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Archives: December 30, 2010

Here is one of the all-time great rants in favor of Barack Obama

"Share the Wealth"

NJ governor and NYC mayor feel heat after blizzard.


Trained Monkeys Assist Paraplegics (with a link to heart warming photos)

Affidavit Details FBI "Operation Payback" Probe

Is this enough time in jail for a 10th DUI?

Moscow criminologist outlines sources of xenophobia and nationalism in Russia

Canada: Toronto's Tea Party mayor

Protesters at Beale AFB decry treatment of alleged WikiLeaks figure Manning

Cory Booker Is Showing Us How To Be Democrats Again

Primeval Code

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

Community Hero 2010: Haraz Ghanbari, kept down-on-luck Marine from anonymous grave

Chase hiking fees on more services

Ghosts of Abu Ghraib continue to haunt Iraq

Stern-proof: Ford offers satellite radio, speed block

Re: A REAL filibuster

The economics of Al-Qaeda in Iraq

2000 vs 2010 at a glance (chart)

2000 vs 2010 at a glance (chart)

Charles Clements Gets PROBATION For Murder: Fatally Shot Man After Dog Urinated In His Yard

Elijah Cummings: I'm ready for Darrell Issa

Deputy Attorney General James Cole appointed by President

Dodging Repatriation Tax Lets U.S. Companies Bring Home Multinational Cash

Mass DUers - how was he paroled?

Mass DUers - how was he paroled?

Hand-wringing and pearl clutching on Morning Joe's prerecorded show today...

Veterans of recent wars confront grim employment landscape

Bride-to-be paraplegic after being playfully pushed into pool by her bridesmaids. Escape from the Deepwater Horizon Escape from the Deepwater Horizon

ho ho ho

Paging Mr. Smith! How The Senate May Return To The Old-School Filibuster

Probation for killing after dog pees on prize lawn

2010: The Year Facebook Dethroned Google as King of the Web

Tom Tomorrow: 2010 - An Incomplete And Subjective Look At CRAZY

Dallas pastor who broke into church member's home, removed belongings was "only trying to help"

The top 2% got their tax cut

Police hope video shows theft of 7-foot-tall gingerbread man

Another end of the year listing: Ten most offensive protest signs.

Little Miss Witch says it's a witch hunt

Judith Miller: From the Times to the nuts

Judith Miller: From the Times to the nuts

4.2 Earthquake in N Central Indiana

Check out Books for Soldiers

Won't be long the only way to land a job will be to go to jail

NOW Toronto: Dismal deal is more about dismantling govt than about lifting Canada out of recession

Canadians are addicted to the Interwebs

Travelers say airlines' customer service failed

Commentary: Bush tax cuts and the decline of U.S. as a serious world power

Criminal Investigation Of Republican Teabagger Christine O'Donnell

South Korea: North building up special forces

Franklin Mint Owner Says It Was `Duped' Into Buying Collectibles Company

Doctor Strangled By Necklace Caught In Massager

Don't mess with grandpa if he got one of these for Christmas.

The coming banking failure and wikileaks.

Matthew Rothschild: Appreciating Rep. Marcy Kaptur

Venezuela condemns "imperial" U.S. visa reprisal

The myth of making Social Security more "Progressive"

When did we forget what the word "Hero" means?

Tarmac Torture

Well this storm is gone

this is a... MUST on the Sudan Election, and Impending Regional war in North Africa

Singer Chris Brown THEATENED by a rapper's brother I will put my gun in your mouth if I see you

GOP gets cold feet on ending bailout of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Where does the money go?

Nintendo 3d game warning - could affect the development of vision in children.

Get Angry: The Year’s 10 Best Political Docs

The Republican Party Is Evil, Accept It, Move On

Journalists Schmernalists!

US troops clash with Taliban in east Afghanistan

"CREW" via Wikipedia} co-opted by wingnut "contributors" ?

Every time it snows, a climate change skeptic gets his wings

"Same Baby Every Year" by Mike Luckovich

N.J. doctor supplied steroids to hundreds of law enforcement officers, firefighters

Power corrupts - TOTAL power corrupts totally.

Wikileaks: What happened to the Granai (Afghanistan) video?

post your favorite MLK quotes,as I prepare his birthday editorial

Pastor connected to Uganda's "kill the gays" bill now fugitive after being implicated in conspiracy

Fading optimism in “new normal” America

Judith Miller: From the Times to the nuts

UAW has allies in organizing drive of Asian and German automakers

The Rude Pundit: End of Year Haiku 2010 (Part 2)

Matthews: ‘Democrats Don’t Want to Stop Illegal Immigration’

James Cole

Eagles workers leave pile of snow in governor's seat

Elijah Cummings: I'm ready for Darrell Issa

Bloomberg live on GEM$NBC

Minnesota teacher accused of homophobia sues school district

Minnesota teacher accused of homophobia sues school district

2010 - a record breaking year for....

need your help for my next editorial-re:unemployed veterans-

NYP: Sanitation Department's slow snow cleanup was a budget protest

Okay, now this is FANTASTIC news! Take a look at this...

Once again Christine O'Donnell blames everyone but herself for this investigation

Bleak prospects for comprehensive immigration reform in near future

We Don't Need Another Hero

Per Andrea Mitchell guest on MSNBC, Afghan war costs $15 Billion/month,

EPA Greenhouse Gas Limits to Take Effect in 2011

Today's LA Times: The Rose Parade and the gift of life...

Today's LA Times: The Rose Parade and the gift of life...

"High card draw settles tied election" - Welcome to the Wild, Wild, West...Nevada

Congressman Peter Hoekstra Receives CIA’s Bootlicking Award

Sisters' Parole Linked to Kidney Donation. Eerie.

Will your city declare bankruptcy? A new law may allow it

'Rosie the Riveter' Dies in MI


Civil war pensions for the Confederacy

The Root: In Memorium 2010

HaikuLeaks Turns the Wikileaks Cables Into Poetry

Multinationals Ask WH to Allow 'Repatriation' of Cash into U.S.

Multinationals Ask WH to Allow 'Repatriation' of Cash into U.S.

Death of newborn baby among several blizzard tragedies as city is accused of 'dropping the ball'

Death of newborn baby among several blizzard tragedies as city is accused of 'dropping the ball'

Republican under investigation for diverting campaign funds

What have we learned?

Surprising and not so surprising population counts in the world

Mosque foes launch Bieber boycott

Chris Christie vacations in Disneyland while NJ buried under blizzard

Important Update on Wired and Lamo Chat Logs: No Unpub Material on Assange

Tweety is laughing Christine O'Donnell to scorn

Ebert's "Oscar Worthy" Short Film Nom: Blizzard of 2010: NYC

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Another foreclosed home burns in Atlanta

Teabagger Christine O'Donnell (R-Grassy Knoll) thinks she is the victim of a political witch hunt

A suggestion about lying by Congressional members

Cash-strapped Cuban government slashes state-subsidised soap from ration books

NH GOP leaders want to allow guns in Statehouse...Hmmm...Strange

Warrant issued only after video surface of Police LT's Son beating Homeless Man

high paid University of California execs threaten to sue unless their benefits are increased

Drunk ATV driver whips sledding kids into police car

NY Daily News: City fails to meet 7 a.m. deadline to have every street cleared of snow

One of life's wonderful moments with a right wing wacko ....

Megyn Kelly: Calling Aliens 'Undocumented' Like Calling Rape 'Non-Consensual Sex'

"O’Donnell, in fact, is no Palin"

"O’Donnell, in fact, is no Palin"

WaPo: Veterans of recent wars confront grim employment landscape

WaPo: Veterans of recent wars confront grim employment landscape

I;m from the South.....You are a backdoor Slam

Cuba slashes state-subsidised soap

When you hear Republicans rail against ballooning federal deficit, they're full of it.

So, is now the time to sell my old gold and silver coins?

Caller to Hartmann (and Bernie Sanders) - time to stop playing fair?

Police: Faux News Flubbed 'Granny Terrorist' Story

2010 Retrospective Quiz: How many times did VP Biden shoot anyone in the face this year?

Bill Black: 2011 Will Bring More de Facto Decriminalization of Elite Financial Fraud

"Long-tail" pensions? wtf!

OMG a newborn baby died in NY when mom couldn't get to the hospital???

Audio of David Shuster subbing for Jim Bohannon Explains Departure, Slams Fox News, Glenn Beck

time to get back in the combat mode...a ltte I wrote in 2007

Former Treasury Secretary Paulson loses $1 million selling D.C. home

Former Neo-Nazi leader steals the sign at Auschwitz

Regarding Wikileaks: Do you think we would have gone to war in Iraq

If the Justice Department Is Investigating Manning-Wikileaks, Why Isn’t It Investigating Lamo-Wired?

Hydrino light signature verified by Harvard Smithsonian Center

Hydrino light signature verified by Harvard Smithsonian Center

Traveling by Air over The Recent Holidays...

Man hit playing real-life game of Frogger

Local girl (OH), 10, collects blankets to donate to shelter animals

looking example of what we are dealing with

The Wit and Wisdom of Bill Hicks

Robert Reich: Economic Prediction for 2011: Profits for Wall St, More Pain for Main St

1100 ounces of gold nuggets. Wow

Near-Record High (70%) See Religion Losing Influence in America

this segment on Rachel's show is fascinating

Elderly Brooklyn man dies at home after snow delays ambulance arrival

Do we need a Civil War Forum?

MSNBC host: Why isn’t Carlson calling for Palin’s execution?

Political essay by 93-year-old tops Christmas bestseller list in France

Dirty Tricks from Mortgage Service Companies ???

"No Refusal" DUI checkpoints - judge on hand at sites to issue mandatory blood test warrants

Western DUers stay safe

Western DUers stay safe

Alter's 'The Promise' Epilogue: Obama Team's Dysfunction Prompted Lack Of Focus On Jobs... - HuffPo

More than 100lbs of uranium moved out

Police union newsletter article: 'reward aggression'

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy tonight

Mandatory Thursday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Best of Malloy tonight

Now that Net Neutrality is a done deal the corps are studying how to charge users

Wisconsin’s Walker Wants to Hide Jobs Info, Just Like Indiana

Who Knows...On Monday I May Be Unemployed

Power to the People

Power to the People

The greatest triumph of evil..

Anderson Cooper had worst ratings year ever

WTF?? The current issue of National Enquirer: "Sarah Palin's Lesbian Problem"

NNSA and highly enriched uranium

Police open fire as (unemployment) protests spread in Tunisia

caption assange pics...

We never had a Liberal Media in this country....

I have a question about the US Civil War.

Who is that crazy fucker on Rachel's show right now?

Blog has pics of NYC streets. One is Bloomberg's street. One is in Brooklyn. Plus stuck snow plow

Jack Abramoff's Dream

Rep. Shows Claims Dems Don't Welcome White Conservatives

Initial jobless claims fall below 400,000 for first time in 2 years!

Small-town doc has charged $5 a visit for 55 years...

Gov. Barbour suspends sentence of the Scott sisters (served 16 years for stealing $11)

About the new GOP House---a question: Can these childish Neanderthals

PSA: Anyone with an HSA stock up on next years OTC drugs TODAY!.

Worst Police Misconduct Videos of 2010 – Reader’s Poll

Historians Find Myriad Errors In VA History Textbooks

Primaries for Palin?

Apple rejects "Manhattan Declaration" app for second time

Dems rip proposed rule giving new power to GOP Budget chairman

I think 2011 may be the "make or break" year.

slave labor?

Mexico army's failures hamper drug war

I hope Christine O'Donnell never goes away

I dunno... could this Christine O'Donnell investigation be just another Democratic witchhunt?

Greenwald : Wired's refusal to release or comment on the Manning chat log

Why NYC streets didn't get plowed: 400 fewer workers than 2 years ago; 265 more cuts coming

"The Nation" Readers Person of the Year Results: The clear-cut winner is Julian Assange

Guardian UK: Research links rise in Falluja birth defects and cancers to US assault

Daily Kos: Conservatives Claim Unions Caused NY Snow Jam (untruth becomes "conventional wisdom.")

The middle/lower classes say "tax the rich!". The rich say "cut services!"

Farm cop sees growth of agricultural crime in California's Central Valley

New Georgia agriculture commissioner removing murals depicting slave labor

Here's a case where I wish "3 strikes" had worked.

WikiLeaks: When your Swiss banker throws you overboard, you've made some very powerful enemies

Irony Alert: US Expresses “Concern” Over Pakistan Holding Prisoners Without Charges... - FDL

Wired journalists deny cover-up over WikiLeaks boss and accused US soldier

Mississippi Gov "unethical" over jail release: surgeon

Wall Street's 10 Biggest Lies of 2010

Wall Street's 10 Biggest Lies of 2010

My roommate brought this to my attention...

Had the Bush tax cuts been in place, there wouldn't have been a recession...

Tragic medical mystery in small Ohio town: A wave of child cancer cases

Why we need a president who's a leader & not a capitulator: Human civilization is on the precipice

Our Daughter Isn't a Selfish Brat, Your Son Just Hasn't Read Atlas Shrugged..

Attack on RPGs by Focus on the Family:

A Bright side: as a convicted felon Dog Killer has lost his right to vote!

A Bright side: as a convicted felon Dog Killer has lost his right to vote!

How high will it go? Gas prices on the rise is anyone noticing?

Judith Miller: From the Times to the nuts

Ezra: "What the tea party wants from the Constitution"

Been posting here 6 years. 30k posts now. And 6 yrs ago tonight my life changed

Galaxies Beyond Human Comprehension (no, it's not a picture of static...)

The Wound Still Festers: Why Obama’s Support for the Rights of Indigenous People Matters

DU CHALLENGE! I will personally donate $5 to Feeding America for each person who donates.

Oops! Bribing Nigeria For Cheney’s Freedom Not Legal - EmptyWheel

The Vanishing Union Officer

A busboy kneels again next to RFK

POLL re: flex medical spending accounts

What's Wrong With This Picture?

Indiana earthquake causes their cornfield to crack

Indiana earthquake causes their cornfield to crack

Why Liberals Compromise/Why liberals think their politicians are all wimps

Anyone seen Swamp Rat lately? Happy New Year Swampie!

Polar Bear: I come in peace!

The Julian Assange Investigation -- Let's Clear the Air of Misinformation

Nancy Reagan hid Alzheimer's from Prez for 5 years

At least some creatures seem to be enjoying the blizzard in New York

US Drone Attacks Are No Laughing Matter, Mr. Obama

15 Ridiculously Hard Job Interview Questions From Top Employers Like Google, Goldman Sachs - HuffPo

UNDER THE RUG: What Project Censored Missed and MSM Didn't Want You to Know in 2010

France, Germany and Japan: private insurance, universal care at half the cost of ours

The Coming War over the Constitution (Robert Parry 12-30-10 Consortium News)

I just love these socks..

(You have 113 new messages) Uh, yeah, I was just wonderin' uh... mmmm.. where the newspaper boy was?

2011 can officially SUCK IT!!

The "Terms" page on Photobucket adequately addresses the subject of photos of MiddleFingerMom's ass.


HELP! Problem hooking up my tv!

Your Christmas will never be this awesome.

Happy New Year

What should I do with my $50 gift card from Olive Garden?

Early weekend song - "I Can't Dance"- Phil Collins live in 1999 (Gonna party like its'...)

Isn't ironic that the last Kodachrome processor is in Kansas?

Hey Kali! Any snow yet?

So, I sought counselling for my trypophobia through the internets

I'm goin back to Cali, Cali, Cali

The First Ever Movie Filmed by Cats!

Burlington Liar's Club winner

Surprising numbers on world population

Free Pot For Food: 11,000 Pounds Of Food Donated

Okay, I finally had to look up "derp."

It's that time again! Time to play Electric Ladyland. 12/30.

Think you've seen it all? I thought I had....

I would like to explain 'stalkers' that think they are in love with some star.

I remember 1985, 86, 87 and 1988 like the back of my hand


Well, Florida's population just doubled overnight.

Monopoly fanatics only.

It is 7:01PM in Ecorse, MI., I present to you all another installment of ASK MrScorpio

Just one letter transposed and you're trying to access 'democraticnuderground'

Bob Dylan "Self-Potrait" - why the hate?

Damn. Posted the wrong place

I am a great auntie again...

For MrScorpio


Tons of straight-pins on the carpet at a (STORE NAME's) in the shirt department?!1

What are you doing for Summer's Eve?

Hawaii's Governor Wants to Reveal Obama Birth Info


OMG BEST EVER REALITY TV EVER!!! - "Intervention" episode with Allison the Huffer

UConn streak in jeopardy

Last day as appellate prosecutor.

Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport

Why are Brazil nuts?

Radio host gets 33-months prison for threatening judges

Schedule for Syfy channel's Twilight Zone Marathon this weekend

Feds probe Christine O'Donnell's campaign spending

Affidavit Details FBI "Operation Payback" Probe

Who are you doing for New Year's Eve?

NYT Review of Books: CaliforniaPeggy opus "Like Plath's 'Bell Jar' if every third word was f**k"

any human resource, hiring managers or personal types here tonight?

finally getting around to the x-mas cookies

Important Update on Wired and Lamo Chat Logs: No Unpub Material on Assange

Favorite board game

Bomb Blast Damages Athens Court Building

Holiday horror stories, want to hear mine?

I dont have room in my fridge and its cold outside...could I leave stuff in my car?

Judith Miller: From the Times to the nuts

Many Arab officials have close CIA links: Assange

Robert Macauley, Founder of Humanitarian Aid Group, Dies at 87

Lansing's Geraldine Doyle, inspiration behind 'Rosie the Riveter,' dies

Apple officers donate $3 million

Mexico army's failures hamper drug war

Assange: Many Arab Officials Work With CIA

If imprisoned or killed, Assange reportedly prepared to out CIA-linked Arab leaders

China shuts down 60,000 porn sites and arrests 5,000 people in massive censorship crackdown

DOJ: Ore. forestry company unfairly fired worker

Colombian Congress upturned in porn site controversy

Former Israeli president convicted of rape

Missed a credit card payment -- seeking advice.

(MN Twins) Harmon Killbrew is battling cancer

Rig owner refuses to honor oil spill subpoenas

Alaska certifies Murkowski's write-in Senate victory

Advice: Meeting Old High School Friends

Some claim workers delayed NYC snow cleanup

Dems rip proposed rule giving new power to GOP Budget chairman

Kansas Bioscience Authority seeking top researchers

Protests intensify in Bolivia over gasoline prices

Alaska governor certifies Sen. Murkowski's re-election

Wired journalists deny cover-up over WikiLeaks boss and accused US soldier

"NO REFUSAL" Dui check points could be coming to Tampa

Venezuela’s Chavez Confirms Handing Over Guerrilla Leader to Colombia

Australia flooding affects 200,000 people

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday December 30

What are you doing for New Years Eve?

Weird Toilets You Loved as A Kid [View All]

Jobless claims lowest in more than two years

Sister's kidney donation condition of Miss. parole

VoIP decision means Skype now illegal

President Obama signed four bills into law

Protesters at Beale AFB Decry Treatment of Manning

Cliche Movie Dialouge

Bob Dylan's Self Poitrait was the perfect album

For Kodachrome Fans, Road Ends at Photo Lab in Kansas

Unemployment benefit applications drop sharply

Dozens of errors cited in Virginia textbook

US helps Ukraine return 2 bombs' worth of uranium

Earthquake strikes central Indiana; felt in Bloomington, Columbus and Seymour

Rare hurricane-strength winds batter L.A. area; more snow and ice on way

Business Index in U.S. Increases to Two-Decade High

Academic Economists to Consider Ethics Code

Some NYC plow drivers admit slow response to storm cleanup was no accident

Saw "The Black Swan". Wow!

Lobbyist’s Client List Puts Him on the Defensive

Inter-American Court orders Honduran government to protect threatened journalist

You HAZZ to post your newest kitteh and goggie photos to end the year on a squeeee note

Australian police unearth global pedophile ring

Swede jailed for Auschwitz sign theft

Haley Barbour praised by NAACP for sisters' release

CONFESSED!!! Have you every googled an Ex?

SKorea: NKorea builds up special forces

Daughter, wife of AZ official (R) accused in sex case

"No refusal" DUI checkpoints could be coming to Tampa

Soon To-Be Ex-Congressman John Hall Warns Against Creeping Fascism ("The country was bought")

Research links rise in Falluja birth defects and cancers to US assault (confirms earlier estimates)

Is 'balls to the wall' sexist language?

Venezuela's Chavez devalues bolivar currency again

The Thread in which We Post Some Recent Pictures.

Out of Lehman’s Ashes Wall Street Gets Most of What It Wants

Poll: Most Americans Support Health Law Or Want To Make It More Progressive

U.S. Justice Department Letter Calls For Stronger Ownership Rules on Swaps

TPM: How Harry Reid And Mitch McConnell Could Upend Filibuster Reform

President Obama would like to send a thank you card to supporters

President Obama invades restaurants in Hawaii

Dodd-Frank Act Regulatory Reform Rules (great resource)

Business Activity in U.S. Grows at Fastest Pace in Two Decades

What does a dry drunk have in common to MLK? Please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!!

Krugman: Bloomberg’s Katrina

Paging Mr. Smith! How The Senate May Return To The Old-School Filibuster

Krugman: Sacred Cows

Reid and Democrats Lash Out at Republicans

Andy(birther)Martin to announce 2012 Presidential bid

Some of the health care provisions start on January 1 2011 just before the rethugs take over

Obama's High-Speed-Rail Projects in California and Florida

White House Responds To Obstructionism With Six Recess Appointments

A few thoughts and questions on the tax cuts

Snowstorm hit America, but What does Obama do?

'King Of The Birthers,' Announces Presidential Run

MSNBC -- Maddow -- They did credits with photos

Weekly Jobless Claims Fall Below 400,000!!!!

Second Chance Act

NNSA Announces Removal of All Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) from Serbia

What Is The Half-Time Score

Hey Mr. President, will you call some employers for these two? (Vick)

Cable News Numbers Are In

Some GOP stalwarts defend first lady's anti-obesity campaign from Palin's shots

Proposed House GOP Rules Give Rep. Ryan ‘Stunning And Unprecedented’ Power To Shape Budget

Christine O'Donnell crazy statement on the investigation of misuse of campaign funds

Come 2012 & the general election, how on earth does President Obama get around the tax issue?

We need to take back the media

The Michael Vick Double Standard

California's Brown planning to take tax hike to voters

Cenk with guest Jesse Jackson : Media "STOP ACTING LIKE REPUBLICANS ARE HONEST!"

TYT Interviews: (Astro)Turf Wars - Tea Party Documentary

Majority Report: Ezra Klein on Filibuster Reform

kimmel: Palin kills Rudolph

TRMS: Beneath The Surface of Michael Vicks Second Chance

Outraged passengers bang anger drum in Moscow's airport

Weird Liberal Head Show #256: Oppose Tea Baggers, Support Revolution!

Countdown: Dan Savage Slams GOProud!

Megyn Kelly: Calling Them Undocumented Immigrants Is Like Calling Rape

Mike Malloy - Libertarians Are Thumbsucking Crybabies

Usury: Making the Rich Avaricious & the Poor Poorer

Media ignores infinite Afghan war

Conservative Brain Vs. Liberal Brain - Study

Thom Hartmann - Thunder Snow highlights our failures

TDPS: TSA Gropings Continue, Is Producer Louis Right That People Should "Suck it up?"

End The Failed War On Drugs! - Cenk on MSNBC

Best of 2010: Cenk Uygur Interviewed by David Pakman Live in Washington DC

These are not 'well known faces' but they deserve our attention.

Mike Malloy - 2010: The Year Of The Predator Drones

New Year, Same Afghan problems

Thom Hartmann - Top Five WTF moments of 2010

MRN: They're All Such Douchebags (Auld Lang Syne)

Hate to say this but in my opinion Cenk is way better than Big Ed on TV

C-SPAN: Sudanese slaves, raped to death, children stolen

O'Donnell Denies Accusation She Misspent Funds

Julian Assange: Why WikiLeaks Is Taking on the Pentagon

Newsroom: Biden Criticized For Appearing In Hennessy Ads

Send in the Poopinator to create jobs over here!!

Tax Breaks For Outsourcing? Robert Reich w/ Cenk

1.6 Billion Deaths Caused by Capitalism

Well Known Faces We Lost In 2010

"Curse Him!" to Obama: Boy Beaten in US School 40 Times

The Menu for 2011. ..State Lawlessness on the Rampage

Soon To-Be Ex-Congressman John Halls Warns Against Creeping Fascism

Deficit Hypocrisy

GOP To Filibuster New Year, In Order to Avoid Responsibility of Governing

Disappearances in Colombia on a Scale Never Imagined

Student Food Co-op Revolution (Common Dreams)

The Poorhouse: Aunt Winnie, Glenn Beck, And The Politics Of The New Deal

Salon: Chris Brown blows his redemption, emerges as the winner, class A creep division

Poverty Programs Embattled in the South

Dumbest Right-Wing Quotes of 2010

Be Careful Out There

80 years on, Cuba's Hotel Nacional still shines

The Reincarnation of Joseph McCarthy -- Congressman King

Few Candidates Saw Deficit Reduction as a Major Issue

Why Corporate Capital and Finance Are Waging an All-Out Cyberwar Against Wikileaks

Police: Texas cop slain trying to protect child

Mikhail Khodorkovsky sentenced to 14 years in prison

Robert Reich: New Year's Predictions

WikiLeaks proves stronger whistleblower protection needed

Cold, cramped, confined – occupational hazards for Kent's sit-in students

A look back at the famous and powerful who died in 2010

Not trickle down, but trickle out

A Recess Appointment That Makes Sense

Clooney's 'Antigenocide Paparazzi': Watching Sudan (

If Venezuela were Measured by the Majority

Truthout: The "Family" - Who Really Is Behind This Secret Organization?

The Year's Funniest Anti-Republican Bumper Stickers

For Kodachrome Fans, Road Ends at Photo Lab in Kansas

Farmer-scientist group wants to "hack society" through open source technology (Grist)

Two Kinds of Baptists, Same Kind of Problem

saying poverty is an ''excuse'' exposes education ''reformers'' scam

TSA bans bikini woman for ‘unusual contour’ around buttocks

Why should we respect Obama if Obama doesn't respect us?

some of you will already be familiar with this site

If Colorado yellowcake uranium mill gets state's OK, customers would likely be in Asia (xpost)

I’m not an Environmentalist. I’m an Antisufferist.

ZBB Energy Receives Order for Military Transportable Renwable Power Solution

Unplugged: Life off the grid

Wind power could put birds at risk

Texas gets pwned by courts - again - in challenge to Clean Air Act

Dark days for solar? Huge California project sold off

Is Iran About to Test a Nuclear Bomb In North Korea?

Gunman sues bar because he wasn't searched for weapons and was shot

Woman attacked by her pit bull has to ask neighbor to shoot the dog

Smith & Wesson to Receive Incentives ...

James V. Franco: We don't need more gun control

Venezuela’s Chavez Confirms Handing Over Guerrilla Leader to Colombia

Argentina to record UFO sightings

Inter-American Court orders Honduran government to protect threatened journalist

Boliva paralized by protests over fuel price hike (Spanish)

Disappearances in Colombia on a Scale Never Imagined

Colombian Congress upturned in porn site controversy

Former officials to testify in Tomas Uribe bribery case

Chavez's $8B fuel tab

Recount and Review of Haiti’s Election Tally Shows Massive Irregularities:Election Outcome In Doubt

Details of the diplomatic soap opera between USA and Ven (Spanish)

80 years on, Cuba's Hotel Nacional still shines

Bolivian protests leave 15 injured 21 detained

Venezuela Reports 2010 GDP -1.9%, Inflation Jumps 26.9%

U.S. must change tack on S. America: Lula

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Wednesday, December 29)

Harmon Killebrew Battling Cancer

ESPN suspends anchor over plagiarism

Kinda glad I missed the Pinstripe Bowl

Tressel says all 5 players coming back next season

2 more days!

Ohio St., Alabama, top list of big spending football programs

Tigers lost yet another old timer.....

what an insane end of regulation to the Music City Bowl

When is Lou Holtz going to retire???

Has anyone heard from joeybee recently??

Two Balls

UCONN women's record snapped at 90 by Stanford

GOP official: Burr's 'don't ask' vote opens military to 'sexual predators'

Anti-gay 'poo-poo pastor' Martin Ssempa charged with conspiracy

Jobcentre staff accused of calling homosexual couple 'gay boys' as they collected their benefits

Apple Rejects Gay Hate Groups App for second time (Manhattan Declaration)

Govt. Seeks to Suspend DADT Lawsuit Appeal

Anti-gay boycott of conservative powwow gains steam

BBC - Gay execution supporter interview was required to ‘balance’ Elton John baby

Former Israeli President Convicted of Rape

The struggle for East Jerusalem

Anti-Semitism and Israel

Female Israeli Reform rabbis speak out in favor of contact with Arabs

Palestinians target Israeli settlements in draft UN resolution

Fundamentally Freund: SOS: Selective Outrage Syndrome

Does conflict or inspiration lead 2010's religion news?

Not only was Hitler a Christian, but he was also a Creationist!

Abbas: No Israeli presence in future state

First Wind to build second windfarm on the North Shore

...the foetus in the womb muft have have fucked...

98.6 Degrees Fahrenheit Ideal Temperature for Keeping Fungi Away and Food at Bay