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Cleanning The Clock of a CO-WOKER TODAY...

WH warns tax defeat could trigger new recession

Ever given money to a PBS station?

What do you think.

Jessica Simpson's $750 million empire

‘Don’t Ask’ Debate Caught in Tax Cut Crossfire (Nate Silver)

South Korean Farmers Protest Against Free Trade Agreement with U.S.

South Korean Farmers Protest Against Free Trade Agreement with U.S.

What do you think the main differences are between mainline Protestants and fundamentalists?

HERE'S a thought. A FORUM for "Dump Obama 2012" threads, or just BAN the fucking things altogether

BBC: Mastercard's HOLD on Wikileaks Acct Might be Lifted if ADVERSE PUBLIC REACTION

Gitmo may be WikiLeaks’ next target

I vote for the 2nd one.

Halliburton Co. technician missed signals of fire on BP well

Seth Petreikis, Baby With Complete DiGeorge Syndrome, Denied Medicaid Coverage For Life-Saving Proce

Los Angeles schools suffer more job cuts

This looks like a very informative article on economics.

LIVE Working or Die Fighting: Up From the Ashes

Canada’s richest 1 percent grabbed one-third of all income growth since 1987

WikiLeaks Nearly Immune to Takedown, Says Researcher

Protests inside & outside of "La Scala" opening in Milan

Poverty has a huge impact on American PISA scores

Boston Cutting Property Deals with Charters, Charters Recruit Top Scorers, Private School Students

Judge Rules Broad's Stooge, Bob Bobb, Must End Illegal Takeover of Detroit Schools

The Last Word Dec 8 2010

So across the globe the perception of corruption has increased

An aggressive and pernicious economic competitor with

Ted Nugent receives Smokey Bear Award

LOL! Faux Are Jumping On The Victim Bandwagon, Paranoid They Might Be Next On Anonymous' List....

Could Obama recover from primary challenge?

So what's going on with DADT/Defense Authorization Bill?

Welcome to Infowar, version 1.0

Why the Obama tax deal with Republicans is insane

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Does Reality Star Have a Beef With Sarah Palin?

Politico - ReTHUGS Rethink Earmark Ban

Chicago women who volunteered for W Bank humanitarian mission prosecuted under terror laws

Chicago women who volunteered for W Bank humanitarian mission prosecuted under terror laws

Unhappy Democrats say tax bill likely to pass

The Wikileaks scandal is a war for the future of the Internet

As Bullies Go Digital, Parents Play Catch-Up

Continuing pro-Wikileaks DDOS actions, Anonymous takes down

KIPP wants public bond issues for their Texas prison schools

Average tax cut for the top 1%: $70,000 - More than 85% of American men make in 1 year.

If Reaganomics had never been...

NY Gov Paterson ladles out the pork while preparing to cut state workers

Student protests in UK, Italy, Greece, Ireland: "Join the Fight"

Solution: The Pentagon Continues to Overpay for Everything; Let's Fix It

'Straight arrow' considers health-care suit

LePage,(new repub. govenor) Milo (Maine) officials discuss private prison

Rockefeller sends letter to President of Century Aluminum

Body cameras: The new eyes of the law

Americans Killed in Afghanistan in November Equals Last 7 Years of Novembers

As a male who tends to go ballistic whenever I hear someone say

Not Just Liberal Democrats Oppose Tax Agreement

STOP LOSSED Veterans - Deadline Extended to Sept. 30, 2011

What power has law where only money rules

To Show Solidarity with Assange,

To Show Solidarity with Assange,

Surgeon Gen: One puff from a cig can kill you, breathing someone else's smoke once can as well

What I want to know: Where are all the "shared sacrifices" speeches we should be hearing?

Weekly U.S. jobless claims drop 17,000 to 421,000

London Calling

An inflated claim of health success in Afghanistan exposed

And This Is Just One Of The Reasons The USS Gerald R Ford Is Gonna Cost $40 Billion Dollars

Exclusive: Sarah Palin Under Cyber-Attack from Wikileaks Supporters in 'Operation Payback'

Pass the Caribou Stew

Feds hint at charges for WikiLeaks' Assange

Schumer: World's leading guitar string manufacturer employing 800 threatened by chinese counterfits

Please Explain It To Me Like I Am A Six Year Old

A good sign for progressives: Blumenthal names former Planned Parenthood exec his chief of staff

When you are the president and relying on the opposition party to pass your "deal"

Smoked out: What communities enacting pot bans should consider

Navy Using 2 Littoral-Ship Teams Blunts Risk, GAO Says

Navy Using 2 Littoral-Ship Teams Blunts Risk, GAO Says

Good To Know The WH Has Finally Figured Out That To Get What They Want They Have To Run A Strong PR

Let's face it, the odds of DADT being repealed and of the Dream Act

Mother Jones: Tea Party 0 For 3 In House Leadership Fights

In Iraq, can State Department pick up where US military leaves off?

Media Matters Hires Angelo Carusone, Leader Of 'Stop Beck' Movement, To Ramp Up Campaign Against Fox

Anonymous takes down Visa, Amazon, PayPal, Swiss bank, Assange prosecutor

Media Matters Hires Angelo Carusone, Leader Of 'Stop Beck' Movement, To Ramp Up Campaign Against Fox

Media Matters Hires Angelo Carusone, Leader Of 'Stop Beck' Movement, To Ramp Up Campaign Against Fox

Afghanistan War: Public opinion turns sharply against US forces

Media Matters Hires Angelo Carusone, Leader Of 'Stop Beck' Movement, To Ramp Up Campaign Against Fox

Jobless claims fall for second time in 3 weeks

Dear Obama, the republicans are bullies

Obama's Deal with GOP May Help Him Win Back Independents, Poll Suggests

There is soomething wrong with the Huff Po website, Not responding

NJ Approves Anti-Abortion License Plates

The Nightmare of January.

Hackers Give Web Companies a Test of Free Speech

email from my DNS provider this AM regarding Wikileaks

'Prince of Pork' to House Appropriations Committee chairmanship

The Rev Phelps

How some in power think.

How Fox News Spun Health-Care Debate

Support WikiLeaks and Defend Julian Assange!

They first came for Wikileaks

Itay Has Doubts About Buying F-35Bs

U.S. poised to slurp up more of Canada's dirtiest oil

Machete Denied Tax Breaks for Hurting Texas's Feelings

Key FBI whistleblower says if WikiLeaks existed sooner, 9/11, Iraq war ‘could have been prevented'

Questions about the leaked "Cables."

This is fiction, right? It could never happen in America, right?

Bah, humbug.

Is this Democratic Underground or Free Republic Left?

Anthony Weiner vs. Megyn Kelly

Rugged, Macho Lindsey Graham Accuses Obama Of 'Whining,' Double Dog DARES Dems To Block Tax Cut Deal

Even Marie Antoinette could never have dreamed this big.

The #1 MSM liberal voice has signed a 5 year contract with Sirius.

Please watch this explanation of the tax compromise

Navy Causes Controversy by Changing ‘Persian Gulf’ to ‘Arabian Gulf’

Angry UK students protest ahead of controversial vote

(Stanley) McChrystal talk at Cal Poly Arts a dud fundraiser

Why Is Social Security Going Broke?

Anonymous recruits Wikileaks 'data army'

US Home Values To Drop $1.7 Trillion In 2010

Denver man found innocent; still required to pay thousands in impound fees

Mother Jones: The End of Abortion Insurance?

The perfect gift?

Lately, I've been trying to think of a way to make the world hate America less...

Is a DEM President still a Democrat if the deals he makes get more votes from the GOP than DEMS?

Operation Payback.

'Don't ask' repeal gains momentum

Can we define "they" better?

Thursday TOON Roundup part 3

The Hill: CEOs find new friend in Obama

Teen suspected of tossing hot spinach at Boston Market clerk is arrested

Thursday TOON Roundup part 2- More on the tax deal

Wall Street Quietly Creates a New Way to Profit From Homeowner Distress

Thursday TOON Roundup part 4

Twitter (& Facebook) Bans WikiLeaks’ Hacker Avengers. Here Comes The Cyberattack

Why the tax cuts matter.

Ellsberg: “EVERY attack now made on WikiLeaks and Julian Assange was made against me..."

US Life Expectancy Slipped As Recession Took Hold

West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin: Palin "a phony pioneer girl, deranged"...reality show a "snuff film"

Stryker soldier says beating made him talk of unit's drug use in Afghanistan

Operation Payback Have Told Britain's Channel 4 News That "Twitter Will Fall Next"

The Rude Pundit: Senate Republicans: The Health of 9/11 Responders Ain't Worth the Price

House Dem Caucus votes to reject tax compromise

RW radio station WXKS with Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh bombing in Boston.

U.S. life expectancy slipped as recession took hold

The Ultimate Brunette Joke

Thanksgiving tragedy?

After budget cuts, Indiana baby denied life-saving treatment

"Starve the Beast" from Ruben Bolling's Tom the Dancing Bug.

Summers: Payroll tax holiday was GOP's preference for tax stimulus (DK)


Wal-Mart to end extra $1 an hour for Sunday work


It's ironic how the President being the bigger person actually makes him look small. nt

MasterCard and Visa cut off Wikileaks, but the KKK is still OK!

10 reasons to shun stocks till banks crash

Just saw an ad for Dragon voice recognition software.

Masks so realistic they're arresting the wrong guy

News Flash: Economists Say this Tax Cut Compromise will NOT create Jobs

So, let me get this straight about the unemployment "extension"..

The Extent of the President's agreement with the Republicans revealed.

Anonymous Attacks ABC News, Threatens

It's not my weekend police misconduct post, But I did think that this was funny:

If money is Speech, and the Extreme Court ruled it is

The horns of a dilemma...

Facebook confirms it has deleted pro-WikiLeaks hackers' account

"A Thank You from China"

"A Thank You from China"

Jan Brewer Medicaid Cuts Prompt Dire Calls For Life-Saving Coverage & Criticism Of 'Brewercare'

Elite Saudi youth party with cocaine, hookers as morality enforced on poor, WikiLeaks cable shows

The Senate has tabled consideration of the Dream Act. n/t

The Senate has tabled consideration of the Dream Act. n/t

British parliament votes in favor of f**king over students

What are YOU doing TODAY to help pass the DREAM ACT & DADT REPEAL? I know what the right is doing

While Whacking Critics, Obama Gets Facts Wrong

Death panels: Coming soon to a state near you

British news is so much more interesting than U.S. news

U.S. life expectancy slipped as recession took hold

First thoughts: Scare tactics-White House uses scare tactics to sell the tax deal

On the speculation that Julian Assange's accuser is an undercover intelligence agent

More Lies From Northrop Grumman

A Parable: The King and His Subjects

So if Fox News was is up in arms about this war on Christmas....

Facebook confirms it has deleted pro-WikiLeaks hackers' account

Facebook confirms it has deleted pro-WikiLeaks hackers' account

I just saw the unedited version of Palin hunting; She is a phony

Testing a thought: would you vote for Russ Feingold for President in 2012?

Salvation Army Trashes Harry Potter Toys (but M-16 toys are OK apparently)

Ezra Klein interview with the leader of the House revolt, Peter Welch

What you saw was one branch of government which hammered a deal

Pelosi won't hold vote on Obama's tax plan, says aide

It's nice that Scarborough remembers Lennon, because John wouldn't whiz on Joe if he were on fire

A brief look at the estate tax over the past nine years

Thank you , George W Bush, for your middle class tax cut.

If they eliminate SS benefits entirely, do we still have to pay into it? Will they

Just came home and saw GIbbs on the TEEVEEE machine

PMH message of the day...This may be of use for some folks

Makes the mind boggle

I don't get it.

I don't get it.

From my understanding, it is not extreme tactics that delegitimize a cause, it is collateral damage.

Another D in GA turns R.

Robert Reich: Obama's Tax Deal Confirms the Republican's Worldview

Obama Likely Could Have Gotten Stand-Alone Payroll Tax Holiday

Republicans Block U.S. Health Aid for 9/11 Workers

GlobalRev and CyberWar (UrbSurvival)

Scientist: Fire in Israel is a typical example of climate change effects in Mediterranean

WikiLeaks Said To Be Readying Documents On Every Gitmo Prisoner

Westboro to picket Elizabeth Edwards funeral..

The Estate Tax was added to the package just so it could be removed.

Some unemployed jobseekers trying to double dip

Some unemployed jobseekers trying to double dip

Hey, Larry O'Donnell......

What bothers me most is that we're not attending to the real threats.

Goodbye Social Security... I had fun paying into you

My biggest dissapointment so far has been Congress' lack of action on Taxes prior to the Election.

Student protests in the UK. Live coverage.

What's the name of that left-wing alternative to Amazon?

Republicans Block U.S. Health Aid for 9/11 Workers

War tax

Any thing we get from this tax "deal"....

Chemical fortune heir John Dupont, who was serving a prison sentence for murder, dies at age 72 -

Prince of Pork, Rogers (R,KY) will head the House Appropriations Comm.

How much will the middle class and poor tax rates increase?

The White House Comment line is backed up

Unbelievable! Amazon SELLS Wikileak cables!

U.S. life expectancy slipped as recession took hold

Al-Jazeera: KPFT Puts Them On The Houston Airwaves

Thom Hartmann had a great idea on his show - contact Pelosi to thank her.

Contrary to Public Statements, Obama Admin Fueled Conflict in Yemen

If tax cuts stimulate the economy I have an idea...

If tax cuts stimulate the economy I have an idea...

FWIW - RE: The Phelps clan

Flashback: Speaker Pelosi Declares That There is No Evidence of Any Crime by President Bush

Flashback: Speaker Pelosi Declares That There is No Evidence of Any Crime by President Bush

(Not-so) Secret GOP plan: Push states to declare bankruptcy and smash unions

New York Times: "Republicans Block U.S. Health Aid for 9/11 Workers"

CAn someone who knows how to write write a thank-you note to Pelosi we can all sign?

A RW LTTE in the Toledo Blade caught my attention today.

Beau Biden elected to lead Democratic Attorneys General.

India's Crown Jewels: Female Talent

WikiLeaks Can Still Get Cash – Thanks To Pirate Bay’s Co-Founder

Surprise Me For Once: Repeal Don'tt Ask Don't Tell

If Wikileaks takes down Twitter, I will.....

It's idiotic to call hacking "cyber terrorism". There is not terror involved in operation payback.

dup -please delete

white man wears black mask to rob bank. Black man gets arrested

This country is being strangled by the greed of unbridled capitalism.

m$nbc....millions of americans are waiting to see if their unemployment benefits will continue

There's a decent chance Nancy is giving cover to Barack

Obama's Deal with GOP May Help Him Win Back Independents, Poll Suggests

Alternative to Paypal:, anybody used them?

Senator Merkley challenges filibuster rules

In 2012, IF needs be, who would you consider for a new nominee?

If the House Dems reject the tax plan this year, what will stop it from passing next year?

Chinese seek 450 mill of US stimulus ...supported by dems..

Chinese seek 450 mill of US stimulus ...supported by dems..

Krugman - "On the straight economics, the tax deal is worth doing"

The War on Christmas has begun. The first casualty...Rudolph (graphic video)

Are Federal Workers Overpaid?

Dutch authorities arrest 16-year-old boy over MasterCard, PayPal website attacks

Lawrence O'Donnell to Grayson your wrong

Protesters attack car containing Prince Charles

Want to read something funny? U.S. to Host World Press Freedom Day in 2011

Wind at their backs: Powerful Democrats help Chinese energy firm chase stimulus money

83% of 2008 Obama Donors Oppose Tax Cut Extensions

Don't Forget How America Got Screwed Up~A Facebook Page you might enjoy...

I would have really hated to be someone who was ordering medical or school supplies

I heart House Dems

A stupid nanny-like plea for sanity and respect

Experts blame economic woe for student protests in Turkey: familiar story

Big fricking surprise, Democrats in Congress still acting as if the President is holding them back

Big fricking surprise, Democrats in Congress still acting as if the President is holding them back

Why do we keep blaming the repubs when we still

Is cheap oil worth violating the sovereignty of foreign nations?

Something that irritates me about Chris Matthews and Larry O'Donnell

Separate And Unequal: How Abortion Bans Exacerbate Discrimination

Tax Bill

LBJ - 1967

You don't want to be unemployed in Vermont

54 Congressional Democrats write letter against the tax deal:

Which Democrats should we support more on Democratic Underground?

Rep. Cummings on MSNBC just said that Obama should come to speak to the people who carried his water

Well that's it, the next two years of Congress is officially broken

House Dems Vote NO CONFIDENCE In Obama TAX Plan

Do you think we will have a Civil War in this century?

Some yea's and nay's on considering the defense bill including DADT repeal:

So what exactly was the POINT of having the DADT right now, today?

I'm so damned (not) proud to be from SC. Animal abuse.

Apparently Lieberman hasn't given up yet. He's introducing a standalone DADT repeal bill.

Prince Charles's Car Attacked by Angry Protesters

Obama says his deal with Republicans has "the potential to create millions of jobs"

rofl - No Country In Africa Wants To Host AFRICOM SO Guess Where It May Go?

Shed a tear for the financial industry

Krugman: Obama may be buying off the hostage-takers by giving them more hostages.

DADT is done FAILED. Unbelievable

Frat boy BULLSHIT from Tucker Carlson (sends college student undercover with food stamps)

Pelosi pledges to win changes as House Dems reject tax-cut deal

How will the wealthy fighting for tax cuts and how will egotistical Senators be remembered?

Bush v. Gore's Disgrace Deepens (10 Years Later)

On Twitter, Lieberman says he and Collins will introduce free standing legislation to repeal DADT

So, We Were Pissed When BO Didn't Offer His Own Plan on HCR, Leaving It To Congress

Naked Capitalism: U.S. Treasury Bars Use of TARP Funds to Help Borrowers Facing Foreclosure

In a million republican living rooms and in a million red neck bars the fags

In a million republican living rooms and in a million red neck bars the fags

Tax and Unemployment Agreement Leads to Jobs Growth

Assange accuser may have ceased co-operating

Ex-Obama budget director Orszag joins Citi (quelle suprise!)

People are getting Alarmed about the Social Security Payroll Tax Holiday Provision. Obama is Silent.

listening to Ed Shultz on the repeat

The Conservative Case for WikiLeaks

Something to think about with this Wikileaks thing

"The Madness of a Lost Society"

EXCLUSIVE: Details From Inside The Prison Assange Is Holed Up In

Lisa Murkowski can go to hell.

Student protests: today is our 1968 moment (30 universities occupied?)

Filibuster....Hope January is a bit more enlightening.

DADT: Mr. Obama, withdraw your appeal now

Key vote on 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' repeal fails

What is the estimated cost of the unemployment ins. extension? What is the cost of the tax cuts?

LaHood takes 1.2 billion from wisconsin and ohio rail funding and gives it to other states

Why Do Dialysis Patients in U.S. Die More Frequently than in Other Countries?

The future of tax policy

OMFG, that Westboro bunch is going to picket Elizabeth Edwards' funeral.

‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal Falls Short in Senate

‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal Falls Short in Senate

The KC-X Wars Continue

wesley snipes in prison for tax fraud; banksters run free.

O: Greasing the wheels with GOPers?

Criticism of Democrats has always been common on DU.

Yesterday:Amazon Boots Wikileaks. Today: Sells Cables Online for Profit

A very sobering thought about "A Letter From Anonymous," which allegedly defends WikiLeaks

Students have been protesting for WEEKS in the UK. Why do you suppose US media ignores it?

Assange's hiding place: U.K. club for journalists

I have been going back and forth between anger and depression

Help me decipher this Glenn Beck piece on Julian Assange!

Feeling of deep foreboding for our nation

Iran frees mother sentenced to stoning: reports

House Speaker Pelosi WON'T HOLD FLOOR VOTE On Obama-GOP Tax Deal

UK: Local Newspaper Shamelessly Siezes The Opportunity to be Outraged

WTF ??? - (DADT Sub-Plot On The Senate Floor)

This has WIN written all over it.

Please explain to me right now why Harry Reid cannot invoke the nuclear option


Fuck it. I'm done. I want a third way.

You know, it's just a SLIGHT tax increase on the poor

This is troubling

July 26. 1948

AARP Magazine Cover, "George W. Bush, New Life, No Regrets", makes me very angry

Transgender woman files privacy claim against California Department of Motor Vehicles

Adam Greene must be a thorne in the WH' side

Hoo boy, I just learned about a new group of Christofascists

WARNING: If You Read This Article, Your Head Might Just Explode

Obama-GOP deal raises taxes on poorest earners

Two U.S. states lose high-speed rail funds

Can You Imagine What This Place Would Have Been Like If...

Tax Cuts Numerology -- Some Embarrasing Numbers for the Democrats

TX sized hypocrisy. TX Lawmaker steals from Govt. Files bill to hang ten commandments

It's time to call them what they are, 'Obama's tax cuts for the rich'.

DADT is up to the courts. I'm tired of being a second-class citizen.

Students attack Prince Charles' car after fee hike

V for Vendetta Hacker Strikes at Washington State University

I'm going to a Repeal DADT rally tonight...

Some of you will love this toon.....

NPR: FBI & Justice Department Are "Scouring The Law Books" Looking To Prosecute WikiLeaks

Glenn Beck on Julian Assange and Wikileaks...

Bisphenol-A Coated On Dollar Bills And Receipts

The Working Poor Will Pay Higher Taxes after Obama's GOP Tax Compromise

How does Lindsey Graham sleep at night?

Somebody Help Me: What was Accomplished in the Senate Today?

A snapshot of how the South Korean Parliament approaches budget disputes...

Drastic Cuts and Punitive Interest Rates: The EU Is Pushing Ireland to the Brink of Ruin

With Some Reservations, UAW Supports President's Middle Class Tax Cut Framework

Thursday Toon Roundup, part 1- The Cartoonists respond, day 3

Can someone explain how the bush tax cut extensions will create jobs, when we have had them for

Just picture the firestorm if we had a government program that was to create jobs but never did

Chris just called Cucinelli on how he thinks

Hitchens Takes on Glenn Beck

The House Dems and the Teabagger Rethugs are currently blocking O's stupid tax deal

So, I'm sitting here drinking a Guinness (it's a vacation day)

Haliburton's $500 Million "PLEA DEAL" to Keep Cheney Out of Jail

Breaking the silence on Colombia's disappeared

Rep. Gary Ackerman: Tax Cut Deal Is GOP's 'Wet Dream Act' - HuffPo

WikiLeaks cables: Pfizer used dirty tricks to avoid clinical trial payout

Hey Obama White House! The Republickers are the enemy, not

Is America under terrorist attack now?

I still have a job...

What are the merits of what Bernie Sanders is discussing right now?

Remember The Employee Free Choice Act......

What DU would be like without Skinner, the mods, and the rules.

Helping pets makes everyone's holiday brighter

Governor’s Commission on Privatization Recommends…Privatization.

Who said "F the President"?

Does anyone know if I cancel my donations to DU, will I be held responsible for the full amount? nt

A DEPRESSION will happen unless the tax deal passes!

Senate tax bill mirrors Obama-Republican deal

If Operation Payback is OK,

Baltimore Orioles' Luke Scott

Real Republicans don't filibuster by Richard Painter (former BUSH lawyer)

Deficit commission chiefs meet with White House, call for serious action (LAT)

Nice editorial from the Salt Lake City Tribune (of all places) on the demise of the DREAM act.

America's Hostage Crisis: Day 3,500 -- And Counting - HuffPo

America's Hostage Crisis: Day 3,500 -- And Counting - HuffPo

PA Walmart stores getting CCTV-enabled, breathalyzin' wine vending machines

Not that familiar with Lady Gaga's music... or I might have a snappy Subj line about President Obama

US and China joined forces to stymie consensus at Copenhagen's Climate Summit

BREAKING: First hacker arrested 16 y/o...

What about the Unemployed??

Protesting Austerity, here and there

Anonymous hacktivists say Wikileaks war to continue

There are a lot of people here who support the president and want a safe haven; this is our thread!

When you stop and think about it, the wealthy really didn’t uphold their part of the bargain.

BBC: Czech gay asylum 'phallometric test' criticised by EU

Feds pull high-speed rail funds from Wisconsin, Ohio

Ever have a day where your brain is overdosed by news?

After all the posturing, what will Democrats in Congress eventually do about the expiring tax cuts?

Senate Aide: Manchin 'No' Vote On DADT Was A Stunt

Senate Democrats do nothing on judicial nominations today

First it was the Portland tree lighting. Yesterday another knucklehead in Maryland was busted.

All I want for Christmas . . . . . (e-card)

The joke is on us because we voted for Obama

Johnson & Johnson recalls all Rolaids for wood and metal particles

Failing to pass DADT repeal, Dems have lost the "gay" vote forever.

Failing to pass DADT repeal, Dems have lost the "gay" vote forever.

Carefully Chosen Words from the based in Reality Community

Carefully Chosen Words from the based in Reality Community

Carefully Chosen Words from the based in Reality Community

State Dept: No One Touched 'Dancing Boy' At DynCorp Party

What the fuck, just what the fuck..... Democrats, Really!

Nurses Top Honesty and Ethics List for 11th Year

The anti-WikiLeaks lies and propaganda campaign: Cutting through the bull shit fear-peddling

The anti-WikiLeaks lies and propaganda campaign: Cutting through the bull shit fear-peddling

Looks like everyone's taxes are going up

Root Canal'd! Lincoln Misses DADT Vote In Dentist Chair

If WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is tried, will a single juror exercise jury nullification to

a new scam???

a new scam???

Today students attacked Charles and Camilia

NPR: One In Seven Americans Is On Food Stamps

Failure of GOP to vote FOR middle Class Tax Cuts or to VOTE FOR Unemployment Benefit Extension

Do you think Reid has been given a free pass?

Wikimovement The KKK (Ku Klux Klan, a racist organization) accepts MasterCard/ Visa 4 donation ,BUT

For a little comic relief.......FAILblog funnies

DMV clerk writes to transgender customer at home, warns of 'abomination' and 'hell'

GOP rewards senior vote with benefits cuts

Progressives Keeping Heat on Obama

Poor people do not "riot", the rich do.

Ollie, a three-month-old rescued sea otter, finds new home - adorable pics

Lawrence O'Donnell apologizing to Alan Grayson on air now

Apparently Assange has distanced Wikileaks from attacks on Mastercard, Visa and Paypal.

I think the problem is is that Obama is too conflict averse to be effective.

My question is how could the right be so naive to think Obama is a socialist?

MUST READ: 'Let the Bush Tax Cuts Expire in 2010 or Make Matters Worse' - HuffPo

It's time to invoke the NUCLEAR OPTION

Republicans Block U.S. Health Aid for 9/11 Workers

I am a lower to middle class income citizen and I want to pay taxes!

Nine years, two months, three days and counting. 140,000 uniformed Americans in country.

Eat your heart out, Tim Robbins

Hoyer: "We don't want to put the nonwealthy in our country at such risk."

So. What should we call our Progressive political party?

"Latte-Drinking, Prius-Driving, Birkenstock wearing, Trust Fund Babies."

Lawrence O'Donnell apologized to Grayson!

Sarah and Daddy.

I'm beginning to think Obama just isn't smart enough to be president

OMG! Look at this whacka-whacka message from Orly Taitz to her supporters:

OMG! Look at this whacka-whacka message from Orly Taitz to her supporters:

The Republicans are trying to force wedges into the Democratic Party any

Wow, 30 or 40 years old bur still relevant today

Alan Grayson was so wonderful tonight

THAT'S Why They Need The Money...

Baltimore baseball player is a Birther...

Obama's tax-cut deal upsets many major donors

Martin Luther King's lawyer on Obama:

FReeper from the UK says...

Obama should find a compromise on DADT. How about a partial repeal that only applies to lesbians.

All this anger......what about all this anger? What to do with it?

Prince Charles and Camilla attacked, my local media except NBC completely ignored it

Pro-WikiLeaks Cyber Army Gains Strength; Thousands Join DDoS Attacks

Pro-WikiLeaks Cyber Army Gains Strength; Thousands Join DDoS Attacks

President doesn't think Senate should turn its back on DADT - Wants another try in lame duck session

The economy seems to do well when the tax rate for top incomes is higher.

••• What's the story with Republican radio talk host Alex Jones? •••

I guess they still like me-My "Stop-Loss" editorial printed today

"Off with their heads," as Charles and Camilla

Army Calls For Increased Body Armor For Troops In Syria

What are your alternative sources of news? A few of mine...

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

“Self-sufficient Sarah Palin’s” hunting trip cost $42,000

m$ cleared for tax cut bill; energy breaks added

Manchin: I didn't mean it when I voted "no".

Westboro Church: "God hates Elizabeth Edwards" -- will picket funeral

All members of the Westboro Baptist Church need to take a long walk

Make no Mistake, It Is Your Freedoms From Corrupt Governing Which Is The True Threat Not Wikileaks

CNN accidentaly airs Dumb and Dumber toilet scene

I_love, love, *LOVE*_Keith O! eom

Does anyone here believe ANY of the Bush* tax cuts are fiscally responsible?

How can we evaluate Obama fairly while ignoring right wing talk radio?

How can we evaluate Obama fairly while ignoring right wing talk radio?

The Sick-Day Bounty Hunters

Strawberry growers start pumping water. Homeowners fear sinkholes.

URGENT: Another Dem Representative Jay Inslee needs a petition signed to stop tax cut bill

Please Consider K&Ring This Post:

Portland Oregon Event: Who's Bashing Public Schools & What Can We Do About It?" 12/10

Ladies and Gentlemen... PAYPAL IS DOWN!

The Woolworth Sit-In That Launched a Movement

Lawrence! apologized to Alan Grayson, and he's on the show again!

This president was elected to correct for thirty years of conservative failures.

While we are apportioning blame for all things, let's not leave out one particular person.

It's not time to deflate on the DADT repeal vote

Stupid and cruel. Woman, 38, ordered back to Mexico after lifetime in U.S.

1943 tax data -- how much did the wealthy used to pay?

Can I clear up a fundamental misunderstanding?

chatting with a coworker today

Obama's tax-cut deal upsets many major donors (LAT)

Australia: WikiLeaks cables reveal ties between Rudd coup plotters and US embassy

Where Does Congress' Responsibility Lie?

Beloved teacher suffered miscarriage breaking up classroom fight

Obama's silent majority

All of the posturing over the President's compromise 'framework'. Will Congress do any differently?

Vandals cut down 2,000 year old "holy thorn tree" in Glastonbury

Essential Chomsky

Rep Grayson said that the president can direct the IRS to keep the existing tax rates...

Obama leaves out commuter tax break in deal with GOP

Man choses railroad job over another NFL chance (steady paycheck-healthcare)

Robert Gibbs warns democrats in House that their constituents will be angry

9/11 first responders legislation blocked in Senate

Christine O’Donnell takes job at Fox (shock)

Does anyone here NOT believe that things are about to get a whole lot worse?

Doors' Jim Morrison to get pardoned in Florida

Baywatch star singled out for nude security scan

What about a bill that made the Veterans health system

Halliburton may pay $500 million to keep Cheney out of prison: report

MoveOn supporting House Democrats actions on tax cut deal

More on Calif. 'bomb house': It's being deliberately set on fire to destroy massive amounts of explo

Is there a union busting environment in your state?

We are too fucking soft, too fucking spoiled...

Said Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-Texas: "If it's take it or leave it, we'll leave it."

Winning a fight with the Republicans -- 1995/96 Budget Battle

Anger at 'slave trader' Assange: WikiLeaks loyalists decide to break away

Kerry: “The truth is, the President got a lot of things here we've been fighting for"

German police find pot plant adorned as Xmas tree

Pro-WikiLeaks cyber army gains strength; thousands join DDoS attacks

This is for Nancy Pelosi - in appreciation of her spine of steel

September / Free

How do you think? Me I have a male female brain in that I am blessed both empathy


Woo! 13,001 posts!

"The Revolution is complete! ANARCHY!!!!!"

I'm getting a little verklempt, let me give you a topic

ZOMG - Community is going Claymation for Christmas!

Can anyone else measure how drunk they are by how their musical taste changes?

25 or 6 to 4

Why were you late for work this morning?

Who knows LeftyFingerPop?

Just read a bunch of "The Walking Dead" graphic novels (spoilers)

Anyone have an HTC Droid (model ADR6200)

Rick Danko (December 29, 1943 – December 10, 1999)

Anyone know who is the woman in the Geico "bird in the hand" commercial?

The Dog Food Diet

I was watching SciFi Channel.

IATL and probably IBTL too

How would you like to work for this guy?

Tolerant as the next guy. The thing I can't stand about homersexuality is its inherent narcissism...

(DIALUP WARNING) Owwie. Kid skis (momentarily) on FOUR skis. B-r-r-r-r-r-r !!!!

Anyone See The BBC Detective Show, "Luther"

Black Sabbath - Symptom of the Universe

The Funky Worm

I Want To Be Free

Hey, Mark Zuckerberg

Hang on in there

Trying to oven slow-cook beef ribs

Me and the dogs are going to bed...

Hooray for kind, phone saavy people!...

Babylon 5 on Netflix streaming

Netflix reccs

Why the correlations.

What American English sounds like to non-English speakers


The phrase of the day is "erection in my back". Modify any thread to include "erection in my back".

In The Stone & Dialogue

In The Stone & Dialogue

It's time to play another EXCITING round of Which Rock Star's Liver Would You LEAST Like To Own?

A comment on Credit not being a money concept.

Garage Door Opener questions for the handy types

What the fuck are SUVs and fucking PICKUP TRUCKS doing in my Forza Motorsport 3?

Who alerted on our ball busting?

What does GD have in common with my old 90s Packard Bell?

We got snow!

Aw, my kids done me wrong!

Any European visitors on this site?

Thanksgiving tragedy?

Another comic strip is saying good-bye.

ATA: Holy Hell! why, why, whyyyyyyy did you....lock...

I just saw fair game. Sean Penn was absolutely amazing. He really captured Joe Wilson. All in all

can anyone remember the name of this Christmas movie......

I am a rash and a roving blade

Wow, hundreds of thousands of Youtube hits on this (Glee)


I'm going to watch the game on the flat panel

Guess I should go to bed before I get myself banned ...

What media personalities have returned your emails?

Who ARE these PEOPLE? And those little bags of peanuts on the airlines? WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?

We Don't Need Your Education!...All Along It's Just Another BRICK IN THE WALL!

Greatest Podcast Ever. (Marc Maron WTF #130)

You think YOU have problem kitties?!?!? My cat NoName used to...

And FINALLY: ... ... ... ... ... Crayola Cray-OMG!!!!!!!

"I'm not content to be with you in the daytime...girl, I want to be with you all of the time...

How do I get this pug dog offa me?!?!?!? n/t

Six hours later, and the ribs are a gooey, greasy chewy mess

The dog just... (Warning-disgusting)

So, I just finished watching all of the original 3 seasons of Star Trek.

Deadmau5 - "Strobe"

Terrible cold; wonderful hot toddy!

How do you get rug pee off a dog?

Proof that vegetables are NOT always good for you...

Delicious for Chanukah?

"Twenty-twenty-twenty four hours to go I wanna be sedated...Nothin' to do and no where to go-o-oh...

Is anyone watching the Oprah interview?

Mathemagicians / Statistitians...

Woo! I joined DU in 2001, and this is my 2000th post!!!

(DIALUP WARNING) Dog "nom-nom-nom-owned" by toddler...

Anyone know why they went after Martha Stewart so hard?

Weird/funny Christmas songs

Please can I have some DU vibes for my cat Monster? I had to take him

I decided to stay... and it took a "Haters gonna hate" post as the catalyst.

Deserving of its own post... does anyone remember Mad Magazine's song, "It's a Gas"?

"Angels we have heard while high..."


I decided to switch brands of beer. Now I'm Old English. What are you drinking?

Who next?

Stop in and say hello to Crosby, the new adoptee cat!

Gamers: Question

Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy 2010 w/ Jack Black and Jason Segel

"You're out of touch my baby, my poor discarded baby...I said baby, baby, baby, you're...

Ironic hipster Jesus was the ORIGINAL Hell's Angel.

Do you ever forget your age? I do.

Am I a bad dad if I play Cee-Lo Green's "Fuck You" video for my two kids?

Liberals Focus Their Attention on 'Gaze Cues' Much Differently Than Conservatives Do

Raleigh Soccer Tournament (pics)

45's I had when I was a kid (Post Yours too)

What are you reading tonight DU? Me and Ian Rankin novel called Witch Hunt. Really

Who's the next U of Florida head coach?

Do you 'brandy' fruitcake?

Anyone have any tricks for baking beef ribs, and making them fall of the bone tender?

How do you get dog pee off a rug?

As Cyber War Heats Up, Hacktivists Post MasterCard Numbers Online

WikiLeaks Cables: (US) Officials Pressed Germans on Kidnapping by C.I.A.

Obama-GOP deal raises taxes on poorest earners

Lien office denies hearing of award

Republicans acknowledged that the expiration of the tax holiday will be treated as a tax increase. “

You may never wake up with this feeling in your life. Maybe you already have. I hope you do one day.

Continuing pro-Wikileaks DDOS actions, Anonymous takes down

Twitter (& Facebook) Bans WikiLeaks’ Hacker Avengers. Here Comes The Cyberattack

Four dead as Haiti vote protests turn ugly

Wikileaks: US monitors 'aggressive' China in Africa

(Australian MP) Wilkie slams Prime Minister on WikiLeaks ("she has shown contempt for free speech")

WikiLeaks: US 'lobbied Russia on behalf of two credit card companies'

Assange accuser may have ceased co-operating

Hackers Give Web Companies a Test of Free Speech

Stop loss allowance deadline extended -- again

How would YOU give away half your billions?

Cameron tries to quell tuition fees revolt by declaring current system favours the wealthy

China Hit With Tariffs From U.S. After Tianjin Pipe Gets Subsidized Loans

Reproductive scientists create mice from 2 fathers

Anonymous takes down Visa, Amazon, PayPal, Swiss bank, Assange prosecutor

World is getting more corrupt, says transparency poll / One in four worldwide pays bribes: study

Tuition fees: London prepares for massive protest

Anonymous recruits Wikileaks 'data army'

About 1 in 4 released Guantanamo detainees confirmed or suspected of terrorism or insurgency, report

WikiLeaks cyberwar: hackers bring down Swedish government site

Howard Stern: 5 More Years with Sirius Radio

DADT Vote on Hold

DADT Vote on Hold

Denver man found innocent; still required to pay thousands in impound fees

Unhappy Democrats say tax bill likely to pass

Wall Street Quietly Creates a New Way to Profit From Homeowner Distress

House Democrats defy Obama on tax cut bill

Amazon UK Is Selling The WikiLeaks Cables As A Kindle Book

In Tax Deal, Many Public Employees Will Pay More

China Lashes Out at US Congressional Resolution to Support Jailed Nobel Laureate

Facebook confirms it has deleted pro-WikiLeaks hackers' account

Fort Stewart Investigates Stabbing Death of Soldier

Obama Likely Could Have Gotten Stand-Alone Payroll Tax Holiday

AFL-CIO opposes South Korea free trade agreement

Tuition fees: government wins narrow victory (UK)

Pakistani media publish fake WikiLeaks cables attacking India

Student protesters in London attack car containing Prince Charles

World oil demand to reach all-time high this year

Hilary Clinton's "Remarks on Internet Freedom," January 2010

GOP fundraiser Alan Mendelsohn pleads guilty to scheme

Iceland to repay Netherlands, Britain in Icesave failure

Drudge Report owner sued by Righthaven

Porn industry health clinic shut down by L.A. County health officials

Canada (secretly) negotiating perimeter security deal with U.S.

Tuition fees protesters attack car carrying Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall

Tax cut deal can't be changed, Biden tells House Democrats

White House still confident tax deal will pass

Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal blows up in Senate

'baters gonna 'bate

Doors' Jim Morrison to get pardoned in Florida

Ireland proposes 90% bank bonus tax

Surgeon General: 1 Cigarette Is 1 Too Many

House bars moving Guantanamo prisoners to US

Oil company Ocensa investigated for paramilitary ties (Colombia)

Tuition hike protesters attack car carrying Prince Charles, Camilla

WikiLeaks cables: Pfizer used dirty tricks to avoid clinical trial payout

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 9

Key vote on 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' repeal fails

Breaking the silence on Colombia's disappeared

State disputes (Joe) Miller claim that felons illegally voted

Allied Irish Banks to pay €40m bonuses despite bailout

Anger at 'slave trader' Assange: WikiLeaks loyalists decide to break away

Anger at 'slave trader' Assange: WikiLeaks loyalists decide to break away

Protesters Attack Car Carrying Prince Charles and Camilla

Shell Denies Company Infiltrated Nigerian Government

Hurricane Katrina: Police guilty over New Orleans death

Pro-govt crowd shouts down protesters in Cuba

Egyptian Official Blames Mossad for Sinai Shark Attacks

Two men accused in subway imam attack hit with hate crime charges

Bomb house goes up in flames in California

Democrats reject tax-cut package

UN Rapporteur says Assange Shouldn't Be Prosecuted (Also UN Commissioner for Human Rights Concerned)

Most Americans Say They’re Worse Off Under Obama, Poll Shows

Report: Growing mental health problems in military

Halliburton may pay $500 million to keep Cheney out of prison: report

3 Guilty, 2 Not Guilty in Killing, Burning of Henry Glover (NO Police Dept)

Lieberman Launching Last-Ditch Effort To Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell

TSA faces diplomatic storm after Indian ambassador to U.S is subjected to patdown... because she was

Remains of Pennsylvania WWI soldier Henry Weikel return home for burial

Liberal Group Ad Recalls When Obama Said Bush Tax Cuts Offended His Conscience

Rep. King introduces anti-WikiLeaks bill

Judge refuses to block "bomb house" burning

Pro-WikiLeaks Group May Attack U.S. Senate Website Next

DNS Provider Mistakenly Caught in WikiLeaks Saga Now Supports the Group

Obama kicks his smoking habit

Baby stolen from hospital in Germany found safe

Bush Economic Hands Skittish On Obama Tax Deal: 'I'd Take Gridlock' Instead

9/11 Health Bill Falls Short In Senate Test Vote

Daughter, friends to deliver Edwards eulogies

More billionaires pledge to give away wealth

WikiLeaks cables suggest Burma is building secret nuclear sites

House Dems Voting No

Way Cleared For Tax Cut Bill; Energy Breaks Added

LEAKED EMAIL: Fox boss caught slanting news reporting

Julian Assange put in segregation unit as lawyers aim for bail (being given limited internet access)

Russia's Putin raps West over Assange arrest

Lula Defends WikiLeaks, Offers Brazil’s ‘Solidarity’

Some health insurers raising rates again

Obama's Statement on DADT

Ford Investing $600 Million, Adding 1,800 Jobs to Produce Next-Generation Escape in Louisville

After budget cuts, Indiana baby denied life-saving treatment

Gaviria responds angrily to WikiLeaks revelations

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani 'freed' after outcry over stoning sentence

Westboro Church Members to Protest at Elizabeth Edwards' Funeral

16-year old arrested in Netherlands for hacker attacks on Mastercard, Visa and Paypal

16-year old arrested in Netherlands for hacker attacks on Mastercard, Visa and Paypal

Wind at their backs: Powerful Democrats help Chinese energy firm chase stimulus money

Gravel considering Obama primary challenge, calls for new 9/11 investigation

Europeans Criticize Fierce U.S. Response to Leaks

Thank Goodness For All The New "Anti-Obama" Posters Here!

Where Is Biden????

Because you've been dying to know - Alex Jones's take on WikiLeaks ~

Best deal he could get? REALLY???

Let me help you all here, President Obama asked for the tax cuts

What Obama could have said.

Let's give it a try: Extend the tax-cuts indefinitely

Obama has one more chance

Which of these bills will pass?

Tax cut deal: Obama bought himself precious time

Ex-senator Sam Nunn reverses opposition to gays in military

Fireside Chats

Yes We Could've

Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims decline to 421,000

White House White Board: Tax Cuts, Unemployment Insurance & Jobs

** Obama Speaking Now: Meeting of the Presidents Export Council **

Harry Reid has just asked that the Dream Act vote set for 11, be vitiated.

Rep Weiner: "VP Biden will be an EXCELLENT VP in Obama's 2nd term as well."

Why a progressive primary challenge to Obama in 2012 is doomed to fail

The middle class will not need their taxcut two years from now?

Peer through the ideological fog and you'll see how Obama has AGAIN BEATEN the Repugs.

If the tax cuts lapsed most people wouldn't notice til they do their taxes.

Slideshow: How Obama Stacks Up

Sarah Palin Heads to Haiti

Violence Flares At Student Fees Protest (In London. Police Call In Reinforcements)

Organizing for America Delivers over a half million signatures to Sen Collins (DADT Repeal)

Oprah got a 30 million dollar per year extended tax break this week.

A year from now, do we have another debate about extending unemployment benefits?

AFSCME president McEntee lauds Obama overall record; Weiner (D-NY) "No primary"

Dear Congressional Democrats,

Who is Obama's base? well, according to polls: dems, liberals, latinos, blacks, post grads, young

** Pelosi: "we will work to improve (tax plan) before having a floor vote." **

TPM: Dems Delay Action on the DREAM Act. Will now take up House passed version.

The problem is that people are not understanding the concept of how our government operates.

Speaker Pelosi: On The House Democratic Caucus Resolution on Tax Cuts

House Liberal Democrats say "Fuck You" to unemployed - refuse to pass the UC extension...

Would you sacrifice your Bush middle class tax cut for the sake of the filthy rich losing theirs?

Gene Lyons: Tax cut deal: Obama bought himself precious time

Confucius say, "Spine on lame duck is very soft caucus"

Obama Agrees to Extend Republicans’ Custody of his Balls (humor)

The Tax Cut Deal: Beating the Republicans at Their Own Game

Here's a graph that shows why middle classers should be willing to let all of Bush's tax cuts expire

** House Dem Caucus Rejects Tax Cut Deal in its Current Form **

First Read: DREAM Act Vote (House passed bill) Moved to Next Week

entire Democratic House Caucus: bunch of whiny leftist purists.

** Updates: DADT and DREAM Act **

Obama stumbles in Lincoln's footsteps

Have we ever had members of this forum run for office?

The Repugs Are Killing The Repeal Of DADT

Photo: Awww.... B.O.B

I think the President's tax deal should pass (yes, really)

Boston Globe - Young, alone, and homeless

Boston Globe - Young, alone, and homeless

I Guess Scott Brown Was For Repeal Of DADT Before He Was Against It

Don't primary Obama, change Congress

Palin's kitchen cabinet: Please come CAPTION Hair aFlailin'!!!!

Why Harry Reid decided to move foward with DADT vote ...

Indulge your curiosity about the simple things

Is it normal for a President to cut a deal with the opposition

Video: In case you missed it, Reid/Collins exchange on Senate floor before DADT vote (DRAMA!!)

Obama is blowing another opportunity so demonstrate why people should vote Dem over Rep ...

DADT repeal not dead yet. Lieberman, Collins, and Reid will introduce free standing bill today.

** Sen. Collins/Lieberman holding presser after DADT vote **

** So, Who wants to see Obama light a Christmas tree! **

People come before the deficit ALWAYS

** Heads Up: Reid about to bring up DADT Repeal Vote **

Backwoods Update: The Democrats' Christmas Party

Serious Question: Why is saying The President lacks balls so offensive?

when will Obama issue War Bonds? to help pay for W's wars and his

Hoyer Says Democrats Must Accept Tax Deal

At the Intersection of Bigotry and Cowardice

Ya Know Something.... I Wish We Could Have a Vote of Confidence....

American Progress says tax deal will create or save 2.2 million jobs!

Statement by the President on the Senate Vote on the National Defense Authorization Act

(Scott) Brown Votes Against Repeal Of DADT; Bill Fails

Senator Manchin

Just the middle class tax cuts failed in the Senate. Only 53 votes for...

Reid voted YES on the defense bill, so we can assume the bill is dead as is.

How are we going to claw in money from the MILLIONAIRES & BILLIONAIRES?

Lieberman and Collins' "stand alone DADT Repeal" is just an act. They know it's never

NY Times profiles lawyer defending health care reform law in federal case

I have 57 points, you have 40 points. You win

Wouldn't a Senate "stand alone"' DADT repeal bill then have to go back to the House?

Pelosi: "An army of allies stands ready to pass standalone DADT repeal in House"

"Is Obama as lousy a negotiator as liberals say?"

Cloture vote on tax compromise plan set for Monday at 3:00 pm

"I am bound to disappoint some, if not all"

Reid Sets Up Tax Cut Vote for Monday

In Latest Compromise With GOP, Obama Agrees He Is a Muslim

The tax cuts and 2012. Two views: Paul Krugman and Ezra Klein

Krugman: Obama's Hostage Deal

Where have all the fighters gone?

Is This Satirical Piece funny or not?

When we elected Obama, we thought

Photos: Sasha is on to you Santa (The Obama Presidency, Day 689)

Alan Grayson On The Last Word

Tax Cut Deal: "The magnitude of the concessions Obama won came into sharper focus Wednesday."

Biden ... Obama's new Rahm?

I Have A Question

On letting the Bush's tax credits expire

Barbara Walters asks Palin what she reads...

Obama Weighing Broad Overhaul for Income Tax

Congress needs to act before the end of the year.

oh how I wish John Edwards had kept his penis in his pants. He would have been

"Why Harry Reid decided to move foward with DADT vote"

Senate GOP blocks bill to provide care for 9/11 responders

A whole lot of this anger against Obama is misdirected.

Hilary Clinton's "Remarks on Internet Freedom," January 2010

Sherrod Brown just said on CNN that DADT repeal is NOT dead.

Democrats have no choice but to accept 'irresponsible' tax deal (Eugene Robinson)

Rep. Frank presses Pelosi to bring up Obama tax deal

Senate Blocks 9/11 Health Bill

I'll Bet That Old Bigot, John McCain Is Popping Open A Bottle Of Metamucil Tonight

A response from Mike Pence (L-Liar) in regards to the email I sent him.

BREAKING: House Liberal Democrats protect the nation's economic security by refusing...

Why Obama's 'Tax Deal' Does Major Damage to His Case That We Need to Invest in America

Should Obama share some blame for the failure of the Senate to repeal DADT?

Gravel Says He Might Challenge Obama

Why is O'Donnell giving even one second of airtime to Ralph Nader?

I would bet 90% of the people disappointed in Obama on DU will vote for him.....

Ed(big headed)Schultz: People will have to sacrifice a little more so we can get a better deal

Tom Buffenbarger, Prophet, Machinist Union President, AFLCIO On Olbermann

Senate cancels DREAM vote

Why do presidents get blame....and not congress?

Why do you think that Obama "shut out" the Congress on the tax deal? I'm listening

First they Came for Assange,

Some liberals need to grasp the "live to fight another day" concept

Lawrence O'Donnell absolutely DESTROYED Rep. Alan Grayson last night!!

As of January 1, 2011........How might you personally be affected taxwise without a deal?

President Obama Weighing Broad Overhaul for Income Tax

Ron Paul, Author of 'End the Fed,' to Lead Fed Panel

More U.S. Rail Funds for 13 States as Two Reject Aid

Media and Politics - Jeff Cohen

Bush Gives Back To MajorityReport Members

Rachel Maddow Upsetting The LEFT, Obama Strikes Balance

Anderson Cooper at his BEST:: Which Rep. is the 'Prince of Pork'?

TSA Pat-down search of Meera Shankar unacceptable to India: SM Krishna

ABC News Nightline, December 8, 1980: John Lennon's death

TDPS: Ultimate hypocrisy, anti-earmark Tea Party Caucus = $1 billion in earmarks

Thom Hartmann: Is Kyoto Dead? Amy Goodman reports from the Moon Palace

Thom Hartmann: Save the Planet or Die Trying?

Geto Boys - Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

Bob Beckel Wants Julian Assange Assassinated!

Young Turks: Teaching Obama Politics

The Secret Life Of Julian Assange

Another Tip For Surviving the GOP Economy

Senate Vote on DADT (Compilation)

Thom Hartmann: Is Larry Summers yelling Fire! to scare Democrats?

Obama's Conscience (

Weird Liberal Head Show #244: Mr. President- You're Welcome You Sellout!

DADT Repeal Blocked by FILTHY Republicans

Alan Grayson: In the 9 Years Before the Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich, 23 Million Jobs Were Created.

Ronald Reagan's reaction to John Lennon's death

The World As Seen Through Glenn Beck's DVD Collection

Debunking Conservatism: Making a strong liberal case.

Amazon take down of Wikileaks - Is the free internet dead?

Patriot Act for Internet ahead?

Young Turks: Obama's 'Hostage' Negotiations w/ GOP

Thom Hartmann: Crazy Alert! Return of the living dead

TYT: Anonymous Strikes Back for WikiLeaks! (Operation Payback)

TGMC: It Gets Better (dsc is in this chorus and this video)

MRN: Holy Wikileaks, Putin! Gay TSA Pat-Downs

Big Pharma Experiments on Babies in 3rd World

CNN International: Prince Charles' Car After The Attack

A Tale of 2 Countries - Looking at 'Evil'

Post 911 World - Coleen Rowley and Peter Dale Scott

TYT: Obama - World's Worst Negotiator: MSNBC Cenk Attack

An Irishman abroad tells it like it is !! :-)

Sarah Palin Shoots A Caribou

Tonight Show - President Obama Kicks It... Must See

Raw Footage Of Protesters Attacking Prince Charles' Car

Raw Video: Rioters Battle With The Police During Tuition Fee Demonstration In London (Very Violent)

Why liberals don't like the tax cut deal -- in graphs

White House White Board: Tax Cuts, Unemployment Insurance & Jobs

PG Editorial: Bad Deal: Obama should have toughed it out on tax cuts

The Prophecy/Conspiracy Genre - Using End Times Prophecy to Mainstream New World Order Narratives

This Little Light reaches France

Top Dutch politician: Jews should emigrate to Israel or U.S.

Accuser of Wikileaks Assange is linked to Cuban dissidents

What Goes Around 'Comes' Around: Founder of WikiLeaks Busted for Leaky Condom

The rich rewards of cutting jobs

Copenhagen Climate Cables: The US and China Joined Forces Against Europe

The secret life of Julian Assange

Anger Over No Tier 5 in Unemployment Extension 2010 Deal

War dominated foreign policy is destroying the economy and national security

Operation Payback: WikiLeaks Supporters Open a Can of Whoop Ass

Media Matters to ramp up campaign against Fox News

Cutting Benefits: Alice in Wonderland Economics

Islamic 'Pipeline to Extremism' Turns Out to Be Mostly FBI Set-Ups

Don’t use archaic spy law

Finding Rootedness in the Age of Vulnerability

Der Spiegel: A Lot of Blood for Little Oil

WikiLeaks and Sri Lanka: Who are the real criminals?

Journalists Who Oppose Wikileaks Are a Disgrace to the Craft

From Daily Kos: Liars, and PUMAs, and Trolls, Oh My!

Haiti's election chaos creates US dilemma

The Truth About Operation Payback and Wikileaks (article)

Vanity Fair: Hitchens on Beck, Skousen, and the Tea Party

Stating the Obvious: WikiLeaks Indicts and Vindicates U.S. Diplomats (Ramzy Baroud)

"I am bound to disappoint some, if not all" Sen. Barack Obama

Barbara Walters gives Palin another chance...

Will Anonymous Target Facebook Next?

Cyber attacks: payback time (The Guardian)

Guardian UK: The slow shuffle that sees Britain condemned to a life of debt

Why the Obama Tax Deal Confirms the Republican Worldview

Student protests: today is our 1968 moment

Australia: WikiLeaks cables reveal secret ties between Rudd coup plotters and US embassy

Forbes: Why The WikiLeaks ‘Cyberwar’ Is A Sideshow

Obama: The Republican’s Reliable Interlocutor

Cenk: Hidden Cost of Obama's Capitulation

Truth on Estate Tax/Death Tax never taxed in the first place, The Forgotten Rich

Meanwhile, gop is quietly setting up corporatist, industry supporters to lead

China to hit 500 gigawatts of renewable power by 2020

Peak oil notes - Dec 9

Ignore, double post, sorry. NT

In Dispute Over Nile Water, Ethiopia Accuses Egypt Of Aiding Guerillas - AFP

Faced with sea level rising, one indigenous community weighs a plan to mitigate climate change.

UNEP - Rate Of Ocean Acidification Likely Fastest In Past 65 Million Years - NYT

Blue Tongue Disease, Pine Beetles, Coffee Borers - Previews Of Our Warmer, Invasive-Rich Future

Fucking obese clowns

Is REDD the New Green? Indigenous Groups Resist Carbon Market-Based Forestry Scheme to Offset

Prominent Indigenous Environmental Leader Tom Goldtooth Blocked from U.N. Climate Talks

Help stop U.S. bullying at climate talks

Leaked Cable - China Pursuing "Authoritarian Capitalism" In Africa - Deals With "Mugabes & Bashirs"

Chu: Congress Should Consider Nuclear in Mandate

Oyster Creek Reactor to Close by 2019 (Ten years before permit expires)

India Will Not Accept Legally Binding Emissions Cuts - "There Can Be No Flexibility"

Oops! Maine Private Wells Test Up To 100X Federal Standards For Arsenic

Press Release: 15 Top National Climate Change Nonprofits Identified by 139 Experts

Proposed Bill Would Allow Guns to be Visibly Carried (Arkansas)

Lack of gun registry 'annoying,' Daley says ...

Lack of gun registry 'annoying,' Daley says ...

Please delete. Dupe. n/t

Haiti to 'review' election results

Photo Essay: Haiti’s Presidential Elections

Haiti's election chaos creates US dilemma

Cuba Can Rehabilitate President's Progressive Cred

Many Colombians face limited access to healthcare: Survey

Breaking the silence on Colombia's disappeared

Oil company Ocensa investigated for paramilitary ties

Minors exploited by sex tourism

WikiLeaks cables: Oil giants squeeze Chávez as Venezuela struggles

CARICOM, Cuba relationship strong

Gaviria responds angrily to WikiLeaks revelations

Pro-govt crowd shouts down protesters in Cuba

Uribe imagining arms race: Bolivia

Mexican newspaper: Chávez's family has USD 137 million in US accounts

Pro-govt crowd shouts down protesters in Cuba

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Wednesday, December 8)

Vick leads NFL in Pro Bowl voting

Orioles Luke Scott is a douchebag

That's just not fuckin' fair..

Crawford to the Red Sox!

Irish can't handle the youth

+++ NFL Week 14 Picks +++

Boxing!!! December 11, 2010

More gay and bisexual teens expelled and jailed

UTAH: Parents Upset Over Gay Suicide Signs Posted Near Elementary School

Christian B&B Owners Sued for Discrimination

Publisher Of Defunct San Diego LGBT Newspaper Dead Of Apparent Suicide

Happy Holidays to all of you.

"Don't Ask Don't Tell" is a relic

I am sorry guys, for voitng for Obama in the primary. I am sorry he and congress have ignored you

Palestinians reject talks without settlement halt

Israel's legal establishment silent amid uproar over 'racist' rabbis

Israel Draws International Rebuke Over Settlements

Obama withdraws offer to donate 20 F-35s to Israel

Zahhar: Armed struggle will free Palestine

Israel Fires Rockets at Gaza, Warns of "Wider Action"

Israel to offer heavy 'humanitarian' compensation over Turkey flotilla deaths

Pop quiz.

Hoo boy, I just learned about a new group of Christofascists

Commercial space venture success!

Offspring Created From Two Male Mice


Astronomers Discover, Image New Planet in Planetary System Similar to Our Own

Dragon could visit space station next

Photo of the day: Badwater Basin, Death Valley

Blue whale's gigantic mouthful measured (BBC)

Russia 'plans to stop asteroid' (BBC)

Burning sulfur

NASA Zooms in on the 1st Carbon-Rich Planet Beyond Solar System


I got to smile big time over two different beautiful views

Best place in the world for sunsets

Just A Weed

Another Shot From Yesterday's Outing

Dinner and a flow

Okay, it is December who wants to play


Star trail experiment tonight