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Archives: December 25, 2010

Going to try one more

Does anyone remember Bull Durham tobacco in a sack?

Borowitz: Tea Party Cancels Christmas Pageant; Could Not Find Three Wise Men

The Christmas fairy tale of the iPhone and the US trade deficit

Suicide Is Painful, But Even More Painful On Christmas Eve

Wikileaks and iPatriot Act, People vs. Banksters, Top Censored Stories - New World Next Week

Christmas koan

NYT: Christmas for religious minorities

To Virginia’s Family, Yes, Santa Claus Is Still Real

A Christmas tribute from John Lennon

Christmas Song: "Bring Him Home Santa"

The Democratic Serenity Prayer

“Tired Gay succumbs to Dix in 200 meters”

Saint Nick asked to leave mall for being a 'safety' concern

Celebrating Christmas with his troops

THE DIGITAL STORY OF NATIVITY - ( or Christmas 2.0 )

Santa Sleigh Fact Sheet - USAF Museum

As bad as CNN is, at least they have SOME live programming

I'm debating healthcare on Facebook with someone

Pakistani Drone Victim Seeks to Put US on Trial

NY Times: Bavaria Booms, but Germans Feel Economic Malaise

Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity (w/video of it rotating)

Corked since the Civil WaCorked vial opened to reveal a coded message to a desperate general

May love, grace and wisdom

Congress Orders Border Patrol to Polygraph All applicants

Joyeaux Noel, DU................

"A Christmas Wish"

Christmas Mix-Up: FHP Tells Wrong Mom Her Son Is Dead

Ross Global Charter: In Battle Over NYC Charter School, It's Heiress vs. Parents

A Christmas Story

Pacific quake update: Tsunami warning issued

Obama Readies for Battle: EPA Vs. GOP Global Warming Deniers

Couple Who Lost $800,000 On ‘Million Dollar Money Drop’ Invited Back To Show

A little DU love for my eye doctor - PLEASE

Seasons Greetings!!!

Man Accidentally Carries Loaded Gun Onto Plane; TSA Failure Rate May Approach 70%

Topic: if you google "manning"+"wikileaks"+ "faggot",

Supply side economics - a VERY bad thing..

Happy Holidays all.................

Here's to you!

Big Media's love affair with the Right Wing/Faux News POV

Cancelled Flights

Christmas Eve attacks kill at least 38 in Nigeria

Kamala Harris - 'People call her the female Obama'

Maybe It's Time Not To Be Bullish On Stocks

Tears in Heaven

Horsey Toon: A Christmas Fable

Police union helps more than 75 Oakland families have brighter Christmas

New Hawaii Governor Vows to Discredit Birthers

Calif. officials could put end to high-paid city

Coded American Civil War message in bottle deciphered

G@# D#$% Bumpuses!!!! n/t

Santa's Crimes Against Humanity

Man in Mass. pizza prank agrees to pay up

Banana Republicans

Miracle on 22nd Street

As U.S. Rep. Bart Stupak steps down, he has no regrets over health care controversy

Terra-ists at the ACLU !!!!!

Republicans refused to allow a SS payroll cut holiday for more than one year.

Merry Christmas to the 99ers - the left-out, the abandoned, the forgotten

Foreclosure expert finds herself in trouble

Gratitude to my friends at DU

Adam and Eve type of underwear invention protects privacy at airport

December 25, 1860: Christmas with Mr. Lincoln.

Say Thanks to Our Troops

Naomi Wolf: Use of Espionage Act in WikiLeaks Case Would Amount to Criminalizing Journalism

Rick Man-On-Dog© Santorum: DADT Part of a Secularist Plot to Push Religion Out of the Public Square

Stress Management Relief Technique

A Bad Day for the Rebel Alliance at Love Field (Dallas)

Had the immaculate conception been Joseph, and Joseph, how would that have affected christianity?

Letter from Louis Vitale, SOA Watch Prisoner of Conscience

Refugees get holiday spirit

$129 for a Prince Charles and Princess Diana bottle of coke?

In 2007, top 0.1% of individual tax filers - 114,000 people - took 12% of US income, = bottom 50%.

Ex-Venezuela Pres. Carlos Andres Perez dies in Miami of a heart attack, daughter says

The strangest ways Christmas has been used for psychological warfare

More than Christmas bells are tolling this holiday season

We have become a society of watchers

Freeper "the invisible hand" may be ON to something: "Reagan is the Antichrist to (Obama's) type"

Groceries and other essentials are on holiday gift lists this year

Silent Night.

Merry Christmas Supply Side Capitalists.

i've recently discovered the pacifica radio network

Merry Christmas everyone!

It's Christmas Everyday

For those who have one, what is your traditional Christmas dinner?

Prescription drug abuse is fastest-growing drug problem in country

EPA moving unilaterally to limit greenhouse gases

And... On Despair And Disgust...

Reindeer, Other Animals Get High On Magic Mushrooms, Scientist Claims

The Tax Cut Deals A Nasty Blow To Many Lower-Income Seniors

Well, we're deep frying a turkey in the snow in ATLANTA!

Tea Party Cancels Christmas Pageant; Could Not Find Three Wise Men

Why Is Rail Service Interrupted By Snow, Especially On The East Coast ???

80 & 90-year-olds singing "Nessun Dorma"

The Hissyspit Christmas Card To D.U. - 2010

New Mexico Chili Cookoff! (Keep an eye on #3 judge)

Cuba loves Chevrolets and GM needs sales: What's wrong with this picture?

In The Arms Of The Angel

So cal du'ers severe weather alert

Ever wonder why McCain has always been so eager to bomb first and ask questions later?

In the same vein as Bill Maher's Xmas message...

Troll the ancient Yuletide carol

Can Congress Make You Buy Broccoli? And Why That?s a Hard Question

Sunday Talk shows

Rick Scott starts to feel weight of jobs promise

Anecdotal I know, but the job situation (in IT) seems to be improving.

Gold is god today and rules with pitiless sway in the affairs of men.

Teacher of kids whose play was censored responds

Ted Kennedy's Dog Splash Dies At 13

Well, not only is LeBron an ass for the way he bailed on Cleveland, but it turns out he's anti-union

Judge awards $2.5 million to attorneys in Yoo case

An Explanation For The Climate Change Denier

Is Joe Miller really that stupid?

Renter sells homeowner's stuff worth 260K for 18K

Chuck Norris: Mary Might Have Aborted Jesus Christ Under ObamaCare/'Herodcare'

Deer Roping

Looking forward to a traditional Christmas dinner--if "traditional" includes

I moved from Minnesota to Arizona years ago

In Excelsis Deo, Indeed - FDL

New York Times Op/Ed: NYT Finally Takes Stand Regarding WikiLeaks Vs. Banks

The absolutely worst FAIL Christmas products foisted off on the public you can remember

King, Boehner, Bachmann, Huckabee sign on-line petition defending anti-gay groups

Four Hundred Mile Round Trip For A Job Interview

Shock Jock Neil Rogers Dies at 68

I don't get REALLY upset often...BUT

Dallas airport outgoing flights on hold

OK, it's almost over, did Santa bring you what you wanted?

Rick Scott’s Economic Advisers Manipulate Research To Claim Unemployed Are Lazy and..

Grover norquist tells states go bankrupt you'll feel better...

I'm 63 and have never seen snow on Christmas day until today.

John Boehner mosaic made of ...

The rich got their tax cuts, now they will start hiring big time. Not because

Drug trafficker hanged in Iran

Which American accent do you have? ?

Which American accent do you have? ?

A New Kind of Wage Slave

Sotomayor, Kagan shift Supreme Court debates to the left

Michael Moore quoted my Christmas article in his Christmas message.

"Americans are horribly misinformed about who has money." (No Shit)

Where did your username come from?

Many corporate execs. and those who help them to destroy the middle-class are mentally sick people..

The stage is being set...

New DUI law proposed in WA targets pot smokers

Media shows concern about Rick Scott's goals for Florida. Send up a prayer for us.

I watched porn yesterday.

Leading priest blames Jews for Greece’s problems

Thoughts on the Split in DU and Class Warfare in the United States

All I Want for Christmas

Putting That Tax Holiday to Work

WikiLeaks: How U.S. tried to stop Spain's torture probe

The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping

For fuck's sake, all I want for Christmas is to know who's Sockpuppet was Chuggo?

"The Christmas Tree"

P.S. 22 sings Tori Amos' SNOW ANGEL -- gorgeous! Merry Christmas, DU -- I love y'all.

backwoodsbob weather report

Looking for two older Christmas files - an image and a text file (described below)

Candle in the Wind

Wish You Were Here

I will remember you

NORAD says Santa's headed for Alaska!

Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song (I grew up listening to Nat on vinyl at Christmas)

Dah-Who Dorays, Fah-Who Forays, Welcome, Christmas, Come this way.

"A Wish for Wings that Work: an Opus Christmas Story"-Bloom County Christmas special

Goodnight Saigon

"Father Time & Baby New Year will be there. And basically, we're gonna play our little hearts out.”

***A Christmas Story, TBS, NOW! (est)

I wish I had some stunning revelation to share with yall.

What's the MATTER, kid? Dontcha like CLOWNS?

Well I made through 2 two days with 3 1/2 in-laws

So the furnace is having problems again. Now you can hear the kerosene wooshing in but

Well someone is clearly off-the-clock

PIC: Merry Christmas from THE PLANET OF THE APES!

History International is doing 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's tech.

For my first original post, I will tell you that I am making yeast rolls to bring for dinner.

I had a good Christmas.

Everybody Hurts

Do you like ladybugs?

3 songs,, just to overstay my welcome

Well, this Christmas is off to a fan-fucking-tastic start.

Wishing everybody a bit of CHOCOLATE tonight!1 G'night!1 n/t

Do You Have a Theory about INCEPTION

Do You Have a Theory about INCEPTION

I have a question: Do you know any kids who are too obsessed with getting presents for Christmas?

Home made Christmas gifts are the best! woohoo!!1!!11

Everybody smile and say "CHEESE"!!!!

Weirdest Christmas gift?

What's the difference between Owned and Pwned?

The right wing fundies at the NBC station

Merry and Happy Christmas to you all!

Have a Jerry Christmas, and a Happy New Weir!

Roast Duck with Wild Rice Stuffing, accompanied by Wild Mushroom Gravy.

Has anyone ever had a countertop portable dishwasher?

I need your advice on getting license plates off the old car.

I Can't Stand Tru TV

Did you get a White Christmas today?

Man in Mass. pizza prank agrees to pay up

I'm deciding that I might NOT like cooking anymore.

crap. just bought my first senior movie ticket.

My kitty ended her journey this morning. Crap.

Pentagon’s Christmas Present: Largest Military Budget Since World War II

Weirdest Christmas .gif?

WikiLeaks: How U.S. tried to stop Spain's torture probe

Judge awards $2.5 million to attorneys in Yoo case

Pope urges Catholics in China to have courage

US Imam (Feisal Abdul Rauf) Launches 'Interfaith' Tour

Note to self: stop talking to mother-in-law

Man crashes through Obama roadblock

Panama president wanted to wiretap rivals: WikiLeaks

Cape Town finally takes the time to honour Nelson Mandela

Top US gen. visits GIs in Afghanistan on Christmas

San Francisco airport defends security in wake of pilot's videos

Republicans Plan to Challenge Obama's Reversal of Bush Wilderness Policy

New Tax Law Packed With Obscure Business Tax Cuts

Snow fear cancels 300 Atlanta flights

Henry Kissinger apologises for 1973 'gassing Jews in Soviet Union' remarks

7.3 earthquake hits in Pacific Ocean near Vanuatu

Female bomber kills 45 at food center in Pakistan

38 killed in attacks on churches, festivities in Nigeria

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is just about the worst thing I've ever heard

Time for Christmas Pictures!

China Raises Interest Rates Again to Cool Inflation

Cables Portray Expanded Reach of Drug Agency

Former Venezuela leader Perez dies at 88 - report

Panama president wanted to wiretap rivals - WikiLeaks

North Korea Says U.S., South Korea Drill ‘Inviting Nuclear War’

Archbishop of Canterbury calls on rich to 'shoulder the load' with the poor

Obama Pays Christmas Visit to Hawaii Marine Base

Major winter storm barrels up East Coast

Mexico says its troops killed US man

Please say hello to the feral cat who is very likely Ginger's father.

Whats up with C-SPAN this morning with FOX NEWS host back to back

OH GOD!!!! Frank Luntz

So it would be easy to get the GOP to agree to the Bush tax cuts expiring but not the SS holiday?

The Anti-Birther: 'I was here when that baby was born.'

Michelle Obama answers children's calls to 'Santa tracker' hotline

Jesus watches over Obama (PIC)

Did President Obama sign into law or veto this bill that Congress passed on Thursday?

Rep. Lloyd Doggett: Obama/GOP tax deal puts Social Security "at grave risk"

NYT: Obama Institutes End-of-Life Plan That Caused Stir (Get ready for "Death Panels"!!!)

Who were the most transformational presidents in your opinion and do you think Obama is one?

Hailing 111th Congress, Obama prepares further shift to the right

The once mighty Euro is not so mighty anymore

Merry Christmas - Baby it's Cold Outside

Tennessee House Speaker Nominee Beth Harwell

Crowd Cheers as Families Welcome Home Soldiers at Airport

Let it snow

Rep. Beth Harwell: Speaking of GOPer 2011 Mindset in the Tennessee General Assembly

Afghan addicts drowning in drug flood

The Top Vlog: A Special NSA Christmas - (Richard Eskow)

Complete History Of The Soviet Union, Arranged To The Melody Of Tetris

Soldier, Hiding in a Box, Surprises Daughter on Christmas

SGTbull07 On The MistrBrit Show

TDPS: Time for a REAL Progressive Language Takeover...For-progress, or anti-progress?

'Tis the season for despair

Julian Assange On 'Digital McCarthyism' - Interview w/ Cenk Uygur

Christmas In Hollis

A Christmas Message from Bill Maher.

Weekly Address: Merry Christmas from the President & First Lady

Suffer the Little Children

Haley Barbour Denies Racist Roots, Cites Diet of Black & White Cookies

Political Cartoons on Christmas and the 2010 Holidays

Obama's insular White House worries his allies

Rick Perry Named 2010 Texan of the Year

A Presidential Line Between Work and Play

Tax Cut Bill Signed By Obama Packed With Obscure Stocking Stuffers For Businesses

The low rumble of Republicans warming up the bus they'll be tossing the Disasta from Alaska under

The Year in Shamelessness

The Week's Best Late-Night Jokes

More On the (Not) War on Christmas

Banks and WikiLeaks

Is this the beginning of the end for the open internet?

Jailed Soldier Has Support of Resisters

Jimmy Carter vs. guinea worm: Sudan is last battle

A Lump Of Coal To Congress And The Obama Administration

'Banking elite enjoy holidays'

Pentagon’s Christmas Present: Largest Military Budget Since World War II

Who Were The Biggest Corporate Criminals in 2010?

Thinking of Aretha (Bob Herbert in the NY Times)

We Are Bradley Manning

"License to Weekend" Economists December 25-27, 2010

Repent Amarillo "Executes" Santa, Continues Prayer Warfare Against Other Congregations

Pharma's New Sales Pitch to Women: If You Aren't Horny, It's 'Sexual Dysfunction' -- Try These Pills

An American expat's view of why Christmas in Europe is merry

How the Winter Solstice was stolen by Christmas

'Green' Schools Flourish in Porto Alegre

The top 10 Rhino stories - beyond despair

Tiger team marks 20 years of conflict resolution (BBC) {endangered Amur tiger}

Colorado Democrat believes concealed carry database should be allowed to expire...

Letter from Father Louis Vitale in prison

Panama president wanted to wiretap rivals - WikiLeaks

Ukraine thanks Cuba for helping Chernobyl victims

Former Venezuela leader Perez dies at 88 - report

Man charged after throwing waffles

Eagles' Vick would pick himself as league MVP ...

The JR Chess Report (Christmas Day): Hou Yifan wins Women's Championship


What a gay Marine taught me

Miracle on 22nd Street - What happens when a gay couple gets hundreds of letters to Santa

Ecuador becomes fifth Latin American country to recognize Palestinian state

Hamas: Israel has two options - death or departing Palestinian land

Noël Nouvelet

Coventry Carol

Good King Wenceslas

What has caused the recent split between science and religion?

different kids, different styles

Bruce Gilden, 1968

San Francisco City Hall, December 24th

I'm having a wonderful, snowed in holiday - and I'm wishing you all the very best for the Season

The best street photographer you never heard of

Merry Christmas to one of the best

Merry Christmas and/or whatever you're celebrating today, photographers