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A new Seinfeld

Study suggests too many bodies buried at Burr Oak

Love is a myth?

NOW Law and Order on TNT, OLD one WITH KUNSTLER appearing!

If TSA uses the new body scanners, will people start wearing leaded bras?

Can some one photoshop pictures of Ann Coulter and Liz Cheney to morph the two into one?

Johnny Cash has weighed in on the controversy of Avatar from beyond the grave...

Circus Art Extraordinaire!

Today, Jan 12th, is Rush Limpballs' birthday...

WHEN will world leaders address the growing crisis; that religion causes religious extremism.

Avoid the scanners, fly naked.

Anne Frank diary guardian Miep Gies dies aged 100


Social Democrat Ivo Josipovic elected Croatia president

LA County supes hold off on releasing "worst ever" budget figures, for fear of scaring public

The Republican Party and McCain deserve to be consigned to a generation in the wilderness

Jamaican 'hate-cleric' Abdullah al-Faisal back in Kenya

Threats, Anxieties, Ingredients of Conservativism

Picture this, if you will, Samuel Adams, the patriot not the beer...

Will Obama listen to unions and drop the excise tax?

Jebus fugging Krist - not another day of this Joe Scum

Hey everyone, be sure to say "Hi" to WorldNutDaily

All The Salacious Tidbits From Game Change Are Just Fine

So when does richie tax cut expire this year?

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So, Doughy Pantload's mom was Nixon's press mole. Ha!


What are the implications if Scott Brown wins the MA Senate seat next week?

BBC Reporter Smashes 'Unbreakable' Cell Phone During CES 2010

New Jersey Lawmakers Pass Medical Marijuana Bill

Delta is now accepting arms and legs as payment for its heightened checked bag fees

Mr. Fish: The real terrorists

The Psychology of Being Conservative (just a rough draft - input/feedback sought)

Review of Chevy Volt in action.

to the mod (in LBN in particular): my thread "Doubts cast on H1N1 scare" was moved to sept 11 forum

In Defense of Harry Reid ... at DU? You've got to be kidding.


Ed Meese rears his ugly head

Memo to media: Statement attributed to Clinton in Game Change is not a direct quote

You know what ought to piss you off more than Harry Reid?

You know what ought to piss you off more than Harry Reid?

"A few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee."

Tucker Carlson & friends, pathetic little men

dupe --

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Creationist Kent Hovind: still in jail

Health care spending per country vs life expectancy graph

The Federal Reserve will return about $45 billion to the U.S. Treasury for 2009

GOP Backs Off Reid

The media is finally asking.. "Who is Liz Cheney and what has she done to get all this press?

Just Your Typical Facebook Interaction Between GTMO Guards and Ex-Detainees

Just Your Typical Facebook Interaction Between GTMO Guards and Ex-Detainees

Norman Lear, I love you.

Nurse Outduels IRS Over M.B.A. Tuition

Forget the words, Sen. Reid- Choose the right actions

Mexico opens 2010 with one of its deadliest days

Watching TV shortens life span

Inviting discussion about co-op initiatives

Study: Youth now have more mental health issues (I'm skeptical)

Why would DUers go see Avatar and make Rupert Murdoch and Fox richer?

Meip Gies dies at age 100.

Which is worse: Nationalism or Racism? Or are they the same thing?

Iraq Invasion in 2003 Was Illegitimate: Dutch Probe

US Fed earned record 45 billion dollars in 2009

My fellow IT workers, 2010 should (hopefully) be a better year. IT spending projected to grow 6.6%.

"Divorce Rates Higher in States with Gay Marriage Bans"

Program helps woman realize dream of home ownership

Program helps woman realize dream of home ownership

Had it with Facebook? You can always kill yourself.

Man spinning tires to get refund

Just watched "An American Carol"

Iraq’s Interior Ministry’s calls for public executions

Important food recalls on the USDA list today. Hope you are signed up.

So, I'm thinking of going back to school in some capacity. Any suggestions?

How not to respond to terrorism. (cartoon)

So... How much is Sarah's payoff from News Corp.?

Citizen initiative would legalize pot in Washington state

VA 37th District Special Election Today 1/12

Can we just get Palin on "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader" already!

"one woman, one person of color"

Historians prepare to testify in Prop. 8 trial Tuesday

Historians prepare to testify in Prop. 8 trial Tuesday

Liz Cheney Knows Racism When She Sees It (She Was Raised in It)

Every time I see Palin I think of the Ajax Girl from Up In Smoke

'negro dialect'?

The Hague - Iraq invasion in 2003 was illegitimate: Dutch probe

The Rude Pundit: So Rush Limbaugh Must Believe That Sarah Palin Is a Dangerously Unstable Idiot

Suze Orman doesn't want to be taxed to pay for health insurance.

I know I shouldn't but I'd love to see Harold Ford run for the Senate nomination

Tea Party Convention Closed to Media

Democratic registration surges in Florida

More Scandal for Michele Bachmann's Pet Charity: MN Teen Challenge

America's Third Wolrd - Pine Ridge, South Dakota

Senate Health Insurance Industry Bill Taxes the Middle Class, Not Just Union Members

America displaced...3 mil foreclosures but short sales are displacing even more

BREAKING: Toyota said to install brake override systems on all cars by end of 2010

Will Palin be the only one on Fox

Prop 8 Trial

Anybody collect Stamps?

Anybody collect Stamps?

Rosaries Being Used As A Gang Symbol In Tahoe

Rosaries Being Used As A Gang Symbol In Tahoe

Don Siegelman on with Hartmann

Another bad idea from Alaska (Credo Action petition against Senate anti-emissions-regulation vote)

A mad scheme to kill a scientist

'Cougars' Not Welcome On Cruises

"...These jobs are going, boys, and they ain't coming back..."

The never ending Three Card Monte Game - Obama Warns of POSSIBLE TAX on Banks

Protest Saturday, 1/16/2010, 1-4 PM, CIA Headquarters!

AFL-CIO: Immigration Reform Would Boost Economy

A question for those IT inclined. Has anyone had their PC

Prop 8 trial day 2 (follow along on twitter)

The Effects Of Genetically Modified Foods On Animal Health

The Effects Of Genetically Modified Foods On Animal Health

Factually challenged news channel hires factually challenged Palin

Has anyone stopped to think that we may have some blame in the Reid "controversy?"

Ted Olson, not Olsen. In case anyone cares. nt

Mother, boyfriend arrested for abusing Monroe Co. (Tn) toddler

Senate Health Insurance Industry Bill Includes Many Republican Proposals

Who Is NOT Under "The Bus"?

Who Is NOT Under "The Bus"?

Sarah Palin to Contribute to Fox News

Colbert take on Harry Reid...

I don't have to be humble when I'm a freakin' Swedish Hero!

An Everyman’s View of Economic Science

I have seen comments about why European models

Official: Texas has worst-ranked food stamp program

The Senate bill is just a bad corporate giveaway with a very few good things in it

one paragraph from an article titled 'Our Internal Threats'

one paragraph from an article titled 'Our Internal Threats'

Posted On The Occasion Of The Appearance Of John Yoo On The Daily Show

Grayson hauls in $850K in donations for re-election in Q4/2009

How much of a pay cut have you taken during the recession?

Manhattan Office Space for Lease Increases 38%, Cushman Says

Executive Order Establishing Council of Governors

Job Openings in U.S. Fell by 156,000 in November

N.Y. has a nuke plant event

Deadly Protest in Afghanistan Highlights Tensions

***Port of Morehead City, NC evacuated***

Canada markets seal products to China

On this rare (400 year old) map, China is the center of the world - story with pic

Is it just me or is the media totally ignoring all the Palin stuff in that stupid book?

8-Year-Old Aussie Boys Save Drowning Man

485 Jobs Lost as Chrysler Fires American Ad Agency, now paying an Italian ad agency for advertising

Desperate times call for treadmills...

Sarah Palin Believed Saddam Hussein attacked the US on Sept 11.

Denver stricter on pot

Hippo swims away from flooded Montenegrin zoo, shocks villagers by strolling past their homes

I'd like to recommend an excellent movie about the Iraq/Afghanistan wars

MSNBC said there was going to a hearing tomorrow in DC

MSNBC said there was going to a hearing tomorrow in DC

Tuberculosis-Infected Man On 'Do Not Board' List Flies Into SFO

Bad as Morning Joe was, they DID have an interesting discussion about Hllary and E.Edwards

Trade Deficit up - good news or not?

Palin jumps into the Tea Party!

Tell the IRS to stop Targeting People With Low Incomes For Audits

Gawker totally shreds Harold FORD, Jr - exposes his "Shadowy Associates: Everyone We Hate"

From a WaPo article on Reid's campaigning in NV:

Todd Tweets LOTT

I'll say one thing about the next Dem Majority Leader:

Blades Hidden in Walking Sticks Stun Owners

Guardian UK: Wal-Mart, the US retailer taking over the world by stealth

Sarah Palin will debut on Faux tonight.......billo's show....

Damned avian terrists (sic)...

Fortune magazine senior editor: Excise tax on 'Cadillac' health-care plans is a bad idea

People against healthcare reform must alreay be on govt care or havn't been to the doctor...

Mark McGwire admits steroid use.. in other news sun rises in east sets in west film at 11!

More news: NBC has decided to outsource The Tonight Show to China..

Tea bagger & white supremacist GOP today in Washington - November 05, 2009

Can Sarah Palin and Hope for the Future Coexist?

Hitler Learns Leno Is Moving Back To Late Night

Scenery just as distracting as cellphones

BREAKING NEWS: NBC fires both Leno and O'Brien..replaces them w Craig Ferguson..

Dem Congressman introduced 50% tax on bonuses

From the grave: Bruce Lee apologizes for Chuck Norris.

Get your town off the salt habit:

Get your town off the salt habit:

I applaud your genius, Mr. President!

Coakley's Campaign Misspells Massachusetts

The "Just go to the ER" argument that is used has got to be the most oversimplified thing ever said

"Day after tomorrow"...

"Scott Brown Threw Martha Coakley Up on a Pinball Machine and Treated Her Like Jodie Foster..."

Just curious...


Chuck Norris Hunts for Obama's 'Secret Vault' as Interpol Conspiracy Theories Get Wilder

Obama signs order to combine Federal/State military activities.

Health Sector Campaign Donations to Prez Candidates:

Reporters (Mostly) Barred From Tea Party Convention

12jan2010 ... to DU owner/admin: REC vs UNREC ... isn't it time to rethink this feature?

News Buyer Beware-Be Skeptical Of All You Read

Afghans are appealing people.

Afghans are appealing people.

Jamie Dimon on Bank Fees: Stop Vilifying Us!

Jamie Dimon on Bank Fees: Stop Vilifying Us!

Rapist, former lawmaker Ted Klaudt claims name copyright so nobody will talk about him anymore

George Monbiot: Avatar and the Genocides We Will Not See

More Republican "Humor."

Concealed Handgun Permit Holders Have Killed 9 Law Enforcement Officers & 108 Citizens Since May '07

Umm…Clinton May Not Have Said Racially-Charged “Getting Us Coffee” Quote

UAW chief to fight 'Cadillac tax', (which Obama says is a "good idea")

From Around the world... in yesterday's Edinburgh Evening News:

Money, Clout and Texas Politics

"I wouldn't know."

Avatar: To boycott, or not to boycott, that is the question...

Panel subpoenas Fed for AIG records

The Atlanta and New Orleans mayoral races seem to be race card games

A TV Game show gives a glimpse of the US

My 6 year old displays more critical thought than Teabaggers and Foxnews viewers

Obama's recent poll #s: Gallup 49%, CBS 46%, Rasmussen 46%

AP Sources: Obama Likes National Health Exchange (& end to antitrust exemption)

Prop 8 trial - cross examination of Prof. Cott from Harvard (history of marriage expert)

So regarding the Halperin/Heilemann book--if your are a media insider...

CALIFORNIA: Assembly committee OKs bill to legalize marijuana

Michelle Obama's Nude Body Scan by Airport Security..

Dem internal polling shows Coakley up by 5

Bring it on, PUNK! Prediction: H.Ford won't even be able to get on the primary ballot

Our wonderful friends in the middle

Shouldn't outsourcing be taxed?

Schwarzenegger budget ax (will) fall heavily on poor

Let's fix something

Charlie Crist loses GOP straw poll to Marco Rubio

GALLUP ~ More Americans in favor of passing HC legislation than opposed - first time since October.

Check my logic! They must treat you in ER. Therefore, it is a right.

Check my logic! They must treat you in ER. Therefore, it is a right.

NBC should give the 10:00 pm slot to Rachel and Keith

NBC should give the 10:00 pm slot to Rachel and Keith

Pirate Party protests body scanners in their underpants...

Beaver magazine finds name all wrong for Internet

France Bill would impose Fines for wearing Burqas

Miep Gies, who helped Anne Frank hide from the Nazis and saved her diary, dies at 100

3.5 mile super freight train rolls through Los Angeles area catching officials by surprise.

Haiti. Earthquake. 7.l

Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the craziest wingnut of them all?

I spent the better part of my life making a living on the phone.

Prosecutors Target Northwestern Journalism Students

Tsunami watch for Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba after 7.3 mag earthquake

DELETED Discussion

Beware of deals devised behind politics' closed doors

Feingold Wary of Upcoming Ruling on Campaign Finance

Google threatens to leave China over hacks of dissident email accounts

Almost 2 Million People experience VIOLENT SHAKING

Lord of the Rings is a pretty racist movie.

Strong quake hits Haiti, hospital collapses (7.3)

National air wars heat up in Mass. Senate special

((PIC))) Is this Dennis Kucinich?

I think we're being played re; Caddilac tax

Everybody has Their Own Problem with Avatar

seasonal ingredient map (food)

Why my Senator Feingold supports the healthcare reform bill,

How long do you think Palin will last at FOX?

How long do you think Palin will last at FOX?

7.0 Earthquake in Haiti

2 dead in Ga. shooting; suspect was ex-employee

Congrats NJ! Approves medical marijuana bill

WOW !!! Just now, MSNBC -- uplifting message from an elegant african american man --

Tea Partier's Site Shows Photoshopped Image Of Racist Sign

Neb. PSC gets stimulus funds

Interesting Prop 8 Trial Testimony -Direct Connection Between Govt Discrimination & Private Violence

Report: Nelson (D-Ne) no party player

Top 10 Punditing Tips for Sarah Palin

After Embracing Drilling, Texas Town Atop Natural Gas Field Spooked By Air Pollution Worries

Bookies already taking bets: Who will Palin offend first at FOX?

When Will the White House Wake Up?

Prolonged TV Viewing Linked To Higher Risk Of Death Even In Regular Exercisers

Prolonged TV Viewing Linked To Higher Risk Of Death Even In Regular Exercisers

I applaud your genius, Mr. President!

In honor of VP Joe Biden's mother, this is the music they played at her funeral today

Union (SEIU) plans major ad buy for Coakley

Are we really going to lose Teddy's senate seat in Mass?

Mystery object to whizz by Earth Wednesday

So ... Obama says he wants to tax the banks as a way to get same taxpayer money back.

MSNBC reporting that Harry Reid is leaving the campaign trail in Nevada to return to DC to meet ....

Evidence-Based Approach To Medicine Would Help The US Healthcare System: Report

Missouri Survivalist Arrested In White Supremacists Investigation Convicted On 2 Weapons Charges

Tucker Carlsen's New Site Kicks Off With Homophobic Smear Against Rachel Maddow

Mark Halperin must be a moron to say that he thinks Palin has leadership quailities

Tweety's Lead in Calls Republicans out on Denying 9/11 Happened d on Bush's Watch

The Facts About Obama's Campaign Financing

The Facts About Obama's Campaign Financing

Self delete. Repeat post glitch.

So Obama is going to meet with the GOP at a retreat. Maybe he can dialogue with

Hey guys! Wanna ask a woman out? Wanna not come off like a creepy stalker?

Unions and their opposition to the Cadillac tax plan

Timmeh! Congress is investigating Geithner's emails regarding AIG bonuses!

California to consider legalizing all marijuana

Many casualties expected after big quake in Haiti

President Obama Nominates Judge Timothy Black, Gloria Navarro for District Court Bench

Historian makes the case for same-sex marriage

Consumers come out being more regulated than the industries in HCR

Bill O'Lielly will ask Sarah Palin questions about

Got to catch Hartmann's segment with Siegelmann. Again, speaking to truth.

Fred Barnes, William Krystal, an Alaska Cruise

OMG. Mods, can we keep him for a little while, please?

Laura Flanders: Immigrant Deaths Covered Up

Dinner with Rachel Maddow Auction

When it does occur, we need to reclaim the farmlands and water sources first, right?

Tea Party n-word sign rebounds

Tea Party n-word sign rebounds

Thief nets $1 million from singer's vehicle

I believe we should start calling C-list Faux news/right-wing radio host Mike Gallagher "Mr. Bubble"

Being under the bus is like being in Hell.

If you haven't heard Richard Trumka's speech at the National Press Club you should

If you haven't heard Richard Trumka's speech at the National Press Club you should

Unusual space object, possibly man-made, approaches Earth

TV AD: Tell Sens. Warner and Webb THANKS for voting for "health reform". From PHARMA!!

*** Tell the FCC to Stand Up for Net Neutrality! ***

As long as the rich make the rules

At what point do we ignore the haters and press on?

Joan Walsh nails it! I don't CARE about this book either

Google on the verge of pulling out of China

O'Liely and Palin doing nothing but attacking the 60 Minutes piece on her

Fed profits: $52 billion in 2009

Hugo Chavez: Venezuela Needs 'Socialist' Soap Operas

Boston mom calls 911 over son's video game habit



CNN is giving extensive coverage on the quake in Haiti. nt

2 dead in Ga. shooting; suspect was ex-employee

Reid Quote Nowhere Near as Bad as Lotts Quote

"The Emily Latella of ex-governors"

Haiti Earthquake Appeal Issued By PADF

‘Substantial’ casualties feared after Haiti quake

Haiti rocked by powerful 7.3 earthquake

If The Private Sector Is Not Creating Jobs, Then The Federal Government Has To

Earthquake insurance worthless to most Eureka quake victims

Reporter from The Weekly Standard claims someone from Coakley campaign pushed him - story & pic

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels Bashes Atheists

Obama's most recent US District nominations (bios, graphs, and other details)

Fox News now has unsold airtime on Glenn Beck’s show.

Obama's Economic Stimulus Bill of 2009

Ok, what the hell is happening in Massachusetts?

For those wanting to help Haiti after the quake

I just watched Conan's show from last night on Hulu.

Something good to say about Wal- Mart

Why is it *now* I can knock you over with a feather?

In FL, New Dem Voter Registration Outpacing New Rethug Registration By 43 Percent!

In FL, New Dem Voter Registration Outpacing New Rethug Registration By 43 Percent!

UN Headquarters in Haiti HAS COLLAPSED!!

UN Headquarters in Haiti HAS COLLAPSED!!

Joe Scarborough (goat blower supreme) is a contributor to the Huffington Poo

Haitian Capital a "total disaster and chaos", likely thousands dead

I don't have a problem with educational rigor

Rachel Maddow fans: She's on Mike Malloy's show now.

Health care: No fireworks at Sen. Ensign's Reno town hall

Teabaggers not showing up should be good news, but why do I think they have "gone quiet"??

When did banks start charging to cash checks drawn on them?

How much do you care if Reid loses his job over this race remark?

Here's my solution.

new york daily news headline & pic

Having American troops and CIA operatives...

In addition to the ICRC, Americares, Doctors without Borders

Police fight cellphone recordings

Palin said she skipped the CBS news show, saying, "I had been warned, you know, don't watch."

"...remarkable restraint..."

Republican Senate Candidate Scott Brown Posed Naked In Cosmo

Today is the 100th birthday of Luise Ranier, star of "The Good Earth" and winner of 2 Academy awards

DODD says healthcare reform "hanging by a thread" (KILL THE BILL, you've missed the point!)

American Bankers Assoc CEO warns Obama that new tax on banks "will decrease their ability to lend"

Ok, with all the racial comments lately, how about OURSELVES?

Obama to Speak at Both Republican, and Democratic Conferences

On Ed just now: Firefighters just threw a shot across the bow

Are the health insurance plans provided to the US Senate and House members considered 'Cadillac'?

Dear Obama Haters,

The only REAL "Cadillac health plan" I know of..

When Rupert Murdoch dies and his Liberal children inherit his fortune and assets

Could I possibly have heard this correctly?

How Long Till Critical Mass? Defcon 5?

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

Texting $10 for Haiti?

For a brief moment (a poem and some music)

Olson: "Exactly Why We Have Courts, Why We Have the Constitution and Why We Have the 14th Amendment"

There is a death panel - great LTTE

There is a death panel - great LTTE

Beware of health care reform that holds up MA as a model: MA has highest per capita cost in WORLD

Bill O'Reilly and Sarah Palin: This is new analysis? (or political propaganda?)

Can government ban PAID lobbyists?

Sarah Palin has big brass ones.

Heroic 16 yr old girl saves cop from rampaging gunman

Kia supplier looking to fill 250 jobs in Ga.

Need Hi-Tech Hi-Powered Organic Battery plans for Science Fair

Scientists link plastics chemical to health risks

"The officials spoke on condition of anonymity, saying they were not free to disclose details.....

Did some top GOP leaders arrange Sarah Palin's Fox News job to keep her from being Republican Dean?

Ann Coulter is mentally stable!

Obesity study shows big bottoms and thighs can be healthy

Rachel is live @ 11PM Eastern talking about Haiti disaster

CNN's Anderson Cooper to go to Haiti...signing off shortly

Google may leave China after cyber attack

Don't Carry Condoms in D.C. -- You Could Be Charged With Prostitution

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper will run for Colorado governor look what we are expected to give up in return for them not taxing cadillac plans

What percentage 'non-Negro' does one require to not be called a 'Negro?'

91% of the $1.4T deficit was printed money....or "The Asians won't play anymore"

Drug War Violence Escalates: 'Victim's face was peeled from his skull and sewn onto a soccer ball.'

Neo-Nazi Faces Death Penalty, Says Crimes Spurred by Gender Identity Confusion

Palin: Going to Sin City to promote Alcohol industry.

Fat Butts May Be Healthy

Fundie heads a flippin' : 8,000 year old building found in Israel

Fundie heads a flippin' : 8,000 year old building found in Israel

Where is the outrage....

White House abandons job count method.

Why is everything "communist" to right-wingers?

Tide not Turning in Afghanistan, Despite McChrystal claims

Rachel posted NGOs ON THE GROUND here is the link

palin says new book tells 'a lie' about her

Divorce Rates Higher in States with Gay Marriage Bans

A huge gaping hole in airport security

As of right now, there have been 12 Aftershocks in Haiti, 5.9 the worst and 4.5 the lightest

Brown's daughters are cwying coz Matha is so mean

White House Exposes Health Insurance Companies On Health Care Reform

America slides deeper into depression as Wall Street revels

BECAUSE {Insert any name here} has POSITIVES, anything BAD they do is OK, right?

Will The Clintons Eventually Seek Revenge On Heilemean & Halperin?

Over/under on Palin's Faux career.

We felt the quake in Jamaica

Naked jogger nabbed after run near White House

Palin to address alcohol industry event in Las Vegas

RS Exclusive: Obama received $20 million from the healthcare industry


Specter changes his position, announces support for stalled Justice Department nominee Dawn Johnsen.

Soooooooo...I'm listening to Ed Schultz re: the Halperin expose

Faith Leaders & Labor Activists Threaten To Move Their Money Out Of BOA

Announcement of my daily DU Activism Journal against Anti-Choice Groups Co-opting Susan B's Legacy

Announcement of my daily DU Activism Journal against Anti-Choice Groups Co-opting Susan B's Legacy

Tea partiers shell out big bucks for Palin

I'm moving my money out of JPMorgan/Chase.

Sarah Palin's appearances on Fox to be simulcast in English

I have never stopped a single abortion. My friend June has 17 times.

I have never stopped a single abortion. My friend June has 17 times.

How will the Cadillac tax really affect you?

If a person believes that abortion should be illegal and wants to kill based off of those beliefs...

Coakley at a Fundraiser in DC tonight. GUESS WHO---

New York Times Editorial Staff agrees with FDL on Gruber!!!

Study: More of today's US youth have serious mental health issues than previous generations

Why don't the health providers appeal independently to the uninsured?

This Might Be Dumb - But Is There Anyway We Can Spin Laying Off People From Their Jobs......

Afghan women praise Karzai's female cabinet picks

Surprising Sea Slug Is Half-plant, Half-animal - story with pic

On Haiti and a total disaster

So does George Tiller get to have his life's work helping women defended?

Your Opinion Please: What are the most Important Rights and Duties to Teach Others?

John Nichols: Feingold Fears "Lawless" Court Ruling on Corporate Campaigning

Dems planning to ditch income tax increase on wealthy to help pay for health care reform

Smugglers caught trying to sell 36-year-old meat

$81B in bonuses - The most brazen disdain for democracy in modern times

Conan O' Brien Says He Won't Do The Tonight Show, After Leno

Nine-Million-Member Union Coalition Calls For Defeat Of Cadillac Tax

Woot! We win, we win!!!!!

Rush Limbaugh: "Kennedy was offended because it was women who brought him his coffee and negros who

They have got us by the balls. Pardon my language.

Oh shit! The Kansas judge in the trial of Scott Roeder, murderer of Dr. Tiller has ruled ...

Yeah, we know Monsanto is evil and deadly, and evil.....

How long do you think it's going to take for faux to have to fire Palin for her saying something

Big Journalism: Palin hire caused "an awful shrinking feeling in the groin" for Fox News competitors

Big Journalism: Palin hire caused "an awful shrinking feeling in the groin" for Fox News competitors

I need info on the cadillac plan tax

Check in if you're mad as hell that your windows don't open so you can't scream it from the rooftops

Woolsey To Support “Blue Dog” Harman as Progressive Momentum Builds for Winograd

Ben Sollee Interview On The Mountain Top Removal Inspired CD, "Dear Companion" ...

DUI Arrest Puts Spotlight on Florida Congressman's Daughter

Obama to request $33 billion more for war

Wanted: volunteer to become mummy on TV

MSNBC not covering the earthquake?

Rep. Maffei (D): Cadillac Tax (which Obama says is "good idea") would hurt middle-class, retirees

Sarah Palin is queen of the pro-actively ignorant

Haiti Earthquake Problems will compound beyond the initial quake.

The Bogus Flight 253 'One-Way Ticket' Meme: Anatomy Of A Myth

Silent thread for earthquake victims.

It's NOT a "cadillac" tax it's a UNION tax.

Massachusetts DUers - Questions regarding next weeks election -

Stupid fucking racist asshat AZ legislator: Obama isn't a citizen and neither are Muslim Americans

Disaster in Haiti - some pics are getting posted in a Facebook group

Suicide rates soar for US war veterans


Binary Poll: Are You Pro Union Or Anti-Union?

Itching for battle, U.S. troops in Iraq stage fight nights

Pregnant African Tourist Gets Support, Costly Treatment (over $1 million) From US Health Care System

Denver breast-milk bank faces shortage of deposits

Harold Ford tells a whopper: "I am pro-choice -- have always been.."

Youth Indoctrination: Young Americans take the Pledge

The Disposable Worker

Some of us can`t afford to be patient.

Fellow union members, if Dems punish the gains made though COLLECTIVE BARGAINING

On Thom Hartmann: Don Siegelman just said Obama isn't doing his job.

AlterNet: 4-Year-Old Boy Suspended From School for Months Because His Hair Is 'Too Long'

Jon Stewart / The Daily Show (unedited interview) takes on Unindicted War Criminal John Yoo

Rec this thread if you stand with the unions against the excise tax on "Cadillac" health plans

Schizophrenia over-diagnosed in blacks

Saturday, Feb. 6th 2010. Nationwide Candlelight Vigil for LGBT Youth (Scouting For All)

"People don't eat every year or two, they eat every day" --FDR

"People don't eat every year or two, they eat every day" --FDR

Tucker Carlson Launches His New Website With Jokes About Gays, Rapes and Rachel Maddow Insults

America's War Criminals - Where are they now?

America's War Criminals - Where are they now?

You got your bloodless revolution, right here.

I'm telling you DUers

Paul Krugman Circles the Wagons

Paul Krugman Circles the Wagons

The Dismantlement of the American Middle Class

The Dismantlement of the American Middle Class

The Dismantlement of the American Middle Class

The Dismantlement of the American Middle Class

PBS has cancelled Bill Moyers Journal & Now

DUI Arrest Puts Spotlight on Florida Congressman's Daughter ( Rep. John Mica)

Cianci says he may run again

Tensions are running high, and now Harry Reid is in the slammer, he

You conservatives that think public option health care

July 2008 - "McCain Camp: 'Obama Has Played the Race Card'" - GOP Insults The Public's Intelligence

Policy, Party or Person?

"The fact that we spend days on this, explains why no one understand what's going on in Washington"

And now for something a little lighter from the White House... the garden as a soapbox

Top 10 Reasons the GOP Let the World Be Destroyed

Is Politico on retainer for Game Change?

Meip Gies dies at age 100.

Teabagger to primary Coble: It's god's will

Clinton & Obama At Funeral Together!!

McCain is a efn liar.

I'm damn tired of conservative gas lighting about Reid

msnbc right now - Biden giving the eulogy for his mom.

HCR: "Democrats Weigh New Tax on Investment Income"

How much are people being paid to disagree with you?

"How Democrats Could Pass Health Care Without Coakley's Vote"

The business of health care reform (Pincer grasp strategy used by the insurance lobby)

Damned if he does...

Corporations love Obama just like they did McCain

Servicemember's group makes it clear: It's time for Obama to lead on DADT

Poll: African-Americans optimism at 25 years high

"Game Change": A stupid distraction in a world of otherwise serious challenges.

DADT Repeal: Dems Move Forward With Plans

Obama plan funds nurse visits to new moms

PETA pulls ads featuring Michelle Obama

Obama Indicates Support For National Exchange -- Excise Tax Scaled Back?

Answer This: Could a Dark-Skinned Man from Baltimore who Graduated from Morehouse Become President?

Gallup: Healthcare Bill Support Ticks Up; Public Still Divided

Defending "junk insurance"

Funeral set for Jean Finnegan Biden, vice president's mother, in Delaware; Obamas to attend

Candidate Obama; "If you make less than $250,000 a year, your taxes will not increase one dime."

DOD Announces Casualties 11-12-Jan-10 and Vietnam War MIA is identified

National air wars heat up in Mass. Senate special

Obama Received $20 Million From Healthcare Industry in 2008 Campaign

Fed records $45 billion in earnings in 2009

Too Cool? Big Majority Approves Of Obama’s Temperament And Leadership

Stupak: "I will work with Democratic Leadership"

Poll needs help

Amish families exempt from insurance mandate

Losing Hometown Straw Poll a Blow for Gov. Crist (maybe he should switch sides?)

Michael Bloomberg is the man behind Harold Ford's challenge to Kirsten Gillibrand

CT-Gov: Bysiewicz Will Drop Out of Gube Race, Run for AG Instead

Charlie Crist's home county GOP prefers Marco Rubio for senate

NC-08: Kissell in Good Shape

Federal Reserve earned $45 billion in 2009

Saturday, Feb. 6th 2010. Nationwide Candlelight Vigil for LGBT Youth (Scouting For All)

"President Signals Flexibility on Health Plan Tax"

Corroon's guv bid: 'Utah's best days are ahead'

I don't like Gossip. I don't like Halperin. I don't like the media pushing a reporter's Book.

What have YOU done today to help bring down the Democratic party?

Guess who showed up today at Biden's mother's funeral?

Quayle Endorses in NH Senate Race

AP Sources: Obama likes national health exchange

MA-Sen: Coakley Lead Down to 2 in Rasmussen

Luke Russert is a douchebag.

Specter says he'll back Obama choice for Justice Dept. post - Dawn Johnsen (WaPo)

Has working class consciousness collapsed?

Hickenlooper enters governor's race

Health Insurers’ Duplicitous Campaign Confirmed...Covertly Gave Millions To Fund Anti-Reform Ads

Our real estate bubble was the fault of irresponsible dead-beats who bought too much...

"Sarah Palin's Fox debut: Prime-time propaganda!"

Eugene Robinson: "Forgive me if I am neither shocked nor outraged"

Would you accept higher taxes if it meant getting universal health care?

Will Pres. Obama serve 252455408 seconds or 126227704 seconds?

There was a boy.....

Tell me this song ain't cool...

Paranormal Activity sucks!

Should health insurance companies be taxed

"Snow Monkeys at a Japanese hot spring" cute for words

Good lord. I just played Six Degrees. Don't do that if you value sanity.

Well, so much for the Republican Backlash. :-)

NYT: Ford to Challenge Gillibrand against party wishes.

I sent a guy to jail tonight

Gipsy Kings children's album

I just learned a new word: Palingenesis

Jack Nicholson doesn't look too impressed here. LOL

Who knew it was a crime? SC man who claimed he was just 'massaging' meat...

Good morning Lounge

Circus Art Extraordinaire!

Grijalva On Exempting Union Health Benefits From Tax: Close, But Not Enough

Happy 100th Birthday to Luise Rainer

To Heilemann, Halperin and Politico: I'll Proudly Defend Hillary Clinton, On The Record

If the word "negro" is so bad, why is this web site online?

The Great Joe Rollino has died.

Breaking: Obama makes a birdie with a two-iron!

So, I'm thinking of going back to school in some capacity. Any suggestions?

I don't have to be humble when I'm a freakin' Swedish Hero!

'Cougars' Not Welcome On Cruises

I trust Obama but I know people who have lost faith. What do you think is

Love is a myth?

You know who's a hero in Sweden? You better believe that I am!

file this under thinning the herd

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/12/10

"Bagger is the Centerfold"? ..... Brown like you have never seen him before (may cause eye damage!)

Catfight downstairs

Which center are we aiming at?

How do you pronounce " Timucuan?" Floridians or others, can you

What would you most like to see (pop culture edition)?

Anybody know how old Zeus and Apollo, of MAGNUM PI fame, lived to be?

Cheap fruit punch, diluted, tastes like Vitamin Water.

NOW Law and Order on TNT, OLD one with Kunstler appearing!


Funniest burying a dog story I have to tell.

Assorted links and stuff for those who despise "Jersey Shore"

Eric Rohmer, French 'New Wave' cinema filmmaker, dies at 89

Spent the weekend in Hermosillo, Sonora

I have questions about DU marketplace.

McQwire says if they had had drug testing he wouldn't had used drugs.

One more month until vacation.....

Who won the DU Bowl Season Pick "em Contest?

White House Opposes Challenge to Gillibrand

Tacoma bloodmobile trading beer for blood

Can anyone identify the music in this YouTube clip of a vintage car show?

Attn Lounge: Creekdog is being paid to mock me

Moses, Jesus, and an old man are playing golf one day...

Groucho Marx on the Secret of Life

Conan O’Brien Says He Won’t Host ‘Tonight Show’ Following Leno

8-year-old boys save drowning man at beach

Will Obama be a 1 term or 2 term pres?

Terry Allen - Truckload of Art


Giant Budgies save man from quicksand pool.

Those damned music critics!

Anyone else like Tebow?

Let's play the Movie Quote Game: 1st line edition

Today's epic fail

Amazing animation...almost PIXAR

Why is it legal for companies to use "simulated screen images" in advertisements for video devices?

I have some financial news for you.

If TSA uses the new body scanners, will people start wearing leaded bras?

David Letterman's Advice To NBC (Youtube)

Didn't know roof rats are capable of ripping up Oreo cookie bags

A 90 year old man tells his doctor that his 18 year old wife is pregnant.

can someone photoshop Statue of Liberty in a jailyard? It's a picture in my

Anybody collect Stamps?

2010 Buick Regal GS Concept

Man sentenced in federal cocaine case (dont have drink in mouth when clicking)

Don't you think the Brits should change the rules of inherited titles?

Conan Leaving Would be Good for NBC

Click here.

am i the only one without 1000+ posts?

I'm TA'ing this semester. God help me.

Mystery object to whizz by Earth Wednesday

Ever get drunk.. then

Every day my almost-six-year-old grills me on the physics of cartoons

"American Idol" showcases the depth of American historical awareness.

The Clash - Guns Of Brixton

TV shows usually decline in quality as the seasons go by.

WTF are people so cranky in GD?

A possible Palin/Lady Gaga 2012 ticket

Anyone else like Elbow?

Celebrity boxing matches you'd like to see?

Anyone else remember this? I think he is still crying....

I'm so excited about something on E-Bay I could just crap

Hey guys! Wanna ask a woman out? Wanna not come off like a creepy stalker?

Study suggests too many bodies buried at Burr Oak

Seaweed used to treat Alzheimer's

Russia activates 1 of 3 new Glonass navigation satellites

China 'successfully tests missile interceptor'

Domestic Abuse Arrest Follows Packers Loss

Nixon aide Colson said The Post needed to curry favor with administration

Progressive Group Issues 'Deadline' for Woolsey to Withdraw Endorsement of 'War Hawk' Harman

Challenge accepted: Carroll signs five-year deal to coach Seahawks

Nurse Outduels IRS Over M.B.A. Tuition

Foreigners (3 britons and a colombian) kidnapped in Nigeria

President Signals Flexibility on Health Plan Tax

Automakers, suppliers get $56.6M in grants

Federal Reserve earned $45 billion in 2009

U.S. Probes Afghan Reconstruction Abuses

Israel media splashes 'hazing' of Turkish envoy

Police taser 83-year-old woman in altercation

Venezuelans Rush for TVs on Devaluation, Colgate Hit (Update1)

Wal-Mart to close 10 Sam's Clubs stores in U.S.

Blair-Bush notes on Iraq reveal early move towards military action

2 Dead In Kennesaw (GA) Truck Rental Shooting

Union Heads Warn of Political Toll for Backing U.S. Health Tax

Fla. grandmother forgotten in jail for 15 days

Conan O' Brien Says He Won't Do The Tonight Show, After Leno

Saudi transfers from Gitmo on hold

Obama considers levy for rescued firms

US, Mexico open first new border crossing in 10 years

World Health Organization to review swine flu response

British police anti-terror searches condemned (by european court of human rights)

N.Y. Court Denies Dan Rather Appeal

'Afghan deaths in Nato firing'

Chavez's new exchange rates may boost inflation: analysts

Unusual space object, possibly man-made, approaches Earth

AP sources: Employer health mandate may be dropped

7.0 quake hits Haiti; could be 'catastrophe,' official says

US shuts North Carolina port over explosive container fears

Afghan govt to lure Taliban to switch sides

Stop-and-search powers ruled illegal by European court

Bomb plot against ministries in Baghdad thwarted

2 dead in Ga. shooting; suspect was ex-employee

Colombia to postpone some public spending in 2010

Ex-Investigator Admits To Witness Tampering

Tom Campbell to drop out of governor's race to run for U.S. Senate (vs. Boxer)

Chile repatriates remains of Indians from Europe that were displayed in 'human zoos'

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday January 12

Google ‘no longer willing’ to censor Chinese searches

Dan Rather exhausts legal appeals in lawsuit against CBS (Legal fight with CBS came to end today)

Haiti earthquake feared to have killed many

AP sources: Employer health mandate may be dropped

New papers show Nixon targeting Ted Kennedy

Afghan officials: 6 killed in Quran protest

Actress Luise Rainer celebrates centenary

White House backs Gillibrand over Ford

Iranian (nuclear) scientist killed in bombing

SEC brings new charges against Bank of America

Mexican drug lord 'El Teo' captured

'Necessity' defense: Did abortion doctor need to die?

SEC order helps maintain AIG bailout mystery (keeps payouts to Goldman/banksters secret until 2018)

Dutch inquiry says Iraq war had no mandate

Guatemalan lawyer arranged own slaying, U.N. panel says

NY court rejects Dan Rather's appeal against CBS

Toyota unveils baby Prius at Detroit Auto Show

Extremist Islamist groups to be banned under new (British) terror laws

Chile opens Museum of Memory to commemorate victims of Pinochet dictatorship

7.3 Earthquake near Port-au-Prince Haïti

AP sources: Health tax on high-earners may be out

(California) Assembly committee OKs recreational marijuana

Nippers (8 year old lifesaver trainees) hailed for daring surf rescue

Mayor Hickenlooper will run for governor

Sick Passenger on "Do Not Board" List Flies Out of Philly

Man Boards Flight with Shotgun Shells

Lobbyists aided Alaska's Murkowski in writing EPA limits bill

AP Sources: Obama likes national health exchange

Venezuela announces nationwide energy rationing

Brown's daughters call for Coakley to take down ad

‘Baby Einstein’ Founder Goes to Court

'Iranian' hackers paralyse Chinese search engine Baidu

Google 'may end China operations over e-mail breaches'

Police fight cellphone recordings

AP Exclusive: Obama wants $33 billion more for war

Study sees parking lot dust(Coal Tar Sealant) as a cancer risk

What the Financial Crisis Commission Should Ask

States Lower Test Standards for a High School Diploma.

Will Obama put U.S. boots on the ground in Yemen?

The COIN Myth - counterinsurgency field manual...281-page volume of balderdash

Ted Olson's Opening Statement (via Daily Dish)

Regulators Seek to Throw Light on Hedge Fund Impact in Energy Trading

The Tea Party Splatters

The Unofficial List of Pundits/Experts Who Were Wrong on the Housing Bubble

Federal Reserve Profit: Fed hauls in record $45 Billion in 2009.


Even in a Recovery, Some Jobs won't Return

Strom Thurmond's Ghost Returns to Give His 'Reid' on Harry

//Was Harry Reid Right?//

Activists protest in DC over Guantanamo prison [AP]

Dollars & Sense: Economic Rights, Then and Now

Foreign Policy Experts: Sarah Palin Should Be Split Into 'North' and 'South'

When Jon Stewart Fails

President Obama to speak at House GOP retreat

The Melting of America: The Story of a Can’t-Do Nation

Super Criminals:Chiquita Lauded for Human Rights Abuses

The Fundamental Unreliablity of America's Media

Apocalypse in Haiti: Havana Predicted Massive Earthquake in Port-au-Prince in 2008

New Doesn't Always Mean Improved

Poll: More Think Health Care Reform Isn't Ambitious Enough

Russia, China, Iran redraw energy map.

The Blackhearted Ethos Of 'Game Change'

Bankruptcy could be good for America

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg says privacy is no longer a 'social norm'

Why taxing health care plans is a terrible idea

Behind the Veils of Power: Hope for Progressives

How Banks Got Too Big to Fail

Illegal, inevitable – Chilcot inquiry casts new doubts on Iraq war

Miep Gies (Anne Frank diary guardian)

Lockstep Republican

"Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World"

Federal Prop 8 Trial - Rally Montage

Christmas Song Music Video - Op-Critical

Top Dems & Obama's race

Otto Frank talks about Annes diary

Screamin' A Smith calls for Harry Reid to Resign

Howard Stern plays Bill Hicks' rant on Jay leno

The Recession Explained

Thom Hartmann - Shouldn't we kill factory farming before it kills us?

Rudy Giuliani says big Wall Street bonuses are wonderful

Footage Just After the Haiti Earthquake

Thom Hartmann - Isn't comparing Osama to Hitler way off the mark?

Thom Hartmann - Isn't comparing Osama to Hitler way off the mark?

"There Is Power In A Union"- Billy Bragg

Young Turks Interview Dean Baker On Fed & Treasury Secrecy On Bank Money & More

Evolution Revolution

TYT: New Book w/ Devastating Sarah Palin Revelations & Palin Takes Job w/ Fox News!

Bill Moyers Essay on Greed

David Letterman - Dave Discusses Conan, Leno & NBC

The News Hour - Jon Gruber & Josh Bivens on health care - the so-called

Sarah Palin joins the Fox Infotainment crew

Beck outrageously says health care isn't a right. Forward to 2:30mins.

Palin's Debut on FauxNews

Celente in 2010 the collapse will hit the ground

Marcy Winograd Freedom, Equality & Dignity For All in the Middle East

Howard Stern: Rush Limbaugh is a whore

Martha Coakley 'Lockstep-Republican' Ad

Drumbeat: January 12, 2010

Peak oil review - Jan 11

Disappearing options…what happens to long-term policy options if mid-term emissions targets are not…

Northern forests do not benefit from lengthening growing season

US temperature still rising.

Stable climate and plant domestication linked

Ford says it will sell an electric Focus next year

Science Daily - Carbon Carried From Melting Tundra Into Arctic Seas Likely Further Boost For Warming

Suntech solar panels sold out through early 2010

League of Conservation Voters: Clean Air Act under attack in the Senate!

Air Cars

New Scientist - Avoiding Dangerous Warming By 2100 "Barely Feasible"

duplicate post, please ignore

Madagascar OKs Export Of Rosewood Logged From National Parks - Mongabay

ecoquest products

Australian Oyster Farming Collapsing - Would Need "Biblical" Rain To Rebuild Production - SMH

Australian Bureau Of Meteorology Publishes Decadal Temperature Anomaly Data

Detroit Zoo helps in Texas animal rescue

World's Longest Migration Found--2X Longer Than Thought

Pending PNAS Study - Butterfly Numbers, Diversity Falling Fast Across All Of California

Corn farmers achieve record yields and total production - with less than ideal conditions - USDA

Seville, Other Spanish Cities, See First Snowfall In 50 Years Or More - AFP

Nuclear 'doomsday clock' to be reset Thursday - live webcast from New York Academy of Sciences

"Industry's Secret Chemicals"

GM's Lutz: Higher gas tax would help

Atmospheric CO2 concentrations…ancient greenhouse climates…similar to those predicted for…2100

West Virginia approves 55.2MW Green Mountain wind project

Power Laws, Bell Curves & The Death Of Rationalization - Energy Bulletin

Feds delay protection for endangered Manatees:

Some photographs of the grand wind energy future.

Rooftop Solar Installations Growing Faster than Utility-Scale Solar

Germany sticking to ambitious CO2 target: adviser

This past weekend in sports was CRAP

don't blame the Knicks for losing to the Thunder last night -- they were terrorized by evil spirits

The Times (London): Blocking Togo's Return to African Cup is Pathetic

Todd Helton is the Grand Marshal of the National Western Stock Show Parade!

How bad is the Pac-10? Bad enough to not earn one at-large bid

Miami Dolphins fire defensive coordinator Paul Pasqualoni

Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys: Can They Achieve a NFC Divisional Title?

Congratulations pour in on Wade Phillips first playoff win

Riots in Knoxville? Srsly?

Ohio State beats Purdue @ Purdue

So now that a confirmed Cheater is allowed back into the game,

Sources: Kiffin to USC

Muschamp to Tennessee.

Among most of Washington's pro sports teams, misery loves company

Del Rio Staying in Jacksonville Amid U.S.C. Reports

DBJ picks Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones as its Executive of the Year

Who is the more disgusting?

I will never ever root for__________

The End of Times is for real! I'm actually rooting for the Cowboys this

Which of these Cheaters are you most likely to forgive (and why)?

Canseco: McGwire and La Russa are lying...

Vindicated- McGuire no HOF

Nick Saban bolts Bama to go the Vols!! Trumad is now a Vol fan!

Honduras: Reject Amnesty for Abuses During Coup

Museum stirs up Chile's troubled past

Super Criminals:Chiquita Lauded for Human Rights Abuses

Guatemala President Alvaro Colom cleared over murder

Hilarious BoRev on Latter Day Saints' elder's meet w Honduran gang leader; + DOOM in Venezuela (WSJ)

Assistant Secretary Valenzuela's Travel To Chile

Just So We Don't Forget...

Chile repatriates remains of Indians from Europe that were displayed in 'human zoos'

Massive 7.0 earthquake near Haiti

Apocalypse in Haiti: Havana Predicted Massive Earthquake in Port-au-Prince in 2008

Venezuelans Rush for TVs on Devaluation, Colgate Hit (Update1)

Hamas: Gaza bombmaker killed in work-related blast

Israel's 10 worst errors of the decade (Bradley Burston)

Israel considers giving legal status to two illegal West Bank outposts

Four-hour electric rationing to be implemented in Greater Caracas

NIS 30m. for settlement-freeze victims

Latest in hummus war: Israel doubles record

McCain & Lieberman undermine US policy while in Israel - MJ Rosenberg

Colombia to postpone some public spending in 2010

Israel media splashes 'hazing' of Turkish envoy

Guatemalan planned his own murder, probe finds

Today in Labor History Jan 12 JFK signs Executive Order 10988, join unions and bargain collectively

Grand jury finds woman justifiably killed intruder

2 dead in Ga. shooting; suspect was ex-employee

UPDATED: Intruder killed during home invasion

In Vermont, how could this be?

Two killed, three wounded in Kennesaw Georgia shooting.

Clerk Shoots Robber, Pair Of Armed Juveniles Arrested

The year of the NRA..

Looking for answers

"A perverted and abiding love for guns "

Concealed Handgun Permit Holders Have Killed 9 Law Enforcement Officers & 108 Citizens Since May '07

Puerto Rico Governor seeks amendment to ban same-sex marriages

Finally, Some Movement on DADT--Sort Of.

Prop 8 trial: Historian says marriage about more than procreation

Daily Transcripts of CA Prop8 Federal Trial

DADT Repeal: Dems Move Forward With Plans

Italy 'to open first prison for transgender inmates'

Army sergeant is tired of living 2 lives under "Don't ask, don't tell"

Will the Phillipines Criminalise Gay Marriage?

Saturday, Feb. 6th 2010. Nationwide Candlelight Vigil for LGBT Youth (Scouting For All)

OMG...I can't believe this is online. . .:).

One thing about winter

Winter reflections

A delightful photo/AV site. I was going to make bread, but this site

I seem to have developed radioactive shelving

I have a wish for real portable editing/storage machines.

Snow, Chair, Shadows


ready to land

Solar scientists use 'magnetic mirror effect' to explain galactic ribbon

My parents flew me down south for winter


Yearlong Star Eclipse May Help Solve Space Mystery

Carefree Summer days are coming again...I just know it.

The January poll now has 300 votes. How often have we broken that barrier in the past?

Astronauts' urine clogs space station water recycler

Green Sea Slug Is Part Animal, Part Plant

So guess who will be a keynote speaker at the BIO2010 conference in Chicago? Yep. G.W. Bush.

The Next Great Step In Human Evolution

Recent Rise In Certain Disorders Could Be Explained By Ongoing Human Evolution

Big Bank Theory By DEAN BAKER

Yesterday, in meditation, the question of anger came up

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 1/12/10

China overtakes Germany as biggest exporter..No longer USA

I can't believe I'm going to ask this....

Woman beats IRS Single handedly!!!!!!!

Fast-acting impotency drug outpaces rivals: study

New Sex Hormone Found—May Lead to Male Birth Control?

Yoga reduces cytokine levels known to promote inflammation

Bifocals slow progression of near sightedness in children, study shows

Clinical trial chiefs more likely tied to industry

GAO: "Extraordinary" increases in drug prices over the past decade

A Comparison of the Effects of Three GM Corn Varieties on Mammalian Health

Pine bark relieves hemorrhoid symptoms

New stroke therapy successful in rats

The terrible harm that alternative medicine can do

As School Exit Tests Prove Tough, States Ease Standards

DPS teachers sue district, union over contract

New website: Great Schools for America

Have public high schools become diploma mills now?

Dolphins = non human persons

World Vision: Non-Christians Need Not Apply

Pope Says Gay Marriage Threat To Creation

New Peter Renhart bread book "Artisan Breads Every Day" - Biscuits