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Archives: December 29, 2010

Apparently, the Eagles' offensive line feels the same way about Vick as DU does

Pardon Billy the Kid

If you serve your time and make amends, you should be given a second chance.

Freedom of 'birther' Darren Wesley Huff at issue- Prosecutors want bond revoked

A friend of a friend is making a killing raising alpacas.

The attack on press freedom in Hungary

Ivory Coast general strike call portends further foreign intervention

Venezuela's Chavez dares US to cut diplomatic ties

Venezuela's Chavez dares US to cut diplomatic ties

Apple sued over apps privacy issues; Google may be next

Aung San Suu Kyi: Burma's First Lady of Freedom (Time Magazine cover)

Commander: US Can't Seal Afghan-Pakistan Border

Coalition patrol fights off attack by Afghan militants

Friends: 8 killed in NO fire musicians, artists

Groups aim to develop new Native American leaders

A poll about DUers and their job security.

Aid groups in Afghanistan question U.S. claim of Taliban setbacks

Robbery. You're doing it wrong.

NATO trucks attacked in Pakistan, driver killed

WikiLeaks confirms Fatah sought Israeli-US support for attack on Hamas

Goodbye Earmarks; Hello Phonemarks, Lettermarks and “Soft” Earmarks

Goodbye Earmarks; Hello Phonemarks, Lettermarks and “Soft” Earmarks

Tax break favors the high-fliers

Afghan President Hamid Karzai Longs For 'Golden Age' Of The Bush Years

Ever wonder about the names of our two major political parties?

"Dodging Repatriation Tax Lets Companies Bring Home Cash"

Carbon dioxide is threatening our fisheries

Poll: Cleveland Preferred Location for 2012 Democratic Convention

Griftopia: a poll.

So my son came and told me the animal-abuser employers lost to the dick show-ers.

Eight Homeless Youth Die in New Orleans Fire – What Does It Say About Us?

Afghan President Hamid Karzai Longs For 'Golden Age' Of The Bush Years

Kissinger: "...if they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union-it is not an American concern"

Kissinger: "...if they put Jews into gas chambers in the Soviet Union-it is not an American concern"

VIDEO: Norah O'Donnell slaps down Liz Cheney over torture, what is 'torture' & her father's role

(US) Army edits its history of the deadly battle of Wanat

Bin Laden dead? Wash Times says yes, challenges him to prove he is

Tax Reform?

98 Bailed Out Banks on Brink of Failure Anyway

Thinkprogress: Upton Argues Obama Plans To Destroy America In The Name Of Global Warming

Max is coming. Invest in hats. :)

The Rude Pundit: End of Year Haiku 2010 (Part 1)

So TuckFuck.....

China to crack down on official partying

FROGGY'S LAMENT: Cops say Man playing real-life 'Frogger' hit by SUV

End employer based health insurance

Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl (More than a Bowl Game)

The end must be near, 2 White Castles close

CNN's Yellin responds to Greenwald: "I push guests to explain why they believe what they believe"

Join the DUSTBBBB! Dem Underground Society to Bring Back Bob Beaudelang

The 10 most awesome records of 2010, Mark Morford

John Bolton: Defense Spending Should Be Off The Table When Cutting Budget

This Modern World "2010, an incomplete and subjective look at The Year In Crazy"

The beauty of snowflakes magnified

Barbour wrong on Yazoo history

Fox News Tries To Rehabilitate Palin’s Discredited “Death Panels” Smear

US cable confirms Sri Lankan government’s collusion with paramilitary death squads

Semisopochnoi Island, Alaska

Waiting to Have Sex Makes for Stronger Marriages

Jerry Brown Planning Thrifty Inauguration Party

Hypocrite Teabag Frauds Want to Spend Billions on Corporate Welfare!

Ads running for the Catholic Church. Is this unusual or is this something they do all the time?


Uconn 89th Win Half-Time Featuring The Village Puppets (Amazing video)

AMERICA: A Society Sick and Dying – Starved for Truth!

Feds Want Michigan's Medical Marijuana Documents

Journalists could be required to submit names of their sources if necessary for "national security"

Toon - The Limousine Liberal (Ted Rall)

Charity Clearing House...Link previously posted on DU...need it again

US, Europe concealed organ trafficking by Kosovo Liberation Army

Something from this thread caught my eye and I have a question?

EXPOSED: Astroturfed Teabaggers PAID TO TROLL liberals online to enforce corporate propaganda

If citizens are kept in the dark about their government's activities, they cannot hold it to account


shocker!!! pat buchanan defends christine o'donnell

Republicans open to letting states declare bankruptcy to break public worker unions?


Jobless turn to Social Security

How and why President Obama and Congress caved in to Wall Street protests and demands.

Best photoshop ever

Will Wikileaks have some big bombs against the rich

Ohio's new election rules!!!! Love LOVE LOVE! Brunner

John Conyers Goes After Corporate Criminals

ABC News: "Feds Investigating Christine O'Donnell"

Esperanza: The meaning of hope...

Tucker Carlson says Michael Vick should be put to death.

"Does This Ass Make My Car Look Fat?"

Drive trades free pot for food donations at Calif. dispensary - 11,000 pounds of food collected

When the President Calls About the Vick Dogs

USA asks: Where does a 900 lb Gorilla sit?

Is anyone having a problem with DU today?

Huh? ........ More Teabaggery

Our next "Darwin Award" honorable mention...

Lunchbox mix-up leads to charges & suspension for Sanford teen

FYI, firedoglake has a massive linked Wikileaks timeline

Question: re: corporations being given development veto authority?

"But we're at war!"

Tweety and wifey are on together

Greed played role in punishment to Ohio State players

Any idea how many hours your doctor works per week?

Case for inquest into David Kelly death 'unanswerable'

Feds probe Christine O'Donnell's campaign spending

I'm pretty much done with health care. Kaiser 20% YOY rate increase are pricing me out.

Medical Credit Cards -- Future $150 Billion Industry Preys on Need for Easy Money

$100 Oil Is Coming, and This Time We're Ready

The Smithsonian's Latest Censorship Scandal Is a Decades-Old Stunt from the Right-Wing Playbook

JFC, these 3-4 never ending wars and mega-embassies are going to kill us

Can't make it up abstinent-Bristol'sMacMansion is in AZ,Maricopa ARPAIO's MaricopaCounty

Celebrate Hot Tea Month by Embracing A Cup of Real Tea

Xmas Over

Tucker Carlson: Michael Vick Deserves to Die

Earthmen and Other Aliens

Three men arrested in Morgan Hill after crying goat is found in car trunk

Atmospheric gravity waves off South Island, New Zealand

THANK YOU MODS.... (you know why)

Just like Huggy Bear, the MAN wants to keep Christine O'Donnell DOWN. Or so she says.

Real life rebuttal of Gates, Duncan, Gingrich

Jim "Waylon Smithers" DeMint is OBVIOUSLY jockeying for the VP spot of Palin 2012 ticket

Bush and Cheney vs. Palin and Wingnut of your choice

Property Tax Appeals Flood Cities and States

A Pinpoint Beam Strays Invisibly, Harming Instead of Healing

Elena predicts 5 dollar per-gallon gas in 2011. Blames the traders.

Not Much to Celebrate with Obama's Tax Deal

Thanks to the Obama Admin & Sen Dorgan:"2010 was a banner year on Capitol Hill for American Indians"

Elena predicts 5 dollar per-gallon gas in 2011. Blames the traders.

Books - anyone else read "Unbroken'?

"War and good health are incompatible."

Magazines Doomed Once Again as iPad Sales Slump

This is what has been going on since..

Be your own Santa and make a list...

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter greet Nemo the dolphin - pics

Barbour suspends sentences for Scott sisters

MrScorpio predicts...

Guess The High Schooler's Political Leanings from the link below,,,

Entrepreneurs See Opportunity in Detroit

KUCINICH: " district may be eliminated."

Going after public employees, their unions and pensions is # 1 goal of GOP

Thom Hartmnan on countdown

How about instituting a FICA Tax on all imports?

Texas lawmakers to examine if TFA teachers are worth the 8 million spent by the state.

Homophobia costs CPAC cheddar

my latest editorial printed today on veteran caregivers

Oh My - Christine O'Donnell under Federal Criminal Investigation

Unemployment is working! U.S. Army Waiting List Near Record Levels

Countless Juarez residents flee 'dying city'

Ed deformers lie constantly. When called on it, they never "accept responsibility,"

Revving up for wheel tax

911! 911! 911! Fear! Fear! Fear!

Rahm Emanuel Claimed Part-Year Residency in '09 -- then amended his return in 2010 to run for office

Political views 'hard-wired' into your brain - Guess who's afraid!

A warning from Frederick Douglass for today: the “old medicine of compromise.”

German shepherd gets head stuck in an 18" block wall, County Animal Services rescue him-story w/pics

Liberals on Conservative forums and vice versa

Agathe Von Trapp, Oldest of 'Sound Of Music' Kids, Has Died (NPR)

9 Surprising Reasons Why Detroit Rocks

"...up 33 percent from the year-ago quarter, and record net income,...Closing plant firing 484 peopl

Our power has been out for 15 hours...snowstorm in the sierras

$1M payoff from penny slots

An idiots guide to surviving the Obama "Death panels"

Mandatory Wednesday Malloy Truthseekers Check In!!

Letter from Dennis Kucinich: My Congressional District May Be Eliminated

Affidavit Details FBI "Operation Payback" Probe (The Smoking Gun)

Sarah Palin has dodged journalist's FOI request for 20 days longer than her actual tenure

can anyone tell me what CPAs charge?

As Home Prices Drop, 'Serious Reasons To Worry' About Economy

Terrifying prospect. I've been traveling the last few days and saw something very disturbing.

Highest-paid UC execs demand millions in benefits

A superb work of film art: "The King's Speech."

December 29th, 1890

Apple Rejects Homophobic iPhone App for the Second Time

New consumer agency is frightfully necessary — and late---By Elizabeth Warren

Can someone please help me? Urgent.

Ashton Kutchner fears the apocalypse

The War on Disinformation

Judith Miller is now writing for Newsmax!

Gibbs confirms role of deficit commission in budget and State of the Union

President Obama - ADVOCATE for dogs

Why aren't we talking about the real issue re Obama/Vick: giving former convicts a second chance?

Escort probe skips 248 area code; Feds will only reveal customers with 313, 734 phone numbers

We used to have debtor's prison - let's have fatcat prison here

Wikileaks has been releasing cables for 30 days now.

Brooklyn to Michael Bloomberg: We are still part of New York City, aren't we?

Why WikiLeaks Is Unlike the Pentagon Papers

What's wrong with what we eat?

WikiLeaks Central: Open Letter To Those Inciting Murder Upon Julian Assange &/Or His Family

Guardian UK: Police demand new stop and search powers

Only 8,000 enroll in health plan for preexisting conditions

A coalition of Boomers to pressure both parties. I am thinking

Meet Piers Corbyn, latest crackpot darling of the right-wing AGW crowd

We have a lot of valid criticisms of the current GOP-Baggers, but we need to stop trying to

Slow-on-the-uptake freepers fail to notice President Obama's 6 recess appointments

You gotta read the deficit commission report to believe it!

Couple Sues Bengals, Stadium Over Drunken Fans

The problem with Medicare for all is the false assumption that Medicare is working now.

CORRECTION on a post from yesterday about Obama!!!

Recycling unsold Christmas trees - pics

Calling old time DU'ers. I need help remembering Andy's last name

Way better than AVG IMHO, Microsoft has its own free Anti-Virus/Adware/Spyware

Couple's late son was secret sperm donor for lesbian aunt

"We're not hate groups" right wing orgs drop out of conference because of fear of gay cooties

Areas of Cartel Influences in Mexico - A map

OMG.....Get ready for new levels of crazy when the Repugs return in control of the House

Post office marks (all) new first-class stamps 'forever'

Capital's War Against WikiLeaks

Drugs, Blackmail, And Wikileaks

Another Apple Falls From the WikiLeaks Tree

Professors start website for rich to give back tax cuts

Wikileaks diplomatic cables, just a bunch of petty useless information

Will baby boomers hold onto their houses because it looks like

Elena predicts 5 dollar per-gallon gas in 2011. Blames the traders.

We can cut the deficit without touching Social Security.

Rahm objects to family's lives being interrupted to fly to Chicago to prove they live in Chicago.

David Winer: US govt a big user of Amazon web services

Wikileaks: This Is Just The Beginning

WTF is this "Military Bowl presented by Northrop Grumman" on my teevee screen?

Which issue is most important to you?

Brett Favre fined $50k for not cooperating with investigation into 'sexting' scandal

"This is not an attempt to intrude on your privacy. However, the Patriot Act,

My Parents Were Executed Under the Unconstitutional Espionage Act -- We Must Protect Julian Assange

Insane thing I just learned about HCR legislation.

Prisons & Society

School District Bans All Sweets

EXPOSED: Astroturfed Teabaggers PAID TO TROLL liberals online to enforce corporate propaganda

I think the next few years will launch a revolution of some kind

Probation in murder of man whose dog urinated on lawn

Danes Arrest 5 Before 'Imminent Attack' Over Prophet Cartoons

Radio host gets 33-months prison for threatening judges

Megyn Kelly: Calling Aliens 'Undocumented' Like Calling Rape 'Non-Consensual Sex' (VIDEO)

December 29, 1890 U.S. Army troops massacred 150 men, women and children at Wounded Knee

The level of political corruption in America is staggering.

Best friends response to Obama's call to Eagles

Rep. John Hall Warns Citizens United Could Lead To 'Fascism'

'No Anorexia' model Isabelle Caro dies aged 28

For-Profit Colleges Slump Converges With Debtors

For-Profit Colleges Slump Converges With Debtors

'Rosie the Riveter' has died at 86 yrs old

Dana Perino: Be ready to "eat your spinach" so the wealthy can keep their tax cuts

Bartcop still having people dump on DU

The Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl? For-profit schools sponsor a bowl game? ... WTF?

Home Depot to Employees: Don’t Sit Down

Anybody here know much about German politics...?

Why is outright quackery still so popular?

Ya’ can’t make it here anymore.

SELF-DELUDED America Will Pay a Mighty Price If It Keeps Pretending Its the Superpower It Used to Be

WikiLeaks: Reveals U.S. Sought to Retaliate Against Europe Over Refusal To Use Monsanto GM Seed

Fox Nation: "The Four Questions Every Liberal Must Be Asked"

Stop Whining For Jobs--Move Back With Your Parents

About a Wonderful Federal Program I just applied for ..over the phone...

About a Wonderful Federal Program I just applied for ..over the phone...

The unemployment offices are a complete disaster

THE FINAL PUSH -- Less than $2,500 to go to reach our goal. Three days left! Help feed the hungry!

Captured: North American Indian Photographs by Edward Curtis

KPFA - Guns and Butter: "Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Food"

Some on DU claim that Manning ONLY released video of warcrime and not other material.

Tea Party Nation announces ‘top 5 liberal hate groups’

Jesus.............. Obama is going to give Manhattan back to the Natives

Use the self-checkout machine.......OR ELSE !!!!

That 'Sanders for President' Talk is Real Enough, But Bernie's Not Going There

That 'Sanders for President' Talk is Real Enough, But Bernie's Not Going There

The Case for Alan Grayson

WOW! Hundreds of daily newspaper archives you can read some going back to early 1800's!

High school cheerleaders sue Missouri school over discipline

lakota deserve apology for wounded knee, 120 years ago today

delete dupe

So, there's this really, really overpriced mall by my work.

CMW + Etch a Sketch = ...

Carol of the Old Ones

Carol of the Old Ones

Donald Rumsfeld is giving President Vick his daily briefing...

The handle on the meat slicer at the grocery store is loose.

Vick is sooooo yesterday. What topic can we post about today in GD that will make heads explode

Last night I took some Vicks Nyquil - slept like a baby

Factually speaking ---

This should make heads roll: Michael Vick named starter for NFL Pro Bowl

Waterboys - When Ye Go Away

Did you know Michael Pataki died?

Today is my 20th anniversary...

The Japanese movie "Audition" yikes

Reading "Monster Island" by Wellington

Television's first two albums were pure bloody genius

Mom's Christmas napkins

Do you ever run and then within an hour or so have to eat something?

Biggest money makers in music tours-2010- Bon Jovi $201.1 M...

Help! Quick question about glue guns.(pounds per master means?)

Any Werner Herzog Fans?

Are you a gambler? If you are how does it effect you?

I was going to put this in ATA but the turnover there seems slow so I decided to Ask The Lounge

A friend of a friend is making a killing raising alpacas.

Do you ever eat something and then within an hour or so, have the runs?

Trouble downloading with Wii

Aretha Franklin is alive

NEWSFLASH! CaliforniaPeggy breaks Rock Trivia Game!!

Rock trivia CHALLENGE: WHAT Elvis song did Springsteen perform onstage the day Elvis died?

NEWSFLASH! Amerigo Vespucci caves on Rock Trivia CHALLENGE!!

A favorite song.

The Mannequin Problem

For those who need just a little cheering up because of the weather or whatever.....

A friend of a friend is raising killer alpacas

BREAKING: Music trivia poll on Liberal Website reveals lack of music experts, much pent-up rage

Funny kids stories. My two nephews were driving with their mother. They passed a hospital

I Had a Horrifying Yet Ultimately Hilarious Thought About the Michael Vick Fandango

WTF? Magazine subscriptions cost more on Kindle than the printed version through the mail

OK.....Fess Up......who donated and gave me a star??????

Ok, back in the hot tub, its hailing out but... being a GENTLEMAN to CaliforniaPeggy is now called "caving" on DU?

This is the proposed CD cover art...

Remember my question about when you gave/got "The Talk"? Presenting... "The Talk Part 2".

Remember my question about when you gave/got "The Talk"? Presenting... "The Talk Part 2".

All time greatest FALL FROM GRACE!

Commander Cody sez: "Everybody's Doin' It"

MSNBC........... dammit!

More good news on the engorgement front

Wednesday night, and Skinner still hasn't answered the weekend's ATA's.

The Devil mouse!

The Best Cat Videos of 2010 in 90 seconds.

How often if ever do you watch Gorn?

The Rocket Jock (aka "Commander Cody")

The Rocket Jock (aka "Commander Cody")

Ladies: Do you have a favorite (reasonably priced) eye cream?

The Top Twenty Fiber Foods

Anyone here have experience with vBulletin?

How do you know?

Rediscovering great music

MrScorpio predicts...

You might want to wait before posing a question to our Admins...

Ever spent time in the hospital? I spent two weeks in the psychiatric ward trying to stabilize my

Palestinian leader to lay first stone of Brazil embassy

How often if ever do you watch corn?

Photobucket has been giving my ass (and asses) a LOT of trouble. Let's see what they do with THESE.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai Longs For 'Golden Age' Of The Bush Years

Line-of-duty deaths among police officers go up

Merle Haggard - Working Man Blues

Poll: Jewish public split over call not to rent to Arabs

Paranoid or astute?

A Pinpoint Beam Strays Invisibly, Harming Instead of Healing

For the second time in a month, a young woman has offered me her seat on the bus.


Apple sued over iPad and iPhone app 'data leaks'

China to cut crucial rare earths export quotas

MiddleFingerMom got tired of waiting for the city of Tucson to fix the street in front of his place.

Protesters Gather At Beale Air Force Base

Donor in first organ transplant dies in Maine

Fox Nation: "The Four Questions Every Liberal Must Be Asked"

Tucker Carlson: Michael Vick Deserves to Die

DA Finds Santa Clara (Police) Shooting (an Army veteran) Justified

Dodging Repatriation Tax Lets U.S. Companies Bring Home Cash

Three Trapped After Furniture Store Explodes

Apple Rejects Homophobic iPhone App for the Second Time

Five Held For Plotting Attack on Danish (News) Paper

’09 parole of officer’s killer gets hard look

(closing eyes/holding breath/jumping off bridge) I've evidence Skittles just might be a big pussy.

Another Defendant Emerges in Insider Trading Inquiry

"Mountains come out of the sky and STAND THERE?" Nice lyrics, ya fukken HIPPIE!

Estonia to join the euro

Utah lawmaker wants ads on school buses

J.P. Morgan Chase sued for $25M in Petters case

Obama Announces 6 Recess Appointments

Kucinich worries his district will be eliminated

Best beer of 2010?

President Obama announced six recess appointments on Wednesday

Four held in Denmark over suspected terror plot against newspaper

Feds investigate Christine O’Donnell spending

Brazil to replace oil rigs with 'underwater cities'

A Glacier National Park review; St Mary Lake: July, Sept., today

Bloomberg Takes Blame for Response to Snowstorm

AP-GfK Poll: Baby Boomers Fear Outliving Medicare

4chan hit by DDoS assault

Police demand new powers to stop and search terror suspects

TSA officer kills himself during police shoot out

Weird Foods You Loved as A Kid

US revokes envoy's visa: Venezuelan deputy FM

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday December 29

Ivory Coast UN ambassador warns of genocide risk

Brain thickness determines political leaning: study

Terrorist watch list: One tip now enough to put name in database, officials say

Paris to ban SUVs: report

Billy Taylor, Jazz Pianist, Dies at 89

Toilets - Recommendations?

So how does Patti Smith get in the Rock Hall while ELP, The Moody Blues and Yes

Two new rules will give Constitution a starring role in GOP-controlled House

WOW! A new Skynyrd CD on January 11th! On the cover they'e posed in front of a HUGH 'murcan FLAG!

Vatican to announce new money laundering rules

anyone ever seen large black cats or panthers in strange locations?

Many Arab officials have close CIA links: Assange (tells us who the hostages are)

2010 can officially SUCK IT!!

Judge rejects request to stop wage increase

Is it me or is this all bass ackwards

What the hell is wrong with DU?!

Behind the Scenes Video: Signing Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell

Dodging Repatriation Tax Lets Companies Bring Home Cash

Lest We Ever Forget:

As a single entity, which is more evil and dangerous to our country, Sarah Palin or the Tea Party?

Sometimes I wonder if that many pukes & teabaggers really think Palin is a good leader or smart

"Eric Holder/Michael Vick"....Can't Wrap it Around!

Curiously Weak Consumer Confidence

In the Rearview, a Year That Fizzled

Another Obama admin success you didn't know about - Biomass Crop Assistance Program

TWEETY: Look at her my wifes GORGEOUS!!!!!

Christine (I'm not a witch--I'm you) O'Donnell under investigation for misuse of campaign funds

With UAW's King for Cover, Obama Backhands Labor in Korea Trade Deal

Tucker Carlson ain't gettin' much love on

Merle Haggard criticizes media, media can't help but prove his point...

Former Shell oil exec predicts $5 gas in 2012...and blames Obama

Obama to Extend Hawaiian Vacation

CNN: 61% of Republicans rooting for failure

Is it me or is this all bass ackwards (repost; moderated)

"I believe she's done more for the Republican Party than anyone since Ronald Reagan."

Papantonio: Corporate America Loves Sweatshop Capitalism

Tweety on Iraq War: All Those American Lives Lost & Ruined, Bush Proven A Fool For Having Done This?

Pit Bull says Obama

Thom Hartmann - Baby Boomer's Crisis

Seven Days of Guardians


Leaked Memos Show Fox News Bias Is Different?

In Defense of Science Funding

The Queen Speaks The Truth

Silver spoon trust fund preppie Tucker on Vick: I think, personally, he should have been executed

Alec Monopoly: The Spray Paint Zorro

TDPS: BIGGEST Fox News FAIL EVER, "Holocaust Winner," Bad Republicans Labeled Dems

TDPS: $200/week Unemployment Benefits Makes People Lazy, BUT NOT TAX FREE INHERITANCES!

Weird Liberal Head Show #255: Liberals vs. Conservatives!

HD,Steven Tyler,live 33 RD, Annual Kennedy Center Honors.2010 HD 1080 p.

LGBT rights ad: Did you choose to be tall?

Evangelical Baby Boom? Demographics and Religious Politics

Respect and Obey Authority

Cenk lets the air out of the Talibunny's tires RE: RefudiateGate

Nancy Skinner on Freedom Watch on December 7 discussing the estate tax

MRN: Rahm Emanuel Free to Run For Mayor of Chicago

Cenk Hosting Ed Show Talks To Gov. Rendell About Obama & Raising The Retirement Age!

Nancy Skinner on "The Willis Report" on December 9 discussing the health care mandate

Nancy Skinner on Fox Business in December of 2009 supporting the auto bailout

PBS NewsHour interviews outgoing Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA)

Cenk & Papantonio: US Companies Create More Jobs Abroad!

Nancy Skinner on Fox News discusses the economy and mood of the country & sets the record straight

Birthers Are Back

PBS NewsHour interviews outgoing Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D-SD)

PBS NewsHour interviews outgoing Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D-SD)

"Not A Witch" Faces Boiling Cauldron

Charlotte: No no no

Fox News resuscitates the “death panels” Lie of the Year

Thom Hartmann's Top 5 Smackdowns of 2010

Cenk Uygur: Tucker Carlson Wants Michael Vick Executed

Thom Hartmann - America is about to slide into third world status?

Allan Nairn - We Have The Right To Rebel - Democracy NOW!

What are your 2011 predictions

GEICO's R. Lee Ermey, appearing on behalf of Toys 4 Tots & USO unloads on President Obama

FL's Allen West named by PFAW as one of Top 10 Scariest Republicans in Congress.

Mikhail Gorbachev:The Senate’s Next Task: Ratifying the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

Caution Church Ahead : Why I Blog

2011 Will Bring More De facto Decriminalization of Elite Financial Fraud

Exposing the secret state

Sotomayor Guides Court’s Liberal Wing

What Lies At The Core of Pattern Language, and Why Should We Care? (Carolyn Baker)

Julian Assange, My Parents and the Espionage Act of 1917 (Robert Meeropol)

BOOKS: Hidden Histories -- Palestine and the Eastern Mediterranean. By Basem L. Ra’ad (Jim Miles)

Alex Gibney: Smartest Guy in the Room

When Photo Ops Go Horribly Awry

Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay recognize Palestine within 1967 green line armistice boundary (Jim Miles)

How "Killer B" and "Deadly D" Strategies Allow Companies To Repatriate Billions

CNN Reignites The Death Panel Myth & Sparks My "Network" Moment

In Money-Changers We Trust

The curious case of Glenn Greenwald vs. Wired magazine (Foreign Policy)

Insurgents Set Aside Rivalries on Afghan Border.

The Year's Best Anti-Republican Cartoons

Chris Christie Defends Absence From NJ: 'I'm Battling Blizzard Beach'

Retiring Senator Spurs Action on Indian Issues.

As Part of "Operation Payback," Dallas Server Company Raided By FBI

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

The Unconstitutionality of the Espionage Act and why we must protect Julian Assange

Eight Homeless Youth Die in New Orleans Fire -" What Does It Say About US?

Where's the change and when's it coming ?

Floyd Abrams: Why WikiLeaks Is Unlike the Pentagon Papers

Drumbeat: December 29, 2010

Goddard Presentation - Pine Island Draining 19 Cubic Miles/Yr - Study Pinpoints Rapid Melt Process

As Commodity Prices Go Through The Roof, Loans To Brazil's Farmers Jump As Well - Up 64% YOY

Queensland Deluge Continues - Up To 9.8" Rain In 24 Hours - Sugar Export Estimates Cut By 25%

Warming World Poses Major Threats To S. Indian Coffee Growers

Welsh Science Team - Greenland Glacial Melt Water Quantity At Least Doubles From 2009 To 2010 - BBC

"This Time There Will Be No Noah's Ark" - Interview W. Theologian & Ecologist Leonardo Boff

Finland narrows choices for the next type of nuclear reactor it will build.

World population to reach 6.9B at New Year, German group says

Does the world need nuclear energy? (Video of TED debate)

Ohio Supreme Court shoots down local gun control

Probation in murder of man whose dog urinated on lawn

Argentina releases alleged death flights pilot arrested in Spain

Brazil's Lula praises successor

Colombian military rescues 5 FARC hostages (Spanish)

Former senior execs charged with bribing Honduran officials, money laundering

alvarito uribito gets a dose of equine justice

Brazil to replace oil rigs with 'underwater cities'

US revokes Ven ambassador's visa Spanish

Ex-official: Venezuela leader aided Sandinistas

Oil workers reject poor industrial safety in Pdvsa

Latinobarometro, Obama highest favorable rating, Castro, Chavez, Morales, Ortega least

Palestinian leader to lay first stone of Brazil embassy

Gloat-Free NBA Scores (Tuesday, December 28)

Brett Favre fined $50K by NFL (sexting)

In an emotional year, the Detroit Tigers lose another member of the family

Time's Top Sports Moment of 2010 - Joyce's blown call

3 more days! >>

Go-Go State's winning streak comes to an end at three

Goodbye Fridge :(

Congrat NJ Giants for DUFantasizers FFB league

Will be a game to remember, surging Lulville hosts Kentucky in their

+++ NFL Week 17 Picks +++

Palm Springs Police Chief: I'm Sorry I Called Gay Men "Filthy Motherfuckers"

CPAC losing significant chunks of the gay-bashing right

Eye Candy Time! Outsports hottest pics of 2010

Conservative movement tries to tear the country apart

"How Can You Defend Israel?"

FIDA denounces raid on Gaza offices

BOOKS: Hidden Histories -- Palestine and the Eastern Mediterranean. By Basem L. Ra’ad (Jim Miles)

Israel accused of discrimination in occupied areas

Poll: Jewish public split over call not to rent to Arabs

MK Katz: Shoot infiltration facilitators

Rabbis' wives: Don't date Arabs

Racial discrimination - a tool of occupation

Josh Marshall - Into the Abyss

The Church of Google

German Archeologists Uncover Celtic Treasure

Stunning photo of night sky over Libyan desert.