that alternative medicine can do

I hope rupert murdoch goes broke trying to hire....

"Van Susteren allowed Brown to falsely suggest health reform will limit mammograms, pap smears"

Queen Anne's (MD) Conservation Association asks for QA training site inquiry

Former Guantanamo Prosecutor Sues Library of Congress over Dismissal

O'Reilly: Palin to Run in '12 on Tea Party Ticket???

Health Policy Experts Push For House Language In Final Version Of Health Care Bill

Would it be useful to have a list of legit charities & aid organizations that wil be helping Haiti?

You know, we can talk about the problems we face in the US 'all day'

Like torture? -- George W. Obama (Village Voice)

Question on Personal Attacks:

Question on Personal Attacks:

Lack of Medicare Chief Is a Strike Against Reform

Wyclef Jean - an important voice for the voiceless

I have a great marketing idea!

WTF: SEC SEALS AIG Bailout Details 'Til 2018

What time is the last bus?

We need a recall process for the Presidency

Using the Scott Roeder defense, it's okay to target climate change deniers

Obama To Wait For Next Bruce Springsteen Album For Word On Economy


Three Million Affected by Haiti Quake: Red Cross

Guantanamo Reunion: He reached out on Facebook to apologize

"the current health care DEFORM monstrosity" -- pass it, and it becomes the gift

RE Haiti: Let's call on world leaders and religious leaders to put their money where their mouths

What's the abortion clinic situation in Mississippi?

Banks say FU....We ain't car makers

51 years old and ready for a General Strike

We know where the POPE/catholic-church stands on abortion... but why the deafening silence on

AIG sells Stowe Mountain Resort- to itself. yep, that's selling your non core

Who's carrying the Bank hearings? n/t

UN Sec Gen speaking on CNN

Banking Commission Hearing Starting now on C-Span II

Is the REAL problem that the administration only uses "liberal dialect" when it wants to ...... ?

Haiti I'm Sorry

Palin disputes book saying she was unprepared for '08 campaign

New Gallup Poll

At least the bankers responsible for the crash got punished

Cougar Cruises

Harold Ford tries out as a staff writer for The Onion

As the Bankers Testify look up their compensation

Controlling Yemen Is Just Part of Obama's Power Game with China

Canada First To Assist Haiti, Team Arrived A.M.

Up to 3 million in need after Haitian earthquake

"China enters its Bush-Cheney era": Fallows re. Google's China decision

"China enters its Bush-Cheney era": Fallows re. Google's China decision

Wow the head of the UN peacekeeping force in Haiti is missing

Good Morning Suckers!

Anderson Cooper is now reporting from Port-au-Prince on CNN

I find it amusing how the "Tea party movement" is its own parody.

PA State Senate will not consider potential House bill for legal medical pot.

PA State Senate will not consider potential House bill for legal medical pot.

Pictures of Haiti quake devastation (Some pictures are graphic)

Google prepares to leave China after attacks: No longer willing to agree to censorship

Anyone listening to On Point? They're interviewing two leaders of the Tea Party

There are better ways to hold HC costs down than the Cadillac tax.

My Mother was Pro-Choice every day of her dear sweet life, and yet here I am

Venezuelan consumers fear inflation, dump cash after Chávez devalues bolivar

Rumor, speculation: "Is AILES finished at (Faux)?"!1 (Lloyd GROVE, Daily Beast)

How much money will the Vatican give to Haiti?

Some Good Taser News

Dems picked up GOP State Senate Seat in Virginia yesterday in Special Election

I'd like to see Wall Street make some mega donations to Haiti right now

Credit card companies will start estimating your income

New Gallup and Quinnipiac polls published today - links:

Why doesn't thw WORLD adopt Haiti right now?

National Safety Council: 28% of Car Accidents Caused By Cellphone Use!

Hang Rachel Maddow on your wall!

Hang Rachel Maddow on your wall!

Gay Teen Worried He Might Be Christian

LOL! Run, Wolf, Run!

Elected Republicans are 100% united against the Bill, elected Democrats are 100% for the Bill

Anderson Cooper is above Port au Prince

Pandora is located in Central and South America and Africa.

Damn! A President who is organizing a co-ordinated effort

The banks not only need to be taxed - they need to be broken up.

Harold Fucking Ford: Same piece of lying shit he always was.

Has anyone else received a letter recently from Sallie Mae informing them of an increase in payment?

Mr Fish: The only funny thing to say about Palin's new gig

Should government have the power....?

Robert Reich: "make your voice heard" Nat'l call-in day is Today (don't allow the Cadillac tax):

of all the things being discussed today this belongs on the greatest

of all the things being discussed today this belongs on the greatest

Al Franken Pushes Military To Offer Emergency Contraception To Soldiers Abroad

Al Franken Pushes Military To Offer Emergency Contraception To Soldiers Abroad

Mountaintop removal mining: EPA says yes, scientists say no

Haiti earthquake - the aftershocks

How to Reform the Government in One Great Leap

Senator Ron Wyden asks for review of Uganda's trade status if the gay genocide bill passes

Deadly Protest in Afghanistan Highlights Tensions

Google 'may pull out of China after Gmail cyber attack'

Telling Your Boss What You Think Of Them Is Good For Your Health - British Psychological Society

CQ: Obama's Winning Streak On Hill Unprecedented

CQ: Obama's Winning Streak On Hill Unprecedented

Mary Matalin probably already scripting new GOP revisionism - Bush handled Katrina faster than Obama

Elections alone don't bring about real change.

Photo: God's will shifts from a desk in the White House to across the desk from Falafel Boy

The Rude Pundit: The Degradation of the Media: Racism, Sexism, and Sarah Palin

CNN poll:How do you rate Obama's first year?

Guess who people MOST OBJECT TO marrying into their family (ethnicity, religion, etc.)?

Robert Reich: Why Obama Must Take On Wall Street

Salvation Army Rep. Bob Poff on phone with MSNBC right now (VERY SAD)

GOP pushes hard for Mass. upset

GOP pushes hard for Mass. upset

Health Insurers Funded Chamber Attack Ads

What we can do for the people of Haiti, we should do: aid organizations.

Experts say death toll may exceed 100,000 in Haiti

China's gender gap leaves millions of single men

It would be better if there was no health care bill at all

GOP getting very ugly in MA

Boston Globe: The Big Picture-Earthquake in Haiti

Pains in the ass, squealing like pigs

The Fundamental Unreliability of America's Media - By Glenn Greenwald

Single Payer Reloaded. 1 - Merge Medicaid and Medicare;

Quelle Surprise !!: AHIP Laundered Attack Ad Funds Through US Chamber of Commerce

Scott Brown (R) MA Senatorial Candidate Supports Waterboarding

Harold Ford on George W. Bush: "I love my President" Ann Coulter on Ford: "one of my favorite dems"

FOX NEWS decides that a MLK relative no one has heard of is relevant because she criticized Reid

Did anybody catch Jimmy Kimmel's devastating put down of Jay Leno last night?

Random Right-Wing Ramblings From Facebook!

Bye Bye 'Cadillac' Tax? (National Journal)

National Palace before and after

'Dinosaur-sized' shark eats tourist

'Dinosaur-sized' shark eats tourist

Drinkable water will be a major concern in Haiti.

AZ Chamber of Commerce makes the case for socialized medicine

Prop 8 Trial Day 3 - new link to follow

Prop 8 Trial Day 3 - new link to follow

Prop 8 Trial Day 3 - new link to follow

Prop 8 Trial Day 3 - new link to follow

Prop 8 Trial Day 3 - new link to follow

Key Sponsor Pulls Out Of Tea Party Convention

Diane Rehm WAMU/NPR will devote her first hour to the 'Cadillac tax'. nt

Obama Supports National Health Insurance Exchange

Haiti, Obama, and the GOP

CNN Haiti Twitter feed

Well just gave some money to Unicef

Some wacko from my hometown paper said that God caused the Asian tsunami to punish non-believers...

Kirsten Gillibrand urges help for Haitians

"Aren't you glad your mother is pro-life?"

Blankfein's response on Role Was ‘Troublesome,’ Angelides Says

Blankfein's response on Role Was ‘Troublesome,’ Angelides Says

Blankfein's response on Role Was ‘Troublesome,’ Angelides Says

Blankfein's response on Role Was ‘Troublesome,’ Angelides Says

A lot of the entrenched establishment local and foreign in Haiti

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 4

Hundreds of Vermonters speak up for single payer at health care meeting at Statehouse

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 3

Egypt tombs suggest free men built pyramids, not slaves

A woman called CNN this AM to complain about the pictures from Haiti.

all this money and support for the Haiti.....where was it when we needed it here?

My heart goes out to the people of Haiti today

Turkey embraces role as Arab 'big brother'

Rec this thread if you stand with the rich against the excise tax on "Cadillac" health plans

text 'HAITI' to '90999' and a donation of $10 will be made automatically to the Red Cross


A Landmark, but No Longer a Refuge for the Homeless

If there is a God, he is a cruel God. To destroy those with so little,

I tried watching Sarah Palis's debut on Fux last night

Brazilian humanitarian worker killed in the Haiti quake. She was 75.

It gives me Pride as an American when our Military responds to a crisis like the Haitian Earthquake

Why is it that legislators always go to citing law enforcement or the military as

OFFICIAL thread for Haitian post-earthquake Shock Doctrine/ Disaster Capitalism theories here.

Even if you plan to sit out the Congressional elections, PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR LOCAL RACES

Robert Reich: Will Health Care Reform Be Paid For By The Rich or the Middle Class?

What is it with the right in America and their attempt to demonise a whole religion?

Text 90999 and then Haiti in the message from your cell phone to donate.

Today's LA Times on Legalizing Marijuana: A Wrong Turn

Gupta interviewing Preval on CNN right now - Must see

Obama asks for $33 billion for Haiti. Oh, sorry, that was for war in

I think I've discovered the motto of some DUers

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 2

Please Let Us Have a Silent Thread for the Victims of the Earthquake in Haiti

U.S. to halt deportations of undocumented Haitians due to earthquake

Congress should nor be involved with the minutiae of the health care business!

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 1

DUBAI: Police dismiss Briton's rape allegations, arrest her on charges of premarital sex

MSNBC Just reported the UN Chief in Haiti was killed.

I was just on another blog, Ran across this:

Since SOME are still hyperventillating about "Negro"

Is Coakley as much of an asshole/dimwit as she is portrayed in the media?

About that so-called terrorist on Christmas Day:

Chineses run state press covers first gay marriage in China

Egypt's underground steel wall will 'strangle' Gaza

Conservatives arguing techniques 101

Sarah Palin: The Energizer Bunny of Stupid.

13jan2010: note the phrasing (pro-abortion VS pro-choice) ... what the hell?!

Miep Gies has died

Fundies sign "Manhattan Declaration" to stand up for "life, marriage and religious liberties"

California downgraded by S&P, weighing on state's bonds

Stephanie Miller will be on Joy Behar tonight @ 9 pm EST.

U.S. Military May Deploy Troops in Haiti

GOP Senate Candidate Marco Rubio Calls For Suspending Congress For Two Years To Fix The Economy

Harold Ford, you're no Bobby Kennedy, and you're no Hillary Clinton either

Guantanamo Guard Reunites With Former Inmates

Bankers walking a Fine Line at Hearings (look at the smug faces!!)

Charlie Crist is on CNN live

Proof that the Tea Party movement did not start off about the issue of race...

Bill Clinton Foundation on Haiti:

Obama Administration on Haiti:

Newly released picture of the Mars surface near its north pole

Haitian President thanked: USA, France, Canada, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Dominican Rep, Israel

Another progressive Senator for CT? Watch Susan Bysiewicz.

Unions stand with all workers.

If you want to make a donation to help out with Haiti - Red Cross link

International community rallies to aid quake-struck Haitians

In Haiti, American Red Cross Exhausts Medical Supplies

Channel your fears into action – it's time!

Harold Ford Jr. gets pedicures and other interesting glimpses into this new "New Yorker."

Sarah Palin reminds me of a flighty girl flitting about in search of her one true love.

Prop 8 Court TV blocked indefinitely

Sent a message to Robertson

Pat Robertson, a prophet for our times!

didja see this?

didja see this?

What do the Haitian earthquake and 9-11 have in common?

Oh look! The banksters say they're sorry.

Haiti: First case study in actually dealing with a failed state?

Glen and Sarah

I know we all know, but just a reminder to be on the alert for Help Haiti e-mail scams. nt

How Bush-Cheney Policy Screwed Haiti (Mother Jones)

Wednesday TOON roundup, part 5

Dylan Ratigan, I heart you for calling for a windfall profits tax!

To correct some misinformation about Haiti's airport:

It's the loony and loonier show.. Glen Beckkkk interview Sarah Palin..

Well have the Teabaggers come out

Well have the Teabaggers come out

MSNBC finally gets it...around 9 o'clock last night.

at last, "Turkey accepts Israel's apology" - al jazeera

Total number of companies that refuse to have ads run on Glenn Beck: 98

healthcare compromise of the compromise has been compromised

Tweety is interviewing someone in Haiti who said

If you can donate blood to the Red Cross now, that would help

Time to annex Haiti

Insurance companies liable for

If that Iranian nuclear physics professor that was killed was working on civilian research...

There are 45,000 Americans in Haiti

Oh shite the prison collapsed as well

Gimme Shelter

Daily Kos Diary: MA-Sen Ground report: Dems in trouble

Limbaugh: Obama will use Haiti to boost credibility with "light-skinned and dark-skinned blacks

Where is M$Greedia on Pat Robertson

The Democrats should run an ad of Rush Limbuagh making those statements about Haiti

Peter DeFazio: “We Can Play the Same Game as the Senate”

Chinese run state press covers first gay marriage in China

people have remained very calm the sun sets, the singing begins,the night brings uncertainty

There is enough wealth in the US to rebuild a small country.

A different take on Scott Roeder (murderer of Dr. Tiller) defense

Peter DeFazio: “We Can Play the Same Game as the Senate

Senator Centerfold... Contender for Kennedy's Seat (Caution! Mostly Naked Rethug)

Dear Pat Robertson

Haiti a time line of a disaster

Prisoner escapes from private extradition service: manhunt under way

Limbaugh blames it on Democrats: check. Robertson says God was punishing victims: check.

CNBC playing in the background

If I Were To Craft An Anti-Christ, It's Look Much Like The Unholy Marriage Between Pat Roberson,

Whose side of the Tonight Show brouhaha are you on?

Vancouver librarians are told to cover up non-sponsors' logos during Olympic events

Luke Russert looks like a potato.

You can donate $10 to the Red Cross by texting "HAITI" to 90999

100 Catholic priests, seminarians on retreat in Port-au-Prince killed in Haiti quake

Bears studied for antibiotic resistance

I remember the 7.0 earthquake in Northridge, the destruction, and we had excellent building codes

Please Donate to the International Medical Corps

Limbaugh says, "We've already donated to Haiti. It's called the U.S. income tax"

Justice Department Sues Pa. Swim Club, Charging Race Bias

Fox News (Shepard Smith) Rebukes Pat Robertson on Haiti

International response

Driver, 11, runs stop sign in California, killing 3 (mother & sister die with him)

TODAY: National Call-In Blitz for Health Care Reform

I figure, it's impossible to pissed when you're dancing...

Breaking: Supreme Court Blocked Cameras from Prop 8 Trial.

Help STOP the Right Wingers, Freepers, etc.

Thread dedicated to links to relief efforts and donations: 20 recs.

Pat Robertson: "Liquor Officer"

People are under buildings being crushed to death.. Time to pull together for their benefit

Pentagon Briefing on Haiti Response MSNBC live now (est. death toll now at 500k)

Democrat for MA senate seat support.

Video of Secret Service Visit to Man Who Confronted Bush Senior

more than one a day

Ford sets the record straight "I don't shoot children".

My Union, Right or Wrong

My Union, Right or Wrong


Monsanto's GMO Corn Linked to Organ Failure, Study Reveals

The Red Cross needs your money for Haiti: Text "HAITI" to 9-0999 to donate $10.00

Israel apologises to Turkey / Turkey rejects Israeli 'apology'

Four Obama US District judicial nominees to have a hearing on 01/20/10

Heard some rethugs talkin bout Haiti. They complained that now they will ask for help.

UC Davis student believed missing in Haiti earthquake

Since we are all thinking about Haiti... did you read COLLAPSE?

Haitian Prime Minister saying on CNN now that "hundreds of thousands" could be dead.

I went to Google news to find stories about other Christian Leaders

This will get me kicked out of the liberal's club

Help urgently needed--please help if you can!

Donate 5 bucks to Haiti via one text message!

Long term solution to save Haiti? Legalise marijuana in the US!

"Pat Robertson - the unintended consequence of your first ammendment"

Bill Clinton was totally choked up when he talked with Blitzer about Haiti.

Stenography 101: How the press let Palin and Cheney rig the system

Haiti tweets, articles, videos, and photo all in once place

Rush Limbaugh, Grover Norquist, g.w. bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove...

So What Are You Doing On The MLK Day of Service?

ICRC donation page for Haiti

Democrats’ Mission Impossible: Selling Vague Promises of Future Health Reform (Jon Walker)

"Okay, it's a deal," - Satan

"I'm a communist. I think we'll disagree, don't you?"

Thank you Mods! Keep up the good work.

Glenn Beck And Sarah Palin Offer To Co-Host Saturday Night Live

This is for Elvis. SMS YELE at 501501 to donate $5

New York embraces California's unwanted Chihuahuas

iwillnotwatch sarahpalin onfox iwillnotwatch sarahpalin onfox iwillnotwatch sarahpalin onfox...

Are The Dems Prepared To Pull Out All The Stops To Save Ted Kennedy's Seat?.....

What a P.O.S. is Mark LEVIN, "Mother, heart, country" - is that ALL wingnut a-hole/ wingnuts HAVE?!1

King Day Without Sharpton?

I think Limbaugh was really trying to say.....


Help from other nations in North America

Goldman Sachs = crooks

Guess Pat Robertson has his "pants on da ground"

Dennis on Tweety says he thinks the House won't go with the excise tax on

Picture gallery from Haiti

I have a political delimma

Fox News

Gingrich considers self among top 2012 prospects

Gingrich considers self among top 2012 prospects

Anyone else pissed that we can't do more for the People of Haiti

Katrina Survivor's comment on Haiti

BBC News - In pictures: Haiti under rubble (GRAPHIC)

Already a free-trade zone, get ready for the Haiti 'Shock Doctrine'

I can't believe this, NBC is doing this again, now on Rachel Maddow

Haitian Flag Avatars

Bill-0 the Clown and Beck Live in Theaters??????????

Lithuanian president urges further probe into secret CIA prisons

Haiti: Life Before the Quake (Great Photos)

Just how dumb do you have to be to be a Republican?

11-year-old driver runs stop sign in central California, killing him, mother and sister

Without wishing anyone ill just a simple question, would the world be better off without Limbaugh?

I ask again:

Conservation groups said four species of native bumblebees are close to extinction

Boy, 4, may be further punished for hair

Anderson Cooper is reporting from Haiti and it is heartbreaking.

What are other first world nations (particularly European) doing regarding the Haitian tragedy?

Doctors Without Borders has sustained a lot of damage in Haiti

There but for the Grace of God go I

Why has no one mentioned that the island

Republican Scott Brown speaks to teabaggers!

Tentative Deal Reached for Unions to Sell Out Middle Class - Jane Hamsher/FDL

Tentative Deal Reached for Unions to Sell Out Middle Class - Jane Hamsher/FDL

Just spoke to someone who got through on the phone to Haiti

Dear Mr. Robertson:

The Top Ten Things I Learned From Mom and Dad...

Dog Leads Owner To Elderly, Unconscious Minn. Man

Latest stupid conservative bumper sticker, I guess.

even the Freepers think Pat Robertson is an idiot

Breaking news headlines

CNN now: Crowd panic due to some kind of "water event"...

Obama's mobilized help for Haiti THREE DAYS FASTER THAN Bush did for New Orleans?

HEADS UP: Big Dawg on CNN Right Now!

Ru911dy Giul911liani Coming to Boston for Scott Brown Campaign

Say what you will about Bill Clinton, but when this kind of situation obtains, he's moving .........

Afghan survey in doubt

NOW on C-Span, Brooksley Born + cross-examining bankers.

Wanna get high? A San Francisco ballot initiative might tax & regulate the ganja...

The personification of evil: Pat Robertson on Haiti

Pat Robertson tries to "un-ring the bell" on his Haiti comments

Beer Institute lobbyist buried, Pukes and K=Street turn out en masse. Bud sends a Clydesdale

Study Finds War, Deployments Exhausting Army Spouses

Pat Robertson fan page on Facebook collecting some nice comments

Detroit Auto Show: Lecture by Prof. Marchionne

Detroit Auto Show: Lecture by Prof. Marchionne

Warch CNN right now

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Encore Malloy Tonight

Al Qaeda linked to rogue aviation network (Drugs and "Al Qaeda" again, Oh My!)

Oh NOES.. Lou Dobbs... CORRECTION.. they are supposed to discuss him..


StyleForum at it again.

Franklin Graham is sending a team to Haiti on a Samaritan's Purse aircraft.

If there is a hell, surely Pat Robertson's soul will burn for eternity in it!

Bible Spice hearts diverse

FAIRFAX COUNTY, VA: First to Haiti in response to the earthquake.

Hope - a little post about hope for us all from what I have seen with Haiti

Anderson Cooper (via phone) on w/Charlie Rose tonight and Rajiv Shah, Admin of USAID. Sorkin too.

Harry Reid: Lieberman 'Double-Crossed Me' On Health Care

Do union members not realize how hard it is to unionize today?

I still have my free DNC "HEALTHCARE 09" bumpersticker

I still have my free DNC "HEALTHCARE 09" bumpersticker

PFAW Condemns Pat Robertson’s Comments on Haiti Earthquake

Ever have a sarcastic remark taken literally?

Rush Limbaugh's job on this planet is to be a complete waste of human flesh

Ever have a sarcastic remark taken literally?

Ever have a sarcastic remark taken literally?

Photographies of teams deploying

Photographies of teams deploying

Non-silent thread for Wall Street to DONATE their BONUSES to Haiti

Rachel Maddow: Haitian Ambassador: That "deal with the devil" got the US Louisiana

Anti-equality pastor to keynote Durham's Fifth Annual MLK Celebration Thursday

Haiti Earthquake Was the 'Big One' Says Top Seismologist

babylonsister just posted a piece about Gingrich speaking to "hundreds of

CNN Poll - Most Opposition Is From People Who Say HCR Bills Are Too Liberal

Can you spare $5 for Martha Coakley's campaign?

Songs about the Vietnam war

Privatizing Our Rights; Calling BS on "The USA is a republic, not a democracy"

Navy Times: Carrier VINSON rerouted to Haiti.

There Is A Way To End Rush's Career - And It Is Far Past Time To Do It

The History of Haiti

Bangladeshi cabbie in NY returns cash left in taxi

I think American Idol did something borderline racist tonight.

I have three Haitian employees

November 24, 2009 a day that changed my life.

Media Matters - "Fox News provides MA Sen. candidate Brown a forum to raise funds and misinform"

The homosexual recruitment argument

I am taking a moment to recognize the good work of CNN


Google just posted satellite imagery for Haiti taken by Geo-Eye 1 at 10:30 AM EST today..

Pat Robertson Is A Fucking Lunatic

taking back our neighborhoods

per the State Department, easy way to donate for Haiti

Replacing car-haul union workers breaks Chrysler's bailout commitment

KO on now, and god you know he is touched

Putting Palin's real talent to work--it has been staring us in the face all this time

150 Illegally Fired Workers Must Get Jobs, Pay Back

150 Illegally Fired Workers Must Get Jobs, Pay Back

On the ground Haitian relief organization

Democratic COWARDICE in addressing HC COSTS will cripple Middle Class & US industry - -& enable GOP

Working for the HC insurance industry in any capacity makes you an evildoer!

The Reich-wing pounces on Obama for not responding soon enough

Always keep it in mind when you hear the most disgusting, outrageous, hateful spew from him ........

What would it say if Kennedy's Senate seat went to a right wing nude model?

Haiti Earthquake Malware

Frank Schaeffer: Palin, FOX and the Franchise of the Apocalypse

How did the Democrats win such a big victory in 2008?

Obama To Push Tax On Being 'Too Big To Fail'

Obama To Push Tax On Being 'Too Big To Fail'

Haite quake: the shaking reached a 10. Wow.

President of Haiti, "I have no place to sleep tonight."

Phonebank from home for Martha Coakley

Dear Rachel: Disappointed with Last Nights Weakly Researched Reporting

Dear Rachel: Disappointed with Last Nights Weakly Researched Reporting

The selling power of hate; Robertson's CBN 2005 revenue- $459.6 MILLION.

If politicians listened to hippies, the world would be such a better place..

***William J. Clinton Foundation HAITI RELIEF DONATIONS***

EXCUSE ME? The NORWEGIANS are on the ground in Haiti before the US?

This just in from Jesus regarding Pat Robertson and Rush Limbaugh

Police in German State Checking ID's of Anyone Entering or Leaving Mosques

Skinner? Mods? Would it be possible to pin this website link

HAITI: there are many worthy causes to support, I chose to contribute to:

Woman holds sign to apologize for crime

Navy, Coast Guard deploying forces to Haiti

Limbaugh really is the lowest form of life alive

I'm waiting for Limbaugh to start bashing Obama for helping Haiti.

Anderson Cooper is making me weep tonight

Reid: Lieberman double-crossed me (Snow was a "waste Of Time:)

Contrary To RW Talking Points - Massachusett's "State’s health system popular" Per Globe

Amish, others who have "religious" objection to insurance can opt out of mandate

Employer Mandate Dropped: 5 Million to Lose Coverage, Millions More to See Coverage Get Worse - FDL

I am a Southern Baptist, and I strongly condemn Pat Robertson's comments.

Trying to choose a charitable organization?

In a change of heart, Rush Limbaugh decides to do a live, on location Haiti Relief Effort...

God, Jesus Announce Boycott of “The 700 Club”

$33 billion more for the record defense budget while states face severe cuts in education.

$33 billion more for the record defense budget while states face severe cuts in education.

Huffington Book Club: 'Shadow Elite': Outsourcing Government, Losing Democracy

DONATIONS FOR HAITI: Earthquake relief efforts.

Who makes the most despicable comments?

Search and Rescue Dogs from around the world head to Haiti - pics

Steaming Orders - Just a part of the fleet heading for, or already at, Haiti

Don't worry, We'll save our bacon again (Mass US Senate).

Keith's comment on Limbaugh and Robertson was powerful stuff. *FULL TEXT*

Keith's comment on Limbaugh and Robertson was powerful stuff. *FULL TEXT*

Keith's comment on Limbaugh and Robertson was powerful stuff. *FULL TEXT*

A Silent Thread for the Lost Souls of Haiti........

Haiti earthquake: How to help

Silent thread for Wall Street to DONATE their BONUSES to Haiti

Direct Relief had a shipment in Haiti when the earthquake struck. When I talked to them...

Obama Demands: The Bill I Sign Must Include Public Option

German ‘Fleshmob’ Protests Airport Scanners - Wired

Haiti: How you can help. Comprehensive contact list

A Final Goodbye Before "Everything Fell"

It seems the infamous "PUMA's" are going for a Republican

New Study Suggests CA's 2008 Prop 8 Election Results 'Probably Corrupted'

Well, I expected change. Stupid me.

Who's your favorite Founder?

Jolie & Pitt donate $1 million to Doctors Without Borders / Medecins Sans Frontieres

Rush Limbaugh: "They produce zilch, zero, nada."

Reposession agent takes away a woman's car - with her two-year-old son sleeping in the back seat

Pat Robertson: Haiti cursed since pact with Satan.

Please check in if you've donated to Haitian relief efforts

Bash Obama for the "record $708B military budget" if you want.

Link for donating to UNICEF relief efforts in Haiti.

Been a lot of "God Blessing" going on the TV today about the Haiti tragedy

Why are we not demanding the repeal of

according to chuck todd democrats are in PANIC MODE over mass. election

Schakowsky Prepares Legislation to Ban Blackwater

Things that public schools should have taught before graudating high school.

Nuclear reactor shutdown in NYC suburb

Americans Keep Going Postal

Florida court hears case of woman confined by court to hospital during pregnancy, no 2nd opinion.




I have a YUGO plan

I have a YUGO plan

Teacher union head hires fed pay czar to develop plan to get rid of teachers.

Teacher union head hires fed pay czar to develop plan to get rid of teachers.

Congressman Peter DeFazio (D-Oregon) "I think the Senate bill is a disaster"

Why was Aristide ousted?

What to wear to the Apocalypse Mark Morford

Why do we listen to cops about marijuana policy?

Why do we listen to cops about marijuana policy?

Conan O'Brien is SHREDDING Jay Leno & NBC in his monologue tonight! He is hilarious!

Dear Mr. Obama

"O'Reilly uses poll showing 57% approval for Obama attack response to claim Americans "not thrilled"

Call Congress to Oppose Any Reform That Taxes Health Benefits

Is President Obama 1866.8 millimeters tall or 1868.3 millimeters tall?

Many say U.S. race relations have improved under Obama, but divides remain

White House: "Thoughts and Prayers for Haiti"

Remember when McCain was surging in PA?

**President Obama will speak to the Press** at 10 am EST

POTUS on now speaking on Haiti

of all the things being discussed here today this deserves to be on the greatest

Who will be the first Republican to say Obama reacted faster to the Hati disaster than Katrina? - "President Obama’s Vacation Days"

CNN has a poll up, POTUS's first year. Please vote...n/t

What we can do for the people of Haiti, we should do: aid organizations.

Just when you thought the Birfers couldn't be any more batshit crazy

i have a few questions.

If you're a progressive in MA, go and vote for Martha Coakley

Krugman: If our financial system is so high-strung, so manic-depressive...

Email from President Bill Clinton re Haiti:

Just when you thought the righties couldn't get any more idiotic

Don't Throw Us Under the Bus

TPM: Vicki Kennedy Pens Fundraising Email for Coakley

Should Obama Make a Statement about Haiti?

Bill Clinton is United Nations' special envoy to Haiti

Bill Clinton is United Nations' special envoy to Haiti

Kerry's statement on the earthquake in Haiti

Changing the game

Globe endorsement: Martha Coakley for Senate

Great report by Rachel

Great report by Rachel

If the RW sees Reid's comment as carte blanche to scream 'negro' at everyone, good.

I told you so .... (the GOP will turn to Thune to save them)

Kerry calls for support for Coakley - No time left for excuses

U.S. says Russia arms deal close, talks resuming

Regulating Bubbles


Experts On Afghanistan Doubt Survey On Foreign Occupation: Results Are Impossible

Some information on helping Haiti from Kerry's site - some are MA, but not all

Rep. DeFazio: "we don’t feel like we need to be jammed by the Adm, who is just in a hurry to get so

A Fairer Federal Workplace For Transgender Employees

K&R if you want Obama to know that we like him on the front page of DU!

DOD Announces Casualties 13-Jan-10

Senate GOP Leader McKinney Drops Out Of Governor's Race

Iowa Family PAC endorses Vander Plaats, rips Branstad

Republicans land Larsen challenger

Fimian Preps For GOP Race With Herrity In Northern Virginia

Barnes brings in $2.7 million for governor comeback bid

"‘Out of Recession’"

Steve Schmidt's war against Sarah Palin

Obama wants record $708 billion for wars next year

"I am for gay marriage. Or same-sex marriage. I don’t want to say it the wrong way."

GOP Senate Candidate With History Of Whacky, Extreme Statements Bars Dem Tracker’s Camera

Please DU this Seattle Times poll on Obama's first year; needs help.

Martin announces candidacy for governor

RW on Whitehouse youtube video on the Haitian Earthquake

Haiti: First case study in actually dealing with a failed state?

When can we celebrate the end of Bush's depression and his foolish wars?

Yep, just like Bush

Just remember folks if we loose Massachusetts in the coming weeks heathcare is DEAD!!!!

What is the most effective way for society to deal with the bankers' $billion bonuses?

Pat Robertson...


Hoyer, "Obama is Walking Tall"

AP: The First Lady Has a New Hairdo

Photos: The Obama Presidency, January, 13th 2010

CBS News: President Obama prepares $ 120 billion levy on banks

Harry Reid: "He double-crossed me. ... Let’s not do what he wants. Let the bill just go down,"

Pat Roberston should be Top Ten CONSERVATIVE Idiot of the Month!

For those of you that having been following HCR closely - I have a question.

Some random tidbits from the WH meeting with Hill members about HCR...


Kerry Fights for Home Health Services in Final Health Care Bill

Obama urged fast movement to save lives, find/rescue Americans. Reg updates. Urgency, Impatience

I have a New 2010 Blue Elantra Blue

GOD & Sarah - Part I

Erykah Badu - Soldier

Billy Paul - Let The Dollar Circulate

natural selection

natural selection

Now this is a cool tattoo

Used To Love U

Is it REALLY true that sometimes owners start to look like their pets?

Ping Pong

Who's missing from this picture?

A blond joke (safe for blonds)

I'm a man in my 40's and I've decided to grow my arm pit hair down to my waist

Hang Rachel Maddow on your wall!

Sick of winter yet?

I am looking for a software application that matches human and pet faces

Did you know that "The Dogs of War" was based on a true story?

Another adventure out of the Lounge, another couple of name-calling idiots to ignore.

Hold me back!

Look out -- the computer cops are on to you

"A-Team" trailer now officially out

How cool is Stephen Colbert?

Keep your balls clean with the Axe Detailer

How come nobody told me that Eric Woolfson died?

Ugh puking all night

Doomsday clock to be moved by world's top scientists tomorrow

Doomsday clock to be moved by world's top scientists tomorrow

Well, I'm a man in my 50's, and I have decided to try to grow my hair down to my waist.

Just finished Series 1 of Torchwood...

Well I'm a woman in my 50s and I have decided to try to grow my breasts down to my waist

I just applied to graduate school, wish me luck!

10 year old LeftyFingerPop is working on a difficult project with his Dad.

Hey guys! Wanna ask women out? Just follow Bucky's patented "How to Get the Babes" method!

Oh Noes! Now Jay Leno has struck Jimmy Kimmel!!!

Good morning Lounge

Megan Fox's bikini ads for Armani steam up the internets (pic)

Wyclef Jean "M.V.P. Kompa"


Dsire "Bal la pap kraze"

So a guy walks into a bar with a dog....

Konpa Creole

Zenglen - "Sexy Love"

Sarah Palin's private jet has engine trouble and the pilot gets on the intercom...

D'Angelo - Lady ft. Raphael Saadiq, Ali Shaheed & ?uestlove

Cross Posted from GD: What are you doing on the MLK Day of Service

So, by pat robertson's own twisted logic,

Fuck my life.

youtube--"68 Guns," The Alarm

The kids from "Willy Wonka" all grown up!

With the focus of GD's attention away from the troubles of Conan O'Brien, I'll just leave this here.

Kids, Your Mother Is Ready To Start Fucking Again

The Church - Destination

Prism - Vladivostok

Breakfast tonight?

Just the PUNCHLINE! (guess the joke)

Satan Appears to earthly mortals today

The Church - Under The Milky Way

Too many teardrops for one heart to be crying.

Infidelity and marriage

Advice please! One of my clients sent me a bottle of wine yesterday

Which is more irritating?

this looks like a GREAT movie trilogy

Was Higgins really Robin Masters? What do you think?

Can you help me raise money for relief efforts in Haiti?

Photo of our new dog: (Awwwwwww...)

"Interlude" Long lost Rosie Vela video.

Zeppelin Eureka

My 2004 Camry's windshield wiper fluid dispenser doesn't work. Is there

My best friend stole $120 from me today.

Sade's got a new release. Here's the single, "Soldier of Love."

easy text donation to Haiti, per the State Department -- cross posted from GD

Photos & Recipe: "Deep-Fried Cupcakes on a Stick"

Rapture Ready index at 171

My new client, as of today...a very well-known local Japanese restaurant. YEAH, baby.

Stories from the Road: Memories

Priest gone wild

Labrador bolts from U.S. office before earthquake tremors strike building (VIDEO)

Today's epic fail

Why the US prohibits re-importation of Canadian drugs - incompatibility

Facebook wall comment FAIL!

Anyone have comcast home phone service?

My First Tattoo!

My poem Morning

What sort of blasphemous alchemy occurs within a cat's vile bowels?

Dog and Cat Diary

Adobe GoLive vs Dreamweaver.

Does anyone know of a free internet translation service that is better than Babelfish?

I understand that NBC will replace leno at 10PM with a drama about

Poop, Pat, or Rush?

Avatar-Induced Depression: Coping With The Intangibility Of Pandora

Fuck you, Tom Otterness. I hope you die in pain and alone.

Can YOU read TYPOese?

Solution to high cost of checked baggage:

Pat Robertson: Earthquake caused because Haiti made a

Wyclef Jean Yéle (song and non-profit for earthquake relief fund)

Has anyone went scuba diving? And have really bad eyes?

Lizards, please send a good thought to our dog, Peanut who is having

How long will it take TV preachers to blame the earthquake...

What do y'all think of this "To Write Love on Her Arms" thing?

Personalities of dog and cat fans differ

You must have been high

Just overheard some guy saying he was going to babysit the kids while his wife ran errands.

OK, need some advice...

Ever dream you were in college and didn't know when/where your classes were?

Tea partiers shell out big bucks for Palin

Vatican says Avatar is no masterpiece

Swiss parliamentarians against accepting more Guantanamo inmates

Spain willing to receive two Guantanamo prisoners

Former Guantanamo Prosecutor Sues Library of Congress over Dismissal

Lack of Medicare Chief Is a Strike Against Reform

Honduran Congress postpone amnesty debate

Palin disputes book saying she was unprepared for '08 campaign

Iran Speaker Accuses Obama of State Terrorism

Iran regime struggles with continuing opposition

Health Insurers Funded Chamber Attack Ads

Supreme Court hears arguments on detaining sex offenders

Former Haitian president sends condolences

Israel apologises to Turkey / Turkey rejects Israeli 'apology'

Cash for saving energy? California considers this and first statewide green building code

Korean car maker to make electric vehicles in U.S.

Egypt's underground steel wall will 'strangle' Gaza

100's of thousands die in Haiti quake

Afghan blasts kill 2 U.S. soldiers, 4 police

Bernanke Challenged on Rates' Role in Bust

Uganda President Museveni wary of anti-gay bill

Guantanamo Guard Reunites With Former Inmates

STIMULUS WATCH: White House changes job-count rule

Historian: Prop 8 Played on Anti-Gay Stereotypes (Yale Professor Testifies)

Iraq says it can prevent coup attempts

Obama wants record $708 billion for wars next year

Fed: Recovery spreads but doesn't spur hiring

Barons of Wall Street to face crisis panel

Reports: Al Qaeda leader killed in Yemen

UN staffers among Haiti dead, casualties likely to rise

SC House rebukes gov, Senate sidelines censure

U.N. report: Taliban responsible for majority of killings last year in Afghanistan

Afghan President Karzai Grateful to U.S. for 'Little Help'

Illinois Governor Confronts Budget Woes ($5.1 billion debt second only to California)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday January 13

King Day Without Sharpton?

House subpoenas AIG documents from NY Fed, Geithner

Full veil not welcome in France, says Sarkozy

Seating Mass. Senate winner could be delayed

Afghanistan: 4 US troops killed in attacks

Official: Haiti death toll 100,000-plus

Much of Haiti damage not insured

Obama pledges 'aggressive' relief effort

Jobs figures stun (Australia) for second straight month

December Budget Deficit Sets Record

Paterson Does Not Oppose a Ford Senate Bid

Taliban Condemn U.S. Bagram Prison Handover

Bragg, Pope Units Await Orders to Aid Haiti Following Quake

Poll (McClatchy-Ipsos): Most Americans would trim liberties to be safer

Healthcare Stock Index Breaks Record - Tops 6,500 Mark

Economy Improved in 10 of 12 Fed Districts, Signaling Recovery Broadening

Rescue team 'cannot afford Haiti mission'

Pat Robertson Blames Earthquake on Pact Haitians Made with Satan

Iraq war veteran jailed over 'violent' rap song

Supreme Court indefinitely blocks YouTube broadcasts (of Prop. 8 trial)

Reid: It Was A Waste Of Time Dealing With Olympia Snowe

Prop. 8 backer questioned about child sex comment

US husband saves wife trapped in Haiti rubble

Archbishop of Port-au-Prince dies in Haiti quake

Haiti president describes `unimaginable' catastrophe after earthquake

Unions Tentatively Strike A Deal Regarding Excise Tax

9 Vt. state office candidates favor secession

GM to halt Hummer production

Wash. peace group sues over infiltration

Wash. peace group sues over infiltration

Elizabeth Edwards Was Abusive, Says New Book

Spin doctor Campbell takes centre stage

Don't jump when Republicans say Booooo!

When we overreact the terrorists win

Mark McGwire's Steroid-Aided Tears Almost Drown Bob Costas

Solar cells made through oil-and-water 'self-assembly'

‘Scammy’ Tea Party Convention Plans Media Blackout

Quelle Surprise! Health Insurers Pretended to Play Nice, Lobbied Against Reform

Avatar is real: Pandora is located in Central and South America and Africa.

Kill or Tax Wall Street Bonuses?

The 'Real Unemployment' Needs Real Solutions

Sarah Palin has become eye candy for Tea Baggers

A Black Panther in Beirut

Monsanto GM Corn Linked to Organ Damage in Animals

The Tea Baggers: Repackaging America’s Right Wing

Devaluation Sparks Chaos in Caracas

Obama wants $33 Billion More for Wars + Record $708 Billion in 2011 for DoD

Stenography 101: How the press let Palin and Cheney rig the system

The Fundamental Unreliablity of America's Media

AlterNet: How Factory Farms Are Pumping Americans Full of Deadly Bacteria and Pathogens

File this one under 'No Shit, Sherlock'

Blackwater in Somalia?

Voice From the Past: Marx

Army prosecutes single mother for refusing to deploy and put her son in foster care.

flowers were laid in front of Google Inc.'s headquarters (China)

T-Mobile user greeted with X-rated image while instructing daughter on the importance of going green

The Perp Walk at the Financial Crisis Inquiry Hearings

Bring Back Glass-Steagall

Bill Clinton: What we can do to help Haiti

"Looting Social Security, Part 2" Wm. Greider (Why the Petersen Foundation and Peter Orszag matter)

Robert Scheer: Don’t Blame China

Why Does Republican Senate Candidate Scott Brown Hate Rape Victims?

Experts on Afghanistan doubt survey on foreign occupation: results are impossible

Full veil not welcome in France, says Sarkozy

CNN: Anderson Cooper Interviews Heilemann & Halperin

Rachel Maddow: Latest Poll A Sign Of Afghan Optimism

Chile opens memorial to dictatorship victims

Rachel Maddow speaks with Ted Olson and David Boies, attorneys in Prop 8 trial

Special Report: Obama on Quake Relief

President Barack Obama on Haitian Earthquake

Remember Ray Stevens?

We Need More Terrorist Jokes

Fleshmob - scanner protest

Chris Matthews Interviews 'Game Change' Authors Heilemann & Halperin

Papantonio: The Fearful Fringe

Rachel Maddow- McCain put campaign over country w/ choice of Palin the idiot

Peter DeFazio: “We Can Play the Same Game as the Senate”

60 Minutes 'Game Change' [Palin Edit]

Rob Reiner Challenges Prop 8

Oxfam Haiti emergency appeal

Bill Maher On Ending Abusive Relationships - With Your Bank

Rachel Maddow & Michael Beschloss get a jump on GOP spin on Obama's first year

Obama signs new Excutive Order...

George H W Bush's Secret Service Visit

Robertson: Haiti had pact with devil

Danny Glover and Marie St. Cyr on Haiti

TYT Invite To Tea Partiers - Join Us Incredible Rant Must See Video!

Flashback: CNN's 2004 Presidential Primary Democratic Debate - Phoenix, AZ - Dennis Kucinich

TheRealNews: Brzezinski on the Afghan war Pt1

Frank: Execs should 'star in movies' for

Thom Hartmann - Is 2010 the year of the Tea Party?

Bill O'Reilly interview with Sarah Palin (with sound effects)

Bill O'Lielly Attempts To Take On The Daily Show For Its "Fright Club" Skit

A note of appreciation from the rich Let's be honest: you'll never win the lottery.

Rep Grayson: "The Reason Why Republicans Hate Government So Much Is Because They're So Bad At It!"

Shep Smith Condemns Pat Robertson's 'Devil' Comments

Cenk Interviews The Nation's Katrina Vanden Heuvel On Acorn Smear

Pat Robertson Calls Quake Blessing in Disguise

Chris Matthews: Pat Robertson "Haiti Made A Deal With The Devil! True Story!"

Beck: Who's Your Favorite Founder? Palin: All Of 'Em

TYT Reviews 'War On Kids' (Kids Over-Drugged, Over-Worked, Over-Policed In Schools- Who's At Fault?)

'Greenroads' rates sustainable road projects

Drumbeat: January 13, 2010

Carbon capture pilot results

Bomb blast cuts gas supplies to 214,000 in Russia

3rd Wet,. Windy UK Summer In A Row Brings Unsettling Changes To Marine, Bird Life - AFP

Sydney Utility, Uncertain Of Future Runoff, Wants Desal Plant Up Whenever Reservoirs Under 70% Full

US cult of greed is now a global environmental threat

Climate scientists convene global geo-engineering summit (in California in March)

ExxonMobil Announces TX EOR Project - 40 Million BBL Projected Over 25 Years

NSIDC - Arctic Sea Ice 350K SM Below 79-00 December Avg. - Much Of Region 10-15F Above Normal Temps

Cash for saving energy? California considers this and first statewide green building code

Gasoline GHG emissions not counted - Iraq War military GHG emissions

Texas town welcomed (NG) drilling, now fears pollution

Caging, Capture, Slaughter & 42 Tons Of Poison - Last-Ditch Attempt To Free Oz Island Of Rats

Major Antarctic glacier is 'past its tipping point'

The shame of Denmark - massive dolphin slaughter!

Venezuelans Brace for Rolling Blackouts as Power Output Falters

Wind power takes a blow around Minnesota

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! More Squeamish Stuff About Those Windfarms on the Ridges.

Why are so many TV weathercasters denier douchebags?

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! The Maintainence Procedure For Your Pet Wind Farms in Wilderness.

Earth’s Oceans: Our Largest Plastic Landfills

More on Kiffin....

AP NFL Players of the Year: Titan's Chris Johnson, Packer's Charles Woodsen

I'm in shock over this, truly, it seems like something from The Onion...

Kentucky 17-0

Everyone At Hospital Already Hates Wes Welker

ESPN crawl: Fulmer contacted

Joe Bugel to announce retirement today.

Is Lane Kiffen the Sarah Palin of NCAA Football coaching!!

K&R this if you want "Name Removed" granted immunity for today!

Does anyone enjoy creating "zombies" on other web forums?

Hmmm. Tennessee has just lost five committed recruits in the last 24 hours.

Colts To Rest Starters For First Game Of Playoffs

Interesting NY Times story about Kiffin and how USC approached a Tenn recruit

A thread to check (Why was Aristide ousted?)

The post-quake disaster isn't a natural disaster.

Iran: We had information Israel, U.S. intended to attack us

Hamas to Gaza militias: Stop firing rockets at Israel

Israel to send rescue team to earthquake-struck Haiti

The Tel Aviv Cluster

Pro-Hamas media bias and Gaza activists block peace (Ray Hanania)

Jordan demands return of Dead Sea Scrolls 'seized' by Israel

OFFICIAL thread for Haitian post-earthquake Shock Doctrine/ Disaster Capitalism theories here.

Haiti: head of UN mission dead, 100+ UN staff missing, Catholic bishop dead, thousands trapped

Labor Urges Health Care Reform Phone Blitz On Congress - 01/13/10

Today in Labor History Jan 13 Constitutional amendment endbrutally overworking children in factories

Schwarzennegger Wants To Slash Wages For California State Workers By Five Percent

Workers Rally In New York In Solidarity With 400 Who Took Pay Cuts

DC's Excise Tax Cult Battles Unions, Critical Research and Taxing the Rich

Kaplan Career Institute teacher pulls a gun to stop an attack outside the school

Man On Trial For Fatal Russian Roulette Game In Maine Sex Dungeon


Illinois & Chicago - firearms and ammo sales could be a shot in the arm(?)

Shouldn't there be a movement to abolish alcohol and tobacco?

Scottish parliament apologises to trans woman searched by male guard

Frank: Committee Vote Irrelevant to DADT

Japanese trans man told that son is illegitimate

Gay Teen Worried He Might Be Christian

Entry ban on anti-gay US 'shock jock' to stay in place

Gee, how convenient! Harold Ford, seeking Senate, flips on gay marriage

A boreal sunset...

If you have 12 minutes and 28 seconds, treat yourself to this film.

river edge ice

After dark

Love my cactus. They are more interesting and more colorful in the winter.

FEBRUARY CONTEST - suggestions please.

more river edge ice with desat

Identifying Thoughts Through Brain Codes for Nouns Leads to Deciphering the Brain's Dictionary

Musings of a Solo-ist Astrophysicist: Neil deGrasse Tyson

Just when you thought Mars couldn't get any stranger

Anyone watching the Banker hearings now?

Questions for the Big Bankers

Cheap yuan fuels China's hot economy

Brooksly Born now questioning banksters on Cspan...worth a watch.

I don't care who you are, this is funny.

Why the hell can't Peter Solomon (on CSPAN 2 now) be Treasury Secretary?

CSPAN jsut cut of coverage of the Bankster hearing...

"Bubbles? We don't got no stinking bubbles....."

Why Obama Must Take On Wall Street

Banksters defend high salaries at hearing this am.

delete. Sorry. :) n/t

a place or way of group workings.....

Elective cesarean sections are too risky, WHO study says

Despite FDA Warnings, The Monitoring Of High-Risk Medications Remains Unchanged

Cobra venom may ease arthritis symptoms

Blood Test for Lung Cancer in the Works

You can't bank sleep: researchers (making it up on the weekend doesn't work)

homeopathy =/= herbal remedies

Fast morphine treatment may prevent PTSD

Simulating Caloric Restriction

Peanut allergies less common than tests suggest

IMPORTANT information for those with unresolved health issues

Diane Ravitch: New York City charter schools need to focus on the neediest

Union Chief Seeks to Overhaul Teacher Evaluation Process

What Makes a Great Teacher?

Mayor's Critics Sue to Protest Outside His Home

Weingarten Outlines Comprehensive Education Reform Plan


How nice. God spared some missionaries in Haiti.

Pat Robertson: Haitians Brought Earthquake on Themselves

So, God could have prevented the Earthquake and didn't?

Fifth grade autistic boy charged with a felony

‘Baby Einstein’ Founder Goes to Court

If there is a God, he is a cruel God. To destroy those with so little,

let's talk about calamari steaks

Worst Cooks in America